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Archives: March 29, 2014

Skinner, Elad, and Earl G - is it still worth it?

Color them blue: Young adults increasingly more Democratic

I detest when people use the term religionistas here!

Clean Tech pits Republicans against each other.

Do oil companies lie ... ?

Chili Restaurant tells me they are not responsible for their bones in their hamburger...

Same-sex marriage now legal as first couples wed (UK)

"Do-nothing" Republicans? Actually, they've been pretty busy...

GOP Rep. Who Defended Russia Is Sad Putin Hasn't Thanked Him Yet

Black Pathology and the Closing of the Progressive Mind

I keep hearing Julia Roberts, Donald Sutherland and Susan Sarandon's voiceover work

Christian radio hosts: Michelle Obama is ‘Hitlerian’ for supporting local health centers

OPT OUT Movement Growing In NYC

Are you a fan of "Sharknado"?

SC Lt. Gov. upset that NAACP fails to ‘mutually respect’ the valor of slave-owning Confederates

Former President Jimmy Carter on Real Time tonight

Asian carp name offends some Asian-Americans

The best of Matt Wuerker's cartoons on Obamacare.

Black dogs need love, too!

Mountains- the bare bones of the world (Dial-up warning)

Adam and Eve had what?

Is anyone really surprised by this? Really, anyone?

ACA question

Something the CONsevaitves need to remember..

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Fridaze! & a new Kitteh gif

Feed your DU name into an anagram generator and post your favorites.

Damn Rachel's not on tonight

I love my Kitty. When I come home he wants to in. He eats 3 bites and wants back out.

WV Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Abortions At 20 Weeks

Obama Cares - And the good it is doing........

OK, week, you fuck, listen up:

Three men convicted of kidnapping and killing journalist in 2012

Roger Shuler ("Legal Schnauzer" in Alabama) is out of jail...

Why yes that is a shoe in there and yes I'm glad to see you

Airline apologizes for note on deaf couple's bag-referring to the pair as "deaf and dumb."

No wonder Rand Paul is so bloody stupid...

Wisconsin: Scott Walker hits the Daily Double

Exposing health sector corruption saves lives in Honduras

Are Dem Party Leaders blowing off South Dakota U.S. Senate candidate?

How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation

Security head at 1 World Trade Center resigns

If Money Is Speech ....

So what does Vitter think of this guy?

Ladies & Gentlemen, The Greatest Statement On Marketing, Business, Politics & Advertising EVAH

"Predictions Are Stupid … But Russia Is About to Invade Ukraine"

NSA head steps down

Wisconsin lawmaker charged with sexual assault

"You're goddamn right we want to take from the rich ..."

George Takei, Living Long and Prospering from Social Media

Ukraine leader Turchynov warns of far-right threat

Can the President, via Executive Order or other means,...

Friday Talking Points (297) -- Democrats Unveil 2014 Strategy

Chris Christie reminds me of Nixon, again.

NATO country (Turkey) just caught planning a false flag attack to jumpstart war against Syria

Houston-area man arrested in undercover FBI terrorism sting

Manziel's possible replacement at Texas A&M arrested for public intoxication

39-Year-Old Deaf Woman Hears for First Time

Should we add a Dem-bashing clarification to the GD SoP?

Chile hopes to resume bilateral agenda with Bolivia

15 Common Grammatical Errors That Drive You Completely Insane

friday night food movies with anthony bourdain on tcm

And this guy wants to be elected to Anchorage's School Board

Obama seeks to assure Saudis

Gov. Jay Inslee calls for a moment of silence in honor of Oso mudslide victims

Rare Alaska wolf may get Endangered Species Act protection

Why I’m jealous of my dog’s insurance

Gov. Jay Inslee calls for a moment of silence in honor of Oso mudslide victims

Death Threats for Lawyer Suing Over Chevron's Toxic Legacy

ACA Is On Fire - Obamacare Now A "Third Rail"

The Side Effect Of Birth Control No One Talks About

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ March 29th

iPhone Question

Settlers cut down 50 olive trees near Nablus

Tomb From Peru’s Churajón Culture Discovered

State Senator’s Arrest Reveals Alleged Ties to Chinese Gangster Underground Society

Same-sex marriage now legal as first couples wed (UK via BBC)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans set your DVR's for April 1st

Israeli forces disperse Land Day demo in Nablus

Stop Her!!!

Mainichi Investigation Creates New Fukushima Scandal

Same-sex marriage now legal as first couples wed (UK via BBC)

Autism rates now 1 in 68 U.S. children: CDC

a conservative bitching about not being able to buy a plan even tho he has the money

The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length)

GREAT tweet from Bill Nye #getcovered

We just felt an earthquake here in Pasadena CA...

California Earthquake!

Earthquake! A full 15 seconds, a real roller

Goddam that was a huge earthquake!!!!

Earthquake: checking in So Orange County.

Wanna make trash day more exciting?

The Castrating Conservative ...

*Oral Argument Hobby Lobby case on C-SPAN now.

Earthquake: 5.3 quake shakes Los Angeles, Southern California

Still a world to win

For everyone who has a problem with ACA--

This is a generic brand video...

Had lunch with HOF'92 Tom Seaver today. Guess his top 4 pitchers!

If Our Founding Fathers Were All Christians, Why Did They Say This?

The endless debate: One space or two spaces after a period?

I bought a car from a used car salesman a couple of years ago.

Steely Dan retro VH1 video

Unusually Intense El Nino May Lie Ahead, Scientists Say

Need some outside perspective on a dilemma with a friend.

What did everyone think of the Psych finale?

Strange that we haven't had any threads here about the KOMO helicopter crash...

Did everybody catch this segment on anti-AR laws, gov't secrecy, etc? It was impressive.

California Senate suspends Calif. state Sen. Leland Yee

Congressman fires RW nut blogger/press secretary after only one week

I think this is one of the signs of The Apocalypse.

Kentucky budget talks break down

Death toll stands at 17, 8 more to add, 90, missing. Latest from Oso, WA mudslide

Christopher Hitchens investigates whether Mother Teresa of Calcutta deserves her saintly image

I need a some assistance.

14 year old saves governments $400 million annually.

from Elijah Cummings:

Iraq wasn't Iraq in 2003 yet, either

It’s Not Just Keystone — Five Dirty Pipelines You’ve Never Heard Of

Mexican officials refused to allow a perceived union sympathizer to return to B.C.

Israel's Ambassador Speaks At The Adelson Primary; Netanyahu's Appointee Ron Dermer Shows His...

FBI Investigating Albuquerque Police Shooting Of Camper

Navigating the Logistics of Death Ahead of Time

Republican booted from ballot, but judge finds no wrongdoing by Ro Khanna [Mike Honda challenger]

Microsoft to Stop Inspecting Private Emails in Investigations

Thank you Bill Maher for treating President Carter with the class he deserves.

I caught TB from my pet cat

it's officially two weeks since my last cig

'We're very worried by rise of Nazis in Europe'

Exclusive: Russia threatened countries ahead of UN vote on Ukraine - envoys

The last Jews of Calcutta

Bill Clinton and Steny Hoyer: The ‘Wall Street Democrats’ Fight Back

What DC Democrats Don’t Get About Populism

Ted Nugent payoff Comments

If you are unemployed.. flyer in Los Angeles

Nugent Apologizes to Obama But Not to Colorado!

Newt Gingrich Hits CNN Over Ted Nugent Coverage

Must watch. Vice Ukraine Dispatch 19. (Comments in thread.)

Tomblin vetoes 20-week abortion ban

Mystery of pet deaths related to jerky treats made in China continues to stump FDA

Fallows says Greenville SC and Burlington VT share a lot in common- governmentally

Mozilla employees, developers demand new CEO resign over donations to anti-LGBT causes

Mozilla employees, developers demand new CEO resign over donations to anti-LGBT causes

Samson and DiLIARs

Ebola ‘a regional threat’ as contagion hits Guinea capital

Italy institutes salary cap for government-run companies

General Motors recalls 824,000 more cars over ignition problem

Toon .. McCain .. what's he talking about?

Two ex-Vatican bank chiefs face money laundering trial

Judge blasts Boston Housing Authority for fighting to make schizophrenic man homeless

Obama Ends Overseas Trip by Honoring Saudi Women

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to increase fees beginning July 1

Saudi King channels John McCain, demands Obama Take Hard Line on Iran, Syria, Muslim Brotherhood

Why not Just take Syria to the International Criminal Court?

Sorry, but we aren't getting entirely out of Afghanistan, if President Obama has his way

No Comment for the Spy: The Daily NSA Scandal

Hello??? Anyone there?

Obama blesses new authoritarian order in Middle East: Siddiqui

How Deficit Hawks Are Trying to Pit Millennials Against Seniors to Attack Social Security, Medicare

Big Brother Is In Your Spotify: How Music Became the Surveillance State’s Trojan Horse

Wear a ring of bone

To prevent a cramp while swimming

Newsweek Honcho Thinks Gays Can Be 'Cured'? Behind New Owners' Strange Ties to Controversial Pastor

Every loves Raymond

Ukraine’s IMF Deal Means Greece-Like Depression

Corporate Tax Cuts: Profiteers Thrive As Local Budgets Dive

Bright Futures scholarships are subject of federal investigation

From Robin Hood to MLK, A Call for Economic Justice

Republicans driving LGBT progress?! The Atlantic loses its mind

Christie Says N.J. Traffic Scandal Won’t Deter White House Bid

Anti-gay bigots won’t give up: Why marriage equality triumphalism is a big mistake

But it's right there in the Book of Genesis… So, what's the problem?

NAFTA At 20: “A Vehicle To Increase Profits At The Expense Of Democracy”

Domino's Pizza Owners Admit to Widespread Wage Theft

My son has health insurance.

UN Human Rights Body Slams US Over Targeted Assassinations

Anybody have links to last night's Bill Maher show?

Parnell asks for federal inquiry on sex assaults in Alaska National Guard

Alaska jury indicts Idaho firm over cleanup

Duke Energy seeks to keep records from regulators

EU’s Ashton denounces nationalists’ pressure on Ukraine parliament.

It's always been that way in Wingerland…

Military aircraft will again be a no-show at Freedom Fair

Nearly 1 million jars of peanut butter dumped in landfill

ANA splits huge plane order with Boeing, Airbus

The Arctic: Where the U.S. and Russia Could Square Off Next

Ukraine boxer Klitschko drops out of presidential race

Tatar minority to vote for autonomy in Crimea

G.O.P. Youth Outreach...

"Hey.. I Investigated Myself.. It was the best $1 Million Bucks of Taxpayer's..."

Potential 2016 GOP candidates court mega donor Adelson during Vegas weekend

Of Epistemology and the Varieties of Atheism

Pentagon plans to triple its cyber staff

Burson-Marsteller And Peabody Ad Campaign Reminds Us That What Poor People Need Most Is More Coal

Will Tennessee's New Religious Viewpoints Legislation Protect Bullying in School?

Good thing I have all the Windows install disks.

Obama weighs sending shoulder-fired missiles to Syrian rebels

Taliban Militants Attack Afghan Election Office in Kabul

With iPhone, Catholic Pope Francis reaches out to Pentecostals

Conservatives Have Figured Out A Disturbingly Effective Strategy: Tell Lots And Lots of Lies

New objects seen but none recovered in jet search

Angel - solo by Aiha Higurashi of Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her

AP: Unions for college athletes a question for NLRB

New NATO head selected; former Norway PM boosted his defense budget

GM recalls Cruze compacts to fix front axle shafts

Here's The Story About Noah And The Ark That They Don't Teach Children In Sunday School

Chinese boycott Malaysia over missing jetliner

Russian dairy plant closed after workers bathe in the milk

UPDATE 2-Russia's Lukoil begins output from giant Iraq oilfield

2 more recalls push GM total to 4.8M in a month (490,000 late-model pickup trucks and SUVs)

Investment firms curbing their home buying in California

General Motors mysteriously halts sales of some Chevy Cruze models

Tepid Job Growth in Nearly Every State Should Not Be the ‘New Normal’{maps @ link}

Fired Chris Christie Aide Slams New Report: ‘Venomous, Gratuitous and Inappropriate’

Stop Calling it 'Birth Control'

Obama administration targets methane emissions

Toyota owners here is the deal

Deephaven couple with yacht, luxury lake home charged with welfare fraud

Resurrecting a stealthy giant

Customers would get $1.4 billion in refunds in San Onofre deal

Stress Tests, Lending, and Capital Requirements

The School-to-Prison Pipeline Starts in Preschool

Air Force commanders fired in nuke missile cheating scandal

Our homeowners policy just dropped about 25% from last year

Ukraine's spy dolphins switch allegiance to Russia

Christie bridge scandal report is 'sexist' and Bridget Kelly 'is no liar,' her attorney says

Does Stepian, Wildstein or Kelly have ANY documented evidence against Christie?

Report: California Marines dying in car crashes

Bill Maher: Tells Democrats To "Stand Your Ground" On Obamacare

Correction: Pink Slime-Lawsuit story

US government: Industry hampering oil train safety

Weekend Toon roundup 1- The humiliation is almost worth the cost

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- The rest

‘Men’s rights’ group claims free self-defense classes for women are sexist

A settlement doctor reaches out to his Palestinian neighbors

Former Air Force instructor gets 8 months in prison

New Study-gives clear and direct new evidence that autism begins during pregnancy.

a reminder:

City too corrupt for Florida is spared

Family felt Navy base shooter had changed his life

Does anyone here really think people bashing the president will vote for the GOP in 2014, 2016?

Vietnam POW Jeremiah Denton Jr. dies in Va. Beach

Christie's lawyers fail the "red face test" and the Guv doesn't care.

Give it up for Suvir Mirchandani from the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. He's a smart kid.

I went to look at kittehs.

Sorry, but I don't buy the "But we couldn't have gotten single-payer" defense

Does anyone have experience in writing solicitation letters for a business? A new job is requiring

Navy deactivates submarine damaged by arson fire

Bridge scandal internal report says Bridget Kelly was only Christie staffer to close lanes

4 missile launch officers at core of cheating scandal

Pres. Carter: Oliver North was a criminal

Flags on National Mall represent veteran suicides

An Actually Weak President

Greece ready to be transformed into a 1973 Chile

Which group/organization will get the most bang from my donation?

Toon: Crossing the goal line

For the "left lane is the fast lane" proponents:

This chart showing support for several provisions of Obamacare needs more exposure.

Tips for a good April Fools joke. #1 don't do it on April 1.

New Jersey residents respond to christie 'exoneration'.....

Teen suspended for flying confederate flag on pick-up truck; ACLU now invovled

Big Business Rewards CA Democrats for Passing Model ALEC Legislation

Another amusing good/bad roommate story!

FBI Smashes Alleged Radical-Right Terror Plot in Texas

Some people say ...

Another outrageous UN appointment

The pigs came again last night.

The teaching of contempt returns

Latinos Being Left Behind in Health Care Overhaul

Now *here's* a headline to wrap your head around

Israeli Lawmakers Ban Discrimination Against LGBT Students

YouTube is giving me an error sign and I can't watch anything. I do have a bookmark

If only there were more people who were really pro-Palestinian. . .

PA officials: Jews have ‘no right to pray’ at Western Wall

Ships Recover Unidentified Objects in Flight 370 Search

Fred Phelps, Man Who Forever Stopped March Of Gay Rights, Dead At 84

Paycheck to Paycheck - the cruelty of the GOP

Irin Carmon, an MSNBC reporter, was really impressive on UP today.

Comet lander checks in with Earth

Mubarak opposition figures come to fore in Sisi campaign

49ers' Culliver arrested on hit-run, brass-knuckle charges

The Last Link Between America's Plutocratic Past and Present Has Left Us

Baseball, here we go!

Those of us old enough to remember this:

the results of citizens pope of the gop.

Obamacare: 31 percent of Republicans want to keep/improve the law

LIVE RADIO NOW: Can Obamacare be the winning message in November?

Why is Crimea-liberating Russia making demands about Ukraine?

Shanesha Taylor, Homeless Single Mom, Arrested After Leaving Kids In Car While On Job Interview

John Kerry Talks Ukraine With Russian's Foreign Minister, Reroutes Trip

Where do you think President Obama stands in terms of being progressive vs. centrist/conservative?

15 Truly Amazing Vintage Album Covers Featuring The Biggest Hairdos Ever

Final Female Kata. Rika Usami of Japan. 21st WKF World Karate Championships Paris 2012

Billboard that says 'Jesus is Muslim' upsets some groups

Just as I thought, "Friends Of Abe" is a scam.

Gulf war illness not in veterans' heads but in their mitochondria

Dark Fairy Tale Art

The Tao of Toolbox (Violence/Non-Violence?) | Mickey Z.

Why did the Christie report not investigate any motive for closures?

Informant in Phila. Sting charged with operating unsafe child care center

7 toxic relationship habits to avoid

Concerns re developmental psych : Four in 10 infants lack strong parental attachments

Forgot Windows 7 log on password

Deep State Blues | James Howard Kunstler

Jimmy Carter: "I don't pay any attention to criminal Oliver North"

Sub-Titles | Emanuele Corso

If you can find a spare dollar to donate to the Washington mudslide victims

A 24/7 Global Holocaust | Mickey Z.

Attackers Break Up St Patrick’s Day Flash Mob In Russia After Mistaking It For An LGBT Rally

Weak Sister | James Howard Kunstler

Oh, man. Edwin Kagin, co-founder of Camp Quest, has died

De Blasio to throw out first pitch on Opening Day

News Flash: There Are No Innocent Bystanders

A Kuffiya for Tony Benn – The British Warrior Who ‘Matured with Age’ | Ramzy Baroud

How does one get rid of "Ad Choices"??

An unpaid plug for Adobe Lightroom

One House Republican’s Latest Plan To Undermine Climate Research

Budget deal comes together quietly

I don't like atheists but I sure am obsessed with them.

"If we were a dog, and God owned us, the cops would come and take us away!"

Twitter is basically just having a conversation with yourself hoping that someone else will join you

Budget deal includes a diminished M.T.A. diversion

Problem solved - it was just simple

New Rule: "Entitlements"

How Cincinnati Beat The Tea Party

FBI Smashes Alleged Radical-Right Terror Plot in Texas

Budget bills omit New York City speed cameras

Discovering the Unexpected Power of Nonviolence

Half-Dog Is Real And Wants To Play With You

Greenpeace: Climate change increasingly threatens security

Jerry Sandusky's wife just doesn't get it...

Ryan Unsuited to Lead ‘Adult Conversation’ About Poverty

RAVITCH: NY Legislature: Billionaire-funded Charter Schools WON'T PAY RENT for Public Space

Jimmy Carter created more jobs than 4 of the last 5 Republican presidents

Report: China Could Generate 80 Percent of Its Energy From Renewables By 2050

Bill would OK guns without permit in State of Emergency

Federal government studies Occupy Sandy movement

from Robert Reich

Cosmic terror: Why Neil deGrasse Tyson has religious fundamentalists so freaked

I miss the DU Quarterly Fundraisers.

Loopholes for rich= entitlements

When a thread is created for the sole purpose

I'm willing to believe what any Koch-sucker tells me (says the tea party)

The only "progress" we are allowed

It Saves Millions To Simply Give Homeless People A Place To Live

Presidents should be questioned and confronted, not idolized

French Minister clashes Elysee Palace's cuisine as "dégueulasse" ( disgusting) at State Dinner

Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard

Workers, Wages and Wall Street, a collection of editorials by Daniel De Leon.

Pussy Riot members call for sanctions against Russia

In the theist / atheist spectrum, including agnostics & nones, what role does optimism play?

French Minister clashes Elysee Palace's cuisine as "dégueulasse" ( disgusting) at State Dinner

"Be a Factivist." Are you kidding me?

Sometimes toooo much is still not enough ....

CNN Wanted To Rent A 777 For Their Missing Plane Coverage

Slow Life - Amazing video of coral and sponge life.

Afghanistan election HQ attack: Taliban militants killed

The Tweet Of God

Brunch With Bernie - March 28, 2014

Would you have supported Jimmy Carter arming the rebels in Afghanistan?

3 Ways to Get More Probiotics Without Popping Another Pill

Stealing food in the break room fridge at work.

Clean coal: "A terrible idea whose time has come," WIRED's Mann says

Firm wants to extend gas pipeline into Steuben

LTTE in Sheboygan Press, shows what Rush, Faux "news" does...

All this talk of a need for more rules

This was done under the guise of "Christian" morality and destiny....IMOP

"We never threaten anyone. We just explain the situation."

New fundraiser for children affected by 2011 Tohoku earthquake: By Your Side (SADE + Tsuneo Goda)

Essex County Democratic Committee endorses Woolf-NY21 Congressional district.

Whats with the rise in Autism rates?

One of the smartest and fairest politician to come along in eons....

Drunk driver sentenced to 90 days in jail after killing Bronx man

It looks like Adelson will try to sell the next republican president to the public through the

West Virginia Guv Vetoes Dem Legislature's 20-Week Abortion Ban

Does anyone know anything about Mysearchdial and how to get rid of it?

FiveThirtyEight: Income and Spending Are Up -- Thanks, Obamacare

Attending an ACA sign-up event at a local hospital today.

I don't harbor a grudge for someone who isn't convinced by the evidence

Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler released after more than 5 months in Alabama jail

Tens Of Thousands Sign White House Petition For Alaska To Secede And Rejoin Russia

Mary Burke's Jobs Plan

Obamacare sign-ups surge in California ahead of deadline

Anyone here play Sims Freeplay?

Texas House Republicans scrambling for Ralph Hall re-election

Let the force-shaping begin: Army releases new instructions for grooming standards rollout

Congresswoman Barbara Lee calls out O'Reilly's racism, O'Reilly throws a fit...

The ‘Sheldon Primary’ is one reason Americans distrust the political system

Fun Theory - take the stairs, you'll feel better

"The Melon Bleed:" English subtitles for the Chinese Version of Harry Potter

Cokie Roberts Attacks Us: This Is How DC Works

Judge Tells North Carolina Republicans To Hand Over Docs And Emails Related To Voting Law

I like Karen Finney!

You are all nothing but a bunch of copycats...

Tornado watch in central Florida

Trophy Wife

Lavrov, Kerry To Meet In Paris March 30

Dogs transforming lives

Now that (hopefully) the tensions (and rhetoric) will calm around Ukraine/Russia

Video of a typical oppositiion "Guarimba" being constructed on a road in Venezuela

we, humans, are the most disgusting species on the planet.

More Than 100 Aftershocks Follow Los Angeles 5.1 Earthquake

Public Schools For Sale...Bill Moyers interviews Diane Ravitch...

The hunt goes on after mudslide in WA

Am I the last one to know this?

The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science

Color them blue: Young adults increasingly more Democratic

House GOP Says It's Too Late To Pass An Unemployment Extension

Store manager fired shots at sandwich thief

Pussy Riot punk prayer "Virgin Mary, Put Putin Away" w/English. ARE THESE WOMEN AWESOME OR WHAT?

Dumb Criminals: Bank Error Nets Georgia Man $31,000, He Proceeds To Spend It All

It's getting to the point...

Corporate Canada tops global list of cash hoarders

Microsoft Will Stop Spying on Suspected Thieves Email Accounts

The Most and Least Liked TV Newscasters – From Scott Pelley to Chris Matthews

Arrest sheds light on 'upscale' escort business

Deputies: Relatives stole $870,000 from blind, elderly man with dementia

Bill Maher Smacks Dems: Stop Being 'Wimps'!

Oops!Analysis: Some evidence seems to contradict Mastro report's findings on Christie

You say you want a revolution?

Recent studies ...

33 Unbelievable Places To Visit Before You Die. I Can't Believe These Actually Exist On Earth...

Syracuse mayor: My city has infrastructure crisis

classic toons

Life planning

5.1 earthquake hit on fault that caused deadly 1987 Whittier quake

The Fight for Wisconsin’s Soul

Piers Morgan Live Officially Ends, Piers Rails Against NRA in Big Farewell - video link

Greenpeace present P&G 'Sustainability Director' with Golden Axe award for deforestation

Ukraine : Rencontre à Paris entre John Kerry et Sergueï Lavrov

The human race is now obsolete...

US: No Palestinian prisoner release is 'violation of terms' of talks

Here comes JEB…..

Saturday, March 29th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Raw Data: By 2017, Obamacare Will Be Covering 36 Million People

Woo hoo, I actually have some seedlings sprouting

Hells Angel (Mother Teresa) - Christopher Hitchens

Second-class Professors

"Searchers have not been looking in the right place" for missing aircraft

Feds: `No evidence' Tamerlan Tsarnaev was FBI informant

If You Like Choice, Competition and Entrepreneurship, You Should Like Obamacare

One Thing I Wish: I Could Have Watched Bobby Orr Play

Does the B1G have any good basketball teams?

Save capitalism from the capitalists by taxing wealth

Court may end Japan’s research whaling

Translation: Republicans in the Navy are Getting Pissed Off (My comment? Gooooooooood!)

When I hear the talking heads say about the new place their searching for the 777

Statesboro Blues

Another good shaker here in So Cal

Detroit: bankrupt city readies for divisive $450m Red Wings arena

Earth Hour 2014: World To Turn Off The Lights For 60 Minutes In Honor Of The Environment

Josh Marshall's TPM's Memo Defends it's New 'Big Pharma' Sponsored Content to Criticism by Readers

Vatican punishes Wisconsin priest for saying Mass with female priest

5.1 earthquake: Prototype early-warning system works again

Chemistry Professor Accidentally Taught The Wrong Course For Months

My review of Noah from an atheist perspective

I really like this. Satirical musical piece and so well done musically. "Plastic Jesus". Dance!

Irish soda bread

Sandusky's wife goes on offensive against accusers

Tariq Ali: How Vladimir Putin became evil. The US & UK condemn him for Crimea but supported him...

photos of things I found in my yard today

NYC mayor appoints Sandy rebuilding team last?

NLRB issues complaint against Kellogg Company

NBC News: Archaeologists Delicately Dig Up Nazi Death Camp Secrets at Treblinka

See See Rider Blues

Flashback- Obama: Bankruptcy Plan Will Let GM 'Rise Again'

Truckin' My Blues Away

USSenator Deb Fischer put on the spot on Obamacare and KXL by 17-year-old in her office this morning

Shake It And Break It

Hubby & I are 50-somethings about to bicycle across America to benefit the Cville Free clinic

Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll

Any professors,english teachers or physicians here? my paper on SUDEP needs editing

Quake Forces Evacuations in Southern California

Word is that CNN is about to change her name to

Do politicians lie ... ?

Fifth Circuit upholds NLRB order in Flex Frac Logistics case

"The Invention of the White Race" by Theodore Allen

Violent Protests in Venezuela Fit a Pattern

I need help editing my paper for submission to a medical journal

Keck Hospital of USC agrees to pay $87,939 to employees as a result of unlawful unilateral changes

Israel to consider war crimes case

Firm to explore potential financial impact of Tyre casino

Lukoil starts output from massive Iraq oilfield

GOTV ! :)

US prosecutors say Blackwater guards were deeply hostile in views of Iraqi civilian population

I took a little excursion in the rain today.

To the CEO of Hobby Lobby

Democracy Now debate on torture: Fmr CIA counsel John Rizzo vs. human rights attorney Scott Horton

Video game makers blame ‘Satan’ for inability to launch Biblical role-playing game

Putin: The Enemy We’ve Been Waiting For

2014 Florida Derby (Derby Prep)

Shades of Nixon

FDA Asks For Public's Help Identifying Jerky Pet Treats That Are Sickening Animals

The excuse for killing Trayvon Martin has become the standard of democracy

Top U.S. General To Visit Israel Amid Strategy Differences

Nice Week Mr President~

League of Women Voters ponders lawsuit over early voting restrictions

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel perform blazing version of ‘Les Miserables’ duet

'A' for Angela Merkel: GCHQ and NSA Targeted Private German Companies

When will the Republican Party moderate to survive ?

'I Am AFGE' Chapter 1: Victor Payes

My Ship Sails Ever Closer

!!!!!March Photo Contest Winner's Thread!!!!!

March Photo Contest Winner's Thread up in GD

Senate banking bill has clause for taxpayer to be responsible for any and all bailouts

Toon: Fun with Corporate Conscience Clauses

2014 Louisiana Derby (Derby Prep)

One Times Square Goes 'lights out' for environmental awareness Saturday night