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Archives: March 10, 2015

Tweety says All 47 ReTHUG Senators violated the Logan Act

Israel revises economic forecast, predicting higher growth

Solar plane journey's first leg ends

Just saw the most awful smear of a Clinton pundit by someone from the RNC. Was on CNN Erin

Florda Gubbernor Rick Scott won't say if Global Warming is a problem

NFL's tax-exempt status is again under fire in Congress

Film critic Roger Ebert - Grave of The Fireflies and the film. (Bombing of Tokyo)

Broken, venal, dysfunctional: The GOP clown show, Hillary’s challenge, and our frozen democracy

Vinehout bill would create health ins exchange - I wish this would get ONE TENTH

Iran's Official Response to the Senate Republicans' Letter:

Parents mourn their child, lost to suicide by gun.

Guess where the Iranian leadership was educated...

Tim Cole honorary degree approved by Texas Tech regents (black man wrongfully convicted of rape)

In anticipation of strike, undergrads rally to support graduate student workers

Glenn Greenwald defends Republicans trying to sabotage Iran negotiations.

Elizabeth Warren: I will be a voice for working people

Glorious Selma!

KKK fliers left at Selma homes on 50th anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday'---Pics included.

Elizabeth Warren: I will be a voice for working people (Elizabeth Warren Group)

NYU grad worker forced to pull tooth bc of university's useless dental plan

Applause at solar plane's first-leg landing in Oman

NYT To Conservatives: No, We Didn't Crop George W. Bush Out Of Selma Photo

TWO more Labor on the front page LBN again 3-9-15

TWO more Labor on the front page LBN again 3-9-15

It can be done: Arrests without killing the suspects.

Mandatory Monday Malloy thread & A new kitteh gif

CBS Evening News teaser: OU scandal & Dog show fight

Ben Stein: NYT Snubbed 'Civil Rights Leader' George W. Bush In Selma Photo

Testing company claims hacker attacks caused cancellation of Florida computer tests.

The Atlantic: Time to Kill Daylight Saving

The first 47 volunteers to lead the ground invasion of Iran...

Most Voters Want Change in 2016

Was John Lennon the first Atheist Rock & Roller?

Sen. Sanders Speaks at The National Press Club

WSU to honor civil rights martyr Liuzzo with degree

SeaWorld Orlando sends employees to help with sea lion rescue

American Jews are angry with Netanyahu

Lithuania "already under attack"; President urges Baltic States to brace for Russia aggression

47 Republicans May Have Just Broken the Law By Writing An Outrageous Letter To Iran

Walking Dead last night:

Former CNN correspondent Miles O'Brien has arm amputated after accident

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Come Out in Full Force for New York Legislative Meeting on Women’s E

The Tri Delta sorority might be on hook on the racist frat video, too.

Best use of a song in a TV Show

Omaha's average gas price up 8.4 cents in past week

Civil Rights Pioneer Diane Nash: I Refused to March with George Bush During Selma Anniversary

Chelsea Clinton 'Absolutely' Open To Running For Office

Pakistan tests missile that could carry nuclear warhead to every part of India

Safety in Numbers: Arrogant GoP Senate too Big to Fail?

Holy Guacamole! Tiny Bug Threatens U.S. Avocado Supply

Republicans are beginning to act as though Barack Obama isn’t even the president

Jeff Hale, ‘Sesame Street’ and ‘Thank You Mask Man’ Animator, Dies at 92

Watch This Amazon Prime Satire Expertly Skewer the Wage Gap

Watch This Amazon Prime Satire Expertly Skewer the Wage Gap

Rep. Molly White files bill to allow business owners to refuse service based on religion

Police: Officer fatally shoots naked man in Atlanta suburb

On Robert Reich's facebook page:

10 American Made Denim Brands That Aren't Owned by Glenn Beck

Student government candidates file resolution to remove Jefferson Davis statue from UT

second bill of rights:

Naturals - natural pine store products. anybody know if they're still in business

Name a favorite song of yours and how it would be horribly desecrated as a cover.

Texting While Driving Ban Bill Gets Another Run at Texas Capitol

Another nation blazed the trail for Iran in developing a nuclear program

Read the full transcript of Obama's rousing, emotional speech in Selma

The young woman who made the video of the SAE racist chant...

Republicans Are Gutting Arizona’s Public Colleges to Save Some Corporate Tax Cuts

O'Reilly has caused an update to the DSM

So a Clinton candidacy means we have to put up with Lanny Davis on TV again?

Who left their Lamborghini on the side of the road? Was it Skittles?

Op-Ed: Will there be a second coup attempt in Venezuela?

America has more guns in fewer hands than ever before

Op-Ed: Will there be a second coup attempt in Venezuela?

Why It’s Almost Impossible To Teach a Robot To Do Your Laundry By Alexandra Ossola

Cancer in remission for teen forced to undergo chemo

African-Caribbean people more likely to be strip-searched by UK police

Deterioration of ancient mummies may be caused by climate change

BPZ Resources files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

What, Ohio a trendy pot state? Column

FLOTUS: "We honor those who walked so we could run."

A taste of that good ole' Christian love we hear so much about.

Walker leads Bush in new GOP poll

European Central Bank Launches Trillion-Euro Stimulus

Bad Science Marches at the Legislature

In The Morning

Silver coins and treasure dating back 2,300 years to Alexander the Great found in Israel

How Opening Cuba Helped Isolate Venezuela

UPDATE: Foster parents claim Rep. Harris lied, used connections to adopt girl who was raped later

No, I don't want to fucking install the crappy Ask Toolbar, as part of my Java update.

So, are you going to rush out and buy a $10,000 Apple watch?

Why Venezuela's Neighbors Keep Quiet

Come to Rome for the cathedrals, the ruins.....and the red-light district?

Dig on USA network looks pretty interesting.

Pres. Obama Picks Another Fight; This Time Venezuela

Is Venezuela on route to disaster as sanctions hit?

Do you know what is really sad about the OU SAE matter?

Joe Biden Goes Ballistic On Senate Republicans

Tomorrow’s NY Daily News Cover Calls GOP Sens ‘Traitors’ over Iran Letter

Woman linked to 2010 N.M. murders wasn’t ‘brave enough’ to stop the bloodshed

Pantex worker exposed to radiation dose

Senator Who Organized Letter To Iran Has Said He Wants To Sabotage Negotiations

Incredible video of a sinkhole, located south of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

An American goes to Iran:

Reality TV cast killed when helicopters collide

Earth Mother

Tapper Grills Sen. Cotton: Are You Trying to ‘Sabotage’ Obama’s Iran Deal?

Wow, Nader shilling for Paul and Greenwald calling Reid Cheneylike for wanting peace all in one day

DUer Rowdyboy has passed away

Do you ever notice that often white folks who are most skeptical of minority accounts of racism

So, if the GOP Congress wants to start a mob crime family, no one can stop them?

The Apple Watch: $349, $549, $10,000.......

DUer Rowdyboy has passed away (see also GD thread)

It's Peeback Time...

With a 47 GOP cabal traitors in the Senate maybe the former SecofState needed a secure server.

Brazil femicide law signed by President Rousseff

Burning cross won’t deter, Smoking for Jesus Ministry members say

We knew he was a skunk,

"Ghost Dance" my sequel to "Mack the Ripper" is on Amazon

3 dead in shootings in West Central Laredo

Matamoros mayor escapes assassination attempt; four suspects detained

Joe Biden: GOP senators’ Iran letter ‘offends me’

Why cats love catnip

Madison Police Shooting Not Just About Race Family Says

Big Media Blindspot: Did Saudi Royals Fund 9/11? | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV

Here's The List Of Repug Senators That Didn't Sign On To The Letter To Sabotage The Negotiations....

Direct evidence that drought-weakened Amazonian forests 'inhale less carbon'

GOP Senators Would Help ISIS If It Hurt Obama.

One Step Closer to Artificial Photosynthesis and "Solar Fuels"

IMO, Internal combustion is causing all these rail tankers jumping off the rails.

Colombia suspends extradition of FARC leader to US

Poroshenko: Rebels Have Withdrawn Significant Amount Of Heavy Weaponry In Eastern Ukraine

GOP 47 Bold Enough To Start A War And Blame Dems & Obama/ Fox Evil Enough To Support.

FSU asks judge to throw out lawsuit from Winston accuser

Did The Repugs Just Put President Obama In A Win-Win Situation Re: Iran Negotiations?......

How Gout Pill Went from Pennies to $5 by the Greed of Big Pharm and the Generosity of the FDA

Do you ever notice.... anti-Semitism and reactions to it

Venezuela president seeks increased power after US sanctions

Obama to appear on Jimmy Kimmel's show Thursday night.

15 Years After Sacramento Synagogue Fires, Jewish Leaders Worry It Could Happen Again

Submission: UCLA campus must take action to address anti-Semitism

Please sign the Petition to file charges against the 47 Senators

Joe Biden Goes Ballistic On Senate Republicans: Iran Letter Beneath 'Dignity Of An Institution

No-Till Farming on the Rise with Better Profits and less Fertilizer Run-off

Daily Holidays - March 10

Memphis police: Backlogged rape kits tested, suspects ID'd

Top 10 Greatest U.S. Presidents

Three French sports stars die in Argentina helicopter crash

Graysons return to court in divorce case amid bigamy dispute

Some people think that this is a game...

So FLorida is sinking but officials can't use the term

The founder of ISIS indirectly led to Osama Bin Laden being located

How to Become a Conservative in Four Embarrassing Steps

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah TRAITORS!! New York Daily News Headline

The 47 GOP Have Declared The Obama IS NO LONGER PRESIDENT OF THE US.

Knifed US Ambassador Released From South Korean Hospital

NY Daily News Cover Calls GOP Sens ‘Traitors’

Slowpoke Toon: Privilege and Preference

The new GHAZI: "Dumbghazi" featuring the senate republicans who wrote a letter

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

I have a feeling that we are seeing the tip of the iceberg

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Toon: What Happened to them?

Consumers get new path to dispute credit report errors

Wikipedia to file lawsuit challenging mass surveillance by NSA

Wikipedia to file lawsuit challenging mass surveillance by NSA

AP: It's not just right-to-work: Bills targeting unions multiply

Hardliners GOP Tom Cotton Doesn't Give A Sh** About Iran Talks Protocol.

Texas federal judge leaves block on Obama immigration plan in place

Troops and hardware from 3rd Infantry Division heading to Eastern Europe

Dick Cheney was the founding father of the private email system for government work

The letter to Iran- How Republicans spend their weekends...

The Rude Pundit - GOP Senators to Iran: Go Ahead and Build Nuclear Missiles

Wabash Cannonball

Kotorba toon: Ringling bros......

Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines policy resigns as city's court system seized

Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines policy resigns as city's court system seized

Tom Cotton: 'traitorous hack' who authored republican letter to Iran hardliners

Bloomberg: Did 47 U.S. Senators Just Commit Treason By Attempting to Sabotage Iran Deal?

Okay, so let's "war-game" this: The President orders the arrest of 47 opposition senators.

Behold a Pale Horse: Republican senators....eom

TAFT CAUSES HOTEL DELUGE (caps in original at NY Times)

Activists plan to airdrop 'The Interview' into North Korea

Apple targeted by CIA spies for years, say new Snowden documents

The 47 Republican Senators and their letter to Iran

Obama blasts Walker over union law

my tweet to Tom Cotton

What an 18th century non-war with France has to do with the Senate’s letter to Iran (Logan Act)

Wikipedia to file lawsuit challenging mass surveillance by NSA

So Does Anybody Here Think We'll See The NY Daily News Front Page Shown On.....


Photo of the Day

Firefighters use Jaws of Life to rescue trapped dog

Brazil: president signs new bill to punish domestic violence

Ivory Coast's former first lady Simone Gbagbo jailed

*Snort* - Miami Herald Columnist On Florida's "Great Leader", Climate Language Rules

Florida Conservative Battle Royale Over Solar Power: Teaclowns Versus The Kochs

Cuba Gives its 'Unconditional Support' to Venezuela against U.S.

Joe Sestak responds to Sen. Toomey signing the letter to Iran

Can and should the DoJ investigate the infamous 47 for violating the Logan Act?

47%? Where have I heard that number before?

Floriduh - Scott Claims No Global Warming Censorship, Public Health Paper Proves Him A Liar

The Signers and The Letter. Time to let them know what we think

The Signers and The Letter. Time to let them know what we think

Oh, No, No, I Wasn't Pressuring OK State Seismologist, Says Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm

SAE Proudly Touts Its Association With The Confederacy On Its National Website

I really think the GOP is scared of Obama making a breakthrough

Crime In ND Oil Boomtowns Now So Bad The FBI Is Stepping In

We are winning the battle on climate change science

Obama rails against ‘anti-worker law’ signed by Scott Walker

Gag Order On Blankenship Criminal Trial Lifted By Federal Appeals Court

I do not understand

The Repub Letter to Iran is not Unusual. Repubs have done this before.

Obama plans to make it easier to pay your student loans

Ben Stein: NYT Snubbed 'Civil Rights Leader' George W. Bush In Selma Photo

dupe, sorry

Immediately After Launching Effort To Scuttle Iran Deal-Sen Cotton Meets With Defense Contractors

Iran's Soleimani storms home front By Mahan Abedin

Anybody know of any short story about a time traveller preventing John Lennon's murder?

SAE and it's long history of racial slurs, hazings, rape and death

here's what my local gannett/ usa today newspaper reported on the 47senators

The 7 GOP Senators who chose not to participate in unprecedented subversion of foreign negotiations,

what are they going to do next, start ordering military units around?

Oklahoma loses 4-star OT's commitment after racist fraternity video surfaces, report says

What has been the reaction of the Iranian letter to the 47 senators completely making them

OK - We're A Day Into This GOP Letter To Iran - What Are The Repug Talking Points For Doing It?.....

NBC/WSJ Poll: "Extraordinary" Democratic support for Hillary Clinton

The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara

Milwaukee Urinal / Sentinel reports on the 47 US Senators' traitorous letter to Iran

Reddit gives to lefty charities, including FFRF

Rest in Peace Rowdyboy!

That's IT! Metric only from now on!

What Has Been The Reaction By The Foreign Press To The Repug Letter To Iran?.....

After GM Announces Buyback Plan, It Will Face Union Demands

Winter tourism season booms in Cuba

Howard Dean: Hillary email story is 'bubkes' Dean on at about 2:50 of video


Hillary Clinton Room Post-Hillary Clinton Email: Former Secretary to Hold News Conference, Sources

West End security firm says union organizing effort by the SEIU unnecessary

Turning the tables in the patriotism debate

3/11: FOUR YEARS AFTER: Father gets diving license, joins undersea search for daughter

Underestimating your enemy is one of the worst mistakes it's possible to make in war..

GOP=TRAITOR headlines we've demanded - Now STUPID Clinton campaign chooses TODAY

Iran Calls GOP Letter 'Propaganda Ploy,' Offers To 'Enlighten' Authors

How are you able to see a edit of a post

Full text of the Selma speech .. I hope every American reads this

For GOP, Obstruction Becomes Treason.

'Guns in school' bills move ahead despite protests

now. the woman has gotten the abortion figured out. she simply... has to figure out

Hillary to Address Emails at 1:30

With the 47 treasonous bastards that sent the letter to Iran in the news now,

Bill Press: What’s the penalty for treason?

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you...

Frank Bruni, NY Times: Christians Loving Jews

Biden: GOP’s Iran Letter Undermines U.S.

Bringing light in the discussion about GMOs?

Help please does anybody have a list of the GOP Senators that sent the letter to Iran?

GOP letter to Iran (found in a TX Democrats group on FB)

The GOP Open Letter to Iran: Write to your Senators

Tom Cotton fires back at Biden over Iran letter

Judge replaced in Furguson

This Is What A Little Over A Year Of Religious Women Breaking Down Barriers Looks Like

After Beating FBI Entrapment, Environmental Activist Eric McDavid Looks Forward

Beauton Gilbow, former house mom to SAE racist asshole too- Waka Flocka cancels OU

And the Democratic Senators are silent on the Iranian letter

In June 1992, Ross Perot led the national opinion polls with 39% support (Clinton was at 25%).

Union ‘Fair Share’ Dues Issue Evolving Into Lisa Madigan Vs. Gov. Rauner Legal Battle

"Men's Rights Activists" explained in a single image.

And 'The American Conservative' weighs in...

Missouri Supreme Court takes over cases in Ferguson; judge resigns

Kevin Spacey to deliver CNN White House series

I Called Mark Kirk's Office This Morning.....

National Dems Rally Around Ted Strickland, Not Ohio Dem Sittenfeld

Screenshot of letter sent to Iran by GOP Senators

The writers for House of Cards couldn't have come up with this

Watch: SAE Frat Mom, Who Condemned Members Behavior, Spouts N-Word

I'm Sorry - But One Has To Question Hillary's Judgement For Calling This Presser Today.....

Funny story about the dead cat who came back

Iran Offers to Mediate Talks Between Republicans and Obama

A staggering number of Republicans can’t see themselves supporting Chris Christie

Dunkin' Donuts to remove titanium dioxide from donuts

Why is the Chuggo being censored?

Who do you call to move a (dead) motorcycle? A regular car towing service?

Email Mitch, pleeeeeeeze

Stole This from Reddit Regarding Iran:

Labor fires back at Obama on trade

Reporter: No Way O'Reilly Witnessed Suicide — He Even Got Location Wrong

Day 4 of obedience school, the locals get suspicious

Fox News Guest Explodes During 'Hannity' Race Debate: 'Shame On You!'

AP: 5 things to know about tax time and health care coverage

A Rebel Beauty Pageant: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 98)

Peshmerga Fighters Closing in on Mosul: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 9)

Electoral College-Rigging Bill - "This bill represents a new flush of Republican chutzpah."

GOPer invites Hillary Clinton to sign Iran letter

NY Times: After Jobs Dry Up, What Then?

DNA solves mystery of African slave burial

CNN trying to bait Dems into taking bites of Hillary!

Why are van Gogh's paintings slowly turning white?

Thom Hartmann: Wake Up! Our Planet's Lungs are Dying

Goodbye P value: is it time to let go of one of science’s most fundamental measures?

Thom Hartmann: Last Hours: The Frightening Reality of Global Climate Change

Rep. Polis D-CO : The Never-Ending, Misguided GOP Attacks on the National Labor Relations Board

Thom Hartmann: Why OK Hid the Fact Fracking Causes Earthquakes?

What are your favorite smoothie/juice recipes?

Rep. Polis D-CO : The Never-Ending, Misguided GOP Attacks on the National Labor Relations Board

Rep. Polis D-CO : The Never-Ending, Misguided GOP Attacks on the National Labor Relations Board

Have you ever made a live topiary? Is chicken wire going to be enough?

If you need to lower your cell phone bill....

New WI PPP poll:Hilary leads Walker 52 to 43

Je suis Chuggo.

Catholic Church can’t win fight it’s picking with S.F.

Hillary WILL be answering questions today by the media

Obama to announce changes for student loan repayment

SPLC: Future of the Council of Conservative Citizens Unknown After Founder’s Passing


Thank God for Abortion Providers

Why Does the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Continue to Honor the KKK?

Texas fraternity under fire for racist party forbids interracial dating, Mexicans, and ‘fagetry’

A Taste of Austria

One video explains American politics, the Internet, and DU.

Palo Alto train death opens fresh wound in a community searching for solutions

RFTA drivers contend union could strengthen bus system

About War? Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Peter, Paul, and Mary. Live

Cuba gives its 'unconditional support' to Venezuela against US

Temple University Adjuncts Rally to Form a Union

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Senators' Letter To Iran: The Reviews Are In

Iran Offers to Mediate Talks Between Republicans and Obama

Antagonizing Venezuela: Obama’s Hard Turn to the Right in Hemispheric Policy


Antagonizing Venezuela: Obama’s Hard Turn to the Right in Hemispheric Policy

Sanders On Fed & Greece

US job openings reach a 14-year high, and more workers quit

Mythical Roman 'She-Wolf' Cave Found 

'Embarrassing’: GOP senators get the Constitution wrong while lecturing Iran about US law

"Gets the Point Across": Reviews of Amazon's Top Confederate Flag

Germans outraged after far-right rally forces mayor’s resignation

AFT’s Weingarten: Walker Will Say and Do Anything to Attack Workers

Emails between two .gov accounts may not be any more secure

Citizens United Is Making GOP Learn To Love Government Regulations

Two students expelled from OU over racist chant

OU President David Boren expels two students for involvement in racist video

BREAKING NEWS: Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-Idiotville) to form new House subcommittee.

Obama slams Wisconsin anti-union RTW law

The Curse of Nolan Ryan interview:

Petition here to prosecute Repub. Senator' clear violation of the Logan Act by their letter to Iran

Niners Nation lashes out against Jed York

Obama & student loans / investment bank regs

Judge rejects diocese's bid to set aside in vitro verdict

Question on the Logan Act

Tim Kaine Questions If Senate GOP 'Mature' Enough To Handle National Security


"League Of The South" smears Selma march...

Looks like we hit maximum ice extent about 2 weeks earlier than normal

WTF ...198

Dave Agema sticks his foot in mouth again...

Ted Cruz once again has no idea what he's talking about...

Staffer For Anti-Gay 'Pro-Family' US Congressman Arrested On 17 Counts Of Child Sex Crimes

How much sump would a sump pump pump if a sump pump could pump sump?

I am no fan of Mark Pryor

I Would Rather Hear From Our Current Sec. Of State vs A Former Sec. Of State.....

CARERS Act: let states legalize medical marijuana without federal interference.

Supporters rally around black SAE fraternity house chef amid scandal

Can Catholic teachers attend a gay wedding?

How Facebook Turned Evgeny Morozov into a Marxist (sort of)

Bachmann's Worthy Heir (Tom Cotton) - By Josh Marshall

simple question: why didn't Hillary get out in front of this years or months ago?

Sumpin' happenin' here. What it is ain't exactly clear.

SAE N***er Chant -- There's more to the story...

Russia says halts activity in European security treaty group


If Hillary doesn't speak out at the UN today against the Iran letter, she will signal to the world


I was watching Morning Joe, yet again ...

The CIA Campaign to Steal Apple's Secrets

Two More US Senators Slam Treaty Negotiations Before Completion....

With rethugs trying to sabotage the Iran deal, and cheerleading for another war, I know

Just thinking about the juxtaposition of the letter to Iran,

So is the sworn enforcer of all our laws going to do a little enforcement?

Who gets to decide what the news is?

Putin's Russia Could Be 'Single Greatest Threat To Britain's Security,' Philip Hammond Warns

Flowchart explains which Apple Watch is right for you

Help Find the Lonely Whale

Frank Bruni, NY Times on GOP and Netanyahu Speech

Why the White House Won’t Pursue GOP Senators’ Iran Letter As Logan Act Violation

Iraqi Troops, Militia Retake Strategic Town North Of Tikrit From Islamic State

I have an honest question. Education is my only motive.

ISIL has demolished the ancient city of Hatra, a UNESCO site

The vast right-wing conspiracy is still real. Also, the media is really stupid

Stocks, Oil Sell Off As Dollar Rallies On Fed Views

Would The Al Jazeera America Cable News Show Have More Viewers With A Name Change?.....

Supreme Court rules against gov't in Catholic college contraception case

Correa calls US sanctions on Venezuela a 'bad joke'

If you’re going to buy tuna, make sure to choose a sustainable and ethical option.

Federal Bill Introduced to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Maine GOP senator suggests President Obama will see ISIS at family reunion

Disney's $1 billion bet on a magical wristband

UNASUR supports Venezuela against outside interference

NYC's Record Homeless Population Seeks Shelter at LaGuardia

Venezuela? Really? Know Your Enemy!

The Return of the Clinton Media Persecution Complex

History Suggests OPEC's Days Could Be Numbered

Obama's Wake-Up Call to Venezuela's Neighbors

Colombia gets crude awakening as oil price slump hits economy

It's Tuesday, and I'm out of stuff to pin on Clinton

Post a song that's like an emotional gut punch.

Netanyahu Campaign Hit by Perfect Storm

Stop Trashing Clinton's Management Skills

D.C. snow tourism: When the weather gets bad, the sight-seeing is still good

The #47Traitors hashtag Tuesday No. 1 trending list on Twitter,

Tom Cotton may have just undermined his own case

U.S. Can't Lead From Behind in Iraq

Kansas trashed tests after hacking. Florida's test hacking being investigated. Shouldn't count.

KKK made their presence known in Selma this weekend

Mauresmo among three elected to Hall of Fame

Bernie Sanders: GOP 'itching' for war with Iran

Sam Simon spent his fortune on atheist billboards

When Kansas tests were hacked last year they trashed them. What will Florida do?

Question about alerting

President's live stream of speech at Georgia TEch

Republicans May Have Undermined Their Own Cause Against Iran

Dem Congressman is calling Tom Cotton "Tehran Tom"

Kansas politician calls for resignation of Kris Kobach, 'the most racist politician in America'

TTIP must not allow companies to sue EU countries for environmental laws, say MPs

Caught on camera: man takes off with toddler, sister helps save him

my latest jam: George Howard - Grazing In The Grass (Official Music Video)

6 Lessons Dorothea Lange Has Taught Me About Street Photography

One in five gay and bisexual teenagers claim they have suffered homophobic bullying from teachers

I don't like this Thomas Roberts on MSNBC

‘Embarrassing’: GOP senators get the Constitution wrong while lecturing Iran about US law

Ring of Fire: TPP Sale Echoes Broken NAFTA Promises

Leader of movement says the Tea Party needs positive focus

Why should Hillary Clinton's state dept. have been bound by Colin Powell's email policies?

CDC Seeks More Clues To Tulane Bioterror Lab Accident

Bernie Sanders: Republicans seem to be itching for war....

Is Venezuela Really an ‘Extraordinary Threat’ to the United States?

Is Venezuela Really an ‘Extraordinary Threat’ to the United States?

Chris Matthews: Letter To Iran Completes "Trifecta" Of GOP Sedition

Were yours one of them?

The NRA’s stranglehold threatens the whole world ("It's true mission: Corporate lobbying")

God Shoots Himself While Cleaning Gun

I have three words for the 47 Republican Senators...

"Kill All NI**ERS": Putin Youth organization "Nashi" a LOT like Hitler Youth

deAR iRAN... OBAMA is NOT THe BOss oF us...

SCOTUS tosses lower ruling on birth control mandate

"No, a public university may not expel students for racist speech "

What Is Happening in Venezuela?

WWII soldier's wedding ring returned to his family 70 years later

TYT: Fraternity Shut Down After Racist Chant Caught On Tape (Footage Included)

Why the Senate GOP’s Iran Letter Is Obnoxious

Tom Cotton Tries To Offer Alternative To Iran Talks, Gets Almost Everything Wrong

More crow/gift stories -BBC

Trees Are Running...

Cat video serves as a metaphor for neocon Middle East policy

Does this definition of sedition more closely fit what the Gang of 47 did?

Big win for regulators at Supreme Court

An update on my "Sportsman for Walker" friends......

TYT: Obama Racist? Fox's Tantaros Says Yes

With Blitzer of CNN & Andrea Mitchell of CNBC reporting from Clinton's


Secrets of surfaces' wrinkling, folding, creasing and delaminating are unraveled

Me, Too! Bobby Jindal Signs Onto Republican Senators' Letter To Iran

BOOM-Hillary points out the GOP perfidy on Iran

Harry Reid: Hillary Clinton Email Controversy Is A 'Hiccup'

Sam Seder: 47 GOP Senators May Have Broken the Law By Sending a Shockingly Stupid Letter to Iran

Love, love me do: Male beetles that have more sex are more insecure, study shows

Feds accused police in polygamous towns of altering reports

Hillary did good.

The Volkswagen bus turns 65

Amid backlash, Bellevue City Council kills proposed citizen conduct policy

Dallas prep school: Grad led racist Univ. of Oklahoma chant

New York City ban on ferrets as pets will remain.

Oklahoma Guv--remove that devil ACA from my state, no wait I want an extension

Saving Chilean mummies from climate change

TYT: GOP Leaders Betray Our Country By Writing Letter to Iran

Sam Seder: Republicans Petty Excuses for Not Commemorating Bloody Sunday in Selma

GOP Senator Behind Iran Letter To Meet With Defense Industry Lobbyists

Hillary Clinton Room Post-Hillary did well!

Clinton Concedes She Should Have Used Gov't Email

Minimum Wage Boost In Seattle Faces Legal Challenge From Franchise Lobby

Are you a descendant of Genghis Khan? Millions of modern men descendants of 11 Asian dynastic leader

has anyone seen any of the 46 say anything on their official pages?

Listen to MSNBC

Racist Oklahoma fraternity’s house mother giggles as she says N-word over and over.

Secret Service Testing Drones, How To Disrupt Their Flying

The SAE frat may be bad, but Kappa Alphas are not any better.

Mike Malloy - Lesbian Abortion Cookies! - Part 1

Strained thumb from texting? Biomechanical simulations show how tablets & smartphones stress joint

Mike Malloy - Lesbian Abortion Cookies! - Part 2

Too many Dems helped the repugs get what they wanted . . .

20% off clothing MADE in the USA

Mike Malloy - The Most Racist Politician In America

Arizona cuts support for largest community colleges and Universities

Stay classy, Bobby.... while you chase the clown car lest it get away from you...

New paint makes tough, self-cleaning surfaces

Man Shot Dead Watching 1st Snowfall, Media Ignores

Update 3-10-15: Right To Work Goes Down In The Senate But The Fight Is Far From Over

It Was Clear That Hillary Was Getting Uncomfortable Fielding The Questions From The Press.....

Russia looking for Arab partner to construct new mega airport in Cuba

Biden Drops the Hammer: Climate Denial Almost Like Denying Gravity

Meet The Internet Entrepreneur Profiting Off The Anti-Vaxxer Movement

If the 47 repub Senators that signed that letter to IRAN

CNN is talking about GOP perfidy on Iran now and using HRC's comments as a segue.

SAE Fraternity alums are smattered throughout government

Russia Pays Tribute to Cuban Fallen in World War II

Texas House pitches fix for state employee pensions

RALLY 3-14-15: Tell Scott Walker Attacking The Middle Class Is Un-American Concord, NH

I just spoke to Senator Durbin's office. Was told that Dems will issue a unified response

Winter tourism season booms in Cuba

Clinton: GOP Iran Letter Either Meant To Help Iranians Or Harm Obama

Perhaps only viable candidate for POTUS from either party steps up

It’s ‘Orwellian': Florida Scientists Respond To Report That State Agency Banned ‘Climate Change’

Tom Cotton thought Hillary would take his side

Metro Atlanta police officer shoots, kills naked, unarmed man

PSA: Myself & greatauntoftriplets are going to start a business

Luckovich: The GOP Have Obama's Back

I'm seeing a lot of talk about the evils of fraternities, of late ...

Daily Kos: Obama Campaign Alumni Form New Astroturf Group to Promote TPP

The Rude Pundit - Sorry That We Cared Too Much:

NTSB on scene of Houston Ship Channel collision; MTBE gas additive spilled

How Google's wireless service could push down everyone's cellphone bill

The president is simply wrong about the 47 Republican senators

Job openings little changed at 5.0 million in January; hires and separations up in 2014

Amazing Sidewalk Chalk 3D Street Art vol 1

Study shows connection between key autism risk genes in the human brain

Study shows connection between key autism risk genes in the human brain (xpost from GD)

Supporters rally around black SAE fraternity house chef amid scandal

Rick Perry Admits - He Would Be Proud & Honored To Be A Traitor Too.

Mike Malloy - There´s Trouble Coming

Poll: Scott Walker Approval Dips In Wisconsin

The Chicago Black Site Prison - Kevin Gosztola Discusses

Walker fires back following Obama criticism of right-to-work

The Saints traded Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks!!

The other 47% The Tree-Sun Party

Whatever you're doing, STOP. Watch this. Right now.

Omaha tattoo artist named one of the top 5 in the U.S.

"Consent" for dunderheads, a brilliant metaphor

HILLARY re : 47 Traitors: 'Either trying to be helpful to Iranians or harmful to Commander-in-Chief'

We know he's running, but did yinz know he's also walking? Sestak on 422 mile walk across PA

"Breedlove's Bellicosity: Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine" --Der Spiegel

Secretary Clinton on GOP perfidy on Iran

RALLY 3-14-15: Tell Scott Walker Attacking The Middle Class Is Un-American

'Embarrassing' new bylaw in Taber, Alberta outlaws swearing, restricts public assembly

It was clear that Hillary was cool, calm, and collected, fielding questions from the press.

Iran Foreign Minister Gives GOP Senators A Dose Of Reality Medicine

Hillary Clinton Did Not Keep Personal Emails (Destroyed 10,000s emails)

ISIS Is showing a kid executing a grown up

So what happens if talks with Iran fail because of the letter the GOP wrote?

Puppies Chucked In Dumpster Raised by Inmates Find New Homes

Who's in Charge of the Fight Against ISIS in Tikrit? US Balks at Iraqi Plea for Intel on ISIS

An observation: Rs have forgotten all about Cuba.

Bradford, Foles to swap teams

Soak the Rich? Or Get Our Wealth Back?

Republicans remind me of little kids

Then and now, Clinton at Whitewater, Clinton over email "scandal":

In 1994 party centrist think tank warned Clinton to toe corporate line or lose their support.

Which is the worst of these 2 GOP manufactured crisis? (ETA meaning the most serious, dangerous)

Utilities sabotaging solar with unnecessary high fees

Phyllis Schlafly: Christians are better than everybody else

Dow Suffers Biggest Point Drop In 5 Months

TYT: Largest Exoneration Suit Awards Only $9.2 Million After 22 Years Behind Bars

Ex-Fox Newser tells CNN that O’Reilly has ‘lied so many times’

Because we sometimes need to look up and out...

Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel gave Tom Cotton nearly $1 million in his race for the Sen

where is toby keith's patriotism that he flaunted attacking the innocent Dixie Chicks?

Clowns draw smiles on Gazan children's faces

ISIS Execution Video Shows Child Shooting, Killing Alleged Israeli Spy Mohammad Ismail

Photo of live press conference....

Names that stick to the repug 47

Looks VERY interesting. HBO Documentary March 29

watching Ed show

Job Posting: Asian Dog Meat Campaign Coordinator

Dumb Cops: Sheriff Fired After Getting Arrested By Fellow Officers In Prostitution Sting

TYT: Dan Savage Invites Dr. Carson To "Suck My Dick"

CDC seeks more clues to bioterror lab accident

Mike Malloy - 47 Republican Senators Threat Iran By Letter

Thom Hartmann: Iran the GOP committing treason?

Quarterback Jake Locker retires at 26 after just 30 NFL games

Malaysia Airlines Towelette Found On Western Australia Beach

Christian university shuts down bake sale benefitting homeless LGBT youth

I am pleased to announce that Donna Edwards has announced her candidacy for the Senate.

In_The_Wind — where are you sister?

Just wondering who are Republican Senators That DID NOT sign the letter... Also how many people know

Hail Eris!

Tom Cotton’s dopey talking points: Getting it wrong on Iran, over and over

Why this obsession about emails?

US Intel Vets Oppose Brennan's CIA Plan (3-9-15 VIPS via Consortium News)

Prison inspectors: Corruption rampant in Florida system

Are Congressmen & Senators Subject To The Same E-Mail Rules That Hillary Was?.....

ed shultz says workers have been burned by the Obama

Anti-gun Charleston WV Mayor exhibits behavior that I spoke about in a recent post.

Suriname leader's son gets 16 years U.S. prison for Hezbollah aid

Bibi in big trouble: New poll shows Israeli PM in danger of losing bid for fourth term

More Russian tanks, equipment cross Ukraine border: U.S. official

Outcry As Israel Foreign Minister Says ‘Behead Disloyal Arab-Israelis’

U.S. rail industry pushes White House to ease oil train safety rules

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Interested in Playing in Cuba.

Not the Onion: Putin draws a cat's asshole on students' whiteboard: "This is for you to remember me"

The University of Oklahoma Student Rights and Responsibilities Code 2014-2015

New Israel Fund Received More Than $1 Million From U.S. State Department

It's kind of fun watching the wingers go into another tizzy about HRC

This Indonesian House Is for Sale and Comes With a Pond, a Backyard and … a Wife

Jindal Demands Biden Apologize To Tom Cotton

A list of the GOP Senators who SIGNED and DID NOT sign the Iran letter

Ted Cruz: Freedom won’t survive unless we deny gay people theirs

Blind Golden Retriever 'Smiley' Warms Hearts as Therapy Dog

I will be watching Tweety to see his take on HRC's presser.

It`s about those "friends across the aisle"......

Lynn University To Track Student Attendance by iPad Location

Peru eyes backing bill to resume shooting down drug planes

Peru eyes backing bill to resume shooting down drug planes

MoJo: What Did Monsanto Show Bill Nye to Make Him Fall "in Love" With GMOs?

Republicans Push for Union Support

DU'ers: View the Chugo video here.

Thom Hartmann's worst moment? As Russia prepared war, Hartmann & Wolff blamed the EU

Denver police officer fired for excessive force against woman in cell

If those two expelled racist SAE boys want to sue, they'll have to go public

Why Republicans Are Ramping Up the Obama Derangement Syndrome

Loretta Lynch’s Long Wait May Soon Be Over

We've only seen the beginning of this undermining of PBO

Should every freshman who chants a racist slogan automatically be expelled from his college?

Mike Malloy - The New Cuba

Looking in his mailbox: Kim Jong-un Feels Snubbed by Absence of Letter from Republicans/ Borowitz

NBC led with Hillary's email? Are you kidding me?

Email. Am I the only person that does not remember 2006?

The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena:

Man who was victim to Cairo's anti-homosexuality raid burns self, needs help

On this day in Labor History the year was 1941 Labor History in 2:00

On this day in Labor History the year was 1941 Labor History in 2:00

Vote for whomever you want

Wild Thing: Max Blumenthal’s Creepy Anti-Zionist Odyssey

On this day in Labor History the year was 1941 Labor History in 2:00

Imagining vs Belief.

Duke Energy Fined $25 Million Over Coal Ash Pollution

Since 2010, nearly 1,000 animals returned to Wake County shelter

Obama Is 50% White, 46.75% Arabic, And 6.26% Black, Says 100.01% Idiotic RNC Member

I am no fan of Hillary Clinton by any means, but...

‘Death by hanging’: GOP ‘should have thought about’ treason penalty, radio host warns

Senate Faces Trust Breakdown Over Abortion

Former Prison May Become Home For Adults With Special Needs

Might Republican aggression and overreach work in favor of an agreement with Iran?

California is pumping water that fell to Earth 20,000 years ago

Scott Walker signs right-to-work bill at company that shipped jobs to Mexico

READ: Hillary Clinton Releases 9-Page Explainer On Her Personal Email Use

Thank you, David Boren, for once again pointing out ...

Minn. teens share Snapchat message showing noose around black classmate’s neck: ‘Gotta hang ‘em all'

Oh Hell Yeah!

Christian University Forbids Fundraiser Benefiting LGBT Homeless youth

Iran Offers to Mediate Talks Between Republicans and Obama

Jury finds Pharrell, Thicke copied for 'Blurred Lines' song

GOP Senator: Senate Republican Letter To Iran Not 'Productive'

Turkey’s ‘family’ ministry wants to ban Minecraft — just like it did with 4Chan

GOP Presidential Hopefuls...

Dem Strategist: It's Not Like Hillary Emails Contain Secrets About Chris Stevens

Rep. Peter King: Rand Paul And Ted Cruz Aren't 'Responsible Adults'

What Would it be like to have a war with Iran? Obscenely expensive in cash and lives.

America's perpetual state of emergency

If Florida censors climate change talk, it's not alone

GOP dissenters: Iran letter could backfire

The Nation: But Is Hillary Ready for Us?

22,000 young Americans died... 2016's untold story: How the election could bring a new wave of progressive warriors

NY Daily News: Un-patriot games: GOP senators' letter to Iran is a treacherous betrayal of the U.S.

Politico: 'Who knows? She could implode totally'

DU in its infancy - Feb 19, 2001!

So all the republican candidates, and potential republican candidates have either actively or

Italy: 40 arrests in anti-mafia sting against Naples Camorra

(Des Moines) Water Works to proceed with lawsuit over nitrates

Unions sue over Wisconsin's new right-to-work law

Federal report: Chance of mega-quake hitting California in the next 30 years increases

Palestinians arrest dozens of Hamas members in West Bank

Wish me luck, going to my credit union tomorrow for a loan

These ladies know how to fight for equal pay (RESPECT video)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fioretti, like Wilson, retracts election-eve promise to endorse Garcia

Sign the petition against the #47 traitors.


If talks fail and Iran gets the bomb, we should not attack them. We should just let them have it.

Bain Capital buys network security/web filter company Blue Coat

This is why it is impossible to charge the Republicans with treason....

Six months after fire, dogs ready for new Manchester facility

Ireland just accidentally legalised ecstasy, ketamine and magic mushrooms

Unions file lawsuit to stop Wisconsin's right-to-work law

An upstart People's campaign is upsetting Chicago's mayor -- by Jim Hightower

GOP Sneaks Anti-Abortion Language Into Bipartisan Human Trafficking Bill

NYU, grad student union reach agreement on wage hike, benefits

Sen Cotton will be selected. Pres or VP. Here's what this is all about,