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Archives: March 2, 2015

Phil Robertson (of Duck Dynasty) Calls STDs "Revenge of the Hippies" at CPAC

For "Walking Dead" Fans: Seven Scientific Reasons A Zombie Outbreak Would Fail Quickly

I just drove back from New York to Philadelphia skating all the way...

I like Pledge

TransCanada Is Seizing People’s Land To Build Keystone, But Conservatives Have Been Dead Silent

We need more cops like Harry Bosch

White Sox Legend Minnie Minoso Dies

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 2 March 2015

North Carolina judge allows voter ID case to go to trial

Doctor brought to Omaha for observation remains free of Ebola virus

60 Minutes Actually Interesting Tonite

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) gives voice to critics of President Obama's Iran nuclear talks

Wisconsin's Walker admits flip on immigration

Robert Mugabe eats a zoo for 'obscene' 91st birthday party

Rahm Emanuel’s moment of reckoning: How he ended up in a fight for his political life

The hardest thing in the world

Shout Out to MIRT! We Appreciate all that you do.

Noonan: House Tea Partiers Represent The Thinking Of Almost Half Of The Country

The Red Flags of Quackery

Austria On Track to Bail in Heta Creditors After Aid Stop

RARE Native American pendent found as crew digs Ohio trench

RARE Native American pendent found as crew digs Ohio trench

Netanyahu's Minions Place Hideous Ad in NYT

some info about the heritage fdn

This Supreme Court Case Could Make Elections Even More Undemocratic

15 artworks stolen from Chinese museum south of Paris

Green out, Neff in as SRC chair

Is Downton Abbey really two hours today

Audio Tapes Conflict With Bill O'Reilly Tale About Suicide In JFK Case

How to opt-out of FL tests..VERY carefully. How some plan to do so.

How to opt-out of FL tests..VERY carefully. How some plan to do so.

last year my best friend showed me pictures of himself in Vietnam..Khe Sanh...

Yankees Rookie Nervously Tells A-Rod How Much He Used To Hate Him As A Kid

ME-TV is running a Columbo episode with Leonard Nimoy as the villain!

May 2014 - Article about dark money in both Republican & Democratic Parties - NewDEAL & Symmetry

Tell me what's funny

Thread for violence against men

61 years ago today: Those Who Witnessed Castle Bravo Looked Into Armageddon

Atheist book review

First human head transplant within 2 years? I was hoping this was The Onion.

Later this summer, when the supreme count makes gay marriage legal in all 50 states.

If Third Way Democrats continue to the right with TPP, union bashing, privatization it's because

How come one of Obama’s top people …Rahm Emanuel, how come he can’t win re-election?

Hey Wisconsin: turns out Scott Walker's just not that into you anymore.

Hey Wisconsin: turns out Scott Walker's just not that into you anymore. (X-posted in Politics 2015)

This Week Has Been an Unexpectedly Great One for Democrats

The Walker Dead

Meet the Man Ready to Take on Rahm Emanuel: Jesus "Chuy" Garcia

FYI~ The 34 Members of Congress and 5 Senators Confirmed Not attending Bibi's speach..UPDATE/54

My wife's favorite remix of this speech.

Hey according to BillO O’reilly anyone can now be a credible news reporter..

On The Media: What Radio Can Teach The Internet

Fading Christie Is Giving Bush Stronger Grip on G.O.P.’s Center

Reggie Love’s Intimate Photos of Life as Barack Obama’s Right-Hand Man

Nothing but false statements from bad loser Capriles

FINALLY! DoD “Evidence” that Snowden has Damaged US National Security

Did the Democratic Establishment long ago given up and concluded that the future belonged to the 1%?

Queston for dog lovers/trainers here.

Dan Patrick Brings Big Government to Texas

Thanks in part to the lobbying of the National Vaccine Information Center,

Venezuela objects to oil exploration off neighboring Guyana

Question about the silly dress colors - tiny internal poll

As Venezuela coffee output sinks, it swaps oil to import Nicaraguan beans

Sharon Stone Is Being Sued for Skipping an Anti-Chevron Protest

"The Myth of Race, Debunked in 3 Min"

Dr. Housing Bubble 3/1/15

This is the best explanation of gerrymandering you will ever see

feeling blue

Conservative Blogs Explode over ‘Report’ Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Planes

Can someone explain why Boehner and the Tea Bag Band are holding up the DHS bill ??

Deadly LAPD shooting of homeless man is caught on video (Graphic)

"SHUT UP!" Bill O'Reilly's Heated Feud with Al Franken featuring Molly Ivins -2003

Texas GOP looks to cut influence of heavily Democratic Travis County's judges

9-11 Molten Steel Forensic Evidence & Eyewitness Accounts

Seoul: North Korea test fires 2 short-range missiles

Peruvian ex-minister charged with journalist's murder

The Heaven and Hell of Colonialism or the Dangers of Economy First, Women and Children Last

Photo of the Day

Congressional Elections Held in El Salvador

Who Would Arming Ukraine Actually Empower?

Charles Pierce: How a New Iraq War Is Being Fought

Kerry To Avoid Netanyahu Speech By Meeting With Iran FM In Geneva, Defending Israel At UN


Breaking: Police Just Murder's Homeless Man in Downtown L.A.

The Future of U.S. Israel Relations

Just finished House of Cards Season 3.....WOW!! (No Spoilers)

Monday: Personal Income and Outlays, ISM Mfg, Construction Spending

Salt Lake City's only female mayor has passed away.

I don't know if this has been posted. Why the right hates history and the Oklahoma bill

One of the most amazing achievements in more than one way. I've ever seen.

Sam Seder: Scott Walker Tells CPAC: American Workers Just Like ISIS

Rahm and Chuy Poll Shows a Dead Heat

Wind turbines hit limits to growth before 50% wind power penetration

Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling

Jeff Beck's Tokyo Concert

Cannot deny there was molten steel!

Why the silence of the left on anti-Semitism?

Iraqi State TV Says Large-Scale Operation to Recapture Tikrit Begins

Texas Republican Whines About State’s First Gay Marriage, Has Been Married FIVE Times

Massachusetts teen's texts encouraged her boyfriend's suicide

'The Jewish Journey' Eyes 350 Years of Migrations to America

House GOP Leader Endorses 'Nuclear Option' In Senate (VIDEO)

Prosecutors: Massachusetts teen's texts encouraged her boyfriend's suicide

Justice Department to Fault Ferguson Police, Seeing Racial Bias in Traffic Stops.

Deadly bacteria release sparks concern at Louisiana lab

Panic and existential dread

War on Wildlife Crime – Time to Enlist the Ordinary Citizen

Our Anti-Immigrant Racism Is Rooted in History

2014 Marked Ultimate Low in Human Rights, Says Amnesty Report

'There Will Be A Reckoning'

The Entitled Get More Brazen by the Day

Law Requiring California Parents To Vaccinate Their Children Likely To Pass

Canadian Beef Now Banned In Five Countries

Us vs Them.

Guru convinced 400 men to castrate themselves to be closer to God

Rebekah Brooks about to be rehired by Rupert Murdoch for US operation

Brazil's king of deforestation dethroned in drive to beat land clearers

Army general in Peru charged with 1988 murder of journalist

Resources for Women's History Month

Opinions Please!

The Humanism of Star Trek

Daily Holidays - March 2

Upcycled Bike Chains

Great photo of Jesus "Chuy" Garcia with Harold Washington and Cesar Chavez

SpaceX Falcon 9 launches debut dual satellite mission


What if all of mankind had only one religion?

Lawmakers weigh future of state's health insurance exchange

“U. S. Government's De Facto Acknowledgement of the Existence of UFOs.”

Archaeologists unearth lost fortress of Genghis Khan in western Mongolia

Extensive tomb complex unearthed in suburban Beijing

12-year-old’s Facebook page locked after YouTube clip questions President Barack Obama’s love of

Hillary Clinton Seen Launching Presidential Bid in April

I hate those flimsy thin film ribbon cable connectors on laptop motherboards.

How hunting with wolves helped humans outsmart the Neanderthals

Pure RightWing Crap: " Obama Believes He Alone Is The Law In America" Investers Daily Editorial

Thank you, for putting me back in my snail shell.

Atheist Author Macheted To Death Outside Book Festival


Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts By Justin P. McBrayer

Frozen sewage system sparks outrage in Livingston County

why the gap between worker pay and productivity is so problematic

Meet The 6 Coworkers Who Make Your Job A Living Hell

Kanye West self-compliment generator...

Wells Fargo Puts a Ceiling on Subprime Auto Loans

Right-to-Work legislation heads to the Assembly; public hearing set for Monday morning

DU a poll: Where do you stand on the proposed right-to-work legislation? (link added)

Michigan House Passed Bill Allowing EMTs To Refuse Treatment To Gay People

"Merchants Of Doubt" - The Documentary - Opens March 6th

Discoveries Of New Oil And Gas Reserves Drop To 20-Year Lows

Michigan House Passed Bill Allowing EMTs To Refuse Treatment To Gay People

I donated to Jesus Chuy Garcia. Have you?

Bronze mirror linked to Himiko found in China for 1st time

Bronze mirror linked to Himiko found in China for 1st time

Japan protests after N Korea fires short-range missiles

Freedom from a mandated bacterial meningitis ( & DU a poll: mandated bacterial meningitis vaccine?)

Japan Political Pulse: Speaking out against nuclear power

Bill O'Reilly's Latest Scandal: Overhypes His Coverage of the War on Xmas

Love for anime in China

Smog film goes viral in China with 155 million views in one day

Meme of the Week – March 1st

Protests held in Washington against Netanyahu’s congress speech

Pelosi: House GOP 'Ineptitude in Legislating' Endangering Country

Justices hear challenge to independent electoral map drawers

Right to work WI & DU a poll in LBN

Right to work WI & DU a poll in LBN

Noted graffiti 'artist' busted vandalizing Joshua Tree Nat'l Park

Huawei 'Watch' Enters Wearable Market

Chris Hedges: Tariq Ali: The Time Is Right for a Palace Revolution

Oops! Lumber Liquidators Chinese-Made Laminate Flooring Has Toxic Formaldehyde Levels

Japan: company adopts nine rescue cats for office

Anybody know of any software, free or not, that you could recommend to restore data from a flash

Cambodia: Phnom Penh bans camera-equipped drones after royal encounter

Pakistan police arrest parents for refusing polio vaccine

Visionary Rauner (R-IL) Leadership: Slash State's Energy Efficiency Programs, Zero Out LIHEAP

Bangladesh authorities arrest man over atheist blogger's murder

An Atheist at Conservative Woodstock

It's Deja Vu all over again with the republican asshats

World's first lagoon power plants unveiled in UK

Watch how Japanese police handle this guy.

Emily's List Is Ready for Hillary

CWRU researchers bring clean energy a step closer (non-metalic fuel cell catalysts)

A review of Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

200 Veterans of the Israeli Security Services Accuse Netanyahu Of Being A "Danger" To Israel

John Kerry meets Lavrov as Ukraine death toll soars past 6,000

Behind Scott Walker's claim of doing what he says, a record of dropping bombshells

Cuomo and Christie Teaming-up To Block Transparency

Monday Toon Roundup 1-Deny, Deny, Deny

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Movement Conservatives can't handle the truth.

Anywhere we can listen to Hillary's speech at Emily's List Conference?

The "Food Babe" tries (and fails) to answer her critics...

Scott Walker, explained.

Republicans say they have a plan if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare. They don't.

"but these kids...exist under a government whose only accountability is to billionaires."

Isis threatens Twitter employees over blocked accounts

BREAKING: US district judge strikes down Nebraska's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage

Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling

"Our Blessed Homeland"

Bill O'Reilly Has Seen God

Sen. Barbara Mikulski *announces* plans to retire

Centrist Dems ready strike against Warren wing

Rubio advisors telling Florida Republicans to start looking for candidates.

TOM TOMORROW: Does The Supreme Leader Truly Love Our Land Mass?

US Judge strikes down Nebraska gay marriage ban story in LBN!!!

U.S. manufacturing sector had its best gains since October

ADT Locks Out N.C. Workers

Former Israeli Intel Head: Netanyahu’s Clash w/ Obama ‘Intolerable’, Risks end of US UN Veto

WH waives its own ethics rules in fight for Republican-backed TPP

Howard Dean doesn't like Elizabeth Warren's tone

exciting news about chronic fatigue. it's not all in your head.

Putin’s Culture of Fear and Death

Bone Picking

More Than Half of Americans Are in So Much Pain They Can't Sleep

NYT article on Kerry's efforts to get an Iranian deal -most of commentary is that he is too obsessed

10 submissions already

Consumer spending drops 0.2 percent in January

RTW in LBN... ADT lock-out in NC in video

Pet pit bull attacks, mauls Pinole woman

RTW in LBN... ADT lock-out in NC in video

The 10 Smartest (and the Dumbest) Presidents in America’s History

Hillary Clinton Seen Launching Presidential Bid in April

Speaker Boehner's Fifth Column Tactics are damaging America's Image here and across the globe.

Reports: Sen. Mikulski, Longest Serving Female Senator, To Retire

I guess is now part of "the conspiracy..."

The Fast-Track Fandango

know who has chickens?

Parliamentary tactic may let House Dems keep Homeland Security open.

Huge marijuana bust at California border crossing nets 15 tons

O'Reilly's Greatest Hits: 7 Times The Fox Host Had Trouble With The Truth

Federal judge lifts Nebraska's ban on gay marriage

Sen. Bernie Sanders says White House could end corporate tax breaks by executive order

Teapublicans: Wiping their A**es with the Constitution.

Hershey Goes GMO-Free

Artist Claims He Included Lewinsky’s Blue Dress In Clinton Portrait

Register your position on RTW here:

The "Mega-Drought Future," Disappearance of Coral Reefs and Our Unwillingness to Listen

Heroes and Villains | James Howard Kunstler

Atlantic Surging, Virginia Sinking

Sea Level Rise Threatens to Drown Miami Even Faster Than Feared

How To Beat Hillary Clinton

Pic Of The Moment: Unprecedented: Former Israeli Commanders Blast Netanyahu Speech To Congress

Bibi Watch: I Never Intended 'To Show Any Disrespect To President Obama'

My Girl’ — 50 Years And Counting

FYI Progressives United pac is fund raising using 'unavailable' phone origins

With Chicago Tired of “Mayor 1%,” Chuy García Could Actually Win His Runoff with Rahm Emanuel

Hearing room packed to #stopRTW

I was surprised to learn that Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

Seattle: Sound Transit Reaches Record Ridership in 2014

Believers Of Ernst Hoax Say A Lot About Who We Are

Paul Staments patents universal biopesticide that has big ag saying "the most disruptive

First flight of Concorde, March 2, 1969

Women's Herstory Month events and activities from WORD (Women Organized Resist Defend)

How stupid can a pervert get?

Fer cryin' out loud, STOP...

Ancient cod bones carry modern warning about mercury, climate change

Paul Staments patents universal biopesticide that has big ag saying "the most disruptive

national women's herstory month--theme--weaving the story of women's lives

Controversial bills giving Oklahoma a black eye, Tulsa Regional Chamber says

Ian Millheiser gives odds of each justice on upholding ACA

In Defense of Scott Walker's ISIS Comment

Woman charged with attempted maiming after allegedly biting boyfriend's genitals

I will not be silenced: Australian Muslim fights Twitter 'troll army'

More studies confirm smoking cigarettes is deadly

eBay sellers leaving in droves

Now Warren Buffett says the same thing as Howard Dean

Scan reveals 1,000 year old mummy in golden statue of Buddha

MD US Señator Barbara Mikulski is going to retire next year.

Afghan army takes on Taliban in first solo offensive

SpaceX launches electric {ion propulsion} satellites (BBC)

UN nuclear watchdog says Iran still withholding key information

Nasdaq Hits 5000 for First Time Since Dot-Com Era

New York State Assembly Passes bill to help protect farmers from GMO Makers

some resources for women's herstory month:

WSJ Editorial Excoriates House GOPers On Handling DHS Funding Bill

O'reilly's fabrications continue to mount

Russell Brand Discusses Porn

Thom Hartmann: Whips, Chains & Capitalism

Thom Hartmann: Is America ‘Disappearing' People?

Thom Hartmann: Obamacare is not some socialist marxist leftist plot…

Touching NASA tributes to Leonard Nimoy’s passing (VIDEO)

5 Things You Need to Know About the U.S.-Israel Relationship Under President Obama

Honey Maid: Love

Buffet: Sen. Warren More Effective If She Was 'Less Angry' (VIDEO)

Add China To List Of Countries Sarah Palin Can See From Her House

Jesu Christo, Willie Nelson

Well, I was laundering money again...

Too cool - interactive Periodic table

FEC LA Awards Dinner 2015 - Ryan Murphy's Acceptance Speech/Alex Newell "I Will Survive"

Indian tribes gambling on high-interest loans to raise revenue

Centrist Dems ready strike against Warren wing

The Ties That Bind

Dysfunction In Congress Complicates GOP Lawsuit To Topple Obamacare

Where are the leaders of the white community?

The Jezebel Effect: Why the Slut Shaming of Famous Queens Still Matters

Happy Birthday, Tea Party! Now Die In A Fire

The Myth of Republican Governance

Labor History in 2:00 3-2-15 USW

Another breathtaking view of Comet Lovejoy

MOTHER JONES Has Obtained O'Reilly's OWN VIDEO From Falklands - Contradicting His "WAR ZONE" Claim

Labor History in 2:00 3-2-15 USW

Labor History in 2:00 3-2-15 USW

Bill O'Reilly---Smoking gun on Falkland War lies.

New Chicago run off Mayor polling Rahm in BIG!! trouble

Curt Schilling’s revenge on trolls who threatened daughter

GOP State Rep. Remembers Spock as ‘Galaxy’s Greatest Republican’

Getting to Know the Real Matthew Shepard

Mysterious woman exhumed at Richard III's grave

Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling

Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling

O’Reilly’s trouble deepens: A Kennedy tall tale that could unravel Fox News’ bully - By Joan Walsh

Homer Simpson ‘discovered’ the Higgs boson a decade before the LHC

AP EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Guantanamo detainees struggle in Uruguay

Earth shots: this week's must-see planet pics

Re:Bibi's speech: America and Israel as "beacons of hope"

Does the Sun Have a Heart of Dark Matter?

LA TIMES slams 'Meet the Press' over climate change jokes: "How Low Can News Departments Sink?"

Sygic 14.7.5

GOP infighting in Va. may harm party’s White House bid in 2016

The Wingnut Strikes Again

Inuit discuss how the Earth has changed from their perspective.

Al Franken performs "Bill O'Reilly's Tales of Combat!"

Drag queen reality show heads to Parliament House, owner says

McConnell aims to restore the Senate

$4 million in gold stolen from truck in North Carolina

Naty Revuelta is dead. Her story would make an interesting movie, because it's all true!

Scott Walker to sign anti-union bill that will make inequality worse

The state of the debate.

Far-right radio talk show host demands congressmen and women be hanged...

Hillary Clinton Room Post-Hillary Clinton Seen Launching Presidential Bid in April

DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana

Help me understand: How often in our history has another Head of State Addressed our Congress?

Maggie Smith Says She Will Leave ‘Downton Abbey’ After Next Season.

Don't Californianize Texas, Lawmaker Says

GOP’s big health care plan: Say “freedom” a lot and let states figure something out

Elizabeth Warren, Sept 5th 2012 at the Dem National Convention: "The Game Is Rigged"

The Rise of a ‘Democratic’ Fascism (John Pilger)

Costco names Citi, Visa as new credit card partners after AmEx deal ends

Best February ride yesterday

Speaking of Howard Dean...Would You Support Him for President?

60 Minutes Is Right To Raise Questions About Lumber Liquidators' Toxic Floors

Elizabeth Warren, Sept 5th 2012 at the Dem National Convention: "The Game Is Rigged"

Aurora Touching Sunrise

My libertarian vacation nightmare: How Ayn Rand, Ron Paul & their groupies were all debunked

“When being raped, she shouldn’t fight back”

"Hey Arnold! as Dragon Ball Z Characters"

Don't buy Girl Scout cookies! They turn you communist!

Supreme Court to Consider Hotel Records Privacy Case, EPIC Amicus Cites Constitutional Interests

Obamacare’s Survival Hangs on Four Words at High Court

Because sometimes we need to...

Pat Robertson: Drinkers And Pot Smokers Are 'Enslaved To Vegetables'

FRA launches crossing safety campaign, schedules trespassing prevention workshop

Lumber Liquidators Plunges After ‘60 Minutes’ Formaldehyde Story

Papantonio: Will UBS-Puerto Rico Scam Come To The Homeland?

Buffett Profiled in Rolling Stone Magazine

Bernie Sanders: Speaker Boehner should not be playing partisan politics with American foreign policy

Elizabeth Warren replies: "Turn down for what?!"

Most Want President to Have a College Degree

Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Slowest Pace in a Year

Bernie Sanders: One of the wealthiest families in the world...

Boehner’s worst failure yet: Incompetence, near-shutdown & sorry state of GOP “governance”

U.S. justices raise doubts about Arizona redistricting commission

Howard Dean highly disappointed me with his statement about Senator Warren.

Pelosi Fills GOP Leadership Vacuum

White House task force calls for increased oversight of police

The National Police Violence Map

Sen. Kirk: Re-elect Rahm or Chicago could end up like Detroit

Justice Department to Fault Ferguson Police, Seeing Racial Bias in Traffic Stops

Supreme Court Hears an Obamacare Fairytale

Selma is GROUND ZERO with a new fight!!!

Jessa Duggar says "liberal" Christians are going to hell, and she is not. Judging us while saying..

Ebola nurse Nina Pham files lawsuit against Texas Health Resources

Selma is GROUND ZERO with a new fight!!!

Selma is GROUND ZERO with a new fight!!!

California GOP Formally Welcomes Gays to Party

I love living in the DC area — this is one reason why:

Noam Chomsky: Opposing Iran Nuclear Deal, Israel’s Goal Isn’t Survival — It’s Regional Dominance

Family of Chechen shot dead during interrogation sues FBI for $30m

Nurse Nina Pham to file lawsuit against Presby parent, worries about continued (Ebola) health woes

Iraq Starts Attack on Tikrit With Help of Iran Commander

Bill Cosby and the Reagan Era Reckoning by Eric Frost-Barnes

Palestine to lodge ICC case against Israel in April – official

LGBT rights activists arrested for protests in Idaho House, Senate chambers

New Report Finds China's Space Plans Threaten U.S. Military Ability

Holder: ‘Nothing justifies excluding same-sex couples from the institution of marriage’

Are these "Angry" words..?

Third Way True Believers Live in a Patronage Bubble

Record 290 Newcomers Join Forbes Billionaires List, Including Michael Jordan

Placentia Teacher Found Hanging In High School Classroom

2 kinds of authoritarians: those that sideline opposition through peaceful means or using violence

7 Things To Do If You Find Stray Kittens

US Military Satellite Explodes Above Earth

Anybody know of any software, free or not, that you could recommend to restore data from a flash

Are you disappointed with Howard Dean's statement on Elizabeth Warren?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Canada) Praises Netanyahu and blasts Barack Obama

Video: A Russian soldier from Siberia talks about his service in Donetsk.

Barbara Mikulski, the longest serving female senator in history, to retire

Prof. Richard Wolff on Real Time

Ukrainian Lawmaker Detained at Nemtsov March to Face Moscow Court

Hoyer expects Boehner will bring 'clean' DHS funding bill to vote

ok already sick of Thomas Roberts- bring on the captured on video

Baltimore's Harbor-Front Development at the Expense of City Infrastructure and Schools

VFA-102 60th anniversary paint scheme

Mixed messages on third Greek bailout talks

Exxon-Mobil and Kochs among largest donors to Corbett's campaigns through Christie's Repub Gov Assn.

Boehner, GOP vow continued immigration fight over Homeland Security funds

LGBT rights activists arrested for protests in Idaho House, Senate chambers (in GD)

Sharknado 3 Casts Mark Cuban, Ann Coulter As Leaders of The Free World

Do you think Hillary Clinton is going to run?

Only in America...

Radio host: Black lawmakers should be ‘hanging from a noose’ for boycotting Netanyahu’s speech

Ukrainian MP Arrested at March to Commemorate Nemstov, Assassinated Foe of Putin

The winner of the IBEW photo contest

Greenwald shamelessly shills for Russia Today (again)...

The Auringer-Affiliated Companies: Root out the bad apples in the Big Apple!

Great ... my neck of the woods (KKK fliers)

California lawyer files papers for ‘Sodomite Suppression Act’ to save state from ‘God’s just wrath’

Boehner’s worst failure yet: Incompetence, near-shutdown & sorry state of GOP “governance”

Homophobic incidents are so common in UKIP that the party has started recycling old apologies

We need more of this kind of 'rhetoric' in Congress

5-time-married Texas lawmaker scrawls complaint against judge who allowed same-sex marriage

Florida naturopath facing charges after treating girl’s fatal leukemia with vitamins and vegan diet

"Sharknado 3" set in DC. Pres. Mark Cuban. VP Ann Coulter

Florida naturopath facing charges after treating girl’s fatal leukemia with vitamins and vegan diet

Victory! (for the children)

Victory! (for the children)

DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana

Pap and Seder: Bill O’Reilly’s Career Of Endless Lies

Warren Buffett: 'I would have passed Keystone'

Supreme Court Won't Hear NOM's Latest Appeal on Donor Disclosure

Gay Man Tapped To Lead Justice Department Division

SC Senate passes tougher domestic violence penalties

As closest aides fall before justice, Uribe closer to prison than ever

HEY LADIES! Who wants a new milkshake machine? Sign up with ISIS and get one free!

Cuomo and Christie Teaming-up To Block Transparency

Mayor of one of Colombia’s poorest towns ‘gives away salary to curb misery’

Satellite Explodes After 'Catastrophic Event'

Danny Devito drops by "Democracy Now" to watch Noam Chomsky interview

Florida naturopath facing charges after treating girl’s fatal leukemia with vitamins and vegan diet

Ferguson officials to either negotiate a settlement with the Justice Department or face being sued

"Endtimes" preacher "predicts" Obama will go communist...

Dr. King and the Memphis City Sanitation Workers Strike - 27:57

Texas Strong: Volunteers Plan at Battleground Texas Summit

Dr. King and the Memphis City Sanitation Workers Strike - 27:57

Dr. King and the Memphis City Sanitation Workers Strike - 27:57

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

David Barton says AIDS is "punishment from God..."

A post Bachmann breath of fresh air. For now..

Windows XP's market share grows AGAIN!

After 7 months, I am down 60lbs and am under 200lbs

To those who want to impede equality, your time is running out...

Ice Bucket Challenge helping people with ALS 'live best lives'

Man hides marijuana in a container marked "Not Weed"

BIBI WATCH: Sen. Whitehouse Won't Attend Netanyahu Speech

In 200 years, no foreign leader has ever addressed Congress to denounce the President's policies,

Polish, Latvian officials barred from entering Russia for Nemtsov funeral

Ronda Rousey Inspiring Young Girls to Beat the Shit Out of People

Slain Kremlin Critic Nemtsov Thought Fame Offered Protection

Netanyahu Assails Iran Deal, Touts US-Israel Ties

Jeb Bush Evading Contribution Limits, Exploits "Non-candidate" status

Keystone commentary:"With veto it's time for the NAFTA option"

Poll gives France's far-right National Front party boost ahead of regional election

BUSTED - O’Reilly’s Own Video Shows No ‘War Zone’

Texas Senate Republicans demand freedom to revamp Medicaid

Nevada Lawmaker Says Cancer Is A Fungus, Recommends Simply Washing It Out

Happy Birthday Lou Reed.

Dem record on economy is good enough to boast about relative to Republican Great Depresssion

Warren Buffett: Elizabeth Warren is too 'violent'

Warren Buffett Says Elizabeth Warren Is Too ‘Angry’ And ‘Violent’ With Rich People

The problem with "trickle-down techonomics"

I'll bet Spock knew how many holes it took to fill the Albert Hall, and a bunch of other cool shit.

8 Senators go after TPP Fast Track

Whoever designed the AMD Socket AM1 heatsink should be strung up by their thumbs.

Player walks off pitch in Peru over racist abuse from fans

Fox News host: Scott Walker makes "my toes curl"

Mexico calls on U.S. to probe police killings of its nationals

Mexico calls on U.S. to probe police killings of its nationals

Cuba, Uruguay aim to increase trade and investments

Faux News Retractions for Billo

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 2 March 2015

My War on Terror: Letter to an Unknown American Patriot

Toon: No Immigration Bill!

Well, this ad is just the best

13-Year-Old Drinking Prodigy Accepted To Ohio State

I gotta get me one of these:

2016/The men have had their chance...

Update on my wife.

There are now 51 members of Congress not attending Netanyahu's speech tomorrow

The statistical mistake behind the myth of the moderates

L.A. Police Shoot Unarmed Homeless Man in Broad Daylight

State to request emergency stay after judge's decision to overturn gay marriage ban


Lahki the Blind, Abused Street Elephant Finally Retires at New Sanctuary Home!

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mon. 2, 2015

Nebraska father in same-sex marriage: 'Today, our family is equal, our family matters'

Nebraska father in same-sex marriage: 'Today, our family is equal, our family matters'

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Fox News forced to backtrack again over Bill O'Reilly's reporting claims

"D.W. Washburn", I heard a sweet voice say...

Now I get why "right to work" is not an "excessive government regulation of businesses"...

Help me evaluate a website I found-----IT'S RW, DON'T BOTHER NOW

Nemtsov joins long list of those assassinated in post-Soviet Russia

Union opponents speak out again against right-to-work bill as fight moves to Assembly

How the DHS Stalemate Ends: In Total Defeat for the GOP

Sen. Sanders:Is there something we can learn here about our national priorities?

President George Washington weighs in on Netanyahu's address . .

A few incidental cues to the RW mind--

I was supposedly on a jury but my vote isn't in the results.

Sen. Bernie Sanders talks with Mitchell Reports about the Netanyahu Speech...

Women’s History Month Pisses Me Off

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Will this put Christie in prison, finally? Christie pollution deal with Exxon surprises

Scott Walker Wants To Stop Funding Renewable Energy Research Center

Sure enjoyed the chocolate vs white cake thread

Really Pathetic: DEA warns of stoned rabbits if Utah passes medical marijuana

Mr. Spock Was a McGovernite: Remembering Leonard Nimoy’s ‘Live Long and Prosper’ Politics