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Roy Cooper: "I'm running for governor"

Scenario That Opens 'The Day After Tomorrow' Actually Not That Far-Fetched, Research Finds

Why These Cities Are Dropping ‘Columbus Day’ For ‘Indigenous People’s Day’

Florida’s Bears Are No Longer Endangered, and Now 320 of Them Could Be Killed in a Week

Lindsey Graham Challenges Republicans: ‘Tell Me Why’ You Deny Climate Science

Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse

Florida Woman Streamed Live Video Of Drunken Driving

Florida Woman Streamed Live Video Of Drunken Driving

What is quantum in quantum thermodynamics?

Sea level rise will swallow Miami, New Orleans, study finds

The Real Reason for the Chaos in the House

Oh, those #HillaryMen! "The Sad Sisyphean Struggle of Hillary Haters" (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

Antarctic ice is melting so fast the whole continent may be at risk by 2100

Incredible @HillaryClinton statement forgets Palestinians even exist

Karl Rove is VERY AFRAID of the new Dan Rather - Robert Redford movie

More extreme weather projected in the Amazon could have global climate consequences

Afghan Doctor Slaughter Pulls Back Curtain (US SPECIAL FORCES) By Nicolas J S Davies

Pres Obama talks with novelist Marilynne Robinson (NY Review of Books)

Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse

Anna Ternheim & Friends - "Waiting For The Miracle" (Leonard Cohen Cover)

Clinton Holds Huge Leads in South Carolina, Nevada

“It was as if you were telling them that Kerry was promising to extend summer into December.”

Inside the GOP’s nihilistic playbook: How the extremist strategies of the NRA have overtaken Republi

I challenge members of DU to do the following:

Understanding Tom the Wonk

Tourists record great white shark devouring seal near Alcatraz

From Reddit: The most popular presidential candidate is blatantly the Anti-Christ.

Chris Hayes & Rep. Tulsi Gabbard GO THERE! Re; Gabbard's "dis-invitation" to the Vegas Debate

Rep. Ashford (DINO) picks up pace in effort to fill campaign coffers, raises $270,000 in 3rd quarter

Israel vows to defeat 'knife terror' after new attacks

I Will Support the Nominee, Whether it's Hillary or Bernie!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Gone Fishing! & a new Kitteh gif

Wouldn't it be weird if the Cubs proved Back to the Future's prediction true?

Fifth-grader averts tragedy, stops kindergartener from stepping in front of moving vehicle

Ex-Benghazi Investigator Alleges Rep. Gowdy Violated Federal Law

Why Have So Many of You Given Up?

10-10-15 Murder in the Fields in 2:00

10-10-15 Murder in the Fields in 2:00

10-10-15 Murder in the Fields in 2:00

10-11-15 Resting in Peace and with Dignity in 2:00

Bernie Sanders Exceeds Obama's Historic 2008 Run in Crowds, Donors and Polling

10-11-15 Resting in Peace and with Dignity in 2:00

Christie Crime Digest-Video Version

10-11-15 Resting in Peace and with Dignity in 2:00

So how do you all think Hillary and Bernie will act tomorrow night?

there should be a tab listed under "Health" for 'Autism'

Brad Ashford (DINO NEBR) to push for bipartisan solution on highway funding

Follow-up: Texas lawmakers want to know why state paid $2.2 million for flawed PTSD research on vets

Film about Karl Rove "Truth" is being trashed at IMBD and Rotten Tomatoes (before opening)


Hillary Clinton taunts Donald Trump outside his Las Vegas hotel.

Vote for: Indigo Pine, an "e-mailable" house built without a single nail and without power tools:

Bernie Sanders Comes Out Against CISA


Tomorrow - Do I Watch Bernie Win The Debate Or The Cubs Win The Series?......

Exclusive - Transatlantic divide: how U.S. pays three times more for drugs

Which candidate is best qualified to unite grass-roots progressive movements for revolution?

U.S. Weaponry Is Turning Syria Into Proxy War With Russia

Man released after 28-year-old murder conviction overturned

Half Of Democrats Want Biden In Race: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Who knocks three times at somebody's window and then disappears?

Should Columbus, Ohio be renamed?

Looks like the idiot Texas Governor jumped the gun tonight-Spoiler.

Amnesty accuses Syria Kurdish forces of 'war crimes'

Chafee will try to outdo Sanders in Democratic debate.

Canadian elections and their process

View from my just outside my dad's room at the nursing home. We are so lucky. Sunset every night.

Pet Parade photos: Your weekly dose of furry goodness Pet Parade: Oct. 12

You take that dog for a ride human!

The best - and worst - ceremonial first pitches

Sanders sealed his fate this weekend on Meet The Press.

Buena Vista Social Club to play the White House in latest sign of Cuban thaw

When innocents go to prison...

Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance At Donald Trump Protest

Texas court halts execution of inmate after questions raised on testimony

Tesla Model X buyers could get $25k federal tax break for 'heavy equipment'

#HillaryMan Peter Daou attended Hillary's debate prep: (HILLARY GROUP)

Julian Assange: police removed from outside Ecuadorian embassy

Democratic voters want the next president to continue Obama’s policies #DemDebate


TOON: Baby Trump

Primary State Predictions

Sen. John Cornyn Has a New Bill Aimed at Stopping Gun Violence

Playboy to Drop Nudity as Internet Fills Demand

Paul Ryan is too far Left

Palestinians will never have a state and will be ruled by Israel — says Israeli minister

I hope they ask in the debate: why would a 'progressive' candidate accept mostly corporate funding?

City of Dearborn responds to segment on The O'Reilly Factor

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan to Run for US Senate

I just can't get into Trevor Noah. I've tried.

I bet Bernie will ask Hillary about the Platt Amendment! She will....

Chinese factories now exploiting interns.

Ecology or Catastrophe - Murray Bookchin and the Rojava Revolution

4 big differences among the leading Democratic candidates ahead of Tuesday's debate

This is some Out of the Box thinking

Awesome pic of Hillary at the Labor Protest outside of the Trump International Hotel..

Minister Louis Farrakhan Talks Issues That Directly Effect The Black Community & More

Spice storage suggestions/solutions

Future of Durham’s Confederate statue draws debate (NC)

Explaining the Toxic Obama-Netanyahu Marriage

'She kept screaming,' says father of 2-year-old killed in airstrike

Be Angry! (Please)

Hillary Clinton was Never Going to Support TPP

Hillary Clinton prepares for crucial campaign stretch

*Supreme Court Landmark Case Dred Scott v. Sandford, NOW

Marvels Daredevil - Season 2 | Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Just watched the History channel about the escape from Alcatraz by Frank Morris,

Gowdy better learn to say the phrase, "I plead the Fifth." A lot.

James Blake is playing in a charity event on Tennis Channel

Viola Liuzzo

Amended:Bernie supporters, to make this primary season easier

Greg Abbott supports "In God we Trust" on police cars

Nudes Are Old News at Playboy

Jeb Bush thinks the pharmaceutical industry is too regulated.

Angry Columbine Dad responds to the Reprehensible Ben Carson

Gun Nuts

Democratic debate: The lesser-known candidates

Please show some like (on Facebook) to Reps. Ellison, Grijalva and Gabbard

The Atlantic - "How Obama Views Strength" Re 60 Minutes Interview

Real Socialists Think Bernie’s a Sellout

4 big differences among the leading Democratic candidates ahead of Tuesday's debate

Tom Tomorrow Oct. 12

Post your animal photos!

Mother Jones: The Meat Industry Is Licking Its Chops Over Obama's Massive Trade Deal

Georgia confederate group blasts MLK honor at Stone Mountain

Is it possible that Joe Biden will announce tomorrow?

Angry Columbine Dad responds to the Reprehensible Ben Carson

Trump/ Carson Leading? Really Sick But The Others Are Just As Terrifying.

Protests planned by Vigilia Mambisa against Julio Iglesias

My politics buddy will be meeting Senator Sanders!

Now that the chickens are coming home to roost

Democrats See A More Substantive, If Sleepy, Debate Than Rowdy GOP Show

Emanuel Blames Chicago Crime Uptick On Officers Second-Guessing Themselves

I Really Do Think That The GOP And GOPPERS Want Armageddon & End Times.

Halloween is coming #42

A little humor at 1:20 am....

Halloween is coming #43

Halloween is coming #46

Robert Reich

Halloween is coming #44

Halloween is coming #45

British grandfather Karl Andree faces 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia over 'home-brewed alcohol'

Oh, GAWD... WHY?


The U.S. Military Just Dealt a Huge Blow to For-Profit Education

The most important pro-sports related trial in a while is happening now and nobody's covering it

Clinton and Sanders Prepare for Debate, and a New Phase in the Democratic Race

British grandfather Karl Andree faces 350 lashes in Saudi Arabia over 'home-brewed alcohol'

WTF queen make me the Rt Honourable now!

We got home from the game

I-5 and S 178th St near Tukwila, WA

 The Legacy of Arne Duncan, ‘A Hero in the Education Business’

Jesus and Mo

Thanks to This MIT Scientist, You Can Press Print Using Air Pollution

The silent defence and development frontbench.

Texas lawmaker uninjured when he crashes plane into fence

A New World Order is on the Horizon - Lee Camp summarizes TPP, hilarious

Jane Sanders: Most trusted advisor of Sen. Bernie Sanders

Rodríguez elected Sen. Democratic Caucus chair

Robots Are Coming for Your Job. That Might Not Be Bad News

Rep. Gutiérrez on Planned Parenthood and GOP agenda to return to Dark Ages video

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

There's a big beehive at O'Hare Airport. It's keeping people out of jail.

Daily Holidays - October 13

Why doesn't Paul Ryan want to be Speaker? Says pal, 'Because he's not a f**king moron'

Fox's Steve Hayes Wins Butthead Pundit Comment Of The Day Award.

A man broke in and she couldn't get to her gun in time.

Family Of Oregon Massacre Victim: Obama’s Visit Brought Us Peace, Was Not Political

The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods

What You Should Know About that Completed TPP ‘Trade’ Deal

Financial health shaky at many Obamacare insurance co-ops

Sinton special needs student elected homecoming queen

from dailykos....

What are these things??

Hillary Clinton Tweets Support For Tamir Rice's Family

Rick Perry goes on road trip in '72 Chevy Chevelle SS after dropping out of presidential race

Jeb busted having intern ask Trump why he doesn't support abortion?

Steve Spurrier to retire immediately and his last game as coach was … at LSU

European Map of the New World, First Pub'd 1540, Showing Japan

Cop asked to leave Olive Garden due to gun

There's a way to stop mass shootings and you won't like it.

French government assassinates six of its own citizens in bombing raid in Syria

McLennan County says partial settlement reached in West, Texas blast

Caught in a vice of imperialist rivalries

Slave Trafficking, TPP & the 2016 Presidential Contest

Israelis killed in Jerusalem bus stabbing

Turkey bans rally by activists mourning colleagues

Egyptian TV anchor mistakes video game footage for Russian airstrikes in Syria

How the World's Oceans Could be Running Out of Fish

Sanders Wants The "Capitalist v. Democratic Socialist" Subject Debated.

Video shows officer grabbing Round Rock HS student's throat, slamming him to ground

Profiles in Courage: Dr. Ben Carson

Online Voter Registration Now Open In Vermont

Bernie Sanders flips on crucial gun control position days ahead of the first Democratic debate

Gov. Baker pushing his charter school bill on Beacon Hill

APRIL 30, 2015...Hillary Expected to Adopt All of Sanders’s Positions by Noon

Iranian parliament passes bill approving nuclear deal

Prosecutions highlight bid to clean up defense supply chain

Volkswagen to change diesel technology in wake of scandal

All Eyes on Bitter Chafee-Webb Rivalry

UK pensioner Karl Andree faces 360 lashes over Saudi wine

Online-map on global-warming: Check which cities will be underwater by 2100.

SABMiller accepts new $106 billion AB InBev takeover offer

Why the Russian intervention in Syria may proved to be a well-set Western trap

"Nudes are old News" at Playboy

Texas court halts execution of inmate after questions raised on testimony

One bit of news about the debate tonight -

Russia says shelling of its embassy in Damascus act of terrorism

Sanders now says he's willing to reconsider holding gun manufacturers liable for gun deaths.

Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance At Donald Trump Protest

Dallas LGBT Activists Rally In Response To Wave of Anti-Gay Hate Crimes

Sanders now says he's willing to reconsider holding gun manufacturers liable for gun deaths.

Dallas LGBT Activists Rally In Response To Wave of Anti-Gay Hate Crimes

'Thank you Kathryn!' - Martin O'Malley pens, performs song for winning supporter

Only temporary-stay ALERT -WI Senate Committee Cancels Vote On Civil Services Bill

Sanders now says he's willing to reconsider holding gun manufacturers liable for gun deaths

Ex-Head of Chicago Public Schools Expected to Plead Guilty

Doctors pioneer pot as an opioid substitute

Syria: Will US arming of Kurdish-led Northeast Rebels Provoke Turkey?

Tunisian Nobel Recognizes role of Labor Unions, the Left in Democratic Transition

Under Pressure: Rep. Trey Gowdy (R) Melts Down: Blasts CNN, Calls Ex-Staffer A Liar

Is the DNC trying to lose?

Funny doggies!

The blood-dimmed tide of fascism is loosed in Modi’s India

Crisis in Syria: It remains ‘West’ vs East’

Neil Diamond's "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" is a bit creepy.

Okinawa governor revokes approval for relocation of US air base

MH370 wreckage ‘find’ might ‘just’ be missing Flying Tiger Connie

We had a record breaking 99° yesterday,but there's no climate change

A toast for our stellar candidates and I am confident they will acquit themselves admirably tonight

"Milwaukee officers' lawsuit could set gun law precedent" - CBS News article

Stop the Hypocrisy! US Should Pay for Europe’s Refugee Crisis!

Boreal In "Rapid And Startling Decline" - Warming Moving North @ 10X Forest Movement

Sanders exceeds Obama’s historic 2008 run in crowds, donors and polling

Dutch report: MH17 shot down by Russian-made Buk missile

My son is joining a union.

Nevada Alpine Lakes Warmest In 7,000 Years, Researchers In Great Basin NP Discover

Iran parliament passes bill supporting nuclear deal

Former prisoners sue architects of CIA’s brutal interrogation program

Volkswagen to cut annual investments

Psychological study: Men are attracted to non-conformist women.

Why Sanders must call out Clinton's militant foreign policy

Watchdog unearths dubious dealings behind Romania's economic boom

Why Murdoch Running NatGeo Is Poison For What's Left Of Photojournalism - DeSmog Blog

The Guardian: Hillary Clinton's U-turn on TPP deal has team working overtime ahead of debate

Obama beat Clinton by running hard on foreign policy. Sanders needs to do the same.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1:Lord of the Flies

Scandal to screen: DiCaprio linked to possible Volkswagen film

Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton on Social Security

The Hill: Supreme Court justices at work, bashing unions

Turkey warns U.S., Russia against backing Kurdish militia in Syria

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Bernie Sanders exceeds Obama’s historic 2008 run in crowds, donors and polling

The Hill: Supreme Court justices at work, bashing unions

The Hill: Supreme Court justices at work, bashing unions

Hillary donors worry: 'All the energy is with Bernie'

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders finally face off

Just heard on Ari Rabinhavt show that Mich McConnell wants cuts in Social Security

Latest Morning Consult national Poll: HRC: 54% Bernie: 22%

Eugene Robinson on Ben Carson

"The remarkable thing that happens to poor kids when you give their parents a little money"

"The remarkable thing that happens to poor kids when you give their parents a little money"

Sanders is a SOCIALIST. Pointing that out isn't "red-baiting".

What do the Democratic Debates have in common with DU?

CIA director withheld information about JFK assassination

Yeah America--We're Screwed!

Separated at birth

Creepy Conspiracy-Mongering Stalker Is Two Degrees Removed From GOP Presidential Front-Runner

Alabama Makes It Harder For Black People To Vote - TMFS Rant

Cannabis legalization is coming to California

Predictions for tonight's debates

Who is Brad Podliska, the ousted staffer now criticizing the House Benghazi panel?

ECB sets higher capital hurdle for Greek banks in stress tests

Anybody here listen to The Debaters?

Blackburn recruited as speaker of the House

OMFG - JebusenoughfuggingBushes is about to unveil his

What happens when your end-of-the-world prediction is wrong

EU migrant arrivals 170,000 in September, says Frontex

Surviving spouse in landmark gay marriage case dies; faced another recent Arkansas indignity

14 candidates killed: Colombia steps up security ahead of local elections

14 candidates killed: Colombia steps up security ahead of local elections

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street problem: She’s still going too easy on the banksters

Would you sue your 8-year old nephew or niece for $127,000 for accidentally breaking your wrist

(Greece) Gov’t paves way for Trainose sale

Progressive groups want all Democrats to take on the banks at tonight's debate — not just Sanders

The Last Episode of Epic Meal Time!

Mexico: Sting joins Amnesty International's campaign against disappearances

‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli challenges Bernie Sanders to debate on healthcare

Tonight's Debate Results (Spoiler Alert)

The Bearded Villains

Kiryat Ata man stabs Jew after mistaking him for Arab

interview with longtime HRC aide Cheryl Mills

US-backed Kurdish forces accused of war crimes in Syria

Viva Las Vegas!

Lunch Money

Mexico ex-governor Fernando Moreno injured in attack

Mexico ex-governor Fernando Moreno injured in attack

No bacon for you!

CIA torture survivors sue psychologists who designed infamous program

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-12-15

National Union of Healthcare Workers endorse Bernie

Snakebites set to soar as El Niño builds

Vox: Bernie Sanders and guns, explained

Snakebites set to soar as El Niño builds

In Las Vegas, Mark-Viverito rallies with Clinton against Trump

Palestinian 'Day of Rage' attacks kill three: Israeli police

Cartoon: Obama apologizes for bombing of Mayo Clinic

The Benghazi Hearings, Hillary's email, and Hillary's email server are just one big old .....

Donald Trump: Bernie Sanders is 'the next step' – even 'worse' than a socialist

Egged on by companies like McDonald's, some Iowa producers opt for cage-free chickens

"The remarkable thing that happens to poor kids when you give their parents a little money"

The Donald Trump doctrine: 'Assad is bad' but US must stop 'nation-building'

Canadian candidate for Prime Minster has paws: meet Earl Grey, the cat

Want to know instantly if the debate changes the conversation? Watch the predictive markets

Riders of the Stoned: Senate Considers Illusionary Repeal of Prohibition

When Marnie Was There....

What, if anything, should be done about Putin's attacks on Syrian rebels.

Paris attacks: Coulibaly 'given orders by email'

Assisted-suicide advocate Kevorkian's papers open to public

Officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death ask to have statements thrown out

Man hit by 16-pound pine cone in S.F. park files $5 million suit

2 firefighters die saving 2 other lives in Kansas City blaze

Cops: Firefighter beat up homeless man over slow food order

State GOP elects new leader to offend and embarrass everyone…

Go Ahead, Back Hillary Clinton and Forget All About Her Record--Ouch!

Whole Foods fires security firm that detained elderly woman

Trial set to begin in Iowa for 2 former aides to Ron Paul

Will Bernie Sanders engage in demagoguery against Hillary Clinton re Iraq War Resolution

AP Exclusive: Clinton Server's Software Had Hacking Risk

25 Strangely Unique Schools You Won't Believe Exist

(Another) Shooting in Home Depot parking lot leaves 1 dead

Turns out Gove is the Tory who can be shamed: UK pulls out of £5.9m Saudi jail deal

A Viewer's Guide to Tonight's First Democratic Debate

Under GOP Plans Children Get Ready To Pay For YOUR PARENTS' Longer Term Care.

Clinton Smokes Sanders Among Democrats; Among Independents, the Table Turns

I was in the same Air National Guard program as George W. Bush. Here's how it worked:

Cops Tases Black City Councilman-The Young Turks

A President that will never quit on you?

Natl Union of Healthcare Workers endorse Bernie

Maybe Blacks Just Aren't Socialists

'When are you going to use the steel ball?': The First Legal Abortion Providers Tell Their Stories

Telpochcalli School

Emails expose anti-GM science for hire

Hillary Clinton And Tax Complification

Major New Poll Destroys Bogus “Hillary Unlikable” Meme (Dems Like Her More than Biden, Sanders)

‘College Students for Bernie’ chapters explode nationwide!'

Chuck Todd on MSNBC is a ratings flop

The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods

Hillary Clinton has a 79% favorability rating among our fellow Democrats

Pilgrim nuclear power plant to close in Plymouth (by mid 2019)

Stewards of the earth?

Biden his time....

How are the Republicans in the Wisconsin State Legislature going to address campus gun violence?

The NFL Punishment Generator

Democratic Trade Critics Pin Their Hopes On The GOP

The Authorization to Use Military Force was not an authorization to use military force!!!!

Report Finds Texas’ HB2 Increases Abortion Wait Times (but, there is NO war on women!!)

I've been accused of being an "industry shill" over GMO's...

Israeli Gov't Under Pressure to Lock Down Palestinian Neighborhoods

Report Finds Texas’ HB2 Increases Abortion Wait Times (but, there is NO war on women!!)

President Obama Crashed A Wedding - He also had some advice for the groom.

Report Finds Texas’ HB2 Increases Abortion Wait Times (but, there is NO war on women!!)

New Oct 13 @FoxNews Poll @HillaryClinton 45, Sanders 25 Biden 19

Cops kick a suspect in the head, tie him to a chair, tase him in the nuts, leave him to die.

Israelis killed in Jerusalem bus stabbing and car ramming

Alan Grayson: Who will win the first Democratic Presidential Debate?

Yes, Bernie's latest position on guns is an "evolution".

Monsanto's Stock Is Tanking. Is the Company's Own Excitement About GMOs Backfiring?

Good Toon About the Loons Trying to Take Over.

Why don't neoliberals call themselves that?

Charges filed against woman who shot at fleeing shoplifters in Home Depot parking lot

U.S. delivers 50 tons of ammunition to Syria rebel groups

‘Truth’ Review: Not A False Note In Film That Puts ‘60 Minutes’ Under The Knife

Planned Parenthood stops taking money for fetal tissue

UK Government cancels Ministry of Justice contract with the Saudi Arabia prison system

TPP is “Worst Trade Agreement” for Medicine Access, Says Doctors Without Borders

Black council-man tased for not leaving when his guests are arrested on his front-porch

Hillary voted for the War in Iraq. She voted for the Patriot Act.

So, what's Joe Biden doing tonight?

Are there any fans here of Webb or Chaffee?

Jack Kirby On: World War II Influences

Fake Jerry Jones - Thank God next week is a bye, Weeden won't lose another game.

I just don't know that I could be on a plane for THIS long.....

Bristol Palin Shocked To Learn She Is A Idiot

Retirement plan agreement reached between casino workers and Ontario Lottery

Retirement plan agreement reached between casino workers and Ontario Lottery

Retirement plan agreement reached between casino workers and Ontario Lottery

Bernie Sanders' most trusted confidant readies for the national stage

The stupidity of the Sanders campaign: No One is Registering Voters at Sanders' Rallies

Latest Realclearpolitics RCP Poll National average shows:

New Fox poll: HRC: 45% Bernie: 25% Biden 19% (Biden more electable)

Stop the Jihadi Onslaught Against Atheists and Free Thinkers

OMG! DWS on Andrea Mitchell

Republican lawmaker seeks ban on LGBT conversion therapy

National union to march for Bernie Sanders outside Tuesday's debate

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Tuesday the 13th of October

Love Beer And Coffee? You Might Be A Psychopath

Some jackass ask Chelsea Clinton a totally disrespectful question about her father

This Short Animation Really Helped Me Understand The Basics Of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Stolen from Dr. Strange in the sports forum: The NFL Punishment Generator.

Pic Of The Moment: Mitch McConnell: I Have Literally No New Ideas, So Let's Try This Again

Top 10 reasons Colts fans hate the Patriots: Revisited

Hillary vs. Bernie

Legalising cannabis in the UK 'would raise hundreds of millions'

National Union of Healthcare Workers endorses Bernie Sanders for president

Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Can someone identify the differences between the Bush agenda and HRC's?

Breakthrough for iron based dyes can lead to cheaper and environmentally friendly solar energy …

Did anyone watch/record Ben Carson on O'Really last night

Powerful! "Why Hillary Clinton Is My Fashion Icon" (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

Remember the Sony Hack and the disparity between pay for males and females? Jennifer Lawrence

Venezuela calls on OPEC to control output, seeks $70 floor price - Ramirez

How to spot signs of animal abuse

SiriusXM pulls Channel 127 Progressive

Lounge always works where tech support doesn't. Firefox plugin question.

WaPo: More Americans support Bernie Sanders than Donald Trump

Sanders takes heat from gun control group ahead of debate

When the cult of “wellness” becomes unhealthy

Surprising Number Of Drunk Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat

Flight MH17 downed by Russian-built missile, Dutch investigators say

What racial, disability and LGBTQ justice have in common

The DOD Kicked University Of Phoenix Off Bases For BS Education And Predatory Lending

Stephen Colbert Stole Joe Biden's Hot Wings

Tulsi Gabbard was in fact "DIS-invited" from Democratic Vegas Debate by DWS

Who was that woman, that "Democratic strategist" on CNN around noon today...

How Democrats Are Preparing For Their First Debate...........

Coalition opens door to deal on China-Australia free trade agreement


Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone: "Rupert Murdoch Is Deviant Scum"

The terror war from East Jerusalem

Michigan woman charged in shots fired at shoplifters

Organic Industry Works To "Replace" Neonics With Even More Toxic Pesticides

Whatever happened to 'to serve and protect'?Man on way to hospital for heart attack

Jennifer Lawrence Pens Essay: 'Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars?'

Bernie's unfavorable rating among blacks has actually INCREASED since July

Unacceptable provocation

The Food Porn Superstars of South Korea: Mukbang

Yesterday as I was taking a walk up here in rural Alaska

Bernie Sanders’ progressive blind spot: The Middle Eastern tragedy he refuses to address

Soju is Korean Firewater: Al-Kee-Hol

Donald Trump To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ November 7

Colbert on the latest weight-loss device. Warning: This footage may disturb all humans

*** One of our own needs help - Bertha Venation and her beloved wife. Please read ***

The argument for public transportation in one GIF

The Next Phase of Craft Beer in Japan: Al-Kee-Hol

Carson's "I was held up at Popeyes" story coming apart at the seams....

Top beer makers to join forces to face industry challenges

One of the "Special Happinesses" of being poor.

The Next Phase of Craft Beer in Japan: Al-Kee-Hol

Donald Trump to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

FNC Poll: Clinton 45 (+1), Sanders 25 (-5), Biden 19 (+1), O'Malley 1 (-1)

The Next Phase of Craft Beer in Japan: Al-Kee-Hol

Arkansas Church Revokes Gay Man's Membership

Donald Trump Joins CNN’s Democratic Debate Via Live Tweets

Why I speak out against Islamism

A 74-year-old British man faces 350 lashes for having wine in Saudi Arabia

Twin pandas born at Canadian zoo! Squee!!

I can relate

'hijastro' & 'filiaster'

Despite White House opening, exports to Cuba continue to drop

hurray for Grumpy Cat

Really horrible hide/MIRT zapping that NEEDS be reversed

Exploding Sake for Breakfast in Japan: Al-Kee-Hol

Ring of Fire: Louie Gohmert Goes On Benghazi Tirade During Planned Parenthood Hearing

Fairfax tickets cars for needing inspection — while they wait for inspections

The unpublished J.D. Salinger works: Where are they?

U.S. Sen. Brown presses for action on bill to lower drug prices

November 15, 2004 NYT: Teamsters Find Pensions at Risk

This dance of death was only a matter of time



The South Korean Love Industry

MSNBC: Biden will be watching the debate on t.v.

Old Dog, Best Dog

So, are we pretending Bernie didn't say that?

This new poll is precisely what Hillary wants to see today--Sanders losing in major demographics

Major New Poll Destroys Bogus “Hillary Unlikable” Meme (Dems Like Her More than Biden, Sanders) (HRC)

The only flip flopper on gun control in tonight's debate is HRC.

Union: Chronic shortage of air traffic controllers a crisis

Union: Chronic shortage of air traffic controllers a crisis

Union: Chronic shortage of air traffic controllers a crisis

New York Pols Rip Bernie Sanders on Gun Control

TWO Teamsters pension posts in GD to read

TWO Teamsters pension posts in GD to read

Muslim groups can pursue civil rights lawsuit against NYPD, court rules

Florida School Board Meeting Turns Into Christian Revival

Reuters: Clinton +8 in 4 days to 49%. Erases 10 point drop from last week

Confederate Activist: Wanting Racist Hate Symbol Removed From MS Flag Is ‘Anti-Semitic’

Question: Why all the Dem primary polls are SUDDENTLY all favorable to HRC?

In 2008 Letter, Clinton Camp Suggests Less Debates Might be “Un-American”

Army Ranger School has a groundbreaking new graduate: Lisa Jaster, 37, engineer and mother

Culture of Booze: 3 Must-Hit Spots on the Ultimate NOLA Alcohol Crawl

What I Learned Watching All of Hillary’s 2008 Debates

Sir Ian McKellen... Mr. Holmes ...BBC

MH17: Ukraine Had Reason To Close Airspace Before Crash, Investigators Say

Jamaica accuses David Cameron of misrepresenting prisoner transfer deal


Tea Party Patriots for Bernie?

Meet The Congressmen Letting Predatory Lenders Screw Consumers

Four officers' statements admissible in Baltimore death case

U.S. justices press Florida over death penalty sentencing

Join the conversation—follow these #Hillary2016 staff:

Why you should buy an acrylic water pipe

Pro-Biden PAC launches new ad urging presidential run

White House says Iran's missile test may have violated U.N. resolution

Rapper TI-Hillary Clinton Women Can't Be President Reaction: Sexist Remarks Draw Rebukes On Twitter

It is 84 degrees in Santa Barbara right now.

Islamic State urges jihad against Russians, Americans: audio

Hillary Donors Worry: 'All The Energy Is With Bernie'

US Not Headed In Right Direction, Some On Main Street Say

If You're Young, The Job Outlook Is Grim No Matter Where You Live

Ads Attacking Clinton, Boosting Biden Hit Airwaves Ahead Of Debate

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 13, 2015

The ACLU is filiing a suit on behalf of a survivorr of the torture of the Bush administration.

Afghan Taliban admit Kunduz withdrawal

Why Bernie Can't Win in One Word

What questions SHOULD be asked at the debate tonight?

Why Democrats Chose Las Vegas for First Debate

SOCIALISM is better for small business. For example:

75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America

What is the stupidest question that WILL be asked tonight?

Hillary tweet to The Donnny...

South Africa’s ANC Party Urges Citizens Not to Travel to Israel

Think Trump will somehow try to crash the Dem debate?

Guide to S.F. Mayoral Candidates: Lee vs. People-Powered Challengers

Chris Christie speaks About Government Shut Down

Bernie Sanders Supporters to Host 4K+ Debate Watch Parties

Claims plane wreckage found in the Philippines could be MH370

The truth behind the Airbnb lies

House Dems endorse Hillary-Rep Jeffries, on steps of City Hall, calls her an "authentic progressive"

Iraq war: Chafee doesn't think "anybody should be president....that made that mistake."

Sanders Supporters to Host More than 4,000 Debate-Watch Parties

Republicans Can’t Stop Attacking Poor People; It’s Just What They Do

NASA shows off new 4K views of Jupiter

Three things for you to do right now (And One for tonight!)

Seth MacFarlane Tweet

13 vital questions CNN should (but won’t) ask at tonight’s Democratic debate

High Blood Pressure Screening for All, Says Panel of Preventive Medicine Experts

Newt Gingrich On Possibly Becoming Speaker Again: 'I Am Very Prepared'

U.S. Cities WILL Sink Below Rising matter what we do to curb global warming.

O'Malley invited parents of slain daughter (Aurora, Co) to the debate tonight:

Don't have time to read DU-er Laxman's Christie Crime Digest?

Neighbor arrested in 1997 disappearance of Oklahoma girl, 8

No time to read the entire "Christie Crime Digest?"

New PPP poll Pennsylvania: Oct 13 Clinton 40, Sanders 22, Biden 20, Chafee 3, O'Malley 2, Lessig/We

US defense department eyes Colorado prisons to hold Guantanamo detainees

How will Hillary reconcile her delayed pronouncements post Ferguson and Baltimore with BLM?

Oath Keepers Starting College (and high school) Chapters for Students

Animal cruelty investigation results in 6 arrests & seizure of 750 animals, sheriff's office says

A little fun before the debates: Massive Slip N Slide Sends Riders Rocketing Into A Lake

Trump's upcoming SNL appearance reminds me of something

WaPo: Bernie Sanders, the surprise story of the year

10-12-15 “Bury me with my boys in Mt. Olive” in 2:00 (Mother Jones)

Understanding Ben Carson's Popeye's Parable

CNN Rips Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy For Lying About Their Coverage

10-12-15 “Bury me with my boys in Mt. Olive” in 2:00 (Mother Jones)

10-12-15 “Bury me with my boys in Mt. Olive” in 2:00 (Mother Jones)

UVM bookstore adds Bernie Sanders shirts

I sent Bernie, Good Luck Wishes!

"Carter put us on the right path and we got drunk and wandered off into the wilderness."

10-13-15 Delivering a Better Future in 2:00 at link

10-13-15 Delivering a Better Future in 2:00

Trump says tapping Michael "Savage" Weiner to head National Institutes of Health is "common sense"

10-13-15 Delivering a Better Future in 2:00

A strong advocate for Single Payer Health Insurance gets a national stage tonight.

Cambodia is way ahead of us...Light years ahead!

In Appalling Statement, Chicago Mayor Blames City's Soaring Murder Toll on Police Not Being Aggressi

Aunt Jen loses her lawsuit against her enthusiastic nephew

My fellow Sandernistas, let's make it a point to watch the debate tonigh! Why?

In three months, Fiorina camp raises $6.8 million

My Generation's Values

Hillary to #blackLivesMatter: "If that is your position then I will talk only to white people"

My daughter has moved to Ark. recently and is in search of Democrats

For the second time, my status for jury service changed from willing to unwilling

Greene County to consider flying Confederate flag at courthouse (TN)

Canada: "... whether the Conservatives’ effort to mobilize their nativist base ..."

Just about to open a Dogfish 120 IPA! Any one want a toast?

Toronto Zoo announces birth of twin giant pandas

Mental Illness, Mass Shootings, and the Politics of American Firearms

David Brooks: The Republican Party is producing "leaders of jaw-dropping incompetence"

y'know, sometimes you just gotta spank your own ass.

Man shot in head during Dallas Cowboys tailgate fight - after crowd goaded gunman

Turkey Warns U.S., Russia Against Backing Kurdish Militia In Syria

Hillary's Iraq war speech was filled with lies

How to discuss religion on facebook.

OMG... I love you Mr. President... Know I’m late on this Story..

At last ... A poll without Biden ... and it puts HRC up 32 points

Charlie Pierce weighs in on the debate

A Pagan Interviews an Atheist

After Biden won his Senate race in '72, he and his opponent did a walking tour of Delaware

Bernie Sanders Arrival at Debate (short CNN video)

Confrontation With Black Partygoers Leads to Gang Charges for White Group

Joe Biden Will Host High School Reunion Instead Of Participating In Democratic Debate

Dem Infighting Erupts On Eve Of First Presidential Debate

Ad by anti-Clinton group shows Chris Stevens' grave

Ways to watch or listen without cable?

German Archabbot regrets that women religious may not vote at the synod

Debate livestream

Israel still holds all the cards

You say Ben Carson is mentally disturbed. I say even Republicans have a right to representation

Architects Of Bush & Cheney’s Torture Program Sued By ACLU For War Crimes Against Humanity

Religious Jews target of latest attacks by Palestinians

Data and graphs made available by Google here:

FLASHBACK: Trump's pick for National Institutes of Health director: "Get AIDS and die, you pig!"

Court Reinstates Lawsuit Over NYPD Surveillance Of Muslims

Is The Audience Tonight Going To Be Inclusive

No argument here.

Wall Street made Hillary Clinton a Millionaire

Five Great American Hypocrisies

MU sorority reacts to political official's tweet

Bevo XIV diagnosed with cancer, to retire immediately

Bevo XIV diagnosed with cancer, to retire immediately

Carter: US, Russia Nearing Accord On Air Safety Over Syria

What is your favorite Opening to an animated show?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Gives Double-Speak Like You've Never Seen !!!

In honor of the Paul McCartney concert in my hometown tonight, I give you...

Please pray for John,

Groups Aim To Make It Easier To Own A Cable TV Box Instead Of Renting

Latest numbers from Huffington Pollster - Clinton up, Sanders down, Biden steady

Thousands of Iranian troops are now in Syria for ground offensives against insurgents

Tomorrow I plan to send Hillary some more cash. Just now I donated to...

Website that monitors and streams sentiment of tweets about Sanders and Hillary for tonight's debate

Travis County DA sues Texas to fight controversial Texas Mutual Ins. Co. contract’s release

University of Texas professor who helped invent lithium-ion battery to share $1M award

A Question, Where do you stand?

I got a call from Ben Carson today.

Is there a drinking game for tonight?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A couple of different Perspectives

Nurses March for Bernie Sanders in Vegas (Live Bernie2016TV)

Journalist Steve Leser in 2008: Hillary voted for Iraq war and has a horrific record...

Large brush fires across Central Texas

Breaking on ABC Miami -Small plane crashes into mobil home park in Lake Worth Florida

Bad Aunt loses lawsuit against her nephew.....

That passionate young woman who questioned Donald Trump in New Hampshire? She’s a volunteer for Jeb

NASA has no choice but to refuse China’s request for help on a new space station

Rahm Emmanuel the epitome of a Wall Street Democrat, endorses

Is there anybody who's not nervous?

Marlon James wins the Man Booker Prize

How California's Largest School District Blamed an 8th Grader for Her Rape

NYC aunt loses lawsuit against 12-year-old nephew over hug that broke her wrist

Badger Guns found Liable in Shooting of two Milwaukee Police Officers

Lawyers for Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis say the marriage licenses are legal....

Fired employee files petition to remove Dallas DA Susan Hawk from office

MH17 report suggests efforts were made to cover up causes of disaster

Hillary is a serious person for a serious job

Anyone else having trouble getting DU to load?

Debate Moderator Anderson Cooper was a member of the Clinton Global Initiative

I don't get it.

Obama to Blame For Mass Shootings, according to Republicans.

Video of Washington police forcefully restraining black teen prompts protest

Is Sheryl Crow A Democrat? Her Debate Performance Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Controversial anti-Hillary ad misspells "Libya"

Bernis Sanders will provide moments of THRUTHINESS For Hillary Tonight

AP: gun shop must pay cops $6M wounded by gun bought at store

What's your debate snack lineup?

Half of world's wealth now in hands of 1% of population – report

Most U.S. Voters Not Aware Of Democratic Debate: Reuters/Ipsos poll

I think has absolutely crashed due to traffic

Badger Guns found Liable in Shooting of two Milwaukee Police Officers

5 Tough Questions for Tonight’s Democratic Debate

Holy moly this group is not too active

Terminally ill 7-year-old gets his Halloween wish granted and fights off the walking dead.

Mom Violently Attacked by a Cop while Picking Daughter Up from School, for Parking on the Grass

"The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound and Color" Free online course through Weselyan U.

Does anyone have a streaming link to the Debate?

Donald Trump says he will be tweeting the whole Dem. debate.

Carter says US military will exercise its navigation rights in South China Sea

Futurama NRA Arms Control

Julianne Moore launches Hollywood-backed gun safety campaign

Does Hillary stand a chance in the debate tonight?

Rapper T.I. makes sexist comments about Hillary Clinton, then backtracks

A Question:

Journalist trumad says Hillary will do quite well tonight.

GOP on Benghazi Committee had Wine Club Glasses Imprinted with "Glacial Pace"

3 Simple Questions to Ask Yourselves During the Debate Tonight.

Most U.S. voters not aware of Democratic debate: Reuters/Ipsos poll

VW Plans to Recover From Its Scandal by Going Electric

Anyone have a clue why there's three names for the "terrorist" in Iraq and Syria.

A Democrat Debate With Few Democrats

The next President of the United States will be on the stage tonight

Donald Trump is going to tweet replies to comments

ok! Got the flatscreen humming, got my plate of hot wings, time for the BIG GAME!

On Debate Night, Sanders’ Online Army Is Ready for Battle

Why did Hillary lose the debate?

Why Today’s GOP Crackup Is the Final Unraveling of Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’

HuffPost/Pollster chart now clearly showing Hillary trending back up.

Why are CNN and GEM$NBComcast injecting Trump into the Democratic Party

The First Democratic Party Debate for the 2016 Election Live Now (Bernie2016TV)

Vandals attack bust of US justice who reaffirmed slavery

Seattle council candidate alleges political shakedown by developer

Following the example set by Jesus, the Pope ...

Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

OK, this got locked in GD as being off topic.

Hillary Commercial: I am the agent of change.

What time

Anybody just see the joe biden ad on TV-cnn?

Mulcair rejects strategic co-operation with Liberals to engineer Tory defeat

Question regarding Flash on Nikon 5300

What is the difference between a socialdemocrat and democratic socialist?

Hillary's biggest supporter! Who remembers this?


Kerry links ‘increase in violence’ to Israel’s settlement activity

Congratulations Cubbies and Cubs Fans! NLCS bound!

Trump livetweeting Democratic debate? There once was an african president who read the nightly news

Cubs Freaking Win!!!! Off to National League Finals....