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I would suggest you change the name of the GD-P forum to:

How would football work if you tried to play it on Mars?

Sanders offers Social Security as latest example of ‘many, many differences’ with Clinton

Bernie Sanders has a pretty revolutionary idea to change America’s post offices

IBD/TIPP nationwide: Hillary up only 15 points over Bernie

The Idiom of Political Violence: a Language Betrayed

2 new members of my family

Living in Poverty Means You Have an Advanced Risk of Getting Cancer

In Prague You Get Beaten for Defending Refugees

Hillary Clinton on Social Security Expansion: Words are Wind. A Cold Wind.

Bernie Sanders' Stance on Marijuana Can Pave the Way For Pollution Free Transportation

Silencing the Grizzly’s Defenders, as the Body Count Mounts

O'Malley questions Sanders' support for Obama.

Stephen Colbert calls out Donald Trump's "My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars"

Critical Support: What Does It Mean for Solidarity with Latin America?

Critical Support: What Does It Mean for Solidarity with Latin America?

Why Exxon Executives Deserve the Ultimate Punishment

‘No Reason to Believe’ Paul Ryan Will Fare Better Than John Boehner

Chilean Desert, One Of The Driest Places On Earth, Is Awash In Flowers

Colorado carjacker gets 160 years for crime spree caught on live TV

Do Indian Lives Matter? Police Violence Against Native Americans

Paul Singer has just picked Marco Rubio to support. This could be a game changer. CNN

Louisville’s President Apologizes for Insensitivity, Students Demand Changes

U.S. charges Burkina Faso man with fraud over bogus malaria nets

Let the Forests be Forests

Trending on #AUCShutItDown and #Hillary4Who

Rubio Rockets, Cruz Missiles, Carson Drones, Bush Tanks and CNBC Bombs

Poll: Hillary Clinton SUPPORTED by 50 percent of Democrats

O'Malley questions Sanders' support for Obama.

Pope denounces clergy who criticized slain Salvadoran bishop Romero

1000 South Carolina women endorse Bernie Sanders for President

White House says will not release emails between Obama, Clinton

Worth noting that O'Malley 'banned the box' in Maryland - what Clinton is pushing today

Over the bar at his cozy shebeen, Mr Pierce weighs in on the pie fight

CLINTON Throws Out BLACK LIVES MATTER Activists During Speech On Race

2008 flashback: Hillary suggests Obama should be her VP

Whiney-assed Prima Donnas

TNN: Hillary Clinton has a pretty revolutionary idea to change America’s post offices

***WORLD SERIES - Game 3***

Is anyone here familiar with After Shot Pro 2?

"Prodical Son: Marco Rubio's Complicated Cuban Legacy"...Quite an EyeOpener on the MSM's Favorite

Clinton Campaign Calls Bernie Sanders Sexist for Doing Same Thing Every Campaign Does

Robert Reich: Beware Paul Ryan

Brigdeport Police Union endorses CONVICTED FELON JOE GANIM

Brigdeport Police Union endorses CONVICTED FELON JOE GANIM

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread. TGIF! Good Eeeeeeeeeevening & a kitteh gif

Exiled prosecutor urges sanctions on Venezuela

The Police "Unions" are drumming up a boycott against Quentin Tarantino

Two more Republicans for Bernie.

Pluto's glowing crescent on full display in fresh NASA image

O'Malley wary of ground troops in Syria.

ESPN cut ties with Grantland today -- effective immediately

Frightening Hallowe'en Nightmares, For Left And Right

'Largest' ganja seizure ever in Argentina

Oh gawd, please end it already

Prediction: The Next GOP Debate!

Duke/NBA star, Hawks owner Grant Hill tells inspiring story about his Mom and her Wellesley roommate, Hillary

UN welcomes Colombia and rebels' hopes for a cease-fire

"Everything Doesn't Happen For A Reason"

Cassini Flyby Reveals What Saturn's 'Geyser Moon' Enceladus Looks Like Up Close

UN welcomes Colombia and rebels' hopes for a cease-fire

Vicious, Feral House Republicans Run Loose Across D.C. Following Resignation Of Caretaker

Funny or Die - Republicans Debate For Donations with Tom Bergeron

Want to fly? You may need to upgrade your driver's license

Trailer for Truth (It got lost in the Scrum)

Colombians to Honor The Folk Singer Who Fathered 28 Children and Killed His Girlfriend

The Democratic Race That Isn’t

Republicans Remain Divided as Democrats Unite


Prosecutors done questioning key witness in ex-coal CEO case

Hillary maintains lead in another new national poll.

We are just, NOT, in control anymore and it looks like it's

Albuquerque road rage shooting suspect faces federal charges

Silent Compromises

US Senate Passes CISA, a "Cybersecurity" Bill Critics Say Will Expand Mass Surveillance

Police: 2 women found dead in park had head wounds

Special Report How Tasers became instruments of excessive force for the Border Patrol


Bernie Streaming Right Now With Union Leader

Yikes, was Hillary shouting or is the AP sexist now too?

Friday Night Catnip: Ford Theatre - Trilogy For The Masses (1968)

Judge denies appeal from Utah inmate facing firing squad

California doctor convicted of murder charges in overdose of patients

Where are black kids safe?

Russian women on space test unworried about absence of men

How do I

Just so I understand

Police: Suspected killer of migrant boy admits 2nd slaying

If you'd like to send a question to Rachel

O'Malley wary of ground troops in Syria.

Rowdy Roddy Piper 1986

Heard today that there has never been a party to win the White House three times in a row.......

There will be *NO* further "debates".

Video of BLM Protesters Being Escorted Out of Clinton Rally, Being Called Ignorant By HRC Supporter

Video: Martin O'Malley Speaks to Journal Editorial Board.

Martin O'Malley Speaks to Journal Editorial Board

I feel like apologizing for some of my fellow white persons' ridiculous comments today.

Beverly Hills fined for not conserving enough water in drought

Black Lives Matter Protestors Crash Hillary Clinton's HBCU Rally! Vid~& a Message from Serena~

Awe, curiosity over sudden, huge 'gash' in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains

Bernie Sanders Just Hired The Best Known Immigration Activist In The Country

Flooding in Central Texas: One Dead, At Least One Missing; 14 inches in Bastrop area today

UT Signs $250 Million Apparel Deal with Nike

Paxton Blasts "Never-Ending" School Finance Lawsuits

Gloria Steinem and Roxane Gay have endorsed Hillary.

UT System Board Rebukes Wallace Hall — Again

Security Secretary confirms Al-Qaeda related terrorist threats against two Argentine malls.

Republicons ponder: "What if they gave a debate and nobody came?"

It was an amazing moment for the guy in the burgundy cap

Martin O'Malley speaks to Sioux City Journal editorial board, an IMPORTANT discussion.

Nature: China's annual air pollution deaths now stand at 1.4 million per year.

I'll bet you all never saw this

Can the Sanders Campaign raise $1 Billion dollars?

Dump Trump or we dump SNL

‘Happy Days’ star 'Big Al' Molinaro dies at 96, Variety reports

Is Tulsi Gabbard a right wing crank?

Prodigal Son: Marco Rubio’s complicated Cuban legacy

A poem by Roseanna Roseannadanna for the latest "meat will kill you" study

Senator Bernie Sanders Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Derry (video, pic)

First post in this group ..... Posole

Venezuela pres. Maduro invites [Noam] Chomsky to Venezuela to show him the reality of the country

So who will be Mr. November?

Rubio scores major endorsement from billionaire GOP donor Paul Singer

End Times Productions Presents: You Picked a Fine Time to be a Dumb Ass

Stop the train! Am I reading this right?

In Heroin Crisis, White Families Seek Gentler War on Drugs

Was going to watch 20 20 tonight with Leah Remini

New Jury has case of officer charged with violating rights

Between Ole Miss and Me

Regarding the forum host waiting list.

Now this is a wake up call.


I for one welcome a democratic debate which would focus on #BLM.

Time to announce the winner of the 9th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Temporary order blocks licensing of family detention centers

Happy Halloween from Bobby Pickett and the Groovie Ghoulies!

A seasonal Bernie.

Rubio: "If You Don't Want To Vote On Things, Don't Run For The Senate. Get A Talk Show Instead."

"African Americans for Hillary" headed by Rep. John Lewis, is the event BLM protested.

#HillYes - Okay let's talk issues: It is past time we act on gun violence.

#HillYes - Okay let's talk issues: When unions are strong, America is strong.

#HillYes - Here’s what some of America’s most powerful women think about Hillary Clinton.

#HillYes - Where does South Carolina go from here?

Bernie's Movement TOO BIG to Handle Scheduled National Conference Call!

California fines water suppliers for failure to cut back

This one dude is fer sure in the Bernie column

Hillary Clinton bringing presidential bid to North Texas

It must be nice to have the luxury of disdain.

Today (actually now yesterday) was my birthday.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 31, 2015 -- The Essentials - Happy Halloween

Trump on F-35: 'I do hear that it’s not very good'

Nesting season begins for endangered Hawaiian geese (KHON)

Hillary being a "copycat" is a good thing - more please!

This is worse than TPP. We should demand ALL candidates tell us where they stand

Former Presidential Candidate Tom Tancredo Quitting Republican Party

Friday Night Music-80's Greatest Hits: Shannon- Let the Music Play

The Japanese cat collecting game Neko Atsume is finally in English

It's class time. Today's lesson: Neoliberalism (video)

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 1 - Dostoyevsky Double Feature

TCM Schedule for Monday November 2 - Geofiction Comedies

Connecticut man to be charged with murdering parents after remains identified

Port truckers take wage theft grievances to Los Angeles City Hall

I got a nice 12 hour Indica skin patch today

Charisma - hate (JPOP)

'Disturbing schools' law criticized after South Carolina student's arrest

California man convicted of elder abuse in Nutella fracas

Netanyahu Retracts Assertion That Palestinian Inspired Holocaust

Happy HallowQueen - Lake Street Dive - "Bohemian Rhapsody"

I learned something today that changed what I think the Catholic Church CAN be.

Why do we have wars mommy?

Forget Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Third Way has figured out how to get you REALLY pumped!

Alabama Teacher Of The Year Resigns After State Calls Her Unqualified

RE: BLM; Sanders is wrong for listening, Clinton is amazing for ushering them out.

Health Republic’s finances ‘substantially worse’ than reported, policies to end Nov 30.

750,000 Unscientific People Donate to Bernie Crushing Donald Trump Adding 100,000 in One Month!

Assange: Google Is Clinton's 'Secret Weapon'

Daily Holidays - October 31

Rep. John Lewis, Singer Usher and Others Attempt to Push Out Protesters

Montana governor to consider clemency for man convicted in murder of teen girl

FDA Says Chinese Pfizer Plant Hid Failures, Used Old Ingredients

Israel legalizes hundreds of West Bank settler homes

Russian airliner Flight KGL9268 crashes in central Sinai

Bernie Sanders is in big trouble: You don’t have to be a neoliberal shill to see the cold, hard fact

Cyclist Crushed to Death when Container Slides off Truck (Workers on Strike , Cost Cutting)

BREAKING:Russian airliner w/over 200 aboard crashes in the Sinai.(RT confirms)

The Sanders Brain Trust's Plan to Beat Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Rattles Prison Stocks With a Single Tweet

Silicon Valley's Cash Remains Cold to White House Hopefuls

Giant Jack-o-Lantern Breaks Loose: Becomes The Next Metaphor For Donald Trump in GOP Race.

You could call this nitpicking...

Unelectable and Unafraid

Catchy tune educating us on China's 13.5 year economic plan.

Wolf + coyote + dog = New species

Robert Reich: Trump Is Not a Passing Fad

Do Indian Lives Matter? Police Violence Against Native Americans

Cruz, Huckabee And Jindal Will Join Pastor Who Wants Gays Put To Death

Jeb Bush’s field campaign in Iowa doesn’t know how to measure its own failure

Bill Gates says that capitalism cannot save us from climate change

FBI Agents Accused Of Torturing U.S. Citizen Abroad Can't Be Sued

GOP Candidates Frightened Away From Scary Debates They Can’t Control

The Incredible True Story of the Tea Party's Rise to Power

NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses

Hillary is the ultimate hawk

The astronomer and the witch – how Kepler saved his mother from the stake

Third Way panics over Bernie Sanders and the new American mainstream

Declassified documents confirm that superpowers came dangerously close to nuclear war in 1983!

Nearly 500 hospitals settle with DOJ for $250M

Bernie Sanders Speaks in Manchester, NH on Oct 30, 2015

Vox: Bill and Hillary Clinton are lying about DOMA, engaging in historical revisionism

A presidential speech can sometimes change a life

IG probes uncover more problems at VA hospitals

It was common, in 1968 also, for the Right Wing to call agents of change "privileged kids".

European countries have a VAT that hovers between 20% and 25%

Declare War!

The other Southern heritage (GA)

Ricketts says community health centers offer alternative to Medicaid expansion

The Caliph at the Gates of Vienna By Pepe Escobar WWIII ANYONE?

Recommend a Movie to Watch on Halloween

Clinton faces protests as she courts black voters

Top prize goes to Lil' Pope.

Weekly Address: It’s Time To Reform our Criminal Justice System

I don't want to set my clock back Sunday. I live in Alabama. It gets dark at 5:00 PM

Too Cute!

Martin O’Malley Unveils Comprehensive LGBTQ Policies at Iowa Safe Schools Spirit Awards

I still believe that BLM activists should engage all of the candidates…

"I Blame Liberal Media"

In summary, the context in which black lives matter is what actually matters. nt.

FORTY YEARS AGO TODAY, Freddie Mercury saw a little silhouetto of a man. The rest is history.

2 Writers, Publisher Stabbed, Shot in Attack in Bangladesh

Spooky stories for Halloween.

Trick-or-treat! “you should be a donkey not an elephant but it’s okay you will learn”

Wouldn't it be great if DWS decided CNBC would be a great moderator for one of our debates?

Snowden officially wins best Halloween costume ever

Clinton's Remarkable Non-Answer Regarding Social Security (Sep 24, 2015)

China sentences 'cult' leader to life in prison amid crackdown: Xinhua

Britain's RW UKIP will attack Labour as anti-military and monarchy in election

Kimmel's Perfect Summation Of The Republican Debate

I had an art essay all ready for you folks yesterday...then, sh*t happened...

ESM student: Teacher berated me for sitting for Pledge of Allegiance

Weekend Toon Roundup

2 Writers, Publisher Stabbed, Shot in Attack in Bangladesh

A long long time ago President Eisenhower warned us what was to happen, here we are yet again!

GD vs GD P

If the far right says the "MSM" is too liberal, and the far left says "MSM" is too conservative…

Fall back.

True-life tale of terror? Okay, here goes:

Carson had a leg up from the government...

How The TPP Jeopardizes Canadian Health

Why was I tagged as a suspected troll?

DeMarcus Cousins on Clippers: ‘I hate ’em’

We've just spoken with Kerry Packer, the man stranded in tree near Onion Creek after car washed away

In Iowa, Chris Christie pledges to bridge chasm with Democrats

"Who cares? They're just words." . . . Please come CAPTION RNC's Chair: Reince Priebus!!

"Prison For Hillary/Trump For President Bumper Sticker In New Mexico.

Another Netanyahu clarification: Nazis, not mufti, decided on Holocaust

The skit I want on SNL tonight - the GOP Debate. Moderator asks question about this being comic

Hillary being endorsed by Internationl Longrshoremen Union at Union Hall, Charleston SC.

U.K. Police ‘to Be Given Powers to View Everyone’s Entire Internet History’

Origin of the term "the 1%"

Dana Carvey and Jimmy Fallon Trump and Carson imitations last night on Tonight Show - epic.

Jesus... no survivors from the Kogalymavia crash

Today's Google Doodle: Interactive Halloween Candy Game

Kobe on pulling back, not taking over: 'It has to be done'

Clinton, Sanders & O'Malley should pledge to reject/return Super PAC funds during primary

There was a letter on my precint box for the elections next week. Asked me to collect sigs for HRC

Conan O'Brien. The scripting of local news

I literally cannot stop laughing from this

Illinois Jacquet was born on this date.

Cross post from GD-P: letter in my precint box for elections next week, asking us to get HRC sigs

RFK's positions in 1968 sound pretty familiar to one of the candidates today

Ben Carson's Long History With a Fart Pill Sales Scheme

Something to listen to tonight

Lights Out - Cyber Attacks and an Unprepared U.S.- Ted Koppel

Mike Malloy - A Moment With Bob: Nightmare Alley

Mike Malloy - The Consequences Of Republican Tax Cuts

Rachel Maddow - Pressure mounts for no-show Rubio to quit

why can't we demand all Dem candidates reject super PAC money during primary?

Clinton is open to raising Social Security taxes on six-figure earners

Halloween nostalgia...

V for Vendetta version of the UK no longer fictional?

I'm OUTRAGED that BLM would protest Hillary!

Third Way and Democratic Primaries

Who wants to ROCK N ROLL

How Will We Reach an Ecological Civilization and Who Will Build It?

Widespread panic!!! Breaking out all over DU!!11!!!

In 2006 then Senator Obama Campaigned for Bernie Sanders in Vermont

Is it wrong to ever call a criminal a thug?

Reports: Israel conducted airstrikes near Damascus

Halloween Music on Comcast

Chipotle closes in OR and WA, E. coli outbreak

M$Greedia created this mess for themselves

Don't forget to set your bombs back 1 hour this Sunday

Resurrecting Glass-Steagall

The Third Way Panicking over Bernie Sanders!

Taiwan urged to prove worth in US ‘rebalancing’

The Creative Community Takes on Gun Violence

Sanders faces protests as he courts black voters

Lights Out - a cyber reality. Ted Koppel's book on an unprepared U.S.

The People Stand With Bernie Sanders And Crush Billionaire Trump By Surpassing 750,000 Donors

FuelTheBern! kick in a few bucks if you can.

Martin O'Malley: Up Close and Candid With the Sioux City Journal Editorial Board (Video)

The Uber-economy f**ks us all: How “permalancers” and “sharer” gigs gut the middle class

News Consumption Patterns in American Politics - October 2015

Alice and Hillary BFF?

Am I the only one that didn't know that leaves do not turn color?

These Charts show why Bernie Sanders is winning the Web

On the ground in Des Moines (Republican candidate forum)

How to Fire a Cop/Safe Justice Act

TNN: Dispassionate observers charge Sanders campaign with triangulating against Hillary Clinton

“The Oligarchy neither loves you nor hates you, but you have resources that they want.”*

In Heroin Crisis, White Families Seek Gentler War on Drugs

“The Oligarchy neither loves you nor hates you, but you have resources that they want.”*

Say it ain’t so Joe S..

O'Malley's March Makes Progress

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Worried about "Interventionists"

Intolerance on Display

25 Unfounded Myths Being Spread About Bernie by The Clinton Machine

Shot in the Heart When Yitzhak Rabin was killed, did the prospects for peace perish, too?

Clinton tells organized labor she would enhance Social Security for some

Watch the live streaming of the fly by of the Spooky Halloween asteroid @12:30 eastern

Clinton “Enhancing” Social Security

The People Stand With Bernie Sanders And Crush Billionaire Trump By Surpassing 750,000 Donors

The Latest on Texas storms: Rail service resumes in Houston

Ros-Lehtinen Adjusts Stance on Cuban Adjustment Act

Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Justice Plan Would Free Thousands Serving Illegally Long Sentences

Bakari Sellers- " Hillary Clinton did very well in her response..."

have you all seen the google doodle for today?? wonderful, interactive game doodle!

Hillary Clinton Resorts To Dirty Politics & Bernie Sanders Responds

Clinton has yet to commit herself on Social Security

blessed samhain to all

Hillary Clinton COMMITTED to preserving Social Security & Medicare

Hillary to Wear Walmart Cashier Costume for Halloween

Bush team bracing for cash crunch

Longshoremen latest labor group endorsing Clinton candidacy

My wife is out of town and I wasn't going to hand out candy this evening,

Meditation works very well for me, for extreme depression and stress..

Happy All Saints to those who celebrate it tomorrow.

LIVE NOW: Politics Done Right: Wake up. The media is laying the rational for war

Just because it is Halloween....

Here's how you get your student debt erased

Why Bernie Sanders Has Centrist Democrats Freaking Out

Colorado voters... please get ballots in--too late most places to mail

Polling numbers reveal truth about "Berniebros". It's a myth.

Sanders sharpens his elbows

'Wall Street' rejects Hillary! (Hillary Group)

Question for the Administrators

Sane Progressive Calls Out Clinton Campaign & Hillary Supporters on False Talking Points.

Sane Progressive speaks out in her videos.

I'm no military strategist, but is it a good idea to announce our special ops troop movements

*** Posted To The African-American Group ***

'Death by poverty' in Idaho

Hillary, Third Way & Kos Who Attacks Third Way this Week but Thinks Hillary Will Reject Them! Oops!!

Derby the dog: Running on 3D prosthetics.

Bernie Sanders hires undocumented woman who had home raided by immigration officials

The Simpsons - Edgar Allan Poe: The Raven

TYT: Rand Paul's Budget Filibuster Came Up Short

Happy Halloween: Beware These 10 Popular Chocolate Brands that Exploit Child Slaves

25 Unfounded Myths Being Spread About Bernie by The Clinton Machine

New Hampshire unions endorse Bernie Sanders for president

Kristen Breitweiser (911 Widow) letter to Condi Rice: Here's Your 9/11 Smoking Gun

THE GOP CIRCUS: "An institution built on a fabric of untruth is not a sustainable institution."

Morning Joe's Pro-Koch Coverage Pays Off With "Exclusive, First-Ever Joint Interview"

TYT: Republicans Declare War On NBC

Widespread panic!!! Breaking out all over DU!!11!!!

The Sins of Empire: 'Trick or... Trick!' | Philip A. Farruggio

That cop in the Seneca, SC, shooting of 19yo Zack Hammond attempted to PLACE HIMSELF in the

Widespread Panic!! Being spread all over DU!!11!!!

Clinton's growing support among Democrats

trumpkins (trump pumpkins--BEWARE)

$15 Minimum Wage proposal is arbitrary.

A little recognition of tribal wisdom in Wisconsin

Pawn Star Rick Harrison loves Rubio

TYT: American Troops Headed For Syria

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

American Indian Women Granted Increased Access To Emergency Contraception (not my title)

Gay and Catholic

CNN aviation expert: Russian plane crashed during safest part of flight, at cruising altitude

US Promises $100M In Aid To Syrian Opposition, Saudi Sees Assad's Future As Sticking Point

Midsomer Murders marathon today

Maine State Representative posts anti-Muslim diatribe on Facebook

US Officials: Troops To Only Fight ISIS, Russia Risks Fueling Syrian Quagmire

Syria Conflict: Russia Warns US Of 'Proxy War Risk'

Christina Aguilera & Rob Reiner Will Host Fundraisers for Hillary Clinton, Nov 4/5

Oh, I see, we'll "only fight ISIS" in Syria. Because *that's* how combat works.

Hillary Clinton Demands Probe of Exxon After Oil Giant Stops Funding Clinton Foundation

Black Lives Matter activists interrupt Hillary Clinton

Tulsi Gabbard (D): US must stop illegal war to overthrow Assad in Syria

Lufthansa, Air France Avoid Flying Over Sinai After Crash

Siouxsie The Banshees - Halloween

With Anti-Trade Message, Trump Targets 'Reagan Democrats'

Scientists who found gluten sensitivity evidence have now shown it doesn't exist

Scientists who found gluten sensitivity evidence have now shown it doesn't exist

Denmark Considers Granting Asylum To Edward Snowden

Can you even imagine having a spare $2700 you can

Intolerance on Display

This Week In God (Maddow Blog)

New Social Security Rules to End Key Filing Strategies

It's been a long wait but we finally have one. ..

Fivethirtyeight: Bush's Problem is Jeb Bush

Elizabeth Warren takes on Rand Paul's 'profound mental disorders'

KTIV's Matt Breen sat down with O'Malley during his trip to Sioux City Friday.

Is this Trump quote real?

She's a witch.

BREAKING: RNC releases list of approved questions for next debate. ;-)

Oh Jesus... It's that time of year again, time for fundie Hell Houses.

Hillary Clinton is killing the celeb endorsement game

So they adopt wing nut talking points,

Hillary Clinton Meets Halloween-Costumed Impersonator

O'Malley talks foreign policy in West Des Moines.

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-30-15

Some DUers still don't know we have a DU 4 Bernie Act Blue donation link

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Silencing Hillary Clinton Won’t Get #BlackLivesMatter’s Groove Back...

Crazy Gun Nut Bernie is at it again....Oh wait a Minute

I think food addiction is a real thing.

Axis of Evil update:

What's for Dinner, Halloween Night, 10/31/15

O'Malley talks foreign policy in West Des Moines.

Delaware to pardon man who guided slaves to freedom

Aladdin magic carpet prank.

General Beauregard's Owners Apologize for 'N*****ita' (GA)

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point

Black Lives Matter. End of Story.

Only known Utahn battle fatality of Civil War finally honored

Use Firefox to Resume A Failed Chrome Download

Hillary shines at a town hall..

Black Lives Matter Activists Shout Down Hillary Clinton At 'African Americans for Hillary' Rally

Deja vu?

Clinton just briefly crested 90% likelihood for the Democratic nomination

Hello. My name is PoliticalMalcontent and I'm addicted to Politics.

Hillary Clinton's lack of answers regarding Social Security (September 26, 2007)

General gun deer season open in TX Saturday, November 7!

Happy Halloween!!!

Bernie Sanders Calls for Ending the Death Penalty

The Rashomon Effect seems to be in full bloom lately.

Affidavit: Son charged in parents' killing was to be cut off

Trawlers have been passing by all day...several of them

Young Frankenstein in Five Minutes

They have a real doozy of a candidate for mayor of Toledo, Ohio.

Squash curry

Just heard a new neologism on the radio.

Ros-Lehtinen adjusts stance on Cuban Adjustment Act

Bernie Calls for Fed. Probe on Exxon, 10-DAYS later, Hillary Parrots Bernie & Makes a Big Splash????

Bernie Calls for Fed. Probe on Exxon, 10-DAYS later, Hillary Parrots Bernie & Makes a Big Splash????

Hillary Clinton will be our next president — you can bet on it

Publisher And Two Secular Writers Hacked To Death In Bangladesh

Colorado recall targets conservative school board members

What does the bizarre praise for Hillary's handling of BLM say?

Ben Carson speaking at murderer Maury Davis' teabag megachurch tomorrow (Nov 1)

Skull-shaped asteroid will fly past Earth on Halloween

Venezuela is running out of cash and selling its gold

Police say gunman kills 3 in downtown Colorado Springs

I never heard of this Social Security "gaming" before....I wonder who is doing it?

JebusEnoughFuggingBushes is in

Rolling Stone - The Border War on Birthright Citizenship

Tumultuous World Indigenous Games wraps up in Brazil

Mr Spock, when did things begin to change in America?

Happy Samhain, everybody!

A Dog Fitting Of Her Name rescue by Maggie Rockville, MD

Trick or Treat

To be fair we have an DU for O'Malley Act Blue donation link too

Oh, no! Yale lost 17-7 to Columbia today. Columbia!

Did anyone here ever see Three Dog Night Live in their

Why Republicans are hell-bent on destroying Medicare

Not Muslim Enough? The Malcolm X Zombie Rises Again

White House Halloween

The 2016 presidential primary calendar is up on the NY Board of Elections website...

American Pharoah

Cross-posted from the New York group...

I am so ashamed...

American Pharaoh just won the Breeders Cup

I call BS on Repug PC

Why Bernie is wrong and Hillary is right about economics. (Hillary Group)

2nd day of rescue underway for entangled California whale

Refuting 25 myths about Bernie

Brief History Of Mass. Capital Punishment

Our female cat appears to be a death metal fan.

10 bizarre elections in American history

My 2015 Mystery Squash

Do The Right Thing...

Guatemala’s new president

Boomers: Fearful of Financial Fiasco in Final Years?

Happy Halloween and Vote Bernie!

This Saturday's report (hitting the streets of Pittsburgh for Bernie Sanders)

Happy Halloween from Hillary and her family

I need a new iPad air case. Any suggestions?

This could be the last time we go trick or treating.

Whinny Republican Candidates

This guy is a F ing idiot (Ted Cruz)

Populist Proposals Remind Why Nurses Trust Bernie Sanders to Heal America

A friend and I are going to watch Ice Station Zebra.

A fight to the death over last piece of fried chicken results in a death

Stranded by the receding tide

My WI born and raised husband proudly served WI brats from Marchants in Sturgeon Bay

Its a Scary Scary Scary world out there!

Hillary has become the 'Me Too' Candidate...

Hillary is in this for herself, Bernie Sanders is in this for the people and for this country

Wow! The Big 12 is quite the defensive juggernaut. 123 point in a regulation game...

Do you trust Hillary to not support trade deals like the TPP and TISA?

Pretty much a rained out Halloween, in Flint Michigan, tonight

Rand Paul, Martin O'Malley to visit UNH next week.

86 degrees in L.A.

PERFECT weather for trick or treating in Sf tonight.

I love this quote from FDR...

Spamming Bernie to minority social media may not work, says University of California researcher

Boo: Halloween Comet

I sure am glad the Democratic party is treating all the candidates equally.

I sure am glad the Democratic party is treating all the candidates equally.

Don't forget to change your clocks before you go to bed