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Archives: October 3, 2015

Liberty Counsel: The Vatican Is Lying About Pope's Kim Davis Meeting

State Dept email shows how they influenced 60 Minute interview with Assange

Toon: Wanted…..

Obama on Syrian crisis: Russia air strikes 'strengthen IS'

Farmer finds woolly mammoth bones in Washtenaw County field

Oregon school shooting: Terror and heroism as victims' names are revealed

UAW Faces Tough Road After Failing To Reach Labor Deal With Fiat Chrysler

An Oregon teacher’s letter to lawmakers: We don’t need your prayers, we need your courage

Volkwagen's diesel cars set air quality back by years

Let's Talk About the Issues – Social Security

Series of Tweets from Hillary on gun control from tonight and Stephan King's cute doggie.

Remember, It failed 54 to 46, five Democrats voted against it. Four Republicans voted for it.

Dialogues with Bishop Marc Andrus at Grace Cathedral - All Souls Day

Dems pressure GOP to call off special panel on Planned Parenthood

Bush, Biden, Rubio & Trump all at better percentages to become president than Sanders. And Clinton?

Conservative new election promise: a tip line so people can report barbaric cultural practices. They

Heard today at work: Straight Out of Cuckoo Land

Rolling Stone: 4 Pro-Gun Arguments We're Sick of Hearing

Martin O'Malley to Jeb Bush: “Stuff happens?”

Jeb Bush: "STUFF HAPPENS"- Argues Against Gun Control After Major Tragedy

Bernie: "What we are also talking about is transforming our corrupt campaign finance system"

Email from Bernie today about donations. We have accomplished wonders, really.

Morford: "America is, by every metric you can name, a far worse place for all our guns."

At what point do you know you're a stoner?

Don't be fooled by the rhetoric from the right about Planned Parenthood

Jim Carrey's Late Girlfriend Was "Purified" Scientologist: Report

Cheap and easy, just like me.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! & a new Kitteh gif

President Obama: Gun Politics "Has to Change" (BOG)

O'Malley announces stop at Polk County Democrats fall meeting.

Nancy Pelosi Calls For A Select Committee On Gun Violence

Oakland community shocked after artist shot dead while painting peace mural

Martin O’Malley Urges Public Financing of Congressional Campaigns.NYT

Bernie has an amazing Congressional Report Card on 10 crucial issues.

Early African-American Schools Refuted White Supremacists’ View

Here Are The Most Emotional Images In The Aftermath Of The Oregon Shooting

I need help from a Spanish speaking Bernie supporter, please!

GOP can’t shed itself of racist appeals

Biden: 'I'm Not Bernie Sanders!'

Martin O’Malley Urges Public Financing of Congressional Campaigns.NYT

Transformation of DC Enough is Enough Rally

Probe Into Racist Letters At Bridgeport PD (CT)

Bernie Sanders Gears Up for Campaign Events in Massachusetts

Lowell students suspended after racists texts (MA)

Hillary "visibly angry": "Republicans put the NRA ahead of American families." (HILLARY SUPPORTERS GRP)

We know *this* is gonna happen tonight:

The TRUTH about Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil (Part 1)

Sheriff In Charge Of Oregon Massacre Probe Posted Sandy Hook Truther Video

Stiglitz and Hersh: The Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Charade

Viola Liuzzo remembered as Detroit civil rights martyr

Robert Parry: Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria?

It was Albert Collins birthday yesterday

The Political Power of Takin’ it to the States

Militant Anti-Abortion Activist Behind the Planned Parenthood Video Fraud Arrested in Australia

WWSMD = What would Solly Mack do?

Not the Smart One: On Jeb’s Garbled Support for the Washington Football Team’s Brand

In jest, Ben Carson tells the whole truth about police shootings, then quickly backs off of it

Friday Talking Points (364) -- New Speaker's Speaking Problem

Esquire's Charlie Pierce on Oregon massacre: 'One of our political parties is completely insane'

White House considering moving Guantanamo detainees to Colorado prisons

Once Again republicans respond with action to help prevent gun massacres.

Pick One

New Pew Poll: Trump leads by 9--Jeb! falls to 6th place with 4% nationally

We already saw it this week - just not this version. Planned Parenthood graph revisited

Bernie's Congressional Report Card - Sourced

Stuff Happens and These Things Happen?

Statement on Alabama License Office Measure Disenfranchising Voters (HILLARY GROUP)

ULA needs relief on Russian engines before GPS launch bid -CEO

They're here! Bernie Emoji for Android!

See a new liberal website: "The Daily Edge"

Internet gun sales in Oregon creating dangerous, unregulated market, report claims

Anyone else having trouble serving on a jury. For the sixth consecutive time this week

Countering N.R.A. My suggestion, what is yours?

NRA profiting off of dead kids

Dawkins, deGrasse Tyson Topline Real Time With Bill Maher Oct. 2

SolarCity Shows Off Its New Modules; Now It Has to Manufacture Them

Sen. Sanders Announces October Tucson Rally

If your first reaction to shootings is.....

Sex Is Only For Christians - Per Minnesota Pastor Connected To Duggars.


Trump, Rubio, O'Malley to appear in Las Vegas next week.

Hillside collapses on Guatemalan town, killing 26; hundreds missing

To Congress

The Latest Mass Shooter Was Apparently an Anti-Religious Zealot Who Sought Companionship Online

Jebby's long list of unfortunate comments:

Daimler tests self-driving truck on German highway

Firefighters’ Union Backs Away From Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Firefighters’ Union Backs Away From Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

We are watching it happen in real time. Take a look at this Mitch McConnell

The Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ramsey urges "fellow Christians" to arm themselves

Mass shootings have killed more in U.S. than terrorist attacks

Rest In Peace Marty Beil

Republican Chances in 2016 on Suicide Watch

Backyard chickens can stay; neighbors agree that fence will resolve dispute

New Rules and Then Some -- Real Time with Bill Maher

Don Edwards, Congressman Who Championed Civil Rights, Dies at 100

The Martian (some spoilers, even if you've read the book)

Hurricane Joquin is not expected to hit the United States .... the reason, God loves gay marriage

This is what happens when you mis-treat kitty!

Russian Planes Make First Incursion into Islamic State Stronghold in Syria

Lucas Eibel, 18-year-old quadruplet, animal lover, among those mourned in Roseburg

U.S. will not directly confront Russia in Syria, Obama says

Syria: Obama's Bay of Pigs


Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins Rip ‘Regressive Leftists’ Giving a ‘Free Pass’ to Islam

RE: Guns, who said this

happier than ever after fulfilling lifelong wish of becoming blind

State: Birth Certificate Lawsuit a Ruse to Validate Foreign ID’s

Dog: I didn't do it

The Gun Violence Chart President Obama Asked For

Is this what the end of Oslo looks like?

October 13. Bernie's First National Stage at Party Debate.

The Longest Most Educational Hemp Documentary

Guatemala: hillside collapse leaves 26 dead

Gun violence in America, in 17 maps and charts

Pacific Rim nations close in on a landmark trade deal

Oregon shooting sheriff is a wack job.

Australian Teenager’s Attack on Police Worker Called Act of Terrorism

Clinton 41 Sanders 23.....

Clinton 50 Sanders 13 SC.

day 23 with no cigs/gratuitous kitteh pic combo thread

Clinton 41 Sanders 23. USA Suffolk

Just seeing what my uploaded avatar looks like... (eom)

Poll: Hillary Clinton still leads Sanders and Biden, but by less

Fate of Cargo Ship Caught in Hurricane Joaquin Unknown

Colbert: Won’t You Please Help Marco Rubio’s Staffers? (Thursday)

Warren Jeffs' son opens up about secretive polygamous sect

Putin Has His Own No-Fly Zone in Syria

How many days before the Hillary Clinton camp moves on from Bernie/Guns/Massacre to...

Trump meets with wingnutty faith healer/grifter with worse hair than his

Documentary "Divorce Corp" is amazing. You will want

US Stuck On Stupid. We Mock Intelligence & Worship Ignorance.

Why cant the US try some of the gun control laws that most developed countries have tried

Call to Latino community to make the Democratic Party work for their votes

Seventh Heaven? Are you F*ing Serious?

The Unmistaken child. One Amazon for $2.99 Worth it.

Trevor eviscerates Trump with hilarious, surgical precision--Africa knows how to do it!

Lost Stories of Southern Sharecroppers

"Mars was wet and fertile"

'Toon: Kevin McCarthy's Helpful Mouth.

Cornyn: Ted Cruz as football player who sacks his own QB because he wanted a different play

I recently heard another really good observation of what bush did

Until we all understand that the right to life

U.S. Kurdish allies welcome Russian airstrikes in Syria

At Least 16 Killed At Afghan Hospital After U.S. Air Strike

The reason people in the SUNSHINE state can't lease

"Hanoi Jane." Really? I thought she was just telling the truth.

Labor force participation falls to 62%, lowest since 1977 (With Rick Wolff)

Why do we keep comparing ourselves to OECD rather than the BRICs?

Rio police arrested over video showing them altering scene of shooting

The Rosewood Massacre

The single largest source of greenouse gasses AND of polution is...

The single greatest source of greenhouse gasses AND of polution in general is... (Xpost from enviro)

Clinton supporters don't understand

Oregon gunman turned away from private firearms training academy

Anti-abortion activist Troy Newman deported back to US after losing appeal to stay in Australia

any loungers work in a burn unit?

Oregon Killer Described as Man of Few Words, Except on Topic of Guns

Huckabee ally/convicted felon Jim Bakker says Pope's visit to White House signals destruction of USA

Daily Holidays - October 3

Che’s Economist: Remembering Jorge Risquet

We are not alone. The proof is irrefutable!

South Dakota Schools Won’t Teach Genocide, Colonialism, Slavery

Eve of Destruction: Bureau of Land Management Sacrifices Native Site to Mining Group

Brazil: ‘We need to fight the coup plotters and shift the government’s economic program,’ MST leader

Mexico clash may have involved 'extrajudicial killings' - rights body

Mexico clash may have involved 'extrajudicial killings' - rights body

Just had an argument on FaceBook with a rightwing gun person...

Louisville investigating if escorts were hired for recruits

I'm going to Des Moines, IA from KC today.

Distrust over EU GM crop approvals grows as at least 16 countries move towards national bans

NRA Supported the National Firearms Act of 1934

UK Conservatives Told To Hide Conference Passes When Walking Around Manchester

Republicons in Congress Slashed the Budget for Embassy Security. On 2/14/11 SOS HRC said this:

Colbert: Hard truths to be faced, admitted and Trumped (Friday)

Man Can’t Believe Obama Would Use Tragedy To Push Anti-Tragedy Agenda

Medical transport company abruptly closes amid investigation

Louisiana preschools might lose $22.5 million in federal funding

Beekeepers remove gigantic beehive from warehouse wall

2 Hanscom airmen killed in Afghan

Despite positive evaluations, most state employees did not get their Oct. 1 pay raises

Trump not going to Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event

Dishwashers recalled over fire hazard

Markey: A 'showdown' looms on gun control

Dems stand behind the Teamsters

America's ISIS

US body count rises inexorably, as we Europeans look on in disbelief and horror once again.

Lynn hospital feeling the hurt

Firefighters’ Union Backs Away From Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Pedophile freed amid protest

Report: Swampscott players were naked in hazing incident

Walsh insider was high-ranking Patrick aide

Right wingnuts: Oregon is payback for Alek Scarlatos

Over 8,400 images from NASA's Moon missions are now on Flickr in high resolution

Newton to pay $125,000 settlement in police dog’s attack on boy

Clinton Calls For “National Movement” On Gun Control To Match The NRA’s & NRA 1st Tweet

The Portuguese Miracle: Young Entrepreneurs Lead Country Out of Crisis

This is a preview of what an HRC presidency would be - Paid opinion makers, badgering us to support

VW Tsunami: Falsified Emissions Push Company to Limits

Hillary Calls For “National Movement” On Gun Control To Match The NRA's

Tobacco Issue Puts Pacific Trade Pact at Risk

Russia's Transaero carrier sliding towards bankruptcy

Intrusion by large group of migrants stops Eurotunnel service overnight

Catholic Church: A church for the poor or a wealthy corporation?

Volkswagen halts sales of some diesel models in Australia

What I Love About Hillary...

Satellite images may show China's first indigenous carrier: Jane's

Doctors Without Borders hospital bombed in Afghanistan's Kunduz

Hearing dogs enjoy cuddles

Russia orders Syrian air strikes because fuck you that’s why

The Morel Plan: Will Kyiv swallow the bitter pill?

Bernie Sanders in Springfield and Boston today.

Brazilian president announces major government reshuffle

Vatican fires gay priest on eve of synod

Weekly Address: Congress Should Do its Job and Pass a Serious Budget

For anyone who believes it isn't important to vote for the Democratic nominee in the general

When my GM had an audience with the Pope

So That Happened - Elizabeth Warren Made Washington Angry Again

So That Happened - Elizabeth Warren Made Washington Angry Again

Scientist says researchers in immigrant-friendly nations can't use his software

This Chart Truly Depicts New, Terrible Trend in Jobs Mess

Photos proving Kim Davis met the Pope have been released by Liberty Counsel!

One person shooting many people is just the flip side of many people shooting one person

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.

Air France to slash jobs and flights after union talks fail

Eurotunnel services resume after mass break-in

Should the DNC add a debate to discuss solutions to the gun violence plaguing our nation?

Graph presented at HOUSE PP hearing by dumb*** Rep. Jason Cheffetz (Hillary GRP)

Serious question - where in the world is Jim Cantore?

Pfizer Raised Prices on 133 Drugs This Year, And It's Not Alone

3,000 expected at US Sen. Bernie Sanders' Springfield presidential campaign rally

National Teachers’ Union Poised to Endorse Hillary Clinton

Hey Grits and other DUers in South and North Carolina

Robert Reich: "Why the Washington Post’s Attack on Bernie Sanders is Bunk"

Connecting the dots.....

GOP Benghazi Strategy Team Meeting......

It's the TRIUMPHANT RETURN of the CHURCH LADY. Except now she is "Tracy" and posts on Newsmax.

"Campus Carry" - by Mike Luckovich

doesn't make sense...........

Obama Blasts Jeb Bush for ‘Stuff Happens’ Comment

Hillary Clinton Calls For “National Movement” On Gun Control To Match The NRA’s

-W A N T E D-

Marcy's new nickname is Wigglebutt!

One Day After Warning Russia of Civilian Casualties, the U.S. Bombs a Hospital in Afghanistan

U.S. Senators Hem and Haw on Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Abuses

Vatican Observers: It’s Likely That The Pope Will Shitcan The Guy Who Sprung Kim Davis On Him

If you don't vote, this woman speaks for you...

Another Friday News Dump From Christie....

The answer is empathy

This guy is highly skilled!

U.S.: Strike may have caused Afghan "collateral damage"

Number of people killed in war vs. terror vs. number of people killed by terrorism

Would like to run this idea of Gun control by you. (Actually not very complicated)

Why Hillary Clinton Should Fear Bernie Sanders’ Fundraising in 2 Charts

What is a movie that caused you to applaud at the end?

Jeb Bush SuperPAC operatives rooting around in Kasich's archival library for oppo

Lakeville South High bans Confederate flag after student argument (MN)

'Indianoplace'? That's what Hillary Clinton called us

It's mind-boggling that in 1970 you could have heard BOTH of these performances on the SAME ticket.

World Cup Rugby

I think Trump could win the Presidency if

I am a socially awkward young asperger's man. Should I forfiet my right to bear arms?

Minneapolis changes signs for Lake Calhoun to reflect Dakota name

What tha fuck are you doing, David?

U.S. Charges Top Former Venezuelan Officials With Drug Trafficking

OK, so my last idea was not well received

224,000 Slaughtered Needlessly

Arizona sheriff denies investigating racial profiling case judge

Arizona sheriff denies investigating racial profiling case judge

"Just follow the yellow brick road." . . . Please come CAPTION Jeb Bush!!!!

Neo-Nazi is shopping for land in Kansas

Reorganizing Labor

At least nine killed in U.S. air strike on Afghan hospital

3 Hillary Clinton Emails Deemed ‘Secret’ in State Dept. Review of 6,300 Pages

U.S. judge orders Arkansas to pay Planned Parenthood in narrow ruling

Rachel Maddow - Racial pattern in Alabama DMV closings suggests dirty trick

A morning without dick is like a bullwhip without the crack! . . . Please come CAPTION Dick Cheney!!

16 Graphs that Introverts Will Totally Understand

60 Minutes' used 'planted' questions (in Assange interview), Hillary Clinton email says

Could someone please explain how gun-control is handled in Britain?

Our criminal justice system is out of balance. (Hillary Clinton Group)

If Congress is worried about organizations profiting from dead kids...

Democrats Still Fighting Over Presidential Debates

Believe me Clinton supporters understand there is a rage

Weekend Toon Roundup

How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment

"The Pope and I are best buds." . . . Please come CAPTION Kim Davis!!

Australian Teenager’s Attack on Police Worker Called Act of Terrorism

"State repression, unbridled self-interest, an empty consumerist ethos, and war-like values"

Texas veterinarian who killed neighbor's cat w/ bow and arrow could lose license to practice.

Sanders Catching Up to Clinton in Fundraising

(US) Airstrike Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan

Sigh. A segment of the US population is hopelessly idiotic.......

Rachel Maddow - McCarthy hurt by blurt, draws challenge from Chaffetz

Russian jets hit Syrian rebels, Moscow says Islamic State targeted

Woolly Mammoth Bones Uncovered in Michigan

Poll: Do you believe Kim Davis had a private meeting with Pope Francis?

Friendly fire kills doctors and children

More of that "collateral damage"

Manufacturing Idiocy

Dear Sanders Supporters

So You Want to Be a Martian?

Fire sale of distressed mortgages to hedge funds- Banks still stealing homes, Nothing has changed!

Oregon shooting sheriff gets shy about Sandy Hook conspiracy video he posted...

Johnny Strange 25th wingsuit jumper to die this year

The Largest US Foreign Policy Blunder Since Vietnam Is Complete: Iran Readies Massive Syrian Ground

A Murder of Crows May Learn Lessons From Death

Donald Trump Is About to Walk Into A Buzz Saw This Thursday Here In Texas.

4.6 mln Scottrade clients possibly exposed in hack

Migrants break into Channel Tunnel as tension mounts in Calais

Clinton just gave the most inspiring, rousing, passionate speech to @HRC

Brave Man's Bridge China's spectacular glass walkway

"One," replied Robert CARO

Selda Bagcan - Yaz Gazeteci Yaz

Oregon shooting: Reports some knew of plan, did nothing

My two cents on gun control...

Donald Trump Cancels Q&A, Says Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“there may have been collateral damage to a nearby medical facility.”

More rain, flooding forecast along soggy East Coast

Labour's Denis Healey dies at 98

guns and nuts (my LTTE)

Oregon Sheriff deletes Sandy Hook "Truther" video from his facebook page

The way to kill a complex city is to chase out all the poor people – and their food

Bernie pumpkin ( I know, I know complete fluff)

Every Republican 2016 Candidate Turns Down Invitation From Latino Conference

Hillary Clinton On McCarthy Comments: 'I Find Them Deeply Distressing' | MSNBC

Biden likely to miss CNN debate deadline

Dear Sanders Supporters

Bears don't give a shit

President's Words Fall On Deaf Ears. Gun Shop Close To Killings Against Any Control

This video will put a smile on your face. Very clever!

In The USA, Winning Is Winning - Unless Your Name Is Hillary

Police push for charges against TEPCO, execs over pollution problems after nuclear disaster

Japan to restart 2nd nuclear reactor on Oct 15 under post-Fukushima rules

2.7 million men lured into dating website with only one female user

NREL to Dedicate Hydrogen Fueling Station

Sen. Manchin Destroys Republicans for Underfunding VA by $850 Million

Women of Japan unite: Examining the contemporary state of feminism

Sherrif John "Fucking Liar" Hanlin lies about posting that Sandy Hook hoax video:

Beijing holds a military parade for the kiddos!

Would Water Bears make good pets?

Mureica Xceptionalism

What Can You Do To Help Change Our Violent Society?

Gunman in Oregon massacre was turned away from firearms academy

Dalai Lama assures followers about health on return to India

Settlement Reached in UPS Pregnancy Discrimination Case (and it only took NINE YEARS!!!)

Settlement Reached in UPS Pregnancy Discrimination Case (and it only took NINE YEARS!!!!)

Settlement Reached in UPS Pregnancy Discrimination Case (and it only took NINE YEARS!!!)

Nelson Mandela inducted to Rugby Hall of Fame

In case you haven't been told by every conservative you know -- Obama's daughters have armed guards

We are reminded of Hillary's Support as TPP's 12 Nation Negotiations Wrap Up in Atlanta...

Vatican fires gay priest on eve of synod

Dear Clinton and Sanders and O'Malley supporters

O'Malley Brings His Guns to Debate Prep

The Blackeyes!

President Jeb Bush Addresses Grieving Nation: ‘Stuff Happens’

Doing job reference for a former co-worker -- **answered** thanks everyone

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

I can show every Hillary supporter why they should be supporting Bernie

Russian Warplanes Strike Central And Northern Syria In New Raids

California Domestic Violence Survivors Gain New Protections

California Domestic Violence Survivors Gain New Protections

California Domestic Violence Survivors Gain New Protections

Sad but True Toon about Latest Shootings.

Why Japanese Kids Can Walk to School Alone

Sovereign Citizens Stage Anti-Government Festival At Tax Payers Expense

39 Years Later: A Reflection on Rosie Jimenez, the Hyde Amendment and Reproductive Freedom

39 Years Later: A Reflection on Rosie Jimenez, the Hyde Amendment and Reproductive Freedom

39 Years Later: A Reflection on Rosie Jimenez, the Hyde Amendment and Reproductive Freedom

Schäuble to Varoufakis: 'The program is designed to fail!'

After Primaries Over, Two Words We Must Never Forget, "Supreme Court" ..... #1

Oregon Pagan Community loses member in College Shooting

Trump says deport the Irish!

Atheist Maryam Namazie banned, unbanned from speaking

Bernie Sanders sides with Obama and against Clinton on no-fly zone in Syria

the dead in roseburg:

Bringing an End to the Lottery of Gun Violence in the U.S.

I could use a hug and a drink, except the drink will upset my already unhappy stomach

"There's no way we're going to arrest our way out of the addiction crisis in this country."

Amber Rose Shares Her First Memory of Slut-Shaming, and it’s Brutal

"I am the very model of a modern fundamentalist" - hilarious Kim Davis parody (3 min vid) (Edited)

Colorado Access cuts Medicare coverage, workforce

LIVE RADIO NOW: We collectively are answerable for the demise of the America we thought we had

Foreign Policy In 140 Characters Or Less: US Ambassador Tweets Warning To Russia

Hillary Clinton defends gay rights in strongest speech yet on issue

WaPo: Bernie Sanders sides with Obama and against Clinton on no-fly zone in Syria

Obamaspeak on Syria: New wine in old bottle

The Largest US Foreign Policy Blunder Since Vietnam Is Complete: Iran Readies Massive Syrian Ground

Bill Clinton Is Coming To Hillary's Rescue

Flash Floods, 'Once in 200 Years Rainfall Event' Loom in South Carolina

Obama: We Will Keep Backing Syrian Opposition

Ranking states most representative of the country.

The Truth about Douglass County Sheriff John Hanlin

$10 to the first Pope Truther who demands to see the Pope's emails.

Iris blooming in Fall

Shoplifter who suffered skull fractures, brain damage wins $750,000 in lawsuit against store

Is there any difference between a maggot infestation and the NRA after a mass shooting?

10 Ways A Queer Atheist Can Make It Work With Her Religious Girlfriend

The Homeland Security Affairs Journal website. In memory of all "collateral damage" & damaged vets.

What are the chances of having a user name refresh, where we keep our stats?

Board of Education OKs effort to steer sex ed funding away from group affiliated with Planned Parent

Brooklyn Woman Claims Religious Discrimination After Being Booted From Gym Over Attire

Gots a new pond near me:

Second CNN Debate Ad (Off-TV)

How do you discuss politics with your family members?

Meanwhile in South Carolina:

Hillary Clinton to campaign in Council Bluffs next week

The five extra words that can fix the Second Amendment.J.P.Stevens

Clinton singles out gay rights as a central pillar of her 2016 presidential campaign

Eccho dog rescue DIANE GROGAN OLDHAM, United Kingdom

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-2-15

Model Envy: is the ECMWF the Best Weather Model in the World?

Early to Boston rally. Event security here, parking directors directing.

AP WAS THERE: 20 years ago OJ Simpson receives acquittal


Jeb Bush to Wear Shock Collar, Transition to "Nonverbal Campaign"

Watch live as Bernie Sanders campaigns in Springfield Massachusetts, Now!

Moonpie and Tater

Clinton Wins Endorsement of National Education Association

X-Post from GD: WHOA

Top causes of death for Doctors Without Borders in the past year

Jefferson Davis marker at Sewell may be relocated (TX)

Bernie Sanders sides with Obama and against Clinton on no-fly zone in Syria

O.K.. I give up.... We have now reached the point...

WSU to host debate about Confederate flag displays

How Mass Shooters in The USA Get Their Guns

Senator Bernie Sanders’s Impressively Modest Donors By THE EDITORIAL BOARD OCT. 3, 2015

Who won last night's debate?

In The UK, Guns Aren't The Problem, It's Knives.

Confused about the Pope’s thoughts on gay rights? No wonder

Shelling on the seashore

Ukraine's warring sides begin pullback of weapons

Don't Be Surprised That Kim Davis' Pope Visit Was Overblown


Politicize the Oregon deaths

Police push for charges against TEPCO, execs over pollution problems after nuclear disaster

Mother Jones: The Photos That Helped End Child Labor in the United States

Mother Jones: The Photos That Helped End Child Labor in the United States

Kunduz charity hospital bombing 'violates international law'

Mother Jones: The Photos That Helped End Child Labor in the United States

Is enacting gun control a political risk? Congress blinks

East coast faces 'life-threatening and historic' rain as floods continue

Two telling responses to the Oregon shootings

Presbyterian Church Leader issues letter to Trump on refugees, immigrants: "Jesus Was A Refugee"

GOP congresswoman gets surprise on Facebook after asking constituents for Obamacare horror stories

Why Can’t We Pass Any New Gun Legislation?

NHK chief defends broadcaster amid 'Abe channel' claims

How about we treat every man who wants to buy a gun like every woman who wants to get an abortion

TPP trade deadlock: Japan leans on US to break impasse

Republican extremists allow most successful parks program to die

This chart should scare the heck out of Jeb Bush.

Vatican fires gay priest on eve of Catholic bishops meeting

Russia bombing in Syria

Russia bombing in Syria

Did Sheriff Hanlin Know of Christopher Harper Mercer before His Massacre?

NEW Bernie Rap Song - "Feel the Bern"

Hello - this is my first post in this group-

It's high time that union endorsements were decided (or at least ratified) by their members!

Hillary Clinton: Those kicked out of military for being gay should get honorable discharges

Film Festival: Anatomy of a Cancellation?

So Hillary got the NEA endorsement. Did NEA tell the truth about Bernie's campaign? Or not.

French PM Valls discusses nuclear, China, culture on Japan visit

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 3, 2015

NEW Bernie Rap Song - "Feel the Bern"

Jim Jeffries -- Guns Are Not For Protection

Poroshenko Ends Cooperation With Russia on Nuclear Plant Construction

keeps gettin' more so all the time - Ball of Confusion

Are Condem & Happyiowan happy?

Storms Dubbed Slow Motion Disaster- Daily Mail good pictures

barometric pressure and arthritic pain

Hurricane Joaquin is now 155mph - that is

Chile rattled by two earthquakes

Lounge cat.

Bernie Rally Live from Boston

The Rock-Star Appeal of Bernie Sanders, Washington Post, Eugene Robinson, Oct. 3, 2015

Thanks to the Petition and everyone's efforts: Bernie Sanders will be on The Ellen Show

October 3, 1932

Here is a link to the reddit Official Megathread for the Boston Rally.....

October 3, 1932

Celebrity Bowling, anyone?

LIVE from the Boston Rally with Bernie Sanders by Bernie2016TV

October 3, 1932

There are really just a handful here at DU that have the Leave my Guns Alone mentality.

How Bernie Sanders Almost Matched Hillary Clinton in Fundraising

US Sen. Bernie Sanders calls for a 'political revolution' at Springfield presidential campaign stop

"The Suicide Theory". Don't miss this one.

Dear Santa Supporters

Ford, UAW agree to pact that averts Kansas City strike

Hawthorne Stereo...a pretty nice place.

Ford, UAW agree to pact that averts Kansas City strike

Ford, UAW agree to pact that averts Kansas City strike


US Sen. Bernie Sanders calls for a 'political revolution' at Springfield presidential campaign stop

Sen. Bernie Sanders Springfield MA, speaking Speaking to a crowd of 6,000(pics)

Sen.Sanders Statement on Grassroots Backing by Teachers, Trade Unionists

Pelosi Sends Letter to Speaker Boehner Calling for Select Committee on Gun Violence

It's not complicated: if you don't think Obama's administration has been a disaster --

Sen. Sanders Statement on Syria

Question on V-brakes

Hillary Clinton to campaign in Council Bluffs next week

Argentine front-runner Scioli says holdouts not a priority

Joe Biden Could Decide Presidential Run In The Next Week, Leaning Towards Entering The Race

A red flag most of us missed in the Kim Davis fantasy.

Palestinian Kills 2 Israelis in Jerusalem

Nation's largest teachers union endorses Clinton for president [Hillary Grp]

Nation's largest teachers union endorses Clinton for president

Halloween is coming #4…

LIVE from the Boston Rally with Bernie Sanders

Soon we will not have to worry about people coming here illegally

Kunduz Air Strikes 'Inexcusable', 'Possibly Criminal': UN Rights Chief

Halloween is coming #5…

Halloween is coming #6

WATCH: Hillary Clinton rips Huckabee and Kim Davis for denying LGBT people their constitutional righ

Some pics before and during the rally at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

2016 Democratic GE ticket- Sanders/Warren

Robert Reich destroys Washington Post’s hit piece on Bernie Sanders

A dangerous country for any trade unionist

Fiorina makes distortion of Planned Parenthood a centerpiece

Bernie meeting with union members in Boston (photo)

Colombia peace talks resume after breakthrough

Colombia to farm 1 mln hectares of land to aid economy ahead of peace

Chris Harper Huckabee Cruz Rubio Graham

Saturday morning at the fights - video of 2 rutting bull moose in Anchorage subdivision

Twenty five years ago today

If you guys didn't see this in the lounge, rutting bull moose in Anchorage subdivision.

Republican "Logic"

Ecuador to Release Classified Documents on 2010 Coup Attempt

Some of the titles of threads are very faint today. I cannot read them very well.

Bolivia's Aymara Language Set for Official Facebook Status

Guess who not only signed an Autograph for me, but

Bobby Jindal’s camp denies they’ve lost ‘Duck Dynasty’ endorsement

On Trevor Noah

10-2-15 A Shot of Opportunity Please in 2:00

Just saw the father of the Oregon killer on CNN

10-2-15 A Shot of Opportunity Please in 2:00

10-2-15 A Shot of Opportunity Please in 2:00

Scots charity helps Bolivian community get more out of cacao

Obama is furious with us, and he's right to be

Guns killed more Americans in 12 years than AIDS, war, and illegal drug overdoses combined

My Friend Recorded A Demo - It Kicks Ass

10-3-15 A Standard of Living that is A Cut Above in 2:00

10-3-15 A Standard of Living that is A Cut Above in 2:00

Fundraiser For Oregon Shooting Hero Chris Mintz Raises More Than $650G In One Day

10-3-15 A Standard of Living that is A Cut Above in 2:00

Got some interesting news today about the October 13 debate.

Silence is akin to consent

The Problem With Religious Tolerance

Hey El. The top two teams are in the B1G.

Sen.Sanders draws big crowds in Mass. campaign swing. 20,000+ at the BCEC

Well, that was sure a "Black Eye".

Gov Scott Walker & team ignoring prison problem, while continuing to attack workers

Fierce split over next-generation drugs holds up Pacific Rim trade talks

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Group) should probably be archived or renamed

Sanders Draws Big Crowds in Mass. Campaign Swing

Obama Rejects Candidates' Ideas For Solving Crisis In Syria

Car Show

Rudy Giuliani: No point to gun-control laws since criminals break laws.

Martin O'Malley: "I'm not naive. Campaign resources are important."

Tell The Roseberg Gun Shop How You Feel on Their Facebook.

Bernie Sanders supporters are planning on car pooling to Las Vegas on the 13th.

What If Billy Graham Had Been Invited To Address Congress?