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Louisiana Poll: Hillary 57%, Biden 22%, Sanders 7%

What's it like to work from home with cats

Luckovich - Campus Carry (It's so sad what we've come to tolerate)

The Hillary Clinton College Plan: Work Harder Poor People

Oregon shooter alleged to have asked students to name their religions

It Could Be A Grocery Store...

Victory! Thank You for Your Part! (EPA has now come out with their revised Worker Protection)

I have a right

Victory! Thank You for Your Part! (EPA has now come out with their revised Worker Protection)

Suspended in the air.

Victory! Thank You for Your Part! (EPA has now come out with their revised Worker Protection)

House votes to prevent shutdown — with 151 GOP 'no' votes

Graphic warning.

I'm spending tonight with Grigori Rasputin and Jeff Lynne!!!!

Native Irish or first generation Irish, How do you pronounce the name "Caitlin"?

Beijing Puts Ball Back in Washington’s Court on Climate Change

Ky. governor rips Kim Davis lawsuit as 'forlorn'

Carl's Jr Spits Out An Ad So Troubling, on Race, on Women....

The student loan racket is a $1 trillion business - huge political interests want it to continue.

Three Nabbed In Venezuela With More Than 1.5 Tons Of Explosives

WaPo: So Much for the Clinton Juggernaut

Deaths from gun violence vs. deaths from terrorism, in one chart

WaPo: Bernie Sanders’s $26 million cash haul is a major problem for Hillary Clinton

Black Activists Host Venezuelan President Maduro in Harlem

Why Detoxes Don’t Work

Hillary Clinton spent roughly 90 percent of the money she raised over the summer

Latina's comment on NY Times article on Bernie Sanders Fundraising

Latina's comment on NY Times article on Bernie Sanders Fundraising The Difference Between Kim Davis and a Conscientious Objector

Senate Dems call on Boehner to disband Benghazi panel


Language about climate change differs between proponents and skeptics

Many Young Fish Moving North with Adults as Climate Changes

Frustrated Obama Says 'We Should Politicize' The Oregon Massacre

Systemic racism - there's just no end to it...

Conservatives in Canada play the Fear Card: "Jihadist Under Your Bed..." | Vancouver Sun

"No ISIS Where Russia is Bombing--Except Last Week, When When ISIS Was Killing Gay Men There"

Study explores ancient ecosystem response to a “big five” mass extinction, calls for modern food web

Is Pender within Omaha Indian Reservation boundaries? U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments

Is Pender within Omaha Indian Reservation boundaries? U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments

I just got blocked from the Prayer Circle

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! The Next One, part 43,876! & a new Kitteh gif

Thanks Huddy ..... you are forever a great Giant.


Chris Harper Mercer identified as Umpqua Community College shooter

Why some men are fucking morons about women's health issues and should STFU

9-30-15 Workers Tried for Treason Fighting for a Better Life in 2:00

Louisiana Statewide Poll: Clinton 57; Biden 22; Sanders 7%

9-30-15 Workers Tried for Treason Fighting for a Better Life in 2:00

9-30-15 Workers Tried for Treason Fighting for a Better Life in 2:00

OMG OMG! They are adorable~

Nothing better. Get'em while you can.

10-1-15 Molding the Future in 2:00

10-1-15 Molding the Future in 2:00

10-1-15 Molding the Future in 2:00

Shooting women? Like Houser in the Louisiana theatre, Elliot Roger in Santa Barbara...

Oh, boy, I see where this is headed.

How ocean circulation changed atmospheric CO2

I just can't watch anymore coverage about the shootings in Roseburg, OR

Mr. Fish Toon

Is this the social media thread that concerns Oregon shooting?

Republicans are fundraising on the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi

The President Delivers a Statement on the Shooting in Oregon

Martin O'Malley: "Tweets won't stop this. Thoughts and prayers won't, either"

Cows and All That Jazz

New Research Puts Us Closer To DIY Spray-On Solar Cell Technology

"Ex-Priest On "The Pope's War" Catholic Church Clergy Abuse and Quelling Liberation Theology"

SCOTUSblog details the 13 new cases the Supreme Court has accepted for review..

Desert tortoise released on Marine Corps base

Clinton-associated economists attack Elizabeth Warren over Brookings firing

Gunman Identified as Chris Harper Mercer

UCC Shooter ID'd

1. Close the "gun show loophole".

Comedian as Snowden Supporter Trolls CNN Using Edward Scissorhands

Voting GOP Is Like Drinking Poison. It Will Kill You Economically & Socially And Even Physically In The End.

Facebook finally took down this awful page about Chris Harper Mercer!

NYPD to require officers to report every time they use force

USA MIC pissed at Russia for Syrian air strikes

I'm so tired of hearing about the theoretical mental health problems of white criminals

Does anyone have a breakdown of how many donors provided HRC's $28 million dollars?

Live From New York: Hillary Clinton to Appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Bernie Sanders Doubles Down On Support for Law That Protects Gun Sellers From Lawsuits

"Bear!1 Bear!1 You're breaking my kayak!1 Why are you breaking my kayak!1 It's Sept you're supposed

Carly Fiorina's use of anti-abortion video is 'totally irresponsible', experts say

The GOP Benghazi Witch Hunt Will Continue. They Will Not Suffer Any Losses For It.

In the coming days . . . . .

New hybrid solar panel roof slashes energy bills

Former Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NEBR) endorses Jeb Bush for president

Obama On Oregon Shooting: 'We've Become Numb To This'

Experian says 15M have info stolen in hack of T-Mobile data

Girl Rising.

I did naht hit her. It's not true. It's bullshit.

Ted Cruz Can’t Get Anything Done in the Senate Because No One Likes Him

ConAgra moving headquarters to Chicago

Let's pass a law banning any dissemination of the name, background, and motivation

Large trees—key climate influencers—die first in drought

Squee alert! Adorable baby bobcats returned to wild near Houston

Alabama Demands Voter ID--Then Closes Driver's License Offices In Black Counties

Eleven dead as US plane crashes at Afghanistan airport

From - "Bernie Sanders, Gun Nut"

Virginia executes serial killer Alfredo Prieto after appeals fail

Umpqua shooter identified as "Conservative Republican"

Bristol Palin: Hillary Clinton Fears My Mom

Victory! Thank You for Your Part! (EPA has now come out with their revised Worker Protection)

Vice President Biden: “Listen, I’m not Bernie Sanders.

Oregon shooter identifies as a "conservative, republican".

Jason Chaffetz Liar Liar Liar: Politifact

Seemed like a slow Bernie day, dug up my favorite videos from the summer.

GOP Priorities

road trip

Bernie on the mass shooting in Oregon

Mike Malloy - Republicans Repudiate McCarthy´s Comments On Benghazi (with Bob Kincaid)

Venezuela says economy shrank 4 percent in 2014

Just grabbed a barf bag and turned on Fox

What Old Age Is Really Like

Please pray for the people of the Bahamas.

Veterinary Board Seeks To Revoke License For Texas Vet Who Killed Cat With Arrow

3 dead, 1 injured in shooting in Inglis (Fla.)

Any advice on a good, sturdy school backpack?

Could it be that Senator Sanders is just another "bankster"?

The Slave-State Origins of Modern Gun Rights

Vatican Source: Pope Blindsided By Meeting With Controversial Kentucky Clerk

Three dead one injured in domestic shooting this evening. Inglis, Florida

I assume Congress is down in their hidey hole tonight.

Uh oh, someone has put the next moon bombing on Kickstarter

Hey you worthless, rightwing extremist pieces of shit in Congress! I know you can "see" this...

The Relevance of Personal Politics on a College Campus

911; Steel Should Not Have Melted, But Here Is The Proof

O’Malley Calls Out GOP for Offering Nothing but ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ After Shooting.

Why are we more afraid of ISIS when we have mass shootings on a regular basis?

Coors Beer Company Markets to Women, Latinos, LGBTQ Communities as Coors Family Attacks Their Rights

Soooo, how soon before the DNC agrees to more debates?

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 2, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Haunted Houses

Request administrator intervention please

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell Recovering From Spider Bite

Bernie and Guns

At end of fundraising quarter, O’Malley seeks to lessen role of money in politics.

Tim Cook to receive Human Rights Campaign's Visibility Award for LGBT efforts

Video -- Bernie Sanders on Financial Deregulaiton in 1999: Prescient

Anti-Muslim Protests Scheduled Nationwide: 'Global Rally For Humanity' Calls On Demonstrations

Mr. Obama, if you don't want us to be numb to violence, PLEASE stop killing in our name.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 3, 2015 -- The Essentials - Any Way The Wind Blows

If you can figure out this one...

Did Donald Trump Have Any Comments On The Oregon Shooting?....

Squeaky toy or tennis ball?

Stories from the Edge: PTSD and Politics

Fox News: Ban Gun Free Zones and Atheistics and President Obama

John Kerry just came on The Late Show with Colbert

The Problem With Big Crowds..

Putin Wants To Preserve Syria – This Is Not About Russia-US Relations

Pacific trade ministers vow to reach deal but extra time needed

Kerry on with Colbert

President Obama addresses shooting at Umpqua community college in Roseburg Oregon

Okay, it's getting ridiculous at this point. Raccoons

Republican misogynists in action at Planned Parenthood hearing (VIDEO)

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 4 - William Wyler Westerns

A Conversation with the Guy Who Just Epically Trolled Cable News

TCM Schedule for Monday October 5 - Star of the Month: David Niven

The Revolutionary Act of Telling the Truth

As of 2am, Joaquin is moving WEST at 3 mph.

30,000 Hillary e-mails on the wall. 30,000 Hillary emails...

From Greece to Puerto Rico, the Financial Rules Are Rigged to Favor the 1%

Kudos to Mike Lux. "The D.C. Centrists' Straw Men" His plea to Howard Dean.

"Obama has made a big mistake about Australia"

Mike Lux. "The D.C. Centrists' Straw Men" A plea to Howard Dean.

Cross-post: Veterinary Board Seeks To Revoke License For Texas Vet Who Killed Cat With Arrow

DPS Chief Calls Harassment Claims "Garbage"

"Call your representative"

DuPont Slammed in Report on Fatal Plant Leak

DuPont Slammed in Report on Fatal Plant Leak

Santos accuses Uribe of fear mongering to maintain power

Venezuelans Mark Year Anniversary of Lawmaker's Murder

Iraqi prime minister says he would ‘welcome’ Russian airstrikes in Iraq

Robert Reich's rebuttal to WAPO attack on Bernie

Bernie Sanders, Rachel Maddow, Seth Meyers - A Two-Fer / Three-Fer

Germany wants migrants with no hope of asylum to be turned away at border


Just think, Bernie supporters...

UN: Antigua and Barbuda Calls for End of US Blockade on Cuba

Island States threatened by rising seas call at UN for urgent action on climate change

Island States threatened by rising seas call at UN for urgent action on climate change

Whole Foods Says It Will Stop Selling Foods Made With Prison Labor

Whole Foods Says It Will Stop Selling Foods Made With Prison Labor

Abilene Reporter-News goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ethan Allen to expand Mexican upholstery facility

How Maine will punish the poor for trying to save money

Follow-up: Insurance reimburses Pantex Federal Credit Union for $1.2M

Follow-up: Insurance reimburses Pantex Federal Credit Union for $1.2M

Oregon Sheriff Openly Refused to Enforce New Gun Laws After Sandy Hook

I like Fallout. I like Mass Effect. I like infinity engine games.

In the wake of this latest shooting, I ask once again...

TEA commissioner to appoint board of managers at Progreso ISD

Work expected to resume at Brenham Blue Bell plant soon, ice cream in DFW on Nov. 2

Windstorm association gets new board members

Wheelchair ramp at the State Fair went unfixed for years — until Gov. Greg Abbott came to town

HHS Cuts to Therapy Services For Disabled Kids Softened

Daily Holidays - October 2

Abbott: ‘Texas is what America's supposed to be' in San Angelo gathering

Faith In Humanity Restored Compilation Animals Edition

About apocalyptics...

PLEASE take precautions if you live in SC & NC!

Two rallies converged at UT on Thursday with opposing views on campus carry

Red tide not going away

Oregon college shooting: father of gunman Chris Harper Mercer 'shocked' and 'devastated' after nine

Former Gov. Dick Lamm concerned about Hillary Clinton’s chances

‘Rape Rooms’: How W.Va. Women Paid Off Coal Company Debts

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings Responds to GOP Leader’s Admission About the Benghazi Committee

Cuban Government Describes Devastating Effects of U. S. Economic Blockade

Cuban Government Describes Devastating Effects of U. S. Economic Blockade

The problem with small crowds...

Wikileaks Exposes Secret Deal to Get Saudi Arabia on UN Human Rights Council

India Pledges to Reduce Carbon Emissions 33%-35% by 2030

"We are not gonna be bamboozled again" Toon

Happy 146th birthday, Mohandas Gandhi

Alabama to stop issuing driver’s licenses in counties with 75% black registered voters.. voter ID

Colbert: John Kerry Explains The Stakes Of The Iran Deal (Thursday)

Netanyahu's Cabinet Proves: Abbas Was Right

Pope Francis’ Meeting Wasn’t an Endorsement of Kim Davis, Vatican Says

DCF report reveals lack of oversight

Republicans did not cause this. Nor did Democrats.

Ballot initiative to remove Confederate emblem underway (MS)

Lee High name a disgrace (LTTE | VA)

Renaming UNLV Rebels a possibility? (NV)

2015: 283 days - 247 mass shootings

Teacher who told 4-year-old that being left-handed was evil and sinister resigns

Pope Francis’ Meeting Wasn’t an Endorsement of Kim Davis’s Views, Vatican Says

Vatican on Kim Davis meeting

Report faults DCF for licensing Auburn foster home

Can Bernie Sanders be Labeled?

Hewitt must pay $1.2m in Mass. sex abuse case

Sanders Is Crowdfunding a Campaign, but That Doesn’t Diminish the Need for Campaign Reform

Scott Galindez: Bernie Raises Almost as Much Money as Hillary

Even without Olympics, UMass Boston should still build dorms

You Knew the TPP Was Bad. Here's How It Gets Even Worse

The Economist: A rig too far: Shell in the Arctic

Proud to have @wendydavis on Team Hillary.

Charles Pierce: Today in Colossal Dickitude

Opposition to Legal Abortion Takes Magical Thinking and a Lack of Logic

How to End the Civil War in Syria

70 National Organizations Urge Congress to Act on 2016 Part B Premium and Deductible Hikes

Sound off-Please if you are an American Abroad say hello and tell us where you are from.

Conservative club on college campus puts up 'anchor babies' poster, gets smashed, begins crying

The Rude Pundit - Ten More

scored some fresh crab meat on sale.

Egg industry to fight ballot initiative

State of Missouri to Execute Innocent Autistic Man Oct. 6, Ferguson Prosecutor Responsible

Bernie Sanders: He’s Not Black, But He May be Your Brother

The official forecast path for the center of Joaquin no longer includes the U.S. East Coast.

US mass shooting at [add place]

The F-35 Is Still the Worst Military Investment Ever

A reporter asked Speaker-to-be, Kevin McCarthy, what he thought of Roe v. Wade

‘Rape Rooms’: How W.Va. Women Paid Off Coal Company Debts (xpost from Good Reads)

Will: Keeping Navy shipshape should be on candidates' radar (xpost from NSD)

BRRRRRT: Congress wants the Air Force to keep the A-10 aircraft that troops totally love

Bernie gaining in Republican Iowa poll

Rachel Asks Republicans, 'Do You Really Want This Guy As Your Speaker?'


A Federal Photo ID Act

Passenger plane reported as missing in Indonesia

What war on women?

I don't get hunting...

Payroll employment rises by 142,000 in September; unemployment rate remains at 5.1%

There Have Been 45 Shootings At Schools So Far This Year

Why John McCain called this $13 billion aircraft carrier a “spectacular” debacle

IF Congress is concerned about organizations profiting from dead children.....

Pentagon Warns On M&A But Bomber May Cause Them Anyway

August jobless rates down over the year in 365 of 387 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 303

Congressmen and Senators Who Support The NRA Are Accomplices To Murder

Libertarian Party drama: Goat sacrifice, eugenics and a chair’s resignation

Daily News Cover - Says it all

Wikileaks vs. the Empire: the Revolutionary Act of Telling the Truth (John Pilger)

The Oregon shooter targeted Christians AND supported the IRA on a MySpace page

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

A useful IMHO resource for watchers of the conflicts in Syria

Pope did not give unconditional support to clerk in gay marriage row: Vatican

They don't need your thoughts and prayers, they need your VOTE

Toon: First Rule of Beat Hillary Fight Club is….

How a $500 UCLA hospital copay turned into a $3,900 bill — for 1 injection

Hillary Clinton Lets Big Banks Off the Hook for Financial Crisis

Reform, Ohio Replacement Fund; Top Changes In NDAA

Father of Umpqua college shooting victim: Gunman singled out Christians

Never thought I'd see a more insufferable prick on Morning Joe than Joe himself but...

Was Pope Francis Actually Swindled into Meeting Kim Davis?

President Obama Will Veto Defense Policy Bill

Ah, autumn is upon us

American Exceptionalism

Damnit, what am I going to do with all this Milk and Bread I bought??!!!

October 2nd, 1967-Thurgood Marshall Sworn in as the first black justice of the USSC

Nothing is off the table--No idea is too stupid to consider

Weekend Economists Purvey a Potpourri of Popery October 2-4, 2015

NRA comes up with plan to end gun violence in USA.....

Insiders: Sanders needs big money

Strykers: Hill OKs $411M, With A Warning

"Say My Name"

Obama challenged the media to compare gun and terrorism deaths. So I did.

Friday Toon Roundup 1: I'm getting real tired of having to post massacre toons

Friday Toon Roundup 2: Republicans

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

US Withholding Evidence That Could Free Former GITMO Prisoner

I can dodge lawn furniture.

Mental Illness.

Robert Reich-Why the Washington Post's Attack on Bernie Sanders Is Bunk

Delayed Justice: Trial Against Ex-Chad Dictator a Legal Milestone

from the compassionate sweethearts at the NRA

Russia DESTROYS ISIS targets in air strike success as GROUND WAR erupts in Syria

Europe's GMO compromise: bound to unravel?

The GOP's Next Abortion Target After Planned Parenthood

GOP Congressman: Planned Parenthood Unnecessary Because 'As A Guy' I Have Plenty Of Options - See mo

Kevin McCarthy Don't Speak English So Good - Rachel

WTF? The Postal Service Board candidates include a privatization advocate and a Payday loan hack?

Bernie Sanders reacts to Oregon campus shooting

Do not try to load the Oregon shooter's blog!

A dog in a tomato juice bath after a skunk spray: Vatican distances itself from Kim's lovely visit

There is an undue amount of acrimony in this forum

Kevin McCarthy exposed not only his Party, but also the media

Rubio campaign boots Bush-backing tracker from Iowa event

IBM’s super fast, powerful and tiny carbon computer chips could soon be in all our devices

When looking for answers, make sure to ask the right questions on gun-violence.

Driving 'under the influence'...

Sanders has his war chest

Amen Chris Murphy..........


Snarly Carly on the Rise, Trump Slumps...and Has Hillary Hit Bottom?

Rachel Maddow - Obama angry as America replays gun massacre routine

Clinton On Alabama's DMV Closures: 'It's A Blast From The Jim Crow Past'

Bernie vs Hillary:Who Has the Best Plan For College Students?

Martin O'Malley op-ed: Put more cops on Wall Street beat

European Leaders to Discuss Ukraine as Russia Flexes Muscle in Syria

World's Greatest Drag Race 5!

Email from Bernie

Seen in Portland Maine this Wednesday....

Schoolboy groomed by teaching assistant says he has been left scarred for life

Does Bernie want to protect all corporations from liability suits? Or just the gun industry?

The inability of Gun Nuts to give it a rest for a day or two.

I'm seeing a lot of new names posting about gun control today.

Donald Trump on shooting: 'Horrible' but these things happen

What Pope Francis gets wrong about religious freedom

Taking photos on train tracks: ‘A mistake you can’t undo.’

New York Police Will Document Virtually All Instances of Force

Detective accused of drug trafficking, extortion

All mass shootings are hoaxes staged to take guns away...

Americans Don’t Party Like They Used To

Much as we might like, we can't just edit away a shooter's identity and background from public view

OPB: What we know – and don’t know – about the Oregon shooting

Was It Wrong For Bernie To Vote Against The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act?

President Obama challenged the media to put the numbers side by side of those killed by...

Shocked Liberals Discover Pope Is Actually...Catholic!

AP sources: Education Secretary Arne Duncan stepping down

Pic Of The Moment: Your Republican Congress In Action

"Teacher's let the monkeys out!" . . . Please come CAPTION O'Reilly and the two other stooges!!

Penn Hills Schools struggling with student behavior

ACLU sues Catholic hospital chain over emergency abortions

There have been more mass shootings this year than days

Vatican: The Pope did not know who Kim Davis was when he met her.

Just got off the phone with a CSR for my Internet

At Structural Engineering Summit 24 Structural Engineers Sign AE911 Truth's Petition...

Alabama, Birthplace of the Voting Rights Act, Is Once Again Gutting Voting Rights

Why don't we ever question the meds?

Bluegrass Poll: Kentucky voters say Kim Davis should have to issue same-sex marriage licenses

Donald Trump to visit Franklin Saturday

Check out our new Bernie Buttons

Moscow Times: Third Day of Russian Airstrikes in Syria, Mainly Avoiding ISIS

O’Malley Calls for New Glass-Steagall, Crackdown on Banks.

I'm making my own dog food, again

Purvi Patel Serving 20 Years For Feticide. Look For Feticide Laws With GOP In Power.

We are sending a message to the billionaire class: Your greed is going to end

#HillaryMen UPDATE: Not just Quinnipiac; other polls false and slanderous re. "liar" Hillary. (HRC)

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Stepping Down

Gun Control

Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation

Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation

Did Taylor Swift concerts at Levi's Stadium jinx the 49ers?

Please. Be kind to yourself.

Economists Can't Find the Silver Lining in Today's Jobs Report

Why I don't think I will be able to vote for Clinton if Sanders fails...

Heroic pooch discovers abandoned Doritos box full of kittens in British park

U.S. job growth stumbles, raising doubts on economy

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan to step down at end of year

Man complains to police that prostitute gave him ten minutes of sex - rather than half an hour

Where did the "God and guns" rhetoric come from?

O'Malley: Put more cops on Wall Street beat.DMReg

Israel Sends Four Battalions to West Bank After Settlers Killed

Mr. Sanders Bring Us a Dream

We won't get rid of guns...

O'Malley: Put more cops on Wall Street beat.DMReg

In Break With White House, Clinton Advocates Syria No-Fly Zone

'You deserve debates.

South Carolina Companies that use prison labor must pay minimum wage

Army Veteran Shot 7 Times Trying to Save Classmates at Umpqua Community College

Bernie Sanders Interview With Jaime Harrison, SC Democratic Party Chairman

To the ones saying our problem is not guns but a deterioration

Labor Force Participation Sinks To A 38-Year Low

New York man sues UPS for blocking bicycle lanes

Walmart finds solution to poor customer service: Lay off more people.

Does Not Matter How Crackpot GOP & RW Christians Are They Are Winning In a Way.

Pope Francis held private meeting with same sex couple--per CNN

In Japan, Small Children Take the Subway and Run Errands Alone - CityLab

My Article about Donna's support for the LGBTQ Community

Putin Meets Merkel And Hollande In Paris For Ukraine Talks

CNN Exclusive: Pope held private meeting with same-sex couple in U.S.

X-post from GD: Gun Control (Poll)

The best way to get responsible gun control measures passed

Ipsos/Reuters Clinton 46 Sanders 25 Biden 19.

The never-ending Benghazi farce: Gowdy is running a taxpayer-funded HRC opposition research outfit:

However, the Pope DID meet with a same-sex couple while he was in the US

Just got an e-mail from AFL-CIO

Hillary Clinton's support from black voters plunges in a new poll.

Australian Jim Jefferies: Guns Are Not Protection

Mario Batali Has Choice Words for Pope Francis: ‘Why Would He Meet with That Woman?’

CNN Exclusive: Pope held private meeting with same-sex couple in U.S.

It's FRICKING FRIDAY!! What's your excuse for not listening to Cheap Trick right now!!!!

Another effort by the financial mafia to deregulate the system?

Menu for lunch served on The Titanic on the day it sank sells at auction for $88K

In Break With White House, Clinton Advocates Syria No-Fly Zone

Australian Mass Shooting Victims: 1987 to Present

Question about USB extension for computer speakers

'I Serve Darkness': Oregon Gunman Had an Obsession with Satan, Says Source

The September Doomsday Bust: 'Prophets' Blow Claims About Series Of Calamities

Shooter, Chris Harper Mercer

If you're thinking about not voting for Clinton,

Any DUers want to join me in the first event I'm hosting?

CNN Exclusive: Pope held private meeting with same-sex couple in U.S.

41 Signs You're A Jaded San Franciscan

Rob Manfred proves that he is as big a dork as $elig:

NASA Finds Evidence Of Water On Surface Of California

13 guns & ammo legally possessed by shooter. Students fleeing campus asked to return to get their

Here’s why NASA’s Mars rovers are banned from investigating that liquid water

Fact: A purchase of 14 weapons in 3 years doesn't trigger an alert

Sen. Sanders expected to draw big crowd at Convention Center rally

Ipsos/Reuters poll: Hillary up 6, Bernie down 5 (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GROUP)

Maine Republican Lawmakers Call for Defunding of Planned Parenthood

Is anyone else disgusted by OPs using the Oregon Umpqua Massacre to blame 'gun-nut' Bernie Sanders?

Officials: Pentagon Weighing Whether To Protect US-Trained Syrian Rebels If Attacked By Russia


Let's not conflate hunting with mass murders.

"Peace is only possible with guns"

Texas Open Carry is Three Months Away

Bernie Rally - Tucson, Arizona - Friday, October 9, 2015

Florida Man Texts on his Phone Despite Being in Middle of High Speed Motorbike Chase

Why the Washington Post’s Attack on Bernie Sanders is Bunk

New poll gives HRC lead in Iowa

(Syria) would'nt it be nice

2 arrested in 1984 rape, slaying of Bucks girl, 14

Sanders campaign names Arturo Carmona as Latino Outreach Director

1849 Gold Rush vs Modern Silicon Valley

"Gun culture" begins with parents. Any law that doesn't restrict parents won't change gun culture.

Trio of Maine lawmakers pushes plan to defund Planned Parenthood

Yemeni man denied apology from US for drone strike that killed his family

"Bernie Sanders' Troubling History of Supporting US Military Violence Abroad"

Authorities: Weapons Recovered In Oregon Shooting Purchased Legally

Here's a Big Question for Dem candidates: Will they keep Obama's agenda, or will they change course?

Mike Huckabee is a fucking nuisance

Anybody else working on their winter garden?

Lowering pH and adding Ca

Cargo Ship from Jacksonville Florida to Puerto Rico with 33 crew members missing

"Free Market" Republicans decry Tesla subsidies, support fossil fuel subsidies.

Sheriff's Office: 3 Dead, 1 Injured in Florida Shooting

Private prisons: Bernie Sanders is right

U.S. Strikes Positions in Afghanistan as Taliban Gain Momentum

Real Question: Why Sanders and Not O'Malley?


‘We’re tired of sending condolences': Bernie Sanders backs Obama’s push for stronger gun laws

Bernie Sanders Latest Hire Is A Major Immigration Activist

Here's who invited Kim Davis to meet the pope (Tell Vatican ambassador to resign E action)

Any feedback on the OS X 10.11 upgrade?

Bill Maher; Real Time guests:

Report Of Person With Gun At Texas Community College Campus

Here's who invited Kim Davis to meet the pope (Tell Vatican ambassador to resign E action)

Tragic List: The Deadliest Mass Shootings in U.S. History

Holy shit. Look at what scenarios could take place to decide the lousy second wild card team.

The Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Charade

Oregon sheriff may be mass shooting "truther"

Salon: What Hillary Clinton wants you to forget: Her disastrous record as a war hawk

If you thought Arne Duncan was controversial, meet his successor

Sheriff In Charge Of Oregon Massacre Probe Posted Sandy Hook Truther Video

Rock-Star Appeal of Bernie Sanders Should Make Clinton Very Worried

GOP will take note: Conservatives gets late boost in Canadian election using fear of Muslims

I just received a solicitation email from DWS...

Headsup - Obama about to speak

Fuck it! I'm sick of pro gun arguments and advocates.

Hillary’s war: How conviction replaced skepticism in Libya intervention


If you thought Arne Duncan was controversial, meet his successor

FYI, Cuba did not ban guns.

The Last Thing Bernie Sanders Needs Right Now Is A Conversation About Guns

If you thought Arne Duncan was controversial, meet his successor.

Spiritual Sexuality: "Dick will make you pull a gun and shoot somebody in the face"

The Roanoke Island Colony: Lost, and Found?

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera: We Are A 'Gun Sick' Nation

I don't think I will be voting for Sanders in the General Election

One Chart Shows How Donald Trump Is Still dominating the Republican Field

Wonder If One Of Jeb Bush’s Family Members

I want to thank all of the grassroots supporters who are transforming American

Pope Francis met with Yayo Grassi and Iwan Bagus

Can anybody tell me

Pope Francis Rejects Kim Davis’s Account Of Meeting And Refuses To Endorse Her Bigotry

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 2, 2015

Pope Francis met with Yayo Grassi and Iwan Bagus

Another good guy with a gun until he wasn't.

The "Methodist Blues"

Oregon shooting: Jeb Bush says 'stuff happens' as left calls for gun control

Trump, showing he’s in for long haul, picks staffers for Texas, other Southern states

Who gave Kim Davis the rosaries?

Made in China—Cheap at the Store, Costly for the Earth

Court rejects, again, Texas religious challenge to Obamacare

DJ Kittehs

ISIS Have Opened Two Theme Parks For Young Children

Even countries with worse gun violence than the US don't have random mass shootings much

Man Can’t Believe Obama Would Use Tragedy To Push Anti-Tragedy Agenda

Solar power vs. SDG&E: Utilities commission soon to rule on measure to end net metering

This one's for the "they should enforce the existing gun laws" crew...

In response to the slaughter in Oregon, JebusEnoughFuggingBushes said

Colombian troops kill drug lord with 45 arrest warrants and a $5m bounty

Planet Bieber update: Justin debunks the big bang theory

Contributing factors to gun violence?

Bernie tells latino lawmakers undocumented immigrants should benefit from Obamacare

Hillary supporters, which Hillary do you support?


So I went to the Animal Shelter yesterday to pick out a Kitten

Endless anti-Hillary attacks must make Bernie Sanders sick to his stomach.

State utility regulator re-examines secret meetings

VP choices

The GOP Code Is Gone. They Are Now Very Open About Their Racism & Bigotry.

'Sense of regret' in Vatican over pope meeting with gay marriage opponent

Arizona pays $200K in same-sex marriage lawsuit, could face more

To counter lies of Davis and lawyers, a video has now been released

Stats: Nearly 300 Mass US Shootings This Year

NFL Has No Players Arrested in Calendar Month for the 1st Time Since 2009

Republican Chaffetz to campaign for House speaker: Politico

I would like to share a concern here with the Bernie group.

Was Pope Francis Actually Swindled into Meeting Kim Davis?

Here's who invited Kim Davis to meet the pope

Sometimes my mind goes to a dark place and I think - just let the republicans win.

Republicans Are Using Fear and Guns to Keep Us 'Safe.' It's Killing Us.

There is only one solution to these young, crazy shooters

When George H.W. Bush shuffles off this mortal coil...

Drama Queens, Champagne and Chocolate: The Art of Alphonse Mucha

The Reality That One Of These GOP Assholes Will Be The Nominee Is Truly Frightening.

Our president.

New move to scrub Confederate emblem from Mississippi flag

Mulcair Says Canada NDP Won’t Be Bound by TPP Deal If Elected

LeBron James pushes for tougher gun laws after Cleveland infant killed

Wisconsin Road Projects Delayed After Republicans Mismanage Budget

Obama on Gun Control: "We are the only advanced country on Earth....."

51 countries just released their climate plans — and they’re still not strong enough

Jeb! Argues Against Gun Control After Oregon Massacre: 'Stuff Happens' (Video)

Yayo Grassi, gay friend of Pope, says Francis's LGBT quotes have been "cherry picked and twisted."

Interesting: The Big Business of Internet Bigotry

How about Bernie AND O'Malley?

LeBron James: 'There's no room for guns'

Coca-Cola, McDonald's, More Call for Sepp Blatter to Resign Amid Probe

Well, that explains the assault rifles..

Oregon gunman left hate-filled note and struggled with mental issues

185 N.J. Dams Could Fail In Catastrophic Flood, But State Won't Say Which Ones

Fathers rape with impunity, fuelling Guatemala's teen pregnancies

Fathers rape with impunity, fuelling Guatemala's teen pregnancies

Clinton gains ground on Sanders in latest I/R poll. Recent trends reversing.

Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) Bid For House Speaker:

Fugitive accused of torturing prostitutes found in Mexico

Trash Can GD: Primarys...for that fresh feeling!

Did you guys get the email poll this afternoon from Bob Fertik/

Sheriff Hanlin is a POS

Nine dead, up to 600 missing in Guatemala mudslide: authorities

No ISIS Where Russia Is Bombing–Except Last Week, When ISIS Was Killing Gay Men There?

How Release of Mental Patients Began

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) gets booed & "you're lying" over defense of Benghazi committee

I wonder if the endless attacks and smear campaigns against Bernie make Hillary sick to her stomach?

Russia Is Destabilizing Syria… According To The People Currently Destabilizing Syria

GOP Voters Prefer New Ideas to Experience

Hi all. Glad to join a forum that keeps out crazies and cons.


Hey "things" and "stuff" happens - Trump and Jeb on the Umpqua shooting

Scott Trade Alerts 4.6 Million Brokerage Customers of Breach

Hurricane Joaquin Forecast: Why U.S. Weather Model Has Fallen Behind

Obstructing Justice: Client Forcibly Removed After “Fax Machine Broken”

NEW Pew Poll: Oct 2, Clinton 45; Sanders 24; Biden 8

Do you trust the police to fairly enforce all the new gun laws that you support?

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update 10-1-15

Clinton 46; Sanders 25; Biden 19 New Ipsos/Reuters Poll Oct 2

Trevor Noah’s triumph: His dazzling Donald Trump take-down was no rookie move

Another argument for a national health plan. When somebody is the victim

Predict the time division by candidate for the first debate

How does ISIL get money? Perhaps by taxing money sent by the iraqi government to Mosul

French unveil 'world first' hydrogen-powered electric bike emitting only pure water

Top Dem: Time To Get Tough With Putin

The strategy of not talking about guns is a dishonest tactic

Imagine if Obama said "stuff happens" in regard to Benghazi

Abused Pit Bull Gets Second Chance At Life (now needs help again)

I was planning on posting a series of "Halloween Is Coming" OPs each day of the entire month…

Contribute $20 to Bernie and get the book "The Essential Bernie Sanders

No to gun control...

Hope Solo again will face charges after reversal of earlier court decision

WOWZA-Trump leads GOP field by nine as Jeb Bush crashes into sixth place with … four percent

How to cut down on mass shootings

Paul Krugman- Voodoo Never Dies

Stockton mayor was briefly detained on return flight from China

Hillary Clinton visits Florida on Friday, then 'Latinos for Hillary' will launch

Dumb Fuck R. Lt. Gov.. Wants Serious Christians to Arm themselves..

Close down the Gungeon. Lock the doors. No more NRA talking points on DU. It's the least DU can do

HRC supporters

~300 mass shootings in 2015, 220+ have unknown shooters!

nbc: Clinton Campaign Launches 'Latinos For Hillary' Hashtag

Crippling fear of female sexuality: What’s really behind the GOP’s Planned Parenthood witch hunt

Sanders Hires Arturo Carmona of for Latino Outreach

Sanders already has over double the number of donors as Obama's 2008 campaign

Brothers and Sisters of D.U.

Brookings Firing Exposes Rift Between Elizabeth Warren And Hillary Clinton Supporters

Colombia confirms death of drug kingpin 'Megateo'

I used to wonder why more terrorists haven't come here to attack us...

The problem with small crowds....

McCarthy goes on Fox news and tries to put the toothpaste back in the tube

I am pretty sure Republicans would be fine with abortion if a gun were involved

MLK’s Niece Speaks to Jamaican Anti-Gay Rally

Whoever is our nominee is going to need as many Democrats as possible in Congress --

Is Andrew Luck's time behind a shaky line the new normal across the NFL?

"The begining is a very delicate time..."

Jeb Bush on Oregon community college shooting: ‘Stuff happens’

Suit: Levittown man fired for excessive farting (not the Onion)

Anybody see (or are going to see) Sicario?

Walter Sobchak responds to tRUMP.