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This "FES" team (sp?) are the GOP brain damaged??

I am now aware that many conservative Repubbies support abortions.

The Army-McCarthy 'hearings' pale in comparison to the Hillary Interrogation/Inquisition.

10-22-15 Taking Advantage of the Shot Heard ‘Round the Boardroom in 2:00 (Raygun)

10-22-15 Taking Advantage of the Shot Heard ‘Round the Boardroom in 2:00 (Raygun)

I just made my first donation to Hillary Clinton

Honest to God... I do not know how Hillary keeps her cool

How many hours has it been?

Colin Powell used an AOL account.

I know what to call the Benghazi Committee interrogation now....

Good God in Butter ..... a person's email goes to an email server so what?

#freehillary, stop the hearing

The anti-Hillary Select Congressional Committee oops I mean Benghazi Select Committee outs itself

The Foundational Principle of a Civilized Society

Which jackass Republican will YOU be calling tomorrow??

Schiff back on - I feel like chanelling Bernie Sanders now

Step back, release your glee, and think hard . . . . .

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-21-15

So they can’t get ANYTHING ON BENGHAZI so its time to turn to EMAILS!!!

I could never testify before Congress

Have we ascertained yet what color of underwear she was wearing that night??

Henry Ford & the Ford Motor Company V. Walmart

Bernie Sanders' campaign enters 'persuasion' phase

How the hell much longer are these

CWA Reaches Tentative Agreements with AT&T Southeast, AT&T Utility Operations, and BellSouth Billing

"Sir , have you no shame?"

CWA Reaches Tentative Agreements with AT&T Southeast, AT&T Utility Operations, and BellSouth Billing

Paxton sues feds over Obamacare fee on health insurers

CWA Reaches Tentative Agreements with AT&T Southeast, AT&T Utility Operations, and BellSouth Billing

Prominent Dreamer Cesar Vargas Joins Bernie Sanders Campaign

I want to hug Cummings so bad right now

Turn on the hearings right fugging now - Hillary is responding

Elijah Cummings just got APPLAUSE.....appreciation thread!

Morning, noon, afternoon and night; Hillary Clinton has sure got might (nt)

Howdy Gowdy is feeling victimized

Pompeo knows she's tired now and is hitting her with yes or no questions. He's a pig..n/t

How does Sanders bridge this gap?

Senate overrides Christie veto of gun bill

Well, WELL. It DOES appear that the required number of lips have made contact with Paul Ryan's ass.

Ad infinitum

Perhaps premature by a few minutes or so: HRC APPRECIATION THREAD

A Bunch of the Country's Top Cops Want to Stop Locking Everybody Up

Like watching a hockey game and the losing team pulls their goalie with 2 minutes remaining...

Not a Hillary supporter but she is doing an amazing job and I hate the GOP more than ever!

Hillary's closing statement to this crap

Op-ed by Bernie Sanders for The Washington Post

Now you know why Hillary considers republicans her enemy.

I think Hillary is now getting her second wind...


The Repugs Are Just Short Of Bringing In Dick Cheney To Waterboard Hillary......

Marine conservationists claim Japanese fishermen are dumping dolphin corpses at sea

Republicans throwing in the towel on Benghazi?

Russia Puts Its Military Operations In Syria, Global Power On Display

Who,among us, thinks they can hold a candle to Hillary Rodham Clinton? ...

The mean, revengeful, sadistic, demented, GOP members of the committee

give her a fucking break

Iowa Poll Analysis: Two-way race for the Democrats

This is now verging on enhanced interrogation

Trump vs. Hillary

Joe Biden says, "The Republicans are not our enemies - they are our opposition."

How Gun Advocates Sound to Normal People

I wish the family of the dead would walk in there

I think our long national nightmare is almost over

I'm glad Bernie let her slide now .

Tough as Fucking Nails

Band shows Bernie Sanders support through song

21 Endorsements from New Hampshire Leaders for Martin O'Malley

Why is Gowdy verbally abusing Hillary by yelling at her!!

Golden Hour, Henry Clay Estate

I think we are see why voting in the midterms is so important

This woman is made of steel. Coughing...

If GOP loses in 2016, who will they blame now?

Enough is Enough!!!

So when/how does this end?

Cisa amendment would allow US to jail foreigners for crimes committed abroad

Why the hell is he screaming at her like that?

They are trying to wear Hillary down

Time to say, so long

There's internet chatter than Lincoln Chafee may suspend campaign tomorrow...

They are making fools of themselves and

I MUST Give Hillary All The Credit In The World For What She's

Gowdy has become unhinged.

Uhmm ... Chairman Gowdy ...

Lamar Odom to be interviewed at Benghazi hearings

"Calmer than you"

Mexico: Spike in torture reports reveals deepening human rights crisis

Gowdy can kiss my @ss nt

Current HuffPo Headline

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition

Music to start the weekend

This has reached the point where it is like being in the dentist chair.

Elijah Cummings Gets Applause For Rant Late In Benghazi Hearing

Hey ReTHUG scumbags led by Gowdy

I don't think Hillary can lead as President

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. Saving Grace & a kittehs gif

Geez! they are finally done

Adjourned! Hooray!

Russian archeologists find ancient culture traces in Ecuador

"What a remarkable spectacle" - Rachel Maddow

Russian archeologists find ancient culture traces in Ecuador

Carl Bernstein- "We have seen President Clinton"

Eleven F***ing hours!

I'm going to say it...this was an attempted gang rape.....

Correa Inaugurates New Health Centers in Rural Ecuador

Hillary Clinton is a remarkable person.

I LOVE Hillary even MORE now than I did before!!! (HRC Group)

But still,like dust,I rise.

Hooray for Hillary

A new vulnerable species of giant tortoise has been discovered in Galapagos

I did not watch the whole circus, but.........

US unions call on IoD chairman to quit after fatal mine blast

US unions call on IoD chairman to quit after fatal mine blast

Rigoberta Menchu Asks Colombia to Release Indigenous Leader

It looks like Hillary Clinton proved her stuff

Florida musician killed by plainclothes cop never fired gun: lawyer

Any Consumer Within 60 Miles of the Border will be Better Served by Oregon than Washington Market.

There is not one person in America that can stand up to the Repukes....

Did anyone watch the entire thing?

The hybrid vidalia onion

Five point bump. On top of the Biden bump. On top of the Debate bump.

Trey Gowdy is slick like a suppository.

How do homophobic Democrats fit into a 2016 campaign?

I'm not usually one to mock appearances, but...

Don't you wonder how Donald Trump would have help up after 11 hours of partisan grilling?

Martin O'Malley Mingles With Tech Startup Founders - Only 'Digital Native in the Election'

Guatemala election puts Latin America's affinity for racist caricatures in spotlight

The Democratic Nominee Got The Gift Of A General Election Bump Today.

Gowdy: "She's being too consistent. I don't know how much of that we can take. It's appalling."

Obama says Black Lives Matter movement raises 'legitimate issue'

NFL to play at least two matches a year at Wembley under new deal

Duggar family’s homeschool program sued for sexually abusing minors

The hours and hours of brow beating of Hillary

Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) 'Were you alone the entire night?'

Can someone tell me again who wants to be prez from the GOP side?

Hillary to be on Rachel Maddow tomorrow night

BREAKING! Clinton Debates Republican Party, Wins.

I've been told that messages on Social Media are all important...

Thank you Bernie supporters for your graciousness

Cuomo Planning Discrimination Protections for Transgender New Yorkers

Updated New Hampshire Primary Source: After watching Benghazi hearing, key Democrat backs Clinton

In Ancient DNA, Evidence of Plague Much Earlier Than Previously Known

I'm a Bernie voter but Hilliary.........

A Silent Thread of DU Solidarity

They couldn't even give one ounce of respect to Secretary Clinton.

They failed to make Hillary look old and tired. Their primary goal. She defeated them and they know

Democratic National Committee Women's Leadership Forum

Bruce Barlett rightfully notes a drubbing in 2016 will not be enough to rid society of the clown car

Is it any wonder why some of us support

The Koch brothers are psychopaths

A list of all the new and relevant info produced at today's "Benghazi" hearing:

To fight corruption, China officially bans golf for party cadres

Breaking News: Gowdy's committee a conspiracy to elect Clinton

And another thing to make you smile

Were you home alone? The whole night?

History please??!!

Does anyone know when the next major polls will be taken?

Obama administration to oppose UN resolution criticising Cuba embargo

Conehead, the Barbarian

Mike Malloy - Star Wars Boycott Calls Film Anti-White

I just sent another 15 bucks to Bernie.

Ecuador declared free of illegal crops cultivation

"Bravo opponent, Don't hate me when you are president !"

Freddie Gray's mom is in so much pain

Documents: Arizona Tried to Illegally Import Execution Drug

Paul Ryan announces candidacy for House speaker

Mike Malloy - GOP Congressman Already Floating Impeachment For Hillary Clinton

What kind of scumbag question was that?

My husband said if he had been Bill Clinton

What we knew in 2012 - CIA and Benghazi

For my 900th post...

Trey Gowdy. Ed Grimley??


Russia Displays Its Military Muscle In Syria, But Also Pushes Diplomatic Efforts

How many of the interrogators are up for reelection if any?

So... who was the biggest repub d-bag on the Benghazi Select (BS) Committee hearing today?

Thank goodness Cummings, Shiff, Duckworth, et al

Lawrence has a great panel n/t

Most religious Zionists want Arabs out of Israel, study finds

You cannot take what should be known

A shift in language ? New and Improved Benghazi ?

Elijah Cummings

Paul Ryan prizes family time, opposes family leave

They did this to Hillary 20 years ago, too (VIDEO)

"100 plus" + "172ish" + "83 by our count" = ...... "Over 600"

An Appreciation Thread for the Benghazi Committee

i am going to rant here

Long-Shot Dem Lincoln Chafee To Address 'Future In The Campaign' Friday

Pawn Stars: Is Rebecca actually quite cruel

Your favorite moment for use as a video clip in a political ad?

'Hearing Protection Act' would remove tax on gun silencers

Forgive The Macho Analogy, But When I Was A Kid I Remember Watching George Foreman Fight Five Guys

A better way to spend 11 hours...and more useful

Man those were four sad Repug faces.

Argentina's Euro Debt Holders Tell Bond Trustee to Step Down

Quote of the Day: 'I’ve lost more sleep than all of you put together'

From #HillaryMen: Benghazi Bashfest: An Outrageous and Cowardly Spectacle from the GOP

‘Silent Sam’ needs company (NC)

Mike Malloy - 51 % Of All American Workers Make Less Than 30,000 Dollars A Year

Sweden: sword-wielding attacker kills two at school

Good Grief!!!! ____ great comment from Daily Kos

Pompeii under the scanner - in pictures

New species of human found

Thanks, Obama--this one i have to share with DU...

headlines....cnn, msnbc, fox.

Why wasn't Condaleeza Rice held to this same degree of

Mike Malloy - Conservative Media Mocks Paul Ryan

'Please proceed, Governor' (VIDEO)

Peace and goodwill to men/women.

Tracey Stewart, a beautiful person inside and out.

I love to sleep nekkid, what's the big deal?

Major drug tunnel found on US-Mexico border in California

Hold cop who killed (21-year-old, blind, deaf) dog accountable: PETA

I couldn't believe my eyes...

What - in your estimation - are the chances of a government shutdown and/or default?

Bernie supporter here to say: Hillary did us proud today and put those smarmy POS republidiots...

Florida musician killed by plainclothes cop never fired gun: lawyer

GOP Nuts Running For Pres Are Bad Enough. It's The GOP Nuts Supporting/Voting R The Worry.

More early voters casting ballots in Texas

For our allies, have you heard of LOWPAWS?

Chafee to address future of campaign on Friday

Scientific American: Many Antidepressant Studies Found Tainted by Pharma Company Influence

I went to the opening of Bernie Sanders Greenville, SC office this evening.

Hillary's expression perfectly conveys the contempt any thinking person feels for Jim Jordan.

Federal government shutdown could hurt businesses, workers

After next season, "Mythbusters will be canceled.

ONION: Benghazi Committee Instructs Hillary Clinton To Limit Answers To ‘I Failed American People’

"No, I think I can manage your condescension and my notes at the same time."

The Benghazi crowd lost one of their nuts today.

My favorite moment...

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 24, 2015 -- The Essentials - Oscar Homolka

Radar use approved to search Tutankhamun’s tomb for hidden room

Viral musicians Corrigan Brothers release Martin O'Malley song.

Hey MIRT...

How Rich People in the Middle Ages Made Themselves Dull-Witted

What Trey Gowdy is singing tonight.

Three Thousand Year Old Tomb Discovered in Lesvos

Bronze Age plague wasn't spread by fleas

Conservative Reviews Are In: Benghazi Hearing A Bust

Republicans will hate any Democrat because they believe only they are fit to run the country.

Where is Hillary's racial justice platform. Bernie has one. Hillary does not.

It wasn't economics that got Bernie first interested in politics

I think Hillary won the Presidency tonight

Great Hillary hearing gif from _Slate_:

What cabinet position should Bernie have in President Hillary's administration?

Thanks to Bernie supporters

HEARING BY THE NUMBERS: 11 Hours, 316 Questions, 144 Interruptions, Infinite Broken Gowdy Promises

Hazelnut shells found at Skye Mesolithic site

"People Trust Bernie Because He Keeps It 100" ~ Holly Walker

I hope we can all learn something from today

OK. Now that Hillary kicked Gowdy's ass

One reason Wall Street wins is because democratic and republican voters cheer politics like it's a

Hillary cuts ties with private prisons -

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is making a $1 alternative to Martin Shkreli's $750 ripoff pill.

just stopped by to say I hope O'Malley has the opportunity to make his case

NEW RULE: From now on all Benghazi Committees must open with...

Insurance commissioner: Office of Motor Vehicle’s attempt to collect old fines 'fundamentally unfair

The decisions that keep T-Rump up at night...

Sounds to sleep by

Loved Joe Biden but

Why is that Benghazi attack being called a terrorist attack in the first place?

Seriously? This is "social justice"?

There is no such thing as a Third Way Progressive.

Even the more moderate arms of the MSM collude in conveying the idea that Hillary

How did DU Primaries become such a racially divisive place?

More fun with charts: US earners per household time series

How'd that work out for you, you pointy-headed little prick?

Three People Shot on Tennessee State University Campus

We used to have a name for an unregulated "free" market economy, we called it

Telling Gov. Greg Abbott that Texans deserve Medicaid expansion

Ben Carson: As President, I Will Deny Federal Funding To Liberal Colleges

PBS: Why Kentucky farmers are quitting tobacco and turning to hemp

South Africa's ANC risks young voter anger in education fee row

‘Potentially Catastrophic’ Category 5 Hurricane Patricia To Slam West Coast Of Mexico Friday

How Wall Street Devoured the Recovery

Exclusive Federal Reserve Videos and the Glass-Steagall Media Conspiracy

Cat burglar

Plans by U.S. to capture Islamic State’s capital already go awry

Going back to the 2004 election

Tiny frosty mushrooms - and perspective

This is the Third Way. It's a Wall Street democratic think tank. Ex DLC

Abbas’s brother-in-law gets life-saving heart surgery in Israel

Israel needs cultural bridges, not boycotts – letter from JK Rowling, Simon Schama and others

Brooks County JP charged with theft after admitting eight-liner gambling addiction


At least 39 dead in road accident in southwestern France

Daily Holidays - October 23

Just for fun....Snow donuts in a Piper Cub!

Remember when conservatives claimed Hillary was a barely-functioning invalid on a walker?

Ocelots in danger?

Common Dreams: Higher Ed for Bernie

Study: Fracking Causing Strong Oklahoma Quakes

Progressives Are in Trouble in the States, But We Have a Plan

Hillary was shaken yesterday

Clinton Cracks Up At The Most Awkward Q Of The Benghazi 

Richard Branson just leaked the UN's plan to call for decriminalization of drugs

Juan Cole: American Hypocrisy: Against Muslim Sharia Law at Home, Calls it 'Moderate' in Syria

Dr. Ben Carson's prescription: Abolish Medicare

The Freedom Socialist Party on Sanders

Israel Calls a Man Its Soldiers Killed a "Terrorist": Until They Realized He Was an Israeli Jew

Modern Family the Luke charterer is now horrible

Hedge Funds Attack American Health Care

New York restaurateur eliminates bad tippers in his restaurants with a smart new pricing strategy

The freepers are so butt hurt about the hearings

Hurricane Patricia now Category 5 (potentially record-breaking)

We’re still fighting George W. Bush’s battles: Syria, ISIS and the “worst foreign policy blunder” in

Wingnut Says Sanders' Popularity Signifies End Times

Holy Shit Hurricane Patricia is now 200mph with the lowest

Carson On Secret Service: “I’m In Great Danger” Because I Challenge “Secular Progressive Movement”

First US Soldier Killed in Combat with Daesh/ ISIL as 70 Hostages Freed

WATCH: Screaming conservative parents ignite chaos at Omaha meeting on optional sex-ed class

Competitor Offers $1 Drug After Turing's Controversial $750 Price Hike

2nd Iowa poll shows Carson beating Trump...

HuffPost: Even conservatives realize Hillary Clinton's Benghazi committee hearing was ridiculous

Zappa and Merton: Points of harmony and departure

Iowa Poll: Carson surges to 9-point lead; Trump slides

I don't want to like Hillary, but goddamn she was good

The Untold Story of Religious Support for Gay Rights

Insiders: Trump nomination looking more likely

Paul Ryan is doomed, too

****October Photo Contest FINALS****

More growth? An unfeasible option to overcome critical energy constraints and climate change

FINALS thread for the October Photo Contest is up in GD

Republican Rhetoric Explained

It is now clear, Benghazi is just a smear!!!

At Ryan's request, Repubs vote to change "Speaker" title to "Rippling Six-Pack Abs Spankmaster"

Iceland does what the US won’t: 26 top bankers sent to prison for role in financial crisis

QUICK! Somebody please send Marco Rubio a copy of "Bin Laden Detertmined To Strike In The U.S."

I was wrong about Paul Ryan

Anybody going to enter the National Geographic 2015 Photo Contest?

A new estimate on how many guns the average gun owner has

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Benghazigate!!!!

My Co-Worker was part of a World Record in Sky Diving...very cool

Most gun owners don’t belong to the NRA — and they don’t agree with it either

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Here is a BIG thank you to the Repubs

The Rude Pundit - At Night ...

Trey Gowdy Can't Think Of One New Thing They Learned During The Hearings

O FFS GMA is interviewing FIORINA on Hillary/Benghazi nt

So now, Fiorina

Ben Carson On Possible Secret Service Protection:' 'I’m In Great Danger'

A new migration route - cycling from Russia into Norway

General Hayden: Clinton was "quickest study", more inclined to get involved in Mideast troublespots

Putin, Citing Key Moment, Prods West to Cooperate on Syria

Everyone Started Yelling Right Before The Benghazi Committee Broke For Lunch. Here’s Why:

Russia ready to strike states endangering its Syria forces: report

I'm glad that Hillary made the GOPers look bad yesterday...

Clinton Back On Top In Iowa Democratic Caucus-HRC -51% (+11) SBS -40% (-1%)

The scientific explanation for the Benghazi hearings

Paul Ryan could either be very good, or very bad for America

BREAKING: Dianna Duran resigns as Secretary of State

German TV show on US foreign policy in the Middle East.

How Hillary Clinton Won the Benghazi Hearing

McCarthyite hearings... Have you no decency, sir?

Okay back to the trenches today to fight out the primary/caucus season

"...could make you feel sorry for STALIN if he were a witness."

Why Were The Benghazi Republicans Obsessed With Sidney Blumenthal?

Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) 'Were you alone the entire night?' (Hillary Group)

NRA Commentary Admits The Odds Of Needing A Gun To Defend Yourself Are Infinitesimal

Wunderground - Sept. Global Temperatures Largest Departure From Monthly Averages On Record

RP - 54 Dead, 500,000 Displaced As Flooding From Koppu Moves Downstream

Hillary's reaction to Repug members of Benghazi Com.....

US doctors advised to screen child patients for signs of hunger

US doctors advised to screen child patients for signs of hunger

For only $3.5 million, you can watch your shirtless neighbor hose down his Trans Am 7 days a week

Judge Orders Blankenship To Shut Up About How Democrats, Obama Persecuted Him

Confidential files on El Salvador human rights stolen after legal action against CIA

Chafee about to withdraw

Endless "Investigation"

Applebee's to pay cook who didn't get checks for a year

Justin Trudeau's eulogy

Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Embarrass Hapless Vulture Fund Investors

Sunrise and sea spray

Lincoln Chafee Drops Out

Heb! Public Lands Policies: No New National Monuments, Lots More Drilling, ATVs, Dams, Mining

Swedish police say sword-wielding killer sought victims by skin color


Clay Bennett Sums Up Yesterday's Bengahzi Hearing

The definition of insanity; Kasich on Morning Intern Killer.

Latest U.S. border tunnel linked to drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzman

Cat 5 hurricane will slam Puerto Vallarta and central Mexico today

Grayson mum on meeting with ethics investigator

Man who sent details on U.S. military jets to Iran to be sentenced

Small group of Somali al Shabaab swear allegiance to Islamic State

"Cuts Of This Magnitude Will Be Devastating To Our National Security"

Ben Carson is soaring in Iowa in new DM Register Poll (Jeb! tied for 5th)

More shit, please

Lincoln Chafee drops out of Democratic primary race

Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Embarrass Hapless Vulture Fund Investors

A short, crucial explanation of the USA Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Rest in power Mark Murphy

Hillary Clinton triumphed at the Benghazi hearing by not losing her cool

The exponential growth of the Internet of Things

Hurricane Patricia enters wtf territory: 200 mph, 880 mb

What’s Wrong With Obama’s Decision to Keep Troops in Afghanistan

NLRB Returns to Grad Student Unions

Mark Murphy - Stolen Moments

NLRB Returns to Grad Student Unions

NLRB Returns to Grad Student Unions

At 200 MPH, Hurricane Patricia Is Now the Strongest Tropical Cyclone Ever Recorded

Long good story- Clinton emerges stronger for next phase of campaign

BradBlog: Election Officials Behaving Badly

Our Martha Roby on Facebook!

TYT: Larry Lessig On How “Tyrannical” US Gov't Oppresses Black Americans. Int. w/Cenk Uygur (edit)

Mark Murphy - Bebop Lives

Killing Off Community Banks: Intended Consequence of Dodd-Frank?

NFL teams may cut ties to fantasy sites amid inquiries.

‘The Drone Papers’ Offer Even More Reasons to End Remote-Controlled Wars

TYT: State Caught "Dumping" Mental Health Patients In California

We need $100 a day for the next week to hit our Act Blue goal for October

Mark Murphy at Kitano: All Blues

TYT: Red States Pay BILLIONS Just To Spite Obama

'Bridge to Nowhere' is no more, as DOT chooses ferry for Ketchikan

'Confidential' Planned Parenthood video leaked -got from a House staffer

Union calls for full investigation into Housing Authority of Baltimore City

Pompeo is an arrogant.........

Why could a former re­port­er lobby the sec­ret­ary of State dir­ectly?

Imagine that it is the first Presidential debate between Clinton and Carson...

MARK MURPHY sings Farmers Market and Again JAZZ LIVE!

TYT: Republicans Attack Hillary At Benghazi Hearings

Police Agencies Fold in St. Louis Area as Ticket Blitzes Stop

Leaking the Drone War

I want to personally thank all Sander supporters who stood up for Hillary going

GOP trying

Lincoln Chafee's Swan Song Worth a Listen: "We can have Prosperity through Peace"

Heckuva job, Gowdy...

Hillary coming up on Woman's Leadership forum next--on msnbc. LIVE NOW

Your next tinfoil hat will won’t be made of tinfoil.

HIV cure research: Scientists create two-headed protein to deplete HIV reservoir

Papantonio: What A Tragedy -- Obama Is Owned By Pharmaceutical Industry

Marvel's JESSICA JONES - Official Trailer (VIDEO)

NYPD Says 'Trust Us' on Potentially Dangerous X-Ray Vans Roaming the Streets of New York.

Water Test

2016 Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus - Clinton 51%, Sanders 40% (Quinnipiac 10/14-10/20)

Bernie calls for A Revolution at the DNC Women's Leadership Forum: "We are slipping into oligarchy"

11 hours. Hundreds of pages of transcripts. Sum it up in one word.

Get that republican dirt off your shoulders Hillary!

New Yorkers Complain: 'The Rats Are Taking Over'

Get that republican dirt off your shoulders Hillary!

VALERIE PLAME: "Let’s sic Donald Trump on Dick Cheney: Evil veep’s 9/11 revisionism must be....."

Union calls for full investigation into Housing Authority of Baltimore City

Union calls for full investigation into Housing Authority of Baltimore City

Hillary Clinton will be a guest on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Nov. 5,

Back to the Future screen writer: Bad guy Biff was based on Donald Trump

Whoa!! Breaking Nooz!!!!! Clinton Campaign announces MAJOR Strategic Change

paul ryan will abide by the hastert rule. meet the new boss...nothing will change

Have a great weekend to all DU'rs.

Rachel Maddow - Democrats keep check on Benghazi committee Republicans' agenda

Debunking Jim Jordan's narrative about Clinton's Youtube video statement.

OMG - CAT 5 - Mexico braces for Patricia, the Western hemisphere's strongest hurricane ever

Elizabeth Warren: We Helped the Big Banks. Why Not Puerto Rico?

Unprecedented poverty. New childhood hunger guidelines

Before Three Dog Night there was Cory Wells and the Enemy's

Learn to be dead for the day

Lincoln Chafee Drops Out Of The Presidential Race

‘The Drone Papers’ Offer Even More Reasons to End Remote-Controlled Wars

Technology shares surge in early trade; Amazon, Microsoft up

Are you watching GEM$NBComcast?

Ben Carson: Voting should be done by the appropriate people

Congressman Jim Jordan's facebook page

Drones, IBM and the Big Data of Death

TFN and ACLU Have Established A Web Site To Collect Stories of Religious Discrimination

Why yes, the #BenghaziCommittee hearings are a political Rorschach test

Law punishing gay sex with caning takes effect in Indonesia

Law punishing gay sex with caning takes effect in Indonesia

I have been a Bernie Sanders supporter since he announced that he was running

Clinton Thanks Benghazi Committee for Invaluable Service to Her Campaign

Democrats’ destructive Bernie Sanders myth: Stop saying he can’t win!

At Predictwise HRC is at 89% to win the nomination and 55% to win the general

We are SO screwed: ‘Never seen anything like this before’: 2015 set to be hottest year on record

A very interesting look at the power of the NRA as a political entity.

Report: Israel breached Iran airspace in 2012 in what US thought was dry run for strike

"None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with you..."

Snow leopards face 'new climate change threat' (BBC)

Orangutans Are Dying as Indonesia Burns

House Committee to Investigate Sidney Blumenthal announced

Alan Grayson mum on meeting with ethics investigator

Holy Facting Shite - they're trying to repeal Obamacare for the 61st time

Wisconsin’s ‘Right to Hunt’ Law Could Mean Jail for Animal Activists

Trey Gowdy looks like a weasel with bad hair. What a slimeball. His constituents must be nuts

Ex-cop wanted in ex's slaying jumps in front of NYC subway

Obama Discusses Death Penalty, Racial Profiling

Governor Snyder: how to get away with murder

Aaaand another one bites the dust.....Chaffee out of race.

Wisconsin’s ‘Right to Hunt’ Law Could Mean Jail for Animal Activists

Paul Ryan Demands Family Time In His New Job.

Hillary Clinton does not take private prison $$ contributes all private prison donations to charity.

How Exxon conspired with the Bush administration

Trey Gowdy's facial flop sweat to undergo DNA testing

Taffety Stomacher

"Oakley" & The Oaklettes Learn to move with the Grove!

I do not know the sites for repubs. Wonder what they are saying this morning.

Lawsuit filed against online firm involved in Azana slayings gun sale

Here's something else you can do for 2016. Register people to vote!

Tennis Hall of Fame nominates crazy folks -

Hillary on TRMS tonight!

Theo Epstein, Don Mattingly and Guggenheim Baseball Management

Lindsey Graham - Hillary Clinton "complicit" on Benghazi - CNN

Jeb facing the end of his campaign?

UNRWA employees suspended for inciting violence against Israelis on Facebook

I think. the Benghazi henchmen should be investigated

Here's something else you can do for the campaign. Register people to vote!

Invasion of the Killer Whales

Republicans' 11-Hour Gift to Hillary Clinton

What America’s lust for Trudeau says about Canada

Invasion of the Killer Whales

GOP Bill Would Gut Health Law, Halt Planned Parenthood Money

Ignoring U.S. Destabilization of Libya, GOP Benghazi Hearing Asks Clinton All the Wrong Questions

Why spend $750 a dose for a drug you can get for $1?

Finally, an explanation for Rush Limpballs

Tom Cavanaugh, longtime Douglas County clerk, dies after battle with cancer (prominent Dem family)

Despite Widespread Opposition, 'Surveillance Bill in Disguise' Takes New Step Towards Passage

Pic Of The Moment: 11 Hours Of Trey Gowdy Fail Summed Up In One Graphic

Bad news for Jeb!

The hatred oozed from their pores, of the chairman and to his right yesterday.

WATCH Masked Jewish Man Attacks Head of Rabbis for Human Rights

Iowa is first in the nation for a reason

I wish we had the type of reckoning about racism, that Germany had about the holocaust

China cuts rates again as growth engine stalls

Soldier Killed in Iraq Raid Belonged to Delta Force

Jeb's Campaign Downsizes Staff At HQ And Cuts Payroll By 40 Percent

Liberal Media is killing me

For your consideration, nothing more.

Benghazi hearing floods Clinton campaign coffers with cash...

Shut Up Chuck Todd

Well this says it all doesn't it?

Chaffee and Webb gone, down to 3

For anybody who has the mistaken idea Paul Ryan is a pragmatic

Comparing the Benghazi hearing to gang rape--thoughts? **Trigger warning**

Hillary’s Best Week Yet

Chuck Todd is choking on his words this a.m.

For your viewing Pleasure - Trapeze Strip Act

So I hear Clinton did well at the hearing yesterday

S.F. teachers get help living in city under ambitious plan

China wants Britain in a united European Union, Xi Jinping tells David Cameron

Help me here... Guys

I have a sinking feeling we just saw a preview of a Hillary Presidency.

The late great Mr. Albert King

Weird old Halloween postcards

According to MSNBC..

432Hz vs 440hz.... Beatles........ Yesterday

Elijah Cummings has to be one of the most underrated and valuable members of Congress today.

My Little Maui kitty rescue by Jo Fanning Red Oak, TX

Navy poised to promote powerful admiral who illegally punished suspected whistleblowers

The real problem with Netanyahu's mufti speech

Court: Therapy dog didn't sway jury against sex offender

Women ‘don’t understand fracking’: Expert

In 24 hours I bet our awesome president will be sending troops/help/aid to Mexico

"The Benghazi committee practically picked Clinton up and carried her toward the White House"

Markets Work: Martin Shkreli, Daraprim And Turing Pharma Edition

Core of Obamacare Would Be Repealed in Bill Passed by U.S. House

Hissing, Gun-Wielding Subway-Station Masturbator Turns Out to Be a Retired Cop

UCLA & Cal defeat the evil Trojan Empire

Even though I want Bernie's vision for the future of this country

Another disastrous result of Republicans taking control of NC: former advisor to GWB and currently

Emus on the loose in Round Rock neighborhood

Canada: Devil statue with giant erection appears in Vancouver

Tilly and Mae Kham Puan – A Lesbian Elephant Couple

A picture's worth a thousand hours of testimony.

Kosovo lawmakers flee, again, as tear gas released in parliament

Study suggests that men who cat-call women tend to have smaller testicles

The Benghazi tactic didn't work so I expect Republicans to return to Whitewater

If Dr. Ben Carson is a psychopath and he is......What does that say about Merica?

What came through for me about the Benghazi hearing

BREAKING NEWS-AFSCME endorses Hillary Clinton

Gov. Chris Christie Wants to Stop Flights From NJ to Cuba Until Assata Shakur Is Extradited

Walmart drops Made in USA labels after deceptive advertising probe

Scientists Explain why Climate Change intensifies Storms

Conservative Warns That Paul Ryan is ‘the Homosexual Lobby’s Trojan Horse for Speaker’

BREAKING: Key union endorses Hillary Clinton (AFSCME)

BC Supreme Court rules homeless have right to public spaces

Papantonio: Can You Blame Paul Ryan For His Hesitation to Lead a House of Congressional Buffoons?

Key Union Endorses Clinton

Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum speech today

Hillary Clinton is now turning the tables on GOP witch hunters (video at link)


Gov. Wolf on board with state Senate to remove Kathleen Kane from office

Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Embarrass Hapless Vulture Fund Investors

Gov. Wolf on board with state Senate to remove Kathleen Kane from office

Salon: This is right-wing terrorism

Clinton Wins Endorsement of Influential Union AFSCME

My favorite heron

Let us pray for those in Mexico who are about to be affected by Hurricane Patricia.

S.F.’s homeless crisis: Can Mayor Ed Lee clean up streets?

A visual representation of the Republican's election strategy,

Top 5 RW Watch: 'Birth Control Movie'; multi sex partners is like rape; Pres Sanders = genocide

Chris Rock Tweets Insensitive (But Accurate) Joke About Lamar Odom

"The president ought to be ashamed." --Max Cleland

Can Bernie Sanders's Reddit Army Get Organized?

Jeb! cuts staffers again as donors get nervous

The anti-abortion fanatics are eating their own...

"Why Angry Old Men Calling a Meeting to Yell at a Woman Is Always a Spectacular Failure"

A map of Fraggle Rock drawn by co-creator Michael Frith

Marty McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live

New Mexico Secretary of State resigns amidst fraud and embezzlement charges

Only Bernie Sanders Can Prevent Donald Trump From Sitting in the Oval Office

Texas officials raid several Planned Parenthood offices, demand addresses of employees

Family claims state held fire sale of patient’s coastal property, euthanized pet

Clinton to @Rep. Jim Jordan I'm Sorry My Facts Don't 'Fit Your Narrative' On Benghazi

Life on the Streets: San Francisco’s Homeless in Their Own Words

No, Mr. V.P. We don't have to work with the Repulicans

We need a media that informs us on issues, not on the horse race.

Bernie Sanders 'Enough is Enough' Rally Washington DC Nov 28th, 2015

TV Shows Asks Iron Maiden To Lip Synch, Immediately Regrets It

Meghan Kelly Pulls Down Jeb Bush's Big-Boy Pants and Gives Him an Open-Handed Spanking

Hillary does NOT accept donations from lobbyists or PAC's for private prisons

Foot fetish traffic stop lands school police officer in jail

Wall St. tech rally gets a boost from China rate cut

The Texas Chainsaw Bed & Breakfast!

Clinton Embraces Obama After Sanders Suggests Need for Break

If at first you don't succeed . . .

Bernie supporters say something nice about HRC. HRC supporters say something nice about Bernie.

"this ongoing molestation of our democracy by the Right will never end as long as..."

Hurricane Patricia, one of strongest ever storms, set to hit Mexico

Haters gonna hate

Two guns found in protesters’ vehicle after demonstration (MI)

According to CNN, he's already done the impossible..'How Paul Ryan unified a fractured GOP'

Lawmakers agree to extend automated train deadline by 3 years

How About a Maximum Wage? : Taxation: F.D.R. wanted to cap incomes of the wealthy--an idea whose ti

Lawmakers agree to extend automated train deadline by 3 years

My Turn: The time has come for real change

The Rude Pundit - A Few Thoughts (Not) on the Benghazi Hearings

The Kochs Take Revenge On Wisconsin; Bloodsucking Brothers Peddling Political Corruption

Bush slashing spending, shifting staff amid campaign woes

'Constructive' talks on Syria war could be resumed: Kerry

Hillary takes the stage in Alexandria, VA with @TerryMcAuliffe

has anyone heard from the GOP's resident amazing brilliant genius Donald Trump on the hearings?

Lawmakers agree to extend automated train deadline by 3 years

Boy, the GOP really screwed the pooch yesterday, huh?


Weird 70's song by 10cc. What did they mean by the lyrics? Kind of f'd up lyrics.

First on CNN: Former IRS official will not face charges for targeting political groups

Trick-or-treating at the office?

Hillary Clinton wins endorsement of AFSCME, which has more than 1.6 million members

How happy is Hillary when the #BenghaziCommittee adjourns?

Bernie Sanders DNC Women's Leadership Forum FULL Speech 10/23/2015


Bernie Sanders will not have to face a Committee like the

Ole Miss University faculty senate approves student body resolution to remove MS state flag

DNC Chair Statement on Lincoln Chafee’s 2016 Announcement at WLF

Clashes Erupt as New Day of Rage' Hits Israel

Former Montana governor endorses O'Malley.

Russia Opens Up $5 Billion Credit Line To Iran For Stimulation Of Trade

A flag should not divide our state (TN)

Why Christopher Columbus Was the Perfect Icon for a New Nation Looking for a Hero

Former Montana governor endorses O'Malley.

White House Warns Netanyahu 'Infammatory Rhetoric' Must Stop

Con media roll over in the face of Clinton's performance

ColoradoCare backers collected 156,000 petitions for single-payer plan

ColoradoCare backers collected 156,000 petitions for single-payer plan

Sons of Confederate Veterans show their true colors ()


Hebrew Speaking-ISIS Jihadi Threatens Israel, Jews Worldwide In New Video

Fox News First to Cut Away from Benghazi Hearing as CNN, MSNBC Continue Live Coverage

Oklahoma Earthquakes Are a National Security Threat

What happened to the ‘hero mom’ of Baltimore’s riots?

Ole Miss students’ leading role on state flag is gratifying (Editorial | Commercial Appeal)

The strongest hurricane ever recorded is about to hit Mexico, but don't say global warming

Mitt Romney: "Without Romneycare, I don’t think we would have Obamacare"

I was paying eight dollars on my insurance covered generic medication.

Democrats to Stay on Benghazi Committee After Clinton Testimony

Robert E. Lee Elementary Holds Name Change Meeting (CA)

Trump vs. Bernie Debate! James Adomian & Anthony Atamanuik

Unarmed grandmother beats the crap out of a group of attackers.

Humans in 1000 years. video

Just how stupid are these fake "Navy Seals?"

South Burlington Votes To Keep Controversial High School Nickname (VT)

What to do in Milwaukee?

House Democrats Will Stay On Benghazi Committee

carson proposes to dump medicare along with obamacare

Which one is more like the Taliban?

Cafe gives Jews, Arabs 50% discount if they dine together

Question for the GD Moderators

APNewsBreak: Maintenance workers at VW plant seek union vote

it was always going to be Ryan

APNewsBreak: Maintenance workers at VW plant seek union vote

Father of British soldier killed in Iraq: We cannot wait for other little memos

APNewsBreak: Maintenance workers at VW plant seek union vote

Cesar Vargas - Prominent Dreamer Joins Bernie Sanders Campaign

House passes partial ObamaCare repeal

GOP sets new mark in TV fundraising marathon

DOJ says no crime at IRS

Live With 18 Roommates For $1,800 a Month at Brooklyn 'Co-Living' Space

Here Come the Judges -- Social Security Disability Crisis to be Addressed in NOLA 10/27-10/28

Russian jet strikes hospital, kills 13

The Donald Trump - Jeb Bush Battle To The Death: Who Will Win?

Disgraceful cesspool of traitorous right-wing wacko scum...

Chicago dad appears in court over accidental shooting of three-year-old

GOP's fracturing 'confederacy'

Bernie Sanders addresses rise in prescription medication costs

Jeb Bush Orders Across-the-Board Pay Cuts for Struggling Campaign

"Enough is Enough" Rally still growing.

No criminal prosecution in IRS Tea Party case: U.S. Justice

The Nation's First Successful Desegregation Court Case

Hillary Clinton's fundraising soars off Benghazi hearing

Oklahoma to pay $8 million to man wrongfully imprisoned for 16 years

Anyone??? Please!! Who is Ben Carson's Dick Cheney?

Let's talk Third Way. Some links about its founding and the founders.

Russian jet strikes hospital, kills 13

Fear and xenophobia poison Polish polls

How NPR Killed College Rock

Ben Carson's Prescription: Abolish Medicare

Watts Bar Unit 2 ready to be fueled by year's end

Court rules against American citizen held by U.S. agents in Africa

Clint Eastwood vs. Trey Gowdy

Woman amazes scientists with her ability to smell Parkinson's disease

'Zeno effect' verified—atoms won't move while you watch

South African students score tuition fee protest victory


Hanging Halloween display causes controversy in McAlester (OK)

Obama's carbon reduction plan under attack from 24 states and Republicans

Ukrainians transform statue of Soviet founder Lenin into Star Wars villain Darth Vader

Dumb Criminals: Cyclist Arrested For Genitalia Hanging Out Of Shorts

Andrew Cuomo to ban transgender discrimination in New York state

Police Murders Waiting to Happen: the Casual Use of Undercover Cops

The incredible story of a Chesapeake steamship that helped create Israel

More math silliness: Sometimes, Estimating is Better Than Getting the Exact Answer

Saunders endorses Clinton

La Manzanillo Beach web cam

'SNL's Sasheer Zamata parodies white privilege in this hilarious ACLU video

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 23, 2015

USDA scrambles to investigate egg lobby over vegan startup scandal

USDA scrambles to investigate egg lobby over vegan startup scandal

Let's Start the Debates: Sanders, Clinton & O'Malley on The Private Prison Industry!

Abortion group: GOP must investigate leaked footage

Unemployment is low, stocks are high, Obama wins

How Do You Explain Ben Carson's Success in Iowa?

SFBARF's Slideshow Reveals their Divide-And-Conquer Aspirations

Live video cam from Hurricane Patricia

Freddie Gray's Mother Attempts Suicide

suddenly seeing Dawkins everywhere

Rain Lashes Texas As Hurricane Patricia Raises Flooding Risks, 27 Million People Under A Flood Watch

Chicago-area school district defies government on transgender access

Live Beach Cam - Jalisco Mexico

Alabamians taking out $14M a week in payday loans

President Obama and Texas Are Colluding to Detain Refugee Children in Private Prisons

About Third Way, its founding, its policies. Why I support Bernie.

As the World Evolves

Are Public Universities Going to Disappear?

A silent tribute to Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler

Former two-term Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer Endorses Martin O’Malley for President

700 Acres of Sonoma County to Be Returned to Native American Tribe

Turkish court sentences 244 to jail over 2013 protests: newspaper

Argentina’s Oscar Entry ‘The Clan’ Coming To America In January

Martin O'Malley Remarks at DNC Women's Leadership Forum

So about that AFSCME endorsement for Hillary

Kerberos revealed: Pluto's smallest moon takes bizarre shape

300MPH Hurricane - Science Fiction Theater - 1950's.

Woody Biomass Converted to Gasoline by Five-Company Team

The BIG DAWG to speack at the Dayton Peace Accord 20th Anniversary...

Patricia looks like it will be a true category-5 landfall.

Argentina: Voters Weigh In Ahead of Sunday's Presidential Election

Any Mike Oldfield/Tubular Bells fans here? In college,

Who do the most liberal House and Senate members endorse for president?

In turnabout, SunTrust removes contentious severance clause

I am not allowed to mention names but a certain poster is person awesome

I am really upset about hurricane Patricia. Here are live cams if interested.

SEIU, IBEW Locals in New Hampshire Announce Bernie Sanders Endorsement

Feds raid Menominee Tribe hemp farm.

Congressman Adam Schiff sings "Meet the Mets" on the House floor after losing a bet

Malia Obama Receives Apology From Brown University Students After Beer Pong Photos Surface

"Dear Media, Rape Is A Thing"

GOP conspiracy theory enviscerated: IRS never targeted tea party groups, and DOJ won't file charges

To a place in the past We've been cast out of?

Martin O'Malley Remarks at DNC Women's Leadership Forum

Assaulted Omaha officer needed 6 metal plates to repair facial damage

For Hillary Clinton, Strong Beats Soft

Spy vs. Spy: Inside the Fraying U.S.-Israel Ties

Sure, they'll go after Prez Hillary like they went after Obama, but on steroids.

"Trailing in Polls, Jeb Bush Cuts Staff and Salaries, Vowing Focus on Early States"

Russia encouraging nationalism and military clubs for the youth; experts worry it may breed fascism

Trey Gowdy Just Elected Hillary Clinton President -Matt Taibbi

Fox News Airs 1,100 Segments on Benghazi. First Network To Cut Away From Live Hearings.

Benghazi Bullshit part 2.

Twitter CEO gives up $200M in stock for company employees

Feds Seize Lethal-Injection Drugs Imported by Texas, Arizona

Oct 23 Hillary picks up steam in Iowa, new poll shows: C 51% Up 11pts, S 40 (Hill Grp)


Would it not be wild if Trudeau made Green Party leader Elizabeth May environment minister?

Venezuela sues black market currency tracker for terrorism

Aristide Makes Rare Public Appearance for Haiti Elections

OK, WTF is "waiting for"...

Martin O'Malley Remarks at DNC Women's Leadership Forum

Tell me, future boy, who's President of the United States in 2017? Weekend Economists 10/23-25/15

You guys ready for this??? Hillary COUGHED!!! It's a CONSPIRACY!!!

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-22-15

Would you kill baby Hitler?

Christie No Longer Holding Fire On Iran Nuclear Deal

I just started steeping my herbal teas in cold water. Takes longer for the tea to diffuse in a tall

How Hurricane Patricia Quickly Became a Monster Storm

FBI Director: Police Anxiety In Video Era Appears To Be Part Of Reason For Violent Crime Rise

Why the Left Isn’t Talking About Rural American Poverty

Here is the AFSCME letter to members about the Hillary endorsement

The Fox News take on yesterdays hearings...

ACLU lawsuit against NSA mass surveillance dropped by federal court

Texas Officials Raid Several Planned Parenthood Offices, Demand Addresses of Employees

October 23, 1958

Obama Perfectly Trolls Republicans After Benghazi Fiasco Hearing With Hilarious ‘Grumpy Cat’ Meme

Are you a democratic socialist like Bernie Sanders? Take the quiz.

Dem and Rep voting Fed elections past 100 years

Bold prediction on Benghazi

Lost Chances for Peace in Syria

Watch live webcams of Hurricane Patricia hitting Mexico

Sanders' move to address BLM

14 y.o. Virginia girl could be charged with assault & battery after throwing baby carrot at teacher

Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush Still Favorites of Wall Street Banks

Don't forget! Clinton on Maddow tonight...

Phew: US stocks return to black after summer swoon

Had a great day volunteering today!

LIVE - Rockin' the Bern in Davenport, IA with Bernie Sanders

The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp

Hillary Clinton wants to be Teddy Roosevelt

Hillary sharpens her barbs against Bernie Sanders, subtly accusing him of making a sexist remark

Houston Texans Owner McNair Rescinds Anti-HERO Donation, Removes Pants from Head

Study finds conservatives more likely to be psychpaths

Rise above

A picture is worth a thousand words...

On 24th October 1975, women in Iceland went on strike

I VOTED today

How Texas Teaches History

#feelthebern Fundraiser

Coming next, since the Benghazi circus went so well.... I turn to the pre-game show for the final game of the ALCS.....

Halloween Humor

Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul protest CISA as it advances in Senate

Ignoring U.S. Destabilization of Libya, GOP Benghazi Hearing Asks Clinton All the Wrong Questions!

"Pro-life" group refuses to admit one of them is a rapist...

CISA Security Bill: An F for Security But an A+ for Spying

Israel ambassador to Spain celebrates town ditching 'Kill Jews' name

President Obama: GOP are Like Grumpy Cat

Party Course Poll

Cartoon Roundup

'Abortion pill bus' sets off on tour of Ireland that could breach law

"Exceptionalism Always Wins" No Matter Who Holds the White House?

Clerk who opposes gay marriage: 'I am a soldier for Christ'