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Some Crimea Jews Express Support For Russian Military Incursion in Crimea

I'm Having A Problem Logging On To A Website. Any Suggestions?

March to Confrontation

Comments by Putin about Ukraine at Supreme Eurasian Economic Council today

Moscow To Halt Military Steps In Ukraine – Only After US Guarantee Not To Post Missile Shield There

Sweden freezes development aid to Uganda over anti-gay law

Monster Black Hole Spins at Half the Speed of Light

When You Don't Exist

Ukraine Premier: Crimea will remain in Ukraine

Mass. court: Subway 'upskirt' photos not illegal

Doing it right. Hillary Clinton at UCLA: Putin is a 'tough guy with a thin skin'

Head of virtual currency exchange found dead in Singapore

Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out At Work By 30

Hi there.

A Chronology of the Ukrainian Coup

Wow, apparently John Harbaugh is the bigger d-bag of the two brothers

OP-ED Now that the primaries are over...... (lets debate homeowners insurance)

A site with good DIY info about fixing appliances

World War 3 will begin:

Farmington teachers complain after active shooter training gets too intense

Fox's John Scott to Lois Lerner: Answer questions if you want the death threats to stop

Marissa Alexander and Rico Gray probably aren't great people...

Researchers cure diabetes in mice

Ukraine crisis: CIA, not Pentagon, forecast Russian move -sources

I need advice on finding a home for a cat.

Don't hate me for talking sports in GD

Speaking of the 'good ole days'

Miss. House passes bills meant to restrict unions

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 6 March 2014

"Obamacare Just Made Americans Richer Without Anyone Noticing"

What is "mom jeans?" Palin is so dumb (and dumber)

"Mr. Ryan’s Small Ideas on Poverty"


New Hubble image of spiral galaxy ESO 137-001

The Worf of Starfleet - Trailer Parody (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Hey Guys!

Epigenetics provides explanation of fearful conservatives who cling to the 'tough guy' charicature

"We're not all like that!"

Stones and snacks under fire, February 2014

Congratulations to the Republicans...

U.S. Moves Six Fighter Jets to Baltics, More Airmen to Poland

The really big picture: A Re-balancing

Making a case for books

Meet my brood...

Helpless against the might of the state: Rabbi Ascherman replies to a friend of Carmel

Yakusoku dayo!

It's time to stop gay rights protesters with 'restrictions on free speech'

In populist appeal, Obama spotlights minimum wage

Posted without comment.

Hay y'all

Third-Graders Caught Smoking Weed in Elementary School Bathroom

I feel really stupid.

Ex-prison doctor bought guns, spoke of move to Central America, feds say

Costa Rica government's presidential candidate withdraws

Government working on new pot legislation, Peter MacKay says

Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine

Has John Boehner condemned GTA Issa's deplorable behavior to Ranking member Elijah Cummings

Papantonio: Return of the Economic Royalists

Ukraine crisis: bugged call reveals conspiracy theory about Kiev snipers

WTF with these (8) Senate dems voting against DOJ Nominee Debo Adegbile???

They Were Against Him Before They "For" Him

So, DST begins on Sunday. I absolutely loathe, despise, & intensely dislike this stupid business of

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!! Baptism by Bullets

This is grace, strength and beauty. This is a cover shot~ Picture Heavy

UN Chief to send another envoy to east Ukraine

Ancient Advice on Losing Weight, Sobering Up, Removing a Tattoo & More

Gotta Stand with President Obama on this one:

Arizona has forgotten its children

Los Angeles Bans Vaping/Ecigs in ALL public spaces

I hope it works out, too ...

Do You Hear The People Sing

Preston Niblack, City Council Official Charged In Domestic Assault, Placed On Leave

Elizabeth May says FATCA a threat to Canadian rights and sovereignty.


Senate Republicans May Be Warming Up To Medical Marijuana Legislation

Democratic Pundits: Be Ready for Republicans Pundit Tactics

Moving On ...

Who makes up Darrell Issa's constituency?

I really went and did it this time.

And Then Kerry Said...

foodabletv's first annual Foodie Fight between bloggers

Ex-RT Anchor Liz Wahl: RT 'Not About the Truth, It's About Promoting a Putinist Agenda'

Wow! They are so impressed with Putin! He may be their nominee in 2016.


Time to Wake Up: The Climate Denial Beast

Ukrainian tennis star Sergiy Stakhovsky weighs in on crisis with a Sports Illustrated interview

Hillary Clinton's comparision of President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler raises eyebrows

Watching Rachel's maddow coverage of the Texas republicans handling of women's reproductive rights

*Warning* Nature At Work *Warning*

*Rachel on Daily Show tonight re: 'Why we Did it.'

Rachel is on with Jon Stewart tonight - she just said it. Daily Show.

Journalists Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill Named to I.F. Stone Hall of Fame

Keystone Supporter Ed Schultz Now Opposes

How the WI Union Crackdown has effected other states


MPR Hour on can Unions Recover in Wisconsin

Gay rights advocates return to Utah capitol demanding statewide protections

Retired Supreme Court Justice Calls For Constitutional Amendment To Prevent Partisan Gerrymandering

Health care law could cost UNC system $46M

The 4-hour Workday

What is the deal with the Russian troops not wearing insignia in Ukraine?

Always remember ...

today in women's herstory-5 march

Has Anyone Seen Or Heard From Steve Kornacki Lately?......

Leonard Nimoy: Now they want to sell you cigarette substitutes to inhale. Don 't fall for it.

Voodoo Child

3/6, Thurs 9am on KFAI 90.3 Hear Syrian American discuss the Syrian Revolution

Mexico authorities investigate teacher for allegedly discriminating indigenous children

Lawrence Odonnell is really jazzed up

NATO to suspend cooperation with Russia

Yes, Virginia, Banking Contributes a Lot Less Value Than You are Led to Believe

a biography of the day-eliza ann cooper blaker (social reformer, educator)

This Is What Happens When A Woman Gets Sick Of Divorce And Mortgages. And It’s Brilliant.

Venezuelans mourn Chavez but protests don't break

Hannibal Lecter: Nothing evil about handball

Anchor Resigns On Air Over Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine (Update)

Mexican Protest Site Censored by GoDaddy — with the U.S. Embassy's Help

3/4/14 - Remarks by President Obama at DSCC Dinner

"Sorry, not P.C."

Rice student mysteriously vanishes on spring break trip

White House Announces 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll

Drug War Insurgent Barry Cooper Interviewed on London TV

in memoriam--patsy cline (Virginia Patterson Hensley (September 8, 1932 – March 5, 1963),

Statement by President Obama on Ash Wednesday

Ad problem in Firefox

Texas Man Engaging in Backyard Target Practice Shoots 9-Year-Old in the Head

Jackie Speier (D-CA): Darrell Issa like 'toddler in a sandlot'

Second US baby is HIV-free after early treatment

Someone tells a truth about abortion.

Florida man had sex with pit bull as neighbors begged him to stop

We NEED this! little kid conducts!

It's David Dewhurst vs. Dan Patrick in Texas lieutenant governor runoff

Again we are told that women are liars

I'm old. 2 movies came out 30 years ago: Spinal Tap & Repo Man.

God I love Sen. Harkin

Blessing in Disguise: Ukraine May Be the Last Straw–if It Doesn’t Kill Us All

OMG - I can't wait for Xmas to see the new Annie movie!!!!

Honest question for DU'ers

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 6, 2014 -- What's On Tonight - Ennio Morricone

(video) Bill Clinton and the Democrats Are Fighting Back Against GOP Election Stealing Efforts

The grace, beauty and humility of workers.

Head of bitcoin currency exchange found dead...

Anyone really believe that Clinton and her staff did not think someone would be taping her remarks

What is Happening in Venezuela?

The Senate voted down Obama's top civil rights nominee today

Hillary Clinton Shows How To Correctly Compare A Situation To Hitler And Nazi Germany

Brown, Netanyahu sign deal to strengthen ties between California and Israel

The dawn of Cold War II

It’s a BFD: Joe Biden and Eric Holder Challenge Republicans To Fund Rape Kit Testing

EU sanctions target Yanukovych, closest aides

My wife wants to write a letter to the office coordinator about issues she is having but she is

Please tell me this is real

After Getting Busted In a Huge Lie Fox News Is Shocked that Lois Lerner Won’t Testify

looking for a (or more) cool image for International Women's Day

September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor

I cannot post in GD since my post was voted out...but where is

*Rachel on Daily Show now.

Obama and Cameron Phone Call - Twitter Style

in case you haven't heard about the tech survey

The man I live with has become a MONSTER

"To the fatty running on the Westview track this afternoon:"

How long after a post has been hidden can one post again?

Is That Vladimir Putin in a 1988 Photo with Ronald Reagan?

'Now Can We Kick Them Out?!' Jon Stewart Reams Senate for 'F*cking Over Veterans'

DNC Chair (DWS) Connects Issa Cutting House Mic to Oppression in Ukraine, Venezuela - video link

Some funny doormats... (pic heavy)

U.S. Hopes Boom in Natural Gas Can Curb Putin

Maduro severs diplomatic ties with Panama

Thousands Attend 50th Anniversary Of The Civil Rights March In Frankfort

Project Morpheus (prototype lunar lander) Free Flight 8 video

Support Elijah Cummings for Congress.

I don't suppose there's any chance...

Poll finds Republicans resistant to Chris Christie presidential candidacy

After the Veto by Linda Greenhouse

We hit a wall...

Niger extradites Gaddafi's son Saadi

I saw a sneak peek of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Inside the Army's spectacular hidden treasure room --->

facts you didn't know about your dreams

Retired Supreme Court Justice Calls For Constitutional Amendment To Prevent Partisan Gerrymandering

Luckovich today about Putin's reasons for troops.

Here's a quote from a Russian from elsewhere on the net


From a cyber-friend from Croatia, just posted:

USDA to Allow Chickens From U.S. to Be Shipped to China for Processing and Back to U.S. for Consumpt

I have limited experiences with trains...

Freed Ex-Black Panther Marshall "Eddie" Conway on 44 Yrs in Prison, FBI Surveillance

*OBAMA EATS HERE!* The President and Govs Eating their Part for the Economy~

House overwhelmingly passes energy efficiency legislation

Energy chief: Industry arguments for exporting US oil are unconvincing

I'm confused about when red editing marks appear

Crowds of volunteers sign up to defend Ukraine at Kiev recruitment offices

Iditarod Invitational cyclist rides fat-tired bike to mind-boggling race record

Just on a little crazy note, in my county, I heard that there is a law being proposed

RT’s Abby Martin Goes Off on ‘Corporate Media’ Propaganda During Piers Morgan Interview

Historical Weird News: A Love Story

Rachel Maddow: CIA Spying on Congress 'is Death of the Republic Stuff'

The new Jews of L.A.: Meet L.A.'s mayor, 'a proud Jew who stands up for Israel'

Hate rears its ugly head on campus (Australia)

Michele Bachmann, Non-Jew Scolds Jews for Voting Incorrectly for Obama & Ushering in the 'End Times'

Jews in Crimea, St. Louis assess Russia’s intervtention

Y'know... I can call-out some actual Putin lovers

Who Counts as a Holocaust Survivor?

Obama: Maybe I should say I oppose raising the minimum wage, then Republicans would be for it

Clue to earthquake lightning mystery

Slavery: How To Think About The Origins Of The American Surveillance State

Senate Blocks Obama Civil Rights Nominee For Representing Death Row Inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal

Joint statement by Foreign Ministers of UK, US and Ukraine on Budapest Memorandum

accidentally alerted on my own post

Defense Budget Excludes Boeing's F/A-18 Fighter Jets

Did you know that schools had nude swimming till the mid-70s?

Nathan the happy dog thinks Pharrell was robbed at the Oscars

Looking for a motherboard for an Intel i5 processor

Crimea Referendum Moved Forward to March 16 – RIA

A NATO boots-on-the-ground nuclear tripwire force....

Feds give 2-year grace period for non-Obamacare plans

Married and Single People can't be friends or can they? Should I end it?

Second HIV baby may have been ‘cured’, doctors say

So the head of the Port Authority Police Union didn't mean to mislead about the traffic study

Shame on us for even asking their opinion (Maddow last night with Jon Stewart)

The design for a memorial to the victims of the Utøya massecre in Norway is stunning:

My wife just found out she has diabetes.

Russia Today: Crimean Gov't Votes to Join Russia, Referendum Pushed Up to March 16!

China's Premier wants to declare "war on pollution" as smog becomes extra horrible

Crimea set to vote on joining the Russia federation OH BOY!!

8 Colombia soldiers arrested in deepening ‘false positives’ scandal

What CBO Report? The State With The Highest Minimum Wage Is Adding Jobs.

300 complaints over fraud in Colombia’s upcoming congress election

When the left cheek burns

The GOP is addicted to Koch

Scholars launch petition against censorship of Israel critics

Pope Francis Suggests Support for Civil Unions

Cherry Fairs

Unusual ruling in horrific attack on boy expected today

Ladies Night

General to admit guilt on 3 counts; denies assault

Why I stopped watching porn: Ran Gavrieli at TEDxJaffa 2013

Philly schools accused of religious beard bias

2 more Texas clinics closing amid new abortion law

Meet the Company That Can Track Everywhere You've Been and Tell Police About It

‘Peeping Toms are jumping for joy’: Upskirt pics are legal, Massachusetts’ top court rules

A Healthy Economy Requires Fewer People Working on Wall Street, Making Much Less Money

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Clowns

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- The Crazy Man in the East

U.S. Drone Strike Kills 5 Afghan Soldiers

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

General (Sinclair) to admit guilt on 3 counts; denies assault

Ben Bernanke has earned more from one speech than he did last year at the Fed

Phonies, Frauds and Liars: Why GOP’s Poverty Strategy Is Even More Cynical Than You Think

Gold is now the latest bank price-fixing scandal

"Montani Semper Liberi" --- a song by Scott Holstein

Deadly Force: Arming America's Police

New "I Can't Wait" Campaign Illustrates Why Our Affordable Housing Crisis Needs to End

The increasingly disingenuous McCrory Administration

Second infected baby cleared of HIV

Nixon Announces Trade Accord Between Missouri and Quebec

SpaceX and ULA go toe-to-toe over EELV contracts

NPR Lets Pew Polling Expert Paul Taylor Promote Generational Conflict On Social Safety Nets

Sanjay Gupta: 'I am doubling down' on medical marijuana

U.S. Drone Strike Kills 5 Afghan Soldiers

The USS Reagan Is Fukushima’s Unlucky Dragon

Crimea Parliament Asks to Join Russia

Colbert Report: Bill O'Reilly on the Downside of Woman Presidents

Alzheimer’s Estimated to Be No. 3 Killer Disease in U.S.

Obama to Democrats: Focus on 2014 -- not 2016

Same-sex couples challenge Wyoming's ban on gay marriage

advice about bluebonnets

silicon valley boom eludes many, drives income gap

If you knit, some penguins could use your help!

Coal Mine Fire Brings A Taste Of Beijing To Austalia; PM 2.5 Readings Beyond "Hazardous"

Former French President Sarkozy and wife suing over secret audio recordings

Definition of STUPID

This is STRANGE: Air Force halts voluntary separation pay, 15-year retirements

Study - Ethiopia Dam Plan Could Reboot Aral Sea Disaster In Africa, Devastate 4th-Largest Lake

The Ukraine crisis through the whimsy of international law (Or what would the US do in Bahrain ?)

Would My Blood Test Still Cost $1,132 if the US Had a Public Health Option?

Engineers Working On Substantial Crack In Wanapum Dam Spillway (Columbia River)

Rutgers professors: We don't want Condoleezza Rice at commencement

US Announces Visa Restrictions on Russians

2 Yrs After Reforms, Congress Resumes Heavily Subsidized Flood Insurance For High-Risk Areas

Atheist-turned-believer Sara Miles’ radical Ash Wednesday practice

Atheists nervous about coming out in southern states

Crimea lawmakers vote to leave Ukraine for Russia, set referendum date

Alberta Regulators Suspend Steam Extraction Of Tar Sands

IBM China workers strike over terms in $2.3 billion Lenovo deal

Meet a Catholic priest who performs same-sex unions

New GOP Approach: More And More Fracking, Drilling, Keystone = Standing Up To Putin

Crimean Parliament Votes Unanimously To Become Part Of Russia

CSIRO Releases Forecast For Longer, Hotter, Drier Bushfire Season Down Under

Staples to Shut 225 Stores, Seeks $500 Million in Cost Cuts

Crimean vice-premier: Crimea is now part of Russia; only Russian troops are legally armed

Church to State: GET OFF MY LAWN

Noam Chomsky | Security and State Power

Any "Attack on Titan" fans here?

Why is American internet so slow? Behind Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Uruguay.

What do the US, Somalia and South Sudan have in common?

Hawaii, Grover Cleveland, Int'l Law, and Putin

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Capitalism and Its Costs

'Carbon bubble' threatens stock markets, say MPs

Wisconsin’s Legacy for Unions (NYT)

Lindsey Graham Defends Saying Ukraine 'Started With Benghazi'

'Russia Today' anchor Liz Wahl quits live on air over Vladimir Putin’s military action in Crimea

TIME Newsmaker Interview: Bernie Sanders Says He’d Make a Better President Than Hillary Clinton

Great white shark's epic ocean trek

Rep. Cummings: I Was Trying To Help Issa When He Cut Off My Mic

Ah-dorable factoid. Re: Maleficient.

Pretty Much Carless & Won't Be ABle to Get a New Car for 2 Months.Any Suggestions?

Immune upgrade gives 'HIV shielding'

Relationship Between Man and Cat May Be Older Than We Think

The Last Rural Abortion Clinics in Texas Just Shut Down

Schumer: BDS is antisemitic

Venezuela cuts ties with Panama, calling country a 'lackey' for the United States

Goodnight Moon author’s poetry to be published posthumously

Tea Party Eats Their Own

Presidential quote for today:

Rising sea levels will drown your Western art history course

C-Span 3 Live 9 am EST, House Foreign Affairs CMTE Hearing on Ukraine

James Kirchik, neocon and former writer for Radio Free Europe helped Liz Wahl with

A Divided Conservative Movement Tries To Come Together For CPAC

(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet

Seriously Cool Climate Tool! "Sea Ice For Walrus Outlook" Program

The Power to Lose at the (electricity deregulation)

U.S. jobless claims tumble to three-month low

Obama's Pot Breakthrough

Greenwich Village subway platform assault investigated as bias attack

Dems: Wait for Europe Before Hitting Putin’s Wallet

Ukraine: The Value of Risk Analysis in Foreseeing Crises

BP Splitter Refinery Seen Skirting U.S. Oil Export Ban

Would invulnerability end gun-violence?

US Policy of Isolating Russia and Expanding NATO Is a Dismal Failure

Schumer calls for first statewide heroin database

Pope Francis' Popularity Makes Catholics More Excited About Their Faith

Yesterday was my first ultrasound treatment!

Gov. Cuomo Trumps All GOP Rivals, But Job Approval Rating Drops: Marist Poll

Newsmax CEO Wants To Combat Fox News With Conservative Cable Channel

Violence in Venezuela: the myths versus facts

Survivor Cagayan - Episode 2 Discussion Thread - No Spoilers please on future episodes

:whhhhrrrr: :click: :pop:

Chevron Evades Justice in Ecuador Pollution Case

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday March 6, 2014)

One of my new neighbors is a yard sale guru!

Full Disclosure Resulting in Pharma Companies Cutting Back on Marketing

Libya relocates parliament to hotel after attack

SPLC: Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Contemplated ‘Civil War’ against Obama Administration

‘Morning Joe’ freaks out over Democratic claims that GOP is ‘addicted to Koch’

Four same-sex couples challenge Wyoming’s marriage ban

City Council's Jimmy Van Bramer: "Progressive Moment" Can Lead To Win On NYC Pre-K

Egypt bars Gaza-bound Irish Nobel Peace Laureate Maguire

Activists amazed Corbett will rearrage $157K of Fed $ to avoid $3 Billion in food stamp cuts

Israeli forces level private Palestinian land in Jordan Valley

State Assembly Votes To Delay Parts Of The Common Core

President Obama Speaks on Raising the Minimum Wage

NY bill adds penalties for polluting criminals

Why Hollywood Thinks Atheism is Bad for Business

Little bluebird says...

Post #600!!

State Dept - President Putin's Fiction: 10 False Claims About Ukraine

Why I can't stand white belly dancers (re cultural appropriation)

Is there a taste difference between Ground Turkey and Ground Chicken?

The Poor Wittle Persecuted Christian Family Redux- Why I stand by

'GTMO celebrates 50 years of civil rights in America'

The U.S. Economy's Big Baby Problem

On Cheering a Violent ‘Democratic’ Coup in Ukraine --(Robert Parry)

Ray Kelly lands a job with a real estate giant

Getty makes 35 million photos free to use

How Economic Inequality Kills

How Ireland got Apple's $9bn profit

Greenwald and Scahill are the First Members selected to the I.F. Stone Hall of Fame

Military sexual assault bill heads for Senate vote

Tunisia lifts emergency rule in force since 2011 uprising

Meet the environmental “regulator” who hates science: John Skvarla’s coal ash mess

Special B’Tselem project: Women illustrators depict stories of Palestinian women in split Gaza-West

Piece Of Heaven

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Jamaican Bud Business

pretty horrible homeless story from Vermont

Destroyer USS Truxtun heads for Black Sea amid heightened tensions over Crimea

UN demands explinations for repression in Venezuela (Spanish)

"Moonshot, Woodstock, Watergate, punk rock"

Big Oil, Big Loser As Russia Meddles

Repression in Palaima

i got so mad. i rarely get mad. regardless of what people say or think across computer land.

Stuff Nightmares are built on:

WATCH: Dalai Lama Leads Senate Prayer For First Time Ever

Freshmen lawmakers back stripping pensions from felon colleagues

Just starting to sew and we started a cool first project.

Retired Supreme Court Justice's proposed potential amendments to the Constitutionsuggested

Meanwhile, in Florida...

If you do not want cell phone chatting while flying

Obama to Black People: I’m Showing You the Money

Five Afghan soldiers killed in air strike by NATO-led force

Papantonio: The Shadow Government That Runs Washington

Venezuela cuts ties with Panama, calling country a 'lackey' for the United States

Obama’s Budget Filled With Election Year Political Messages

Fifty Shades of Grey

Law & technology clash: Massachusetts court says 'upskirt' photos are legal

I am happy about...

Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Found, Newsweek Says

"Scott Walker Emails Reveal He's a Decisive, Hands-on Leader"

Prime Suspect

Oklahoma’s ‘Dr. Mike’ allowed to continue injecting miraculous ‘Jesus shot’ for $300 a pop

Worse Than the Mob: The Insurance Industry Is Organized Crime

TYT: Obama = 'Sissy' Or 'Angry Black Man'?

Kansas Tries to Figure Out Its Own Religious Freedom Laws

The TTIP is a vehicle to bring Europe to heel on regulatory power

Republican Senate Majority Leader fast tracks bill to allow in-session lobbyist checks

McConnell gets lukewarm CPAC reception

Outrageous! Wisconsin publication lists names of state's biggest "welfare queens".

TYT: Exploiting The Ukraine Crisis To Push The Keystone Pipeline

"Wire" Creator Plans MLK HBO Mini-Series

Black Caucus calls for removal of Darrell Issa from Oversight Committee

Man accused of cooking heroin while driving

Norway will cut through an island in tribute to massacre victims

The Progressive: We must address appalling state of financial literacy

The Progressive: How Corporations are the Biggest Tax Dodgers

Ferocious dino was European giant (BBC)

Rep. Gerry Connolly Condemns Issa's "Shameful" Trampling of Minority Rights, "McCarthyism"

Beauprez clarifies stance on personhood abortion ban (CO-GOV)

'Snowden Phone' Offers Advanced Call, Text and Web Encryption

Help! Is there a physicist in the house?

When you intentionally distort events in a foreign country in order to further conspiracy theories..

Won't you join me in Hell. It's cats puking to techno music

Maddie: "A friend for a life's journey":

Confounded by someone who died before the invention of zero

TYT: Rep Awkwardly Attempts To Cut Mic Of Ranking Dem

Syria security HQ blast 'kills five'

Exclusive: Russia wants IMF to move ahead on reforms without U.S. - sources

Ana Kasparian Educates "Ignorant" Pastor About Herself & Her Boobs

Moscow’s weaknesses explain Crimea Crisis, not Washington’s

Cuba agrees to open talks with EU on new political accord

‘Boss bill’ would prevent discrimination based on reproductive health

Bronx woman credits fortune cookie for $2 million lottery win

Portraits of three women in Congo: Their lives, their rapes, their recovery

Your mother eats beans and onions!

The Point: Leave the Rich Alone!!! Why Do Billionaires Feel Threatened?

Normal is overrated

In California, Drought Plays Out Unexpectedly

Animal-rescuing Cop Becomes Baltimore's Most Eligible Bachelor

Pig Boy: Obama Would Go After Putin If He Was A Tea Partier

Gov. Cuomo announces $28.6 million in solar development that will include Staten Island projects

Ed Schultz has evolved his position on the Keystone XL Pipeline: He's opposed now.

Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context

Is Ed Schultz wearing a neckbrace on his radio show today?

People who want to ban e-cigs are the useful idiots of Big Tobacco

Ending Currency Manipulation Would Create Jobs in Every State, Netting Up to 5.8 Million Jobs

Sam Seder: Random Rush- "Obama Promised a Utopia But Look At Ukraine!" says Pig Boy

Sam Seder: CPAC Panel on How to Deny Climate Change

Sam Seder - CNBC: Climate Change is Witchcraft!

Two old useless farts playing fort...

Death-defying elephant recovers from fourth poaching attempt

Road trip to San Antonio, for some CockAsian!

Pic Of The Moment: Raising The Minimum Wage Will Lead To Disaster! Or Not...

U.S. response to Ukrainian crisis takes shape

Witness Protection Program for Dogs -- interesting idea, pass it along

Heading for Paris next week!

Sam Seder: 'Medicaid for Me, Not For Thee!' says Paralyzed Republican Lawmaker

the world's coming trillionaires

Shouting 'Fire' in a Room of Scientists: Breastfeeding and Sensationalism

Dear Mr. Putin: Crimea can have a referendum on independence right after Chechnya gets one

marriage equality comes to cook county

Pot meet kettle - Human Rights Record of the United States in 2013 - Chinese report

Any interest in a Diabetics Group?


let's make capitalism a dirty word

Product placement

Sam Seder - Republican: If Abortion is Legal, Rape Should Be Too!

Christie To Harry Reid: 'Stop Picking On Great Americans' Charles And David Koch

Did you increase the number of DUers we can have on our Jury Blacklists?

How Universal Basic Income Can Fight Climate Change - Alyssa Battistoni Discusses

Coal mine in the Kimberley on the Mighty Fitzroy river (e action B4 election day)

“Redefining Realness”: Janet Mock’s compelling memoir about gender, race, identity

Photos of colorful sunsets and cute kitties will drain your bank account

College Grads Taking Low-Wage Jobs Displace Less Educated

250 Clergy Call For Mayor de Blasio's Pre-K Tax Plan To Be Enacted

We have got to put the "We" back in we are the government not "they".

What does DU think about Russia's conduct/behavior re: Ukraine?

darrell issa releases relevant evidence to fox news without providing it to oversight committee

MSNBC confirms no member of Christies Office will appear before the commitee

Pussy Riot attacked in Nizhny Novgorod McDonalds

Having voted for Both Kerry and Obama to be President...

Richard Fowler: Corporation Exploits Loophole To Build 600 Mile Tar Sands Pipeline Quickly

Russia and the Budapest memorandum

CPAC 2014 Live Stream

Richard Fowler: Man Fatally Shoots Himself Demonstrating Gun Safety

Richard Fowler: Alabama Leg. Approves Bill Requiring School Prayer

Putin's folly in Crimea - he should read his Chekhov. Richard Cohen essay

Congressional Black Caucus Blasts Darrell Issa For Disrespectful Conduct, Demands His Removal

Rep Steve King: Being Gay 'Self-Professed' Behavior, Not Protected

Man Flying KKK Flag & Noose: We Don't Beat Up Faggots or Blacks

An Interview with Mira, Andrei, and Sascha of AntiFascist Action Ukraine

Baby Animals and Their Nursing Mothers Are Living (and Dying) in Horror at UK Lab

Good statement from Obama re: Crimea and Russian claims. Essentially, put up or shut up.

The "Rock Cats" are coming to San Francisco in May. I can't wait!

CPAC: Jerry Boykin stops just short of saying Benghazi is more important than Constitution

Putin's ratings boost in Russia on Olympics and Ukraine crisis

Chesapeake, Encana face criminal antitrust charges in Michigan

Spring fails in Ukrainian plunderland

Shutting down science in the fracking debates: A resounding success

CIA probing allegations it improperly monitored Senate committee: reports

Mitch McConnell Brandishes Gun at CPAC...insanity rules

Ukrainians Breathe Sigh of Relief As Diplomatic Efforts Continue Between West & Russia

U.S. freedom of navigation operations in 2013 targeted China, Iran

Obama: Crimea referendum would be illegal

Well, should I get a new computer or what?

Privacy and Paranoia

Paul Ryan: Free School Lunch Means Poor Parents Don't Care About Kids

Michael Gianaris: Rob Astorino "Very Right Wing Wolf Masquerading In Moderate Sheep's Clothing'

Dementia Taking Its Toll on Dean Smith (sad)

Can we get a Diabetic Support Group started...

In the SF Bay Area, million-dollar homes are torn down to start fresh

Patsy Cline and the Women of Country Music

30,000 posts.

How Obamacare May Lower The Prison Population More Than Any Reform In A Generation

Stop Throwing People Away!

Analysis: Fewer U.S. gun owners own more guns

New Jersey archbishop sells church assets to build himself an indoor swimming pool (the IRONY!)

Courtesy Stigma and the Consequences of Deviance

America's Least Literate Cities (their location may surprise you!)

Paul Ryan’s Contradiction

Obama: Crimea Referendum Would Violate International Law

Espaillat Adds National Action Network Field Director to Congressional Campaign Team

I need to stop my membership $$$ from being deducted from...

The Rude Pundit: Darrell Issa Has Questions, But You Are Not Allowed To Ask Yours

Don't forget, sign-up for the Lounge pig races is now open.

what's for dinner - thursday, march 6

Tourists ticketed for getting too close to the [Niagara] falls

Robert Parry (on the MSM's propaganda)- "Putin or Kerry: Who’s Delusional?"

Dumbass wouldn't have stood for it..

This List Goes to 11!: Eleven Trends Predicted by 'This is Spinal Tap'

The world is changing...

Exonerated death row inmate takes on his former prosecutor in Texas

I wonder what Chuck Todd thinks of his heroes at the CPAC Conference

NOAA says El Nino is coming

Creative (I hope) Venting About Giuliani and Issa

World's Most Famous Brothel Up for Sale

This should be done nationwide... Right?

FTC says ADT settles deceptive reviews charges

One side isn't even trying to reach consensus in gun debate

There's No Need to End Saturday Mail Delivery - Sen. Bernie Sanders

Two Oscar Voters Admit They Didn't Watch 12 Years A Slave, Voted For It Anyway

Florida Supreme Court says immigrant here illegally can't get law license

not having such a hot day

Some states still pushing drug testing for welfare

Judge rules Duke (Energy) must stop groundwater pollution at NC coal ash sites

Capitalism is NOT a dirty word.

Nation's First Birthing Center/Abortion Clinic Opens in Buffalo. This Is Huge.

"What I wanna do is give them my hair."

Russian neo-nazi leader continues using Putin-friendly to plan abductions of young gays

Booby Jindahl Sez: President Obama Worse Than Jimmy Carter: Cali Sez:

Who do you call when you can't remember your password?

Dozens of Kashmiri Students Expelled for Cheering Pakistan Cricket Team

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 7, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Food In The Movies

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 8, 2014 -- The Essentials - Paddy Chayefsky & Delbert Mann

-Bill would prevent EPA from ever requiring coal-fired power plants to control carbon pollution!

Final Keystone XL Comment Period

Final Keystone XL Comment Period

Keystone XL ad visible on White House website

GOPer: World 'Laughing At Us' While 'Kerry's Flying Around And Drinking Merlot'

Missing avalanche victim identified; Search continues in La Plata Mountains

Cardinal Dolan Joins de Blasio to Campaign for Pre-K, but Not for Tax Hike

Why does Randi Rhodes start with JonStewart everyday

That there is no left wing/liberal counterpart to CPAC is damned significant

why do people change their profile pics on facebook

29 Nebraska senators sign letter in support of Keystone XL pipeline

I applaud President Obama for ignoring the drumbeats from the "war

Schneiderman lists top consumer complaints

The past tense of lead is led.

Russia sinks ship to block Urkrainian naval vessels from entering Black Sea

Mitch McConnell Brings a Gun to CPAC

Brooklyn Assemblyman Found Guilty in Corruption Trial

Bringing Home the Big Bucks in the Public Sector

Cruise ship rescues 24 stranded Cubans

Bernie Sanders wants to unite Tea Party and progressive voters in 2016 White House run

the Big Lie that a 'coup' lead to Yanukovych leaving power

Dalai Lama Opens Senate Session With Prayer

Dalai Lama Opens Senate Session With Prayer

Think Spring. With topiaries. *image-heavy content*

Texas school puts date rape drug detectors in drink coasters for spring break

People's Republic of China publishes White Paper Criticizing US Human Rights Record 2013

You WON'T Re-write History

Tornado Warning in South Florida

'Talking Trash' Report Slams NYC's Expensive and Environmentally Outdated Garbage Plan

Steeped in Bloody History, and Seeing a Chance to Rewrite It.

The 7 largest landowners in the nation own 2% of its land mass.

Party time!

How George W. Bush "stood up" to Vladimir Putin---you know, like a "real man."

PPP Poll: John McCain Is The Least Popular Senator In The Country

food rave of the day: kale

LaPierre Warns Of Vast Media-Political Conspiracy Out To Get NRA

UPDATED: Furious House Dems Demand Issa's Removal As Committee Chairman

The 6th juror

So much blithering stupidity at CPAC, but Donald Trump manages to looks the dumbest...

Or is it about oil and gas, too? "Ukraine crisis is about Great Power oil, gas pipeline rivalry"

CPAC 2014: your early 2016 candidate stump-speech scorecard – with video!

Boeing to end pension plans for nonunion employees

Poll finds Republicans resistant to Chris Christie presidential candidacy

Dem Challenger Criticizes McConnell: 'That's Not The Way To Hold A Gun'

Health insurance marketplaces signing up few uninsured Americans, surveys say

We are political geeks. Yes. We are.

Bad press on Walker can appear in a WI paper one day-disappear from that paper the next day (3-3-14

Donald Trump Thinks Jimmy Carter Is Dead

Udall pushes natural gas exports measure amid Ukraine crisis

DeBlasio Stands Firm on Charter $chools

CPAC...opening speaker = ted cruz....closing speaker = sarah palin

Cincinnati police probe Greenpeace security breach

Frack Water, a fragrance by Jerry Brown ..

The Pentagon’s Phony Budget Wars - The Nation

Big problem for GOP. Most important CPAC 2014 panel....

Why McConnell Voted For Democrats' Military Sexual Assault Bill

Disclaimer, I did not take this or photoshop this photo. It's just fun.

Zimmerman, Dunn and what went horribly wrong: Author Lisa Bloom talks to Salon

Breaking: Judge rules Duke must stop groundwater pollution at NC coal ash sites

Republicans hate Veterans.

VA Rep. Gerry Connolly Demolishes Right-Wing Activist at IRS Hearing

Right-wing folk singers. No, they exist. And they're at CPAC.

Boil Water advisory for parts of DC

The same people who claimed the rebels used chemicals in Syria are now pushing Putin propaganda.

Does one tip a personal trainer? If so, how much?

American Atheists Work To Keep WTC Cross Out Of 9/11 Museum

American Atheists Work To Keep WTC Cross Out Of 9/11 Museum

Former Gay Man Explains Transition to Heterosexuality

Get the fuck off of my fucking lawn: Reading app helps readers to read 600 words per minute

Senate roll vote on military sexual assault

Chris Christie opens wide at CPAC

Meat, dairy may be as detrimental to your health as smoking cigarettes

Kirsten Gillibrand’s sexual assault bill derailed

How Do We Know That the President IS Doing the Right Thing in the Ukraine?

“I dare you to go to a lesbian bar”: How this gay conservative defends keeping discrimination legal

Nader sends Bernie an unpleasant, sneering letter.

Since It Can't Sue Us All, Getty Images Embraces Embedded Photos

Here there be dragons

You didn't ask for it, but here it men and kittehs!

Capitalism: what's that?

*** gets out stapler and hangs sign in DU Bathroom about the recent shortage of TP ***

Donald Trump still whining about American jobs, BUT...

Paul Ryan has a deal for you

The flaw of capitalism is right there in the word. Our economic system should be people-centered....

OMG: Paul Ryan's "empty soul" line plagiarized from Captain Picard?!

Conservative is the dirty word & the root of the problem

Army Sexual Assault Lawyer Accused of Sexual Assault

NY-Born Man Sentenced For Role With Al Qaeda Testifies Against Bin Laden’s Son-In-Law

Santos orders intervention after torture houses found in Pacific port city

Santos orders intervention after torture houses found in Pacific port city

"The GOP is addicted to Koch."

CPAC: How the IRS Scandal is Just Like Russia Invading Ukraine

Darrell Issa: GOP’s resident thug

Thought experiment: How good a case does Mexico have to take over Arizona?

Commanders of new Mexican Police force are trained in Colombia

Disappointing results for AUC Justice and Peace Law: Supreme Court

'Mummified' body found in garage of foreclosed house

4 accused gays whipped in Nigerian court

Grenada, the Crimea, and the GOP.

From top cop to ex-con, Kerik slams U.S. prison system

A Book for that one person we all know!

Because 50 times was not enough!!!

When We Get You Down, STAY DOWN! Blue dogs help Rethugs Get the Message across

Army lawyer accused of sexual assault

Papantonio: GOP’s New Voter Suppression Efforts

Papantonio: The End of Austerity?

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and ask... Why?

Sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Obama Civil Rights Nominee Knew He Was Doomed But Wanted Debate, Harry Reid Says

What a difference a month makes...

Obama Civil Rights Nominee Knew He Was Doomed But Wanted Debate, Harry Reid Says

Camera in the cold?

The Faces of Obamacare (North Coast Journal)

Conservative group Alec trains sights on city and local government

This man has been helping people in need for 40 years... Payin' it forward.

Russia Today's Abby Martin discusses her recent anti-Russia comments during an exclusive interview

Help please. I was told about a site that can help me learn Spanish...

I might have to investigate the celestial statute of limitations on a couple of these

"I hope that my..."

Batkid booted from Oscars broadcast

Notice: extremly violent graphic content. OVER 18 ONLY!!!!

How political exclusion affects Colombia’s afro-descendant minority

Comcast and Time Warner join forces to kill the Internet as we know it

State's last witness says unrepentant homosexuals are going to hell

I was elected precinct president last night at the statewide dems precinct meetings....hmmm

How Working In Washington Taught Me We’re All A Little Like RT America

Harry Reid To Charles And David Koch: Come At Me, Bros

Breaking News WORLD Dalai Lama Human Values in a Material World

Conservatives smear LBJ with questionably sourced racist quote

Pepe Escobar - Spring Fails in Ukranian Plunderland...

Oxytocin Boosts Placebo Effect

California farmers hire dowsers to find water

Behold Arscoin, our own custom cryptocurrency!

Virginia lawmakers repeal sodomy ban

Ukraine's Crimea Raises Tension by Setting Secession Vote

Guy In Yoga Pants Pranks Male Passersby And Shows What Some Women Have To Put Up With - video

House Passes $1 Billion in Loan Guarantees to Aid Ukraine

If you want to know whats going on in Democratic Republic of Congo

"Rock snot" is the grossest climate change effect we’ve ever seen

DA Vance: 3 Executives At Once-Premier Law Firm Helped ‘Cook The Books’ Amid Economic Collapse

Manny Ramirez still wants to play

NATO Airstrike That Kills Afghan Soldiers Deals Fresh Blow To Ties

Capitalism and Socialism have differing aims and cannot really criticise each other...

Why on hell are some peple so in need to TRASH Kerry all the time?

Survey: IT pros not concerned about NSA spying

AES Seeks to Replace Gas Power Plants With Big Batteries

Sin City sequel. MFM would have loved it.

Key congressman expresses opposition to proposed reductions in US aid to Colombia

Obama Urges Putin In Phone Call To Accept Terms Of Diplomatic Solution For Ukraine

Tough crowd.

CPAC2014: Donald Trump, Birther Till Death

Who isn't color impaired? Need nelp.

Olive Garden to accept Bitcoin for payment!

Here comes Spring

U.S. v. Windsor Must Be This Generation’s Brown v. Board of Education, Not Its Roe v. Wade

John McCain is trailing Gabby Giffords (PPP Poll)

A Specter Is Hunting Israel: The Specter Of The BDS Movement

Why DC Lobbyists are Vanishing...The Shadow Lobbying Complex!

Do you know where your drugs come from?

What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis