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The insanity in North Korea extends to haircuts.

No John, you are the joke ...

The Affordable Care Act Is Working

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 26 March 2014

CAN'T STAND the hollering that's happening on Chris Hayes show now!

Georgia Wants To Make Food Stamp Recipients Pay To Prove They Don’t Do Drugs

Chris is talking to an American's For Prosperity hack.

Kochsucker is on Chris Hayes right now. Won't shut the fuck up!

Jesus Wouldn’t Bake Gay Wedding Cake, Says Pat Robertson

Who is this lunatic ReTHUG woman on Chris Hayes program

Ukraine to hike domestic gas prices by 50 pct to meet IMF demands

Belladonna is home from the vet

To the MRA’s-

Mayoral debates in Toronto (Rob Ford)

8 great public spaces hidden in downtown San Francisco

This is fucking hardcore. MA gov. cand. Steve Grossman(D) passes kidney stone in debate, keeps going

Anyone from Ann Arbor? We've decided to relocate there.

Mike Papantonio: "THIRD WORLD AMERICA!"

A Wish from Wishadoo!

New York lawmakers looking at tax credit bill as a "different way" to do DREAM Act

Al-Qai'da aid project shows the way in Afghanistan

WATCH: Melissa Etheridge's Politically Charged Video for 'Uprising of Love'

just funny to me

25 drug companies to phase out animal antibiotics

Charlotte mayor resigns after arrest on corruption charges

Photographing A Town That Never Was

Google Confirmed Breaking Into Gmail Account Of Critic

This is hilarious

"Former CEO: There Is No One Representing Low-Wage Workers" (Video)

Santa Clarita Students Discuss School Lunches At Newhall Meeting

Stephen Harper warns Germany about Russia

Remarks by the President in Address to European Youth

Experts in Chile Fear Catastrophe as 300 Quakes Hit in One Week

IRS Chief Tells Issa's Oversight Committee to Go Eff Itself

Premium Health Exchange plan not so premium for some- (a warning from Washington State)

So, on a day when people are in the Supreme Court arguing that the Government can't force

This hurts: 2 Firefighters Killed In 9-Alarm Blaze On Beacon Street

Sanders: We’re Living in a ‘Very Ugly Moment in American History’ Because Of Income Inequality

Mudslide Tragedy, Rikers Prison Abuse, Kissinger War Criminal, Venezuela Protests Intensify

Planet Biden: Scientists Nickname New Dwarf Planet After The VP

If you liked 'The Great Gatsby' movie or Special Effects in general, this is cool.....

U.S. intel assessement: greater likelihood Russia will enter eastern Ukraine

Meet Your Government

What sick person would do this!?!?!?!?!

America the Beautiful? Willie Nelson just made a new music video.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!!Never on a Sunday

I'm Rex Tillerson, and you're not

First Saturday Art Walks , Tucson AZ!!

Religious right hold children to ransom to force World Vision into not accepting same-sex marriage

I will have 2 pieces of Jewelry in the First Saturday Art Walks here in Tucson!

OK, I thought this was taken care of(Obamacare question)...

Autism 'begins long before birth'

How do you tell your friends the truth of why you don't visit anymore?

Trade deal would ease U.S. gas exports to Europe: Obama

Pat Robertson suggests woman's atheism was caused by rape or abuse


Debate - AronRa vs Ray Comfort - Evolution Audio Only - 2012

ACLU: Tennessee ‘religious freedom’ law would turn public schools into ‘Sunday schools’

Calm, Cool, and Collected, President Obama Schools ABC Reporter During Press Conference at The Hague

Suicides Mounting, Golden Gate Looks to Add a Safety Net (NYTimes)

In early March, Judge Johnson put Justina Pelletier's medical care back with Dr. Korman/Tufts

O.K., this is exactly why we/humans love canines and not felines

Nation by nation, speak your mind about....Zimbabwe

Jimmy Carter to Stephen Colbert: I'll Become Catholic If Female Priest Asks Me to Join Her Church

British Columbia Enacted the Most Significant Carbon Tax in the Western Hemisphere. It Worked.

My kitty DeeDee got her results from pathology after tumor removal.

Pat Robertson: Jesus more likely to stone gays to death than bake them a wedding cake

question about the origin of NHS in UK, please

Cheese producer Saputo to close Wisconsin plant

Minimum Wage Boost Wins Senate And House Approval

My wireless Apple mouse has ghosts

If this driver is not a Buddhist, he should be.

You know the Koch's, Rove and the other super pack are planning on attacking John Walsh (D) in MT

The New Billionaire Political Bosses

Michigan won't recognize same-sex marriages performed last weekend

TSA calls for more police at checkpoints after LAX shooting

We're in agreement: Obama has made some serious mistakes

This has been gnawing at me for some time and I'm afraid I can't keep it in any longer

What say you happened to MH370. I say it was such a series of events, over long periods of time,

Well, we lost a "friend" today. Not because of politics but because my wife wouldn't leave work to

World Highest Temperature for March 26 Diffa, Niger 111 degrees F

What is this? From Syria maybe? Many videos of war-ish / rebellion / attack / something...

Barry White rocks !

Kerry on El Salvador Presidential Elections

he took my legs, but he didn't break me. He only made me ...STRONGER

Need ideas for veggie burger leftovers.

"The Republican Street Fight Over Transparency in Government"

miscellaneous cuties

Risk Expert Nassim Taleb: GMOs Could Destroy the Global Ecosystem

Man convicted of domestic violence can't possess a gun: Supremes

Gov. Cuomo Continues Talks With Unions

"The GOP Just Screwed Ukraine Out of Billions to Hurt Obama"

John Birch Society hits Capitol to fight constitutional convention

KKK recruiting in Texas, says government wants to “silence the word of God on gay marriages"

My husband and I are biking across America to benefit the Charlottesville Free Clinic

14-year old indicted in fatal bus shooting in Brooklyn

This isn't exactly a natural disaster

Guess which states are most dependent on the federal gubmint?

World Vision Reverses Decision On Gay Christian Hiring Policy

My wife and I don't want to sound rude or anything but we want to be respectful to my grandmother's

Irish setter saves owner after crash

Calif. gov candidate Donnelly (R) admits past larceny conviction, calls it a 'prank'


Bank of America to pay $9.3 billion to settle mortgage bond claims


Episcopal bishops on gay marriage: Discrimination is not the Lord's way

Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party Upset: Someone Else is Making Harrassing Phone Calls

Someone needs to tell Chris Hayes to stop putting trolls on his show

Jon Stewart is picking on Morning Joe

John Morgan. Did he slip? Or didn't he?


Toooooo cute ......

Alternatives to a safe deposit box in a bank.

"The radicals are back and they are winning."

This is as filthy as it gets

Atlanta man arrested in cockpit at Fla. airport

Joni Ernst is getting a lot of airtime.

Uruguay and Electric Public Transport ...

NYT's Kristof: 5 wasteful public welfare programs that should be stopped

Jimmy Carter on Ukraine, Israel and addressing injustices faced by females around the world

Ace Frehley calls KISS "half a cover band." - ROFL!

Will extra weeks for ACA sign-up bring in younger buyers?

Full Transcript: President Obama gives speech addressing Europe, Russia on March 26

Alliance for Global Justice Statement on Right-Wing Violence in Venezuela

APD PROTEST MARCH 25, 2014 (In response to homeless man shot in the back and killed)

Video Games Promote Racist Thoughts & Behavior, Study Of White Gamers Suggests

2 convicted of running illegitimate pain clinic

Is it possible to listen to reggae and not feel better emotionally?

22 Per Day - Campaign led by Iraq Vet Senator John Walsh

Thom Hartmann: Rick Scott is guilty of murder & Charlene Dill is his victim

Thom Hartmann: What God does Hobby Lobby pray to?

Legal Interventions To Reduce Overdose Mortality : Naloxone Access And Good Samaritan Laws

Rocket With US-Russian Crew Misses ISS Rendezvous

Legal Interventions To Reduce Overdose Mortality : Naloxone Access And Good Samaritan Laws

'How Dare You!' Hayes' Conservative Guest (Jennifer Stefano) Goes Off During Obamacare Fight

Rapture-Palooza! (Movie)

Greg Abbott sees future linked to Hispanic voters

Michele Bachmann goes off the deep end...again.

“The CIA’s Plans in Venezuela Are Far Advanced”

Labor accuses Bronwyn Bishop of being 'most biased Speaker' in history

Funding For 'Project Magellan' Sails Through

Support the California Film and Television Job Retention and Promotion Act

The Cost of Deception - The US Health System is in Disarray and Becoming Worse...

Cuba plans big tax breaks to lure foreign investors: official media

Xpost: Cuba plans big tax breaks to lure foreign investors

Rhode Island Democrat sorry he told bullying InfoWars correspondent to ‘go f*ck himself’

The Story of the Jews: The Leo Frank Case

Elgin [IL] officials shocked by child porn investigation of ex-Rep. Farnham

(x-post from Good Reads) The Story of the Jews: The Leo Frank Case

Foreign Investment, a Priority for Cuban Development

American Family Association's "One News Now" gave DU a shoutout!

Brazilian Companies Explore Investment Opportunities in Cuba

Cuban Marketing Strategies Addressed in Forum

Dwarf planet discovery hints at a hidden Super Earth in solar system

Biden Says Raising Minimum Wage 'Good For Business'

Microsoft Word Is Under A Hack Attack: Do Not Open Documents Named '.RTF'

Now You're free!

Bye, Y'all!

California expanding voter registration through Obamacare

JPMorgan Chase Refuses to Process Payments for Women Entrepreneurs' Condom Company

When you're young, all of life is an adventure...

IMF agrees $14-18 billion bailout for Ukraine

Tell me there isn't a slight resemblance to the famous Disney dog "Goofy" (no offense to Goofy)

Obama looking for kindred spirit in Pope Francis

CT lawmakers pass $10.10 state minimum wage

Cornelius Gurlitt: One lonely man and his hoard of stolen Nazi art

Greenpeace stages more protests against Procter & Gamble

The Strategy of the Venezuelan Opposition

Mo. House adopts resolution supporting Keystone XL Pipeline

Indoor Plants

If the left palm itches

Northwestern Univ. football players allowed to seek union representation

The Coming Job Apocalypse

Ukrainian womens’ campaign for sex embargo against Russian men becomes online hit

If you could live like a French Impressionist, would you give up your current life to make art?

Biden on homophobia: 'I've had it up to here with cultural norms'

Police Utilizing Private Companies, Exploits To Access Data From Suspects' Smartphones

Keeping Nukes but cutting conventional forces

I think if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Hobby Lobby

Ukraine wants closer military ties with U.S. and NATO after Crimea annexation

Today's forecast: 50°

Oil CEO to Congress: Fight Russia by lifting 40-year ban on U.S. crude exports

Good riddance!

4 Shocking Examples of Police Militarization in America's Small Towns

Egypt: Al-Sisi’s run for President: Bonapartism and Gulf Oil Money

Iraqi Women’s Rights Under Threat

Y'know, I think this really needs to be in GD

Conservatives' Hilarious, Doomed Efforts to Be Cool

She Wanted To Help Her Disabled Son Walk. But This Mom’s Invention Just Might Change Everything.

What Really Concerns China About Flight 370?

Another Financial Crisis Is Looming—Here's Why and How It Will Play Out

Kibbutz Recruits 100 Solar Panel Robots To Combat Desert Dust

All We Do Is Wait, Wait, Wait on Hold and It's Making Us Nuts Is This Why People Join the Tea Party

Corporations in the pews

Yeah... But what if Fox News told you to go straight to hell, would you go?

Op-Ed: The Ukraine and the TTIP

Israel's Wildcard: The Man Who Could Stop The Peace Process

Another 2Cellos Video..- Highway To Hell like you've never heard...feat. Steve Vai

Bullet train from Houston to Dallas picks up steam

Viewing problems on websites

The West and Russia: Why Obama's Legacy Hinges on Europe

Anyone from Ann Arbor? We're thinking of relocating there.

New ties, new risks in the South China Sea

Printers cash in on Afghan vote

It was the inevitable result of giving corporations religious rights...

Why the EU can't 'isolate' Russia

What you get (the 9 points that every Democrat should commit to)

Crimea sets dangerous precedent for Asia

Staring past Central Asia's strongmen

Whew, so glad there's a lounge forum......

The Economic Scam of the Century by Mike Whitney

A Tortured Twist on Ethics

North Korean College Students Ordered to Adopt Leader Kim's Haircut

What is the speed of a Fox swallow

Fighting a 'losing' war with the Taliban

With 100's of "objects" spotted over the Southern Ocean

Tibetan roots of 1962 Sino-Indian war

2012 Drought Still Echoing In TX; 13.9M Cattle/Calves In 2007; 10.9M Today

+/- 500 Pig Carcasses Recovered Monthly From Sichuan Province Reservoir; Farmers Dodging Inspections

Food Fight at a Monster Truck Rally

NSA: Setting Up a Trade War

"How USPS Could Save the Economy, Change Your Life"

43 Cartoon Theme Song Mashup (Carnegie Hall)

#USMFuture: How One Small School Is Resisting 'Corporate War on Public Education

‘Uruguay Would Become a US Prison’

Berkshire Hathaway employs approximately 300,000 people!

Can the Supreme Court Understand a Person's Soul?

The Immorality of Evading the Nanny Tax

How Much Financial Assistance Are People Receiving Under the Affordable Care Act?

House “Republicans” STILL don’t give a s*** about anyone but their fellow millionaires.

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Separation of corporation and personhood is much needed

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- The power of the gun lobby

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Yatsenyuk, citing billions of dollars stolen by Yanukovych, calls for austerity measures.

Bogdan Says F-35B’s Modifications Main Risk To Marine IOC

Why The Navy Really Wants 22 More Growlers

So, you say I took the easy way out. A surgeon's perspective on Bariatric Surgery.

New Study Demolishes Anti-Streetcar Arguments; Project Benefits Means It More than Pays for Itself

Noam Chomsky’s nightmare: Once again, you can’t trust the New York Times

Hobby Lobby’s secret agenda: How it’s quietly funding a vast right-wing movement

Even as prosecutions rise, Medicare fraud often runs rampant

Harry Reid on the ACA signups

Q-Poll: Virginia Looking Good for Mark Warner 2014, Hillary Clinton 2016

piketty's inequality story in six charts

Jet search cut short; new satellite spots objects (link added)

Nation by nation, speak your mind about....Zambia

Studies Find Religion Promotes Healthy Body Image for Young Women

Obama/Pope pic needs caption...

Pseudocyesis - 'Phantom' quints pregnancy devastates dad-to-be

house candidate literally shoots ACA

But Fred Thompson TOLD Me....

It's absolutely amazing to me . . .

Senate hopeful Shane Osborn (R-NE) issues statement of regret over handling of disputed memo

At least one American actually does love Putin. (Hint: He's a really, really shitty actor)

Winds of change: Italians losing centuries-old grip on Vatican

Soros-Backed Sale of U.S. Oil Reserves Seen as Putin Penalty

Michigan Chief Justice: I’m ‘So Sick’ Of Medical Pot Cases

Awesome dad turns son into superhero using amazing special effects

"You sell stencils"

South Korean Poultry Approved for Sale in U.S. Despite Bird Flu Outbreak

Another ACA question from a Michigan resident

Man Arrested After Pepper Spraying GMU Law Professor

The pope’s message to the president - By E.J. Dionne

Brown County (WI) Republican Party denounces Wisneski statement

photos of Pres Obama and Pope Francis

So, the "my posts" tab isn't lighting up when an ignored member responds, but

Record Low Temperature for March 26 -91 °F "Concordia" Antarctica

Detroit Is Beta-Test of the GOP Plan To Sell The Federal Government to Corporations

11 Amazing Women Who Made Wilderness Conservation History

A perfect pick me up for a Thursday morning!

Obama to Visit Saudi Arabia, Key Source of Funding for Growing Jihadi Militarism in Middle East

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to run for president

Tell us how proud you are of your kid(s)

President Obama defending the mistakes of the previous administration

Philippines and Muslim rebel group sign peace deal

Hogwarts? Mormon Temple? or Connecticut Legislature?

Obama's First Meeting with the Pope Went Swimmingly

Santa Monica College to Host Prominent Gun-Control Advocate

Iowa Senate Candidate Nails the Sarah Palin Sensibility

Use sporting goods tax for state parks as intended

After expelling Jews in 1492, Spain considers inviting them back

In Israel, African immigrants find no refuge

Obama Makes It Official: Phone Companies, Not the NSA, Will Store Your Metadata in Bulk

Ukraine's loss of Crimea has NATO examining its core mission

Federal appeals court upholds two strict San Francisco gun laws

Confederates strong in the Florida legislature.

When you run as a Tea Party candidate, play to your strengths (Will Brooke campaign video)

45 minutes to open my ACA account, select a plan, and finalize the transaction.


Interesting Facts About Google Search Engine

Driver accused of pulling gun

Heathers the musical

Unions Come to Dakotas’ Aid

The NSA was created in secret … and Congress wasn’t even notified.

The perfect Minimum Wage graphic:

Rand Paul Wants Donors to Know He's Super Prepared to Run for President

The US Navy, Geronimo, Viagra, Quentin Tarantino

This Harvard-Educated Monk Is Reintroducing Buddhism To The Western World

Disgusting Ahhhhnuld has no irony, "My family is absolutely everything" (IN THE MOVIE)

AARP petition: Urge your members of Congress to stand up for older workers !

A Few Religious Objections to Hobby Lobby, et al.

The political importance of a terrorist conviction

World Vision Reverses Decision To Hire Christians in Same-Sex Marriages

Lebron James did a commercial for

For Columnist, a Change of Tone

Scary stuff, car crashes and death

Reid sets up jobless aid vote for this week

Rachel Maddow Highlights How President Obama’s Sharp Wit Hurt Putin’s Fragile Ego

Connecticut Becomes First State To Pass $10.10 Minimum Wage

Tigers slaughtered in show of social stature for Guangdong businessmen

Today's The Day Christie Tries To Take Back Control Of The Bridge Scandal

2014 Elections folks. E-mail from President Obama:

U.N. watchdog urges Obama to review deadly drone policy

Symptoms of (Malware/Virus) Infection

"Obama is defending the Iraq war"

Just a thought about the minimum wage discussion...

Gunshot victims to be suspended between life and death

Turkey Blocks YouTube after Erdogan Leaks

Christie Is Certain Bridge Scandal Won't Weigh On 2016 Decision

"How USPS Could Save the Economy, Change Your Life"

Nice article on the future of digital hardware.

Turkey blocks access to YouTube after leaked recordings of key security meeting

The Drugging of the American Boy

My wife's aunt died this morning.

Hobby Lobby’s secret agenda: How it’s quietly funding a vast right-wing movement

If you go through a sleepless night...

11 Years On, Bearing Witness to Iraq War's Lasting Harm

China sentences rapist of 16 girls to death

Mutant 15-Inch Rat Terrorises Family After Chewing Through Concrete Wall (GRAPHIC PICS)

$1 trillion student loan debt widens US wealth gap

The used car salesman strikes again

Obama: End collection of Americans’ phone records

This Christie self imposed investigation is to funny

Long rant about my Mom, her condition and prognosis and her boyfriend.

Poll: Ukraine crisis hurts Obama approval ratings

With Videos, McConnell Finds More Bloopers Than Hits

Tragedy for Republicans: More people will be getting health insurance!

Tea Party’s “absurd” socialism obsession: An actual Marxist sounds off

Is there a double standard in this Group between atheists and believers?

Christian Right Has Major Role in Hastening Decline of Religion in America

The End of the Iraq War: A Timeline

Men for Equality smash rape culture on campus

Great bumper sticker

How about Kansas creating a data base for men who get vasectomies?

Kansas Moves to make Miscarriages an Investigation Event and Defund Planned Parenthood

Man in custody after armed carjacking; he apparently couldn't drive a stick

About this post in ATA

christie's 'investigation' attorney is holding a news conference re: bridgegate

Where Does It Say In The Constitution That Religious Beliefs Are To Be Respected?

Pope/Obama pix in Need of Captions

Four Reasons To Go See "Noah" - it opens this weekend...

You must be an ordained CEO to perform this basic religious ritual

TYT Obama: Don't Compare Ukraine Invasion To Iraq

Chris Christie's people on tv doubling down on the lies.

Climate Change, Neo-Liberalism & Pushing For A Zero Carbon Economy

NFL: dunking on goal posts will be a penalty in 2014

Now a member of the ACA club

WTF Is ‘Natural Marriage?’ - By Michelle Cottle

Any current or former Peace Corps volunteers here?

Report Says Port Authority Official Told Christie of Lane Closings; Christie Doesn’t Recall

This Tiny Penis Sculpture Promises to Give Women Confidence at the Negotiation Table

Best response to Republican meme that the US is not leading

TYT: NSA Spying On Former Presidents?

Law Firm Hired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Concludes He Had No Role in Bridge Lane Closure

VA GOP has less than $70K on hand.

Global health success: India certified free of polio

Constantly referring to President Obama as a "used car salesman" is expected of a RW racist.

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Courts Jeb in Sin City

Law Firm Hired by Christie Concludes He Had No Role in Bridgegate; Says Zimmer Wrong

David M. Rubenstein to Deliver 2014 George Mason U. Commencement Address

oh my goodness ... longest held deathrow inmate freed .. japan

Pic Of The Moment: It's Time To End Wasteful Welfare!

Redistribution is in reality as American as apple pie- Paul Krugman

Remember "The Onion"? Nov. 5, 2008

‘Guardian’ Threatened With Closure Over Snowden Leaks, Conference Told

TYT....Defending the Dumb War-- The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Chris Hedges' Brilliant, Impassioned Debate Presentation at Oxford regarding Snowden

What Obama should have said about Iraq (since you asked...)

Should the U.S. have supported the coup in Ukraine?

just heard that the archbishop of bling

Weight-loss drug recalled after foreign pills found in bottles

Iowa GOP Candidate Has the Balls To do the Job

Canada dead last in ranking for environmental protection

You have to understand the President has an extremely fine line to walk regarding Russia.

USDA disaster declaration for 19 upstate NY counties

City Pages: I can't stop staring at this forest shaped like Minnesota


General Assembly Condemns Russian Annexation of Crimea

Hey Al Franken, please don't make it a point to mention that Chuck Grassley

Giant Rat chews concrete wall sets up shop in Kitchen

Budget push to train police on handling the mentally ill

For those who understand French.

Yahoo Headline--Obamacare: Taxpayers in the Hole for $1.5 Trillion

Atheists troll Georgia’s conservative governor by delivering anti-religion books to state parks

Satellite imagery all over the place, China, Thailand, France, Japan, etc

Carlson: Scalia once saw the absurdity of religious exemptions

So if I don't want to be blamed for something all I need to do is...

Ed Schultz: I was never sold on the Christie Bridge scandal

James R. Schlesinger, CIA chief and Cabinet member, dies

****WCGreen Update --Thursday March 27, 2014****And there's a picture!

GOP threatens to push self-destruct button in Georgia Senate race

Security Footage Shows Missing Designer James Ott Entering the McKibbin Lofts, But Not Leaving

Why all the hate? Not all used car salesmen are bad.

Pope talks abortion, immigration at first Obama meeting

Politico: MSNBC is in trouble

Vatican removes German 'bishop of bling' over luxury home

chavistas drinking 18 year old whiskey during march

Some mixed thoughts on Obama's Ukraine statement--

Vatican Removes Germany's 'Bishop of Bling'

68% more turn out for marijuana ballot initiatives?

Ukraine: "The package is very unpopular, complex, hard reforms that have long needed to be done"

Hobby Lobby and the Religion of Corporatism/Church of the Almighty Dollar

Maduro: Bolivar was left an orphan after the death of his wife

Mayor de Blasio names five to NYC Rent Guidelines Board

Putin's Western Allies: Why Europe's Far Right Is on the Kremlin's Side

Toles on Roberts decision to further Corporate Fuedalism in Hobby Lobby 'corporate conscience' case

Communications Minister accuses newspaper of conspiracy using their crossword puzzles

Hobby Lobby provided emergency contraceptives before they opposed them

Crimea was petty theft. The Iraq war was Columbine.

Obama and Kerry meet the Pope

Kelly's Motive: Woman Scorned?

I wanted to post my favorite...

Cuba builds communism-free zone to woo capitalist businesses

Does anyone have any good news?

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ March 27th

This place in many ways has gone off the deep end. RE: Used car salesman

Davis, CA: Honda Opens Demonstration Smart Home, With Fit EV Electric Car In Garage

Venezuela going after crossword puzzles again

Israel to allow materials into Gaza for Turkish hospital

Pro-gun group in a tweet places shells and bullets on a 'Cuomo's gotta go!' t-shirt

President Obama is a "Weak Appeasing" "Warmonger"!!

Mudslide gif pre/post slide, Incredible! Update and article also

Dems Bring Out The Big Guns In Iowa After 'Farmer' Comment

"Just in case you care about that sort of thing."

Because the GOP wasn't able to defund or destroy Obamacare, instead...

Judge tells women lawyers not to dress like ignorant sluts

Papantonio: Sociopaths At The Top

Motive for Tigard killing was 4-year-old's perceived homosexuality, prosecutors say

Walker signs asbestos bill opposed by veterans (as expected)

Was the U.S. Invading Iraq and Russia invading Crimea morally equivalent?

Angry PUMA website still alive and kicking

Christie Knew

Paul Ryan’s endless “I am not a racist” tour

Dumbest Meme Ever

Grand Jury Declines To Indict In Deadly Road Rage Shooting

The dangers of your bumperstickers.

Congress Approves $1 Billion in Aid for Ukraine

Port Authority told Christie about the closings at Sept. 11 meeting (while they were occurring)

Bank wants Hull teen to return $31,000 wrongly placed in his account

Snake Island (Part 1/2)

In order to bring some

Yes, Obama Really Is Worried About a Manhattan Nuke

POTUS Did NOT Defend The Iraq War

President Obama and the Pope...

The reason I let the complaints against the President go in one ear and out the other

Should President Obama come out firmly against the death penalty,

'Meet The Press' Ratings Continue To Tumble

Governor "I Don't Know" Christie: A Case Study of Leadership

Obama Reluctance on Bush Prosecutions Affirms Culture of Impunity

White House says Obamacare enrollment exceeds 6 million

Charles P. Pierce -The Limits of Conciliation Revealed

BREAKING: Obamacare Enrollment Tops 6 Million

Kobe Bryant Admits He Wasn’t Comfortable with Miami Heat’s Trayvon Protest

Divide and Conquer - Machiavelli Understood

What Obama ACTUALLY said about Iraq

I've Sold Used Cars. I had MORE INTEGRITY than the 3Rd Way Democrats who've hijacked the Party

The Rude Pundit - Your State Sucks: Tennessee Sucks ...

Wisconsin: Rally to ReMember with Ed Schultz in Madison Tomorrow (Friday 3/28)

Pentagon: Republican Benghazi Probes Have Cost Millions

The coming job apocalypse

To the Class of 2014

why aren't there any government agencies (Fed/ State/ County) running health facilities that anyone


Christian School Kicks Out Girl for Looking Too Much Like Boy

Senate advances jobless aid

Commanders fired in nuke missile cheating scandal

Did the UN authorize our 2003 invasion of Iraq?

How do Democrats make the ACA a winning issue??

Faces of Drug Arrests (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Well, I sure am glad it didn't take us until the 2016 primary season to be at each other's throats.

Graph shows how the avg premium has fallen during open enrollment as more young people enroll...

Anger, Disbelief as Obama Defends US Invasion of Iraq

In case anyone wants to know what Obama actually said...

Damn you Google Earth!!!

Young Adults Signing Up At Higher Rates Off Obamacare Exchanges

More than 6 million people have signed up for Obamacare....

Do Republicans tend to tune women out?

FBI Investigates FEMA Flood Map Changes After NBC News Report

Damn instant Karma for redneck road rage

New York adds 12,800 private-sector jobs in February; unemployment steady at 6.8%

Sharp Rise in Executions Bucks Declining Trend, Rights Groups Warn

I have to post this, and if it gets hidden, then so be it.

FDNY commissioner explains new response-time calculation

Koch Brothers vs George Soros?

They Stole Her Photo, Then Claimed She Hated Obamacare. She Doesn’t

Food supply worries 78.3% of Venezuelans

Chad Taylor for Senate

The Liberal Left is the Base of the Party

Obama Suddenly Defends U.S. Invasion of Iraq—Mainstream Media{& DUers} Shrug

Paul Krugman: Data As Slogan. Data As Substance

Brain Changes Suggest Autism Starts In The Womb

Report released on Avonte Oquendo disappearance

About 1,500 Right Sector activists picketing parliament building in demand of interior minister's d

Colombia likely to remain 3rd largest economy in Latin America: Analyst

Texas must tell attorneys execution drug supplier

What’s Really Behind the Koch Attacks on Democrats

As the ACA reach 6 million red state democrats propose fixing it

You know what I hate about the Affordable Care Act?

Get ready to have your biometrics tracked 24/7

Playstation Plus

English priest shadows women bishops for a job she can’t have — yet

English priest shadows women bishops for a job she can’t have — yet

Veterans: Lobotomies to Meditation

Elizabeth Warren Steps Up for Populist Politics

80 percent of U.S. adults face near-poverty, unemployment, survey finds

Thom Hartmann: Why we should oppose the Common Core Standards?

Split the difference

Wisconsin GOP'er and his wife accuse opponent of killing his grandchild...

Davis video attacks Abbott over pay equity

Wisnecki deflects deperately...

Question for DUers?

Putin Envy

Gillibrand For Rangel, Cites 9/11 First-Responders Legislation

Worried about high health costs? Take steps to reduce the amount you spend

Manhattan Had Biggest Common Core Knowledge Gap Among Boroughs, Says Study

What the loss of Crimea really means for Ukraine (infographic)

I'll be totally honest here. I have no clue who the so-called "purity patrol" is here.

Wal-Mart Manager Speaks out About His Store’s Ugly Reality

The pitfalls of marrying an American woman (What Brits really think..)

Westboro Baptist Church Might Be Taken Over By Florida Man

Abby Huntsman Is Not Informed At ALL Another LIE on The Cycle.. corrected

If men could menstruate

Microbrewery insanity: Walking Dead inspired boutique brew with smoked goat brains.

Researchers find marinading meat in beer before grilling can reduce cancer-causing chemicals.

Rutgers University Faculty protest honoring war criminal Condi Rice-Who Never Acknowledged Her Lies


Researchers find marinading meat in beer before grilling can reduce cancer-causing chemicals.

I have a question--pot butter and a Left Ventricular Assist Device?

So much for grass roots.

I'm retreating to the Lounge from GD.

IRS Chief Tells Issa's Oversight Committee to Go Eff itself.

FOIL sheds light on fracking-related test in Livingston

Speaking of cemains...

What Is #UpForDebate in the Secular Community?

(Maryland) House passes Senate's transgender rights legislation

Oil spills in town plaza

You have GOT to be kidding. N. Korea...

Do you remember this?

An old memory thats mean so much to me......

Crimea Resolution Backed by U.S. Barely Gets UN Majority

Christian group blames ‘restroom concerns’ for tomboy’s removal from private school

Reid: Redskins' owner going to throw a few blankets to the Indians and get a tax deduction for it

Nationwide anti-privatisation strike paralyses Asuncion

Pending Sales of Existing Homes in U.S. Decline for Eighth Month

*Elijah Cummings coming up on ED Show

The Great Skills Gap Myth.

Verizon Opposes Mandate on Holding NSA Phone Records

Can hosts lock OPs that are posted as flame bait or offensive OPs

Senate approves bill allowing towns to set their own speed limits

Hobby Lobby Inspired New York Lawmakers To Fight To Protect Birth Control In Their State

Can anyone give me an update on...

Do taxpayers really pay for free birth control?

Saudi Arabia Isn't America's Friend

Obamacare Smashes Its Goal Of 6 Million Signups Days Ahead of Deadline

Unions In Missouri Rally Against Right-To-Work Bill

LAX baggage-heist case may be one of airport's largest; 14 workers suspected

I haven't been around in forever, and probably nobody knows / remembers me

Chris Christie investigates self, finds self not guilty. OJ Simpson, Sandusky, Tsarnaev next?

The EU is Russia's largest trading partner, by far. Sanctions could hurt it badly.

ACLU: President Announces Reforms to Rein in NSA Spying on Americans

El Salvador opposition admits presidential vote defeat


Darrell Issa tells Fox News: ‘The biggest tool we have is to shame’ Obama

LI Hospital Merger Could Be Announced In May

Exotic dancer sues Waverly club, says she's never received hourly wage (since 2004)

Papantonio: Wells Fargo Foreclosure Fraud Exposed

US Appeals Court Upholds Tough New Texas Abortion Restrictions

"We won’t know the cause of gun violence until we look for it"

The etymology of ODS - by Charles Krauthammer

Read the Largely Useless Bridgegate Internal Report That Exonerates Christie

Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana bans saggy pants

useless fact of the day....

National Catholic Reporter on Vatican visit

Remember this at election time...

Giant Kites, Bright Colors, and a Graveyard: Guatemala's Day of the Dead

Fewer Firings a Sign U.S. to Regain Growth Momentum: Economy

My 65th birthday today!! Also Happy Birthday CaliforniaPeggy!

March 26, 1919

FDNY ambulances take more than 9 minutes to get to life-threatening emergencies

Federal Judge Tells Women Lawyers Not To Dress Like ‘An Ignorant Slut’

Ukraine says 100,000 Russian troops near border

The last 10 days and the last 25 years

We need voice recognition designed for a Southern accent.

Would raising the minimum wage really help Wisconsin?

Nationalists Keep Ukraine on Edge as Stability Is Elusive

Share this warning with all your friends....

UN Committee Issues Scathing Report U.S. Government's Human Rights Record

Syria Peace Effort Largely a Failure, U.S. Official Says

ACA Enrollment Tops 6 Million.

UN Vote on Crimea Proves Russia is Not Isolated - Envoy Churkin

Russia Warned US About Boston Bomber – Congress

Small change for real change

Which Makes More Sense?

Question about the new iOS on my iPhone (version 7.1) running DU through Safari.

White House: Readout of President Obama's Audience with His Holiness Pope Francis

"Darrell Issa Hearing Reveals IRS-Targeted Groups Prefer To Be Political"

Study: ‘Small’ Nuclear War Would Destroy The World

Base commander: Sailor killed on Norfolk ship was 'heroic'

GOPer Drops Out Of Colorado Election Due To White Supremacist Ties

"Can New York Lead on Campaign Finance Reform?" Editorial Board at the NY Times

Does owning a firearm make an individual a pre-criminal?

Will he also call President Cruz a piece of shit used car salesman?

One reporter shot, explosions, and arson in Palaima, Maracaibo (chavista paramilitaries)

Fake Nolan Ryan: His curse on the Rangers

Consumer Reports: Hospital ratings

Ted Talk (a single graphic)

Oh, FFS Kobe!

I hope we all understand this isn't about Obama - but about the "spreading democracy and freedom"

Watching the news..So Christie walks?

Rev Al starts with Christie Crisp - he was told - he knew

Christie's Self-Exoneration Contains A Damaging Detail

An old President learns a new trick

Read This One Document To Understand What The Christian Right Hopes To Gain From Hobby Lobby

The Elf Knight

Ford Just Absolutely Destroyed Cadillac's Ad Praising Rich Guys Who Work All The Time

Anthony Weiner: Cuomo s puzzling war on de Blasio

New plant can pump out 14 million Snickers bars, 39 million M&M's a day

Czech Republic: Hundreds plan to demonstrate against neo-Nazis on 1 May

Cam Ye O'er Frae France

Former campaign workers for Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo charged with fraud

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 28 March 2014

Car shopping is a pain in the a**! Advice needed

Bush's actions leading to his illegal invasion of Iraq

Citi Bike Manager Resigns

Weinberg: GWB report by Christie administration lawyer leaves more questions

Yes, They Can Be Mavericks, But We Need Whistleblowers Like Edward Snowden

Just Because It Is Such A Beautiful Damn Song....

Religious Liberty for Corporations

Conservatives Mock Obama For Not Getting Applause At A Press Conference

If you vehemently disagree with a poster, let it fly. We're all adults. Attack the merits ...

Eating like a diabetic

Turkey YouTube Ban: Full Transcript of making up a cause of war with Syria

When the Sky Explained Everything

The Latest Attack: I’m a “Piece of Nose Slime”

Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Casino to pay $47 million fine for failing to report deposits from alleged d

The far right's use of the Gadsden flag predates the tea party

Corrections boss questioned over "baking" death of inmate Jerome Murdough at Rikers

Democrats In California Capital Reel From Scandal

Senator Lee

Gun Control Advocates Say Arrest Of California Lawmaker Is Setback For Legislation

Worth highlighting: Comment by Dutch Prime Minister Rutte

Dallas Will Pay $1.1 Million to Man Jailed for 15 Months After Police Beating--Graphic Photo Warning

5 Senate Democrats In Group Calling For Easing Health Care Law's Small Business Mandate

Alabama candidate for U.S. Senate: Let's Do Some Damage

Key Indicators in Media & News

Fourth Person Dies from SXSW Crash

More people should try this.....

We Don't Run This Country for Corporations -By Elizabeth Warren

Can anyone point me to where to request an extension on

Right Wing Physicians Weird War Against the Texas Medical Board

Louie Gohmert’s logic: Companies are subject to laws so they can believe in God like people too

zOMG! Vaccines!

Prosecutor says mom killed 4-year-old son she perceived to be gay

GOP Senate Candidate On Uninsured: "Less Sophisticated…Less Educated"

"One Last Time-The Case Against The War"

Higher Education Anti-harassment Act reintroduced in U.S. Senate

"Christie's Self-Exoneration Contains A Damaging Detail"


Shit. Double Shit. Seriously bad news

House Dems Float e-Cigarette Bill (Regulating How They're Marketed/Advertised)

bye, Alan Grayson: U.S. Should Be 'Pleased' With 'Virtually Bloodless Transfer Of Power' In Crimea

Crimea Trains Combat Dolphins for Russia

There is no contraception mandate ...

Howard Dean doesn't think abortion is an issue.

Papantonio: Christie Exonerates Himself on Bridge Scandal

FBI Investigates FEMA Flood Map Changes After NBC News Report"

Tigers, Miguel Cabrera reach deal: nearly $300 million

US mudslide death toll expected to soar as survivors sought

after 70 years, it finally happened....

Rachel Maddow - Are your boss's beliefs your burden to bear?

So, the Iraq War was a good and legal thing?

TWOP shutting down Apr 4

The worst thing that could happen to a pol was to be caught in a lie by a reporter.

Papantonio: Hobby Lobby’s Anti Obamacare Holy War

Scientists create an artificial chromosome

Is MIM still rooting for Dayton? You know, that Catholic school.

Contraception? You'll have to ask your boss

Jesus was a Radical

Florida suspends non-citizen voter purge efforts

'Why Did You Shoot My Dogs?' Police Killed Women's Two Tibetan Mastiffs for No Reason, She Says