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Sunken Great Lakes Oil Pipeline Raises Spill Fears

Tweety says the bugle boys - the hawks and neo-cons must shut up

CNN’s Amanpour Battles With Wolf Blitzer and Guest Over Allegations Of Anti-Semitism In Ukraine

Suffering? Well, You Deserve It

Finally got some funny videos of Yoshi in the snow

Transparent, color solar cells fuse energy, beauty

U.S. anti-poverty programs have failed, Republican Ryan says

Device captures energy from Earth's infrared emissions to outer space

What should Ukraine order its surrounded troops to do?

US sues Sprint over company's wiretap expenses

Rush Limbaugh says '12 Years a Slave' won because 'it had the magic word in the title: slave'

Steve King: Being Gay Is 'Self-Professed Behavior' That Can't Be 'Independently Verified'

GOP voter suppression => Taxation Without Representation

Space Research Center Puts Up-to-Date Weather Maps Online

Ukraine crisis: US-Europe rifts surfacing as Putin tightens Crimea grip.

James Oberg: Russia Crisis Raises Space Station Questions, But NASA Has Options

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Do Impressions Of Each Other

Woops! I posted a sports thread in GD. No one has bitched, yet.

Ukraine crisis for dummies?

Nets to sign Jason Collins again

Third Trial Begins For David Tarloff In Meat-Cleaver Murder Therapist

Rand Paul in cross hairs of tax evasion war!

Hundreds of rusting tanks abandoned in secret Ukrainian depot.

Rachel Maddow Drops a Truth Bomb On Republicans Who Want War With Russia

Hey DU!

Tom Lehrer - We Will All Go Together When We Go.

INFOGRAPHIC: Here's how Russia Views Other Countries

Stephen Cohen/Obama Admin/'Coup' attempt in Ukraine

TYT: 'Homo Demons' Pastor Targets The Young Turks & We Can't Stop Laughing

Did the U.S. Carry Out a Ukrainian Coup?

Paul Ryan calls for cuts to anti-poverty programs in GOP budget

Heady talk about economic sanctions for Russia...

Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson now a Texas Ranger. >>

The diplomatic process: There might be no Kerry proposal

Interesting idea to reduce cost of molten salt energy storage by half

Why did Obama allow this to happen?

Paul Ryan's Audit of Federal Anti-Poverty Programs Finds Many Are Actually Very Effective

As Tensions Build, U.S. Has ‘Zero Options’ In Ukraine

Video of youtuber combatting sexism

Did The Cold War Ever Actually End?

Yanukovych says he will not ask Russia to intervene militarily in Ukraine

LGBT: What Does It Really Mean?

U.S. suspends trade, investment talks with Russia over Ukraine

copying and pasting same file over and over

WP: President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy

Hundreds arrested yesterday protesting the XL Pipeline in DC. The White House just sent me email.

Women in Sports, Leena Gade.

Steve Stockman threatens legal action over mugshot, Cornyn has new attack website

Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth

Distorting Russia

time to bring your own shopping cart to the store (yuck warning)

What the heck is "thundersleet"?

Witness at Pistorius trial recalls hearing screams

Impact of the Coverage Gap for Various State Not Accepting Medicaid Expansion.

2013 data - periscopic - gun deaths. This is well done.

The hate map of the USA

Didn't know this: in the last election Yanukovych used top republican strategists, while

Lawrence Wilkerson says he would have done exactly what Putin did

Gates back on top of Forbes' billionaire rankings

Netanyahu said Kerry has a new granddaughter

US construction spending up 0.1 percent in January

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! March 3, 2014 & a new Kitteh & Puppy gif

Don't know why Russians are getting their nose in a twist over Fascists on their border....

The Yes Men - WTO pranksters

A RW HS classmate just posted

In bridge scandal, attorney says FBI visited Bill Stepien's home

Man uses 'Zelda' sword in brawl with girlfriend's ex

Jury Selection Begins at Trial of Bin Laden’s Son-in-Law

Is 25 years too long to hold a grudge?

hearing republicans talk about Obama & the ukraine makes me ashamed of my country

When shooting a 14-year-old boy in the neck is a minor infraction

Why is treason still on the books when men commit it with impunity

Today, The Supreme Court Hears The Biggest Death Penalty Case In Nearly A Decade

"We don't want to take your guns" New Jersey wants to.

What is the difference between Russia's incurrsion into the Ukraine This weekend and 6 years ago

'Why we did it,'

Image of infant with a rifle goes viral, fueling gun debate

Putin should hook up with PeeWee Herman............. NT

Everybody on the same page: We're getting into the Lent menu in Lounge = fish

attorney says FBI visited Bill Stepien's home

Obama to Netanyahu: 'Tough' decisions needed on peace

of frats, rape culture and #tfm (

Little girl plays with an orphaned pony.

of frats, rape culture and #tfm

Will somebody fill me in on John RIDDLEY

"Here's Why Obama Thinks His Foreign Policy Is Working"

Obama's 2015 budget appeals to Democrats

Julian Assange: A Ghost Even to Himself?

The Republicans who are talking up Putin

Snowden leaks have permanently damaged the NSA

Why don't we stop bullshitting and call what these republicans are

Stephen Colbert pokes fun at Edward Snowden at controversial RSA conference

Eight international terrorists caught in Caracas, more to come

Bitcoin: By The Privileged, For The Privileged

I am just so thankful that we do not have a President McCain,

Yanukovich calls on Putin for Russian troops to 'restore order' in Ukraine

Texans: VOTE!!! ... LaRouchite who wants to execute Obama is LEADING in Democratic Primary polls.

North Carolina cites five more power plants in massive coal ash spill

Well, I'm glad we don't have a hot headed loose cannon for a president in the WH! n/t

"Envy Versus Anger" by Paul Krugman at the NYTimes

Why Wall Street Just Threatened Republicans

If peace talks fail: Michael Oren’s Plan B

Why the Ten Commandments are not in the Courthouse?

GWB Scandal: Ex-Christie Campaign Manager Invokes Fifth Amendment in Challenging Subpoena

The Pentagon Stops Military Engagements With Russia

Obama giving Netanyahu one last chance

Why you should brake for possums

Obama's message for Netanyahu: Israel faces bleak future should talks fail

Ditching Boy Scouts for Trail Life over gay inclusion

We can not fucking do any fucking thing militarily versus Russia vis-a-vis Ukraine.

Ukraine crisis: UK prepares to rule out sanctions against Russia amid threat to global economy

McCain just said "I don't see any military option at this time" on Anderson Cooper.


Send Ziggy Star Off in Style! (northern fur seal, a threatened species )

CDC: Most people who abuse prescription painkillers get them for free from friends or relatives

3 South Ukrainian Cities Want to Join Crimea - Lawmaker

Ukraine’s 2012 Language Law to Stay Until New Bill Ready – Turchynov

Wondering what role that Russian warship in the Cuban port played? Probably

The Kentucky Baptist Convention is giving away lots of free guns

Does the Rio "Carnivale" objectify women?

Lupita Nyong'o-s speech to women before her Oscar win, it shows she is a winner through and through

Why Does Daisy Get Her Ice Cream First? - video

This Is One Time-Lapse Big Oil Doesn't Want You To See

Would anyone be able to tell me why an animated gif

15 members of Colombia military wanted for arms trafficking

Christiane Amanpour Scolds Wolf Blitzer: 'You Have To Be Really Careful' About Ukraine Facts

How was this never posted before? Terry Francona does the Harlem Shake (!!!)

Why dogs can't play poker

The Forgotten History Of The Congressman Who Sacrificed His Life To Fight Homelessness

Why Does Daisy Get Her Ice Cream First? - video

Tax deductions are welfare dependency to the rich, but viewed as if they were entitlements

Looks like freezing rain in the Houston area, driving will be fun tomorrow.

Commentary: West Should Work With, Not Against, Russia In Handling Ukraine Crisis

My wife agreed

Understanding the mentality of the various parties in Ukraine and Russia in one simple video

Ukrainian-Russian Tensions Dividing U.S. Citizens Along Ignorant, Apathetic Lines

John Ridley, Academy Award winning screenwriter for "12 Years A Slave"

Charles Pierce. The Red Sox. This is a really good article.

Obama is weak because he's not a warmonger...

Bin Laden son-in-law to stand trial in NYC on terrorism charges

"The new Ukrainian gov't is ONLY 30% Neo-Nazi"....

Pope Francis drops F-bomb

Ugh. Just watched "Gravity"

Condi traveling the country rewriting her history: American Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi

Well I guess they sell all kinds of useful books on Amazon (NSFW)

Democratic Underground has over 65 million posts now.

Lupita N'yongo's speach on black beauty

According to a New Study, Nothing Can Change an Anti-Vaxxer’s Mind

US Names Caribbean Countries In 2014 Money Laundering Report

New Mexico sets deadlines for handling radioactive waste stored above ground at federal dump

Why did Obama let this happen? ... and other questions about Ukraine

Wake the fuck up everyone.

Scandals cost California Democrats supermajority in Senate

The senator received...........

14 Insane Moments From RT’s Coverage Of The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

The Nation's Michelle Goldberg: Adolph Reed and Electoral Nihilism

Don't let the door hit you in the ass! We in the Episcopal(Anglican) won't miss you!

Russia sent in busloads of “protest tourists”

Giuliani Praises Putin: He's "What You Call A Leader,"

Ukraine wants international monitors at nuclear plants

Another (Ukraine) ultimatum: surrender by 16:00

A Former Police Diver Claims Other Officers Racially Taunted Him

Russian Invasion of Crimea Years in the Making: Wikileaks Cables

ACLU: Police Hide Use of Cell Phone Tracker From Courts Because Manufacturer Asked

Unelected power: Democracy on the retreat in Europe

Putin Joins Occupy Movement

Japan considers Bitcoin tax after MtGox failure

Texans, Know Your US Senate Candidates! (((please)))

Media Hypocrisy in the Snowden Files

So hard to get the truth about Ukraine. Reminds me of the Iraq legacy of lies. Media failed us.

I totally threw my high school daughter's ass out on the street because I didn't approve of her

Hernandez again responds to Abbott controversy (re: engineered "prop" comment about Abbott's wife)

Fears of Anti-Semitism Spread in Ukraine

Stovall Files FEC Complaints Against Stockman

Real-time Twitter Feeds on Ukraine Events (in English)

Maybe legalizing pot will result in fuller

awkward family christmas photos

Ukrainian troops trying to peacefully take their besieged base's planes back (pics)

International markets up. (China had been down a bit, now just -3.10.)

dog vines

Pharr PD probes double homicide in parking lot at PSJA elementary school

Putin’s Crimea Propaganda Machine

Viagra Positives Land New Mexico Trainer 16-Year Ban

The word "Ewok" is not spoken in Return of the Jedi or written in the credits.

Scientists revive 30,000-year-old virus from Siberian ice

Ukraine in Context: What You Don't Know About a New Cold War

Climate change-linked coffee disease destroys crops, jobs and wages in Central America

Climate change-linked coffee disease destroys crops, jobs and wages in Central America

Pastor in Kenya bans women from wearing underwear because it's a "hindrance to god"

Piece of metal lodged in reactor at Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

McCain: no global warming action until the left supports nuclear power

Vladimir Putin to make live statement on #Ukraine at 0830 GMT

Gunning for Christ - Baptist churches give away guns in US

Texas Comptroller, the State Bureaucrat Who Can Grind Budgets to a Halt

Finally an Article from a Socialist Paper which spells it all out.

The Main Thing People Think Texas' Attorney General Does (But Really Doesn't)

There's always another side to a story. Here's the other side of the "spoiled" NJ 18 year old,

Hammer-wielding nationalists at Kiev suburb town meeting

Paul Krugman and Ryan Avent on the TPP (and TTIP)

Sunken Great Lakes oil pipeline raises spill fears

St. Louis Is A Hot Spot For Sex Trafficking: A Discussion About Efforts To End The Trade

Russia Today anchor Abby Martin speaks out against Russian invasion of Crimea 3/3/2014

School Kills Creativity - Animation of Ken Robinson's Awesome 'Changing Education Paradigms' Talk

RT TV from Russia is having a very different perspective on the Ukraine crisis

Victoria Jackson is troubled by Common Core

MaineCare expansion compromise limps to floor votes

Nearly 1 in 5 had mental illness before enlisting in Army, study says

U.S. Activist, CODEPINK Co-Founder Medea Benjamin Says Egypt Police Have Broken Her Arm in Jail

Vietnam veterans sue U.S. military for discharge upgrades over PTSD

Putin Adviser Urges Dumping US Bonds In Reaction to Sanctions

Chomsky: An Ignorant Public Is the Real Kind of Security Our Govt. Is After

How Hyper-Religious Political Stunts by Republicans Keep Voters Captive to Corporate Ideology

Why We Shouldn't Legalize Pot By SCTV


Federal aviation regulator seeks fix for nearly 500 Boeing 737 planes

Rep. Steve King: ‘Self-professed’ gays could entrap businesses by pretending

Five Terrible U.S. Supreme Court Rulings That Poisoned American Elections With Big Money

50-year study: Growing reliance on fewer crops increases risk of drought and disease

Nearly 1 in 5 had mental illness before enlisting in Army, study says

During Palisades refueling shutdown, flaws discovered in control rod drive housings

How a Bad-ass California Mayor is Taking on Big Banks

Reminders of the BP Oil Spill Evident at Mardi Gras

Time devours all things: Third collapse in three days in ancient Roman city of Pompeii

Citigroup under federal investigation for possible secrecy and money-laundering law violations

The Compassion Gap

Egyptian policemen get ten years in jail for torturing and killing blogger

Black Monday: Panicked Russian markets crash 10 percent over Ukraine

Gazprom to Cancel Gas Discount for Ukraine


Gov. Patrick puts emphasis on rehabilitation over punishment

Patrick outlines criminal justice, prison system reforms

Sick the bond vigilante's on Putin

A poor cottager

"The Pope Asks" - so have at it!

Democratic priority list: No top billing for Brad Ashford-Lee Terry card

Heads up for Texas voters: polls open today at 11:00 am and ...

Could Approving Keystone Really Harm Democratic Prospects in 2014? Yes

US keeps Middle East enemies too close

(Iranian) Nuclear deal hits history hurdles

Fixing Inequality Won't Hurt the Economy

Ukraine imperils Obama’s foreign-policy legacy

US hawks take flight over Ukraine

Myanmar's dams may be no show

Karzai calls Al Qaeda a myth

Tomgram: Engelhardt, A New World Order?

The American Dilemma

Lots of People Who Support Gay Marriage Think Gay Sex Is Immoral

Happy Mardi Gras, everybody!

There’s No Such Thing as No Spying

How Religious-Freedom Laws Could Come Back to Hurt the Faithful

I don't agree with this graphic

Latin America and the Obama Chapter

Standardized Testing

The Wrong Right

What's Behind The Land Rush On China's Island Of Hainan? Breathable Air.

Wisconsin State Senator Fred Risser explains how stimulus packages work

Juan Cole: Peeping Toms of the Intel World: Recording Bulk Private Yahoo Webcam Chats

Ukraine crisis - Cold War battle lines redrawn

Kiwi Rail Bypasses Local Supplier To Cut Costs, Then Discovers Plenty-O-Asbestos In Chinese Engines

Like a dark horse: Russia’s gamble in Crimea

Chemical Spill Bill Moves Through WV Leg, Minus Health Monitoring & Early-Warning Elements

NC Cites Duke Over 5 More Ash Waste Sites (Ooh! Fines Could Hit Whopping $25K/Day! Ow, Stop!)

New U.S. Fuel Standards Aim to Cut Asthma and Heart Attacks

Traditional war: missing in action

When do the Nukes Fly? When they're the only thing left as the source of power...

Russian TV beats war drum on home front

It Took 1910-1941 For Oz To Rack Up 28 Days In Hottest 1% On Record; Same Total As In 2013 Alone

to defeat GOP's restrictive voter laws, debunk 'voter fraud'

Northern CA Storms Welcome, But Not Nearly Enough To Break Drought: LA Still At 50% Of Annual Avg.

Rhino Lift May Transport Endangered S. African Animals To Australia For Safekeeping

morning joe took up the cause of charter schools again today...

KRUGMAN: Envy Versus Anger

Air Force Academy: 40 freshmen in chemistry class cheating probe

Trial set to begin for Army general facing sex charges

30,000-year-old giant virus 'comes back to life'

Rallying around the wrong president

Activist Mike Farrell pulls no punches with Air Force Academy speech, gets standing ovation

‘First Ever’ Marijuana Commercial To Air On Major Television Stations

Fox News Guest: 6-Month-Old Babies With Rifles Are 'Hilarious'

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Ukraine and Putin

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The rest

Another blast of arctic air follows latest snow

Daschle distorts NAFTA outcomes to sell TPP

Former NAACP president moves to venture capital

Palin: Obama Wears ‘Mom Jeans,’ Putin Wrestles Bears

RadioShack to close up to 1,100 US stores

The Crisis In Ukraine Could Give Shale Gas A Huge Bump

Dish, Disney deal envisions Internet-delivered TV

A public option for banking

US sues Sprint over company's wiretap expenses

Turkey scrambles jets after Russian plane flies near its Black Sea coast

Are random home invasions a myth?

Venezuela Anti-Government Protests Lack Support from the Barrios

Nearly 1 in 5 had mental illness before enlisting in Army, study says

Anti-Gay Scouting Group Says It Was 'Horrified' The AP Published This Photo

Preservation Hall Jazz Band @ Mardis Gras

Transgender Hercules High Student Reports Being Sexually Assaulted In Restroom

NYT has a useful editorial exposing what the Ryan blueprint really means, including this nugget

TYT: Ukraine, Russia On The Brink Of War - Blame Bush?

5 Reasons Paul Ryan Is In A Budget Jam

I put the Mardi Gras mask on our apartment's Ganesh

Where are the Palestinian Journalists in Israeli Media?

It's FAT TUESDAY! Happy Mardi Gras

Easy form to ask MN Legislators to support Medical Marijuana

Vladimir Putin is Every Republican Bigot’s Wet Dream

Obama team announces $1 billion in aid to Ukraine

I refuse to be baited on gender issues

Pope Francis Lets A Vulgarity Slip During Vatican Address

TYT: Why Wall Street Just Threatened Republicans

Teacher 'put sticky tape over children's mouths'

heard this from a coworker today

Karl Grossman: The Giant Lie About Fukushima

TYT: Christian Lawmakers Fall For Noah's Ark Scam And Then...

Workers Exposed to Radiation at New Mexico Nuclear Plant

"We used to think they behaved badly because they were drunk...

About 100 concealed carry permits denied based on objections [Illinois]

Reuters parrots republican bullshit: 'Obama's caution on Ukraine may loom over midterm election'

Catholic school won't march in Boston parade after gay group admitted

war is such a farce

Anti-Obamacare LaRouche Democrat leads Texas Senate primary

(cross-post in LBN: link here) WaPo story on Kerry offering Ukraine $1 billion in aid

It's no accident that people like palin/mccain/graham support Putin's is strong man theory

Russia invading St.Lucia...

Drone records dolphin and whale pod stampede

TYT: Bullying Schoolchildren And Shooting 'Wetbacks' - GOP Racism Edition

The Crimean battle has started:

TYT: Some Of The Craziest Republican Quotes Ever & A Sad, Scary Truth

From Here to Internity

Paul Ryan’s Audit Of Federal Anti-Poverty Programs Finds Many Are Actually Very Effective

Charm to cure a burn

TYT: Racist Or Just Bad Jokes? Audio of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "Comedy" Roast

Well that fight went horribly wrong.

Signs of Spring: I just brushed my short haired dog for 15 minutes,

NM Governor left thousands of NM 'underdogs' unable to get mental health services

Dish, Disney deal envisions Internet-delivered TV

TYT: Freedom Is Ugly, Say Ugliness, Freedom Experts

Female Tea Party Leader regrets that women have the right to vote.

Rand Paul Hatches A Backup Plan In Case He Runs For President And Loses

Papantonio: Malpractice Caps Are Hurting Consumers

The Dangers Of Corporate Owned News, Jean Philippe Tremblay Discusses Shadows Of Liberty

Q: Who votes for people like Michelle Bachmann and Louis Gohmert?

A dollar in pocket of someone who is not rich-is a dollar that could be in pocket of a rich person

Raise a dissent against the immorality of those creating poverty

Rich, White, Healthy People Are More Likely To Oppose Obamacare

Putin's Latest Press Conference on the Ukraine and Crimea

Poll numbers show Democrats at disadvantage

Happy Mardi Gras, Y'all!

Happy Mardi Gras from New Orleans

Bible barons: How the GOP uses religion to keep voters captive to corporate ideology

Russia Today news anchor breaks with official line & uses her "editorial freedom" to condemn Russia

Krugman: Flimflam, The Next Generation

Join Ring of Fire's Newsletter

Rallying around the wrong president

Dr Vanessa Kerry's op-ed on how the Ugandan anti-gay law endangers the health of the entire nation

Happy Fat Tuesday, everybody!

Ohio Hopewell skulls pose a mystery

Bad Cop, No Donut - Fat Tuesday Edition - NYPD Goes Wild Against Muslim Teens

Alzheimer's buddy program pairs patients, students

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday March 4, 2014)

Abandoned Dog Found Nursing Kitten

Ominous Drumroll: American Thinker: Palin was right!1! And Putin Might Invade.... Alaska!

I, for one, remember who Romney chose for foreign policy advisors

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Trash Obama For Being A Dictator, Not Being A Dictator

photo of Kerry in Kiev (and another article)

National Council of La Raza leader calls Barack Obama ‘deporter-in-chief’

De Blasio heads to Albany for pleas and protest

Venezuelan opposition keeps protests despite carnival season

Probably been done....but.....Which movie has the most laugh-bang-for the buck ever?

Progressive Caucus Of NYS Democratic Party Calls On Senate IDC To Rejoin The Fold

"I've been thinking about pronia - the opposite of paranoia..."

The Steak & Egger Sandwich

So I get this death threat yesterday,

New Name-The Port Authority of NY, NJ, Wolff & Samson....

CNU poll shows Clinton winning Virginia in 2016

Jimmy Kimmel humiliates Rob Ford for 15 straight minutes

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch One)

Bitcoin is good technology and bad economically.

Radio Shack to close 1,100 stores

Donny Ferguson Update

Putins take on Ukraine

Re: The whole argument that the Ukrainian protests were a secret neo-con sponsored coup...

Big NEWS! MILLENIALS Inspired by Obama --Ready to Fight for Their Future

Dad loses $80,000 settlement after daughter talks about it on Facebook

18-year-old sues parents to pay for her education

Help!! GE Washer Control Board

The word is out among my patients that I'm good at cutting things off of people.

I. neend some advice on a replacement for my laptop.

I don't listen to Fox, but when I happen to hear it, it's as bad or worse than we think

Rand Paul Is Running For Every Elected Office

Pope Francis' glaring failure

Two pro-Ukraine protesters arrested in Minsk

Putin's Press Conference Proved Merkel Right: He's Lost His Mind

The Nation: Abandoned and Imprisoned for Being Gay in Cameroon

"Rise Up For Elephants" - A Silent Accord

How States Are Shifting College Costs to Students

Has Privacy Become a Luxury Good?

UPDATED: Obama budget seeks new spending, new taxes to boost economy, tame debt

Greenwald weighs in on Russia

John Nichols: Scott Walker's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad February

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ March 4th

It'll soon be legal to "willfully annoy" people in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Putin Receives Strong Words of Support in long Conversation with Self - by fly on the wall Borowitz

The Yes Men Fix the World!

How France is disposing of its nuclear waste

Why the Left Is Stronger Without the Democrats

Tinfoil hat manufacturer!

Please post results of election for land commissioner (George P. Bush).

WH 2015 budget=$26.4 billion in extra funding for Pentagon

U.S. Stocks Rise as Putin Comments Ease Ukraine Tension

The changing job market

How Many Minimum Wage Hours Does It Take To Afford A Two-Bedroom Apartment In Your State?

Russia Stays in Ukraine as Putin Channels Yanukovych Request

Anaconda meets Rogue

Palin: People Think Of Obama Wearing 'Mom Jeans,' Putin Wrestling Bears

McCain: Ask The People Of Ukraine If Mitt Romney Was Right About Russia

Beshear: Ky. will appeal federal judge's ruling in same-sex marriage case without Conway

Man Accidentally Shoots 12-Year-Old Driving By His House, Immediately Shoots Self

Why are so many black conservatives so damn stupid?

Too embarrassing even for Fox news

Tea Partiers Blame McConnell For Judge Advancing Gay Marriage In KY

This tweet nailed Wolfblitzer

Colbert And Sir Patrick Stewart Parody Obamacare 'Horror Story' Victims (VIDEO)

Get ready to pay up: Five things that will cost you more in 2014

Religious right’s new panic: How can we practice religion if we can’t discriminate?

The Misplaced Question of Obama’s ‘Toughness’

When wingnuts don’t believe in religious freedom

Gold Coins

Dear Little Daughter

Bible barons: How the GOP uses religion to keep voters captive to corporate ideology

So who would you exile to a deserted island if you had the chance?

Obama, the feckless tyrant

Hidden in plain sight: Proof GOP doesn’t actually care about the poor

The Iraq War with Dick Chaney and Halliburton...

Way too much Pro Putinism going on around here

In Dakota Oil Patch, Trains Trump Pipelines

Now that the cold war is back, there is only one thing to do:

F35, The jet that ate the Pentagon

Let's get the input of mental health professionals

I was bad at the precinct this morning.

Yes, Obamacare is driving US health care costs lower

10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican, 4th Edition

The Rude Pundit: How the Nutzoid Right-Wing Fails to Tell Its Audience What's Real (Micro Version)

Russian aggression will make Pentagon cuts a harder sell

is it just me or does it seem to have alot more

Planets Orbit 75 Percent of All Stars in the Universe

Big Ed hung up on a caller who told him he was sounding like a republican

Funniest Wisconsin tourism ad I've seen so far...

Egypt bans Hamas, labels it a terrorist organization

The #1 privilege is being pretty...

Young Guns: How Gun Violence is Devastating the Millennial Generation

Economists Say Paul Ryan Misrepresented Their Research (The Fiscal Times)

Young Guns: How Gun Violence is Devastating the Millennial Generation

Mobile phone anticipated in 1979.

We can say what we like about GWB, but he'd never have tolerated Russian aggression in Ukraine

Kentucky AG bows out of marriage case

Stupidity is not OK....

Venezuela's Maduro claims that Putin backs him

Thrown in jail for being poor: the booming for-profit probation industry

Poll: Prejudice and discrimination against the nonwhite

Russia’s Gazprom scraps gas price rebate for Ukraine, offers loan to pay bills

It all started when 27,000 US troops invaded Panama

U.S. justices extend employee whistleblower protections

White Privilege is real, even accounting for wealth, status, power or popularity

Kevin Spacey gets asked the questions that female celebrities get asked

Anyone use this alternative method to clean your monitor?

White House suggests Social Security cuts remain 'on the table'

Today's mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find a modern Conservative Humanitarian...

Fracking earthquakes: despite mounting evidence, Oklahoma geological survey downplays risks

Re: Bush and Putin

How do you like the Olympic movement now?

"Lexophile" is a word used to describe those that have a love for words, such as:

Georgia state lawmakers OK medical marijuana as seizure treatment

Slowpoke's Jen Sorensen is 2014 Herblock Prize Winner (First Woman Cartoonist to Win)

Still Life with Chocolate

RadioShack plans to close up to 1,100 U.S. stores

How to win EVERY argument with your Republican friend (I guarantee!)

RTs craziest Ukraine propaganda far

Is it ok to bet on a murder trial?

Texas Values (Anti-Gay Group): ‘This is the Beginning of an Epic Battle’

Texas Values (Anti-Gay Group): ‘This is the Beginning of an Epic Battle’

Can Hillary turn more states blue?

Carry-on crackdown: United enforces bag size limit

How 'bout that KNUS 760 discussion of the Ukraine.

What Economists Say About Paul Ryan's Report On Poverty

Russia test-fires ICBM

Kerry on Ukraine: You Don't Invade Another Country on Trumped Up Pre-Text

Democratic Asshole of the Week...KY Governor Steve Beshear

MSNBC Ukraine Flop: Map Shows Czechoslovakia

Patrick Stewart performs Shakespearean death scene to help Stephen Colbert fight Obamacare

Brazilian Carnival

Former paramilitary commander asks forgiveness for torture and killing (Colombia)

Former paramilitary commander asks forgiveness for torture and killing

NSA leaker Edward Snowden added to SXSW Interactive lineup

$10M Gold Coin Hoard Found in Yard May Have Been Stolen From Mint

Snowden to speak at SXSW

What did GWB do when Russia invaded Georgia?

Benghazi is back on the table!!

Iowa teens face hunting license suspension and fines for killing eagle

Russia Test-Fires ICBM Amid Tension Over Ukraine

Paul Ryan's Superficial Critique of Federal Poverty Programs

Andrew Cuomo – The False Democrat

Even sharks can have really bad days...

Kids react to "rotary phones":

Breaking down spending in Obama's budget proposal

The one Senate chart you need for the 2014 election

Food rave of the day: chicken

Lithuania recalls Moscow envoy over Ukraine crisis

While Presenting Best Picture, Will Smith Wins Razzie For Worst Actor

No. 1 UConn routs No. 3 Louisville to complete 31-0 regular season

Putin is against Nazis in Ukraine, but he loves them in Russia

Putin Brings Down Crimea Tensions; Kerry In Kiev

US Solicitor General sides with networks against Aereo in Supreme Court case

Eyes On GOP As Texas Holds Nation's 1st Primary

Harry Reid: 'Republicans Are Addicted To Koch'

"So now you'd give the Devil the benefit of law!"

Markets are spiking because of fears Putin will use energy as a weapon

Kerry says Russia looking for pretext to invade more of Ukraine

Good news: Obama gives the Palestinians an insurance policy

Dumb blonde?

That annoying moment when someone enters your room and leaves the door open when they leave... nt

"On the table." "Off the table." JARGON-TASTIC.

NYT article on RT host Abby Martin

Florida Parents Arrested After Abandoning Three Kids in the Woods

At AIPAC, Senator McCain Slams Obama’s Foreign Policy

As a white person, how would it look if I...

"Republicans Blow The Response To Putin's Aggression"

A fairytale

Largest Oil refinery on Fire in Europe....its in Russia

Crimean Leader Says Ukrainian Military Units Are Surrendering

Feds Earmark Millions For Disability Housing Assistance

McCain, Graham, Palin, Guiliani - I invite you

D.C. Just Decriminalized Marijuana!

Russia Notified US Ahead Of ICBM Test, U.S. Official Says

A problem with White Privilege as an everyday term in America

Congressman Stockman Threatens To Arrest Anyone Who Publishes His Mugshot, So Here’s His Mugshot

Lindsey Graham On Ukraine: 'It Started With Benghazi'

Colombia prosecutors to examine Santos’ computer in hacking case

The Doomsday Cult of Bitcoin

D.C. Council Votes to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Marijuana

Snowden, Putin Cited As Nobel Peace Candidates Hit Record

In 'propaganda' war, Crimeans hear different reality

Poll: Almost Half Of Arizonans Support Gay Marriage

At White House, Israel's Netanyahu Pushes Back Against Obama Diplomacy

Supreme Court extends whistleblower protections to employees at private firms

Neocons Move to Exploit Ukraine Crisis

Hepatitis C now kills more Americans each year than HIV

Venezuela Rising: Dispatch Four VICE

Heterosexual privilege.

Fort Bend County has active SWAT situation at key voting site

Weird. I just tried alerting a post and couldn't.

Is anybody familiar with

Whatever Happened to Hippy Jesus?


Psst... white folks, come here

March 14, 2015 at 9:26:53 will be epic... Why?

Pat Robertson on marrying first cousins: ‘Go for it,’ but don’t have ‘mongoloid’ kids

Russia TV host calls Ukraine intervention 'wrong' on-air - video

Easter 2014:

I gotta tell ya...Physical therapy is kicking my a**!

L.A. E-Cigarette Ban Approved

Rudy Giuliani: Unlike Obama, Putin is “what you call a leader”

Kerry bearing gifts: $1 Billion for Ukraine

Putin, besides being sociopathic, also suffers from NPD

Army General Could Face Life in Prison for Sexual Assault

Video: Ruthless paramilitaries kill 12 innocent members of Maria's family in 19 years over land disp

Religious Group Recruits New Members with "Gun Giveaway"

'The Romeikes Can Stay': Good News for German Home-Schooling Family Denied Asylum

Michigan enlists author of discredited study as “expert” witness in case against marriage equality

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary

That Jo Jo's always on my mi-mi-mind!

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham: Russia invaded Ukraine because of Benghazi

Toon: History

Now Mike McQueary wants to play the victim after failing a Sandusky victim

DC City Council Okays Marijuana Decriminalization

Dismantling Fukushima: The World's Toughest Demolition Project

Kim Novak and I...

Amory Lovins Keynote speaker 3rd APS Conference on the Physics of Sustainable Energy

Bogota public transport riots leave at least 30 injured and 8 in jail

I know this is only a fantasy, but...

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Ukraine's Past Cries For Help; Is Kerry's $1 Billion In Aid Too Late?

Russia tested ICBM missile that could hit the US

(Arkansas) House Approves Private Option Funding

NATO issues warning over Ukraine ahead of crisis talks with Russian officials

Asteroid passing Earth will be closer than moon

Sexual Abuse Has Become a Huge Problem for America's Bible Colleges

I have to admit I had to Google Crimea today to see exactly where it is...

Bitcoin bank Flexcoin closes after hack attack

Putin using US invasion of Iraq to justify

Huge, amoeba-infecting virus unleashed from Siberian permafrost

Keurig’s next generation of coffee machines will have DRM lockdown

Venezuela is not Ukraine

Venezuela is not Ukraine

D.C. Council Votes to Decriminalize Small Amounts of Marijuana

Another Bitcoin Startup Tanks After $600,000 Theft

This is a lovely coffee cup.

Arkansas House approves Medicaid expansion bill on fifth vote

Chipotle Warns It Might Stop Serving Guacamole If Climate Change Gets Worse

Ukrainian tennis star offers his thoughts on his country.

Feds extend temporary protected status for Haitians living in US - See more at: http://www.northjers

San Jose Runners Take Detour to Thank World War II Veteran

Faith and delusions

Check out Bao Bao

Crimea River (I wish there was more red handed evidence)

Three male teens sexually assault Calif. transgender student in boy’s restroom

There is a new database of missing and murdered aboriginal women, online.

The closed system of the biggest black market

CAP: Americans of All Political Stripes Want Congress to Pass Immigration Reform

Is Utility 2.0 a Forecast or a Post-Mortem?

Moscow professor who criticized Putin’s Crimean invasion has been fired, daughter says

Rumsfield blames a leadership

voting today was a chore

Catholic school boycotts Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade over ‘gravely immoral’ gay veterans

Human Rights Watch: Syrian government forces are using a powerful type of cluster munition rocket

"Bleak House" - Potential entry into Southern-themed juried show.

Number of times this President has cut Social Security: Zero

Mike Malloy - Cheney Against Military Spending Cuts

Peak Bloom for Cherry Blossoms announced.

Ted Nugent "raids with law enforcement" debunked as huge lie

Will marijuana taxes get so high that illegal marijuana comes back?


An opinion piece about children in families headed by police.

I love this post!!

David Pakman: George Zimmerman Chased Off Beach by Mob, Wants His Life Back

Why you should get news from more than one source...

Obama Uses ‘Soft Power’ to Quiet Critics, Move Agenda

CO-GOV frontrunner: "I hope and pray we don't see another civil war, but..."

Michele Bachman - Is Disappointed That American Jews 'Sold Out' By Supporting Obama

Putin Gives Largely Incoherent Press Conference - Srsly

Top Ten US Aid Recipients All Practice Torture


Obama has been working for peace in Ukraine since 2005

I Was Supposed to Cover the Westminster Dog Show, But I Rescued a Kitten Instead

High school senior lands date with Texans cheerleader, thanks to Twitter

2nd coldest Mardi Gras since 1874

Mike Malloy - God Is Really Pissed At Gays

How The Western Press Is Getting It Terribly Wrong In Ukraine

Seven things you absolutely need to know about Obama’s budget

Wife of US Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., obtains protective injunction against him

Stonehenge is like a sacred 'prehistoric glockenspiel', researchers claim

Mike Malloy - Republican Callers: Joe

Stocks Surge as Tensions Ease in Ukraine

Mercury the Kitten Has No Front Legs But Gets Around Like a Pro

Sears Supports the men and women of the Military

Critical crypto bug leaves Linux, hundreds of apps open to eavesdropping

Great News - DOE budget puts MOX fuel project on ice

Giving up DU for Lent

LSD Study Breaks 40 Years of Research Taboo

Rudy "Benito" Giuliani, on fellow fascist Putin: "He's What You Call A Leader"

Graham links Ukraine to Benghazi

Enough with the giving things up for Lent nonsense

California Guv Candidate Compares Obama To Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong Il, And King George III

anyone hear or see anything on the Ukraine issue from Latin America leaders?

Russian troops fire into air as Ukrainians march on Crimean airbase

In Venezuela the poor celebrate and the rich protest. Why?

Framing poverty

Prayers for peace

Paula Creamer 75' EAGLE Putt

Defiant Putin drops cool demeanor in Ukraine talk.

March 4, 1917

Mike Malloy - Paul Cameron & Mark Levin: Extremely Hateful Anti Gay Rhetoric

Ukraine chief rabbi accuses Russians of staging anti-Semitic ‘provocations’

Palin lauds Putin as likeable, forceful, and drilly

March 4, 1915

Rev Al discussing the criminal prosecution of Kelly and Stepien

Obama and Kerry Fact-Check Putin and Russia

Video from Ukranian Naval Base in Crimea

Fitch downgrades Beaumont ISD's bond rating; over $4 million embezzled

So I applied for a job today.

Said on the TeeVee (Academy Awards Special)

Sunsets and Cats Can Be Hazardous to Your Online Bank Account

Bernie Sanders Praises Obama’s Budget For Not Cutting Social Security

Glenn Greenwald lauds bravery of RT’s Abby Martin, then NY Times outs her as 9/11 Truther

Marijuana Advertising goes on Mainstream TV

Lindsay Davenport and Nick Bolletteri elected to Tennis Hall of Fame

Chronicles by Bob Dylan

U.S. Urges ‘Restraint’ Between Japan And South Korea

What a Bullshit Ad

Protest "honoring" Pat McCrory's speech to the local Chamber of Commerce!

How the global banana industry is killing the world’s favorite fruit (Panama Disease is spreading)

Texas Primary & Referendum Election Results Thread

RT Anchor Who Condemned Russian Invasion Is Also a 9/11 Truther

Sing Kitty

Updated list of all fracking sites. Is your state on the list?

Chevron wins US ruling on $9.5bn Ecuador payout

Russia Warns Could 'Reduce To Zero' Economic Dependency On US

Rationing like in Cuba, once a week purchases

Brilliant! Senator Scott Ludlam welcomes Tony Abbott to W.A.

U.S. activist, CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin held overnight in Egypt jail, claims abuse

Keurig coffee makers will implement DRM to block third-party coffee

How many here feel forced to be part of topics they find boring?

Police investigate assault of transgender teen in high school bathroom

50 Cent dubbed over Jehovah's Witnesses anti-masturbation video