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any word on the race in Israel?

Seattle University files appeal to stop union vote count

Tom Cotton, sociopath, believes we should be led by male elites like him

Look at what TERF "Radical Feminists" are up to now.

Steve Kornacki was a total rude jerk to Joe Conason on Hardball tonight

Senate Democrats Consider Raising Their Minimum Wage Proposal To $12

Sources: Rand Paul to enter GOP presidential field April 7

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I just finished "Dead Wake"--Erik Larson

Question for waitstaff/servers/bartenders - do you like being called by name?

Envelope sent to White House tests positive for cyanide (CNN)

Pregnant Goat Faced Being Shot is Rescued

What happened in Tom Cotton's law career?

Judge to Gov't: 'National Security' Isn't a 'Magic Word' That Allows Constitutional Rights Violation

Breaking: Presbyterians Give Final Approval for Same-Sex Marriage

GOP Governor Wants Obamacare Upheld

Racial Progress in Japan is Slow. But There is Progress.

Petraeus, Snowden, and the Department of Two-Tiered Justice

John Fuglesang:I don't want to legalize pot, lock congress in a room for a month

I'm reading "The Moral Arc" by Michael Shermer.

Iowa Senate OKs bill that would ban conversion therapy

Iowa Senate OKs bill that would ban conversion therapy

Dear Boss, or Why Paddy Can't Come to Work Today

Godwin's law strikes again

New H-1B bill will 'help destroy' U.S. tech workforce

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Shockers! & a new kitteh gif

Israel elections: LIVE UPDATES

Premera Blue Cross breached, medical information exposed

Canadian military predicted Libya would descend into civil war if Gaddafi Overthrown

Quicksilver Resources files for bankruptcy

Quicksilver Resources files for bankruptcy

Recommendation for shade tree/shrub between two driveways?

U.S. appeals court says Texas must pay legal fees in voter ID case

What's the real Schocking story???

'The Sea Runners' by Ivan Doig - an awesome book, a story that will stay in my memory.

Vegas police officer wearing body camera facing battery case

"It's Not the Years It's the Mileage" Rachael Maddow

Likud still well ahead of Zionist Union as official tally continues

U.S. review of San Diego police misconduct finds lax supervision

How Many Other Aaron Schock's Are There In Congress?.....nt


Look for auroras tonight, northern US

Venezuela allies line up with Maduro on faceoff with US

Venezuela allies line up with Maduro on faceoff with US

What has helped you to become a better person?

NLRB Accuses the News-Press (Again)

"Everyone is scared of Fox": Why Mickey Kaus quit the Daily Caller

Alaska state lawmakers seek pet protection in domestic violence cases

Terry Pratchett’s name lives on in ‘the clacks’ with hidden web code

Posting this picture to Facebook, sent three men to prison - Myanmar court jails three over 'insult to Buddhism'

Vice President Biden Pledges $41 Million to Clear Rape Kit Backlog

Vice President Biden Pledges $41 Million to Clear Rape Kit Backlog

If Netanyahu stays in power, should the U.S. continue to provide military aid to Israel?

My new foster pup

Discovery sheds light on medieval Kiev

About those Israeli elections, did you notice when the polls closed?

Boxer: Chemical bill came from industry

Stunning photos of Brazil's massive anti-government protests

The dysfunctional GOP is failing to govern

SPLC: Radical-right violence continues to plague U.S. as number of extremist groups declines

Just noticed that the Republican Governors' Association is using the acronym "RAGA"...

Students Fight Back Against Voter ID Law That Allows Gun Licenses But Bans Student IDs

The Peasant's Revolt of 1381.

American who contracted Ebola now in critical condition

Okay folks. Time to admit you don't have a clue about Israeli politics

Traditional democratic institutions are failing. It’s time for an upgrade.

What on Earth - Science Channel

it's been ages since I listened to this...

Nevada Bill Would Allow Sick Pets to Use Medical Marijuana

The First Lady’s Travel Journal: A Journey That Began Decades Ago

Carson Aide Deleted Twitter Account That Told Obama To 'Bend Over Bitch'

Dilma and her cabinet

What now, Bibi? — Early election takeaways

Open Carry Texas Leader Threatens Black Open Carry Group With A Freedom Bullet

Someone's having a good day....

Microsoft's Bold Plan To Ditch Passwords In Windows 10 (still in beta)

What's important to you? Water, maybe?

Stupid remark of the day, Bill O'Reilly edition...

Anti-Gay Bigotry In Alabama Costs University $15 Million, Because Republicans Are Jerks

2335! update: 2416, update: 2444! new update: 2613 and growing!

A wonderful photo that I have to share

Missouri lieutenant governor: ‘There is more racism in the Justice Department’ than in the St. Louis

LIVE BLOG: Likud cements victory with nearly all votes counted

Some leakers are more equal than other leakers, aren't they?

Racist, homophobic texts by San Francisco police trigger case reviews

Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

Israel destroyed 18 Arab houses in the Negev last week

Missouri executes man for 1996 killing of sheriff's deputy

31 Rare and Interesting Pictures Of The World History

University of Houston suspends Sigma Chi fraternity after hazing allegations

Teacher accused of calling Muslim student a Taliban

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Infrastructure (HBO)

Pat Robertson tells woman to treat her gay, atheist son like a drug addict

911 explained in simple terms. Newtonian physics vs Lying pre scripted witnesses

I feel we are about to see another surge of Anti-Semitism on these message boards

Racist EZ-Cash

Piqah Pike and Weisenberger Mill

Mitch Daniels (now as Pres of Purdue) Fund college students in lieu of loans & get % of their pay

Venezuela court orders release for prominent protester

Miami Herald's Fred Grimm: Florida flunked the test, failed the kids.

Why are they targeting Sawant?

Resistance forms in Eastern Europe

So, surfing over on one of my other favorite sites -

No sound with videos on DU articles.

The Sting: How the FBI Created a Terrorist

Abandoned dog leads rescuers to puppies in Dallas park

Jesus Freaking Christ!!!

"That awkward moment when I realized my white “liberal” friends were racists"

THIS! Students travel to Ferguson for Spring Break to help rebuild the community

Extending deadline for March Contest

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 19, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Bert I. Gordon

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 20, 2015 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Roadshow Musicals

The Paranoid Style in Brazilian Politics

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 21, 2015 -- The Essentials: '40s Romance

Obama redefines the lame duck

In States With The First 2016 Primaries, Democrats Ask: Where’s Hillary?

Why you never call the cops for a family situation

Farm workers blocking main highway in Baja California Norte

With Israeli Vote In, Netanyahu Could Remain Thorn In Obama's Side

BEGIN Japanology - Summertime is Beer Time

WIll you be watching the 'Going Clear' documentary?

Swastikas painted in Jewish fraternity at Vanderbilt

Sephardic Culture, Through The Generations

White House's OMB proposes requiring https for all public federal websites, requests comments...

BEGIN Japanology - Delicious Mochi Rice Cake

BEGIN Japanology - Delicious Mochi Rice Cake

BEGIN Japanology ~Sake

Revealed: Texas couple’s piñata store demolished for SXSW tech party parking

Israel elections: Herzog concedes to Netanyahu after Likud takes most seats

Have you seen this very touching photo of the President and Malia?

Daily Holidays - March 18

Begin Japanology - Nabe Cuisine

Begin Japanology - Nabe Cuisine

Mexico to Inaugurate Powerful New Space Observatory

Mexico to Inaugurate Powerful New Space Observatory

New Mexico governor vetoes racehorse drug testing bill

BEGIN Japanology Characters and Mascots

Re that cyanide laced letter sent to the WH

Woman Arrested for Smoking on Plane, Yelling About Venezuela for 2 Hours

Some Northern California Farmers Not Planting This Year, Sell Water To Los Angeles At $700 Per Acre

"Dick" Cheney

The Geothermal Threat to a Sacred Site: Pit River Tribe Rallies to Protect Medicine Lake

House Dems Filibuster Trafficking Bill Over 'Despicable' Anti-Abortion Subterfuge

Netanyahu's third term win. A very sad day both for I/P and the world.

Why I'm not too bothered by the results of the election in Israel.

The Roots Of Japan's Yokai Creatures - Japanology Plus

The Roots Of Japan's Yokai Creatures - Japanology Plus

Letter sent to White House tests tentatively for cyanide

Can American Democracy Survive Against Rising Political Corruption and Privatization?

Fear Sells, And We're All Buying: How Marketers Channel Dark Forces to Rake in Billions

Chávez Supporters Mobilize For Venezuela Amid Coup Reports And Fresh Sanctions

Germany riot in Frankfurt targets new ECB headquarters

Would you trust an election system that allows for each vote to be changed?

Westboro Baptist Church challenges Nebraska picketing law

Final results: Netanyahu's Likud scores decisive victory in Israeli election

Boy awakes from coma addicted to cheese and swearing

Jeb Bush rejects idea of raising federal minimum wage

Alan Singer: Teaching History the Pearson Way

Finally! Some good news about voting rights.

The Rude Pundit - Don't Bring Your God to a People Fight

Doncha hate to wake up and put on the news?

Arizona lawman Arpaio agrees to sanctions for civil contempt

CNN, again

Rep. Ashford (D-NE) says he’s catching flak for focusing on his work, not fundraising

Sasse (R-NE) bill targets ‘amnesty bonuses’ for immigrants shielded from deportation

Jeb Bush, 20 Years After Conversion, Is Guided by His Catholic Faith

Reich: The 'iEverything' and the Redistributional Imperative

Calif. Cops Who Arrested Journalist for Filming Them Say Her 'Bias' Disqualifies Her as Legit Media

Helping the working poor, one tax return at a time.

Dear Japan Why The Gender Pay Gap Matters For Manufacturing

When Red States Turn Blue: An Anticipatory History of the Next Twenty Years

Snow days are a liberal plot

US going the way of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth?

LA Times: Man spray-paints face black in attempt to evade arrest, police say

Hail Rick Scott!! House GOP Seeks To Remove DOD Funding To Plan For Climate Disruption

Indian Wells (Spoiler)

Jason Ritchie starting 2016 campaign against Reichert now

NOAA - "Unprecedented Changes" Power Rapid Decline In CA Pacific Ocean Bioproductivity

Sen. Bo Watson slams VW over labor policies, UAW recognition

Tunisia Museum Attack: At Least 19 Dead in Shooting

Well, That Was Fast - WV Legislature Removes At Least 75% Of Tanks From Chemical Spill Bill

All right now.

More Bold GOP Leadership! Another Bill To Sell Off National Forests, At Taxpayer Expense, Of Course

State secrets just a Petraeus blowjob away from leaking

LA Times: How we know marijuana industry is maturing: unfair labor practice complaints

March Madness Could Cost Employers Nearly $2 Billion

Jan. jobless rates down in 24 states, up in 8; payroll jobs up in 39 states, down in 10

The Controversy Over Citizens United, The Movie

The Controversy Over Citizens United, The Movie

Sprinkler Rainbow Conspiracy

US sets new record for denying, censoring government files

Ousted FDLE Chief Gerald Bailey met with Federal Prosecutors over firing by Gov. Rick Scott

'Hemp, hemp, hooray!'

'Hemp, hemp, hooray!'

Israel votes for a permanent apartheid state.

Up to 5,000 factory staff in China on strike at company making Nike and Adidas sports shoes

Multimillionaire Jeb Bush comes out AGAINST a federal minimum wage

Bangladesh Court Indicts 8 in Killing of Atheist Blogger

Took the time to watch 'Never Forget' with Leonard Nimoy

Greenland Warmer Than A/L Past 100,000 Years; Feedback Loops Accelerating

We Are All Atheists

Broward Teacher accused of calling her student ‘Raghead Taliban’ gets 5-day suspension

On the Internet, everyone knows you're a miserable excuse for a human being

Court Disapproves 'Neonic' Pesticides on Wildlife Refuges

Party's over for frat after ski-resort rampage - $400,000 in damages

“I’ve got your back,” she said, almost shouting, “and I’ll do everything I can for you.”

voting should be a basic right.. even prisoners should be allowed to vote.

'Right to work' fight over public employee unions heats up in Oregon, may go to 2016 ballot

'Right to work' fight over public employee unions heats up in Oregon, may go to 2016 ballot

US Refuses to Seriously Tackle Police Brutality and Racism

'Right to work' fight over public employee unions heats up in Oregon, may go to 2016 ballot

Wasserman Schultz decides against running for US Senate

The GOP and their ‘magic asterisks’

Sam Seder: Pat Robertson Wants You to Quit Your Job! Here's Why…

Chinese account was cleaned out before bilked Scoular could get back its $17 million

Wanna see Al Capone's Mansion in Miami Beach? Its on display today!

Photo of the Day

Report Accuses North Korea of Exporting Slave Labor

What kind of country do Republicans really want?

Pat Robertson: Treat Gay Son Like A Drug Addict

Magnificent auroras last night in Rochester, NY -by Jim Montanus

Nobody's within ten of Clinton-Republican challengers destroyed!!!

Bibi’s Ugly Win Will Harm Israel - By Jonathan Alter

UPDATED: Aaron Schock, Politically Dead at 33

In the event that you missed it I wish to call your attention to Sacred Hunger by Barry Unsworth.

Burma Jails New Zealander for ‘Insulting Buddhism’ in Facebook Post

Donald Trump is now super serious

Trump launching presidential exploratory committee

David Pakman: Is the US an Empire? Will It Fall?

Australian Senator urges adoption of quolls. Want one?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Getting What they wanted

Barney Frank Gets Personal In Response To Ben Carson's Ridiculous Comments That Being Gay Is A Choic

At least two-thirds of $5 trillion in cuts in Republican budget affect low/modest income Americans

Simon & Garfunkel

Rachel Maddow - Chemical lobbyist exposed as author of new bill to regulate industry

The Downfall of the Boston Bombers’ Gun Runner

A Double Standard on Leaks? As Whistleblowers Jailed, Petraeus Escapes Prison & Advises White House

Brent oil falls below $53 as industry data shows U.S. stocks at record high

David Pakman: Electric Cars Could Cut Oil Imports by 40% by 2030

5 Points On Juiciest Revelations That Led To Schock’s Fall

Christie - The hot air remains, but the balloon is no longer aloft

UPDATED: Donald Trump Is Launching A 2016 Exploratory Committee -- For Real

Rahm Emanuel’s Achilles’ heel: 6 reasons he may lose his reelection

Walker Aide Quits After Iowa GOP Calls For Her Resignation

Noam Chomsky on the Roots of American Racism

One of Wall Street’s dirtiest banks is cleaning up its act.

Jon Stewart Slams GOP Blocking Sex-Trafficking Bill As 'F**kery'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Kraft issues big Mac & Cheese recall, metal pieces reported

Al Jazeera just rep't Tunisia museum hostage crisis may be over

TYT: The GOP Balanced Budget Plan - What's The Catch?

Rachel Maddow - Republican star quits under onslaught of money questions

Poll: Hillary Clinton still tops in 2016

Billions We Tax Payers Give Israel

California revokes health insurer Blue Shield's tax-exempt status

Homeless at San Francisco cathedral intentionally drenched with water while sleeping

Boy Scouts still discriminate against lgbt -- petition

TYT: Senator Ted Cruz Scares Little Girl

Hero Uses Pocket Knife to Free Trapped Lynx in Canadian Wilderness

Stop poisoning the race debate: How “respectability politics” rears its ugly head — again

Short-sightedness is reaching epidemic proportions. Some scientists think they have found a reason w

Hillary donors WILL support any Democratic Presidential candidate

10,000-Year-Old Stone Tool Site Discovered in Suburban Seattle

Whatever Happened To Michael Moore?.....


Those posters with a pattern of abuse ......

Launching Balloons into North Korea: Propaganda Over Pyongyang

Solar eclipse will be the beginning of the end of the world, say Christian pastors

“Whole new world, baby”: Conservatives gloat over Netanyahu’s victory

Budget battles CPC v 1%; GOP split; Medicare; highway trust fund ...

"Can anyone revive Kansas' decimated Democratic Party?"

State Patrol superintendent told officer women aren't suited to work in law enforcement

Rick Scott Looking to Wreck U.S. after Bill Nelson's third term as a Senator

“Rahm Emanuel’s Housing Agency Sitting On Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars With Massive Waitlist”

Making One’s Own Reality – Food Babe Edition ... by Steven Novella, MD

Why Is Al Gore Warming Up?

Today's astrological news

Spineless Scott Walker's flip-flops, lies, and cowardice

Begin Japanology ~Robots

Oil economy: Alaska's financial dilemma: Question of tapping Permanent Fund rears its head again

Georgians Rally Against Oppressive ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

“I wish I could kill some of these cops”: James O’Keefe allegedly fired an employee for refusing...

Scott Walker hates working people, let's keep this thread LIVE for the next 2 yrs

The Rise Of LGBT Rights Is An Existential Threat To Conservative Religious Groups

Anybody want to chat with Newt about healthcare solutions in America?

Mat-Su Assembly quashes mayor’s proposal for a marijuana vote

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Recognizes Same-Sex Marriage

Fireman Ted Cruz wants to put out his Nonexistent fire

tehran tom's former law firm gibson, dunn and crutcher has strong gop ties (soooo surprised!)

If ANY Republican wins WH in 2016, say goodbye to SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE

You know what's the problem? Too many Jews are voting.

Santa Rosa (dedicated to that guy in the other thread ... just cos)

Russia’s Arctic policy up for remake

John Ellis (Jeb) Bush ($) opposes minimum wage

PLO: Israel election results 'destroy chance for peace'

New study addresses surge of Oklahoma earthquakes, predicts major ones

Pic Of The Moment: It's Official: Donald Trump Forms 2016 Presidential Exploratory Committee

It's official, Kentucky won't win it all...

tehran tom's second law firm, cooper and kirk--(gee, is this beginning to sound familiar?)

playing hide and seek

I'm No Elvis Presley

US stocks drop as investors wait for news from the Fed

Tucker Carlson’s ultimate humiliation: Corruption, “journalism” & a flagrant conflict of interest

Cotton And The War Caucus Count On Constituents’ Ignorance

May be petty, but I don't want POTUS to congratulate Bibi

U.S. Oil-Storage Glut Expands Faster Than Expected

Carson Aide Deleted Twitter Account That Told Obama To 'Bend Over Bitch'

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Floats 2018 Senate Run

Cheney: Obama is 'worst president of my lifetime'

Could This Be the U.K.'s Worst Election Ever?

Durbin: Loretta Lynch Being Asked To 'Sit In The Back Of The Bus' In Senate

Go Ahead, Ruin My Day - Thomas Friedman

"Suspicion" (dedicated to that guy in the other thread ... just cos)

Obama Aide Stops Short of Congratulating Netanyahu on Vote

The death toll in the attack on the Tunisian museum is now 21.

GOP Rep: Obama Has 'Grand Plan' To Make 'Single-Party' Nation For Dems

The Republican List Of Things You Cannot Say

Missing South Carolina cat found 2 years later in California

Prosecutors Seek 4 Years For Former GOP Guv Who Refuses To 'Play It Straight'

Pap and Thom Hartmann: Corporate Media Ignoring The REAL Email Scandal

France's Far-Right Sparks Hope and (in true RW tradition) Fear ahead of Election

US Sets New Record For Denying, Censoring Government Files

Another racist ex-cop, now (R) state representative show his true colors.

How does this photo make you feel?

Wacked professor lights cigarette on plane protesting "US war on Venezuela" & CIA gave Chavez cancer

Japan Investigates Death Threats To US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

what's for dinner - wednesday, march 18?

Dems Slam Renewed GOP Effort To Create A Social Security 'Crisis'

Am I the only one who thinks Bibi stole the election?

GOP: The FCC’s inspector general has launched an investigation into net neutrality

Roanoke Times: Sweet Briar board should resign

Arizona sheriff acknowledges violating federal court orders

Iranian Leaders ‘Clearly’ Got Senate Letter Message, willfully ignorant Cotton Says

Rubio willing to defy European allies on possible Iran deal

Bills Propose Ending Daylight Savings Time

Freedom Shock: Army Europe, ready at a moment's notice

Boeing is top winner of state, local tax breaks

Report: Homeopathy Not Effective at Treating Any Condition

Obama to draw contrasts with Republicans over spending

Putin Says Russia Regained 'Historic Roots' In Crimea

Sound Transit completes first light rail tunnel from Northgate to Roosevelt

Aurora blazes: Powerful Solar Storm Rips into Earth's Magnetic Field : Discovery News

Dear Receptionist,

AL Church whose pastor performed gay marriage expelled by Southern Baptists

Obama blames the guy actually responsible for the birth of ISIS for giving birth to ISIS. BASTARD!

Rowland Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison

Cotton And The War Caucus Count On Constituents’ Ignorance

Christian Science Monitor: How one small Midwest town has turned immigration into positive change

Salon: Stop poisoning the race debate: How “respectability politics” rears its ugly head — again

19 Killed in Attack at Tunisia Museum; 2 Gunmen Dead After Firefight

Sociology professor arrested for smoking on a plane

The GOP takes partisanship international

Latest Curiosity news: Mars has water and complex organic molecules

AP Issues Correction After Mistaking Robert Durst For Limp Bizkit Singer

2 Hospitalized, More Patients Expected After Sub Base Hazmat Situation in Groton

Parasites May Fuel Cannibalism in Many Animals : Discovery News

White House takes aim at GOP’s ‘inept leadership’

An important point regarding Assange...

On video, Border Patrol pulls man from car, 35 miles north of border, on 'testable amount of marijuana'

Paleo Cookbook For Babies Raises Concerns

Evernight Teen --- call for submissions

Dozens open their homes for Berkshire weekend, but Warren Buffett says more are needed

A little story about my hospital stay and fox idiots.

Awesome St. Paddy's Day aurora! Awesone photos!

The GOP’s Ben Carson Problem

The People's Budget: Progressive Proposal Aims to Un-Rig Failed Economic System

Phony Reimbursements Led to Schock’s Resignation

Truck with 30,000 pounds of lobster overturns on I-95

Sanders: We need a budget which works for the working families of this country, not just the 1%.

Detroit - Why the domestic Auto Industry 'collapsed'

Miami Herald column: Florida flunked the test, failed the kids.

When every single Republican is anti-union, why are so many DUers anti-union too?

Stephen Collinson: Obama Redefines The Lame Duck Presidency

Miles From Nowhere (for a kindred spirit ... just cos)

Is it ever okay to say something nice about A Republican?

Volunteer Soldiers Fighting in Ukraine: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 102)

SF police might be sitting on a briefcase full of unknown Jerry Garcia songs

Hundreds rally in Kill Devil Hills to oppose offshore drilling

One dog's story

This Is Where Likely 2016 Voters Draw The Line On Gun Rights - HuffPo

Glenn Beck Declares: I Am ‘Done’ with the Republican Party...Hahahahahahaaa...bullshit!

Tony Perkins: 'Makes Sense' To Think Obama Is A Muslim

Anti-Israel ad can be barred from Seattle buses, appeals court rules

Serbia arrests seven over 1995 Srebrenica massacre

Aaron Schock's Dad: 'Two Years from Now, He'll be Successful, if He's Not in Jail'

Judge rejects bid by franchises to block new Seattle minimum wage

Just an update on Aaron Schock's House seat

Kerry's bike ride and visit to a shop to get it fixed

Switzerland to return Sani Abacha 'loot' money to Nigeria

Can someone tell me how to insert spaces into a post?

US Chides Netanyahu’s Party After Israeli Election Win

3-18-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1970 Labor History in 2:00

3-18-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1970 Labor History in 2:00

3-18-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1970 Labor History in 2:00

Jason Rezaian caught in feud between President Rouhani and Iran hardliners

Monday (3/16) Was Earliest 80-Degree Day In 143 Years Of Denver Weather Records

Spitting in the face of Israel's Arab citizens

Food concerns mount in Vanuatu after cyclone Pam

Russia, Rebel Georgia Region Sign Treaty; West Alarmed

NEW REPORT: FISA Court Needs Reform to Protect Americans' Civil Liberties

I am 86 years old...

Have you ever been propositioned by a woman for the purpose of pregnancy?

Mesa, Arizona Shooting: At Least Four People Shot; Suspect on the Loose

Arizona shooting spree: at least four shot with gunman still at large

Chemistry Puns: Molecules You Need to Know

This Cop’s Department said he “Acted Admirably” When he Strangled Non-Violent Handcuffed Woman

$25 Million Counterclaims on Behalf of Resultly, LLC Against QVC, Inc. and Defeat of QVC’s Motion

Being White Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Chicago City Council Passes Obama Library Ordinance

Labor Sec. mum on timing for overtime rule

If God Were a Car

American Muslim Family’s Home Attacked In The Middle Of The Night

It is

Conservative Radio Host: Christians Should Flee America Before Obama Destroys It

Venezuela High Court Releases 4 Government Opponents

Anti-Vaxxers Caused The Disneyland Measles Outbreak, New Study Confirms

John Boehner Screws Over The American People By Blocking A $2,000 Middle Class Tax Cut

Israel election: US concern over 'divisive' rhetoric

Video Shows Dallas Police Shooting Schizophrenic Man Within Seconds Of Knocking On His Door

350 Arrested as Frankfurt Anti-Austerity Protests Turn Violent

Austin Landlords Demolish Piñata Store For SXSW, Call Mexican Tenants ‘Roaches'

Republicans Unveil Their Plan To Take Health Care Away From 14-20 Million Americans

Barney Frank Says Netanyahu And The GOP Want War With Iran

Question: Why are so many right-wing websites teeming with pop-ups and adware?

Netanyahu Deserves the Israeli People, and They Deserve Him

Al Gore: ‘Denial Industry’ Should be Penalized

Missouri Executes Cecil Clayton, Cop Killer Missing Part of Brain

Evangelicals are shifting on same-sex marriage, but it’s no avalanche

Zaytuna College recognized as first accredited Muslim college in the US

Dunay: Democrats’ support of labor unions will lead to success in 2016

Dieudonne guilty of condoning terrorism with Charlie Hebdo comment

St. Louis archdiocese cancels speech by visionary who saw the Virigin Mary at Medjugorje

Scores injured and 350 arrested in anti-austerity riots against ECB's new HQ

Rick Scott's 'climate change' ban claims its first victim.

The 10 Most Badass Goddesses Of World Mythology

Trafficking survivors deserve better

Greece forms a Commission to audit public debt

Fed Signals It May Increase Interest Rates by Midyear

Ring of Fire: The Only Thing That "Trickles Down" Is Bullshit

Commander of Gun Licensing Division Explains Why He Was Wrong About Gun Owners

Because sometimes going inside opens a whole new world...

President Barack Obama still believes in Palestinian statehood — even if Netanyahu no longer does.

Truth-Meter on Michigan Proposal 1 of 2015 Flyer Measures 'Mostly-False'

Idiots dancing around celebrating a disaster, a triumph of idiocy over reason

The Fed is trying to fix the 2016 election for Jeb and the Republicans

Trump launching presidential exploratory committee "I'm the only one who can make America great

LAT: By running such a cynical campaign, Netanyahu has guaranteed that his credibility is in tatters

The Iran Letter Is Just The Beginning For The GOP - TMFS Sketch

Think a pre-existing condition was a pre-Affordable Care Act reason for denial. BCBS story

NYT: The House Budget Disaster

Now - Cotton and McCain-already siding with Netanyahu on abandoning the 2-state solution

Here's another case of 'privatizing' for personal profit.

No, The Pill Won’t ‘Give’ You Crohn’s Disease

Crooks and scams

NYPD won’t punish cops for sanitizing Wikipedia police brutality entries


The Populist Movement is Growing

WARNING:If you live in or around Phoenix, be careful. Shooter on the loose.

Why Auto Makers Are Building New Factories in Mexico, not the U.S.

Brazil in crisis mode as ruling party sees public trust rapidly dissolving

Tenn. GOPer slams Volkswagen: Creating 200,000 jobs is ‘intentionally’ a ‘magnet for unionized labor

5 Things You Need to Know About the Congressional ‘Abortion’ Standoff

Do You Believe Ted Strickland Will Beat Rob Portman For The US Senate Seat?

Assange sets new Guinness Record

Colombia court orders international to seek arrest warrant for fugitive ex-minister

Brazilian president's popularity poll plummets

Azealia Banks really makes an ass of herself...

Obama snubs Netanyahu and criticises Israeli PM's 'divisive rhetoric' against Arab Israeli citizens

Brazilian president's popularity poll plummets

GOP lawmakers: Christian businesses should have more rights than secular companies like Chipotle

Mitt Romney takes it on the chin

The Rules Don't Apply To Hillary Clinton ... Or Any Of The Other Un-Candidates

Holder Basking In GOP's 'Love' With Delay Of Lynch Nomination


27 People at Kansas High School Test Positive for Tuberculosis

U.S. To 'Re-Evaluate' Peace Process

Students protesting UC tuition hikes shut down regents meeting

The Big Dick School of American Patriotism

Should Law Enforcement be allowed to Unionized?

Students protesting UC tuition hikes shut down regents meeting (xpost from GD)

The Rude Pundit - Cheney Fade Away

Rage against the ECB: What's Blockupy against?

"We live in constant fear of upsetting the WH (White House)."

Christians really are being persecuted.

Exclusive: Opposition Leaders in London Are Putin's Next Target

I see we're not all Tunisians in the West today

A little humanity

Tuberculosis Outbreak At Kansas High School Infects 27

Kevin, Orange Tabby Cat Missing Since 2013, Ends Epic Trek in California Desert

Glenn Beck: 'I'm Out Of The Republican Party'

Rep. Schock's Dad: 'Two Years From Now He’ll Be Successful, If He’s Not In Jail'

Massive Protests Against Brazil's President Seek Her Ouster

Income inequality’s pitchfork in the road

Dick Cheney said.......

Bernie Sanders Storms The Senate and Rips The Republican Rich Get Richer Budget

Neil deGrasse Tyson's late night TV show will premiere on 4/20

Dilma 13% favorability rating

This was so ridiculous I had to post a photo

Buzz Aldrin Sends Message To The Cosmos

Cherry Blossoms

Obama suggested making it illegal not to vote. Here's how that's worked in Australia.

Holocaust-denying bishop plans consecration without pope's consent

GOP pushes their plan for the US

Every Star Could Have at Least One Planet That Could Support Liquid Water

Brazil, one country, one protest

Water Fluoridation Linked to Higher ADHD Rates

Last day to submit your 2015 NCAA B-Ball Bracket! DU group link inside...

I wish I could go to a live sermon of Jeremiah Wright

Blood on gloves in bomber's car matched that of dead officer

Obama correctly blames Bush for Daesch (AKA ISIS)

Is there a way to find out on the internet what properties someone owns?

'Blockupy' Anti-Austerity Protests Erupt Outside ECB in Frankfurt, Germany

Aaron Schock is resigning from Congress. But there will be a lot more ‘Aaron Schocks’ in the future

The conflict in Ukraine has led to a Golden Age for Jews

Texas Slowly Making Strides To Recognize Tejano History

Beaumont State Rep Files Oyster Reef "Land Grab" Bill

Republicans reach another milestone in political malpractice

White House to Cheney: We’re ‘More than Happy’ to Compare Our Econ Record with Bush

Glenn Beck writes book on how to argue with idiots

SWA Opposes Fracking Disposal “Cell” in Wetzel Landfill

Netanyahu, Putin, George W. Bush. Appealing to Nationalism, Ethnocentrism and the worst in humanity

Effort Begun to Remove Ferguson’s Mayor

so we start chemo again on Monday

What Scott Walker's Consultant Debacle Says About the Fight for Iowa--Liz Mair

‘My dad will not let me go to your sleepover because you’re black': Girl receives note from friend

WSJ's Jason Riley: Black Progress Was Better "When Whites Were Still Lynching Blacks"

AZ House set to vote on bill to shield names of officers involved in shootings

Obama resorts to government by sucker punch

Fox News Suggests Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Aren't Real, Cites Anonymous "Independent Expert"

Christian Group Hopes To Lure Hungry Souls To Jesus By Building McDonald’s Inside Church

I'm singin' the colonoscopy blues yea

Texas Sues Feds Over Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

Texas Sues Feds Over Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

Texas Sues Feds Over Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

Gender equality bake sale causes stir at Utah high school

First Voter Identification; Now Abortion Identification

Utah is trying to seize public land for private use - SWUA

Fast-Food Chains Tell Workers to Treat Burns With Mustard, Ketchup, and Mayo

Ted Cruz Claims To Be A 'Fireman?' Actually, HE IS! THIS KIND.....

WTF! Florida Woman Claims Diet Pills Led to Home Purchase She Regrets

Austin, Texas – A Town Meeting with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders -- 3/31/2015 (7 p.m. - 8 p.m.)

So, I finished Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the 21st Century"

Congressional Progressive Caucus lays out "The Peoples' Budget"

OOPs! Did Missouri Execute Wrong 75 Year Old Brain Damaged Guy?

NRA and holster adds are offensive

Greece defies EC with anti-austerity law

Give Edward Snowden the Same Deal General Petraeus Got for Leaking Info

March Is a Big Month for Marijuana! 5 States Move Toward Legalization

Catholic bishop: Being born gay isn’t what God intended — it’s like Down’s syndrome

Experts expect great wildflower season in Texas

A gay ex-repuke friend has an, um, interesting take on Schock

Suspect in Arizona Shooting Spree a White Supremacist Skinhead

Deer dog,

Meet Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton's Secret Weapon

Glenn Beck: 'I'm Out Of The Republican Party'

Austin Mayor Steve Adler: ‘White people’ stickers appalling, offensive

Nevada GOP lawmaker to ‘colored’ colleague: Racism is over because the president is black

A great description of today's GOP by Rodrigue Tremblay

2015 Horse Racing - HOF Trainer H. Allen Jerkens has passed away....

Ice boulders from jammed river devastate Ohio cemetery in eerie scene (look at the photos!)

The arrest of Justice Moore's son is a liberal plot to destroy his family

Penn State frat member defends photos of nude, unconscious women as “satire”

Sen. Leahy: Enough of the disingenuous language used to mask the truly brutal nature of US tortures

Cartoon: Bedevilled

I haven't thought about this guy in the last 3 or 4 FU's.

PBS's NOVA is replaying it's excellent documentary on monarch butterflies this week.

The biggest problem with democratic ideology may be a shift from

Feds say Union Pacific retaliated against injured worker

Sen. Sanders: Dangerous Chemicals

Swift resignation of Scott Walker aide raises questions of campaign viability

Jeb Bush’s tie to fugitive goes against business-savvy image he promotes

My screen just went all northern lights green. Kinda creepy. My eyes will get used to it I guess.

US removes Iran and Hezbollah from list of terror threats

A Full List Of Our Recent Military Interventions That Have Had A Positive Impact

Space Needle workers, labor activists rallying for higher pay

Stan Lee, this is all YOUR FAULT!!!

UVA Student Beaten Bloody by Alcohol Cops.

“Loretta Lynch…is asked to sit in the back of the bus…” So Says Illinois Senator Dick Durbin

I just returned from a lovely trip

Trolls Attacked Ashley Judd for Tweeting About Sports. Now She's Fighting Back.

Robert Bruno: Defend labor unions against the haters

Robert Bruno: Defend labor unions against the haters

Yahoo News’ Capitol Hill Bracket Challenge

Presidential Debates: Introducing the Group Trying to Change the Rules

Robert Bruno: Defend labor unions against the haters

And the 'winner' for most anti-gay bills filed by a single U.S. state in one year?

BREAKING: President Obama Wants To Propose 'Mandatory Voting.' It would change everything.

Bernie Sanders Rips The Republican Rich-Get-Richer Budget (Watch)

You Booze, You Snooze: Qatar Airways Flight Attendant Caught Sleeping It Off

Dear Music

Koch Brothers Should Return $157 Million in Government Subsidies -

New GOP apologist: Steve Kornacki. eom

House Republicans Just Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

Gov. Scott no longer uses state email, aide says