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Archives: October 5, 2015

Love this:

More than 3 times as many preschoolers are shot dead each year than police officers.

59 years ago tonight, Sputnik was launched successfully

If you were coming to or through South Carolina, don't.

Meanwhile, in Dumbfuxx, USA... Speakers, Shutdowns, Hearings, Guns

Tom The Dancing Bug: How To Tell The Difference Between An Open-Carry Patriot And A Deranged Killer

Live Oaks

Something to remember and pass on:

Islamic State Blows Up Ancient Arch Of Triumph In Palmyra

Lingering issues delay Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

NBC/WSJ/Marist polls Sunday morning Hillary 47 - BS 36 in Iowa....

Abby Martin: The Real House of Saud - Saudi Arabia's oil-for-tyranny

They have superpacs.... Bernie gets it super packed

Koch brothers, other 2016 mega donors warm to Carly Fiorina

Trump and Fox want to pass out the Pistols to Everybody.

Sanders is not Nader, is he?

Vertigo on the BIG screen

On 60 minutes, "The hidden Holocaust"

Supreme Court tackles hot social issues as 2016 election looms

October 13 and October 17 Events

Majority of EU nations seek opt-out from growing GM crops

Tucson vs. Phoenix

October 4, 1936

South Carolina hit by torrential rainfall; seven dead

October 4, 1936

October 4, 1936

pics from this weekend's adventure

Maybe We Could Make It Illegal To Sell Guns Anymore

O'M: I'm calling on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to back meaningful gun safety reforms

Islamic State militants blow up ancient Arch of Triumph in Palmyra

World's 'extremely poor' to fall below 10 percent of global population: World Bank

What mental illness diagnoses should result in loss of right to posses a firearm?

Mark Kelly calls for nationwide gun-control campaign

Roseburg shooter turned away by firearms instructor who thought he was too "weird"

Americans Opposed to Being Shot Seek Representation in Washington

WWII vet — presumed dead 72 years ago after crash landing — recounts tale of peril and extraordinary

#HillaryMen: Outsider Election: Hillary Is the Ultimate Anti-Establishment Choice (HRC GROUP)

How The Obama Administration Is Helping Big Bank Felons

That time when Wikileaks met with Assad

IEA: Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2015

gonna pimp this

List of every gun massacre in Great Britain since guns were invented:

pimping!! the working poor group idea

Bernie Sanders eats kittens

The Establishment Rejects the People's Candidate. Confirming the Main Reason Why Sanders is Surging!

LMAO!! Donald Trump just Tweeted to me!

Car-Lying: Carly Fiorina Lies Like a Boss

Oh. My. Effing. God. Donald Trump just Tweeted to me.

OT: Out of town meeting my new GRANDDAUGHTER!

Stark San Francisco income gap between whites ($104,300), African Americans ($29,500)

Just how long has this been going on....

Repeal the Second Amendment

Why The House Speaker's Race Just Got Nasty

Americans Opposed to Being Shot Seek Representation in Washington (The Borowitz Report)

Possibly the greatest #FeelTheBern meme ever.

Mulcair says NDP is the only party with ‘backbone’ to stand up to Harper and stop TPP deal

Even With Translators, U.S. And Russia Can’t Agree On Definition Of Terrorism Read More Here: Http:

An odd jury glitch: I was just called to jury a post that was actually

How to Spy Dubya's 9/11 Lie

Law Firm Labeled Hate Group Leading Kim Davis' Crusade

Australia plans to Boycott Travel to the U.S. On account of our Inane Gun Laws

60 Minutes: Priest travels former USSR documenting public mass executions of Jews, Gypsies by Nazis

Glass blowing...

Oregon Shooter’s Mom Is A Paranoid Gun-Hoarder

The pantsuit tee, and other fun campaign stuff (HRC Room Post)

Halloween is coming #7

Jeb! campaign consider recruiting older brother to the rescue.

NRA is not your friend

Halloween is coming #8…

Halloween is coming #9…

OK, who else is sick of the demonization of the mentally ill following shootings?

Man Hears Barking From Under Pavement and Rescues Buried-Alive Dog

Christie blasts N.J. Democrats for gun veto override attempt

Barren Land

Three women temporarily barred from Jaguars locker room after the Colts game

Follow-up: Dallas County DA Susan Hawk faced suicidal thoughts, wanted to resign

Brady Campaign Calls for Immediate Resignation of Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin

Hillary Clinton Goes Big On Gun Policy, Creates Contrast With Bernie Sanders

Lots of ducks paid a visit

You KNEW T Rump had his escape plan

Hillary Clinton addresses the Human Rights Campaign

Hillary Clinton to Propose New Gun Measures, Campaign Says

Ben Carson denies climate change and tries to clarify his stance on evolution

Hillary to call for end of legal immunity for gun manufacturers and dealers.

The Fall 2015 Anime Preview Guide.....

Betcha You don't have one of these:

David Cameron says that he would use nuclear weapons

America is like an angry boil. Trump wants to pop it. Meanwhile, the DNC is

Tens of thousands protest against Cameron

Iranian parliamentary panel gives conditional nod to nuclear deal

Hillary was Awesome on SNL but they had a shout-out to Bernie, too. LOL!

"He stuck his finger in the end of your *what?!*"

The Alternative Vision of Israeli Security That Netanyahu Refuses To See

Global nuclear facilities 'at risk' of cyber attack

Red Crescent Declares Emergency State in West Bank

Rehearsing for death:

Bernanke: Wall St execs should have gone to jail for crisis

Halloween Cat

Bears chased from property by tiny French bulldog

How Local Governments Got Burned by Private Prison Investments

If Union endorsements are not democratically decided, they mean nothing.

Voter registration and update links. This year's deadline 10/6

sheshe and Sanders attack on POTUS

Adams or Jefferson?

Putin is doing what ISIS has done: trying to make themselves

Daily Holidays - October 5

Robert Scheer: Amid the Crowing of the GOP and Clinton, Sanders Is on the Rise

Why Bernie and Hillary Must Address America's Dying Nuke Reactors

The Second Amendment Is a Gun-Control Amendment

Statesman: Follow the Money in Elections

Hillary's turnout at Broward College pictures

Hillary taking on guns

III. From a weak recovery to a new recession?

Mizzou grad workers need fair pay

Tom Toles: What Bernie Sanders’ newfound money has just bought him, and us

Intimidating China isn't going to work

Turkey 'intercepts' Russian jet violating its air space

Bernie Sanders Is About as Radical as Harry Truman

Merkel's conservative allies call for limit on number of refugees

Turkey intercepts Russian fighter jet violating its airspace

IS destroys Arch of Triumph in Syria's

Islamic State 'blows up Palmyra arch'

Ruling Portugal center-right coalition loses majority after election win

EU, Turkey agree on refugee action plan: reports

Syria air strikes must target all 'groups considered as terrorists': Fabius

EU court likely to slam Facebook on data privacy

Trans-Pacific Partnership talks near deal after five years of debate

Nineteen EU countries seek GMO opt-out

How NASA Plans To Protect Planets Against An Alien Invasion

Nobel prize for Medicine awarded for treatments for malaria and roundworm parasites

Acquisition Screw-Ups Like Ford Carriers ‘Predictable;’ Congress Isn’t Fixing Them, Says GAO

Snowy Egret

Floods and Coffee

For the children

Uihleins spend big to help Ron Johnson defend Senate seat from Russ Feingold


Bring it On NaNoWriMo 2015!

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Terrorized

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Canada: Tens of thousands of public-sector workers demonstrate against austerity, wage freezes

Bernie Sanders to pit his bulldog debate style against Clinton

I spent a couple minutes this weekend trying to find something in the polling ...

Luv me some Ozzy

PREDICT the level of raw SUCKAGE we can expect from the "Lethal Weapon TV Series Reboot."

Doonesbury, Saint Ronald and the Mob

Led Zeppelin III turns 45 years old today! Still rocking after all these years

Protesting workers force Air France managers to flee

Protesting workers force Air France managers to flee

Protesting workers force Air France managers to flee

Springfield Oct 4: Americans join Bernie Sanders in saying "Enough is Enough"

Morning Joe does a case of overcompensation re:Bernie

If everyone had a gun, we wouldn't have to worry about gun violence.

Mrs.Clinton just had the best week of her campaign

Dr. Ben Carson: Where does gravity come from? Maybe God?

US, Chile to announce new marine sanctuaries at conference

Saudi Arabia, our "Best Bud" in the ME, is preparing to 1. behead; and 2. crucify this young man.

FIORINA: The Enron candidate

POLL: Meme of the Week – October 5th

A new study shows how unique Republican views are across the developed world

Land ahoy?

Current list of democratic party candidates.

Hillary Town Hall-nbc now. Tune in.

Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement reached, sources say

We surely don't need the Tea party running Congress!

Live Event: Trans-Pacific Partnership Atlanta Ministerial Press Conference @ 9am EST 10/5/15

Bernie Sanders Holds Boston's Largest Democratic Primary Rally Ever

California's racial profiling law is 'terrible' legislation, police officials say

What Bernie Sanders’ newfound money has just bought him, and us (astounding admission!)

400 Days until Election Day 2016


Corporation vs. Nation: The Ultimate Showdown

Inspector General Urged To Investigate Justice Department For Ignoring CIA Torture

MP voting record

WaPo Fact Checks President's Claim That States With Most Gun Laws Tend To Have Fewest Gun Deaths

A Worrying Set Of Signals

Ronald Reagan decimated the mental health system in this country..

Video shows man grabbing gun from suspect in S.F. home invasion

TPP as a defining issue

GOP New Mexico Secretary Of State Now Faces 65 Corruption Charges

Minnesota Man Arrested, Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Having a Wind Turbine On His Property

Umpqua survivor tells CNN religion not a factor. No mention on Fox News story

Bernie Sanders :"Wall Street and other big corporations have won again."

Stay Litigious, My Friends: Jonathan (Dos Equis ads) Goldsmith sued for breach of contract

The Origins of Religion: How Supernatural Beliefs Evolved

Venezuelan Governor Suggests Eating “Fried Rocks” amid Shortages

Cargo ship El Faro missing in hurricane believed to have sunk: Coast Guard

"Struggling Jeb Camp Debates Bringing In W", Huffpost

Sanders 50; Trump 41. Don't know how I missed this, and apologize if it's already been posted

Tennessee County May Ask God To Spare Them And Smite Someone Else

UAW ratifies labor agreement with Deere & Co

Home at last: missing baby Rainn found sleeping in field

Hypothetical situ: It is a Single-Issue race for President. Pick your single issue from list below.

American Apparel files for bankruptcy protection

"In politics--and maybe elsewhere--I have assumed that one chooses when he can the person or policy

Just sent to

Governor Hassan announces her run for the Senate

The Worst Nuclear Testing You've Never Heard Of

Scientists discover furry new post-apocalyptic critter that survived demise of the dinosaurs

US commander says Afghans requested US airstrike in Kunduz

Environmentalists Praise Wildlife Measures in Trans-Pacific Trade Pact

Fiorina was unaware that her campaign was out of money

American Apparel Files for Bankruptcy Protection After Losses

11-year-old Tennessee boy shoots 8-year-old girl over argument about puppy

Mammoth Discovered In Michigan Was Likely Butchered By Humans

Jason Chaffetz Announces Run For House Speaker

Gun enthusiasts and the rush to buy guns after a mass shooting: Please don't shift the blame.

Tom Tomorrow: The continuing adventures of the Invisible Hand!

Hillary Clinton Goes Big On Gun Policy, Creates Contrast With Bernie Sanders-HILLARYCLINTON ROOM

"The Leftovers" -- season two premiere.

The Singularty is...Rats!

I need help coming up with an Event name (UPDATE)

GMO Propaganda and the Sociology of Science

Meet the Candidates: Marco Rubio aims for sweet spot between Tea Party, traditional GOP

AP analysis: VW evasion likely led to dozens of deaths

1988: Crew Safe in 'Pod' as Oil Rig Capsizes

Secretary Kerry will speak at IU's Global and International studies building on October 15.

The problem is that too many gun owners are more afraid of ****CRIMINALS**** and/or

American Apparel files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

California woman sues police over beating during arrest over alleged seatbelt violation

College kid who put noose on Ole Miss civil rights statue gets prison for sick stunt

Weapons common on Oregon college campus despite 'gun-free zone'

How Can Obama Be For Workers & Support TPP? TPP Is A Bad Deal For US Jobs.

Leaked Government Study Reveals Extent of Shortage Crisis in Venezuela

2 town halls in 3 hours and @HillaryClinton stayed up much later than me Saturday night!

Just so everyone who isn't watching CNN knows...

Donald Trump is throwing shade on Marco Rubio on his twiiter page!!!

My daughter in kindergarten got her first ever taste of what privilege means!

Martin O'Malley op-ed: 'Substance abuse fight requires action, resolve'

Body found in search for ship sunk in hurricane: Coast Guard

Wisconsin: BAD groundwater bill scheduled for a hearing this Wed, Oct 7 in Madison

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 10-4-15

"My question to you, Hillary... if I can call you that?" Hillary responds – "Or you can call me Val

US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Presentation on LENR (aka Cold Fusion)

24 more Iowa leaders endorse Martin O'Malley

Circuit Court Denies Anti-Choice Extremist’s Appeal Over Threatening Letter

Circuit Court Denies Anti-Choice Extremist’s Appeal Over Threatening Letter

Circuit Court Denies Anti-Choice Extremist’s Appeal Over Threatening Letter

"State repression, unbridled self-interest, an empty consumerist ethos, and war-like values"

Your Drunk Neighbor: Donald Trump

McGraw-Hill to rewrite textbook after mom's complaint

Taxpayers: Demand RNC reimburse OUR taxfunds used for fake Benghazi

Howard Zinn: What the Classroom Didn't Teach Me About the American Empire

Doing business 'under the influence'.

When I saw this story it sounded familiar...

Russia escalating Syria war by targeting moderate opposition: U.S.

Carly Fiorina Says Degree in Medieval History Will Help Her Defeat ISIS

Amtrak Train Derails in Northfield, Vermont: State Police

Least Surprising Baseball news today

Red Sox manager meets President Barack Obama at hotel gym

****How to post a video from Youtube... its so easy!***

Carly Fiorina has emerged as the Republican candidate of the moment

Can a DU member still send PMs to other DU members while they are suspended?

Once in a millennium storm will last ANOTHER day: Forecasters warn of more rain for the East Coast

Oh the irony. The delicious, tasty irony.

Bernie got a huge 1.5 page spread in the biggest liberal Dutch newspaper, the Volkskrant, today!

Bernie Sanders Is About as Radical as Harry Truman

Bernie Sanders' Floor Speech Against The TPP

5th U.S. Circuit to hear appeal of ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

The Bernie Sanders revolution will not be stopped!


Why San Francisco's last gun store is shuttering for good

Before GMO's there was THE ATOMIC GARDEN

It's time to leave the nuclear hall of mirrors

The Level of My Self-Esteem (October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month)

And Philbin is gone

The Level of My Self-Esteem (October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month)

The Syria Mess and the Pentagon’s Serial Failures

Chile, United States create new marine conservation parks

Chile, United States create new marine conservation parks

My feeling on how the debate will go

The Syria Mess and the Pentagon’s Serial Failures

"Walls work."

University of Washington law student sues CIA over data on Salvadoran Army officer

University of Washington law student sues CIA over data on Salvadoran Army officer

If crabs can get along, why can't we?

Southern California Cops Punch and Knee Woman After She Complains About Profane Officer

A Facebook page is helping lost pets find home during South Carolina flooding

Campus Carry (cartoon)

Three basic factors which the Marxist theory is not taking account

For those of you who speak Swedish.

Abby Martin: The Real House of Saud - Saudi Arabia's Oil-For-Tyranny

GOP New Mexico Secretary Of State Now Faces 65 Corruption Charges

Sex and World Peace: How the Treatment of Women Affects Development and Security

Florida-Man running for office: "I sacrificed an animal ... yes, I drank the goat's blood."

Sex and World Peace: How the Treatment of Women Affects Development and Security

Kerry Supports Elimination of Cuba Blockade

Sex and World Peace: How the Treatment of Women Affects Development and Security

Sex and World Peace: How the Treatment of Women Affects Development and Security

Stephen King post

Andrea Mitchell just told a whopper about Bernie:

Black Lives Matter Protesters to Hold 'Peaceful' Rally During Marathon

Speaker-to-be Kevin McCarthy brutally murders english language in front of audience.

DOJ announces record $20 billion settlement in Gulf oil spill

U.S. General Says Afghans Requested Airstrike That Hit Kunduz Hospital

Neoliberal nightmare takes Portugal

John McNeill, lodestar for gay theology movement, dies at 90

A Perfect Day For Bombing: Russian TV Forecasts Favorable Weather For Syria Strikes

An old friend just asked me if I was voting for tRump!

Federal Judge: Multidistrict Litigation May Proceed Against Major GMO Seed Company

Murder and Abortion Cases Highlight Continuing Injustices Against Women in Colombia

"Cowboy defense. More porous than the Texas border."

In rural America, a startling prospect: voters Obama lost look to Sanders

Syria conflict: Nato warns Russia on air strikes

180 seconds you will.......

U.S. enforcement of Iran arms embargo slipped during nuclear talks: sources

Abbas calls for international protection


US Services Growth Slows in September as Orders Plunge

Former Members of Mexico's PRD Launch New 'Leftist Movement'

Wake up America - White Americans are your enemy

Misrepresentation of the Colombian Conflict

Misrepresentation of the Colombian Conflict

Bernanke: Wall Street execs should have gone to jail for crisis

This Election Is Going To Be Like Watching A Horror Movie That Never Ends.

Gunmaker Stocks Rally as Hillary Clinton Calls for Tougher Laws

San Jose loses legal fight against MLB over Oakland A's plan

Yelling at parents for not locking up their guns: Well the NRA thinks you shouldn't have to.

Sweet little Ella and Peter are getting fixed today...

Seems To Me That Property Insurance Companies Have The Most To Lose On Climate Change.....

Gun humpers

Jamming the Jihad: Russian Electronic Warfare Systems Spotted in Syri

Broad’s support of Clinton raising concerns within teacher unions

Tweet from space highlight the miserable lives of North Koreans

Citing impact of BDS in Europe, Israeli businessman shifts towards China

How to post a youtube video, for those who don't know

The Radically Changing Story of the U.S. Airstrike on Afghan Hospital: From Mistake to Justification

Louisiana-Monroe QB Daniel Fitzwater dies

Krugman- Enemies of the Sun

Florida man running for Senate sacrificed goat and drank its blood

Kremlin Says Russian ‘Volunteer’ Forces Will Fight in Syria

New Yorker Article- The Populist Prophet

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush's Actual Response To The Nation's Latest School Shooting

Shin Bet: Terror cell behind Henkin murders arrested

In Wisconsin, Electable Bernie beats Trump, Bush and Rubio! By double digits!

On The Line: Simon Ostrovsky Discusses Russian Diplomatic and Military Maneuvers

'Butt dials' - a strain on US emergency systems

Bolivia to Investigate Alleged US Plot to Kill Evo Morales

Photo of White Man, Friends Posting Racist Comments About Black Co-Worker’s Child Goes Viral

Poll shows big 4 issues in primary for both parties. GOP: 1. ending Iran deal, 2. end funding for

Ever notice something about "prophets?"

Colombia to continue using controverial glysophate for coca eradication: Police

Unions do work!!!: UAW and Deere & Company agree to new new 6 year contract..WQAD Quad Cities

Sanders blasts ‘disastrous’ Obama trade deal

Great pic of Bernie in Boston :-)

Once a crazy con artist, always a crazy con artist.

I have been told if I vote for Bernie...

Black Wall Street

Do You Eat Kitty Litter?

Kremlin Military Insider Tweets Nuke Photo as "Our main argument in favor of a multipolar world"

Not So Fast: How Washington Could Kill the TPP Trade Deal

Can we PLEASE stop dissing Democrats?

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern: The Hope Behind Putin’s Syria Help

Edward Snowden interview: 'Smartphones can be taken over'

American Apparel files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Wipe Out the Jewish Terrorist Nest? Nah, We Can’t Reveal Our Sources

Edward Snowden: US has not offered me plea deal

Hamburg to seize commercial property to house migrants

Yankees' CC Sabathia checking into alcohol rehabilitation center

despicable white racist idiot and his friends show out on FB, lose jobs.

The Supreme court starts new session today

Nearly a third of world's cacti face extinction, says IUCN

Carson’s Bias Against Muslims Breaks Unwritten Rule Of Using Veiled Language

Court Orders EPA to Revise Ship Ballast Dumping Regulations

Supreme Court rejects hearing Huguely appeal in Yeardley Love death

Gay Dads Star In New Campbell Soup Ad

Homeless man reunited with puppy after animal rights activists seized his pet and left him weeping

Here are winners and losers from the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan to challenge Kelly Ayotte for Senate seat

To the Victims of This Tragedy We Send Our Thoughts and Prayers

MAGGIE HASSAN is RUNNING against that weasel Kelly Ayotte!

The real fight over abortion is not Planned Parenthood. And Republicans are dominating.

BBC admits using digital fakery to spice up shots of Chilean volcano erupting

Congressman Behind Planned Parenthood Assault Kept Paying Aide After Sexual Harassment Complaints

U.S. court rejects creditors' bid for Argentine funds held by BNY Mellon

Botswana cheetah Legolas killed in 'unnecessary' attack

Canada's Biggest Political Scandal You Never Heard Of

Argentine ruling party extends presidential vote lead - poll

Wall Street Reacts To TPP Agreement - TMFS Sketch Comedy

Bernie Bernie Bernie Bernie Bernie

Remembering Legendary Detroit Activist Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015)

Red Eyes

I think gun laws should mimic drivers' license laws

Did the Oregon Shooter Actually Target Christians? That Doesn’t Appear to Be the Case

MSF Response to Spurious Claims That Kunduz Hospital Was "A Taliban Base"

Guess what season it is

Tourists urged to please stop fondling statue's breasts for photos

Mike Huckabee: Boycott Rainbow Doritos! But Chick-Fil-A Boycott Was "Economic Terrorism"

If Guns Were As Regulated As Cars

Donald Trump: Redskins a 'positive' name, Washington shouldn't change

Benghazi committee Democrats say they'll release witness transcripts

Alabama county judges using segregation-era law to avoid issuing licenses for same-sex marriages

Moscow Times Op-Ed: Russia Is Entering a Long and Pointless War

Bill Clinton announced for Colbert's show Tuesday night

‘Pure lunacy’ to jail this man for 20 years

I have a question about

Apparently Stephen A. Smith is vying for ESPN's biggest A**Hole Award

What gun nuts, Christians, vegans, joggers, and yoga students have in common.

Car bomb attacks kill 57 people in Iraq: police

Defiant Benghazi committee Democrats to release witness transcripts

Supreme Court denies appeal seeking return of Jim Thorpe's remains

I watched part of American Sniper this weekend

The Vatican Finds it to be "Impossible" for Transgendered People to be Godparents

Bye Bye Joe Philbin.

Honey Brook mom accused of injecting daughter with heroin

Princess Leia bikini sells for $96,000

Ellen DeGeneres Books Bernie Sanders For Post-Debate Appearance, Oct. 15th

Is a third Palestinian intifada on the way – or has it already begun?

East coast DU'ers DON'T BE ALARMED!

Ellen DeGeneres Books Bernie Sanders For Post-Debate Appearance, Oct. 15th

Pregnancy Sucks. Here's Why.

It's not about Bernie Sanders "making changes"

Dow Jones doing very well today...

The Russians Will Decimate ISIS. Russians Will Take No Prisoners.

Are you from rural Wisconsin?

Turkey Vows to Protect Borders After Russian Jet Incursion

Look what the Dems on the Hill are doing? RIGHT ON!!! (HRCLINTON GROUP POST)

In 1985 Dwight Gooden's record was 24-4. In those 4 losses the Mets

Springfield Oct 4: Americans join Bernie Sanders in saying "Enough is Enough" (video)

Racism: A recent story brings up a good question:

Hillary Clinton TODAY Show Town Hall

This is why it's called a 1000 year event

Mike Malloy - Conservatives Are Blaming Oregon Massacre On "Gun Free Zones"

Afghan forces regain most of Kunduz, some shops reopen

My boss rode the dreaded Napa Valley Wine Train last week.

Mike Malloy - The Late Great United States Of America

Florida Senate candidate killed goat in ritualistic sacrifice to ‘god of wilderness,’ drank blood

OMG! Ghosts are real, and here's the PROOF!

What do we ordinary Americans have to gain from yet another trade agreement, i.e., the TPP?

Mike Malloy - Conservatives Push To Fire McCarthy Before He Becomes Speaker

American Airlines captain dies at the controls

Mick Jagger Makes “Private” Visit to Cuba

Burger King's Black Halloween Burger Is Turning People's Poop Green! Heck, Yes!

"Thank you.

Carly Fiorina's rise in polls fueled by buzz, not facts

GRACE LEE BOGGS, Legendary Activist, Dies at 100.

Cop Complains After Getting Coffee Cup With 'blacklivesmatter' On It

"294 mass shootings in 274 days

Postcard from Lazymoocherville

Gov. Brown Signs End of Life Option Act, Legalizing Assisted Suicide for Terminally Ill

Americans -- do we need another trade agreement?

Forde's Fab Four: Where merit means more than school name

Opponents ask court to relax Wisconsin voter ID requirements

Gov. Ricketts' (R-NEBR)$500-a-head D.C. fundraiser 'a reality for being in office,' his adviser says

War Crimes, Democracy, and Redemption

Ed Schultz News and Commentary: Monday the 5th of October

Mother Jones has a revelation on gun control..

Hillary Clinton Is Running to Bernie Sanders’s Left On This One Issue

Browse An Archive Of 170,000 Depression-Era Photos

NBC polls: Sanders much stronger than Hillary in the general election in IA and NH

Man Hears Barking From Under Pavement and Rescues Buried-Alive Dog

24 more Iowa Democrats endorse O'Malley for president.

24 more Iowa Democrats endorse O'Malley for president.

Yes, I know that I should not listen to MSNBC!

Drivers Stop Their Car to Rescue Dog Who Leads Them to a Surprise (Sarajevo, Bosnia)

There will no longer be any gun violence in San Francisco

"How the National Rifle Association helped get Bernie Sanders elected"

Why is Mississippi so red when it's so black?

Snowden: I'd Go to Prison to Return to US

Clinton to Unveil Gun Control Proposals, O'Malley Wants Candidates to Adopt His>

Alabama Congresswoman Asks DOJ To Investigate DMV Closures

Republican Student Loan Bill Is A Handout To The Loan Industry

Text book publisher issues groveling apology to Texas mother who called them out

LePage staff won’t appear before Good Will-Hinckley watchdog panel

Thousands of rightists protest at PM’s home, demand action on terror

So I meant to go to GD but I accidentially clicked the wrong button and ended up in GD:P.

McGraw-Hill to rewrite textbook after mom's complaint

Kerry to meet with 19 mayors (10 from the US), on climate change this week

Guns don't kill people, Americans with guns kill people.

What if Jeb Bush were president Dec. 8, 1941?

Despite Final Agreement, TPP Facing an Uncertain Future

How desperate is Jeb Bush? He's thinking about campaigning with his brother.

Alaska Airlines Admits To Losing Its' Own CEO's Luggage

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 5, 2015

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ted Cruz: Accepting Muslim Syrian refugees is ‘crazy’

The joyful, illiterate kindergartners of Finland. (I'm so jealous.)

Does freedom trump public safety concerns?

Adam Ruins Everything: The TSA creates an illusion of security, doesn't stop terrorists.

Mother of Oregon Gunman Wrote of Keeping Firearms.

At the Vancouver Aquarium

Students Warned: Bulging Biceps, Big Guns Advance Unhealthy Masculinity

The Rendlesham Files

A 17-Year-Old Created This Insanely Detailed “Map Of Stereotypes”

Israeli PM Vows 'Strong Action' Against Palestinian Unrest

What “Orwellian” Really Means: An Animated Lesson About the Use & Abuse of the Term

If a "No Fly Zone" is OK

20,000 people came to see Bernie Sanders in Boston. Why aren’t we talking more about it?

David Dewhurst will pay campaign debts from senate race

Bernie Sanders says he is pulling together a plan to address gun violence

Hillary Clinton’s Clever Plan to Shrink the “Gun Show” Loophole

I love this man.

...eight -- possibly nine -- dams have failed so far..

Another glitch report...

TPP Finalized: “TPP is corporate greed. Affordable medicine is what we need”

Twenty-five years since the reunification of Germany

Changing Story Doesn't Absolve U.S. in Hospital Attack, Doctors Group Says

Russia says Turkish airspace violation 'a mistake,' Turkish media report

Harry Reid: Republicans Are 'Acting As Puppets For The NRA'

I need a little DU help please

I need a little DU help please

Fatal Shooting of 8-Year-Old Girl by 11-Year-Old Boy Reveals Hidden Epidemic in America

Sanders campaign says pro-Palestine activists should never have been kicked out of Boston rally

I would like to ask the Head Terrorist of the NRA just one simple question, if I may.

Got a little unnerved today on public transportation

Scott Pelley (CBS) says the DEM race is between Clinton and Biden.

Chamber of Commerce

Suffrajitsu': How the suffragettes fought back using martial arts

Bankruptcy court OKs sale of Z’Tejas restaurant chain

Shkeli is Small Time, Congress is Helping Big Drug Companies Rip Us Off for Billions

The Dallas Lameboys

World Law and Orion collected $67 million in illegal fees from at least 21,000 indebted consumers

How would President Hillary Clinton shut down House investigative committees?

9 dams have failed in South Carolina. Vibes to all those people facing a 1000 year

Bernie Sanders Doing Better Than Clinton Against Republicans In New Hampshire And Iowa

Texas AG asks Supreme Court to uphold state’s abortion restrictions

Analysis: Palestinian rebellion underway

Facebook To Deliver Internet To Sub-Saharan Africa Via Satellite

San Francisco to Offer Diapers to Low-Income Families

Presidential candidate O’Malley in Vegas.

Boston Globe: "Forceful debater Sanders nears test."

Halloween Light Show 2011 - This Is Halloween

Idaho mom upset after fellow diners send a note about her child's "new thing" (he's into yelling)

Jim Hightower: "Bernie Is Giving Us All an Opportunity to Win"

New Report Finds Immediate Congressional Action Is Needed to Prevent Economic Crisis.

Obama orders global crackdown on illegal fishing

Nonprofit redirects food destined for landfill into hands of those who need it

House Democrats starting to play hardball on Benghazi shenanigans

No such country as "Malaya" but everything else our media partner wrote about TPP must be true?

Bernie's 2002 Republican opponent once wanted more debates, but Bernie Sanders spurned him

10-year-old Texas girl kills 13-foot, 800-pound alligator with crossbow

10-5-15 Solidarity, The Noblest of Causes (Lech Walesa) in 2:00

Monday car show!

10-5-15 Solidarity, The Noblest of Causes (Lech Walesa) in 2:00

Abortion Restrictions Led to Longer Wait Times

10-5-15 Solidarity, The Noblest of Causes (Lech Walesa) in 2:00

Cute alert, my neighbor's kitten!

Rare ferrets find new home on former toxic site in Denver

When animals attack

Wow! Major planetary alignment this month!

Fantasy Sports Employees Bet at Rival Sites Using Inside Information

Democrats to Release “Classified” Benghazi Interview That Busts Republican Lies

Me go get mail for you-

Do you think this place will implode on the Democratic debate night?

Harvard Debate Team Loses to Prison Debate Team

In Final BP Deal, Texas to Get $800 Million for Gulf

TiVo finally tells TV broadcasters to stuff it

Follow-up: Westfield, Spring football coaches and players suspended after brawl