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Archives: March 31, 2015

The Great Senator Al Franken on Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dear Apologetic Racists: Cry Me A River

Second blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

Juan Cole: Israel’s Netanyahu jumps Shark with “Iran-Lausanne-Yemen” axis barb

Reining in Frankenstein's monster

I could do this

Republicans Attack Climate Change Science by Comparing It to Religion

Co-ops Enable Low-Income Women to Work as Owners and Decision Makers

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney disputes Scott Walker's marijuana story

Supreme Court Leaves Intact New York’s Ban on Religious Services in Schools

Has anyone done an investigation to find out who this restaurant owner is (Indiana anti-gay law)

A very depressing catalogue of 100 marriages, published in 1907

Apple has a data center in Maiden, NC... Cook calls out dangerous "religious freedom" laws.

Anti-Wall Street Public Stands Behind a Resolute Elizabeth Warren

Wilco Cancels Indiana Concert Over 'Thinly Disguised Legal Discrimination'

What's your party? Election quiz

Sen. Sanders:Buying Congress

The Way Out | James Howard Kunstler

GOP Mayor Of Indianapolis Signs Executive Order Protecting LGBT Community

Rep. Viriginia Fox wants to kill prevailing wage for Federal projects.

Pleased to note that All In lead story tonight began with M. O'Malley,

Return to Rhea

Final Four Moved? Emmert to Doyel on RFRA: 'If we have to move events, we'll do it''

When "religious freedom" was used to justify racism instead of homophobia

Human Rights Campaign: Arkansas is closed for business

White Millenials are products of a failed lesson in colorblindness

Arkansas House Panel OKs ‘Religious Freedom’ Amendments; Opponents Rally

Woman Writes Emotional Letter to the Previous Owner of Her Rescued (and abused) Great Dane

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Losing My Religion & a new Kitteh gif

I've created a Facebook page for info on "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" and other ...

Breaking in Indiana: Right Center (right) Indy Star Editorial: Fix this law Now.

Guardian - Exxon Wouldn't Listen To The Rockefellers 10 Yrs Ago, Why Would It Listen To Science Now?

Double gratitous kitty pic!

Gap: Here's why we partnered with Levi Strauss Co. in solidarity against the Bill

Amazon makes even temp warehouse workers sign sweeping noncompete agreements

Oregon Fish & Wildlife Dept. - "Mind-Boggling" #s Of Sea Lions Occupy Astoria East Mooring Basin

Police: Auditor spokesman left note before apparent suicide

Nebraska Farmer Asks Oil & Gas Commission Members To Drink Fracking Waste - Silence Ensues

Abbot Gov's New, Improved Emissions Plan Doesn't Even Mention Symbolic 2C Target - Aims For 4C

Ball State University reaffirms commitment to equality.

Since 2014, Only 25% Of CA's Water Surface Water; 15-20% Of All US Groundwater From Central Valley

Prosecutors Scrutinize Minority Borrowers‘ Auto Loans.

Kamala Harris Takes A Stand Against Gay Death Penalty

Why do many people eat ham on Easter?

Atacama Desert - World's Driest - Gets 14 Years' Worth Of Rain In One Day - Wunderground

Jeb Bush leaps onto the hood of the clown car (re: Indy discrimination bill)

Bieber Roast

Arizona governor says he has signed abortion bill into law

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The NCAA (HBO)

5-hour Energy energizes the GOP

*Eliz Warren on Rachel Show tomorrow!

Gotta Love Connecticut and Gov Dan Malloy!

Indiana's law is NOT the same as the 20-year old federal law.

FL's pill mill crackdown leaves legit chronic pain prescriptions hard to fill.

Never crossed a picket by foot or with pocket book. Support the striking workers at Driscoll's berry

Note to DERSHOWITZ & TOOBIN: I don't *CARE* how "smart" Carnival CRUZ (supposedly) is. n/t

The Rise of the Working Poor and the Non-Working Rich

*Discussion about M. O'Malley coming up on Lawrence show. NOW!

People have long memories over what Indiana has done. The youth will remember this, many

Tuesday's front page of The Indianapolis Star is an editorial on Religious Freedom Restoration Act


Terre Haute colleges and universities refuse to criticize RFRA

For all who know and love her, it's her birthday today...126 glorious years!

Indiana State Seal

Americans Favor Deal With Iran by 2-1; Relations With Israel Are Highly Politicized

Right-wingers trying to ignore history.

How Chicago has used financial engineering to paper over its massive budget gap

Sock Puppetry: Big Telecom Front Group Hosts Net Neutrality Bashing Session

Indianapolis City-County Council approves anti-RFRA resolution

New solar plant to be built in Northern Colorado

T-shirt Store for my PAC- Looking for suggestions

Ted Cruz comes out in support of Indiana anti-gay law

Amazon Requires Badly-Paid Warehouse Temps to Sign 18-Month Non-Competes

My new religion: Republicans are demons, and my religion forbids me

Indiana manages to piss off the world's richest company.

Chinese tree planting reverses global forest loss

Is Corporate America waking up to the beast the made?

Indiana's Favorite Son Is Gay

Hey, nitwits, you want a religious freedom act?

Colombia transforms old tires into green housing

Colombia transforms old tires into green housing

Gov. Pence finds a soapbox for his lies ... in the Wall Street Journal, of course

After Friday, Obama will have visited 49 states during his presidency.

Did you know the State of Massachusetts outlawed Christmas in 1659?

How many small businesses get local tax breaks?

Ancient Medicine

We Are Responsible for the Prison Industrial Complex

Crowd at NAACP forum cheers Garcia, jeers Emanuel

Statement from Governor Mike Pence of Indiana on RFRA:

Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous

'I Abhor Discrimination': Gov. Pence Pins Need for Indiana Religious Freedom Law on Obamacare

Mystery around Jeb Bush's 'unknown' private email account

In 2016 campaign, the lament of the not quite rich enough

Venezuela Cuts Oil Subsidies To Caribbean Nations

Brazil's ex-President Cardoso to defend jailed Venezuelans

Palestinians in Israel, 20% of the population, receive 5% of new housing units

My next ltte will involve lgbt assault by Republicans.Help me identify

Difference between FEDERAL Religious ... ACT, and Indiana's:

Council Opposes Fast Track Consideration of International Trade Deal Directly Impacting Trade-


Free Trade facts to remember: We the taxpayers pay the corporations to move jobs offshore.

The Kings of Kent

Question about "Going clear."

One of the best delta players--Skip James --'Catfish Blues'

French lawmakers debate crackdown on prostitution

Do you think the Indiana Republicans/Governor Picked this time to sign this bill into law?

My son-in-law just died.

My son-in law just died.

TYT: Indiana Governor Mike Pence Defends Discriminating Religious Freedom Law

My son -in-law just died.

French lawmakers debate crackdown on prostitution

TYT: Lawmakers Of Discriminating Religious Freedom Law Don't Give A F**k

My office NCAA bracket could really come through

TYT: Trevor Noah To Replace Jon Stewart On The Daily Show

Assemblywoman Fiore (R-Nev.) calls for castration of sex traffic 'pimps'

Researching lgbt bills, I found Nazi bills regarding Jews

TYT: Nebraskan Oil & Gas Committee Challenged To A Glass Of “Safe” Fracking Water

Public Integrity Unit bill stalls in Senate

TYT: Education Doesn’t Matter: Republicans Still Don’t Believe In Climate Change

Arizona bill for guns in public places fails again

Exide Technologies faces $2.45M in penalties as part of plan for former battery recycling plant

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s Rough-Edged Mayor, Tries the Sandpaper

Australia introduces new two people in cockpit rules

Guaranteed Minimum Income Revisited

Ex-banker denied bail in $66 million investment scam

Pence: "Obamacare made me do it"

How 'One Nation' Didn't Become 'Under God' Until The '50s Religious Revival playoff picture

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 31 March 2015

White Millennials are products of a failed lesson in colorblindness

Braised Chicken Thighs with Garlic, Lemon and Greek Olives

Is it just me, or are you also incredibly sad to see RowdyBoy's name there as a GD host

Am I the only one who wants to tell Pence to "F" himself even if the law "changes"?


April Fool's Day is Wednesday

'Bernie' case prosecutor seeks recusal, says he's a witness

In Pence's wildest nightmares, he never figured on this

Jewish Democrats Ask President Obama To Lighten Up Rhetoric in Feud With Benjamin Netanyahu

Goodbye to Tent City--Aftermath of Raymondville prison riot devastates Willacy County

ADL: Anti-Semitic incidents in U.S. up by 21 percent

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Have any of the Republicans who want to be President said anything about Indiana anti gay law ?

On Senate Floor, McCain Suggests Israel "Go Rogue," Blow Up Iran Negotiations By Starting War

Tweet from Hillary on Indiana discrimination Law

In Abington, Ash Carter considers easing enlistment standards

I am beyond pissed!

Clinton Aides Laying Groundwork in New Hampshire and Iowa

Michigan Police Officers Buy Family a Car Seat Instead of Issuing Ticket

FBI: Plot to steal seed corn a national security threat

Daily Holidays -March 31

Kenya's unique approach to rape prevention should have the rest of the world taking note

Schweich's Aide Spence Jackson Found Dead

Insight 11. Medicare Helps Low Income People

Tom Izzo early career pictures...

Microsoft's new Project Spartan browser is out....

Reich: College Fraternities Should Be Abolished

Social Media Is Protecting Men From Periods, Breast Milk and Body Hair

Protests in Honduras After Student Critics of Education Minister Found Dead

OAS, UNASUR Praise High Turn Out At Bolivia Regional Elections

National Eating Disorder Awareness Group Endorses Aerie Underwear

Alabama lawmaker tries to repeal law named after patient who died in his care

TEPCO to make all data on radiation at Fukushima plant public

Photo of the day

Seth Meyers Pounces On Governor Pence & Indiana's Anti-Gay Law

Scott Walker’s discrimination flip-flop: He was against it, now he’s all for it (Indiana)

Pregnant working women suffer various forms of harassment: survey

Bernie Sanders barnstorms Bay Area with socialist populist message

‘Emergency alert’ sparks panic among TV viewers nationwide

Is the "religious freedom" law in Indiana also aimed at allowing discrimination against atheists?

Texas: If You Thought Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law Was Bad, Just Wait

Graphene light bulb is to go on sale later this year.

'Clear causal relationship' with bullying in suicide of Fukuoka teen: Independent committee

Indiana Is A Great Place To Be A Bigot

Massive power blackouts hit Turkish cities

Rebranding gay rights as the cause célèbre of corporate America...Something isn't right.

US isolated as allies line up to join China-led bank

Passover Pesach 2015 Seder Rube Goldberg Machine from Technion in Israel

Indianapolis Mayor Ballard Sounds REALLY Pissed Off By RFRA

Same sex marriage wins recognition in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward

Bright Light Social Hour Celebrate Album Release at Stubb's BBQ (REVIEW)

Japan and US look to extend naval missions after law change

I'm changing my name to Nevada Jones

On Indiana's new law and ideas how to fight it

Good way to measure if pertinent, important issues are getting lots of attention....

Maya Angelou Stamp Dedication Ceremony To Include Winfrey, Others....& Hillary

Exclusive: Activist Buys Domains Of Indiana Lawmakers Who Passed Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Bill

“Like oxygen for democracy”: What does free expression mean to you?

Biddenden Maids

Indiana--closed for business

The cost of GOP’s Benghazi hysteria: Why the U.S. is really pulling out of Yemen

One-pan pasta

If I were ever part of a panel of a nationally televised TV show...

The corporate elite are putting pressure on Indiana

The Rude Pundit - History Lesson for Assholes: Bill Clinton Is Not Your Religious "Freedom" Tool

How Privatization Rips Us All Off

How Privatization Rips Us All Off

Rand Paul sells out says he wants government in religion. He likes big government!

Pat Paulsen For President

Slowpoke Toon: The Submerged State

Arizona governor vetoes bill aimed at shielding police names

International Space Station x3 + Moon again...

North Dakota's new oil train safety checks seen missing risks

Nigerian opposition candidate leads in election as governing party cries foul

Expanded trade helps Iowa-TPP for Iowa

Begin Japanology ~ Women's Fashion

Marco Rubio quickly corrects verbal slip over 'nuclear' option against Iran

Journalists sue St Louis County police over treatment during Ferguson protests

Top liberals call for Warren candidacy - They say that Hillary needs a Democratic opponent.

Cameron’s workers v shirkers scam has at last exposed the Tory law of benefit cuts


Hillary Clinton also used iPad for e-mail

Nigerian opposition candidate leads in election as governing party cries foul

Sen. Bernie Sanders shares thoughts on presidential run

why don't right to refuse laws apply to ALL employees vs. biz owners?

Meme of the Week - March 30th

Law doubling waiting period for abortion "zips" through Arkansas Senate

#Purvi Patel

Do we need more proof Moneyed Interests control our government? If so, here it is~

Citing WWII, Greece offers itself as junior-partner to Russia

The Vietnam War, Part I: Early Years and Escalation

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found Downwind Of TX Cattle Feedyards - It's Airborne

Joe of Morming Joe asked "why Indiana ...

Abortion restriction laws? Who the fuck gives a shit about discrimination against women?

I just decided to plug 24 time zones on my iPod

Canada Pushes Ahead with Keystone XL Alternatives

US Forces to Hold Exercises in Ukraine

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Hoosier Hate

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

Question on Indiana's religious freedom law

Here’s the front page of today’s Indianapolis Star:

Shopping for Yacht? New York Budget Offers a Tax Break

HILLARY CLINTON ROOM: The haters have truly jumped the shark!

Anybody here remember public libraries in the pre-Civil Rights era? Were

The sudden surge of Third Way tactics to take down the draft of Elizabeth Warren for President

Such ironical irony: Indiana teabaggers must pass an anti-discrimination "clarification"

OMG PROOF!! Our super smart Hillary really DOES Know how to Type!!

Well, when Walmart's agin it, you know you stepped in it big time.

Obama to Offer Major Blueprint on Climate Change

Religious persecution in Indiana...?

Paul Krugman- Imaginary Health Care Horrors

So the Republicants want to privatize Medicare, turn Medicaid into a bloc grant, and repeal the ACA

Watch Gonzo from the Muppets do the Humpty Dance

Rachel Maddow - Indiana governor Pence flounders defending discrimination law

The Big Bang is going down

Meanwhile, the Indiana legislature also voted to repeal the Common Construction Wage law ...

Bicycle parking in Japan

McDonald's is testing all-day breakfast

Hillary’s emails: Deleted but not gone

Police abuse of Uber driver in NYC

"Longing for 1984" with Chris Hedges (pts I & II)

"Religious Freedom" vs Women's Rights

Rachel Maddow - Second suicide shocks Missouri Republicans

Is Rahm Emanuel Planning to Privatize Chicago’s Public Housing?

Ellen Pao and the Sexism You Can’t Quite Prove

GOP candidates back Indiana’s anti-gay law amid uproar

Guess What Happened When JPMorgan's CEO Visited Elizabeth Warren's Office

Hoosiers should be proud!!

Iran says Saudi 'attack' on Yemen endangers region

10 Commandments for talking to your kids about religion

Wilco cancels Indiana concert

the indiana fiasco should point out to america just how out of touch the GOP is.

Yemen civilian death toll mounts, as families flee Saudi-led air strikes

Two Occupys, and the New Global Language of Protest

Buhari 'very confident' as opposition claims Nigeria vote win

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Rise To Defend Indiana Law That Many See As Anti-Gay

Meet the "New Age" Stephen Colbert

Not only are The Rolling Stones playing Indiana this summer

Pence this morning on Fox and Friends: 'I stand by this law'

McAuliffe invites Indiana firms to ‘open and welcoming’ Virginia

McAuliffe invites Indiana firms to ‘open and welcoming’ Virginia

Religious act has Chicago mayor wooing Indiana businesses

When Did Right-Wing Anti-Intellectualism Start?

Great walk down MemoryLane for Michael O'Donoghue fans.

This is for people who watched both "Big Love" and "Breaking Bad".

#KeepAdamHome: Stop Adam Crapser's Deportation Now

Op-ed: 'Religious discrimination' laws have nothing to do with religion

Pence news conference at 11 a.m. EDT

Two Occupys, and the New Global Language of Protest

Op-ed: 'Religious Discrimination' Laws Have Nothing to Do With Religion

Anyone used Geico Car Buying Service? If so, how was your experience?

What's for Dinner, Tues., March 31, 2015

Parks and Rec actor cancels Indiana Show....

Millennials Move to Mass Transit -- WaPo

Many women of color don't go to the police after sexual assault for a reason


Gay Marriage State by State: A Trickle Became a Torrent

We need to keep framing the IN law as anti civil rights and not pro religious freedom...

Did JPMorgan Try to Bribe Dem Power-Brokers? (Depends What Your Definition of 'Bribe' Is)

Live feed for Pence's press conferentce at 11AM EDT

just saw this in George Takei's

Openly gay police chief makes his town the exact opposite of Ferguson

Miami home prices outpaced national growth in January

A record early start to typhoon season

Rand Paul Said He Doesn’t Believe In The Concept Of Gay Rights

Florida house moves to reduce youth arrests

Mayor Emanuel opens up huge lead on challenger Garcia

Arkansas Poised to Enact 'License to #Discriminate'

Pence news conf. NOW on msnbc

Pete Sampras Reiterates That Roger Federer Is The ‘Greatest’ Player That Tennis Has Ever Seen

I'll just leave this here.... NSFW LYRICS!!!!!

Origins of the crisis in Yemen

Today in Herstory: Ten Years Later, Suffragists Will Once Again Celebrate Their Victory

How can I prove that my "religious freedom" is "religious"?

An invitation...

An invitation...

Pic Of The Moment: As Disgust Over Anti-Gay Law Grows, GOP Candidates On Wrong Side Of History

An invitation...

End of Dollar dominance?

Indy Star Bashes Indiana Religious Freedom Law In Blistering Editorial

Indiana licenses discrimination, but at a high price

Franklin Pierce-Herald poll: Hillary Clinton holds `unprecedented' lead

Schumer: Stop Comparing Indiana's Religious Freedom Law To Mine

"what this law actually does"

Imagine a Republican Administration and Congress in 2017

Bill Black: The Homophobic Law and the Indiana Governor Who Dares Not Speak Its Purpose

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? 126th anniversary of opening of eiffel tower

Employees covered by collectively bargained contracts 68% - 90% in Europe, 12% in the US.

Keith Olbermann Calls Out NCAA For Not Moving Final Four Out Of Indiana

Spy alert: Facebook 'tracks all visitors, breaching EU law'

Pence Backs Down, Calls For Clarification Barring Any Kind Of Discrimination

Activists 'Shut Down' Nestlé Water Bottling Plant in Sacramento

Biden calls for Japan-U.S. TPP deal before Abe’s trip to Washington

Check out Google Maps

Blankets for Everyone

Dr. Chaps Attacks Reporters, Praises Todd Akin in Sort-Of Apology

Women's Reproductive Rights are every bit as important as LGBT rights or

Elizabeth Warren vs Jamie Dimon

Angela Davis condemns the prison industrial complex in campus talk

RR Churches Are Businesses Selling Pseudo Salvation. They Are NOT Religions.

Jeb Bush: Terri Schiavo case 'one of the most difficult times in my life'

Rand Paul Said He Doesn’t Believe In The Concept Of Gay Rights

Something I wonder about Indiana Law

Why the Indiana law is Viagra for Heritage-Foundation-types.

Pence and the Indiana Legislature were warned by 30 expert law professors

Indianapolis Mayor Defies State, Bans Religious Discrimination

Vatican defends appointing Chilean bishop accused of hiding abuse

Warren: 'I'm not going to run'

Ted Cruz: I'm proud to stand with Gov. mike Pence

Iran Nuclear Envoys Near Outline Agreement, Buy More Time

Pence and the Indiana Legislature were warned by 30 expert law professors

TRNN: Only Appropriate Public Event for Bush is War Crimes Trial

Plan approved for construction of 2,200 Arab homes in East Jerusalem

This New Indicator Shows There's No Bubble Forming in U.S. Housing

Analysis of President Obama's Interview on UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel

we lost a voice for women yesterday.

French eye cockpit entry, psychological screening rules

Here's what is most important about the Iran nuclear talks

Amazon to remove non-compete clause from contracts for hourly workers

Glowing Tampons Help Detect Sewer Leaks

Now You Have to Pay AT&T $700 A Year Not To Spy On You

(NCAA President)Mark Emmert: Waiting on clarification (Indiana law)

GIFs Show Constellations Transforming Over 150,000 Years

CNN's Chris Cuomo grills Ryan McCann of the Indiana Family Institute

So far, I'm enjoying the 2016 Presidential race.

NASCAR: Indiana law fosters intolerance, exclusion

Indiana's Costly Anti-Gay Experiment (Barry Ritholtz)

Mike Pence Promises To Fix Indiana Law So It Bars Discrimination

French eye cockpit entry, psychological screening rules

Trevor Noah is no Jon Stewart. Trevor Noah is a guy you block on Facebook

Ukip (the UK's tea party) Demands Apology From Swedish Broadcaster

When Ron Swanson boycotts Indiana

It is sad that we cannot think beyong Hillary-Warren-Sanders

What the Dallas Cowboys’ Signing of a Man Found Guilty of Assault Says About the NFL (trigger)

What the Dallas Cowboys’ Signing of a Man Found Guilty of Assault Says About the NFL

I posted a story in Latest Breaking news which got locked

Venezuela’s government fires employees who refuse to sign against U.S. sanctions, NGO claims

What the Dallas Cowboys’ Signing of a Man Found Guilty of Assault Says About the NFL

The Ted Cruz Speech He Did Not Want You To See



Michael Jackson Used to Anger Russell Crowe with Prank Phone Calls

Guess What Happened When JPMorgan's CEO Visited Elizabeth Warren's Office

Blast from the Past: Pence against gays in the military

Opposition wins Nigeria election 2 minutes ago

The Positive Side Of Indiana's LGBTQ Discrimination Law - TMFS Sketch

For those DUers that still think that Warren will run for President in 2016...

Let's have a little sensitivity for the religiously violated, people.

- every single American deserves to be treated equally,

Incredible Road Rage | Dude Loses His Mind

Zachry Group donates $25 million to A&M's Dwight Look College of Engineering

Lawrence Lessig to Call for Elizabeth Warren Presidential Bid, Deliver Major Run Warren Run Speech

Obama Approval Ratings For 7th Year Top George W. Bush's So Far

The War to Live in London: Regeneration Game (Part 1/3)

Lawrence Lessig to Call for Elizabeth Warren Presidential Bid, Deliver Major Run Warren Run Speech

Elizabeth Warren tells Wall Street: 'Bring it on'

C'mere, let me smack you...

15th Amendment, banning racial discrimination in voting, adopted 145 years ago today.

NC Lawmakers Want Hospitals To Be Able To Turn Away Gay Patients

First Church of Cannabis takes advantage of Indiana's new 'religious freedom' law

What political forums were like before the internet

Martin O'Malley calls GOP support of Indiana law 'shameful'

Goodnight, Goodluck Jonathan. Opposition wins Nigerian elections

In the name of God

It's that time again...

Former state health employees say they were silenced on drilling

We need more Business signs like this to Outlaw Hate. Christian Conservatives are NOT True Christian

Private Prison Company Forced Inmates To Eat Delicious Garbage Buffet

Arkansas Senate Passes Bill to Make Street Photography Illegal in State

Lufthansa Now Says It Knew of Co-Pilot’s Previous Depression.

Guns, beards, and bibles are allowed but not gay people...

Thom Hartmann: The Stand Your Ground Anti-Gay Law

Thom Hartmann: BUSTED! What corporations are hiding about TPP

New host of The Daily Show in hot Water....

Alabama Senator-Doctor Will Finally Get Revenge On New Mom Who Died Under His ‘Care’

A reminder that this room is for offering prayer.

ACLU: Federal Court Rules for Indian Families in ACLU Lawsuit

Yawning, blinking and sweating ... hmmm!

KY says gay marriage ban ok because straight people can't marry someone of the same sex...

Connecticut governor slams Mike Pence: ‘When you see a bigot, you have to call them on it’

Marriott CEO Calls Indiana’s RFRA “Madness” and “Idiocy”

Indianapolis tourism website responds to RFRA (pic)

Somone seems to have tremendous need to get information leaked on the Germanwings crash

‘Own what you are’: CNN host exposes Indiana law backer as gay conversion therapy promoter

Chocolate Cobbler.

Starbuck’s CEO Just Made A Shocking Announcement That Has Christians Standing Up For Their Faith

Martin O'Malley Rails Against Wall Street in New Hampshire

Christians do not need a law of protection.

Indiana Governor Backs Anti-Discrimination Fix in Self-Pitying Speech About “Religious Freedom” Law

Trevor Noah’s apartheid comedy and how it made him Jon Stewart’s unlikely successor

Our FRiends respond to Gov. Pence pulling the rig out from under them...

What the fuck is the point of RFRA laws except to discriminate or give privilege...

Wilco Calls Religious Freedom Restoration Act “Legal Discrimination,” Cancels Indiana Show

Freedom Industries reaches deal with DEP on cleanup timeline

Ring of Fire: Big Oil Fought (and Won) To Make “Bomb Trains” Less Safe

The ultimate red neck beloved organization comes out in opposition to Indiana

LGBTQIA fight is YOUR fight...please like/join our FB page and join the fight

USC Athletic Director To Boycott College Football Playoff Meeting In Indiana

Indiana house committee passes needle exchange program

Obama White House Blasts Mike Pence For Lying About Indiana Religious Freedom Law

Found this. You might love it.

Obama White House Blasts Mike Pence For Lying About Indiana Religious Freedom Law

Looks like my old rose bush is about to go SPROING! again

Hey Indiana, don't clarify the law, don't amend the law,

A Developing Thought ...

Grabbing Africa's Seeds: USAID, EU and Gates Foundation Back Agribusiness Seed Takeover

A "Schultz faction" undermines negotiations with Greece

"Intercept" Reporter Ryan Devereaux & Three German Journalsts File Suit Against Ferguson Police

List of events scheduled for Indiana Convention Center/Lucas Oil Stadium" over next 1 1/2 yrs....

I'm glad to see Goodluck Jonathan lost. Does that mean all out war is coming to Nigeria?

25 Mind-Blowing Facts About The West Wing

America’s next top bigot: Why GOP’s upcoming primary is an anti-gay freak show - By Joan Walsh

'Polio-like' strain of enterovirus D68 may be responsible for mystery paralysis, study says

When the president argues it's vital “we” write the rules on TPP, “we” means not the American people

Cuba Eradicates Syphillis, HIV Transmission to Babies

Grassroots Movement Blocks Mexican Water Privatization Scheme

How much of Trevor Noah's Comedy (new host of the Daily Show) have you been Exposed to?

Bernie Sanders endorses Rahm challenger

NASCAR condemns Indiana's "religious freedom" law

NY Gov. Cuomo Halts Non-Essential State Employee Travel to Indiana in Protest

Opponents Mobilize as Powerful Forces Seek to Ram Through TTP "Fast Track" in mid-April

Amber alert at 5am Saturday morning in Michigan

Poll: Hillary Clinton's Margins Narrow In Key Swing States (Quinnipiac University Survey)

Sandia Releases Survey of Crude Oil Properties Relevant to Handling and Fire Safety in Transport

Any news that race teams are pulling out of the INDY 500?

(NYS) Budget includes sales-tax carveout for yachts

Quinnipiac Poll: Clinton's Margin Narrows in Key Swing States

So will some enterprising film maker grab the hot topic of the moment

New federal regulations for water heaters coming.

Classic good vs. evil matchup

Public pressure works: The crucial lesson in Mike Pence’s call for a religious freedom “fix”

AZ Wants Doctors to Lie to Patients That Abortions Can Be 'Reversed'

Would White German Pilot Crashing Plane Be 'Terrorism' if He Were Muslim?

Coast Guard rescues 9 off Gloucester from Canadian tall ship

OK folks, I need some answers.

Free Film Screening in Durham on Friday

"I'm not running, and I'm not going to run" - Elizabeth Warren. VIDEO Link w/in. I'm sad, but I...

In other Arkansas news: In order to pay for capital gains cut - Cut library funds 18%

'Hailed by analysts as a milestone for the advance of democracy on the African continent'

Anything on NYC_SKP?

Supreme Court Rules Against Disability Providers

Grieving stray dogs attend funeral, pay respects to woman who fed local animals

Mike Pence, Then and Now

And Our Dad Is Gonna Be There

Adding Inequality to Injury: The Costs of Failing to Protect Workers on the Job

Menendez expecting charges Wednesday, sources say

USC Athletic Director To Boycott NCAA Meeting: I Have A Gay Son

Stealing Data From Computers Using Heat

Flight Attendant Union Calls On Indiana To Reverse 'Abhorrent' Law

If you need proof standardized testing is setting students up for failure, just ask the students.

#PurviPatel... spare some indiana-targeted outrage...

Lawmakers Call For Tougher Truancy Penalties For Special Ed

The 2015 Final Four Schools Respond To Indiana Anti-Gay Law

RFRA is biblically indefensible and contradicts Christians' other statements

Cuomo bans nonessential travel to Indiana due to 'religious freedom' law

Medieval garlic and bile potion kills MRSA superbug

Hillary Clinton, Third Way And The Silent Majority .

OMG I'm going to be thrown into the street!

Stephen King re: Indiana Religious Freedom Law "You can frost a dog turd-but it's still a dog turd."

Papantonio: Scott Walker’s Blueprint To Destroy Wisconsin

Suggestion regarding alerts

Trevor Noah: That's Racist - Tacos

Obama Lifts Arms Freeze Against Egypt

Obama vetoes Republican bid to block union election rules

Obama Commutes Sentences Of 22 Convicted Of Federal Drug Offenses

Talks for framework of Iran nuclear deal to go into Wednesday

If Churches and Religious organizations were not tax-exempt...

Is Wasserman-Schultz still the leader of the DNC?

GOP, liberal Democrats hoping for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign

Defying Criticism, Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill on Religious Freedom

Play Pac-Man in Google Maps Right Now. Go.

Your OB can get you jailed for a miscarriage and there is not much you can do about it | Dr. Jen Gunter

When you hear another language, if you could have one of two wishes, which is closest?

UNASUR calls for removal of US bases from Latin America

arkansas passes anti gay law like indiana

Amnesty International Whitewashes Venezuelan Opposition Abuses

Scientology Went From $1 Billion In Debt To

Two Supermarket Executives Charged With Hoarding in Venezuela

Lexington woman being strangled with bra fights off attacker with ceramic chicken

In Italy, Matteo Renzi Aims to Upend the Old World Order.

Palestine to officially join ICC on Wednesday

"Criticize Mike Pence all you want, but this strategy just might make him the big winner at the 1956

"To get to Indiana, travel west on route 70, then take a right turn at the wrong side of history"

Elton John's bestest friend evah, Rush Limbaugh, compares gay marriage to beastiality

Charged with same crime, paper shows black suspects' mugshots but white suspects' yearbook pics

Come on folks - Why not Martin O'Malley??!!

1908 SCOTUS: Adair v. United States 208 U.S. 161, "yellow dog" contracts are acceptable!

Iran demands lifting of sanctions for 'irreversible' moves, says insider

great article blasting David Brooks's simpering defense of Pence in NYT today...

Bernie Sanders – What Happened to the American Dream?

Bernie Sanders – What Happened to the American Dream?

Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law Already Backfires on Evangelicals

Bruce Jenner Wants To Compete On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Russian analyst urges nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and San Andreas fault line

John Fugelsang quote...LMAO!!

My "WTF?" of the day, German co-pilot crashed the plane because he was gay?

Let's Be Honest The RW Christians & GOP Want To Eliminate LGBT From The US.

"We have no crisis of religious discrimination; we have a crisis of fear." -Julie Bond

ND to join Wyoming lawsuit against federal fracking rules

Where did the name..

House Panel Seeks Private Talk With Hillary Clinton About Email

Campaign Finance Complaints Filed Against 4 Presidential Hopefuls

Economic Inequality: It’s Far Worse Than You Think

Sen. Sanders:"People all over this country understand that civil rights means that we end

Big Ed just threw Heritage Foundation flack, Ryan Anderson off his show for

It's official: Rolling Stones playing (Indianapolis) track on July 4

thrilled with the backlash against indiana, but... what line exactly did they cross?

With New Abortion Bill, Arizona Writes Medical Malpractice into Law

In Another Divestment Victory, Syracuse University Goes Fossil Free

Rick Perry's pastor pal: " 9/11 Was God's Judgment On America"

Is Not It Ironic. A Large Part Of The Nazism Agenda Was Anti Gays.

Big Ed: "Face it, The longer she waits The stronger she gets"

Mandatory Church Attendance

Lawyers on Strike Blog: FBI on Amanda Knox Death Threats

Face-Palm Sunday (from Betty Bowers)

Gay Rights vs. Equality: Framing the Discussion

Amanda Knox: Judge Hellman, the first appeals judge, describes how he was punished after acquitting

DEF CON 22 - Richard Thieme - The Only Way to Tell the Truth is in Fiction

Palestine : New report documents international crimes committed during Operation Protective Edge

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Indiana Is on the Wrong Side of History

Science News - Oceans Will Take Thousands Of Years, Not Decades, To Recover From Abrupt Changes

It's snowing ... again!

Is there a secret to the successful use of Murphy's oil soap?

"if it infringes on the religious beliefs of the business"

"Stop Oppressing Me!"

‘Volvo hunt’ could add more intrigue to ‘religious liberty’ debate

We've gone from Chill Factor to Heat Index in just a couple of weeks.

Vigo County (Indiana) Commissioners pass 'Human Rights Resolution'

If You Have to Make Laws to Hurt a Group of People

Obama Rejects NLRB Restrictions

Indiana Critics Are The Problem & The True Bigots. Can We Get Anymore Twisted.

(Road sign) Welcome to Indiana - Crossroads of America -Unless you are a Homosexual

So what exactly is Religion?

Obama Grants Early Release To Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Pot

10 GOP Presidential Candidates Come Out In Full Support Of Indiana's "Right-To-Discriminate" Law

Abbas Slammed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad for Urging Arab Intervention in Gaza

Congratulations to Oregon for enacting Americas first automatic voter registration law....

I am a Christian business owner in Indiana...

NIKE CEO Says Indiana 'Religious Freedom' Law 'Bad For Business And Bad For Society'

God has a very important message for America:

Ed Schultz throws Ryan Anderson off his show over RFRA

Mike Pence's op-eds, I mean, smoking doesn't kill?

Indiana Shut Down Its Rural Planned Parenthood Clinics And Got An HIV Outbreak

Former VP Quayle 'hurt' by national criticism of Indiana

Defense Rests in Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

"Give Her A Chance": Elizabeth Warren wants America to hear Hillary Clinton out.

Tomorrow is April 1.

Just saw on CBS news that the Benghazi brigade

Brilliant Anti-fraking Demo

November 2014: President Obama Meets with Leaders of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

By Tom Barrett-Mayor Milwaukee WI #Indiana sending inhospitable message

Mumia Abu-Jamal in Hospital/ ICU

If corporations could get just as active when it comes to improving

If any of the following were to run for President,

NY Times Editorial Board: In Indiana, Using Religion as a Cover for Bigotry

Time to Declare War

Kentucky Print Shop: No Gays Wanted

Charles Pierce: David Brooks Would Like Gay People to Lower Their Voices

Well shit! NASCAR has come out against Indiana Religous Bullshit Freedom Bill

Big-Bank Bad Guys Bully Democracy—and Blow It

The Trembling Aspen Is in Trouble

Cliven Bundy and Friends

PLO confirms ICC probe into Israeli crimes

For those of you who serve on DU juries.

Jeb Bush, Then and Now

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon calls for Gov. Asa Hutchinson to veto HB 1228

Why I am standing by Trevor Noah despite his offensive Tweets

Gap, Levi Strauss join companies, business leaders calling for HB1228 veto

What conservatives mean by "freedom"

She loves me. SHE REALLY LOVES ME!

Breaking: UConn Coaches Won't Travel to Indianapolis for Final 4 Due to Religious Freedom Bill

Cuba delegate reports 'civilized' talks on rights with US

The Ukraine crisis is not what it seems