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Archives: March 25, 2015

Saudi Arabia building up military near Yemen border - U.S. officials

Park service considers dogs to chase geese from feces-ridden National Mall

Sandy Hook: Adam Lanza's home demolished following complaints

Ted Cruz’s Hometown Paper Really Does Not Like Ted Cruz

Georgia Aquarium's plan to import 18 beluga whales meets broad opposition

First Mobile Hydrogen Fueling Station Opens in Tokyo

Just heard on Chris Hayes

Jesus helps Duck Dynasty guy refrain from cutting off your penis

Supreme Court Justices Blast The Corrections System

Nitrogen: Yet Another Building Block for Life Found on Mars

When Elizabeth Warren endorses Hillary Clinton, it'll be because.....

The Republican Party and the Rise of the “Christian” Sociopath

This sounds so familiar in a sort of opposite way!

Martin O'Malley -Chicago office?

Trade Dispute Centers on Ukrainian Executive With Ties to Clintons--NYT

GenCon says they will move from Indianapolis if state passes discriminatory SB 101

In Ecuador, Innovation Leads to Significant CO2 Reduction

In Ecuador, Innovation Leads to Significant CO2 Reduction

NFL owners vote to allow a medical timeout

Oil And Gas Giant BP Cuts Ties With Conservative Group ALEC

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Frenemies! & a Kittehs gif

Anyone notice we're getting screwed at the pump

3-D Printing, 100 times faster

Mongo Santamaria

I remember.... Breaks my heart....

Let's play Trivial Politics, 2040 Edition ...

Hate waking up to read about your jerk freshman year roommate running for President.

Anyone else following Jim Brandenburg's "Nature 365"?

Unsafe at home: MLB's Venezuelan stars fleeing country

U.S. Debut of Jazz Prodigy Musician & Composer, Bolivian-born José André Montaño at The Kennedy Cent

Unsafe at home: MLB's Venezuelan stars fleeing country

MO lawmakers introduce bill to prevent food stamp recipients from buying fish (among other things)

The seven dumbest things Ted Cruz ever said (so far)

nyt sinks to new low--refers to turd cruz as a great intellect.

Afghan Protesters Demand Justice for Woman Killed by Mob

Scientists Call On Smithsonian And Other Museums To Reject Fossil Fuel Funding

AP Investigation: Are slaves catching the fish you buy?

Bipartisan Bill Would Repeal Patriot Act To End Government Spying On Americans

"The Vaccine War" is on Frontline PBS tonight

Ted Cruz is Going on Obamacare

Ted Cruz wants to bring his aversion to compromise to the 2016 fight

Indiana Supreme Court: Schools don't have to bus students

It's only taken me 9.5 years, but I'm finally making my 2000th post. A serious question for DUers...

West Virginians fight pipeline domain battles

Let’s Be Serious About Ted Cruz From The Start: He’s Too Extreme And Too Disliked To Win

Phil Robertson Rape Fantasy

The $6.8 Billion Great Wall Of Japan: Fukushima Cleanup Takes On Epic Proportion

Awwwwwww..... my neighbors puppy

All Your Excited Reactions To Ted Cruz’s Big Presidential Jesus Announcement

"You Grow Up Wanting to be Luke Skywalker, Then Realize You've Become a Stormtrooper for the Empire"

Andy Borowitz wants to be the first to tell: President Signs Executive Order Making Cruz Ineligible

Conservative women declare the Republican “War on Women” over

Conservative women declare the Republican “War on Women” over

Trooper arrested after wedding brawl sues Pittsburgh cops

Boko Haram has done it again. Kidnapped 500 women and girls.

Are the "Perhaps you didn't call Geico because..." commercials the most annoying ever?

Anyone watching Frontline's episode on the "Vaccine War"?

If Republicans Did Get Intel From Israeli Spies, They Could Be Charged Under Espionage Act

Sarah Silverman tweets rape prevention tips. Men upset


What would you think about Robert Reich running for prez?

Large LGBT rights segment on my show this week starting at the 45:18 mark...

BBC: Yemen crisis: An Iranian-Saudi battleground?

Devolution - a result of the war on thought

Best thing I've ever seen on and share

'The Fourth Reich': What Some Europeans See When They Look at Germany

Radiohead, The Gloaming - From the basement

Hernando County, FL Fourth Grader Puts School Board In Its Place Regarding FSA Testing

The latest. "F--k the Jews" isn't antisemitic. Or so some folks are trying to say. AND suggesting

Groups Want David Koch Unseated From Smithsonian, AMNH Boards

Bill Clinton cracks top 10 in rankings of presidents; Obama sits 18th (poll)

Idaho Senate approves decriminalizing marijuana extract oil

Fantastic TedTalk about Cyber Bullying / Public Humiliation and Shaming

Just saw 'visit Utah' ad. All kinds of rugged, beautiful terrain was featured. Hypocrits.

Georgia ‘patriot’ reportedly planted pipe bombs in park to sow fear of Muslims

Geeks for gay rights: $50 million gaming convention threatens to leave Indiana over anti-LGBT bill

Geeks for gay rights: $50 million gaming convention threatens to leave Indiana over anti-LGBT bill

Bill O'Reilly lies to Letterman...

A Sneak Peek Into ‘The Star’

Sources: Union votes no on RI pension settlement

Sweden adds gender-neutral pronoun to dictionary

Jacksonville voter almost turned away after being told she was dead

Amanda Knox will again go before an Italian court

Guns in (Arizona) public buildings moves closer to approval

Google Earth Pro is now free (since January, no less)

Meet NPR's "Planet Money" host Adam Davidson -- Wall Street shill, corporate tool, flunky for the 1%

American Jews are taking back their power from Israel

San Jose: Officer killed while responding to armed suicidal man; manhunt in progress

Senior UN officials slam Israeli human rights abuses

Chile abortion arrest: sick woman is reported to police after going to hospital

Chile abortion arrest: sick woman is reported to police after going to hospital

New shape-shifting 'punk' frog knows how to blend in

I think Bibi broke it.

New shape-shifting 'punk' frog knows how to blend in

Jesse Ventura: YES WE CANNABIS!

Salon: The new Gamergate: Angry white men are trying to shut down diverse comics

Basketball player allowed to use his real last name - which is the f-word

Ferocious Love

Ferocious Love

Obama’s a ‘Psychopath’ and 3 Other Nuggets from Ben Carson’s GQ Profile

El Salvador's Archbishop murdered as he celebrated Mass

US couple leads after Ice Dance short program at World Figure Skating Championship

Gunman shot, killed inside west Philly Barber Shop.

Federal workers owe more than $3.5 billion in unpaid taxes

Free Trade Isn’t about Trade. It’s About Bureaucrats—and Guns.

I'm not shitting you... Ted Cruz signs up for Obamacare..

Venezuela: Parliament Supports Agreement To Repeal US Decree

Chile on red alert as massive wildfires raze 1,000-year-old forests in drought-hit region

Chile on red alert as massive wildfires raze 1,000-year-old forests in drought-hit region

Climate Denial is immoral, says head of US Episcopal Church

Ukraine leader fires oligarch Kolomoisky as regional chief

Taylor Swift and Microsoft buy their porn domains

Climate Denial is immoral, says head of US Episcopal Church

Daily Holidays - March 25

Russia fails to squelch gay equality in the UN

Grand jury declines to indict Univ. of Incarnate Word officer in fatal shooting of Cameron Redus

Queensland researchers prove Albert Einstein wrong

The Salt of the Earth (a new film)

VA to change 40-mile rule for Veterans Choice program

iSideWith quiz

Some Disturbingly Relevant Legacies of Anticommunism

Better Call Saul (potential spoilers)

Major LGBT group gives Hillary Clinton big endorsement

Is the garden group gone? I can't find it. nt


We’re treating soil like dirt. It’s a fatal mistake, as our lives depend on it

Kraft and Heinz to merge in deal to create company with revenue of $28 billion

4th OPD officer to face criminal charges of excessive force

Both eaglets have hatched!

An Idea To Mitigate Rising Seas In Miami Beach: Lift The Entire City

In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas

March 25, 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

March 25 1947 Centralia mine disaster

March 25 1894 Coxey's Army Protest March

Do As We Say, Not As We Don't Do - UK Env. Secretary Won't Divest MP Pensions From Fossil Fuels

The Emperor of all Maladies -Cancer Treatment in America

Religious Freedom bill discussed by GA House subcommittee

Bill Seeks (Again) To End Over-Use Of Antibiotics In Farm Animals

Neil Tyson In FL - Scott's Climate Denial "Like Repealing Gravity Because You Gained 10 Lbs"

W.Va. Finalizes Deal With Statoil To Drill Under Ohio River

Bark Beetles Major Factor In Decimating Western Forests, But Not Key Factor In Fire Activity

Google this and you won't be surprised.

Whippersnappers, did you know that in olden days, we didn't know who'd be the Democratic/Republican

Sad 50th Anniversary for a Fallen Heroine: Viola Liuzzo (died March 25, 1965)

White House Warns Netanyahu That 'Occupation Must End'

Death of US Coal Exemplifies Need for Paradigm Shift for Global Energy System

Bean 1 tourist 0

UNASUR reject the executive order approved by the United States government against Venezuela

New CNN Poll: Voters want someone willing to undo Obama policies

Ted Cruz's Karl Rove - update

Wisconsin Republicans Eliminate Weekends

Air Sheppard: Using Drones to Stop Elephant & Rhino Poaching

Kraft and Heinz to form North America's No.3 food company

A police officer has finally been charged with homicide for killing an unarmed person!

The hiding of this post is ridiculous, it contained a link to the original article.

This song, especially this version, always moves me to tears

Jon Stewart Knows How To Paint A Picture

Boeing’s anti-union campaign hits workers where they eat

Martese Johnson's feet were shackled night of his arrest


Inaugural 2017

Future Blast Zones? How Crude-By-Rail Puts U.S. Communities At Risk

How to Fix State and Local Budgets (and Help the Middle Class)

Cats And Dogs Losing The Battle Against Human Furniture

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- You Cruz You Lose

Graham Blames Gore for GOP Inaction on Climate

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Politics

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Daily GOP WTF: Tehran Tom Cotton worries about US interference in foreign negotiations

50 years ago today, Montgomery, Alabama...

Ted Cruz Running for President as Defender of Wealth

OPEN LETTER: Leading Scientists Tell the Nation's Museums to Sever Ties with the Koch Brothers

Golden State Warriors clinch first division title in 39 years

Cost of routine blood labs

Durable Goods Orders in U.S. Unexpectedly Fell in February

Republicans can’t stop fighting — even when they aren’t fighting Barack Obama

Why UK Organic farmers are giving up

OMG! Huckabee criticizes the U.S. on FOREIGN SOIL!!1! Time to give him Dixie Chicks treatment?

French investigators open black box in Germanwings plane crash

Cruz raises $500,000 following Liberty U speech. And Jeb ..

3 frat members charged in Michigan ski resort rampage

Possible 2016 Republican Candidates

Something that just drives me a little nuts

On Rachel Maddow talking about Jeb Bush and the 2016 election

Cruz getting Obamacare is way worse than legislators railing against ACA when their state gets money

Tony Blair joins a strange and exclusive club of political leaders whose careers have been blighted

For Clintons, a Hedge Fund in the Family

Ben Carson calls Obama a psychopath in GQ interview because he looks ‘elegant’

It started in Maryland. Will it end on the mountain?

It started in Maryland. Will it end on the mountain?

Pretentious hypocrisy is the hallmark of Republicans - illustrated

"Ukraine’s Oligarchs Turn on Each Other"

Sanders budget measure fails, but Senate Democrats had his back

MFM would probably approve:

Thanks Obama (and Liz Warren too!)

Tri-Rail would offer free rides to Overtown district residents in station deal

Inflation of cat care costs. Yesterday I paid 16.50 to board my cat for a day (not even overnight)

"By any means necessary..."

“To this mayor, black and brown lives do not matter”: 3 Arrested at Die-In at Rahm Emanuel’s Office

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Hail Mary full of Grace... Feast of the Annunciation.

Scott Walker teen years

The Good, The Bad and The Infuriating Aspects of Ted Cruz Signing Up for Obamacare

WATCH: George Carlin Was Wrong | Mickey Z.

Rachel Maddow - Dark money probe raises questions about Scott Walker donations

19 U.S. senators call for more federal money for oil-by-rail safety measures

President Signs Order Making Ted Cruz Ineligible for Obamacare

Repubs pick up Phila. seat in legislature by scheduling special election

Union vote set next month at Boeing's SC plants

Religious Freedom? Nope, Just Plain Old Discrimination - By Gene Robinson

TYT: Traitor Senators Used Israeli Spies Against Their Own Country

Tsarnaev brothers visited New Hampshire gun range almost a month before Boston Marathon

Problem with voting? Difficulty with Elections?

Sam Seder: Honor Among Birthers: Donald Trump on Ted Cruz

Yemen President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi Flees Home As Rebels Close In

Amanda Knox: Evidence Uncollected by Forensic Police

Obama Accuses Netanyahu Of Blowing A Hole In The Peace Process

Bill for study of hemp oil as seizure treatment advances; medical marijuana bill stays behind

separated at birth?

Nancy Atwell.

Supreme Court blocks redistricting plan that 'packed' black voters

Sam Seder: Rand Paul: I'm Just As Crazy As Ted Cruz, I'm Just Better At Hiding It!

Jeremy Clarkson dropped from Top Gear, BBC confirms

Photo of the Day

Rachel Maddow - Prompt US withdrawal from Afghanistan increasingly unlikely

The Single Most Important Question Of Our Time

Supreme Court rules against Alabama redistricting plan

Indiana newspaper editorial: 'Disgusting' discrimination law moves forward

TYT: George Zimmerman Whines He Was Victim, Blames Obama

I have just watched the greatest episode of TV comedy ever from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Youtube live BEA press conference on Germanwings crash starting

Cruz is a strategy

Iconic Space Images Are Actually Black-and-White

Ted Cruz’s flat tax couldn’t even work in your imagination

Convention Organizer Threatens To Ditch Indiana Over Anti-Gay Bill

Donald Trump Claims Authorship of Legendary Reagan Slogan; Has Never Heard of Google

UVa Board of Visitors approves sizable tuition increase amid transparency concerns

Fox Guest: Liberal Myths Are Making Spring Break Dangerous For Women

Which is more heroic?

O'Reilly Doesn't Believe Beck Quit The GOP: 'You Live In Fantasyland'

FWC investigating local viral owl video

Pic Of The Moment: Cruz Campaign Promise Undermined By Reality

Megyn Kelly To Ted Cruz: ‘What Have You Actually Accomplished?’

Two year old meets his heroes

Cruz Criticizes Wife's Firm, Goldman Sachs, Over 'Crony Capitalism'

George Zimmerman: God Made Me Do It

Obama Ribs GOP: Obamacare Didn't Bring 'Death Panels, Doom'

Obama 'Ready To Sign' Boehner-Pelosi Deal To Overhaul Medicare

Note to the AFA and SCOTUS: Marriage Predates the Bible

Steubenville, Two Years Later (trigger warning)

Watch Sarah Palin push a Koch-backed scheme to kill the VA and replace it with vouchers

Steubenville, Two Years Later (trigger warning)

Have Faith, We’ll Have an Atheist President

‘Gay nerd’ takes over anti-LGBT lawmaker’s website — and is taking suggestions for improvements

Ben Carson calls Obama a psychopath in GQ interview because he looks ‘elegant’

A Letter to Dr. Laura (an oldie, but a goodie)

Fewer professors, more managers work on Cal State campuses

With Steubenville case as basis, CMU play aims to examine 'rape culture'

With Steubenville case as basis, CMU play aims to examine 'rape culture'

‘That’s right, fag’: Texas hotel bouncer hurled anti-gay slur before breaking man’s arm during SXSW

'Top Gear' Host Jeremy Clarkson Dropped by BBC After 'Fracas'

Justices seem divided over EPA mercury limits

Why would Cruz sign up for Obamacare?

In Montana Koch's take millions in subsidies, try to block Medicaid Expansion

Conservatives livid at bishop for not defending NJ teacher and her nutty antigay Facebook rants

Ted Cruz Introduces Himself

Because somedays you have to take time to smell...

Welcome To The Jungle (Banned From Youtube)

In modern-day debtors' prisons, courts team with private sector

Supreme Court revives pregnant worker’s discrimination case against UPS

Welcome To The Jungle (Banned From Youtube)

Bush Had Another Undisclosed Email Account

Santorum says forcing students to read the Bible will save America

Torture Report: Another Episode in CIA's History of Violating Oversight (by Loch K. Johnson)

Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Yemen Leader, Flees Country

Lone Wolf Terrorists, Cyber Threats Put New Pressure on FBI

Euro Area Said to Give Greece Five Days to Deliver Plan

AU blog: Marriage Mess: Okla. Bill Tries But Fails To Remove The State From The Wedding Business

Ted Cruz’s “country music” drivel: What’s really behind his musical conversion

Searchers find empty second 'black box' from doomed German jetliner that killed 150, including 2 Ame

These States Will Take Your License for Not Paying Student Loans


Not even close.. Jeb is so the Republican Nominee 2016.

Jeb’s “James Baker” problem: Why hawks are turning on the “anti-Israel” Bush

Bumpy Lane: Religious Right Operative Seeks To Build (Another) Church-Based Political Machine

Dozens of foes speak during 6-hour hearing, but no action taken on oil field (fracking)disposal well

Obama Says U.S. Won’t Rule Out Withholding UN Support for Israel

Ted Cruz Wants You To Believe He’s Legally Required To Sign Up For Obamacare. He’s Not.

When does the Cruz nonsense stop?

Extremely cute endangered animal photographed for first time in 20 years.

Birth Of A (Christian) Nation: Scholars Debate The Genesis Of A Popular Myth

Saw a license plate with #1 MUGGA on it. What does it mean?

OMG: The grilled Cheesus sandwich maker!

Jeb Bush Had Another Email Account While Florida Governor

Birth Of A (Christian) Nation: Scholars Debate The Genesis Of A Popular Myth

I'm Only Sleeping

Is it Socialism or Capitalism that sucks?

Miami-Dade ranks in top 5 healthiest Florida counties

Jeb’s brazen cash grab: His “I’m my own man” campaign crumbles in face of big fundraiser with W.

Iran Has a Little Surprise for Oil Market

Just called my Tea Party animal who is supposed to represent me on HR 492

Last year Ted Cruz yelled at audience of Christians after being booed offstage. Video.

Jeb Bush had another email account while Florida governor

Republicans Propose Weakening Overtime Laws, Call It ‘Family Friendly’

No Clear Leader in New Hampshire GOP Primary

Mom and Dad Eagle should have a new Eaglet within 24 hours!

Florida House committee scales back red-light camera bill

Joke Competition; Signed Dawkins Books as Prize

Parties, Not Candidates, Control Presidency

Jeb's Wife's Father Was An Undocumented Immigrant. Will GOP Primary Voters Be OK With That?

Senators to Seek Symbolic Vote on U.S. Sanctions on Iran

What If Sarah Palin Were a Brain Surgeon?

Gamers Threaten To Pull $50 Million Convention If Indiana Gov. Signs Anti-Gay Bill Into Law

Clinton Camp Welcomes Ted Cruz to the Race

Why the remarkable meetings with the two Afghani leaders show an unsung Obama administration win

How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It)

Smutty meets sacred: Funeral strippers make a comeback in China

Need a voter ID card in Wisconsin? Just follow this simple chart....

Florida Republican Introduces Gay 'Revenge' Legislation

Chinese restaurant in Africa doesn’t admit blacks after 5 pm

Baby monkey experiments update - U of Wisconsin

Baby monkey experiments update - U of Wisconsin

Chilean girl with illness changes mind about euthanasia

The Republican replacement plan for Obamacare

Straight Eagle Scout launches petition drive to keep his gay twin in Boy Scouts

How Religiously Unaffiliated Is Your City?

Another black teen killed by Cleveland police as mother asks: 'Why? What happened?'

What song immediately puts you in a better mood ?

HarperCollins Releases Cover for New Harper Lee Novel.

Mexican Mayor Says Women Should Be Watching Soap Operas, Not The News

Why We Can’t Just ‘Chill Out’ About Racism

Blame Canada!!

Teapubbie Ted Cruz: Government of, by, and for the wealthy white males

Lessons In Moving Forward On Race From A 40-Year Mayor

Afghan president vows to work toward self-reliance, says his nation won't be 'lazy Uncle Joe'

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Has Some Choice Words For Anyone Who Votes For A Climate Denier

Racial Segregation and Silenced Voices: Why Mixed-Income Developments Can't Solve the Affordable

Ring of Fire: Elizabeth Warren Was Right - Corporations Robbing Us Blind

Big Bang theory could be debunked by Large Hadron Collider

Anyone notice every Repub calling Ted Cruz a "smart guy?"

Walker’s Lies - Presidential race - Konopacki Cartoon

New shape-shifting 'punk' frog knows how to blend in

Suspended tax transfers leave Palestinian economy on the brink

My all time favorite literary hero is

Bowe Bergdahl Charged With Desertion, Lawyer Says

Common cold prevention or Cure: What are your favorite preventives and remedies?


How Bush-Appointed Ivy Leaguer Ted Cruz Became A Tea Party Darling

Stray Pitty Cares for two-day-old kitten

An interesting statistic

Obvious That GOP/Allies Will Not Let Us Do Anything About Global Warming.

Gerrymandering Mishap Leaves Nation Without Any Borders Whatsoever

Jindal: WH Shouldn't Use FEMA To Push Climate Change Ideology

Palestinian Tycoon Masri Seeking to Help Stop West Bank Collapse

GOP US Senator Introduces Anti-Gay Pro-Discrimination 'Religious Freedom' Amendment

Really, Rain Barrels Illegal?

Should the NCAA pull the Final Four from Indy?

The New Yorker Removes 'Uppity' From A Description Of Ted Cruz

On March 25, 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory in New York City burned

This Lithuanian woman will show the Russians what's up

His own man?

Christie Hires TX Digital Firm For Possible Presidential Campaign

So 9/11 made Ted Cruz love the bastard child of Folk Music and Rockibilly.

I can't get onto General Discussion on my desktop computer.

'I Was An Atheist In A Foxhole"

Fall Of Yemen Government Leaves US With Few Options

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to be charged with desertion

Lumber Liquidators Faces U.S. Safety Inquiry

Excellent news for all of us who have made a stand against bullying in the workplace.

Wells Fargo Will Cut 1,000 Jobs Because Consumers Don't Need As Much Home Loan Service Help

Obama taunts GOP over Obamacare's success

This Picasso painting could smash auction record

Ted Cruz’s logo: A burning flag, Al Jazeera’s logo or a Pentecostal church logo?

Punk Scientists Discover Fourth Chord

DNC Attacks Scott Walker For Fundraising Off Voter ID Law

Ted Cruz To 'Global Warming Alarmists': Galileo Was 'Branded A Denier' Too

The Most Urgent Question of the Day

McDonald's Explains Why Employee Was Told To Put Mustard On Burns - TMFS Sketch

Ted Cruz's campaign logo looks so familiar


Woman With Nothing Better to Do Sues Planet Fitness Over Transgender-Friendly Locker Room

Vincent Bugliosi: George W. Bush Prosecution & JFK Assassination

GOP US Senator Introduces Anti-Gay Pro-Discrimination 'Religious Freedom' Amendment

How Crashing Drones Are Exposing Secrets About U.S. War Operations

They passed the Belicheat rule!

What Does Cruz's Logo Look Like?

Majority Report: Obama: A Day Late and A Dollar Short on Guantanamo?

Ted Cruz's Campaign Logo - Slightly Modified

Britain fights slavery with tough new law as part of global battle

Letterman Asks O'Reilly: How Are You Not Like Brian Williams?

Japanese Navy Gets Biggest Flat-Top Since WWII-Era Aircraft Carriers

Just so you know,

The human right to water: Salvadoran NGOs and a global campaign

The heck with Ted Cruz. Here's the real video, RFK and it mattered.

Roger Mayer, Champion of Film Preservation, Dies at 89


It's stuff like this that made the Founding Fathers separate Church & State

Majority Report: Fox News Backs Bigots Outraged That School Recited Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic

Let's Let TX, AZ, and AL Secede...

TYT: Ted Cruz Forces Liberty University Students To Attend His Speech

Listerine mouthwash made bad breath a social no-no in the 1920's....

Watch Lobbyist Eat His Words After Saying Drinking Roundup Is ‘Not Dangerous to Humans’

Phyllis Schlafly: 'Marxist' Obama Was Never Vetted Because He's Black

After 9/11 I gave up Springsteen for Yanni.

Klingenschmitt: Brutal Attack Upon Pregnant Woman Is 'The Curse Of God Upon America'


As A Secularist I Will Refuse To Serve Or Help Fundy Christians In The Future.

Pat Robertson: Gays Destroying Marriage, But 'Isn’t A Whole Lot Else You Can Do' Except Pray

Nation’s largest labor union: We want 2016 hopefuls talking about schools

Michigan lawmaker issues 'agenda alert' after newspaper appoints gay news editor

How an unbound Obama will help Hillary Clinton’s campaign

The biggest U.S. stock exchange operators are taking steps to embrace bitcoin...

The human right to water: Salvadoran NGOs and a global campaign

Why is a Seattle high school so strongly defending a former student accused of murder?

Connecticut Republican says existence of witnesses to a sexual assault means it was a ‘great party’

An Old Fashioned Love Song

CO Republican says brutal attack on pregnant woman could be God’s punishment for legal abortion

Fox News host says healthy school food is ‘the road to hell’: It’s ‘causing mental problems’

Hamdallah urges reconciliation in 2nd official visit to Gaza

Ted Cruz compares climate change activists to ‘flat-Earthers.’ Where to begin?

Ronald Reagan’s genocidal secret: A true story of right-wing impunity in Guatemala

Ronald Reagan’s genocidal secret: A true story of right-wing impunity in Guatemala

I really liked this and wanted to share it here...

These a**holes are not "conservatives"!

Ted Cruz was asked what are the chances he'll win the nomination.

Cliff Kincaid of "Accuracy in Media": The Huffington Post Is A 'Gay Porn Outlet' -

The Passover seder, designed by and for women

Church of England adds a second woman bishop in space of three months

National Student Union Women's conference engages in a rousing bout of gay bashing and jazz hands.

TAKE THE QUIZ: Do you know what causes bad breath

Notorious Astroturf Pioneer Rick Berman Is Behind Business Group's Anti-Labor-Board Campaign

Canadian couple dominate figure skating world championships in pairs, USA is 7th and 8th

More of the Same Won't Work in Central America: The Misguided Mission of Joe Biden

H-E-B quietly buying land in North Texas

Some Things NPR Doesn’t Tell Its Listeners About the “Iranian Nukes” Controversy

We should all be listening to 'Nothing but Flowers' right fucking NOW!!!

I completely understand why Jon Stewart is leaving. I can barely watch The Daily Show now

Is he "Pope Francis effect" real? Early signs point to yes

Georgia Women Arrested Protesting Bill That Would Let Employers Fire Women Who've Had An Abortion

French far-right leader, Le Pen, promises referendums on EU exit and bringing back death penalty.

Covert warfare coming to Texas sparks some fears of federal takeover

Speaking truth to power!

JohnFugelsang know this is pretty local but any chance you could help spread the word and RT this?

John Fugelsang: And you can have Ted Cruz' Obamacare when you pry it from his cold Canadian hands.

Ted Cruz doesn't like rock music. Lets make a Ted Cruz campaign playlist...

TedCruz is the Abraham Lincoln of Sarah Palins."

Tucker Carlson & brother don't know how to use email; send misogynist rant public by mistake (NSFW)

Thom Hartmann: A Lesson on Oligarchs from China

Thom Hartmann: E-Mail Gate...Jeb Bush, BUSTED!

Iran says no snap inspections of nuclear sites

Austin Man Claims W Hotel Bouncer Called Him 'Fag' Before Assaulting Him During SXSW

Senate Passes Patrick's Tax Cut Package

The resident teabagger at

Texas Ditches Plan To Privatize Terrell State Hospital

‘American Laws for American Courts’ Proposals Met with Skepticism (anti-Sharia law measures)

“Punk Rock” Shape-Shifting Rain Frog Discovered in Ecuador

GOP Rep claims Obamacare costing $5 million per enrollee. Turns out he's off by about $5 million

Revealing Israel's Nuclear Secrets

Ted Cruz tithed .003 %

Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act

Ted Cruz tithed .003 of his income

Price tag of bipartisan bill averting Medicare doc fee cuts

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 26 March 2015

African Moon Moth lays eggs in reporter's ear during live shot

California first state to get 5 percent of electricity from solar

Ted Cruz Compares Himself to Galileo, Calls Those Who Believe In Climate Change ‘Flat-Earthers’

Besides being a complete liar, a corporate tool, and an apocalyptic dumbass...

Pit Bull Adopts Newborn Kitten and Now They'll Never Be Apart

The KBParty of Plutocratic Rule by Jim Hightower

U.N. Unveils Memorial To Honor Victims Of The Transatlantic Slave Trade

Ohio House again passes "heartbeat" anti-abortion bill

White people need to stop saying or thinking they have experienced racism

This is Heartbreaking!!!!

Changes coming to Wisconsin state employee health insurance

'Duck Dynasty' Star Imagines Vivid Rape And Murder Scenario For Atheist Family

Jimmy Carter's message to Ted Cruz and his Tea Party allies:

Is all this recent misogyny just a prelude for something else?

Old time machine Dem caught with most fraudulent petition signatures ever.

Sen. James Inhofe introduces budget amendment allowing LGBT discrimination by federal contractors

To C-span or not to C-span?

One number to remember: $24,000,000,000!

Jonathan Capehart: why Netanyahu to blame for deterioration of relationship with White House

THIS WEEK in rock history, 1973: NY fan jumps onstage and bites Lou Reed on the ass.


Ernie Chambers faces criticism for comparing police to ISIS

(Calif. AG) Kamala Harris seeks to block 'kill the gays' ballot measure

Race As National Policy Potpourri

Another one....this has to stop.


Papantonio: Arsenic In Your Wine -- The Lawsuit

India’s Mars probe has fuel for extended mission (

A hat tip to the people in MIRT.

U.S. OFFICIAL: The United States has begun airstrikes in Tikrit

House Subcommittee Raises Questions on New Union Election Rules (may de-fund NLRB!)

Phil Robertson's Appalling Atheist Fantasy

House Subcommittee Raises Questions on New Union Election Rules (may de-fund NLRB!)

As the nation moves forward on women's rights, gender and sexuality equality, voting rights, etc. -

Over half of the House Democratic Caucus votes for the Progressive Caucus 'Peoples Budget'

House Subcommittee Raises Questions on New Union Election Rules (may de-fund NLRB!)

'Extinct' bird rediscovered: Last seen in 1941

Nice Scoop: Iran-backed rebels in Yemen loot secret files about U.S. spy operations

50% of charges at Texas ERs in IN-NETWORK hospitals being billed as out of network.

I dare you. say there is no rape culture.

Oops: Ted domain owned by Obama supporters

Bibi to Boehner: "I think Obama is cheating on me" (Bennett toon)

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A massive trade deal is marching forward. Can labor and Democrats improve it?

A massive trade deal is marching forward. Can labor and Democrats improve it?

A massive trade deal is marching forward. Can labor and Democrats improve it?

Ted Cruz: "You Know It Used To Be: 'It Is Accepted Scientific Wisdom The Earth Is Flat.' "

As the nation moves forward on women's rights, gender and sexuality equality, voting rights, etc. -

Somebody posted this to facebook today and it upset me

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