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SNOW. HArumph

Is there a Mark Zuckerberg tech savvy person old enough to run in 2016 around.

If you don't buy into the mind numbingly simple view of Russia and Putin...

Strikes Sweep Egypt As Economy Struggles

thank gods i have a mechanic willing to work for dinner

Dowd: Brace Yourself for Hillary and Jeb

Another show to skip that's coming up on USA channel: Chrisley Knows Best

BeHereNow. SmileyRose. Grateful for Hope.

If the Ukraine government asked, would you support helping control their airspace?

The Cold War legacy of "leading from behind"

Thoughts on Hearing About the Jordan Davis Verdict from Guatemala City

DUer GratefulforHope has died.

on a road trip today a "friend" told me that teachers make what they are worth based on the fact

Revealed: The forgotten treaty which could drag the US and UK into WAR with Russia

WFAE radio having a debate about Snowden now.

What's Happened To America? Reagan, Racism, The Right--This Sums It Up!

What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis

Ca. Gov. Jerrry Brown: World is ‘too dangerous’ for a nation of potheads


Due to the overwhelming number of locked and hidden threads...

Well, I've jumped in and filed.

Blah, blah dog

The New Yorker Cover(s) The Oscars:

Expecting “Headwinds,” AIPAC Sets Iran As Agenda For Its Activists

Evidence in police shooting raises questions

Love Ranch

Chief Rabbi Of Ukraine Urges Jews To Flee Kiev After Attack On Students

Attorney: Georgia police shot an unarmed teen

March 2, 1990

A Springsteen rarity: "Homestead."

Christians: Remember that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.

Really sad IMO. "Man robs bank for $1 so he could be arrested and sent to jail for free medical..."

Third Decorah Eagle Egg.

Trumped Up Wars

Jeremy Scahill: The One Party State, The War Party

In honor of DUers GratefulforHope, SmileyRose & BeHereNow A silent thread of love:

G-7 leaders declare Russia's actions to be illegal, may cancel G-8 summit in Sochi

is Cat Butt covered by Obamacare?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 3 March 2014

G-7 Leaders Condemn Russia In Scathing Statement

Jared Leto gives a shoutout to protesters in Ukraine and Venezuela...

From Russia with Love

Breaking up on Facebook

this is the first year that i have medicare part D.

Video of Chicago teachers being treated like children in meeting. It's humiliating.

Caption This ...

Signs you live in the 21st Century

The Daily Show: Recap - Week of 2/24/14

Remember Vladimir Putin’s New York Times op-ed? Let’s revisit it.

Hypothetical: Ukraine descends into civil war and starts to break apart. Poland...

Any thoughts on an "In Memory" group?

Fallout evacuees to sue for damages

House GOP budget will focus on reforming welfare, overhauling social programs

I love taking this shot!

Does anyone know if Decorah Eagle Mom laid a third egg tonight?

Venezuela: Tens of thousands march in anti-government protests

UN Appoints Sarah Palin to Mediate Ukraine Crisis

China's BIG Military Problem | China Uncensored


Pope Francis appeals for prayers for the Ukraine

Pope Francis appeals for prayers for the Ukraine

Why is there no forum for memorial threads for members who have passed?

Winter weather alerts cancelled for NYC, Long Island, and the lower Hudson Valley.

Defining "White Privilege"

A somber ceremony for the Brady Bill

Power partially out here in SilSpg/Aspen Hill;

Two Mexicans charged with running outlaw gun factory in California

What are Obama's Politically Realistic Options in Ukraine?

North Korea says it will expel Australian missionary John Short

This Congressman Got A Million+ From Medicaid. Now He Wanst To Deny Many Medicaid In Arkansas

I knew she was going to win. SPOILER

Neo-Nazis Pour Into Kiev

The Civil Rights Act makes it illegal for businesses to discriminate on the basis of race.

Democrats Are Using Republicans’ Sexism Against Them To Raise Big Money


From the League for a Fifth International on Ukraine.....

When 'Religious Liberty' Was Used To Justify Racism Instead Of Homophobia

Desegregating Baltimore City Schools

From the League for a Fifth International on Ukraine.....

Justin Trudeau: Just another “Con” man?

These "Religious Freedom" Bills Are the New Stand-Your-Ground Laws

Venezuela's Deep Political Education Means Venezuelans Will Withstand Right-Wing Protests

Re: Oscar segment on film heroes... Did they really exclude Mel Gibson?

Northern Gateway: The unlikely pipeline


Bette Midler sings "Wing beneath my wings" after the Memoriam at the Oscars.

Ukraine has not experienced a genuine revolution, merely a change of elites

Mardi Gras: Beads, Bands…And BP Oil

Putin's soul

Grateful for Hope. We are grateful for having known her....

The Oscars are lovely tonight. Lupita Nyong’o's Acceptance Speech was magnificent.

Who's watching the Oscars?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 4: Carson on TCM

I really, really hate that Cadillac commercial.

Neocon Washington Post scolds Obama, all but calls for military action against Russia

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 5: Star of the Month: Mary Astor

Straight A's. Great little indie film


Kremlin TV Loves Anti-War Protests—Unless Russia Is the One Waging War

Putin's War in Crimea will Soon Spread to Eastern Ukraine And nobody can stop it

made a joking reference

Center for Nonviolence showing "the Ghosts of Jeju" 3/12 at noon and at 7pm

Oscars 2014: Ellen's selfie beats Obama pic for most re-tweeted

What Could Have been...

Rightwingers: "Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin vindicated on Russia"

'12 Years a Slave' wins best picture at Oscars

Black Sky: The Race for Space, Spaceship One

Fresh From Virtuoso Performance On Coal Ash, McCrory Welcomes Broad Seismic Testing Rules For Ocean

Great Barrier Reef Authority Slammed Coal Port Dredging Plan In Drafts Months Before Approving It

McGill University Study Suggests Oceans' Heat Trapped Beneath Weddell Sea Ice Shelf

North Korea frees Australian Christian missionary

A Black History Conversation with Jarvis Tyner

North Korea frees Australian Christian missionary

Evacuation Orders Lifted After California Storm

Crimean Authorities Confirm Takeover of Military Units

Commodities Climb to Six-Month High as Crude Advances With Crops

Senator Casey to vote NO on Debo Adegbile nomination


Anyone here planning to see any Biblical movies coming up?

The more it changes

Lupita Nyong’o Wins the Night with Absolutely Beautiful, Tearful Oscar Speech

Jared Leto’s Oscar Speech Touches on Everything from AIDS to Ukraine to Teenage Pregnancy

Who Said It?

Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet last month

I am sincerely happy that 12 Years a Slave won BP, AND....

Karzai says Afghan war not fought in his country's interest: report

The Putinists have convinced me, Mexico can have legitimate claim to Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico.

This sounds more flippant than I mean it to be: have a lot of DUers been dying lately?

Apparently This Matters: Private luxury toilets in NYC

Pictures with words written on them.

19 arrested as Galveston police use pepper spray to disperse Mardi Gras crowd

LA Times: Head of Ukrainian Navy defects to Russian Side - New 'Leaders' in Kiev Livid!

Rouble at all-time lows, Moscow stocks plummet on Ukraine

Grid operator asks for conservation as cold grips state

Still the best acceptance speech of all time.

got to spend some time with my girl tonight

Masked Gunmen Seize Crimean Investigative Journalism Center

Stormy Monday, 3/3/14

How Wolves Change Rivers



I want to say something very Good about the Obama Presidency

G-7 Leaders Statement

Cowboys should trade Romo, draft Manziel

Neil deGrasse Tyson Would Like You to Know the Oscars Had the Moon Upside Down

Can you imagine?

I'm so very proud of DU's ability to deal with nuance (re: Ukraine).

From London - a few more

Uh oh,Newark Archbishop's pricey retirement home spurs backlash as parishioners withhold donations!

Fragments of Summer Colors

The sad truth is that when a nuclear-armed country is dead set on doing something there is not much

Guatemalan Supreme Court justice commits suicide

"Illness is neither an indulgence for which people have to pay..."

The Year in Elections, 2013

Big-Money Donors Demand Larger Say in Campaign Strategy (GOP)

Organizers Worth Their Salt Jane Slaughter

Blunt, McCaskill Step Up Concerns About Proposed National Guard Cuts

If You Were Here

Isabel Allende set to become Chile’s first female senate leader

Isabel Allende set to become Chile’s first female senate leader

What did George W. Bush see?

Immigrant hate-preacher attacks small-business store-owners

Ukraine mobilizes following Putin’s ‘declaration of war’

Labour Party to overhaul spy agency controls in response to Snowden files

Kerry, Lavrov to attend Lebanon talks: France

Seems that ole' Putin is Protecting Ukraine from those neo-Nazis we've been hearing about

Dmitry Medvedev, has ordered construction of a bridge to Crimea.

Move Your Business to Arizona!

7 Numbers that Show How Most Americans Were Robbed of a Comfortable Retirement

When You Hear Conservatives Talking About Religious Liberty, Watch Out

4 episodes into Breaking Bad...

The Crimean Crisis and the Middle East: Will Syria & Iran be the Winners?

Will a Multi-Polar World be more Peaceful? The Failure of the Project for a New American Empire

Charter Schools to March in Albany, NY

Carnival in Crimea

The Disturbing Link Between ADHD and Conservative Education Reform

North Korea well out of starvation zone

Morality should matter in US' Gulf policy

No felony charges against township trustee in concealed-carry class shooting

How unrealistic ethics shape foreign policy

Does concealed carry have a domestic violence loophole? Domestic violence and concealed carry

Juan Cole: The Crimean Crisis and the Middle East: Will Syria & Iran be the Winners?

Fascinating Map Shows How Hundreds Of Millions Of Jobs Are Linked To Each Other All Over The World

If asses perchance to feed much upon hemlock

America … One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

While Russia is busy with Ukraine .The Czechs just annex Slovakia

To stop your cattle from spontaneously aborting

What Gave Rise to America’s Monroe Doctrine?

The saffron factor

We don't need to cut SNAP or Social Security. We need to make corprat tax dodgers pay their taxes.

Why the Crisis in Ukraine Isn't the Start of a New Cold War

And the plot thickens. Who's behind regime change in Ukraine.

Why I cut off my cable TV service in 2001 . . .

Putin's Crimean Anschluss

Ukraine crisis: Russia vows troops will stay

Chinese media slam US, EU for "Cold War mentality" policies in Ukraine

Would you support an armed invasion of Southern Arizona by the Mexican Army?

Obama’s double game on Turkey

Amid waning global clout

Obama’s army

Oklahoma House committee rejects proposal to legalize 'destroying' pets with firearms

"What a Wonderful World"

So the people trying to revive the Cold War ultimately are plugged into the MIC, right?

Greenspan was very clear on why The Great Corporations want the 99% to live in desperation...

Xi Jinping's Germany Trip: Berlin Nixes Holocaust Memorial Request

Trotsky on Ukraine

Ukraine Conflict: Putin Strengthens His True Enemies

Alaska wants the humpback whale off the Endangered Species list

Putin's 'Holy Russia' Goes to War

Hmmm... this makes me think economic sanctions could work....

Laine Welch: CO2 charged waters destroying Pacific shellfish stocks

After UAW Loss, Plant Shows No Sign Of Expansion

Who's teaching our dietitians? Snack companies

Disney ends funding to Boy Scouts over gay policy

Raising the minimum wage

Corporate America Pays Higher Tax Abroad: Study

Will Sgt. Bergdahl be left behind in Afghanistan?

Peter Bone's Prime Minister Replacement Bill fails to progress

Panicked Russian markets plunge over Ukraine

Cities hope for state guidance on sea rise

The Good Parts Of A Harsh Winter: Emerald Ash Borers, Stink Bugs, Other Invasives Pounded By Cold

Suffering? Well, You Deserve It

Despite turmoil, Russia launches Crimea bridge project

Luckovich: Money talks

Budget Realignment Reflects Pentagon’s Vision of Covert and Endless War

Shell Oil to Pay $4 Million for Taking Double Profits in Oil Spill Cleanup

Thar She Blows! The Whale Oil "Argument" And The Farce Of "Free" Market Miracles

He said "make me do it" so they showed up to make him, but were arrested.

Are Opponents of Arizona's Anti-Gay Law Eager to Deceive?

What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis

May - Tar Sands Surface Leak; November - "Totally Solvable" Says CEO; March - Another "Update"

BOMBSHELL!!! Ugandan President's daughter comes out gay

Putin’s Crimea Propaganda Machine

Boom On The Snake River In 2013 Fall Chinook Run - May Surpass 50,000 Fish

Q&A: John Reinhart, new Virginia Port Authority CEO

OMGosh......she's got three eggs now.....

UIL Holdings to buy Philadelphia Gas Works

UN Report Identifies 30 Drone Strikes That Require ‘Public Explanation’

OMG a happy meal will go up 2 cents.

Take John McCain’s Russia Advice and You Might Get Another Cold War

Tyco selling South Korean security arm for $1.93B

"We will not tolerate the suppression of 10 million ethnically the same as us across our borders"

Russian markets, ruble plummet on Ukraine fears

Republicans Better Mind the Modernity Gap To Catch Up to Clinton

Big or small, spending-cut efforts hit roadblocks

Is The Tea Party Dying In Ted Cruz Country?

Buffett: Climate change not causing more disasters

The Forces Behind The 'Religious Freedom' Movement That Exploded Last Week

Now that we’re legally married, should we amend our tax returns?

Ukraine - UK government has ruled out military action.

Scott Walker’s little-known scandal: When he treated welfare recipients like dogs

Buffett says rail tank cars need upgrades for oil

In Ukraine, Echoes of the Anschluss

Should an Otherwise-Progressive Against Marriage Equality be Dem Party Chair?

Modeling the Education They Want To Be: The Great Chicago Teachers Union Transformation

Oscar 2014: Security guards protest academy's use of non-union firm

Watson Coleman resigns from Commitee after calling for Governor Christie to resign

Study: Climate Change Will Cause 22,000 Murders, 180,000 Rapes by 2099

Head of Ukraine's navy defects to pro-Russian Crimea

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Ukraine Crisis

Monday Toon Roundup 2- GOP and TP'ers

Putin hints he may let 'fact-finding' team evaluate Ukraine crisis

Monday Toon Roundup 3- Economy and wages

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Europe-wide flood losses to 'increase four fold' by 2050

More Cal State campuses are considering 'student success fees' of $200 to $500 per semester

First PBS, now Brookings: Has another institution sold its soul?

What DU has here (when it comes to Ukraine) is a failure to communicate.

New violence shatters truce in Syria's Yarmouk

Abbas, Obama meeting to determine talks extension

Russian stock market plunges 10%, ruble in free fall. Russians expect Ukraine invasion backlash

Tell it. Women deserve better.

Oil producers undaunted as Colorado mulls fracking restrictions

Have three DUers ever died in such a short space of time?

Did anyone watch the History Channel2 The Men Who Built America? My daughter was watching it

Obama to Israel -- Time Is Running Out

The US proudly continues its long-term investment in public housing

Employee appreciation day at McDonald's

Saw a disturbing video online this morning...

a little humor to lighten the load

Apparently the only good veteran is a dead veteran

Fracking and "The Red Queen Effect": Decline in productivity means more drilling

Democrats lead Calif. Central Valley voter registration battle but still lose election war

Paul Krugman- The Inflation Obsession

Boycott of St. Patrick’s Day Parade Puts Mayor in Middle

VIDEO: Pope drops the F-bomb in front of thousands in weekly Vatican address

Article: The Forgotten History Of The Congressman Who Sacrificed His Life To Fight Homelessness

Vetting of concealed-carry applicants too weak to trust

What Should “Racism” Mean?

Bad Judgment: Judge keeps man having heart attack in jury

what to do about ukraine

I'm Not Quite Sure What To Make Of This....

Do we have rogue elements in DC undermining official US foreign policy???

Antigay Laws Gain Global Attention; Countering Them Remains Challenge

CSI Battles Unknowns in Allowing Guns on Campus

Oscar group selfie.

the doctor thinks I'll live and got some sad news too.

Watch out for this Netflix “tech support” scam

BainsBane pointed out how many women said "Sorry" when rejecting the dude in that video (HOF THREAD)

NHS England patient data 'uploaded to Google servers', Tory MP says

Papantonio: Predator Banks Go After Commodities

Truthdigger of the Week: Sen. Bernie Sanders

Wendell Potter: Dizzying Array of Options in Obamacare Can Lead to Expensive Mistakes

Invisible-Hand-Of-The-Free-Market-Man - By Tom Tomorrow

*hattip* HarveyDarkey ~ Which Philosopher Are You?

Gawddammit, it's cold out here

6 millionaire myths debunked: More 1%er Propaganda.

The ruble dropped by HOW MUCH?

When will Putin invade Russia to end Neo-Nazi assaults against ethnic Russians?

Yum, yoga mat! List of foods that include this new food group!

Scott Walker’s little-known scandal: When he treated welfare recipients like dogs....

Citigroup Discloses Money-Laundering Subpoenas

Case weighing religious freedom against rights of others is headed to Supreme Court

De Blasio calls for expanding after-school programs

Where Have All the Raises Gone?

Osama bin Laden's son-in-law trial begins in New York City

Ninety-five per cent of world's fish hide in mesopelagic zone

Fort Carson soldier could get 2 years in prison for a "selfie"

Audit finds problems with arts education in NYC schools

Today is the 101st anniversary of the Washington, D.C. Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913

Good Questions and Bad Law

DCCC Releases "Red to Blue" List

Oxfam: 85 richest people as wealthy as poorest half of the world

Nigerian Forces Bomb Village They Thought Was Boko Haran Camp

Walking Dead fans:

Va. Republicans flinch at restricting guns for criminals

Drill, baby drill! Obama Administration Takes a Step Toward Drilling in the Atlantic

The Overrating of Rand Paul 2016

Throngs of Venezuelans march despite Carnival holiday


1491-What made the Settlement of America Possible

Obama, Putin caught by surprise as Ukraine & Neocons drive wedge

Russia demands surrender of Ukraine's Crimea forces.

Is Bitcoin any different from the gold pieces that my 9th-level Ranger collected?

The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails (free Kindle book)

WTF: Pope Francis drops Italian swear word into Sunday blessing

How many other countries have had revolutions over trade deals like the Ukraine?

Boy Fatally Shoots Brother With Handgun He Thought Was A BB Gun

Cutting Through Fukushima Fog: Radiation in U.S.?

African cyberfeminism in the 21st century

The big (quiet) push to lift the oil export ban. just fuck.

California - Water crisis solved?

So I watched "12 Years a Slave" & "Dallas Buyers Club" this past week & not sure where I cried more

Pic Of The Moment: Today In Alternate History: President McCain Handles Ukraine Crisis

Ross Douthat’s Canny (and Utterly Dishonest) Defense of Homophobia

Traffic Backed Up For 40 Miles South Of Dallas

Ukraine: One "Regime Change" Too Many?

I've been enjoying Aerial America.....

I guess there is something with a bigger box office draw than the Son of God and that's Liam Neelson

Is anyone else doing hydroponics in the South?

WOW-No wonder GOP wants the curtail voting rights

Women’s Health Harmed as Medical Studies Ignore Gender

Now I know why Twitter was crashing last night... Ellen!

As Republicans Rail Against Obamacare, Tennessee Rural Hospitals Hit Hard Times

Hard hand of Oppression attacked

Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin has lost the plot, says German chancellor

Medvedev Signs Decree Creating Contractor for Kerch Strait Bridge Project

Have you heard about the (deliberate?) Morwell coal seam fire in Australia?

Who had the best Oscar speech?

Last Ad Buy for Alex Sink

Kerry (and Holder and Jewell) on World Wildlife Day

Looking At Models Changes Your Brain!

Collection Plates Empty As Backlash Builds Against NJ's 'Bishop Of Bling'

Saw a car slathered with anti-choice and pro-confederacy bumperstickers this past weekend

More Evidence The Russians Are More Advanced Than We Thought...

Another Father Suing for Custody of a Child Adopted Without His Knowledge

Monsanto: A Documentary on GMO a must watch

When God gets Pissed

"Which of the five stages of death is 'eats a tuna sandwich?'"

The neocons keep pushing the Cold War: Rush says Putin is trying to "Reassemble the Soviet Union."

Sarah Palin's prediction in 2008 of a Russian invasion of Ukraine has come true

WaPo, WSJ Slam Obama's Response To Putin's Aggression

Superb pro-choice video in GD.

Happy Nerd Awareness Month!!

Breaking News Russia's Black Sea Fleet has given Ukrainian forces in Crimea until 5:00 local time

The Island of Crimea

today in women's herstory-3 march

‘Playing marbles’

The Rude Pundit: Look to Bush and Iraq, Not Obama and Syria ...

How Bees Harvest Plastic Waste for Building Materials

Here we go again!

Russia Blocks Web Pages Linked To Ukraine Protests

Watch out for this Netflix “tech support” scam

Ukraine crisis boils down to geography, not American 'weakness'

Poor baby! LOL!

The psychology of hate

Democratic Senator: Obama's 'Perceived Weakness' Contributed To Situation In Ukraine

Breaking Bad Remix - nsfw(language)

California farmers hire dowsers to find water-including the makers of Two Buck Chuck

Gay, Lesbian Troops Perform in Drag at Fundraiser

Will American Religious Right Groups Go Ahead With Their Kremlin Summit?

Ashleigh Banfield: Russians claim NO ultimatum for Ukraine surrender!

Thanks, REPUBLICANS, for Emboldening Putin! --->

Hearings to start on NY high-speed rail proposals

Michigan’s witness in gay marriage trial barred

Foul play? Abbott's wife now in political fray after Lubbock Councilman Hernandez 'prop' comment

EPA settlement could impact refineries, petrochemical plants

Lupita Nyong'o on Black beauty

De Blasio marches in gay-friendly St. Pat's parade

Issa Tries To Dispute Fact Checker Pinocchio's, Gets Even More Pinocchio's

McCain's would show those "Soviets"!!

Greg Abbott's Latina Wife Distraction Versus A Game of Twenty Questions

Boehner To Run For Speaker Again, In 'Better Shape' With Caucus

Research success. My great uncle was a musician, teacher, composer, band leader, and publisher.

Hundreds of Students Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline at White House Voluntarily Arrested

Richard Sherman calls NFL banning the N-word “an atrocious idea”

5 Reasons Paul Ryan Is In A Budget Jam

Over Oil Industry Objections, EPA Sets Lifesaving New Standards for Gasoline and Tailpipe Pollution

Clever hair care product ad breezes into Swedish subway station

Study of Antibody Evolution Charts Course toward HIV Vaccine

Chase Bank now has a policy that you can not make deposits to accounts not your own.

Paul Ryan calls for cuts to anti-poverty programs in GOP budget

Pro-Russia protesters occupy regional government in Ukraine's Donetsk

Santa Claus is Satan?

Nearly 400 Students arrested outside White House protesting Keystone XL (2 Pictures)

No climate change impact on insurance biz: Buffett

Boehner says he wants immigration reform

Another woo "institute" closes up shop...

Michael Cohen: Amateur hour for the pundit class demanding that Obama do 'something' in Ukraine.

The beautiful Lupita Nyong'o, with tears in her eyes, spends a quiet moment with her Oscar...

I just have to share this great news from my family!

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore tells US Senate there is "no proof" humans cause climate change

Supreme Court squashes tea-party inspired anti-illegal immigrant laws in Texas and Pennsyvania

Baltics Want NATO ‘Safeguard’ if Ukraine Situation Worsens

Racist photo's that are now appearing on Breitbart•com

Another friend over 60 has lost her job.

Kentucky Baptist churches giving away guns to lure ‘unchurched men’ to Jesus

should the people adversely affected by Global Warming ( Maldives, Bangladesh etc) have the right to

And AWAYYYYY we go! (Right-wing whining about the Oscars)

Arkansas Must Defend Bar on Beards to Justices

Anyone seen the series "The Bates Motel"

Weighting To Be Seen: Race, Invisibility and Body Positivity

Assembly introduces bill to delay Common Core

Tesla: "BS to book ratio of 80"

(AL) Legislation would create sales tax holiday for guns, ammo

Southern Tier's largest casino plan puts resort near Thruway

Jeb Bush's Friends Cashing In On Kids

Police officer stands ground against "vicious" dog

Rep. Steve King: ‘Self-professed’ gays could entrap businesses by pretending

Report: Christie appointees led secret toll hike plan

Milwaukee County April 1 referendum on slashing supervisors' pay

Briefing on the Situation in Ukraine with senior administration officials

And behind GOP Door #2

Iowa bill would let women sue doctors over "abortion regret"

Infant sleep sound machines too loud, says study

Eewwww! Hotdogs anyone?

Chocolate covered blackberries.

If anything made American look so weak Putin attacked Uraine it was

Corporation poisoned the hell out of this town and then demanded compensation

Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos Links Charter Schools To Pre-K And School Aid Discussions

Jeb Bush's Friends Cashing In On Kids.

How come when I watch Glen Hegar's ads I think of Dr. Michael Brown?

'Psychic nanny' claims to be world's only woman who can help children that see GHOSTS

China says agrees with Russia on "appropriate" handling of Ukraine

I hate Mondays.

When the right loved Vladimir Putin

Obama says Russia `on the wrong side if history' on Ukraine, actions violate international law.

SUNY and CUNY students say: State not paying its fair share

Stirring up controversy in cooking and baking

Senate candidate Steve Stockman threatens to put people in jail if they publish his mugshot

Thread for people to focus on domestic issues & don't care abt stuff happening a million miles away

FDA expands over the counter access to generic emergency contraception

The Rise And Danger Of Unreported Shadow Lobbying - Lee Fang Discusses

Dec. 5, Mr. Yanukovych and President Xi Jinping signed a bilateral treaty making China

Matthew McConaughey’s God Moment

This should be posted on a "Being Conservative" page....

Morning after Pill more Available

Putin is a scumbucket. That does NOT mean we should go to war.

Growing opiate addiction in NY troubles lawmakers

Understanding the Science of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

Updating NY's surrogacy laws

Michelle Obama To Make Solo Trip To China

'Real-life Barbie' wants to live off light and air

Supreme Court Agrees to Weigh Arkansas Inmate’s Right to Grow a Beard

Ever notice that when an "international incident" pops up, the level of outrage in the US media ...

Netanyahu to Obama: Palestinians not doing enough to advance peace

Olive Garden hopes new logo and menu will win back customers

"...with you and for you."

I was right - the lil entitled prick Luke Russert

Australia: Snake eats crocodile after battle

Fahy, Steck: It's no time for tax cuts

Chris Hayes on Republican opposition to expanding veterans' benefits on fiscal grounds..

"I'm Going To Prison For Working At A Pot Shop That Was Legal In My State"

Obama Science Advisor John Holdren Schools Political Scientist Roger Pielke On Climate And Drought


Are the Republicans anti-American? Consider these two questions

Plowing right through

Bill gives judges more discretion to hand out concurrent sentences

Ukraine: UK rules out Russia trade curbs? - BBC

Florida seeks triple sentence of 60 years for woman who fired warning shot

Police Hide Use of Cell Phone Tracker From Courts Because Manufacturer Asked

Oconomowoc better get a handle on this.

Temporary Protected Status Extended for Haitians

McCain Says U.S. Should Hold Off On Military Option In Ukraine

Very dissappointed

Court skeptical of IQ scores in deciding execution

EU gives Russia 48-hour deadline to return troops to barracks in Crimea

Colombia government subsidiary illegally selling German guns: Report

Robbing the poor to give to the rich: the injustice of Colombia mining royalties

Photo: UK Discourages Talk of Russia Sanctions.

EU faces a dilemma in Ukraine negotiations

Jessica Montell in The Jerusalem Post Magazine | Our values, our homes

Jonathan Stickland's Sticky Fingers: Tea Party State Rep Accused of Double Dipping

What WAS the big Olive Garden thing on DU?

Someday, someday soon, we'll implement an economic boycott of the BRICS...

Delicious Wingnut Outrage: Team Obama wins fight to have Christian home-school family deported

A superstitious notion prevails

Ex-Blackwater contractors seek dismissal of case

Cuban dissidents say political arrests top 1,000 in February

Not funny, but still hard not to laugh: How Can the US Accuse Russia of Violating International Law?

The Lesson We Should Learn from House of Cards

GMOs, enslavement & poverty: Seeds of Freedom Documentary

FARC member arrested in connection with supermarket bombing

Juanita Jean responds to Stockman's threat to put people who post his mugshot in jail

Home sake making?

Comcast: This is why regulators should approve the Time Warner Cable merger

I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday...nt

Sandy shows need for protection on Long Island's South Shore

Anquan Boldin re-signs with Niners

NY's maple season off to slow start due to cold

More PBS conflict woes as activists move to eject David Koch from board of “NOVA” station

Russian troops don't have live ammo on there weapons

Bill de Blasio and Michael Grimm Trade Words Over Sandy Meetings

rumor being reported: Danny Ortega dead

An excellent depiction of climate change deniers...

Dems Fear Anti-Obamacare, Pro-Impeachment Candidate Could Win Nod For Senate Seat

How the Medical Establishment Got the Treasury’s Keys

Buffett regrets $2B bet on Texas utility

The Oscars were (especially?) ageist & appearance-mocking, maybe always are?

Food rave of the day: eggs

Chilean court rejects single $16-million fine for Barrick Gold Add to ...

Russia plans to add military bases in Nicaragua, Venezuela, other countries

Vietnam War Vets Sue Military Over PTSD Claims

Miami police chief lays down law to cops: Get unruly again and you will be arrested

123 percent rise in new settlement construction in 2013, new stats show

Southern Patagonia Ice Field Seen from the ISS – Photo

Live feed from UN Security Council meeting

Healthy Pancakes!

Russia: Freedom of expression falls victim to the dramatic events in Ukraine’s Crimea

Only reason Russians are a majority in Crimea is because Stalin deported Tatars en masse after WW2

NJ Watchdog Group....

Fox Backs Book Ban In Latest False Attack On Common Core

Federer- Passes McEnroe # of titles won

Hard Winter Taxing Resources

Baby's death 'may be coincidence': Vaccine maker

It puts the butternut squash in my face or else it gets the hose again. Yes it will, Precious...

Warren Buffett says he would vote for Keystone XL pipeline

Pro-Russian's bid to capture Ukraine navy chief fails

Albany looks into early voting to boost turnout

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Putin’s Nationalist Strategy

Countries rethink pot laws in wake of US, Uruguay

Ukraine - Let Me Get This Straight....

Another reason to hate our method of paying for medical care:

Crimea Crisis Batters World’s Stock Markets

New Mexico governor OKs aircraft industry tax cut

Some of you have been on this site for over a decade.

#Veteran's FB Post to Paul Ryan Goes Viral.. Update..

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Strange signal from Galactic Center is looking more and more like dark matter?

I swear the news predicted Snowmageddon last night - instead what we got was a joke

Rich waging war on the People

Justice Resource Institute takes on the challenges...

Russia Claims Ousted Ukrainian President Asked For Military Intervention

Carnival Around The World

oh sweet jeebus, what's going on at the BBC?

Ex-Magistrate Censured in Messiah Name Change Case.

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ March 3rd

Pope says f*** in Sunday blessing gaffe

Girl, 16, accused of statutory rape of boy, 14

Georgia House passes Medical Marijuana bill

A Republican exposes the GOP tax-reform fraud

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Florida town installs red-light camera outside hospital entrance to target dying speeders

Crimean Authorities to Cut Power, Water to Ukrainian Troops: Russian Ex-Lawmaker.

Nobody Interested In Oscar Pistorus Trial?

18 year old sues parents for kicking her out and not paying her tuition

Russian UN ambassador says "not our task to return Yanukovych to power. We know he won't come back

Labor-Religion Coalition hopes for a 'moral budget'

Invasion Of Ukraine Isn't Putin's Only Option

WFP Ramps Up Rhetoric Against Moskowitz- Charter Schools

Obama Warns Netanyahu Of Difficulties Ahead Without Peace Deal

Russian Funk Overload

The reason we're still fighting a pitched battle over the IWR: Revisionist History

Seems legit

The Supreme Court made it easier for the govt to take your assets before you even go to trial

Andrew Cuomo Releases New Campaign-Style Ads

We cant make it here anymore James McMurtry- with a special guest appearance

David Welch: The Man Behind Vergara v. California

Not deterring Russia will have the same effect as not deterring Germany in Czechoslovakia in 1938

Israel Takes Cue From Apartheid 'Divide-and-Rule' Playbook

Why does anybody put pundits on TV, radio or quote them in the media? What's the point?

LGBT: What Does It Really Mean?

Obama’s Putin-Netanyahu Conundrum: When Is It Ok To Seize, Occupy Territory?

Satan Claus is actually Santa.

Justice Department sides with broadcasters in fight against Aereo

I can't take it

Cantor and Hoyer Reunite to Push Obama on Iran Nuclear Talks

Digging into ALEC's attack on solar and net metering

Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show By Mark Ames

Barack Obama Warns Israel To Grab Peace Chance — Or Risk Isolation

Now this is shifting

Giant virus revived from ancient permafrost

Pet store owner claims puppies in arson case, hopes to donate them to rescue group

News World news Ukraine 'Am I a terrorist? Are we causing a threat to the Black Sea fleet?'

NC cites 5 Duke Energy plants for lacking permits

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30 Years Ago this week...The sights, the sounds...the smells

So what if men with desperate ambition and lots of money in overseas hideaways

Senior Tory adviser Patrick Rock arrested on child pornography allegations

Failed Colleges

Military Cuts Don't Translate Into Less Spending

Sen. Chuck Schumer: Those Who Warn Israel Of Boycotts ‘Have It All Wrong’

Really Dumb Criminals: So Cal Man Wearing Barbie Costume Arrested For Sexual Assault

Local dems support traitor "Democrats" in the senate. Shameful!

Report: NFL might experiment with 42-yard extra-point attempt

Amazing police cam videos of Evan Ebel shootout and car chase in Texas >>

Michigan's Peters Attacks Republican Land For Opposing Auto Bailout In US Senate Race

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Naples, Italy Begins To DNA Test Dog Poop, Will Fine Owners