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Archives: March 21, 2014

Florida woman performed fatal C-section on dog without anesthesia, closed wound with glue: officials

Papantonio: Obama Ignores Spooks In The Beltway

Papantonio: Republicans Continue To Ignore Their Own Autopsy

Dog 'sold for $2 million' in China: report

Hobby Lobby Wants to Stop Doctors From Talking to Its Employees About Contraception

Happy First Spring Sunset!

A Tale of Two Freds: Happy Birthday and Go To Hell


Todashev shooting death investigation to be released Tuesday

Toyota admits it

#McConnelling - Asshole - Denis Leary

Regarding the search for intelligent life,

What are some ways we can stop people from littering with cigarette butts?

FloriDUH: Machete moves fail to impress women at bar

Anita Hill: Biden Did 'Terrible Job' Running Clarence Thomas Hearings

Press Release - Secretary Jewell Announces Order to Implement Youth Initiative

"Beyond Neoliberal Miseducation" --- Henry Giroux on the Bill Moyers Website.

The Democratic Party that I support....

Clarissa Dickson Wright has died....

States outflank GOP on food stamp cuts

The secret to defeating GOP’s restrictive voting laws: Debunk “voter fraud” - By Joe Conason

Where did CNN get that simulator tech schmo

East Harlem funerals continue; Con Ed begins making payments

Fred Phelps was the best argument against his cause

President Obama's Nowruz Message to the Iranian People (Persian)

This guy knew when Obamacare enrollment would hit 5M before anyone else. Now he’s predicting 6.2M.

When Pope Francis meets President Obama, expect collaboration over conflict

When Pope Francis meets President Obama, expect collaboration over conflict

Google Enhances Encryption Technology for Email

Just when I thought I had heard it all

chris hayes taking on the woo right now.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Kickstarter! & a new Kittehs gif

Nellie McKay- Mother of Pearl

A cop is more likely to kill you than a terrorist!

Things on FB you want to Comment on but, don't want to deal w/ the shit storm Post here!

Rachel is skewering Bill Kristol

Alabama lawmakers approve medical marijuana measure

Turkey Bans Twitter

Thoroughly enjoying Rachel's artful dissection of William Kristol, PNAC goon and his

Lawmakers, Constituents Say It’s Time For De Blasio To Address Surging Water Bills

Hillary Woos the Jews

Week 1 of cold war 2.0 ended well, at least we are not looking at 3 regional POTUS.

House ethics panel announces allegations against Luis Gutierrez

China's Moon rover awake but immobile

D.C.: What's Delaying the Silver Line? Pull Up a Chair.

"America Is Too Broke to Rescue Ukraine"

State Mental Health Agency (SMHA), Per Capita Mental Health Services Expenditures

Chicago: Task force: Create superagency for transit

Fox News: Families Of Missing Plane...BENGHAZI!!!!!

Too Many People Just Don't Know How Much Health Care Costs (Not Necessarily Those At DU, However)

More Californians ditching their cars in favor of biking, walking, transit

I found some more art.

Arrests are commencing outside the governor’s chambers

"It’s time to start taking Rand Paul seriously"

2fer from LIMBOsevic today: Rand PAUL's strategy. & a "voted OBAMA twice" convert to Limbo

What’s in Veterans Affairs’ $164 Billion Budget?

Gay Pride

Paul Ryan wanted me to tell you ...

"... taking them into the very marrow of our bones ..."

Israeli court rejects appeal against demolition of Bedouin village

The Breaking of a Power Monopoly: Community Choice?

What's happening with CNN is pathological.

Rep. John Lewis gets 'Happy' with Pharrell Williams

the pearl clutching going on over someone directing "fuck you" at President Obama

Netflix CEO: Strengthen net neutrality rules

xpost from GD: Rep. John Lewis gets 'Happy' with Pharrell Williams

The Favorites To Be The Next Supreme Court Justice

What happened to Don Redwood?

Autopsy: UIW student shot in the back

The Lautenberg Amendment...

Judge Otis Wright Slams 'Made Up' Government 'Plot' Designed To Ensnare Gullible Poor People

Hawaii law lets police have sex with prostitutes

David Pakman: Homophobic Southern States Watch Most Gay Porn in America

Dog herding humans???

US Mideast Peace 'Framework' Likely to Ignore Gaza

That's the last time I ever pick those Okie fuckers!

Israel's President Shimon Peres Sends Iranians Traditional Greeting For Persian New Year

If MH370 crashed in southern Indian Ocean it wouldn't be seen or heard

A very big tree....

Not just bacon, but Bacon Ipsum!

Did Christie Go Easy on a Human Trafficker Just to Bust a Small-Time Pol?

Me on Fox News' America's News HQ regarding Obama's Marketing of ACA/Obamacare.

A Mystery Tech Company Is Set To Take Over An Office Project That's Twice The Size Of Facebook's Cam

xPost from V&M: Me on Fox News' America's News HQ regarding Obama's Marketing of ACA/Obamacare.

Nate Silver Hired A "Science" Writer For His New Gig; A Long List Of His Ad Homs On Climatologists

Fan covers of songs (post your favorites)

Hello all

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 23 - TCM Spotlight: Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant

Grad Student PWNS Harvard President On FF Divestment In Long, Must-Read Letter

Do You Know Japanese food? (PHOTO HEAVY)

Do You Know Japanese food? (PHOTO HEAVY)

Rick Perry crushes (on) California

TCM Schedule for Monday March 17 - TCM Spotlight: Shore Leave

xPost from V&M: Me on Fox News' America's News HQ regarding Obama's Marketing of ACA/Obamacare.

Texas ABC inquiry could lead to Twin Liquors shutdown--possible ties to Yassine Enterprises

May have found a glitch in the jury system.

who doesn't love fungi?

We are getting great asparagus at Trader Joe - 1.39 for a 1 lb bunch. Favorite prep -

Political discussion in a vibrant, healthy democracy will include anger at politicians,

Chevron seeks $32 million in legal fees in Ecuador case

help me with a trader joe's shopping list

Book I'm Reading on the Afterlife

Venezuela moves swiftly against opposition

Mt. Gox found 200,000 Bitcoin ($116 million) in an old wallet, should check its pockets

'First Hug' video pairs up gay and homophobic strangers

Is there a limit now on how much you can write in a jury response?

Many here like to make fun of Mormon magic underwear, but...

I'm sorry to announce that MrScorpio is...

Most of What You Think You Know About Milk Is Probably Dairy Industry Lies

"With Incumbents To Protect, The Tea Party Is Now Playing Defense"

Microsoft Looked Through Reporter's Hotmail And MSN Chat Accounts To Identify Windows 8 Leaker

TW Cable execs set to get $135M 'golden parachute'

Maryland man may have found two lost or forgotten photos of Lincoln’s funeral procession

Nearly all major US banks pass Fed 'stress tests'

Setting the record straight on Jesus, ‘the friend of sinners’

Setting the record straight on Jesus, ‘the friend of sinners’

Afghan attack kills 9, including 4 foreigners

We didn't create the "6,000 year old universe" saying.

Evolution is "unpatriotic!"

Faux "news" has their priorities straight...

Better news on the US economy drives stocks higher

Illinois speaker proposes tax on millionaires

"Under Gregory's watch, MTP should be re-named Meet the Republicans.. "

In Fla., Obama calls for equal pay for women

"Why FOX News' Bill O'Reilly is whining about cable news/CNN/Malaysia Airlines"

Should President Obama be condemned for creating the formulary?

Question for the lounge: do I own my Audible and Kindle files like I own my paper books?

I have been away all day and just now read that Fred Phelps has died. I always thought I'd dance

Obama Smashes O'Reilly: Lincoln would do "Between Two Ferns"

Yahoo moves European HQ from London to Dublin to avoid UK spying

Democratic Comptroller Candidate Mike Collier Calls Glenn Hegar's Tax Proposals "Wrong and Dumb"

World Wildlife ad begs the question(s)

TV Tropes for conservatives

Abby Martin Takes Down the Cold War-Obsessed Neocons Behind the Curtain

Easy targets

State files water pollution complaint against San Jose for failing to clean up homeless encampments

"Daily Kos will not enable those who enable Third Way" By Markos at DKos. Names names.

California DNA collection law upheld

Who wants a wombat?

FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush...

Things cut in half

Significant Progress on Reducing Iran’s Uranium Stockpile

The GOP jobs program.

Lawsuit filed to remove Uribe from Senate

A GOOD GOOD NEWS! EDF Curbs Nuclear Generation to Allow for Wind and Solar on Grid

Former Colombia intelligence chief sentenced to 10 years over illegal wiretapping

George Clooney's spy satellite

UK Government accused of non-compliance by United Nations over Hinkley Point C

George Clooney's spy satellite

What's with the glee over another DUer's wife's (possible) suffering?

We spend years teaching our children that

Family wins lawsuit against polygamous towns, gets millions

The car on Earth I most a hybrid.

Third time unlucky - why Gazprom wants no new gas war

Another day, another workout for the "trash this thread" button

Gesturing Deepens Kids’ Grasp of Math Problems

I hope Will Pitt's wife gets the help she needs.

Is China's bond default the tip of the iceberg?

March 20, 2014 my life changed forever

We need to admit there are some problems to be worked out, my situation is similar to Will's

The Apocalyptic Pirates of the Ancient World

Georgia says yes to guns and no to medical marijuana for sick children

Mayor Halts ‘Fatally Flawed’ LAFD Hiring Process, Vows Reform

Junk Food Mind Control

What happens when candidates are certified with less signatures than required by law?

You all do know that with Medicare

Kansas Sec. of State: 19,000 disenfranchised voters are ‘the 28 percent procrastinators’

Hawaii police fighting to keep law that allows them to have sex with prostitutes

USA’s ‘White Collar’ To Get Six-Episode Final Season

Opinions: Journalists’ and activists’ strange approach to low-wage workers

Ukraine crisis: EU signs association deal

European Spring: Spain Marches for Dignity as Thousands Walk to Madrid for 22M Demonstration

Another Barbaric Thing to do with Cocks

Putin: No Need for Further Retaliation Against U.S.

The Colt Pixy

Police seek man who sucked toes at Wal-Mart

Thoughts towards a new political taxonomy

UK experts back meningitis B jab

Understanding Paul Ryan's Racism in 3 Easy Steps

Why We Should Be Suspicious of the Libertarian Right's Newfound Concern for Prison Reform

How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation

International Day Of Happiness

A Simple Way to Ease Our Economic Woes: Give Every American $2,000

The "Plane" is a poor substitute for the O.J. Simpson saga:

Two people face female genital mutilation charges.

Free Higher Education Is a Human Right

Simple ideas to assist the Search and rescue mission of MH 370

A plug for three Democratic women in critical races...

Fox just went Benghazi on the missing plane

How LBJ Saved the Civil Rights Act

Renewables dominate new U.S. electrical capacity

Thousands of preschool kids face suspension

Good news for Seattle: These solar panels work best in overcast weather

This New Hyundai Car Runs On The Poop Of California Residents, And The Fuel Is Free.

Racial disparities in public school students suspended starts in preschool

"Don't chase imaginary butterflies into something highly illegal"

Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus will be compensated $79.9M for 42 days worth of 'work'

Fred Phelps: The Death of a Useful Bigot

Atheist author leads event about listening to reason

What Paul Ryan and Obama Have In Common Melissa Harris-Perry

Duke Pumped 61 Mlllion Gallons From 2 Coal Waste Ponds Into River Over Period Of Months

Nose can detect one trillion odours

Putin completes annexation of Crimea

Retaliation Claim Vindicated

Does anyone think sanctions will undo the Crimea annexation?

Catholic godson of woman on life support fights to get proxy back

On "Crosstalk".....down to the nitty gritty


DU was the reason that back in 2003 I actually got up off my butt, out of my shyness and isolation

Has anyone tried Linzess for chronic idiopathic constipation?

Ohio's Appalachian Children -- the Children's Defense Fund

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Good riddance, Hater

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - the hater party

Health secretary urges Texans to sign up for health insurance

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

Visa and MasterCard cut off Sanctioned Russian bank.

Corporate Welfare and the Minimum Wage

Small legal victory for anti-war activists in Minneapolis and other cities

Higher education shouldn't be a market. No wonder tuition fees are failing

1 per centers religious fraud: Why Ken Langone is an enemy of the Church

2014: What are you reading at the moment?

Moving on.....

Tidal lagoon power 'cheaper than wind'

Koch Group, Spending Freely, Hones Attack on Government

Heatwaves could threaten food crops, study warns

Tech Companies Urge Senator Wyden to Reject Fast Track and Bring Transparency to TPP

Christie throws Kelly over the Bridg(et)

GM’s Supplier-Squeezing Days Gave Birth to Flawed Models

Obama Warns Democrats 'Get Clobbered' In Midterms

day 14...CNN-eternal speculation channel-continues to's spec? lithium batteries

The Overprotected Kid .

Post your favorite mash-up -- James Brown vs Zepplin

Iran seen building a fake Aircraft Carrier

Suppressing the Vote

To Mr. Paul Ryan: "Take your privilege and shove it, man."

Courtney Cash, grandniece of Johnny Cash, found dead in a box

Why Hillary Clinton Should Fear Bernie Sanders (audio link)

Academic Labor Unrest Spreads to Maryland Colleges

Shadow Warfare: The History Of America's Undeclared Wars - Larry Hancock Discusses

DO NO EVIL? Google Sued For Data-Mining Kids' Emails in Its Education App

The real goal of all those anti-Obamacare ads

List of pipeline accidents in the United States in the 21st century

Papantonio: Can We Sue Climate Change Deniers?

NASA's Spitzer Telescope Brings 360-Degree View of Galaxy to Our Fingertips

Is there any way to tweak the DU Mail system to allow for multiple recipients?

NY: Congestion pricing plan gains actual momentum

Chuck Todd Squawks About Breaking News Abuse

extended video of chavistas administering peace and love taps at UCV

And guess who is going to preside Maduro's "Commission of (un)Truth"... Diosdado Cabello!

It’s Time to End ‘Rape Culture’ Hysteria

Sins of the Fatcat

Danforth Loring, 95, flew dozens of bombing missions during WWII

Recent Trends in Bus and Rail Ridership

The Burger Chain That Pays $10 An Hour With Benefits

Justice Department Report Slams Itself For Horrible Record After 2008 Financial Crash

Are You There God? It's Me, Hobby Lobby

How do I create a table on DU?

Has the Judge ruled in the New Jersey ...

RAINN rejects "rape culture"

“Republican” candidate believes God smites innocent children with autism because, well, gay people.

Mass poisoning at Chinese kindergarten; 2 dead, 30 sick

Biologist Christina Sánchez: Cannabinoids kill cancer cells

Union at Hall County Jail files complaint over dues checkoff

Just a tiny speck of what Ukrainians think about Russia conquering Crimea:

Darryl Howard and the rampaging prosecutor: Durham learns little from Duke lacrosse debacle

Koch brothers group pushes mine issue in Iron County election

Religious groups play key role in Obamacare insurance sign-up

Let's imagine life prior to the ACA

Eugene Robinson: "Lost" in a Black Hole:News Media's Missing Plane Coverage Enters the Twilight Zone

Will we really let our wolves be slaughtered??

The Overtime Threshold Has Eroded 57.5 Percent from its Peak Value

"gonna waste the hell" billions on "border security" (south end only)

What is your favorite joke's punchline?

Kenya legalises polygamy without wife's consent

How to strengthen Obamacare, courtesy of the Progessive Caucus.

Louisiana may join Alabama as the only states

White basketball player is basically Jesus

City to revamp Bloomberg’s restaurant grades

Ukraine: Police detain boss of state energy firm

Politicians Discussing Global Warming...A Sculpture In Berlin

Time Inc. moves closer to a downtown deal

DREAM Act supporters ask Cuomo to include it in final budget

In Russia, Ban calls for ‘honest and constructive dialogue between Kyiv and Moscow’

I was down at the dog park right after daybreak.

Scott Olsen, U.S. Vet Nearly Killed by Police Beanbag at Occupy Oakland, Settles Lawsuit with City

Where the Buck Really Stops

Paycheck to Paycheck

CNN should look into the 10 vile vortexes

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 21 March 2014

Why are there all these threads talking about somebody who doesn't respond?

Tennessee attorney general: Bill banning union picketing is unconstitutional

I will ALWAYS care more about you than I will about politicians

Cutler: "Heads would roll" at DHHS if he were governor (Bangor Daily News)

Two women fight off attempted rapist in Chinatown apartment: cops

Wonkette: Zero-Tolerance Suspensions For Pre-K Are Racially — WHAT? THEY SUSPEND PRE-K KIDS??!!11!

Illinois Supreme Court strikes down eavesdropping law as too broad

Men Have Deep Ties To GOP Women's Group Attacking Wendy Davis

good Morning!

Texans Footing An $18 Million A Day Medicaid Bill Is A Quarter of the State's Budget.

Locked out Memphis workers tell their stories - stop Kellogg greed!

Bye, Fred Phelps! Thanks for everything!

friends with ptsd- how's it going? does anything help?

Jones Beach to Get $65M Upgrade

"a general, cultural sexism that suggests most things feminine are weak..."

Democracy has its points but it isn't Everything

How Animals See the World

Exclusive: Bowles-Simpson icon begrudgingly admits his predictions were wrong

What big paws you have

Oceana Report Names Nine 'Dirty" US Fisheries, Highlights Huge Bycatch Waste

Albany casino proposed

Cute black cat makes "gobbling" noise when it eats!

We didn't do anything wrong, Andy just lets us sleep it off in here

Gender discussion

Washington Post Gets Iran Nukes Wrong--Again

American Nuns Announce Their Support for Obamacare Contraception Access

Biden is coming to Santa Barbara today and tomorrow.

Animal Migration Routes Maintained by Knowledge of Informed Elders

Court Voids Thailand’s February Election, Adding to Political Turmoil

Anti-Vaccine Parents Bring Back Measles to New York City

Pic Of The Moment: Obamacare Demagoguery Fail

I knew Michael Moriarty was a little kooky, but...

When Religious Freedom Should Be Restricted

Poor baby!

Can your income go down when you go from SSDI to regular SS?

The “Paid-What-You’re-Worth” Myth

In Praise of CSA's

Plight of the Pangolin: The Most Trafficked Animal on Earth Needs More Protection

59 protesters arrested amid state budget talks

(Florida) Man became enraged when he couldn't get inside jail, deputies say

Opening Day reminder for Dodgers Fans: First pitch, 1:00 AM, Saturday

Play ball! Opening game at 4:00 AM Eastern Time.

Deputies: (Florida) Man threw doggie doo-doo at pregnant girlfriend

The ACA is working, even if it did not work for us.. it is still a huge leap forward.

Someone must be cutting Onions

A federal judge has admonished the Justice Department on violations of the 4th

Check out the beautiful women in China..

Mirt question.

Stickied FAQ thread on navigating the ACA and the American health care system

Jimmy Fallon comments on President Obama's new budget...(LMAO)

The NSA Wants to Put Together Its 'OWN' Transparency Reports

VT Senate votes 25-2 to call a constitutional convention to reverse Citizens United

In any system there is healthcare rationing and the average person gets only average care

Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub traded to the Raiders

It looks like Spring!

Feeling a momentum shift...

Alternatively, Democrats could give midterm voters something to believe in

Wham, bam, you're dead. No time to say goodbye, no time to leave a note or a voicemail

Very interesting Audubon article on Snowy Owl Irruption

Searching for lunch!

In midterms we get clobbered

Posse Comitatus? Never heard of it.

8 Revelations About The Walking Dead From Robert Kirkman's Reddit AMA

It's very hard to admit you've overlooked something SO SIMPLE for so long, but I must do this

Does the Big Bang breakthrough offer proof of God?

Again, on the unenforced SoP

The Rude Pundit: Reminders of How Small We Are: MH370 and Justin Casquejo

Types of Captains

The simplest and most understandable explanation of the gravitional wave discovery

IT'S Friday-get up and dance NOW

Proof The Republican Party Can’t Be Moderate, In One Graph

The pair!

Mama and Papa Osprey!

The Myth of Gay Affluence

The Myth of the Science and Engineering Shortage

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Will "Significantly" Restrict Online Freedoms

Meteorite from Ontario fireball described as 'Rosetta stone'. Public urged to help find it

What happens if Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood win?

My experience with the Affordable Care Act insurance ie:“Obamacare”

Live video stream from the International Space Station

"Heat & Eat"

Armed, Locked and Loaded: The Worst and Most Intimidating Gun States

First female National Guard Soldiers graduate Field Artillery School

Grateful for Hope's hosting term ends in 11 days...

Danny Trejo's (Dusk til Dawn, Machette, Breaking Bad, etc.) new project!

Paul Krugman- The Timidity Trap

Can I ask a question here?

WSJ: Saying income inequality is too high encouraged Putin to take Crimea

In Book, Architect of Health Law Predicts a Shift Away From Employer Coverage

Wonkette: Cool Proposed Massachusetts Law Would Make Sure You Don’t Spread Your Legs...

No Funeral, After Death Of Westboro Church Founder Fred Phelps?

White House Might Ditch BlackBerry for Android

A glitch in Obamacare marketplace no one noticed

Canadian researchers find certain proteins are found to influence BG.

Georgia lawmakers expand gun rights as medical marijuana bill dies

Any one else having problems with the FBI? It keeps showing up and sends messages about not

OMG. Coconut and lime cake recipe

If anyone really doesn't support these portions of the Democratic Party platform...

since when does name calling and insulting = political criticism?

West Virginia high school teacher suspended over poorly-spelled anti-LGBT Facebook rant

Man partners with Chihuahua to rob Arizona bank

Dying Zoo Worker Gets Goodbye Kiss From Giraffe

Uruguay asks U.S. to free Cubans in return for Guantanamo transfer

Bratton calls NYPD stations ‘deplorable’

Arbitrator Orders State to Make over 1,000 Workers Whole

Dying Zoo Worker Gets Goodbye Kiss From Giraffe

Gun Control Groups Urge Cancellation of Hollywood Fundraiser for Mark Begich and Mark Pryor

Mad Dash to Land Home for Obama’s Presidential Library

2014-15 Republican Budget Not Right for Texas. Vote for Democrats.

Watch Stanford professor find out life's work involving Big Bang theory is confirmed.

Fabulous Freddie Friday - turn your volume up to 11 and enjoy!

U.S. Senate leader orders probe of alleged CIA computer hacking

An Update on the Kitten I Rescued from My Neighbor's Hoard

The Three-Eyed Fish That Is Drawing Attention to Raw Sewage and Toxic Pollution in the Great Lakes

Bye-Bye Duke!

Lady Gaga spews forth: This is no act

Insane: Bill Forces People Going Through Divorce To Get A Judge’s Permission Before Having Sex In

Chicken Chow Mein recipe

Spring Break, 2014: Girls gone to the hospital! GunFAIL LXI

My turn to get on my high horse about ACA

NYC pride parade to allow Catholics' anti-gay banner

Santorum: GOP’s ‘Paul Faction’ Allied with Obama Foreign Policy, Poses ‘Threat’ to Security


In 'largest scam of its kind,' 20,000 taxpayers bilked of $1 million

Netflix Just Opened the Door to Paying ISPs More Access Fees

R-Senator Vitter Running for Governor of Louisiana with the Koch Brothers.

Over a thousand counterfeit $100 bills seized at JFK Airport

Anyone familiar with Tenvis Remote cameras?

David Vitter just did us a huge favor

Mt. Gox Recovers 200,000 Missing Bitcoins

Dumbest Sports Quotes....

Daily Mail: Mrs Diplomatic! Smitten China falls for the Obama girls

The Religious Right's Failed Gay-Marriage Backlash

Cartoon says it all

The horrific toll of America's heroin 'epidemic'

Just got two political flyer's in the mail.

food rave of the day (3/21): sausages

what's for dinner - friday, march 21

Scientific Proof: Liberals Are Smarter Than Conservatives

When is a garbage truck greener than an EV?

Auditors say post-Sandy equipment unaccounted for

Lawyer: Vet Reaches $4.5M Settlement With Oakland

'You are married to the Lord and your daddy is your boyfriend':

Of Course! FBI agent cleared in Florida shooting of suspect questioned about Boston bombing

EWG: 6 Surprising Things That Can Wreak Havoc On Male Fertility & Sex Drive

Is there a difference between the Koch brothers and

Yeats "The Second Coming" --- More relevant today than ever!

Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favor of Low-carb High-fat

Moscow rattles Estonia with talk of 'concern' for its Russian population

OMG its that time again!

Just started Breaking Bad season 5

With So Many Snowies to Study, Scientists Are Discovering How Little We Know About This Bird

Surprise! FBI-killing of suspect is declared self-defense!

TYT: Radical Christian Wins GOP Nomination For Congress

"How Much Microsoft Charges the FBI for User Data" - Gizmodo

Thank you hosts for the difficult and thankless job you do

Truer words have never been spoken

okay, i guess i missed the memo...

Give them equal air-time

TYT: Politician That Shouted Nazi Salute Continues Bad Behavior

Why Not ... ?

Revealed: the final 54 minutes of communication from MH370

TYT: Guess Why He Wants To Ban Online Gambling

Largest Genome Sequenced: Loblolly Pine's Genetic Code Is 7 Times Larger Than A Human’s

Dewhurst, Patrick trade blows over state effort to secure border

Democrats Plan Big Ad Campaign in Challenge to Koch Brothers.

This is not what America is supposed to be about. This must change.....

FBI raids Speaker Gordon Fox's home

What Climate Change ... ?

The dominoes continue to fall - Hawaii will be a shall issue CCW state

USM students protest faculty layoffs

Castro, Patrick Will Debate Immigration In April On Univision

So other mammals do communicate with each other ... very cool

Guess what day it is? C'mon...guess!

Why Texas Women Vote:

Illinois budget cuts could mean 13,400 teacher layoffs


Tech CEOs to meet with Obama this afternoon

Your whole childhood was a lie!

"Answers In Genesis" demands equal time on "Cosmos"

AAA: Electric car range cut 57% in cold weather, 33% in very hot weather

Pap and Seder: Dying Breed of Republicans Still Demonizing the Poor

In memorium

Kinky Friedman: Where There's A Weed There's A Way

Kinky Friedman: Where There's A Weed There's A Way

"Heavily financed by the most powerful corporations in the world" they sat 54 floors above...

Reward offered for info on endangered red wolves shot dead in North Carolina

Ban Lifted, BP Bids $42 Million to Win Gulf Oil Leases in U.S. Auction

Thom Hartmann: What do cancer and Reaganomics have in common?

"Democrats are so desperate in AR & AK that they're attacking military service by GOP candidates"

Thom Hartmann: Another week...another GOP voter suppression bill?

Toon: Obamacare signups: 5 million

Bwahaha! You heard it here first...or not...

NASA claims no role in paper about possible societal collapse

Earth's climate notches record carbon dioxide benchmark

Mt. Gox finds 200,000 bitcoins in “old-format wallet”

Sony Tennis...Spoiler...

U.S. lawmakers ask Gilead to justify hepatitis C drug's $84,000 price

Iron Fertilization Might Be Ineffective Against Global Warming, Fossil Study Shows

A Man Takes A Single Rake to The Beach. And When You Zoom Out And See It…

A remarkably accurate global warming prediction, made in 1972

Dedicated to the former "Obama Girl" who is reading her latest script

Never forget!

OK Lounge. It's Friday, now Lively Up Yourself.

Just saw a dumbass spandex butt on the road.

Why don't you want to wear a party hat when everyone else is wearing one?

Why Is the NRA Scared of Smart Guns?

Fear of...Wages - Krugman

Cool pic and caption!

Liar, Liar: TPM Catches Drudge With His Pants Down

We’re not hateful, we’re a Christian organization

Who remembers....

As Malaysia Balks Over Missing Flight, China Finds Limits to Its Powers

Anybody hungry? BACON!!!

Solar energy rebates advance in Maine

‘HealthPatch’ biosensor coming soon to consumer products shows what’s possible for Healthbook hardwa

NC Pulls Deal With Duke On Coal Ash Pollution

Doc Martin

Having fun with my pups today!

Why isn't the NSA after these assclowns?

Let's help out the people at Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange: they found 200k coins in an old-format wallet

Breaking: Judge strikes down Michigan's ban on gay marriage

And while there, please throw in Palin. Thank you

Fred Phelps arrives at the pearly gates

POLL: With Fred Phelps Gone, Who Is America's Most Hated?

The Dystopian Sci fi film Snowpiecer

Judge strikes down Michigan ban on gay marriage as unconstitutional

Bill de Blasio Will Not Bail Out Money-Losing Citi Bike

Oakland to pay Iraq War vet $4.5 million for Occupy shooting

Truck Drivers Handed Labor Victory That Could Reshape The Industry (updated)

A federal judge just ruled that Michigan's gay marriage ban is unconstitutional.

“We used to go to the park nearby and he used to push me on the swings really high.”

One of my favorite TR quotes. Offered without comment:

Comet-chaser Rosetta's instruments come alive (BBC)

Longview TX to pay Ted Nugent $16,000 to stay away from their 4th of July celebration

Well Here's my before and after pictures of the kitchen

Italy: Cat-friendly cafe to open in Turin

Atheist Nate Phelps on his father: I mourn ‘the man he could have been’

RIP Phelps...

Federal Judge Denies Tennessee’s Request To Halt Recognition Of Same-Sex Couples’ Marriages

The Religious Right's Failed Gay-Marriage Backlash

auto dealership service departments, question

No, Obamacare Wasn't a "Republican" Proposal

****WCGreen Update -- Friday March 21, 2014****

Susanne Atanus (R), we got a live one here!

Michelle Bachelet Returns To Her Old Job, Being President Of Chile

The Nancy Grace network stays classy...

Everytime I see a rape victim made out to be a/the villain, my belief that rape culture exists

Fox commentator admits America has Third World health care

Tribal scholars: Indian Land Claims Act of 1980 inappropriately interpreted by state

If Crimea is Not Russia, Why are the Malvinas British?

Losses for Three Nations: The NAFTA Scorecard

Deep Ocean Current May Slow Due to Climate Change, Penn Research Finds

Kerry’s Lonely Crusade Against Venezuela

It's time we were honest ...

De Blasio Still Wants Conservancies to Share Money With Poorer Parks

Kerry’s Lonely Crusade Against Venezuela

Duke Energy [N.C.] cited; 8th time in less than a month...

Rochester-area town board says 'no' to Seneca Nation casino

Even with Platinum coverage, you still get narrow networks

You won't forget this nun!

Crimea, El Salvador & the Fight Against Public Participation

Crimea, El Salvador & the Fight Against Public Participation

This is a shame!

I saw a website with the "most interesting man in the world" quotes...Guarantee you will laugh

How Mercer coach took long road to epic upset of Duke

Lula Sends Letter of Support to Maduro

How to Make Sure That Big Brother is NOT Watching You

John McCain- Political Psychic

A terrifying report about working at the bottom of today's economy

Connecticut woman appeals for right to sue state for $150m over chimp attack

Italian Voice clip of auditioning nun.

Federal judge clears Waco company of SEC fraud charge

KKK Leader Refutes Hate Group Label: 'We're A Christian Organization'

A Socialist Perspective on the Crimean issue!

White House: Join the Conversation. Big Data, Privacy and What It Means to You (w/video)

Love Is Love...

I'm happy for the LGBT community that the marriage laws are being changed

CNN A couple of civilian airliners are joining in the search off Australia.

Watch as Michigan plaintiffs hear the news that Gay Marriage ban struck down

"Koch Group, Spending Freely, Hones Attack on Government"

I'm a christian who doesn't believe in god. (Is there an atheist christian category somewhere?)

Mike Masse looks like Louie CK, plays acoustic guitar in a pizzaria

Rats! Eastern Kentucky hooted.

I was caught/In the middle of a railroad track

Re:Jets, Someone (Rob Nelson) just tweeted that the Jets

"Bluffed, Baffled and Bewildered: How Rand Paul Bilked Berkeley"

This man looks Pissed.

How a Watchdog Blew the Lid Off the GM Recall Scandal

Pope warns mobsters they risk going to hell

Catskill Mountain Railroad touts plans for Kingston-Ulster operation in 2014

Sweet and Healthy dinner for One...

I have an idea for your group, hope it meets your SOP

President's 2015 Budget in Pictures

American Beauty in China

Want to show off your #Obamacare support? Vote for your favorite bumper sticker:

I just got my annual physical using Obamacare ....and

Florida Is Trying To Attract Foreign Patients Instead Of Extending Insurance To Its Own Residents

A Ref Wouldn't Let This Girl Play in Her Hijab — Here's How Her Team Responded

Putin Orders Fireworks in Russia and Crimea to Celebrate Annexation

Lunch with Sherrod Brown...

North Carolina man claiming to be podiatrist arrested at Walmart for toe-sucking

Swiss bank will pay $885 million settlement for selling shoddy mortgage bonds in U.S.

Minor Jury Bug

Wonder what took them so long - (Re: Flight 370)

After Tonawanda Coke verdict, environmentalists turn attention to coal tar

Putin Learns The Price of Underestimating Obama

Good evening!

GOTV 2014 Reminder: The GOP is prepared to kill THOUSANDS of Americans because they hate the ACA

The Last Baby Boomer - for the boomer in all of us.

Weekend Economists "Not Dead Yet!" March 21-23, 2014

GOP hipster ad parodies have begun!

Question about vitamin B absorption

Ducky Pajama Boy (Blake Farenthold) may have a real race on this hands

Florida Man Arrested for DUI, Lists Occupation as "Rock Star"

So, Fred Phelps has been down there for 24 hours now...

Under the ACA, could each state with an exchange add a "public option"?

About that "Einstein" quote

She couldn't stop crying and hugging everyone in sight . . .

TRNN: "Who In Ukraine Will Benefit From An IMF Bailout? FASCINATING DISCUSSION.."

Trailers for sale or rent

Florida Man Stopped From Having Sex With Woman at Rib Cookout, Tells Deputies He is Above the Law