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Free Eric Holder

Hillary Clinton room post. Where the hell is my check?

****WCGreen Update --Saturday March 28, 2015****

Costa Rica Has Gotten All Of Its Electricity From Renewables For 75 Days Straight

FTLOG, please post more theads about hils emails.

Major repuke dirtbag lobbyist salivating over TPP.

Former US Senators likely to return to the U.S. Senate next year.

This is the day in Memphis that marked Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s final march for Civil Rights

This is the day in Memphis that marked Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s final march for Civil Rights

This is the day in Memphis that marked Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s final march for Civil Rights

Harry Reid urging Catherine Cortez Masto to run for Senate in NV.

The elephant in the room, religious freedom has gone too far...

Spare a thought for the Recovery Team-

25 Mind-Boggling Natural Formations That Actually Exist on Earth

Fungi glow to attract creatures

‘Man Seders’ Flow With Steak and Scotch

Signal that the bashlash in Indiana - has finally been heard by the Gov.

Antarctica may have just set its highest temperature on record

American Ebola patient's condition improves at NIH Bethesda

Maryland Senate race: Israel divides liberal Van Hollen and Edwards

Chauncey DeVega on 'The Big Picture' Discussing America's Police and Their Debt Peonage Racket

Forest Fire Destroys Argentine Wildlife

Note this GD discussion re: Van Hollen/Edwards vis a vis Israel.

Walmart and 20 other companies are lobbying hard to gut workers' comp

Ecuadorian President Says The CIA Is Attempting To Overthrow His Government

After Abuse In A Peruvian Circus, A Bear Awaits A New Home

Charles Barkley to NCAA: Pull Final Four from Indiana over ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

After Abuse In A Peruvian Circus, A Bear Awaits A New Home

Eiffel Tower goes dark in symbolic move for Earth Hour

Senator Marco Rubio could announce White House bid April 13

Swarens: Gov. Mike Pence to push for clarification of ‘religious freedom’ law

Is Jeb Bush actually a moderate, or does the media just think he is?

"Outsourced" was a good watch last night.

If you faced unemployment odds like these would be honest about an illness?

Spring 2015 Migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (map)

Yashinon Moon

Charles Barkley Calls Indiana's New 'Religious Freedom' Law 'Unacceptable'

Inmates Forced into Brutal Gladiator Style Combat for San Francisco Deputy’s Sadistic Pleasure

The dangerous disregard of nuclear experts for one another

Total clarification of the "we hate the gays" law, for Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana:

That 2 Degrees Climate Goal is 'Utterly Inadequate,' Says Expert Report

Indiana GOP's ridiculous "religious freedom" law destroyed via Twitter

CASTING: Seeking 65 actors for feature film,

New film to document the Buenos Aires Herald’s human rights stance.

Some selfies are better than others

Hillary Clinton Room Post.-We love you NanceGreggs!

Towards a Media That Is "Good and Just"

Just watched "3 Days of the Condor" again

I missed the tip-off to the Wisconsin/Arizona game

North Carolina Folks!!! Free Film Screening in Durham on Friday

Delete, Erase, Shred: Enemies Of Federal Record-Keepers

TPP contains a provision for bailing out derivative losses. Is this what re-negotiating NAFTA means?

MAD response to Indiana.

What rising gay support means for France's far-right National Front

Why my little dog is NOT spoiled ... and miscellaneous stuff you need to know

no there are not 19 other states with laws such as Indiana's

More on Natural Gas Pipelines in Central West Virginia

Nebraska man offers fracking polluted water to Oil & Gas commissioners

Wisconsin Supreme Court will not hear arguments in John Doe case

Cartoon. "Hateful" Hoosiers’ store window running out of space.

I'm so glad that I won't have to put Joeybee on ignore!

Dedicating my 100th post to the HRC Group family

Spectator killed at Nurburgring race

If you missed the opening of SNL, you missed a lot

Scrubbing the server looks very bad.

Huckabee claims magical powers; proves he never read New Testament

LIVESTREAM this wkd - "Populism 2015" - You're gonna LOVE it!

Mark Dayton for President

Republican Emails Games Backfire As Second Private Jeb Bush Email Account Uncovered

"Don't forget to tell Ellen!" Dueling Piano Sibling

BEGIN Japanology - Aquariums

Note to the AFA and SCOTUS: Marriage Predates the Bible

Begin Japanology - Firework

Another baby kidnapped, dies, woman wanted twins...

Are Democrats better off losing the presidency in 2016?

Seattle Times Poll on TPP: (currently) 89% OPPOSE! (3% favor, 5% want more info)

Begin Japanology - Firework

Can doves win in 2016?

Photo of the Day

my achievement for the day or fuck, yeah, volvos

Mike Pence can go fuck himself.

Does Anyone Think These Protests Are Going To Change Anything. They Are Just Going To Double Down.

Keiser Report: Deadly Sales (E737)

Origins of red state/blue state

Inside the Actor's Studio

if true, Bill Clinton is a 2 faced bastard. One minupulates young interns and other backstabs dems.

what popular movie(s) have you never actually seen from start to finish?

Wood bison make it to Alaska village; April release planned

​Monsanto lobbyist claims 'safe to drink a quart of pesticide' – but bolts when offered a glass

Seven People Shot at Panama City Beach Spring Break Party

Seven People Shot at Panama City Beach Spring Break Party

Religion In The Comics - 019

Bolivia detects buried pyramid at Tiahuanaco site

Daily Holidays -March 29

Bolivia detects buried pyramid at Tiahuanaco site

Shock: Bill Clinton offered debate advice to Romney

I missed you all so much

ISS parts and functions.

DT8 Project — Hold Me Till The End

I'm not new so much as distracted is all.....

The Republican Road To The White House Runs Through Israel

Archaeologists find a hidden message in a mysterious 18,700-year-old tomb

sunset over longs peak

1927 SCOTUS: Buck v. Bell 274 U.S. 200, COMPULSORY sterilization of the "unfit" acceptable!

Oregon Supreme Court considers what to do about a convicted sex offender of children who cut off his

For all of Wall Street's public whining about quotes from Senator Warren

Colombia’s once most celebrated businessman arrested

Nigerian Elections: Gunmen Kill 39 During Tense Presidential Vote

'Death threats' over Jeremy Clarkson made against BBC's Tony Hall investigated

Juan Cole: How GOP Threats Against Iran Have Guaranteed End of European Sanctions

Ohio lawmaker's personal story of rape and abortion interrupted by male colleagues laughing

Wendell Berry: Local Economies to Save the Land and the People

Don’t stigmatise depression after Germanwings crash, says top doctor

Don’t stigmatise depression after Germanwings crash, says top doctor

The Pearce Sisters

Officials: Iran nuke talks solving some issues, not others

Thought for the day.

Australia win their fifth cricket World Cup

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Hotel Meowiott Edition

Prospect magazine's World thinkers 2015: the results

On a lighter note, I love that song Sail!

Germanwings Pilot Makes Emotional Speech Before Hamburg-Cologne Flight Takes Off

Arab League agrees to create joint military force

The Walking Dead 5.16 "Conquer" Season Finale (Spoiler Alert)

Populism 2015 Platform: Building A Movement for People and the Planet

Stigmatizing depression

Chinese warship docks in Aden to evacuate nationals - port official

Did you watch Oz?

How can it be legal to force docs to give misleading or harmful info to patients?

Begin Japanology ~ Miniaturization

27 hilariously bad maps that explain nothing - Vox

The Bible isn’t a parenting guide: Why the religious right’s hypocrisy is so obscene

"Democrats need Elizabeth Warren"

BEGIN Japanology Hotels

Israel seeks to demolish Palestinian village on ‘archaeological’ grounds

Angie's List Cancels $40 Million 1000 Jobs Indiana Expansion Over Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Law

Steve K does it again this weekend with former ambassador to Iraq

Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord, Hosanna in the Highest. Palm Sunday

Nuclear deal: Netanyahu’s call to halt ‘Iran-Lausanne-Yemen axis’

#45 has arrived ....

The 1897 Indiana Pi Bill

Brutal Truth "Sinners & Non Believers" Do Not Have The Same Rights As Religious Believers.

Absurd Fourth Circuit ruling embodies everything that’s wrong with drug raids

Anything Is Ok If Republicans Do It. I Bet Even Murder Would Be An Option For Them.

Confessions of a black atheist

The Bible isn’t a parenting guide: Why the religious right’s hypocrisy is so obscene

Air Canada AC624 crash lands in Halifax, at least 23 sent to hospital

LHC restart: Short circuit slows preparations

Saudi Arabia says it won't rule out building nuclear weapons

So, share with me, if you will, my dear fellow C&Bers...

USAWatchdog: Alasdair Macleod on AIIB, Implications for USD, EU, Global Debt

Antarctica May Have Just Set a Record for Its Hottest Day Ever

Saudi Arabia's airstrikes in Yemen are fuelling the Gulf's fire

OMG - Has Joseph McCarthy been reincarnated?

'To hell with the Alimo; rember Perl Horber' (pics)

How Corporate Agribusiness Is Quietly Seizing The Heartland with ‘Right To Farm’ Laws

How bad is anti-semitism in Europe?

The Real Problem Re. Clinton Mails.

Atlantic Ocean overturning, responsible for mild climate in northwestern Europe, is slowing

Just saw a segment on Frank Sinatra on CBS Morning

Utility found 'hazardous situation' months before NYC blast

"Pregnant, obese...and in danger"

"I'm Not Stupid" Monsanto Lobbyist Refuses To Drink Weedkiller After Proclaiming "It Won't Hurt You"

Colliding stars explain enigmatic 17th century explosion

Seattle Mayor Prohibits City Employees From Traveling to Indiana

Here is why I wouldn't want to pressure Elizabeth Warren to run

Sewage could be a source of valuable metals and critical elements

One year after marriage equality in England and Wales

Why we’ll never see a Jon Stewart or John Oliver in Israel

Squid-inspired 'invisibility stickers' could help soldiers evade detection in the dark

Now that's a listening post! Big Brother fears as NYPD attaches microphones to lampposts to listen

TOON: Indiana's Vile Bigotry

Any Fool Can Get Or Fake A Religious Credential And Start A Church.

12th Anniversary of Illegal Iraq Invasion – 2.7 Million Iraqi Dead from Violence and/or Deprivation

Recipe for antibacterial plastic: Plastic plus egg whites

New lobster-like predator found in 508 million-year-old fossil-rich site

Robert Scheer Talks Privacy With Scholar Aleecia McDonald

Papantonio: Congress Takes On Big Oil’s Bomb Trains

Sustainable Living Means Making Big Changes; Why Can't We Face Up to It?

Indiana Governor: New Law 'Not About Discrimination'

Here is a list of NCAA sponsors in case anyone wants to boycott and call/ email them about it

The end of the cow

Ted Cruz's ride on the Obamacare train wreck

San Francisco home 'in a deteriorative state' sells for $1.2 million (Pic heavy)

John Fugelsang on Indiana Religion Freedom Bill: Time to Thump the Bible Thumpers with the Bible

Arkansas Senate passes religion bill, similar to Indiana’s, seen as homophobic

"It's time to Thump the Bible Thumpers with the Bible"

The drink called the "Mind Eraser" pretty much works as advertised.

ABC News This Week was terrific on the "religious freedom" bill

serious question about the anti-gay laws

University of North Carolina students: Why Are We Still Honoring A KKK Leader In 2015?

Former HP CEO Fiorina: chances of presidential bid 'higher than 90 percent'

TTIP & TPP: Explained & Exposed


We Know How Many People You’ve Had Sex With

“In my dreams all see is a black hole in a blind alley.” Please come CAPTION Govonor Mike Spense!!!

Carly Fiorina: Economy is suffering because workers are ‘watching porn all day long’

O'Malley: 'The Presidency of the U.S. Is Not Some Crown to Be Passed Between Two Families'

Where is AG Holder and the anti gay laws

2016 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority

Martin O'Malley is definitely running

John Fugelsang: "It's time to thump the Bible-thumpers with the Bible."

So, who is to blame?

Take a trip - Science vs. the Conservive Mind set

So -- what if YOU could legally discriminate based on your religion

Farmer silences oil and gas committee with invitation to drink fracking water

Now this is WEIRD...

WRAPUP 2-Fighting and air strikes across Yemen, dialogue remains distant

Rock and Roll may be in ICU, but it's not dead yet

Somehow, Ted Cruz has my email. Got an email last night begging for money!

Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide’s Secret Spy Network

I've just contributed to Donna Edwards,

One Restaurant Already Celebrated ‘Religious Liberty’ By Turning Away Gays (Ind. h/t ThinkProgress)

State to announce decision in investigation of killing of Samir ‘Awad by mid-April


Help make a political revolution - email from Bernie Sanders

John Boner, errr Boehner, just said "Boner" twice on CNN

These people are REALLY ready for Warren

New Campaign Slogan: Yearning for Bernie!

WATCH: Anti-Social Media Activism | Mickey Z.

A strange thing is happening to a friend's orchid

WATCH: Stay Strong And Pay Close Attention | Mickey Z.

Wisconsin: Advocates Call For Replacing Education Cuts With Federal Medicaid Dollars

Fine, let Cruz sweep the early states

Kerry Stays In Switzerland As Iran Talks Intensifies, Will Skip Ted Kennedys Dedication Ceremony.

O'Malley on ABC This Week:


Who do you think this is?

'The Rock Obama' Confronts Cotton and Cruz and Boehner

I tooled around the museum yesterday

Indiana governor: ‘We’re not going to change the law’

O'Malley discussion on Progressive Politics in a Post Obama World,

Everybody's hustlin' just to have a little scene ...

Drunk Frenchman attempts to resuscitate 'dying' rubber dinghy

Conservatives who are afraid of "Sharia Law" are afraid of themselves because they are twins.

Idea about corporations and churches.

 Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism

Spring at my back door

Rape victim filmed probation officer raping her so police would believe her

Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) mad at Left’s intolerance as he won't say if law discriminate against gays

Tunis Bardo Museum Attack: Thousands Join Protest March

Gene Saks dead at 93 (Chuckles the Chipmunk in "A Thousand Clowns") :

Tusk ... what the hell did I just watch and why the hell did I watch it?

Can you imagine the signs outside Indiana Bakeries and Flower Shops???

Mike Pence: There’s an Internet conspiracy to make Indiana seem like anti-gay bigots

Norman Greenbaum (Spirit in the Sky) in critical condition

Is your mortgage with Ocwen, Nationstar or Green Tree?

Interesting conversation between Ferguson Protestor and Isaiah Washington on identifying as black..

Police Stop Leads To Bizarre Arrest

What are you reading the week of Sunday, March 29, 2015?

"IN HATRED WE TRUST!" (New Indiana motto!)

Mike Pence Dodges Questions On Anti-Gay Discrimination In Indiana

So, who is watching back episodes of Orphan Black as we wait for April 18th?

"Triangulation is not a strategy that will move America forward" - Martin O'Malley

Maybe Fundy Christians Should Be Persecuted & Discriminated Against.

Two exotic termites find love in Florida, worrying researchers

Netanyahu: Expected Iranian Nuclear Deal Even Worse Than Israel Feared

So Bill Clinton gave Romney debate advice when facing President Obama in 2012. That is very wrong

Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday Around The World As Holy Week Begins

Before Edward Snowden Leaks, NSA Mulled Ending Phone Program

Here's all you need to know about Mike Pence and his new law:

Text of Indiana's Legalization of Discrimination Against LGBT Law

Josh Earnest Slams John Boehner's Criticism Of Obama's Foreign Policy

Mired in conflicts of interest's Wisconsin Reporter has remained silent in pay to play

John Fugelsang:Mike Pence should be grateful there isn’t a law prohibiting ‘serving fake Christian


Killing Jesus: Bill O'Reilly's film is touted as history. But facts aren't sacred to him

Papantonio: Bankers Warn Dems To Shut Elizabeth Warren Down

Does Ted Cruz’s campaign fund pay ..

Only Those with Full Civil Rights Can Afford to Ignore Civil Rights

Montana's double-talking Sen. Daines casts deciding vote to sell off public lands

How to be a Stoic in Five Easy Lessons

"WalkerCare" - Scott Walker needs health care talking points

Indiana Defines Stupidity as Religion...By Andy Borowitz

Hungry for Change, Nation Looking Forward to Clinton vs. Bush

IMO, it's time to move Indy500 to Brooklyn,

Martin O'Malley: The Presidency 'Is Not Some Crown To Be Passed Between Two Families'

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 29, 2015

"It’s kind of amazing just how much of an ass-kicking Pence is taking"

Michelle Obama declares 'Black Girls Rock!'....

Oregon lawmakers introduce bill to expand gun background checks

Mandatory Religion

Toon: Can You See My Lips Move?

California is first state with 5% of its electricity from solar

SNL slams it home last night

"Bar Keeper's Friend" is made in Indiana.

Gun related post here, feel free to avoid the territory

Rethinking Alcohol: Can Heavy Drinkers Learn To Cut Back?

Oops. Somebody Didn't See That Coming - By Josh Marshall

Mike Pence inserts himself into another controversy

I miss Building 19. (and whatever fraction thereof).

Toon: Still Not Scientifically Proven….

Some good news...

John Urschel, Ravens Offensive Lineman, Publishes Math Paper

Peruvian Newspaper Reveals TPP Favors Foreign Companies This is another bit we haven't seen

Stop playing with your phone and open the door

AP: NBC News' boss faces challenge fixing MSNBC

CBS Poll: Who would Americans consider voting for in 2016?

Regarding that Nobel Peace Prize.

Two bodies recovered at East Village explosion site

State of Emergency Declared Over HIV Outbreak

Once more, with feeling.

Charles Barkley: Move Final Four Out of Indiana

Walmart, Lowe's, Safeway, Nordstom bankroll campaign to gut workers' comp

In the words of the great game theorist and cartoon viking, Hagar the Horrible,

Dear Conservative Religious People:

RT @billmon1 · Thing is, if we keep giving red staters free stuff . . .

Here’s the new White House briefing room seating chart for news agencies

How the sporting world can kill the Indiana RFRA

he didn't even have a blanket of his own

Religious Freedom?? We need a new term.

This (IIRCC) this is my first post to this Group ...

Well well well - look who's being investigated in that paedophile ring in Britain - Enoch the racist

U.S. Nerve Gas Hit Our Own Troops in Iraq

Oh how quickly things change. We have a new GSD. Meet Heidi!

Watch the moment a Fox host realizes Louie Gohmert is crazy because he has ‘plan’ to bomb Iran

Carol Kaye - The Searchers - 1965

A promotion for Sirius XM Progress (Ch. 127)

Wisconsin Republicans abandoning Scott Walker

Texas, Rick Barnes officially part ways

Ted Cruz: ‘Part of the problem’ with America is the White House isn’t in Texas

Ring of Fire: The Crazy List of Things Ted Cruz Actually Believes

Angie’s List ‘delays’ plans for expansion in Indianapolis, Seattle mayor bans city employees from tr

Hello all.

Why does New York allow its enclaves of gender-based, public, religious discrimination?

Congressional GOP’s Immigrant ‘Outreach’ Is With a Fist

Pro-life vs Pro-birth

Assad: Anti-ISIS Coalition Doesn’t Want to Get Rid of Islamic State Completely


Supreme Court may hear case on school barring American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo

Excellent read for any new folks not knowing the evilness of ALEC!

To. Governor Mike Pence

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 30 March 2015

Who here is guilty of not eating an all organic / non-GMO diet?

UN Staff Flee War-Torn Yemen, Russia Voices Concern

Why don't Republicans understand that the Common Good always trumps Individual Rights

Sarkozy, Le Pen Gain as French Punish Hollande in Local Election

Carly Fiorina: 'higher than 90 percent' chance she'll run for president

Cherry Blossom Watch Update: March 24, 2015

I see the gun fanciers are still celebrating Zman walking free after stalking, intimidating and

Menendez Says Congress Must Review Any Iran Nuclear Deal

Why the backlash against Indiana and not other states with similar laws? Timing.

Got to say that those Air Canada passengers were very lucky this morning

Would you watch a very heavily moderated debate with RW wingnuts ?

Putin's Economic Team Plays Houdini

Where are all the normal atheists? TV’s non-believers always let me down

2016 US Presidential and Senate Elections.

Drownings along Rio Grande spike after enforcement surge

House finch has left one egg so far... UPDATE!

Lt. Col. Robert Hite of 'Doolittle Tokyo Raiders' dead at 95

Has anyone used DMSO

Defense tests accusers' credibility as drug cops face trial

Uzbekistan's election sees turnout at 91 percent

Ruh-Roh!! Time for another avatar change for El Supremo!! What will it be

That's it. I finally ran out of avatars.

Mike Pence Dodges Questions On Anti-Gay Discrimination In Indiana

Sunspot by Tasco

Musical Canine Freestyle Competitions. Turn Dancing W/Your Dog Into A Sport

Another Scary Mike Luckovich Toon

TRNN: Only Appropriate Public Event for Bush is War Crimes Trial!--Phyllis Bennis at Hofstra U.

Right-Wing Cardinal Compares Gay And Remarried Catholics To Murderers

Toon: The HUGS Act

Reality Shift - Comic - Scandanavia and The World

Well this sucks...

A friend of mine thought up an idea concerning Indiana

My Proposal For A New Pan-Religion Temple in Jerusalem: The Temple of Toummarah

To Governor Mike Pence

Please keep Rod in your prayers - he had a 15-hour-long operation on Friday.

Ex-CFO who slammed Chick-fil-A worker now on foodstamps

Indiana Is A Great Place To Be A Bigot

Are you the droids we're looking for?

BANNED TED Talk - DMT The War on Consciousness