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Archives: August 19, 2014 This has always been America: Ferguson and our dangerous delusions on race and democracy

So why no outrage over Eric Garner?

"God Rest His Soul"

Cops vs. Bros A historical time line (of Orange County's annual white riots)

When white kids riot...

Ferguson Police Busted? – Attempt To Defame Shooting Victim Blows Up In Their Face (VIDEO)


Three Questions About Jury Subversion

Ottawa urged to remove citizenship by birth on Canadian soil

Wind Farm Bird Deaths vs. Fossil Fuel & Nuclear Power Plant Bird Deaths - versus cats.

why are there flight restrictions over Ferguson??????

I had a friend ask me "Why is it that Democrats have a problem with the rights of blacks"

Baden's associate (who helped with autopsy) on CNN: One shot COULD HAVE come from behind

What's the possibility of all police wearing head cams?

Couples ask Arkansas court to not delay LGBT weddings

Humor is a Key Tool in Atheists’ Arsenal, Says Sociologist

Video of Michael Brown paying for the cigars.

Is There A PR/Consulting Firm Out There That Advises Authorities Manage Situations Like Ferguson?...

Ferguson PD - Off to a smashing start on the day's events

I am thoroughly fed up with psycho serial killers as a plot device.

A Win for Gay Rights Over “Religious Liberty” in New York State

I remember ordering pies from Liberatos for Occupy Wall Street protesters. Anything near #Ferguson?

If police in Ferguson treat journalists like this, imagine how they treat residents

Chuck Todd's new gig

Humans Need Not Apply (Unemployability in the next 10 years)

Why is Catholicism important in South Korea?

the chase that involved more than 100 officers and five dozen police cruisers

FYI: CREDO's Ferguson Justice live stream tonight, 8/18.

Finish this sentence. Pre-Season NFL Football is like_________ .

A question about Officer Wilson

Arrests at protests against Israeli interfaith wedding

Why Are They (Armed) "Patriots" in Nevada But (Unarmed) Rioters in Ferguson?

KKK raising money for Police Officer Darren Wilson.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Post Mortem & a new kitteh gif

Remember not to holler over Ferguson like our parental president says. . . 'don't shout'

Georgia police hoarding military surplus

I'm on ur turntables, rockin' ur beats

New York's Plaza Hotel Could Be Sold To The Sultan Of Brunei Despite Anti-Gay Controversy: Reports


Luckovich Toon- President Perry Press Conference


Author Barry Eisler links to recent WaPo article on digital attacks.

US stocks gain; Dollar General jumps after bid

Syria crisis: Living with the mental scars of torture

PBO's Address to Nation at 4:00 this Afternoon! Need Transcript and Video

My family, my story, another young life lost.

What a Getty Photographer Captured Before He Was Arrested in Ferguson

Elton John: He's My Brother, Let Us Live In Peace

I've had a good Ear Warm all day

L.A. TImes: National Guard is in Ferguson, where peaceful protests are underway

Today I posted this iconic picture of the Cop sniper in Ferguson..

Livestream video stream - I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, MO

Open Letter for Trayvon Martin's mother to the Brown Family.

Sen. Sanders: Ferguson

Detroit police chief warns suburban graffiti artists: 'Stay out of Detroit'

Young lesbian murdered in an act of "corrective rape" (S Africa)

Obama: Iraq forces retake Mosul Dam from militants

Why are the KKK and Blue Klux Klan raising money for the murderer?

Latest From Amnesty Intl. on Pres. Obama's Comments on Ferguson - The People Need to Be Heard

Ohio Anti-Abortion Leader: Ban Public Nudity, Breastfeeding Because Boobies Promote Gay Pride

on Frontline now....."the program" Edward Snowden

Let me tell DUers why people love America

Re Ferguson: Remember the protest that broke all protests in Crawford, Texas?

WTF ...97

WTF ...98

Holder Releases Statement: "The Selective Release Of Sensitive Info Is Troubling To Me"

South Africa: Parents Shocked as 10-Year-Olds Play 'Rape Rape' Game in School Playground

Repukes like these make me want to puke....

Sunken vessel is World War II-era USS Houston

Does Stephanie Miller still have a show?

Statement: Photographer Scott Olson released

One Of The Photos That Got The Getty Journalist Arrested

WTF ...99

Harry Reid won't help doomed Democrat's bid for governor

Dog meat sold in Gyeongdong Market, Seoul, South Korea (Warning, Imagery)

And then they came for black people, and “patriots” said nothing because they weren’t black

No!! Massive Dredging In Great Barrier Reef May Threaten Health Of Great Barrier Reef

steubenville and girls' futures

Developers Dump Plan For Largest Solar Thermal Plant In World In Australia

steubenville and girls' futures

SF teachers give huge majority to strike authorization vote

"90 year old activist (holocaust survivor) arrested in St. Louis"

fighting back against rape in war

fighting back against rape in war

Have They Recovered All The Bullets In The Michael Brown Shooting?.....

Oz Mine Magnate Clive Palmer Hosting "Global Climate Conf." Day After G20, Won't Say Who's Invited

Don Lemon's incredibly dumb questions

*Very interesting interview with autopsy assistant, on Lawrence show,

"In Ferguson, Black Town, White Power"

Question about "flagged for review".

NCDC - Global Avg. Ocean Temperature In July Ties 2009 Record, 3rd Straight Month Of Record Highs

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Judge denies ACLU motion for an order to stop police tactics

Not exactly the Swallows of Capistrano, some friends are stopping by under our fountain etc finally

Nature - Human Activity Has Tripled Mercury Concentrations In Sea Since Industrial Revolution Began

Obama Speaks Carefully So That He Doesn’t Prejudice The Federal Ferguson Investigation

Suicidal Rape Victim Denied Abortion in Ireland

Suicidal Rape Victim Denied Abortion in Ireland

Live feed from Ferguson?

Ugandan bishop: Gays made in image and likeness of God too

You don't know me

Police stop (cartoon)

A much needed smile!!!

New police action/riot control going on in Ferguson right now

Police demanding crowd disperse in Ferguson

“When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity..."

Question regarding "color of law"-- Any lawyers in the house?

Livestream: Ferguson

A few days ago I purchased a

Demonstrators: SIT DOWN - make them move you.

Obama: Time to review local police militarization

Chris Hayes is back live again now.

*People threw rocks at Chris Hayes,

Widespread Support for Sending Politicians to Prison for Ninety-Nine Years where is officer Wilson?

What's new? Same as the NATO march in Chicago 2 years ago. Retirees and students surrounded

Seems the Creedo Action dude just had his gear stolen

USA Today...

Protest turns tense in Ferguson as protesters throw bottles at police

My turn I guess

Mirror, mirror . . .

Why is there so much protesting at night?

The New Jim Crow: Has the Right finally Repealed the Civil Rights Act? ( Juan Cole )

Italian Auction- this is a hoot!

Possible shots fired...people running with shirts over their heads

Ferguson, Missouri - what's with making everyone keep moving or they will

Koko meets Robin

In what order of these songs are your favorite's

WTF ...100

If you are wondering where to donate $10 or so ... my local animal rescue group

Klan Heading To Ferguson To ‘Guard White Businesses,’ Back Shooting Of ‘N*Gger Criminal’

Don Pardo has died at 96

Elderly woman kicked off Delta flight for looking ill

Maddow is live,

Now they're starting with flash grenades and tear gas. MSNBC n/t

The shite is really hitting the fan now.

"Protesters, police in riot gear brace for tense night in Ferguson"

Ferguson - Tear gas/smoke and flash gernades - and gunshots heard.

It's a war zone now.

Don Pardo, the Booming Voice of 'Saturday Night Live,' Dies at 96

Police: 2 California boys planned school shooting

Ferguson's burning on live TV

White hipsters, not black looters, are now threatening post-riots London...

Spacewalking cosmonauts launch satellite, set up studies

Spacewalking cosmonauts launch satellite, set up studies

1: Charge the cop with murder. 2: Fire the police chief.

Hedy Epstein, 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor, Arrested During Michael Brown Protest

Ron Johnson is directing a police riot live on national television

Here's to us.

VICE NEWS reporting that a building is being set on fire...

To Save Endangered Tortoises, Wildlife Officials Take Unusual Step To Promote Sterilization

Where's the Right-wing Constitutionalists Now?

It's come to this: Amnesty International is on the ground in MO.

Here's the one question I'd like to ask the Ferguson police.

Vice News - police going house to house doing a tactical sweep.

Six actions that would greatly facilitate healing in Ferguson

Ferguson Hires PR Firm That Appears To Be Staffed Only By White People

So what did protestors do to warrant tonight's police violence?

I don't understand the police response in Missouri in the last couple days.

Does Anyone Feel Like I Do - That We'e One Gunshot & Death Of A Black Protester From Riots All Over.

Has anyone actually seen a molotov cocktail used in Missouri?

I'm joining the ACLU for the first time tonight.

There's a gunshot victim reported and a building is being set on fire

Wendy Davis talks sexual assault, education funding at Lubbock campaign stop

Jake Tapper Goes Off on Police Reaction in Ferguson: ‘This Doesn’t Make Any Sense!’

"They can't go home" WTF?

If you are white you are a 'freedom rider' if you are black you are a lawless rioter

It's about to get bloody: Police telling media to "get back"

Rachel just said it..."The police turned this into a hostile situation"

Dr Housing Bubble 08/18/14

A Funny Observation About Jake Tapper On The Streets Of Ferguson.....

Did anyone else hear that female CNN anchor say "Michael Brown was MURDERED ...

Watching a Driving While Black arrest on MSNBC.

Could The Police Have Put Up A Perimeter Around The Town Of Ferguson & Not Let People From Other....

Mike Brown: "Something is happening in the neighborhood, but they're keeping media away from it."

Media keep being directed farther and farther away from ground zero.

A real live German Shedder for Mira....

Malcolm X on police brutality (VIDEO)

PG&E pleads not guilty in San Bruno blast case

A poem.

I haven't allowed myself to comment because nothing I have to say is nice

I'm watching gangs of lawless thugs in Ferguson, Missouri

The Revolutionary War was the ultimate "civil disobedience".

Got LIVE LINKS to the shit that's going down in Ferguson?

1954 Ferrari 375 MM Scaglietti Coupe wins the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

A poem for Michael Brown.

Iran’s Government Is Worried that Its People Are Having the Wrong Kind of Sex

Been watching live footage of the Ferguson protests via....

Rebels Killed Dozens in Attack on Refugees, Ukraine Says

Manziel flips bird to Washington sideline

Capt. Johnson live on CNN saying "this has to stop!"

12-Year-Old Girl Brought to Hospital for Stomach Pains Has Horrible Secret

UK Supermarket Chain Sainsbury’s Pulls Kosher Goods From Store (and update)

Bruce Springsteen - "American Skin (41 Shots)"

Sara Weinberger: A visit to family home the Holocaust took away

Six Flags apologizes to N.J. veteran denied entry over shirt

US Senate race draws focus in Alaska primary

Capt. Ronald Johnson unhappy with press

Livestrong Foundation to donate $50 million to UT medical school

Pope lifts beatification ban on Salvadoran Oscar Romero

U.S. bars all American airlines from flying over Syria

I feel like cops don't get that getting arrested as a reporter is good for your career

Playing this card on the Discussionist and you'll never lose...

"We're here to speak to Don Lemon."

Gaza ceasefire 'extended by a day' after Cairo talks

Freedom of the Press in Jeopardy As Obama Goes After Times Reporter Risen

Heads up: Johnson to speak "in minutes":

@jeremyscahill: Confirmed: @the_intercept reporter @rdevro has been handcuffed & placed (Ferguson)

Uhm... separation of church and state?

Amazing! They are saying a prayer on TV now that God will end this situation...

Religion Is Alive and Well in Contemporary Art

Wikipedia religion: RNS examines risks of the online encyclopedia

"I'm asking the peaceful protestors to come out during the day."

Ferguson-Florissant School District will be closed Tuesday, August 19 through Friday, August 22

Appreciation thread for all folks here committed and dedicated to issues and advocacy over politics

False Facts and the Conservative Distortion Machine: It’s Much More Than Just Fox News

12 Things White People Can Do Now Because of Ferguson

Keep moving or you will be arrested for unlawful assembly... what law is that?

10 Reasons to Hate Capitalism

Cities Rocked by Past Unrest Offer Lessons in What, and What Not, to Do.

Endangered Nicaragua turtles lay eggs under army guard

"Frustration in Ferguson", Charles M. Blow

Top Florida Republicans Are Nastier And More Vindictive Than You Thought, Tell-All By Ex-State GOP

Jack Trammell on the Cycle, video

Israeli sperm banks see rise in demand for combat semen

Reparations for Ferguson Total police control over black bodies has echoes in American history.

Shoddy U.S. roads and bridges take a toll on the economy

New type of solar plant torching birds out of the sky

Video Killed Trust in Police Officers

Dear you craven toads curled in your houses cheering the police

From long ago. I was a fan then.

Ferguson Police Militarization: Cash Flowed To Lawmakers Who Voted To 'Militarize' Police

Defense Industry-Backed Lawmakers Voted to Continue Police Militarization Program

Fighter Jets and Drones Practice Rapid-Fire Launches

Obama thrilled at destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile

Here's more of that backlash we keep hearing about:

Why the scientific case against fracking keeps getting stronger

Why is Environmental Defense Fund spending $1 million to elect Republicans?

My dream world has come to life. I don't know why.

The New Jim Crow: Has the Right finally Repealed the Civil Rights Act?

How America made Martyrs of two Iranian Democrats and overthrew Iran’s Liberal Government in 1953

In Iraq, it isn’t just about minorities: The “Infidels” attacked by the so-called “Islamic State” in

Ferguson protestors are lacking an organizer. They need someone or some group that

The Military Is Closing In On Powerful Exoskeleton Technology {large images}

Teacher raises $70,000 to feed Ferguson, Mo., children.. UPDATED: Over $100.000 & Counting!

Irish Sunday times poll finds widespread support for gay couples

Greenland Glaciers Collapsing much Faster than Thought

Here's Why North Carolina Keeps Getting Poorer

Ohio anti-abortion leader: Ban public nudity, breastfeeding because boobs promote Gay Pride

'Paramilitarizing’ the South China Sea

Analysis of Recent Mass Shootings (thru 7-17-14)

US won't reveal records on health website security

What Do the World Bank and IMF Have to Do With the Ukraine Conflict?

Walter Savage Landor 1846

Georgia 'man' threatens black kids at bus stop over noise: ‘This bullet has your name on it’

On His 75th Birthday

Media suppression imperils Myanmar reform

It’s Not Just Ferguson: Austin’s Problem With Police Brutality..............

The Washington Monster

Two California Universities Move to Drop Insurance Coverage of Abortion

Right Wingers Love Cliven Bundy Protest, Hate Michael Brown Protest

Obama’s US-Africa Leaders’ Summit: Investing in Africa (and Slowing China’s Progress)

KKK Raising 'Reward' Money for Cop Who Killed 'Low-IQ Jewish-Controlled Negro' Michael Brown

We're going to hear what they say happened...from HIM

How to De-Dollarize

Three Offensive Walls

'Saturday Night Live' Announcer Don Pardo Dead at 96

Dugong Lawsuit: Wise Decision from US Justice System Desired

From Colin Powell to the Christians of Iraq

For the past two days, I have been getting a weird page

Police, protesters collide again in Ferguson

WHO says Ebola has killed more than 1,200

Groupthink: Collective Delusions in Organizations and Markets

Australian Farmers Still Deal With Aftershocks Of 2006 Drought, Struggling To Invest For Drier World

Aaaaaaaaaand Here We Go: Royal Society Floats First Draft Geoengineering Framework

The twilight of the right-wing media and money elite

Warming Arctic Driving Blocking Patterns; "Stuck" Weather Fronts Then Drive Extreme Droughts, Floods

Religion and psychosis: A common evolutionary trajectory?

Events from Ferguson explain why we are weak

The Neoconservative Origins of Our Police Problem

The Cognitive Neuropsychiatry of Religious Belief and Experience

I cannot believe this is happening in an American city

Yikes, good skin?? here's a video to show what happens to it with sun exposure......

Atheism is Like the Highest Level of White Privilege

Only Rich Know Wage Gains With No Raises for U.S Workers

"Justice" in Ferguson? Blacks Arrested 4 Times As Much As Whites

Just got my Chuck Hassebrook yard sign

I can't get even as far as "does God exist". You lost me at "God".

David Letterman's moving tribute to Robin Williams

Ferguson: Where are all the guns? (any 2nd Amendment Activists on-scene?)

When a police chief and prosecutor protect a murderer, are they part of organized crime?

How Ryan Knows a Meeting’s Gone Bad: Boehner Lights Up

Gov Rick Scott pulls campaign ad in which a convicted human trafficker endorsed him

Only Rich Know Wage Gains With No Raises for U.S Workers

Obamacare Losing Punch as Campaign Weapon in Ad Battles

One photo:Egypt, Palestine, Ferguson, USA:

NPR Story on Highmark-UPMC fight

Okay, where's that thread about not-great movies you'll watch over and over?

Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher - No, I’m not kidding.

Russia mulls import ban on cars from the West

World's Major Human Rights Abusers Giddy Over Ferguson

Meet Adam: A Psychotic Break or Spiritual Emergency

No citation, but I remember this as a Dick Gregory quote, circa 1975. It sure applies today.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: The War on America

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: Police Force Excess

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

If I may - Michael Brown and Bowe Bergdahl

Anti-Cuomo unions work to engineer rebuke, if not defeat

Report: Palestinian official says Israel gave up demand to demilitarize Gaza

Juan Cole: Crowd shouts “Death to Arabs” at Jewish-Muslim Wedding

Fracking could threaten air quality, workers’ health, latest report says

Fracking Fluid Survey Shows Missing Information

This Video of Two-Legged Boxer Duncan Lou's Daily Life Will Give You Good Feelings

If police in Ferguson treat journalists like this, imagine how they treat residents

Robert Reich: The disease of American democracy

New group aspires to speak for taxi passengers

Why is the Environmental Defense Fund spending $1 million to elect Republicans?

Love,perversion,sick shit or what?

BAT SHIT CRAZY: Christian Post Blogger Blames Terrorist Attacks On Gay Rights

Mocking works! Saginaw sheriff dumping military vehicle made fun of by HBO comedy show

Willie and Neil to hold anti-Keystone XL concert

aaaand roll the Ferguson story

The Ghost of Ronald Reagan - The Mulford Act

Egypt urges U.S. to use restraint in Missouri, in unusual critical move

Diesel spill at Duke Energy plant leaks 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel onto Ohio River

Reid: 'We are going to lose in South Dakota'

Has Edward Snowden commented on Ferguson yet?

Egypt Urges 'Restraint' Over Michael Brown Protests in Ferguson

A Tale of Two Boroughs: Bill de Blasio Rarely Visits Brooklyn GOP Strongholds

"Make mine merde." . . . Please come CAPTION Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes!!!!

Starting this year, minorities will outnumber whites in US public schools

Myths of capitalism: the myth of scarcity

New DU Mix Tape: Post your sappiest songs here

Israel: Rockets Fired From Gaza, Cease-Fire Broken

CNN A Couple Of TImes This A.M. Mentioned The Officer's Version Of The Shooting - Correct Me If I'm.

If we aren't supposed to judge the good cops by the acts of the bad ones,

"Its Mourning In America"

Why isn't Furgenson a black-controlled community?

Support grows for Ferguson officer Darren Wilson (grab barf bag before clicking this thread)

Climate change: It's for the birds.

How does one retain faith in the face of evil/suffering?

Israel: Rockets fired from Gaza, cease-fire broken

Interesting read on the high-end art world

"Ordinary citizens are themselves partly to blame, however, because they DO NOT CHOOSE TO VOTE."

Quick dispatch from my public library

South Colonie plans largest solar array of any New York school district

"Peak Water," Methane Blowholes and Ice-Free Arctic Cruises: The Climate Crisis Deepens

Birds getting fried at Ivanpah - averaging 1 every two minutes.

Didn't want to post this in other forums ...

History Says Ferguson Police Officer Likely Won't Be Charged For Shooting

The Militarization of Racism and Neoliberal Violence

The second assassination of Mike Brown

Howard Dean: I hope Hillary Clinton becomes president

Graffiti-Art Exhibit Is Artless to Police Commissioner Bratton

Rick Perry's mug shot .... just released

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

"...a society so paralyzed by FEAR that it cannot address real issues of race & poverty..."

Cops and Donuts (cartoon)

Israel launches airstrikes after Gaza rocket fire

The Spider-Man "Kiss" out-takes...

Detroit was ahead of its time.

George Takei on the torments of life in the closet

To be Wrong or to be Chicken

Controlling The Message

Perhaps this is why people are angry ...

A new reason to like Elizabeth Warren: Lawmakers urge tougher limits on emergency lending by Fed

"... the most ferocious enemy justice can have."

How the battle for religious freedom became a nonsensical free-for-all

$2 Billion School Bond Act Goes In Front of New York Voters in November

We simply cannot afford all the welfare.

That time Blacks Did Carry Guns to Support Their Rights...

The growing pay gap between journalism and public relations

If your vote is meaningless to the Oligarchy, why are they trying to take it away?

When they were shot at-they had their hands raised in the air & were shouting “Press! Press! Press!"

Ferguson Protestor Curses Out Fox News Reporter Steve Harrigan For Calling Clashes "Child’s Play"

Creationist's Noah's Ark Theme Park Gets $18 Million Tax Break, Won't Hire Gays, Atheists

In Iraq, U.S. is spending millions to blow up captured American war machines

This is where it ends - Arms race

Could Ferguson and the related topics change the 2014 election-dynamics?

Ok, I know its early, but I am a morning person - So, please caption these:

Don't know how Ferguson descalates unless police stand down or protesters get what they want

A gay man, a lesbian, a cis Black couple and a transgender woman walk into a bar...

On the UN and war in Gaza

Warren Ballentine:As an Attorney looking at this the cop who shot Micheal Brown

Three of Pope Francis' Family Members Die in Argentina Car Crash

Medical Examiner: Marijuana Could've Made Ferguson Teen Act 'Crazy'

US home construction jumps 15.7 percent in July

105 to be laid off at Remington Arms in Ilion, N.Y.

Obama Is Seen as Frustrating His Own Party

'Say That S**t!' Fox Reporter Gets Cursed Out On-Air By Ferguson Protestor

Thousands of UFT members not eligible for bonus due to payroll status

"Walking Dead" fans: Daryl is on "Law & Order SVU"!

Luckovich toon: Perry meets the press

We had a real gullywasher last night in Morgan Mill

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Rand Paul encroaching Hillary Clinton’s turf?

What would happen if all the police just left?

War Comes Home: The Militarization of America's Police (Articles and Shocking ACLU EXECUTIVE REPORT)

I see Pres. Obama has decided it's not a good idea to make pronouncements about guilt

Ferguson is an apartheid police state.

George Carlin

"sweet land of liberty..."

If THAT was not a "media circus" last night I resign my position as a phrase parser.

Stocks rise as US home construction rebounds

It's not just Ferguson that's a tinderbox - my state's shameful legacy.

It's the excessive force, stupid.

The Streets of……. America

AFA activist exonerates police, calls reporter arrested a "punk"

Stop Night Protests in Ferguson and Start Recalling City Leaders

Israel bars Amnesty, Human Rights Watch workers from Gaza

Faux "news" finds an "expert" on race to comment on Ferguson and Michael Brown...

Why Do Democrats Freak Out Whenever They Lose An Election?

Arrested in Ferguson: mothers, fathers, Holocaust survivors, journalists, citizens. Not arrested....

When the media gets it right on Ferguson, Missouri

By Arresting Reporters Ferguson Police Violate Signed Court Agreement

Dinesh D’Souza tells Gohmert’s birthday party: Liberals think our wealth is ‘stolen Nazi art’

Found on the ground....

Thank you to all who post political cartoons on DU, they are the most effective tool in combatting..

Greener Pastures Signaling Rebound in U.S. Beef Supplies

The Obamacare Headline That The GOP Doesn't Want You To See

Check out the new PR firm that the City of Ferguson has hired..their entire team appears to be white

FOX NEWS reporter get cursed out by a protester for calling it childs play

Solar Boom Driving First Global Panel Shortage Since 2006

Can I change my screen name?

Consumer Prices in U.S. Rise at Slowest Pace in Five Months

Ferguson. Sound canons. Flash grenades. Other strangeness.

John Oliver - World of Peacecraft

DA to impanel grand jury in Eric Garner’s death

Three massive volcanic eruptions light up Jupiter’s moon Io

OBEY. - I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.

I'm contemplating asking Skinner to start a "College Parents" group

You can't understand Ferguson without first understanding these three things

Pic Of The Moment: Ferguson: Michael Brown Was The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Dinesh D’Souza tells Gohmert’s birthday party: Liberals think our wealth is ‘stolen Nazi art’

How is this helping the situation? why interview this guy? SMH

China, Russia Fight Terror in Biggest Central Asian Army Drill

Obama Time-Lapse (2009-2014)

Missouri GOP leader calls Ferguson voter-registration drive ‘disgusting’

CNN suggests police use water cannons against Ferguson protesters

Police in Ferguson have also tried to light the First Amendment on fire

Three of Pope Francis's relatives killed in Argentina car crash

Help the protesters in Ferguson

Did you watch Tamron Hall's interview of the mayor of Ferguson a few minutes ago?

CNN Anchor suggested that the authorities in Ferguson use 'water cannons' to control protestors

So this whole Ferguson thing has me thinking about where the real protests should be...

I read that Rick Perry was actually indicted on three charges.

Bottom line, the police riots going on nightly are sending the signal, Wilson will never be charged.

German journalists arrested by Donald Duck

"What caliber is _your_ an*l plug?" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's top cop, Mark Fuhrman!!!

The Incredible Front Page Of Today's St. Louis Newspaper

Teachout and Wu to hold press conference outside Brooklyn Supreme Court

“If they can shoot a white boy like a dog, imagine what we’ve been going through.”

I have heard there is no DashCam footage...

The Making of Ferguson

Israeli ambassador visits Bradford after MP declared city 'Israel-free'

The US is the second largest market for IVORY in the world. This is abhorrent. Please sign

Israeli airstrikes target northern Gaza

6 more journalists arrested in Ferguson protests

Cahill’s 2012 RNC Platform Role Questioned

Tuesday supper? What's on your table tonight - August 19, 2014

Police: St. Pete man asked girlfriend to help bury man he thought dead

Suggestion to the residents of the Fifth Ward in Houston, TX

"How we'd cover Ferguson if it happened in another country"

Two space -- or not two space

6 yr old asked what Ferguson Police Do: Answer- "They Shoot People"

Somehow, Rick Perry's outrage about government overstepping rings hollow from a guy who favors...

I am am being educated nightly watching the events in Ferguson.

Reception honoring Jack Trammell

St. Louis County grand jury: I was on it in 2007, and here's what I learned

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 19 August 2014

I think the word I'm looking for is AAAAAARRRRGGGGHH!!!!!

NY wineries allowed to use out-of-state grapes

Question about Mobile view.

will obama's presidency ultimately lead to an improvement in race relations in america?

Scott Olson was arrested for not being in the "designated media area"


USDA Illegally stacking the Deck at Organic Standards Board?

A photo of one person from Chicago in Ferguson:

Mapping the city’s uninsured

'To Kill A Mockingbird' has finally been released as an ebook...

Targets of John Doe investigation ask court not to release sealed documents (update)

Why do we still know so little about Officer Wilson?

Mayor: 'The city of Ferguson is a model for the region'

"I'm a cop. If you don't want to get hurt, don't challenge me."

Police in the US: Preserving and Protecting Disorder

In Ukraine, Protesters Held Mirrors to Militarized Police to Force Them to Look at Themselves...

Thinking of adopting a dachshund from a rescue organization

Mike Brown Law. Requires all state, county, and local police to wear a camera.

Iraqi military clashes with militants in Tikrit

Woman shoots her 7 y/o grandson in her home mistaking him for an intruder

Compton School Police Will Be Armed With Semi-Automatic AR-15 Rifles

Bertha Lewis Irked After Mayor Endorses Andrew Cuomo

Allying With Iran Is Putin's Ace in the Hole

Trayvon Martin’s mother pens letter to Michael Brown’s family

CNN Airs ‘Officer’s Side of Story,’ as Recounted by ‘Friend’ of Darren Wilson

Beijing arrests nearly 1,000 members of Christian sect accused of brainwashing

Manager of a Seattle low-rent project suggests raising rents

I have a seventeen year old brother and I fully understand that kids do things

Why isn't anyone talking about the CORRUPT police officer?

President Obama’s August 18th Address to the Nation on Ferguson, Mo. and Iraq"-(Transcript Included)

Rachel Maddow - Sore lack of leadership hinders Ferguson

Turkey Expresses Outrage at Reports of Routine Spying by Germany, a NATO Ally

The bishops are right – Britain must offer refuge to Iraqis fleeing Isis

Prolific pot-ticketing Seattle PD officer back on patrol

Colorado’s pot shortage

Wary of the West, Russia and China Expand Trade in Computer Software

Fake Jerry Jones explains why he didn't draft Manziel.

Past US Open champs Djokovic, Federer seeded 1-2

N.Y. Prosecutor Opens Grand Jury Probe of Choking Death

Rachel Maddow - Ferguson tense heading into new protests

Open Letter to Our Nation’s Police Leaders - from former Madison, WI Chief of Police David Couper

Police Sources Tell Reporter That More Witnesses Are Coming Forward To Confirm Officer’s Account

The Look On Johnny Manziel's Face When He Got Caught Flipping Off The Redskins Was Priceless

Atheist Finds Acceptance at Episcopal Church

Walker's Case Against Medicaid Expansion Collapses

Rob Astorino’s jobs plan: Fracking, flat spending, canal split and more

Haircuts for the homeless offer cutting-edge looks to those in need

Re-Posted for KPete ...

[A]nd while there is a criminal element, I am of it [...]

GOP Attacks On Obamacare Fizzle In Key Senate Races (many Americans are benefiting from the law)

A cat that deserves to be beatified. (cute baby and cat)

This attempt to redefine religious bias marks a shift from hard secularism

Is it true that there has only been one murder in Ferguson this year…

Letter to Maureen McDonnell from mansion staff

***Official*** Rick Perry Police Booking Thread

in case you were wondering: no,

Ferguson PD has military equipment

Bullying case prompts role reversal for Mobile lawyer, Catholic school on gay mothers

Redskins show solidarity with Ferguson protests:''Hands up, don't shoot'' protest makes way to NFL

Sullivan MO would really like a Police presence this weekend as the KKK comes to town.

The AFL-CIO Should Be in Ferguson

Iranian poet and women's rights advocate Simin Behbahani dies

Dancing While Lying Dead in the Street

Meet the Biker Group Who Says It's Set on Keeping Ferguson Safe

Denmark to host major conference on women's rights

I've got nine people crammed in to my house. Oy!

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Reparations For Ferguson - Total Police Control Over Black Bodies...

Yesterday in women's history...

Saudi Arabia executes four for hashish possession

EXPOSED: Corp Taxes Are NOT High, U.S. Corps “world leaders in global tax avoidance strategies”

Montana's Rep. Amanda Curtis: Women’s rights, labor activist

How to make an HTML anchor. I know this is elementary, but...

National Lawyers Guild Statement on Events in Ferguson, Missouri

Apple reportedly readying record production for iPhone 6

Smithsonian adds gay rights history to museum collection

Were the people of the Jonestown community suffering from a mass delusion?

The Gerrymandering Controversy In Floridia - Alice Ollstein Discusses

Jason Stanford writing in Politico: Nobody Died and Made Rick Perry King

Woman problems are the World's Problems.

Papantonio: Examining Michael Brown Murder Evidence

I'd like to propose a group.

Kathy Hochul and Tim Wu Camps Spar Over Women’s Issues

Steve Clemons: 'Thank God for the Saudis': ISIS, Iraq, and the Lessons of Blowback

Who Cares About Julian Assange?

Swedish woman attacked while wearing Star of David

Third major union passes passes on Cuomo

Facing White Fears of Blackness and Taking Action to End White Supremacy

'Anyone With A Brain' Realizes Gay People Shouldn't Be Treated Equally, 'Ex-Gay' Activist Claims

Hamas admits intimidating foreign press who reported wrong ‘message’

Area schools cancelled due to Natl. Guard in Ferguson - Teachers, parents, students make best of it

Things are looking up for the cop who killed Michael Brown

California Gov. Jerry Brown agrees to one debate with GOP rival Kashkari

Home Depot 2Q profit climbs 14 percent

Georgia county won’t pay medical bills for toddler burned by grenade in botched drug raid

Insurance companies offer discriminatory benefits to actual sick people

Alabama Sorority Kicks Out Member Who Posted Snapchat Picture Claiming ‘Chi Omega Got NO N*ggas!'

OPD officer fired AR-15 at car 88 feet away, behind closed gate, report says

80% of Americans living and working overseas are considering giving up their U.S. citizenship,

Why have we not heard from the store owner?

FBI asked to investigate death of man shot by cops at Ohio Walmart.

DFS: Standard Chartered Bank To Pay $300M Fine

Uber Snags David Plouffe

PLEASE LISTEN: To understand the sheer terror of what Ferguson residents have been living through

James Moore writing in Huffpo: Why Rick Perry Will Be Convicted

For whom the squire hoists? He hoists for thee...

Man dead after officer shoots suspect in St. Louis

Darren Wilson Allegedly Sends Texts to Friend: ‘I Can’t Go Out’

Ferguson....collision of same-old, same-old and justice.

A Compilation Of People Fucking Up The Ice Bucket Challenge

St. Louis Chief of Police on press conference right now.

The Price of Blackness

10 Songs With The Most Commonly Mistaken Lyrics

Unemployment low downstate, highest in Southern Tier

Christians, Yazidis need more than escape: Catholic Relief official in Iraq

LTTE: Services too far for rural poor in Appalachia

Rick Scott returns 'rescue dog' after he wins 2010 election.

If you live in Calif - Let's keep state law in full support for all cannabis users.

Public memorial for Michael Brown will be Monday, family attorney says

Another young AA man shot by police in St Louis.

Pope Francis Family Members Including Infant Die In Car Crash In Argentina

Attorney General Candidate Schimel Has His Hands Full With Happ, Observers Say

"There comes a time when one must take a position..."

Missouri lt. gov.: We need ‘Anglo-American’ justice in Ferguson

New York Times: Mapping the USA for Your State's Share of Military Gear -MRAPS/Assault Weapons/ETC.

Hillary Clinton Is Everywhere, But Still Nowhere To Be Found On Ferguson

I need toilet paper, dammit! Market Basket deal in sight by end of week

BREAKING: Herman Cain becomes Subscriber on Sarah Palin's Web Channel

We all love to hate scientology. Can we agree that its flock suffers from a mass delusion?

Students learn to keep Appalachian music alive

Number relying on food bank grows

Students learn to keep Appalachian music alive

Alameda County: Number relying on food bank grows (xpost from GD)

What is the justification for Israeli settlement building?

Slate Writer Gets Schooled on ALS "Ice Bucket" Challenge

Johnny Manziel gives middle finger to the professional football team from Washington D.C.

Details on shooting may be withheld for weeks

Perry is gong to do the perp walk

Ferguson pledges outreach efforts after shooting

Steve Moore settles decade-old suit

NYTimes Publishing Full Data of Pentagon Transfers to Police since '06

"Operation Urban Shield"--US Police Train with Foreign Militaries to Crackdown on Dissent

Coloradoans--urge you to study this distribution of Military "Toys" in CO, as published by NYT

Museum of Appalachia announces line-up for 35th Tennessee Fall Homecoming

Why do we believe that the police are in anyway capable of policing a protest against them?

Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu Letter on Police Militarization

So... The topic of the day is: "Which religious position is mental illness?"

Rail Firm Poorly Audited Before Canada Disaster: Report

need help with a fundie

Vikings, Kluwe reach settlement

Missouri Cop Investigated For Offensive Ferguson Facebook Post

"After police in Kenosha, Wis., shot my 21-year-old son to death...

How hard is it to fire a police officer?

"Operation Urban Shield"...Training our Police, Fire, First Military Tactics

Database: How many grenade launchers did Michigan police departments receive?

A little bit of joy in the middle of all this madness – what a gorgeous photo....

I know I don't have to tell you guys this, but

Ferguson's website has crashed.

Lake George in good shape, facing risks

Yazidi Refugees Escape Islamic State Fighters: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 6)

The second assassination of Mike Brown

ICTMN: SD Police Say Tazing 8-Year-Old Native Girl Was Justified, Family Sues

New Yorkers lag as potential organ donors

Shutoff: Detroit's Water War

I get why the press is so scared

Ferguson: Toonists get it....why doesn't MSN?

Crowd : Hands up don't shoot. Who do you serve? Who do you protect? (pics)

Todd Rokita (R-IN) thinks Net Neutrality --> FCC censorship

Board of Elections making CityTime switch

Elizabeth Warren finally checks in about Market Basket

Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano alert raised to orange

I found a HUGE inconsistency in the cop narrative. VAST HOLE!

The rapid demographic shift of American public schools


Camouflage sheet inspired by octopus

They want the "non-criminal" protesters to protest during the daytime....

Should we send federal troops to Ferguson?

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunion...sorta

Professionalism and the Police

Hap Hap Happy Birthday President Bill Clinton

Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW): ...quite a future in crowd control...

Anyone have details on Tea Leone's new show 'Madame Secretary'?

Gasoline being removed at Ferguson QuikTrip site


Upstate New York News Thread.

Missouri GOP chief: Voter registration booths in Ferguson are ‘disgusting’

TUrn on Ed Shultz right fugging now - he's comparing the criminal Bundy to

Israeli ship is blocked from unloading in Oakland for four straight days

Ring of Fire: Fox Thugs Attack Ferguson Protestors

Going to Big Bear Lake for the first time

Tea Party of Louisiana: Common Core turns kids gay, and this parody website proves it

Pope Francis Says He May Only Have A Few Years Left To Live, And Will Consider Retirement

SO, OK, listen...

GOP call registration booths in Ferguson 'disgusting'

Climber proposes to girlfriend before falling to death at Yosemite: report

A tough call for Obama...

"Outside agitators"--that's what they're saying on CNN

Mass confusion!!!

Ballmer steps down as Microsoft director

We need African Americans to vote in November for Charlie to win.

James Foley, Missing American Photojournalist, Reportedly Beheaded By ISIS In Syria

Early Morning Press Conference Tuesday with Capt. Ron Johnson

Police to Al Jazeera journalist near Ferguson: "Don’t resist-I’ll bust your ass-I’ll bust your head"

Anonymous releases New Video - Calls for national "Hands Up" Protests 8/23 & 8/24

Bob McDonnell Innocent By Reason Of Wife’s Cuckoo Insanity

Obsessive atheists

The New Yorker Article on How Debt To Pay For Court Fines Means Prison for Many Poor

Zephyr Teachout's in Hastings tonite at 7:45.

WATCHUNG, NJ--(Marketwired - August 18, 2014) cites Focus Autism Foundation Press Release.

Discussion forums mostly rightwing

What happened to just shooting people in the leg?

St. Louis Cops Shoot and Kill Man Near Ferguson, Crowd Gathers

"You have the right to remain silent, underrepresented and poor."

Missouri GOP Furious Over 'Disgusting' Voter Registration Booths In Ferguson

Outside Agitators

Limbaugh Ties Ferguson To Benghazi: 'All Of This Is Barack Obama'

Three of Pope Francis' relatives die in Argentina car crash, including two young great-nephews

The people in Ferguson don't want the nation's eyes off them UNTIL

Rev. Al Sharpton still insisting federal government take over the Eric Garner case

Poll: 70 percent of Americans want the government to quit trying to restrict abortion


Ferguson brings the libertarians: Why a new coalition has everyone confused


Audit: ‘Obamacare’ tax not meeting revenue target

Rove-backed Crossroads adds Colo. to fall TV plan

Black is not the problem...

WTF ...101

Ferguson officer Darren Wilson has been provided legal counsel through the Fraternal Order of Police

Katt Williams tweet

Good freaking god, the president is not a "divisive figure." He has been made into a divisive figure

"Operation Urban Shield"--US Police Train with Foreign Militaries to Crackdown on Dissent

LIVE! Perry Booking!

Ann Coulter took the ice bucket challenge..

Reminder: Republican fascists have been into voter supression for decades. Remember this?

Antibacterial gel from Queen's University Belfast scientists can kill toughest of hospital superbugs

African American Wallet Exchange

A Night in Ferguson: Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, and a Jail Cell

James Wright Foley, Kidnapped Journalist, Apparently Executed by ISIS

Philly’s Mo’ne Davis Becomes 1st Little Leaguer On Cover Of Sports Illustrated

Follow Ferguson in real time with these 52plus linked Twitter accounts

Five Children Murdered After They Were Deported Back To Honduras

Atlantic: Invest 96L; Pacific: Tropical Storm Karina, Tropical Storm Lowell, Invest 94C

The boot camp death of Martin Lee Anderson, Florida, 2006. No one found guilty.

Here We Go Again. Just Like With Zimmerman. Wilson Won' t Have to Testify.

Eric Holder has an op ed in today's St. Louis Post Dispatch: A Message to the People of Ferguson

"They both went for the gun!" (_Chicago_).

I'm having the worst day. My maid quit and the car escalator is broken

Papantonio: Ferguson Grand Jury and D.A. Should Not Be Local

Mark Thompson's show says a video shows Michael Brown

Let's get to brass tacks


America’s Police War, Ferguson in Crisis, Gaza Updates & Impunity for Dictators.

Never Argue With Children

THIS is the sad truth.....

Video claims to show ISIL beheading American photojournalist

They should be wearing white hoods to hide their faces also......

Hungry Heroes: 25 Percent of Military Families Seek Food Aid

Desmond Tutu, Israel: Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

Team USA's final cut looming

OSU's Braxton Miller out for season

Steve Ballmer makes high-decibel entrance as Clippers' new owner

I was hearing a podcast today and the issue of police unions were discussed

James Harden says he's the best basketball player alive

Ferguson Mo...... Maybe a possible case of voter disenfranchisement

Pictures from Sequoia NP (Pic Heavy)

Boeheim: Bulls, not Knicks, better for Melo

Tea Party politics vs Unemployment Insurance 2

An absolute moral outrage -- HOW DARE THEY

nono no fuck fuck fuck they beheaded him

Medical examiner tells Fox: Pot in system could have made Michael Brown act ‘crazy’

Ladies and Gentlemen: Our Governor (in his booking photo)

President Obama, for Christsake, begin immediately air campaign to eradicate ISIS.

Impressive letter to the editor in our local paper


For the remainder of 2014, we will be living on resources borrowed from future generations.

Fear brings the enemies of Isis together at last

Iceland grieves after police kill a man for the first time in its history

Hungary may be in the EU, but its leader believes his country should be more like Putin’s Russia

Browns not ready to name starting QB yet...

Using the ballot box to lawfully disarm the American militarized police state-Police execution video

Michael Brown shooting case to go before grand jury Wednesday

Perry booked on felony with 'head held high'

I googled American Jesus

Michelle Duggar makes robocalls for campaign against anti-discrimination ordinance

When All You Have Is A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail

All solar efficiency breakthroughs since 1975 on a single chart

The UNTOLD Story:Inspiring Scenes Of Kindness In Ferguson

Just Found Out My Niece Committed Suicide

Frustrated Christian May Not Pick Up Roadside Trash Anymore Because Atheist Group Adopted That Stret

The Government May Soon Send This Reporter to Jail. Here Are the Embarrassing Secrets He Exposed.

Orange commissioners reject planned mosque in contentious hearing

TOON: Media & Racial Bias

Innocent woman killed at downtown bar by officer's bullet, chief says (FL)

Although it is true that their colors are somewhat similar.....

Police Apologist Bingo

If you are considering suicide

Twelve things white people can do now because Ferguson.

Simms, Dungy to avoid using Washington team name

Maybe we shouldn't have called the police to get Mr. Binky out of the tree...

I need help to learn to do something to help out a friend.

I would like to make clear that many atheists

A cop with a broken eye socket can fire such accurate rounds?