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The war criminal torturer is in Nashville tonight pretending that torture is the "Christian" thing

Friday night artery-clogging

33 Years ago today: Video Killed the Radio Star

Market Basket halts pay to senior employees

President Obama poses a deep threat to patriarchy

Colbert v. Stewart: The Celebrity Death Match Over School Reform

Brazil: Gunmen threaten to assassinate leading Amazon shaman

Obama Throws Another Bone to the Right on Venezuela

Bush Cronies, Inside and Outside Obama Admin Will Stage Defensive Response to Senate Torture Report

Republicans set to piss away any hope of growing their party for a generation.

Thanks Chris Hayes

Can the NSA help Israel go after Hamas ?

The Problem with the Venezuela Sanctions Debate

Guests on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight: Ralph Nader, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Doug Heye, Reza Aslan,

US Senate transfers $225 million from unemployed Americans to Israel, then skips town for 5 weeks

What's for Dinner?

Science (Fiction) Geeks! I summon thee! RE: Reactionless Drives

Need some legal advice, please!

House votes to approve border security measure

Nasty attack ad on Michelle Nunn unveiled

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! The Out of Towners & a new Kitteh gif

This Utah Teacher Was Fired for the Most Moronically Homophobic Reason

Is Pardoning of Our War Criminals in the Near Future?

A Scathing Letter To Speaker Boehner From A Republican

Voting almost entirely on party lines, the Republican-led House of Representatives voted 223-189 for

Why is Israel so important to Americans?

Tropical Storm Bertha Hits the Lesser Antilles

‘He’s pulling the Palin’: John Fugelsang and Ed Schultz rip Eric Cantor’s ‘special election’ idea

Why One Local Grocery Store’s Revolt Is Exactly What America Needs Right Now

Friday Talking Points (314) -- Boehner's "Keystone Kops" House

I've been having second thoughts about Elizabeth Warren

BFD: "Incompetent" Black Man Leads US Economy to Solid, Sustained Growth

US Senate blocks Iron Dome funding to Israel

FBI investigates at Albuquerque charter school.

I'm gonna see a movie on Sunday, choose one.

Connect the Dots

Amnesty International: U.S. Should Stop Arming Israel Amid "Growing Evidence of War Crimes in Gaza"

I finished chemo this week.


John Brennan Faces Calls to Resign After CIA Admits to Spying on Senate Torture Probe

Reuters reporting shelling of the Islamic University in Gaza

NYT: Arab Leaders, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel, Stay Silent

I'm not big on glass.

I had it wrong all this time...We don't need her as President...we need her as head of the Fed...

Citing redactions, Feinstein delays release of report on CIA interrogations

4 LabourStart books will be available free of charge to download for the Amazon Kindle 4 4 days

4 LabourStart books will be available free of charge to download for the Amazon Kindle 4 4 days

4 LabourStart books will be available free of charge to download for the Amazon Kindle 4 4 days

Marijuana Should Be Illegal - Here's Why

Israel, Apartheid and World Opinion

Happy Friday Night. Let's party a little bit, please.

Republicans Vote to End DACA After Tense Floor Debate, Dems that joined

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 3, 2014 - Summer Under the Stars: Walter Pidgeon

Judge Orders Kellogg to End Lockout, Reinstate Workers

TCM Schedule for Monday August 4, 2014 - Summer Under the Stars: Judy Garland

U.S. Struggles In Middle East, With Fewer Allies And Less Influence

Plan unveiled to dismantle San Onofre

Mark Regev, World's Best Known Spinner, In An Unwinnable War Of Words

NYC Bucket Lists Run in Reverse

Gen. Wesley Clark on What To Do in Russia And Gaza

WTF ...74

I was particularly impressed by something in the news this week.


Gen. Clark: Putin responsible for downed plane.

What show in development would make YOU subscribe to Sarah Palin's awesome new cable channel?

President Obama on Torture: "...Hopefully We Don't Do It Again In The Future."

August 1, 1971 - George Harrison and Ravi Shankar's Conert for Bangladesh took place at New York Cit

Go see Guardians of the Galaxy!

Tony Parker Signs Contract Extension

S&P 500 has its worst week in 2 years

Isis winning its war on two fronts: Militants conquered Sunni regions of Iraq

2 Americans detained in North Korea seek US help

The Thrasybulus Syndrome: Israel’s War on Gaza ( History/Context )

Stay Sought in Ruling on Va. Gay-Marriage Ban

As Election Day nears, gay rights group with Tampa Bay roots raises profile statewide

It's tough when the weather doesn't cooperate (big picture)

I'll bet this kitty's name is Tiny.

Git in mah bellay!

Thom Hartmann: Does NASA's Data Show Doomsday for NYC?

Let me tell you about Deadbelly,

While we argue amongst ourselves, let's take a moment to remember what we are dealing with....

Republican who crafted House border policy says our nation's borders were established by God

Bill Maher: "People Die in Wars"

On C-span today . . .

How To Win A Trip To Run The Marathon In Havana

While I'm not exactly wild about the DAR, having noticed an apparent preponderance

Vox: 9 questions about the Israel-Palestine conflict you were too embarrassed to ask

‘Fifty Shades’ to be Challenged by Faith-Based Romance

Tropical Storm Bertha still on course to lash Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and The Bahamas

What Is It About Another Cat's Food

Six guilty of plot to kill Ecuador president

George suffers serious leg injury in US exhibition

Sinn Fein Partyman says UN should Bomb Israel

Two Palestinians Killed By IDF in West Bank Clashes

I’m having an abortion this weekend [EDITED]

Obama readies executive action on immigration

George Will's odd column about Sherrod Brown and progressives

EBOLA Outbreak Thread

Explosion at factory in eastern China kills dozens

Australian couple abandon surrogate Down's Syndrome baby

Who is going to win your league of choice this year?

Israel Bombards Gaza As It Searches For Soldier

Peru and Colombia: Community self-defense against megaminería

I've been on DU since Jan. 20th, 2001. ask me anything.

The Zionist Megaphone

Dispatch From Gaza: The Bloody Devolution Of A 'Ceasefire'

Brunch with Bernie - July 31, 2014

Somali-Americans, say no to hatred

Why Eric Cantor really resigned...

Jobs rise in July, but low 'quit rate' tells another story

Drilling underground to quench California’s thirst

I am going blind

Statement by the President

(Jewish group) Anti-Semitism Rises in Europe Amid Israel-Gaza Conflict

Restaurant's 'Prayer Discount' Sparks Mix Of Praise, Anger - Updated, 8/8/14

Religious Conservatives Embrace Pollution Fight

Impacts of Plastic Pollution on Marine Life

What Happened When an Extremist, Christian Fundamentalist Got to Run a Whole State

Congress Lets Western States Burn, Fails to Find Funding to Combat Wildfires

The country could supply all of California with water if we fixed our leaky pipes

So much for Cameron's and Sarkozy's interventions in Libya

comet too hot to be covered in ice ESA

Warren Buffett's $100K donation to Chuck Hassebrook is believed to be his largest single contributio

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse schools climate deniers in Senate, drops mic

"11 Year Old Hospitalized With Severe Burns Attempting The Fire Challenge"

Why It’s Time to Repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Sex Trafficking, Lies & Money: Lessons From the Somaly Mam Scandal

"Immigration Reform" is good, but seriously inequitable

Why It’s Time to Repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

GOP: How Dare You Say What I Said About Impeachment

NOT THE ONION: Facebook Goes Down, Users Call 911 and Storms Twitter

I am going to take my leave from DU for a time:

Banned from a forum by a "host"?

Debtor Nation: 35 Percent of Americans Owe Bills to Collection Agencies

Libertarian Sham—Using the L Word to Hide Even Worse Politics

David Sirota: Still Crazy After All These Years

Juan Cole: Wiping Another Country Off the Map: Israel Does It to Palestine

Brennan Lied To Congress

Don't Wait for Resignation, say Critics, Obama Should Fire CIA's John Brennan

How much do you know about Washington’s new pot laws? (ACLU quiz)

State Dept. 'Torture Talking Points' Reveal White House PR Machine Ahead of Senate Report

To all you House Republicans a Bible lesson for your vacation

My Totally Uninformed Opinion on Israel/Palestine/Hamas

GOP lawmaker: You will ‘rethink everything’ when full 9/11 report is released

Inside the GOP Leadership's Roller-Coaster Debut (Yuck)

1,100 Alpha miners in W.Va. warned of layoffs

Baby vs. Cat Wrestling League

Weekend Toon Roundup 1- Vacation!

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

ALEC meeting in Dallas provides a preview for the next state sessions

First Ebola Patient to Arrive in Atlanta Saturday.

Peggy Noonan: America is divided because Obama is “out there dropping his g’s”

Feline adventurer conquers Colorado 14er.

Bill Maher hammers U.S. funding for Israel’s weapons: ‘We just can’t afford this sh*t anymore’

OBSTRUCTIONISM AT IT'S BEST : House Votes To Strip Deportation Relief From Dreamers

Colbert: 'On Death and Destruction''

HATRED ON PARADE: Ku Klux Klan recruitment drive raises old fears in S C

International Respect

Obama: Hamas to Blame for Cease-Fire Collapse

Building a progressive alternative to ALEC

Obama signs cellphone unlocking bill

When Good Waves Go Rogue

NASA Is Going to Dip This Cup Into the Sun’s Corona

An Astrobiologist Asks a Sci-fi Novelist How to Survive the Anthropocene

Good News: IRS Agrees To Monitor Religious Groups For Political Campaigning

Algae bloom toxin in NW Ohio drinking water - Don't drink or touch water

Emergency Crews Mistakenly Rescue Doll From Hot Car.

President Obama: Congress Left Town With Unfinished Business

ALICE and Progressive States Network announce merger

The Tomahawk Missile Gets Smarter—and Deadlier

Hugs time: baby and puppy

Can I be the host of the Florida group ? The members seem ok with it

Anyone get the DNA test from

Favorite Robert Redford movies?

French hospital plans to install wine bar to improve quality of life for terminally ill

Protesters to mark anniversary of Hiroshima, Nagasaki bombings at Livermore lab

Alfred Harmsworth: The press baron and propagandist who led charge into World War I

"Where was Obama while our people were being killed in Benghazi???" Come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!!!

‘Justice prevailed’: Uganda court strikes down draconian anti-gay law

Sad news from Moab. The tower known as The Cobra has fallen

The Book Thief - so hard to make a great movie from a great book. A semi-whiff on this one.

Star witness in McDonnells' trial stays nimble

Army to force out 550 majors; some in Afghanistan

Netanyahu to US: 'Don't ever second-guess me again'

Air Force wants to shift from big-ticket weapon systems

State stalls on San Onofre nuclear plant review

Taiwan explosions probe focuses on petrochem firm

Syrian Conflict Isn't Just A Civil War, But 'A War On Childhood'

This is good.......

Russia’s Insane Crackdown on Bloggers Begins Today

LIVE UPDATES: Israel will no longer negotiate for cease-fire, cabinet decides

"We tortured some "folks"... "?????

Human rights group says Syrian government is bombing civilians in defiance of UN resolution

A Vasectomy May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk.

Fighting onerous rules for clinics

Why Does Israel Keep Changing Its Story On Gaza?

From The WayBack Machine: The Pentagon's Biggest Overrun: Way Too Many Generals

UW-Madison researcher predicts that income gap will catalyze union comeback

Restaurant's 'Prayer Discount' Sparks Mix Of Praise, Anger

Utility to pay Tennessee coal ash victims $27.8M

Walmart: 'Going to a very dark place'

JoeJoe the capybara loves his puppies

Lawyers of suspected Brussels shooter seen performing quenelle

Army “VIP culture” led to parachute accident that killed former JBLM officer

Video Shows Police Arresting Nearly Naked Woman

Something is wrong.

Are Puget Sound VA hospitals concealing delays in treating veterans?

Unlimited funds, what's your fantasy car ?

Toledo to residents: Don't use or drink the water

Dr. Kent Brantly is on the flight today

Another Market Basket Rally Planned For Tuesday

Times Of Israel Gives Writer The Boot After 'Unacceptable' Genocide Post

Porn, texts bring Blue Angels overhaul

Eric Gardner family speaks Saturday about medical examiner's ruling

WE ARE THE BOSS (if everyone would just vote)

Please excuse me for being too sanctimonious.

Israel is misunderstood

The Waiters

With Syria buried in the news, hopes fade for ending world’s bloodiest war

CSM: 10 brands you'll have to give up if you're boycotting Israel

Exploitation awaits migrant children on Mexico's southern edge

Red Tide in Toledo?

Russia keeps fugitive whistle-blower Edward Snowden in legal limbo

Tunisia closes border with Libya as unrest continues

Saturday, August 2nd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Is blatant anti-Semitism rampant here at DU?

Rooting out Hamas fixes nothing

U.S. aid to Afghanistan exceeds Marshall Plan in costs, not results

Chili peppers for a healthy gut: Spicy chemical may inhibit gut tumors

Paul George suffers serious injury in USA Basketball Exhibition

Why Eric Cantor really resigned....

5 repercussions of court's union law ruling--in Wisconsin

Netanyahu to US: Don't "ever second guess me again"

How rare is this business model today? Or why Market Basket employees and customers are resisting.

A few questions for the anti GMO crowd

What happens when a state tries to make Obamacare work -- or not work

40 charts that explain money in politics

News Corp. closes $416-million deal for romance publisher Harlequin

I have been researching dry cat kibble.

Women dies of rare infection after her dog licked a small cut on her hand.

Air Force Academy superintendent orders investigation of athletic department after Gazette inquiry

Colorado Senator charged with 3 felonies

Ebola Has Arrived In The U.S. - Do You Have It?

Land banks backed amid probe questions

Netanyahu to US "Don't ever second guess me on Hamas again"

Texas Man Calling For Boycott Of Israel

Vatican urges priests to clamp down on excessive emotions during the sign of peace

Final layoffs at Maidenform plant in Cumberland County (NC) to come in March

They got Hoffa-ed: Lives turned upside down in search for Teamsters boss

It's August 2, 2014 - Time for the Annual Outrage Census/Fill out the following form:

An Honest Voice in Israel By Philip Gourevitch.

Wow. Just wow.

How House Republicans Sabotage Their Presidential Candidates

“The Long Women’s Movement in the American South”

Christie refuses to comment on NY governor's woes

Southern Oral History Program, University of North Carolina

White man's Improvements on the Indian System

Now I definitely know the news is screwed up when the major story is some guy with

Cuomo signs bill, named for Syracuse-area man, to increase penalties for multiple DWIs

Venezuela to Send Aid to Gaza, Welcome Refugees, as Regional Leaders Condemn Assault

New post shows Arkansas as LGBT rights battleground

editorial: Region needs protection from hazmat hauling

LIVE RADIO NOW: Israel’s indiscriminate bombing hurts all

Facebook Takes A Stand With Free Access To Women’s Rights Info In Africa

Conservative KY Judge Says Black Defendant In Obama T-Shirt ‘Lucky To Get Out Of Here Alive’

Islamic State Withdraws From Syria Villages After Battles With Sunni Tribes

World Silence On Israel ‘War Crimes’ Is ‘Inexcusable:’ Saudi King Abdullah

Netanyahu Tells U.S. 'Not To Ever Second Guess Me Again' On Hamas

We Need To Move Hispanics, Monorities, And Disabled Into GOP Red Districts En Masse

If We Release a Small Fraction of Arctic Carbon, 'We're F'd': Climatologist

British Labour Leader Ed Miliband shows how to be reasonable on Israel

Growing number of American Muslims challenging once-taboo causes

Ebola is already in the United States

Lack of food too common among student athletes

saving Bob McDonnell

Baby deer does not want to leave construction workers

MN Home Health Care Union Ballots arrived today.n/t have made a grave error

Forget Charcoal Versus Gas. The Best Way to Grill a Steak Is With Molten Lava

World Trade Organisation's future in doubt after India blocks trade deal

Toledo's water supply is contaminated

Catch 22 for Store Directors--From Save Market Basket fb page

Wall Street Journal Editorial Scolds Republican 'Deportation Caucus'

The "we tortured some folks" Good Reads co-operative thread. In plain english, a data-dump of what

Images of Gaza Devastation - a picture can destroy a thousand lies

Really funny. Women listening to men in art history

Antigay Harlem Church Curses All LGBT Supporters

When An Extremist Christian Fundamentalist Got To Run a Whole State (Kansas)

Ribbon-Cutting at Ellsberg Billboard for Whistleblowing at State Department

Millions of Jellyfish-like 'Sailor' Creatures Invade West Coast Beaches

Images of Devastation in Israel

Corbett(PA teabagger) calls education adviser Tomalis 'not a ghost employee'

No wonder this Congress has the lowest approval rating in history.....

Whole lot of Seahawks history here.

Al Sharpton calls for arrest of NYPD officer in chokehold death of Eric Garner

Walgreen's Overlords, freaks that call yourselves Americans, I will never buy anything from you

Seder: Conservative Crazies Plaguing Your Newsfeed

Libyan unrest "much worse" than 2011 war

Don't vote against your own self interest

I'm cross posting this from GD here...

Comedian Brett White on the difference between Marvel Comics and DC Comics

OK, after my blood pressure scare and tests were normal I started thinking...

The Blue-and-Green Elegance of Turn-of-the-Century Tennis Illustrations

Details of Ebola Victim's Arrival.

Gov. Don Siegelman is still in prison and the BFEE judge who put him there is still a crook.

what's for dinner - saturday, august 2nd?

In North Carolina, Praying Before You Eat Could Get You 15 Percent Off

WHOA. Watch bear save a drowning crow

Think the "When is Genocide Permissible" piece was a fluke? Think again.

All religions propagate the same message

My sister FINALLY got her medical marijuana card!!!

Alpha Natural Resources Laying off 1,100 Coal Miners in West Virginia

Why are former Bush CIA heads welcome working closely with Obama's CIA to rebut torture report?

Robert Reich -cheering us on! Keep up the pressure.

Chilling footage of Israel destroying town in Gaza in less than an hour.

Major league "Guardians Of The Galaxy" spoiler!

"US Suspended Aid to Egypt After It Slaughtered Civilians--Why Not Israel?"

This is your fair warning. Be very afraid !

FEMA 'on standby' to respond to Toledo water crisis

GM's faulty-ignition fund taking victims' claims

10 Reasons to be against unions.

The Republicans don't want to Impeach President Obama For Executive Actions

Lunch with friend

How to handle it

WEDC-backed Kestrel Aircraft now rehiring staff in Maine

Founder of Parents Transparency Project refuses to reveal funding sources. Not so transparent.

Europe - The Final Countdown (Live in London 2011) :)

Lets call their bluff. we should make it a law to make anyone who opposes

Irish nuclear legal challenge against Hinkley Point fails

Has Peggy Noonon, that pretentious git of a fawning

My confusion over certain Christians who Psychologically Split the Jewish State of Israel with Jews

Huge weed farm discovered in Grundy County

Woodlands homeowner says burglar struck her half-million dollar closet

Having a debate with a good Italian friend. Sauce or Gravy? What say you?

Ed Miliband accuses David Cameron of 'inexplicable silence' in row over Gaza

women and gardener's 8th intelligence. apparently, i am a witch.

Netanyahu: Israel to Continue ‘Full Scale’ Offensive Against Hamas

Shocking New Details in AZ Botched Execution.

Kitteh plays Hide and Go Hide

Favorite POW movie?

Syria rebels raid Lebanese town, capture troops

Toon: John Boehner: Speaker at Law

American aid worker stricken with Ebola arrives in U.S. for treatment

State of emergency declared in Lucas County after toxins found in Toledo water

Robot hitchhikes through Canada

Thousands protest hydropower project in Chile

Thousands protest hydropower project in Chile

Dr. Housing Bubble 08//02/14

Peru court order US mining firm to pay $163 million

Peru court order US mining firm to pay $163 million

My bank wants to "protect" me by canceling my debit card

Proposal for 2 state solution acceptable to Netanyahu

Largest climate march in history planned for NYC on Sept. 20-21

More than 100 religious, immigration activists arrested at White House (7/31, RNS)

Video of Kent Brantley Walking into Emory from Ambulance.

The spread of Humanity

"Inhuman Shields: How the New York Times Protects US Elites From Gaza's Brutality"

Woman 'threw prosthetic leg at Thomson Airways cabin crew'

GMO's Healthcare Triage

Why Latin American diplomats are pulling out of Israel

Absolute worst song of all time, in your opinion only, of course

For some people, there are only two good kinds of science - Climate and Evolution

Do you know or have you ever known anyone who plays/ed professional baseball?

Do you remember?

Why did the CIA spy on the Senate Committee investigating them?

A corporate warning to El Salvador: Give up your gold or pay $315 million

We have the science to build an Ebola vaccine. So why hasn't it happened?

A corporate warning to El Salvador: Give up your gold or pay $315 million


44 Shades of Gray


Uninsured Rates Drop in Every Kentucky County Under ACA

You cannot kill hatred with violence and bombs.

Some of MSNBC’s Most Prominent Journalists Are Ignoring Gaza — Why?

ALMA Finds Double Star with Weird and Wild Planet-forming Discs

US senator to appeal Obamacare lawsuit

Iam waiting for some bagger ....

isn't Israel's current Govt more like Hamas than the Nazis ?

A little info about Lake Erie algae blooms -

Kansas City council bans open carry of firearms

‘My Parents Open Carry’ kid’s book portrays day in the life of ‘typical’ gun nut family

Fired Market Basket Supervisors Plan To Sue

Scientists Discover Massive Species Of Extinct Penguin

AP: Single mom in Fargo returns wallet with $1,000

Weird Supernova May Blow Away Star Explosion Theories

NRA Member Begs For Tighter Gun Laws After Losing His Sister To Gun Violence

Wikileaks Leaked Cable: Israel's "Dahiya Doctrine" - Deliberate Targeting of Civilian Areas

Large Gaza Protest Forms Outside White House

Silicon: After the chip, another revolution? (BBC) {solar PV, Swanson's Law}

Working on a project, and I invite your participation

Recent news video about MB workers standing firm

Low testosterone could be what made us civilized humans

Netanyahu says Gaza Operation will continue even after Tunnels have been Destroyed

Five killed in fresh clash over Nagorny Karabakh

AP: Honduran man waits for asylum after 12-year fight (was a scared 10-year-old when he got here)

Alison's speech at Fancy Farm Picnic today!

Breaking: Captured Israeli soldier is confirmed dead by IDF

Going Underground: John Pilger talks Gaza, Ukraine & Western media bias

Israeli soldier thought captured is declared dead

My Afternoon as a Hobby Lobby Sidewalk Counselor

KSU president gives up over $90,000 of his salary to boost lowest-paid campus employees

****WCGreen Update --Saturday August 2, 2014****

Herky Nice

Stephen Colberts Amazon boycott PLEASE use this link when shopping at Powell's books

GOP and racism