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Why is it that,

Racist hate the new "Annie" cause she is black

Russian Parliament Backs Crimea Vote, Brushes Off Sanctions Threat

The Lone Atheist At CPAC

nadine swarming is getting out of hand

Boeing Has a New 787 Dreamliner Headache With Wing Cracks

Ignore Western Hypocrisy, Putin Will Do What He Wants

Ukrainian TV station now broadcasting Russian tv. Vibes to all those

Robert Parry: The 'We-Hate-Putin' Group Think

China not likely to support Crimea joining Russia

Bartcop's Obit

‘Religious freedom’ bill days away from vote in Mississippi

China Against Sanctions On Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

Russia Experts See Thinning Ranks’ Effect on U.S. Policy

Koch Brothers Timeline

Are we sufficiently outraged at Oil companies ... this might help ... if you are on the fence ...

‘I Might Strike Back’: Erick Salgado Exploring Campaign for Congress

Russia’s Crimea Invasion Rekindles American Gas Export Debate

Catholic teacher contract specifies banned practices

UCSF.EDU/rssfeed: Is the wine industry killing off French sperm?

Hate crime victim gets free dental reconstruction

Saudi lists Brotherhood as 'terrorist' group

Take a moment to think about that

Hilderbran concedes GOP comptroller race to Hegar

Chain Of Command To Be Kept Involved In Military Sexual Assault Cases

Conservative leader caught on live mic: ‘The Jews are the problem’

Five Years Of "Progress"

Spheres of influenzance

Koster's Egg Suit Against California Gets Cracking, Now Has Five Allied States

These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners

Heads up UFOers!

I want to be a REAL vegetarian

Rockin Roberts

The Minority Outreach forum at CPAC was standing room only...

Go to be moving on

Malaysia Airlines Says It 'Has Lost Contact' With Plane Carrying 239 People

Roe, roe, roe your boat

Over 2 Million Comments Ask for Rejection of the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Excellent Daily Show on Health Care

SPSCC ordered to crush rare Dodge Viper

Strangest crowd?

UPDATE: Breaking: Malaysia airline missing with 227 aboard. Story developing.

This Week in Delusional Conservatism Part 2: The Food Stamp Diet

Scott Kalvert, ‘Basketball Diaries’ Director, Dead at 49

CPAC is NOT grassroots. It's being supported by the gun and oil industries


Breaking: Malaysia Airlines says it has lost contact with a flight carrying 227 passengers and 12 cr

I had a dream that my wife and I were living on Pluto...there was a Walmart there.

Meet The PACs Exploiting Conservative Rage For Fun And Profit

APNewsBreak: FBI investigates prison company

Refresh my memory: How did we get to $17 trillion dollars in debt?

Does anyone know how to stop DU from automatically charging my credit card account???

Please, just trust the job creators.

Hey guys and girls... I am looking

Millennials Grow More Liberal, but Identify as Independent

It's been 11,504 Days Since Darrell Issa Committed Arson...

Kill the Snowden interview, congressman tells SXSW

unfair & unbalanced: CBS' Face The Nation Turns Exclusively To GOP For Ukraine Discussion

Intriguing Ukraine--Discussion on Latest Developments in Russia

RIP Bartcop

Officer responding to 911 call charged with rape

Cry "Havoc!", and Let Slip The Guinea Pigs of War!

DougJ @ Balloon-Juice: "I believe that trolling is the highest form of human expression."


The War Begins...

CNN reporting Malaysia Airline 777-200 lost contact over Vietnam

Our bodies, our choice! (Wait! Fuck, NO! Not THAT choice!)

Recognizing Israel is enough

This Week in Delusional Conservatism Part 3: "There Were No Anti-Gay Marriage Laws"

For BartCop RIP: "I want you to get up now..."


Three days, no water for some 50,000 East Jerusalem residents

Chinese warn Tourist spitting in New York can cost 200 yuan

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Memorium! Best of Malloy & a new

No picture yet BUT

Wichita State matches ’76 Hoosiers, ’57 Tar Heels at 32-0. Next up: Larry Bird

Steve Kornachi is filling in for Maddow tonight and he's reporting on Chris Christie...

Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

Happy! It's Friday night.

Bartcop RIP.. A shot of tequila

How do I buy a star for a friend?

U.S. Special Forces Sent to Train Iraqi Special Forces in Jordan

Colombian paramilitaries served lenient sentences

This needs to go viral: It's about the Tar Sand Pipeline from the inside...

has everyone seen the google doodle? honouring international women's day--a lovely collection

Amazing, POWERFUL pics

Voters unseat Texas GOP judge who violently beat teenage daughter in viral video

Santa Monica Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Killer Whale Shows

Friday Talking Points (294) -- CPAC Follies And More

I called the cops on a couple a few houses down threatening to assault and kill each other...

Why do you think International Womens' Day is not more popular in the US?

I have some quotes - for the younger readers of

Too Funny: CPAC Minority Outreach Panel

Russian soldiers training in Canada given 24 hours to leave country

Bobby Jindal was 5 when Carter become President

Sex offender who offered castration commits suicide

Girl Scouts asked to end partnership with Barbie

The Corrigan Brothers: "Welcome Home President Barack O'Bama"

MI woman's mummified body found in her car in her garage after six years.

Anyone else having problems with TV Guide? GOT IT! Nevermind!

Saudis: Muslim Brotherhood a terror group

Kentucky Bill Would Let Rand Paul Run For 2 Offices At The Same Time

Brevard deputies track down man accused in international sex tourism operation

NASA Admits to Selling Discount Fuel to Google Execs

I AM BARTCOP. (silent thread)

'I was told I could either divorce or be fired'

The slaughter of young African American males continues

Charlie Bit My Finger...

Nevada Deputy Accused of Illegal Stops, Seizures on I-80

Can anyone recommend a good speaker for an mp3?

Sheila MacRae: (Alice Kramden) ‘Honeymooners’ Star Dies At 93

Rand Paul Claims All Democrats Are Sexual Predators Because of Bill Clinton

Anybody watch the TV show Friday Night Tykes on the Esquire channel?

Ford CEO Alan Mulally's Performance Worth $13.8 Million in 2013

Why We Did It

How a lesbian couple from Cameroon escaped to San Francisco

What Does it Mean to be a Conservative Democrat?

There's No Need to End Saturday Mail Delivery - Bernie Sanders

For those living in the Milwaukee area...

So what's everyone drinking tonight? Non-alcoholic or alcoholic, it doesn't matter.

Miss. lawmakers feel pressure over religion bill

Earthquake!! Update: 3.2 in the Marina del Rey area

Got Money? You are a Capitalist

Atheists’ misguided fight over the 9/11 memorial

Conservative leader caught on live mic: ‘The Jews are the problem’

Florida man invokes ‘Stand your ground’ after shooting sheriff’s deputy

Australian air guitar.

All the while wearing my slippers - on the street where I live today

We live in a world where some believe violence against women can be justified

Nice. "Duke CEO: Ratepayers will cover coal ash cleanup". They pollute - we pay????

Any fans of "Girl Genius" by Phil and Kaja Foglio?

You Should Be Afraid Of The Trade Deficit, Not The Budget Deficit (Dave Johnson)

I declare some Christians to be Jackass Zealots...

Paul Ryan: Democrats offering 'full stomachs and empty soul'

Behind Clash Between C.I.A. and Congress, a Secret Report on Interrogations.

Any fans of Antony & the Johnsons? Interesting musical group.

Antony & the Johnsons?

Five Indians (farm workers) allegedly buried alive in Saudi Arabia

march 9 - long island medium is back on

Christiane Amanpour interview with President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, 3/7/14

The Daily Show: Recap - Week of 3/3/14

Paul Ryan exposed as a LIAR in CPAC speech

Muslim Tartars in Crimea are having giant "X's" engraved on their doors

How many here had stuff published on

New Mad Men Poster Released

Politicians are dishonest to a "T". NO person whose name appears on a ballot is "honest".

Fresno career criminal who inspired Three Strikes law back in jail


Illuminating Bugliosi's 1969 "Helter Skelter" is now seen as almost science fiction

Aereo to shut down Saturday morning in Utah (and Denver)

Oakland County sheriff releases new information about 'mummified' body found in Pontiac

Ukraine's Neo-Fascist Right Sector Leader Dmytro Yarosh to Run for President

Russia In Patriotic Fervor Over Crimea

Michigan wins convictions for killing an endangered cougar for the first time in its history

Redistributing wealth upward

Except for the giant hands, I really like this.

Osborne under pressure as bonuses surge to £35m at bailed-out banks

30 Cult Movies That Absolutely Everybody Must See


Santorum: GOP loses when it picks moderates

AGAINST FORGETTING: Why Women's History Month?

“No business which depends for existence.........

Duke CEO: Ratepayers will cover coal ash cleanup

International Women's Day: In defence of feminist dissent

Greece, lenders will miss March 10 deadline for rescue loan deal - sources

The hunt for Planet X

Please tell me this is not deliberate

Russia, Ukraine feud over sniper carnage


Column of anti-fascist care package to Crimea:

Non-payment of TV licence fee may be taken out of criminal law

El Salvador's ex-guerrilla poised to win presidency in runoff election

El Salvador's ex-guerrilla poised to win presidency in runoff election

Ana Alliegro Arrested in Nicaragua, Charged With Election Violations in Connection With Congressiona

Why Everyone Does Better When Employees Have a Say in the Workplace

Disastrous State of Conservative Movement on Full Display at CPAC

5 Reasons the Obscene National Security Budget Is Larger Than It Appears

Our local radio station that ran Sean Hannity has taken him off the air.

5 Most Absurd Christian Right Claims of Persecution

Voters to weigh in on cab fares, guns in restaurants

5 Things to Know About Concealed Guns in SD

Jon Stewart: Fox News Pundits Obsessed With Shirtless Putin (video)

In "Hail Mary Pass", Corbett flies to Rome to try to get photographed next to Pope Francis

Great Walls of America 'could stop tornadoes'

Md. House bill would link gun, criminal registries

If I were an American Jew, I’d worry about Israel’s racist cancer.

"It's not fair that an innocent person lost their life because somebody wanted to shoot,"

Global military spending is now an integral part of capitalism

Is this the creepiest island ever?

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Secular Lent is a pale imitation of the real thing. I'll have nothing to do with it

Hells Bells

Ecosocialism: Putting on the Brakes Before Going Over the Cliff

Russia may halt US inspections under arms control treaties in response to sanctions

“I’m proud to say I’m a liberal”: How conservatives vulgarized a term — and why the left must reclai

At CPAC, Slim Pickings in ‘Minority Outreach’

There's one major difference between other uprisings that caused Russian intervention and Ukraine:

Illinois commended for local renewable energy buys

On CPAC Day 2, the Libertarian Wing Takes Over

Toon: Fake, Phony, Bogus, False

Taiwan moving toward nuclear-free homeland: official

Possible New Cold War? High-Fives in the Halls of the Pentagon

Elizabeth Warren: Let’s Tax Millionaires To Allow Students To Refinance Their Debt

Anti-nuclear protests in Taiwan draw tens of thousands

Al Franken's petition to chuck Citizens United into the Dumpster

I just love today's Luckovich toon!

Catholic CPAC group complains about GOProud ‘beavers’ being invited back

Reports: Russia may halt US inspections under arms control treaties in response to sanctions

Libya port rebels say started exporting oil, bypassing govt

McDonald's employees and the "Poors" mocked in Milan

Will defend every inch of territory, China warns neighbours

Wingnuts baffled by inequality: Why they’re totally confused about how to talk about it

Obama warns party to focus on 2014, not 2016

Does anyone know if the 'Paul ryan" story is true?

great story! Occupy 'graduate' and RT journalist Abby Martin exposes NPR hypocrisy

California bucks national trend by passing reproductive health policies that are based on actual sci

“There will be another attack”: Rand Paul ally takes heat over Snowden at CPAC

Iran president condemns hard-line media crackdown

Religious right leader Ralph Reed compares Obama to Jim Crow segregationists

"Broken". Powerful British indie film.

Mike Huckabee at CPAC: America must “repent” before it receives god’s “fiery judgment”

Family Eats LSD-Tainted Meat, Goes Home With a New Brother

Allen West: “Faux commander-in-chief” Obama thinks army’s top need is “beards, turbans, and hijabs”

Please lets have a SPRING photo thread in GD to beat back the winter blues..

Weekly Address: Time for Congress to Raise the Minimum Wage for the American People

privatization: FBI investigating CCA, Nashville-based private prison operator

Police report: Alleged serial rapist and former NFL player...boasted...about raping two victims

Ryan's brownbag story was a lie-- what else is new? But why isn't this 'Eloise Anderson' in trouble?

Vintage Cosmos Marathon this weekend

Discipline With Dignity: Oakland Classrooms Try Healing Instead of Punishment

CPAC 2014 Closing Ceremonies

As usual with Obama

A Deeper Look at the Phony “Texas Miracle”

The link between Castle Bravo and modern environmentalism

Uranium Producer USEC Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Violence against women is pandemic in Mexico: "The Women's Dumping Ground"

Mission to Mars blasted by religious watchdog in UAE

February 2014 Atmospheric CO2 398.03 ppm; February 2013 396.80; February 2012 393.60

David Sirota: Do Companies Have a First Amendment Right to Track You?

Eastern Chickadee Populations Moving North Fast In Response To Warming World

Malaysia widens search area for MAS airliner

Cincy parochial schools expand anti-gay clauses in new contracts

China's Economic Growth Brings Success! Nearly 5% Of Citiies Didn't Break Clean Air Laws!

Federal agencies embrace new technology and strategies to find the enemy within

When A Famed Nike Coach Tried To Steal A Race, A Track Protest Was Born

The Progressive: Wisconsin Republicans Want to Crush Living Wage

Greenpeace says nuclear risks rising; BUND says phase out nuclear by 2030

Libertarians denied spots on Ohio governor's, attorney general's ballot

Russia warns US over sanctions as heavier troops seen in Crimea

Queensland Drought Now Worst And Biggest Ever Recorded - Even Coastal Areas Hard-Hit

I'm Shocked. Shocked I Tell You. Libya Slides Toward Chaos

UN Climate Panel Head In UK: Remember Those Record Floods, Storms? Well, Get Used To It

Kansas Supreme Court: Cuts to poor school districts unconstitutional

Smerconish may not be a liberal

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Spiking In Farms Across Midwest, In Canada

Happy International Women's Day 2014 !

Batteries May Vie With U.S. Oil Boom as Energy Changer

Krugman: Goodbye, sneering at the 47 percent; hello, fake compassion.

Oz Coal Seam Gas Project Contaminates Aquifer W. Uranium At 20X Limits - Fined $1500

MEA says Khobragade issue caused 'misunderstanding' between India, US

Two passengers may have been traveling on Stolen/lost passport on Malaysia jet

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Leak #3 Confirmed At Duke Energy Coal Waste Site On Dan River

Robert Parry has a very creative imagination: Obama neocon buster

The Rev. Jim Martin muses over merging Jesus’s spiritual and historical personas

"And I'll rise like the break of dawn!"

About 27% Of Iowa Electricical Output In 2013 Came From Wind Power

WaPo on Paul Ryan's Poverty Plan: News Article or Press Release?

White-Nose Syndrome Confirmed In Mammoth Cave NP In Two Locations

CPAC: Come for the Crazy, Stay for the Party

Gov. Malloy: 'We're Making Good Progress'

I might have a record Solar day today

Senator Sanders' spokesman smacks down Nader

A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami

Wow--Betcha never saw THIS one coming (CIA conducts anal probe of self)…

happy international women's day

"To those who'd ground me/Take a message back from me"

Connecticut gun dealers plead guilty to federal firearms offenses

happy international women's day

Is it me or has MSNBC really become to tedious to watch anymore?

Of Girl Scout Cookies and Marijuana:

Secretary Kerry's statement on International Women's Day

Has Anyone Seen Or Heard Ron Reagan Lately?......

Chinese systems get 'combat experience' in Venezuela

This Evil Freak is tied to the Republican Party like an Infected Tumor

a slide show for international women's day

a slide show for international women's day

300 : Five historical errors in the new film

Majority in NY, NJ, VA support national gun registry

Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet Had 'Ground Collision' in 2012

Time has come today...

Pls give me yr opinion (civilly) or experience re auto accident/contesting estimate

Fresh confrontations raise tempers on ground in Crimea

Why would anybody vote for a Party that thinks the end of the world can not come soon enough???

So the Austrians and Italians who were supposedly on board that airline

Cat + new acquarium = ...

14 Breakfasts from around the world in pictures

Mother Removes Cross Memorial After Dispute With Atheist Rights Group

10 things the gun industry won’t tell you

Canada Bans Gestation Crates for Pigs

Louisiana Wants Billboard Criticizing Jindal Over Obamacare Taken Down

Who stole all my gottdam bubble gum?

U.S. Justice Dept. sues Philly school district over beard-length rule

Saturday, March 8th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Alligator OK to eat on Lenten Fridays, archbishop clarifies

On this International Woman's Day...

My friend is dying from a drug overdose.

Screw this.

Warning shots fired to turn monitors back from Crimea

Michael Smerconish

when i see a video, and i hear people cheer the video seeing a girl,

California positively gets a negative from Tesla on battery factory

Stupid question but... do the Democrats have something equivalent to CPAC?

NASA and US Space Program at the mercy of Putin

Brand-spanking-new Rescue Puppies and Kittens at play...

"When a man named Al Capone/Tried to make that town his own"

Billy, don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life!

Missing man found buried in nephew's backyard

New York’s jobless rate drops to 6.8% - lowest level since December 2008

Ukraine is About Oil. So Was World War I

What scares me most about terrorist attacks

Stolen passports on missing Malaysian passenger jet

Confederate Flag, Celtic Cross on display in Kiev City Hall.

RT's Abby Martin Calls out CNN on CNN + Drone Strikes, AIPAC 2014 and Barrett Brown

From Bartcop, Bart's Law #2

Local radio wingnut tries new voter suppression trick on me

Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck. You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c'mon?

Scientists scan woman's brain during

****WCGreen Update -- Saturday March 8, 2014****

Nydia Velázquez Unfazed by Potential Challengers

De Blasio Rallies for Universal Pre-K With Sharpton in Harlem

good morning

Michigan Woman Dead For Six Years Found Only After Mortgage Payments Stopped

Matt Taibbi - The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks' Most Devious Scam yet...

China draws 'red line' on North Korea, says won't allow war on peninsula

Torture Whistleblower: I got 30 months in prison. Why does Leon Panetta get a pass?

Good gawd! Libya is threatening to blow up a N.Korean tanker that loaded oil from rebels:

The Sun doesn't come out

Elk Videos taken on End Road, Summerville, Oregon

"The Cosmos is all that ever was

One step forward, one step back...

Six Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country

State consultant slams fracking

What happened to all those old flash drives ?

Pelosi booed for supporting NSA spying on Americans

NY county 'likely' to appeal release of gun data

Putin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Don’t Call Me A MAN, It Is Not A Compliment. Happy International Women’s Day!

35 countries where the U.S. has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists

(California) Yolo County concealed weapons law overturned

The First Lady on International Womens Day (pic)

Law will cap flood insurance hikes

Whoa-----from "Seventeen" magazine "Are You A Feminist?

Why adults shouldn't try to play musical chairs

Six Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country

Gulf airlines defend female cabin crew policies

Rockland lawmakers propose bill to make illegal housing conversions a felony

Photo of the Week?

Woman Dies When Gun Falls Out of Sock And Shoots Her

Boehner on Russia/Ukraine - more US natural gas exports:

CPACer On Anti-Labor Panel: Gov. Kasich 'Biggest Impediment' To Right-To-Work In Ohio

Why do I hear people saying raising the min wage isn't going to help anyone BECAUSE prices will

Tom Davis:Jesse Jackson is conducting in racism

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans:Daniel Amen at TEDxOrangeCoast

The Fall Of Obamacare McCarthyism

4 ways to evolve beyond capitalism

Ukraine's EU trade deal will be catastrophic

Google is “pretty sure” its data is now protected against government spying, Eric Schmidt says

PHOTOS: Israeli women who have stood up to the occupation for 26 years

Japanese 7-Eleven asking public’s help in stopping feline crime

Texas teen arrested for killing wife-beating stepfather.

gaaah. finally biting the bullet and looking at ACA.

Recommendations sought

Women behind the lens: Palestinians filming the occupation

Jeremy Scahill & Glenn Greenwald:First members selected to the I.F. Stone Hall of Fame

LIVE RADIO NOW: Misled About Ukraine? Obamacare makes you richer?

Us Marxists and other anti-capitalists must be doing to damage to the "capitalism" brand....

The sociopathic 1 percent: The driving force at the heart of the Tea Party

“Wisconsin is the model”: Grover Norquist’s Tea Party scheme to crush his union enemies

Israeli soldiers forcefully disperse Women's Day demonstration

France lines up with Obama on Ukraine issue

At Bartcop. From the Bartblog about the pearly gates. Moving.

What is GM thinking with this new Cadillac ad?

Women~ Picture Heavy

Kindergartener leaves school unnoticed in Morrisania

10th annual Israeli Apartheid Week kicks off globally

Mont. couple accused of letting 2-year-old smoke pot

MO lawmaker gets threats after pushing change to deadly force law

Low Turnout at Minnesota State Senate District Convention

"Without Zeus, humans would live like beasts..."

US Navy sends destroyer to help in plane search

Obama takes back promise on student loan forgiveness for public service

R.I.P. Bartcop: The passing of a modem, a smart mouth, and the truth

University is digging into Mississippi's past with a long forgotten graveyard

Video – UCLA student after BDS defeat.

labor unions should transform to producers' ownership unions

A Native American Tribe Hopes Digital Currency Boosts Its Sovereignty

Mental evaluation set for jailed KKK leader

EU leaders draw up plans to send gas to Ukraine if Russia cuts off supply.

The Rude Pundit - Dead Blogger: Bartcop

Just as I predicted...

Study: Chemotherapy May Lead To Less Peaceful Death

U.S. Concern About Escalation of Violence and Insecurity in Darfur

Thoughts about the 9/11 Memorial Cross

MoveOn Texas new Billboard about Medicaid Expansion

I win.

Fun Stuff and Graphics from around the Intertubes

Let's not lose our human touch..we're so connected, we're disconnected.

We got a new rescue last week, after our beloved Abby passed away.

A lazy Saturday.

Missing MAS plane: Vietnam spots column of smoke off its coastline

Activist back from Egypt, hurting from injuries and sore at the State Department

Cuban cultural exchange in Key West draws ire from some exiles

I saw a photo of Joe McCarthy on tv last night.

Busted in Nicaragua: ex-Rep. David Rivera's pal, Ana Alliegro, in FBI custody over campaign scheme

MH 370 Passenger Manifest from Malaysia Airlines

Busted in Nicaragua: ex-Rep. David Rivera's pal, Ana Alliegro, in FBI custody over campaign scheme

Mark your calenders Tucson! It is the Festival of Books!

5 post rule.

Tea Party -- The Real Threat To America!

Everyone HATES the President. Most unpopular EVER!

Fox News host calls out Darrell Issa for

Women in Kabul, Afghanistan 1972 and now.

ACLU files another suit against DHS/CBP/NSA over email spying.

Republicans & Dems Work to OK EXPORT of OUR FRACKING GAS to EU if Russia's Gazprom Cuts Supply!

California Orca Welfare Bill Would Stop Killer Whale Shows at SeaWorld

There has been talk of me getting ate by wolves. I say to them...

Florida Family: Walmart steaks were laced with LSD

Court again rules in favor of dad who was misled about daughter's birth

Cute, my ass.

Lebanese march against domestic violence in rare non-partisan protest

Holmes Makes it Right

Totally unhinged woman gets onstage at CPAC, says the Tea Party is an ‘intellectual movement’

With Journalists Under Attack, Crimea Faces ‘Information Crisis’ Ahead Of National Referendum

what's for dinner- saturday, march 8

Marathon Spelling Bee Finally Finds A Winner

OK today is Wolf Day here in the Lounge!

The E-cig poll thread

Can Tymoshenko make a political comeback?

More workers find ways to tack leisure time onto travel schedules

Appeal brings politics into preservation question

Netanyahu says peace deal would leave some settlements in Palestine

A chance to spotlight climate change from Elizabeth Warren

Fox news: Dark money? AFL-CIO accused of campaigning without disclosing

Texas Honey Ham heavily damaged in fire

So I changed my sig line...


FL KKK Leader Reveals Police and Judges Support Their Cause

Palin Previews CPAC Speech, Rails Against ‘Unfair, Biased Media’ on Fox...oh the irony

International Women's Day: Where Does the U.S. Rank in Gender Equality for Women Workers?

Iraqi women protest against proposed Islamic law in Iraq

Eeewww! I saw this poll on Drudge.

Quote: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (event was 3-5-14)

Border Patrol Issues New Use Of Deadly Force Policy For Border Crossers

Anyone using 'The Impossible Project' film?

Darren Sharper admitted to having "non-consensual sex" with a woman. Really?

Soon . . . .

How long would you survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Why is Democracy Good?

Cartoon: Hagel

Cartoon: Social Drones

Wyoming Governor Takes Major Stand Against Modern Science

Boston Globe remarks on Kerry's visit in Kiev.

China reports unexpected trade deficit of $22.98 bn in February

STFU Amy Holmes

Hunger strike by 750 immigrants at Washington state detention centre

So BushLand! Apparently, for this guy, ALL RUSSIANS are guilty for PUTINs treats to Ukraine.....

Obama Continues Telephone Outreach on Ukraine

Well, Anne Coulter showed up at CPAC...

Protests continue after Venezuelan diplomatic win

Protests continue after Venezuelan diplomatic win

Saudi Arabia and Qatar in 'war on Iraq': Maliki

CPACer: Gays Don't Get 'Extra Rights' Like The Right To Marry

I love to rip on Cracker Barrel, but damn, I had a good breakfast today

A great quote from Jimi Hendrix...

McConnell Won’t Say Whether He Owns A Gun After CPAC Stunt

We are on the Bus, not under it.

If you don't like gay marriage, blame straight people....

I am curious are home insurance rates skyrocketing in your area?

Where Do Sea Turtles Go During Their ‘Lost Years’?

The Tilly Shilling oriface. Celebrating a day for women.

Why Murders Of Women In This Mexican State Have Gone Up 800 Percent In The Past Few Years

gibberish in many languages

SIREN: Drudge Declares Rand Paul 'Big Winner' Of CPAC 2014

Ann Coulter: “Tell poor people, ‘keep your knees together before you’re married’”

I just identified a Northern Shrike for the first time. It's been hanging out near my

How do I bring topic up to wife without sounding sexist?

Louisiana state library funding has been eliminated

Only 2 years left? Obama better get started, he's got a lot to do....

Putting numbers to the minimum wage debate

Israeli settlers stone AFP photographer's car in West Bank

As usual, Jon Stewart nails it....

The Tilly Shilling Oriface. Xpost from GD.

Is it possible to get an abortion for a dog?

Did this really happen?

President's Weekly Address for March 8th. 2014

Crocus at the cottage!

Pic of the Week?..

Romney's Racketeering Litigation Heats UP: Motions to Dismiss are Remiss.

A New Report Shows How Young Liberals Own the Future of American Politics

‘Look-alike’ guns taken seriously in city schools

Kerry: Women Key to Peace and Security

State Dept. Fact Sheet: 10 False Claims About Ukraine

The Soldier's Reply: Priceless.

Hunting isn't a sport unless the possibility of losing exists

America's Distribution of Wealth (1955)

Hawaii holds death penalty trial despite having abolished capital punishment

A man facing execution pens a letter full of truths.

A look at the rights of Arab women

"I know all about it," he says, walking past me.

Fishermen find oldest message in a bottle

CPAC 2014 Video

Women's International Day: Men in high heels

Touched by the moon

Scientists unlock mystery of out-of-body experiences (aka astral trips)

New report warns of “cascading system failure” caused by climate change

Managed Care Denies Coverage for Generic Albuterol, Will Only Cover----Name Brand Albuterol

CPAC ReTHUG straw poll

On the Front Lines: Exclusive Photos of the Ukraine-Russia Standoff

Russia Reinforces Military Presence In Crimea

Stolen Passports Prompt Terror Concerns in Missing Jet, Officials Say

Kerry, Cruz And Crist Headline 129th Annual Gridiron Dinner

About wearing high heels ...

Rachel Maddow - Texas law shuts clinics without helping women

Maliki: Saudi Arabia And Qatar Are At War With Iraq

I just had the most vivid and powerful dream of my life. Last night Jim Morrison spoke to me

Just wanted to share this my LGBTQ friends

Rachel Maddow - 'Why we did it' Part 1, US thirsty for energy

Photo: In the Crimea, It's International Women's Day too.

Legal ivory auction breaks French price records

It's Saturday evening, all is quiet, and I can't stop thinking about BartCop.

Transgender woman in California sues CrossFit over exclusion from female fitness competition

From Workers' Power on the budget deal recently enacted.....

Smart personal "security" drone built to zap "intruders" with 80,000 volts

Cuba Condemns Attempts By Western Countries To Destabilize And Overthrow Gov't Of Venezuela, Ukraine

Back at the river for SUNSET!!!

Ukraine on the line: Obama, Putin find little common ground in telephone diplomacy

Rand Paul Wins Second Consecutive CPAC Straw Poll

US firm says 20 employees on missing Malaysia plane

Candy Reefer