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Archives: August 27, 2014

Who was better--Mays or Bonds?

Monsanto makers of the banned DDT, PCBs and Agent Orange

You saw it here first: The New iPhone 6!

Gun instructor accidentally shot by 9-year-old with Uzi dies

Rotherham child abuse report finds 1,400 children subjected to ‘appalling’ sexual exploitation

Keiser Report: Michael Brown/Ferguson/and Interview with Matt Taibbi / Wealth Injustice

Some Gazans opt for ISIS over Hamas

cross posting because no one in GD seems to care about education.

Release of American Journalist Shows Qatar Playing Both Sides

China Will Sell HJ-12 Missiles That Can Destroy America’s Best Tanks

Mormon’s Worth $80 Billion - Romney Buffet GOP & Burger King

Lemongrass question.

Republicans...(get the f*cking RED out...)

Clark: ISIS is forcing a 'moment of truth'

Op-Ed The Obama-Netanyahu dysfunctional tango

8:45 in Indy and it's almost completely dark already.

Koterba toon: Privacy

I want to vent on the narrative that republicans are going to win both houses in November

Federal appeals judges appear skeptical of Wisconsin, Indiana gay marriage bans

Charlie Crist cruises in Democratic primary win, but race against Rick Scott is tough toss-up

My husband died last night.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! World War Three? & a new kitteh gif

Gun control as part of an effort to reduce violence

Ferguson Police (cartoon)

President Obama was not supposed to fix

"Russian Economy Nears Recession Amid Ukraine Sanctions"

Rams’ Chris Long: Dear ESPN, Everyone but you is over it.

More than 100 ballots missing in 17th Senate District primary recount

Deer Save Boy from Hypothermia

I became a union member today along with 28,000 others in the biggest labor victory in MN history

After 90 Percent Decline, Federal Protection Sought for Monarch Butterfly

Is the media claim that the gop is going to win both houses in

An oldie but a goodie -- Morans with signs

Really need some advice

Argentina plays hardball with the vultures

Did anyone watch Rachel covering the Victor White incident

Bastrop County settles lawsuit with family of Tased high school student for $775,000

Republican Party Announces New Education Policy

Iran Airs TV Footage Of Purported Israeli Drone

This post in GD needs some Socialist Progressive recs.

*Rachel on Letterman show tonight.

This post in GD needs some Labor Movement recs.

World's Deadliest Animals (Chart)

Who supports the will of the People?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Interesting drone footage of earthquake damage in downtown Napa

FYI- Rachel Maddow just said she will be on with Letterman tonight

Some republicans in congress are rattling sabers for

Social Media Users Shy Away From Sharing Political Opinions, New Study Finds

Mike Malloy - Mike Explodes AGAIN!!! With Another Caller Defending Israel

Mike Malloy - The Terror Rests On The Shoulders Of The Invader

Should people who are able to work, have to work?

Cultural Destruction by Islamic State Continues with No End in Sight

Black folks are the traditional and still the most common victims

For my 27th thousand post on DU.

Bratton’s Approval Rating Drops After Garner Death, According to Poll

Can Ferguson Change the 'Ritual' of Black Deaths?

Just got a push poll against Braley

City Settles Pay Equity Litigation With School Safety Agents

Mike Huckabee Signs WCF Letter That Calls Gays 'Sexual Radicals'

Is James Foley a martyr? A brutal death sparks a faith-based debate

Officials: Girl accidentally kills gun instructor

Ontario Sikhs ‘deeply disappointed’ with new helmet law

Romney: I'm Not Running In 2016, But 'Circumstances Can Change'

Christianity needs bishops who speak up for the poor and against oppression

Nude Portraits

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to Mom.

Mumbai Jewish centre targeted in 2008 terrorist attacks reopens

Achievements in Actually Socialist Healthcare

Rastafarian Student Reportedly Punished At School Over Dreadlocks

Market Basket Saga's Community Impact

New French government characterised by youth, centrism and loyalty to Hollande

Holy F**k! CNN Explores Joint Venture With Paranoid, Racist, Lunatic Glenn Beck


Poll: De Blasio more popular among black voters

Police union leader predicts impasse in contract talks

Texas adds patient-confidentiality suit to its fight with Xerox over alleged Medicaid fraud

Centerplate CEO shown abusing dog

Texas education chief under fire for low passing standards on STAAR

"Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty"

Ok, how do I check for spyware without googling it? (which would create a whole host

Perry: Campaign, not taxpayers, will pay legal bills

You want edgy? Put Liberals on teevee. Real Liberals.

Transcripts from Market Basket Board meetings

Rep. Elliott Naishtat Hospitalized After Bike Accident But In Good Spirits

Popular Music Needs to Become Political Again

Texas Pastor Calls For Removal of "Demonic" Twilight Books From Library

Marco Rubio Hints At A Government Shutdown Fight Over Immigration

Contract with school safety agents includes gender pay

Wendy Davis' Second TV Ad Focuses on Greg Abbott's Lack of Oversight of Cancer Research Center

John G. Sperling dies at 93; founder of University of Phoenix

Bumgarner no-hitting Rockies

LICH nurses headed back to court

Round Rock Teen Accused of Selling Pot Brownies Won't Get Life Sentence

America, say goodbye to the Era of Big Work

Encounters at the end of the world

Highly recommend "Awake" with Jason Isaacs on Netflix

Russian Paratroops in Ukraine: Lost in Media Haze

Highly recommend "Awake" with Jason Isaacs on Netflix

Is California too green for Tesla's 'gigafactory'?

thurs 8/27 6-8:30pm $15 Now !

Am reading Locked On by Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney

Been catching up on Manhattan..question about sound.

Rachel Maddow is talking with David Letterman (it's over now)

HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film

Palestinian joy after Gaza truce

Jon Stewart and Michael Che killed it on the Daily Show tonight. See both

Arizona Republicans nominate someone more batshit than Jan Brewer.

Davis calls for expanded technical job training

A Stock-Market Milestone is Reached, But Who Cares?

Republican State Rep candidate drops bomb shell comment

Patent troll getting rich suing small photographic companies

Billo: Pick-a-fricative

Joni Ernst lied about role in military rape investigation.

Hard-Line Splinter Group, Galvanized by ISIS, Emerges From Pakistani Taliban

The militarization of the police. Not Police Department. Police

Dewhurst: ‘Someone’s Going to Get Hurt’ in Border Surge

New law would demote Arabic language in the name of 'social cohesion'

Limbaugh Lashes Out At "Feminazis": "The Reality Is That Boys Chase Girls" (regarding date rape)

Why do I feel like Hillary is being forced on me?

Debt, Vaccines and Food as a Weapon: When International Aid is Used for Population Control

Odd-"FBI Surveillance Van" in my wireless networks?

Papa Doc and Baby Doc

Mars Hill Church Sr. Pastor takes leave

Debt, Vaccines and Food as a Weapon: When International Aid is Used for Population Control

Death of note.

TCU gets $30 million gift for business school expansion

This is the absolutely the weirdest Psych test I have come across so far- Dissociative Identity

Wisconsin Furniture Company Donates to Walker Campaign After Controversial Tax Break

Feds: Report shows progress in tribal prosecutions

Found at Twitter. Warning to Tea Party...Don't Vote. lol

This is how dumb they are...

We're thinking of doing a Soulful Sundown...

Beer: Taste Test How To Drink Responsibly

Abbott donors raked in over $42 million from CPRIT

Brzezinski Mapped Out the Battle for Ukraine in 1997

Is Religion Only in Your Head?

UFCW, Food 4 Less reach tentative agreement

ISIS Supporters Hand Out Leaflets On Oxford Street

Civil rights attorney George Barrett dies at 86

Why All Of The Atheists In Congress Are Closeted

Don't stop...

Some scenes from the State Fair

New Keurig designed not to work with private label pods

U.S. rules out coordinating with Assad on airstrikes against Islamists in Syria

This is the current list of declared Democratic Presidential candidates for 2016

I think I found a pattern with the glitch in the advanced search.

I'm going to bed..

Netanyahu's approval ratings in a free-fall in light of latest Gaza cease-fire

Atlantic: Hurricane Cristobal ; Pacific: Post-Tropical Cyclone Karina, Hurricane Marie

Nine year old accidentally shoots her instructor

E-cigarettes: no indoor smoking ban planned in England despite WHO call

There Might Be a Scary Downside to Fabric Softener Sheets

The Feds Are Incapable of Telling Truth About Pot

'Yes' or 'No'? A Divided Scotland Confronts Independence Vote

Factory and Lab: Israel's War Business

U.S. Mobilizes Allies to Widen Assault on ISIS

What's with the new background music on Morning Joke

Parents Complain: Sex Ed Textbook 'Equivalent to Pornography'

Obama announces veterans mental health efforts, but most aren't new

Antisemitism on Rise Across Europe 'In Worst Time Since the Nazis'

World War Three?

The Fun of Empire: Fighting on All Sides of a War in Syria

Postcard From Another World

Now it's the School Police That Are Militarized

Anthropomorphizing the Moon and More Moon Lore

Christine Lagarde to be investigated for alleged role in political fraud case

Time Warner Cable Is Down Nationwide

Text of President Obama's speech at the American Legion convention, August 26, 2014

Drought-Stricken Texas Town Turns To Toilets For Water

Help take back the Washington State Senate!

Parched in the West but Shipping Water to China, Bale by Bale

Puget Sound chapter of Progressive Democrats of America now organizing

Micheal Brown's mom laid flowers where he was killed and the cops destroyed them

Time Warner Cable Down Across The Country, Twitter Reacts Accordingly

How the Supreme Court Protects Bad Cops

Archaeologists Discover 15 Previously Unknown Monuments Buried Around Stonehenge

Christine Lagarde to be investigated for alleged role in political fraud case

Satire alert: FBI Raids Kennedy Fundamentalist Compound

Libertarians Who Oppose a Militarized Police Should Support Gun Control—But They Don't, of Course

Libertarians Who Oppose a Militarized Police Should Support Gun Control—But They Don't, of Course

Shootout Update: COPS TV Show Audio Technician Dies, Hit By Police Fire

Iceland's Massive Seabird Colonies In Free-fall: "All The Chicks Are Dead"

Last 30 Feet Of Glines Canyon Dam Gone As Of Tuesday - The Elwha Now Runs Free

Burning Man is so very wrong | By Mark Morford

Brace Yourselves! NC Government Preparing To FINE Duke Energy Over Massive Coal Ash Spill

There is no such thing as an "accident" when a 9-year-old has control of a submachinegun

Existing Global Power Plants Will Produce More Than 300 Billion Tons C During Their Collective Lives

I live in SC, and I can’t stand the humidity we have sometimes. However, I’ve visited some drier

ELLIS: The first baby boomers have seen a lot of change

Cartoon: If Cops Treated Bankers the way Fergusen Cops treat Black People...

Russian reporters 'attacked at secret soldier burials'

Going Vegan

Megan Kelly looks bewildered when a Pastor didn't take the bait criticizing Al Sharpton and Jackson

Cheaper, Cleaner, and Safer: How Hydrogen Could Replace Oil

Finland: Secret US-Russia talks over Ukraine held on Finnish island in June

Why would people vote for the GOP?

Everyone Growing Up In Our Culture Was Taught This Game, But It's Not Making Anyone Happy

Fed up with Trivago commercial

Highly Recommended on Netflix streaming: "Stolen Summer"

On Amazon Prime: "Alpha House."

Jon Stewart on Ferguson and racism and the media

And now for something completely different...air travel "rights."

Jon Stewart to Fox/Hannity/O'Reilly:"Race Is A Constant-You really do have no f*cking idea, do you?"

Crist easily wins primary over Nan Rich, but......

Tulsa's Army National Guard Base Accidentally Covered In Foam

Report: Diplomat Beat Daughter With Chair Leg But Won’t Be Charged

Which personal, sincere beliefs do you think disqualify a person from prominent jobs.

About that "35%" business tax rate. . .

McConnell Explains Plans to Shut Down Government

I cannot believe I am posting this so soon....

It's 18 days and counting: Where's the Ferguson Police Report on Michael Brown's shooting?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- A Farewell to Kings

Many in Poll See Sharpton as 'Positive'

Do not do to others what is abhorrent to you.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Race in America

Good fugging grief - John McGramps is on Fuckie Todd's Daily Rundown

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- War Around the World

No, There Still Is No Connection Between Vaccines and Autism

I just stepped on my cat Brigid's foot!I

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Who all's gonna be at Bobfest this year?

(AFL-CIO Now) Coalition Urges Police Changes Following Ferguson Shooting

Musty old weather reports may hold climate change secrets

Epidemic feared in Gaza sheltering centers as skin infections spread

Upstate New York News Thread Aug 27.

Silly little birds!

The NSA Search Engine is a Keyhole to You

Jerusalem faces largest surge in arrests since 2nd Intifada

State overtime: $316M

Rebels take Golan Heights crossing

Mon dieu! One in six French people say they support ISIS

Klein Balks at Voting to Repeal Urstadt Law

"Of the 59 Scottish members of the House of Commons, only one is a Tory. A favorite joke ..."

Drunk bride in wedding dress ordering through drive-through of Taco Bell

Any US strike on Syria will be a violation of international law because

Making Albany a river town again

Protesters Demand Improved Police Accountability at Downtown Demonstration


Attorney: East Point Police Fired Taser at Man 13 Times Before Death

Rachel Maddow - Suicide ruling hard to square with evidence

State Variation in Hospital Use and Cost of Firearm Assault Injury, 2010

The Burger King Backlash Could Hurt the Republican Party

Hurricane Marie to bring large waves to the Bay Area

And yet another DU treasure gone :(

Ice sheets shrinking at 120 cubic miles a year in Antarctica and Greenland.

Rachel Maddow - Maddow: 'Imperative' Congress address ISIS

NYC Metro and LI news thread Aug 27.

Fox & Friends has a spell-check ‘malufuction’

Luckovich: Have it their way

FBI files link Christian TV’s Paul Crouch to Italian mob, Palestinian gun trafficking

The story we missed: The comfort sling hammock that provides privacy on a plane. No, really.

Zara removes striped pyjamas with yellow star following online outrage

NY21 Republican candidate Elise Stefanik answers questions about Social Security (video)

AUDIO: McConnell Explains How He'd Force A Shutdown War With Obama

I'm OK with the Burger King deal

Rachel Maddow - ISIS crisis calls for attention from Congress

Political, environmental groups gather in Albany for Anti-train Bomb Rally

BDS Victory Over SodaStream Equals 900 Palestinians Out of Work

Enough Hate for Everyone Muslims and Jews Are Targets of Bigotry in Europe

Dear Democrats: Here's the thing. A full 74% of Americans polled favored raising the minimum wage..

Inside an abandoned New York state prison for sale in Oneida County (photo gallery)

McConnell Promises Billionaire Donors He Won’t Waste Time On ‘Gosh Darn’ Minimum Wage Increases

Dark Age America: A Bitter Legacy | John Michael Greer

did Richard Haass actually COMPARE the NRA to AARP on Morning Joe today?


Madagascar pochard, world's rarest bird, needs new home

Who would they have arrested if the description had been tall, bald head, white male?

Florida! Pro-Equality Candidates Win State-Wide!

Make Your Comic Book Recommendations

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Pandora’s Box of Corporate Power | Mickey Z.

Nazi Germany, Holy Grail, and Myths of Racial Superiority | Mickey Z.

Heading Toward The Sidewalk | John Michael Greer

Hagel joins push for Johnson medal

One of my frequent flyers just showed up for his 11th visit in 2 months...

And They Say I’m the Crazy One!! | Philip A. Farruggio

How sexual exploitation of men and boys is overlooked and dismissed

Gaza Changed Everything | Ramzy Baroud

Teachout begins bus tour, targets Cuomo tax breaks

Talk about loss leader ads!

Coffee Break In #Ferguson: Talking 'Violence' In A Corporate Culture | Mickey Z.

Tucson weekly's results "so far"

McConnell: I’m really proud of this Supreme Court-It’s only 5 to 4, & I pray for the health of the 5

Cuomo enabled Christie’s Tunnelgate-by Zephyr Teachout

Hilarious ad from Minneapolis Craig's list for band.

Let's not.

Lost state insurance payments leave many exposed

Please, Josie, PLEASE: Be Telling The "Truth" About What You "Know."

You two off the plane!

Freedom (sic) | Mickey Z.

Support Legal Marijuana

How Corporations Avoid Paying Taxes

Federal grand jury indicts Stun-Gun Becky

If a CCW applicant has to take classes and pass tests...

Bratton Spurned 25% of Board's Police Misconduct Findings in First half of 2014

Winning: Déjà Vu In Gaza

.Spiderman is Real!

GOP Maintains Solid Hold On Youth That Already Look Like Old Men

Tea Time Might Be Over, Once World Wakes Up to Amount of Pesticides Inside Each Cup

To start the new school year: Textbook vandals (includes test question fails)

Russia Today correspondent drops all pretenses, dons uniform of pro-Russian separatists.

Bumping into WI DOJ investigator during 2013 Capitol Crackdown led to disorderly ticket (VIDEO)

Peekskill birth-control case: Dad's suit moves to federal court

Pic Of The Moment: About Those Vacation Days

BUSTED!! Secret audio nails Mitch! Endangered McConnell busted humiliating himself on tape

Military surplus weapons sent to Virginia college campuses

Minnesota State Fair T-shirt bingo

The oldest National Parks service ranger is 92-years-old. And a total badass

Bryan Roche: Your level of intelligence is not fixed for life

Intelligent Design debunked by their own words

Iraq in Therapy The talking cure comes to Kurdistan

*** Hangs a sign for those parking illegally in the DU Lounge parking Lot ***

Dominican court opens case on ex-Vatican official

Pop Quiz Time...

Meet New York City’s Safest Yellow Taxi Driver

The worst part

On This Day:

Take the GOP Challenge

Fighter Jet Crashes in Virginia

The World's Worst Carnival Game!

US economy forecast to grow by 1.5 percent in 2014

Now That the Primaries Are Over, Two Red States Will Have Atheists on the Ballot This November

Still a long shot, but great fundraising prowess so far!

Editorial: Religious Expression Becomes Religious Dominance

Former WaPo-WSJ reporter living in truck, severely beaten in Walmart parking lot

Notes for Sunday's sermon (on clericalism)

153 of hoarder’s cats euthanized since 2010

This Drudge Report headline strikes me as unacceptably sexist

'War on Women'-Southern Poverty Law Center report on Manosphere hate

Councilman's rage against the machine results in faltering recall campaign

Michael Brown's Mom Laid Flowers Where He Was Shot—and Police Crushed Them

When KKKarl's Crossroads takes a sharp left

Why America’s Workers Need Faster Wage Growth—And What We Can Do About It

The Rude Pundit - GOP Great Black Hope Ben Carson: The Government Should Run Child Care Centers

Mitt Romney: No 2016 presidential bid, but "circumstances can change"

Public-Sector Cuts Drag Down State and Local Economies

Miss Spain 2013 Comes Out In Instagram Post

UNHCR: Iraq's tragedy is unprecedented

Rob Schneider really makes an ass of himself...

I know being a cop can be a tough job but I have concerns....

Saudi foreign minister: we must denounce our hatred toward Israel..

Ben Stein claims Michael Brown was armed...

Pat Robertson calls Robin Williams a "heathen"

Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar (Korean)

"War On Christmas" has begun for this year!

Scared Scientists: some remarkable photography

America's Anthem - presented in minor key

Ban breastfeeding in public, because it promotes ‘gay pride’

Ex-Lt. Gov. Carroll rips Scott, others in new book

New Study On Sexual Harassment And Assault Of Field Scientists

The Worst Congressional Comeback Attempt Ever?

Everything is pretty for Yerin! Wow how adorable XD

North Korea Says Ferguson Response Made U.S. ‘The Laughing Stock Of The World’

Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls for probe of Time Warner Cable outage

Those who long for Putin as ‘head of the United States’

23 Stunning Anamorphic Artworks That Can Only Be Seen With A Mirror Cylinder

Russia Opens 3rd Front With a New Offensive, Ukrainian and Western Officials Say

Everything is pretty for Yerin! Wow how adorable XD

Have Americans made God in their image?

The 'Bad' Magnifying Glass and the 'Good' Blindfold

Incredibly annoying sounds/sights/whatever in proximity to you. Here're mine:

Mumbai Jewish centre reopens six years after attack

Poll: 68 Percent Say ‘No Excuse’ for Eric Garner Death

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty (to avoid dysfunctional congress)

I'm done, too.

San Jose: Parents speak out about life, death of woman shot and killed by police while holding drill

Texas v. Perry Emerges From Years of Struggle Over Anticorruption Unit

Walmart Video Shows John Crawford Was Shot on Sight By Cops With No Warning, Family Attorneys Say

Something Wonderful Is Happening Right Now In Chicago.....

How did Corporations ever make money back when

Medicare: Not Such a Budget-Buster Anymore

U.S. Fought To Lower Minimum Wage In Haiti So Hanes And Levis Would Stay Cheap

Smoke Pot, get suspended for a year - Beat your girlfriend, well, these things happen

If Keith David and David Keith ever got married...

A Question

Border Patrol Revamps Practices to Settle Lawsuit.

best use for a church, ever

That will end up on YouTube...

A Question About the Michael Brown Case

Pat Robertson: Robin Williams died of suicide because 'heathens' are idol worshippers

Attention Tea Party! Obama Agenda Alert!

Amazing 8-year-old triathlete pushes, pulls disabled brother through second race

GOP Spelling Bee Champion 2014

Predicting the past

Anybody have or had Baker's cyst?

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 27 August

Papantonio: Corporate Pigs and Politicians

Parenting Advice Please: Will my 7 year old boy make it to 8?

FBI Files Link Christian Televangelist To Mafia, Gun Running, Narcotics, White Supremacism

How many here have cut the cord on tv?

5 Reasons To Suspect Jesus Never Existed (Alternet)

Coffee is always on the back burner

How Companies Are Appealing To Millennials

Gwen Graham calls latest NRCC ad “sad,” announces new TV spot

Michael Brown's Mom Laid Flowers Where He Was Shot---Police Crushed Them-Let Dog Urinate On Memorial

Scottish Independence No Campaign Given Savage Mauling On Twitter, The Best Of #PatronisingBTLady

Amish hair-cutting convictions overturned by appeals court

Ridiculous Travel Accessories That Will Drive Other Passengers Nuts

what's for dinner - wednesday, august 27th

Transcript: John Lennon killer Mark David Chapman bragged about his 'incredible stalking' at...

The Seed Savers Exchange response to a few local crackdowns on seed libraries was posted.

Libertarianism is a corrupt matter how someone tries to dress that pig up

Joss Whedon blasts misogynistic video games, tweets support for Feminist Frequency founder (NSFW)

Clinical trials of integrative medicine: testing whether magic works?

Yonkers woman ID'd as soldier who shot self at Va. base

Stop it, BP. Don't you even know basic Physics?

Marquette:Walker and Burke still deadlocked;Happ leads Schimel for AG (Burke leads in likely voters)

3rd Doctor Dies From Ebola in Sierra Leone

Random question to those who are not only children, do your parents have a clear favorite

De Blasio Administration Pushed Pols to Denounce Mullins’ DNC Letter: Sources

A better opinion

How sexual exploitation of men and boys is overlooked and dismissed

Zephyr Teachout for Governor of New York-The Nation

Graves you'll proudly dance on.

‘Sons of Guns’ Reality Show Star Will Hayden Arrested for Rape of Daughter

Alert! Federal appeals court says groups can sue over Blair Mountain

Alert! Federal appeals court says groups can sue over Blair Mountain

Aux Barricades?

Ganesh Chaturthi 2014: Celebrating Lord Ganesha's Birthday

Artificial heart pioneer Dr. John C. Norman Jr. dead at 84

Remember to always cover your Debit Card pin entry.

Artificial heart pioneer Dr. John C. Norman Jr. dead at 84

Papantonio: The Militarization of the Police

hey, early warning. who wants to meet kelly westlund, candidate for wis 7th district?


hey, early warning. who wants to meet kelly westlund, candidate for wis 7th district?

I need help with crowd funding!

Astorino Assistant Resigns Following DWI Arrest

Remembering James Weekley, mountaintop removal activist

Remembering James Weekley, mountaintop removal activist

'Two simple rules' explain sheepdog behaviour

Albany reaches tentative casino deal with East Greenbush team

Wisconsin group wants to turn student borrowers into activists (featuring Rep. Mark Pocan)

Fox’s Howard Kurtz Defends Obama from Cornel West’s ‘Vicious Attack’


I dare you.

McDonald's workers in Denmark have a union....

Food stamp work requirements should be waived for all Ohio counties, advocates say

Former US Diplomat: US May No Longer Have Strategic Interest Resolving Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

McConnatello's secret meeting with the Koch Brothers

Beverly Hills Police Arrest TV Producer For Walking While Black, Refuse To Watch Footage Proving His

More on Hillary Clinton's differences with Obama over Syria.

This is why Bernie Sanders one of my favorite senators.....

President Obama and Hillary Clinton to headline event

from Wes Clark:

Let's be clear about this: Russia is invading Ukraine right now.

Libya Faces the Prospect of Civil War as Regional Powers Choose Sides

Bizarro logic alert -- persecution of Christians in ME tied to gay/ women's rights here at home

Texas Dad David Barajas Acquitted of Murdering Man Who Killed Sons

Constituents confront Bernie Sanders on his support for Israel, Bernie tells them to shut up

Leaving. Not Leaving. Whatever.

WI GOV: Burke +2 among likely voters; Walker +3 reg voters

After due consideration, I decided I'm leaving DU.

from Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Slush Pile Hell. Always a fun read.

Anthony Bourdain on America's love-hate relationship with Mexico

So, which phone are you getting?

Climate change may disrupt global food system within a decade, World Bank says

I'm not done

Netanyahu Tries to Sell Bill of Goods that Israel Won Goals In The War

ATM Machine Helps Indian Women Quietly Report Rape Without Going To The Police

The Onion: GOP Maintains Solid Hold On Youth That Already Look Like Old Men

Syria and Isis committing war crimes, says UN

CNNFN: Shrink Wealth Gap by Getting Poor People to Buy Homes

Four new NHL expansion teams? Vegas, Seattle, Toronto and Quebec by 2017: Report

What should you do in response to racism or a racist comment?

Carter-Mondale then and now

Teen Charged In Rubber Penis Waving Incident

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty.

FBI files link fundie preacher Paul Crouch to the mob & Palestinian gun runners

Autocorrect can go...

Bernie Sanders has a brief poll on his website about infrastucture jobs

They shoot black people, don't they?

US Muslims ask John Kerry for protection on Mecca pilgrimage

Five arrested at abortion rights protest at UT

I'm back.

Man 3-D Prints Backyard Castle, Plans Two-Story House Next

Man 3-D Prints Backyard Castle, Plans Two-Story House Next (xpost from GD)

Majorities Of These Four World Religions Live In Just One Or Two Countries

FBI Files Link Christian Televangelist To Mafia, Gun Running, Narcotics, White Supremacism

10 Things Every College Professor Hates

Chrome Extension That Replaces "Cloud" With "Butts"

“Desert Storm atmosphere.”

'We're Like Animals To Them': An American City's Daily Racism

Police Murder Man With Toy Gun in Wal-Mart.

Run, Bernie, Run!

I just sent a comment to Burger King corporate office. Please do that too!

Jury finds Batterson guilty of bribery charges in Orlando expressway board case (Central FL)

Tony Perkins (Family Research Council President) : It's 'Obamas Fault' People Think He's A Muslim

Megyn Kelly vs. Bill O'Reilly on Ferguson

Cartoon: ISIS’ New Orders

From Facebook; posted without comment.

Syrian Rebels Seize Border Crossing Into Israel-Held Golan Heights

United Nations Accuses Syrian Government and ISIS of Crimes against Humanity

I'm not leaving.

Yes, Obamacare is cutting the deficit

Camisha Jones: How to save the life of the next Michael Brown

Rick Wiles: 'Ebola Could Solve America's Problems With Atheism And Homosexuality'

France's new education minister prompts rightwing protests against gender equality

Iceland volcano: New quakes raise concern over large eruption

Factory and Lab: Israel's War Business

Websites mock offer of concealed weapons permit classes for Jaguars season ticket holders

Post Your favorite song about barometric pressURE!!!

Why is Julia acting so peculiar?

Finland and Sweden to strengthen ties with Nato (if there's a threat to security)

not an elegy for Mike Brown

Amy Goodman: Is Ferguson Feeding on the Poor?

True Facts About Marsupials

L.A.'s Minimum Wage to Increase to $13.25 an Hour Under Garcetti Plan

ExxonMobil More Powerful than US Government

Maddow Calls Out ‘Democratic Wuss-itude’ on Airstrikes Against ISIS

I thought this appropriate for today.

When It Comes to War in Iraq and Syria, Senate Dems Prefer No Congressional Vote

From far, far right: Rand Paul: Hillary's 'War Hawk' Policies Led to Benghazi Attack, Rise of ISIS

Giant panda faked pregnancy for extra treats and air conditioning.

Gillibrand To Male Colleague Who Called Her 'Porky': 'Thanks A--hole'

Exploring Our Paradoxes

"Rand Paul says he scares Democrats. Should he?"

3 tanker explosions in 14 days in Tennessee. 1 more in Alabama. Fossil fuels are killing us

I freaking KNEW it! Tony Soprano did not die.

Schauer edges ahead of Snyder, 45% to 43%, in new governor race poll

Papantonio: Could Mitt Possibly Save The GOP?

Eat your heart out kitteh lovers

Uribe’s Democratic Center party ‘was organized to commit crimes’: Colombia Congressman

The Instagram post heard round the world

We interrupt this difficult life for scenes of love and joy

You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

GOP Gov. Corbett: Reform Liquor Laws So It's Easier For Women To Make Dinner


Why Pennsylvania Women are the best

GOP poll of women : Party stuck in the past (their photo illustrates the problem).

Ecuadoran police sentenced for attack on president

Immigrants reshape Houston, America’s most diverse metropolis

Could this be true?

Discovery: A Clothing Shop Inspired by Hillary Clinton in Kosovo (of All Places)

Colombia kingpin Escobar's hitman freed from jail

Looking for an internship in NYC? Apply at Jacobin -

Colombia kingpin Escobar's hitman freed from jail

Police Handler Let Dog Urinate on Michael Brown Memorial the Day He Was Killed

Mystery of how rocks move across Death Valley lake bed solved

Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean

“I like my girls chubby,” a male Senator told Kirsten Gillibrand. Yes, really.

Cop attacks homeless, disabled woman; chokes her service dog. :((((

Asshole Of The Day.....

Clippers, Doc Rivers agree to contract extension

Donald Sterling gives up battle for Clippers, allows deadline to pass

I get the frustration with DU

Kevin Love: Emotions running high

Anyone boycotting Burger King?

USC's Josh Shaw admits to lying

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 28 August 2014

Actually, I appreciate when people announce their departures . . .

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sues Obama over Common Core State Standards

House Republicans Are Trying To Make Money Laundering A Lot Easier

Neil deGrasse Tyson has settled it once and for all .....Which came first the Chicken or the Egg?

Central American farmers using coffee wastewater to generate energy

Marquette poll: Walker and Burke still deadlocked; Happ leads Schimel for AG

Central American farmers using coffee wastewater to generate energy

Women are “barely receptive” to Republican policies — GOP poll

‘Godzilla’ vs. ‘Pacific Rim’: Guillermo Del Toro Loves the Idea

James Foley: Martyr? Saint?

The nominee in 2016....putting my cards on the table

Dogs get blues when youngsters go back to school

"Unpopular Police Officer Thinking About Committing Racially Motivated Offense For A Little Support"

I'm staying...

from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Wisconsin: After Threat of Legal Action, Governor’s Office Fulfills Open Records Request

Carter picks up support from Ga. teachers' group


Farmer's Advice

Officials Declare Drive-In Brothel A Success For Sex Worker Safety