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its remarkable how fast people discount their fellow citizens

Jay Dobyns fought the Hells Angels. Jim Reed fought the feds.

Jay Dobyns fought the Hells Angels. Jim Reed fought the feds.


Iran nuclear deal takes effect Sunday

Nebraska lawmaker: 'Get rid of the gun-free zones' at schools, churches, elsewhere

Huma Abedin was grilled for six hours behind closed doors about Benghazi. Why was it behind closed

Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown Slams Obama-Backed TPP As 'Massive Sellout Of American Workers'

I am going to miss my President.

In Alabama, Clinton blasts GOP on voting rights

Confederate symbolism in Georgia

Tracy Morgan hosts Saturday Night Live tonight.

"NRA slams Hillary Clinton, claims she supports confiscating guns" they're so scared.

As usual, election fortunes come down to Greater Toronto Area (and there is a Jay's game)

Super Typhoon Koppu Could Hit Philippines as a Cat 5-Jeff Masters

Allen Dulles and the CIA and the JFK assassination-- new book

Food Network has revamped an old show...

Stephen Harper: master manipulator

Interesting video on Susan G Koman foundation

Ridicule of Bernie supporters growing after debate...The Atlantic this time. So childishly done.

Those who attack Hillary are insulting Bernie Sanders and what he stands for.

Read about the BernieBro. The Atlantic must be going downhill fast.

Call of the wild

anyone feed Fromm dry catfood?

New documentary "A Very Heavy Agenda" - why the neocons are eager for Cold War II

Who here has purchased legal weed in Oregon?

Table Flowers

Michigan LOST ...last play of the game......OMGAWD. eom

10-16-15 Striking a Blow at Slave Labor in 2:00

10-16-15 Striking a Blow at Slave Labor in 2:00

10-16-15 Striking a Blow at Slave Labor in 2:00

10-16-15 Striking a Blow at Slave Labor in 2:00

Plant-based Diet

~ Babies for Bernie Can't Vote, But Still Feeling the Bern ~ ABC News, Oct. 16, 2015

I have this recurring fantasy

Westboro Baptist Church to protest Shark Jumping.


10 Japanese expressions that sound delightfully strange and funny when translated

Jeff Daniels Plays two of his most famous characters

Martin O’Malley’s immigration policy wins support from Jorge Ramos and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Joe Biden Calls Major Union Leader, Fueling Speculation on Run

Joe Biden Calls Major Union Leader, Fueling Speculation on Run

Koch brothers exposed

Joe Biden Calls Major Union Leader, Fueling Speculation on Run

Anyone think that a socialist can't win? Similar was said about Catholics

Research improves efficiency from larger perovskite solar cells

Smoking gun emails reveal Blair's 'deal in blood' with George Bush over Iraq war

Hillary Clinton is a brilliant super-qualified PROGRESSIVE candidate who will most likely win.

Editorial: Bernie shows he’s a contender

L.A. area's Kite Pharma could score big with new cancer treatment

Hell yea! Royals baybeee

Ex football player joins violent gang.

Clinton slams Alabama’s ‘discriminatory’ voter law

Antique vehicle auction draws hundreds to Aurora (link added)

Illinois Army vet saves 16 kids from knife-wielding teen reportedly plotting mass murder

'Enough of the Emails!' Will Help Bernie Sanders Surpass Hillary Clinton in National Polls

(Interactive Map): Mapping the dead in latest Israeli-Palestinian violence

Question about credit card interest charges

Don't lose heart. Give the day a chance to start

"Operators must not show vehicles being available for immediate hire, either visibly or virtually.."

It's snowing !!!

Sunday- Bernie on "This Week" on ABC

Thousands flee homes as Typhoon Koppu hits northern Philippines

Yemen conflict: Saudi-led strike 'hits wrong troops'

Notre Dame ......might win this one. It's always exciting....... eom

Judge: Texas can deny birth certificates for U.S.-born children of some immigrants - Bernie Event, Monday October 19th

SeaWorld plan to challenge killer whale breeding ban

Life of the (wrong) party - Bernie Event, Sunday October 18th.

To all you Hillary detractors, I say, "Cut it Out!"

I Challenge ANYONE Who Claims that Hillary's Iraq Vote Disqualifies Her to Prove They Said the Same

Are there any Rick and Morty fans here?

Where Are The 2016 Candidates Getting All Those Millions?

A new Bernie logo.

Your favorite crime-buster:

The Paranoid, Supremacist Roots of the Stabbing Intifada

Egypt due to vote in parliamentary elections

Meet the 7 oligarchs bankrolling the GOP campaign (Reddit)

Five Orphaned Kittens Found in Exhaust Duct, Meowing for Help

Sanders’s support skews young, but not particularly male. The Berniebro is male, though. Very male.

H. A. Goodman: Why I'm Voting Bernie Sanders Over Clinton or Trump - in 60 seconds

Martin O'Malley explains Benghazi

Trust me, I'm a Mom!


Larry David playing Bernie Sanders on SNL

SNL doing the Dem debate. Is that Larry David doing Sanders?

Don't underestimate the firepower pointing our way, but I do think we can win.

Was George W. Bush president on September 11, 2001? It’s time to settle this once and for all.

Protect Native Salamanders! (E action) Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (or Bsal) has a 96% mortali

Did Media Declaring Hillary Won Debate Influence Polls? -TYT

Need some really Unix-y help w/basic commands ...

China Details Next-Gen Nuclear Reactor Program (in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy)

This was funny. SNL spoofs Dem Debate.

Former mistress of GOPer David Vitter claims he got her pregnant and asked her to abort

Someone is burning black churches again — this time in St. Louis

Stay focused.

Its only fitting, since I have a beer fridge and lap top in my garage and its Saturday night.

I can't wait until this primary season is over.

Pope to canonize parents of St. Theresa of Lisieux

A plea for civility and respect for other DU members.

Hillary is WAY ahead in the national polls, and America isn't going to elect a "Socialist."

Benches empty at the Kingdome (1990)

It's Official: Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets go on sale Monday.

Civil War soldiers finally get proper burial in Colorado

who can be vice prez? Amendments 12&22 Clinton Bill & Obama

Junior Wells could blow a mean harp

Police Say 1 Killed, 4 Injured in Shooting at ZombieCon

The New Case to use in Fighting NRA right here.

One thing that impresses me so much about this forum,

Can Bernie break the infamous "third term curse"?

Daily Holidays - October 18

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says he’ll push for religious protections; Pelosi also attends TribuneFest

Donald Trump persuaded by Laredo mayor to temper border wall plan

Think our media is bad? Look at Canada's upcoming elections:

Drug lord has become Mexico’s hit Halloween costume

I used to belive in global warming

We're electing a new prime minister tomorrow. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ?

Race for White House coming to Texas

Dispelling the Ignorance: The “S” Word

Brazil speaker Eduardo Cunha 'hid millions of dollars abroad'

I will send Kim Davis a copy of this

"El Chapo" Guzman flown to Sinaloan mountains after escape

Education commissioner: Texas Must Expand Teacher Pool

If This is a War, Then Black Lives Matter is Losing

The DC rally is ON with a new date. Share this widely!

The DC rally is ON with a new date. Share this widely!

9 Things You Never Knew About Real-Life American Witches

Police: Suicide at end of conference of Alaska Natives

Interior Department curbs future Arctic offshore drilling

Court Committee Puzzled by New Abortion Restrictions

Trudeau starts campaign blitz as new poll suggests Canadians want change

I would like to see voting by mail across the US.

Ex-members of church where teens were beaten talk of decline

S.F. landlords endorse a politician who wants to expand rent control.

Rationed Healthcare And Lack of Medical Innovation In Countries With Socialized Medicine?

Boston library fires employee who oversaw misfiled prints

Hyundai recalls 27,700 Sonatas and Elantras in cold weather states

Peppier handicapped symbol gets support, but problems remain

Nude man rescued from Boston Harbor by state police

Bill Aims to Cut Funding to Political Parties That Support Settlement Boycott

Keolis lost $19.4 million during first half of 2015

Tant: New documents on U.S. role in Chile sadly unsurprising

Tant: New documents on U.S. role in Chile sadly unsurprising

Northeastern University gives 25 percent tuition discount to parents

College honors professor with 17 mph speed limit signs

New book unveils Mathis’ past battles with racism

Needling Obama for More Wars

400-year-old church re-emerges from beneath Mexican reservoir

Liberal Party of Canada pledges to legalize marijuana.

Modern connections between China, Peru highlight similarities in ancient cultures

Baker mum on MBTA fare hike

Panelists discuss higher ed funding

Texans wanted in new round of Obamacare signups

Amputee gets high heels, courtesy of Marathon bombing survivor

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) 999 Megabytes Edition

New Report on Secretive EU Trade Deals Highlights Corrupt Agenda for Mass Privatisation

Jews and Arabs Rally for Coexistence in Jerusalem

Imagine a Bush ad talking about draft

Louisiana man, paid by the call to fight fires, arrested for setting 6 blazes

You are not normal

UN investigators begin taking evidence in UK on ‘rights violations’

USMC official: Marines should not be looking at leaked classified documents

Veterans Affairs official responsible for benefits resigns

Amazon targets 1,114 'fake reviewers' in Seattle lawsuit

Chronic Pain Sufferers are being screwed by the..

'We're Under Water': Germany Shows Signs of Strain from Mass of Refugees

Clinton cinches the nomination-"I’ll say it: She looked fabulous"

October 14, 2015 fundraiser in L.A. (yes, L.A. again):

Rand Paul Goes Off On Sanders, Compares Him To Pol Pot

Sunday's Doonesbury- Trump U memories

How Hillary Clinton Got Her Groove Back

Socialism vs. Government

Socialism vs. Government (X-post from GD)

Trump outrages GOP by claiming that GWB was President on 9/11

Kangaroo Court Is in session, Republicans go after Hillary Clinton

Will Hillary Clinton Be Pilloried by the Benghazi Committee?

Chicago police: 3-year-old fatally shot by brother, 6

The Walking Dead 6.2 "JSS" (spoiler alert)

Bernie Sanders’ record of pushing through major reforms will surprise you

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows 10-18-15

Richard Wolff - Socialism For Dummies - Part 1 And Part 2

Typhoon leaves 2 dead, 16,000 displaced in Philippines

Bernie Gets It Done: Sanders' Record of Pushing Through Major Reforms Will Surprise You

Larry David Nails It As Bernie Sanders On 'SNL'

Hillary Clinton Is Winning the Race for Wall Street’s White House Cash

Bottom Line GOP Base Mad That Obama Care Not Gone & Govt Still Running. Et Al.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-17-15

MUST SEE TV: Bernie in LA - Huge crowds, Excitement through roof, Sounds like an acceptance speech!

SNL does the debate--Larry David doing Bernie---ROTFLMAO

Did the press overdo Hillary's debate performance? Maybe, but...

bernie on abc this week this morning!

This is still Bernie Sanders’ moment: He’s right on the big issues, now he must communicate it

Clinton Email Smoking Gun-1 Year BEFORE Invasion-Blair Agreed to Act as Bush/Iraq War Cheerleader

Inside the GOP’s hallucinatory dogma

Ted Cruz wants to be king: Make no mistake, the GOP extremists’ real goal is absolute control

Betting on the 2016 presidential election

Is there no difference between Bronx and Brooklyn accents? You be the judge...

Heavies Allies in Axis markings

What's Wrong With Gun Registration?

Israelis save drowning Syrian and Iraqi refugees. 11 people rescued at sea near Greece

Wrath of Financial Engineering: It’s Now Eating into Earnings

Bernie Sanders Beat Hillary Clinton Debating Edward Snowden, Civil Liberties?


Opinion: How CNN moderators slanted the Democratic debate

Typhoon Koppu hit northern Philippines

Presser: Shooting at ZombiCon

Arirang News 24:00 President Park Geun-hye says reunification of the Korean peninsula will ARIRANG

Shark attack off Lanikai Beach leaves swimmer with serious leg injuries

Well, he WAS handed a copy of "Bin Laden Determined To Strike In US" which he chose NOT TO READ.

What would happen if the richest people in this country were asked to pay a higher tax rate?

IN PICTURES: 'Dead' 13-year-old terrorist alive and well

UVA Workers Unearth Early Thomas Jefferson Chemistry Lab - Newsy

YouTube’s Richest: Behind The Scenes

Stop Speaking English

Tommy Chong's Unaired Lincoln Ad

Was George W. Bush President On 9/11? An Investigation Into The Controversy Tearing The GOP Apart

Small Band of Extremists Want Total Control of the Government

Politics Done Right: Examining CNN's shutdown of Bernie2016TV YouTube Channel e/ John Ellis (VIDEO)

TYT: Did Media Declaring Hillary Won Debate Influence Polls?

TOON: CNN's Debate Impartiality

The Chilling Thing Wal-Mart Said about Financial Engineering

The Empire Eats Its Own | Philip A. Farruggio

Five of eight

Will the MSM continue to give Bush/GOP as pass for 9/11?

A five year old's observations on the first Democratic debate —from Daily Kos

How Markets Make Fools of Us

HaHAH CBS-Sunday highlighted 10+ "so many 1st rate movies" & ignored "Truth"/RATHER/ShrubAWOL

Americans Increasingly Coming Out on Facebook

One big reason for the divisiveness IMO: If you aren't divisive you are talking to yourself

A Landscape of Dreams | John Michael Greer

Chilcot under pressure to report after leaked Blair-Bush Iraq memo

TYT: "New Snowden" Leak Exposes Brutal Drone Program

All you need to know about "Bush keeping us Safe"

Listen to Syrians: The Media Jackals and the People’s Narrative | Ramzy Baroud

Reclaiming Labor History: How Domestic Workers Resisted Racism in the '60s and '70s

Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents

Reps Lieu, DeSaulnier ask Attorney General to investigate ExxonMobil deception on climate change

Latest HuffPost/Pollster graphic shows Hillary climbing.

Patriarchy, Black Listing, and the Language of Birth | Mickey Z.

Florida sheriff: People will die if I don't have my military tank

TYT: Media Edits Out Key Bernie Sanders Rant

Sanders doubles down on Clinton email comments

A conversation with my brother about the waves of refugees from the war zones coming into Germany

"Dynasty" Am I wrong here?

TYT: Sheriff: If You Take My Tank People Will Die

Hillary Clinton Comments on Edward Snowden

"Hillary's a solid debater. That doesn't make her right or honest on the substance."

A 74-year old British grandfather faces 350 lashes, in public, in Saudi Arabia

TYT: Former Detainees Sue CIA Torture Doctors

CNN to Jeb!: You blame Hilary for Benghazi, but say your brother is blameless for 9/11?

"Mars calling Jupiter." . . . Please come CAPTION Wayne Simmons on Cavuto!!!!

A true masterpiece....

Sodom lives!

The real CNN?

Even the 1% are starting to realize the oppression has simply gone too far.......

White House Reveals Answer To WHO Was President On 9/11

Who decides the rules for the first debate?

Gaslighting, Psychopaths and the Social Construct

Bang, You’re Dead | James Howard Kunstler

98% of scientists agree

The one percent’s ultimate hypocrisy: They won’t move into high-rent apartments because ..........

Of Course, It is an Intifada: This is What You Must Know | Ramzy Baroud

How Markets Make Fools of Us

"Android And The Taps Of Doom"

Who Needs Truth in Cartoon Amerika? | Philip A. Farruggio

"Bernie" in multiple languages

Question on Face the Nation this morning: Will there be a revolution?

How to find out how the candidates who were U.S. Senators voted.

Retrotopia: The Scent of Ink on Paper | John Michael Greer

Elizbaeth Warren - Signs Letter Urging Hillary Clinton To Run in 2016

Run, Hillary, run, say Senate's Dem women

The Grand Charade | Philip A. Farruggio

Two photos accepted for publication...

The Blair and Powell Memos proving they wanted and planned for war a year before

Who pays and who profits when the US goes to war? These excerpts were banned in Congress.

SNL - Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton A "Progressive." That's A Good Thing, Right?

Did Fiorina's lies about Planned Parenthood finally catch up with her?

Affordability of Malloy’s transportation plan questioned

Opinion piece from WaPo - GOP is right to fear Clinton

Bernie Sanders Wants Larry David at Next Rally: ‘He Does Better Than I Do’

The cash donations Hillary simply has no answer for

Bernie Sanders on CNBC

"So it goes"

Where Bernie and Hillary Really Disagree

"If my Democratic candidate doesn't win,

I've changed my mind.

Cross posted in GDP... I've changed my mind.

Regarding the conservative position of keeping health care unaffordable . . . .

One Way W. Did NOT Keep Us Safe That Can't Be Denied!

Alabama license office closures alarms voting rights advocates ahead of 2016

Bernie Sanders Supports Keeping Troops In Afghanistan

Sen. Bernie Sanders Interview on This Week


Wall placed between Jewish, Arab J'salem neighborhoods

Did Donald Trump support John Kerry in 2004?

Maldives: Gemanafushi unwed mother convicted to death by stoning

Slaves of History

Watch Chuck Todd to Ted Cruz - 'You stood up and nobody followed you' (VIDEO)

False Claim: CNN Deletes Pro-Sanders Poll

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 18, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Sanders to Host National Student Town Hall

Regarding the Canadian Federal Election

Biden has no right to stop the first female president

Houston Texans owner donates $10,000 to anti-LGBT group

Brooklyn prepares for trial over Lufthansa heist featured in Goodfellas

Bernie Sanders: Larry David Does Me Better Than I Do (SNL video)

I know historically a veep would be chosen in July or August of election year, but...

GOP extremists’ real goal is absolute control

German mayoral candidate stabbed in attack linked to migrants policy

Bernie Sanders’ record of pushing through major reforms will surprise you

Time to act on 'Talbot Boys' (MD)

Gun shop found liable in shooting of two Milwaukee police officers

UN to deploy peacekeepers to protect world heritage sites

An open letter to the community (VA)

Kangaroo gets loose in Staten Island

John Kerry confirms meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Is It Hillary's Post-Politics Career That Hurts Her The Most?

Could Confederate battle flag furl in Mississippi?

Ben Carson recasts role of Saudi Arabia in hunt for Osama bin Laden

So the Foo Fighters kicked major ass last night!

Hillary Clinton Alabama visit: Calls state DMV closings 'a blast from the Jim Crow past'

Rethinking two of my old favorites

CIA debunks Gowdy's allegation that Clinton email contained classified source

Mitt Romney: down on Trump, high on Christie, and 'glad I'm not in this race'

New poll shows Liberal support rising in Alberta's big cities, though Tories lead

Concerned about the cost of Bernies programs, but not about Hillary's wars?

TPM: Bernie Sanders Avoids Responding To Trump's 'Absurd' Comment

Four Israeli cities, citing security, ban Arab workers from schools

Canada: Liberals poised for win barring Conservative surprise

Alibaba lobbies to stay off U.S. blacklist list for fakes

Jedi Bernie

Iran deal closer to reality as U.S. prepares sanctions waivers

Texas birth certificate rules for immigrants' children stand for now: judge

Bernie loved Larry David's impersonation of him on SNL

Bernie Sanders supports keeping troops in Afghanistan.

Head of India's BJP 'rebukes politicians' in beef row

Arab Attackers Open Fire on Israeli Bus Station, Killing 1

Benghazi Panel Grills Huma Abedin For Six Hours

Jeb Bush, no longer the Republicans’ Mr. Inevitable

Chicago Police: Father of Slain Boy Got Gun for Protection

If I were Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearings come Thursday

Coast Guard Swimmer Only Saves People Who Believe In Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ

Top al Qaeda leader Sanafi al-Nasr killed in U.S. airstrike, Pentagon says

One stark difference between Bernie and Hillary?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) refused repeatedly to endorse Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as a “true conservative”

Democratic Presidential Contenders Join Calls To Investigate Exxon.

Trey Gowdy to GOP colleagues: ‘Shut up’ if you’re not on Benghazi panel

Was George W. Bush President On 9/11? An Investigation Into The Controversy Tearing The GOP Apart

Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster and trailer announced!

Will Biden Become SNL's Next Generalissimo Francisco Franco?....

Rep. Cummings: Gowdy fabricated redactions on Clinton's email to make it look like she'd outed a spy

How about a Confederate memorial that tells the truth?

Democratic Presidential Contenders Join Calls To Investigate Exxon.

I'm as sick & tired of hearing about NON-candidate Biden, as I am Hillary's damn emails

Here's how Bernie Gets elected in the primaries then the GE

Hey everybody. Can I get some vibes?

Trump: My immigration plans would have prevented 9/11

What are you reading this week of October 18, 2015?

Gowdy fabricated redactions on to Clinton's email to make it look like she'd outed a spy.

CNN's King Asks 'Does Mr. Trump Have A Point? After Playing Video Of Him Calling Sanders a Communist

Canada: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau rallies support in Edmonton on last day of campaign

Question For Trump: If You Were the President on 9/11

What are the reason(s) that you are not supporting Hillary?

McCarthy rumors follow Ellmers to North Carolina

WARNING: Squee to meltdown

Young Swedes commenting on Bernie

Diane Ravitch on the East Ramapo School board, yeshivas and Orthodox Jews

Halloween politics DU Style -- Meta ;-)

Public has chance to name new moth species

Bill Maher asks "If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, who will stay home and not vote for Hillary?"

Hillary Clinton builds confidence: Kathleen Parker

"Enough is Enough" rally, Saturday, November 28, Washington- National Mall.

"Enough is Enough" rally, Saturday, November 28, Washington- National Mall.

Ted Cruz has lost his mind: “Republican leadership are the most effective Democrat leaders we’ve eve

I'm here for the first time....

Democrats welcome the gun debate to the campaign

The Lonely Death of George Bell

Bernie Sanders Shreds Donald Trump For Lying About His Plan To Raise Taxes On The Rich

can anyone verify this?

by Robert Reich

I just figured out why my phone has a feminine voice

CSPAN: @DemSocialists's national director talks socialism

Full Interview: Bernie Sanders ABC 'This Week' George Stephanopoulos, Oct. 18

Elizabeth Warren: I agree with Hillary Clinton

The Armor of Light: Sarah Palin (Clip)

Kansas mathematician Beth Clarkson's Show Me the Votes Foundation opens

About this "electability thing." Bernie is electable if Democrats practice what they preach

Kansas mathematician Beth Clarkson's Show Me the Votes Foundation opens

How to Decide

Kansas mathematician Beth Clarkson's Show Me the Votes Foundation opens

Here's What Ahmed Mohamed Has Been Up To Since His Clock Arrest

DU for Bernie Oct goal update

Alabama lawmakers question reason behind license office closings (

Anti-immigration SVP wins Swiss election in swing to right

Gowdy: New Benghazi emails show 'disconnect' with Washington

Pope canonises French couple Louis and Zelie Martin

CIA Debunks Gowdy’s Allegation That Clinton Email Contained Classified CIA Source (HILLARY GRP)

Stop the Jihadi Onslaught Against Atheists and Free Thinkers

Demonizing pro-people policies

Haroon Aswat given 20 years in prison for terror crimes

Party loyalty is a means of control. I vote for those who will represent me, period.

Biden Says Religious Freedom Is Key to Fighting Extremism

Migrant crisis: Slovenia sets limit of 2,500 people a day

One-Line Rebuttals to the Big Falsehoods about Hillary (HILLARY GROUP)

Went tot the farmers market this morning. IT SNOWED.

Where Is the Place for Devout Gay Families in the Church?

Robert Crumb Hates You

David Vitter - Interview with Wendy Ellis, October 13, 2015 (video/story at link)

Boxer in critical condition with brain injury after Virginia bout

The Rainbow Connection

Kerry lobbies for U.S. to remain on UNESCO board despite funding arrears

Back to the future: A last look at NYC's 1960's-era TWA Flight Center

Recommended free sites to deal with all those digital files

For Men In Prison, Child Support Becomes A Crushing Debt

Iran Deal Moves Forward As U.S. And EU Line Up Sanction Waivers

Hey Jeb! Saying your brother didn't keep us safe on 9.11.2001 is not the same thing as blaming him

Clinton Wants Obama To Confront Putin In Syria

Is Putin Really as Foolish as We Are?

Flag waving a divisive issue in Mississippi

Democrats Debate Whether Snowden Is A Hero Or Traitor

Obama’s Ex-Pastor: Israel Is Apartheid State, ‘Jesus Was A Palestinian’

Mike Malloy - Trump Blames Bush And Hell Breaks Loose

Graffiti artists wrote "Homeland is racist" in Arabic on the show's set. Nobody noticed.

John Fugelsang tears apart Paul Ryan's budget plan!

Sanders Iowa Campaign Announces Jefferson-Jackson Weekend Schedule

Neglected pets found in home of pair charged in son's death

Tea Party Republicans Left Dazed As Obama Cuts Bush’s Deficit By $1 Trillion

Oprah -- T.I.'s Not Down For a Female Prez? Child Please!!!

2 great reads from Dailykos about Obama successes under the radar

While Sanders Scores Small Donors, Clinton/Bush Oligarchy Bought by Wall Street

Jackson Browne - Poor Poor Pitiful Me - Tribute to Warren Zevon (Enjoy Every Sandwich)

To the 1% - Warren Zevon - My Shit's Fucked Up

Now THIS is a awesome school lunch...

The debate: according to MNSBC, Sanders email complaint was rehearsed -- and not intended

West Virginia GOP delegate accuses Obama of flashing secret muslim hand signs

Jake Tapper calls out the Hypocrisy while questioning Jeb!

Dirty Wars 2013 - full video.

Remember when all us Berniebros were Obama haters before we were Hillary haters?

TTIP Already 'Rewriting the Rule Book' for EU Food Standards, New Report Finds

Pharma-Bro: "SO ANGRY AT @BernieSanders I COULD PUNCH A WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

Canceled Sacramento wedding leads to meal for homeless

One dead, five wounded in shooting at Fort Myers Zombicon

System failure - How Class Works -- by Richard Wolff

Campaign platforms take shape for Mills, Nolan

10-17-15 The Making of a Monopoly in 2:00

10-17-15 The Making of a Monopoly in 2:00

10-17-15 The Making of a Monopoly in 2:00

Bernie Sanders says he is planning a "major speech" defining "democratic socialism"

Beautiful essay by Pitt on loss, hope and patience.

Star Wars tickets on sale tomorrow am I getting this right?

LIVE from Fort Madison Town Hall with Bernie Sanders (Bernie2016TV)

Another earthquake swarm hitting San Ramon.

Bernie Sanders Supports Keeping Troops In Afghanistan

Join a "This Changes Everything" screening near you!

Corbyn’s leadership campaign was part-funded by pro-Hamas terror supporter

"The less you know, the better you sleep"-- People in Moscow respond to MH17 shootdown report

The New Star War: The Force Awakens Poster in Here.

Well, if this isn't strong evidence of the demise

10-18-15 Walking” in their Shoes in 2:00

10-18-15 Walking” in their Shoes in 2:00

The great hope for the House GOP who will ride in on a stallion & save the party from itself is...

10-18-15 Walking” in their Shoes in 2:00

My sincere Apology for Anti-Semitic crap I posted earlier .

Omg! Wentworth!!!

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Actors Equity from Forcing Small Theatres to Pay Minimum Wage

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Actors Equity from Forcing Small Theatres to Pay Minimum Wage

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Actors Equity from Forcing Small Theatres to Pay Minimum Wage

Wow!!! Now that's a big fish

Antioxidants may give a boost to cancer cells, study suggests

not a terrible sunset for being shot with a cell phone from a moving train

Jeb's lie, "He kept us safe." insults us as a nation.

USAFL Champions 2015

One thing always lost in this Jeb!/Dubya "He kept us safe" 9-11 discusssion