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UK Ikea bed advert - but only for the vertigo free

What's the next book title Corporate America will sneak into kids' libraries?

Speaker at Fancy Farm event calls Mitch McConnell an "emigrant" ...

Finally checked out that "John Oliver" that posters here in V&MM Recommended. Here's a Good One

German Beer Industry Takes On Fracking

Justices’ Rulings Advance Gays; Women Less So

Live blogging: What would you like to see Congress working on?

Why did the Cheneys and the right-wing get so angry at President Obama ...?

Sen. Sanders: America's Heroes

Singer sued for being too mediocre and unattractive for Pink cover band

ESPN is DEAD to me!!!

Ebola Experts Warn of an African 'Apocalypse'

Bay Area DUer Proud Patriot is moving -

UNCF pays a price for taking Koch cash

Obama:“If you blow the whistle-You should be thanked & protected for doing the right thing"

Why only morons will buy into another US war

ISIS = GOPNRATeahadists nt

Dare I ask the members of this group to

Shouldn't the NFL, College Football, MMA Fighting, and Boxing all be banned?

Two plead guilty in massive Medicaid scam

What does Jesus mean in your day-to-day life?

Luckovich Toon- Are You Being Assaulted, Sir?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The “F” Word & a new Kittehs gif!

1 Percent ‘Literally Rich Beyond Measure’

Pope Urges Protection for Iraqi Christians

Clear Channel just flipped Limbaugh's WPGB in Pittsburgh to country music.

President Obama Will Address The Nation At 9:30

The Traffic Stop...

Professor Richard Wolff: Poor Polls and Obama's Missed Opportunity

Toddler Breaches White House Security, Ends Up On Lawn

Man fined for pretending to be ghost in Portsmouth cemetery

Islamist Fighters Rout Kurds in Northern Iraq and Seize Dam

Husband & Wife Make Shocking Discovery: They’re Actually Brother and Sister

Tell me again - Why does the US Government support this?

President Obama expected to speak on humanitarian aid mission in Iraq around 9:30 p.m. EST

"...Band insists 'No reasonable person takes the whole Bible literally.'"

Leaf silhouettes

Hamas says it's executed Palestinians as Israeli spies in Gaza war

Puppies, yah!

I Support The Actions Described By President Obama Tonight, Ladies And Gentlemen

Wendy Davis questions National Guard role on border

Smiling Young White People Make App for Avoiding Black Neighborhoods

SyFy confirms there will be a Sharknado 3

Is Berkshire Hathaway a trust?

Obama Authorizes Airstrikes In Iraq To Stop Genocide

Author Dorothy Salisbury Davis has died

Marxian Economics vs Capitalism with Professor Richard D. Wolff

California's severe drought unchanged despite record thunderstorms

Are the Yazidis Christians?

Marijuana Apparently Unpopular in Texas

Drop George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld over ISIS and let them deal with it.

Scabby the Rat! This guy gets around and he loves to hear your horn when you drive by.

Israeli Military: 2 Rockets Fired From Gaza Into Israel, Violating Cease-Fire


IDF: 'Terrorists have violated the cease-fire'

Nicaragua: Crime gang shot 2 Sandinista buses

So….how long until Carnival Cruz and Bonehead start whining about not being consulted on Iraq?

Clinicians' Involvement in Capital Punishment — Constitutional Implications (New Eng Jour Med)

Update: Marlin police detective fired after controversial rant about SNAP beneficiaries

I just turned down $1000.

"Pope Frank Is Sounding Like A Commie Again"

Bush - "Mission accomplished."

Shark finning in Costa Rica decimates world's sharks

New gender law needs to recognise trans people’s privacy and right to a family life (Ireland)

Shark finning in Costa Rica decimates world's sharks

Lorena man’s estate gives record $35 million scholarship to UT

CNN - US drops 1500 gallons of water to those trapped people in Iraq.

was this a glitch?

Judge told flesh-eating disease caught in time

President Obama Authorizes Targeted Airstrikes In Iraq -- FULL Address

New Radio format: Your Favorite Songs, Abridged

TEPCO: Nearly all nuclear fuel melted at Fukushima No. 3 reactor

Energy rationing in Honduras likely to cause business disruption and protests nationwide until Septe

Ebola drug from Japan may emerge among key candidates

Fukushima operator unveils newest tainted-water plan

Accident at Tokai nuke plant could force 520,000 to evacuate outside Ibaraki Pref. Japan

Lindsay Graham and John McCain are not happy with Obama.

Cabin stowaway re-arrested at Los Angeles airport

Kerry's comment (State Department web site) on the Cambodian sentences -

A Texas Story - Greg Abbott

Just a Smidgen More U.S. Military Force in Iraq

‘Rurouni Kenshin’ returns with fiery martial style


Today I got a phone call.

Tennessee Primary Results Find House Republicans in Close Calls

KAOHSIUNG DISASTER: Families vent anger at LCY chief (Taiwan)

If you're in the first district, please check in.

The one hour cooling off period for a hidden jury decision works really well

Multiple gas explosions hit Taiwan's Kaohsiung: Over 20 dead, 270+ injured

How a Brooklyn PR Firm Roiled Ecuadorian Politics

Planning to watch The Knick on Cinemax on 8/8?

Caption this... if you dare

Atrocities and the War on Investigative Journalism

A Crossroads for Socialism: Cuba in Transition (Introduction)

That's all folks.

REVIEW: Black Jesus Laughs With, More Than At, Its Son of God

Police fatally shoot man holding an air rifle in Walmart toy aisle

Going Back to the Farm in Cuba

The UNFILTERED Truth About Detroit's Water Crisis

Text of Obama's Statement on Air Strikes in Iraq

Important post in Video & Multimedia for Texans

Seattle City Attorney Hopes People Who Got Pot Tickets "Do Not Pay Them"

I now have my surgery date ***warning*** graphic video

After 22 months of bargaining, we have a contract!

Former NATO Commander Wesley Clark on Putin's policy in Ukraine: "It's the height of arrogance"

In defence of Palestine -- statement signed by Evo Morales, Mel Zelaya, Eduardo Galeano and many mor

Texas Catholic Bishops Support Same Sex Marriage Appeal

I'm not a philosopher, but

An article that says it all about Market Basket and the power of its workers & customers

"America is coming to help"

Tell No One

We tortured some folks. Patriots tortured those folks.

Groan. "Maryville restaurant gets national support for signs welcoming GUN owners"

SNL’s Victoria Jackson falls to incumbents

Get ready for the Aug. 12 primary

Teen says she hopes her cop parents "rot" after they killed her boyfriend and shot at her

Brian Eno on the Israel-Gaza crisis: How can you justify images such as this?

Brian Eno on the Israel-Gaza crisis: How can you justify images such as this?

Report: Spending by New Englanders strongest in US

Consumer spending in Conn. among the highest in US

Palestinian shift brings war crimes case closer to Israel

Fury and Worry Fuel Malibu Parents, District In the Hot Seat

According to Obama, if those who committed torture are patriots, then what are we who protested

Afghanistan in the 1950s

HOF Post: 'Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity'

Hey Y'all... at least ten of us...

GOP Rep. Lois Kolkhorst announces bid for Texas Senate District 18

Number of unaccompanied children crossing Texas border dropped sharply in July, Obama administration

District Attorney Weirich sails to victory over challenger Joe Brown (the TV judge)

TCM Schedule for Sunday August 10, 2014 - Summer Under the Stars: Carole Lombard

Israel to declare Gaza 'enemy territory' to avoid payouts to inhabitants

TCM Schedule for Monday August 11, 2014 - Summer Under the Stars: Marlon Brando

Were you afraid enough to take on the patriotic burden of torturing someone?

Ministers Call for Israel to Respond to Gaza Rocket Fire

Silver lining of the Caliphate crowd?

Israel Cracks Down On Dissent

President Obama Makes a Statement on Iraq

How Money Vanishes Into Thin Air During A West Bank Raid

MOVIE NIGHT: My Sassy Girl(2001) Korean with English Subtitles

MOVIE NIGHT: My Sassy Girl(2001) Korean with English Subtitles

VA Secretary Robert McDonald coming to Phoenix on Friday (and DAV on Saturday)

Bolt on my $380 office chair broke. Need suggestions.

Need one more person to help.

Obama confirmed that DU was wrong and Glenn Beck is right. Torturers are patriotic.

Good riddance to the "Don't Say Gay" senator!

*SUBMISSION THREAD for the August Contest - Theme: Grand and Majestic* - *CLOSED*

High and Dry in Pot Country: How California's Historic Drought Is Threatening The Marijuana Industry

***August Contest Comment Thread***

I support Obama's support for patriotic torture.

Had Johnson called out Nixon, Things Would be Different

American Apparel slammed for “fueling Lolita fantasies and rampant sexism” in new ads

Lib Slide Continues

Disagreement is inevitable, but bullying and harassment are not - Dawkins/Benson

Gluten-Free Food Banks Bridge Celiac Disease And Hunger

Mass. To Make Big Food Wasters Lose The Landfill

Israel resumes airstrikes on Gaza as ceasefire ends

San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

‘God is angry with Liberia,’ local religious leaders say, blaming Ebola on ‘homosexualism’

Socialist running for DC city council.

Pope reinstates Revolutionary Marxist Priest in Nicaragua

Central American children share story of journey to find mother

Church leader arrested for soliciting dog sex

Thom Hartmann: Is Google the New Sheriff in Town?

Thom Hartmann: California Taking a Look at Corporate Personhood?

Brazilian police dismantle militia group in Rio

Giant Buddha statue in Nara undergoes ritual cleaning

Pagan returns, but Giants lose finale to Brewers, 3-1

Dr Mads Gilbert speaks on Gaza

9-11 The Sensible Doubt: Danish documentary about 9 11

35 years later, remains of Jonestown victims found

Iselle Sends Roofs 'Flying' Before Making Landfall in Hawaii

I had a dream about taterguy

Lonely Supernovae May Have Been Kicked Out Of Their Galaxies

Straight to Hell

Making Rabble Rousing Relevant Again

Dashimaki Tamago

'Christian' broadcaster: Ebola could cleanse US of atheists, gay people, and sluts

White duo behind app to avoid ‘sketchy’ neighborhoods is shocked to hear it’s racist

What's behind Israel's biggest economic boom? The occupation

Rep. DesJarlais holds on in Tenn. despite scandals

So Junked Car Parts Are Good For Something, After All.

Seth draws Neil

Indonesian girl swept away in 2004 tsunami 'reunited with parents'

Maremma dogs trained as bandicoot bodyguards – in pictures

Jury Rejects Self-Defense in Porch Shooting Death

The US helped Break up the Sudan, and now South Sudan Faces Famine

WHO declares Ebola epidemic a global health emergency

Democrats raise record number of e-mail fundraising

With Warming Lake Water, Toledo’s Algae Problem will Get Worse

Hannity Apparently Upset Colbert Suggested 5-Year-Old Replace Him

Sanctimony 101: Parodying a Well-Known, Likely Misquotation of Steinbeck

Military hammer makes everything look like a nail

NATO is desperate for war

KY Senate race might get twist

Obama’s Fairy Tales

Democratic candidates roll out dueling endorsements from gay rights groups (FL)

Walgreens Caves on Plan to Dodge Taxes By Relocating Abroad

Big Brother’s Damage

Gay rights group will ask high court to rule on same-sex marriage

The Fireball

The 1% May Be Richer Than You Think, Research Shows

5 Human Rights Abuses America Commits Right Here at Home

UK DUers have you seen this -severe weather warnings as hurricane Bertha crosses Atlantic

(WV) Republican Delegate Raines dropping out of House of Delegates race

Bond denied for vet accused of trying to abduct baby

The Industrial Age

California cargo ships to slow for whales under new program

Rotten Row

Combat stress found to persist since Vietnam

GM issues third recall on SUVs that can catch fire

Verdict mixed for reservist who landed at naval base

govt hsg requires I vaccinate my cat -- not going to do it.

Boeing launches plan to turn tobacco into jet fuel

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Quotes That Make Saddam Hussein Laugh His Ass Off Down in Hell

The Daily Show: Recap - Week of 8/4/14

Political blogger outs herself as paid troll for big telecom

Surprise, Surprise: The NRA Deletes Ridiculous Guns-for-the-Blind Video

Alert -- Rutherford County food pantry crisis

Heads up! Rutherford County, NC food pantry needs our help

Christian broadcaster: Ebola could cleanse US of atheists, gay people, and sluts

Everything You Need to Know About the Massive Russian Hack (I'd advise all to change your passwords)

The 15 US Cities Where Poverty Is Soaring Fastest {IMAGES}

The Same Folks Who Manufacured Agent Orange Are Now Into New Genetically Engineered Crops

A Lovely Story - Indonesian family finds daughter swept away in 2004 tsunami

Victoria Jackson loses bid for Tenn. county seat

Mexico Opens Door to Oil Privatization

Malaysia plans overhaul of national airline

Why do Americans seem to be so scared of a European/Canadian style health care system?

Iraqi and Kurdish officials welcome US airdrops

Obama Annonces Iraq War III.

NY Times admits "Enhanced Interrogation" is torture


Internet Access in rural area: I'm not sure this is the best place to ask, but it seemed logical :)

The Big, Long, 30-Year Conservative Lie

It’s Do or Die for Scott Walker in Wisconsin

The Truth Is That It’s Republicans Who Have Been Waging War On Poor Whites

Cartoon for August 8, 2014: Tough Job

Karl Rove super PAC pushes another fake Obamacare horror story in Colorado ad

Corporate 1% in U.S. Gets Richer While Cash Gathers Dust Abroad

First remains identified among 55 bodies found at notorious FL reform school

Pennsylvania Sacrificing Public Health, Environment to Fuel Fossil Fuel Industry: Report

South Dakota Saloon Regrets Hosting Racist Rocker Ted Nugent

The Barker with the Marker! . . . Please come CAPTION Anthony Weiner!!!!

The Stupidest Thing Ever Written About Watergate words...Lawyer who repeatedly makes sexual advances on women.

40 Years Ago Today, Tricky Dick Ran Away from Justice.

State relies on oil train operators to self-report

It isn’t about the tunnels

Bernie Sanders in The Progressive: Democracy or Oligarchy?

Colombia president starts new term, warns FARC to halt attacks

Airstrikes Begin: U.S. Navy Planes Drop Bombs on ISIS Forces

How Gaylord Nelson Almost Stopped the Vietnam War

WWJD: Church cancels funeral for gay man

M.T.A. plans for next phase of Second Avenue Subway

U.S. airstrikes target Islamic State militants in northern Iraq

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Repubs and congress

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -The Rest

Special Month

Most boomers plan to flee New York when they retire, AARP warns

Senate Update: Dems 52, GOP 48...But With Tons of Toss-ups

Obama Is on a Pro-Labor Roll-Just signed most important workers' rights reform of past 20 yrs

What's for lunch: 9 Horrifying Foods You Won't Believe People Actually Eat *warning - icky*

wabbit season?

After backlash, atheist author cancels ‘God is an abusive boyfriend’ book

All The President's Men - For Gen X and Younger at DU

Hawai'i status: Hurricane Julio, and Tropical Storm Iselle lashes the islands

Mayor de Blasio signs "Avonte's Law"

The Sinister Reason the Koch Bros Oppose Obamacare

Your Moment of Squee

How is Hawai'i doing with Tropical Storm Iselle ?

I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore

When We All Get Together! | Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II

Fibonacci-ing your Ukrainian parliamentary procedure, Renaissance Stylee!

A historical perspective on Ebola response and prevention

Today's USA!! PATRIOTIC AMERICAN trivia question


“Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.”

Calls Mount to Rein In Tour Buses

The new Richard Nixon lie: John Dean on why he would have loved the Tea Party

WHO Statement Regarding the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Castle Rock woman makes questionable claims in new Crossroads GPS ad attacking Udall

Obama Is on a Pro-Labor Roll

The world officially ends when we let our beliefs conquer love. We must not let this happen.

Coffee drinkers, what's your brand and preferred method of brewing?

Federal Investigation Looks at Cuomo and Moreland Commission Referrals

Fools at the Fire

Rand Paul is the new flip-flop king: How he’s purging his scary positions — and lying about it

Feds to Phase Out GMO Farms and Neonicotinoid Pesticides at Wildlife Refuges

All my best to Hawai'i DUers, with Tropical Storm Iselle !

US productivity recovers after steep 1Q fall

"And people these days don't have as much money."

Bill Bratton: ‘We Are Not Being Overrun’ By Squeegee Men

Looks Like The MSM This A.M. Is Going Out Of Its Way To Blame Obama For What's Going On In Iraq....

You can't play much worse than Blaine Gabbert in his 49ers debut

McCain: Time to ease arms sales ban on Vietnam

Can't Stop/Won't Stop

W.Va. wants $1.8 million from Freedom bankruptcy

South African women's struggle for land

Cazenovia College has more reported sex offenses per student than any other college in New York

Anyone seen the movie Tim's Vermeer? nt

The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1)

Supine Labour lets Tories daub lipstick on this pig

The war against women and children in South Africa

PBA: Cops Will Make Sure Sharpton March ‘Goes Smoothly’

Catholic parish accused of animal cruelty, remains silent

Wine Counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

US Leaders Aid and Abet Israeli War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity-- Prof. Marjorie Cohn

Today is National Frozen Custard Day.

NYT: Inverting the Debate Over Corporate Inversions

West African Hackers turn trash into treasure with 3D printer built from e-waste

NYT: Proof That Voter Impersonation Almost Never Happens

NYT: Proof That Voter Impersonation Almost Never Happens (X-post from GD)

National Procrastination Week

Likud Party charter demands Palestine be wiped out

Katy Perry to the rescue....

What Atheists Have To Offer The Right

Professor Richard Wolff: Poor Polls and Obama's Missed Opportunity

40 years Ago Today: Nixon prior to resignation speech, then full speech

Citing security concerns, Copenhagen Jewish school forbids religious symbols

Marxian Economics vs Capitalism with Professor Richard D. Wolff

Israel strikes Gaza after militants resume rocket fire

The Meltdown of the Anti-Immigration Minuteman Militia

This is what Hamas and the PA think of Homosexuals.

AP source: Golisano submits bid to buy Bills

Where were you 40 years ago this evening when President Richard M. Nixon resigned?

Please help labor in the southeast

City Teachers, Staff Stuck in Limbo Take Buyout

Good White House background briefing on Iraq airdrops and airstrike order from *10:00 pm* yesterday

A toddler squeezed through the White House gate and caused a security alert. Seriously.

In search of the roots of Korean Catholicism

i have a soldering iron ,a ball peen hammer,and needlenose pliers...feeling patriotic today!

I Don't Care How Cute That Bulldog Is. We Have To Stop Making Them.

New York Port Authority Reveals More Subpoenas in Filing

Victoria Jackson loses TN race, vows to annoy winners with conspiracy theories

Injured by Executive Order?

Foreign oil workers evacuated from Kurdistan as Islamic State advances

Stuff and More Stuff - A Moving Tale

War crime? IDF-Embedded Reporter Says IDF Fired Guided Missile at UNWRA School, Killing 15 Civilians

Thousands Support Professor Who Lost Job After Tweets Critical of Israel

human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness

It was suggested to me to mention our ASIAN group..

Teachers to shred standardized tests in Pearson protest

"He Was a Crook" by Hunter S. Thompson

Mother Jones: Remember When Paul Wolfowitz Said Not to Worry About Sectarian Violence in Iraq?

My thoughts on Iraq and the bombings.

Foreign press: Hamas didn't censor us in Gaza

Change we can believe in.

Toon: Already tried that.....

Forced Confessions and Suppressed Evidence: This Year's Overturned Convictions in Brooklyn

A Friend Flees the Horror of ISIS - New Yorker

O'Really and his crystal balls

Nixon's Checkers Address.

Corporate 1% in U.S. Gets Wealthier While Cash Piles Up

** Hangs sign at the DU Bakery ** I am NOT going to warn you folks again (you know who you are!)

Furious Likud Party Leaders charge Netanyahu capitulated to Hamas - World Tribune

World War on Russia’s Mind When U.S. Duels Over Ukraine

Why, that diabolical domestic terrorist! Delaying public transit! The nerve!

Big Island Hawaii DUers check in -re Tropical Storm Iselle

Israel’s Colonialism Must End

Most Liberal President After LBJ Based On Actions

Here it is! Fake Jerry Jones explains the pictures:

If you missed the NRA's "give guns to the blind" video before it was taken down, good news:

Anniversary: 45 Years Since the Manson Family Murders

Ukraine Open to Halting Gas Flows in Russia Sanctions

Hunter S Thompson on Richard Nixon

Who Decides Who Lives and Who Dies When an Ebola Outbreak Creates Hysteria?

Siberia Flight-Ban Threat Forces Airlines to Mull Options

In Market Basket sale, Arthur T. Demoulas is top issue

Audio: Dave Brat Says Theocratic Bigot EW Jackson has been "an inspiration to me, to the country"

I know what you need today

Lion King Cast Surprises Subway Riders With A Cappella Performance of “The Circle of Life”

I am anti-war

I agree!!

Nixon memories: the vice president

US ‘Extremely Concerned’ About ISIS Takeover of Iraq’s Most Dangerous Dam

War in Iraq can only begin with the trial of Bush/Cheney.

Congratulations, Disney World!!!

Medicare Advantage continues to steal from taxpayers

Rents in NYC Keep Going Up (But It's Even Worse in Other Cities.)

Cat eating Python caught in Port St Lucie, FL

Religious right conference in Iowa features anti-LGBT campaigners

STOP Masturbation NOW

Kids Telling Dirty Jokes: Nicole

US Customs drills holes in New Zealand cricketer's bat

New Medicaid enrollments top 7 million under Obamacare

Mother of three kids killed in Philadelphia carjacking dies

Are you really ready for another war in Iraq?

City approves $2M settlement with family of Brooklyn man struck and killed by NYPD car

US forces in combat in Iraq again (not related to genocide threat)

US fighter jets bomb ISIS artillery, 'Washington only interested in splitting Iraq'

Texting Parent Drivers Shun Warnings, Liberty Mutual Says

Bow hunter accused of sparking massive Rim fire with illegal campfire

A HERETIC I AM's Mother left us this morning.

Walsh drops out of race for U.S. Senate/ Schweitzer, Bullock won't replace Walsh in Senate race

Julion Evans Has Funeral Cancelled After New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Learned He Was Gay

The right’s impeachment trap: How pundits blame Obama for GOP extremism

Hey, buddy, want to buy a fish?

Could ebola be 'weaponized'?

Caution needed with Gaza casualty figures

Churches buying back guns for $50 to keep them off the streets; worth it 'if one life is saved'

Churches buying back guns for $50 to keep them off the streets; worth it 'if one life is saved'

Video coverage of bombings?

Am I racist if...

White House briefing on now re: military strikes in Iraq.

Rudy trying to be relevant but failing.

Terrorist armies fight smarter and deadlier than ever

12-Year-Old Charged as Adult for Murder; Stabbed 9-Year-Old to Death

Pastor John Hagee: 'Nasty' Welfare Recipients Don't Deserve to Eat

DEVASTATING!!! Wendy Davis ad on Abbott

Missouri Baptist leader arrested for allegedly seeking sex with a dog

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Warren G. Harding's Love Letters (NSFW?)

Teen facing life in prison for pot brownies awaits fate

Bratton Says NYPD Has Idea Of Who Was Involved In Brooklyn Bridge Flag Swap

Chance of El Nino decreased to 65% for fall/early winter

The U.S. has been at war with Iraq for twenty-four years.

I'm Going to Target this Weekend!!!

CNN/Time/Warner's Blitzer blithely repeats myth ISIS "stole millions and millions of dollars". WTF?

Wendy Davis' 1st TV Spot Hits Greg Abbott For Siding With Company Over Rape Victim

Wendy Davis' 1st TV Spot Hits Greg Abbott For Siding With Company Over Rape Victim

British police raid pub in search for 'Holy Grail'

Earthquake Leaves Devastation in China

PA. Ed Sec. Tries to Shut Down one Scandal, and opens up another new scandal

How 'bout these?

The Bridge From Nowhere

Cops gun down Ohio man holding toy rifle in Walmart ‘like he was not even human’

What’s 250 Million Light-Years Big, Almost Empty, and Full of Answers?

Noam Chomsky on Israel’s Assault on Gaza and US Support for the Occupation

Pres. Obama orders airstrikes on ISIS and Rep. Peter King (R) says "He's encouraging the enemy"

Smiling Young White People Make App for Avoiding Black Neighborhoods

Human exodus may have reached China 100,000 years ago

Virginia Asks Supreme Court To Review Same-Sex Marriage Case

Frampton comes alive. Throws fan's cell phone during concert!

(San Diego) Mayor vetos minimum wage hike

These Maps Show How Many Brutally Hot Days You Will Suffer When You're Old

The Muslim Right and the Anglo-American Left: The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Thom Hartmann: When the Ocean's Carbon Cycle Goes Out of Balance...

Greetings from Albania

WTF ...80

Anthony Weiner Cooking Up Way To Give Back To Rockaways

I hate Libertarians, that is all.

Documents released in first John Doe investigation... 14 gigs Worth.

National Copycat Week

Programming Note: Dick Cavett's Watergate tonight on PBS

The Rude Pundit: A New Story Brings Up an Old Death

Pic of the Moment?

Wisconsin Dems, if you were thinking of skipping the August 12 primary, DON'T

Plot Thickens as 900 Writers Battle Amazon

San Jose gang task force goes after... a bus stop.

Scott Walker 'War Room' documents released

Good morning 8/814

40 years ago today, Nixon announced his resignation

Charles P Pierce- Never Can Say Goodbye

Koch(a) Kola ad....

Money, Sex, and Religion — The Supreme Court's ACA Sequel (New Eng Jour Med)

Enjoy Florida's Beautiful Beaches- Catch a Flesh-eating Bacteria

Who to thank for the current mess in Iraq

Baptist Church Leader Arrested for Soliciting Dog Sex on Craigslist

Far-right nuttiness of the day, so far...

Hero or villain? Man buys 23 Burger King apple pies to spite screaming child

Challenge to Zephyr Teachout’s residency now in judge’s hand

Restaurant adds 'minimum wage surcharge'

At a local breakfast place...LMAO....

Ruling in corporate tax case could cost Michigan $1 billion

31% of Americans have no retirement savings at all

Russia demands Internet users show ID to access public Wifi

"There were dozens of them and only four of us. They took all my sheep."

Project to Protect Breezy Point From Another Storm Underway, But Not Without Controversy

Anti-Gay Bigot Infiltrates Gay Pride March; Brags About Handing Out Fake Condoms

U of M: No Redskins at TCF Bank Stadium

What was your favorite Very Special Episode?

Cool pic of Elvis comforting his father after his mom died

The World’s Top 5 Cybercrime Hotspots

Union-allied group takes new tack on Campbell Brown

Grocery chain leadership change enrages workers, management. Entire community acts.

Right, left call for strong response to renewed Hamas rocket fire

Mark Driscoll removed from the Acts 29 church planting network he helped found

The Islamic State (Part 2) | VICE News

Breaking: Iraqi Official Says Hundreds of Yazidi Women Taken Captive by Islamic State Militants

Hamas renews rocket attacks against Israel as cease-fire ends

The Iraq-ISIS Conflict in Maps, Photos and Video - NYT

If we made Mexican food illegal...

I am the American left and I do not support fundamentalism in any religion.

Hamas break 72-hour ceasefire in 30-rocket attack on Israel

So, what *is* the centrist take on "torturers were patriots, critics are sanctimonious"?

Church Cancels Gay Man's Funeral - During His Wake

Loners group, me as main host, NYC_SKP and littlemissmartypants as co-hosts

What's for Dinner, Fri., Aug. 8, 2014

Haunting Photos Of Iraqi Minorities On The Run From The Islamic State


Finally, Governor Deval Patrick makes a statement re: Market Basket. UPDATE with link

The Face of Stupid (believable satire)

Anyone else enjoy watching the Tiger Woods saga?

Judge orders rape victim to hand over access to Facebook page

My quick sum up on the conservative response to Obama's current actions in Iraq

Stop the Anti-Semitism When Talking Gaza



Metta World Peace has decided to change his name to 'The Panda's Friend'

Pavlov's Dogs of War

Shell’s Shame in Nigeria Continues

Sources: DNC Officials to Get Real Taste of Brooklyn on Scouting Tour

In America, do we need the approval of white people to conclude that something is racist?

Postage-stamp size ‘neurosynaptic’ computer chip mimics the human brain

Ukraine mulls blocking Russian oil and gas to Europe

Judge rejects settlement in Silicon Valley no-poaching case

Dr. Ruchama Marton's Letter to the Lancet, 01/08/14

Bryan Fischer: American Family Association spokesman and... ISIS cheerleader?

I"m trying to prepare for a meeting about changes to local Postal service

Subway Franchisee Invented Fictional Workers To Avoid Paying Overtime

US map showing where the 30,336 children who have been placed are by state

AG Pam Bondi wants to put the brakes on gay marriage appeals

Elizabeth Warren now has one million Facebook fans

NY, NJ Lawmakers Call For Eliminating Tourist Helicopter Flights Along Hudson River

nano-antennas promise much higher conversion efficiencies than current solar cells -

Unemployment Claims: We Haven't Seen This Since 2006

UPDATED: Market Basket Lays Off Part Time Employees, Governor Hassan Responds

As pigeon shoot season begins, a call to end what lawmaker calls a "blood sport"

Coming in off the road.

how do you know when a cat doesn't want to be petted?

Do you support the latest round of airstrikes in Iraq?

Let's change the name of the U.S.A.

Palestinian flag raised over Glasgow in support of people of Gaza

The Masters’ Cats: Five of my favorite cats in great art.

University of Minnesota aims to block 'Redskins' name from stadium

James Brady's Death Was a Homicide, D.C. Medical Examiner Rules

Nixon joking before resignation and full speech (40 years ago tonight)

Cows have souls---a little happy hour levity to send you into the weekend.

The Gay Advocates of Gun Rights

No US President in history has compromised more, reached out more, across the aisle...

Resisting arrest.

Thom Hartmann: How Biomimicry Can Save the Planet

Thom Hartmann: Overpopulation Can Be Solve by Women

Dice Shaming.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson is on with Ed -- I sure like him a lot. Good guy. nt

This time we need a DRAFT and a WAR SURTAX

How many fricking more airstrikes do we need in Iraq?

Grandson lost during Argentina 'dirty war' emerges

Newest State Park in Texas?: Palo Pinto Mountain State Park

Market Basket BOD offers Artie T to come back in non CEO position along with his lieutenants.

Nevada family reportedly faces $1.2M in medical bills over ObamaCare typo, confusion

These finger foods are acceptable. Your family will not be executed...this week

IAM, TWU Alliance Moves Forward with American Airlines Single Carrier Filing

IAM, TWU Alliance Moves Forward with American Airlines Single Carrier Filing

Mexico opens debate over low minimum wage

President should come to congress for authorization of any further military action in Iraq

New Brazil law supports domestic workers' rights

Republican: "How dare he insinuate that I am bipartisan"

Statement from Artie T

Hundreds of young Yazidi women held captive by ISIS and they have "vicious plans" for them

Wendy Davis Says She May Withdraw Texas National Guard From Border If Elected Governor

Welcoming the Stranger: Refuge for the Refugees

Bombs to stop genocide in Iraq. Wtf DO WE CALL WHAT'S GOING DOWN IN GAZA?

Breaking: James Brady's death ruled a homicide 33 years after shooting

Where to see it: Supermoon, Perseid meteor shower to illuminate the sky

Cool pic of Antarctica from space

"Sinner Man" RUN! Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Rest of Your Supporters...

Those who supported or voted for the Iraq War are partially to blame.

Joan Rivers: 'Palestinians Deserve To Be Dead'

Pres. Obama speaks on Gaza

University President takes a chunk out of his pay to give others a boost...

Since our President will need to ask Congress to authorize further attacks...

Doves aren't always right.

"Inequality Is a Drag" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

WTF ...81

Victoria Jackson reacts to her Tennessee election loss

Set me straight. 21,496 Iraqis have been killed since we pulled out in 2011 and we did very little.

Letter to President Obama from Former Marine Corps Captain on Iraq... and POTUS Response

Santos visits starving communities in Colombia’s ‘richest’ state

article about Charlie Crist, how accurate ?

Judge: NC vote can be held with GOP-backed changes

Obama signs $10.8 billion highway funding bill

Alison Lundergan Grimes is a great fighter for the Democratic Party.

Misty Copeland you beautiful dancer

Judge tosses dad's 1990 arson-murder conviction

Starbucks: We don't fund Israel

I believe I can fly Pt.3...

Somebody's gotta caption this >>

I have to say, this is what the latest from Iraq feels like to me

Stop falsely accusing critics of anti-Semitism

name this movie

Pitbull and...

is Hula tv commercial-free? nt

Mock ‘View’ Segment Turns Nasty (S.E. Cupp Out of ABC Network Talk Show)

the difference between barack obama and george w bush

SpaceX Sued for Laying Off 400 Workers Without Proper Notice or Wages

Just what are the differences between Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah..?

Century-Old War Leaves Lasting Impact On St. Louis German Identity

Russia sanctions could cut chicken prices here

Detroit, Justice Department ask judge to end federal oversight of police department

CNN at 9:00 tonight..."Our Nixon"...I guess his closest friends and aides put this together..n/t

Teacher Shows Up Drunk on First Day—Without Pants