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That fantasy football question was valid

Fix Our Broken Criminal Justice System

Luckovich - Trump, Carson, and Bush Go Trick-or-Treating

Mapping Hate: Pro-Confederate Battle Flag Rallies Across America

Not a bad night for the waiter/waitress staff.

James Clapper: Vladimir Putin In Syria Is 'Winging This'

Terry McAuliffe..Al Gore & "Stolen Election 2000"....and Who Profited? It Goes On...

Serious question - how many votes did Obama and McGramps miss

Dogs - gotta love their joy and enthusiasm

Looking for that gerrymander graphic..

U.S. Women's Soccer Team Take Selfie With President Obama

William rocked the DU today!

Jackie Evancho...

Powerful read from Shaun King on Hillary’s wrong support for death penalty & why we must abolish it

Yes, Tuesday is Election Day. What local races are you watching?

SF: Please vote YES on Prop. F!!!!

A colleague said Hillary Clinton did well against Trump in the debate last night

Martin O'Malley slams Hillary Clinton for flip-flopping on guns (video clip)

Doughnuts and coffee with the next President of the United States tomorrow

About that "41% Lead" in Iowa . . .

SMU says it’s looking into “racially offensive” fraternity party that was planned

If you're advising Clinton or Sanders, who do you say "get ready to run against" in the Fall?

How racist are these?

Green Light Event For Vets

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. This Magic “Moment...." & a new Kitteh gif

"Marco Rubio is just like Barack Obama without the hope and change."

Colbert asks Trump to put his millions where his mouth is 10/28

(From Number23) AA Posters and Fam: How do you feel about the death penalty?

Hillary Clinton Blowing Out Democrats in New Florida Poll

Ipsos/Reuters: Olive Garden: 53% Pit Bulls: 33% Chuggo: 2%

Will we find aliens first or will they find us?

First National Bank warns of large data breach at unidentified national business

So, just got the wonderful news for next year- my mandated health insurance up more than 50%

Bad Lip Reading: the Democratic Debate

NASA: Annual Antarctic Ozone Hole Larger and Formed Later in 2015 (fourth largest since 1991)

Bad Lip Reading: The Democratic Debate

Don't Forget!

New York clothing bin operator fined for donation scheme: prosecutor

Wow. The Hillary attack threads are multiplying. I wonder why.

Our Lady of the Swamp

Stand with Lonnie and Sandy Phillips against the NRA,

ventless heater question

Texas Officials Raid Planned Parenthood (but there is NO war on women, terrorist assaults, instead)

Texas Officials Raid Planned Parenthood

Remember the Omaha travel voucher scam sold nationwide and $ millions missing?

Texas Officials Raid Planned Parenthood

Joe Biden meets with Bernie Sanders

So about that whole sexist thing

Hague court agrees to take up South China Sea row

Afghan Woman Runs in Country’s First Marathon

Afghan Woman Runs in Country’s First Marathon

GOP campaigns plot revolt against RNC

Go Fund me for the girl that was beat by the cop in Spring Valley

Countdown to 50K has begun!!!

On balance, are we better for all the video suveillance in place?

O'Malley still has 'scars' from Chesapeake Bay cleanup.

So, OHIO DU members, how do you think Ohio will vote on Recreational pot? Yes or No?

If we all lived like the Amish, would be facing Climate Change?

O'Malley still has 'scars' from Chesapeake Bay cleanup.

Ralph Keeling - Mauna Loa CO2 Levels Below 400 Unlikely For The Rest Of Our Lives And Beyond

California sheriff's deputy on run for 3 days arrested

California appeals court rejects right-to-die lawsuit

Indonesia's Forest Fires Putting More CO2 Into Atmosphere Than The Whole US; Widodo Heads Home Early

Article discussing in detail proposed changes to the "voluntary suspension" part of Social Security

College Board names Vitter Ole Miss chancellor

Mistakes Are Meant For Learning, Not Repeating

Article discussing in detail proposed changes to the "voluntary suspension" part of Social Security

Lindsey Graham - Accepting Validity Of Climate Science Doesn't Make Him A Democrat

Spring Texas gymnast Simone Biles wins third straight world all-around gymnastics title

First humans in Northern North America: 11,500-year-old baby fossils show humans 'paused' as they sp

As Many As Five (Yes, Count Em'! FIVE!) US Senators Considering Trip To Paris Climate Conference

Has anyone had Trader Joe's organic burger meat?

Commission continues talks of removing city's Confederate monuments (MD)

Sanders opens fourth South Carolina office in Florence.

No Letup In Caribbean Seaweed Invasion; .5 Million Tons Removed From Just One Popular Cancun Beach

Former cop gets 3 life sentences for sexually abusing stepdaughter

Great Opinion Piece Explaining "democratic socialism, American-style"!!

Going out on a limb here; Jeb!* will still be their nominee.

On Spring Valley High, Police Violence, Rape Culture and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

On Spring Valley High, Police Violence, Rape Culture and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

On Spring Valley High, Police Violence, Rape Culture and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Judge ponders lawsuit over suicide in artifact looting case

For the future of solar, we’ve got the tech—it’s the economics, stupid

Colbert asks Trump to put his millions where his mouth is 10/28

Guantanamo prisoner from Mauritania back home after 13 years

Ben Carson had extensive relationship to dietary supplement company despite denial

TYT: Republican Candidate Tax Plans Cost TRILLIONS

Police: W. Va. Attorney Pulls Gun, Threatens To Shoot Fake Spiders

That fucking blimp cost 1.4b dollars.

Gecker vs. Sturtavet

TYT: CNBC Debate Fact Checking: Carly Fiorina

I want some of these stickers!!

TYT: CNBC Debate Fact Checking: Trump, Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal

Chile flushes out decade-long conspiracy to fix the price of toilet paper

Good Without God, by Greg M. Epstein

Bill Cosby interviews Sophia Vergara

At GOP debate, Rubio says he’s against H-1B abuses, Trump has memory lapse

TYT: Paul Ryan Wins House Speakership


Rare Baby Dinosaur Fossil Airlifted Out Of New Mexico Wilderness

Lizard regenerates six tails following injury in Argentina, setting new record

A Democratic Socialist expert was on Mark Thompson's sirius radio talk show tonight.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson Underwhelm Iowa Republicans in Debate

Koterba toon: China

'Driest Place on Earth' Transforms Into Floral Wonderland Due to Historic Rainfall

When the DLC shut down, it sold its records and archives to the Clinton Foundation.

The GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge

Anthony Bourdain Hits Back at Donald Trump, Defends Immigrants

Bolivia plans to build $300m nuclear complex with research reactor

Guardians of the Galaxy sequel casts Pom Klementieff as Mantis

Pregnant and homeless in the Arctic: housing crisis hits Canadian territory

too funny...

Mexico police may have killed fleeing civilians during two recent shootings

A Dog Rehab In NJ Is Making The Impossible…Possible!

MSNBC covering for God awful CNBC debate.

10-29-15 Black Tuesday in 2:00

10-29-15 Black Tuesday in 2:00

10-29-15 Black Tuesday in 2:00

About Sidney Blumenthal

Social security

Clinton Foundation holds all the old records from the DLC.

Happy Birthday Grace Slick

Sanders Can’t Escape Questions About 2007 Vote on Immigration Overhaul

Rubio team goes after Bush donors

Remember Steve Elmendorf's famous words about bloggers?

A new meaning for the "GOP"!

So why isn't there an easy way to print text messages?

Massive crack in earth mysteriously opens up in Bighorn Mountains

Marco Rubio Comes off as a Douchebag

Bye-bye to America's Middle Class: Unions Are Basically Dead

Video: "trouble maker" Celebration of women "trouble makers"/Game changers.

Paxton flags cost overruns on Texas child-support computer contract with Accenture

Scalia: The liberal Supreme Court is causing the destruction of our democratic system

Water too warm for cod in US Gulf of Maine as stocks near collapse

Marco Rubio's house of horrors - (article from March)

Lake Village Considers Changing Confederate Street Name (AR)

When I'm Sixty-Four

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 30, 2015 -- What's On Tonight: Val Lewton Horror

There isn't much Difference among the Democratic Pres Candidates

Welcome to the 9th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil…

Why do your electoral process take so long?

Wow. 10 Years And 50,000 posts.

Paxton gets an earful as he weighs the governor’s budget vetoes

Commission Begins Study of Wrongful Convictions

Texas' Transformation Into a Christian Theocracy

Texas' Transformation Into a Christian Theocracy

China Naval Chief Says Minor Incident Could Spark War In South China Sea

Halloween Desktop 2015

We were once part of the middle class and what happened ...

We are on for our trip

Hillary needs to stop with her bul**hit about DOMA

Mr. Conservative says he will challenge government in official announcement for U.S. Dist. 19 seat

Bernie Sanders Speaks Out Against The Death Penalty After Hillary Clinton Stands By It

Apple asks U.S. Supreme Court to toss e-books antitrust decision

Marco Is A Risky Bet~

People say Bourdain hired criminals

Daily Holidays - October 39

David Vitter campaign doesn't expect Bobby Jindal's endorsement

New Orleans firefighters' union votes to approve $75 million pension deal

New Orleans firefighters' union votes to approve $75 million pension deal

Bobby Jindal ordered to continue funding Planned Parenthood for foreseeable future

P.I. who found alleged Vitter prostitute was at Normand breakfast meeting while Vitter's spy watched

Albuquerque police officer Daniel Webster dies a little more than a week after being shot

“FIRST DEMOCRATIC DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015” —- A Bad Lip Reading of the First Democratic Debate

NATO reveals plan for deploying 4,000 troops on Russia’s borders

As many as 27 women go on hunger strike at immigrant detention center

Texas’ Abysmal Vaccination Rate is Putting Us At Risk for A Preventable Epidemic

Follow-up: Anything Is Possible With Dallas County DA Susan Hawk's Removal Trial

Slamming War on Drugs, Sanders says Let States Make Pot Legal

Sanders Announces Support for Same-Sex Marriage, Opposes ‘Homophobic’ Legislation

Being Inside Is Making Us Stupid: How Indoor Air Pollution Impacts the Function of Our Brains

Payment for canceled wedding funds banquet for Open Door Mission

Charles Pierce: Syria Is a Clusterf*ck, and It's About to Get Worse for the US

Charles Pierce: GOP Debate: It Literally Does Not Matter What the Question Is

Abusive Cop vs. Dancing Cop: One Chose Force. The Other Chose Humanity

The promise of the blockchain: The trust machine

Hillary Supporters: What would you tell a middle class American, why you should vote for Hillary?

3D-printers can now make wigs.

A Key to Clinton's Success (and Potential Downfall) -- 1990's Nostalgia

Seems Edgar Mitchell is not the only wack job astronaut...

Who Was The Biggest Liar In The CNBC Republican Debate?

Bernie Sanders calls aide’s comments on Clinton ‘inappropriate’

Bottom line: Since "Bernie is a racist" didn't stick, now they are going for "Bernie is sexist".

The Return Of The Hastert Rule -- And What It Means For The Rest Of Us

Sanders dismisses the two state Iowa polls from last week.

Vice President Biden and Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders Meet Privately

Japan has finally figured out what to do with its abandoned golf courses

I'm a disabled married man

ACMH Hospital, union avoid federal violation hearing

ACMH Hospital, union avoid federal violation hearing

ACMH Hospital, union avoid federal violation hearing

I post things about Hillary's and Bernie's postions

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Trick, no Treat

White House looks to new rules to curb student debt

Friday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Prohibitionist Sabet: "Does any president want to experience a major legalization-related tragedy

Cat makes it home to California after being mistakenly transported to Omaha

Hillary Clinton to call for elimination of racial profiling and end of crack cocaine distinction

Elections on Tuesday, Virginia GOP's Closing Argument: "Preserve our Christian heritage!"

Bill de Blasio on Morning Joe announcing his support for Hillary (HRC Group)

BOOM- Florida Poll-Clinton 47% Trump -38%/ Clinton 46% Carson 42%/Clinton 46% Rubio 39%

Wrong forum (was about GOP primary).

Obama's recovery = win for trickle down

China court orders ConocoPhillips to pay fishermen for spill

So who are people rooting for/against in the GOP nomination?

Bill De Blasio's Presidential endorsement:

Angry Bieber storms off stage in Oslo, blames fans

Poll Finds Hillary Clinton Could Turn Texas Blue In 2016

New York Times: Gov. Christie, Time to Go Home

Clinton allies shout ‘sexism’ at Sanders

TierOne trial spotlights victim who lost money and her job in bank's collapse

The internet alone consumes over three times as much electricity as renewables produce...

KRUGMAN: Springtime For Grifters


Bill De Blasio Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

Without Obamacare 'I'd have lost the farm,' says Alabama farmer

Join the "Church of Satan - East Moline Chapter"

Bernie Sanders is not a racist or sexist.

Jaysus Harold Christ, what a bunch of saggy-diapered, puling toddlers these people are.

Carly Fiorina Will NEVER Be President.

"I'm Sorry You Widdle Tummy Hurts....."

Martin O’Malley to lay out comprehensive vision for LGBT rights today

Austin, Texas Targeted as a Debtors' Prison

Have Atheists Hijacked Humanism (And How Humanists Can to Get it Back)

CISA: The new security law doesn't help security

More Cops Should Deal With Fighting Kids Like This Officer

Ben Carson caught on video claiming Mannatech supplement magically cured his prostate cancer

Bloody brilliant:

Jeb! Deserves To Go Down

What ancient Egypt tells us about a world without religious conflict

Rush Limbaugh for moderator!

Who makes you literally sick the most?

Pass This On.

Why I Oppose the Death Penalty," by Martin O'Malley

Beheaded bodies of Syria anti-IS activist, friend found in Turkey: group

Petition: Demand a BLM Presidential Debate

Nov. 9 Program Here to Examine Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue Since Vatican II

Atmosphere at sunrise

Hillary Clinton Calls for Equal Treatment in Cocaine Sentencing

Biggest one-time release of federal prisoners (6000) will be happening across the US today

American Cancer Society, Stop Giving Carcinogenic Cosmetics to Women With Cancer

Clinton to begin criminal justice roll out in Atlanta

Rubio - a man of firm convictions

John Lewis to endorse Hillary today Fri Oct 30--picked up a dozen endorsements in SC

‘Jesus’ chants, jeers greet Satanists during Bremerton football game

Ever been to a fundy haunted house?

Bill de Blasio (Finally) Endorses Hillary Clinton

Rachel Maddow - Republican candidates plot mutiny against RNC over debate process

UPS to add 300 jobs in Louisville expansion

Some say @Morning_Joe has a credibility problem.

At Kaneko in Omaha, Martin O’Malley says he's betting on a big political upset

Note to republican debate complainers...


If, in fact, the media were liberal:

The winner of the GOP Debate was announced before it was over.

The GOP and the Rise of Anti-Knowledge

Earth's hottest temperature ever recorded in the month of October

Will the media be intimidated by the tactics of the Republican candidates?

Fun weather this morning UPDATED:

An Elementary School Class Performs Kraftwerk’s ‘Die Roboter’, and their costumes are excellent

Dude from Tucson who's all over my Facebook feed: I'm glad you weren't profiled/harassed by the cops

Chilling Thing Hershey Just Said About American Consumers

Tornado warning for Austin, Texas

100 CEOs Have More in Retirement Savings Than 41% of Americans

Some of you may know what "brown note" means - esp if you are a South Park fan

Shaker Aamer Is Released From Guantánamo Prison After 13 Years

2 ferry workers injured by laser fired into boat near Mukilteo

Jim Hightower: Welcome to our new plutocracy: Citizens United has effectively destroyed the 1st Am.

Jeb Threatens to Take His Balls and Go Home

Jeb Bush has only 1,260 confirmed supporters in Iowa

After walking side by side with MLK

Marco Rubio on government workers (cartoon)

On Foreign Policy, Bernie Sanders Is the Democrat and Hillary Clinton Is a Republican

The War on Solar


LOL!!! The Illustrated Guide to the 'Comic Book' GOP Debate

Why Are We Hearing So Much about Those Damn Danes?

OK, Kiddies, Let's Play "CALL BULLSHIT"

Here’s why getting scared gets you off — according to science

Lincoln (NEBR) contractor agrees to proposed deal for immigration workers

Russia says no country can use military force in Syria without government approval

Lincoln (NEBR) contractor agrees to proposed deal for immigration workers

Lincoln (NEBR) contractor agrees to proposed deal for immigration workers

Stubby Bob Fails, El Camino Wins, and Blasphemi Flops - Roadkill Ep. 44

Ultimate Halloween strip show

Bernie Sanders' Opinion On The Death Penalty Makes A Powerful Statement

How Climate Change Is A Human Rights Crisis - Wen Stephenson On His New Book, Part 2

Texas cop wins immunity from prosecution over fatal shooting of unarmed black man

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is The Queen Of The Internet. And That's Pretty Much The Law.

Judge Calls 18-Year-Old a ‘B****.’ But She’s Only Trying to Help…

Lesbian couple file lawsuit claiming they were arrested for kissing and holding hands

Paul Ryan said Democrats and Republicans should pray for each other.

Consumer spending slows — for a good reason

Polish court rejects US request to extradite Roman Polanski

O’Malley to lay out comprehensive vision for LGBT rights.

O’Malley to lay out comprehensive vision for LGBT rights.

Does Bernie Sanders Support Obamacare? Yes, But He Wants To Go One Step Further

Obama sending troops, boots on the ground, to Syria

Florida College Wants to Make Professors Underbid Each Other on Salary

Chevron to Cut Up to 7,000 Jobs

Third Way Democrats are clutching their pearls: Why Bernie Sanders has them worried

DeBlasio played very hard to get for 5 months; very sweet quid pro quo?

Benedict Cumberbatch Goes Off By Saying What We All Want To: ‘F*ck The Politicians’ (VIDEO)

Death Penalty Could Provide Debate Fodder for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

15 Of The Creepiest Crimes That Are Still Unsolved...

The question is this.....

CNN called Fiorina a liar to her face and it was magnificent.

The More Policy You Hear At GOP Debates The Scarier It Gets.

Say It Ain't So, Hillary Clinton - You're Open to the Idea of Raising the Retirement Age?

Vast Amazon wildfire destroys forest in Brazil and threatens uncontacted tribe

10 Artists Who Hated Their Biggest Hit

Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?

Vast Amazon wildfire destroys forest in Brazil and threatens uncontacted tribe

This homework assignment says a lot about how America treats its history

Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Defense of Marriage Act, explained

Audit finds railroad safety lacking during high oil traffic

(KY) Kynect Versus The Purple People Eaters (amazing graph)

FDA approves first virus will kill cancer cells.

110 Brave Congressmen vs. NRA - screw the nation's health agencies

When just the ups and downs of life override politics. Just a very brief few words, a short share

Another Republican for Bernie.

Sanders heading into critical stretch against Clinton

Catholic agencies have long forged relationships with new House speaker

"#GOP Takes a Machete to #Wisconsin"

HALLOWEEN - Filming Locations - 1978 John Carpenter Horror Classic

The Rude Pundit: Random Impressions of Last Night's GOP Media Murderfest

‘Would Jesus Wear a Sidearm?’

The TeaBaggers are anarchists, nearly destroying Congress, now the election/campaign protocols

‘Would Jesus Wear a Sidearm?’

Best Video of the Day! LMAO!!!

Cold-Hearted Bristol Palin Is OUTRAGED That Cop Who Beat Young Girl Was Fired

After 13 Years with No Charges, British Prisoner at Gitmo Finally Released

Oct 30 FL state poll; Clinton 54.8, Sanders 18.8

Congress just doesn't get it. more robo collection calls coming.

The Black Panther Party and the “Undying Love for the People”

EU Parliament Votes for Dropped Charges, Asylum Protection for Snowden

Umm. David. We remember George Bush's plans......

Fiat Chrysler recalls 894K SUVs for brake, air bag trouble

Obama sending US commandos into Syria

Pic Of The Moment: Republican Frontrunners Winning Big In Epic Battle Against Truth

Archdiocese of St. Louis warns of exorcism dangers before TV show

O’Malley to lay out comprehensive vision for LGBT rights.

Buy Or Sell-The Bush campaign is in its death throes

That Wasn't A Debate.

Jonah Goldberg Whitesplains why Ben Carson is more African American than Barack Obama.

Jebya downsized from the tour bus but insists campaign is going strong!

Volkswagen's Emissions Directly Responsible for 60 Early Deaths in U.S.

'Extremely severe' cyclone heading for Yemen, Oman: UN

Teacher Shows A Better Way To Deal With A Difficult Student Than Police Brutality

Television News Network Lobbyists Are Fundraising for Hillary Clinton

CHARLES P. PIERCE: I Have Come to the Conclusion That It's Very Easy to Be a Republican Candidate

Top Staffer Acknowledges Ben Carson Had 'Contract' With Supplement Maker

Top 6 Scary Halloween Facts

Raising the retirement age - how many people will end up

Jonah Goldberg: Carson May Be 'More Authentically African-American' Than Obama

Computerworld: Microsoft to get pushy about upgrading to Windows 10

First Batch Of Clinton Emails Since Benghazi Testimony To Be Released

Halloween is coming #56…

LOL:Watch this college student’s perfect ‘Oh shit’ face as Bernie Sanders drops a bombshell

6 things to watch at Iowa's 'Growth and Opportunity Party'

UW System President @RayWCross continues his dishonesty as shared governance and tenure are stripped

Spitzer Says Clinton Urged Him Not To Give Driver's Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants

Teacher of the year resigns after being called 'unqualified'

Kristi Yamaguchi inducted into California Hall of Fame

Iran jails Iranian-American in 1st arrest post-nuke deal

I Am a 20th Century Escaped Slave

If Bernie Sanders does not get the nomination

Black customer forced to prepay for meal files $100K discrimination lawsuit

Poll: Hillary Clinton Hits Fifty Percent Support

Raiders fans plead with NFL execs to keep team in Oakland

Shaker Aamer, last UK resident held at Guantanamo Bay prison, returns home

3rd Way is very afraid of Bernie Sanders. (i posted in correct forum just now, sorry)

Missiles kill more than 40 in Syrian market: monitor, rescuers

3rd Way is very afraid of Bernie Sanders.

Pope says denying Israel’s right to exist is anti-Semitism

Judge orders Louisiana to continue funding Planned Parenthood

New design points a path to the ‘ultimate’ battery

Six injured in chemistry classroom fire at Woodson High School in Fairfax

Don't worry. 'Jeb can fix it.'

FBI spy planes flew 10 times over Freddie Gray protests: documents

FBI spy planes flew 10 times over Freddie Gray protests: documents

My free (for a few days) Kindle novel on amazon.

BOROWITZ:Jeb Quits Race with “Mission Accomplished” Banner (not really)

Survey Monkey National Poll-Clinton 50% (+5) Sanders 30% (-1)

We still think we’re heroes: The sad denialism that plagues American foreign policy

ColoradoCare backers collect 156,000 signatures for single-payer plan

Venezuela circles the drain...

If I was running for President, today would be my day to withdraw.

Deso Dogg, Ex-Rapper Who Joined ISIS, Is Killed by U.S. Airstrike

My free (for a few days) Kindle novel on amazon.

Giant Pumpkin Terrorizes Arizona

Here's a good guide for bird photographers/watchers.

Giant, inflatable pumpkin rolls through Arizona streets!!!!!!111111

Hillary Clinton to call for ban on racial profiling in Atlanta

On Foreign Policy, Bernie Sanders Is the Democrat and Hillary Clinton Is a Republican

Cross Posted from Photography group. Occurrence maps

Just weeks into hunting season, already 2 dead in the Upstate

Racist violence reveals Sweden’s xenophobic underbelly

South Carolina, baby!

Who's pitching for the Mets tonight???

Glamis II

Nations’ climate pledges will still leave emissions rising for years, U.N. says

Hillary Clinton gives outline of her "extensive agenda" for criminal justice system reforms

Plenty of room to raise taxes on Canada’s richest, study says

SF restaurant says no tipping, pays living wage and full benefits (PIC)

Do more guns equal more safety?

GPS Collar Stops Tracking Wandering Wolf OR-7

Big Tobaccospeak, Redux.

‘I came to defend Israel,’ says immigrant cop who shot attackers

Lost Woman, 82, Found After Sending Dog Home to Alert Family

Are we the first, or one of the first civilizations in the galaxy?

PHOTOS: Israeli Border Police assault, pepper spray Palestinian journalists

The Road to Damascus

Republican Candidates Propose Debate Change..

Ben Carson: the ark was built by amateurs, the Titanic by professionals

"Let’s be honest: life is a trigger."

Judge Recuses Self in Tulsa Ex-Deputy's Manslaughter Case

My "WTF?" of the day, soccer players recruiting who??!!??

Tasked with cultivating smiles across the country, wireless company pulls it off in one day

Bernie leads the way for Hillary again

US to Clean 1 of Puerto Rico's Worst Polluted Waterways

Anyone familiar with idiot artist

High-Profile New York Charter School Kept List of Kids It Wanted to Force Into Quitting

35 of 44 Senators, 121 of 188 Representatives, and 10 of 18 Governors

Dr Ben Carson's "Science"

Alabama Version of 'Skull and Bones' Publicly Exposed

2 Muslim Drivers Win $240K Judgment in Discrimination Suit

Reuters Tracking Poll: HRC 72% - BS 23% among likely Dem voters.

Tulsi Gabbard - a Democrat from Hawaii and member of the Armed Services Committee

Say It Ain’t So, Hillary Clinton—You’re Open to the Idea of Raising the Retirement Age?

Georgia ex-President Saakashvili accused of 'coup plot'

Koch group floods Colorado with cash to save conservatives who pushed right-wing AP history class

Demagogue Ted Cruz Smacked Down By Moderator

Turkish media denounce 'biggest crackdown on press in republic’s history'

In cased you missed Boykin's run last night.

Republican Party Suspends Partnership With NBC News Over CNBC Debate

He's been unmasked!

Warren and Sanders just voted throw Social Security and Medicare recipients under the bus...

Suspect arrested in string of St. Louis area church arsons **updated**

Freedom House: World Internet Freedom Keeps Eroding

Hillary is open to raising the retirement age? Retirement is for losers anyway.

EJ Manuel first starting QB to lose in three countries

PredictWise Current Predictions - Democratic Primary & GE

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 30, 2015

I know how to make your Friday MORE AWESOME!!! New song from Jeff Lynne's ELO

VP Biden and Bernie Sanders Discuss American People's Top Issue in 2016 Campaign in 1 on 1 Meeting!

Clinton's direct quote: I would NOT favor raising retirement age"

Bernie's Briefs - Support briefs, not billionaires

Singing show tunes helps fight off dementia, Alzheimer's disease: study

Reuters Tracking Poll: Clinton Leads Sanders 72%-23% Among Likely Democratic Voters

Yet another cannabis oil wonder....

Reuters Tracking Poll: Clinton Leads Sanders 72%-23% Among Likely Democratic Voters

Cold hard truth: both O'Malley & Sanders released comprehensive justice plans months ago

Lions guard abducted Ethiopian girl from evil men until rescuers arrive

Obama’s Been Stopped For Driving While Black, Made Sure Room Full Of Cops Knows It

‘Jesus’ chants greet Satanists at Bremerton football game

New Report Shows Wide Racial Differences in Police Conduct

Armed Black Man's Post on Traffic Stop Is Internet Smash

They were there first, but now Native Hawaiians have nowhere to live

Hillary Clinton Calls for Equal Treatment in Cocaine Sentencing

Many GOP voters on board with impeaching Hillary Clinton

A military-backed comedian will be the next president of Guatemala

See why this run-down home is on the market for $9.8 million

Live: NH UnionLeader Interviews Senator Bernie Sanders

Legion of Christ: Pope Francis offers to forgive paedophile scandal order

Happy #HillOWeen!

The Answer to 'Should We Raise Retirement Age' for any Democrat is simple: NO! NO! and NO Again!

TYT: Judge Saves Planned Parenthood

Austin evacuating, airport closed as flash floods hit Central Texas

Paradise Germany--except it's not

Bernie Sanders Hugs Muslim Student And Vows To Fight Racism - this bears repeating

Mexico: Sugary-Drinks Tax Is Left Intact

Campus Reform: Hillary's Wall Street Donors Shock Young People

Every Post Game Press Conference Ever

Everyone's favorite political commentator, H.A. Goodman on The Benjamin Dixon Show

The endless humanitarian disaster in the Mediterranean sea grave

Kos: Forget Bernie & Elizabeth Warren, 3rd Way has figured out how to get you REALLY pumped!

Oh, Reince . . .

What are/was the worst treats to get on Halloween?

Social Security Judges Speak Out on Federal Budget Deal and SSDI Changes

NPE: Gun Rights vs Gun Control

Before Bernie Sanders, were you about to give up on the Democratic Party?

Here's what I want to hear: "I will VETO any attempt to raise the retirement age"

Russian Calls For Cold War Civil Defence Training To Be Revived

Republican Senators: Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Not Entitled To Religious Freedom

I just heard on the news the GOP wants to boycott NBC News

After Binge Watching 'Walking Dead,' N.M. Man Kills Friend Over Zombie Fears

Brave Sir Robin (Republican--Camelot) for President.

RNC Chairman Rinse Peenus picks up his marbles and goes home because NBC is a big meanie

GOP Scared·y-cats.

Florida College Wants to Make Professors Underbid Each Other on Salary

Soc Sec, File and Suspend, about to end? Do you know about this? Any SS experts here?

Did any one here actually watch the CNBC Republican debate?

Hillary has worn many masks & shifted idealogically. Bernie always stood with the people....

Mind you I totally ignored the GOP debates (can you blame me) so I have to ask this..

What does joking about offering a Veep slot really mean?

135 Mayors Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Apple (And Hillary Clinton) voices support for Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

Scary Halloween Tweet From Wolf Blitzer

Sam Seder: Cruz Takes a Page Straight From the Conservative Playbook & Blames the Media

That wasn't a debate!

RNC suspends its relationship with NBC....NBC turns off the Deliverance music as its collective IQ

NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks

Marco Rubio's Blatant Lie About His Personal Finances Should Worry You

Rethugs have solution for fairer debates - let US pick the moderators

The Illustrated Guide to the 'Comic Book' GOP Debate

Every time is see someone with a Bernie 2016 sticker, I feel like I've found a kindred spirit....

Sam Seder: Bernie Sanders Crushes U.S. Bigotry and Islamaphobia

Paul Ryan Is The New House Speaker? The Next 12 Months Will Be Torture

The Rude Pundit - Just-Released Gitmo Detainee Shaker Aamer: Over 13 Years a Political Prisoner

Cruz, Huckabee And Jindal Will Join Pastor Who Wants Gays Put To Death - See more at: http://www.rig

ESPN suspends Grantland to Focus on Its Idiotic and Blithering On-Air "Talent"

Centrist Democrats are clutching their pearls - More BernieBros BS....

Success! The dog has been succesfuly bathed

Ted Cruz Cries To Conservative Hosts About Liberal Media Bias

Paul Ryan's Pledge To Freedom Caucus: ‘No Immigration Reform Under Obama'

In the tradition of Bush: Obama putting boots on the ground in Syria!!! Wee Hee!

"The homophobia was for your own good!"

The Liberal Media?

Any Bernie groups in Sussex?

16 times Obama said there would be no boots on the ground in Syria

Bad parenting..

Ted Cruz Debate tirade against the media was likely a pre-planned hit

The subtle bias of the "liberal" media...

Ballot committee forms for LGBT Michigan constitutional amendment

Kudos to the KC Royals and Bernie:

Religious Nut Of A Mother Goes Nuts At Her Atheist Son

Nebraska, Iowa senators vote against budget agreement that would lift debt limit, increase spending

His mother's son

Hillary Clinton speaking live in Atlanta on African American issues

It's been decades since I last heard of tainted candy or razors in apples.

People are being sent into Syria, not boots. Fu k depersonalizing people

According to this (well not sure if true)

Baby Calves in veal crates

Here's one you can't miss

I'm Back

Sumatran Rhino begins US-Asia trip to ancestral home

Bernie Sanders Just Hired The Best Known Immigration Activist In The Country

Robocalls to cell phones...HANG UP now!

Denver Police: *ZERO* Cases Reported Of Pot Candy Distributed To Children

R.Reich As awful as is the Trans Pacific Partnership, there’s something even worse on the horizon...

Sanders jabs Clinton on death penalty

Who Is "Stoked" Today about Hillary's Chances?

GOP to NBC News: You’re fired for February debate

Longmire fans...

Sanders offers Social Security as latest example of ‘many, many differences’ with Clinton

You may not know it, but you’re living in a futuristic science fiction novel. And that’s a fact.

Upcoming Repub debate whine-fest schedule -

Psychologists Accused of "Criminal Enterprise" with CIA Over Torture (Marisa Taylor and Jonathan S.

Jeb appeals for the youth vote

Robocalls to cell phones...HANG UP now! (just passed in new US budget E action)

Bernie Sanders Speaks with Seniors 10/30/15

How's it going where you are?

Why Bernie Sanders is no Great White Hope for Black America


Belief in ghosts rises across secular Sweden

What was fake on the Internet this week: Why do we even bother, honestly?

I am a Bernie supporter

Judge says McDonald's must give employee emails to U.S. labor board

"Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is the Greatest Man of them All"

"The Worlds Shortest Blog. Goodbye Carson"

Judge says McDonald's must give employee emails to U.S. labor board

A party of professional trolls.

Judge says McDonald's must give employee emails to U.S. labor board

Judge says McDonald's must give employee emails to U.S. labor board

It is rare for a new animal species to emerge in front of scientists’ eyes.

Address the BS about Bernie and "his" alleged PACs.

Pentagon spy agency hires first British deputy director

Gamergate: Video game war over women spills into real life

Dade Medical College to close immediately, staff is told

If Republicans cannot handle CNBC, how can they handle Iran? Or Putin? Or ISIS?

GOP Suspends Presidential Debate on NBCU’s Telemundo

Baby dies in West Bank after inhaling teargas, says Palestinian ministry

Why is Hillary So Eager to Leave Big Issues in State Hands?

CNBC part of the "liberal media"?

8 times Obama said there would be no ground troops or no combat mission in Syria

All the attacks on Harwood and CNBC began with the Federalist

Calling hobbit709--you OK?

BLM interrupts Hillary Clinton in Atlanta G.A.

Everybody on the Bernie Boat!

Can *anybody* explain this to me? Because I sure as fuck don't get it.

Adventures In Dining Out…

Hillary Handled the Interruption by BLM VERY WELL!!!!

Border cop suspended for threatening to ‘gas’ Palestinians

Hillary Clinton Rattles Prison Stocks With a Single Tweet

Police: Jeremiah Ratliff said he 'felt like killing everybody' at facility

I Confess. I Am a Boomer Lumbersexual

Gas prices are too low.

29 People in 8 States Arrested on Sex Trafficking Charges

looking at a four-hour delay for our flight to ny

The official RNC video for the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Christina Aguilera Will you come to a party at my house?

It is time for shaming the American Red Cross. Lack of interest in the fire victims

Kris Kobach finally shows his true colors.

These 4 Republican Senators Are Forming A Group To Tackle Climate Change

RNC officials leaned on CNBC to give more questions to Jeb Bush "IN THE MIDDLE OF" third GOP debate

It has to be galling for Bush to have his ass handed to him by his understudy

Martin O'Malley interview with Goldie Taylor after 'first' BLM confrontation:

Let us all have a good laugh at the leaked playbook for Jeb's campaign:

NEW INFO on South Carolina beatdown!

Clinton did not categorically rule out Social Security benefit cuts or raising the retirement age

Richard Dawkins 'Claims' Trans Women Aren't Real By Definition

MO'M interview with Goldie Taylor after BLM 'confrontation,'

Former Congressional Candidate Accused of Faking Death Threats

Plastic Contaminates Table Salt in China

Vicious, Feral House Republicans Run Loose Across D.C. Following Resignation Of Caretaker

(Pontiac) Silverdome to be demolished

Second Strongest Storm in Arabian Sea History: Extraordinary Chapala Hits 155 mph

Republican Senators: Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Not Entitled To Religious Freedom

NPR: International Leaders To Discuss Substances That Cause Global Warming

Tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Rep. Maxine Waters,

A windbag, a nut and a piece of toast go trick o treat'n on Halloween

Necroconservative Debate

NPR: Why Fighting Climate Change Requires Changing The Narrative

Martin O'Malley: 'We Need To Upscale Our People for The Information Age'

Harrisburg gets all of its gun ordinances back: appeals court ruling

Martin O'Malley interview with Goldie Taylor after 'first' BLM confrontation:

Koch brothers' higher-ed investments advance political goals

Bus driver charged after assaulting special needs teen - bravo kids

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Endorses Federal Investigation Of Exxon

Chief Operating Officer Leaves Jeb Bush Campaign

Ben Carson Not A Homophobe? Not According To His History

"Midnight's Children". Excellent movie

Patriots owner Robert Kraft: Always satisfying 'saddling' Colts with a loss

Christ!! Chuck Todd is simply disgusting..

Striking East St. Louis teachers, school board approve deal

Domestic violence survivor needs help (GoFundMe campaign)

Striking East St. Louis teachers, school board approve deal

Striking East St. Louis teachers, school board approve deal

Exorcism: Live! Friday, 9pm Eastern

Playing In The Band into Cold Rain And Snow - Dead And Company 10/29/2015

Dems Decry Obama Decision To Deploy Special Ops To Syria

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-29-15

What do people get out of being mean?

Hillary is receiving more than campaign contributions from the Banks TOO BIG TO FAIL:

Yeah, getting a little sick of this shit.

This is an honest question and I expect honest answers. Please and Thank You.

Hillary's direct quote on Raising the Retirement age: 'I would consider it'!

Bucharest nightclub fire: 'At least 25 killed'

Muslim truck drivers who refused to deliver beer win $240,000 lawsuit

Bernie Sanders needs to start pushing back against his more sexist supporters.

Politicians exploited children to secure fraud in Colombia’s local elections

Politicians exploited children to secure fraud in Colombia’s local elections

The GOP’s media warfare goes nuclear: How the RNC is trying to hold journalism hostage

" I hope the Russians love their children too "

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt Hillary rally

Rainfall rates of up to 4 inches per hour were reported in Texas on Friday morning

PIX! Oaksley and Odin come to Magical Thyme Farmlette. In time for my B-day!

All-Female Flight Test Crew Asked How They Will Cope Without Make-Up Or Men In Space

BREAKING: Jeb! campaign chose " * " before " ! " without realizing " * " was shorthand for "anus"

X-Post from V&M: NPE: Gun Rights vs Gun Control

Jeb Bush Is Not a National Candidate

Grab your barf bags for this one.

White House Seeks to Keep Some Clinton Emails Secret

UN welcomes ceasefire announcement by Colombia, rebel group

Republican clown car: Now with more civil war!

Massive crack in the Earth opens in Bighorn Mountains

#Hillary4Who. So, let's see what the activists are saying.

Mexican families hoping for medicinal marijuana watch court

Gloria Steinem in DC: Organize, Vote, and Embrace the Feminist Label

Gloria Steinem in DC: Organize, Vote, and Embrace the Feminist Label

Gloria Steinem in DC: Organize, Vote, and Embrace the Feminist Label

Cruz, Huckabee and Jindal Will Join Pastor Who Wants to Execute Gays

American Indian Women Granted Increased Access To Emergency Contraception

An Arab, Muslim, and Israeli Officer at the Center of a Storm

American Indian Women Granted Increased Access To Emergency Contraception

CIA Seeks to Destabilize Latin America - Brazilian Lawmaker

The Pope makes a suprise visit to the Obamas!

American Indian Women Granted Increased Access To Emergency Contraception


The NFL checked the Jets' locker room for listening devices before Patriots game

Something weird is going on in DU.

China's Supersonic Ship Killer Is Making U.S. Navy's Job Harder

'Largest' ganja seizure ever in Argentina

2015 Horse Racing - 2015 Breeders' Cup

Single Drop Of Blood Will Soon Be Enough To Diagnose Most Types of Cancer

Weekend Economists' Devil Nights October 30-November 1, 2015

These before and after pictures show how glaciers are melting in the US

Halloween Eve: First horror movie you ever saw

EPA may ban common pesticide used on fruits and vegetables

This Donald Trump Halloween Mask Is Poised to Terrify Mexico

Does the Pentagon really have a Zombie Apocalypse emergency plan?

Pope’s Address to Pilgrims Celebrating Blessed Oscar Romero

Salvadoran women fight back against criminalization of pregnancy

Clinton Backs Decision to Send US Commandos Into Syria

Debbie, The Sane Progressive speaks for me!

I'm drinking Miller Genuine Draft. You can shame now.

The UK and Israel: A Match Made in Heaven

SYRIA: The Optimists vs. the Pragmatists....And, What's Enforce Inbetween the Wars?

South Wales Police delete own scary Halloween video

State Dept. Just Released An Email Showing How Hillary Clinton Learned to Use Emoji—and It’s Awwwww

Medicare to cover end-of-life counseling

As Heroin Use by Whites Soars, Parents Urge Gentler Drug War

Reich Wing Ryan says family time is for me...

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Ruin A Bunch Of Rich Folks' Vacations

Student walkout backs fired deputy at S.C. school

Robert Heinlein once posed a question:

10-30-15 Another Front in Reagan’s War on Drugs in 2:00

10-30-15 Another Front in Reagan’s War on Drugs in 2:00

Update on my mom.

10-30-15 Another Front in Reagan’s War on Drugs in 2:00

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Hold Koch Killing Meeting To Discuss Money In Politics

Should Obama seek authorization through the Congress to satisfy the War Powers Act?

Jonah Goldberg comes out and said that Ben Carson is "more authentically black"

1,000 South Carolina Women Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

Here's what Hillary really wants: "Hey, Africans to "get over" the trauma of colonization"

An End to R2P as Sovereignty Buster?

Monday night at 9:00 CNN is doing a report on Bush vs. Gore. FYI