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Archives: September 22, 2014

ST:TNG Dharma play

Racism Doesn't Exist In America

No. of Employed Pennsylvanians Fell by 70,000 in last 2 months, unemployment rate rises

Audit discovers massive mismanagement problems & millions of lost dollars at Scott Walker's job-cre

Corbettites Ordered PA Conservation Dept. to Scrub Talk of "Climate Change" from its Website

The narrator in Terry Lynn Land's latest commercial pronounces Michigan .....

MightyText: a way to send text messages (sms) from your pc or tablet to a phone....

Syria refugee flood to Turkey hits 100,000

do you remember the 21st night of September?

Flash-flood watch canceled for Mt. Shasta mudflow

Issue with the Cobalt recall isn't fixed

Rescue dog rescues kid from having

Why Ordinary People Bear Economic Risks and Donald Trump Doesn’t

Sadly, electing Bernie won't help

Donations map for FIRE ISSA

Today's specials

Are conservatives more politically active than liberals?

Stormy Monday, 9/22/14

Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel

South Park Trolls Redskins With Promo Airing During Game

Sweet Rain' Ruby Sky MASQUERADE

STL County Police Academy’s New Course: How to Handle Media After You Gun Down an Unarmed Teenager


MSNBC: Climate activists not ready for Hillary

Can the Jury System Get More Context?

WTF Justice Department?

Largest Climate-Change March in History Unlikely to Convince Idiots

Germany pre-WW2, and us

Joy (clothing store) tweets itself into bigger hole over greeting card mocking bipolar

My favorite time of the year is in progress

Right Wingers are among the Laziest Americans...

Why Does TDPS Have So Many Conservative Trolls?

Favorite "Unplugged" music videos...

Siemens to acquire Dresser-Rand for $7.6 billion

"How the GOP stopped caring about you"

Limbaugh call screener: For most blacks, "Good old days were the days when things were segregated"

Good weekend

Boehner is saying the unemployed are just sitting around when in fact they are fighting inflation

I came up with a new analogy

Glacier breaks off Mt. Shasta Volcano in North California - Lahar mud flow

e-cigg update Working great

Babies getting thrown out of incubators

"The Income Chart That Explains American Politics"

Looks like CHOKE-ley is going to blow another one in Massachusetts

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi (VIDEO)

Poppy Family - Which Way You Goin' Billy (VIDEO)

Largest Climate-Change March in History Unlikely to Convince Idiots

DN! replay of Climate March,

Third Convoy Carrying Russian Humanitarian Aid Crosses Ukrainian Border

Greg Abbott Lied When pressed by Davis, Abbott lied about public school lawsuit

Naomi Klein talks about Climate Change on Democracy Now!

Big Oil’s heirs join call for action as climate summit opens

Three Afghan Soldiers Visiting Cape Cod Have Gone Missing

Rockefellers, Heirs to an Oil Fortune, Will Divest Charity From Fossil Fuels. edited

The Islamic State Is Upset With The French Government's New Name For Them

Yemen Rebels Gain Concessions From Government After Assault on Capital

Does anyone use a roomba? If so, do you like it? Any drawbacks?

'The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery And The Making Of American Capitalism'

Top US "journalists" helped Obama hone his speech on ISIS

Holy Crap..!!!!

How we grew up: an Israeli veteran on the dehumanising power of military control

Newton vs NIST by Jonathan Cole - Japanese

Mars Maven mission arrives in orbit

Disability is a Cause and Consequence of Poverty

''Feeble’ Health Canada can't block dodgy drug imports

Greeks captivated by Alexander-era tomb at Amphipolis.

"Fuse" channel is showing Michael Jackson videos...

Cucumber Salad with Soy and Ginger

Dumb Criminals: Mom And Two Teens Accused Of Drawing Penis In Football Field

WTF ...161

I just ran across this at Twitter. A rant from a father of a special education student.

A list of White House perimeter incursions

The first and second morals of the fable

Stunning Nasa Video: The Earth - A Living Creature

A year and a half after "70 lbs. down. Now I can rant about obnoxious fitness fanatics"...

Today is the first day of fall, for those of us in the northern hemisphere !

Obama Taps Star General to Build Syrian Rebel Army to Fight ISIS

Rick Perry: Joan Rivers' death would have been prevented in a Texas abortion clinic

Giants swept by Padres, limp into Los Angeles

Back and Forth, Wearily, Across the ISIS Border - NYT

Salmond warns Scotland could leave the UK WITHOUT a referendum

How and why were 46 Turkish hostages freed?

Yaqui Tribal Authority’s Jailing in Water Conflict Signals Need to Implement Environmental Justice

Well, the march is at the top of my Google news feed with 2000+ articles

Pioneer initiative to triple Brazil's marine protected areas project

Pioneer initiative to triple Brazil's marine protected areas project

ISIS urges Muslims to 'kill disbelievers' and calls John Kerry an 'old uncircumcised geezer'

Samper in Argentina updates Unasur agenda with Timerman

Nothing Like Talk Of A War To Silence A Small Target Opposition Leader

I wouldn't mind (so much), except I don't think everyone is there voluntarily

Peru Plans to Abolish Iconic Amazon Indigenous Reserve, NGO Claims

Peanut allergies: 'Roasted worse than raw nuts'

September 22

Davis might use executive action to expand Medicaid

Oh, my gosh, this is epic. Local reporter drops F-bomb, quits on live TV. Seriously - Epic.

Blair wants Iraq/Middle East War 3

Anti ISIS Syrian Rebel Leader Uses Hello Kitty Notebook

Does Human Rights Watch Understand the Nature of Prejudice?

Dallas dentist pouring his own money into U.S. Senate campaign

Physicists in Switzerland set distance record in quantum teleportation

How Wind Stilling Is Affecting Insects Search For Food

‘Weed Bowl’ gives NFL another chance to look at treating head trauma with marijuana

Ashraf Ghani named Afghanistan’s next president

Only 5 show for militia border shutdown as organizers blame threat of ‘mass blood shed’ by cartels

9 college freshmen dead in alcohol-related incidents in first weeks of new school year

Former Blackwater CEO says his mercenaries could have stopped ISIS if not for Obama

Tucker Carlson: Smoking in children’s cartoons is a ‘symbol of freedom and masculinity’

ISIS "We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women"

Researchers find ‘biggest volcanic eruption in last 500 years’ devastated Europe’s climate

Ex-NFL player defends family tradition of child beatings with bullwhips and broomsticks

Texas denies drivers license to woman who took her partner’s name in same-sex marriage

Fox News priest demands government ban Satanic masses ‘in the name of free speech’

Climate change marches: Kerry cites fight against Ebola and Isis as thousands join protests

After Surgery, Surprise $117,000 Medical Bill From Doctor He Didn’t Know

A Sting in the Desert

“Operation Ice ISIS”: ‘Anonymous’ Hackers take on Extremist Group on Social Media

Are Syrian "moderates" all that moderate?

Canada fails to meet East Asian potential

Carbon funds bypass Asian indigenous peoples

Egypt forces shoot Palestinians infiltrating through Gaza tunnel

Harsh light shines on Vietnam's prisons

Every Day, 52 Kids Get Shot

Gruesome Buddies: ISIS Beheadings and the American Death Penalty

A survey of America’s idiots comment on climate change march


ISIL is recruiting in Ankara, Turkey

How Ayn Rand Brought You Kim Kardashian and the Cult of Self-Obsessed Celebrity

Toon Space the privatization race;

Giant, Diverse Climate March Makes History, with Protests on Tap for Monday

How Rich Old White Men Are Taking Lunch Money Away From Inner-City Black Kids

For-Profit Colleges Are America's Dream Crushers

Body Counts Rise As Chaos Deepens: Is There A Way Out?

Does Heidi Hall lack "proper background or intellect"?

'Boots on the ground' must put 'feet in the streets'

Obama's New Jobs Plan Helps Veterans and the Environment!

Borowitz: Largest Climate-Change March in History Unlikely to Convince Idiots

Checkpoints around White House may be coming

Rockefeller Heirs Join Pledge To Divest $50 Billion From Fossil Fuels

Cat Portal.

Military Update: 80,000 vets with PTSD could gain discharge upgrades

VA Chief: ‘Tens of thousands’ more staff

Madam Secretary (Updated CBS orders a full season-22 episodes)

Three Afghanistan Military Officers Missing On Cape Cod

Buying Back the U.S. Senate

The two Democratic Parties: corporate Dems versus progressive Dems

Meme of the Week

The Horror! Must We Lurch Harder Right to Go Left?

United Nations Global Survey for a Better World

Wasps use the viral DNA hiding in their own DNA as a biochemical tool

Fat free, no sugar, ice cream.

Accused White House intruder to appear in court

Chris Hedges: The Coming Climate Revolt

John Oliver on the Miss America Pageant

World stock markets slip on China growth jitters

WOW! Did you SEE all the coverage Morning Joe gave the climate change march today?!

YouTube Star Posts "Prank" Assaulting Women

Restaurant begs for 1-star-reviews to protest Yelp-extortion.

In a Mattress, a Fulcrum of Art and Political Protest

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya.

Money Is Pouring Into Tech Like It’s 1999—And That’s Not Good

Explore the Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator...

Monday Toon Roundup 1- War and Peace

Backers seek expansion of civil rights death law

So if we help the "good" rebels against the "bad" rebels...

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

WV State Officials "Concerned" That Freedom Industries Isn't Actually Cleaning Up Much Of Anything

After 4 Native Leaders Murdered In Logging Fight, Peru Strikes Back By . . . Forming A Commission

Russia's Luckiest Cyclist

Sibling bullying linked to later (young adult) depression, self-harm

STUDY: Internet trolls are sadists and psychopaths, likely to be right-wingers, and some are paid.

Venezuela's Maduro launches civilian disarmament plan

Exciting Toilet question, can you advise?

Who blabbed about Gary Hart-Donna Rice affair?

"We're all gonna die! It's the end of the world! Doom, gloom, locusts, jock itch!"

Whoops. Tuesday Climate Meeting Agenda Doesn't Even Mention World's Oceans

Is This Photo With Rick Perry For Real? If So, We LOVE This Woman

Did Hillary Clinton attend the climate change march?

Good CT Dems, please work for Malloy's re-election!

Islamic State group calls for attacking civilians

Irony: Subject of PA Manhunt is a "survivalist" yet...

GOP "leaders" signed a pact with the Devil re: Climate Change

Climate protesters plan to risk arrest during (Monday) Flood Wall Street sit-in

"F__K-IT, I Quit": KTVA reporter quits on-air, reveals herself as owner of Alaska Cannabis Club

"No news reporters were present, but Sarah Palin still blamed the media."

Tony Blair: 'Ground troops are necessary to fight Islamic State - diplomacy will not defeat them'

U.S. Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms (NY Times)

We can Bomb the World to Pieces but We Can't Bomb It into Peace - Franti

TOM TOMORROW: Building Blocks of War ("Manic Pixie Dream Insurgents")

Robert Reich: Why Ordinary People Bear Economic Risks and Donald Trump Doesn’t

Thought of the day:

The climate parade got no press coverage because it had no focus or agenda.

U.S. Navy unveils high-speed rail gun

See why the West is suddenly talking with Iran??

Rockefellers Divesting From Big Oil

Question for DUers

A dozen teabaggers can make national news. A few hundred thousands dirty hippies, not so much.

I celebrate Feminism and support it in every way.

Three Afghan soldiers loose in Cape Cod area after shop till you drop trip to. UPDate:

We All Can Learn Something About Generosity From This Amazing Little Girl (tissue alert)

Clorox exits Venezuela citing govt restrictions

Progressive Protests vs. Right-wing Protests

Question about the World War Z movie (spoilers)

Krugman has a funny blog today...calls himself a "dirty old man"

Jury selection in Michael Dunn trial scheduled to begin Monday morning

If I die of a Heart Attack....

ISIS taking a keen interest in John Kerry's penis

if only..........

"Noah" on "Climate Change"

4chan to Emma Watson: You speak out on gender equality, we release nude photos

Tony Blair: 'Ground troops are necessary to fight Islamic State - diplomacy will not defeat them'

Nobody really knows how many Vietnamese died. Most Americans don’t really care....

Pink Floyd stoke anticipation for new album with global artwork launch

US existing home sales fall in August

Nicolas Sarkozy: marriage equality "humiliating to families"

I'm visiting Portland next month

Taking a Call for Climate Change to the Streets

Columnist in South Molton News, Devon, England: 'Gays will cause collapse of civilization'

NY Times video "Sounding off on climate change"

"You need to be afraid" It's what ISIS wants (along with Glock-Smith&Wesson-Ruger-Heckler-Koch&Colt)

Late Saturday I posted a poll about what people think is the most important issue to tackle

At Least 1,000 Climate Change Protesters Are About To "Flood" Wall Street

Brazil readies election thriller

Pic Of The Moment: Media Reacts As Over 300,000 People March For Action On Climate Change

How "Protect & Serve" Became "Search & Destroy"

Street barricade between Grosse Pointe Park and Detroit to be taken down

Florida Women goes to ridiculous lengths to look ridiculous for ridiculous reasons

3 Afghan military officers missing from Cape Cod military base Read more:

Roger Goodell wants YOU

WOW weekend at Cal Poly San Louis Obispo

Now available at the DU Lounge Pet Store.....

Live streams from #FloodWallStreet

Governor confident ambush suspect will be caught

Capitalism in Crosshairs

Fueling the fear. Administration says some Americans fighting with ISIS have returned

Couple hosting anti-Keystone XL (Willie Nelson and Neil Young) concert didn't expect to be involved

John Kerry hails ‘extraordinary’ Afghan unity move

LiveStream of Flood Wall Street

ESPN and Major League Baseball announce the cancellation of the playoffs

The Times: TV Drama "Madam Secretary" pays hommage to HRC.

After an exhausting couple of months in clinic, only two work-days this week!

(Politico) Exclusive: Lois Lerner breaks silence

Tweet of the day: Obama impeachment rally (May 2014) vs Climate change action rally (Sept 2014)

"Unchecked Abuse of Presidential Power"

Donald Trump weighs in on Scotland vote — and Scotland weighs in on him

Here are the defense industry dollars behind the votes to arm Syria’s rebels

Justice Kagan performs her first same-sex wedding

WSJ: Sarkozy Plots Return With a Revamped Party

Weren't we supposed to save Africa from Joseph Kony?

Krugman- Return of the "Bums on Welfare"

Here's a new one--In CO, Corey Gardner(R-BibleBeater) commercial "PRESENTED BY"

Keep the Republic

Just removed McAfee and installed window essentials

One Ewing will die - Season Finale of Dallas tonight

One Ewing will die - Dallas Season Finale tonight

As Sunni Tribes Sit on Sidelines, U.S. Airstrikes Don’t Halt ISIS (IOW Ground Troops Needed)

Hooray! A (Bad) Presidential Nomination Is Dead

CNN: Kerry:New York Climate Summit to Set Agenda.

watching a live stream of Climate Marchers Occupying Wall Street!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Miss America Pageant (HBO)

Ukraine troops prepare withdrawal amid holding ceasefire

Gun Owners of America head threatens democrats, again.

John Oliver At It Again! This Time He Exposes The Myths And Mysoginy Behind Miss America!

On Police Brutality & Experiencing Blackness Through My Boyfriend’s Eyes

Putin Considers Throwing Russia Into ISIS Fight: Report

The Turning Point

Art Man of Alcatraz - Ai Weiwei Takes His Work to a Prison

Conservative activist calls fighting domestic violence a "socialist plot."

Two Broken Paws and a Piano

Is there anything strange about this picture?

Trying to pick my favorite politician...

For those supporting the President's plan to fight ISIS: What if....

Fascism 101: The Police and Media Control

WHO Ebola Report for 22 Sept.

House/Senate Votes - CD 34 9/22/14

Is Obama Making Deal With Putin Over ISIS?

Why people camping out for the new iPhone won't be cited under the sit-lie law

Melted glacier sends miles of mud down Mt. Shasta

More PCM Photos - These from the PCM website:

Highly Touted Terrorist Prospect Weighing Multiple Recruitment Offers

ISIL Uses Chlorine Gas in Attack.

Lawmakers Reject Pentagon Bid to Spend War Funds on F-35s

OK, everybody! I am now looking for your ideas on a theme for the October contest!

Dem poll: Pryor up in Arkansas

U.S. Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms

Tiger’s Robertson Says Bond Bubble to End in ‘Very Bad Way’

Pat Robertson excuses Biblical genocide

Afghan soldiers found. They were trying to cross over to Canada.

Rush Limbaugh’s Black Sidekick, James 'Mr. Snerdley' Golden: Segregation Was The ‘Good Old Days’

What are people — and the Post Office — for?

What is Pat Robertson?

To Those 400,000 Climate Change Marchers: Here is how to Make an Even Bigger Impact. VOTE.

Judicial Watch Founder Larry Klayman: President Obama Must Follow 'God's Will' And Nuke ISIS

UN Seeks Libya Peace Talks as More Than 140,000 Flee Conflict

Sorry... we're closed...

MN State House Candidate Roger Weber (R) Being Sued After Allegedly Sawing His Neighbor's Garage

Eleanor Roosevelt vs. Cardinal Spellman

You can't spell ELITE without...

Armed RW "poll watchers" in Wisconsin - scary

Why doesn't San Jose have a pro football team?

Iraq officials say Baghdad car bomb has killed 12

Any recommendations for TK2Kewl's personal circumcision

Muslim youths counter Islamic State with #NotInMyName Twitter campaign

Official: Some Americans Who Fought In Syria Have Returned

Did you take Al Qaeda / bin Laden seriously before 9/11?

The Fifth Horseman: The Insights of Victor Stenger (1935–2014)

Inconvenient truths about the New Democrats, the Third Way, Democratic Leadership Council, etc

Poll finds Utah voters OK with guns in classrooms

2014 Ballot Questions: Some are obviously bad (i.e., personhood). What think fellow DUers in CO?

AP: Obama has built a complicated immigration record

Excellent interview just now (9/22/14) on Thom Hartman with Phil Donahue - no podcast available?

5 takeaways about religion and politics before the midterms

Vet just called. Today sucks. (Updates)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Elections A ‘More Meaningful Measure’ If Voters Must Pass Test

Candidate’s 1998 Strip Club Visit Stirs Kansas Governor’s Race

The Great Divide Facing Pope Francis That Only Catholics Understand

There is NO "Islam State"

Hamas and Fatah have behaved shamefully

In Senate Battle for Control, the Wild Cards Become Alaska and Kansas

Ring of Fire: GA Senator Thinks Voting is Too Easy for Black People

Phoenix-area folks: Help a friend find her kitteh.

Turkish Forces Clash With Kurds Trying to Cross Into Syria

President Obama is massively expanding U.S. Nuclear Weapons: (price tag: 1 trillion bucks)

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 22, 2014

Radiation experiments left black children with holes in their heads (WARNING: Graphic pic)

Police brutality/murder of citizens continues - Seven incidents in one week

Indiana Toll Road Seeks Bankruptcy as Traffic Declines

Donald Trump endorses Mitch McConnell for Speaker of the House

What a boob: Florida woman gets third breast implant (mildly NSFW)

Gov Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Has No Budget For Voter ID

US stocks drop as China weighs on markets

Kris Kobach (KS SoS) didn't always fight so hard to keep Democrats on the ballot

Qatar adamant it will host 2022 World Cup despite doubts

The GOP's 2014 Values Voter Summit - Can't tell your haters without a program

Qatar Is Building A $45 Billion City From Scratch For The World Cup That It Might Lose

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres Goes Job Hunting

Source: Three Afghan soldiers located at Canadian border

Frenchman says has been kidnapped by Islamic State offshoot in Algeria - video

Another unarmed man murdered by Police in cold blood in California

Doris Kearns Goodwin Speaks....

Alison for Kentucky TV Ad "Where Was He?"

Syrian jets bomb rebels in Lebanon near the town of Arsal

Rabbis Find Talk of Israel and Gaza a Sure Way to Draw Congregants’ Wrath.

Sen. who told Gilliibrand that he liked his girls chubby, was

Syrian jets bomb rebels near Lebanon's Arsal

Who Runs the Girls?

Labour's Ed Miliband pledges to boost NHS spending

BS percentage needed on "the 25 year Great Depression"

State Farm drops ad starring Rob Schneider over anti-vaccine views

Hannah Graham: Police Issue Arrest Warrant (missing UVA Sophmore)

Brad Cooper admitted he did it - plea deal. What scum.

Medicare Part D, Medicaid and prescription costs -

Lindsey Graham is hysterical and blubbering about ISIS

$1 million gift to Foundation for Appalachian Ohio

John Oliver - Cuban Embargo. Obama extends US embargo for another year.

Just a touch of humor

The Wisdom of Chopra

Fuck this: Secret Service messes up and we pay the price? No way.

The U.S. Is Losing a Generation to Poverty

OMG, check out what McCain said about arming ISIS

State, ‘paramilitaries’ responsible for most of Colombia’s human rights violations: Report

Islamic State urges attacks on US, calls Obama 'mule of the Jews'

21 Protest Songs That Changed America (I wish).

Rick Perry prosecutor hires Austin lawyer to join him

SEC Pays $30 Million to Whistleblower in Largest Award

SpaceX breaks ground on Texas rocket launch site

Best way to quit your job - wish I had done this a few times!

Sr. Mary Ann Walsh (former USCCB spokeswoman): "Just say thank you" to nuns

What happened to the Federal Deficit? Is it gone?

Who's the dude with the hair nowadays in Congress?

Fox News Connects The White House Fence Jumper To Benghazi

Saudi Arabia has added Norm Coleman to its lobbying payroll, the Nation reports

Would you rate the United States, in the 2010s as a Producer or Consumer?

This Cat Uses Sign Language To Interact With Its Deaf Owner

Chris Christie will be the republican nominee for President

Escaping the Extreme Christian Fundamentalism of "Quiverfull"

Scotland’s young, feisty yes generation has nowhere to go

Jesse Lee Peterson: Combating Domestic Violence Is A 'Socialist' Plot, 'Feminist Charade'

Scientists consider new names for climate change

Wish that I'd known about this man before.

Why is it that if you accidentally kill someone you are charged with man's laughter?

Protesters Flood Wall Street Over Global Climate Change

Israeli gay party promoter criticised for Isis parody

Deaf Man Fatally Shot By Florida Deputies As Son Explains He Can’t Hear Them

The Unusual Language That Linguists Thought Couldn’t Exist

Rockefeller Fund divorces itself from fossil fuels

Papantonio: Democrats – Leave The South NOW!

White House Fence-Jumper Omar Gonzalez Held Without Bail

"War": I do not think that word means what you think it means.

CO-GOV: "Rape or incest, and pregnancies resulting from, are relatively few"

Riots in Glasgow after Scottish referendum on independence

How many?


B’Tselem finds: No justification for live fire that killed 10-yr-old Khalil ‘Anati in al-Fawwar R.C.


The 10 Funniest Signs From the People's Climate March

Good News Today!! Hatch gaining on Branstad!

Egypt NGOs 'robbed of independence'

Breaking...Someone cared enough to adopt a beautiful little problem child with a bad background

If talks fail, Hamas says it will not return to war

Cuba to build pharmaceutical plant in Bolivia

Putin kicks off Latin America tour with Cuba stop

Why didn't anyone tell me that the Blacklist Season premiere was on tonight?

Stanford will divest from fossil fuels. Yale will not.

Democrats outnumber Republicans in state of Kentucky.

Telescope made using a 3D printer captures incredible picture of the moon

New Hampshire Senate and Governors poll

Google Announces Plans to Cut Ties With ALEC

First gubernatorial debate tonight. 9/22

Amy Goodman on Rockefeller disvestment of fossil fuel

Frank LUNTZ (the"DemoCRAT Party" focus group fake)puts the words in GOODELL's mouth. (Longish link)

Southern states are now epicenter of HIV/AIDS in the U.S.

Control of the Senate may linger till Jan 6. Louisiana will probably have a runoff Dec 6 because

Detroit tells judge: We can't give away free water

Miss America Was Kicked Out of Her Sorority for Abusive Hazing

After scandal, congressman's TV ad features wife

Nebraska has emerged as ground zero in oil transport showdown

"Bully-Victims" an abusive creation of bullying

Computer bungle leads to Mexico child porn arrest

Donald Trump Endorses Mitch McConnell for the Wrong Job

Hey. Someone directed me to this group.

How come almost everybody on here doesn't like Hillary?

Abbas weighs intl action against Israel

Photos of Grandville teens in apparent sex act go viral; police investigating

Companies which Make Money By Keeping Americans “Terrified of Terror Attacks”

Climate Change March - recap

The story of Private Henry Tandy and Private Adolph Hitler

Lafayette judge rules Louisiana same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional

WTC 7 Sound Evidence for Explosions by David Chandler - Polish

That was interesting.

Hillary Clinton Joins Dems In Call For Women’s Rights ‘Movement’ To Win Elections

Here's What It's Like To Live With The Zapatistas, 20 Years After Their Attempted Revolution In Mexi

How ya gonna keep em' down on the farm?

Ecuador to strengthen trade and investment ties with UAE

Woman writes fanfic of Harry Potter, from a fundy Christian viewpoint.

MLB now has a length of games committee

USA and UK Committed Genocide Against the Iraqi People: Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire

Larry Klayman wants a military coup...

Yemeni Shiite Rebel Sweep Into Capital Kills 340

Creepiest ad of the 2014 election cycle

The reason there not enough SS to protect the WH or the President..

‘White Whale’: Wild Orca Is One Of Only Four Of Its Kind Ever Seen

HAHAHA: Looks like the GOP lawsuit against Obama just ran into some BIG trouble.

New Afghan Leader Promises Equal Rights for Women

Does The GOP Really Give A Shit About The Debt?

A Republican MN House Candidate Is Being Sued After Allegedly Sawing His Neighbor's Garage In Half

Activists urge renewed women’s rights focus as UN meets in New York

Clinton Joins Dems In Call For Women’s Rights ‘Movement’ To Win Elections

Big Business Billionaires to Continue Buying Elections in the US

“The church supports the right of a woman to make her own choices”...

Excessive-force trial throws spotlight on notorious Denver jail

KCRG: Iowa absentee ballot requests nearly double 2010 total

BREAKING: Obama to take executive actions to make it more difficult for corporations to dodge taxes

‘It Belongs To God!’: Pat Robertson Snaps At ‘Liberal’ Viewer Who Wants To Tax Churches

Early life in Syria molds human rights advocate

Fact Sheet for the Detroit Water and Sewer Department

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Florida woman has surgery to add third breast

Bryan Fischer (Director of Issues Analysis for AFA): All Immigrants Should Convert To Christianity

Ed Schultz on MSNBC *leads* with the Climate Change demonstrations worldwide

Retrial to begin for Florida man accused of shooting teen over loud music

State Farm drops ad starring Rob Schneider over anti-vaccine views

Jesse Lee Peterson: Combating NFL Domestic Violence Is A 'Socialist' Plot, 'Feminist Charade'

A friend of a friend in Hollywood passed away

John Boehner’s Lawyer Quits Because Lawsuit Against Obama Could Harm His Credibility

Republican Ad Treats President Obama Like Abusive Boyfriend (GOP's Reply to War on Women)

Putin is on the march; ISIL is at Turkey's borders. I am beginning to think Hillary...

A hidden, drastic change in NC school funding

Highland Park ISD parents start group to protest book suspensions

Republicans dismiss equal pay and abortions for rape as minor issues; Dems pounce

BOG post: Thinking about the value of Hillary's supposed hawkishness

Crackdown Targets Inversions Designed to Limit U.S. Taxes

Huh? "Most Members of the Black Caucus Have Supported Police Militarization"?