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Archives: October 1, 2015

Guardian‘s Terrible Dilemma over Corbyn

KABC’s Glendale Studios Get All-Clear After Bomb Scare And Evacuations

Pentagon: Russian airplanes may not be targetting ISIS in Syria.

Bernie Sanders Raises $24 Million...

Here is what the Sec. Service leaking info on Rep. Jason Chaffetz is all about:

C-SPAN Video: Cecile Richards testifies before the House Oversight ... Planned Parenthood

Zadroga Act that helps 9/11 attack victims and first responders not extended by Congress

Going from conscientious objection into actively practicing that objection is a thin line.

My daughter posted this on Facebook after a discussion we had about young people not voting

BREAKING Bernie news!!!! (UPDATED $ INFO)

Bernie Sanders Raises $24 Million, Powered by Online Donations Exceeding Obama’s 2008 Pace

Have I got a surprise for this group!!!

Favorite funny TV shows and/or movies

Comedian Tricks HLN talking about Edward Scissorhands instead of Ed Snowden

Happy ICD-10 eve to my comrades!

Police: Man, 19, was texting when he hit woman along highway

Caitlyn Jenner Won't Face Charges in Fatal Crash

David Brocks statement on Benzhazi Sham

Police smashed car window to rescue a baby on the passenger seat - but there was one problem

Is rhere a thread or page that shows deceased members or inactive accounts?

Mitt Romney weighs in on 2016, says Trump ‘will not be the nominee’

Is Obama Fighting ISIS, Assad or Russia?--The Real News Network

Trump Reassures Voters He'll Send All Syrian Refugees Back

Orlando Sentinel "My Word" Op-Ed: U.S. Massive Aid to Israel Must Stop

'McCarthy’s Comments 'Deeply Distressing' - HRC,

Safety Last-One of the most reprehensible bosses in recent history is finally facing justice

Trump says he would send Syrian refugees back if elected

Jeb Bush Just Gave A Middle Finger To The Entire Native American Community

'McCarthy’s Comments 'Deeply Distressing' - HRC,

Kevin McCarthy’s silver-plated gift to Hillary Clinton

Mandatory Wednesday Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!!

Then and now

Barney Frank joins Signature Bank board

I think I died and went to craft beer heaven

Carolinas, DC and Central Pennsylvania look to have a very unwelcomed visitor coming

Ths is very true.

U.S. Secret Service combed files of lawmaker probing agency

Hillary Clinton Pitched Iraq As a 'Business Opportunity' for US Corporations

The Latest: Syrian group says Russian strikes killed 36

Trump in South Park 9:30 pm

I'd love to see Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker...

Brief video: Hillary responding to Benghazi Committee revelation: (HILLARY GROUP)

Prosecute Bush & Cheney! The Real Reasons George & Dick Belong Behind Bars | Jesse Ventura - OTG

Whole Foods To Stop Profiting From Prison Labor

Russia is bombing the fuck out of moderate opponents to the brutal dictator Assad

There is no good reason for a Democratic presidential nominee to support the death penalty.

Follow-up: Travis County Prosecutor-For-Hire Deal with Texas Mutual Ins. Co. Postponed

India vs China: Soldiers get into verbal duel at the Indo-Tibetan border!

Amid Lawsuit, Lt. Gov. Patrick Defends Medicaid Cuts to Therapy

Sanders nearly outraises Clinton, each post more than $20 million

I'm one of the poverty stricken...

Brief video: Kevin McCarthy Admits Benghazi Committee Formed to Beat Hillary Clinton (HRC GROUP)

No matter what the Pope tells you, Kim Davis.

Organic Food during Mother's Pregnancy Reduces Risk of Male Birth Defects

Where's my hankie?

The woman that SHOULD be Gov of Texas endorsed Hillary

Hillary Clinton: My Past Incorrect Assessments Do Not Reflect on My Assessment Abilities

Get ready for Speaker Word Salad

The GOP may be out of touch BUT...

The Catholic Apprentice: The Pope vs. the Koch brothers.

Mom and I got a fire going at her home in northern WI...

White House rips McCarthy for Benghazi comments: (HILLARY GROUP)

Les Geais Bleu division à rivet!

America, your Sexist Roots are Showing (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

Clinton angry at gay-friendly passports, worried about Fox/Palin

This is Joaquin

Kevin McCarthy? Next Speaker Of The House? My God!!

Why is Maddow so FASCINATED with the Republican primary debate rules?

Syrian ‘moderates’ aren’t so moderate in Iraq

'It's miserable.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is attacking the East Coast.

Conservatives wonder: Why aren’t Planned Parenthood’s poll numbers falling?


NPR: What Edward Snowden On Twitter Could Mean For The Presidential Race

CNN: Sanders nearly outraises Clinton, each post more than $20 million

Look out DC and the Atlantic coast.

Russian press article explains why the US supported anti-Assad resistance is a failure

Thirsty leopard gets help for pot-head problem in India

EARTH: Declining U.S. Water Use a Challenge For Models

GOP leader accidentally tells the truth about Benghazi committee

The second best team in the majors will have to win one stinking game to advance.

(Speaking of Exxon) MSU partners with ExxonMobil to advance biofuel research

Childhood asthma risk affected by bacteria in early infancy

Vice: Email to Hillary Clinton Shows Effort to Quash Story About WikiLeaks and Turkey

Governor Martin O'Malley Speaks at Pitzer College

New Progressive Era: Bernie Sanders' Momentum CONTINUES!!!

Federal court blocks Obama administration's fracking rules

China throws Tibetan monks into prison to rot and die

Maryland gun-control advocates push for nationwide adoption of state’s handgun law

CNN: Trump University fraud claims follow Donald Trump on campaign trail

USW and Sherwin Alumina clash over health care, attempt to end 11-month lockout

Artist fatally shot while working on anti-violence mural in Oakland

Houston highlighted in audit exposing ambulance schemes

"Why Don't Refugees Go Back To Where They Came From?"

How Pope Francis Undermined the Goodwill of His Trip and Proved to Be a Coward

"Barefoot". What a great movie

President Jimmy Carter will join 1,500 volunteers in Nepal for Habitat for Humanity

One bottle of Dogfish Head 120 and I have a serious buzz going

High School Students Try To Do Journalism On Guns, Gun-Humpers Freak Out

HuffPo:Bernie Sanders, Not Hillary Clinton, Deserves Union Endorsements

Brent Budowsky: Dem debate showdown

Price of Solar Energy in the United States Has Fallen to 5¢/kWh on Average

Al Gore spreads environmental gospel before climate talks

Al Gore spreads environmental gospel before climate talks

Rachel Maddow on Kevin McCarthy and Hungria (He can't even read his own cue cards)

U.S. hotel chains circle Cuba as visitors surge, restrictions ease

NYT: Hillary Clinton Camp Is Making Moves to Check Joe Biden

Everyone you know will be able to rate you on the terrifying 'Yelp for people'

Ben Carson Laughs About Throwing Rocks at Cars, Before Cops 'Would Shoot You' -- "Everybody Did It"

Mike Malloy - Barack Obama At The U.N.: A Breathtaking Example Of Hypocrisy

Fuck The Pope, Part Deux

Bernie on Ellen in October...

Transcript - Charlie Rose interview with Putin

Charlie Rose interview with Putin

Senate Could Drop Confederate Flag from Seal (FL)

Listen to this beautiful child.

Movies Under the Stars

Bernie's donation total for Q3 continues to climb, now $26 million

Modern witch and pagan publisher finds magic in her craft

Happy 91st birthday President Jimmy Carter

Surface of the oceans affects climate more than thought

Troy Newman: Anti-abortion activist detained after flying to Melbourne despite visa cancellation

Try not to be jealous of this woman swimming with a pack of otters

From Good Reads:"This wasn’t an abortion": CNN forces anti-Planned Parenthood group to admit Fiorina

Jeb Bush Sees Himself as the John McCain of 2016

'White Power,' KKK signs cause neighborhood stir (TX)

Hydrogen for all seasons

The Untold Story of the Texas Biker Gang Shoot-Out

Hillary sold out LGBT community to keep Fox News happy

Denali change revives call to drop racist name of Washington lake

WPI Team Recovers Rare Earth Elements From Discarded Motors of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Redlining as a Product of the Pseudoscience of Eugenics

Bernie: 1,300,000 donations from 650,000 people.

Powell: I stay Republican 'because it annoys them'

If you were John Boehner would you try to "stick it" to the TP

Why Republicans are scared of everything and everyone right now

Halloween is coming…

Just FYI

Puppiez Iz Luv

Fighting traffic tickets just got easier [in California]

Reporting stalkers

Sanders Nearly Matches Clinton In Fundraising For Third Quarter

You pay $750 and this pill rids you of parasites!


Hurricane progress > Cat 3, Bahamas Thursday,

Stakes High After UAW Workers Reject Fiat Chrysler Deal

Tex-Mex ad tries to offend (NSFW?)

The second coming of Yeezy – Kanye West anoints Tel Aviv

The Hill/Brent Budowsky: Dem debate showdown

Big Announcement Friday re; Enough is Enough Rally

Little monsters...

Banker admits to stealing $826K from Pantex Federal Credit Union

Banker admits to stealing $826K from Pantex Federal Credit Union

The DNC's refusal to have more debates demonstrates Bernie's lack of influence in my opinion.

3 more women come forward to accuse Bill Cosby

KKK is recruiting in Round Rock

Daily Holidays - October 1

Why Is This Peruvian Woman With HIV Speaking Out Against an International Trade Agreement?

Judge: Sherwin Alumina should have allowed union inspection

Judge: Sherwin Alumina should have allowed union inspection

Former border agent gets 99 years in shooting

Former border agent gets 99 years in shooting

5 cats that are so over patriarchy

'Charity' Status for Lobbyists Legal? Disturbing Video on How Laws Are Really Made - ALEC

Halloween is coming #2…

Winona Man Accused of Having Sex With Minors While Teaching in Cameroon and Togo

Poor academic, financial ratings result in La Marque ISD superintendent's removal

Halloween is coming #3…

Civil rights concerns headline Latino farm, ranch gathering

Skinner charged with soliciting a prostitute in Arlington

UT Student/Farmers Alliance holds rally against Wendy’s

UT Student/Farmers Alliance holds rally against Wendy’s

Oklahoma sheriff indicted in shooting probe to resign

Arizona sheriff faces 2nd day of testimony in contempt case

Hidden GPS devices to track suspects raise legal concerns


The Only Texas Governor Appointed by the Federal Government

Jesus... just saw the radar image. Take care this weekend, MD, DC, VA, and NC.

Bernie Sanders Focuses on Young People as ‘Agents for Change’

Reaganism Has Been The Problem — Bernie Sanders Is The Solution

Cuba’s Quiet Wealth: Why It is Needed

Cuba’s Quiet Wealth: Why It is Needed

If you care about the USA, you should care about economic justice.

Center-Left Nation

Imagine This: Sweden Moves Towards a Standard 6-Hour Workday

An ode to the immigrant family

Vaccine Could Save the Tasmanian Devil From Extinction

Bernie Sanders and the Legislative Process

Boehner to McCarthy: From Frying Pan to Fire?

Why Logging Forests After Wildfires is Ecologically Destructive

It's absurd to take this Labour Party conference as a rejection of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

L.A. Times Goes to Cuba

L.A. Times Goes to Cuba

Today's Non-Sequitur

TCU reinstates football players accused of beating students, stealing beer

Archeologists uncover secrets of Revolutionary War site

American reaches new contract with passenger service agents

Secretary of State Duran seeks to bump AG from prosecution

DCF was involved with family where tot died this week, reports say

State treasurer accused of sexist, racial comments

Toon- "We'll Kick Out The Dictator…"

Gun safety provisions Gov. O'Malley enacted in Maryland introduced as legislation in Congress

Charlie Baker: State must crack down on welfare fraud

Vatican neither confirming or denying meeting with Kim(eh)

Feds hammer Teamsters in 'Top Chef' extortion rap

Wynn bristles as Walsh files new lawsuit

Developer trying to buy property near Suffolk Downs for slots parlor

Construction boom complicates harborside life in Moakley Courthouse

Computer system, policies contribute to T’s problems

‘He’s telling the truth': Robert Reich sums up why Bernie Sanders’ campaign is surging

Mass. college grads have lowest student loan default rate in nation

Legendary UW-Madison student prankster Leon Varjian dies

Martin O'Malley and the 'Relevance of Personal Politics on a College Campus'

APNewsBreak: Carson raises $20M for '16 bid in past 3 months

Clinton to promote plan to combat addiction with spending on treatment

For Phil Ochs fans

Ben Carson: 'Hitler' could happen here

John Kerry, too, uses private e-mail

The ABC folks are having a good laugh at

Ben Carson Cannot Say How He Would Tackle Hurricane Joaquin

The Pope's PR man is a 10-year veteran of Fox News

Sanders: Government not a foreign entity, in a democratic society, is the people

NBC talks with Ch. 7 could bring shake-up to Boston TV

$1 billion remake of Bunker Hill housing site on tap

Eleanor Clift: Bernie Sanders: The Next Jessie Jackson

Grand Prix sputters

Winter athletes to catch big air at Fenway

The WSJ is Displeased with Elizabeth Warren

Asteroid Attack Defense: NASA, ESA To Dislodge A Small Moon In A 'World Saving' Dry Run

Bjorn Lomborg Apparently Still Alive; Says Something About Climate Or Politics Or Something

Warren opposed to fire sale of distressed mortgages to hedge funds

Japan’s industrial output falls for 2nd month

Elizabeth Warren vs. The For-Profit College Industry

MIT - Even If Every Nation Executes On Climate Pledges, 3.5C By 2100 (i.e. 6th ELE)

Elizabeth Warren to DeRay Mckesson: ‘Let’s make it happen’

Revealed: China can’t build lethal nuclear-powered aircraft carriers

Political porn...Anthony Weiner now has competition!

What, all five of them?

Matthew Yglesias: Elizabeth Warren should (still) run for president

America is getting blindsided: How our imperial arrogance is continuing to wreak havoc

French proposal to limit UN vetoes in cases of mass atrocities and genocide

A Stake On Planned Parenthood

This is better...

On @foxnews, Gowdy admits Clinton’s use of email is not relevant to #Benghazi investigation

America Caused the Refugee Crisis in Europe


Elwood to honor victims of Tennessee Children’s Home Society

Jeb: Liberals want a bad economy to foster a culture of dependency on government

Alabama sends message: We are too broke to care about right and wrong

India's fight against deadly dengue outbreak

Webster (R-FL) Running Vs. McCarthy All Up In There With Whackaloon IBLP That "Taught" Josh Duggar

David Axelrod: Bernie Sanders Fundraising Numbers Are Stunning

Ex-Siemens top exec admits Argentina bribery

O"Reilly (Really): "Fetal Tissue From Aborted Babies Can Be Used For Good"

Dear Pope Francis,

Alabama sends message: We are too broke to care about Civil Rights/Voting Rights

Debbie Stabenow explains to Hillary what FUBAR means....


First on CNN: Biden expected to skip first Democratic debate

Germany debates tightening asylum laws

Across Europe, conservatives are wrong (no surprise!) when they stoke fears of an Islamic invasion.


Disarmament, health care, Inuit and LGBT rights advocates win 'Alternative Nobels'

Report: CIA withdraws officers from US embassy in China

Rapert wary heartbeat rules not implemented Emails to Health Department, Medical Board demand proof

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-Washington Boobs

Hillary Clinton Raises $28 Million in Third Quarter, Barely Beating Bernie Sanders

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Mutiny on the Boehner

Poll: Large partisan split in attitudes towards refugees

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Germany prints its constitution in Arabic for refugees

No formal inquiry yet against VW ex-CEO

Cameron rejects reparations for Britain's past in the Caribbean slave trade

"I'll make you wish Boehner never even considered resignation!" . . . Come CAPTION Kevin McCarthy!

Insanity- Half the USA thinks the government poses an ‘immediate threat’ to them....

Suit to limit use of teacher union dues for political purposes is tossed

Suit to limit use of teacher union dues for political purposes is tossed

Suit to limit use of teacher union dues for political purposes is tossed

UNHCR expects 1.4 million refugees to land in Europe in 2015-2016

Biden's Abortion Record Could Cause Him Problems in a Presidential Bid

Elizabeth Warren is on the hunt again

Civil servant job perks trigger French Socialist row

Hillary raised an extra 25 million for her Super Pacs, Emily's List, Women for Hillary etc...

1960. Venezuela one of the 10 richest nations on earth, now bottom third

ConAgra announces headquarters is moving to Chicago

Most Russians Oppose Sending Troops To Syria. Slim plurality support sending arms.

Does the VP matter?

The Hill: CNN Reports Biden to skip first Dem debate

Wisconsin man accused of abducting teen from Virginia appears in court

Here's yet another of those pope-private-meetings stories (this one from January)

I don't favor the death penalty in most all cases. But couldn't what OK did be

Gravely Sick Guantanamo Prisoner Still Held After Being Cleared For Release

McAuliffe declares state of emergency as forecasters say Joaquin could cause major problems in Va.

New clay tablet adds 20 lines to Epic of Gilgamesh

South Dakota no longer requires kids to learn about the Constitution, Native Americans, or slavery

The Onion: New 'Anti-Abortion Pill' Kills Mother, Leaves Fetus Alive

Washington State Considers Ending 'Virtual License to Kill' Given to the Police

First on CNN: Biden expected to skip first Democratic debate

House Democrats Back Away From GOP Attack On Elizabeth Warren's Agency

Pope Poll

JK on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert TONIGHT!

Pay Us Back: Republicans Owe Taxpayers $4.5 Million Dollars for Phony Benghazi Probe

‘They were torturing to kill’: inside Syria’s death machine.Caesar, the Syrian military photographer

The GOP Attack On Planned Parenthood Got Me Signed Up!

The Good Book

Survivor - Second Chance - Second Episode Discussion Thread. No spoilers for future episodes please

Kids today are getting way too creative in getting dates these days

Living for 32 documentary available on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday NASA 10/1/1958

What if Adolf Hitler had been born in Liverpool around 1940 (with a different name)?

Feingold Widens Lead Over Rojowho?

Alabama to stop issuing driver’s licenses in counties with 75% black registered voters

Martin O'Malley Releases Bold, Progressive Plan to Get Big Money Out of Politics

60 percent of Americans don’t trust their mass media - poll

Iran troops to join Syria war, Russia bombs group trained by CIA

Learn the Top 15 Favorite Japanese Words (Chosen by Fans)

(Neb)-Over $900K Spent To Put Reinstating Death Penalty On The Ballot

Righteous cover of The Final Countdown

It's Gotten Harder to Lose Weight- And Not for the Reasons You Think

Something Strange Is Happening Inside Saturn

Sorry to ask a basic research question here, but: last execution of an American for killing a PoC?

Can Carly Fiorina Win The GOP Nomination? Robin Marty Part 2

Scientists find worms can safely eat the plastic in our garbage

Crows May Learn Lessons From Death

Wisconsin GOPPER Submits Bill Banning Stem Cell Research. WCPT Chicago.

Just Because.

What favorite movies and television shows from your youth still hold up today in terms of quality?

Rachel Maddow - Kevin McCarthy, speaker apparent, exposes GOP Benghazi committee ploy

Exclusive: Obama brushed off Reid's plea on Palestinian state

It will be fun watching the Bernie lovers take aim at Biden.

If The GOP Got Is Way On Everything National To Local Level What Would The Country Look Like.

This is where I see myself in 10 years

Anti-gay marriage Oregon bakery defies state order to pay damages to couple

Canadian mom surprises transgender daughter with legal name change:

The "Highway of Tomorrow," the Pennsylvania Turnpike, opened 75 years ago today, October 1, 2015

Evidence of secret chambers discovered in King Tutankhamun's tomb

Abbas aide: PA won’t tear up Oslo, but also won’t comply with accord

Hillary and the "business opportunity"

10/1/15 Salina Journal editorial "Voting for the truth in Kansas"

PUBLIC CITIZEN: Senate Should Reject President’s Nominee to Be the Next FDA Commissioner

Bernie, worker coops, one missing detail

Keeping Domestic Violence Survivors Safe (Oct is domestic violence awareness month"

Thrilla In Manila: 40 years on from sanctioned manslaughter in boxing

Keeping Domestic Violence Survivors Safe (Oct. is domestic violence awareness month)

Three More Women (Including An Ex-Mrs. America) Accuse Bill Cosby Of Abuse

Keeping Domestic Violence Survivors Safe (Oct. is domestic violence awareness month)

Can a poll be set up on the General Discussion: Primary board....

US Pulls Spies from China After Hack

Chaffetz: McCarthy Should Apologize For 'Inappropriate' Benghazi Remark

The inequality of car deaths

Pope Francis, Atheists, Defenders Of The Cross, And GOP Politics?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-30-15 & misc FEC 1/4 ending stats!!!

Doing it left handed is of the devil

Cillizza: Bernie Sanders’s $26 million cash haul is a major problem for Hillary Clinton

The Blue Jays got exceptionally drunk and don’t care if you know

Abbas' UN Speech Is an Attempt to Buy Time and International Support

House GOPer: Yes, The Benghazi Committee 'Makes For Good Politics' (VIDEO)

Adding webm format?...

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 9-30-15 & misc FEC 1/4 ending stats!!!

Pic Of The Moment: Hey Republicans, If You're Looking For A Candidate With No Gov't Experience...

Bay Area commuting nightmares: jobs in city, affordable homes in exurbia

10/1/15 Salina Journal editorial "Voting for the truth in Kansas"

Kentucky Governor: Clerk's arguments 'absurd' and 'obtuse'

Warm birthday wishes for president Carter.

Personalities aside, which candidate represents YOUR OWN priorities and goals?

Mark Trail says, "Get the information you need...24 hours a day...get a NOAA weather radio!"

WaPo: October looks crucial for Hillary Clinton

KKK Dude So Jealous Of Jews At Auschwitz, With Their Coffee Breaks And Swimming Pool

Slate: Hillary Clinton Has a Lot to Worry About Right Now

200 Syrians, Afghans clash in German refugee centre riot

I finally watched "Game Change" from beginning to end . . .

Russian Airstrikes Unleash New Devastation in Syrian Region

Poll: Hillary Clinton still leads Sanders and Biden, but by less

Republicans afraid of running against Bernie, want Hillary instead.

Clinton campaign blasts McCarthy for Benghazi panel remarks

Need cell phone advice.

Advice Conservatives Never Give Themselves

Russia pretends to fight ISIS in Syria but bombs the area that has no ISIS

Planned Parenthood fire in Newbury Park (L.A. area) deemed arson

Rebecca Traister: A Hot Mess for Hillary

Important Cross-Post: Something Strange is Happening Inside Saturn

Forgotten Comedies

The Hill: Economists rush to defense of Cadillac tax

Poll: Hillary Clinton still leads Sanders and Biden, but by less

Jeb Bush: Crying Out Loud

How Bernie Sanders would transform the nation - WAPO

Kali Nicole Gross: Black women are Obama’s most loyal voters — and his most ignored constituency

Mounting extortion plagues shopkeepers in violent Venezuela

If Edward Snowden Is Right About Clinton's Emails, Bernie Sanders Will Win a Landslide Victory

Bernie Sanders’s Campaign, Hitting Fund-Raising Milestone, Broadens Focus

Study: Porn watchers think more highly of women.

Bernie Sanders could run a very serious and competitive third party candidacy

Bud Norris wants to make baseball great again

Scientists Are Recording 24-Hour Soundtracks of Rainforests

This Funny or Die sketch nails it on police misconduct — and it’s truer than you think

On Point, Tom Ashbrook interviews Bernie (podcast)

Given the choice between running for a cause, and disrupting runners for a cause, I pick the former.

The real dirty diesel: Coal rollers

TPP protesters arrested in Wellington, New Zealand (and E action)

Republicans Fail To Extend 9-11 Responders' Medical Care

The revolutionary act of telling the truth

Mainstreaming the nuclear exit

Seven Mountains Dominionism At North Carolina's 'Response' Rally

Researchers develop test to detect virtually any virus

US gives military aid to foreign governments using child soldiers

Analyst: Tighter emissions goals won’t save N.Y. nuclear industry

CS Monitor: Bernie who? Why does TV media ignore Sanders even as he tops polls?

Another reason Biden won't be getting in: money

You're a dick...

Students Across the Nation are Planning Something Unprecedented to End Student Debt Forever

Three Ideas That Could Change Air Travel Forever

It’s time to treat Bernie Sanders like a real presidential candidate

What to Make of the Pope Francis-Kim Davis Meeting?

Recreational pot users score bags of bud at Oregon shops

Netanyahu glares at U.N. for 45 seconds after berating its silence on Iran threat to Israel

Duke Energy 'Settlement' Slashes Fine, Grants Amnesty for Coal Ash Pollution

John Oliver "couldn't give less of a shit" about The Donald

Anti-Muslim protests—some armed—planned for at least 20 sites across the country

From the other group: "Living for 32 documentary available on Vimeo"

Tsipras vainly seeks support for Greece in the other side of the Atlantic

Nursing Homes Bill for More Therapy Than Patients Need, U.S. Says

Was Pope Francis Actually Swindled into Meeting Kim Davis?

PHOTO: Netanyahu expressing a DESPERATE LONGING for an "I'm With Stupid" T-shirt

Pope’s Meeting with Kim Davis Should Be Read ‘Cautiously’

The Rangers can clinch tonight. I can't wait to watch. Oh what?...

AP BREAKING: Joaquin Strengthens, Becoming 'Extremely Dangerous' Category 4 Storm

1,500-Year-Old Mosaic Map Found

Shark Files: 'Sofa Shark' Makes Rare Appearance Off Scotland

You first, buddy!

BREAKING:10 dead, 20 injured at shooting at Umpqua Comm.College in Oregon

The Atlantic: Why Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Like Talking About Criminal Justice

Up to 10 dead in shootings at Umpqua Community College in Ore. (EDITED)

Some interesting information on energy in the news

Hillary and the mail server


WaPo: Hillary Clinton’s support among blacks plunges in a new poll

HuffPo: Martin O'Malley Proposes Overhaul Of Campaign Finance System

CNN's Dana Bash to Jeb Bush: "Concerned" Donors Told Me "Investing" In You Is Not Getting A Return

Live from New York: Hillary to appear on "Saturday Night Live" (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

Mitt Romney: 'We've Gotta Rethink Campaign Finance'

DU for Bernie is still on fire today!!!

CAUGHT ON TAPE – Redistricting conspiracy in Florida to oust black congresswoman

Bloody Groundhog Day.

Transportation Secretary Foxx may summon automakers to a summit

Drug use now rivals drunk driving as cause of fatal car crashes, study says

Hillary Clinton visits Florida on Friday, then 'Latinos for Hillary' will launch: (HILLARY GROUP)

'45th shooting at a school so far this year'

When will this madness end?

Obama administration tightens smog limits but satisfies few

What ever is going on in the world of archiving and storage on PC's??

Circumcision in the US was introduced to prevent masturbation

News anchor gets hilariously trolled by man defending Edward Scissorhands instead of Edward Snowden

Sheriff that Laughed about Flash Banging a Toddler, Was Just Shot By Murderous Rogue Cop

Hillary Clinton’s support among Blacks plunges in a new poll

Horror in Oregon

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 1, 2015

How Steve Jobs Fleeced Carly Fiorina

Silent thread for the victims of the latest mass shooting that stains our country.

By not voting - you still have voted

Pope's visit to America (Kim Davis edition)

There's No Evidence That Hillary Clinton Was "Targeted" by Russian Hackers, She Just Got Spam (HRC)

Congress about to overturn oil export ban

The Atlantic: Bernie Sanders Closes in on Hillary Clinton

Killing the Messenger: The Right-Wing Plot to Derail Hillary and Hijack Your Government


Gun Control is why I'm voting for O'Malley

Neoliberals With Chainsaws: Rampant Deforestation in Peru and the Future of the Amazon

THIS TODAY: Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight: Media “cherry picks” polls to make Clinton look bad. (HRC)

Obama, Putin: Checkmate

U.S. Violent Crime Rates Continue Sharp Decline

Brian Williams doing a very good job covering the shooting

and, once again, the gun was said to be resting comfortably

Bernie to be on Chris Hayes today - 8:00PM Eastern / 5:00PM Pacific

Pretty chilling if confirmed.


NRA Good Guy With a Gun mantra debunked in Texas (sad story)

'No God But Funny' and 'Earth Angel' Are Preaching to the Choir

Mid-atlantic DUers - Check in with your 'Must Have' Hurricane survival needs

Putin signs decree drafting 150,000 conscripts into the Russian military

Happy Birthday, dear Jimmy, I mean, President Carter

PELOSI Smacks Conservative Reporter: "I Think I Know More About THIS Subject Than YOU"

LA Times: Why the U.S. is No. 1 -- in mass shootings

How journalism helps lunacy become reality

A letter to Hillary: Please play the gender card. (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

Two Israeli settlers shot dead in drive-by shooting near Nablus

How Bernie Can Dismantle the Clinton Machine: Part 1

Can we trust religious polls?

Let's get this over with

Two Israelis killed in car in West Bank after shots fired from passing vehicle

Meet Some Of The LGBT Homeless Youth The Pope Didn't Visit

HP Employees Won’t Give Carly Fiorina a Dime

Just came home with this...

"There Is A War On Women! And We Are Losing!"

just came home with this..

Against Protocol, Israeli Deputy FM Spars With Jordanian FM at UN

Open thread on the mass shooting in Oregon today.

pimping!! the working poor group idea

Fire at Planned Parenthood clinic near Los Angeles was arson, officials say

Sen.Sanders to Visit Massachusetts Sat., Shift of location due to weather

October 1, 1940 (this is how you put people to work)

"If I'm ever killed in a mass shooting, don't send any thoughts and prayers...

Autoworkers Reject Contract With Fiat-Chrysler As UAW Union Threatens Strike At Ford Plant

Women kicked off Napa Valley Wine Train file $11m racial discrimination suit

Autoworkers Reject Contract With Fiat-Chrysler As UAW Union Threatens Strike At Ford Plant

Economist/YouGov: Hillary 48 Bernie 25 Biden 20. Head-to-head Hillary 65 Bernie 35.

Martin O'Malley to be on Rachel Maddow tonight

Okay, so if the fundraising is the determiner of

Pennsylvania attorney general gets new perjury charge after secrecy oath found

That damn hurricane is moving SW.

Israeli forces wound two small Palestinian children: Where's the outrage?

Mining and oil threatens one in three natural world heritage sites — report

'Moonspike' Kickstarter Project Aims to Crowdfund Rocket to the Moon

Candy Corn vs Swedish Fish

This just posted on the News Register

Oklahoma calls off executions after receiving wrong lethal injection drug

Becoming Bernie: Coming October 6, 2015 His Rise And His Record

Louis CK: being broke

Israel vows at U.N. never to allow Iran to join 'nuclear weapons club'

House passes sweeping defense policy bill; measure's future is cloudy

Another day of mass death in America. The land of the free and the perpetual home of mass killers.

Let us pray for the victims of the Umpqua Community College shooting.

A Call to ‘Shout Your Abortion’ Draws Debate and Threats

Rumor control

Prediction markets don't seem to care much about Bernie's big fundraising number.

JSO: Suspects stole AR-15 and ammo from (unlocked) police vehicle

House Republicans repudiate McCarthy comments on Benghazi probe...Bwahahahahahaaaa

Oklahoma Republicans offer home to Ten Commandments monument

Wow! I debated whether I should post this. Listen at your own risk!

Can a poll be set up on the General Discussion: Primary board....

I tried introducing the GF to Northern Exposure. Watched 3 episodes in two days.

Nancy Pelosi Confronted by Reporter on Abortion Views

Senators propose sentencing reform to reduce prison overcrowding

Time: Why Hillary Clinton Should Fear Bernie Sanders’ Fundraising in 2 Charts (charts at link)

Do Nothing Republicans respond with Swift Action to the latest shooting tragedy:

Another tragic shooting.

I wish I could wear a sign "Please resist the urge to touch my dog"

Toon: When will it ever end?

I Blame, yes blame NRA Head Wayne LaPierre

New views of Pluto's moon Charon show violent past

David Brock on Anita Hill smear he made

County sheriff in charge of response to Roseburg college killings: ‘Gun control is NOT the answer’

Burkina Faso coup leader Gen Diendere 'in custody'

Sanders Sells: Nobody Moves T-shirts Like the Socialist Senator

God forbid, say you are in some public place and gun shots ring out right behind you.

Where statues of Confederate leaders do and don’t belong

Attorney: Negligence by utilities led to New Mexico wildfire

Russia admits targeting non-Isis groups in Syria as airstrikes continue

US adds two macaws to endangered species list

US adds two macaws to endangered species list

From lewd jokes to presidency

Land and Water Conservation Fund Expires, Jeopardizing Critical Work

Confederate cavalry statue on newest march (MD)

Shooter was a 20 year old Beta male (white) who told folks not to go to campus

Thom Hartmann: Ben & Jerry On How To Stamp Out Big $ In DC

Thom Hartmann: Seditionists Shouldn't be Speaker of the House

Jennifer Lawrence: "If Donald Trump became President that would be the end of the world."

Russia admits targeting non-Isis groups in Syria as airstrikes continue

Another Study Debunks Myth That Obamacare Stymies Job Market

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 2 October 2015

Bernie CAN Win. Stop Buying the Hillary Propaganda.

It has always been easy for me to choose sides.

Republican 'Benghazi' Obsession

The World’s Largest Digital Camera to be Built in Chile

The World’s Largest Digital Camera to be Built in Chile

REMINDER: Obama's historic Iran Deal does not arm Iran. You're thinking of Ronald Reagan and Cheney.

Can I get a HUGE favor from some of you (doesn't involve money, does involve time)

The best time to discuss gun laws?

This just in... nobody killed in Oregon from injesting marijuana

Austrian President Arrives to Bolivia

Eamon Gilmore named EU peace envoy to Colombia

Eamon Gilmore named EU peace envoy to Colombia

Jailed Former President of Guatemala Wants a TV


Nothing changed after Newtown. Nothing will change now.

How many gun slaughters have we discussed here at DU.

Hours After Lie Filled Republican Hearing, Planned Parenthood Burned In Arson Attack

Category 4 Joaquin Pounds the Bahamas; a U.S. Landfall Unlikely - Jeff Masters

Republican 'Benghazi' obsession, by the numbers

Santos accuses Uribe of fear mongering to maintain power

And so "Umpqua" will now join "Columbine", "Sandy Hook" and "Virginia Tech" as euphemisms...

How Obama can one-up Putin in the Syria crisis: Support an independent Kurdistan

Politicians Can't Pass Actual Laws To Stop Gun Violence, So They Tweet Prayerfully

School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

Bolivia stands up to US with coca-control policy

US Mass Shootings, 1982-2015: Data From Mother Jones' Investigation

Texas Lyceum Poll: Clinton 36%, Sanders 24%, Biden 15%

(Hoax) Drunk Navy Guy Didn't Really Use a Raccoon to Trick His Car's Breathalyzer

Trump tops Texas poll, 5 points ahead of Cruz


Honduran Fishing Village Says Adios to Candles and Dirty Energy

Texas Lyceum Poll Results

Electoral Revolution in Brazil Aimed at Neutralising Corporate Influence

I KNEW there was something about Rubio I did not like

How to shut down Republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood

I Hold Congress - Our Elected Officials - Responsible For This Oregon Shooting.....

Posting this again: Meta ton Agion, Among the Saints

Black Lives Matter says it will not disrupt Sunday's Twin Cities Marathon

Oklahoma Asks to Delay All Executions After Getting Wrong Drug

WTF? Brian Williams re-school shooting

Yes, Mass Shootings Are Occurring More Often

Pres Obama speaking - there's been another mass shooting in America today

Charles Whitman, Aug 1, 1966 started it all..I remember,and its become a regular event.

Go Mr. President!!!!

'Hillary Clinton’s support among blacks plunges in a new poll'

Bernie Sanders to appear on Ellen in October

Gerrymandering not working well enough

Neiman Marcus laid off 500 employees, or 3 percent of its workforce

If you are in a tizzy re: Pope Francis, please consider:

Ex-Siemens top exec admits Argentina bribery

How about a DU 'Match' , including non-romantic, forum/group?

BREAKING! Passenger Service Agents Reach Tentative First Contract at American Airlines

YouGov poll: Oct 1, National; Clinton 48; Sanders 25 ; Biden 20

Ex-Siemens top exec admits Argentina bribery

President OBAMA: "Our Thoughts And Prayers Are NOT Enough"

I'll just save us some time and get right to how the next few weeks will go:

BREAKING! Passenger Service Agents Reach Tentative First Contract at American Airlines

My furious President

Poll: Hillary Clinton maintains 18-point lead over Bernie Sanders

BREAKING! Passenger Service Agents Reach Tentative First Contract at American Airlines

Rashid Khalidi on Syria: The Beginning of This Mess was the 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Wish Apple & Tim Cook Would Get On The Ball - Just Venting - move along

Packers fans say "adorable' Vikings fans say "dog abuse"

So if gun control isn't the answer, what is the answer?

I'm want to take up birding and don't know where to start.

ACLU Sues Catholic Hospitals Who Would Let Women Die Rather Than Perform Abortions

George Carlin: Pro Life, Abortion, And The Sanctity Of Life

Russia Becomes 10th Foreign Gov’t to Launch Airstrikes in Syria

Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich agree about bank policy

Fuck this Oregon shooter, I don't want to know his name....I don't want to know his motives.

'Two new rooms found' in Tutankhamun tomb

LaPierre to-do list for the next several days

Stunning firework display creates ‘stairway to heaven’ in China

Amid Protests, Martin O’Malley Defends ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policing

Colombian Farc rebels to halt military training

Colombian Farc rebels to halt military training

Framing the Abortion Debate in Reaction to PP Debacle

Terminally ill patients living out their final wishes

Brazil police accused of planting gun on shot teenager

It has come to light that these mass killers

Clinton raises $28M in past 3 months, Sanders just behind

Why Republicans are scared of everything and everyone right now

Nisman documentary tied to US conservatives

GOP Leader Booed While Defending Benghazi Committee

Boehner Does Damage Control: Benghazi Probe Was 'Never' About Clinton

CEO: Drawing Toyota to Texas Worth $40 Million Subsidy

THE LUMINOUS DARK: synchronicity and the subconscious

John Deere reaches tentative agreement with United Auto Workers Union

John Deere reaches tentative agreement with United Auto Workers Union

Budget standoff in Illinois could close 911 call centers

John Deere reaches tentative agreement with United Auto Workers Union

Top four stories in Sydney Morning Herald

Suicide among young American Indians nearly double national rate

Food Industry To Congress: We Need You To Act On Climate Change

Hamas praises fatal shooting of couple in West Bank as 'heroic terror attack'

BREAKING - Oregon Sheriff Handling Massacre Fought the White House on Gun Control After Newtown

Unless you go door to door and collect all guns, you cannot stop a nut job from shooting people!

15k RSVP for Oct. 3 Boston Rally