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Archives: March 15, 2015

FedEx Freight Workers in California Vote to Join Teamsters Local 439

Bristol Palin Engaged to Medal of Honor Recipient, Marine Dakota Meyer: Read Sarah Palin's Statement

DOUBLE ASSHOLE ALERT: Tom Cotton is not only a mutinous traitor. Turns out he hates women, too.

The Most Brazen Rip-Off Ever? How the Beverage Industry Brainwashed You to Fear Tap Water

Dead men tell no tales?

A Bakery made a cake model of Discworld

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Return at Sunrise

Harris & wife, Who Gave Girls to Rapist, ‘Regularly’ Performed Exorcisms on Unruly Preschoolers

Republicans Say Obama Keen For Iran Deal To Build Own Legacy

Arbitrator issues split-decision in union contract dispute

75% of Denver Cops Aren’t Turning on Body Cams in Use of Force Contacts, This is Why

Scott Walker: Abolishing Federal Income Tax 'Sounds Pretty Tempting'

The Real Reason Walmart U-Turned on Wages

Man shot in pelvis at Charlotte, Vermont gun range

All the Other Times a Politician Avoided Official Email

WASHINGTON (AP): Criticism, Some From The Right, Builds On GOP Letter To Iran

Vermont Senate Poised for First Gun Rights Debate in Years

A few more old 3dsmax experiments. (Dialup warning)

So let's talk about email.

Lake Tahoe: Drought, climate change threatening winter, way of life at iconic landmark

Sign WH Petition: Let your voice be heard vs. the "47" Traitors!

"I said to [George W. Bush], even before he entered Iraq:

Prepare to be BLOWN away...

Man Has Patent Which Could Destroy Monsanto

I literally went to Drudge for the first time in months if not years

4 exposed to Ebola to be monitored on Nebraska Medical Center campus

Auctions, garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores: a lifestyle

Bride calls off wedding ceremony when groom fails her math test.

Las Vegas Police Brutality Compilation part 2

Tracing Jewish Heritage Along the Danube

"The Ugly, Racist, Deadly History of Sigma Alpha Epsilon"

Video: Venezuelan Armed Forces "defense exercises" against potential US attack on PDVSA

Hermit Crabs Line Up By Size to Exchange Shells

A totally different question regarding HRC's e-mails

Scott Walker shows us more of his total stupidity...

Cotton wanted to "automatically" punish family members of people who violate U.S. sanctions

The Republican Iran Letter Is the Perfect Neoconservative Fiasco

Rand Paul, Vaccinations and the (Not So) Secret History of White Supremacy

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Supreme Court to Chris Christie: You are not emperor

Why We Celebrate Rivers (Happy Internat'l Day of Action for Rivers!)

President Obama should ask the attorney general to investigate

Fed-up liberal tried to sell the State of Alabama on Ebay

Didn't follow the Iowa primary stuff

ACA and the Supreme Court

A new ‘Google search’ is going on in Cuba.

Republicans love firefighters. But firefighters aren’t too sure about the Republicans.

by Robert Reich

Dynamic Scoring in Congress Is Defensible but Slippery

The Real Reason Behind the Oil Price Collapse

Come on Guys... Make this deal...

'You Calling ME a Racist?' Why It's So Hard for Whites to Confront Their Own Failings

Study Shows NYC Charter School Suspensions Far Outpace Public School Ones

In need of prayers, a couple actually

Anyone else hopelessly addicted to "Trivia Crack"?

How many here live in buildings that originally weren't for housing?

Tracing Jewish Heritage Along the Danube

Democrats used to stand for principles

What does it take for someone like Cotton or Boehner to finally be held accountable?

White House Issues Saturday Night Iran Deal Warning To Senate

Heat and the Rising Sea

RIP Gene, Gene, The Dancing Machine

‘No prisons for profit’

University of Arizona Investigates Allegations That a Campus Church Group Is an ‘Insidious’ Cult

Had an odd encounter today...

Nagy: Tying 'Islamic' to 'terrorist' isn't really fair

A Guide to Centrism

New Democrats, The DLC and the Third Way

10 Horrifying Facts About GOP Senator Tom Cotton (Alternet: by Medea Benjamin et al)

Brazil police: Bus plunges into ravine, killing at least 40

A National Archives project

Officials: Listeriosis not cause of 3 deaths, may be factor (Blue Bell products)

Three groups of Heartbreakers and an interesting story.

Watching The West Wing.

Happy Birthday, GCRA!

U.S. Attorney Oregon suspended for stalking subordinate (lover)

Millions of people get second chance to sign up for health insurance starting today.

Jeb Bush being advised by James Baker. Does this mean

VISA to Lift Ban on U.S. Issued Card Transactions in Cuba

Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

Chinese People Try Panda Express For The First Time

Legal Scholars Explain Deep Flaws in The Texas Ruling to Block Immigration Action

'Hegemony Challenged': UK joins China-led bank, US slams decision

Radio and TV Marti Request More Taxpayers' Money for Anti-Cuba Transmissions

Georgia GOP Set to Pass Religious Exemption for Wife Beaters & Child Abusers

Rep. Aaron Schock Under Fire for Not Disclosing Companion on Official Trip to India

Daily Holidays - March 15

How to order, eat and pay for sushi in Japan (at a conveyer belt sushi restaurant)

National Labor Relations Board to review graduate student petition seeking union recognition

2015 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2015 Rebel Stakes

Betty Dorr, who promoted gay rights in her church and community, dies at 77

My church just burned down...

Betty Dorr, who promoted gay rights in her church and community, dies at 77

How to order, eat and pay for sushi in Japan (at a conveyer belt sushi restaurant)

Orwellian Euphemisms: It's not 'mass surveillance', it's 'bulk collection' now

Inside-The-Park Home Runs

Abuse dogs at your peril

Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?

Social Security Doesn’t Come To All Who Paid

John Shearer: Attending The Howard Baker Car Auction

Four Generals consider resigning due to Defence cuts

Committee Hears Bill to Allow Ken Paxton to Toss Local Ballot Initiatives

Walk The Moon-Shut Up And Dance (movie dance compilation)

Seth Davis, the son of Lanny Davis, has blocked me on twitter.


An Cafe - Summer Dive PV (High Quality)


Sweetoxic ~SuG

Great-grandmother skydives on her 100th birthday

BEGIN Japanology - The Most Delicious Ramen

BEGIN Japanology - The Most Delicious Ramen

Worshippers killed in Pakistan church bombings

Ronald Reagan: Collective Bargaining = Freedom

Not using a condom when you promise to is unacceptable.

BEGIN Japanology - Udon

BEGIN Japanology - Udon

Clinton is so Yesterday – Warren is Today But Does it Really Matter?

Afghans used CIA cash to pay ransom to Al Qaeda

News coverage of Fukushima disaster minimized health risks to general population

BEGIN Japanology - soba

Who were the Marines killed in the Black Hawk crash?

Begin Japanology - Soba

Wall Street's Yearly Bonuses Could Double the Pay for All of America's Minimum Wage Workers

Scott Walker is disappearing and his staff won't tell where he is. (Funny but seriously?)

The Shock Doctrine... complete documentary.

The American Fingerprints on Colombia’s Dead

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) First Squeee Of Spring Edition

Samurai 7

Ring proves Netanyahu's Scandinavian Islamic conspiracy correct.

Hare Nochi Hare

Obama reconsiders drawdown of U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Life imitates art

Flower of Eternity

Rejoice, O Jerusalem: and come together all you that love her - Laetare Sunday

Walk The Moon-Shut Up And Dance (movie dance compilation)

TOON: We knew it all along

Et tu Steve Kornacki?

Hillary Clinton Is Turning Into Richard Nixon and Bill Belichick

Fox News Starts Another International Incident After Guest Says U.S. Needs To Start ‘Killing Russian

Danes of many faiths form human ring around Copenhagen synagogue

Notice GOP’s Silence On Oil Lately? Obama Did The Unthinkable: Cheap Gas AND Renewable Energy

Deadly blasts hit Pakistan churches in Lahore

The Army needs to call Senator Cotton back to active duty.

Toon: I suspect they're anti-vaxxers

Vindication After a Battlefield Error and Purple Hearts Long Denied

Remembering longtime civil rights activist Rev. Willie Barrow

Jeb’s Anti-Muslim, Anti-Gay New Hire

Dogs prefer to poo along a north-south axis. (Yep, my first thought was "What !")

I want all of Dick Cheney emails released and punishment for the destruction and loss of emails

The road map to the Universe: Pathways between our Milky Way and 100,000 other galaxies charted Rea

"You don’t diminish your office by taking a selfie. You do it by sending a poorly written letter to

What I learned at the Interfaith Symposium-- trolls under every bridge

Feminists don't hate men. But it wouldn't matter if we did

Cotton’s unpatriotic forefathers: Treasonous Iran letter not the first time GOP has crossed the line

USDA Report Offers Insight on the Impact of Local Food Systems

Amazing Catches

Media Silence on Libya

Rudy Giuliani ‘Commends’ Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson For Shooting Michael Brown

The greatest myth being pushed by the anti-Hillary crowd

SEIU State Council Reverses Course, Endorses Jesus “Chuy” Garcia’s Run Against Rahm Emanuel

Fox News poisons the minds of its viewers. A short story from yesterday

Amazing Throws

Syria conflict: We have to talk to Assad, admits Kerry

Cockroaches Accumulate Light to See in the Dark

A question and why I avoid using terms like...

Rove is like a pig in *hit carving up Hillary on FNS

Heather MILLS returning Paul's cash?Just a bloke she married like anybody else, boring, she's bigger

The Imitation Game - Must see

Albert Einstein on Peace and Nuclear Weapons

Drones put to a positive use.

9/11 Rubble Haunted by Female Ghost


The University of Oklahoma Video, and the Problem Fraternities Can’t Fix Themselves

County wants more drilling, mining in Wilderness Study Area

More giant craters spotted in Russia's far north

The Walking Dead 5.14 "Spend" (spoiler alert)

Pitchers Hitting Home Runs

Sunday shows preview: Tom Cotton explains Iran letter

Obama White House steps up pressure on Republicans over Iran

As Fla. governor, Bush discussed security issues via private e-mail

It's Selection Sunday

Very Cool Resource - Unofficial Temperature Records, Animated, By Region - Day, Week, Month, Etc.

Vatican backs use of military force against ISIS

Swimming with the Dolphins

Did Neandertals make jewelry 130,000 years go? Eagle claws provide clues

Boehner is going after H. Clinton

A plea for nature...

Highly evolved bacteria found near hydrothermal vents: Iron-oxidizing bacteria found along Mid-Atlan

Saharan 'carpet of tools' is earliest known human-made landscape

Question ...

California Is Drilling for Water That Fell to Earth 20,000 Years Ago

Our Ducks Have Returned! Spring is Here!

Triple Plays

Why Pope Francis Won’t Let Women Become Priests

Kentucky, Villanova, Duke and Wisconsin...

Robert Durst, Subject of HBO Documentary on Unsolved Killings, Is Arrested

CT scanning shows why tilting trees produce better biofuel

No-Doubter Home Runs

The future will be arriving....sooner than expected

Jane Pauley today on "Sunday Morning"

The Death of Anthony Hill: Something Is Rotten in the State of America

Honey, I shrunk the ants: How environment controls size

Koch Industries refuses to comply with US senators' climate investigation

Atrocities Committed By U.S.-Trained Iraqi Forces — Again

Time for Change

A potent little graphic from NASA

This Chemistry 3D Printer Can Synthesize Molecules From Scratch

Romney Flack On Meet The Press said the Tehran 47's reads like a "Civics 101 lesson"

Religious Trauma Syndrome

This Precious Kitten Doesn’t Let Her Disability Get In The Way Of Her Spirit

Valerie Plame and Gabby Giffords :So proud to be with one of my genuine heroines (pic)

GOP Senate leader: Obama ‘on the cusp’ of devastating deal with Iran

15 Awesome Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quotes for her 82nd Birthday (Belated)

'It’s way out of line’: Juan Williams shouts down Karl Rove for ‘secret email’ hypocrisy

Ted Cruz to NASA: Just ignore climate change and focus on space exploration

Michigan pastor: Being gay is an ‘abomination’ like being an ‘axe murderer'

Jihadi John keeps his bank account

It's time for atheists to stop debating God's existence and decide what to do about it

Things the Bible Doesn’t Say (But You Thought It Did)

Actor Jon Voight slams Iran nuclear talks: Obama would make a ‘peace deal with Hitler’

President Obama: "No, You Can't..."

In the city of Ferguson, nearly everyone is a wanted criminal.

Elton John calls for Dolce and Gabbana boycott over IVF comments

3-15-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1887

The GOP: A tragedy in 52 acts

3-15-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1887

3-15-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1887

Christensen: How the GOP plans to overturn Wake elections

David Brooks, religious clown: Debunking phony Godsplaining from the New York Times’ laziest columni

Robbed Home Runs

10 Horrifying Facts About GOP Senator Tom Cotton One of the worst bullies in the Senate?

Top GOP lawmaker to launch House investigation into Clinton emails

Robert Durst Arrested in New Orleans

Just how much "Special Treatment" do you expect

Escaping al-Qaeda's clutches to serve in the IDF

Boston St Patrick's Day parade. Are you Irish? Celebrate and sing along!

Jihadi John keeps his bank account after Treasury freezes assets of only a handful of Islamic terror

CalRecycle and U.S. Department of Labor crack down on illegal labor practices

What are you reading the week of Sunday, March 15, 2015?

Robert Durst, HBO documentary subject, arrested in New Orleans (on murder charge)

Tens of thousands march against Rousseff throughout Brazil

17 Insane Rudy Giuliani Quotes As Motivational Posters

Happy Birthday Lightnin Hopkins born this day in 1912

Municipal courts are well-oiled money machine

Boehner to announce new investigation into Hillary Clinton emails

So Jeb Bush discussed troop movements and protection of nuclear facilities on his private e-mail

If GMOs Are So Great, Then Label Them.

Let me ask what may be a dumb question:

News coverage of Fukushima disaster minimized health risks to general population

Politicians Across the US Are Pushing Medical Marijuana Smoking Bans -- Here's Why They Are Dead Wro

Water you looking at? Fearless impala comes nose to nose with crocodile while drinking from lake...

What kind of person screams at mental health advocates?

Clintons Furious At Obama After Valerie Jarrett Linked To Email Leak from ny post by way of zero hed

Bob Schieffer, one of the few good ones left.

Boston St Patrick's parade to include gay groups for first time

Arrest in Ferguson shooting

Arrest Made in Ferguson Shooting That Injured 2 Police Officers

How an American Billionaire Stands in the Way of Mideast Peace

It's Notorious RBG's BIRTHDAY today!!!

Montana Labor union boycotts worker's compensation celebration

The Bernie Buzz update: Strengthen Social Security

Why White People Freak Out When They're Called Out About Race

A Falcon in the City (NYT Magazine)

Wingnuts all over Valerie Jarrett once again.

Putin: Russia Prepared Raising Nuclear Readiness Over Crimea

Photobombing Level: Epic!

Aubrey Huff rips into Pablo Sandoval; Sandoval fires back

Obama Makes Fun Of Clinton Email Scandal, GOP At Annual Dinner

Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Bernie Sanders: Jon Stewart...

How to Memorize Pi if You’re a Word Person

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell today said he plans to hold up a vote on the confirmation of

Bernie Sanders: Craig Jelinek, CEO of @Costco...

2fer (saving space) updates on bell and: Is my heart big enough for this pitiable little dog?!1

Those Forking Iceholes!!

Seattle fraternity accused of hurling slurs at protesters

Dumb Criminals: Inmate Mails Threatening Letter To Obama To 1400 Pennsylvania Ave.

Helping Trey Gowdy pimp a fake scandal does not make a person progressive.

FL testing a mess. Girl finished essay, there was no submit button. Logged in on another computer..

Tom Cotton 'Corruption of Blood'

Damn you, Comcast!

Why Americans Are Screwed and Europeans Are Not. Robert Reich

Do you ever panic ?

Hansen: A broken doll reflects the horror of the Holocaust, and one survivor's resolve

FL testing a mess. Girl finished essay, no submit button. Essay lost. And more.

kevin spacey and jimmy fallon do the wheel of impressions

Time Team has destroyed my life...

Why Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President

So you want boots on the ground?

Maybe a lot of the consternation about ideology on this board boils down to this.

A former ambassador to Russia: 'There are signs of a coup' (re: Putin's disappearance from public)


Under the Radar, Big Media Internet Giants Get Massive Access to Everything About You

Bob McCulloch announces he found the shooters!

This bird is evolving in a very weird way

15 Remarkable Colorized Photos From History. #7 Is Just Horrifying Beyond Words.

20 year old man charged with shooting officers in Ferguson

Gun industry’s helping hand triggers a surge in college shooting teams (Wa. Post)

The latest explanation for Vladimir Putin's mystery disappearance … flu

Pluto a Planet Again? It May Happen This Year

1 year into Russia's occupation of Crimea, Tatar activists being "disappeared", free media harassed

Senate to delay Lynch vote until human trafficking bill resolved, McConnell says

As my first OP (and I'm not even sure I can get my point across properly)

Turkey sends teenagers back to UK after Syria attempt

More about messed up Florida testing time.

Finally saw Terry Gilliam's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

Yemen militia leader says holding indirect talks with Saudi Arabia

Otter browser shaping up nicely (Opera 12.x clone)

Aaron Neville is Notre Dame Laetare Medal winner

One man arrested in Ferguson shootings

Swiped from the middle of a BIG thread for more exposure!

Stacy Brown Got Two

Is there any way to allow some kind of check-box in order to clean out one's inbox faster?

Meet the Anti-Semites, Truthers, and Alaska Pol at D.C.’s Pro-Putin Soiree

Remember tobacco? A product once "scientifically" proven to be harmless

Iran nuclear talks: White House urges Congress to stand down

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 15, 2015

Putin (& Pro-Putin Crowd) Warned of Fascism in Ukraine, But a Look Suggests Putin’s to Blame

Right-Wing Christians Screech About ‘KGB’ Spies After City Simply Checks Church’s Zoning Permit

Remember when Greece and Spain bailed out Germany? Sure seems like Germany doesn't.

Next time Tehran Tom the Traitor Tot wants to write a letter...

Household Wealth Is the Highest Ever. Probably Not Your Household’s, Though

Of Top 100 Owners Of World's Most Polluting Coal Plants, 7/Top 10 Chinese, 6/Top 20 American

BREAKING: Novodevichy Monastery near the Kremlin on fire

PNW - Central Cascades Snowpack Ranging From 8-45% Of Average, Olympic Peninsula @ 4%

12-Month Period Ending 28 February 2015 Warmest NASA Has Ever Recorded Globally

Arms race with Russia coming, Clark says.

Friday night's Vice program is about Ferguson....lots of footage.

Alaska - Number Of Ponds In Barrow Peninsula Study Area Down 17% Since 1948; Avg. Size Down 1/3

Putin says Russia was ready to activate nuclear arsenal over Crimea

Doggy Prozac anyone?

Dartmouth Study - Soils Can Release Carbon For Decades After Forests Are Logged Off

Jindal’s Star No Longer Rising

Temper Tantrums

Does anyone here know who the sentencing judge is for

Now that Scaife is dead, Tribune Review is pushing Webb, not Clinton

Senate Republicans Will Break with Ryan’s Blueprint

The Final Rhapsody of Charles Bowden

Seder: Racist Fraternity Chant Speaks Volumes For Racism in America

Scripps Research, Mayo Clinic Scientists Find New Class of Drugs that Increases Lifespan

The Ides of March are come . . .

Any Dog Trainers here???

WTF??? Democrats prepared to buck White House on Iran nuclear deal

‘Your world is on fire’: Ted Cruz scares the hell out of a terrified little girl in New Hampshire

Controversial guardrail performs correctly in federally mandated tests

I just saw a creepy Cialis commercial

Nearly A Million Brazilians March To Demand President’s Ouster

Gun-toting advocates rally in Lower Merion; official says it's "an armed occupation."

Russia To Fete A Year With Crimea Back In The Fold

Syrian Jihadist Created 'Guantanamo' For Prisoners: Ex-Hostage

Cotton Collapse: Iran Letter Author Gets Constitution And Geography Wrong In Same Interview

Corned beef, without

Loretta Lynch the nominee Attorney General is too black for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel

McConnell Says He'll Delay Lynch Confirmation Until Senate Votes Bill With Anti Abortion Language

This MSU-Wisconsin game is a good one!

Fox News host shreds GOP’s ‘horrific’ Iran letter: Republicans are ‘pen pals’ with the Ayatollah

Venezuelan parliament OKs decree powers for president

Five Scientists Immortalized In Stained-Glass Art

Has anyone asked AG Holder why the 47 Senators haven't

life is kinda sucking right now

Environmental critic, coal chief unite as allies

I have a problem with Firefox when visiting one particular site.

Wisconsin is killing Michigan State in Overtime.

"I’ve sent Congress my plan to bring the cost of community college down to zero." President Obama

Hillary Clinton Room Post- Interesting post in GD.

Edward Snowden Issues 'Call To Arms' For Tech Companies In Secret SXSW Meeting

US must invest in 'smart guns' to reduce avoidable deaths, activists say

Happy Birthday Justice Ginsburg!

Eurovision signer goes above and beyond duty

Netanyahu To Masses In Tel Aviv: There's A Great Danger That A Left-Wing Gov't Will Come Into Power

The Isis women’s manifesto is grotesque – but some in the west would agree with every word


"Tehran Tom"doesn't know that Tehran is the capital of Iran (Face the Nation)

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the first '.com' domain being registered

"Cooking Bacon on the Barrel of Your Gun Is the Most American Thing Ever" Um, WTF??

Isis has reached new depths of depravity. But there is a brutal logic behind it

New German high-security email provider in closed beta, taking invites

So far, two really bad choices...

Everyone 'Worried' About Putin's Whereabouts, Except The Russians

Poll: Should the 47 Republican Senators who signed onto the Iraq letter

Leesburg council member claims God — not government — ended slavery

Need help regarding gender choices in MMOs, maybe help in how I handled a child online too.

After a spate of train wrecks, Congress takes a new view of federal rail agency

East Ukraine Front Is Calm as Poroshenko Gives Autonomy Details

Rescued Florida dog now recovering in 'protective custody'

GOP Will Declare Victory If Iran Talks Fail. Will Want To Bomb Them.

Remember the nutzoid woman who "organized" that "truckers' protest?"

Who got screwed the worst?

Irish senator: Mother's Day will be banned if LGBT marriage is allowed

Sorry Righties, Seattle Restaurant Closures Are NOT Due To $15 Minimum Wage

Tom Cotton Seems Confused About The Basic Geography Of Iran

Rescued Florida dog now recovering in 'protective custody'

Rescued Florida dog now recovering in 'protective custody'

Bernie Sanders Is On C-Span

Why the media silence on Lindsey Graham’s vow to use the military to force vote in Congress?

Jihad on flush toilets (ISIS Hates Plumbing)

Historic first: Gay groups march in Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade

Who Watches The Watchers?

Iran ex-leader Rafsanjani's son 'jailed for 15 years'

An early Saint Patrick's Day treat:

Gay rainbow banners make debut at Boston St Paddy's parade

Sandhill cranes are back in SE WI,

Excerpts: Chris Hedges on Bill C-51 and the corporate state

Over 1 million Brazilians protest Rousseff, economy, corruption

Ukraine's president says truce not working, urges more Russia sanctions: newspaper

Debunking A Union-Hating, Walker-Loving Columnist

Debunking A Union-Hating, Walker-Loving Columnist

Debunking A Union-Hating, Walker-Loving Columnist

The Doctors Strangelove

I can't remember, did UCLA even score against Kentucky?

Rob Lowe's 'Direct TV' commercials suck. Direct TV sucks.

Essay Inspired by the Cotton Letter

Prisoners Find Purpose Behind Bars: Saving Salamanders, Butterflies, and Frogs

At Least Four States Are Pushing Koch-Backed Legislation To Ban Funding EPA’s Climate Rule

Where's Putin? The best of the memes

European meteor(s?)

Who remembers Lenny Bruce? Biopic on 7:00 CDT.

Ted Cruz frightens little girl - makes her cry - by shouting: 'Your world is on fire!'

Even a specialized veterinarian couldn't save her (graphic photo warning)

Even a specialized veterinarian couldn't save her (graphic photo warning)

UGH - What a disaster!

Even a specialized veterinarian couldn't save her (graphic photo warning)