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The real story of “Our Brand Is Crisis” is how we screwed up Bolivia: Behind the bland Sandra Bulloc

Third Way President: The evidence is in, populism has tanked with the middle class

i cannot handle the clown car debates.....

Is there going to be a Clowndidate debate tonight?

Colombia must prioritize rights of Indigenous People and Afro-descendant communities above economic

Bernie is Fan-fucking-tastic tonight!

There’s Charity And Then There’s This! (450 lucky dogs that were once homeless...)

CNBC is most definitely not ready for prime time. What an embarrassment.

My apologies to all who I thought secretly in my mind were misspelling a word for YEARS now!

Send In The Clowns.....

OK, how do you determine who wins a GOPer debate when ALL of them have horrible proposals…


Cruz: "I'll drive you home"

O'Malley crashes GOP debate

10-28-15 A Gateway Toward a Better Tomorrow in 2:00

Canadians split on support of TPP deal, poll suggests

10-28-15 A Gateway Toward a Better Tomorrow in 2:00

The GOP adult table debate in one sentence.............

I know that debate's not on free TV, watch here at youtube if you want

Oh shit Trump reminds everyone that Kasich was part of the Lehman brothers debacle

Jesus H.... This is like the Comedy Channel run amok.

***unOFFICIAL GOP Clown Car Debate thread #1***

Guys in thousand dollar suits worried about people living from paycheck to paycheck

And to think I thought I despised Goldwater

What a fucking joke. These moderators are TERRIBLE.

Jeb!® disses the French.

Bernie Sanders at George Mason University today.

I fucking love Hillary, Bernie, and Martin.

Martin O'Malley: When you get done 'bickering and shouting about who's sexist and who is not...'

Has Mexico City found its much-sought-after “dog killer”?

The Republican crybaby freak show

Is there a Live Stream of the Clown Car Debate?

A reminder for the debate tonight - #2

“Boehnerland” Lobbyists Win Right to Bombard Student Borrowers With Robocalls

George W. Bush Was AWOL, But What’s “Truth” Got to Do With It?

I changed my avatar

God, Marco Rubio is such an empty suit.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! The Voice Redux

How are any of you standing to watch any of it?

How many times will Hair Brain use the word "I" tonight?

Cruz, Carson Differ Sharply Over Timetable for End of World Debate watch by Andy Borowitz

We need a separate thread just for the scrolling comments at the bottom

Ted Cruz Wants You to Visit Ted Cruz dot Org. Here's What Happens When You Visit Ted Cruz dot Com.

Way too much awfulness

Another great video for Hillary!

Hillary Who?

Thom Hartmann has advice for the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Martin O’Malley responds to Hillary Clinton’s support for the death penalty

Where is the debate livestreaming?

The republican candidates are not capable

Exonerated death row inmate can sue Ohio: state supreme court

Come on. More Donald.

10-28-15 A Gateway Toward a Better Tomorrow in 2:00

Man Hunting Illegally Killed By Lion Who Turned The Tables On Him

The Pentagon’s Missionary Spies

O'Malley supports eliminating investment in fossil fuels.

Hillary is doing some live tweeting...

O'Malley supports eliminating investment in fossil fuels.

REMINDER: Big gov't didn't steal your Social Security, that was Ronald Reagan and GOP in Congress.

Had a very scary day today

Is anyone here interested in Netflix Bloodline?

Tucson taxi drivers win ruling in bid for union

Tucson taxi drivers win ruling in bid for union

U.S. bans e-cigarettes from checked baggage on flights

Tucson taxi drivers win ruling in bid for union

Gold Rush

I get it the GOP debate is about lying

191 Countries Just Slammed the US’ Devastating Decades-Long Embargo of Cuba

UN condemns US embargo on Cuba

GOP debate winner Drudge Style

*Rachel is about to ask Martin O'Malley what he thinks of the 'situation' at the VA.

Four Republicans Battle For Attention At Undercard Debate

Grave of ‘Griffin Warrior’ at Pylos

Socialist Republicans

Lawyer: Teen suffered several injuries in classroom arrest (are any of us surprised?)

GUEST OPINION: Exposing the “Merchants of Doubt”


Nepal Just Elected Its First Female - and Communist - President

This is what it's all about, folks.

How Long Ago Was Jeb The Governor Of Florida?......

Christie just slammed Bush 'fantasy football' . I can't watch this.

The GOP debate audience booed CNBC for confronting Ben Carson about a controversial association

Student debt

The bad news first...

Sen. Sanders to Visit New Hampshire, Friday and Saturday (Itinerary)

Here's Huckabee in 2002 wooing Raytheon, the maker of the blimp he just decried as government excess

Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are beside the point

Jeb Bush Inching Podium Closer To Center Of Stage During Commercial Breaks


Limbaugh: GOP Leaders Would Be ‘Happier’ with Hillary as President Than with Cruz

Bernie should think twice about going negative against Hillary.

Death penalty foes urge Ricketts to stop 'misleading' Nebraskans about chances of getting lethal inj

Bush campaign manager confronts CNBC producer

Baby Panda Kindergarten is the Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

OH GOD!! CNN coming up with a stupid focus group on the debate

Sanders more progressive than Clinton or even O'Malley on marijuana

Debates tonight - R's whine about Washington and the inaptness. The F'en R's are the Majority!

Victory for Users: Librarian of Congress Renews and Expands Protections for Fair Uses

"Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Senator, Marco Rubio . . . . ."

JUST got a solicitation e-mail from DWS,

Why is CNBC interviewing Trump after the debate?

Utah Congressman Wants to Stop Government Funding for Parks Across the Country

Chair of Republican National Committee just came out in the spin room and blasted CNBC

Cruz, Carson Differ Sharply Over Timetable for End of the World

"How Can I Be Sure Everyone Knows I’m An Asshole?" Asks the worst people in the nation.

funniest scroll on bottom of Debate screen

According to Marco Rubio, the Democrats OWN the Mainstream Media

Did we witness the fall of the House Of Bush?

2016 Republicans vs. the media

El Toasto

GO ROYALS!!!!!! nt

O'Malley crashes GOP debate.

Woman transforms 374-pound pumpkin into Donald 'Trumpkin'

O'Malley crashes GOP debate.

Cruz, Carson Differ Sharply Over Timetable for End of World

Who won the Republican debate?

Hillary Tweets her response to the GOPer debate

The GOP debate

College town hall. These passionate young people...will the party embrace them?

Hillary Tweets her response to the GOPer debate

Secular Talk: Lindsey Graham's Desperate Attempt To Stay Relevant

I just heard the latest anti-sanders talking point

Who had the worst night at the Republican debate?

Those wonderful young people at the town hall...will the party embrace them?

Secular Talk: 'Cybersecurity' Bill Gets An F For Security, A+ For Spying

George Clooney & the Mrs. adopt bassett hound.

GOP state senator: Pot could help Colorado’s image

New DMCA rules mean you can fiddle with your tablets, routers, cars (as if you weren't anyway)

The Third GOP Presidential Debate

Didn't Bernie Want To Audit The Fed?.....

Mark Halperin grades the GOP debate

Holy Schnitt ...

TYT: Bill O’Reilly Goon Goes To College Campus, Hits On Student, Gets Kicked Out

Think Hilary couldnt run as a Republican and win the

When the HRC fans get you down, Bern, Baby Bern

Note to Fiorina: "Big Government" Regulations Do Not CREATE Monopolies, They PREVENT Them.

So, are you a Bolshevik, or a Menshevik?

"If the environment were a bank ...

Land-Facing, Southwest Greenland Ice Sheet Movement Decreasing

TYT: Body Slamming Cop Fired, Sheriff Still Blames Victim

Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 - Hillary Hahn

Trump says firms' bankruptcy record better qualifies him for handling debt problems

Colbert just eviscerated Donald Trump in his monologue tonight.

Internships with the Edwards Campaign in Baltimore

TYT: Trump Pre-Complains Debate Was Unfair

If Global Warming Is a Hoax …

Who lost tonight's debate?

Martin O'Malley on the Dignity of Work

Monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell achieves record efficiency

TYT: Republicans Move To Impeach IRS Chief

I don't care if you vote for Bernie. It's your vote, use it as you see fit...

So, Jeb. When your dear brother ran for President in 2000

Watching the debates makes me happy

Woman says she was arrested on a flight for using the business class bathroom

Donald Trump is Trumplander

Rosetta finds oxygen on comet 67P in 'most surprising discovery to date'

TYT: Fox News Panel Stares At Women In Leggings

“We’ve restored learning and memory 100 per cent, to a level comparable with youth”

Vintage Chris Christie Turns Tables On Moderator's RUDE

Might not have a Halloween display as planned

Okay, after tonight I can't resist...

Why didn't Carly tell HP how she felt about management?

I turned a cube into a sphere.

Two foreign crime series: "City Homicide" and "Salamander"

LOL, so-called "progressive" David Pakman hammers away at 'Regressive Left'...

Seems pretty legit to me. Help me vet it.

The Daily Show: Takedown of Jeb Bush and Fox News

The Fading Invisible Man!

Borowitz: "The question isn't why are these people running for president.. "

GOP Debate: Focus Groups And Instant Polls Won't Tell You Who 'Won' The Debate

Jeb seems to forget his brother was MIA as TX gov

Went to a cool talk on world population last night with Alan Weisman (author of "Countdown")

The Royals.

My take on why Jeb failed and George succeeded

Feds: Kicking Planned Parenthood Out of Medicaid May Be Illegal

The Trump Whitehouse (LOL)

High school principal body-slammed while breaking up fight.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 29, 2015 -- TCM Spotlight: Trailblazing Women

The most popular tweet during GOP debate came from....Bernie Sanders!?!?!?

Texas Asks Permission to Cut Therapy Budget


University of Southern Mississippi removes Mississippi flag from campus

Hillary supports the death penalty even though it's more racist than killer cops

At Student’s Request, Satanists Plan Invocation at Bremerton High School Alongside Christian Coach

An Epidemic of Police Racism, Brutality, and Murder

Halloween Trick-or-Treat GOP Style

Daily Holidays - October 29

For One of the Wars I Lost

Tony Blair: Is the Legal Net Tightening?

Work harder to be born into the right family

The Confederate flag is a symbol of a racist nation

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) clashed early on in Wednesday debate

Find solution to racist symbols (GA)

Message from John Lewis

Irony Never Sleeps...

Call It Like It Is: Marco Rubio Is Just Better At This Than Jeb Bush

​Activists correctly call Silent Sam racist (NC)

When The IMF Meets: Here's What Happened At The Global Plutocracy's Pow Wow In Peru

I agree with Hillary. Capital punishment should remain an OPTION for brutal criminals.

Raw: Runaway Blimp Comes Down in Pennsylvania

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) fundraising email

Either Carson's supporters haven't been listening to him, or they're just as fucked up as he is...

Climate change could bring deadly heat to Persian Gulf

Russia: Female-only Moon-2015 space simulation kicks off in Moscow

Loved this line from the Huckster at the debate.

China warns U.S. to stop transits in South China Sea

South Korea Develops Attack Drones to Counter North Korea UAVs

Boston clergy abuse scandal in the 'Spotlight' in new film

Florida paper to Rubio: Do your job or resign

Halloween is coming #55

Judge blocks Alabama from ending Planned Parenthood funding

Hastert pleads guilty in hush money case

Katy student alleges school activity called faith into question

You have to grant this: no candidate has done more on capital punishment than O'Malley

Boston City Council gives itself a 14 percent raise

How to fix ACA issues re 2016 cost-sharing and advanced payment of premium tax credit

Halloween costume safety

DCF too quick to end contact with Bella Bond family in 2013, report finds

Bernie Sanders: 'We will respond forcefully' to...

Martin O'Malley's interview with HuffPo's Scott Conroy

It is not a revolution, it is a pattern in history.

This kind of reminds me of TV Fun House

London Irish to play Saracens in New York Premiership Rugby Union match

Iran in Syria Talks? Let's Not Care About What Saudis Won't Allow

Chris Christie: "Police officers should never be criticized, no matter ...

As Fareed Zakaria sees it, the remedy for America's ailing and expensive health system is clear.

Kasich goes ballistic - What has happened to our Party

Fallon puts Fifty Liberty on fast track

One graphic that rebuts JEB? claim that W. is a "case study of leadership"

Sanders on the Farm Bill?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wants life a secret

MGM execs to hold casino talks with Springfield leaders

A new study connects Alzheimer's disease with a brain fungus

Bernie Sanders on Paul Wellstone (10/25/2007)

What is Democratic Socialism, American-Style?

EU Toughens Against TTIP as Top German Lawmaker Blasts Anti-Democratic Deal

Retirement for the 1% and the 99%

Juan Cole; Top Five Things Congress Should Investigate Instead of Benghazi

One of America’s Most Auto-Centric Cities Ditches the Car

Clinton on the Farm Bill?

George W. Bush Was AWOL, But What's "Truth" Got to Do With It?

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Black Sheriff Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters ...

Iran helping build “New Syrian Army;” ISIL fighters Fleeing to Iraq from Russian Airstrikes

Mississippi universities drop state flag

Senior National Security Advisers urge Obama to put Spec Ops Troops close to ISIL Front

War is Beautiful: How Newspapers’ War Photography Conceals the Hideous Reality

Bernie Sanders Vows To Fight Back Against Islamophobia In The 2016 Race

“Boehnerland” Lobbyists Win Right to Bombard Student Borrowers With Robocalls

From Canada as Hawk to Canada as Peacemaker in Mideast

The GOP debate, a good reminder on what's actually important here.

Clinton Supporters: Should she follow Third Way's order to reject The Left and move to the Right?

Bernie Sanders - National Student Town Hall - 10-28-2015

(China) Pension funds will start buying stocks in 2016

Social media tip leads to arrest of former patrolman that menaced 37 police officers and Pres. Obama

50,000 North Koreans sent abroad into forced labor, says UN report

Thom Hartmann to Hillary Clinton: Challenge Bernie Sanders on Real Issues

Vienna meet must discuss how arms sales to unstable regimes fuel conflict

Mystery bright spots could be first glimpse of another universe

The Tragedy of Military Deployments

The Constitution of Mars

China allows two children for all couples, making decades old one-child policy history

But if we enact single payer, your taxes will go up!

Black Lives Matter to host Democratic presidential town hall

Could Better Placebo Response Lead to Better Antidepressants?

Third Way Moderate Democrats Confident Clinton Would Govern From the Middle

Who do the conservatives in your lives (if there are any) like in both of the Primaries?

Lost Blimp coverage on Fox News:

Third Way report pushes back against populism

So ESPN Decided That For This College Football Season. . .

The Clinton Campaign Has Secured Commitment of 500+ Super Delegates

Did the GOP debate candidates just use the media as an excuse to dodge answering hard questions?

Human’ brains begin to process visual information differently as they become acclimated in space

Short and sweet Republican Debate Synopsis

MacArthur Museum's WWI posters to go on view

Guns And Jesus: How The Christian Right Hijacked The Bible To Suit Their Lifestyles

Guns And Jesus: How The Christian Right Hijacked The Bible To Suit Their Lifestyles

Guns And Jesus: How The Christian Right Hijacked The Bible To Suit Their Lifestyles

Hillary Clinton won the third GOP debate. Here's why

Businessmen don't "create jobs"...

Top CEOs Have $4.9 Billion Saved Up for Retirement. Nearly 1/3 of Workers Have Nothing.

Hillary Clinton Tweets Shade at Republican Debate

How Can America Respond to a Double Standard in War?

Amid Flood of Dark Money, Groups Make Simple Request of FEC: 'Do Your Job'

Makes me sick everyone jumping on this Rubio bandwagon

If this joke catches on, Stephen Colbert may have done to Trump what Tina Fey did to Palin

Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Learned a Thing from Iraq

Catholic Church is forced to recruit more exorcists after the number of 'demonic possessions'...

The Klown Kar Krash...

Happy National Cat Day!

Recognizing that Palestinians are dying too, as Martin O’Malley did, shouldn’t be controversial

Does the Sanders Campaign Have a Comeback Plan?

1300 older than Stonehenge Stone house found nearby

Bernie Sanders on Torture (11/8/2007)

Ok Bernie supporters, who's on twitter?

The Chris Lavoie Appreciation Thread 14 Lies Last Night *Trump not financing 100%?

4 things you didn't know about Bernie Sanders

I know for certain who won the debate last night.

GOP Debate #3 Wrap-Up

I have the most evil idea for Primary-debates: Flip-charts and marker-pens.

This is Bernie

We Need To Talk

The Republican National Committee chose the networks to host the debates so

Complicit in Neoslavery: Chris Hedges Calls Out Corporate America for Exploiting Prison Labor

So 45 ReTHUGs voted for Webster yesterday

Instead of Pardoning a Turkey This Year, Obama Should Free This Man

Venezuela ex-prosecutor speaks out on Lopez 'sham trial'

Yes, Polling Trajectory Shows Bernie Defeating Hillary and Winning the Dem Nomination

Softbank Hawks 2015 Nippon series champions

If elected, Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be America’s first socialist president

Emily’s List Official Accuses Bernie Sanders Team of Sexism

Deutsche Bank to Shed 35,000 Jobs After $6.6 Billion Loss

Help me name my new kitteh #1. Name he comes with? or the name I hear in my head when he greets me?

Here's info on Repub's new budget offer

John Boehner explains why he handed out bribes on the House floor (video)

Obama right that Roosevelt was called a socialist and a communist

Third-quarter GDP lands with thud: just 1.5% growth

Talk about night and day: Whistleblowers in Canada could receive $$$ for exposing wrongdoing.....

Bawl Bags is at it again.

Emily’s List Official Accuses Bernie Sanders Team of Sexism

The 1099 Work Force Around The Corner For Most Workers. Contract Labor The New Norm.

Toon-Ah, Election Season!

Convincing Voters to Make a Change

"resource officers" .... rather than protect students, they are brutalizing them.

David Remnick on 2016 election

Rachel Maddow - Dan Rather hits faithless CBS, looking back on Bush service

M$M letting Rubio get away with comparing HIS senate voting % with actual NOMINEES

This Hillary-bashing Chris Stevens/Benghazi meme is going around again. And it's FAKE, of course.

The John Boehner playlist

Pelosi getting a lot of love.

Emily’s List Official Accuses Bernie Sanders Team of Sexism

A Bad Lip Reading of the First Democratic Debate

Fact check: The third Republican debate

Your Thoughts on the Republican Debate

Analysis: Is Sanders Sexist, as Clinton Claims?

Reinventing the Library

We Have Got To Stand Together and End All Forms of Racism

Should A Self-Driving Car Kill Its Passengers In A “Greater Good” Scenario?

Talking to an Arab and Palestinian Audience Shouldn’t Lose You the Jewish Vote.

Pres. Obama teams up with John Boehner to legalize robocalling harassment of student loan borrowers

Slowly Boiling the Frog

Open Carry For Some, Summary Execution For Others

Is this election really between Hillary and Bernie?

Hillary Clinton Northern California fundraising trip (Napa Valley, Sacramento & Silicon Valley)

West Virginia man calls 911 and turns over drug hoard after hearing president’s speech on addiction

GM commits to spend $8.3 billion, upgrade 12 U.S. plants under UAW pact

While you weren't paying attention

New questions raised in Florida police shooting of Corey Jones

Halloween Horror

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Clowns Debating

LePage ally may have best chance for lease on state facility

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - House of Horrors

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Wrong Lessons

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Satanic Ritual Protest Planned For High School Football Team

South Africa Sets Earth's Hottest October Temperature on Record: 119°F

Top Democrat Urges Paul Ryan To Disband Benghazi, Planned Parenthood Committees

538: "Yeah, Jeb Bush Is Probably Toast" (UPDATED - lots more stories on the epic Bush fail)

St. Louis County investigating officer-involved shooting in Normandy

UN weather body: Antarctic ozone hole expands due to cold

Rachel Maddow - Movie resurrects George W. Bush National Guard service scandal

Is Hillary a leader or a follower?

Comment from the "sexist" and "racist" candidate last night

Update: Deputy Fields Has Been Fired (facing trial in jan2016 for another racial incident)

We Have Got To Stand Together and End All Forms of Racism

Deputy Fields Has Been Fired (and facing trial in jan 2016 on yet another racial incident)

Pennsylvania: How to Create a School Financial Crisis

Turkish President thinks Obama campaign ‘master minds’ behind HDP

Even if you live in a red state: Primaries are the most important time to vote

The Demobilization of the American People and the Spectacle of Election 2016

Even if you live in a red state: Primaries are the most important time to vote

Joe Biden's Decision Has Altered the Picture Significantly

Once again, Bernie Sanders wins the Rebublican debate.

Deadly Earthquake in Afghanistan Kills Hundreds, Including 12 School Girls

Alzheimer's drug - can it be that simple?

Deadly Earthquake in Afghanistan Kills Hundreds, Including 12 School Girls

No, Hillary Clinton is not 41% ahead of Sanders in Iowa and Rachel Maddow & the MSM are FULL of it.

Biggest Donor Gives $175K More to Anti-Move Seattle Effort

Chicago: CTA Yellow Line Makes Long Ride Back, Ready to Restart Service

I'd like to suggest perhaps fantasy football matters a little bit.

Is Ben Carson doing some sort of Andy Kaufman bit?

GOP Debate: Ted Cruz Shows Why He Shouldn’t Be President In Two Minutes

"Obama's Gotten The U.S. Stuck In Yemen. Is He Looking For A Way Out?"

TYT: CNBC GOP Debate: The Young Turks Summary

Are Flint's lead problems just incompetence or something worse?

Does Hillary have one of these?

Martha Stewart just had to teach mat lauer what a blackberry is.

TYT: CNBC GOP Debate: Can Trump Really Win?

they denied my hubbys claim. I'm so

If elected, Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be America’s first socialist president

I'm clueless and hope someone can help

It's official, anti-vaxxers are republicans.

Job Creators ----> THE Creators. We're neither.

Anyone used cannabis oil for sick kitties?

TYT: CNBC GOP Debate: The Biggest WINNER

Netanyahu's Apartheid Vision for Israel's Future

Consumer Comfort in the U.S. Declines to Lowest in Five Weeks

Here’s what some of America’s most powerful women think about Hillary Clinton.

Pending Sales of Previously Owned U.S. Homes Unexpectedly Fall

Civilians and Hospitals Repeatedly Attacked as Bombing Escalates in Northern Syria

What makes Bernie's campaign historic; a history of socialism in the US.

Pic Of The Moment: 3rd Republican Debate: Conservative Reviews Are In And The Big Winner Is...

Bernie Sanders Through the Eyes of Your Crazy Uncle

Heroic USAF Captain Defied Orders and Stopped America From Starting World War III in 1962...

A Prosecutor's Guide To Not Prosecuting A Cop Who Killed Someone:

they denied my hubbys claim. I'm so

Jeb Bush's Campaign On Life Support After Rough Debate

TYT: CNBC GOP Debate: The Biggest LOSER

Sister Joan Chittister, the maverick nun, shares her secret life

Officer accused of arresting lesbians kissing in store

From L.A. to Lost? Mattingly Reportedly Hired by Marlins

RIP Tillman--skateboarding, surfing bulldog.

Today is National Cat Day!

Lesbian Couple Files Lawsuit After Hawaii Cop Arrested Them For Kissing

Franklin & Marshall College Poll-Survey of Pennsylvanians

Franklin & Marshall College Pennsylvania Poll -- HC: 52% BS: 18%

TYT: CNBC GOP Debate: The BEST Line

First withdrawal from Doomsday Vault has been made

Prison officer who took part in lynching in Beer Sheva: 'I'm not sorry'

TYT: CNBC GOP Debate: The WORST Line

Screw you! Brother International.

Thom Hartmann, Sanders should have kept her name out of his response.


The Majority Report 10/28/15 - Third GOP Debate

HAPPY 69th birthday to the guy who knows a guy named Mick who don't care if he ain't got no chick

The GOP Debates and the Ghost of Tom Joad

Ted Cruz claims Climate Change is "religion"

I have a simple solution for the "phones in class are disruptive" problem in schools.

My Favorite Moments from the GOP Debate.

70s gameshows sucked so hard it ain't even funny...

Sanders and Clinton: What's all the shouting about?

In all seriousness, where does Sanders show traction?

U.S. court will not halt NSA phone spy program before ban

Balloondoggle: How the Pentagon’s Loose Blimp is the Perfect Metaphor for Military-Industrial Waste

Hillary on Klown Kar Katerwauling last night: "Seems to me: 10 cadidates, 0 new ideas. - H" ...

"He did not seek this office; the office sought him." (GRAPHIC)

Here's an issue O'Malley is ahead of both other candidates on

Now Emily's List is going after Bernie Sanders?

Katy Perry's new pro military, pro war music video

Did Anyone Win The GOP Freakshow Debate? Probably Not.

Kerry Counts on Russia to Help Chart Course Out of Syria's Hell

Emily’s List Official Accuses Bernie Sanders Team of Sexism

College-level speaking not required at the GOP debates

Church, State, and the Supreme Court’s Moment of Truth by Linda Greenhouse

Florida man who shot theatergoer for texting to invoke 'stand your ground'

Florida man who shot theatergoer for texting to invoke 'stand your ground'

The problem in the classroom....cell phones.

TONIGHT - W. KAMAU BELL - new talk show

Europe just voted to drop criminal charges against Edward Snowden and offer him asylum

New Franklin & Marshall PA poll

European union recommends asylum for Snowden, and dropping criminal charges

The legendary chupacabra has been found

Bernie is going to be on MSNBC in a few minutes!! n/t

Meet The Brogressive, Your New Worst Enemy

Jeb! to speak in NH

Clinton Dodges On Whether She Accused Bernie Sanders Of Sexism

Kitteh #2 is tougher...but it's so much easier when you don't try to control

'I truly believe that we are standing on the threshold of a new era of American progress.

ACLU backs policy to allow student to participate in sports based on gender identity

ACLU backs policy to allow student to participate in sports based on gender identity

Police: Albuquerque Officer Shot In Traffic Stop Has Died

"We support O’Malley because he has proven he can apply common sense gun laws

Nobody Mentioned the Minimum Wage in Tonight’s GOP “Economic” Debate

Kensington Market man doles out bad advice for $1

"She's a child!"

New US Aid Package May Include More F-35 Fighter Jets For Israel

West Virginia man calls 911 and turns over drug hoard after hearing president’s speech on addiction

China Scraps One-Child Policy, Will Allow 2 Kids Per Couple

Dennis Ross: Critics Were Right About Obama, Iran And Israel

Teen Shoppers Can Get Drunk Without ID On CVS Homeopathic Laxative

Carly Fiorina is just plain wrong on this 'fact'

IKEA Turned Children’s Drawings Into Real Plush Toys To Raise Money For Charity

Missed Treatment: Soldiers With Mental Health Issues Dismissed For 'Misconduct'

Women who are political candidates should speak with soft, quiet voices.

Happy National Cat Day - from Simon's Cat

Cops in the Classroom: South Carolina Incident Highlights Growing Police Presence in Schools

"The Man Who Bought the Clintons:"

New site from a Liberty U alumni


France's Sarkozy Meets Putin, Says West Too Tough On Russia

Why does "Lloyd" have two L's? It only needs one. nt

First Hillary, now even the GOP is cheating off of Bernie's homework.

Benghazi Hearing Backfired — Republicans Regret Letting Cameras In

Sanders’ strength? Millennials back socialism

Anonymous threatens to reveal identities of 1,000 KKK members, one year after cyber war with hate gr

@HillaryClinton is in the house in Berlin NH! #HillaryInNH

The Rise Of Bernie Sanders And The Panic Of Democratic Centrists

Syria "Clusterf*ck" impending? Ashton Carter says we will put boots on the ground in Syria

Photos of the Oct 26, 1997 snow storm still send a chill

Charles Pierce: The GOP remains committed, root and branch, to plutocratic economics

Marco Rubio wants no taxes at all on investment income. None. Zero.

NY To Require Training For Doctors Who OK Pot For Patients

Why Hillary is Killing It in the Polls - Against Her Democratic Opponents & Republican

SIROTA: Joe Biden Backed Bills To Make It Harder For Americans To Reduce Their Student Debt

Neighbors challenge church's rodeo arena

Neighbors challenge church's rodeo arena

Anonymous Plans To De-Hood 1,000 Ku Klux Klan Members

Ten Days of Democratic Presidential Polls!

m$nbc...'all eyes are on rubio'

The Democratic Race That Isn’t: Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee in 2016

Raif Badawi wins EU's Sakharov human rights prize

Fire in the hills above Montecito west of Santa Barbara. 60 acres burned since 5:30 AM today

Common Ground: Christians and the Message of Bernie Sanders Official Trailer

Common Ground: Christians and the Message of Bernie Sanders Official Trailer

Carson is not only creepy, he is sneaky

NYT a few years ago in case you forgot

Eliot Spitzer Sharply Criticizes Hillary Clinton on 2007 Immigration Stance.

Couple made millions running crooked NYC pharmacies, flooding streets with $10M worth of oxycodone

No, the Budget Deal Did NOT Cut Your Social Security Benefits

City Animals press conference, taking place right now.

Sometimes the B.F.E.E. silver foot in the mouth tastes like just foot.

Here's Martin O'Malley's message to Iowa high school students.

Here's Martin O'Malley's message to Iowa high school students.

October 31: 40th Anniversary of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Ted Cruz Lashes Out Plays The Victim, Tells 8 Lies To Avoid Answering Questions (Video)

Republican Debate Ratings Plummet As Democrats Had More Viewers Than CNBC Debate

Lion numbers could be halved across Africa by 2035, study warns

Everything we think we know about addiction is wrong.

Suspect named in Jacob Wetterling disappearance (MN)

U.S. jets intercept Russian planes near aircraft carrier

Suspect named in Jacob Wetterling disappearance

In a first, US university to send students to Cuban hospitals (for credits)

Marco Rubio doesn’t inspire much passion in anyone. This is why he's dangerous.

before Des Moines Register editorial board, video

Martin O'Malley before Des Moines Register editorial board MUST WATCH!

Condoleezza Rice Hits Back At Donald Trump, Says George W. Bush 'Not Guilty' For 9/11

Best free alternative to Norton Anti-Virus?

The incitement Netanyahu doesn't want to talk about

What is your favorite underrated candy bar?

The Gay Marriage Fight Between Hillary and Bernie: Setting the Record Straight

Confederate flag lawsuit against Danville dismissed (VA)

Bernie Sanders on Hillary's Accusation Of Sexism and Emily's List (Video)

Martin O'Malley before Des Moines Register editorial board, video MUST WATCH!

The government may soon commandeer drones near airports

Republican candidates are so whiny compared to our candidates

Progressives and Staunch Liberals: You are irrelevant losers according the Third Way

In Hillsborough, an election wrapped in a Confederate flag (NC)

Michigan bank 'purged' black clients, destroyed popular BBQ restaurant, lawsuits say

I don't see Jeb as either Michael or Fredo. I see him as Sonny.

Remember when the League Of Women Voters Moderated Debates?

Our Bernie pumpkin, show us yours!

Warren Unloads On Paul Ryan: His Budgets Are “Breathtakingly” Dangerous For America!

I am done with the media and their think group narrative.

Cod’s Continuing Decline Linked to Warming Gulf of Maine Waters

House eyes replacing Confederate general statue (FL)

Happy International Cat Day!

Jeb Bush's Loss Is Democracy's Gain

Camden gun trafficker gets 15 years

Confederate and treasonous

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 29, 2015

Astronaut Scott Kelly Hits Spaceflight Milestone

Confederate symbols create tension for UGA campus community

Yes, Ben Carson. You Actually ARE Homophobic

I’m partnering with Democracy for America to demand action on Paid Family Leave. Join us....

All Repigs and too many "Democrats" have forgotten these wise words of Theodore Roosevelt

Gunshots help deflate runaway military blimp in Pennsylvania

Hillary supporters, how can you justify this?

GOP Primary Drinking Game.... need more triggers.

Evil Koch Brothers Spend Millions To Eliminate Solar Power

School Cop Punches 16-Year-Old Student in the Face for Not Having a Hall Pass

Video shows Twin Peaks Waco biker gang shootout that left 9 dead

Who's part of the show? Who's in the big club? And who isn't?

Here's Why We Beat Black Kids

Anti-Muslim Hate Talk Is Turning In To Violence

New federal homelessness policies could mean less funds for Sacramento

Sanders and Clinton: What's all the shouting about?

Allen Stanford loses appeal of Ponzi scheme conviction

Beautiful children’s book about a trans teddy takes world by storm

The Latest Vintage Craze In Music Isn’t Vinyl — It’s These Old-Fashioned Recording Booths

File this under "why the terrorists hate us" - Halloween costumes for pets are big business

Cop Uses Chokehold, Pepper Spray To Take Down Skateboarder In Columbus Circle (NYC)

Noam Chomsky: The Chavez Model Has Been Destructive (Spanish)

10 Taxpayer Handouts to the Super Rich That Will Make Your Blood Boil

Reid calls on Rubio to resign

It's not a good day to be Obama, or Hillary by extension

A future president and her security detail.

Mobile Justice Colorado (new ACLU app for IOS & android) to doc LE encounters

Bernie @ George Mason U.: A Muslim Student Asks a Question

Wash me

Owen Labrie Sentenced to Year in Jail For Prep School Sexual Assault

The Nightmare Of Grocery Shopping In Venezuela

Secret Aerial Surveillance Over U.S. Cities by Aircraft Owned by "Dummy" Companies?

I think Rubio will be the nom. Will early popularity help or hurt him?

Keystone State Poll-Clinton 52% -Sanders 18%

In 60 seconds James Baldwin breaks race and racism ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez assists teen with allergic attack on plane.

Third-way "warnings" to Hillary

Words Used to Describe Hillary Clinton by Her Opponents.

Going AWOL: Why did the media wait 7 months to reveal ‘truth’ about Bush’s National Guard service?

Jon and Tracey Stewart start animal sanctuary to rescue abused factory farm animals

Bernie's plan to beat Hillary...not really much of a plan after all

St. Paul's School Rape Trial: Owen Labrie Sentenced to Year in Prison

Palestinian Child Soldiers: The Horrifying Silence

Amanda Curtis announces for Butte state House seat

Toon: The Other Government Blimp

SCOTUS On The Line In 2016 - GOP Voters Chomping At The Bit

GOP Debate Decision Tree

A little late getting to it, but O'Malley was great last night on VA issues

Iowa Polls and G.O.P. Attacks Encourage Supporters of Hillary Clinton

Verizon RIF today, tomorrow and next week

Virginia recall of Confederate battle flag plates challenged

Pfizer Deal for Allergan Could Spark Political Fight Over Taxes

Remember when Presidential candidates were nominated

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 30 October 2015

Lawsuit challenging Chicago police policy on tattoos is tossed out

Australian university: Aussie accent is result of generations of heavy drinking

Russia Opposes UN Resolution on Barrel Bombs

The man who forged modern Charleston

Crime scene photos, new info released in Charleston church shooting case

Ancestor of all apes might not be what scientists expected, new fossil shows

A Prosecutor's Guide To Not Prosecuting A Cop Who Killed Someone

If I was a Debate Moderator

100th post. 1st in GD-P

Hillary and Bernie should campaign in blue collar NYC

Confederate clothing causes controversy (IL)

Hillary ahead by 34% in Pennsylvania

Who Does Philosophy Speak For?

Here's the woman...

Russia raids Ukrainian library in Moscow, arrests head

New Dem Poll: Vitter Trails Dem Rival By 12 Points In Louisiana Guv Runoff

Said on the Tee Vee

I wonder if Mr. Obama has any *real* idea....

Big Verizon layoffs taking place. The good news it appears that the H1B's are not being laid off.

Judge Reminds Alabama Governor That There Are Laws

Glamis, California

In 60 seconds James Baldwin breaks race and racism ALL THE WAY DOWN

Apparently I'm Not The Only One Who Is Creeped Out By How Much Ted Cruz Resembles Mr. Haney

Regulators bust toilet paper cartel in Chile

My cat chases his tail

Elementary students too rushed for lunch, Seattle study shows

Nominate Joe Biden to take over the chair of the DNC immediately

New Orleans set to celebrate Halloween for 108,643rd day in a row

Feds: 3 arrested for selling fake American Indian jewelry

By Pushing Benghazi Lies, Conservative Media Accidentally Boosts Hillary

St. Louis Cops Claim Man Shot Himself; Witnesses Claim Cops Shot Him

House Science Committee Caught on Hidden Camera

Salon Worker Freezes To Death During Cryotherapy

"Defense secretary: US to begin ‘direct action on the ground’ in Iraq, Syria"

Strat-O-Matic predicts Mets win next four games of World Series

Rand Paul's promised debt ceiling filibuster clocks in at just 19 minutes

Sanders Says It Was 'Inappropriate' For Staffer To Joke About Clinton As Veep

Sanders Says It Was 'Inappropriate' For Staffer To Joke About Clinton As Veep

Famous skateboarding dog Tillman dies at age 10 in California

So to hear the "librul media" tell it all one needs to do to be qualified for the presidency . . . .

Ben Carson’s planning a GOP debate revolt: Campaign manager says he wants to round-up competitors an

Kittehs for Martin O'Malley!!!

I had the great good fortune to see and hear Jackson Browne perform last night.

Lesbian couple alleges Honolulu police officer harassed them over public kiss

The disappearing middle class is challenging many major American brands.

Iowa Polls and G.O.P. Attacks Encourage Supporters of Hillary Clinton

Black Dancers Week : Misty Copeland

Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day Is Ultimate Proof of Israel’s Desire for Peace

Donald Trump Says He Thinks Obama 'Hates Israel'

NYTimes Editoriall-->> The Revenge of Scott Walker

Executives face new threat when corporations do wrong: jail

Contact GOP Senators Cowles, Harsdorf, Marklein, Moulton, Olsen & Petrowski - tell them vote NO on S

Jeb Bush Says His Campaign Is 'Not on Life Support'

The death penalty is racially biased - So why does Hillary support it?

Kochs Hit the Airwaves in Support of WI Corruption Measures

Why do they call him Ted Cruz?

Venezuela Says It Will Sue in US Court Over Sanctions

Venezuela Says It Will Sue in US Court Over Sanctions

Peace education programs thrive amid violence

Guantanamo Prisoner From Mauritania Back Home After 13 Years

Black man told to 'prepay' for breakfast at Elmer's — white customers weren't — says $100k suit

An Alarming Breakdown of How Dishonest Donald Trump and Ben Carson Really Are

Ben Carson caught on video claiming Mannatech supplement magically cured his prostate cancer

Call me paranoid....but I don't belive Bush is on his way out. Executives Meet With Oakland Activists, Discuss Efforts to Combat Racial Profiling

Kindergarteners are Being Suspended for Calling Out Answers During Class

Martin O'Malley announces 3-day Iowa swing.

Man admits to killing boy by putting vodka in feeding tube

One Blogger, 1000 Lashes, and the Fight for Free Speech - Saudi Arabia Death sentence!

There’s a Terrifying Breed of ‘Werewolf Cats’ That Act Like Dogs and Cost Up to $2,500

This Is How Black Girls End Up in the School-To-Prison Pipeline

I forgot to mention that for the 12th year in a row the AL beat the NL in interleague games.

White House Offers Veiled Support for Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

NutMeg Whitman to host Chris Christie fundraiser

1973 Nebula winner: Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death

Interview with some of the young people at George Mason U town hall for Bernie.

'Black Minds Matter:' Report shows black students face racial inequities in California schools

'Black Minds Matter:' Report shows black students face racial inequities in CA schools (xp from CA)

Media is setting up Jeb! for the big

Joseph Stiglitz and productivity rise and wages stagnating

Mitigating climate change: the answers we get depend on the questions we ask.

Rubio will get nailed in general election debates; he lied about being the son of Cuban exiles

Iceland jails crooked Banksters, Sells-off Banks, doles out kr 30,000 to each citizen w/ proceeds.

Clinton On GOP Debate: 'You'd Have Been Better Off Watching The World Series'

'Game-Changer': European Parliament Urges Asylum for Edward Snowden

Georgia grand jury says killing of man by police needs more investigation

Hillary Clinton Tweets Support For Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

Three arrested for massive oxycodone scheme at New York pharmacies

Three arrested for massive oxycodone scheme at New York pharmacies

O'Malley hits Clinton on death penalty, changing views.

O'Malley hits Clinton on death penalty, changing views.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-28-15 & news

Remember those olives?

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton endorses Hillary Clinton

Embracing The Dark Side: A Short History Of The Pathological Neocon Quest For Empire

GOP candidate archetypes...

U.S. jobless claims rise, four-week average lowest since 1973

A special message to the KC Royals from Sofia Vergara

My Suzie Q. had a great walkie this morning

Bernie Sanders repsonds to Clinton's Sexism Slur

The French Aren’t Too Pleased with Jeb Bush

Our Planet Is Among the First of Many, Many Earths

Why the G.O.P. Candidates Don’t Do Substance

OK. the problem withmy computer is Windows 10! Computer guy nailed it!

You're in a coma but aware. What would be your "special kind of hell"?

F&M Poll: Hillary 52% Bernie 18%

Any spider experts here? I swear this thing tried to bite me.

Repub Site: Watch Bernie Sanders pander to Muslim student who claims Muslims are victims in America