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We spent over 10 grand on uncovered medical expenses last year.

Toon: Exploratory Committee

NH Republicans deliver a rough message to 4th graders

Toon: Headbangers

Any one else bothered by the court stuff on Broadchurch?


To Believe Julian Assange, You Must Believe Israel Shamir, Vicious Anti-Semite and Liar.

Ignorance Displayed For ALL To See

Malcolm Fraser: Australia's 22nd prime minister dies at age 84

For anyone who missed it:

Top 6 Climate Change Problems

Top Three Unwitting Advocates For Atheism

It worked.....again

Beverly Hills bakery workers claim they were paid $2/hr

Chris Christie bridge investigation: Federal prosecutors issue new subpoenas.

Rick Scarborough: Congressmen Back Plan To Go To Jail To Defy Gay Marriage

Life under Isis: As long as its enemies remain divided, the militants will not be defeated

Chris Hayes is cracking me up with the conspiracy nuts

Hawaii Underwater - A Photo Diary

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 20 March 2015

New Mexico House panel OKs mental-illness treatment bill

Obama to unveil fracking rules

Twelve cows stabbed, barn set afire at farm in Ashton-Under-Lyne

Optimize your way to a miserable life! - By Mark Morford

Joseph Stiglitz on the Trans-Pacific Partnership: "This Is A Big Deal"

New US aggression unites Latin America

I want everybody to mark well the overt and blatant levels of racism on display in this nation.

FL DEP Employee Suspended and Forced to Obtain Medical Release for Mentioning Climate Change

And the white man in cuffs literally runs away.

Russian neo-Nazi thugs beat "nonwhite" Ukrainian to death in Moscow while people walk by, do nothing

Your Help Needed - Co-Sponsor the Congressional Progressive Caucus AWESOME Budget

'Empire' Finale Smashes Ratings Records

Mexico Mining Groups Says 3 Kidnapped Miners Were Slain

by Robert Reich

Report: Obamas May Be Buying 'Magnum, P.I.' Home In Hawaii

Bold and the Beautiful’ Transgender Storyline Shocker Is ‘About Tolerance,

by Robert Reich, re: TPP

Only in America...

Darth loves his lattes weirdly

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore's son arrested, charged with drug possession in Troy

This is How Globalized Capitalism Operates Today

'Hannity' returns to Panama City Beach for spring break after last year's report on wild partying

Yes, We Need Elizabeth Warren in the Senate. And She Should Also Run for President.

Any Bible scholars here? I have a political-scriptural question

RESEARCH: Could re-injecting captured gas enhance production?

I Was Trapped At an Auto Repair Place with Fox News Playing for 3 Hours

Would same day pay for employees be possible now or popular?

Which of these proposals could have prevented Sandy Hook?

CrossTalk: Ukraine’s delicate balancing act

Hands up, don't shoot not true?...

So priceless. OMG our innovations come at a fast pace. Kids react to VCR player, VHS format.

The Japanese Wisteria is going to be loaded with blooms this year

NH lawmakers brutally kill 4th-graders' bill in front of them

"American Energy Renaissance Act" DISASTER by Senators Cruz & Bridenstine

Senate OKs bill offering fines up to $10,000 for posting 'no guns' signs

Fox News Yule Log = Benghazi.

Georgetown Goes All In on Renewable Energy

Peruvian mayor of town near giant copper project assassinated

Elon Musk: Model S not a car but a 'sophisticated computer on wheels'

Game review sites

Sean Penn: Bush, Cheney 'created' ISIS

Republican women, angry over Winter Park race, leave party

One of the Star Wars blooper reels...

Despite Climate Change Rhetoric, Gates Foundation Invests $1.4 Billion in Fossil Fuels: Report

Assange likely to remain in embassy (Reuters)

Kids have no idea what a VCR is. Nor VHS format. Makes me feel old.

The Victory of National Democracy in Ukraine

Why is the government spying on Black Lives Matter protests?


The U.S. Military Just Plunged Philippine Politics into Crisis

APNEWSBREAK: State to divert 'fair share' fees from unions

Human parasites found in medieval cesspit reveal links between Middle East and Europe

Study by Mexican anthropologist says elites' clash led to Teotihuacan collapse

Tipp City teachers vote to form union

3 European Powers Say They Will Join China-Led Bank

Leaders increasingly optimistic they'll strike Medicare deal

New York Times drops Razib Khan

I nearly unfriended someone on Facebook

It’s illegal to prevent workers from talking about wages. T-Mobile did it anyway.

Chicago Transit Riders Warned to Brace for Possible Service Cuts, Fare Hikes

Judge: Sanctions possible in Obama immigration court case

Wookiefoot - Be Fearless and Play (Alternative) ^i^

New York school district apologizes after Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic

Former Abilene ISD Superintendent arrested for possession of controlled substance by fraud

Obama's 10 Funniest Jokes at the Gridiron Dinner

If you have Netflix

I have to say, with no links, no nothing,

I Didn't F*ck It Up - Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy

"Things In California Are Even Worse Than You Realize"

East Texas lawmaker’s father arrested on stalking charges

Pro-LGBT Birth Certificate Bill Finds GOP Support -- !!!

Bibi's Win Is Kerry's Defeat.

Rabid skunk bites Bellmead officer

Stuart calls out the Fox Hypocrisy

Daily Holidays - March 20

FIH Mobile's First Dividend Since IPO

China: World's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tram Rolls Off Assembly Line

IF YOU ARE AWAKE RIGHT NOW (0430-ish Eastern), Watch the ECLIPSE!!!

No! U can NOT haz cheezburger!

"Scott Walker's Act 10 union busting "tools" are all worn out. Vilified teachers leaving state"

Windows 10 to launch 'this summer' with free upgrades even for pirated copies

S.F. police officer being investigated in text message probe resigns

UN ruling raises hope of return for exiled Chagos islanders

Chicago police commander resigns in wake of Homan Square revelations

Chicago police commander resigns in wake of Homan Square revelations

Alabama agrees to suspend action in execution lawsuits while awaiting U.S. Supreme Court lethal...

American Denial - take this test

Above-Normal temperatures for Pacific Northwest expected to continue...

Chinese military denies role in reported U.S. hacking

I often wonder how much of America is now this in one way or another, or on the verge.

Associations between vitamin D levels and depressive symptoms in healthy young adult women

Will they have the mandatory "7th inning stretch" singing of "God Bless America" AGAIN this year?

Physicists talk firing up CERN’s Large Hadron Collider after two year hiatus

Yemen mosque bombings toll rises to 142

It doesn't take much to make old madokie smile some days

The Rude Pundit - Indiana Shows Us How GOP Priorities Will Kill Us All

Deputies: Kids slept on floor, chained to washing machine with dog collars (I weep for my state)

RIP Danny Schechter

highlights of total eclipse

Uptown Funk Treadmill Dance

Gates Foundation Calls For Climate Action, Owns $1.4 Billion In Shell, Peabody, BHP, Chevron, More

BizTracker: Wisconsin ranks 38th in job growth

Draft agreement cuts Iran's nuclear hardware

Bubba the cat okay after 40 days outside in the cold

FL Emergency Director Asked About Climate Rules For Fed Money, Will Not Say "Climate Change"

Tar Sands Oil Sinks When Spilled Into Rivers, Except In Oil Industry Slideshows At Conferences

3,000 Sinkholes Around Dead Sea; #s Growing Exponentially As Lake Continues To Shrink

Tim Huelskamp (Dumbass - Brownbackistan) - Keystone Worth It Even If It Creates Only One Job

The GOP has decided to change their name

TSA Let a Convicted Felon Through PreCheck Lanes, DHS Watchdog Says

Republican U.S. Speaker John Boehner to visit Israel two weeks after Netanyahu’s victory

People on food stamps make healthier decisions than most of us

Teamsters Allege "Eavesdropping" at San Francisco Zoo, Management Says Technology Was Meant for ...

Happy Spring Equinox You Merry Heathens...

I modified my suggested license because of this shooting...

Strip-Mining SE Asia's Forest Remnants - Half-Mile Snare Lines Which Nothing Larger Than Mice Escape

It is shameful that Labour buys into the rhetoric that people who need welfare are scum

Graco fined for delayed reporting of seat-buckle complaints

Leaked U.S. antitrust report on Google adds weight to rivals' complaints

"Special Economic Zone" Offers Rich Tourists Roasted Bear Cub, Tiger-Bone Wine

PLO forms committee to halt security coordination with Israel

Ex-Staffer Slams James O'Keefe: He Crossed A Line With Vile 'Kill Cops' Stunt

Before dinosaurs, the giant ‘Carolina Butcher’ was a North American terror

Dalia Khalifa: Gaza's 'unbreakable' girl

AverageJoe90 has FINALLY had his fate handed to him...

So, we know Pres. Obama never suggested mandatory voting...right?

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - The No State Solution

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - Elections and the GOP

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - The Rest

Don't write a novel with an older, female protagonist

Paul Krugman on more GOP dickishness

As many as 77 killed in Yemen mosque blasts

As Women Get More Power, Rightwing Pundits Get More Sexist

Oldest American woman veteran dies at 108....

Teabagger Gov. Goes After Maine’s Favorite Son --- Stephen King Responds Brilliantly

The improbable, 200-year-old story of one of America’s first same-sex ‘marriages’

Chelsea Manning Warned of Nuri al-Maliki’s Corruption in 2010. David Petraeus Didn’t Listen.

Spring Equinox, Vernal Equinox, Ostara, Eostre, Ostern

Jon Stewart Trashes Fox Calling for Ferguson Apologies: Where’s Your Benghazi Apology?

Rare Tennessee Williams story published for the first time

Robert Scheer: They Know Everything About You

Everything you need to know: Vernal equinox 2015

Why Libertarians Hate Rand Paul

U.S. Companies Are Leading Bidders in British Health Service Sell-Off

The GOP’s Sex Trafficking Shell Game: How Laws Against ‘Sex Trafficking’ End Up Hurting Women

Decision opens door to reduced sentences for Miami-Dade juvenile killers

When I dream about deceased relatives or friends, I usually see them

Anybody want a Chihuahua? Miami Dade animal shelter has 42 of them!

Jeb Bush’s Minimum Wage Radicalism - By Michael Tomasky

Marcy Wheeler: Petraeus free, in Iraq last week - 'A pretty potent symbol of our own corruption'

Why do Republicans/conservatives hate nearly everybody? nt

Obama administration questions U.S. airlines on subsidy claims: source

Reuters poll: Hillary GAINED Dem primary support due to emails.

Schock Leaves Congress with $3.3 Million War Chest

2016 Presidential Election Madness

Who would have thought that the last physical media for music

Feds Seek Evidence Christie Retaliated Against Mayor

Clinton Poised to Raise $1 Billion

Martin O'Malley Op-Ed: Reform Wall Street - Prosecute Those Who Commit or Permit Crimes

Why I'm pessimistic about US politics 2016-2020.

Obama Seeks Fast Track for TPP, Trade Deal that Could Thwart "Almost Any Progressive Policy or Goal"

Posted by request of a teacher: Women’s History Month

Hedge Fund-Backed Castellan Real Estate Group Intimidates NYC Tenants to Vacate Rent-Stabilized Apts

Posted by request of a teacher: Women’s History Month

Posted by request of a teacher: Women’s History Month

Posted by request of a teacher: Women’s History Month

Hey Monica Lewinsky - goafuggingway

FBI, federal prosecutors investigating Aaron Schock

Senate Democrats Threaten To Block Major House Deal On Medicare

Democrats reject GOP fix to trafficking/abortion fight

Happy Spring! Makes me feel so brand new...

Google doodle has the Cricket World Cup this morning

GOP Donor Steps Forward With Evidence Of Anti-Semitic Whisper Campaign

Senate panel approves GOP budget w/ huge Pentagon boost

Tunis gunmen trained with Libyan militia, says security chief

The War Has Started.........

The New York Times Reverses Course on Clinton’s Emails After Public Editor Admits Fault in Reporting

New York judge refuses to release Eric Garner grand jury documents

Teacher develps a test for banks

Reports: Boehner To Meet With Netanyahu In Israel

If Newt's neck wattle gets any longer he is going to be a turkey. Oh wait.....

Rangel: Reinstate the draft; create war tax

TYT: UVA Student Brutalized By State Officials, Governor Investigates

What's for brunch DU?

Dem: Trade officials ‘baffling’ lawmakers ‘with bullshit’

Drug treats GOP and Faux News syndrome

Illinois Republican governor orders state agencies to divert union 'fair share' dues

TYT: Dick Cheney Claims Obama Is Using Race Card To Avoid Criticism

Jeremy Clarkson alludes to 'BBC sacking' at charity event

Election prompts U.S. to rethink Israel strategy

TYT: Does Racism Still Exist? FINAL JUDGMENT

Navy Federal Credit Union to Add 600 Jobs at Vienna HQ

god said that?

This Video Will Make You Angry

Could Netanyahu Win Actually Spell Progress for Palestinians?

UVA Student Martese Johnson Was Using Actual ID, Roommate Says

Lessons for U.S. police from an unexpected place – Northern Ireland

The Positive Side Of Florida Banning The Term Climate Change -TMFS Sketch

9 Billionaires Are About to Remake New York’s Public Schools—Here’s Their Story

Police officer arrested for sending sex images of 2-year-old

TYT: Why Stephen A. Smith Wants All Black People To Vote Republican

Meet the 26-year-old who’s taking on Thomas Piketty’s ominous warnings about inequality

Anyone else always want a sister (who doesn't have one) ?

Twelve years ago today, the US attacked and invaded Iraq

Noah's Project for the White House Junior Film Festival: On a mission to inspire conservation.

Guiding Obama into Global Make-Believe

Afghan Police Arrest 7 Suspects After Kabul Mob Kills Woman

McConnell Urges States to Help Thwart Obamas War on Coal

US stocks rise on rebound in oil, strong company results

a vastly persuadable mass of idiots held captive by a highly motivated minority of plutocrats

Rachel Maddow - New veterans caucus could counter Congressional torpor on ISIS

To Solve California’s Water Crisis, We Must Change the Nation’s Food System

Supposed to get up to freaking 90 degrees F here today, the temp is too damn hot!

Obama Seeks Fast Track for TPP, Trade Deal that Could Thwart "Almost Any Progressive Policy or Goal"

Do taxpayers REALLY pay for Pub staffer lunches?

Rachel Maddow - Clinton hits 'fun deficit,' Perry staffer doubts God wants female president

Pennsylvania toddler survives near-drowning after 101 minutes of CPR

What Happened to the “Feel Good” Economy?

Sham Laws -- they're not about women's health

Strong Regulations on Gun Sales Prevent High-Risk Individuals From Accessing Firearms and Can Reduce

Marijuana-legalization debated in german parliament

DOJ couldn't prove Wilson WASN'T in fear for his life, of course he WAS in fear for his life.

Invisible worlds

Republicans Vote To Hide Costs Of Repealing Obamacare In Budget

As Gentrification Persists in San Francisco, Evictions Take New Forms

America, the Rape-iful

Last day to enter March contest!

Police Brutality: Beaten, Tasered man who cried "They're gonna kill me!" dies

xpost from Good Reads: 1908: Labor Unions suck, Loewe v. Lawler 208 U.S. 274

Taking Back the Grid (Boulder's attempt at energy municipalization)

Crowd attacks army barracks in Konstantinovka after military vehicle kills 8yo girl

"They (Mental Health Professionals) viewed some of his beliefs as a kind of psychosis..."

NYT Imagines 2016 Without Hillary Clinton.

How bad will the next "official depression" be ?

Border Patrol kills 'suspected illegal border crosser' in Washington

Insane Florida employee says wacko words - gets a shitstorm

Happy New Year!!

Pic Of The Moment: The Results Of The GOP's 3-Year-Long Minority Outreach Effort Are Finally Here!

You probably won’t read this piece about Syria

Thought germ for the day:

Thank you and shout-out to Omaha Steve...

Senate Democrats Threaten To Block Major House Deal On Medicare

Violent arrest of black U-Va. student ignites outrage toward alcohol agency

Arizona Wingnut Senator Not Big On Worker Rights Except Maybe For Her Son-In-Law’s

Annoy Republicans with these New Products

Error in House budget understated spending cuts by $900 million

Tres bien France

Which Came First: the Dinosaur or the Bird?

The phenomenon that cannot be spoken; salt water intrusion moves inland in south Florida

They died trying to register to vote yet they had nothing on the ballot to vote for.

Report: FBI And Grand Jury Investigating 'Downton Abbey' Congressman

Nibbled to death by ducks: This shit is going to continue for as long as Hill is in the race.

Secret Protestant Churches in Donetsk: Ukraine's Religious War

do you have a doc that treats your pain?

Does anyone know of a good cancer chat room (live)?

FBI, DOJ Investigating Former Rep. Aaron Schock's Spending

Conservative organization busted trying to get peaceful protestors to say they want to kill police

Government accused of allowing arms manufacturers to export in secret

Pelosi - Seniors should pay more for Medicare

Americans Try To Pronounce Massachusetts Town Names

Budget spat leaves House GOP leaders facing new discord

Ex-FBI agent charged with 64 counts in drug tampering case

The Fed Keeps Getting More and More Pessimistic

Retirees Could Lose Their 'Guaranteed' Health-Care Benefits

Cat alarm clocks

Faith Without Work: Religion Helps Unemployed, Underemployed Stay Healthy

U.S. Sets First Fracking Standards in More Than 30 Years

"I don't want semen in my cheeseburger"

"Live with hands unfolded..."

My Boy! (dog rescue by anonymous)

This could change your attitude about indigenous European folk music

What Happened to the “Feel Good” Economy?

Ancient dust factory found at our galactic core

Do You Think Science And Religion Are In Conflict? You Are On One Fringe Or Another

Obama Sends Message To Iranian People As Nuclear Talks Near A Deal

You’ve Got to Hear Lauren Miller Rogen’s Perspective on Alzheimer’s!

Some mushrooms glow, and here's why:

Watch These Dolphins Take the Beach! How Did They Figure Out This Incredible Fishing Method?

Toilet seat up or down?

Michigan train-car crashes rising

It's The Era Of The Slumlord

Tiger Cub’s Death Leap Exposes Black Market Breeding Ring

Florida employee 'punished for using phrase climate change' (FASCISM, anyone?)

Members of Congress to USTR: Stop Making False Claims on the Trade Deficit

Power Of Mischief - Into War

Minka: Farmhouse in Japan

Al Jazeera right now: Lost Boys (India's children coal miners)

Republicans saying dumb things

Whose got the Merde-as Touch? The Sh*t Nimbus? Please come CAPTION Laura Ingram!!!

Alaska officials prepare for Wood Bison REINTRODUCTION

American Drug War

blessed oestara/equinox

The real winner in Israel's election: BDS

Old Worcester courthouse sold.....

blessed oestara/equinox

Two New Species Of Vampire Crabs Discovered

Commissioner of Alaska's DEC celebrated mine his agency regulates

Obama White House Blasts Mitch McConnell For Telling States To Break The Law

'Racial Thursdays' under investigation at Fort Wainwright

Lobbyist for a Day...Battling Dysfunction on the Front Lines

Mexican farmers are trucking produce into an Arizona town—where tons of it gets thrown into landfill

3-20-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1937 Labor History in 2:00

3-20-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1937 Labor History in 2:00

3-20-15 On this day in Labor History the year was 1937 Labor History in 2:00

The artist who showed you what space looks like

“Sodomite Suppression Act”? Calls for the Death Penalty.

Dogs in their beds! (Pic heavy....dial up warning)

In testimony to Senate, StratCom chief backs Obama’s defense funding request

"Machiavelli was a slacker!" Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Lawsuit targets federal approval of Mat-Su coal mine permits

Friday, we all need a laugh

When A 13-Year-Old Picks Out A $14 Million Dollar Condo

Under The Milky Way

Toon: Once You Know the World Is Full Of Things Like That...

Name a movie that haunted you after seeing it.

Suge Knight collapses in court in Los Angeles

Parents in India scale school walls to pass cheat sheets to 10th graders

rant about Logitech

A comment on a NYT Editorial 'Offering a Choice to the Terminally Ill'

"A gun without ammo is like a bull moose without a d*ck!" . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

House Speaker Boehner to travel to Israel

I suspect a friend of mine is in an abusive relationship.

The Curse of Nolan Ryan will cause you to have a heart attack this year:

Privatizing Public Housing: The "Genocide of Poor People"

1.4M 10th graders in India taking test of their lives. Parents scale walls to help.

McConnell Blocked Just As Often By His Own Party

3/20/2015 Top five most popular posts on this week

Photo of the Day

Boehner Takes On Conservatives

How many 'days' to Spring???

".. and you don't want to take the time to look for a bathroom"

ATF Chief Announces Resignation (Updated)

Hangover-free wine could be in our very near future

Ohio man cleared of murder after 39 years in jail to get $1 million payment

DEP worker sent home after sharing climate-change views

"Ditch the country music cliche: God’s not our first influence"

SO DU, HERE is a poll for you to play with!

Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc.

LA teacher told students Lincoln was a ‘n****r-lover’ and Michael Brown ‘got what he deserved’

Louisiana Secretary of State: No Presidential Preference Primary here unless Gov. Bobby Jindal Funds

Rick Wiles: Homosexuality And Abortion Rights Caused California Drought

Lava tubes safe enough for Moon base

It's time for Bobby Jindal to resign: Robert Mann

600 Students Expelled for Cheating on School Exams in India

Wow! Mom Asks Cops To Teach Her Sons A Lesson On Stealing. Cops Then Arrest The Mom.

RIP Danny Schechter, "The News Dissector," Has Died.

from Martin O'Malley:

Matt DeHart ... child predator, or CIA whistleblower framed by the Feds?

Have you ever played Choctaw Bingo?

Eric Holder op-ed: Taking the side of equality

FDA approves genetically engineered potatoes, apples as safe

City of Omaha, fire union reach tentative 4-year labor deal

NBC---Prove You Have Atoned. Show Danny Schechter's "Weapons of Mass Deception"

'Exclusively for white people' stickers put on Austin stores

Suicide bomber kills more than 20 at Syria Kurdish festival

Woman sues police for hajab enforcement

City of Omaha, fire union reach tentative 4-year labor deal (look at this ONE important clause!!!)

Pride at work....

South Miami revisits creation of South Florida as 51st state

Court: NSA Spying May Continue Even if Congress Lets Authority Expire

100 Years of Beauty - Episode 3: Iran (Sabrina)

Texas Attorney General Sues Feds To Stop Same-Sex Spouses From Taking Care Of Each Other

Can you pass the written police officer exam?

BLUE ANGELS - Inside the Cockpit

Darren Sharper charged with rape in Las Vegas

More than 130 dead in blasts at Shiite mosques in Yemen

Could Miami become the next Italy?

Capitalizing on Huge 'Durst' Ratings, HBO Spins Off New Series: 'Bathroom Confessions'

FBI arrests six in ‘pirate towing’ kickback probe aimed at Miami police

Hillary Clinton Retains Strong Appeal to American Women

Samuel Charters, influential blues historian and record producer, dies

BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen reviews at Amazon

If for nothing else, we should elect Hillary just to rub the nose of Cotton et al. in crap

So what happens if Hillary doesn't turn over her server

Florida man is dead

"American Energy Renaissance Act" DISASTER by Senators Cruz & Bridenstine

"Notorious RBG" »'Taft and Congress forced the National Women’s Party to move its headquarters...'

Lemme be Blunt

"Justice Ginsburg and Women’s Legal History at AALS" »

Seriously BEST REVIEWS EVER at Amazon: Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz

what's for dinner - friday, march 20th?

MSNBC's Phil Griffin: I would like to bring Olbermann back

Supreme Court Bootleg: "Live At The Corinthian 2014"

This Is The Pain That Racism Causes

Teen Geniuses Win Top Honors and Science Glory at Intel Science Talent Search 2015

A Post from a Second Class Citizen

looking for some flower advice

Autopsy suggests suicide in hanging of black man in Mississippi

The Friendly Atheists Next Door

Alabama to stop using marriage licenses altogether.

Understanding Quantitative Easing & Why Only The l% Are Thriving

Justice Scalia's Dissent in Windsor; why all should study Indian law:

Banker worries about effect of Iran deal on weapons business

Well we’re here! Total Fucking Insanity..

UBS Just Blew Your Retirement Fund

Progressive Community Celebrates Life, Work of Danny Schechter (1942-2015)

I don't have to believe anybody about nuttin!

AIPAC urges Obama to strengthen ties with Netanyahu

Things I wish reporters would say to Politicians. Add your own also

Thanksgiving and the Madison County v. Oneida Indian Nation Case

No Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm Watches Yet in March Puts U.S. in 'Uncharted Territory'

DOJ steps in to defend Clinton against email subpoena

An update on California Man

An unexpected adventure

2 Navajo Officers Injured in Shootout That Killed Colleague

IRS gives break to Obamacare filers who got wrong info

Peru’s Prime Minister Ana Jara Fires Senior Intelligence Officials

Popular weed killer deemed probable carcinogen by UN (glyphosate)

Making Gay Marriage Pay: Pondering Economic Effects of U.S. v. Windsor

Ecuador sees 'light' in Julian Assange case

Rand Paul: The GOP Iran Letter Puts Obama In A 'Position Of Strength'

Net neutrality: A lobbying bonanza

I love unanimous votes.

SCOTUS bigotry » Justice Alito And The 3/256

Doctors say data fees are blocking health reform

California AG May Be Forced To Put Up With Extremist's 'Kill All Gays' Drive

22 Examples of Major Technology Advances That Stem From Federal Research Support (e.g. Google search

Giuliani To GOP: Confirm Lynch Already

When you have a minute and if you have a dog, check this: funny

House GOPers Promote Immigration Bill Using Only GIFs Of White People

Frat Suspended Over Notebook With Disturbing Entries On Rape, Lynching

TRNN: Paul Jay's Interview with Filmaker, Author, Activist Danny Schecter: R.I.P DANNY! (1942-2015)

It’s not so much that Ted Cruz is a chronic liar..

The GOP is destroying the United States once again.......

Unarmed missile launch scheduled for Sunday at VAFB

Religious broadcaster warns Christians to ‘prepare for martyrdom’ if Supreme Court legalizes gay mar

US lawmakers introduce bill to restore voting rights to ex-convicts

Cotton worries about US interference in foreign negotiations

What makes them tick? (Poll)

Fire Extinguisher Factory Goes Up in Flames

"Shun Li and the Poet." Wonderful little film.

Religious Freedom Bill Looks Set To Pass In Indiana

“Gentlemen, this is a robbery." The Great Boston Art Heist

Check this out. Find one of these (yea) and you are set for life!

Kansas has been dodging Wichita State for over 20 years. (spoiler)

Kansas and Wichita State finally will face each other for the first time in...

Every Claim In This Ted Cruz Statement Is Completely False

Florida Hospital: 2 employees copied records of 9,000 patients

The Akron, OH "Bowel Movement Bandit" is still at large...

Supreme Court to settle Texas battle over Confederate flag plates

So which 6 of you wankers is this? : Six Miserable People Filed 25,000 O'Hare Noise Complaints

House GOP to Hillary Clinton: Turn over the server

My oldest and closest friend passed away today.

Meet the daughter of two lesbians who's campaigning against same-sex marriage

What other nation has a "War Money" line in it's public national budget? America - $96 Billion.

Racism’s sinister word games: What a white-supremacist talking point tells us about modern politics

If someone questions your sanity, isn't that grounds for a defamation lawsuit?

Ecuadorean Foreign Minister: The United States is the Real Threat in the Americas, Not Venezuela

Lemme roll a Blunt

Amy Goodman: Flush the TPP (TPP was started under GW)

Its only Feckin' Snow BYO BBQ ...

Nobody Told Me

52 Congress members sign letter warning of GMOs killing monarch butterflies (March 18, 2015)

US Congress Judicial Committee website posts "Ditzy chick" gifs

I tink that this sentence sums up the GOP.

On #RaceTogether and conversations we don’t have

39 minutes til SPRING!

Does anyone have a recipe suggestion for 2 lbs of tenderloin chunks.

More Orwellian Crap from Florida

S.F. hosts first dog tech conference, no dogs attend

Union-backed taxi service starts in Newark, amid regulatory debate about Uber

Ferguson ... Fort Lauderdale ... Maybe We Should Go Through The Alphabet

Ryan tells States not to sign up for ACA and to wait for Republican Health Care Plan.

Corporate media should end their deceitful pretenses

Pro-Palestinian ad campaign takes over walls of US cities

Florida employee "punished for using phrase 'climate change'"| Senior Land Manager Barton Bibler Files Legal Complaint

At Kodak, Clinging to a Future Beyond Film

Does anyone here use the Resound Lynx hearing aids with the iPhone?

New Senate is just like the old Senate

Georgia State coach breaks cast in fall, has to get new one

Hey, anyone use the Resound Lynx that work with the iPhone? If So What do you think?

Sanders to Senate Budget Committee: You're going to be a paid employee of the billionaire class...

Special Instructions to Players, 1898 (Warning: EXTREMELY NSFW)

Bishops: US, Canadian Mining Companies Abusing Rights in Latin America

Republicans essentially said the world would end if President Obama was reelected. Well, it didn't..

Iowa lawmaker (R-Obviously) caught reading Sex After Sixty on House floor

Mexico's High Court Overturns Conviction Of Man Jailed For 23 Years

Mexico's High Court Overturns Conviction Of Man Jailed For 23 Years

KRUGMAN: We’re looking at an enormous, destructive con job, and you should be very, very angry.

Brazil's attorney general announces anti-corruption measures

WHO says widely used herbicide likely carcinogenic

Obama's America, and mine

"Driving children around is statistically more dangerous than letting them roam freely."

Bombs hidden in casts

Paranoia-Rama: Gays To Blame For California Drought & Obama's Plan To Nuke Charleston Exposed!

No, Washington Post, President Obama did NOT "suggest requiring everyone to vote"

Nice (short) video on composition

Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses the federal budget with MSNBC's Ed Schultz.

Jim Letherer, civil rights activist and Orthodox Jew. The Walk Against Fear with Martin Luther King

Jeremy Clarkson's extraordinary rant: 'I'll do one last lap of Top Gear track before f**b** sack me'

Pope Francis to Dine with Gay and Transgender Inmates in Naples Prison

Wolff: Snowden effect hits 'Guardian'

Researchers recently photographed this extremely cute mammal for the first time in 20 years

Netanyahu sank into the moral gutter – and there will be consequences

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