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AFA's Fischer Agrees With ISIS That Yazidis Are Devil Worshipers And That's Why Obama Defends Them

Judge rules against NCAA in O'Bannon case

Posting this for your reactions...please watch the entire video!

Posting this for your reactions...please watch the entire video.

Cutest protest ever: eight-year-old girl writes letters for marriage equality

Uri Avnery on Gaza Crisis, His Time in a Zionist "Terrorist" Group & Becoming a Peace Activist

This Is Your Brain on Fish

One thing I hope about the Hawaiian storms...

Gallup Poll: 71% of Tea Party Members Believe Ebola is President Obama’s Birthplace

Will I be able to ride any more?

It works. How to remove a cork that is stuck inside the wine bottle.

Korean Nike Commerical... Just do it!

Fighting Bob Fest 2014 - Back to Baraboo

The 28th Amendment Roadshow - Union South, September 6th

Gwynne Dyer: No Ebola vaccine because "nobody is willing to pay for it."

We've spent $109 Billion to rebuild Afghanistan, but it didn't work. Wanna know why?

Johnny Depp has a simple plan.

YAY Football Is Back!!!

Boring and Dull, and proud of it What I learned about health care when my cat died

Judge rejects $324.5M settlement of tech wage case

Progressive Caucus Leader Backs Obama's Military Action In Iraq

We almost had some rain

94 year old gets hours slashed at Market Basket. Video included

Dan Simpson / The latest news from Nova Scotia

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Israel: One of the “most oppressive and brutal

SipEE Cupp fails "View" audition. Spectacularly!

RNN: Greenwald tells Paul Jay: US Intelligence Enables Israeli Attacks in Wars Against Palestinians

Friday Talking Points (315) -- Past, Present, And Future

I was looking for a grand and majestic pic and got lost in old images, NSFW

Is that funny animated show 'Family Guy' secretly anti-Semitic?

Two women kissing over the fence.

Senator Warren supports President Obama's actions in Iraq

Oracle sues Oregon over health insurance exchange

Is it still possible to file for

Christie vetoes bill aiming to ban fracking waste in N.J.

U.S. Jets and Drones Attack Militants in Iraq, Hoping to Stop Advance

Hey's an idea...why don't you actually try LEARNING about Gaza?

Berlin asks embassies to name secret service agents in Germany: report

The oil companies are paying a fair price to rent public land, right?

Today in Labor & Black History, August 8th

First day back to work. Fourteen hours.

Is there any way to keep white people from using computers, before this whole planet is ruined?

Six reasons Minnesota students should vote this year

CherokeeProgressive told you my mom died. May I tell you how she lived?

1,000 Workers confined, forced to take partial payments

Let's party

Report: Children in Appalachia worse off

Federal Judge: Government Broke Fair Labor Standards Act During Shutdown!!!

Science Rawks!

Do you support or oppose the actions described by President Obama tonight?

Puppy break

Golden Gate Bridge District Meets As Labor Coalition Prepares For Strike

Golden Gate Bridge District Meets As Labor Coalition Prepares For Strike

Putin’s Popularity Soars to 87% in the Face of Adversity

Pro UNION Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes Gives Mitch McConnell Hell As He Looks On

Task force offers free app for abuse victims

Shadowy World for Chinese Surrogates

Hamas could have chosen peace. Instead, it made Gaza suffer.

Possible case of Ebola in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, tonight? Patient has been isolated.

Bombing Iraq. Not what I voted for.

Rudy Giuliani Says Jimmy Carter’s A Terrorist Spokesman Who’s To Blame For Gaza Violence

WIN Week In Review Audio: August 8-10, 2014

WIN Week In Review Audio: August 8-10, 2014

Dolphins' Reshad Jones suspended four games for PED violation

Family Leave Turns 21, Now It’s Time for Paid Sick Leave (Link added)

gratuitious kitteh pic - i are a sad lamp edition

1977 Black Panthers: 10 years after fight in SUPPORT of 'open & carry'

10 year old Israeli boy killed today in Hamas/IDF "air war". ......What?......Palestinian boy dead?

Noam Chomsky: Israel’s Actions in Palestine are "Much Worse Than Apartheid" in South Africa

GM issues 6 more recalls covering 312,000 vehicles

One-eyed cat named Cat of the Year!

The Atlantic: The war photo no one would publish (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

The War Photo No One Would Publish

Tennessee Supreme Court Justices Survive GOP Attempt To Kick Them Out

The myth of why the Yazidi's are considered "devil worshippers" by intellect challenged Christians

Donald Sterling appeal denied

"When the Koch brothers become a liability for Republicans"

Polls Show GOP Base Has Impeachment Fever, Even As Party Leaders Run From It

I don't usually do endorsements, but I'm willing to make an exception..

I just found out that my next door neighbor came up with the "This is your brain on drugs" campaign.

Bored, Florida Man repeatedly calls 911 to report fake crimes

Look at some of the "personnel and facilities" the President is talking about defending in Irbil

Standard & Poor's cuts Kansas credit rating, citing Brownback tax cuts

Cuter than kitties!

Again Tampa's Fox 13 News attacks Gov. Rick Scott. Great to see Fox do this again.

What will it take for Chilean Australians to have peace from Pinochet's heavies?

US stocks buck turmoil weighing on global markets

Sweet victory for Mexico beekeepers as Monsanto loses GM permit

Sweet victory for Mexico beekeepers as Monsanto loses GM permit

How I Became Thousands of Nerds' Worst Enemy by Tweeting a Photo (NDT photo backstory)

Bill Maher in Denver

NBC: Joan Rivers Stands Behind Comments About Gaza War Dead

The Burr under Weekend Economists' Saddle August 8-10, 2014

Like Cuomo, Astorino faces his own federal investigation

Here is what Israeli Foreign Minister stated back in 1967 --

Did anyone see that thread about Kitteh eating pythons today ?

Gig cancellations cost Israel £12m as Gaza conflict raises security fears

They Lied!

Tension as Gaza ceasefire lapses, with Hamas standing firm on demands

Who Else — Besides Americans — Are Flying Fighter Jets In Iraq?

interesting poster, by Dubai Police....

Gaza crisis: a closer look at Israeli strikes on UNRWA schools

How dare they

9/11 and the Cheney Conspiracy with Michael Ruppert (pt.2/2)

The article below, reports a story concerning a man advertising for a dog

25 of the world's most creative statues and sculptures

The Jewish-Arab Peace Song(with subtitles)

If we're still bombing Iraq in 2016, Joe Biden AND HRC will have a moral obligation NOT to run.

Desperate Iraqi Yazidis Flee into Syria After Kurdish Forces Secure Escape Route

Fear of ‘Another Benghazi’ Drove White House to Airstrikes in Iraq

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag Feat. David So Comedy

BBC report on systemic torture in Iraq

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag Feat. David So Comedy

Blast in Ukraine’s Capital Stirs Fears of New Conflict

Iraq bombing poll

The Hedgehog Floats Tonight

Toon: Corporate board meeting morals

August 9, 1974 (40 years ago today) - Nixon farewell to staff.

GOP Obstructionism Is Holding Up Funds to Catch Rapists

Revlon "Charlie" Ad with Shelley Hack & Bobby Short: 1970s

Chanel 5 Commercial with Carole Bouquet

Religious Discrimination 101

Stupid Religion

Pennsylvania bridal shop refuses to sell wedding gowns to lesbian couple

IDF soldier: Artillery fire in Gaza is like Russian roulette

Are you SURE? Hold on, I'll be right there.

Rockets, airstrikes after Gaza war truce collapses

Harvard and MIT Build A Robot That Can Build Itself

CEO of Baptist center fired after arrest for arranging dog sex encounter on Craigslist

Texas wants to sell alcohol at gun shows — and guns rights groups aren’t happy

Antisemitism on rise across Europe ‘in worst times since the Nazis’

U.S. District judge threatens to declare Argentina in contempt in hedge funds case

Bryan Fischer unhinged: Obama going into Iraq to save ‘devil worshipers’ from ISIS

WATCH: Atlantic City hotel security caught on video beating guests bloody

Why OKCupid sending users on bad dates was a good idea

Husband of CT Democratic candidate maintains ‘pro-white’ blog supporting ‘Aryan Skynet’

Florida church cancels ‘blasphemous’ funeral after learning man was gay

Google agrees to spend $250 million to stop online pharmacies from sneaking ads in

Dig this: Archaeology class explores 4,000-year-old culture

NSA surveillance is a clear threat to journalism in America

Minnesota GOP’s Supreme Court nominee can’t stop running into trouble with traffic cops

'Pastor' John Hagee: 'Nasty' Welfare Recipients Don't Deserve to Eat VIDEO

Kurdish pleas for weapons may finally be heard (link corrected)

Russell Brand rips Bill O’Reilly for turning to communist East Germany for immigration ideas

Mother files suit after her 8-year-old is Tasered by police for wielding a knife

Protest Music--Market Basket

Fox News contributor compares LGBT activists to racist southern cops from the 60's

Postage-stamp size ‘neurosynaptic’ computer chip mimics the human brain

CEO of Baptist center fired after arrest for arranging dog sex encounter on Craigslist

TN Democratic candidate for gov. wants voters to ‘join the NRA,’ put Bible back in school

Schoolboy's find unearths evidence of ancient conflict in Wales

Archaeologists make gruesome discovery near Skanderborg, Denmark

NYT Sunday Magazine Falls Hook, Line and Sinker For Libertarians' Big Propaganda Lie

Why is Obama bombing Iraq, Really?

6 Popular 'Miracle' Products That Are Actually Duds

“Move a little Inland:” Press Lord Cranky Billionaire Rupert Murdoch on what to do about Global Warm

Tell Seventh Generation to Clean Up Its Act (graphic animal test photo)

Putting out the miller's eye

To drown the miller

Gaza DEC appeal raises £4.5m in less than 24 hours

Project Homeless Connect at BCC helps those in need access assistance services

Navy, UC San Diego to Christen Research Vessel Sally Ride

Russia may negotiate price limits with domestic food producers

A month in, marijuana sales at $3.6 million

Hagel: US, India must improve defense cooperation

The Scary Economic Trend Making Americans More Job-Insecure Than Ever

Mercury in the global ocean: three times more mercury in upper ocean since the Industrial Revolution

Judge rejects $324.5M settlement of tech wage case

Vets say goodbye to aircraft carrier Saratoga

Guantanamo-bound MRI machine redirected to Md.

Confronting Sexuality and Identity in China

Huntington Ingalls' 2nd-quarter profit up 75 percent

One Of The Reasons Zumwalt-class Destroyers Cost OVER $5.6 Billion Dollars

President Obama: American Operations in Iraq

Paul Ryan's Tour of the "Inner City"

Ron Johnson: Outsourcing "Quite Beneficial to America"

Navy: Cuts Threaten 306-Ship Fleet Goal

Russian accused of hacking is arraigned in Seattle

DU needs a general and gentle reminder about the four paragraph rule

The Iraqi Government Just Provided Ammo To Kurds Who Are Trying To Break Away

The US started bombing ISIS

Pentagon Struggles To Get Small-Biz Tech

The Farewell-in-Hell Speech!!! . . . Please come CAPTION Tricky Dick!!!!

There's A Huge Financial Drain on US Prisons Nobody Is Talking About

Stopping Genocide-that's what I voted for.

Deadly Algae Are Everywhere, Thanks to Agriculture

White House Delays Proposal To Reclassify 'Factoryless Goods Producers'

Sen. John McCain says it's time for US to ease restrictions on arms sales to Vietnam

Vaquita Porpoise about to Go Extinct, Only 97 Remain

National Guard to pull out of NASCAR, IndyCar sponsorships

Air Force looking into misconduct involving test

To be certified at scuba diving

Crime tip of the day--Sliders

Working Class Hero

(Florida) Attorney General Pam Bondi: Let the U.S. Supreme Court decide gay marriage, not Florida co

Weekend Toon Roundup 1- Back in Iraq

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Atheist churches provide a community for Dallas nonbelievers

Hagel: US, India must improve defense cooperation

Pennsylvania Dog Owners Hold Protest at Police Station After Officer Kills Another Canine

With Miami-Dade police cadets facing layoffs, a top administrator urges: ‘Fight for them!’ Read mor

Tennessee GOP Lawmaker Behind 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Loses Primary Election

Why It Will Be So Hard To Rebuild Gaza's Devastated Landscape

Counties with delayed tax cap impact feel effects

UCC Becomes First Religious Sponsor Of Gay Games

Teacher shows up drunk, pantless to 1st day of school

McDonald's monthly sales worst in more than 10 years

Starbucks: We don't fund Israel

State economists say Florida on pace for $1 billion surplus next year Read more here: http://www.mi

US airlines running behind schedule so far in 2014

Desperate Scott Walker Asks Appellate Court to Kill Fed Injunction Against Voter ID

Naomi Klein: 'Our Economic Model Is at War with Life on Earth'

Post-Primary rift in GOP difficult to bridge

Lockheed defends F-35 program

Post-Primary rift in KS GOP difficult to bridge

Ceasefire in Gaza: Where Things Stand ( Surge in Israeli Nationalism ) Former Director B'Tselem (US)

Catholic Hospital Director Dies of Ebola in Liberia

Ugandan homosexuals hold pride parade

Bertrand Russell, A Liberal Decalogue (1951)

Activists Backpedal on Verrazano Bridge March and Vow Pressure on D.A. In Garner Case

Who will help the Kurds?

Dr Brantly growing stronger every day.

Let's play Jeopardy. Likud version! "Why Bibi Remains Silent"

How Things Spin With Linear Motion

Critics say SketchFactor app promotes racism

Man-Made Earthquakes Are Changing the Seismic Landscape

Israeli official: We will not negotiate under fire

Fox "News'" Two-Faced Immigration Stance---Congratulations, Rupert. You've outdone yourself.

Veteran Israeli filmmaker Menahem Golan dies at 85

It’s hard to see Netanyahu making difficult compromises, Obama tells NY Times

Zephyr Teachout urges state regulators to block Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable

Sooo, "history" is only three fucking years old?? No wonder our kids ain't lernin' stuff these daze.

The War Photo No One Would Publish

Ceasefire in Gaza: Where Things Stand ( Surge in Israeli Nationalism ) Former Director B'Tselem (US)

Obama promises Iraq intervention will be strictly limited to

City students' math, reading test scores inch up, teachers union estimates

NY Times and Torture: A Decade Too Late?

DEM AG candidates.

FICO to discount medical debt from credit scores - New rules will improve credit scores

Judge Ends Bloomberg-Council Prevailing Wage Dispute

VA chief makes 1st hospital visit amid scandal

Pacific watch: Typhoon Genevieve, P-TC Iselle, Hurricane Julio, Tropical Storm Halong

Medicare Reduces Payments For 2015 Hospital Admissions

Mosul Under ISIS Control: Vice News Reports - Mosul Residents Enjoy Calmer Lives.....For Now.

It’s time to criminalise the buying, but not the selling, of sex

Cheap Thrills

Gitmo.....Honor? ...I think not

hey, its my 60th birthday today.

A real answer from a famous actress about balancing job with motherhood.

Meridian Idaho company out $2.5 million on Chinese project

Apparently Arizona has a woo licensing board...

Egypt court dissolves Muslim Brotherhood party

Christina Ricci Gives Birth To Baby Boy!

If an argument lasts more than 5 minutes

Funny tweets

McConnell Campaign Nails Coffin: Kentuckians 'Too Dumb To Do Jobs Someone Overseas Does For Pennies'

Arizona has a woo licensing board.

Bush Administration Did Business Using No Bid Contacts to Haliburton

what if any vicarious responsibility does the admin have

Question for the experts at DU

I find it infuriating that so many conservatives blame Obama for the current Iraq crisis

Ontario Hospital Treating Patient With Ebola-Like Symptoms

Putin meets leaders over Nagorno-Karabakh

Federal Judge Rules Against NCAA In Antitrust Case Over Use Of Athletes' Likenesses

Irish senator blasts Israel as ‘right-wing regime’ committing ‘criminal’ acts in epic rant

From the elephant's mouth, Two elections for same office, on same day

With Belt back on DL, Giants fall to Royals

Police commissioner: NYC mayor is 'very pro-cop'

Starvation and DNA

I Can't Breathe

NY gov says he'd consider a new Bills stadium

Here's what President Eisenhower's labor secretary, James Mitchell, had to say about paying.......

US Sought to Change Historical Record of Public Court Proceeding Against NSA

Israelis dream of Europe

GOP Plots Offensive on Labor

Former New Jersey Republican official shot dead in apparent murder-suicide

Hawaii largely dodges one-two storm punch

Four roseate cockatoos scared away from Blackpool Zoo

Dolan to host leaders after NYPD custody death

Some people warned of this "mess"...

Remember the 94 year old guy who got laid off from Market Basket? He got a check yesterday!

Teachout residency questioned...

Your guilty pleasures

Pachysandra, How do I get rid of most of it? 'Free" does not seem to be working.

Cat Hacking

How is it possible to lose inches off your gut and hips, and not lose weight?

Last sunrise of the 2014 fire season, for me (A Two-fer!)

Tinnitus question

OBAMA ON THE WORLD: Friedman NYT interview with Pres. Obama


Comet and Raleigh, NC

He's a Black man not going to Tasty Freeze...they gonna be mad either way.

Hogging the Left Lane? - Be Aware of Georgia's new "Slow Poke" law

Can anyone suggest any free movies I can watch from YouTube on my iPad I'm at work making

"Eubola's got nothing on me!" . . . Please come CAPTION Michelle Bachmann!!!!

Volkswagen recalls some Tiguans

Huge protest in South Africa to support Gaza

Ronald Reagan Murdered America's Entrepreneurial Spirit (More US Business Dying than Being Born)

Gibson condemns U.S. action against Iraq

NSFW !!!! : SexShop3D Launches Their 3D Printable Sex Toy Model Marketplace

Pastor John Hagee: 'Nasty' Welfare Recipients Don't Deserve to Eat

Iron Dome Boondoggle: Has Obama Just Signed a $225M Check for a Defective Israeli Missile Shield?

Coal group not upset by Elaine Chao serving on board

NY charges ahead on electric vehicles

White students no longer to be majority in school

Do you support military action against ISIS?

LIVE RADIO NOW: Minimum wage, Another Iraq War?

I had breakast with two local Teaparty officials who brought up a black only dinner .....

What men are really saying when the Catcall women (funny as hell)

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 9, 2014

Avoid humans and mosquitoes

Atheist Author Cancels Seattle Appearance After Receiving Death Threats by "God's Little Helper"

The 18 Most Innovative Cities On Earth

Big balls in Cow Town

In Iraq, An Entire Religion Faces Extinction For Something It Doesn’t Believe

ISIS propaganda video -

Ukraine troops surround Donetsk, rebel leader says

A selection from A Shoggoth on The Roof

Forget Coffee: Kick Off Your Day With a 7 a.m. Rave

Has anyone seen any info on who is financing ISIS?

Redeveloping GM site could reverse poor ratings outlook

It all makes sense now

Can anyone explain the syntax of "I saw it happen"?

West Virginia Women Work program recognized

Iowa GOP Senate Candidate: U.S. Troops Should Have Stayed In Iraq 'Longer'

Pope Francis heads East, pointing to a new future for his Western church

Thousands rally for Hamas in Jordan

Elephant Mosaic In 5th Century Synagogue Uncovered

Funniest incident of street (non) harrassment I've ever experienced.

NYT Sunday Book Review: "The Invisible Bridge"

Elephant Mosaic In 5th Century Synagogue Uncovered

Who are the Yazidis, and why does ISIS want to kill them?

Who's good and who's bad for the various judge positions?

Cleveland hosts Gay Games in gay marriage battleground state

Camp unites Israeli, Palestinian kids over love for soccer

Walkway elevator to open to the public Thursday-Hudson River

Riot police called to Liberia Ebola protest


Hey, Judge Sutton: Here’s What Happens When You Put Gay Rights to a Vote

Every U.S. bomb in Iraq recruits more insurgent combatants

Man pretends to be a ghost in a cemetery

Obama's foreign policy isn't very exciting, but it is working

NY Times: "Obama Warns of ‘Long-Term’ Iraq Strikes" (And we're off to the races!)

NY DA Employs 381 Secret Orders to Obtain Full Digital Dossiers from Facebook

Hey Guitar Center why don't you "Walk This Way" into a fair contract with your workers?

Ulster County lawmakers advance rail trail plan

The Dangerous Nexus Between Radicalism in Britain and Syria’s Foreign Fighters

Meet the Flintstones

10 Things Traditional Christians Got Terribly Wrong

Statement released by the Market Basket BOD spokesperson this morning and workers/customers response

Hey Guitar Center why don't you "Walk This Way" into a fair contract with your workers?

4 Ways Christian Fundamentalists Get Progressive Christianity Shockingly Wrong

Bedbugs discovered on Lexington Ave. line after four N trains are sent for fumigation

This is my 8 year old daughter's role model

Kurdish news agency releases video of private humanitarian helicopter drop, swamped by refugees.

Could this ease the number of coal trains?

Obama leaves DC for Massachusetts island vacation

Did Nixon really order the Watergate break-in?

ISIS: The Spoils of the “Great Loot” in the Middle East

Roger Ailes came up with the idea of Fox News while working for the Nixon Whitehouse

Court appearance for GOP Rep. Michael Grimm postponed until Aug. 20

Stop confusing belief with faith. They are not the same thing.

Obama, Merkel Say Russia Will Face Consequences if It Enters Ukraine.

Steelworkers Ratify Contract at PSC Metals, Ending Lockout

Steelworkers Ratify Contract at PSC Metals, Ending Lockout

MB BOD offers compromise deal

Irish senator blasts Israel as ‘right-wing regime’ committing ‘criminal’ acts in epic rant

Texas Cheerleaders Still Begging Courts to Let Them Cheer for Jesus

Our economic model is at war with life on Earth. Naomi Klien's new book

A Man With Alzheimer's Drew Himself For 5 Years. These Photos Are Heartbreaking.

Herb Society of Nashville Display Garden

Instead of Verrazano March, Sharpton Will Bring Buses Across Bridge

America's Moral Obligations in Iraq

It's time to decriminalize the buying and selling of sex

“Food Chains” private screenings in San Francisco, LA pack the house with food movement, farmworker

“Food Chains” private screenings in San Francisco, LA pack the house with food movement, farmworker

What's your favorite healthy food?

Joan Bramhall, Former Christie Official, Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide

Personally, I support Isis.

Hamas Beating Fleeing Gazans a WAR CRIME on film

"Tampa heiress gives rejected dog new home, life of luxury"

Cuomo Signs Bill Allowing City to Lower Speed Limit to 25 MPH

Jeffrey Smith (Institute for Responsible Technology) Challenges Neil degrasse Tyson On GMOs

The Rebirth of Stakeholder Capitalism? by Robert Reich

Barnaby Raine

France to deliver first aid to Kurds in north Iraq

Risks & Politics of GMOs, Jeffery Smith's Conference to Health Care Professionals

Thousands Protest Against Israeli 'Apartheid' In S.Africa

Pro-Palestinian Protesters March To U.N. Headquarters

Seeking permission

Gaza talks on hold, Israeli delegation stays home

Creepy Song Lyrics.

I've got my spot reserved next month to ride one of these.

what the hell

Israel deliberately attacking medical workers in Gaza, Amnesty says

Russia Says It Chases Away Apparent U.S. Submarine in Barents Sea

Remember folks: CIA isn't responsible for consequences of its torture, people who inform public are

We broke it, we buy it? Bullshit.

So I just got a call from India about "Windows operating system on your computer."

Despite court victory, Kellogg to end lockout next week

'It's Madness! US opposes ISIS in Iraq, supports them in Syria'

Flood Watches and Warnings

Lion pride accepts man as one of their own! Wow!

Gender and the Justices: Girl trouble

(Had to share!) Do You Wanna Drive My Tractor?

The CIA hatched two plots to assassinate Nixon and sabotaged the Watergate break-in Read more: http

New memorial planned for gay veterans at Washington cemetery

Keep your inner peace.

Daring Nature Footage Captured by Drones

Texas proposes alcohol sales at some gun shows

Nixon Resigning--One of the happiest days of my life

Are US millenials turning away from Israel?

Anyone remember Little Smokey?

Whole Fools Will See Their Food Costs Rise, Just Because, You Know, Fear!

This Changes Everything

Police: Indy man stole brains from museum, sold them for cash

Rerun (6 years later) - My mother wrote this (about WWII)

Obama: U.S. strikes destroyed Iraq militants’ arms, equipment

"No Victor. No Vanquished".


Swedish man arrested after cops say his muscles are too big

Kerry presses Myanmar on democratic reform

Levitating wieners.

Women Stoned to Death in Syria for Adultery

Governor Deval Patrick offers to help end Market Basket feud

Spy Agencies Say al-Qaeda-Associated Combatants Defecting to ISIS as American Launch Strikes in Iraq

"Police also reported that you could see the outline of his body in oil on the bench"

Rowena (OR) wildfire: Residents may return home, but should stay vigilant

8 firefighters burned battling California wildfire

Worse than Al-Qaeda? ISIS pledges to raise flag of Allah in White House

Mark Levin Blasts President Obama for Vacationing At ‘Whitest Place on Earth’ (Martha’s Vineyard)

As ISIS Advances, Kurdish Female Fighters Take a Stand

**Submission Thread for August Photo Contest Posted In Photography Group**

US bots flagged Ebola before outbreak announced

Italy ‘ready to participate in a post-conflict Colombia’: Italian minister

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 12: Summer Under the Stars: Alexis Smith

Three Charts to Email to Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law (Updated)

Meet the female colonel leading Kurdish forces into battle against ISIS

UNICEF: Indigenous children left behind in their countries’ progress

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 13: Summer Under the Stars: Cary Grant

'New' rose at my cottage.

US launches 4 airstrikes against Iraqi militants

IDF Sniper Admits On Instagram To Murdering 13 Gaza Children

Golfer's nanny

Saying feminism is unnecessary because you don't feel oppressed is like saying... (HOF THREAD)

..."evidence of the world’s oldest known battle....some 13,000 and 14,000 years ago,"

Publisher Defends "Creepy" Charlie and Chocolate Factory Cover

Worth buying?

Gandhi 'Slept With Grandniece', Historian Tells UK Government

So le NYT Editorial Board writes on the basis of one sentence in a POlitico article now?

2nd arrest made in June shooting that injured girl on her 6th birthday

FTC's “Zapping Rachel” competition pits hackers against robocallers

Toon: Outbreaks In America