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Archives: October 22, 2015

Obama unveils new federal initiative to combat America’s heroin crisis

Fighting Charges, Paxton Recuses Self from Some Duties

Harry Reid says the RNC should pay for the

I voted today and had my vote stolen!

Kevin Johnson: No plan to seek higher office

"You Bernie supporters are always attacking Hillary!"

Forget the clock kid. This is more like it.

Conservatives not yet sold on Paul Ryan as House speaker

Hillary Clinton takes aim at Aetna-Humana merger

9 Times Sci-Fi Incorrectly Predicted the Future of Texas

Reminder: Sen. Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel Live and coming up on Chris Hayes

Obama Pitches Democrats on Pacific Rim Trade Deal

Four crimes committed with guns seized and sold by police

Hillary Rope-A-Dopes Gowdy ("Hillary is smart, way smart.") (HILLARY GROUP)

Hillary Supporters Gather in Baltimore

Bernie Berns It Down!!!!!

Marijuana issue in Ohio

Bernie Berns It Down!!!!!

OKay, onThursday I will be an unabashed booster for Clinton

"Bush Cheney Alumni Event" fundraiser in D.C. 10/29 -- W to be main attraction!

I Did It

Amazing indeed - they stole the 2000 Presidential election

Cochabamba: A Growing Hopev

Cochabamba: A Growing Hope

Bernie's coming up on Chris Hayes' show. n/t

Looks like Justin has hit the ground running. Only two days after the election and Canadian jets

Wisconsin Assembly dissolves state’s government watchdog nonpartisan elections board

Right to Rise Says It's Putting More Than $1 Million Behind Foreign-Policy TV Ad

Over GOP objections, Democrats go on offense, release transcript on eve of Clinton testimony: (HRC)

when I was @ the store this afternoon, I saw a gossip magazine

‘Supermajority’ Of House Freedom Caucus To Back Paul Ryan’s Speaker Bid

He holds the patent that could destroy Monsanto and change the world.

Autistic Man Worked at Applebee’s for Almost a Year Without a Paycheck

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night!! Saving Grace

Clinton Consolidates Support Among Democrats

Fact Checking Janice Raymond: The NCHCT Report

Berniemoji for President

Merry prankster?

Bernie Sanders plans to launch television advertising next month in Iowa and New Hampshire

American Democratic Socialism should be about this: fairness

Hillary Clinton takes aim at Aetna-Humana merger

Bernie or Bust Part III

Christmas in October for terminally ill boy celebrated by Ontario town

Sanders Praises Biden, Gets in Veiled Jab at Hillary Clinton

Latest Filing Details Bernie Sanders' Thriving Campaign

A second opinion: To all of you that are SICK of the BASHING on the DU

'How do we fix Wall Street, a.k.a. "the banks"? How do the candidates compare?

Fuck the Mets.

Analysis: Biden Decision a Blow to Sanders ?

Republican Party: Party of Unfairness

How Bernie Sanders Should Talk About Democratic Socialism

Treasury presses Congress to help Puerto Rico, but faces tough sell

The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp - What the future of low-wage work really looks like.

Actor slits his own throat as knife switch turns fiction into reality

Citigroup Accused of Improperly Avoiding $800 Million in New York State Taxes

Photo of Bernie eating at Nathan's/Pizza Hut in Penn Station

Should american capitalism have this: business size limits?

Obama targets nation's heroin problem in West Virginia trip

Majority of Americans continues to favor legal marijuana use: Gallup

With Biden Out, Clinton Likely To Get A Bump In The Polls

Early returns show support for Fiat Chrysler pact with autoworkers: newspapers

UK Home Secretary says about police in the UK. Something you'll never hear in the US

David Duhalde, Bhaskar Sunkara, and John Nichols discuss Bernie and Socialism

Cobalt atoms on graphene a powerful combo|catalyst holds promise for clean, inexpensive hydrogen...

Mississippi city sued over jailing of poor who miss court payments

How the Brewing Revolt of Working Americans Is Driving Sanders' Rise

Brent Budowsky: Benghazi panel on trial

Doc Brown happened

Adults take over the Stone Mountain conversation

Chris Hayes with Sen. Sanders: DOJ Should Investigate Exxon Mobil (video) Updated

Charles Pierce: Obama needs to cut ties with Kevin Johnson

Synthetic Batteries for the Energy Revolution

Paul Ryan was a disaster as a VP candidate in 2012.

Bowdoin to Discontinue Annual Academic Award in the Name of Jefferson Davis (ME)

Original Irish Jack-o-Lanterns were truly terrifying and made of turnips

DNC offering free Obama/Biden wallpaper for your smartphone..

Ta-Nehisi Coates at the Carter Center

Four-fifths of Russia's Syria strikes don't target Islamic State: Reuters analysis

John Boyega's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Reaction!

Three sunken ships from PQ-17 Arctic convoy found on Barents Sea floor

debtors jail Mississippi (workaround for authorities) xpost workingpoor from two articles

debtors prison Mississippi (workaround for authorities)

So all I have been hearing from the MSM today is that Hillary should not have used the word enemy

Joe Biden Took Bernie Sanders’ Side On College Tuition

Texas to Cut Medicaid Funding to Planned Parenthood (but there is NO war on women)

Texas to Cut Medicaid Funding to Planned Parenthood (but there is NO war on women)

Texas to Cut Medicaid Funding to Planned Parenthood (but there is NO war on women)

"Sanders is an old, crazy looking, conscientious objecting, tax raising, Socialist from New England"

US to support Colombia’s less repressive efforts to curb drug trafficking: Minister

Do you hate people that work for the government? Local, State or Fed? The very idea of it?

Elizabeth Warren: The Banking Industry's Transparent Attempt to Weaken the CFPB

music for the soul and the Bern...

New Study Rings Alarm for Sugar Maple in Adirondacks

Doc is feelin' the Bern

Hassan, Ayotte Still Neck and Neck; Dems Lead Presidential Matches in NH

Why are we at level 1? Just home from work...missing something?

Clinton fundraisers report hearing from new donors after Biden bows out

Oops: Mets website accidentally posts NL Champs apparel

Barbara Ehrenreich & Jim Hightower campaign event for Bernie Sanders

EarlG: Your Pic of the Moment(s) deserve a much broader audience!

Clinton fundraisers report hearing from new donors after Biden bows out

Man misidentified as terrorist killed in Jerusalem after assaulting soldiers

Ricketts says Nebraska continues to work with DEA to import lethal injection drugs

Germany tells Netanyahu: We are responsible for the Holocaust

Love & Chaos

Bernie's Seattle moment and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

This seems like a problem for the GOP.

zOMFG!!1! Murphy just broke Beltran's record!

Caught on tape: Oklahoma Female biker rescues kitten from traffic and talks about what happened

"Yes Jeb, the important thing about Supergirl is that she's hot,"

DNC approves Black Lives Matter presidential town hall.

Antarctic species threatened by willful misinterpretation of legal treaty

The high cost of climate change

Neat picture. Back to the future backstage at Jimmy Kimmel.


Democrats call for investigation after Texas moves to cut Planned Parenthood from Medicaid


Mexico arrests kingpin’s escape pilot, brother-in-law

Mexico arrests kingpin’s escape pilot, brother-in-law

Venezuela president vows to tighten price controls

Bernie bumper sticker question?

Benghazi Biopsy (Newsweek). QUITE the worthy read before tomorrow's hearing. . .

All the Presidents' men in on TCM

Bernie Sanders Coming Up on Jimmy Kimmel Now

Murphy. Go figure.

Parks and Rec describes how Hillary Clinton's testimony will go tomorrow.

Bernie's on JIMMY KIMMEL in minutes - 12:12 ET nt

Hillary leads Sanders by 34 points in Massachusetts

I feel sad, but I understand his reasoning

Jeb Bush would make the sick pay

Whatever happened to Dennis Kucinich?

Venezuela: Programme sees 100,000 houses built in 10 months

Question submitted by Blue_tires

Terrace Farming – an Ancient Indigenous Model for Food Security

Terrace Farming – an Ancient Indigenous Model for Food Security

Police: Man confesses to I-40 Road Rage Shooting

Massachusetts: Hillary Clinton leads Senator Bernie Sanders 59% to 25%

Wikileaks Doxxes CIA Chief’s Wife and Daughters

This Mets fan would like to congratulate the Cub fans on their fine, young...

Made me smile, Trudeau (CA Liberal PM) shakes hands with Montrealers:

US Police Chiefs Call for Reducing Prison Population

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 22, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: Trailblazing Women

Laverne Cox to Star in Fox's Rocky Horror Picture Show Reboot as Dr. Frank-N-Furter

The Autonomous Winter Is Coming

Breaking news: Michael J Fox arrested for insider sports betting

Charlie Gasparino: Martin O'Malley 'Public Enemy Number One' At Goldman Sachs

LA sheriff's office to stop arresting children for prostitution

Joe Biden agrees with Bernie Sanders on Free College

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 23, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Literary Horror

Oregon town pays $4,000 for gun seized in school shooting.

Iowa taxidermist sentenced to 27 months for illegal rhino horn trade

Teen recounts deadly beating inside secretive church

St. Louis County plans new rules for dozens of police forces

Ohio Senate approves measure to cut Planned Parenthood funding

Charlie Gasparino: Martin O'Malley 'Public Enemy Number One' At Goldman Sachs

US towns offer hate crime protections for cops. But does that help?

For Saudis, Any Countermove Against Putin in Syria Carries Risks

Should be a campaign song..

Union jack from Nelson's fleet unfurled again to mark Trafalgar Day

Colombia: As of Today, Nationwide Mobilization for Senator Cepeda PDF Imprimir E-Mail

Solidarity Movements in Colombia to Demand end of Blockade of Cuba PDF Imprimir E-Mail

Kate Godfrey sucks right Corbyn supporters?

Benghazi hearing LIVE stream and updates: Hillary Clinton testifies

Peruvian political outrage after president fires prosecutor investigating his wife

A Pop-Up Art Community In The Amazon Highlights Peru’s Environmental Devastation

A Pop-Up Art Community In The Amazon Highlights Peru’s Environmental Devastation

John Pilger, renowned investigative journalist : Why Blair needs to be arrested for war crimes

Uncontacted tribe's encounters with civilization fuel ethical debate

Does climate change affect productivity? New study sees robust link

Landmark Look at US Charter System Reveals Waste, Fraud, 'Ghost Schools'

Rare Merging Stars Spotted, Soon to Explode

Dems release closed-door Benghazi interview transcript ahead of Clinton testimony

Appeal's court upholds Starr County employee's $1.4 million lawsuit for wrongful termination

Allen Telescope Array Trains Its Sights On The 'Most Mysterious Star

Sanders Directly Addresses Students Regarding His College Affordability Plan

His class attendance went from 40% to 93%. Because of a garden?

Great new study busting The Myth of Welfare’s Corrupting Influence on the Poor

Biden Embraces Full Broderism, Attacks Hillary from the Right

U.S. Health Care Could Be More Like Denmark’s

Ashita Wa Kyou To Onaji Mirai (from the Anime: Otogi Zoshi ) by Ghomes the Hitmen

David Talbot on How the First CIA Director Collaborated With Nazis

Justin Trudeau Just Showed American Democrats How to Win the Next Election

Suspected cop shooter in custody after manhunt (Albuquerque)

Scott Angelle launches most pointed attack yet on Vitter's prostitution scandal in final debate

Thank you, @POTUS, for taking these critical steps to end the quiet epidemic of substance abuse. H

VIDEO: Cowardly Cop Knocks on Innocent Family’s Door, Kills their Dog and then Walks Off

Paul Ryan. The guy from the state that did away with weekends demands he get time with his family. O

Conservatives Are Freaking Out Over “Obama Partner” Paul Ryan for Speaker

The Bush Iraqi War Lies, an Act of Treason

Helen Reddy had some great songs.

Daily Holidays - October 22

Jeneral Troll have be on the sauce agai

Dogs are far smarter than you think

Salon: Behind the Deep State that Obama, Hillary or Trump couldn’t control

German chancellor strikes sordid deal with Turkish government to block refugees

GM posts record operating profits from cost-cutting, corporate restructuring

Is there something about support for Sanders that breaks caps lock keys?

How Gun Advocates Sound to Normal People

How Gun Advocates Sound to Normal People

Replacing white people to kill gun rights

Trolling a kitty

So Friday What Sound Bites Of Hillary Will The MSM Be Playing?....

The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable.

DA: Gun found at Pittsfield middle school was loaded

Methuen HS student arrested after threatening to 'shoot up school'

Turns out, there's a very simple reason Earth-like planets are so rare.

AG Healey: Phone calls from inmates to loved ones too costly

Glenn Beck: Bernie Sanders supporters ‘loud and proud’ at Texas State Fair

Gates blasted Senate re Defense

Hurricane Patricia is going to hit Mexico tomorrow as a Cat3

T officials cite cost overruns for delay on Green Line plan

EDF Strikes Deal With China on Three U.K. Nuclear Plants

TV titan ESPN cuts nearly 300 positions

Biogen lays off 400 in Mass.

Nuts & Jolt$: 878 Big Dig fasteners damaged; repair cost unknown

Sorry, Einstein. Quantum Study Suggests ‘Spooky Action’ Is Real.

A Professional Analysis Of The Grade Level Of A Donald Trump Speech

Obama to hold photo-op to veto defense bill

The arguments against bombing Syria are compelling

Who is John Galt? In the GOP, everybody is John Galt!

Iceland sentences 26 bankers to a combined 74 years in prison

I've seen these quacks being talked up here...

Joe Biden's Dignity: EJ Dionne on Joe Biden

At least three hospitals have been bombed by fighter jets in north-western Syria since Russia’s

Ok so this primary is looking more and more

The Rude Pundit - Shut the Fuck Up, Donald Trump, You Stumblefuck Buffoon

Breaking News

Sword Attack at Kronan School in Trollhattan Kills Teacher, Wounds 3

"Permafrost warming in parts of Alaska is 'unbelievable'"

Freedom Caucus Offers Support But Refuses Ryan's Terms For Being Speaker

Carson Tops Trump In Iowa GOP Caucus, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Bush Tied In Sixth Place

My "make or break" moment predictions for Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley

"In an interesting twist and a brilliant maneuver, each and every Democrat recused themselves ..."

The Benghazi Committee hearing is UNFAIR!

It’s Boston City Council cleanup time

Army Bases Bleed, Then BRAC Comes

Russia beefs up Kurils military base despite Japan tensions

US-Russia wrangle over Iraqi Sphere of influence: Parliament to Weigh In

Sanders: End the War on Drugs

Anyone notice that "Stop Paul Ryan" advert that is cycling up on the DU?

S.C. lawmaker, State Sen. Vincent Sheheen will be endorsing and campaigning for Martin O'Malley

No golf, gluttony, extra-marital sex: China to 88m party cadres

Two Chinese held over killings have diplomatic immunity: Philippines

Chinese diplomats held over killings have immunity: Philippines

Christie's lawyers getting close to admitting they made it all up!

Attacks on Sanders, Progressives Falsely Depict Obama As Lefty Failure as Opposed to Neoliberal Succ

China’s greatest fear: US Navy ‘cruise missile carriers’

Iowa Poll: Clinton up by 7, but gap tightens

We're NOT Broke - We're Being Robbed.

"The Benghazi Witch Hunt"

Germany: Federal Criminal Police Office warns of xenophobic violence

Claire McCaskill is coming up on Morning Joke

New Iowa Poll Oct 22; Clinton 48, Sanders 41 Hillary Group

CSUN Lecture to Provide Insight on Being an Atheist in America

Brazil's Ex-Guerrilla-in-Chief Isn't Going Down Without a Fight

His class attendance went from 40% to 93%. Because of a garden? (repost from education)

Ex-Porsche chief on trial for role in failed VW takeover

Beach moods: sunrise, reflections, and watermarks

Yale will keep Van Gogh painting per federal court

Cruz Uses Campaign Money To Buy His Own Book Just To Resell At Huge Markup To Gullible Supporters

Mexico: "El Chapo's" accomplices arrested

Weapons go to conflict zones, the money comes to Germany

Carson Wants To Police Speech On College Campuses to Monitor For "Extreme Political Bias"

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-No Joe

The MSM meme is: Hillary shoudn't lose her temper during the Benghazi hearings.

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - The He-Man Hillary Haters Club

'It's a whole other world': religious pilgrims venture deep into Alaska forest

Hyperbole seems to be the word of the week

Yet another reason to absolutely love Joe Biden.

Asthma Study Finds Carbon Nanotubes In French Childrens' Lungs, Macrophages - Source Unclear

“Bank Failures and Systemic Breakdowns”: Regulator Warns on Autos, Subprime, Commercial Real-Estate…

National Guard sells grenades to chavista paramilitaries and gangs (Spanish)

Russian secret service vetting Russian science papers

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Primaries

With Biden Out, Clinton Likely To Get A Bump In The Polls

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Apple's New Religion Emojis Brings Freedom Of Faith To Your Fingertips

Bernie Sanders talks pot legalization, spirituality on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Another VW motor may have cheating device

How the media fell into the Biden trap

Ben Carson Wants To Police Speech On College Campuses

Peru’s justice minister resigns to avoid impeachment

U of A Professor - Rate Of Permafrost Melting "Unbelievable"; AK Temps Up From -8.5C To -2.5C

Hillary Clinton is testifying on Capitol Hill today. Here’s what you need to know.

Iceland sentences 26 bankers to a combined 74 years in prison(repost from general)

WikiLeaks publishes CIA chief John Brennan's emails

Oslo aims to make city center car-free within four years

Frustration Building - Two Days To Go On Paris Conference Text, Which Swelled From 20 Pages To 34

In Mufti Speech, Netanyahu Showed His Obsessive Hatred of the Palestinians

Hillary Clinton is testifying on Capitol Hill today. Here’s what you need to know.

Senior official rejects legalization of pot

Rousseff Impeachment Bid Filed as Crisis Hits New Stage

Pentagon’s chief of F-35 program says engine problem is fixed

Hillary Clinton on Social Security Expansion: Words are Wind. A Cold Wind.

Work on logistics system may delay Air Force F-35 fielding: Pentagon

Kochs trying to buy PA. Supreme Ct., ad blames Judge for staff screwup

it's benghazi day at the media. a camera watching Hillary's SUV waiting to deliver her to trey gowdy

Gowdy's links to Stop Hillary PAC

American killed as hostages rescued in Iraq, sources say

Benghazi Refresher

Can the 1% really pay for ‘free stuff’ Democrats want? Laugh all you want; the numbers might work

Hillary Clinton is a warrior.

Bernie supporters for Hillary today

MSNB.S. is using the "What difference does it make" clip as their promo for the hearings.

Man Tries to Break Into Michigan Pizza Restaurant, Gets Stuck in Pizza Oven Vent Pipe

Joe Biden Ran in the Invisible Primary, and Lost to Hillary Clinton

"A high colonic makes me feel The Spirit!" . . . Please come CAPTION Ben Carson!!!

The Dodgers fire Don Mattingly

Do I have to listen to this ass clown, Steve Schmidt?

An open letter to the Benghazi Committee

Is Hawai‘i an Occupied State?

Bernie Sanders' impression of Larry David's impression of Bernie Sanders

A Reminder That 'Princess Leia' Is An O.G. Mental Health Hero

In 19 states, it’s still OK to hit school kids with a wooden board

Canada’s new prime minister Justin Trudeau promised to legalize marijuana ‘right away

U.N. criticizes Czech detentions and strip-searches of refugees

You guys know I don't like Hillary for a variety of reasons, but I believe the Benghazi hearings

“Bank Failures and Systemic Breakdowns”: Regulator Warns on Autos, Subprime, Commercial Real-Estate…

Where the girls are (and aren't)

Jeb! quote--Really, is this the smart one?

Gowdy opens the hearing with an emotional portrayal of how the 4 died..

++++ Official Benghazi Cmte. Thread ++++

From Japan: TPP sets limit on corporate suits


Carson grabs lead in Iowa--Jeb! tied for sixth

Joan Walsh Shuts Down GOP Strategist On Paul Ryan's Family Demands

Benghazi hearing watch thread party

Special Report: Egypt locks up lawyers in Islamist fight

Proof that the Benghazi Investigation is Totally Like No Other...2 Charts..

Gowdy doesnt give a god damn about the 4 dead. This is about the 2016 Election

Elijah Cummings just handed Trey Gowdy his ass!!!-Open Benghazi thread

Sweden struggles to cope with migrant tide; Orban warns of threat

Puerto Rico faces humanitarian crisis without federal action: Treasury

Sign of a tech bubble redux? ...... Silly ass apps

Benghazi Biopsy: A Thorough Guide To A Fake Scandal

Daily views of Earth on new NASA website

I love Hillary's response. She's spending her time talking about the Americans who died.

Why some young American farmers want their student loans forgiven

Why more U.S. students are going abroad for college

National contributions provide entry point for the low-carbon transformation

TerraPower Quietly Explores New Nuclear Reactor Strategy

Upper Big Branch fireboss describes uncorrected safety hazards at trial

Mel BROOKS: "The Inquisition (What a show). The Inquisition (Here we go)."

Hillary will destroy the GOP?

BOOM! - Hillary Clinton, just now: “We need leadership at home to match our leadership abroad.”

76-million-year-old extinct species of pig-snouted turtle unearthed in Utah

March Against Monsanto And Vaccines And Medical Science And...

Florida Man ..... and Woman

Euope & Other Countries Cannot Absorb All Middle East Refugees.

2013 and the call was made

Curly haired Benghazi Repug tries to create drama with piles of emails!

Attacks on Sanders Depict Obama As Lefty Failure as Opposed to Neoliberal Success

Halloween Light show

Sanders Defeats Trump By a Wider Margin Than Clinton in a General

ONE simple fact: Benghazi was a covert CIA op under direction of Gen. Petraeus.

Hillary is tearing this idiot a new one

TOON: Debbie Does Democracy

Now, THIS ...

RTA Seeking Input as it Plans Regional Transit System

no take only throw

Ignoring The Role Of Immigrants In The Roman Empire - Jeff Biggers On His New Play, Part 2

Happy Dussehra, DU!

Rapist lectures pro-choice protester about "protecting the innocent"

Sesame Street introduces first muppet with autism

In Atlanta, Clinton to Host "African Americans for Hillary" Grassroots Organizing Event

Neighbor Upset With Noisy Kids Allegedly Sent Family Note to Say "The Children Look Delicious"

How about a discussion about foul weather riding?

Hillary Hoses Gowdy!

YouTube Red "exclusive content", just another name for shell game

The real House Benghazi committee goal...

We'll have to wait until next week's polling results

Say what you want about Hillary.

GOP Idea Of SSA & Medicare Reform Includes Seniors Already On It. They Would Be Vouchered Too.

I think that I shall never see A poem as lovely as a tree

9 reasons Denmark’s "socialist" economy leaves the US in the dust

D. Wasserman-Schultz serves up half a loaf to Black Lives Matter activists -

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Are Making Us Fat and Giving Us Diabetes

Clinton Syria Fact Check: "Safe Zones" = "Ground Troops"

Warren Tells 2016 Dems To Cut Wall Street Ties

“I’m wondering why it’s okay for your wife but not my parents”

Kurt Eichenwald Calls out Media for Enableing Benghazi Committee's "Partisan Political Theater"

transcript of @HillaryClinton's opening statement to the House Benghazi committee

Still think I am right!

Police: Man confesses to I-40 road rage shooting

Bernie on Jimmy Kimmel (video)

Gov. LePage: “That’s like giving my wife my checkbook. I’m telling you"

I'm confused. I thought it was supposed to be the New Atheists who are bigoted against Muslims.

The cost of responsible gun ownership

Explaining the Greek paradox

March/2015: Petraeus' plea deal sheds more REAL light on Benghazi than HRC's emails

High school football: No. 1 St. Francis has girl kicker

The Trans-Pacific Pact Would Kill Jobs and Consumer Protection

This a-hole Congressman Pompeo

Benghazi Biopsy: A Comprehensive Guide to One of America’s Worst Political Outrages

Los Angeles County officials say human leg stolen from van

In The End The GOP Will Just Make Stuff Up And The MSM Will Carry It On Benghazi

Can We Stop Pretending That Ben Carson Is Running for President?

With at least three channels showing the hearing......only faux makes Hillary look different.

The Future Of The Democratic Party Will Be Decided By The Supreme Court

'New Era of American Prosperity': Sanders Calls for Free Higher Ed for All

They want to kill Social Security and this guy, Pete Peterson is a main player.


Sad, sexless, lonely: This is the real Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand vision for your life

While the rest of them dudes was a' gettin' their kicks, LESLIE WEST of MOUNTAIN turned 70 today.

REMINDER: Soledad O'Brien made GOP admit-House Republicans voted to cut funding for embassy security

The Bengahizi Hazing: It's not a witch hunt

Fiat Chrysler U.S. Union Workers Easily Ratify 4-Year Contract

Disabling parts of the brain with magnets can weaken faith in God and change attitudes to immigrants

Americans' Outlook for U.S. Economy Declines to a 13-Month Low

Well, so far, the totality of the hearings bear out the allegation that it is a hit job

Please give this ReTHUG scumbag some Xanax

The Benghazi hearings

3M Plans 1,500 Job Cuts as Dollar Pinches Overseas Sales

Abortion Clinic Protesters Complain Pro-Choice Counter Protest Makes Them Feel Unsafe

Watching the republicans on the Benghazi hearings, guess what, THE REPUBLICANS ARE THE ENEMY!!!

Proposed Sex Ed Changes Wreak Violence, Chaos At Nebraska School Meeting

Hillary is about to fall asleep (who could blame her?") Someone please, coffee!!...n/t

Anybody watching "Blind Spot?"...opinions please. nt

American needs to learn something from Iceland

Here's the MO'M STORE!!!

Russia Said to Back Early Syria Vote to Give Assad New Mandate

Schiff is exposing the partison attack on hrc

This SHOW assures that Clinton will be the next POTUS

Clinton-Sanders Fight Gathers Strength in Iowa: Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Poll

`Some of these communities have used their citizens as ATMs'

Your Nail Polish Could Be Disrupting Your Hormone System

Trump Quotes Tweeter Ribbing Iowans as Monsanto Corn-Crazed

Wow. Did Anyone See Hillary Smoke That Pile'o Papers RW Congresswoman?

This is all a show for the Republican base back home

The Hill: Why Sanders defeats Trump, but Trump defeats Clinton (Bernie Group)

Today's cuteness overload - chicks and cats

"I'm sorry that it doesn’t fit your narrative, congressman. I can only tell you what the facts were.

Your Nail Polish Could Be Disrupting Your Hormone System

Congressman Jim Jordan: "Let me tell you what I think happened..."

Your Nail Polish Could Be Disrupting Your Hormone System

Firefighters Union Holds Off Endorsing After Biden Decides Not To Run

Saw a bumper sticker the other day....if you are easily upset...pass this post by.....

S.C. lawmaker endorses Martin O'Malley.

The Big Lie About Benghatcha

Your input please

Hillary Clinton Advisers Woo Biden Backers, but Resistance Lingers

St Louis police investigate 'disturbing' church fires after seventh incident

My money is going toward paying for THIS!?

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 22, 2015

Dare I suggest that Hillary Clinton is going to come out of the Benghazi Hearing looking...

Movement Co-Founder to Speak on the Evolution of 'Black Lives Matter' in Durham

Bernie Sanders - How He Should Discuss Democratic Socialism

Orchestral Musicians Bring Whales To Surface.

FBI opens hate crime investigation into student’s attack on Muslim woman

Poor Gowdy

Renewed push for smart guns could trigger a new furor over the technology

Small, conspiratorial minds creating monsters out of thin air...

Bernie Sanders: free public college tuition is the 'right thing to do'

Canadian election (cartoon)

Slap fight! Slap fight! Slap fight!

Food Fight!!!

Elijah Cummings is the MAN!!!

‘Back to the Future’ villain based on Trump

As Gowdy and Cummings publicly spar, here is what Hillary Clinton is doing.

HA ha This time it was Chair Dowdy who lost his cool. Hey media keep playing that over and over

Greatest hearing ever LOL


Clinton's demeanor during the hearing is going to be a problem...

Fight climate change for global stability, say US defence and diplomacy elite

Fight climate change for global stability, say US defence and diplomacy elite

How about the new American Horror Story "Hotel"....anyone watching? I don't know what to think.

Cummings with the wicked beatdown of Gowdy just before the break.

So, these investigations has cost the american public?

I wonder what the repukes will do during their lunch break?

Benghazi Investigation: The Cost to Taxpayers

Pic Of The Moment: In Case You're Still Unaware That This Benghazi "Investigation" Is A Total Farce

This is right-wing terrorism: The frightening new rise of church and clinic arson — and ............

Being Nice To A GOPPER Is Like Sleeping With A Rattlesnake Or Cobra. They Will Bite You In The End.

what do childfree/childless people get instead of "parental leave?"

US-Iraqi rescue operation 'foils IS mass execution'

Damn!! Rachel and republican hack woman are going at it on national TV.about a damn.e-mail

Dear Mr. Gowdy --

Not to hijack my own Benghazi thread...

The Kabuki Theatre That Is the White House’s Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations

The Benghazi hearings: another reason why Hillary should and will be POTUS.

Chile civil union law comes into force

Dem nails ‘partisan’ Benghazi panel: Congress didn’t try to humiliate Reagan after’83 Beirut bombing

New species of giant tortoise discovered in Galapagos

Female Comic Says Show Will Go on After Brutal Attack in Northwest D.C.

O'Malley's been highlighting a proposal to modernize and streamline Food Stamps

Just got this email from Hillary's campaign

'Huge Step': FCC Slashes Costs of Prison Phone Calls

Bernie was supposed to give a major press conference on what Democratic socialism really is.

Mom v. The House Republicans: Mom Wins Every Time

CNN is doing a much better job than MSNBC at

Hillary is performing so well during the hearing, that I keep expecting to hear …

This Benghazi hearing is a GOP nutbag fest! (HILLARY GROUP)

Hunting for RINOS season is opened

Make college free for all

Interesting picture of George McGovern and Lyndon Johnson from 1972

Louisville’s Rick Pitino says he will not resign amid recruiting scandal

Hillary Clinton remains calm as hearing on Benghazi and emails erupts – live

Here’s Where All the Construction Workers Went

Fair and balanced Benghazi Committee Poll

Texas raids several Planned Parenthood facilities, group says

Back to the Future 3: Where are the jobs?

Hillary Clinton remains calm as hearing on Benghazi and emails erupts – live

With Fiat Chrysler pact approved, UAW now eyes GM and Ford

Rep. Elijah Cummings, Bravo and I hope all Democrats learn something from you today

Is Bill Clinton to blame for the "New China Syndrome?"

Gus Kenworthy, World Champion Skier, Comes Out as Gay

Nice to see Rachel slap that GOP shill around !!!

Gus Kenworthy, World Champion Skier, Comes Out as Gay

How many repugs on the Benghazi Committee

New Jersey to vote on override of Christie gun control bill veto

MSNBC Live Coverage of Hearing so far not friendly to Clinton

Cummings forced a vote!!! Will it pass??????? Voted down right down party lines... Jeez what a

Gowdy is going to have an aneurysm before this is over.

Donald Trump talks to voters like they're 4th graders

Fireworks Erupt Between Clinton ,Republicans At Benghazi Hearing

Reich: The 4 Big Lies About Immigrants - and The Truth (Trump is wrong)

Hillary Clinton and Elijah Cummings make a good combination.

Democrats field another strong House candidate

"Having your money in the Cayman Islands is like putting your dick into custard." - Russell Brand

More evidence of the imbalance of landlord-tenant law in Arkansas

Ryan expected to declare for top House post: lawmakers

Carson steals lead from Trump in key state of Iowa: survey

Republicans Have Completely Lost Their Minds; Already Talking About Impeaching Hillary

Yay, Trey Gowdy! Keep talking, you stupid m•therf0cker.

Jeb Bush is not very good on Twitter

After Holocaust remark, White House warns Netanyahu against incitement

We're Ready for You JJ!

SF reaches $400K settlement proposal in Nevada patient-dumping case

U.N. council will examine details of Iran's missile test: Russia

Kaci Hickox suing New Jersey over Ebola quarantine last year

Putin says Syria's Assad is open to working with some rebels

Fireworks erupt between Clinton, Pubs at Benghazi hearing-"Clinton seems collected and in command."

What's with all the Mets hate?

This is the exchange that blew up twitter just now about the Benghazi hearings

Help! I'm stuck in an airport! How's Hillary doing?

Martin O'Malley Mingles With Startup Founders.

Marty Ingels, husband of Shirley Jones, dies at 79

Video from the Guardian: Russian drone films fighting in Damascus

'Huge Step': FCC Slashes Costs of Prison Phone Calls

First American Soldier Killed In Iraq Since Official End Of Combat In 2011

US-Led Coalition Forces Launch Strikes On Profitable IS-Controlled Oil Field In Syria

If this was a boxing match Trey Gowdy would have already thrown in the towel!

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe awarded 'China's Nobel peace prize'


Homan Square: federal officials pressed to investigate 'crimes against humanity'

Homan Square: federal officials pressed to investigate 'crimes against humanity'

The Select Committee has in fact accomplished something.very important!!

Hillary is giving a heartbreaking account of trying to find Chris Stevens

Who is this rude ReTHUG scumbag?? n/t

Ron Paul aide convicted but another acquitted of charges related to 2012

Even though I’m a Bernie supporter, if Hillary isn’t elected our next President

Okay ... This Pompeo is an a$$ ...

WPR/St. Norbert Poll shows a statistical dead heat in Wisconsin.....


EPA cleanup crew to blame for toxic Colorado mining spill, report reveals

I hate Republicans....

(Ikata) Town mayor gives nod to restarting reactor in western Japan

Serious question

as usual, faux news stays neutral on 'benghazi' interrogation

Hillary Clinton parries conservative jabs in marathon House Benghazi hearing

Tammy Duckworth seems to be the saving grace of the Benghazi Cmt.

Gotta love, CW Duckworth ...

8-year-old boy defeats healthcare provider before Colombia’s constitutional court

8-year-old boy defeats healthcare provider before Colombia’s constitutional court

Goodbye Middle Class: 51 Percent Of All American Workers Make Less Than 30,000 Dollars A Year

Josh Marshall: It's Getting Embarrassing

USA Today almost proclaims Clinton the nominee

Did Biden say anything in that speech that made you say "damn, I wish he ran now?"

Why I’m Absolutely an Angry Black Woman

every fucking question is a 'gotcha' question. these little minded reTHUGS are so clever.

Looks like this BENGHAZI!!1!11!!1!! thing may be backfiring on the repukes big time

This guy is a huge asshole

Hillary just put her foot in Peter Roskam's ass

Dear God, how much longer?!?!

BAM! "That is a political statement and I have no idea what this has to do with this hearing".

I object, Mr. Chair ...

Official Event: Nevada Campaign Headquarters Soft Opening

Union Allows Socialist Rally for Bernie Sanders at Their Manhattan HQ

The average gun owner now owns 8 guns — double what it used to be

Ninth Cooperative Formed Under Affordable Care Act Closing

Self-Driving Car Completes Longest-Ever Road Trip In Mexico

Can we PLEASE stop posting Benghazi posts in General Discussion: Primaries?

The Latest: New details show what fueled road-rage killing

Sanders won’t take up the Obama mantle

Andrea Mitchell -"Panel has not covered itself in glory."

Who are the political prisoners in Colombia?

<Exclamation of support over response by Hillary or democrat/Disbelief of Republican Stupidity>

The Top 1% Now Own Over Half of the World’s Wealth

andrea mitchell thinks Hillary has a 'lot of explaining to do'

Israel’s Nuclear Advisory Panel Endorses Iran Deal

DEA Agents Who Threw ‘Sex Parties’ Rewarded With Bonuses

DEA Agents Who Threw ‘Sex Parties’ Rewarded With Bonuses

So about Howdy Gowdy!

great pics of the monarch butterfly migration from Alpine TX....

Israel’s Nuclear Advisory Panel Endorses Iran Deal

Texas Eliminates Planned Parenthood Funding; Disgusting Disdain For Women

"Why are you watching that crap"?

‘Extremely dangerous’ category 4 Hurricane Patricia to slam west coast of Mexico Friday

Netanyahu's Revision of the Holocaust for Political Gain Is Inexcusable (by Deborah Lipstadt)

FACTBOX-Guatemala's presidential candidates and their policies

‘Extremely dangerous’ category 4 Hurricane Patricia to slam west coast of Mexico Friday

Illustrations from Dixie Be Damned

Sanders, LBJ, JFK, Ike, FDR, and Teddy Roosevelt -- rank them from most Socialist to least Socialist

Bloomberg expands 'With All Due Respect'


If Mississippi Lawmakers Won’t Deal With the Flag, Students Will

UAW picks General Motors to negotiate next contract

Bernie Sanders Video From 1985 Just Surfaced (Bernie Group)

KKK recruitment fliers left on doorsteps in N.J.

even chuck todd thinks the thugs are getting more political as the hearing goes on....

donald Trump Says " a young intern sent out a bizarre tweet on his behalf

Prosecutor Dropping Case Against Ex-SAC Capital Manager

Applebee's Apologizes for Not Paying Employee With Autism


The Confederate Flag at Harvard

Judges weigh cases challenging home-care union law

More than 30 People Involved in Chapo-s Escape in Mexico

More than 30 People Involved in Chapos Escape in Mexico

Ballotpedia Will Hold Webinar on Presidential Ballot Access Laws & Deadlines

Guatemalan comedian seen clinching presidency in run-off vote

Lawrence O'D just ruined the repubs meme re Hillary for tomorrow morning and Joe. Joe will be

Family Assaulted by Cops for “Suspicion of Breast Feeding,” Dad Arrested for No Reason

Trey Gowdy would make one scary Halloween mask

I think those watching will now know K. McCarthy was telling the truth....

The Unsavory Side of Airbnb

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Thursday the 22nd of October

Are (Costa Mesa) Motor Inn families on borrowed time?

Low-intensity warfare, high-intensity death

Travel ban prevents journalist from attending hearing on his case

Presenting....the Trumpkin

Not my car. But I like the look!

Break-in reported at UW center fighting CIA on El Salvador

Break-in reported at UW center fighting CIA on El Salvador

If it's not an attack on Hillary then why are the teabaggers just attacking Hillary?

El Salvador: In Power, Former Guerrillas To Hold First Congress

R.I.P. Cory Wells (Three Dog Night)

If Trey Gowdy were smart...I'll wait for the laughter to die down....he would end this charade right

SEIU Local endorses Bernie Sanders

And BOOM! Hillary blew that stupid question away. Congress does the funding idiot.

Elijah Cummings....thank you

Third Way Progressives, Screwing the Plebs

Sorry, but the former Secretary of State is a LIAR!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 23 October 2015

James Blake: I'm setting up a fund to benefit others who have experienced problems with police

Given what we can now wager, this is going to be a fun four to eight years...

How much of "you" do "you" really know?

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders; Exxon and climate change (video)

Then you are not a socialist.

Price-Gouging Pharma CEO Fuming As Rival Creates $1 Alternative AIDS Drug

21 Cat Criminals Adorably Caught In The Act

Hillary Clinton has had an entire day to demonstrate her competence.

Post your pic of the coolest car of the 1950's

Deep-sea bacteria could help neutralize greenhouse gas, researchers find

Anyone want to chat on Skype?

Hillary is hitting it out of the park today.

Trump and Rubio Lead The Charge In Destroying Planet Earth

Meanwhile, Obama vetoes GOP Defense Bill...

Sec'y Clinton is doing to the Republicans exactly what Donald Trump did to Lindsay Graham

Obama Uses Veto For Only Fifth Time, Rejecting Defense Authorization Bill

Trey Gowdy - Draco Malfoy 30 years later?

Democrat Martin O’Malley talks gun control in North Charleston.

Georgia grand jury examines police killing of unarmed, naked man

New Jersey to vote on override of Christie gun control bill veto

Hillary's performance today at hearing


Rep. Cummings tries to negotiate with Gowdy

Imagine, if you will...

Outrage Over Holocaust Comments Intensifies As Netanyahu Meets Kerry

Happy Dogs

TPM: What The Big GOP Meltdown Reveals From A Guy Who Saw It All Coming

How many of the BENGHAZEEE committee are also members of the Freedom Caucus?

Birb! Demands Answered!

Lounge got me into Firefox. Lounge fix this.

All of these Republican folks on the committee questioning HRC are attorneys ...

Iowa man convicted of wounding two in random 2014 shooting spree


This clown now "questioning" Hillary

GM beats workers' lawsuit over religious holidays, for now

Congressman Roskam is a d**k!

"The Committee Will Now Come To ODOR!"

True meaning of Apple’s mysterious new emoji has been revealed

115,000 Arrests but Martin O’Malley Won 88% of the Vote! --What the...?

Jesus! I'm exhausted and all I've been doing is sitting on my ass all day watching the hearing!

GOP's Benghazi Committee comes unglued: (HILLARY GROUP)

U.S. Plans To Capture The Islamic State’s Capital Aready Go Awry

Looks like about 7 hrs and counting.

Bongo Bernie's Gonna Bern One Down

Trey Gowdy should be impeached just because of his haircut.

#BenghaziCommittee on Twitter

Regulators slash telephone call rates for prisoners

New Evictions of Arab Families Part of Battle for Jerusalem

ok, dare I or has anyone dipped their toes into Faux News

The GOP’s Really Going to Do It: Trump Isn’t a Phase — Republicans Think He’s Their Best Shot

If you don't agree with Republican delusions, that doesn't mean that you're lying.

Taxpayer funded political witch hunts are crimes.

These Are The Worst Things George W. Bush Ever Did

This sham GOP Benghazi committee is truly vile

Judges weigh cases challenging home-care union law

Judges weigh cases challenging home-care union law

Secretary of State Clinton needs to stand up and drop the mic

Thank You Rep Schiff Of California! - The reason for the GOP's Blumenthal secrecy finally revealed

"How Bernie Sanders Can Dismantle The Clinton Machine: Part 2."

Alaska tribal members to get back totem pole taken by actor

Alaska tribal members to get back totem pole taken by actor

Corporate Media Pushes Pointless Scandals To Ignite Right Wing Crazies

Forty years ago America's plutocrats devised a plan to depopulate the Third World.

Lamoureux explains his work for $120,000 consulting payments

STD Zombie

not this asshole again....peter roskam

Monsanto asks California to pull plan to list herbicide as cancer cause

Hillary will probably gets a 10 point bounce from dealing with these stupid little kindergarteners.

Howdy Gowdy

Clinton should drop the silly talking points about Snowden and seriously address the issue.

Fact Check: MSNBC’s Palestinian loss of land map

This Morning, Racists Burned a 7th Black Church Near Ferguson

The republicans have no shame. nt

Walmart forced to remove 'Made in the USA' logos

As you watch the waning hours of this spectacle on the television, bear in mind . . . . .

These GOP yay-hoos are not fit to govern!!!

My beloved has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

You know why I hate the Mets?

What I learn from the witch hunt oops hearings today - more important then facts.

I haven't seen all of the hearings. I have a question. Have any Democrats raised the issue

So Im done watching the Benhazi thing

Are they just trying to wait till she’s exhausted to “pounce”?

Susan Brooks is a nasty person

Hillary is started to get a little tired.

Bernie Sanders Hires High-Profile DREAMer Activist For Latino Outreach

Just saw 'Bridge of Spies'.

Lions Attack!

Shut it down !

I wish someone would ask why there isn't this kind of concern about 9/11

Paul Ryan Is In, Will Seek Job Of House Speaker

I am getting tired just watching it...

LInda Sanchez just kicked all the repukes asses

You know how babies respond in awe when they discover their feet?

Proof @HillaryClinton is winning the hearing: @FoxNews has cut away from live coverage.

Hillary is displaying quite a bit of stamina

Conservative pundits were not impressed with the GOP's disastrous Benghazi hearing


Maybe ONE DAY Mike Huckabee will learn that when you open a can of worms, there are worms inside.

10-21-15 Organizing Paradise and Making it Better in 2:00

Why isn't Chris Matthews show on?

10-21-15 Organizing Paradise and Making it Better in 2:00

Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush Still Favorites of Wall Street Banks

10-21-15 Organizing Paradise and Making it Better in 2:00

I have a 1960's era Heathkit shortwave radio

Who is this 'Mrs. Roby' jerk?

Mrs. Roby can bite me. That is all.

oh oh. Hillary burst out laughing when a Repug asked her if she was

I have a 1960's era Heathkit shortwave radio

You know what is funny, Mrs. Roby?

Democrats on the panel need to intervene here...

Even Drudge is trying to ignore the hearings

Sarah Silverman interview on Actor's Studio show at 8 p.m. EST.

Here's 48 minutes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, 9/21/85, playing like Lon Chaney under a full effing moon.

Republican Policies

Dirty Hair is on doing her best to get Clinton to fold

its kind of funny watching these idiot repukes asking questions when you know they don't have a fuck

how many votes does Hillary win in the general election for every hour these partisans attack her?

Did Gowdy inadvertently admit Bengazhi is all about prosecuting Clinton?

Happy Hour

American Women Who Were Anti-Suffragettes

Am I the only one shouting at the TV?

This is a wealth of soundbites for Democrats to use to their advantage.


Badgering and vicious - yes those are the correct words

Borowitz: Clinton Compiles Mental List of People to Destroy

Ubuntu Mate 15.10

Good for Adam Smith!! D WA

These hearings are still going on?

The republicans on this committee are school bus bullies.

Obama praises Black Lives Matter movement for raising policing issues

Obama praises Black Lives Matter movement for raising policing issues

"Were you alone?"

Hillary just hit it out of the ball park showing her compassion & making the repukes look like shit!

The Cub's Curse has a new name.

US film of parachuting beavers found after 65 years (it's ok, they survived)

The Annual Love and Sex With Robots Conference Has Been Canceled

Can we agree that nobody should count their chickens before anyone's voted?

flour on black cat

Suck It Poor People

The anti-Hillary Select Congressional Committee oops I mean Benghazi Select Committee outs itself

Just adjourn and continue this f--kin charade tomorrow

AND...we're back to Sidney Blumenthal.

oh no is Jim Jordan starting all over again with emails and blumenthal?

Trippy Czechoslovakian movie posters of classic American films

Jim Jordan teaparty ohio is a jerk eom

Third Way in struggle for the Democratic Party’s soul

FBI opens hate crime probe in Indiana attack on Muslim woman

Roskam, go to hell, and take your racist, sexist party with you, you scumbag

That empty, sinking feeling when they realized they just gave Hillary the Presidency...

Live on XM Radio, Mark Thompson show, Mark answered phone too quickly

Where is Gowdy?


Sen. Sanders Slams Vulture Funds Ripping Off Puerto Rico

They are getting her tired, I think....

It is past time for Bernie to walk into the committee and Yell-We are sick of your damn emails!!

So why does the M$M wait like buzzards for HRC to get angry, yet greenlight hours from the GOP?

Ukraine's New Era Falls Short, Feeding Chorus of Discontent

I love Tammy Duckworth!

About Hillary's Performance So Far...although it's Ongoing

Luckovich - Benghazi Witch Hunt

Reflections on Meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton, and the #DemDebate

Vote no on issue 2

SC’s Sheheen to co-chair Martin O’Malley’s state presidential campaign.

Meet Opal Covey, republican mayoral candidate for the city of Toledo

no Mr. Westmoreland she said 5th aren't you listening?

I Keep Hearing The Repugs Say - It Is The Only Way We Will Get To The Truth.....