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Be afraid. Very afraid.

Does Alison Grimes have a reasonable chance to beat the turtle?

Secrets of the Flamboyant Cuttlefish’s Display

Jon Stewart's Priceless Response To Fox News On Ferguson

State and county police to scale back presence in Ferguson

TV COPS crew member WAS shot by police.

Conservative Poll: Women Think The GOP Is 'Intolerant'

Ex-College President: Women Should Drink Less To Stop Men Who 'Misbehave'

Labor complaint filed against Market Basket

In case you haven't seen it, the FX Channels ad for the Simpsons Marathon is funny

U.S. court will not block lawsuits over Connecticut SWAT raid

UPDATE: Rankled Boston Mayor’s Minions Held Up Non-Union Permits for ‘Top Chef’ Crews

"Ebola outbreak: 'It's even worse than I'd feare'"

UPDATE: Rankled Boston Mayor’s Minions Held Up Non-Union Permits for ‘Top Chef’ Crews

Jamie Dimon Screwed the American people and all the Thanks He Gets is Throat Cancer

Is anyone drinking at this moment?

JPMorgan and Other Banks Struck by Cyberattack.

Russia: Bank offers 'free cat with every mortgage'

Final ruling issued against part of polygamy ban

Brazilian Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good (Single) Men

Kinda scared shitless

Feminist video game critic forced to leave her home after online rape and death threats

TV station pulls anti-Shaheen ads off air

Texas’ Wendy Davis escalates push for female votes

Donations vs Deaths

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!!Lettuce Pray!

So....maybe this was a bit more than simply a religious/ceremonial site...?

US to consider spousal abuse in immigration claims

The place with the latest Uzi death is Teabagger Fantasyland

Anyone else here a fan of Garfunkel and Oates?

Killer Whale takes down a great white shark. WTF is Sea World thinking? (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart's quote on Race.

Novel immune-suppressant vaccine completely blocks HIV infection in monkeys: human trials planned

Canada's NATO Delegation discover's accidental entry

"Fresno federal judge: State's 10-day wait to buy firearms unconstitutional for some"

"Walking Dead" fans: Maggie is on "Law & Order SVU"!

Michael Brown's High School Is An Example Of The Major Inequalities In Education

Sister of Boston marathon bombing suspects arrested for her own bomb threat

Thieves cause ‘immeasurable damage’ to former Alabama home of civil rights icon Rosa Parks

Same-sex marriage advocates to urge Supreme Court to strike down state bans

Brown was "armed with his incredibly strong, scary self..." Why won't these people STFU????

USPS Continues the Program with Staples to put Mini Post Offices in their stores

USPS Continues the Program with Staples to put Mini Post Offices in their stores

Court finds FedEx drivers are employees, not independent contractors

dorothea lange's unforgettable social truths

dorothea lange's unforgettable social truths

7th Circuit Oral Arguments: Marilyn Rae Baskin v. Penny Bogan (Indiana)

7th Circuit Oral Arguments: Virginia Wolf v. Scott Walker (Wisconsin)

*Rachel breaking news,

‘Sons of Guns’ reality show star Will Hayden arrested for rape of 11-year-old child

Rand Paul is leaving DU

Rachel Maddow - Mitch McConnell campaign manager

Disruptive passengers force Sunwing flight to return to Pearson Airport

If Cops Understood Crowd Psychology, They'd Tone Down The Riot Gear (Great read)

U.S. Airstrikes Destroy Millions Of Dollars In U.S.-Made Arms In Iraq

Former Iowa state senator pleads guilty in Ron Paul endorsement-for-pay scheme

President Obama coming to Milwaukee for Laborfest

I'm waffling...

Deal to sell Market Basket to Arthur T. Demoulas has been signed

NFL considering tougher penalties for future domestic violence cases, including possible one-year ba

The Dreamers Have Destroyed the Republican Immigration Strategy

Survey Confirms: Most Trolls Would Shut Up If Forced To Use Their Real Identities

Perry says GOP Congress is key to solving problems

Video of 9yr old shooting uzi moments before accident.

i think there is new information. THE COP DIDN'T CHOKE HER DOG ETC. dash cam video

NY Times chooses upstart Timothy Wu for Lt Governor

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 28, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - Arlene Dahl

Josh Shaw admits to lying about pool rescue story, suspended indefinitely by USC

a favourite mark twain quote:

Major to Minor: "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Chase Holfelder

ALEC And Jeb Bush Are Conspiring To Kill Off Public Schools For Good

Blackwater gunned down Iraqi civilians as they tried to flee, US says as case goes to jury

What Hamas and ISIS Have In Common

Teachout and Wu disclose finances, an ‘academic’ book fee

In the NFL, Knock Out Your Wife, Suspended 2 Games, Use Pot, Suspended 16 games!

Woo hoo!!! Artie T and the workers have triumphed!!

Teachout and Wu visit Pennsylvania fracking site

We Are Market Basket and WE ARE BACK!!

Cease-Fire Extended, but Not on Hamas’s Terms

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 29, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - Joseph Cotton

WTF ...121

Work stops at Atlantic Yards as partners fight over cost

Video of the front desk of the Hilton Garden Inn Napa, as the earthquake hit.

"Medicare: Not Such a Budget-Buster Anymore"

Seven Days in May on TCM now.

Gillibrand To Male Colleague Who Called Her 'Porky': 'Thanks A--hole'

For the BOG~ Picture Heavy

Secret Detainee Abuse Photos may see the Light of Day

Mitch McConnell reacts to the release of the audio from the Koch Brothers meeting

Michael Brown's Funeral

Paramilitaries threaten to kill freelance photographer

Darrell Issa invites Kathleen Sebelius, Hilda Solis to testify

Does anyone else think cops are actually becoming emboldened by recent events?

Justice and Law Enforcement: America’s Corrupt Institutions

Is there a DUer who just disappeared that you miss?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 30, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - Betty Grable

Men’s Rights Activists: Video gaming should be a “safe space” for male nerds.

Liberia troops fire on protesters as West Africa's Ebola toll hits 1,350

I'm only going to say this once...

I just saw a police chase in L.A. on tv...

Heated community forum in St. Louis last evening. Huggpo

Global warming already dangerous, risks being irreversible, says new UN global warming report

White House officials and Hispanic artists visit Concord elementary school

Medical regulators to investigate risky psych drug prescribing to California foster youth

NATO Expansion Plan Brings Back Iron Curtain Era

'Y'all Ready For This': Russian Troops in Ukraine Shape NATO's Counter to Putin

New Federal Dereliction of Duty Law?

Wendy Davis targets corporate tax breaks to get money for schools

I dont know who I hate more, the snake-oil salesmen who peddle political and scientific poison...

Playboy's guide to catcalling is actually really great

Join Richard Branson, Jeff Skoll, Many Other Global Business Leaders in Calling for Peace in Ukraine

Add two years to high school, offer stem classes. They graduate without all the debt.

Tucson Weekly: Schools, Society And Snake Oil Salesmen

Judge denies restraining order in immigration case

Tucson Weekly: Schools, Society And Snake Oil Salesmen

Migration outlier: How Nicaragua escaped neighbors' deadly spiral

There's a difference in a community and a forum.

Autism Mothers - The Final Cut

The Latin Americanization of U.S. Police Forces

The Latin Americanization of U.S. Police Forces

Journal questions validity of autism and vaccine study

Property taxes enhance private value

Race, religion, immigration: the Rotherham sex abuse scandal consumes UK

Blog Roll on Main Page needs to be updated ....

Politics of American churches & religions in one graph

Video of Combat in Eastern Ukraine Adds to Worries in Kiev

Shaker Aamer 'Beaten' in Latest Guantanamo Crackdown

Elizabeth Warren faces angry questions about Gaza at town hall

British Jews and Muslims issue joint call for peace

The Fall and Rise of Investigative Journalism

Neanderthals ‘overlapped’ with modern humans for up to 5,400 years

I Was Wrongly Arrested for Armed Bank Robbery Because I am a Tall, Black Man

Do Cops Just Tase People for Fun Now?

4 Calamities Destroying America's Economy Being Ignored by Elites

I start one of the most feared college courses tonight.


Pablo Escobar's Right-Hand Man Explains Why The Drug War Is Unwinnable

Federal judge suggests he will approve release of 2,000 photos showing Abu Ghraib abuses

MIT Tech Review: Germany and Canada Are Building Water Splitters to Store Renewable Energy

Unions Can Lead the Struggle for Single-Payer Health Care

The US And China Are In A Race To Develop Hypersonic Weapons

Blackwater gunned down Iraqi civilians as they tried to flee, US says as case goes to jury

Mayor of ‘poor but sexy’ Berlin announces early exit amid airport construction fiasco

MARKET BASKET DEAL: CEO Arthur T. Demoulas will return and take over day-to-day operations

Wisconsin Governors race very tight those living there GOTV

Bunny invents Corncercize - All the cool kids are doing it.

"…And then she told me, 'If you take another drink, I'm never feeding you again.'"

In Wake of Arizona Uzi Killing, NRA Tweets About Kids Having Fun With Guns

OMG!!! Threat Level ORANGE!!!!!

Syria: The Latest Installment in America's Fickle, Dysfunctional Foreign Policy

Crime Scene -- New Orleans

Exile Excitement: Some Fundamentalists Seek Escape From Decadent Society

Cheney's Legacy: Honesty Still in Short Supply

God has had it up to here with their shit

Only 13 students sign up for the priesthood in Ireland

Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes by Chinese supersonic submarine

Former CIA Lawyer Defends Torture in Der Spiegel Interview

Energy ballet-2: Syria, Ukraine and "Pipelineistan"

Cat Call by Ursa

Signs of their times

Just a thought...

U.S. Tightens Rules Amid Worst Barge Spills Since 2008

ALEC And Jeb Bush Are Conspiring To Kill Off Public Schools For Good

Taking kitty for a walk...

Army knocks 2-star down to 1-star rank

VA training guide likens veterans to Oscar the Grouch

The cold calculus of global warming


Tory MP Douglas Carswell defects to Ukip

German manufacturer to add 500 jobs in Newport News

Today is 51st anniversary of

Qantas Airways posts $2.6 billion loss for year

German unemployment ticks up slightly in August

3 ways insurers can discourage sick from enrolling

Toon: Addicted to Koch


survey: americans pessimism on economy has grown

NYT: Military Skill and Terrorist Technique Fuel Success of ISIS

Union representing Alaska ferry captains threatens strike as negotiations drag on

Failed rocket launch a setback for US hypersonic weapon program, Kodiak Launch Complex

Striking Enstar employees to return to work

Tulsa police chief says collection for Ferguson, Mo., officer was desire to 'seek justice'

Iowa Lawmaker Guilty of Receiving Illegal Payments

51 years, MLK: I HAVE A DREAM

If I leave here it will be one of two ways.

Ok... nobody quits DU today.

Cop Threatens To Shoot Group Of Black Men For Filming Police (VIDEO)

Martin Scorsese Planning to Direct Movie About The Ramones.

Denver VA resuming surgeries

some morning maniac music

Local Deal To Sell Market Basket To Arthur T. Demoulas Has Been Reached

The Des Moines Register is failing?

"...elitism is so embedded in Britain "that it could be called 'social engineering'".

Question. Did Brown sell cigars at a liquor store?

Community Public art/ Collaborative Gardens

Georgia Police Used Taser Like A Cattle Prod To Force Black Man To Walk Until He Died

Where can I buy prints of murals?

Municipality of Anchorage again delays launch of software system

Why are people so stupid????? Honestly, why?

The income disparity between CEOs and workers at ridiculous (dis)proportions

That's it. I'm finished...

Aquarium Penguin Chicks Make Public Debut

Tacoma police admit to cellphone surveillance, say they don’t keep data Read more here: http://www.

Sumner company makes investment in employees, raises minimum wage to $15 an hour

"The Gospel Story Quiz"

3 ways insurers can discourage sick from enrolling

Too many unanswered questions on proposed gas pipeline through Northampton County

French leader banks on free market to save economy

Appeal scheduled for Hasan Akbar, soldier convicted of murder at Fort Bragg

Tom Corbett Makes Sexist Remark While Trying To Appeal To Women

Bill Kristol Just Wishes We Could Bomb Somebody And See How It Works Out

U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq Cost $100 Million to Date

No Way — This Dog is a Hero!

Well, this one should get the creationists apoplectic

I'm NOT leaving DU. No feckin' way.

No US Commitment To Replace Russian RD-180 Rocket Engine, Yet

MH17 Corbett Report Aug 26, 2014

US Army Awards $2.5 Billion for Utility Monitoring & Control Systems

Palestinians threaten to turn to ICC if date not set for return to 1967 lines

Koterba toon: COPS crew member killed on the job

Students at the Barricades

Subs, Indonesia, F-35s And Gas: Australia’s Strategic Choices

Direct Action Gets Satisfaction

Prem Sikka: Burger King deal brews up a whopping tax problem

ABBA-Backed Feminists Poised to Make History in Swedish Vote

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: Color-Blind

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Wars

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Politics

A single death can be understood as a collective threat.

Filipino peacekeepers abducted by al-Qaeda linked rebels

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

"Kinky Boots"... want to see the show

US economy grew at brisk 4.2 pct. rate in Q2

Interesting little gas price map

Amy Goodman: The Guns of August

So other than on Rachel last night

With This Decade's Climate Policy, Expect More Warming Than if Nothing Was Done at All

GA Looking to Pass Medical Marijuana Bill but Only for Certain Terminal Illnesses.

From Eve to Evolution: Darwin, Science, and Women’s Rights in Gilded Age America

Just a quick compilation on the Brown-shooting and Ferguson.

Spirited, hot, late: Day 1 of the Teachout-Wu bus tour

Fox News is tearing us apart: Race baiting and divisiveness hits disgusting new low

Bill Kristol outdumbs Laura Ingraham: Bomb them, bomb them now! Don’t think!

Brad and Angie got hitched.

A secret W.F.P. poll of a Teachout alias

Marvel Swimsuit Specials

Exhibit A of "Like-Minded Individuals to Reach Common Ground With", Folks:

Romney for US president in 2016? Iowa poll puts him on top

Upstate New York News Thread Aug 28.

The Extreme Partisanship of John Roberts's Supreme Court

Lee County school board votes to opt out of state-mandated testing

Toon: Fox News' Logic

Could we get a smiley of the iconic Rosie the Riveter "we can do it" poster?

How about, rather than grave dancing

Just to prove that even I have positive moments ...

De Blasio zeroes in on expanding living wage

Allan G Johnson on The Gender Knot + Privilege, Power, and Difference (2003)

Oops: Rick Perry Forgets Which Criminal Charges He's Facing

Gov. Corbett: Reform Liquor Laws So It's Easier For Women To Make Dinner

Explosion Shakes BP's Largest Oil Refinery in The U.S.

The problems's not that people are crazy; some people always are.

Take the Hello Kitty Red Pill

America’s coal heartland is in economic freefall — but only the most desperate are fleeing

The "Mayberry Police"

Liu, Avella debate turns contentious over I.D.C.

The end of the Scott Walker experiment?

NY Times Endorses Timothy Wu For Lt. Governor In The Primary

“Would you criminalize fornication?” Desperate new argument against same-sex marriage laughed out of


Corbett will win by "demotivating" voter turnout, says leaked internal campaign analysis

NRA: "It's Her Right To Accidently Kill People"

ISIS "has spent most of the past 18 months avoiding actually fighting the Syrian government,

John Cole: "Greetings From St. Louis"

B’Tselem shortlisted for 2014 Václav Havel Human Rights Prize

PCB dredging questioned

"Bullying" The "Right" Way:

Is it possible to appeal a hide?

Sam Wang forecasts that Dems have 70% chance of retaining Senate

Georgia Restores Gun Rights To Ex-Cop Who Tried To Sexually Assault A Woman With His Gun

Georgia Restores Gun Rights To Ex-Cop Who Tried To Sexually Assault A Woman With His Gun

Tory (Conservative) MP defects to Ukip )UK's tea party)

I'll just leave these here

Obviously retaining the Senate is important, but I think winning Governors is even more important

Rick Wiles Announces End Of 'Trunews' Wingnut Radio Show Because It Is 'Too Late To Save America'

Gun stolen from congressional candidate John Katko used in robbery where 2 were killed

The ED Show - Not-so Labor Day weekend

Artie Demoulas speech on facebook

Russian Moms Denounce Putin’s Not-So-Secret Ukraine Invasion

Rachel Maddow - Potential US partners seen in ISIS threat

American Jihadis Douglas McCain and Troy Kastigar: From Losers to Martyrs

I've had not quite enough! I'm staying!

NYC Metro and LI news thread Aug 28.

Ukraine fears weigh on global stock markets

Rachel Maddow - What comes after ISIS poses policy challenge

In Australia the Coalition to Beat Back the Far Right protests World Congress of Families conference

Chuck Todd - ready set...

ISIS is to Islam as the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity.

Court: Silence Can Be Used Against Suspects

Who has been more divisive - Barack Obama or Republicans??

its solar installation day

Rachel Maddow - McConnell campaign sees shadow of payoff case

How not to react when your son comes out as gay

If people leave DU3, they can always go back in time to DU2

Stringer: Some pre-K contracts have ‘significant problems’

The GOP's All-Out War On Obamacare Is In A Death Spiral

The Iraq War Was a Smashing Success

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 28 August

Australia's Greek community rejects visit by Golden Dawn representatives.

McDonnell's 'Crazy Wife' Defense Is Totally Unprecedented

I left DU

How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay

Despite Poll, Bill de Blasio Expects Bill Bratton’s Popularity to Grow

I guess BurgerKing isn't moving after all

Remembering Katrina -

Pet At-At

For your consideration - a 48x48 Rosie the Riveter

ISIS = Saddam's Army That Bremer Disbanded

Calvin and Hobbes: Marxism and TV

The executive order that led to mass spying, as told by NSA alumni

Ben Stein: But Didn’t You See Michael Brown Was BLACK?

On This Day....great photos....

Cameron DIAZ said "regiMENT" instead of "regimen" but she's an author!1

Dear Morans:

Endorsement and political thread.

I think all the I'm going, not really I'm staying, posts are silly... I'm out of here...

Israel approves Jewish yeshiva in heart of East Jerusalem

An important message from Bill Maher....

Can we add this to the WTF list?

"Bob McDonnell’s plea for sympathy at trial is riddled by rationalizations, contradictions"

Threats and goose scat: The allegations behind Rob Ford's coaching ban

Discussionist is like my crazy Right Wing Teabag Uncle at Thanksgiving.

Giving a gun to a 9-year old is like playing Russian Roulette

Toronto Star Details ALEC Efforts to Derail Climate Change Policy

It's official - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married

Why Rob Ford will win again in Toronto

Johnny Manziel films Snickers ad

Police Union Head Trying to Keep DNC Out of Brooklyn Is a Republican

College football season begins today

*** Puts out the new Magazines in the DU Lounge Waiting Room ***

Question on Israel and international politics.

Ebola Cases May Surpass 20,000, WHO Says in Updated Plan

Israel's Brutal Attack On Palestinians Shocked U.S. Military Officials

Thom Hartmann: The Newest Corporate Benedict Arnold

Any chance we could give the grave-dancing posts a rest, maybe?

Who's the greatest Saturday Night Live cast member?

Pastors’ letter on Mark Driscoll: Step down from all aspects of ministry and leadership

Joan Rivers in critical condition after cardiac arrest during surgery

Mother of 2 Shot Dead by Walmart Security Guard in Alleged Shoplifting Incident

Eddie Lacy and Hurricane Katrina -

Borowitz: Nation Debates Extremely Complex Issue of Children Firing Military Weapons

Catholic Church must welcome ‘unconventional couples,’ says top Italian bishop

Pic Of The Moment: Well That Went Well

Britain's Muslim and Jewish leaders urge followers to 'export peace' to Gaza

i love going to renew my tags

MSNBC's Ed Schultz Reminds Conservatives Fawning Over Putin Of Russia's Human Rights Abuses

Nation Debates Extremely Complex Issue of Children Firing Military Weapons

Despite trolls, hate, and lies, we still need online anonymity

It’s Time for a Post-Piketty Vision of Shared Wealth

He was just another panhandler

Wisconsin: Did Walker Put $100 Million in Worker-Training Programs?

Sitting while Black in Minnesota: Cops Tase man for not stating his name

Social responsibility essential for Big Food to thrive, experts say

The Constitution of Medina

On Religious and Psychiatric Atheism: The Success of Epicurus, the Failure of Thomas Szasz

Massive Half-Mile-Long Crack Appears in Ground in Northern Mexico

Minnesota Father of Nine Killed Fighting for ISIS in Syria

To hell with the S&P index and its new high.

Tiny religious sect thrives in Chicagoland despite cultural clash

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 28, 2014

Texas Monthly Profiles a Woman Who Has Witnessed 278 Executions

Joined by church leaders, Sensenbrenner becomes Catholic

Did China's Giant Panda Ai Lin Fake Pregnancy to get More Food?

The Last Word - O'Donnell: 'Most useless poll' in politics

Wolf's Lead is Widening (from a RW paper yet!)

Thom Hartmann: Why A Carbon Tax is Essential

Is it true that Social Security has increased 300% recently in Russia?

The Last Word - Obama: ‘Every American’ in debt to our vets

Air Florida Crash Hero Dies

'We got involved in Afghanistan probably helped create,indirectly,ideas that led to 9/11-That’s life

World-Herald editorial: In wake of ‘Cops’ crewman’s death, police candor is welcome

The Game - Don’t Shoot Ft. Diddy, Rick Ross,2 Chainz, Fabolous,Yo Gotti,Wale (Michael Brown Tribute)

New DU Mix Tape: Best of the all-girl groups

FFS! Stop texting and driving!

The Indifference of White America by W E B DuBois

Picture thread.

Adrian Peterson tells Jerry Jones he wants to play for Cowboys

Daily Caller Op-Ed Links Military Rape To Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal

There's little doubt what the "Koch Party" has in store for this country.

Chuck Todd Pushes RNC Chair: 'Too Many Crazy White Guys'?

Rape and Sexual Slavery Inside an ISIS Prison

Guns still plague America like an incurable social disease – and Congress does nothing about it

You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

Asking Congress to Back ISIS Strikes Is Tricky for Obama

Michelle Nunn Takes A Page From Blistering Anti-Romney Playbook

Police lobby fights to keep military gear

The Expanding World of Poverty Capitalism

Reminder: Saudi Arabia has beheaded 23 people so far in August.

Forecast Shows Democrats Outperforming Expectations

The NRA Launches Sexist Attack on Moms Demand Action

The NRA Launches Sexist Attack on Moms Demand Action

Anyone going to the Rocky Mt. Fiction Writer's conference next week?

McConnell Pledges No Government Shutdown

i am telling you, when we call ourselves feminists, we are gonna do feminist things.

Antichoice American Life League Supports ONLY APPROVED Sex

The Last Word - Mitch McConnell’s promise to the Koch brothers

Papantonio: Kochs' New Target – State Supreme Courts

Picturing Schrodinger's Cat

Rooney named England Captain

Wolf Headed for Landslide Win in Pennsylvania

In Calabasas death of cyclist Milton Olin, no charges against typing deputy

False Hope: Why Libertarians Won’t Help Republicans Win the Youth Vote

Poll Gives Democrat Mark Schauer Slight Edge Over Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder For First

Brazilian Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good (Single) Men

Two recent articles for those who live abroad to read..

Listen to a Conservative Judge Brutally Destroy Arguments Against Gay Marriage

Rasmussen (R)eports - (D)Pryor up 1 in Arkansas

Scott Walker’s Democratic challenger Mary Burke has made the race a dead heat

Mystery start up hang issue in 10.6.8 -- only to Beach ball or Safe Mode

Guys: Need to buy some new clothes? Check out this line - seriously.

I would like to tell you all my DU history.

U.S. Tightens Rules Amid Worst Barge Spills Since 2008

Now the it's been revealed that Hello Kitty is not a cat, let the Apocalypse begin

Boomer Wealth Dented by Mortgages Poses U.S. Risk

Ghosts of Iraq, Syria Make Cameron Slow to Join U.S. Air Strikes

Greenwald attacks Warren for her statements on Israel/Gaza says she sounds like Netanyahu

U.S. Top Guns in Darwin Combat Drills as China Tensions Rise

Lync Server 2013 - Can't locate share folder to set permissions

Islamic State group kills captured Syrian soldiers

9-Year-Old's Uzi Tragedy Reveals Wild World Of Gun Tourism

Your guide to understanding ironic misandry

CBS News: Body Found In Jerusalem Forest Is That Of Missing NJ Student

Feminist Video Game Critic Driven Out Of Her Home By Death Threats From Gamers

Steam heating via radiators

The Biggest Tax Scam Ever: How Corporate America Parks Profits Overseas, Avoiding Billions in Taxes

OK Go - Needing/Getting

Post here and I will offend you

EU Dairy Industry Joins Farm Producers Aided Due to Russian Ban

NY Times: Is everyone a little bit racist?

UN Security Council Meets on Ukraine Crisis

This croaked me up when I read it.....

US: NSA Leaks Should Be No Excuse For Local Storage Mandates, Which Harm “Organic” Internet

Chasing Shadows - Shakira

'Every Black Person Has Their Own Story Of Racial Profiling'

Justice for Don Siegelman! Alabama Attorney Demands Removal of Federal Judge Mark E Fuller...

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif is named as a murder suspect

Venezuela’s Black Market Bolivar Slides to Record Low

Bill Maher supports ALS, but wants Cheney to take the ‘douse yourself in gasoline challenge’

Attyn General Office's screwups in prosecuting Penn State still under top-secret seal

Co-pays - what a dumb idea! I have an autoimmune disease

The NFL pulls its head from its ass (kinda-sorta)

Ring of Fire: Could Term Limits Help Destroy Citizens’ United?

NHL expansion plans in the works: reports

The 2nd Progressive Period: the New Deal, Labor Rights, WPA, Social Security, WWII

Obama's God

Two fictional characters kiss; U.K. communications agency refuses to freak out

"For white men it's open carry. For black men it's open season." -- Tom Joyce

The "Little People Argument"

Vladimir Putin Ramps Up His Postmodern Non-Invasion Invasion of Ukraine

Fox News again pines for Vladimir Putin to be in charge

Davis, CA City Council makes police get rid of MRAP vehicle!

BREAKING: Michael Brown Audio Aired By CNN Authenticated

Post here to offend LynneSin.

DU is a truly great news aggregator, with fantastic navigation and easy interface.

Cameron Esposito Discusses Her New Comedy Album, Same Sex Symbol

Woman arrested after bogus 911 call during traffic stop

POTUS to speak at 4 pm ET,

Judge rules school finance system unconstitutional

Captives held by Islamic State were waterboarded

President Obama speaking from White House at 4 PM...

Judge rules school finance system unconstitutional

Dictators in Michigan legislature once again ignore We the People...

Another big boost for Obamacare

Ann Coulter took the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Atlantic: Hurricane Cristobal, Invest 98L ; Pacific: Tropical Storm Marie

When someone leaves DU and posts a GBCW post,

UPDATED: Obama to make statement on Ukraine

If the doctors told Sen. McConnell he had a kidney stone...

Oh really? Christopher Buckner and her half brother have sex in parking lot

Noose Found On Oakland Public Works Truck Used By African-American Employees

Grads of for-profit universities have no better chance getting interview than those with no college

NFL increases penalties for domestic violence

Chicago Gasoline Jumps After BP Whiting Refinery Fire

Hillary Clinton Re: Michael Brown "We can't ignore the inequities that persist in our justice system

Tutu: Huge Dutch Pension Fund Must Stop Israel Investments

People Are Quitting Their Jobs. That’s Good News.

US starts extradition process for Colombia ex-Minister of Agriculture

This Doctor Posts All His Prices. And His Business Is Booming.

US starts extradition process for Colombia ex-Minister of Agriculture

Help. Can anyone on DU identify the source for this quote?

OK, I just saw a guy wearing a black dress shirt, sweater vest, dress pants, and . . .

Charter schools CEO earns $567k/yr, moves HQ to Wall Street

HOW SAD: Women Of Fox Have No Problem With Catcalls: ‘Let Men Be Men’

WATCH: 'Christian' Family's Terrifying Response to Son Coming Out

Senator reveals Colombia peace talks hacker’s ‘diary’

U.S. Attorney pushes two corrupt pols to lose pension dollars

Watch the top video first, followed by the second.

What Labor Day? Labor Representatives Excluded from TV Talk Shows

2013: Corporate America increased profits by $93b; paid $15b less taxes

It turns out that deploying a militarized police response to protesters is expensive.

Code Club cofounder resigns after being ordered not to criticize Google

German general becomes first non-US USAREUR chief of staff

USC RB Anthony Brown ‘couldn’t play for a racist,’ quits team

Colton and Treyger to MTA: Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite Riders

Hillary Clinton on Ferguson: 'We Can Do Better'

Anti-fracking ex-mayor in bar fight with pro-fracking blogger

James Foley Was Among 1 of 4 Prisoners Who Were Waterboarded By ISIS (Using CIA Techniques)

Just a little laugh for a quiet afternoon

"Someone like us" for the Senate ...


32 politicians arrested on paramilitary commander’s testimony, at least 23 more to go in northwester

How not to react when your child tells you that he's gay

Florida - Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs’ journey toward marriage equality

Colombia arrests 32 politicians over paramilitary ties (U.S. South American right-wing ally)

Saving on College Textbooks. video

Texas abuzz about possible Perry-Cruz 2016 battle

March from Benedict - War of 1812

ISIS crosses the line -- Shown destroying Syrian reefer crops

Apple founder Steve Woz Visited Israel and Gaza today, and this is what he found

Now Sheboygan has TWO ugly cars!

What’s the harm of bombing them at least for a few weeks and seeing what happens?

Giants' Yusmeiro Petit retires 46th straight to set MLB record

Nation distracted by president’s tan suit (NOT The Onion)

NYC Primary Voter Guide.

Colonization by Bankruptcy: High-Stakes Chess for Argentina

Average Americans Have No Impact on Making Policy

If Michael Brown had looked like this would he have still been shot?

Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren Aren't the Same

Did anyone here Michelangelo tell a gun nut off on his show

Obama News Conference

Happening now in my neighborhood

How many shots does it take to subdue one mentally ill man?

Please email OCPS Chairman, Bill Sublette, and tell him to follow the example of Lee Co. and OPT OUT

I thought only cops on TV shows looked like this??

Papantonio Discusses Domestic Violence in the NFL

Arne Duncan may allow Rick Scott to look very good to teachers and parents.

Your hard earned health insurance premiums help pay for luxury box NFL game seats......

What Ferguson triggered

'We don't have a strategy yet': What everyone gets wrong about the quote that will haunt Obama


Free time survey

Police officials in Missouri are sued for $40 million by protesters in Ferguson

Pablo Escobar's Right-Hand Man Explains Why The Drug War Is Unwinnable

Pablo Escobar's Right-Hand Man Explains Why The Drug War Is Unwinnable

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Predatory Lending (HBO)

A Baby Boomer’s Lament: August ‘64 | Philip A. Farruggio (Reposted With Good Link)

Chile Is Poised To Pass South America’s First Carbon Tax

GOP Governor In Tough Re-election Bid Prepares To Implement Obamacare

Arne Duncan may allow Rick Scott to look very good to teachers and parents.

Chile Is Poised To Pass South America’s First Carbon Tax

A Vintage TV Rant (of all things...)

Exclusive: U.S. may use secrets act to stop suit against Iran sanctions group

Gene Simmons (KISS) illustrates why he's a douchebag. *May be NSFW*

AAJA And MPAC Demand Action After Fox Host Advocated For Violence Against Muslims

Image of Blue Lightning

Why is NYC_SKP still on the host waiting list when he is not eligible to serve as host?

1. a young pre-adolescent female just does not have the physical strength to control guns--any gun a

U.K. Officials Afraid Of Stirring Anti-Muslim Sentiments May Have Ignored Hundreds Of Sex Abuse...

Martians and Earthlings

Israeli forces use Palestinian child as human shield in Gaza

I hate you A&E!

Harkin Steak Fry - who's attending from DU??!!!

I'll probably get flamed for this . . .

Loebsack / Meeks debate 7PM tonite on IPTV

Newsflash: Hello Kitty has never been a cat

APD officer wanted for murder, arrested at airport

I have a question regarding tolerance and "The Little People Argument".

Artie T news interview.

Cataract surgery went well.

Help me with my Curry Chicken.

WTF ...122

The Whopper in 1957 was 37 cents

Ready? Are you sure because this is really stupid..... "Tanghazi"

Missouri police sued for $40 million over actions in Ferguson protests

My experience with ACA

NY Daily News: First New York City Denny’s will serve Dom Perignon breakfast for the 1%

Mingo Fishtrap

Anybody else getting requests for money?


Town Clerk in Massachusetts spews anti-muslim venom.

DNA reveals history of vanished 'Paleo-Eskimos'

How I narrowly avoided disaster

Ok probably a dumb question...

Rove is at it again, giving us false hope that GOP women voters are upset.