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Archives: March 26, 2014

EPA: "But to get this rule right, we need everyone to be part of the conversation."

Phoenix judge spares life of dog that mauled child

Friends of the Earth Europe video.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wikipedia founder responds to woo petition

I guess we know the brakes work

Halbig vs. Sebelius: Forget Hobby Lobby. The Bigger Legal Threat to Obamacare Still Has Life.

Edward Snowden Statement on Administration's NSA Reform Plan

Facebook to buy virtual reality goggles maker for $2 billion

Barack Obama: Russia is a regional power showing weakness over Ukraine

Obama SSSSlams Putin: 'Russia Is A Regional Power'

Phila School District forbids teachers from calling school police until AFTER someone is stabbed

Cops: 5 in custody for Temple attacks

Woman Abandoned as Baby in Burger King Finds Birth Mom

Van De Putte Benefiting From Harsh, Alienating Rhetoric Of Dewhurst & Patrick

If Hobby Lobby can claim their beliefs exempt them from the law why can't atheists?

Legislature approves National Popular Vote

Klein: ‘Everyone agrees’ on Common Core moratorium

Kiev Authorities Plan to Crack Down on Maidan Radicals.

Pop idols help fuel latest hair trend: A return to natural black

Helpful link

Two Dozen Business Leaders To Storm Capitol Hill For Minimum Wage Increase

NYC Freedom Tower B.A.S.E. Jump

Corporate Personhood: Mark of the Beast?

Video captures Braley criticizing Grassley as 'a farmer from Iowa'

This is not a thread for Doomers

Venezuela arrests three air force generals 'plotting coup'

Gun Violence is a Medical Issue

North Korea fires mid-range ballistic missiles into sea -South Korea

Women Justices Rock the Hobby Lobby Argument

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! I Could’ve Had a G-8! & a new Kittehs gif

RI company proposes wind farm 30 miles off Montauk

More women come forward to share growing up with 'toxic' mothers

Is eBay dead?

More women come forward to share growing up with 'toxic' mothers

First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Jill Biden (dial up warning)

Former Israeli AG: We should have evicted Hebron settlers

Anchor IPA

Watching Rachel

Dinner or Supper?

Sandra Fluke: Supreme court may open a Pandora's Box of discrimination masked as "freedom"

Rock and Roll Question for the Community

Russia Warned U.S. About Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Tsarnaev: Report

Jimmy Carter on the events in Ukraine (on Letterman)

American Jails Are Wretched Hell Holes for the Mentally Ill

who says robots can't dance

HobbyLobby is going to lose but Fox and RW talk radio

Harry Reid to drop IMF from Ukraine bill

Thank You Snowden! "Obama, Congress working on changes to NSA"

Controversy over Ukraine's Tymoshenko 'wipe out Russians' leak

Obama administration grants more time for some people to complete health care enrollment

"New anti-Obamacare ad makes misleading claims (video)"

Jackson Brown ('86) and Bill Moyers on the "DEEP STATE" ....THERE ARE LIVES IN THE BALANCE!

Uptown family concerned by lack of 911 response after break-in, several calls to authorities (NOLA)

Obama administration will allow more time to enroll in health care on federal marketplace

Ok an ACA question since the person I talked to today didn't seem to understand...

Newly unsealed documents show Steve Jobs’ brutal response after getting a Google employee fired

Obama: Nuclear blast a bigger concern than Russia

Tony Abbott's Bunyip Aristocracy

Spy Wars: CIA vs Congress

More on the controversy about flawed corruption investigation of Phil. legislators & attacks on Kane

103 years later: profits are STILL more important than people

Obama has fugged up the neo-cons yet again

Selling a Poison by the Barrel: Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes

A telling revelation from today's oral arguments to the SCOTUS

What's your favorite morning meal - breakfast, wake up snack or such?

Greg Palast: BP to blame for Exxon Valdez Disaster!

Does it still haunt you ?

Is Obama's proposal to end NSA bulk collection of phone records really a privacy win?

"Obamacare plans bring hefty fees for certain drugs"

"GOP Field Hasn't Been This Split In 40 Years"

Tonight AT&T turns off my internet

D Koz:Republican Senate hopeful forged a Navy memo to defend landing his crippled spy plane in China

Exclusive: NSA, FBI, DIA Sued over Refusal to Disclose U.S. Role in Imprisonment of Nelson Mandela

Thom Hartmann: Is Rick Scott Guilty of Murder?

TYT: Significant NSA Change Proposed By Obama

Smoothie with spinach, cilantro, blueberries, vanilla, strawberries and anise.

More victims found as FEMA, National Guard join search (WA landslide)

Teachers And Friends: Check-out This Online Petition To End The Blacklisting Of NYC Educators

Is the name "Washington Redskins" in any way insulting, derogatory or offensive?

"Half The Country Doesn't Know Who The Koch Brothers Are"

PCGamer: Facebook to buy Oculus VR for $2 billion

A little help please ......

R.I. Senator Miller apologizes for responding with an obscenity to gun-rights activist

Heads Up: Jimmy Carter Coming Up On Colbert Report

Call Your Rep Today to End Endless War: Repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force

We just lost power

Secular Talk: Germany Seizes Cocaine Sent To The Vatican

Secular Talk- Pat Robertson: You're An Atheist? Were You Raped?

Secular Talk: Glenn Beck Hates 'Noah's Ark' Movie Because...

Secular Talk- Bachmann: God Blessed U.S. Over Other Nations

3 Obama Secret Service Agents on Leave After Drinking in Amsterdam, 1 Found Passed Out

3 Secret Service agents benched before Obama trip

NYT editorial: 'Mr. Obama's Limits on Phone Records'

Is it Spring yet?

Secular Talk: Private Schools Think Math Is A Secular Hoax

One thing I know the GOP will try to do if they win back the Senate...

Been a hard couple days here in Buffalo (Re: The Bills)

How can a cat sleep on a computer desk?

Police: Up to 28 people held captive in Austin trailer

'Colonialism, Apartheid And Ethnic Cleansing': UN Rapporteur On Palestine Blasts Israel

Federal charges dropped in stock manipulation case; wiretap evidence unusable

I don't think I've ever seen the "Late Breaking News" sidebar less populated

Aid-In-Dying Bill Unlikely To Move Forward In Legislature

Gees! Jimmy Carter on Charlie Rose tonight!

How common is this "the deductible equals the out of pocket maximum" thing?

I find the Hobby Lobby case to be so deeply offensive, it's impossible to describe.

Watching the end of "Trading Places."

March 25th, "Lady Day", used to be the start of the New Year

Man dies defending daughter during alleged hate crime

Ran across this. Really well done composite -

Butter Is Back by Bittman

It is March 26th, and it is 5F here, going down to -6F tonight..

I lost my sense of humour years ago.

Russian military holds exercises in breakaway Moldova region: agency

Ukrainian women calling for a "sex strike" against Russian men

Reaper of Souls releases some time tonight

WoW: anyone still playing ?

Rural Ugandan Jewish community splits over conversion

anyone in debate club in high school or college ?

So this woman from Australia does this performance piece for 28 days. She knits with her vagina.

Alaska has no special weather warnings whatsoever....

Mary Burke takes it Walker with Jobs Plan BWAHHHHAAAHAA!

I am running for School Board in Stoughton-vote April 1st.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 27, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - Don Murray

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 28, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Food In The Movies

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 29, 2014 -- The Essentials - Getting the Scoop

If we do not push and push and push Nate Silver will be right and we will lose the senate.

Obama aims to soothe Saudi fears with Riyadh visit

Ted Cruz puts out children's coloring book. The Internet responds with hilarious reviews on Amazon.

Canal, pit houses from 4,000 yrs ago found at planned site for a mall in Arizona

State by state speak your mind about....Alabama

Too late, so here is what I would have entered.

Press Conference in Brazil to Announce Discovery in Outer Solar System

New Report Reveals How Wall Street Impoverishes Los Angeles

Here's a point about the Hobby Lobby case that no one is addressing . . .

Pew: White majority over, next generation more than 50% non-white

Banks in Chinese city show stacks of cash to reassure depositors

Weather Watchers is lonely !

OAS Refuses to Hear Venezuelan Far Right Leader UPDATED

Women at GLAAD speak: Being women in the LGBT movement

Oklahoma pastor says he accidentally flooded Texas by praying too hard

Tennessee Passes Bill Allowing The Bullying of LGBT Students In The Name Of ‘Religious Freedom’

24 dead in Washington State so far

Mayans Win Huge Battle to Ban GMO Soy Crops

And Hodor said "Hodor"

From bad to worse: One year of Netanyahu’s government

Uganda Lake Albert boat disaster 'killed 251 refugees'

Iraq's election commissioners resign weeks before polls

The Rise of the Drones (Infographic)

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ March 26th

Ah, 1960. When life was simple, father knew best, and Bugs Bunny had a show in primetime.....

Next time, someone says, you can't disprove creationism...

For protection against house fires

It is unlucky to sell bees

A kiss for the hopelessly jaded, Mark Morford

Malaysia Says Satellite Has Spotted 122 Potential Objects in Ocean Possibly From Missing Plane

4 Ways Supreme Court Ruling on Idea of Religious Freedom for Corporations Could Be Disastrous

How Wall Street Is Sucking Huge Amounts of Money from Los Angeles

Hasbro seeks input on favorite Monopoly ‘house rules’

To Whom Is George Zimmerman a Hero? And Why?

Debunking the Top 10 Most Egregious Republican Lies

A request for help - iconic pictures of Occupy protests

Why Is a Florida Man Facing Life in Prison For Lending a Friend His Car and Going to Sleep?

Five Myths About Panhandlers

Charlie Rose Show, with Sestanovich, Cohen and Bremmer

Ten years ago I left active service in the Marine Corps

Walgreens to close 76 unprofitable stores, 14 in the West

How Paul Ryan Is Bringing the Poverty Nightmare of Charles Dickens' Novels to America

Federal Appeals Court: Ruling: Kansas Can Strip Planned Parenthood Funds

Have you thrown a punch in anger in your life?

Sen. Landrieu doesn’t need your love. Big Oil’s got her back.

Why arguing with a Republican is like trying to play chess with a pigeon:

I don't worry about President Obama being "weak on defense"

Oxford Union Debate On Snowden: And Chris Hedges On Civil Disobedience

'Dear to Our Hearts': The Crimean Crisis from the Kremlin's Perspective

MH370; SAR Mission at Indian Ocean--WOW

Confusion plagues the right: Why it doesn’t understand liberal views of the Hobby Lobby case

The women of Cairo University over the years.

Dossier of Dubiousness: Did Putin's Man in Crimea Have Mafia Ties?

You want to know how the Hobby Lobby case made it to the Supreme Court?

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahha Dan Senor - that two bit

The House's NSA Bill Could Allow More Spying Than Ever. You Call This Reform?

U.S. Scurries to Shore Up Spying on Russia

TOON: Job Creator

women justice's rock the hobby lobby case

Spain breaches rights for national self-determination, calls Catalonian referendum unconstitutional

Syngenta Halts GMO Corn Seed Sales in Canada Due to Importer Resistance

Climate Name Change

Police evacuates people in Brussels after suspicious package found in bus as Obama visits

Spaniards Say No to Privatized Healthcare

Guard Association Says Compromise With Army Possible

GAO Predicts F-35 Software Troubles May Drive Annual Costs Up To $15 Billion

Russia: Crimea tensions force American anti-gay group to cancel Moscow conference

Leading Australian Biologists Call For Species Triage; Kakadu NP "Biodiversity Basket Case"

WMO: "The Laws Of Physics Are Non-Negotiable" - Warming Will Continue For Centuries

Fresno County supes/city council's war on medical marijuana

The Death of an Employer Scam

"Staircase To Extinction" For Mountain Bird Species Pushed Upslope By Warming World

Vet. Drug Diclofenic Wiped Out 95%+ Of S. Asian Vultures In Less Than 10 Years - EU Just Approved It

John Coltrane's tenor saxophone joins jazz collection at Smithsonian in DC

People May Die of Thirst as Fossil Fuel Production Exhausts and Pollutes Our Fresh Water Supply

ACLU Optimistic on Administration’s NSA Reform Plan, Opposes New House Bill

I would appreciate some help finding a lawyer in North Carolina / Asheboro/Greensboro area

Lobbyists and agencies revisited

I would appreciate some help finding a lawyer in North Carolina / Asheboro/Greensboro area

Sharia Law Effectively Enshrined In UK Legal System With New Will Guidance

Scalia Extends Hobby Lobby's Religious Arguments, to Hobbies!

Arctic Sea Ice Maybe Finally At The Turn?

French plane diverted after Russia closes airspace

Arab League rejects Israel as Jewish homeland

Cargo plane escorted from Dutch airspace

Vladimir Putin, Russia's human tank

California is expanding voter registration through the ACA

Belgian newspaper blasted for depicting Obamas as apes..

Directly Destroying Our Democracy

The GOP Just Screwed Ukraine Out of Billions to Hurt Obama

This is a Generic Brand Video

My love is vengenence/ That's never freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

Caution: a new virus spreading like crazy

The Symbolism of one Adjunct Professor's Death

US Human Rights Report Distorts Truth

In New Poll, ‘Sobering’ News for Both Parties on Midterm Elections - Pot Could Sway the Vote

Project Censored Show: Peter Dale Scott on Deep State and Kristina Borjesson on TWA 800

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday March 26, 2014)

A Caretaker and a Killer: How Hunters Can Save the Wilderness

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP Alternatives

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Putin and the G7

11 Dimensional Chess is Out...Now it's Poker...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- SYG insanity

I hate all zoos, circuses and animal amusement parks, such as Sea World.

Israeli defense minister closes debate on US security plan

Pope Cancels Private Mtg with Corbett. Only Photo Op is with a local Archbishop

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

North Korea: Men required to get Kim Jong-un haircuts

Republicans Are Driving the Momentum for Gay Marriage

Pssssssst!!! There Still May Be Options for Federal Investigators Probing the LaneClosures

Movie About Missing Plane Delays Production for Obvious Reasons (For Now)

FINRA Slams LPL with Fine for Alternative Investment Sales

Fracking Company Owner Admits to Illegally Dumping Waste

Venezuela: The end of a revolution?

Port Authority completes $800 million sale in World Trade Center retail to Westfield

Did You Know That NYC *Blacklists* Teachers?

Morning Plum: Is Obamacare repeal fatigue setting in?

Chris Christie update: Guv’s losing the Politico primary

The invisible primary: GOP preps as Chris Christie stumbles

Cuomo’s Tax Foundation consult

TYT: Politician Wants To Hide Stand Your Ground Records From Media

Mitt Romney blames Hillary Clinton for Ukraine crisis

TYT: Bush Official Makes Outrageous Comment About Obama

And just how far are we supposed to "Spring Forward"?

What to do when you're dead

Joe Biden comments on LGBT discrimination raise eyebrows

Australia's Jill Singer thinks she's landed in Oz

Don't be afraid.

CNN Producers Accused Of Trying To Sneak Into World Trade Center Site

TYT: Creationist Demands Airtime On 'Cosmos' To Debate Evolution

a fb friend suggested a practical joke.

TYT: Scumbag Politicians Caught Heading To Vegas For Election Bribes From Big Donor

Old-timey sunset paintings shed light on pollution’s past

David Pakman: George Zimmerman Wants to Be Civil Rights Attorney

City Council Introduces Plastic Bag Fee Legislation Today

The Bureau of Overseas Buildings Ops Announces LEED Gold Certification for U.S. Embassy in Bujumbura

Democrats, as Part of Midterm Strategy, to Schedule Votes on Pocketbook Issues

Candy Crush Firm Loses $850m On Market Debut

David Pakman: Fox Host Disgusted That States Still Feeding Poor Despite Food Stamp Cuts

More domestic violence shelters are taking in pets

David Pakman: GA Passes 'Guns Everywhere' Bill: Bars, Nightclubs, Classrooms, Churches

David Pakman- Hatriot Mail: Sensationalism

Clinton: Internet Freedom Will Suffer if US Gives Up Oversight

Does anyone know what the 4 birth control items are that Hobby Lobby objects to?

Welcome to the World of Zoos, DU! Guess who's coming

Swiss Government Holds Off on Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine

Optimism and confusion over LICH proposals


Someone was unclear about the concept of "Dog Park" this morning.

OMG - I am trying to get tickets to the ULTIMATE concert....

The financial crisis is serious. No, really, it's serious.

Israeli bulldozers destroy mosque, medical center in East Jerusalem

Galveston Bay Oil Spill & The 25th Anniversary Of The Exxon Valdez

O'Reilly Goes Off On 'Race Hustlers' Who Slammed Paul Ryan

Cartoon: Clues scarce in search for news - by Matt Bors

Pope Francis replaces German 'bishop of bling' over €31m residence

I haven't seen any actual Obamabots here.


The Russian Navy Now Controls Ukraine's Combat Dolphin Program

Obamacare Spurs Merck, Glaxo to End Co-Pay Aid

Katrina vanden Heuvel - Voters should know who’s holding up their health care

Toward critical consideration of chemical imbalance explanations for mental disorders.

Has the Green family ever taken a look at their customer base?

Papantonio: Third World America

Orange County rail site expansion concerns NY regulators in wake of recent accidents

What DC Democrats Don't Get About Populism - and a Lot of America

UPDATED: Report Details Killing Of Bombing Suspect's Friend

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and the ‘Sheldon Adelson Primary’

ACA has a rolling enrollment, right? I can sign up anytime?

Breaking -122 objects spotted in Indian Ocean are 'most credible lead yet'

The Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong. Obamacare Isn't Dooming Democrats in November

Responsibility for killing 14-year-old Palestinian lies primarily with commanders who ordered armed

I sold my first piece!

Are you listening Democratic member of both Houses of Congress

[Q] Why do I keep getting emails from to enroll?

Bin Laden’s Son-in-Law Is Convicted in Terror Trial

Christian school complains 8-year-old girl isn't girly enough

Osama bin Laden son-in-law found guilty of conspiracy

Nearly a dozen Hanford employees sick from unknown fumes

Tiger That Injured Roy of Siegfried & Roy Dies

ACA signups projected to hit 6 million on Saturday

Have you noticed....

The Obamabots moniker was coined by the RW...and used by those who lean that direction.

NCIS---in New Orleans?

Going Back to the Safety Dance

If I've learned one thing about FB, it's that people just want to lecture.

Scott Walker heads to Vegas for the 'Sheldon Primary'

Hero Rhode Island State Senator Says Exactly Right Thing To Alex Jones Toady

The deadline to enroll for health insurance on the Exchange has been extended.

Really Bad Music Question for the Community

US-Russia space station crew delayed in orbit after glitch (now docked)


Gov't team withholds high radiation data on three Fukushima sites

Wonkwire: Poll: Let Obamacare Stay

Pic Of The Moment: Rumsfeld Says A "Trained Ape" Would Be Better At Foreign Policy Than Obama

Message Fatigue Dooms Rush Limbaugh's Business Model

Snort! Republicans hammer Obamacare "Delay"

Border Gridlock ( Workers are commuting nine hours — each day — to pick your lettuce.)

I thought the ACA covered preexisting conditions ....

It's long past time to stop coddling major-league pitchers

New York State’s Schools Most Segregated in U.S., Report Says

enough about cats - it's a dog's world

According to Supreme Court Justice Roberts, yesterday in the Hobby Lobby case

2014 MLB Opening Day Payrolls

Gay Firefox developers boycott Mozilla to protest CEO hire

Hobby Lobby - Explain this to me


Heavy with pictures, I have some time off from being on the road

AT&T Will Put Cash in your Pocket if you Help Kill Net Neutrality

Dodgers surpass Yankees in overall payroll

Just saying "Hello"

There is no standstill in global warming

The Rude Pundit: Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby: Discount Crosses and Abortion

Creationists Want Equal Airtime on 'Cosmos'

Killing Wolves to protect Liberty

G7 Reforms from G8 Without Russia

Navy football player Will McKamey, 19, dies

Lunar eclipse on Passover

For people with concerns about costly multiple sclerosis drugs, here is a site

Raise a Glass of Scottish Wine to Global Climate Changes

Ambulance chasers before the bodies or plane are discovered: 1st lawsuit over MH370

Rising Utility Costs Lingering After Winter’s Chill Fades

FBI scrutinizes Marchione land deal

Obama’s Manhattan Nuke Comment No Indication of Threat

GM Down 14% Shows Barra Challenges From Recalls to Chin

new host for this group: me :)

$2 trillion in tax cuts

NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade Controversy

Bike stealers-The White,The Black, the Pretty Girl

Lawmakers Said to Reach Deal on NSA's Phone-Data Program

Russia Said to Weigh $2.8 Billion of Budget Cache for Crimea

Trained Apes Could Do Better

NASA's Spitzer Telescope Brings 360-Degree View of Galaxy to Our Fingertips

Crimea-Induced Trading Surge Stokes Moscow Exchange Rally

"Franken wants to curb free speech"

Is anyone else having trouble with

Priest: Ukrainian Catholics flee Crimea to escape threats of arrest

So, who was the mother? Post spoilers here.

Venezuela opposition mayor gets one-year jail sentence over protests

Tennessee Sends Religious Anti-Discrimination Bill To Governor

California State Senator Leland Yee Arrested on Bribery And Corruption Charges

Virginia girl’s style not feminine enough for Lynchburg Christian school

Kaiser Poll: Keep Obama care Fix it and shut up about it LOL LOL!!

President Obama in Belgium

Court in Turkey suspends ban on Twitter

The First Lady in China

The Daily Show’s Top 30 #McConnelling Videos Of All Time

Was Anyone Out There Upset With The President's Comment About A Nuclear Bomb Deployed In Manhattan..

The Rude Pundit -Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby: Discount Crosses and Abortion

Trade Panel Backs U.S. in Dispute Over Minerals From China

Radio Host Mark Levin Called Me a “Circus Clown”

Should a person be able to use a welfare benefit card to pay bail?

Limbaugh Defends Nate Silver: Democrats Are The Poll Truthers Now!

President Obama with young girl during an event at the US Embassy in The Netherlands today

Obama Shifts To Attack Mode Against GOP On Immigration

Cyber-era wonderful technology comes with social downsides. These include

Pentagon says Benghazi probes cost millions

AARP wants utility consumer champion in the budget

The New Billionaire Political Bosses

Duck Dynasty star: Gays are going to hell is ‘what the Bible says’

A Town Fights Back: The Toms River Story

9 Charts That Tell You Where Life Is Pretty Terrific

Imagine if the Baggers and the Fox Network Zombies Slap These Babies On

Some conspiracy theories aren’t cheap

Scientists Warn of Risks From Growth Hormone

Oklahoma law allowing execution drug secrecy ruled unconstitutional

Bill O'Reilly Vs Bernie Sanders

Man Convicted Of Domestic Violence Can’t Possess A Gun, Supreme Court Rules

TPM: Why The GOP's 2014 Focus On Obamacare Might Be A Huge Mistake

Schools In This State Are More Segregated Than Schools In The South

Rich Chinese overwhelm U.S. visa program

Goats are far more clever than previously thought

President Obama to Speak Shortly

God Expects Spiritual Fruit

Gunshot victims to be suspended between life and death

White House 'disappointed' Jerusalem Post reporter denied Saudi visa

MPs approve annual welfare cap in Commons vote

Watch This Incredible Rescue From A Burning Houston Apartment Complex

Nature Neuroscience editorial calls for advancing marijuana research

Is the situation in MI significantly different than CA's Prop 8?

Meet the think tank that maps our foreign policy direction

You Can Now Drink A Neil DeGrasse Tyson Cocktail In Brooklyn

Even if you can't stand "The Nuge," you'll enjoy this...

Do you see a pattern here?

How long does it take to sign up for ACA?

NJ bank won’t notarize American Atheist documents for ‘personal reasons’

President Obama gives speech on EU-US relations

Ex Cop: Everyone Behaves Better When They're on Video

Mika takes Joe to task--Joe tells her to calm down and lower her voice

Climate Name Change (2,866,773 views)

Kansas GOP Nixes All-Day Kindergarten For Fear It Lacks ‘Academic Rigor,’ Will Be Used By Poor

Has Nasa found a new Earth? Astronomer discovers first same-sized planet

NY's largest political donors

Heads up - Obama live from Europe now

25 Signs Made Funnier By People.

Corporate Socialism

Pat Roberson: Jesus More Likely to Stone Gays to Death Than Bake Them a Wedding Cake

Bernie Sanders comments about a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

"Inequality for All"

NTSB: Operator in O'Hare crash had fallen asleep at controls before

This Mom's Invention Does More Than Help Kids With Disabilities Walk. It Lets Their Spirits Soar

Household Order Limits Placed on Baseball Coin

Judging Obamacare state by state - Enrollment figures vary widely by location.

not sure if this guy is real or not

House Dems try to force vote on immigration

Young workers change jobs frequently, study shows

Republicans hammer new IRS chief over tea party melee

wherein mike_c rants about health insurance shortcomings....

Household Order Limits Placed on Baseball Coin

*** Gets out Electric Hammer and posts sign at the new DU Store ***

Is this a fiddle ?

The Hobby Lobby case is not about a constitutional right

Political Aphorisms

9 Divorce Stories Too Ridiculous To Make Up

"It's not America that filled Maidan with protestors. It was Ukrainians."

US top court rules domestic abusers can't own guns

Pentagon: Benghazi Probes Cost Millions

Where does religious (corporate) freedom reach it's limits?

10 Colleges That Are Worth The Money

New definition of ‘dead’: PA doctors to suspend gunshot victims

Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon arrested by FBI on federal corruption charges

Logging was conducted on the plateau above the slide in Oso, Washington

Photo: Ellison stands with Choice advocates in front of SCOTUS

Mich gov snyder nullifies 300 legally performed marriages

Another Dem just arrested by FBI. Robert Mueller(R-BushFamilyFixer) set up stings in cities all

food rave of the day (3/26): beef

Is this something? I think this might be something.

ACA: I have little patience for idiots.

Egypt prosecutor orders third mass trial for 919 islamists

14-year-old boy kills father, brother

In memory of Andrew Gleason, mathematician, a remarkable American

All Men In North Korea Are Now Reportedly Required to Get the Same Haircut as Kim Jong Un

You called it DUers - Christie is history - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Please review the post in the link below and tell me if I should remove it.

Mom Jailed for Breastfeeding While Drinking, Waitress Fired Over It

Florida Man's Fake Gun Tattoo On Chest Leads Cops To 2 Hour Standoff

ACLU: Local Police in Florida Acting Like They’re the CIA (But They’re Not)

Helicopter Crew Rescues 4 Year Old Boy from Mudslide

Who are your current celebrity crushes?

Kerry flies to Jordan in effort to salvage Mideast peace talks

Dem Pollster Predicts 'Huge Turnout Disadvantage' In 2014 (GWU Poll: GOP Leads 64-57%)

High court bolsters domestic violence gun ban law

how do you buy a du'er a star?

BP confirms oil spill into Lake Michigan from Whiting refinery

This Pair's Beautiful Friendship Will Fill Your Heart With March Gladness

US Ranked 23rd in Women’s Equality in Global Gender Gap Index

Russia Dismisses Rumors of Seeking Military Base in Argentina as 'Provocative Lie'

Obamacare Threat? Someone please explain....

College athletes can unionize, federal agency says

BP Refinery Leaks Oil Into Lake Michigan

Full text of Obama's speech in Brussels today

In case you were wondering what it would look like if you fell into a volcano

Governor Rick Perry: Focus on Equal Pay is "Nonsense"

Charlotte, NC Mayor facing Corruption Charges

Michele Bachmann: Free ‘Killer Drugs’ Like Birth Control Make America Unrecognizable

The FBI arrested Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon on corruption charges about an hour ago

I trust Native Americans to know what is bad for my environment ...

Ukrainians should expect gas price hikes, subsidies for poorest citizens.

"(They'll) find a Bible verse supporting every single item on the 1%'s agenda. It's a big book."

How are you dealing with the lime shortage?

Stupid question of the day

John Roberts Offers Conservatives A Way Out Of Birth Control Dilemma

Northwestern football players can unionize, NLRB rules

Please take street harassment seriously.

NY Assemblyman William Scarborough's office raided by FBI

Update on dad: good news

Podcast: The Phoenix real estate market

Enrollments overcome GOP, thrive in Fla.

9-alarm fire; Beacon street in Boston.

De Blasio: New York City is ready for pre-K

First Doctor Visit in Five Years: Why Repubs Want Us Broke or Dead

Some Observations/Questions On This Missing Plane Search......

Thom Hartmann: It's TEDx time for Thom Hartmann

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 26 March 2014

Slate: Hobby Lobby and contraception

Some photos from searching mudslide in WA, heavy on the mud. dialup warning

Raw Video: Behind the Scenes at Chengdu Panda Base with the FLOTUS

City Council backs up Mayor de Blasio in homeless aid dispute with Gov. Cuomo

CARICOM renews call for end to Cuba embargo

Pope Francis fired ‘Bishop Bling.’ Will more follow?

Know your exposures wristband

Franklin Graham: Gays & Lesbians Who Adopt 'Recruiting' to Cause, Stands by Putin Admiration

Boom Times for a Tiny Texas Town

State Dept.: Israel’s discrimination keeps it out of visa waiver deal

Pro-Gun Absolutism: The Gun Lobby’s Push to Privatize Law and Order

One awesome thing about Eeyore is that even though he is basically clinically depressed,

Meet the Americans Who Put Together the Coup in Kiev

I didn't think opting out of testing would be a big deal; boy, was I wrong

NJ bank won’t notarize American Atheist documents for ‘personal reasons’

Fed bars shareholder payout plans from Citi, 4 other banks

At least 1 firefighter killed in Boston blaze

Blue Angels onboard camera

Egypt’s powerful military commander Abdel Fatah al-Sissi to run for president

Thunderstruck ... like you never heard it ...

First Ring System Around Asteroid

Air Pollution Deaths and the Globalized, Outsourced Economy

suffering Facebook withdrawal symptoms

A funny for DU vegans!

Willie Robertson better pack a LOT of suntan lotion in his coffin.

Dwarf planet stretches Solar System's edge

It's why you need a flu shot every year, Dumbass...

Conservatives have to lie, AGAIN, about the ACA.

L. A. Times: Spain's "communist utopia."

In Pittsburgh, ACA insurance is better than the useless, overpriced "Individual Plans"...

So if I am a Jewish employer can I require that all of my male employees

Who Is Dying in Venezuela? A Revealing NYT Correction

How would you like to grow into a tree after you die?

Who Is Dying in Venezuela? A Revealing NYT Correction

Wisconsin's personal income rebounded more slowly than U.S. average: No. 35 out of 50.

Ok. Is it just me or does any one else see

AP: Florida overcomes GOP barriers to enroll uninsured

Let's play "name the life guard" - Options abound. (Mike Luckovich cartoon)

Orgies? Check. Gang bangs? Check? Circle jerks? Hey, we got nothing on circle jerks!

I Don't Know Where He Gets This Stuff

Five GOP senators put unemployment aid pressure where it belongs: On John Boehner

Dumb Criminals: Utah Police Bust Man Named Christopher Reeves, Wearing Superman Shirt, For Meth

"Is Liberalism Good for Your Health?" Mother Jones (stunning)

Avatar Request

Mass. granted permanent custody of Justina Pelletier

Jimmy Carter says he would consider pardoning Edward Snowden

U.S. Federal Marijuana Farm To Offer New Strains

Family of teen injured in 'affluenza' crash to pursue civil trial

Current Anti-Worker Legislation in Missouri House & Senate

Current Anti-Worker Legislation in Missouri House & Senate

Quite a Storm Out in the Gulf of Maine

Tiger that injured Roy of Siegfried & Roy dies

"Conscious Uncoupling”

Obama Shifts To Attack Mode Against GOP On Immigration

World Vision reverses decision to hire gays

Psychology Today: Conservatism as a Mental Illness

Poll: 68 Percent More Likely to Turn Out If Measure to Legalize Pot Is on the Ballot

Why have we left this one to the right wing?

Guy gets McDonald's receipt tatooed on his arm

Corn Dog Spill Closes Interstate

"Collapsing Ukraine?"Crosstalk's Peter Lavelle has Grinning RW'er Join Panel..(He's Clueless!)

Lawyer: Prisoner in critical condition on 77th day of hunger strike

Jonathan Schell, Anti-War Activist, Dead at 70 (Author of 'Fate of the Earth')

Galveston Bay Oil Spill: What We Birders Can Do (You don't need to be a birder, though!)

Stunning photos of Oso, WA mudslide before and after at this website:

I want to outlaw weed, internet gambling and birth control... cause I'm so libertarian!

Florida Moves To Restrict Media Access To Stand Your Ground Case Records

Not a shocker: Egypt's military chief Sisi quits to run for presidency

Obama Arrives in Italy for Meeting With Pope

No, legalizing medical marijuana doesn’t lead to crime, according to actual crime stats

A ‘Rebel’ Without a Ph.D.

Heard on talk radio today -- rebranding? washing away the political divide?

Is U.S. ripping off Delaware, New Jersey?

City Council passes bill to shield interns from sexual harassment

Mark-Viverito Won’t Criticize Governor But Other Council Liberals Will Read more at http://observer

The Personhood Movement Is Tired of Republican Congressmen Betraying It

Calif. state Sen. Yee had a reputation for political corruption even before the federal indictment

Obama’s Ukraine Affair

Endangered Mitch McConnell Loses His Third Endorsement In a Week

Billion-dollar club: Rent companies form massive trade group ( 920 billion)

Sometimes, it is the minor things that you do for other people that mean so much.

Obama defends Iraq War in Europe speech

Obama Whitewashes World War I

So if I'm a Church of the Subgenius Employer can I require my employees

'Dirty Old Man' Judge Wants To Tell Women Lawyers What To Wear

Selective Prosecution Claims in John Doe Filings Fall Flat

Pope Francis to meet with President Obama on Thursday

"The great Tea Party swindle: How to make lots of money off the naive"

Black Mirror

Cowboys player Henry Melton sues Grapevine bar, others over brawl

Union Pension fund sues JP Morgaqn for "culture of lawlessness"

Americans flood site as Obamacare deadline nears

Ted Nugent defends South African apartheid, using the n-word in newly resurfaced interview

How Google, Apple & The Biggest Tech Companies Colluded to Fix Workers' Wages

Analysis: Putin's Ties To Obama's Priorities Complicate Reassessment Of Us-Russia Relationship

Just when you thought Goldman Sachs couldn't be any worse

Dem Rep. Barbara Lee Fires Back at O’Reilly for Calling Her a ‘Race Hustler’

!!!!March Photo Contest FINAL!!!!

Walking Dead graphic novel fans - Would this be something a 14 year old nephew would enjoy?

March Contest Final is up in GD

America the Beautiful

Papantonio: Whistleblowers May Save Democracy: What Corporate America has Managed to Get Away With

As Florida rejects funding from Obamacare - children die

PBS JUST NOW: College football players can unionize.

Wal-Mart Manager Speaks out About His Store’s Ugly Reality

What does "KlearGear" sell?

Pat Robertson On Stoning Gays; Satan Leads Gay Rights Movement

I think we need to reframe this entire Hobby Lobby issue...

guess who's eight years old today?

Closing Clean Water Act Loophole Will Restore Drinking Water and Flood Protections for Millions

Glenn Beck Predicts New World Order, Prays God Will Kill Putin