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Scripps - 4 March 2014 Atmospheric CO2 Content 398.42 ppm

Senate Blocks Gillibrand’s Military Sexual-Assault Bill

So is the Primary process dead?

GOP Pollster Luntz Praises Schumer At AIPAC For Position On Iran

GOP lawmakers react to phony Fox News report with ‘No Welfare For Weed’ bill

Harry Reid to Politico: 'Get a brain, OK?'

Former Congressman Blames Putin’s Paranoia For Ukraine Conflict

Why The White House Won't Commit To Keeping Crimea In Ukraine

So the real reason for the IRS hearing yesterday

Fire Dept Hazmat Team Confirms Coal Ash In River In Danville, VA

Smart, personable, tells it like it is.

Don't Forget: Rachel Maddow's "Why We Did It: Bush's Oil War" On Tonight MSNBC 9 PM ET

STOCK MARKET WATCH - -Friday, 7 March 2014

Top Army sex crimes prosecutor accused of groping woman during sexual assault conference

Clarence Thomas’s Wife Asks If Obama Administration Provided Material Support to Terrorists

I can relate to this.

Metal Pipe That Collapsed Only One, Said Duke, Then Admits To Eight More At Other Waste Sites

Barnie should take care of the poverty problem in the NorthEast Kingdom with ski town being bought up

Apparently people here have forgotten Viktor Yushchenko

Castro Visit Causes Catastrophic Muttering in Caracas

Pa. Cops caught on camera protecting law-breakers

SUNDAY is the beginning of daylight savings time...

A naked human body is a naked human body, not a sex object.

Wash. state Supreme Court upholds privacy rights on text messages, tosses out 2 drug convictions

Who Controls the Corporate Media Message?

Just wondering, Am I wrong to be somewhat confident about the midterm elections?

If you eliminate rational reasons for why an act happened...

Reddit "Ask Me Anything" about Fukushima by Union of Concerned Scientists

Peter Pomerantsev: ‘Russia is wherever we are’

US Legislators: To Punish Putin, Frack More

Grenada, the Crimea, and the GOP

White House - FACT SHEET: Combatting Violence against Women

This is why Vietnam won a thirty year war.

Rep. Cummings: "I Was Trying To Help Issa When He Cut Off My Mic"

Peter MacKay demands apology for Nazi swastika cartoon

Republicans have been trying to disrupt the work of the Civil Rights Division

Jesse Ventura rips b*tchy billionaires: The poor work just as hard as you do

Woman allegedly mentioned demons before going into ocean

Wendy Davis to join President Obama at civil rights program next month in Texas

US national security adviser headed to Israel in May

NC just lost a good Democrat...


Help me send Steve Wynn a message in Massachusetts---DU this Poll

State Dept settles with Esterline. $20M civil penalty, suspends $10m of it

U.S. extends antidumping duties on Chinese laminated woven sacks

Obama Spoke With Putin On Phone Thursday To Push Diplomatic Solution

Safeway sold for $9 billion, merges with Albertsons

Paul Ryan's Heartwrenching Tale of a Hungry Kid Also Appears in a Heartwrenching Book

Good for you Dems and particularly the Black Caucus

Lab tests show oil in Lac-Mégantic crash was as volatile as gasoline

It's been 11,503 Days Since Darrell Issa Committed Arson...

Young Republicans confirm that their peers hate Republicans

The return of the glob! Lubbock's Mr. Conservative is back at it again.

When Regulation Threatens, Bankers Predict Doom For Main Street

I said goodbye to my bearded collie yesterday

Heh! Apparently El Supremo is now a Farty Whiner fan...

People unclear on the concept

Papantonio: The GOP Fear Machine

2 firefighters injured in Bronx bodega fire

The unbearable hypocrisy of Josh Miller

Brooklyn school officials face discipline for not reporting abuse claim

GetEQUAL Issues Travel Alert In Mississippi For LGBT Travelers


"The Increasingly Awkward Conservative Crush on Putin"

House Rules

Progressive Advocacy Coalition To Highlight Its Winners And Losers In Gov. Cuomo's Budget

Photographs from the 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show

Listen to Jimi ..................

Obama knew CIA secretly monitored intelligence committee, Sen. Udall claims

Great. This is the reason I keep tabs on US politics.

*Rachel's show Why we Did it on NOW.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Affairs Foreign and Domestic! & a new Kitteh gif

Rachel's Documentary starting now - Why We Did It n/t

WTF! On Hayes' show they said that Darryl Issa wants an apology from Cummings! (UPDATED)

one more carnival shot

Elizabeth Warren: Let’s Tax Millionaires To Allow Students To Refinance Their Debt

Maddow's show on "Why We Did It" is on

Rights Only for the Right People

Rachel Maddow's "Why we did it" is FINALLY GOING THERE! ***On right now***

Issa apologizes, skirts censure

"Three early signs of what Obamacare means for consumers"

Virginia Legislature Unanimously Repeals Unconstitutional Oral Sex Ban

Seriously, WTF has happened to our country?

Statement by the President - signs NIDIS Reauthorization Act

Twitter bans porn videos on Vine

Graham is right about one thing. The weakening of the American foreign

'Mission accomplished' for U.S. air base in pro-Moscow Kyrgyzstan

"Obama, the feckless tyrant"

So what Rachel is covering is we attacked a sovereign country for oil

KKE Statement on Ukraine

I discuss the Obama admin's conf call on Obamacare/ACA on Fox News America's News HQ show Today

Thousands of American soldier's lives and untold legions of Iraqis were killed for oil profits!

xpost from GD: Me on Fox News' America's News HQ re: Obama Admin's conf call on Obamacare

xpost from GD: Me on Fox News' America's News HQ re: Obama Admin's conf call on Obamacare

Official in charge of Obamacare exchanges resigns amid Republican accusations

Colombian army colonel charged with complicity in massacre

OMG, my cat almost alerted on a post...

How to piss off someone from Ohio:

The best way to recognize the artists of paintings…

My wife's friend said to her today:The problem with America is that it does NOT value it's citizens

Venezuela looks to S.American leaders as toll hits 20

Issa to Megyn Kelly: Cummings Threw a 'Hissy Fit,' Racist Accusation Beneath Response

Gambler who lost $500,000 sues, saying casino let him play drunk

L. Paul Bremer - Where did all the money go in Iraq???

Buddha told a parable in a sutra:

The Project for the New American Century by William Rivers Pitt

How bad is having an arrest record/misdemeanor conviction if I'm applying for a state job?

Sardis dig yields enigmatic trove: Ritual egg in a pot

Corey Booker Gets the Michael Powell Treatment in the NYT. Ouch.

Dalai Lama Backs Gay Marriage

Regarding the missing $23 BILLION dollars

Street Name Mix-Up May Have Delayed Response to Deadly Fire

Judge rules commercial drones are legal, undoing six-year ban

Frigga’s Court

What 'painful concessions' are left for Palestinians to make?

Chicago bans puppy mill sales in pet stores

PHOTOS: Visiting the last standing Nakba village of Lifta

Ex-guerilla closes in on El Salvador election win

Ex-guerilla closes in on El Salvador election win

So, was Bushco intention to keep the oil flowing? Or was it to keep the oil from flowing?

Papantonio: Wall Street's Commodities Cartel

Scientists Build Orgasm Machine For Women

Live from CPAC: The Most Important Panel Everyone Missed

Settlers assault Palestinians near Ramallah village

Cummings and Ed Schultz Agree: Issa Got Away with Cutting Mic Without Consequences

Climate change puts penguins in peril

"The Village Media And John McCain"

So What Will Be The Reaction By BushCo Insiders To Rachel's Documentary?....

"Foyle's War". One of the best BBC series ever

It might have been a mistake to pick Nicki Minaj's latest single for my karaoke debut.

Hubble Telescope captures images of asteroid break up caused by sunlight

Another gem from Florida.

George Takei on AZ anti-gay bill

Vets for Peace showing free film 3/12 at 6:30pm "Sir! no Sir! A Film about the GI movement Against

Nation’s largest African-American history museum at risk in Detroit

Venezuela says 2 mayors face charges of failing to maintain order

NY teacher blogger calls out NBC4 News for charter school propaganda.

Check in if you or spouse/partner or family member have benefited from free lunch at school. Tell us

Because they like it that way. There really can't be any other explanation.

Marine life revival off San Onofre's shores

Private voucher funded school runs away with taxpayer money.

Mythopedia ... A Dictionary of Conservative Lies ...

Sen. Lindsey Graham compliments Obama on action over Ukraine


Israeli forces demolish Bedouin homes in Negev

Obama delays another part of health care reform...

This Is Either the Best or Worst Lawyer Commercial Ever Made

Man denies he's bitcoin creator

Peak bloom forecast w current pics of buds:

Manufacturing Contempt for Venezuela

Stewart Rips Fox for Buying Putin's 'Bullsh*t': 'What the Hell Is Wrong with These People?' v-link

Is anyone watching The Amazing Race?

Privacy groups ask regulators to halt Facebook's $19 billion WhatsApp deal

Bernie Sanders preparing to run for President

If you like your clowns sad with good pipes

YouTube Stars Talk Healthcare at the White House~ Imon Crosson(AlphaCat) is there!

Russia, U.S. Still Far Apart On Ukraine, Says Putin

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 2 - TCM Memorial Tribute: Shirley Temple

Lamb meatballs...

Stewart Rips Fox for Buying Putin's 'Bullsh*t': 'What the Hell Is Wrong with These People?' v-link

TCM Schedule for Monday March 10 - Bob's Picks

Russia Starts Massive Air Defense Drills Amid Crimea Standoff

Looking for some camera suggestions

Christie renews his bona fide with the base, moderate Mitt abstains since he knows it's his turn

Treatment and Diversion plan for prisoners held up by *ONE* state senator...

Watch the Spread of Marriage Equality!

So If 9/11 Never Happened - How Would BushCo Have Justified Invading Iraq.....

Statement from Elijah Cummings

Lebanon Court: LGBT is not a Crime nor Against Nature

To Brent Bozell, it's all very clear...

Imminent release of Colombia far-right militia leaders draws concern

Imminent release of Colombia far-right militia leaders draws concern

Factual List of Foreign Military Excursions - US and Russia

HUVr Hoverboard Is Not Shipping In December (Or Ever, For That Matter)

Obama's approval rating among liberal dems reaches a 2014 high of 85%

LIVE: Watch Pittsburgh's bald eagles

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (VICE)

Nicaragua's Ortega reappears in public after absence

Senate Race-Baiting? Dems Join GOP to Block Obama DOJ Pick Tied to Legal Defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal

United States puts MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility on cold standby when you thought the quest for the ALMIGHTY American dollar couldn't go any

Computers with up to 168,500 L.A. County patients' personal data are stolen

Wendy Davis: Greg Abbott 'hostile to the future of Texas'

Newsweek's print revival starts March 7

Politico profile: Harry Reid has no apologies

Any fans of "Girl Genius" by Phil and Kaja Foglio?

Powerful 3D Spectrograph Successfully Installed On ESO’s Very Large Telescope

Senate confirms seven Obama nominees

Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart Rip Wrong on Iraq Republicans For Wanting War With Russia

I like my intense physical violence to be CULTURED

What’s Leaking From the Nuclear Waste Isolation Pilot Program?

A glorious sunset

N/S Part 01: Antisemitic Incidents in Ukraine

Three Eggs on Decorah Eagle's Nest

The clash in Crimea is the fruit of western expansion

Shaw Nature Reserve and residents fighting proposed concrete plant

Lula da Silva Stresses Importance of Cuban Port of Mariel


International court convicts Congolese warlord Katanga of war crimes

Violent splinter group mars peace deal with Pakistan Taliban

Ukraine oligarchs get key posts in bid for unity

Great news for you Friday DUers

How the Ukraine crisis ends By Henry A. Kissinger

A puppeh named Dora was lost for seven months. Then this happened:


Childermas Day

America's New Servant Class

Mail and Ignore Icons

The 5 Blood-Soaked Drug Cartels Fueled by America's Drug War

Sochi Paralympics: Ukraine to take part in Games

The Absurd NY Tabloid Propaganda War Against de Blasio's Reasonable Charter School Policies

Dr. Michio Kaku Physicist, Author is doing a IAMA on redditt

Mass. lawmakers vote to ban 'upskirt' photos

Paul Ryan Stuns CNN Host: Keystone XL Will Solve Russian Ukraine Invasion

Democrat: Republicans Would Favor Abortion If Black Guy Got Daughter Pregnant

18 Outrageous Things CPAC's Right-Wingers Have Said in Public

Is it just me or are we seeing more "Name removed" lately?

China voices 'deep concern' to North Korea over plane near-miss

News anchor quits on air over networks whitewashing of Putin's actions

The Dalai Lama says gay marriage is OK during Larry King interview

ROBERT REICH: The American Dream Has Fallen Apart

Al Qaeda executes Yemeni accused of guiding U.S. drone strikes

NOAA Issues An El Nino Watch, Says There's A 50% Chance For Development Later This Year

FBI urged charges in probe of 'Sheriff Joe,' others

Abbas: No recognition of Israel as Jewish state

Boeing freezes pensions for 68,000 employees

Tearjerker alert: Police officer uses day off to rescue old, stray dog

I kept dreaming last night I was going to help build the first bridge between Hawaii and California

Malaria 'spreading to new altitudes'

Dalai Lama Opens Senate Session With Prayer

UPDATE: More on the PowerToLose at the

Teenage elephant mums die younger but are fitter

Long-Range Bomber’s Development Would Get $12 Billion

Mark Miloscia launches Senate campaign as a Republican – but he’s still a Democratic PCO

Science - Higher Temperatures Driving Malaria To Higher Altitudes In Tropics

Pure Genius! Wake Up and Smell The Bacon!


Richard Fowler: SCOTUS Rules Cops DO NOT Need A Warrant To Search Your Home

"Crimea to invite international observers for referendum"

MADURO calls PSUV paramilitary forces to repress protests

WP article states taht few uninsured are signing up.

Al Qaeda executes Yemeni accused of guiding U.S. drone strikes

Could Approving Keystone Really Harm Democratic Prospects in 2014? Yes

TYT: Crimea Russia Vote Could Destabilize The World

Jim Hightower: A Financial Transaction Tax on High Frequency Traders

We Must Stop Throwing People Away by Harry Belafonte

Jindal Compares Obama Administration To Segregationist

TYT: Abby Martin of RT Goes Off on 'Corporate Media' Propaganda with Piers Morgan

Massachusetts Legislature Approves Ban On Upskirt Photos

Trump Attacks Rubio For Supporting 'Amnesty' In Front Of Entire CPAC Audience

The Stone that Brings Down Goliath? Richmond and Eminent Domain

Profiteers Are Lining Up To Make Money Off Global Warming

Chipotle Warns it Might Stop Serving Guacamole if Climate Change Gets Worse

Why Reid Is Waging War On The Koch Bros

What animated dog are you?

CPAC: Come for the Crazy, Stay for the Party

TYT: Major Polluter Inspected! (After It Destroys 70 Miles Of River)

US bill 'dramatically strengthens' Israel alliance

Rhino with hacked-off horn filmed in South African safari park

FYI: GetEQUAL Issues Travel Alert In Mississippi For LGBT Travelers

Sorry, libertarians: Your dream of a Bitcoin paradise is officially dead and gone

Payroll employment increases in February (+175,000); unemployment rate changes little (6.7 percent)

Let Them Eat Dignity by Paul Krugman

TYT: Screw Blacks, Screw Women, White! White! White! Says Conservative Thinker

Marco Rubio’s absurd “comeback” story: Watch what a tough guy he is!

why is there an expectation that the fed will taper stimulus this year?

TYT: Who's Defending The Billionaire Brothers Buying Our Democracy?

I watched Rachel's "Why We Did It" yesterday and guess what?

TYT: Even A Gun Couldn't Save This Painful CPAC Speech

"People to the rescue..."

Paul Ryan's Heartwrenching Tale of a Hungry Kid Also Appears in a Heartwrenching Book

Wendell Berry: 'for Americans to talk about sustainability is a bit of a joke'{interview}

The wealthy and connected continually misuse the commons for personal benefit.

Paul Ryan's education was a waste of taxpayer money. Nuff said.


LaPierre At CPAC: 'Greatest Freedom' Is 'All The Rifles, Shotguns And Handguns We Want'

Malaysia: Opposition leader found guilty of sodomy, sentenced to 5 years

Experimental Device Could Prevent HIV & Pregnancy in Women

Millennial generation less religious, more liberal than older ones

Senators: Quicker action needed on rail safety rules

Forbes Embroiled In Billion-Dollar Ukrainian Corruption Scandal

Where is the equivalent Liberal Conference?

US Navy's Next-Generation Aircraft Carrier Begins Testing Phase

Religion Doesn’t Require Bigotry, And Don’t Let Anyone Claim Otherwise

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Sovereignty

Channel 4 announces two-hour TV show to be broadcast 'Live from Space' later this month

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Lovin' some Putin

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Issa Crook

Ford investing $168 million to shift F-650 and F-750 production from Mexico to Avon Lake plant

Friday TOON Roundup 4 - A little chill in US-Russian relations

Putin 2003:“The use of force abroad...can only be sanctioned by the United Nations. This is intl law

Friday TOON Roundup 5 - The Rest

New jobs report shows signs of life (added 175,000 jobs)

Targeted DEM Incumbents Should Challenge the Koch Bros. to Debate Them *Directly*.

It was all a coup!

This freakin table!

So How Did CPAC’s ‘Minority Outreach’ Panel Go?

Alabama's A.G. joins lawsuit against California

Report: Gun show may be canceled over George Zimmerman appearance

Trying to Revive His Prospects, Rubio Pushes Strength Abroad

Malaysia jails Anwar Ibrahim for five years for sodomy

What a week... (Update:)

Christie At CPAC Says - "Our Ideas Are Better Than Their Ideas" - What Exactly Are......

Malaria 'spreading to new altitudes' due to warmer temperatures

Obama's TPP Trade Officials Received Huge Bonuses From Big Banks - Lee Fang Discusses

Scarred victims of acid attacks struggle to get their due

It's not exactly a "free market," if you're panicked or pressured into action.

NYT: Why Darrell Issa Turned Off the Mic

This Rachel Canning has not sued her parents (w/video) founder challenges Bay Area's tech leaders to give more

When is our big LPAC event?

Reality, 2: Libertarianism, 0

Schauer campaign: Former Snyder ad photographer posed as CNN cameraman at Michigan event

5 myths about the Venezuela crisis

"Many other people, including ethnic Russians with roots in Russia, consider themselves Ukrainians."

Five Laughably Paranoid Claims From NRA's Wayne LaPierre At CPAC

Paul Krugman bashes Paul Ryan for yet another “con job”

Majority of U.S. justices sympathize with inmate in death row case

Ask me how tired I am of this icy mess.

Economists Say Paul Ryan Misrepresented Their Research

Notre Dame tennis player Dooley reveals he is gay

(Canada) Supreme Court upholds conviction in tampered condoms case

Third fatal accident in 6 months for Indian Navy: ship suffers explosion in Mumbai

I have a serious question. Does anyone know anything about Vietnamese customs and traditions?

Charter school owner Moskowitz, Gov Cuomo battle de Blasio on free space for charters.

Scientists unlock mystery of out-of-body experiences (aka astral trips)

'brown bag' story by Paul Ryan at CPAC is from a novel written by a free lunch program supporter

A story too good to check: Paul Ryan and the story of the brown paper bag

Heads-up: It's National Cereal Day!

Your workplace health insurance costs $1,200 more

Canadian grocery suppliers strike back against heavy discounting

Is it our business, or their business? An example of our business....

10 points

From King to Bachman - From Robertson to Scarborough Craziest of the Crazy's

Ted Turner rushed to clinic in Argentina with appendicitis: media

Ted Turner rushed to clinic in Argentina with appendicitis: media

Rep. Alvin Holmes (D-AL): White abortion opponents would abort interracial fetuses

UPDATED: Ryan’s Free School Lunch ‘Horror’ Story Never Happened

While America Waits On Keystone Decision, A Different Tar Sands Pipeline Just Got Approved

Let us all laugh at the most hilarious L.A. Lakers

Fort Knox gets first woman commanding general

McConnell GOP Challenger: Rifle Moment Similar To Dukakis Tank Ad

Holder's Sister-In-Law Blocked By The Segregationist Jindal Compared Him To

Violence against women 'pandemic' in Mexico

Last Chance to support Alex Sink

Rasmussen: Hillary Clinton 47%, Jeb Bush 33%

Holder's Sister-In-Law Blocked By The Segregationist Jindal Compared Him To

Kentucky bill would let Rand Paul run for two offices simultaneously

Mitch Hits Tea Party Group For Luxury Home With Wine Cellar And Hot Tub

Woman wanted in theft of dog from cemetery


Ukraine decides to compete in Paralympics in Sochi

Ford to Move Pickup Production From Mexico to Ohio Van Plant

‘Homophobic’ cab driver faces discipline for refusing to service lesbian couple

Darren Aronofsky's Noah faces ban in Muslim countries

Robert McChesney in Iowa City Monday

Cease and desist: Louisiana demands MoveOn stop criticizing Gov. Bobby Jindal in ad

So the Morning Joe crew were all fawning over the fact the Cruz was able to speak for 18 minutes

The Ukranian Candidate: Putin Wins CPAC Poll

WW II Military Aircraft Nose Art

Crimean Tatars afraid of a return to the Russian past

Interesting explanations from Jeff Probst about latest Survivor...

Don't get even, ladies - get mad

I love Repugs!!!

The Nation: The Ukrainian Nationalism at the Heart of ‘Euromaidan’

John McCain Now 'The Least Popular Senator In The Country,' According To Poll

The IMF (Finally) Admits That Inequality Slows Growth

2014 Paralympics begin now

A brief history of Crimea's close ties to Russia explains a lot.

Targeting Drunk Women Accounts for Sexual Aggression, Not 'Blurred Lines'

Measles cases confirmed in Manhattan, Bronx

Analysis: Why Russia's Crimea move fails legal test

Judge overturns rape verdict because the victim “didn’t behave like a victim”

'Upskirt' ban in Massachusetts signed into law

Whenever you feel the ire rising, just remember

More lunacy from CPAC, Oliver North and Mike Huckabee

Woman ordered to give back child support after losing custody of kids because she had an abortion

Bernie Sanders: ‘I Am Prepared to Run for President of the United States'

It's The Good Life

Mama Grizzly admires Pooty Poot's pecs

Very funny and cute.

Predictable ? -- People paying parking tickets park illegally while doing so

How wolves are changing the face and fabric of Yellowstone:

Bill O'Reilly disrespects the profession of Physician Assistant.

The Daily Show Big Vladdy Jon Stewart blasts conservatives for praising Putin while bashing Obama

For those who think the Russian Oligarchs alone raped the former USSR after the fall...

Pic Of The Moment: At CPAC, Paul Ryan Justifies Safety Net Cuts

The Pentagon’s Phony Budget War Or

THREE YEARS AFTER: Stress-related deaths reach 2,973 in Tohoku

Wear a helmet. It's better than the alternative...

Squirrel is Love...

Aw, how cute.

RWers whine about "illegals" possibility voting Democrat if given a pathway to citizenship,

10 questions

Law school bubble about to burst?

So John McCain just told Andrea Mitchell that he doesn't see a military option

The Rude Pundit - CPAC: Because What Else Do These People Have to Do?

Amazon seems to know ahead of time what I want to search for.

The energy transition tipping point is here

Have you seen todays Google Doodle. Pretty cool.

Olive Garden's new logo leaves investors with a bad taste in their mouth

New Rule: At Every TV Appearance, John McCain Must Apologize For Foisting Sarah Palin On The World

BNP Paribas is season is in full swing...

Fake Arrests of Ohio Ministers Designed to Sell Christian Persecution Myth

The State Department Is Actively Trolling Terrorists on Twitter

Sergeant gets 33 months for taping female cadets

Massachusetts cop arrests ‘welfare bum’ who recorded his F-bomb rant with an iPhone

Comparing Iran to Nazis, Netanyahu vows to expose ‘lies’

"I'm truly sorry you're poor, but we can't raise your wage because it might hurt your richer boss."

OpenKnit: Open source 3D knitter lets you digitally fabricate your clothes (Video)

2014 Paralympics underway at Sochi

Paul Ryan discovers there's no free lunch

Djuan Trent, a Former Miss Kentucky, Comes Out as 'Queer'

American blue-collar workers disappear — from Congress

Classic Douchebag at UC Santa Barbara:

Saudi Arabia deems Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah terrorist groups

Turkish president rejects Facebook, YouTube ban over wiretaps

About That ‘Common Core’ Math Problem Making the Facebook Rounds

What's for Dinner, Fri., March 7

Ukraine crisis upends West's view of Russian President Vladimir Putin

China says sanctions won't help Ukraine crisis

Gov Perry statement to "Get out of Education" may, may wake up those who

Baby critical after allegedly drunk firefighter hits pregnant woman in the Bronx

If these 'jokes' had been made about AA History Month, would the person still be a DU'er?

Where do the losing cupcakes from Cupcake Wars go?

Kansas violating state constitution in school funding, court says

Bruce Japsen: Employer Health Cost Increases At 15-Year Low As ObamaCare Comes Into View

De Blasio Joins Fellow Big-City Mayors to Blast Washington

Great Luckovich Toon on GA Governor Refusing to Expand Medicaid

Something to make conservatives' heads explode regarding Lois Lerner . . .

Try and get the clip of Jeffrey Sachs with delish young Farrow

Suspected Russian spyware Turla targets Europe, U.S.

The religious right’s 5 most demented persecution fantasies

General Electric’s 2014 dredging goal

Tweet: ....absolute racial equality in America...

U.N. says almost all Muslims have fled Central African capital

Duke porn star Belle Knox says she wants to help sex workers after bankrolling law degree with sex

Man Caught Having Sex With Pit Bull in Yard by Horrified Neighbors

Grenada, the Crimea, and the GOP

Army Corps to dredge Oswego Harbor on Lake Ontario

Iraqi atheists demand recognition, guarantee of their rights

I am finally seeking help for my debilitating anxiety!

UPDATE 2-Europe's gas supply at risk as Gazprom warns Ukraine over unpaid bills

Ukraine says Russian troops in Crimea have doubled to 30,000

PBO: "We are the ones we've been waiting for."

International woman's day

Deregulation Has Created Monopolies - And That's Why Your Internet Sucks

Celebrities' SAT Scores Revealed Amid Controversy Over Regrading (Ke$ha 1500, Al Gore 1355)

How A Fight Over Natural Resources Is Quietly Driving The World’s Response To Ukraine

Organic Farmers Suffering due to GMO Contamination

TAFTA Could Expand Fracking in US and Europe

TYT: Bitcoin Exchange CEO Commits Suicide - Cue The Conspiracy Theories

Elected Capital Region officials oppose Cuomo tax freeze

'Omar' Oscar nomination a win for Palestinian film industry

Papantonio: Anyone But Hillary In 2016

Troy pastor's AR-15 assault rifle giveaway creates controversy

Papantonio: Koch Brothers Buying Congress

Warning: ALEC

More Proof Raising the Minimum Wage Works

TYT: 'Jesus Juice' Miracle Injections For $300 & Business Is Booming

I guess I'm really old. How about you?

How The IEA Underestimates The Solar Industry

Netanyahu misreads Obama on settlements

Dumb Criminals: Would-Be Arsonists Attempt To Set Fire To Pizza Place Using Moonshine

McLaughlin on church’s gun giveaway: ‘I’ve got CNN calling me’

TYT: Pussy Riot Attacked, This Time At Breakfast [DISTURBING VIDEO]

Street art that addresses street harassment

TYT: Say Bye To Guacamole, Chipotle Warns | Climate Change Reality Check

"Shall-issue" is being challenged in Massachusetts

Looking for some advice re: a relationship/health issue

Bratton and de Blasio look to change the ‘language’ of policing

Ukraine sends lone athlete to Paralympics opening ceremony procession as Crimea tensions continue

The internet is a lot like Egypt...

Grenada, the Crimea, and the GOP.

landlords on wall street the new housing scheme

This is an insult to meth addicts...

Tourism groups launch app for Adirondack visitors

Pepe Escobar - Spring Fails in Ukranian Plunderland...

Age 18. What were your plans? What did you

JFK baggage handlers charged with theft

I'm Stupid... Don't Do Tech Well AND I Have Windows XP 2002 SP3

new england on 'high alert' after canadian pipeline reversal approved

Syria's Assad Hails Putin's Takeover Of Crimea

(story update) Attempted Murder Charges Filed Against Mom Who Drove Kids Into Ocean

Putin rebuffs Obama as Ukraine crisis escalates

Martin Nesbitt, politician for the people of Western North Carolina, dies

I'm up to my gills with telemarketers!

Snowden: I raised NSA concerns internally over 10 times before going rogue

The 3 Most Damaging Words You Can Tell Your Son

Refuting the latest

Ralph Reed Compares Barack Obama to George Wallace

Face it. You will never be this cool:

Full CNN interview with Maduro

A bailout for Ukrainians, by Ukrainians?

'Fox Business' Commentator: 'If You're Poor, Stop Being Poor'

TYT: Pastor Manning Is Obsessed With Cenk & Ana's Boobs (Yes, Both Of Them) [Hilarious Video]

Randomized, double-blind study: CoQ10 cuts all heart related causes of mortality by half.

Turkey not to "leave Crimean Tatars in the lurch"

How do YOU deal with interfamily disputes about medical care for seniors?

We need the Keystone XL pipeline like ...

Gov. Fallin's daughter defends headdress photo

Colo. Man to Go to Trial in May Over $42 Girl Scout Cookie Purchase

Inside Alaska's New "War on Women"

Joseph A. Dear dies at 62; CalPERS investment chief

What is your Redneck Leprechan name?

My Third Anniversary Show at InvaderFM!

Sabotaged Scientist Sues Yale and Her Lab Chief

Democratic Senators Plan All Night Talk-A-Thon On Climate Change

Panama warns Venezuela on debt

If you live in Calif and want Safe Access for Medicinal Marijuana PLEASE -

Iran, world powers hold 'substantive and useful' nuclear talks

Russians take over Ukrainian military post, no shots fired: witnesses

Bernie Sanders on the reason people don't come out and vote...

Food rave of the day: salmon

Netanyahu says Israel would give up 'some settlements' for peace

Climatologist Who Predicted California Drought 10 Years Ago Says It May Soon Be ‘Even More Dire’

My first attempt at dal. It turned out great!

OWN a Backpack?

Saudi Arabia designates Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group

15 Vermont Towns Say Yes To Creating A Public State Bank

How are these republican's loving on Puting going to play to voters

I think I've asked this question before, but

Someone answer this please...

McCain and Dole Scorch Cruz for CPAC Comments

Is there a place where I can post a list of items to sell?

The complete testimony of Snowden before the EU parliment

2014 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards!


Do you support the memorial for the Norwegian massacre victims?

Democratic Senators Plan All Night Talk-A-Thon On Climate Change

If only I was popular on Instagram: Photographer Makes $15K In One Day On Instagram

Austin bar accused of withholding employees’ tips

FBI investigates prison company

Last day to comment on the XL Pipeline

After 5 years of having to deal with a power-mad, Marxist, dictator in the White House,

Malaysia bans Ultraman for comparison to God

Rand Paul represents a real threat in 2016..

Why most conservatives are secretly liberals

I think the Dems need to get tough with their electorate about what is at stake in 2014

ASK ZELDA.......The NSA Has An Advice Columnist. Seriously

Bank told to pay $3.2M for 'shocking' foreclosure

Randi Rhodes:Why we did it is not the reason we went into Iraq

Why CPAC Isn’t As Grassroots As You Think

CPACer: It’s ‘Liberal Lie’ That States Ban Gay Marriage

E.W. Jackson Warns: "Rising Tide of Homosexual Intolerance" Could Cost Christians Their Lives

CFR President: We Could Well Be Looking at ‘Prolonged Russian Control of Crimea’

PBS: Private Broadcasting Service?

DOJ Sends Jindal Civil Rights Book For Comparing Holder To Segregationist

Man sues casino for letting him gamble away $500,000

Idaho Guv Appeared In 90's-Era Western That Was Later Edited Into Porn

Allen West largely ignored at CPAC after-party....ROFLMAO

McCain: Obama Is 'Near Delusional In Thinking The Cold War Was Over'

Name three things, built by man, which will probably be around 5,000 years from now

Dog on leash shot and killed by York deputy

Oh, hi there, DU! Here is your Friday Afternoon Challenge: Poetics of the Nude...

What I learned today on DU -

Detroit Police officer charged with sexually assaulting woman while responding to 911 call

Crazy Weather.

Allen West largely ignored at CPAC after-party

For Boys, Moving to a Wealthier Neighborhood Is as Traumatic as Going to War

New Post-ABC News poll: Keystone XL project overwhelmingly favored by Americans

Woman Doubted Man Was Threat Before Ga. Shooting


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Long-extinct heath hen comes to life in archival film

Ex-U. of Michigan student blocks Ohio State students from social network he created

So now we're hearing that the Cold War isn't over. Does this mean that Ronald Reagan DIDN'T ...

Broaden the search for dark matter

California Assemblyman Introduces Legislation to End Captive Killer Whales at SeaWorld

The “Texas Miracle” fraud: Turns out it involves taxing the poor to help the rich get richer

Anybody brewing an Easter beer?

Rick Santorum to CPAC: cut the “class-envy leftist language” like “middle class”

Would you agree to abolishing the IRS and going with a flat tax?

From War In The Desert To 'Murder Ball On Ice'

I don't know if you can call it Rock-n-Roll but, I always that DCT and BST were very under rated.

After pledging transparency, PBS hides details of new deal with billionaire owner of NewsHour

(Again, repost this meme) Who’s the Villain Here? by Nicholas Kristof

NRA Gun Control Crusade Reflects Firearms Industry Financial Ties

Poll to retire Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo logo needs help

Florida man invokes ‘Stand your ground’ after shooting sheriff’s deputy

Oops, he’s running again! Rick Perry wows CPAC

CPAC Attendees: Rubio Killed His 2016 Dreams With Immigration

Things Dogs Teach Us

Updated Bikini Graph Jobs Report - image

Science - H5N8 Influenza Infects Korea's Main Poultry Research Center, Prompting Cull

Go Tell It On The Mountain (The Wailers)

Ukraine: Human rights monitors urgently needed as journalists and activists face...attacks in Crimea

If you are a parent you better learn to love Common Core

How play Putins game: a French-Gov lesson.

Brilliant New South Wales Gov Plan - Let's Burn Forests To Generate Electricity!

I'm starting to think we need a new forum...

Tool Monkeys! Fuck Yeah! Australian Carbon Emissions Rising Again From Power Sector

The Republican Party's Pot Dilemma

BartCop has passed away

Seeking Energy Independence, Europe Faces Heated Fracking Debate

Federal Agents Raid Company That Hauled MCHM For Freedom Industries, "Cleaned" Spill Site

Suck on this, Koch brothers: New Hampshire Senate passes Medicaid expansion

Study: Great Barrier Reef Doomed by 2030 Without Immediate Action

The SOP in Politics2014

Kansas violating state constitution in school funding, court says

Any BartCop readers here?

This Week in Delusional Conservatism: Con writer upset ’12 Years A Slave’ slaves not happy

Weekend Economists Waiting for Godot March 7-9, 2014

Support page of teen suing her parents rants against "spoiled" baby boomer generation

Sicilian mob ordered hit on Rudy Giuliani: reports

ABC, CNN, NBC, CNBC..Quit Lobbying for TPP and Start Reporting on it

Six injured as Israeli forces disperse protests across West Bank

Jimmy Carter is a more decent human being that any ReTHUG

2011 Oklahoma Induced Earthquake May Have Triggered Larger Quake

Ukraine crisis: Crimea military base stand-off 'ends'

Repression, Displacement and Coffee Brigades in Dolores, Colombia

Google's Eric Schmidt Has Ideas About How to Solve Income Inequality==More of the Same ...

The Bear - Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

This oil giant could get crushed by Ukraine

Judge Reggie Walton (remember him?) says NSA can't keep metadata

Alan Grayson Won't Be Arrested After Domestic Incident

Three new open edition prints added today.

3 Israeli universities in top 100 ranking

Millennials Are Deeply Confused About Everything

On Crossfire, Gingrinch just called Obama's foreign policy "failed". Yeah?

IRS Agents ‘Sabotage’ Tea Party Activists? It’s FALSE NEWS!

You can't tase me bro. Make taser-proof clothing with carbon-fiber linings.

Bartcop the original liberal blogger has passed away.

Why did Michelle Obama give a Ukrainian pop star the Women of Courage award?

Chris Christie Defends Koch Brothers: "They're Great Americans"

Kansas high court: School funding unconstitutional

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Julian Assange: Is President Obama Wearing Pants?

Christie to Reid---Stop picking on Great Americans

CPAC convention had a 'Minority Outreach Panel' ..and no one showed. Suprised??

Did you feed the Cat?

It works well...

Could we at least get the e-cigarette ads off TV?