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Report: San Antonio trying hard to lure Raiders

‘My wife thinks I will come home in a box’ – and three days later Gaza bomb disposal expert was dead

Elephant in the room re: Michael Brown

Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks To Michael Brown's Parents

"Dances With Rove" is now available for birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs ...

Eric Holder speaks to Michael Brown's parents, promises a full and independent investigation

Meet the British doctors treating Gaza's wounded

Start revving up for Z-Nation -- New Zombie t.v. series -- Looks promising

In Response To Robin Williams' Death, The Most Powerful Description Of Depression I’ve Ever Heard

The Internet Bring You Another Not So Famous Quote From Famous People:

Time to DEMAND that our cops give their military hardware to the National Guard

Papantonio: Dixieland Ninja Cops In Ferguson

New to the Archaeologist’s Tool Kit: The Drone

REMINDER: You have the right to record the police

Thinking of Going Galt.

Last night v. tonight in Ferguson

Russel Honoré in NOLA and Captain Ron Johnson in Ferguson

Footage taken by Ryan Reilly (Huffington Post) after his release in Ferguson

Disney Bosses Pay Touching Tribute to Robin Williams

“He sawed off my hair with a dull knife”: The horrific misogyny of “Mixed Martial Arts” culture

Grove of the Patriarchs

Three Rivers Festival of Hope, to be held at the Consol Energy Center.Rev. Franklin Graham

I am over run with Iguanas

Chris Hayes is doing an excellent job reporting from Ferguson.

Wesley Lowery: With Highway Patrol, hugs and kisses replace tear gas in Ferguson

MRAPs across America

Here is when they will release his name...

gratuitous kitteh pic - gotta stretch it out edition

Sleep Hollow


Anyone have issues with doctors not taking ACA insurance?

Gazan farmer to ‘Post’: We hope to work together with Israelis 'as one family'

Support McCaskell as she seeks to demilitarize local police

Paul Fanlund: How Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan connect to Scott Walker

Well, fellow Iowans, how do you think the the governor's debate went?

Mike Luckovich Toon- Mayberry 2014

Swat Team Raids Innocent Woman's Home; Lawsuit Filed

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Police States & a new kitteh gif

Another bout of food poisoning...

I think the cell phone camera is one of the great inventions of the last century.

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

In other news, it is the circle of life...

~~Silent Thread.~I stand and march with Ferguson.

I agree with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, here's some more good advice for him and

QuikTrip responds to St. Louis riot damage

Thousands in Times Square snarl traffic, chanting, "hands up, don't shoot!"

Despite how far we've come we still live in the dark ages.

Teen's eye donation rejected because he was gay

Blackfish sinking SeaWorld?

Justice Department questions witnesses in Ferguson shooting

Here's a livestream for Ferguson for those interested:

"Unarmed black teenager"

Why the "Broken Window" Rule leads to Ferguson, Mo.

McFadden trying to call Congress back into session on recess

How High-End Juices Extract Money From Consumers

Which actors/actresses/directors do you make it a point to see their movies?

What it will take to fix law enforcement

At End of Round-The-World Trip, Kerry's Plane Breaks Down in Hawaii.

Scammers Using Robin Williams’ Death To Dupe People On Social Media

Heads up: GOP preparing to impeach NC AG Roy Cooper over gay marriage

Web Trolls Winning as Incivility Increases

Thousands protesting in Times Square now.

Michelle Rhee drops out of school group

Civil rights groups to feds: Purge your anti-Muslim training materials

After the Ferguson protests, church volunteers pick up the pieces

I am on SSDI and my savings if

San Francisco's First Cat Cafe Signs Lease in Hayes Valley

5 Facts About The Legendary Actress Lauren Bacall's Jewish LIfe

Westboro Baptist Church to picket funeral of Robin Williams

New York City wouldn't erupt like Ferguson: Mayor de Blasio

Lionfish proves to be tireless terminator-like invasive species

Sean Hannity is reporting from Bizarro World tonight.

"Make your life spectacular..."

Vegetarian at an Office Picnic: What to Do?

Israel's Silent Genocide

The Wire's Bunny Colvin helps explain how we got here: "This drug thing, this ain't police work"

Jay Nixon is a badass.

New Yorkers stage demonstrations over Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Mo., march on Times Square

Ebola crisis vastly underestimated, says WHO

Post here: Favorite Lauren Bacall movie

CNN: Ferguson police on Friday will release name of officer who shot Michael Brown

Ferguson, Missouri, police on Friday will release the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown, a


Homophobic gang attacks drive couple from home (Scotland)

With Highway Patrol, hugs and kisses replace tear gas in Ferguson

I don't think it's a good idea for these witnesses to be interviewed on TV

How does it feel to be a problem?

This Company Is Profiting From Police Aggression In Ferguson

Lawrence O'Donnell is interviewing the female witness

Cell phone repair

DeBlasio Praises New York's Peace in Face of Ferguson Violence

Anyone going to Times Square tomorrow?

Woman problems are the World's Problems.

Liberals ding Bob Beauprez for suggesting Obama policies could lead to civil war

Michael Brown Shooting Witness: Michael's Pulse Not Taken For 30-45 Minutes

Now Fraternal order of Police try and blame Obama.

Really, I didn't intend for it to be like this.

Twitter Reviews Policies After Robin Williams’s Daughter Abused

It was a joke...

Americans just don't know what their country is doing.

GOP campaign arm launches fake news sites against Democrats

"Global inequality: How the U.S. compares"

County judges urge ‘Texas way’ to address Medicaid coverage gap

Kudos to Gov. Nixon

First National Guard troops at Texas-Mexico border in observation posts

Did you see the point that Chris Hayes made about the county prosecutor??

If They Gunned Me Down - Which Picture of You Would the Media Choose to Run?

Ethel Kennedy challenged Obama to ALS Challenge - Who should Obama Challenge?

CNN Legal Analyst: Ferguson Cops Treat Dead Deer Better Than They Treated Michael Brown’s Body

Tips For Being An Unarmed Black Teen

Rio Grande Valley mayor welcomes National Guard troops

Rosetta: Comet probe gets down to work (BBC)

Rand Paul: We Must Demilitarize the Police

So according to the gun (nut) store owner in Ferguson, per CNN.

Cosmic grains pre-date Solar System (BBC) {Stardust probe}

Accounts of Israeli war crimes in Khuza’a, Gaza pile up

Funny and sad: Chris Rock ~ How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police (VIDEO)

Capt. Johnson: Ferguson is 'my community.'

Israel got tank shell that killed 20 at UN school from US without Obama’s approval — WSJ bombshell

Some sick people in this world

Zell Miller endorses Michelle Nunn for Senate

I want to say thank you to the atheists here.

Horrid History: troubled past Irish-Jewish relations

Open Carry: Houston Fifth Ward event postponed after meeting with Quanell X and other leaders

I occasionally have people balk at having to show ID to donate blood. More often than not,

tomorrow's Friday.

Post some 21st Century Music!

Bernard Kerik is a talking head on a panel tonight-----ON CNN......WTF

Is it time to consider disarming American police ?

Lt. Gov. candidate Van de Putte proposes $2 billion program for college tuition for HS grads

Thank You Captain Ron Johnson!

For rugrats of all species

Bloody Hell. My prospective employer has asked for a credit check.

The Rim at the End of the World

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 17 - Summer Under the Stars: John Hodiak

My God, Obama looked old today.

TCM Schedule for Monday August 18 - Summer Under the Stars: Claudette Colbert

First National Guard troops at Texas-Mexico border

2 Missing Amish Girls From New York Found After Apparent Abduction

Ferguson Police Chief: "Be respectfull" and "get off the streets prior to dark."

New Orleans clears out homeless camp of 160 people

CA Ban on Plastic Bags Passes Major Hurdle at State Capitol

US Calls on Kiev to Refrain From Using Heavy Artillery to Reduce Civilian Casualties

Captain Ron Johnson is an American hero.

Russia Masses Military Vehicles As Aid Convoy Waits Near Ukraine Border

Israel Braces for War Crimes Inquiries on Gaza

US Activists To Block Israeli Cargo In Mass Shutdown Of West Coast Ports

A quote from Battlestar Galactica on military and police


Who got to see Genesis with Peter Gabriel


Dallas researchers are out to scientifically prove the biblical version of creation


This robin Williams death has hit me hard

Not even water can stop this cat from opening doors

Tomgram: Matthew Harwood, One Nation Under SWAT

U.S. broke terrorist siege of 100,000, who turned out to be 4000, who were actually 1000

This is what happens when police don't act like an occupying army...

Atlantic and Indian Oceans calm; Pacific: TS Julio, Hurricane Karina, Invest 90E, Invest 94C

Who helped Militarized the Police? The Pentagon

Ferguson Faith Leaders Take To The Streets, March With Protestors

West Florissant businesses face new struggle

Whatever happened to the National Guard being sent to quell riots?

Do you like beer, wine and booze for the taste, or because it gets you drunk?

BOG POST--please do not rec. To my friends... Thank you

How can I make this jpeg show up on DU?

22 Signs You Were Raised by Chinese Immigrants (Humor)

Top 10 Mistakes of former Iraq PM Nouri al-Maliki (That Ruined his Country)

Changes in public housing rules

Egypt’s Cover-Up: Rabia Massacre One Year Later

NPR is laundering CIA talking points to make you scared of NSA reporting


Republicans embrace their phoniness

Alaska Republican says immigrants are gang members who will take your guns away

One Nation Under SWAT: The Militarization of America's Police

Black America’s Everyday Reality: Ferguson and the World that Terrorizes Us

All the GOP Candidates Kiss the Ring Of the Radical Christian Right

Fun **Asian Food!** Videos


Burger Blues: Ailing Fair a Measure of German-American Ties

Why American Millennials Are Unsympathetic Toward Israel

Brave New Recycling Economy: Movement Turns Trash to Treasure

Federal Investigators Crack Down on Schools' Use of Restraints

Tomgram: Matthew Harwood, One Nation Under SWAT

Robert Parry: Ignoring Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers

The Rising American Police State


Food Budget

(Iran) From Baby Boom to Baby Shortage

Wages in U.S. Down 23 Percent Since 2008

The woman who thinks reducing the male population by 90% will solve everything.

Today police in Ferguson will name the officer who killed

Bombing the Caliphate

Photos: Michael Brown protests across the U.S.

Bobalife (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers ft. Kevin Lien, Priska, Aileen Xu

Stocks mostly gain as Ukraine rhetoric dialed down

Turmoil, tear gas give way to hope in Ferguson

San Diego Women Held Hostage By Cat

Dems Should Campaign On Trade And Jobs, Not On Being Like Republicans

who predicted they'd name the Ferguson cop in a news dump today?

Friday Toon Roundup 1: American War Zone

Ignoring Ukraine's Neo-Nazi Storm Troopers

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Second Amendmentality: Ron Paul Awards Supporter An AR-15

One Year After Egypt’s Rab’a Massacre, US Still Funding Repression

The Day Ferguson Cops Were Caught in a Bloody Lie

What a beautiful world we live in, Trees

'Go Ahead and Shoot Me': The Veteran Who Defied Ferguson's Cops

Dutch man returns Israeli Holocaust award after Gaza relatives killed

The Rude Pundit: Let's Be Clear About Michael Brown

Everyone Is Now Officially Banned From Whining About Presidential Vacations. Forever.

If I could describe what self-hatred is like, I'd say it would be existing as a black Republican

Any American Can Take Any Police Officer's Photo

Homelessness and the Impossibility of a Good Night's Sleep

Congressman wants to curb military surplus program

The Day Ferguson Cops Were Caught in a Bloody Lie [GRAPHIC IMAGE AT LINK]

Forcing America's Weaponized Police to Wear Cameras

What's all this, from 'senior U.S. intelligence,' about an ISIS threat to attack the United States?

USA Discounters fined by government, ordered to refund consumer fees

Why is NBC even bothering?

The Onion’s tips for being an unarmed black teen in America:

Military veterans see deeply flawed police response in Ferguson

Missouri Guv: Police 'Militarization' Made Ferguson Less Safe

Potential data breach revealed by Supervalu

Sea change: Americans revising opinions on gays, poll finds

Rick Perry's Border Ad Foreshadows Brutal GOP Primary In 2016

BFEE Judge who Railroaded Gov. Don Siegelman Relieved of Docket for (allegedly) Beating Ex-Wife

From The WTF File: Environmental Defense Supporting "Green Republicans" In Primaries, General

Chesapeake millionaire admits to $50,000 in bribes

Rich Lowry's 'Callow' Attack Is, Well, Juvenile

Donald Sterling appears to concede on Clippers sale after court action

Columbia VA town hall meeting turns into claims gripe session

ISIS Now Openly Operating in Gaza – Flags Seen Waving at Funeral (VIDEO)

Greg Oden formally charged with felony battery, not guilty plea entered

A Quiet Fire Season @ About 1.4 Million Acres Burned - But A Smoky One - Daily Climate

Portland Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum found in contempt of court, must pay ex-wife $216,000

Fareed Zakaria: The fantasy of Middle Eastern moderates

"There aren't any ghosts. Evolution proves it." (comic)

Study: 70% Of Glacier Loss In Past 20 Years (Ex. Antarctica) Attributable To Human Emissions

Spokesman: Kevin Durant contract report a misunderstanding

Arms for Kurdish peshmerga to affect military balance

One Nation, under SWAT: The undemocratic Militarization of the Police

RW media seems to be toning down Ferguson pro-police coverage

Tell me again, why, if we aren't doing anything wrong, we have nothing to worry about?

Mental illnesses besides depression lower life expectancy

Even Abbott's Hack Environment Minister Admits Great Barrier Reef In Serious Trouble

embarrassing flap over supposed "ISIS flag" in NJ

Abbott Business Advisor: Climate Measures Like Cult Sacrifices; Warns Of Global Cooling Threat

Call me crazy but...

Obama: What I did on Vacation

Releasing the Incident Report is Missouri Law, Not a Favor by the Police

House Committee: No Benghazi Scandal

Where have all the founder gone? . . . Please come CAPTION Brian Kilmeade!!

The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson

Murder is Murder

Anybody seen The Hundred-Foot Journey yet?

Back In Iraq: We Only Want To Save You

Feds charge third Alaska seafood plant employee with Clean Air Act violation

Man who thought flag was ISIS apologizes for viral tweet; flag-owner forgives him

As Enstar labor dispute continues, allegations fly

Chuck Todd = Dave Gregory

Heads Up - They are setting up for a news conference in Ferguson. nt

US producer prices rise just 0.1 percent in July

Rambo loads up, takes aim, fires both barrels.

Laine Welch: Despite Mount Polley disaster, Senate hopefuls hammer on EPA in debate

Do we need more gun ownership restrictions or just better mental health services and checks?

Creditors charge 'sham transaction' in Buccaneer bankruptcy

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) on The Clean Power Plan

13 Things Clergy Don’t Want You to Know

Just a quick question .......

Could somebody explain to me again how there is no such thing as white privilege?

#IfTheyGunnedMeDown- Which picture would the media use?

Who Said It: Hillary Clinton or John McCain? Take this quiz

Auto loans hit 8-year high; subprime lending a concern

Governor's debate video

Prosecution rests in McDonnells' corruption case

In an about face, Dem group dumps Hochul, endorses Wu

Watermen call for new blue crab measures in Va.

Bacteria swarm keeps Oceanfront revelers out of water

Cuomo campaign files Teachout appeal

The 20 Highest-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree

Question submitted by Orrex

america - look how far we've come.

JBLM helicopter squadron is shut down, at least for now

To Know the Darkness and the Light (on depression and the death of Robin Williams)

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Why White Moms Need To Care About Murdered Black Children

Christian rock star Vicky Beeching comes out as gay: An RNS interview

Here we go - press conference about to begin

(Seattle) Court: State can nix public pension increases

So now they are going to try to link

Alibaba film unit finds possible accounting issues

Media needs people who can define actions & reactions, often the police provide it, with no counter

No previous record of disciplinarian actions.

Shell sells shale gas rights for $2.1 billion

In other words - Fergusson Police Chief is playing

Explain This To Me Like I'm a Complete Idiot, Part 14: A Tale of Two Small Businessmen.

Police reveal officer's name in teen's death

Cry for Argentina: Fiscal Mismanagement, Odious Debt or Pillage?

De Blasio, Fariña praise scores, but remain wary of state tests

Ferguson Police Reportedly Shot Pastor Renita Lamkin With Rubber Bullet During Protest

Economic Program

45 Years Ago Today -- Ritchie Havens "Freedom"

Chief Thomas Jackson got the President's message about transparency

See! W *did* win the war!!

Here's a very informative letter to the editor to counter "war on Coal" charges

Officer Darren Wilson is policeman that killed Michael Brown, an unarmed Ferguson Missouri teenager

Why is no one in the media asking the most important question?

We Will Not Be Silent On The Present Violence In Iraq-by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

Plants may use language to communicate with each other, Virginia Tech researcher finds

Before they left Africa, early modern humans were 'culturally diverse'

Council will vote to require data on Rikers inmates in solitary

The rise of robot scheduling is a nightmare for low-wage workers

So the police and FOX are trying to make the unarmed dead kid into John Dillinger

NY teacher union to sit out governor's race

Michael Brown suspect in robbery before he was shot to death, police say

Nate Silver: Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Have A Problem On Her Left

Paul Krugman- The Forever Slump

State: No significant air pollution at Port of Albany

Pastafarian' fights to wear spaghetti strainer for ID photo

Noam Chomsky "Israel On The Road To Self-Destruction"

Maybe Ferguson should just change its name to Pinkerton ...

What I Saw in Ferguson

Rachel Maddow - Ferguson an object lesson in bad policing

Einstein’s Forgotten Model of the Universe

The problem with posting comments in the order they're submitted

6 injured after tree falls at UVa Medical Center

When I was a teenager I got caught stealing

Cornel West & Chris Hedges Sneak into Gaza March

Well that's three. Three to go.

How do people justify the killing of unarmed young African American men

How GMO crops conquered the United States

1962 Ferrari becomes most expensive car ever sold at auction

Chief Jackson claims no protestors were hurt in Ferguson...

Professor Richard Wolff: How Class Works

Trust Buster doesn't necessarily deserved to be banned

2nd Wave of Isolated People Makes Contact with Outsiders in Brazil

Why Life in America Can Literally Drive You Insane

So Let Us Get This Correct.....

Dog elected mayor of Minnesota town

Finally people are admitting productivity is the problem, and will out pace the need for people in

#BBCtrending: The Iranian president's surprising tweet

This story shows just how crass WND can be.

A great post from Discussionist on Ferguson Police Dept.

Officer Ferguson Unplugged

Cross burnings are so 20th Century

Mother arrested after allegedly swearing in grocery store in South Carolina

Post here: Favorite new songs you have discovered

Most Electricity in U.S. Still Comes From Coal; Where Does Your State Stand?

Did they scrub Darren Wilson's online profile?

washpost: How Anonymous got it right and wrong in Ferguson

Now it's OFFICIAL!

Giving thanks...

If Big Mike was shot in the back, the cigarillos DO NOT matter...

HandMade in America: Appalachian Women Entrepeneurs

HandMade in America -- Appalachian Women Entrepeneurs

Police say these are images of the robbery.

Fox News Poll: Democrats +7

Pic Of The Moment: Two Responses To Ferguson, MO

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 15, 2014

All 10 Persons Who Had Direct Contact With Patrick Sawyer Infected With Ebola; 4 Have Died

Putin Pacific Gambit Threatens New Market

I have the feeling ...

Funniest Geico ad I've seen so far...

Been Caught Stealing...

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Fell in August to Nine-Month Low

U.S. Investment Outflow Hits Record as China Cuts Holdings

Ok who needs a bit of a chuckle at Fox News's expense?

Ruth: An atheist visits, and all hell does not break loose

Ukraine Says It 'Destroyed' Part Of Russian Armed Convoy

Wife of Bountiful leader says charge violates her religious freedom

Why do the dates on Brown robbery stills say June 9, 2014? and not the day Brown was shot?

Ulf Ekman Faces His Accusers After Catholic Conversion

A 2000-Year Journey in Interfaith

The entire Democratic leadership opposed Grayson amendment to stop arming cops with DOD weapons

Entire packet (PDF) given to press today

So when will the cops make Tiffany Mitchell out to be a criminal?

Video inside store not conclusive. Being shown now on MSNBC.

Charter School Profiteers - Allie Gross Discusses

AP: Ferguson Images Evoke Civil Rights Era and Changing Visual Perceptions

His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin

World Distribution of Muslim Population.

Press conference


The Day Ferguson Cops Were Caught In A Bloody Lie

Ferguson, MO Police Chief THOMAS JACKSON Must Resign NOW! This is why....

Why is "Crooks and Liars" going full-on conspiracy theory?

Gaza Truce Holds as U.S. Sees Slowdown in Arms to Israel

Good heavens! Captain Johnson shouldn't be a police officer.

11 Things White People Should Stop Saying To Black People Immediately

Is it just me

Proposed Ten Commandments display has nothing to do with religion: Alabama county official

It's A Sad Commentary On America When The People Don't Trust The Police.....nt

Old but worth posting: America – He’s Your President for Goodness Sake!

Seeing Iraq horror, Europe pledges aid and arms

A Meme Worthy of More Discussion...

"Why Great Husbands Are Being Abandoned"

Vermont school purposes bond issue to pay for Solar -

Don't shoot!


Dead Teen’s Organ Donation Rejected Because He Was Gay

FYI: Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos Season One, is now on Netflix Digital.

I'm sick of some white folks saying how BIG!! Micheal Brown was

Shaming men for not being "manly"

Where is the autopsy report?

Cops: Brooklyn Man Sucker-Punched Pregnant Woman, Knocking Her Out

Wolf Blitzer: Why Can't Ferguson Police Just 'Shoot To Injure?'

Ferguson PD arrested wrong man, beat him, then charged him for bleeding on their uniforms.

I'm calling Bullshit on the "Robbery" story and here is why...

If you just got 'Strong Arm Robbed' would you lock yourself in with the robber?

Chris Christie on 2016 presidential run: 'I’m thinking about it'

When did this... become this?

The video in the store is up on MSNBC.

Please Don't Shoot Us.

I'm standing by my President

Dissecting Hillary Clinton's Neocon Talking Points Atlantic Interview

Missouri governor, Highway Patrol captain acknowledge concerns over police report on Michael Brown

The guy on my car radio just explained why police forces have been militarized

"Ferguson PD never said Officer Darren Wilson was responding to robbery call ... until today"

Nuclear Calendar -- August 15, 2014 | FCNL

GOPer Ernst: People On Medicaid Had No 'Personal Responsibility'

Where is the allegedly stolen box of cigars?

Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

How good is your knowledge of the history of race?

The cop that responded to the robbery stayed on scene for 7 hours

What About the ‘Get on the Sidewalk’ Story? And 5 Other Mike Brown Questions for Ferguson Officials

"Baited By His Very Presence" - a new type of religious experience?

Russia denies its vehicles destroyed in Ukraine

Big banks take millions from tax credit designed to help poor, report says

Not Equal: Gaza in over 1000 frames

Fifty Shades of Grey -- the cat version. (Someone went there.)

As brokers urge IRA rollovers, ex-workers ditch their low-fee federal retirement plan

Obsessing About Gaza, Ignoring Syria (and Most Everything Else)

There was a young black woman on CNN just now,

Boko Haram suspected of abducting more than 50 Nigerian villagers

Snowden files: The real ‘Men in Black,’ Hollywood and the great UFO false flag

Fascist police officer arrests mother for uttering the F' bomb.

Credit union membership tops 100 million

Should stealing cheap cigars from a convenience store result in the death penalty?

Jeb Bush: 'I strongly urge' Floridians to vote against medical marijuana

Is the term, "Republican" interchangeable with the term, "White"?

Ebola puts focus on drugs made in tobacco plants

It Doesn't Matter At All If Michael Brown Stole A Box Of Swisher Sweets Cigars

Attorneys decry prosecutor's private court camera view

The Media’s Distortion of the English Language and its Role in Absolving Police of Heinous Crimes

Indian Prime Minister Uses Biggest Speech Of The Year To Slam Rape Culture

Gene Simmons Tells Depressed People: 'F**k You, Kill Yourself'

Two Months Ago, Congress Had a Chance to Help Prevent the Escalating Militarization of Police

The alleged robbery is as insignificant as the alleged jaywalking

Frackers Illegally Injected Diesel Into Wells

Out Of Sight, Out of Mind: Why White Moms Need to Care About Murdered Black Children

an interesting action came up in the host forum

Nearly two times a week in the United States, a white police officer killed a black person

Ferguson's Police Chief- the incompetent Jackson will hold a press conference at 3.00pm

Papantonio: Koch Money Buying The Judiciary

California’s Record Heat Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen... Yet

Pisces Teleconference coming via Starself....!

Infographic: Wizard of Oz at 75

Will letter from accused 9/11 mastermind get to Obama?

The Ferguson PD is a textbook example of how NOT to run a police department

It's starting to feel a lot like the whole Trayvon/Zimmerman thing around here again

Ferguson Police Release Video Allegedly Showing Michael Brown in "Strong Arm Robbery"

1st wave of demobilized paramilitaries reach end of their sentences

Michael Brown Family 'Beyond Outraged' at 'Devious' Police Conduct

This is the future. It doesn't include jobs for humans.

The Front Lines of Ferguson

Time to award my first-ever You Suck As A Human Being award to this NM woman...

Per your suggestion in another ATA thread

Today we learned that theft is a capital crime in Missouri

Dont forget tonight, on the Hub network! Robin William's first TV appearance...

A Rabbi’s Decision to Step Down Touches on Questions of Jewish Identity

Dem NY governor candidate arrested for ‘menacing’ police officers while taping black man's arrest


Jesus wept … oh, it's bad plumbing. Indian rationalist targets 'miracles'

The Berlin Wall and Missed Opportunities--Ray McGovern

It's Very Disturbing That The Police Chief When He Dropped This Robbery Story Didn't Take Questions.

What do you worry most about in your personal life; terrorist attacks or?

Indigenous Mexico Rising Again

Someone stop me from throwing something through my TV right now.

Two eyewitness accounts state emphatically, Brown surrendered, cop kept shooting.

Rich, white Hannity says cops are nice to he doesn't understand anger toward cops.

Have you eaten Cappuccino Potato Chips?

Indian Prime Minister Uses Biggest Speech Of The Year To Slam Rape Culture


Stranger and stranger - KSDK is reporting that Dorian Johnson has admitted through

Darren Wilson had NO KNOWLEDGE of the alleged robbery.

I need a vacation! I need to get away.

Judge overturns Irving ISD election system, says it discriminates against Hispanics

Kona weather station

Who is Hannity going to hitch his wagon to next?

I Surprised That We Know So Little About Darren Wilson......

Maybe we Democrats could do something like this:

Tweets from man inside apartment building Mike Brown was shot in front of

Now leaving Iraq

Chief: Officer Didn't Know Brown Was a Suspect

Trayvon Redux....

The cop who shot Mike Brown had no idea he was involved in a robbery.

I got a job!

Conservative Senator (Coburn): 'There Are Some Shows On Fox I Can't Watch' (VIDEO)

NYT Map Displays Military Surplus Gear By County

The Rude Pundit: Conservatives Admit That Having Too Many Arms Causes Violence

Will Marshall* writing in Politico: Can Hillary Fix Obama's Mess?

MSM doesn't seem to know what to report on the second press conference

Senate Will Review Military Transfers To Local Police, Key Senator Says

? re being notified of new posts.

German security recorded Clinton conversation: media

OK! OK! I'll reup my Gold Star.

Alleged Russian 'Incursion' Into Ukraine is Pure Fantasy - Defense Ministry

Looking for a bird

Web Trolls Winning as Incivility Increases

Why isn't the Tea Party sending a militia to Ferguson?

tmz reports on williams: "Parkinson's a factor in suicide but not the cause"

Ferguson PD STILL LOOKING for theft suspect SEVEN HOURS AFTER Mike Brown killed

Report: Ferguson Cop ID'd As Unarmed Teen's Killer Left The Area Days Ago

Bobalife (MUSIC VIDEO) - Fung Brothers ft. Kevin Lien, Priska, Aileen Xu

Texas woman named Teddy Bear Paradise admits to mailing letter that threatened Obama

Bolivia shows us that another world is possible

Um - why does the Ferguson Police Chief keep giving press conferences

Don't let Rand Paul run away with the issue. Support GA Dem. Hank Johnson's bill to stop transfer

Paul Ryan Slams Frank Underwood For Cheating On His Wife

Dual Threat Has Mainstream Syrian Rebels Fearing Demise

WHERE is Darren Wilson, Mike Brown's KILLER? Reports that he SKIPPED TOWN DAYS AGO

Just an FYI - Gene Simmons - go fuck yourself you asshole douchebag

Perhaps the Press would be more sympathetic to Obama taking vacation...

Beware The World’s Leading War-Monger And Terrorist Organization – OpEd

I think Darren Wilson deserves a fair trial.. Unlike what Michael Brown got

Wait, what? Ok, Chief Jackson says he released the video because the press asked for

Buying Main Street: Billionaires Swamp Local Races

Do you wonder if the Ferguson Police Chief released

The guy that shot his daughter and crashed his car taking her to hospital is a

Finally we have now started a recycling program in the DU Lounge!!!


I Am Mike Brown by G.A.G.E. (with LYRICS)

It's the weekend - LET'S BEER!!!!!!!

Multiple Radio Descriptions of Suspects in the Robbery, but Wilson was Unaware

Report: Ferguson Cop ID'd As Unarmed Teen's Killer Left The Area Days Ago

Hours later and we still know little about the murdering cop

Mike Brown shot and killed by Ferguson police was live-tweeted -

Mike Brown's Friend Describes Watching Him First Choked Then Shot Several Times - Complete Interview

Kitteh survives 12-story fall in NYC

Florida Secretary of State: New congressional elections can't happen until 2015, and are 'illegal'

When Water is a Commodity Instead of a Human Right

Florida 9-Year-Old Shares Stunning Survival Story in 400-Pound Alligator Attack

The Brown family and their attorney are about to hold a press conference

The Newest Threat to Our National Forests: The Chainsaw Collaboratives

Dooley Calls for Koster to Remove McCulloch from Brown Investigation

Why did it take people so long to be aware of the militarization of local police forces?

Brown Family Press Conference on now

Man may have live-tweeted Michael Brown shooting

Another Bart Ehrmann lecture based on his book "How Jesus became God"

Israel's witch hunt against leftist organizations is McCarthyism in action

Judge asked to stop free NY college's tuition plan

St. Louis has a serious racial problem among their police force

Paul Ryan Slams Frank Underwood For Cheating On His Wife

Tanker explodes near Warrior, interstate 65 blocked

Woman Allegedly Poisoned Roommates After They Caught Her Having Sex With Dogs

Mark Twain and the Police..

Riddle me this.....

Papantonio: Which State Has the Worst Voter Suppression?

a kid down the street deliberately broke a cats legs yesterday

Twitterers allege Ferguson Robbery Footage is Months Old

Uh oh,Georgia Lawmaker Accuses Atheist Group Of Bullying High Schoolers!

Anonymous now has a news site! Check it out.

Bigger government makes for more satisfied people, international study finds

Ex-cop who burned body again gets 17 years

I'll tell ya' what's weird...

Chief Jackson contradicts Chief Jackson on details of robbery, shooting of unarmed teen

Scab truck driver accused of attacking Market Basket protesters. Video of report on website

TRNN: James Risen and Phil Donahue on Obama’s War on Press Freedoms--Preserving Democracy --8/15

The article is a glimpse into the future

"Republicans embrace their phoniness"

An American Canadian writes a letter to President Obama

My question to Michael Eric Dyson who complains about the President's remarks on

Lessons to Learn from Ferguson Protests--Rev. Heber Brown III Discusses History of Police Brutality

Papantonio: Ferguson Displays New Militarized Police Culture

Mass killings after new ISIS Raid

There has been a twitter user who has come forward who alledgedly LIVE tweeted

Statement from St. Louis County Police Officers Assoc.,saying Gov.Nixon put officers lives in danger

Eating a whole live octopus in Korea


Sheriff and son accused of pistol-whipping New Mexico motorist

Idiot, Bigoted County Clerk asks U.S. chief justice to block Virginia gay marriages

Coalition calls for feds to help end Detroit water crisis

Demilitarizing the Police - Step One

U.S. lawmakers want to end transfers of military equipment to police

Chief Tom Jackson is a vindictive asshole

Crowdfunding for Israel and Gaza, with condoms and drones

Dutchman Returns Holocaust Medal in Protest Over Israel’s Gaza Incursion

The onion says it all:

Warning: I have come here to scream

"Koch Brothers' Toxic Legacy Detailed In New Report"

What Has, and Hasn’t, Changed Since the Steubenville Rape

"The End of the World."

What Has, and Hasn’t, Changed Since the Steubenville Rape

This is where I'll be on 9/13/14

A computer situation I never even heard of before

Eating a whole live octopus in Korea

Bill Maher on the police:

Appeals court overturns marijuana conviction after cops break into wrong person's home

Abusive phonecalls made to Belfast Rabbi David Singer

The "crime" committed by Mike Brown was shoplifting - NOT "stong arm robbery"

Fox News Just LED With The Brown Convenience Store Tape: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I'm not sure how to do this.

Seven things teachers are sick of hearing from school reformers


If Darren Wilson isn't charged with murder, we will have normalized legal police murder.

Alison Lundergan Grimes has new attack ad against Mitch McConnell

BREAKING: TX Gov. Rick Perry Indicted for Abuse of Power Over Threat to Veto Prosecutors' Funding

BREAKING: Texas Grand Jury Indicts Governor Rick Perry

Jason Garrett talks about taking the Cowboys to the beach at Oxnard.

Ferguson Police Department Incident Report filed at 11:51, Footage in store of Mike Brown at 11:55

SeaWorld plans bigger killer whale environments

Rick Perry just got indicted by a Grand Jury

Goodhair is indicted

Washed up NBA player who stored guns in locker room uses racial terms to attack Sharpton

Favorite song about heroin used in an ad for a cruise ship?

Skateboard legend Jay Adams dies of heart attack

How much start up money would I receive to start a NON alcoholic beer, wine and booze company?

Rick Perry Indicted on Two Felonies

Mo'Ne Davis becomes first girl to throw a shutout in Little League World Series

Fox News Is Really Freaked Out by Atheists

A quick course in showing how the St Louis Theories on Police Protection were developed:

Obama blocked arms deliveries to Israel, directed that no shipment be made without his approval

Weekend Economists Letters to Nowhere August 15-17, 2014

The story from Ferguson PD keeps changing

Butt kicking pastor takes on hotel staff

“‘Babies, you can’t kill them, but you can starve them!’ Rand Paul for President”.

MSNBC still not talking about Rick Perry

Ferguson PD changes story again

Inmate Religious Ceremonies Lawsuit Gets New Look

At least Hillary is forcing the 2016 race to focus more on international issues.

Let's build a new India, Modi says in Independence Day address

'Garbage Patch' in Pacific Grows to Hundreds of Miles

Mark O'Mara on CNN justifying the actions of the unarmed kid killer

"Why was Ferguson PD still looking for the suspect 7 hours after Brown had been killed?"

All Kinds of Wrong--Found on Facebook:

Can I thank Obama and the U.S. Nuclear Security Administration for Ukraine not having nuclear bombs?

Could get bad in Houston...

Security Guard Pepper Sprays Random Black Guy Walking Near Protest

Earth's early life endured long asteroid bombardment