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Bernie Sanders’s vast universe of donors, mapped

Two more Obamacare health insurance plans collapse

When men were men and cars were cars.

Interesting movie quote - 1997 - The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Oregon insurance co-op Health Republic to close

America invaded !

Anti-Hillary Clinton ad has families of Benghazi victims fuming

Family of Slain Teen Deven Guilford Sues Michigan Cop for Roadside Shooting

Now for something completely different

Europe and Russia mission to assess Moon settlement

I want more Debates!

May he rest in peace.

Wyandotte superintendent says suspensions unrelated to Confederate flag controversy (MI)

Global Capitalist Downturn Yet Again

"We were attacked. He kept us safe."

Name change on hold for Confederate Drive in Forest Park (MO)

ChefSteps Nerd Alert: The Science of Fizzy Fruit

Donald's Big Little Displacement

Yes, Bernie Won Every Poll on the Internet. Hillary Still Won the Debate.

Remember the spoiled brat who drove drunk and killed 4 people, getting off due to "affluenza?"

Georgia does away with Confederate Memorial Day, Robert E. Lee Birthday

phone home help

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) Wants California Voters To Take On The NRA

Family removes Confederate memorial marker from ex-slave's grave (VA)

Andrew Young supports Stone Mountain tribute to King

The senator who won’t shoot straight: What Bernie Sanders gets wrong about gun control

Six cash-strapped Republican White House hopefuls face tipping point

Bevo XIV dies in sleep after 11 years as mascot

Victory for U’wa Nation as Case on Indigenous Land Rights and Extractive Projects Moves Forward

LIVE Hillary Clinton Rally in New Hampshire - October 16, 2015

Big thumbs-up for "Bridge of Spies," the new Spielberg/Hanks flick.

my brother's friend's uncle's nephew overheard two millennials at the mall who said...

Easy Psychic Methods For Finding Unknown Ancestors

It's high time for America to have a woman President. However, I can wait for Elizabeth Warren....

Campaigning For Bernie BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY at MickeyDs!

The 15 Most Billionaire-Dense Countries

Dick Van Dyke speaks out for Bernie Sanders while plugging his new book....

Hillary Clinton Says A National Gun Buyback Program Is 'Worth Considering'

Bernie Sanders responds with class to Donald Trump calling him "a communist and a maniac"...

If your MISSION is to keep gay people from being happy and Westboro PICKETS your ass...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Whoop, There It Is! & a new Kitteh gif

One of my favorite democratic socialists: British Prime Minister Clement Attlee

My 20,000th Post! The Return of Furriday Night Catnip: Luv – Furever Changez (1967)

"Oh i hope we don't pass this up." (HILLARY GROUP)

The 15 Most Billionaire-Dense Countries | Crosspost from PRG

Colbert's Colbert Super PAC 2

Clinton brings gun control message to N.H.

The fascinating psychology of people who know the real truth about JFK, UFOs, and the DNC

Clinton brings gun control message to N.H.

Group Will Protest Confederate Flag Resolution (TN)

Elizabeth Warren: Glass-Steagall as Symbol

I read in another thread

The 8000 lb elephant in the room: Hillary's 53% unfavorability rating makes her unelectable.

A synod conversation with Catholic Africa’s lion in winter

Hillery Gun Confiscation “worth looking at”

Campaigning For Bernie And A $15 Minimum Wage At The Drive Thru


Why does Joe Buck get to do the World Series and LCS every fucking goddamn year?!

Hillary Clinton Says A National Gun Buyback Program Is 'Worth Considering'

Tonight 10 PM ET, Bernie Sanders, Lawrence Lessing on Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO

Tropical development in Gulf, heavy rains on Gulf Coast possible late next week

The money powering the NRA

Where do you get that Hillary logo for an avatar?

The Three Types of Hillary Supporters

NOoooooo MSNBC!!!!!!!

Tired of Florida Man/Woman? Fear Not - HEEEERE's Pennsylvania Woman!

To be, or not to be...the President

1,000 words part deux

God Bless Donald Trump. Seriously.

Deju VU?

If you're in the Pittsburgh area tomorrow...

Obama: U.S. will defend South Korea

U.S. government to require that hobbyists register their drones

How exciting has your life been?

Friday Talking Points (366) -- Debate Talking Point Rundown

U.S. House Benghazi panel grills Clinton aide for six hours

Indianapolis bakery joins in on the fun of Deflategate

Hungary closes border with Croatia to stem migrant flow

Syria army begins offensive near Aleppo with Russian support

Ben Carson Asks Coal Baron What His Energy Policy Should Be

Please sign the petition for an independent investigation of Kunduz hospital bombing

Report: Russian hackers stole info from Dow Jones to make trades

Here is the website for the new organization deriving from the Corbyn leadership campaign:

This is why 28,500 troops are still in Korea.

I have to question why the Democratic Party

Bill Maher interviews Sen. Sanders: "I want to see you get the nomination"

Bill Maher made an interesting point about a commonality between many spree shooters

EVERYONE HERE is "a proud member of the reality-based community".

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton are Wall Street's favorites, donations show

Hillarious Bill Maher skit on how the Republicans 'mishear' Bernie. ROTFLMAO

Robert Reich: Hillary Clinton is wrong, and Bernie Sanders is right, on Glass-Steagall

Bernie raised nearly 4 times as much from donations of less than $200 than Hillary last quarter

Eight straight ALCS wins

For them that block open discussion about Hillary

NPR explains why Clinton "won" the debate

Condescending Hillary fans: Man, did this pro-Bernie blogger get it right.

Glitch on Bill Maher

Debate Poll: still think six is enough?

DWS: Should she stay or should she go?

I am switching to Hillary.

Sorry, haters, but I'm also switching to Hillary.

Bush vs Trump Slap Fight on Twitter over 9/11 - Bwahahahahaha

It seems to me that the opposite of Socialist is not Capitalist

More real polls show Hillary won! (Hillary Clinton Group)

Well here's a mystery solved!

Ordered a new motherboard because mine bit the dust ( From New Egg) has moved to a new YouTube channel.

Lol. Fox News. Doing Dems a favor.

Scientific Google Surveys/IJ poll finds Bernie winning the Dem debate

Donald Trump Is A “Carnival Barker,” Martin O’Malley Says,

Bernie Store Shopaholics!

This will not make many of you happy.

Donald Trump Is A “Carnival Barker,” Martin O’Malley Says,

Love these T-Shirts.....

What Bernie Sanders Said & What Republicans Hear (video)

Sikhs set up 'langar' in IS territory to feed Yazidis

I can't hold this back any longer.

'If violence continues, Israel to begin banishing Palestinians to Gaza'

Church opposes DC's proposed bike lane because ‘rights of religious freedom’

Son's Priceless Response When Pal Told Him He's Going to Fly Confederate Flag on His Pick-Up Truck

Texas university will allow guns in dorm rooms but nerf guns are strictly prohibited

Why Hiring Older Workers is Good Business Strategy

I went to prison at age 60. Here’s what I learned.

The Untold Story of When Labor Linked Arms With Occupy Wall Street

Unless You’re a Corporation, Nothing Good Will Come of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Seattle City Council: Please Fund Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands

Bradley Cooper says he'll share salary information with female co-stars before production

Walking Dead Rerun RIGHT FUGGIN NOW on amc

What One Historian Wishes Bernie Sanders Said About Being a Socialist

Who Really Lost the Debate?

National Feral Cat Day: Learn the Ins And Outs Of Trap-Neuter-Return To Help The Cause

Bernie Sanders Dominates With Small Donors, While the GOP Rakes in the Dark Money

Bernie Sanders’s biggest problem is his fan base (Angry white males)

FAIR: Sanders Goes After Media's Most Sacred Cow

Bill Maher - Land Of The Spree (Oct 16, 2015)

Bill Maher - Land Of The Spree (Oct 16, 2015)

Coming out at the old age of 57 is an amazing experience!

Bill Maher to Bernie Sanders. "I want to help your campaign... see you get the nomination"

What's everyone doing this fine Friday night?

Oops! The White House Just Called Hillary Out! Caught in a lie?

Texas university will allow guns in dorm rooms but nerf guns are strictly prohibited

Reich: AUSTERITY 101--The Three Reasons Republican Deficit Hawks Are Wrong

Jindal vs. O'Malley: A tale of two governors

Jindal vs. O'Malley: A tale of two governors

Boston Globe October New Hampshire Democratic Study-Likely Voters

North Texan Fights HOA To Fly Confederate Flag

Bernie Sanders - FeelTheBern 6

Sorry, Bernie fans: The polls are coming in, and it looks like Clinton won the debate

Lee Middle advisory group votes to change school's controversial name (FL)

Biden Backers To Naysayers: Not So Fast

Edwards makes her case for U.S. Senate (MD)

spooky puppy xpost from pets

What Bernie Sanders says, and what Republicans hear. This is hilarious!

What issue is more important to you? Gun control or regulating Wall Street?

Washington State Initiative 366

Never forget who really kept us safe.

Which matters more?

"Governor Martin O'Malley is not the candidate of Big Banks - he is the candidate of big ideas.

Bernie on Maher

Why 'Occupation-denial' Impedes Israel’s War on Terror

I Posted This A Couple Of Times Before And I Think The Time Is Right Now - Lift The Cap......

Rabindranath Tagore

Sanders won 44%-29% in a poll of people who actually watched the debate

Chappie was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Martin O’Malley’s immigration policy wins support from Jorge Ramos and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Martin O’Malley’s immigration policy wins support from Jorge Ramos and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Tickets for new 'Star Wars' may go on sale next week

Daily Holidays - October 17

Double Jobs

The biggest mystery in mathematics: Shinichi Mochizuki and the impenetrable proof

WP : Hillary's Donations vs Sanders Donations difference in a graph

Wingnut Wants to Force PP to Build Memorial Wall for Fetuses

You should pay attention to X Speaker Dennis Hastert trial

A very sad tragedy by Cop

Mikey Gets Creepy Email

If I feel a comment directed to me in an alert reply is personally offensive, how do I report it?

Here are a few examples of the amendments Sanders passed

Beware of Tesla Autopilot


People-Powered non Profit Grocery Store Lowers Food Prices for Volunteers

What Bernie Said | What Republicans Hear

Wall Street banksters won't let Bernie go too far, but what about people?

When it was pointed out to Ted Cruz that his anti-immigrant stance is unbiblical...

The Black Battalion of WWII the 333rd Artiliary documentary

Watch this if Ann Coulter doesn't make you Vomit

Code pink trying to stop execution of 17 year old sententenced back in 2012

Why are people I put on full ignore showing up for me again?

Ottomans saved Hungarian PM Orban’s Ancestors; now he says Islam never part of Europe

Weekly Address: Working for Meaningful Criminal Justice Reform

Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' injured while eluding capture

Norman Solomon: Clinton’s Debate Comments on Snowden "Give Hypocrisy a Bad Name"

Are you a Native American? Yes I am. I'm a settler, a descendant of settlers, not from immigrants

The Biggest Man: Understanding Andre the Giant, Wrestling’s Massive, Indefinable Contradiction

Torture by another name: CIA used 'water dousing' on at least 12 detainees

Why Jeb and other Repubs keep saying "he kept us safe"?

I do not think Bernie is doing enough to define the "socialist" label.

Debate Over ?

‘There is no money’: cash-strapped Cuba is forced to cut vital imports

If you're stupid enough to think activists are pissed at guns, you're too stupid to own one.

When you authorize force against an innocent victim

Will the right shut up now that the U.S. budget deficit is at an eight-year low?

It's official, Hillary Won the First Debate...

EU to announce end of Iran sanctions on Sunday: sources

Where is the white paper for Hillary Clinton's College affordability plan?

Today In Capitalism. (On the trial of coal baron Donald Blankenship; there are audio tapes.)

‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli whines about Bernie giving his money to charity

Australia secretly flies pregnant refugee out of country before hearing

Memo to Cecile Richards and reps of other progressive orgs: STOP APOLOGIZING WHEN YOU"RE RIGHT!

Hillary Clinton's Take on Banks Won't Hold Up (Taibbi)

Usher and Nas target police brutality with powerful interactive video

Inside Corporate America's Campaign to Ditch Workers' Compensation

Richard Wolff: Capitalism and Its Regulation Delusion: Lessons From the Volkswagen Debacle

The point of banking reform is not just about the 2008 crisis. It's to cut down the power of banks.

Rachel Maddow - New alarm over fracking-related earthquake threat to oil storage

Target Store Accidentally Plays Porn Audio Over PA System (VIDEO)

Trump Fan Spits In Latino Man's Face At Rally

I am Switching To Bernie.

A flipbook tribute to the Chicago Cubs, Kyle Schwarber, and Harry Caray

We missed something at the debate: "Bernie Sanders Is On Fire"

Oshkosh Readies To Resume JLTV: GAO Decides In December

Target Store Accidentally Plays Porn Audio Over PA System-The Young Turks

Moody’s Jumps on Recession Bandwagon

How can folks agree with critics of the TPP, yet claim Clinton couldn't know what's in it?

EVERYONE needs to watch this 5 minute video: Warren vs. Clinton. It's Eye-Opening. Heartbreaking.

George W. Bush’s military lies: The real story about the undeniable service gaps he got away with

KC-46 Tanker Program Contract in Jeopardy

Frmr US serviceman gets whistleblower award for revealing details on drone war

Don Blankenship Trial: Secret Tapes Reveal Arrogant, Amoral Bully Who Knew Mine Ops Dangers Well

Weekend Toon Roundup 1: Endless Middle-eastern conflict

Hillary: Australia-style gun control ‘worth looking at’

Spotlight: Syrian rebels move from offense to defense after Russian intervention

Weekend Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

"Pharma Bro" reaffirms that he is a big pile of dung

Small Island States To Developed World: If You Can't Do Anything, At Least Help Us Move

Wildlife Photo Of The Year A Stunning Take On Climate Breakdown

Chicago: Now Arriving: Underground 4G Wireless Service on CTA Blue Line

$11 billion in funds for health clinics, Bernie gets things done

Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Workplace of Kim Davis, Monday, they say.

The Big Oil Company Climate Announcement, And The Many, Many Things It Lacks

NatGeo Climate Change Issue Arrives - Better Get It Done Before Murdoch Visits, I Guess . . . .

Deray McKesson : Reflections on meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton

Reclaiming Southern Pride

KKK protests 'Take It Down' flag rally at Ole Miss

Confederate Emblem a Sticky Election Topic in Mississippi

Dead Iraqis per Senator: this metric should be worn on lapel pins

New Bernie Sanders campaign theme song!

Where does 'religious freedom' end?

LOL....Here's some video humor that both Sanders supporters and critics should enjoy


Survey Monkey bodes poorly for Hillary on issues

Mini H meets real H

Takata air bag problem widens to some 2015 GM vehicles

Deflate-cake, anyone? Indianapolis bakery mocks Patriots

RNC chief: GOP is ‘cooked’ without White House win in 2016

Trump swam in mob-infested waters in early years as an NYC developer

How Many Debates? Opinion on That Could Change.

SEC overrated? Or does it just beat itself to death?

Words of Wisdom

Me Gusta: Buena Vista Social Club Orquesta at the White House

X-Post from GDP: If you're stupid enough to think activists are pissed at guns

Bernie Sanders Holds 19-Point Lead Among San Diego Democrats

Bishop at Vatican Synod: 'One Can Still Perceive the Smell' of the 'Smoke of Satan'

So Who Gives a Shit If Donald Trump is backing down

"Why One of the Richest Countries on Earth Is So Poor: The Facts that Drive the Sanders Revolt"

Good morning Bernie supporters.

Bill Maher: What Bernie Say and what Republicans hear

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

Oh; and did I mention Scientists may have discovered a Giant Alien Megastructure?

Bill Maher just endorsed Bernie Sanders!

I care who wins the primary and Americans. I don't care who won the debates or the polls.

Ellen Sits Down with Bernie Sanders

Sometimes Bernie Sanders sounds like a broken record...

Democratic Debate VS. GOP Debate....

Bernie Gets It Done: Sanders' Record of Pushing Through Major Reforms Will Surprise You

Here is a chart with all the tax rates going back to 1913

Why isn't anyone asking Trump how he plans to pay for his plans

Gender Gap Persists for Women Seeking Nobel Science Prizes

Gender Gap Persists for Women Seeking Nobel Science Prizes

Another Rumor Is Popping Up!

Martin O'Malley says his debate performance was a "shot in the arm for fundraising"

Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill

Gender Gap Persists for Women Seeking Nobel Science Prizes

6 Signs That Show the New Hillary Is Still the Old Hillary

LGBT Californians Make Legal Strides

Real Time with Bill Maher - What Republicans Hear - October 16, 2015 (HBO)

Labour is the Source of All Value. Electing Bernie Sanders is only step 1.

Grateful Dead's Phil Lesh Reveals Bladder Cancer Battle

How to Dress Your Kid (or Yourself) as a Rad American Woman for Halloween

How to Dress Your Kid (or Yourself) as a Rad American Woman for Halloween

2012 reporting on the Shrub AWOL story, going *way* past RATHER deep into Shrub corruption

A question about hibiscus

Take that, CNN: This Little Light of Mine Edition!

Politifact: Hillary Clinton's claim that Bernie Sanders voted against Brady bill five times is TRUE

George Harrison’s Solo Catalogue Now Available on Streaming Services

Hillary Clinton's Big Climate Change Accomplishment Was Actually a Huge Failure

Florida man at it again...

In rare sightings, venomous sea snakes seen on California beaches (El Nino)

I have not spoken about the primaries and I don't want to take sides

Bernie: "It is unacceptable that senior citizens and disabled veterans will get no COLA this year."

Pope Francis's First Crisis

Can we have an actual POLICY discussion?

'Flawed' study casts doubts on mixed-gender units in US marine corps

Hawaii governor declares state of emergency amid homelessness crisis

I'm about to have 10 staples removed from my head.

Rift in Obama administration over Putin

Mexico says drug boss Guzman narrowly evades capture, sustains injuries

Mexico says drug boss Guzman narrowly evades capture, sustains injuries

@12:30 CST CNN set to broadcast live comments from Hillary...

Kerry urges 'ambitious' climate deal, warns on food security

Your vote is sacrosanct

Well, this was different for Facebook.


LA Feels THE BERN! Bernie Intro/Endorsement by actor Seth MacFarlane at LA Rally Spot On.

Chinese firms want to build, finance California high-speed train

SiriusXM Canada - Progress Talk gone

Scientology Could Get Its Own Senator

Paul Ryan says men in 'inner cities' aren't 'even thinking about working'

NY Times: The Lonely Death of George Bell

NY Times: The Lonely Death of George Bell

Abortion Rights Group Says Clinic Vandalism Should Be Investigated As Domestic Terrorism (petition)

Florida school slammed for ‘lifeboat quiz’ asking kids if they would save ‘a black guy’ or ‘

Bernie Sanders Wins Focus Groups And Social Media, But Hillary Clinton Wins Post Debate Polls

Clinton to hit Alabama voting rights decision

When your candidate receives endorsements from Harold Ford and Rahm Emmanuel

Gun Control Group: Sanders mirrors the talking points of the gun lobby.

Trump (1998): Republicans are the dumbest group of votors

Gabby Giffords: "Dangerous People With Guns Are a Threat to Women"

Please Mr. Sanders, Bring Us a Dream, the song

Canadian's urged to see government as part of the solution in upcoming federal elections

Episode 536: Exclusive Guest: Curt Guyette-Michigan ACLU Flint, MI Toxic Water Investigation

American Colleges Pay Agents to Woo Foreigners, Despite Fraud Risk

Now the Guns are coming for our pets: Retired K9 who served in Iraq shot, killed in Powell

I am the RCC

Something to remember.

By the way, there is one group of corporations Bernie wants to protect

Bernie IS Phenomenal: $3.2 Million In Less Than 3 Days

After Failing to Derail her, GOP and media Accuse Hillary of Flip Flopping

Yesterday Charles Krauthammer. Today Mona Charen.

Here's one "thoughtful" person. (HILLARY GROUP)

Hillary Defends Her Failed War in Libya

Ben Carson -- Is It Possible To Be Very Smart and Very Stupid At The Same Time?

Mental Health, the NRA's new straw man.

After One Good Debate, Democrats Need to Schedule a Lot More of Them

Ok. So lets call the debate a tie...

The way that the media chases behind Donald Trump's every word or deed is just shameful!

George W. Bush did NOT keep us safe: Eddie Schultz on the matter.

German mayoral candidate Reker stabbed over refugee support

Volkswagen Bragged About The Effects Of Diesel Cheating For Years

Big Beer's 5-point plan to crush the craft beer revolution

Robert Scheer: Bernie Blew It

Maryland woman is the 21st transgender person killed this year

An 'anti-Dalai Lama' atheist may steal the thunder in Tibetan polls this weekend (but lose)

Religious freedom retreats in many countries, but not all

So how many of you have read Clinton's plan to regulate Wall Street?

Race, guns, culture, change in S.C.

In Sicily, Tasting Seafood With a Skeptical Son

William Greider on Nixon's Southern Strategy.....and why it matters today.

Professional Left throws Bernie under bus

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 17, 2015

Andrea Mitchell to Bernie, immediately after debate "You really lit a fire tonight"

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-16-15 (must have been payday!)

Did Monet Visit His Own Exhibit?

Richard Dawkins interviewed by Alan Colmes Wednesday

Moscow Rally Against Russia's Syria Strikes Falls Short

The votes of Sen. Clinton vs Sen. Sanders when they served together.

Dan Rather says movie 'Truth' is accurate

I changed my mind.

The persecution of Hillary Clinton by Republicans

26 years ago today!! 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

26 years ago today!! 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

Why You Actually Should Care About Hillary Clinton's Damn Emails

Jim Hightower: The Haircut

Big homeless camp today near S.F.’s old Dumpville

Big homeless camp today near S.F.’s old Dumpville

Conversation with the grocery checkout clerk.

Mayoral candidate in Cologne, Germany stabbed by anti-refugee assailant.

The Plot Against Donald Trump ! N.Y. Post

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (Featuring Sanders & Clinton)

First post-debate event with Governor O'Malley

Good Socialism and Bad

Powerful moments from O'Malley at the Democratic Debate

Cast your vote now......

President Obama Crashes Wedding Photographs

Abortion at the Supreme Court’s Linda Greenhouse

Family Guy's Seth Macfarlane Introduces Bernie Sanders at Los Angeles Rally 10/14/15

What Captive Bottlenose Dolphins Have Taught Us – Part 1

Sunday Talk Shows: State of the Union: Hillary Clinton, ABC This Week: Bernie Sanders

Clinton says her Keystone XL position isn't a flip-flop -- and PolitiFact agrees: (HILLARY GROUP)

Report: Russia Blocks Israeli Jets Over Lebanon

"I don't see how the Republicans can win the Presidency" "There is just no way . . . .

Mulling 2016 Run, Biden Speaks With Top Labor Leader

NYC Mayor Makes 'Solidarity' Trip To Israel

"Obama V Putin: Game Over? Absolutely—Look at the Math!"

Hillary Clinton’s Latest Hispandering Is Just Plain Insulting


New DOJ Department For Domestic Terrorists Explodes Right-Wing Heads Everywhere

Snowden: Hillary is wrong about whistleblower protection laws.

BB&T spent millions 'persuading' universities to teach Ayn Rand...

The Left Ought to Worry About Hillary Clinton, Hawk and Militarist, in 2016

Belgian state TV threatened for asking Erdoğan about jailed VICE journalist

Hacker's Kill List Shows ISIS 'Crowdsourcing Terrorism'

Hillary Clinton Goes to Militaristic, Hawkish Think Tank, Gives Militaristic, Hawkish Speech

Fox News guest: Democratic party run by ‘estrogen cabal” who will crush anyone in Hillary’s way

Ecuador Thwarted Deal Between Julian Assange And Swedish Prosecutors

Containing The Putin Syndicate

DU is a wonderful bunch of people, Thank you, Thank you!!

I suspect whoever did this is a serial killer.

Don’t Chase Putin Out of Syria — Let Him Fail On His Own

Ebola resurfaces in the U.K.

God’s TV, Russian style

Again with the compost bucket.


Indiana state trooper pulls woman over and asks 'do you accept Jesus Christ as your savior?'

Iraqi Forces Add Russian Guns to US Tanks for ISIL Fight

Famous quotes, the way a woman would have to say them during a meeting.

They Put A Pre-School In A Nursing Home And It Changed Everyone’s Life.

They Put A Pre-School In A Nursing Home And It Changed Everyone’s Life.


A statistic about Bernie donations since the debates that hasn't been covered in the press

Lovely: Postage Stamps from Bhutan That Double as Playable Vinyl Records

The special groups under "Democrats are NOT a general forum. These groups serve as a safe haven for

Fox Business Channel Terrified by Socialist Hellscape foretold by the Popularity of Bernie Sanders

Clinton slams Alabama’s ‘discriminatory’ voter law

Junior doctors march over contract dispute

Getting to be that time again - turning the clocks back

A collection of useful stuff about Bernie

So you want to ban super PACs? Put your money where your mouth is.

Trey Gowdy Focusing On Hillary Clinton Allies In Closed Benghazi Committee Interviews

MSU vs Michigan. Unbelievable ending.

A Commanding Lead!

Tracy Morgan on SNL tonight!

Trailing 3-0 going into the 7th? Not a problem

#BabiesForBernie catches on social media

Royals up 2 games to 0! Yes! Hope Toronto enjoyed the visit to KC! nt

Funniest insurance ad I've seen in a long time!

Fox News guest: Democratic party run by ‘estrogen cabal” who will crush anyone in Hillary’s way

Vitter mistress: He told me to get an abortion

Occupy DNC

Lobbyist: Hillary Clinton will become Mrs. Wall Street if she’s elected

I guess Texas scared the poops out of Stoops.

Trump faces backlash for blaming ex-President George W. Bush for 9/11

Gilt by Association

Ben Carson, a grifter on the wingnut welfare circuit: How he just gave away the act

I don't have a horse yet.