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Video games are now good for kids?

Conservative military charity faces serious allegations

Report: Sen. Walsh Considering Dropping Out After Plagiarism Scandal

Dim-witted thief tries to rob coffee cart outside police HQ

Will we finally get a real progressive to run against Feintein

Drunk Reporter Bites First Responders

When do we start calling this a 'cover-up' by the Obama White House?

Good coverage of Market Basket workers/customers rally today--awesome photos!

DAMN!! regular MSNBC hosts Rachel and Chris are out all this week

Sprint calling off $32 billion deal to acquire T-Mobile

so, how goes Discussionist, Señor Skinner ?

Walgreens to remain in Chicago for now

For all the Peacenik, Hippie, Tree-Hugging, Anti-War folks ....

¡Qué horrible es "Google Translate"?

Tensions Rise as NYPD Increasingly Recorded by Camera-Wielding Public

LOL!!! - - - MSNBC reports that Obama backs Africa summit because he’s ‘from Kenya’

McAuliffe calls special election to replace Cantor.

Americans are upset with everything and all politicians according to new MSNBC Wallstreet Journal poll

Malia Obama Kicks Girl at Lollapalooza & Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller Is ON IT

In States Where It's Wanted, Obamacare Is Working Well

Will the Corporate Media aka M$Greedia ever have a poll done on what Americans


“The fastest growing Protestant movement in North America is referred to as the prosperity gospel"

Exclusive: Hamas rocket launch pad revealed near Gaza homes

Target to sign legal brief backing gay marriage

Gaza Ceasefire: After 1,800+ Dead, What Led Israel to Stop the Assault — and What Comes Next?

UPDATE 1-Drug company won't appeal gay rights ruling to top U.S. court

Bratton to tour crime-plagued neighborhoods

What is kitteh thinkin'? :)

Barney Frank Sharply Criticizes Gay Rights Groups' Flip On ENDA

Sen. Schumer backs legislation to create tax-free savings accounts for people with disabilities

Stephen King (the author not the nutbag Congressman) calls out the teabaggers

Food off the grid.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Quagmires & a new Kitteh gif!

Rego Park Man Jumps to His Death As City Marshal Serves Eviction Notice

Billions for domination, not one cent for decency.

Prominent Teapublicans and TV villains...........

Strangers, political opinions and tips

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Idiot Repub thinks you can walk 1,500 miles while suffering from Ebola. Dafuq?

American Workers Are Older Than Ever

The new GOP whip let a lobbyist sit in on job interviews for his staff

As we approach Dormition/Assumption...

North Tower Exploding...

Oops! London Bridge over troubled waters - UK coalition in disarray over Gaza

Thailand military junta bans Tropico 5 computer game - "threat to peace and order"

Saudi Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa against Solidarity Marches with Gaza

“Telegenically dead Palestinians”

'THAT'S IT. GAME OVER' Insider Reveals Why Murdoch Pulled Time Warner Bid — And Says He's Not Coming

Ted Nugent in Wyoming: another day, another racial slur

As a casual drinker of scotch I may have a solution to the gridlock in Congress...

A young Katy Perry fan.

RIP--the woman you never heard of. . . who changed our world.

RIP-- the woman you never heard of.. . . who changed our world.

Kansas GOP Sen. Roberts grabs early primary lead

Parents of Sasebo girl who allegedly killed friend tried to put daughter in psychiatric ward

7/5/2014: The tyranny of America's 'peaceful transition" becomes clear!

Morning Plum: GOP in doghouse among women, nonwhites, young

ALEC With Its New ACCE-American City/County Exchange Puts Lobbyists in Control of Local Government.

Is Hawaii going to be hit with Two Hurricanes?

GOP AG candidate Ken Paxton named in State Bar grievance

Anyone Planning on Watching POV Tonight?

Underdog Davis insists she'll win governor's race

Best extra in a movie

To catch a rabbit with a snake, first, you have to catch the snake.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- Free & Equal: What It Really Means

DU vibes, please

Texas A&M could be in the running to mass-produce Ebola treatment

Sometimes the world likes to fuck with you...

'Frozen' helps Disney 3Q profit rise 22 percent

Oldie but a goodie: TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) [Original 12" Version] - MFSB

The world really needs more people like this....

"I told you to stop messing around with gravity. Now see what you've done? You broke it!"

De Blasio CCRB Head Emery Pitches ‘CopStat’ to Keep Tabs on Police

Study on Mutant Protein May Help Unlock Autism

TRAP Laws.

Nonpartisan Study: Sovereign Citizens Pose Bigger Threat To USA Than Islamic Extremists

40 children dead in Iraq attack: UN

Ann Coulter on CNN just said 52 Billion people want to come to the US. And she

Honor The Earth: Moratorium on New Pipelines in Minnesota North of I-94

If momma says go, we go!

The Walls Are Crumbling Down Around 9/11 - Why?

WATCH: CNN's Wolf Blitzer challenges Hamas spokesman on blood libel comments

Sorry, Richard Dawkins, but you did not actually hurt my feelings

Right wing wins again

Analysis: Hamas - A cruel and cynical enemy

How to Kill the Hobby Lobby Decision in One Not-That-Easy Step

Kansas GOP Sen. Roberts defeats tea partyer

Sprint ending pursuit of T-Mobile, sources say, and replacing Dan Hesse as CEO

Stressed out?

More music threads! - Great songs about uncomfortable subjects:

Hiroshima marks 69th anniversary of A-bombing

Activists Install Jury Nullification Billboard In DC, Plan More in Major US Cities

Big tortoise found strolling in Los Angeles suburb

Guest: How can Israel defend itself without accusations of disproportionality?

Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows

Female Anchor Appears Without Headscarf On Saudi TV, Ignites Outrage

10 Disturbing Facts About The Deep Web

HRC is on The Colbert Report right now. n/t

Humanitarian Crisis: No water, power, comms in Lugansk, E. Ukraine

Vietnam hosts third gay pride parade as attitudes soften

Mike Malloy - Interview With Nancy Skinner

WTF ...78

Need help with social media campaigns

Chopsticks for the masses

Ezra Klein refutes Democratic War on White People with facts

Venezuela Says It Wants at Least $10 Billion for Citgo

When We All Get Together! Dr. William J. Barber Rocks!

We asked you to describe #CongressInOneWord

Ahead of court ruling, 700 rally for LGBT rights in Cincinnati

There is a new group at DU.

Tropical Storm Bertha trundles off towards Newfoundland

Judge rules Citgo Petroleum owes victims nothing after 10 years of criminal pollution

A new group at DU to discuss disordered eating and body image issues.

Early dino was turkey-sized, social plant-eater: study

UN says LatAm agricultural greenhouse gas emissions doubled in 50 years

UN says LatAm agricultural greenhouse gas emissions doubled in 50 years


Announcement: Eating Disorders Group

My plan to create jobs

@Congressedits nabs Wikipedia change calling Snowden 'American traitor'

Corrupt Wayne County (MI) going down in flames in tonight's primary.

40th anniversary of Richard Nixon resignation,Stephen Colbert interviews Pat Buchanan and John Dean.

2 public officials arrested for defrauding victims of Colombia’s armed conflict

Retired general Antonio Taguba writes in NYT that Pres. Obama needs to hold the CIA accountable

Beware NYT’s Michael R. Gordon

Sen. Udall: "CIA should not face its past with a redaction pen, and the WH must not allow it"

Supermarket Workers, Customers Join in 'Unprecedented' Uprising Against Corporate Greed

Abu Ghraib Torture Victims May Sue U.S. Corporation, Appeals Court Rules

Michele Bachmann - Read My Lips (hilarious!)

Obama: Russia ‘Doesn’t Make Anything’ (Except for These Weapons He Buys)

Has Gaza Conflict Brought New Low In U.S.-Israel Relationship?

There are many degrees of crazy - this is insane!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Native Advertising (HBO)

Divided electorate narrowly approves 'Right to Farm'

Rand Paul's Half-Assed Excuse for Running From Dreamers: "I had another interview..."

Chris Mathews suggests suing congress

Brownback: Voters so mad at Obama they "want somebody to throw a brick"

Mt Polley Tailings "pond" disaster in BC Interior

The Beauty (and importance) of the Mangrove Forests

Eric Schertzing wins 8th Congressional Democratic primary (in Michigan)

Conyers holds off Sheffield, is poised to become dean of Congress

social butterfly, now...a recluse

New York woman crashes into firehouse with python wrapped around her neck

Yazidi Member of Iraqi Parliament collapses in tears after calling upon World to Rescue the Yazidis

GOP voters apparently oust U.S. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio

CO Democrats Cave to Industry on Fracking

Debbie Dingell wins Democratic primary in bid to fill husband's congressional seat (MI-12)

Lawrence declares victory over Hobbs despite confusion over vote totals (MI-14)

Missouri Election Results - State Constitutional Amendments

The truth about science vs. religion: 4 reasons why intelligent design falls flat

Comment: Money, fertility tourism and the new human trafficking

Insurance broker pays out $21K settlement to 73-year-old in buckets of small change

Live feed Rosetta now 100km from comet

$619 billion missed from federal transparency site

Civil Disobedience in the Netherlands Against Israeli Aggression

Spain Stops Weapon Sales to Israel (for August)

Venezuelans Donate Tons of Goods for Gaza

Religious scholar Reza Aslan destroys ‘charlatan’ Joel Osteen: Jesus hated wealth

The Gift Of Graft: New York Artist's Tree To Grow 40 Kinds Of Fruit

Visit the Wrong Website, and the FBI Could End Up in Your Computer

CA A.G. Kamala Harris (D) refuses to endorse legalization of cannabis but her GOP opponent has....

Robert Parry: Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts

Krugman: Con Men Aren’t Stupid

New poll shows Corbett gaining in Pa. gov race

Most 10-Year-Olds Are More Afraid Of Getting 'Fat' Than Getting Cancer

FYI to new people, there is an Eating Disorders Support group on DU

China To Ban All Coal Use In Beijing

BABY SEAL comes surfing

Ebola Treatment: How Big Tobacco and the Military Came Together

Putting the Dollar in Jeopardy

Hurricanes Iselle and Julio are headed directly for the Hawai'ian Islands

VA deputy chief: More employees face punishment

Update on Curly the Cat

US Navy looks to Norway for answer to under-armed Littoral Combat Ship

7 Simple Exercises That Undo the Damage of Sitting (From "The Art of Manliness)

U.S. Two-Star General Killed in Afghanistan from Capital Region

VA secretary calls for town hall meetings

Archaeologists piece together evidence of bloody apocalypse in 12th century America

Michele Bachmann Proposes 100% Tax On Money Sent Home By Immigrants To Stop 'War That Is Being Waged

Michele Bachmann: Tax immigrants at 100% to stop them from sending money to families

Man-made ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Mexico is the size of Connecticut

Old Shitty Pants Ted Nugent ‘deputized’ at Tea Party rally, urges hunters to ‘fix or replace’ wives

Oops: 'Massive Environmental Disaster' in Canada as Toxic Tailing Pond Floods Waterways

White Supremacist Killer David ‘Joey’ Pedersen Regrets Failing To Start A Racist Revolution

6 More Nails In Democracy’s Coffin: Depressing Trends in Political Spending

Arpaio Considered ‘Citizens Grand Jury’ for Obama Birth Certificate Probe, But ‘It’s a Little Tough’

Exclusive: Hamas rocket launch pad revealed near Gaza homes

Republican Congressman Sends Bible to Every Member of Congress to ‘Guide’ Their Decision Making

How a Media Myth Helped Close Half of Texas Women's Health Clinics 1 Year Later

Russian criminals steal 1.2 billion passwords

May Day

Trans-Atlantic Telegram

Why is Obama's rating so low?

Toon: Back to testing

Yoda 'There is another''

So I turn on BBC international news to watch John Kerry refer to close to

Fierce comics at the end of the world | By Mark Morford

Researchers Explain the 'Curious Bend' in Appalachian Mountain Chain

Chairman of Nat'l Org. for Marriage: Marriage equality like Stalinism

Interesting post on Pueblo culture in Environment and Energy forum

Two New Reports Show the Terrible Costs of NSA Surveillance

Super Volcanoes Spotted on Jupiter's Moon Io

'We're F'd': Methane Plumes Seep From Frozen Ocean Floors

'Fracking in the Dark': Why it Must Stop

Ending this war in Gaza begins with recognizing Hamas as a legitimate political actor.

Republican-Leaning Polling Outfit Has Mark Warner up 25 Points Over "Enron Ed" Gillespie

The Gulf Dead Zone is Growing Larger Than Anticipated

Freaking amazing - Passengers push carriage to free man stuck between train and platform

Passionate Speech on Gaza and Ukraine by Irish Senator David Norris

Gay marriage fights from four US states set for federal court hearing

Egyptian feminists raise awareness of women’s cultural and political role

Denmark's cage-free zoo will put humans in captivity

As Israel-Hamas truce holds, IDF discharges 30,000 reservists

Beverly Whipple: Unsung Hero of Women's Rights

Conservatives get their Obamacare wish — and now condemn their own sabotage

Anita Dunn nailed Nicolle Wallace today on Morning Joe!

Women’s soccer World Cup in Canada faces human rights showdown over artificial turf

Former Gov Jesse is is own worst enemy and I wish he would go home now.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Wrapping up this round of Holy War

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

(update) Cops shoot dog in head, dog survives. Cops return later, seize dog to be put to sleep.

Human Rights Watch warns expat women about the UAE

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel cuts Schools, Pensions while preserving funds for

5 yr old 'Apparently' a Star After Local TV Interview

More seismic tests are now proposed for NJ / East Coast waters

A Part of Hamas Negotiates, and Another May Fight Again

Sen. Deb Fischer: Lack of U.S. leadership spurs Russia's Putin

Walgreens folds to inversion pressure (staying US Co. ) check out their language

"Well, Hubby's no John Wayne, I'll give you that." . . . Please come CAPTION Michelle Bachmann!!!

Women of Appalachia: Their Stories and Their Art

No disrespect to Kansans

Divide between red and blue states over healthcare deepens.

New GOP Leader Lets Lobbyist Sit In On Interviews

Air strike hits Ukrainian rebel city

Big shout out to Hawaii DUers!

Rosetta arrives at comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Bruce Rauner, GOP Il Gov Candidate, Promises Government Shutdown and Mass Firing of Public Workers

Europe's Rosetta probe goes into orbit around comet 67P

People power: passengers free man trapped by train in Australia

The makers of Harmonized Water (a.k.a. drinkable sunscreen) do a “clinical trial.” Hilarity ensues.

"No. I have not been in the sprinkles. What makes you say that?"

Big Food uses mommy bloggers to shape public opinion - by Anna Lappe'

Anthropology: The sad truth about uncontacted tribes

Hallucinatory 'voices' shaped by local culture, Stanford anthropologist says

Female Anchor Appears Without Headscarf On Saudi TV, Ignites Outrage

Blake Griffin says back is fine, and he aims to keep it that way

BREAKING NEWS: Saudi man suspected of contracting Ebola on trip to Sierra Leone dies in a Jeddah ho

Eugene Robinson: Time to Tame the Monster (CIA)

America's Fed Up: Obama Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low, Poll Shows

The real reason Mark Cuban hates FIBA

Show don't tell

Donations to Internet Personas - A Good Idea?

Nice Boehner Pic.....

Gaza war was built on lies

UK parliamentary committee urges action on Gaza

and say the Dems lose the Senate, but pick up governorships.....

Only 31 Voter Fraud Incidents Since 2000

Cuomo Tappan Zee loan could put off sewer funding, again

Jimmy Carter: ‘Hamas can’t be wished away’

••Breaking•• Algae suspected in dog poisonings...

Is Rick Perry a freak? Smelling women's shoes.

Ugandan lawmakers in campaign to revive gay law

Rand Paul: "Running Away From Things"

Sturgis 2014

Differences between I.D.C. and regular Dems on education

PA. Governor's Race Getting a little tighter in polling

House Whip Sends Bible To Every Hill Office For 'Decision-Making' Guidance

Andrew Cuomo helped broker deal between city, charter school head: schedules

Britain's first armed police on routine patrol (BBC)

I am so digging this group - The Head and the Heart

Grandson of Enola Gay’s pilot now oversees nuclear forces at StratCom

Dinesh D’Souza’s fever dream: Obama invented border crisis to kill America for his lefty pals

Scoring points: Fox reduces general’s murder to ‘a touchdown for the Taliban’ to slam Obama

White House Chief Science Adviser: Wildfires Are Linked To Climate Change

Ted Nugent ‘deputized’ at Tea Party rally, urges hunters to ‘fix or replace’ their wives

U.S. Should Stop Funding Israel, or Let Others Broker Peace

Obama Is Preparing To Make One Of The Boldest Moves Of His Presidency — And It Could Stretch The Sco

GOTV (alone) is a dunce of an idea. It does not mean much. Stir the pot, don't just poke at it.

Climate Change & Wildfires Explained in Less Than Three Minutes - by John Holdren

Finnish blue grass band play's ACDC's Thunderstruck....awsome.

Finnish bluegrass band plays ACDC's Thunderstruck....awesome.

This happened today... *Graphic Warning*

I said it before and I will say it again..Someone elses turn

Lay off the builders. They’re not all wolf-whistlers

The vice mayor is Black, Latina, and a lesbian — and this California town is freaking out

I've hit a rough patch at work.

Consumerism greatest threat.

Brendan Duke: How overtime reform will grow the economy from the middle out

George Monbiot: Deviant and Proud (No, it's about global economics...)

Author Dinesh D’Souza to keynote GOP dinner four days before federal sentencing

Why Christ, Mao And The Buddha Are Making A Comeback In China

Son of WV Supreme Court justice arrested after allegedly beating sister

Biogenesis owner agrees to plead guilty to distributing steroids; more users to be named

How Israel Stole Land

Panel discusses impact of Hobby Lobby case in W.Va.

Poll: People Disagree With Latest Obamacare Challengers On Subsidies

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Elizabeth Warren fights bank on student loans

Moshe Feiglin’s vision of liberating Gaza by driving Palestinians into the Sinai

Key Source In Cochran Vote-Buying Report Points Finger At McDaniel Spokesman

YAY! Walgreens caves. Now I won't have to find another pharmacy to carry the meds

I'm so sick and tired of insurance companies requiring prior authorization for medication refills.

APNewsBreak: Trump sues to get name off casinos

Target publicly endorses same-sex marriage

Murphy's Law: Filipinos Flee Gaza But Not Israel

UN chief: Gaza deaths and destruction shame world

Today Show covers Market Basket


United Water customers protest plan to hike rates

Putin orders import limits over sanctions

Right wing discourse on guns is being completely shaped by the gun industry’s desire to sell guns

Barney Frank slams LGBT rights groups for flipping on ENDA

Killing of Eric Garner spurs debate on chokeholds, filming cops

Cat/Dog-Liberal/Conservative States

Scott Walker says the rest of Wisconsin shouldn't become another Milwaukee. Here's why it should.

Bill Clinton rallies Kentucky Senate race voters

"Inglorius" Fruits and Vegetables: fight against waste

US media narrative

Cat eating a banana.

Tony La Russa defends D-backs

Mr. Sulu at the helm again....

Maverick Dem who tipped state senate to GOP in tight race

FAT SHAMING BACKFIRE: 'You're beautiful!' spray painted over billboard with anti-muffin top message

63 Texas legislators sign court brief linking same-sex marriage to incest, pedophilia

Bishops: Marriage ruling an ‘injustice’

Insurance broker pays out $21K settlement to 73-year-old in buckets of small change

NYT: Civilian or Not? New Fight in Tallying the Dead From the Gaza Conflict

Navy diver heroic to the last breath

Constant challenges, no certainties for new CEOs at Market Basket...lmao!

Pun wars are fun.....let's see what you got...

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON:Better put BOEHNER on RETAINER!

ExxonMobil, Chevron Locked In Bidding War To Acquire Lucrative Pennsylvania Senator (Toomey)

Sure, the Sturgis Rally is fun for some, but...

Anyone watching the new, and final season of "The Killing" on Netflix?

Meet FRED, every wonk’s secret weapon

Wrong Rush! It was Reagan who politicized AIDS!

Ebola outbreak: nurse who treated first victim in Nigeria dies

Money, Not Morals, Drives Marijuana Prohibition Movement

Coalition Demands Bill de Blasio Block Walmart in Astoria

Sympathy for Rep. Jared Polis

Puppies, kitten among animals rescued from home of dead man

Don't smoke it: Boeing works on fuel made from tobacco plant

Look out! That bag of chips is a listening device!

San Jose abandons sales tax measure after officials can't decide how to spend money

Bronx Landlords in City-Subsidized Apartment Building Giving 40 Families the Boot

'Pro-Troop' Charity Repeatedly Misled Voters, Funneled Millions To Tea Partiers

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 7, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - James Stewart

Nixon on Nixon....HBO

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 8, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - Jeanne Moreau

Brownback’s Tax Cuts Prompt S&P to Reduce Kansas’s Credit Rating

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 9, 2014 -- Summer Under The Stars - William Powell

Thanks GOP. Parent's Of Deceased Children Inherit Their Student Loan Debt.

Mike Huckabee: Obama 'Acting Like God,' 'Worthy Of Impeachment'

Wizard of Oz is 70 years old

Same story, two views

"I didn't make this kid pass out on my floor."

more buck-ing


Did you know that "the Democrats impeached George W. Bush"?


Obama on Net Neutrality:

Mysterious Craters Are Just the Beginning of Arctic Surprises

Howard Dean: Cuomo challenger Zephyr Teachout is ‘really, really smart’

A prominent atheist sides with Israelis over Palestinians

Hillary Clinton on Stephen Colbert's show

The Economy Grows Faster Under Democratic Presidents

The Dreamer conversation with King goes mainstream

Soldiers given religious motivational speeches during Operation Protective Edge

Surgeon general who fought tobacco dies at 87

Feds sue Florida manufacturing agency over travel, lobbying expenses

Ordinations signal growing popularity of Latin Catholic Mass

Manhattan nurse-staffing dispute could signal more to come

ankle is on the mend with one irritating development

Sanford cop fired over Taser threat, French-fry taunts

10 Things Not to Say to a Lesbian

The Obama Cousin Who Compared Obama to Hitler Just Lost His Kansas GOP Primary

Hillary Clinton gets office upgrade

Saying you're for freedom/liberty is meaningless, like most things Tea Partiers say.

Getting on military bases is about to involve FBI background checks

C.I.A. Hires Yossarian to Censor Torture Report

Damn Cokeheads...

Religious scholar Reza Aslan: Jesus hated wealth

Gaza Crisis: 'The Real Danger to Israel Comes from Within'/Der Spiegel

Ukrainian Communists Under Attack by Fascism


Ukrainian Communists Under Attack by Fascism!


City and State website holds contest to see who the next NY politician to be indicted will be.

A Private Prison Group Runs Texas' New Immigrant Detention Center

CONFESS!!! Movies that 'EVERYONE' has seen but you haven't

On the Oval Office desk, this woman is told, is an official report about her rendition

'Too Big To Fail' Banks: Bigger, Badder... and Here To Stay


Texas Lawmakers Keep Questions on Border Security Operations Front & Center

The Cost of Teaching an Old Nuclear Weapon New Tricks

Yes, we can all get along...

Not Satire: New NRA Video Endorses Gun Permits For Blind People

The new GOP whip let a lobbyist sit in on job interviews for his staff

Gaza Cease-Fire Between Israel and Hamas Holds for Second Day

Far East reporters propose Gold Star award for President Putin

Palestinians Have a Right to Defend Themselves!

Clinton leads Christie by 7 in Jersey, trounces all over GOPers by 20+

Russia bans agricultural imports from west -don't tell me the West thought it could impose sanctions

Eric Garner's Death Dominates NYPD Oversight Board Meeting

Militants Attack Egypt Checkpoint, Kill 5 Police

Imagine. You could hear about a new virus (or the "awakening" of an old one)

Tourist crashes drone into Yellowstone hot spring

(Tuesday night) 2 passenger jets diverted to Halifax airport after emergencies on board

$8,200 for a bandage? WTF?

Tips For Achieving Peace In The Middle East

Queens Couple Charged With Starving and Beating 12-Year-Old Daughter For Nearly Two Years

The District of Columbia Will Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November

DU vibes do it again!

3 Simple Ways To Resist Rape Culture

Tricycle theatre refuses to host UK Jewish Film Festival while it has Israeli embassy funding

Bryan Fischer: People who use the race card are desperate liars... and Eric Holder's a racist

Of Miracles and Atheists

Rand Paul Flees in Terror From Hispanic Immigrant

Man Fatally Shoots Self in Head to Prove Gun Wasn't Loaded

Call-system reviews cite lack of city oversight, recommend less outsourcing

Bwahaha, Trump sues to get name off casinos!

Bizarre play help Reds rout Tribe

DC Voters to Decide on Marijuana Legalization in November

Running on empty! . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Steve Doocy!!!

What is the procedure for getting an advisory referendum on the ballot in Wisconsin?

Tour bus driver arrested in double-decker Times Square crash was on drugs: NYPD

“unalienable” right to bear arms

Ebola: it's worse than you thought

Teachout Campaign Warns Of ‘Life Or Death Moment’

Papantonio: Financial Collapse Right Around The Corner?

Shit you can't make up. Chrissie Ortiz wife of Ramsey Orta, video of Garner's death, arrested.

The CIA Must Tell the Truth About My Rendition At 12 Years Old

Thom Hartmann: Central America Crisis Belies CAFTA's Empty Promises

Thom Hartmann: Is climate change the trigger for toxic drinking water?

Open Medical Marijuana Market says Attorney General Candidate

Rush of humpback whales appear in Monterey Bay

Rand Paul Explains Why He Bolted From A Dreamer

Poe's Law.

Sharpton Blasts Idea of an NYPD Slowdown And Announces Plans For a March

What's for Dinner, Wed., Aug. 6, 2014

ABC news wonders why the ratings for their Sunday program are so low...

"I'm teaching Prevaracation 101." Come CAPTION Steve Scalise, the House's new Majority Whip!!!

Cash Transfers Drive Human Development in Brazil

Mother Jones: The Minnesota Vikings' New Stadium Will Be a "Death Trap" for Birds

Mean Reigns

Apply Online to Vote by Mail in Illinois for November 2014 Election

Intro Democratic Congressional Candidate Kelly Westlund

DPS: Powder-like substance found in envelope at Capitol

1-year-old attacked by dog......and yes, it was a pit bull.


Ruby red trout with garlic butter

Impose arms embargo on Israel, says Andrew Mitchell

Job Fair going on at Market Basket today

Android smartphones and rebooting....

'Vicar Of Baghdad' Canon Andrew White Refuses To Leave Iraq, Despite Christian Persecution By ISIS

Apparently...this kid has never been on live TV before...

Netanyahu tried to scare off ministers to get Gaza occupation off the table

Russians Project Obama Fellating Banana onto U.S. Embassy in Moscow

It appears to me that the Israel/Palestine conflict has wound down.

Hillary Clinton gets office upgrade

Ecuador opens Palestine embassy

ok, du, time to show us what you can do.

In Gaza, there is no such thing as 'innocent civilians'

When will justice be served?

The most hilariously named ex-Apple employee is auctioning off his old business card

Ring of Fire: Rick Scott’s Environmental Flip-Flop Flap

RAINN's letter to Obama's task force on campus sexual assault

Banana protests in northwest Colombia leave 1 dead and 14 injured

I know I am singing to the choir .... BUT

The movement that dare not speak its name in Israel

I want to invite people here to check out this Health Topic

Seems legit.

NBC: Burned: Arizona County Wants to Stop Hiring Smokers

"Good Incentives Gone Awry: Kentucky Officials Are Adamant About Propping Up The 'Ark Park'"

NY coaches now required to report suspected abuse

Israel agrees Gaza truce extension, no word from Hamas

'...No, the Monkey owns the Copyright!'

The DeviantART Website is just...effing...AMAZING. (yes it's pic heavy thread dammit) :-)


Jewish Americans Get “Ready for Hillary”

The Cowboys owners' chick magnet bus:

Anyone else dealing with issues of aging + frailty?

New ad in Wisconson Governor's race takes Walker to task on job growth

Plunking aside, Joba Chamberlain gets last laugh

Little Bear Cub "Cinder" Gets Rescued!

Rogers Tennis Thread - Includes Spoilers

Robert Redford sues New York over $1.6 million tax bill

Student found dead with evidence of torture

Indianapolis man gets prison for smuggling handguns to Honduras

No, New York Post, Feminism Is Not Imploding

Art Pope Stepping Down As Budget Director

New York Times Reporter Agrees That Paper 'Quietly Outed' James Franco

Michelle Obama: ‘Women are smarter than men’

Couple married for 62 years die together

I'm here to gain some understanding on what is considered to be anti-Semitic

NJ Cop: 'we don’t have to follow the Constitution... Obama doesn't'

As evidence mounts, it’s getting harder to defend Edward Snowden

More than 200 CIA employees who were involved in the torture program are still employed at the CIA

MTA: 3 N Trains Taken Out Of Service Due To Bedbug Infestation


Justin Bieber saves Russian fisherman from bear attack

Marianne-Faithfull:'I know who killed Jim Morrison'

Question. When drug cartels in Mexico dig tunnels into US to smuggle contraband,

Nude Political Candidate Campaigns in Times Square.

Poor conditions blamed for Venezuelan scientist exodus

Rahm moves 150 cops from admin to street to halt gun violence (Mon to Thurs only)

Amputee Purple Heart recipient makes pro wrestling debut

This is what I do with my nonprofits fund raise.

so, the new "Community Liaison" from the Border Patrol just showed up.

Rep. Clyburn:Give Us The House Or GOP Will Impeach Obama

“Pro-Israel” people aren’t actually pro-Israel and Israel critics aren’t actually anti-semites

Art helping Nonprofits raise awareness and funds

Anti-fascist center launched in Ukraine

These Girls Wrote A Clever Song Making Fun Of How Women Are Portrayed In Every Country Music Video

No one likes kidnapping, child abuse, mail fraud-Maybe it would be good if president banned them...

Still Dreaming Peace: People standing for John Lennon's words, around the world.

Bold Obama Stand Shakes Up Net Neutrality Debate

A quote printed in today's edition of Metro: "NYC is not scared of Ebola. . . ."

Thruway Board Approves $256M TZB Loan

More Of The Same Disgusting Shit --- Repuke's Solution To Wildfires: Just Cut Down The F__king Trees

The GOP's mixed message to minorities

Jewish schools on alert after eight men threaten to cut schoolchildren’s throats (Australia)

U. of Illinois revokes job offer to scholar over Gaza

Why Aren’t More Americans Atheists?

Medical Workers Say NYPD Cops Beat Man Shackled In A Stretcher

Hagee: Pro-Choice, Pro-LGBT 'Counterfeit Christians' Are Nation's 'Greatest Problem'

Lawyer: One of Men Accused of Masterminding Israeli Teens' Murders Confessed Under Heavy Torture

Twitter Hilariously Smacks Down Bigoted GOP Rep's #WarOnWhites Assertions

Support Tom Poetter -- challenging John Boehner in Ohio's 8th District.

Bolivia Expects 163 Megawatts of Renewable Power Within 10 Years

Bolivia Expects 163 Megawatts of Renewable Power Within 10 Years

Kelly Westlund Congressional candidate from Wisconsin posted in Politics 2014.

"Women are smarter than men"

Same-sex marriage hearings underway in Cincinnati

Who has been the better Secretary of State?

Countries from Brazil to Bolivia are ratcheting up political pressure on Israel over the death toll

Off-duty MTA cop accidentally shoots 3-year-old son

Diplomatic source urges: 'Don't comply with UN probe'

Checking in on the 90-year-old vet who is running across America

Chile pays tribute to Palestine at Edmonton Heritage Festival

For the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm

Pluto's orbit precisely measured using high-powered telescope

Democrats hit Rand Paul for Israel ‘rewrite’

Oh, I'm really just starting to feel sick about this

The invisible victims of victimless crime

Mount Sinai Hospital: Patient In Isolation Does Not Have Ebola

Can't get to a TV. What is the President saying about the Ebola pandemic that will kill us all? nt

Iraqi MP Fiyan Dakhee Faints As She Tearfully Pleas For Help After ISIS Massacre Of Minority

How's everybody doing in here?

Is there something amiss with the reply function? I am getting a strange screen and can't

In honor of Hiroshima Day...the Peace Prayer

President Obama news conference coming up any moment now

NYC Drops Federal Appeal In Stop-and-Frisk Cases

Thom Hartmann: We're Being Robbed Every Time We Fly

Thom Hartmann: The GOP billionaire behind Argentina's crash

Human Rights Watch: Israeli Soldiers Shot and Killed Fleeing Civilians in Gaza

Colombian drug cartel founder sentenced to 30 years in US prison

I Come And Stand At Every Door-This Mortal Coil(For Hiroshima Day)

Reggae pioneer hacked to death in southern Colombia

Help for a non-DU-er friend. If you don't like these threads, please skip....

Gas industry tries to revive case on fracking home rule

How America Does Latin American Coups in the New Political Era

How America Does Latin American Coups in the New Political Era

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 7 August 2014

Phil Burress: my hunting license isn't valid out of state, so neither is marriage equality

CrossTalk: Game of Hawks...James Carafano, Heritage Foundation, Walter Uhler, Evan Burfield

CDC issues emergency 'all-hands' call for Ebola response

AP source: BofA agrees to pay $16-$17B in US deal

Yankees were blacklisted in trade talks for aces David Price, Jon Lester

Pastor John Hagee: God Thinks ‘Nasty’ Welfare Recipients Should Get Job Or Starve

Coal delivery issues are causing fuel shortage at Minnesota electricity generator (not enough rail)

I'm So Glad This Man Is Our President - Every Press Conference He Holds I Learn Something And.....

Godless, rich, professional, environmentally conscious: a snapshot of South Africa’s atheists

Pastor Says He Was Paid To Accuse Senate Campaign Of Buying Black Voters

The Only 2 Openly-gay Texas Legislators respond to attacks on Same-Sex marriage

Who Are The Yazidi? Iraq's Obscure Religious Minority Is Another ISIS Target

Woman Discovers Husband, Father of Her Unborn Child, Is A Disgusting Internet Troll

Knicks trade Wayne Ellington, Jeremy Tyler to Kings for Quincy Acy, Travis Outlaw

NE GOP's Ben Sasse reluctant to discuss minimum wage petition drive

I bet it was the jelly doughnuts.

23 years ago today: The world is informed of a new "WorldWideWeb"

Sick of this market-driven world? You should be.

Ann Coulter: Christians Should ‘Serve Their Own Country,’ Not Go Overseas to Help Ebola Patients

Why Would Cancer Centers Be Donating Millions To FreedomWorks To Fight Obama?

Ethical issue: Who gets experimental Ebola drug?

Upon the fire of war, Netanyahu's government pours gasoline (discussion tomorrow am. online)

Seder: Texas GOP's Platform Is Ass Backwards

Marilyn Burns of 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' has died

Fuck your barriers, this is my world.

A very effective ad being run in Colorado by Udall...

Tennessee ebola doctor quarantines himself

Luckovich: Hello, tech support?

Are These America's Worst Supermarkets?

It's good to be reminded every now and then what a paranoid, felonious ...

'My ex killed Jim Morrison', Faithfull tells interview

President Obama: When Congress Fails, I'll 'Scour' Authorities To 'Make Progress'

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Toledo Ohio's Toxic Algae, Spying on Spies, Sleep Depridation

In NY even the subway doors are interesting.

Letter to Pike County (Hazard) newspaper:

The McDonald's Case: Matching Labor Law to Workplace Reality | Commentary

Guilty pleasure time! (70's music edition)

Was anyone ever as luckless at the Oscars as Peter O'Toole??

New report won’t ‘stand down’ Benghazi conspiracy theories

Man buys 23 Burger King pies to spite shitty brat