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Republicans Don’t Want Al Sharpton on the Verrazano Bridge

Whoopi - It's Not the Firing; It's the Threatening

Food for Thought

I have the proper meme to show how 'we the people' feel about the GOP House.....

Pres. Obama Never Rescinded Bush Memo On Torture- Still Part of Military Interrogation Doctrine

Judge: 'It Doesn't Look Like The Sky Has Fallen In' Because Of Gay Marriage


An X-FILES reboot? I'm ALL game.

Judge to Conservatives who tried closing abortion clinics:

"Shattering Myths to Help the Climate"

Freshman Republican Congressman mistakes brown Americans for foreigners.

Prince William (VA) schools restrain, seclude disabled kids too frequently, inquiry finds

O’Malley touts Maryland’s efforts to reduce ‘preventable hospitalizations’

The 5 Myths That Weigh Down Paul Ryan’s Opportunity Proposal

Lawsuit alleges Nebraska unlawfully delayed food assistance

Barack Obama Singing Fancy

Charles P Pierce- Who the fck is Campbell Brown?

Mexican immigrants will move for low-skill jobs. No one else will.

Captain Morgan learnt a good lesson tonight: do not jump into the bathtub.

Daily KOS - ABC Poll: Republicans About As Popular As Ebola

That was quick...

6 Ways Wall Street Is Hosing Chicago Teachers

CIA created fake online identities to gain access to computers used by Senate investigators

Texas’ workers comp system is still broken

I am a big fan of President Obama, but..........

THE WORM in the bottle of Mezcal

Prostate Cancer Screening Still Not Recommended for All.

Two children injured in related shootings in southwest Houston McDonalds

DU Needs a Marijuana & Health Forum:

"One pragmatic imperfect victory at a time"

Pap and Seder: RT Anchor Liz Wahl's Publicity Stunt Resignation Exposed as Conservative Group Action

Boston cardinal chides new Massachusetts buffer zone law

Saddam Hussein's body reburied in secret location

Official: Israel to allow Gaza rebuilding in exchange for disarmament

Does the world bum you out?

Six Studies That Show Everything Republicans Believe is Wrong

Sen. Sanders on Bank of America and Wall Street

U.S. Homeland Security contractor reports computer breach

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!! The “F” Word

nextgen hits Ernst on pledge to special interests

nextgen Iowa hits Ernst on pledge with special interests

Super happy famine time!

Charles Koch Hijacks Martin Luther King Jr. To Pitch His Vision For Low-Wage America

California businessman says he is getting death threats for hosting family of immigrants

Women are smarter than Men

Fukushima reactor 3 meltdown was worse than estimated: Tepco

Super not so happy famine time! (Dial-up warning)

Leticia Van DePutte's Public Education Plan vs. Dan Patrick's Private Business Education Model

Bergdahl Details Disappearance to General Leading an Inquiry.

Human Remains Found Onboard Costa Concordia

You think families with autistic kids have it lousy here in the US?

Jack Hoffman's brain tumor no longer in remission (was 7 when he ran for " 69 yard TOUCHDOWN" @ NU)

Surfers rejoice, residents stock up as Hawaii preps for rare cyclones

Michelle Rhee returns to the scene of the scandal

Bag of kittens found in Cardiff, Wales

Chris Christie Could Face Trouble In His Own State In 2016, Poll Shows

GOP Lawmaker Sends Every Member Of Congress A Bible For 'Decision-Making' Instruction

Boris Johnson: I will stand for Parliament in 2015

Why the U.S. has become a magnet for ATM and credit card skimming

Root canal

Prosecutions or more politics, in response to the Senate Intelligence Committe torture report?

confused cats against feminism

Indian Fashion Shoot based on Delhi bus Gang Rape

confused cats against feminism

Conflict Leaves Industry in Ashes and Gaza Reeling From Economic Toll

“Pro-Israel” people aren’t actually pro-Israel and Israel critics aren’t actually anti-semites

This ugly mofo is worried about gay sex leading to incest....

I got through my day all right. Thanks, Loungers. You rock!

"Terminal cancer patient found guilty of marijuana charges" Black fucking hearts, those Iowans.

Shoppers Use App To Boycott Israel In Grocery Store Aisles

Hagel: Growing Threat Of Russia Invading Ukraine

U.S. Intel Agencies Worried Snowden’s Celebrity Status Inspiring Other Leakers

The Atlantic: A (Straight, Male) History of Sex Dolls

Every Republican must answer: has Barack Obama really been waging a 'war on whites'?

Americans Want New Leaders, Think U.S. Is Heading In The Wrong Direction

Poor thing.

Using Rush Limbaugh to Teach the Civil War to 3rd Graders

A new (Montana) state law allows landowners or their agents to take up to 100 wolves a year.....

Americans Petition White House for Paid Vacation as Congress takes a break

How Will I Ever Be Simple Again-Richard Thompson(For Hiroshima, Gaza, and the other places of war)

Target publicly backs gay marriage

"Is The Tea Party's Latest Move Illegal?"

I'm putting you all on notice with that "worst song" thread

Homeland Security official arrested in sting involving sordid Sacramento Craigslist ad

WTF ...79

Army has begun questioning Bergdahl about capture

London Times refuses to run Elie Wiesel ad denouncing Hamas' human shields

Tough neighborhood.

cat yoga

Hide and seek

3D printer

WV GOP cancels event with felonious filmmaker (D'Souza)

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/06/14

Police: L.I. Woman Arrested After Son, 7, Left In Lego Store Unattended For Nearly 90 Minutes

Israel will do anything at all to keep from being recognized by Palestinians

This Land is Mine

Time for the President to do what he NEEDS to do..with or WITHOUT..Congress!

No-brainer, except when it's not.

Thanks for dumping your hound dog!

The BEST way to fight antisemitism is to stand up to Netanyahu.

Train rescue: Passengers tilt train to free trapped man in Australia

What would the U.S. do?

Is the race for control of the Senate over already?

NBC correspondent accidentally says Obama 'is from Kenya'

Brady leaves heroic legacy in fierce gun control battle

Watch and weep


How does one hide money (or anything else for that matter) from a Republican?

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Inside the Theresa Roemer (3-story closet) Defamation Lawsuit

hurricane and tropical storm warnings up for most Hawaiian Islands including Honolulu....

Top Khmer Rouge leaders guilty of crimes against humanity

Married police officers arrested in fatal shooting


This was hidden

Anti-Semitism is fucked up

I think malaise will like this thread

The media’s big torture lie: “Enhanced interrogation” and the politics of false equivalence

Dr. Seuss Explains Pregnancy

GOP's "Bad Black Mother" Myth: The Criminalization of Black Mothers

Federal grand jury indicts 3 former Beaumont ISD employees (conspiracy and fraud)

Swiss court rejects Colombian widow's case against Nestle

The pants...

State’s fire marshal to let advocacy group scrutinize cases

Kurds from Turkey, Syria Enter Iraq to Battle Islamic State

A Minnesota Restaurant Is Putting The Cost Of A Minimum Wage Increase On Customer Checks

The Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime

Syrian Alawites horrified by rising death toll

Matt Taibbi Goes Off the Grid. Part 1...

Watch George Takei visit Hiroshima, where a US atomic bomb killed his grandmother and aunt

gratuitous kitteh pic - i are original grumpy cat edition

Another video to inflict on the lounge

Aussie Jew gets some justice after years of anti-Semitic bullying!

Giant Humboldt Squid caught while fishing in Sekiu, WA - September 2009

Broken Sunset Boulevard water pipe was badly worn, DWP tells council

Miss. Republican Party will not hear McDaniel challenge

An everyday hero...

Get your shit together, America.

When push comes to shove, basically...

Delhi gang rape: India outrage over fashion shoot

Russia bans all U.S. food, EU fruit and vegetables in sanctions response; NATO fears invasion

Murder trial begins for three Israelis accused of killing Palestinian teenager

Gaza is a crime made in Washington as well as Jerusalem

Used-cigarette butts set to become the next generation energy storage device

What is the U.S. Media up to in its Coverage of Ecuador?

Evangelicals Are Standing Up to Their Own Sexist Leaders

Why Aren’t More Americans Atheists?

Iraq crisis: Christians flee as Islamic militants seize town

Killer Whale Vs Great White shark ( National Geographic WILD )

Married police officers arrested in fatal shooting

Delhi gang rape: India outrage over fashion shoot

George Takei Remembers Hiroshima

I just realized that the Hosts forum link is no longer appearing

Be aware, Hawai'i and Japan: Super Typhoon Genevieve, Hurricane Iselle, Invest 98E, Typhoon Halong

Gun sense symbol: James Brady’s second act built a movement

Gun sense symbol: James Brady’s second act built a movement

Right wing discourse on guns is completely shaped by the gun industry’s desire to sell more guns

Weight gain in the American population 1960-2000

GOP's Oberweis says Durbin bullied Walgreen

Missouri reaches record settlement with Anthem over pricing

Carbon captured from power plants potential key to future oil production

Mike Malloy - Cliven Bundy´s Son Arrested

Insurance broker pays out $21K settlement to 73-year-old in buckets of small change

Killed Sprint-T-Mobile deal may mean lower prices

Breaking: Edward Snowden's Lawyer Says Snowden Granted Permission to Stay in Russia for 3 More Years

Medicaid premiums significantly reduce signup rates.

Snowden receives three-year Russian residence permit - lawyer

Guitar Center Accused Of Unfair Labor Practices

Small cities near Albany, New York emerge as battlegrounds for health care unions

The 150-mile-per-hour Acela averages only 80 m.p.h. on the New York to Washington corridor

A "Bill of Rights" for San Francisco's Retail Workers

Postal Service, Staples attempt to obscure privatization program

Hillary's biggest challenge might be Bill's health

Shocking Videos of Police Brutality Put Bratton and NYPD on Defensive

Venezuela expected to have lowest economic growth in 2014 in the entire continent

Don't Believe the Haters—The Truth About the U.S. Post Office

France passes sweeping gender equality law

Brass Ones: Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino gives lecture on panic

Watch: Rep. Hastings Rips Boehner’s Lawsuit, ‘It’s Red Meat for a Base that Hates Our President’

Roller Skates

Senator Vitter Report Claims Cancer Prevention, Wildlife Nonprofits Are Part of Nefarious Cabal

Obama backs Egypt's truce efforts, but says Gaza blockade must be lifted

The Atlantic: How Advertisers Used World War I to Sell, Sell, Sell

Kucinich on Israel's end game

Kucinich on Israel's end game

US Airstrike on Afghanistan Kills Four Civilians

Obama: 'I Have No Sympathy For Hamas'

Question submitted by mylye2222

Obama Pushes Africa Investment as US Corporations 'Drool' over Resources

Corporate Victory Will 'Screw' Local Farmers as Amendment Passes in Missouri

Bateson's Revival Device

Boss Who Ordered Employees to Dump Fracking Waste in River Hit With Prison Sentence

Do Kerry and Netanyahu now hate each other?

Russia grants Snowden 3-year residence permit

Mike Malloy - No Place To Bury The Dead

Survival football elimination game- sign up and play.

Anyone here watch RT? I need help.

Pilgrims Inc.: Soul Searching and Commerce on the Way of St. James

Russians mock Obama with racist images on US Embassy in Moscow

One-Man State: Presidential Election Set to Seal Erdogan's Supremacy

Supporters of medical marijuana amendment 'disappointed' by Florida Medical Association's opposition

Rep. Mo Brooks: GOP Outreach To Hispanics Is Just 'Race-Baiting'

Supporters of medical marijuana amendment 'disappointed' by Florida Medical Association's opposition

Sick of This Market-Driven World? You Should Be

Colbert Praises 'My Parents Open Carry' Children's Book For Not Being Terrifying At All

Top Ten Things Wisconsin Primary Voters Need to Know | Government Accountability Board

Here's How Austerity Torpedoed The Economic Recovery

One in three convenience stores is robbed because they unwisely have money in the cash register.

What's behind Israel's biggest economic boom? The occupation

BofA said to be near $16 billion deal with U.S. over mortgage bonds

We're Being Robbed Every Time We Fly

Noam Chomsky on Israel/Palestine today on Democracy Now - nt

Tea Party’s last chance: Can it topple Lamar Alexander today?

'Help Israel avoid war crimes charges,' Netanyahu urges US lawmakers

Is Do-Nothin’ Dougie Really “One of Us”?

Google Maps goes to Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Pushing LBJ Into War: Robert S. McNamara and the Real Tonkin Gulf Deception

"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!" - Is Feminism Sexist?

Iselle to give Hawaii first hurricane in 22 years

Watch the excellent interview of Charlie Crist by Miami Herald editorial board.

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- GnoP

Condition sinking: Navy faces shipbuilding crisis

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- The Rest

Colombia’s female guerrillas hunt for their lost children

Khmer Rouge Leaders Sentenced to Life in Jail for War Crimes

Garvin County Oklahoma GOP fundraiser includes a reference to the KKK

"When I look in the mirror I get confused." . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Brit Hume!!!

Healing the 'comfort women' rift

This is what you get in a "profit-driven" health care system

Diploma of First African-American Harvard Graduate Is Being Auctioned Off

Fox News: Ivy Leaguer plagued by stalker may drop out over school’s anti-gun policy - More Gun Hype

Venezuelan minister repeats pledge to raise domestic fuel prices

Spying virus infects smartphones, mimics regular software update

Guns and abortion rights

Great new ad against Scott Walker

From the Nixon Doctrine to the ‘Obama Doctrine’: A Guide to a Multipolar World

Password managers - LastPass, etc.

Ain't it the truth!

No Protection for Whistleblowers

With Congress divided, Obama to go his own way on immigration

Wall Street is screaming because US financial reform is working

War Against Whites? I Think Not - by Charles Blow

Collective Punishment & Butchering Babies is Self-Defense?

The War Crimes of Nuclear Weaponry

At a Camp for Hasidic Boys, Studying Faith Is Their Daily Exercise

Fair Bluff,NC, will rename a road previously named for KKK leader

Kerry makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan

Explosive New Research Confirms That The Economy Grows More Under Democratic Presidents

GOP wimps suddenly fear social issues: How tables turned on religious right

Who or what is the biggest enemy to Israel??

US jobless aid applications fell to 289,000

UPDATE INCLUDING A LINK TO A PETITION. Things are getting dire at Market Basket

GOP Official Urges Threats to Muslims

Koterba toons: Hillary

Another pet hoarder...

How Playing An Instrument Might Actually Make You Smarter

Corporate Victory Will 'Screw' Local Farmers as Amendment Passes in Missouri

How Playing An Instrument Might Actually Make You Smarter

Red Lobster announces location of new headquarters

Name a movie you like but you don't know exactly why.

Have you had a republican family member stop talking to you?

Corporations are using dubious research to take over prisons

Pastor Says He Was Paid To Accuse Senate Campaign Of Buying Black Voters

comments on the politics of imperfection

MI Christian’s antigay rant caught on video: ‘F*cking f*ggot — you should be put to death!’

“When people are ready to, they change. They never do it before then, and sometimes they die before.

RoJo on Tea Party Controlling the Republican Senate Caucus: "We're Getting Close"

11 Commandments of Progressivism


FAQ: Analyst Mouin Rabbani on the Gaza Crisis

Contractor that performs security background checks for DHS, other agencies suffers computer breach

6 Ways Wall Street Is Hosing Chicago Teachers

Get your back-to-school lies here. . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!!

Cop makes it clear -

Sources: Cleveland has agreement to acquire Kevin Love, including contract commitment

Awkwardly Sitting Cats

"Here's How Austerity Torpedoed The Economic Recovery"

The Dumpster Fire of Obama's Moral Authority

Tax dodger running for governor in Illinois

group do ya think ?

Drone crashes into famed hot spring at Yellowstone National Park

Police Officer orders drunken man to move care - then shoots him dead for it

State probe finds agency running Roosevelt Island engaged in nepotism and kickback schemes

Monsanto Ordered to Pay $93 Million to Small Town for Poisoning Citizens

Apply Online to Vote by Mail in Illinois for the November 2014 Election

The scammers are changing their tactics.

Porn production plummets in Los Angeles

Even Republicans see how bad Rick Scott is. Dems have

Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows

Plotting at the Peace Bridge

"Ready for Warren" Heading to Iowa State Fair

Red Lobster, the poll

A Time to Quit

Kansas GOP official: ‘Offending Muslims is the duty of any civilized person. Especially with a .45.’

Hannaford parent company a rival bidder for Market Basket

Photo of the Day

Wife of man who filmed Eric Garner chokehold by NYPD cop busted over attack footage, cops say

"War Makes Everyone Crazy": Hiroshima Survivor Reflects on 69th Anniversary of U.S. Atomic Bombing

Tea Party Senate Hopeful Is Another Voice In Obama Impeachment Chorus

A question on conservatives and science

Data mining your children

“I’m not dying, I’m fighting,” she said as her eyes snapped open. “I’ve always been fighting.”

Gov. Cuomo announces Wi-Fi for four state parks

Cliven Bundy: Divine Inspiration Has Told Me To Disarm The Feds

Boehner Summer Stump Speech: “I have not 1 doubt that I’m doing exactly what God has in mind for me"

Good morning 8/7/14


Netanyahu asks U.S. lawmakers to help fend off war crimes charges

Now I'll tell you about the time I crossed the road!

NYS DEC: No wildlife hurt by 100,000-gallon sewage spill in Seneca River

Hannity's show last night

"Praise the Lard!" . . . Please come CAPTION Tony Perkins, Pres. of Family Research Council!!

David Wasdell: Climate Sensitivity and the Carbon Budget

40,000 Iraqis stranded on mountain as Isis jihadists threaten death

Impeach Obama

Anyone else ever experience a personal bout of schadenfreude?

Ban the Second Amendment

Papantonio: The Republican Party Has Betrayed Lincoln

Why do we not hear political rhetoric like this anymore?

Haven for kids possible-immigration story

The dominant elite ready to break the "social contract"

Happy 88th birthday, Stan Freberg

We can't let the Kochs defeat Jeff Merkley

The Daily Show: Democalypse 2014–The Battle Hymn of the Republicans

PBA Head Tells Cops City Hall Is ‘Not Looking Out For You’

Fringe Tea Party Groups Organizing 'National Impeach Obama Week'

No More forest fires

Will primary loss slow Michigan gay rights push?

In 1956, an elderly man appeared on a TV game show and made a startling claim...

Chat with Congressional Candidate Kelly Westlund tonight

GOP Guv On Lackluster Primary Performance: Blame Obama

Pair of Hurricanes Will Chase Tourists Off Hawaii Beaches

Wisconsin: Jon Erpenbach on Wisconsin Grants Waitlists for UW System and Wisconsin Technical College


Gay marriage supporters launch campaign in Wisconsin

CEO wins raise, $250,000 bonus

Climate scientist drops the F-bomb after startling Arctic discovery

Attorney General, Martha Coakley sets up hotline for Market Basket workers

This wraps it up nicely....

DA not pursuing charges in Times Square bus crash

GOP Report Says No Obama Benghazi Wrongdoing; Media Ignores

Climate scientist drops the F-bomb after startling Arctic discovery

MSNBC: Obama Backs Africa Summit Because He's 'From Kenya'

White House: Premiums will fall for many in Florida

Russia Grants Edward Snowden Residency Permit/WSJ

WorldNutDaily has epic tantrum over Archie's death (Not that he dies, but dies saving gay friend)

Obama Weighs Military Strikes to Aid Trapped Iraqis, Officials Say

Time to cut off the Boehner!

US Airstrike on Afghanistan Kills Four Civilians--(Woman & Child or Two Women included)

Chief of Dept. Denies Targeting Cigarette Sales in Area of Garner's Arrest

Gaza War’s Critics in Crosshairs as Israelis Back Offensive

Kerry in Kabul surprise visit amid crisis

Fox and Friends: Isn't it a little suspicious that Obama is NOT taking a vacation

Atheist picture book will compare belief in God to an abusive relationship

Moreland Commission lawyer to cost taxpayers up to $300,000

Another example of corporations squeezing ever penny out of the populace.

A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation

Time to cut off the Boehner! (X-post from GD)

America's Most And Least Religious Colleges

The IMDB Top 250 movies of all time.

Brownback (R-KS) blames Obama for poor showing in GOP primary

Mercury in the global ocean: three times more mercury in upper ocean since the Industrial Revolution

'Porch Shooter' Theodore Wafer Says He 'Shot on Purpose'

Americans Give Up Passports as Asset-Disclosure Rules Start

Science challenges us to show that our Catholic faith is supremely meaningful

Brooklyn Tower Opponents Try to Redraw Lines in Construction Class War

Brazil Meatpackers Gain on Russia as Norway Salmon Farmers Sink

U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Fall as Job Market Improves

Okay, Warren's not running. Bernie might be.

Catholic, Episcopal leaders in Liberia: Ebola is God’s punishment for “penetrating homosexualism”

Why are people attacking Obama lately from the left?

Another has-been joins the right-wing...

Looting and plundering the public trough, Republican-style: Michigan edition

Rules to protect the public from dangerous chemicals should be urgent matter

A Right Like Any Other by Linda Greenhouse

Hawaii's Big Island just had a 4.3 earthquake.

6 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Fostering Kittens

Obama Weighs Airstrikes or Aid to Help Trapped Iraqis, Officials Say

Do new ordinations signal rising popularity of Latin Mass?

Monkey selfie?

Hagel Visits India Seeking to Sell Weapons

Majority Don't Think Obama Should Be Sued

The U.S. ranks 13 out of 16 countries in energy efficiency, Germany is #1

Putin Ban Hits Cold War Foes as Developing Nations Gain

Haunted House's Ghost Attacks News Crew (CNN)

Republiconnians 13:2~4

Bonus Quote of the Day -- Rand Paul

Researchers investigate remarkable approach to desalination

Just got a call (Voice mail) from the "IRS"

Living in a time when kids' playtime lands parents in jail

Dad chastises son over wearing girls clothes (cartoon)

Endorsement thread.

What if Israel were murdering white people instead of Arab Muslims?

Russia Sanctions Accelerate Risk to Dollar Dominance

CIA is punking the Senate - Time to pull a Mike Gravel and read torture report into Senate record

The USDA has a food safety mascot named Thermy. He is a thermometer

The Triumph of the Puppy Mills

In-state tuition for the undocumented: Scott "Code" Brown was for it before he was against it

'Liberty Kids' Shake Up Los Angeles Republican Party, Look to Other States

Michael Mulgrew defends Common Core: ‘I’m going to punch you in the face...These are our tools!’

I had a strange thing happen

Oklahoma Teacher Shows Up Drunk and Pantsless to Her First Day of Work

Isis takes Iraq’s largest Christian town as residents told – 'leave, convert or die'

Final NRC Rule to Replace Nuclear Waste Confidence Decision Is Coming Soon

Hagee strikes again! First it was "counterfeit" Xtians, now it's "nasty" welfare recipients.

Is Unofficial dead?

Oh noes! Not a pink bike!

Making grocery shopping fun

Judge: 'It Doesn't Look Like The Sky Has Fallen In' Because Of Gay Marriage

Jailed CIA whistleblower on Bush torture policy labeled as 'dangerous' by prison officials

President Obama Signs Veterans Affairs Reform Bill

Celebrate Nixon Resignation day: August 9, 1974.

Good heavens...!

Keep it up McDaniel, us Democrats are just rolling, watching you.

GOP never stops thinking of new ways to harm America.

Missourians Approve Amendment on Farming (more GMO, animal abuse, pesticide use)

Islamic State Militants Seize Iraqi Christian Villages, Thousands Flee Violence

Profile in Cowardice: Gov. Deval Patrick refuses to take a stand in Market Basket dispute

A personal story that just makes me smile

Report: State Lawmakers Spending Heavily On Legal Fees

How A New Book Revises The Gun Lobby's Post-Newtown Intransigence

RW media is a huge problem.

How many posts of yours have YOU had a jury censor?

I am retiring from DU!


George Galloway calls English city "Israel-free zone"

Wolfowitz: We 'Won' The Iraq War

Joy Reid, just now on her MSNBC show (re: Iselle y Julio)

Education groups: NY owes schools $5.9B

What I Learned After Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping

Russia mocks Obama

Interesting Market Basket development. The company posted a poll on their website...

Recchia handles Sharpton march gingerly

Florida man calls 911 complaining that cop took too long to write ticket

Landon Donovan will retire after this season

It's our job to make our Party not suck, no one else's.

An Omaha dog named Anderson Cooper thinks he’s a kitten

Florida man arrested for stuffing, uh, a certain food item in his pants

Wikipedia reveals Google 'forgotten' search links

Suffolk judge rules for Cuomo’s nonprofit pay cap

What's for Dinner, Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014

Marjorie E. Wood: Is Wal-Mart treating workers like Pop-Tarts?

Shenandoah Riverkeeper Files Notice of Intent to Sue EPA for Failing to Address Algae in Shenandoah

Analyzing and debunking (Palestinian) propaganda

Eat Well on $4 a Day -- the free SNAP cookbook project

Breaking - McBride killer Wafer guilty on three counts

Seven facts you need to know about the Arctic methane timebomb

Breaking: The man who murdered Renisha McBride has been found guilty of 2nd degree murder

Family asks for ‘memorial’ donations to the NRA after son is killed by ‘unloaded’ gun

Argentina sues US at Int'l Court of Justice over its sovereign debt

Drought-busting El Nińo getting less likely

'Porch Shooter' Theodore Wafer Found Guilty of Murder

Palestinians returning home find Israeli troops left faeces and venomous graffiti

Gaza After the Bombardment (31 photos from The Atlantic)

Former prison commissioner says let more aging inmates go

Does anybody else's nonfiction books

U.S. Considering Air Strikes In Iraq

Watch NJ cop go rogue: Since Obama ‘doesn’t follow Constitution, we don’t have to’

Duggan outlines plan to help pay water bills; shutoffs to resume Aug. 25

Velella velella on Pacifica shores -- what does it mean?

MTA: Staten Island Railway Car Derails, No Injuries Reported

Twice as Much Methane Escaping Arctic Seafloor

The 1% May Be Richer Than You Think, Research Shows

Ninja Cats

Okay so Ron Paul is like Nirvana and Rand is like Pearl Jam

Rep. Honda announces bill to ban civilians from military-grade body armor

GD hosts are having trouble adapting to the new SOP

Bratton: It’s up to the M.T.A. to approve Sharpton march

Death by knife

IBM Unveils Next-Gen Chip That Mimics Functions of the Human Brain

On heroes and preachers: A new Gaza resistance paradigm

I have to share an observation from a 77 year old Southern Ohio Democratic party member

Is the most harmful religion also the most authentic religion?

Bill Clinton Hammers Mitch McConnell While Campaigning for Alison Grimes In Kentucky

Ever see a TV show or movie or song that completely answers an issue in your life?

'scuze me while I mow the grass: Jimi Hendrix Park Finally Breaks Ground in Seattle

Remains of airmen missing since WWII accounted for

Honey... it's the devil calling

New Jersey Cop: 'If Obama Doesn't Follow The Constitution, We Don't Have To'

Israel’s military policy sparks dissent among troops

Sen. John Walsh Drops Out Of Senate Race

I wanted to post an update that there may be a remedy for cryptolocker infected computers.

Hannity Apparently Upset Colbert Suggested 5-Year-Old Replace Him

Canadians Cut off From Local Water Supplies After Billion Gallon Waste Spill

Charlotte airport rejects 'issue' ads focusing on women's rights

Ukraine Activists Lament 'Betrayal' Of Kiev's Maidan As War Rages In The East

EU Faces Negative Consequences of Russia’s Imports Ban – Netherlands

Florida Legislature convenes for special session on redistricting

Campaign Mounts to Declassify 9/11 Report’s References to Alleged Saudi Involvement

What is the cost of ignorance? Now we know.

Renisha McBride's Killer Found Guilty of Murder

Fairfield 375: Fairfield (CT) case an early landmark in struggle for women's rights

How The White House Opened Its Doors To Some Of Africa’s Most Evil Dictators And Homophobes...

(Bangladesh) Women's rights and property inheritance

The threat of just-in-time scheduling

from the creek!

'hunting' today!

Why the SEC is BS

Douchebadge: Tulsa cop kicks out daughter over bad ‘life decisions,’ then guns down her boyfriend

If you have survived any of the domestic programs that politically targeted many citizens

A Portrait of Priests and Nuns, Watching the Decline of Catholic Culture

I get it now: Patriotic Waterboarding

Palestinians returning home find Israeli troops left faeces and venomous graffiti

The Extremes in the Middle East are freaking insane..Rant ensuing

The lesson in the Benghazi report.

Christian broadcaster: Ebola could cleanse US of atheists, gay people, and sluts

The United States of America did NOT torture "...some folks."

Clear Channel dumps Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. in Pittsburgh, shuffles them off to AM radio gulag.

Check out this tweet......

Appalachian 'house call' amplifies national maladies

Dog Shaking Off Water, Captured in Super Slow Motion

first taste of profiling? is this just paranoia? please advise

Texas GOP officials agree: Legal same-sex marriage will cause incest and pedophilia

Neil deGrasse Tyson Crashes Bill Maher’s After Party...

Restaurant Charging 'Minimum Wage Fee' Due To Minnesota Wage Hike

Conservatives rip Ann Coulter for blaming Ebola doc’s illness on ‘Christian narcissism’

'Ordinary people' who rescued Jews during World War II

Hamas Threatens To Restart Gaza War After Truce Ends: ‘Our Fingers Are On The Trigger’

It's August in Austin 101°and 30% humidity.

Ted Nugent mocks ‘unclean dipsh*t’ Native Americans: Whites ‘stole their land’ is ‘bullsh*t’

NY Times: A Healing That Wasn’t: Liberal Activists and the Police Assail City Hall--and my comments

Hamas Threatens To Restart Gaza War After Truce Ends: ‘Our Fingers Are On The Trigger’

Encountered a situation today that made me sad, but I don't know how to resolve in my mind.

Elizabeth Warren Weighs In On The 'Having It All' Debate

Dana Milbank - Our diversity is our edge

We are the Boss

Airstrikes on ISIS Militants Have Begun, Kurds and Iraqis Say

Robert Reich: The Ivy Leagues are a ludicrous waste of resources

NYT: American Forces Said to Bomb ISIS Targets in Iraq

David Letterman - "MacArthur Park"

American Forces Said to Bomb ISIS Targets in Iraq

Photo Bomb!

BREAKING: U.S. either is bombing Iraq, or it isn't, or it will soon

Another Faulty Trade Agreement! Thom Hartmann: Central America Crisis Belies CAFTA's Empty Promises

"A Hideous Atrocity": Noam Chomsky on Israel’s Assault on Gaza & U.S. Support for the Occupation

Hello from a newbie!

It looks like they've found that poor little girl...

Montreal teen gay basher will not face prison time

Minnie Riperton - Lovin' You Live On The Midnight Special 1975

You looking' at me?

Ohio Players - Funky Worm

US: Christian radio host Linda Harvey thinks gay people are a myth

Yoani Sanchez: my mother and the Onions

Mobile County Commission won't hear on displays for atheists, Pagans, keeps 'In God We Trust'

Hamas Says It Executed Palestinians Suspected of Aiding Israel

Texas GOP Officials Agree: Legal Same-Sex Marriage Will Cause Bigamy, Incest, Pedophilia & Polygamy

Victim of apparent anti-gay hate crime may be permanently disfigured

You grouch-pots really need this...

I am having a very day

Montana Senator John Walsh has dropped out of the race...

Self folding origami robot

Obama Launches Humanitarian Air Drops in Iraq

Pentagon Denies NYT Report That U.S. Bombed ISIS Targets In Iraq

Common Cause Goes After Cuomo: "Come Clean, Gov."

Boy Who Won Over College Football World Is Battling Brain Cancer Again

What is Ann Coulter?

The Guns of July....Let's Blame It All on Obama

Florida’s proposed new congressional map looks pretty familiar

"A Hideous Atrocity": Noam Chomsky on Israel's Assault on Gaza & U.S. Support for the Occupation

Sparks fly as Colombia Senate prepares for heated debate on alleged Uribe parapolitics, narcotraffic

A question for our legal pros:

BREAKING: Airstrikes on ISIS Militants Have Begun, Kurds and Iraqis Say

Rules for Teachers -- 1914

Machine Song by Chel White

Cool cool kitty

Big Banks Crippling America with Debt

Former top pick Oden arrested on battery charges

The Pooch of Cool

French pol’s apology: Showing Israelis killing Disney toons was misunderstanding

PRESS Release: Laser Haas Warns Challenges USAG Holder's Remarks "No One's Too Big to Jail"

Costa Rica authorities begin hunt for Colombia’s former spy chief

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 8 August 2014

CEA marker high

Massive red tide bloom washing off Florida's Gulf of Mexico coast

James Mason says: Thunderbird Wine Has An Unusual Flavor

It's wine that winks back at you

Body found at notorious Fla. reform school identified

Joan Rivers weighs in on the Gaza conflict...

Rick Perry Weighs In On Israel-Gaza Conflict: Can't Understand Why U.S. Would Ever Criticize Israel

Richard Dawkins: Atheism’s poopy head or stinky little brat boy?

Orson Welles 1978 Paul Masson Wine Commercial

It’s a good thing NYT, but it took you a fucking decade?

Angie Dickinson & Burt Bacharach for Martini & Rossi

New York Times to use the word 'torture' when describing torture

70s Martini and Rossi with Jaclyn Smith II Classic commercial 1979

Scotland: White-tailed sea eagles raise fledgling

Trying to decide if I just got a scam call claiming to be US Census

What does it mean for our country

A Change Is Gonna Come!

I need a protest sign idea for Saturday

Coal trains kill Cold Trains: Fruit delivery service shuts down as rail congestion heats up

The Rich Are Richer Than You Think - Check Out This Graph