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Archives: August 1, 2014

Soccer Camp Angers Some Parents With Surprise Bible Talk for Kids

‘There are no wild cows’: Neil deGrasse Tyson slams ‘fear factor’ over GMOs

Republicans call on president to act like imperial president

Free Smartphone App Promises the Power to Silence Satan

Some things you should know about me as an atheist

We USED to have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Conscience.

Would you mind if I borrowed your bucket for a bit?

Citizen Militias (cartoon)

Chihuahuas adopt a Chihuahua from the Humane Society of El Paso

A pair of letters, one from Brian Eno and one from Peter Schwartz

Did you see the video Hayes just showed of the Alaska congressman twisting a staff member's arm?

Compromise Massachusetts gun bill heads to Legislature with tentative agreement on both sides

Washington School Bans Pastors From Proselytizing

Are you a boy, or are you a girl?

Having some dinner and drinks with Will Shakespeare.

I admire this groups' honesty.

My comment to NY Times article on CIA's admission of spying on Senate Intelligence Committee

Ten years in Prison for the man who tried to kill over 700 gay people in Seattle.

Frackers Spill Olympic Pool’s Worth Of Hydrochloric Acid In Oklahoma

Latest Rosetta image reveals terrific detail of comet's surface

How A Seed Saver (DU's own NRaleighLiberal) Discovered One Of Our Favorite Tomatoes

Dear Benjamin, stop bombing Gaza. Yours, Barack.

Atheist TV: Who is the Richard Dawkins-endorsed channel really trying to reach?

Trevor Timm: CIA director John Brennan lied to you and to the Senate. Fire him.

Senate Passes Veterans Health Care Bill

Does religious bias begin with your CV?

The Wobblies (history of the IWW)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Out of Towners & a Kittehs gif


'There Will Be No Water' by 2040? Researchers Urge Global Energy Paradigm Shift

Anti-Drone Activist's One-Year Sentence Will Not Deter Movement

Catholic group asks Bishop Morlino to support baptism for children of gay couples

*Highway Trust Fund agreement reached,

What can they do for Sharknado 3?

Boehner Encourages Obama To Take Executive Action, One Day After Voting To Sue Obama Over It

Large gas explosion rocks Taiwan city

De facto House Speaked Ted Cruz gets another win, kills border bill

Anti-Abortion Group Protests Minn. Clinic That Doesn't Perform Abortions

Markets End July in Dive, but Analysts Are Upbeat.

It’s so stinking easy to understand..

Federal Appeals Court Trolls Scalia In Virginia Gay Marriage Case

Ebola patient from Liberia to be flown to U.S.

Infectious disease experts: Why the risk of Ebola entering the US is extremely low.

(Palestinian) Artist Turns Israeli Air Strike Smoke Into Powerful Imagery

It's 1998 in Russia.

China: Gay man sues over shock ‘treatment’

Question about GOP suing Obama

Tensions Escalate Between Israel and a Second Party in Gaza: The United Nations


Wall Street handed out $26.7 Billion in just bonuses in 2013 ...

The Onion: Mabelline introduces new Ideal Woman rubber mask

New people, we have a forum for Good News (seriously)

Peaches packaged in pairs of panties provoke protests in PRC

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 1, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars -- Jane Fonda

McDonnells Shared $5,000 Cognac, Favor Seeker Testifies

Good News, There's a Christian Alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey

Japanese Schoolgirl 'beheaded classmate because she wanted to dissect someone'

Culture Watch: Are selfie-maniacs propelling a sharp rise in homelessness among black cats?

Milk Cup Soccer: Northern Ireland game with Mexico marred by violence

Video of tribe's first contact shows both tension and friendly overtures

Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom feud: Celebs and fans react on Twitter....

More than 100 religious, immigration activists arrested at White House

Should be easy campaign ad material: a "Repeal Obamacare" tally.

Thank you Mr. President. I found a job!

New Rules Say Poultry Plants Can Conduct Own Checks

Non-violent solution to the Israel/Palestine problem

Mommy, minister and unmarried: Single mothers in the pulpit

GOP Senator Blocks Approval of US Ambassadors.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hosts Anti-LGBT Pastor For Whine About Atheists Siccing IRS On Political Pastor

Let's talk a little more about why the CIA was 'spying' on the Senate Intelligence Committee

MSF Ops. Director - West African Ebola Epidemic "Absolutely Out Of Control", 670 Confirmed Dead

Farmers Kicking Huelskamp (R-Brownbackistan) In The Ass Re. Tea-Douche Anti-Biofuel Stance

Telegraph - Peace Corps Evacuating 100s Of Volunteers From West Africa

Market Basket customers donated & created this full page newspaper ad for this weekend

Montgomery Advertiser Editorial - Alabama PSC Not A Church: "This Is How Theocracies Take Root"

Gaza war prompts Latin America to break ties with Israel

Yoo-Hoo!! Chickungunya Cases Hit 25 In NJ, 44 In NY; 3 FL Cases Locally Transmitted

It appears now that 3 Ebola-infected patients will be brought into US.

gratuitious kitteh pic - i iz a luck dragon edition

Some medical humor

Yee-Hah!! Yasuni NP (Ecuador) Deforestation Roaring As Extraction Of Precious, Precious Oil Begins

Italy: Amanda Knox is linked to cocaine drug ring

Scientists - Lead Pollution First Human Arrival At South Pole, 20 Years Ahead Of Amundsen And Scott


John Oliver explains how the US contributed to Uganda’s anti-gay law

If the rockets stop...

Spied On Committee's CIA Torture Report Won’t Call Interrogations Torture – But It Will Show Horrors

Oh boy... oh boy... oh boy!

What can we do today to oppose global atrocities and violence?

GRAPHIC WARNING! - Need something to be up in arms about besides everything else in the world?

Thom Hartmann program Daily Take: Doomsday Trigger for Megadrought?

The Middle Class is... well... Melting Away.

San Jose police drone inflames surveillance-state rumblings

Game Changer

California high-speed rail project wins big in appellate court ruling

Suspect in fatal USC attack entered country illegally, feds say

(Jerry Brown's challenger) Kashkari's campaign almost out of cash

'Legally blind' driver charged in fatal Berkeley crash

So I have this dream . . .

Mortar Strike Kills 5 Israeli Troops Ahead of Cease-Fire

Another suspected case of Ebola in Nigeria

I'm just discovering King Khan

Florida man found guilty of throwing baby out of window of moving car

WTF ...67

What is really going on in Gaza?

Yes, Weed Kills Cancer! "CANNABINOIDS INCREASE LUNG CANCER CELL LYSIS" (Kills cancer cells)

Pro-ISIS Demonstrators Call for “Death to Jews” in the Netherlands

Prehistoric dairy farming at the extremes

President Obama Smacks Down Jesus Heckler By Saying 'I Believe In God'

14 yr. old Liberian boy donates a pint of his blood to Dr. Brantley, the Ebola doctor

President Clinton -Global Citizenship 'Turning Good Intentions into Positive Actions'

Ebola Outbreak: 30,000 In Nigeria Believed Exposed To Virus, And No One Knows Who They Are

Cantor Tells Newspaper He'll Resign From House Aug. 18, Months Earlier Than Expected

in case people wonder why Florida dems will vote for Charlie Crist

Scott Walker's Cynical Trek Into Populism

Tropical Storm Bertha forms in the Atlantic

"Ultimate Classic Rock" Website: Photos of "Your Favorite Guitarists Playing Giant Slugs"

Pittsburg Post-Gazette LTTE: Venezuela is a healthy democracy with little inequality

Ted Cruz’s Spokesperson Attacks Obama For Hosting A Special Olympics Event

Bill, Hillary Clinton blast "despicable" anti-Clinton authors

Bill Clinton on Sept. 10, 2001: ‘I could have killed’ bin Laden

Bucksville ,,, interesting subject matter but, not well executed

In The Repub Polls That Ask - Should The President Be Impeached? - Do They Ever Ask.......

Here's How The U.S. Sparked A Refugee Crisis On The Border, In 8 Simple Steps

Cantor to Resign From Congress

A reminder to think before you speak - Israel and Palestine edition

Remember that time...

Funny, sarcastic article about McDonnell and wife....

From NASA: Potentially, A Breakthrough (Understatement of The Century)

Holocaust Survivor Mourns What Israel Has Become

San Francisco's New Workplace Law Signals a Shift

The Global Religion Crisis

Over 100 Faith Leaders, Immigrant Activists Arrested At White House For Protesting Deportations

TYT Detroit Meetup and Wolf PAC set to Visit Ann Arbor for Michigan Progressive Candidate Mixer 8/16

Police: Stabbing of 15 year old transgender girl will be prosecuted as a hate crime

Why the Children Fleeing Central America Will Not Stop Coming

Nasa validates 'impossible' space drive

What Happened When an Extremist, Christian Fundamentalist Got to Run a Whole State

Rand Paul Can’t Escape Neo-Confederate Friends As He Runs For President

How to Tell a Sociopath from a Psychopath

Gaza conflict Ceasefire crumbles as Israeli, Hamas trade fire hours after agreed 72-hour truce began

The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker

Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act Struck Down By Constitutional Court

Cute buddies

Bon Anniversarie, Jerry!

Religion has taken center stage in America's political debates

Black Eye for McDonald’s, Potentially Big Win for American Workers

Bear rescues drowning crow, doesn't eat it

Anyone watching "An Honorable Woman" ?

Happy Yorkshire day everyone!

Mark Fiore: Not Equal

as US job market strengthens, many don't feel it

Nation Braces for...

Israeli Soldier Feared Kidnapped in Gaza, Military Says

Dem running against Harris County Judge quits race

Belgian doctor refuses treatment to Jewish patient

Big Brother TV show- Washington Post article

The Wren

Two Peace Corps volunteers exposed to deadly Ebola virus

Walgreens petition

"Women's Rights Experts" protest at clinic

IDF: Hamas used ceasefire to kidnap soldier; ceasefire over

Mom loses custody case involving church with naked ritual

Decline in Food Stamps Shows Low-Income Relief: EcoPulse

The Definitive List Of 50 Stupid Republican Quotes

What if the CDC plane carrying the Ebola victims crashed on American soil?

Editorial in the Jamaican Gleaner today -Perverse morality in Gaza

This is what incompetence looks like: John Boehner keeps reliving the same failure, over and over

I believe, that Chuck Toad flunked out of the Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf's institute of

Looking for a free website that will be able to be locked to everyone w/o a password.

Proof that the GOP’s newfound “libertarianism” is a big ol’ sham

Maduro proposes national debate to raise gasoline prices (Spanish)

Would there even be a Hamas today if...

Ebola-infected doctor's extraordinary sacrifice

Tomgram: Chip Ward, Leave It to Beaver(s)

3 police officers kill prostitute

Could corporations claim a right to lie because of sincerely-held religious beliefs?

Payroll employment increases in July (+209,000); unemployment rate changes little (6.2%)

Voter Suppression: The Same Old Strategy

Venezuela starts tourism campaign and Twitter responds

PA. Repub House to Phila Schools: Drop Dead

Kitchen, dining room flooring

NSA: European Hypocrisy Summed Up in One Court Decision

Pakistan Wants US To Help Restrict Entry of Terrorists from Afghanistan Border

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - A Party Named Sue

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Mid East Pileup

Consumers Must Not Become ‘Mindless Fanatics’ of Western Fast Food

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

This is why I fear this strain of Ebola may be airborne

Ukrainian troops die in ambush as crash investigators reach MH17 site

Uganda's Constitutional Court annuls anti-homosexuality law

How Ironic - today is the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw uprising

Mars 2020 rover will pave the way for future manned missions (BBC)

Can Someone Explain To Me These Tunnels That Israel Is Trying To Destroy.....

Gaza conflict: British-Israeli soldier captured by Hamas

Reading the news lately is so depressing

German Foreign Minister: 'European Peace Is At Stake'

Europe's Ground Zero: Fairy Tales and Fabrications in Eastern Ukraine

Eric Cantor says he'll leave Congress August 18

Gaza as Microcosm: A System Dynamics Perspective

Cold Paradise: US Struggles with Wave of Underage Immigrants

Paranoid RW delusion or some basis in fact?

Ann Coulter: Why can’t we deal with our border the way Netanyahu deals with Hamas?

For those who haven't, I recommend reading "The Plague" by Albert Camus

Microsoft must give prosecutors customer email stored on server in Ireland, federal judge rules

Senate blocks aid to Israel

Are we playing their game?

Just damn these people all to hell...

We're Moving Beyond Energy Efficiency Into 'Demand Destruction'

Tropical Storm Bertha moves towards Puerto Rico

Tropical Storm Bertha moves towards Puerto Rico and eastern Caribbean islands

Pennsylvania doctors advised of deadly Ebola threat

Time Magazine - Are you GOP enough?

This Amazing Jet Will Transport Ebola Victims From Africa To The U.S.

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch to Be Sold

The A-10 Warthog Will Soon Be Chasing Tornados And Attacking Storms

Ted Nugent slams ‘lying freaks’ at liberal media: I’m ‘doing God’s work’

How propaganda is produced: 125 world legal scholars condemn Israel pogrom, all labelled anti-Semite

I’m freaking depressed....Poll shows Obamacare..

Why the Security of USB Is Fundamentally Broken

Papantonio: BP Spill Keeps Getting Worse

Blessed Lammas to those that observe it!!

Cat Waits At Bus Stop, Rides the Bus Routinely

Found: Ted Cruz's recess getaway

Something to watch out for - eating too fast

Breaking the Grip of the Fossil Fuel Economy: If It Can Happen in Appalachia, It Can Happen Anywhere

Shifting Views of Supreme Court’s Ideology among Liberals, Conservatives

David Sirota: Clinton Isn’t Warren, No Matter What Her Allies Say

NSIDC ice melt for July almost exactly average

Not anymore...

Coal miner says employees at Wise County mine had no warning of layoffs


"The Survivor: How Eric Holder Outlasted His (many) Critics"

NLRB: You can run, but you can't hide, Mickey Dee's

Wine ... From Malibu?

Moreland mess erodes Cuomo’s fear factor

Alley Ooops! Dwight Howard buys a home for 7.7 million dollars and sells it for 3.5 million.

US manufacturing expands again in July

Huffington Post misleading headline of the lastest jobs report

Grayson a Tina Haver Currin’s counter-protest to abortion clinic picketers is the stuff of genius


Gaza: Mapping the human cost

Big Players Promoting Water Privatization

Pic Of The Moment: Sues President For Acting Unilaterally...

Ultra right wing National Front Marine Le Pen leads in French poll.

100 years ago today, Germany declared war on Russia, making it a 'great power' war

Lee Co. School Board member will opt his children out of state tests.

Obamacare premiums to rise a modest 4.2% in 2015

Ray Guy's long wait ends with his Hall of Fame induction

Photographs capture Israeli missiles a split second before they reduce Gaza buildings to Rubble

Independent office probes Cuomo Tappan Zee loan

Bear Saves Drowning Crow

Derrick Rose discusses growing tension with Bulls; Reinsdorf reacts

So I have this dream . . .


Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Law Struck Down as Unconstitutional

Reform coalition nominates seven priests to be Twin Cities archbishop

Rent or Tuition? The Growing Student Dilemma

Tesla announces plan to boost production in 2015

Blocking-the-plate Rule is HORRIBLE

Joint Declaration by International Law Experts on Israel's Gaza Offensive

This is what a boycott looks like: (picture heavy)

Erik Cantor to 'resign early'. Wants special election.

Smells like amenity

For eastern Ukrainians, a growing doubt: Is Russia manipulating us?

The ACA Saved A DU'ers Life Last Week

Homemade KONG filling for you buddies!

Deported Too Soon: Report Says Fed Immigration Authorities are Violating New York Law

The war in the Middle East and the Ukraine conflict have so saturated the news that Orange Man's

Seder: The Gaza-Israel Debate Taboo

Fear and loathing and Hamas

BREAKING: 72-Hour Cease-Fire Unravels, Israeli Soldier Captured

Lobster rolls

A Hug From Tim: "I love you Obama."

Source: Where do they get the number of 97% of climate scientists' concensus on change?

What's for supper this 1st day of August, 2014?

Anyone following the Bob McDonnell corurption trial?

US stocks stabilize, helped by a pickup in hiring

Sources: Percoco recruited Moreland support statements

the transfusion to Dr. Brantly may be his best chance...

You Can Learn The Exact Day Of Christ's Return If You Give $5 To WorldNetDaily

Article Title: Miley Cyrus Just Took Inappropriate To a Whole Different Level

The issue with GMO seeds is political, not just scientific

What hell hole gerrymandered district did

Today's Friday news dump will be

Westchester asks for EPA approval of plan for UV water treatment

Netanyahu to Kerry: Hamas bears responsibility for consequences of its actions

This is why we have to get our motor vehicles inspected.

The Extinction Parade. Please come CAPTION Sen. Jim Inholf!!

Geraldine’s Lament: New Home No Cure for Venezuela Shortages (32% poverty now)

My ltte was published today! I'm TRYNG to tell the Pubs here that they're wrong about the ACA

Jet Stream So Weak Winds Are Running From Pacific to Atlantic Across the North Pole

Peru: A Country Committed to Poverty Reduction and Shared Prosperity

Politico Article: Newly Revealed Recording: Bill Clinton refused to kill Civilians to get Bin Laden

Psychopathy, an intro

Campbell Brown won't name funders cause they will be harassed. Her BS is getting deeper. Video.

Alaska Rep. Don Young sorry for grabbing aide

Obama Admin Readies Response to Upcoming Torture Report - Says 'Americans Can Take Pride' in End

Revolving Door Between Dirty Energy And The Obama Administration - Steve Horn Discusses

As New Legal Challenges Threaten Obamacare, A Public Option Looks Better And Better

Toon: The President is inconsistent...

Mother arrested for letting 7 year old walk 1/2 Mile to Park to play...WTF...

"Ted Cruz bucks the establishment, again"

Renew America: marriage equality a Commie plot

Russian Jets Prowl Ukraine to Baltic Amid Malaysia Probe

Congressman Legalizes Pot for Himself

Hurdle Looms for Falling Jobless Rate as Participation Steadies

Reid: House border bill DOA in Senate

Thiomersal (INN) has a bad reputation, but many have forgotten

Flights Over Iraq Restricted by U.S. FAA Due to Conflict

Cuomo Approves ‘Revenge Porn’ Law

Toon: We might have to fine-tune our message...

GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan See Auto Sales Zoom In July

Fox News propaganda in one mind numbing, mind dumbing chart - 110% of Americans hate Obama.

Maduro arrives in Cartagena to meet with Santos

Former UK Defence Minister Luff Condemns 'Brutal' Israeli Gaza Attacks

Andrew Cuomo hires criminal lawyer to represent governor's office as scandal over Moreland...

Breaking the Grip of the Fossil Fuel Economy: If It Can Happen in Appalachia, It Can Happen Anywhere

"A lie in the hand is worth two truths in the bush." Please come CAPTION Fox's Catherine Herridge!!!

See Who The Wealthiest Individual Is In Every State

‘It doesn’t really work like that’: Actress Anna Paquin sets Larry King straight on bisexuality

W.H.O. Says Outbreak of Ebola Virus Is Outpacing Control Efforts

The Times of Israel posted an article titled "When Genocide Is Permissible."

Fox pundit rips Tucker Carlson for shunning child refugees: 'Have you read the Bible?'

Kerry Calls on Qatar and Turkey to Gain Release of Israeli Soldier

Biden Gets Grow Light Delivered To White House Under Fake Name

Cattitude - Post 'em Here!

The CIA's Dirty Playbook Is About to Be Opened

Greg Abbott Defends Sociopathic Surgeon Over Victims of Botched Spinal Surgeries

Scott Brown poised to become first Senate candidate ever to lose twice to women

July Jobs Growth Disappoints and Real Unemployment Hangs at 18%

U.S. Stocks Decline on Portugal Bank, Argentina Concerns

Construction Spending Falls 1.8 Percent In June

About A Week Ago Texas Gov. Perry Was To Call Up The National Guard To Do Border Patrol....

Amnesty International: U.S. Should Stop Arming Israel Amid "Growing Evidence of War Crimes in Gaza"

The ED Show - New Canadian pipeline, new environmental problems

Florida judge orders special session to redraw congressional map

Toe Licker Dick Morris: I wouldn't be surprised if Obama resigned...

GOP Disarray Hands Democrats a Big Midterm Gift

Why are NYT/Wapo etc paywalled while TPM/Rawstory etc free?

CIA Spying On The Senate Went Much Further Than Originally Reported

5 Things Radical Conservatives Have Ruined for Everyone Else

Koterba toon: Back 2 school

WHAT? Good news out of Florida?

Shipping Rates Drop as China Hydro Power Cuts Coal Need

"Here's how I get off!" Please come CAPTION Fox's contributor, Michael Scheuer!!!

New York Metropolitan Opera Postpones Lockout by 72 Hours

Fla. judge orders special session to redraw congressional map

Teacher hopefuls hit hard by costs

President Obama: 'I believe in God.'

Digging Up Roots: Women’s rights in the 19th Century

Women's rights on the line in Turkey

Scientists name new species of cetacean: The Australian humpback dolphin

Speaking about Dick Morris

What Happened When Extremist, 'Christian' Fundamentalist Brownback drove Kansas in to the ground

free software

Socialism is where

Negroponte says exposing Brennan's lies to the Senate

50 civilians killed today, 2 Israeli fighting men, America mourns the soldiers, ignores the children

Private apologies are not enough for a defender of torture, the architect of America’s drone program

Republicans contradict themselves so much I've lost track of how much.

the fracture in my ankle turned out to be pretty small, but my gods it hurts

Further proof that the topmost one percent among one percenters might as well live on another planet

George Zimmerman Caught Playing Gun Store Security Guard

Ebola Panic at the Mexican Border!

Irish Potato Famine

SWERUS-C3 scientists begin methane measurements in outer Laptev Sea

The ED Show - Do-nothing Congress sues to transfer blame

#BBCtrending: The love story that's captivated Kenya

Good article on McDonnell's trial

The Rude Pundit: The Rude Pundit Goes Places So You Don't Have To

Netizen Report: Colombia May Jail Grad Student for Sharing a Research Paper Online

Protesters slam teacher tenure foe Campbell Brown outside 'The Colbert Report' studios

Senator Elizabeth Warren left one banker stammering for an answer during a hearing on student loans.

Bill de Blasio Breaks With Al Sharpton Over Police Retraining

NASA Tests "Impossible" Perpetual Motion Drive; Says it Works

Well, I just got home from seeing my orthopedic doctor...

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: Israel’s Iron Dome: a misplaced debate

Bolivia Makes Child Labor Legal, In An Attempt To Make It Safer

Al Capone, Milk, and expiration dates

Conservative group Alec devises offshoot ACCE to lobby at local levels (ALEC update)

Peggy Noonan: USA Is Divided Because Obama Is “Out There Dropping His G’s”

City Hall convenes leaders for 2016 talk

Peru recalls ambassador from Israel

Senate approves more money for Israel's Iron Dome

Block Granting Social Safety Net Programs Would Erode Their Value Deprive Low-income Families of Aid

Uganda anti-gay law declared 'null and void' by constitutional court

The controversial U.N. agency that found rockets in its Gaza schools

Men without problem. ..women without shirts..against the law.

Argentina in Default as 'Vulture Funds' Demand 'Predatory Payment'

About those polls that show overwhelming support for Israel by the US public...

Security firm takes control of former Wilton prison

BREAKING: U.S. Senate unanimously approves $225 million for Israeli 'Iron Dome' system

Justice Denied: US Court Rules Bhopal Victims Can't Sue Union Carbide

Really bad idea. Really.

VRE set to build new station at Potomac Shores TOD

Probe Of Ex-Rep. David Rivera Hinges On Friend

Probe Of Ex-Rep. David Rivera Hinges On Friend

True? False? Semi-True? "Muslims in America Chant: Jews Back in the Ovens, NUKE Israel"

Cuomo expected to sign tougher drunken driving law

Taliban and ISIS: Passing the Baton of Women’s Oppression

Ha Ha President calls the pukes out for telling him he should act on his own. They can't even pass

The Black Hole of Government Contracting

WTF ...68

Food & Water Watch Denounces USDA Plans to Privatize Poultry Inspection

Siegfried Sassoon's WWI diaries published online

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, Dr. Martha Herbert, PhD, MD, Prof Sheldon Krimsky & Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speak.

The Guardian: Israel bombards Rafah after soldier disappears amid Gaza ceasefire collapse

Conservative KY judge says black defendant in Obama t-shirt ‘lucky to get out of here alive’

Taco Bell manager fired in Indianapolis for hiring Hispanic employees, lawsuit claims

Gay rights groups dispute federal survey’s estimate of population

Obama is a measured man but he sure can fugg up a foolish journalist

At a quarter of New York City schools most students unable to perform at grade level: report

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal U.S. Gov't Planned To “Retaliate and Cause Pain” On Countries Refusing GMOs

Enough of the BULLSHIT - Middle class jobs ARE coming back

Appeals court upholds genital searches at Guantánamo

Rep. Louie Gohmert: pro-immigrant groups 'questioning your manhood'

Iowa Democrats exploring ways to expand caucus

Utah lobbyists required to wear badges at Capitol

Boehner after Cruz Control stole the votes

Medical Examiner Rules Eric Garner's Death a Homicide, Says He Was Killed By Chokehold

Could this be a venue for the Occupy movement?

How the U.S.’s Zero Weeks of Paid Family Leave Compare to the Rest of the World Read

How Cuomo flip-flopped on a marijuana timeline

Legislation authorizing $1.3B for autism research passes Senate, awaits president's signature

Bye bye Cantor, hello Steve King (Digby)

President Obama is hitting it out of the ballpark.

Fan At Indians Game Upset To Find Someone Else In His Section

Occupy activists flock to Sacramento for national meeting

"We tortured some folks." Thank you Mr. President...

Environmentalists Plan Epic Climate March in NYC for September 21st

Five Latin American Countries Withdraw Envoys From Israel

WTF ...69

A Fond Farewell To The Environment And Energy Group

Eric Garner's death ruled a homicide by medical examiner

President Obama Lists What’s Not Working in Washington, The president also addressed torture

Democracy, Socialism And Counter-Revolution In Latin America

Evacuees return after Taiwan gas explosions

7 Lessons all Gazans should learn from this war.

grouchy papa grumble here....

'We Are With You. Here Are The Missiles!' US Senate Passes Emergency Funding For Israel's Iron Dome

Eric Garner's death ruled a homicide by medical examiner

62 killed in Gaza; Israeli soldier feared captured

Someone please help me here..

How can journalists be objective when writing about dead children?

Atheists or Christians—Which Group is More Common Among Those With Fairly High IQ Scores?

IMF's Blunt Message to Nations: Raise Fossil-Fuel Taxes to Fight Climate Change

Hamas uses humanitarian ceasefire to launch sneak attack that kills 2 and abducts one

Kucinich urges Washington to negotiate with Hamas

San Diego Religious Leaders Host Spiritual Summit for LGBTQ Community

Schneiderman: No Comment On Moreland-NY AG

Breaking from NBC: Steamy Windows: 3-in-5 Americans Had Sex in a Car, Survey Says

Israel Eyes Democratic Leadership Slot, But Not At DCCC

Times of Israel removes an unacceptable blog post

Arabic letter N painted on church door

Ready For Warren 'A Good Thing,' Says Barney Frank

Can we have a forum where people are allowed to be Pro-Israel?

Semi-Good News: Uganda Anti-Gay Law Struck Down by Court

The duck is grateful to his rescuer.

New York City Conducts Largest Ever Surprise Bioterror Response Drill

7 Ways Obama Basically Called Republicans Bums Today

Three adult dogs and NINE puppies Hope for Paws

Autism Act Wins Senate Approval

Obama calls for 'unconditional release' of purportedly kidnapped IDF soldier

For Some Companies, Influx Of Migrant Children Is Booming Business

What Women Really Want

Massachusetts lawmakers pass bill tightening state gun laws

Massachusetts lawmakers pass bill tightening state gun laws

Michele Bachmann says Obama is keeping refugee kids to perform medical experiments on them

Vanity plates rejected by DMV as too racy for road

Good-Government Groups Blast Redistricting Language

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

A place and time when a woman's menstrual cycle was equated with power

Obama, Putin Talk Ukraine Separatists, Nuclear Missiles

Goodell defends NFL's 2-game suspension of Rice for domestic violence

Obama Order "Ends Corporate Immunity" for Federal Contractors

PS: we are the boss....

Mary Sanchez: Campuses need a push to confront sexual assault

This Map Shows You the Richest Person in Every State

"Abandoning the pretense of seriousness"

The only two presidents that reduced the deficit in the last 50 years....

If a telemarketer calls...

Democrats Blast Israel For Killing Innocent Palestinian Children, Threaten To Withhold Military Aid

"Yeah, we tortured some people....and we spied on a Senate Committee...."

City Matters: Market Basket workers' outlook challenges the skeptics among us. Awesome article!

Florida Judge Says He May Delay Congressional Elections Due To Illegally Gerrymandered Maps

Area Airports On Alert To Look For Passengers With Ebola Symptoms

Ready to rumble: Activists to raid congressional town hall meetings to fight immigration

"I wish we could have Netanyahu as our president," Coulter said.

The good faith torture defense

KKK members call for shooting young refugees dead: ‘Leave the corpses laying on the border’

'Straight White Guy Festival' Fliers In Ohio Park Spark Local Controversy

If this was the world of Blade Runner then Roy Batty will be created in less than 2 years

Justice Ginsburg knocks her colleagues’ blind spot again: Hobby Lobby case was ‘inexplicable’

Israeli buffer zone tightens Gaza chokehold

Cuomo Campaign To Pay For Moreland Attorney

Poll shows Americans favor improving or fixing ACA, not repealing it

"We Tortured Some Folks" --President Obama Lays It Out There in Today's Press Conference

Noam Chomsky on "War on Drugs" and Marijuana

March for Gaza in Washington, DC, Tomorrow

Seder: Time for McDonald's to Take Accountability

The content of many History Channel shows probably don't fit the SOP of General Discussion

County Clerk, Employer of Bigoted Extremist VA GOP Treasurer, Asks for Stay of Gay Marriage Ruling

"it’s important for us not to feel too sanctimonious in retrospect.”

This is what your face would look like without muscles....

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 2, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars -- David Niven

Marshall Islands nuclear lawsuit reopens old wounds

1 photo before I leave

Pres. Obama is hoping that we're goddamn idiots out here, still cowed by talk of 9-11

Obama Says He Has 'Full Confidence' In CIA Chief John Brennan

Neil deGrasse Tyson on GMO food!

Poland honors fighters on 70th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising against Nazi Germans

Best movie credits ever: "Walk on the Wild Side"

Michele Bachmann Will Protect Evil Brown Children From Barack Mengele’s Secret Medical Experiments

found a kitten buried up to it's head in cement UP DATE

Diabetic Brooklyn teen denied insulin after being falsely arrested on attempted murder charges: suit

WTF ...70

a short video introduction to one of my outdoor "pets"

Bones found near dictatorship torture chamber in Chile

Bones found near dictatorship torture chamber in Chile

Which da Vinci Angel is more beautiful? You choose!

Obama laughs and jokes about Republicon obstruction

'No on Parks' group spoofs reverse-911 on their caller ID.

WTF ...71

Israel bombs Gaza ambulance as Friday death toll surpasses 100

Rush Limbaugh FLUSHED in Brawley, CA!

An unusually pleasant day in the remote Midwest (aka RedNeckLand)

The Sad Clownhood of John Boehner

Gaza Strip: 'Palestinian Genocide is Permissible' Claims Israeli Writer

Fox News Calls Ruth Bader Ginsburg an Ignorant Misandrist

Girl ruled incompetent in 'Slender Man' stabbing

Today was one of those days when a person feels assaulted by the universe.

Ed Fitzgerald, Dem. candidate for Ohio governor, swiftboated by Republican Governors Assoc.

WTF ...72

Question regarding disability

Brennan must go, the CIA investigated for spying on Senate.

Bill Maher Is Gross

Today I was outside to breathe for a few minutes

***August Contest Theme: Grand and Majestic***

Oakland police officer fired over Occupy incident is reinstated

What do you think of the movie _Parkland_?

WTF ...73

Right-wing demonstrators in Tel Aviv wore neo-Nazi shirts (Haaretz)

U.S. gifts $8 billion to Ukraine for border protection

rape in congo is a men's issue, too

rape in congo is a men's issue, too.

CIA admits it broke into Senate computers; senators call for spy chief’s ouster

How Market Basket is Committing Corporate Suicide

Daniel Levy: 'No just war'

I think the Democratic Senate should pressure Brennan to resign...

Berkshire Hathaway reports soaring second-quarter profits

Colombia’s largest hydro-dam project stirs violence, human rights abuses: report

E - bo - la / O - ba - ma. Coincidence?

Seniors and people with disabilities block tech buses

Seniors and people with disabilities block tech buses (xpost from GD)

WTF? We are giving $8 billion to Ukraine for border security....

The night it became dangerous to demonstrate in Tel Aviv (+972)

Very worst movie of all time, in your opinion only, of course

What do you think of the movie _Parkland_?

Giving Thanks

Larry King Confused By Anna Paquin's 'Non-Practicing' Bisexuality


Israel’s employs ‘Hannibal Procedure’ to bombard kidnappers’ escape routes — even if it kills captur

"Timing is everything".

Who else is disgusted with our lying, thieving, torturing, murdering nation?

Weekend Economists' Dulles, the Weekend; August 1-3, 2014

Arizona Used 15 Doses Of Lethal Drugs To Execute Inmate (gasped for air 660 times before death)

How did Noah get viruses onto his ark?

The World's MOST pressing issue: Solved!

Justice Ginsburg: Buying Contraceptives For Others is One Of The ‘Obligations That Citizens Have’

'Jack Trammell's website is remarkably unrevealing, or not.'

Israeli soldier may have been killed in ambush -Hamas armed wing

Fathers & Daughters in Iran by Nafise Motlaq

I'm a coward. I can't open posts about:

Market Basket--a war over the future of the American corporation