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Archives: March 5, 2015

Petraeus, Where is the Outrage from our side?

Breaking -Seoulgazzi - American Ambassador attacked with a razor blade in South Korea

Dumbass of the Month: Robbed three banks within 10 days of being released from prison

Truck crew says carsickness led to $4.8M heist of gold bars

Right-Wing Attorney Larry Klayman Will Use the Email Scandal to Bury the Clintons At Last

PSA Love has no gender, Love has no race, love has no disability, love has no age,

Today, 4 MILLION Americans & 2 Great Dems demanded THIS from the EPA & the WH

Since when?!


How to teach kids to interact safely with strange dogs.

Jimmy Kimmel and the Dr.'s PSA to anti-vaxxers

Not a one...

The Demoliton of Workers' Comp

Wall Street down for second day after rally; healthcare gains

The Demolition of Workers' Comp

NY Times: Voters unlikely to care much about the Hillary Clinton email furor

War with Isis: Iraq's government fights to win back Tikrit from militants - but then what?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 5 March 2015

We need a draft in order to protect the current troops. We have more National Guard units

Ferguson official on President Obama: ‘What black man holds a steady job for four years’

I may be going to Taormina in the fall...

Colin Powell Also Used Personal Email While Serving As Secretary Of State, Aide Confirms

Toronto Real Estate Board demands brokers halt online sales stats

Billionaires without-a-clue want to "fix" Jim Hightower

The Black Hole

Slate: "Alabama Supreme Court Throws Tantrum, Defies Federal Judge, Halts Gay Marriages."

Union says it will resume talks Monday with U.S. refining companies

They shoot Ponies don't they?..No seriously-Oregon Sheriff shoots beloved family pony

What Might Have Motivated Hillary Clinton To Use Personal Email

Eric Holder explains 'Hands up don't shoot' false phenomenon

Full court press from NYT on mailgate today

The right would never let the press behave this way and they win

When my wife and I were kids this was normal now it is abuse?

Judge OKs $415M settlement in tech workers' lawsuit

USA: The Worst Economic Condition in 75 Years & Implications of the so called “Recovery”

Parts of Mexico Experiencing Worst Drought in 70 Years

Chemical fire at Vancouver's port prompts evacuation, health warnings

Prevailing Wages Are Under Attack (E action)

Wisconsin's Kangaroo Court may hear Walker Doe case in secret

Awash in cash, Bush asks donors not to give more than $1 million – for now

Love is.

4 alarm fire at Vancouver port. Containers filled with chemicals on fire. People told to shelter


Ex-Kenosha officer admits planting evidence in homicide case

Jehmu Greene and I defend Hillary re: Email tonight at 10pm ET on Fox Business

Jason Biggs will not be returning for Season 3 of Orange is the new Black.

Fox Legal Analysts Explain What Laws Were Broken By Ms Clinton

Can the president use executive powers to make the all police wear cameras? Breaking news about

Female company president: "I'm sorry to all the mothers I worked with"

what the heck is wrong with my Nero burning ROM?

NY Success Academy Charter Will Send 9,000 Students To Pro-Charter Rally. Close school for day.

The Netanyahu Confessional

Mike Malloy - GOP Needs Americans To Feel At Risk

Chris "No Ratings" Hayes looks giddy bringing up the Hillary email story

Scott drops fight to drug-test welfare applicants (Florida)

CRTC rules Northwestel must reduce DSL internet rates 10-30%

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Mike Malloy and the Supremes, video w/ Thom Hartmann

Lion opens car door

VOX Article - Confessions of a Former Internet Troll


Just a general observation on priorities about the past couple of days.

Lenny Kravitz?

Rachel is destroying O'Lielly re the Kennedy assassination

Honoring a Black LGBTO HERO

Honoring a Black LGBTO HERO

Honoring a Black LGBTO HERO

This whole police trying to raise money off the backs of residents in Ferguson is predictable. Rich

Storm could be winter's last big one but some want more

US pushes back on Venezuela's order to slash embassy staff

Venezuela loses bid to reduce interest on Exxon arbitration award

Friendly Reminder: No One Knows Anything About How SCOTUS Will Rule on Obamacare

In crisis-hit Venezuela, even opponents miss Chavez

Venezuela opposition leader fears vote will be scrapped

Venezuela black market rate weakens below 250 bolivars per dollar

Dehli Rapist says Victim Shouldn't have Fought Back

To Netanyahu, Peace Is an Existential Threat

Venezuela launches new US visa requirement

2 MILLION Facebook Views in a Week! How Elizabeth Warren Turns Boilerplate Viral (TIME)

by Robert Reich

Hozier-Take Me To Church

Israeli soldiers set attack dogs on teen — ‘Bite him’ — and rightwing politician cheers

Heartwarming PSA Reminds Us That Love Has No Labels

Linda Ronstadt "Simple Man, Simple Dream"

Heartwarming PSA Reminds Us That Love Has No Labels

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 5, 2015 -- What's On Tonight - Helen Hayes

Now what? Rand Paul was not enthusiastic enough?

Bruton Town

No, Really: Australia Has a Good Reason for Killing Almost 700 Koalas

Florida attempting to ban transgenders from using opposite sex restrooms (opposite from born gender)

Ben Carson apologizes (sort of) for comments on gay people

Ferguson Report 'gives hope that true change will come not only in Ferguson, but around the country'

It’s Not Just Hillary: Scott Walker’s Email Controversy

Today in Herstory: DC Court of Appeals Declares Arrests of Suffragists Illegal (4 mar1918)

Probably Too Late To Do Much About Global Warming.

Children in Southern California breathing easier, study says

Report: Christie Administration Interfered With Exxon Settlement

There's no nice way of building settlements in occupied territory

History repeats itself. Arrogance and a presumption of entitlement that comes with wealth

Cuba looks north to US farmers for help with food crisis

Venezuelans fret Maduro measures may slow U.S. visas

New Zealand spying on Pacific neighbors and Indonesia: Snowden documents

Anyone else watching Lawrence O'Donnell tonight?

Big Data Helps Find the Achilles Heel of Each Individual Cancer

Another One Bites the Dust


When Women Succeed, the World Succeeds: What They’re Saying About the Let Girls Learn Initiative

Dexter in communist Poland

Hemp the trillion dollar crop: Gregg Moseley-Clarke at TEDxBridgetown

Question for audiophiles...

Building with hemp | Joni Lane | TEDxCharlottesville

Senate votes to kill a labor board rule that unions backed

Ever Heard of "Right-to-Work"?

The White House Blog: Leveling the Playing Field for Workers

Gaza and Cairo feel winds of change blowing from Saudi Arabia

U.S. says North Korea nuclear and missile work 'of great concern.'

Ex-Houston banker gets prison for fraud, must repay $462K

Since I've Laid My Burdens Down

Hidalgo County judge grills Community Service Agency director for failure to administer $2.8M

Full Koch Press for ALEC Right-to-Work Bill in Wisconsin

Whiny Radical Christians In US Don't Know What Real Persecution Is.

Full Koch Press for ALEC Right-to-Work Bill in Wisconsin

Full Koch Press for ALEC Right-to-Work Bill in Wisconsin

I may have eaten some GMO food today

Finally, a Reason to Hope for the World’s Most Endangered Marine Mammal

Here's the video of Jehmu Greene and I defending Hillary!

Good lord, Koch Brothers even getting involved in Anchorage's mayor election

'Wedding reception' celebrates striking down of Nebraska’s gay marriage ban

Celebrates striking down of Nebraska’s gay marriage ban!!!


Republican lawmakers question FCC budget after net neutrality vote

Should I find it weird that neither McCaskill and Blunt have NOT condemned racist police in MO?

Three-Legged Elephant (land mine) Gets a Prosthetic Limb (one happy elephant)

Jawbone’s Discovery Fills Barren Evolutionary Period.

Netanyahu’s speech and the American Jewish condition

Science Research Funding Facing Cuts Even In Australia

Florida SWAT Cop Guns Down Unarmed Man in Marijuana Raid

Inmates Save Female Correction Officer From Rape At Rikers Island Prison

Ferguson police arrested protesters after release of Justice Department report

Peep show

Police cleared of wrongdoing in shooting death of 6-year-old quadriplegic girl.

'Fairy control' to halt tiny doors in Somerset woods

Investigating the Afterlife Concepts of the Norse Heathen

Whittier police officers sue, say they were forced to meet quotas

Lawmaker And Christian School Owner 'Rehomes' Adopted 6 Year Old To Man Who Then Rapes Her

The Vaccine Debate: Why We Fight About Science

Tweet from Hillary

Literary cocktail names....

Arne Duncan Spends Visit To Local Elementary School Looking At UFO Books In Library

Last Word on Abbott?

Grade colleges on how well they teach teachers? Universities balk

Hillary Clinton Hints At Presidential Ambitions By Concealing Information From American People

The Only Email System The NSA Can't Access

Et tu, Rick? Perry Has Own Private Email Trail

Hillary has asked the State Department to release her private emails.

Me and Jehmu Greene defending Hillary re: Emails

Parenting Expert Has Nerve To Tell You How To Raise Your Own Goddamn Kids

Obama Cuts Through Iran and Netanyahu Like A Laser

Rising Anti-Semitism Challenges Sweden's Proud And Tolerant Self-Image

Letter: Tolerating stereotypes allows discrimination to flourish

AP: Private Email Questions Emerge As Clinton Nears 2016 Bid

Jewish holiday of Purim comes to close Thursday

Hillary Clinton Asks State Department To Release Her Emails

Tribute to two great singing stars

Clinton Hatred Fatigue

I am going to leave DU for awhile...

All Night Long

Man burned while praying over sizzling fajitas at Applebee's can't sue

The Hastert Rule says

This is why Indian food is so delicious, according to science

The New York Times Blows It With Misleading Hit Job on Clinton Emails

Thank you, Pres. Obama, for standing up for peace.

Newly Unveiled Texas School 'Reform' Proposals In Step With Right-Wing Agenda

Daily Holidays - March 5

NRI may lose mansion for keeping illegal as slave

Who knew threatening to rape a 17-yr old girl could get you fired?

NATO flotilla enters Black Sea for training amid Ukraine crisis

Tampa chamber backs bringing Cuban consulate here

Phobos silhouetted against the Martian surface. Photo from the Mars Orbiter Mission spacecraft

Islamic State Torches Oil Field East of Tikrit-Witness

Vocabulary builder

Public urinators get "pee-back" in Germany

Amazing That Things GOPPERS Do Become An Issue When Dems Do The Same Thnng.

Illinois Car Museum Giving Away ‘Back To The Future’ DeLorean - If Cubs Win The Next World Series

Patsy Cline died 52 years ago today.

Chomsky and Douglass

Yesterday morning at this time it was 67°

The Rude Pundit - Random Thoughts Reading Through the DOJ's Ferguson Police Report

In a highly unusual move, the SSC is considering holding all or part of its oral argument in secret.

March 5, 2015 - Walker, Bush In Tight Race Among U.S. Republicans

New Primary Poll: Hillary Clinton leads 56-4 over Sanders

Richard Alley on Being a Republican Climate Scientist

Kyrgyzstan readies anti-gay bill

Man Acquitted of Crime, Cops Still Take His Cash

After 400 Million Years, Coelacanth at Risk of Extinction

RIP John Belushi

Tired of shutdown battles? This bill would end them for good

For Seven Straight Years, PM 2.5 Pollution In Beijing Has Averaged 5X WHO's Daily Recs

A suggestion. If you want people to rally around your candidate for President,

Eastern Oregon Precipitation Normal, But Most Of It Is Rain; Snowpack 43% Of Average

Glitter bomb showers staffers for Nebraska's Rep. Jeff Fortenberry

Double Your Drought Pleasure W. Sao Paulo's Latest Trend - Dengue, Nearly Tripled YOY

What Hillary Clinton’s emails tell us about "scandal" in the age of Obama

From 1975-2012, Central Arctic Ocean Ice Thinned 65%; In Same Years, September Ice Thinned 85%

Colder in Detroit than Fairbanks, AK

Battlefield and Battlemap Report: ISIS Torches Oil Field East of Tikrit as Iraqi Army Pushes Mosul Offensive Forward

APNewsBreak: Ringling Bros. Eliminating Elephant Acts

Hey Apocalyptic Christians — Here’s how the world as we know it will probably end

Rush Limbaugh DUMPED By Chicago Radio Station WLS

Have we held Obama's feet to the fire?

finally coming up for air...

finally coming up for air... (xpost for those who know software ain't magic)

I really don't think Dr. Ben Carson should run for the Republican nomination

Christie’s Office Drove Exxon Settlement, Ex-Official Says

Christie’s Office Drove Exxon Settlement, Ex-Official Says

Young, conservative, and ... atheist? A test for the GOP.

India asks YouTube to remove Delhi rape film

Are peaceful Muslims in denial about their religion?

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Race and injustice

Eddie's settling in!

You know, for eight long years I was forced to put up with Jeb Bush as my governor.

Missing Canadian pastor is being held by North Korea: church

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Cowardly War Monger

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Clown Party

Hillary Clinton: "I want the public to see my email."

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Cute Black Kitten Shadow Boxing!

How the US Supplied Iran with Nuclear Know-How

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out: 'I Want The Public To See My Email'

Most recent polls have Chuy Garcia tied with Rahm Emanuel for Chicago's mayoral race.

My dog found my cancer by Lucinda

My dog found my cancer by Lucinda

Jerry Brown's popularity as governor doesn't extend to a presidential race

Democrats Aren’t Rushing To Defend Hillary Clinton (National Journal)

If we had gone the single payer route six years ago, we wouldn't be with the Supremes today.

Great NEWS for elephants in LBN

More on Florida's proposed bill to imprison Trans People for using public bathrooms ...

Carson 'Regrets' Using Prison Example To Prove Being Gay Is A Choice

The Exxon Sell Ou...I Mean Settlement......

My Transgender Life -- Where Is God?

Revisited Free Republic this morning... they have at least 10 different attack threads on Hillary..

Photo of the Day

If Bush did it too why should it be counted against a candidate?

Mastermind Of The World’s Most Despicable PR Campaigns Has A New Job

Today's Google Doodle: Any guesses why he's famous?

You know you want one

Rep. Barney Frank re" Elizabeth Warren: “She’s much, much too smart to run for president."

Walker’s War on Workers and the Wall Street Journal’s Cleaned-Up Coverage

If you have a WAP in your home then most likely you have an email service on it...

After flap over bigoted blog posts, state ed board to weigh disclaimers for members’ personal writin

What is your real attitude toward the major political parties?

Last ebola patient released in Liberia

The video sensation that could tip balance against coal in China

Why Clinton's private email server was such a security fail

Carbon crash, solar dawn: ... why solar has already won

North Korea: US ambassador knife attack was 'expression of resistance'

Wellstone introduced me to Warren

Austerity & Sharp Rise in Suicide Rates (US & Europe)

Homeless man shot dead by LAPD was not deported due to stolen identity

Lets talk about that White on White crime

The difference between Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders on corporations

Patriots Move On From Vince Wilfork

Excellent News Regarding Ringling Bros. Circus Elelephants!

Christie Overstates Pension Accord With Union, Sweeney Says

Study Says Men Are More Narcissistic Than Women

Please put "Blame the Victim" in your title if that's all you're going to do.

Applications for US jobless aid inch up to a 10-month high

Kerry: State Department Will Quickly Move To Review Clinton Emails She Sought To Make Public.

Last Ebola patient released from Liberia hospital, reports say

Rick Perry used a PRIVATE email to

winter contest 2/3's filled.

Ottawa to introduce life sentences without parole under new legislation

Dr. Housing Bubble 3/5/15

The Health-Care Plan of 1993

North Korea: knife attack on US ambassador was 'expression of resistance'

The Health-Care Plan of 1993

Perry Also Used a Private Email Account

U.S. Ambassador suffered 4-inch gash to face in knife incident

Alec Baldwin blasts Chris Christie for betraying New Jersey: 'Your governor is for sale'

know who has chickens?

Senate panel votes to hide applications for top college jobs – Tallahassee Democrat

Iran nuclear deal 'very close' as Netanyahu brings negotiators together

Alabama justices: Until U.S. Supreme Court rules, we’re in charge

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush Has A Brilliant Idea

Tanzania vows to end albino killings (KBC/BBC)

technical question about hillaries email

I am off the Hillary bandwagon

Supreme Court Schedules Argument in Same-Sex Marriage Case For April 28

UK watchdog bans Israeli government tourism ad

I protest: MM just locked a thread that has nothing to do with religion

Now here's a place I wouldn't be in, even in daylight!

Time to bring this 5 year old DU post back to life

Love is love. And I LOVE this....

TTD Applauds House Passage of Amtrak Reauthorization

Thom Hartmann: How Did WI Become Ground Zero For Right-Wing Union-Busting?

Thom Hartmann: Why Economists Are Demanding Universal Health Care

British MPs call for Mumsnet spy recruitment

has everyone seen the google doodle for today-momofuku ando's 105th (inventor of instant ramen)

W stands for Walker- George Walker Bush

Chris Matthews' Wife Is Running For Rep. Van Hollen's House Seat

If You Criticize The Leader Of Israel.....

Obama Administration Announces Global Initiative for Girls’ Education

Rachel Maddow - Christie challenged on ExxonMobil pollution settlement

Obama Administration Announces Global Initiative for Girls’ Education

Top Vilsack adviser to run Hillary Clinton’s Iowa campaign

Never Forget.

For all the Repugs screaming about Hillary's emails ...

Green Party candidate enters race for congress

Kansas Fiscal Woes Forcing Brownback To Consider Medicaid Expansion

Washington Post: WH Says Clinton Didn't Heed E-mail Policy.

Orange County attorney has filed a 'Sodomite Suppression Act' with the penalty of death attached

Exclusive: Post-it note maker 3M unveils new sourcing policy

Rachel Maddow: JEB Just as DUMB as G.W.

49ers sign Cardinal's DE Darnell Dockett

I think I've found my candidate


Dog Rescued After Being Shot, Tied to Railroad Tracks

Hillary scandal’s hidden truth: How the Beltway media embarrassed itself — again

So you're mountaineering on the Taihang Mountain

Union employees at Ameristar Casino call for boycott as negotiations continue

RUH ROH... WP book critic points out in Hillary's book

My Life As a Daughter in the Christian Patriarchy Movement

Plane skids off runway at New York's LaGuardia Airport

Scientific American: Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2015. #1- Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hundreds of Big Companies Urge Supreme Court to Back Gay Marriage

McConnell Urges Sedition against EPA requirements

SERIOUSLY? *This* is how simple it's been this whole time??

I think I'm doing a re-think on Hillary...This "pile-on" of her is so ridiculous and just seems

Rolling Stone: Go Ahead and Call Bill O'Reilly What He Is: A Pathological Liar

States Are Slashing College Budgets and Raising Tuition

it's Marx Madness time!

You wanna see funny? Bob Barker reunites with Adam Sandler. (warning: graphic)

Democracy Now!: Attica’s Ghosts: New Calls to Close Site of Prison Revolt...

It didn't take Old DemocratSinceBirth long to learn about some of DU's newest hero

Lawmaker claims illegal immigrants released by Obama are committing a murder a day

Ana Marie Cox came out as a Christian today on Morning Joe.

We Just Got Another Big Clue About why Walmart is Raising Wages

The Obamacare Fight Has Always Been About Race And Gender Anxiety

Omaha co-op turns used oil from fish fries, restaurants into motor fuel

Omaha co-op turns used oil from fish fries, restaurants into motor fuel

Netanyahu comic book, action movie logic echoes Bush admin lies

NYT: Membership In Clinton domain Remembered As A Mark Of Status.

Pix to send to "Friends" who deny global warming

Adelson's wife dropped her $13,000 alligator purse on Brad Ashford (D-NE) the other day

I hope the republican go all in on the email scandal

Syriza liberalizes Greece's immigration policy. Its 'populist' partner may not like it.

Ex-Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson at heart of court fight over federal health care act

Marriott executive Kathleen Matthews, wife of “Hardball” host Chris, planning to run for Congress.

Neo-Nazis troll Reddit to recruit ‘Alex Jones-reading kosher retards’

Justices: Same-day audio for April 28 gay marriage cases

Throwback Thursday: All 4 One ~ I Can Love You Like That

'Choose Life Michigan' license plate would raise funds to promote abortion alternatives

Libya Says 11 Oil Production Fields Non-Operational After IS Attacks

thank you guys for all your love this week

Hillary Clinton Room Post. Just to remind Hillary supporters this room is for you.

There certainly will be Democratic primary elections.

Maker Of Device In 'superbug' Outbreak Lacked FDA Clearance

36 Hours in Rome, video

ACA question

Ukraine Government Blockade Of Rebel Territory Threatens To Backfire As Resentments Fester

What If My Favorite Thing To Do Is..... NOTHING?

Russian Humanitarian Convoy to Donbas Passes Through Ukrainian Checkpoint

Field Cameras Catch Deer Eating Birds—Wait, Why Do Deer Eat Birds?

US Productivity Falls At Faster Pace, Labor Costs Rise In Q4 2014

In My Town . . . White History Month Sign

Nigeria Boko Haram: Children targeted in massacre of 68 villagers

Like Israel, U.S. Arab Allies Fear Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal


Iran supreme leader said to be in critical condition

Man confesses to killing neighbor--brings body to lawyer's office.

Global flood toll to triple by 2030

What Trickle-Down Economics has done to the U.S. The Rich have all the Money

Fast Cars

Vos yells on the Assembly floor that @GovWalker never compared protestors to #ISIS....

"Among the Shnooks and Machers at AIPAC"-- Eli Lake/Bloomberg View

Bank of Canada urges ‘Star Trek’ fans to stop ‘spocking’ their fivers

Clever girls, stupid boys?

Dear DUers let me be clear re. HRCs emails.

Who Loves America More? Giuliani Or Obama? - TMFS Sketch

Ringling Brothers Finally Retiring Its Elephants

Andrea Mitchell just got played

Hillary, E-mail, and elections

From the Onion, but spot on.

Jodi Arias escapes death penalty after Arizona jury deadlocks

Jodi Arias escapes death penalty after Arizona jury deadlocks

Autism 'caused by genetics', study suggests

I would like to work for Democratic National convention in 2016

Senate Democrats step up pressure for vote on attorney general

VFW Presents Sanders with Congressional Award

FDA Approves Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Opdivo for Lung Cancer

Neo-Nazis troll Reddit to recruit ‘Alex Jones-reading kosher retards’

Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling Could Kill Obamacare

Ben Carson says prison makes straights gay He's proof that being GOP makes brain surgeons idiots.

Alabama Republicans push bill to allow denial of marriages on basis of beliefs

Alabama Republicans push bill to allow denial of marriages on basis of beliefs

Dr Jane Goodall: supporters of GM food deluded & ‘anti-science’ (backs new anti-GM book)

This dog is smarter than everyone in the Tea Party combined....

fun historic facts: here are two Democratic nominee presidential preference polls - 75 and 91

To my wonderful, dear kind friends of Massachusetts - I ask this of you!

Filing for bankruptcy

Remember when George W. Bush had an illegal secret email account hosted by the RNC?


Dogfish Head named the Official Beer of Record Store Day

Old DU members might remember this meme and enjoy the song

Aussie/US group improves solar cell efficiency to capture 40% of solar energy

Jeb Bush to Visit an Iowa Where Fatigue With His Family Has Set In.

Facing Expulsion: For second time this winter, Civil Admin.demolished structures in Khirbet ‘Ein Kar

It didn't take long

Last Ebola patient is released in Liberia

Is Menendez Making a Mockery of the State Sponsors of Terrorism List?

Today's Puzzler: What is an Emailgate?

If US fails, PM signals Sunni Arab states, we’ll hold the line against Iran

Memory Lane/2006: No Bush Left Behind

Show Your Democratic Pride with these New Products

Memory Lane/2007: It's OK as long as your last name is BUSH.

White House, Elizabeth Warren team up to roll back GOP state dominance

WI Assembly is debating Right to Work for less-Protesters outside and Tweets...

Regarding Hillary Clinton

It's okay for Romney to destroy govt records but not for Hillary to use email?

Major survey shows most Americans support same-sex marriage

LGBT marriage poll in LBN

Willie Soon's New Gig - VICTIM! Heartland, Other Ships Of Fools & Whores Double Down On FUD And BS

Utah LGBT anti-discrimination bill passes 1st test

Assembly Democrats call for apology for Scott Walker terrorist statement

Possible Japan tsunami debris washes up in Santa Cruz

US appeals court overturns gag order in deadly mine explosion case

Republican group shows support for gay marriage

Russian Activist Vows to Publish Nemtsov's Ukraine Findings

the "Churro Dog."

Utah in gay marriage filing: Kids need mom and dad

A-Roid gets a hit >>

Russia starts large-scale military exercises in disputed territories

Not my post in GD, but it is spot on

A Show of Force At Tibetan Prayer Festival

Breast Cancer. Double Mastectomy recommended. Other alternatives?

Dying for the Motherland: Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine (Part 3)

Another not my OP in LBN

How Momofuku Ando invented instant ramen — and transformed Japanese cuisine

Breast Cancer. Double Mastectomy recommended. Other alternatives?

Hillary's email tizzy: a reality check by the former Director of the Sunlight Foundation Labs

Liberal Outside Groups Want Rep. Edwards To Be The Next Elizabeth Warren

Any DUers have sailboats?

trumad came out today on DU.

Lawyer Of Murdered Nuns' Families: 'I Know' O'Reilly Didn't See Killings

When people do this, compare abortions to Nazis, remember this...

Gomer: 'We Have Put Into Place Leaders Who May Bring Down Judgment On The United States'

A Letter From Black America

Homeowners association denies playhouse for cancer-stricken 6-year-old girl

Marathon survivor posts emotional letter to Tsarnaev

Pap and Seder: Fracking Kills — So Why Do We Let It Happen?

NH Senate Tables — Essentially Killing — Right To Work Legislation After 12-12 Vote

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto on the radio,

The Hillary haters have found a wound and are pouring salt on it

Kathleen Matthews running for Van Hollen's House seat

I set the Way Back machine to see what we thought about Bush's private emails

N.J. pollution settlement from Exxon is $225 million; less than first reported

Charges: Wis. woman was Facebook chatting before crash that killed three kids

upworthy: Here’s a paycheck for a McDonald’s worker. And here's my jaw dropping to the floor.

538: Obamacare’s Chances Of Survival Are Looking Better And Better

I was in the group that was covered by Anthem Ins that got hacked.

DU on Clinton: Hard-hitting criticism or smears?

Edward Cardinal Egan dies at 82 (updated w/ NY Times article)

Pat Robertson Urges Parents Not To Attend Their Gay Child's Wedding

The annual Lounge Fashion show is in April!

Protests block entrances to UCSC; traffic diverted

Scott Walker Catches Jeb Bush In Florida: 2016 Poll

TYT Cenk Uygar Interviews Economist Prof. Richard Wolff

Cardinal Edward Egan, Former Archbishop of New York, Dead at 82

Repub politician 'rehomed' 2 adopted children with an employee, who raped one a few months later

Flow Bee Hive

For our summer vacation, we trekked across Africa in a zebra costume

I wish there was at least 1 BRAVE Alabama judge willing to defy the state and obey the Federal court order

Jon Stewart mostly dismissive of EmailGate

Politico: What if Hillary bows out

The only people we hate more than the Romans are the #%!^* Judean People's Front...

"The Libertarian Delusion--What the Free Markets Can't Do"--Robert Kuttner

Dutch cyclist's conclusion is inescapably accurate: America doesn't take bicycles seriously

Allan Lichtman:Contested nominations are good for the challengers and bad for the incumbents

More than 300 companies ask US Supreme Court for nationwide marriage equality !!!

Attorneys for same-sex couples urge court to permit issuance of marriage licenses come Monday

Six CO county sheriffs suing over recreational marijuana legalization.

Prosecutor to seek charge against police chief who shot wife

FUNG BROS FOOD: Mexican-Asian Fusion Food (Cha Cafe)

Dumb criminals: Facebook boast traps King's Lynn Tesco armed robber

National Archives and Records Administration litigation chief Jason Baron Clinton actions legal

The Princess Bride

DERSHOWITZ: The White House Must Respond To Netanyahu’s Important New Proposal

Colombia: New Killings, Disappearances in Pacific Port

DU a Poll: Do you support the striking steelworkers?

Rest in peace Cardinal Egan.

DU a Poll: Do you support the striking steelworkers?

DU a Poll: Do you support the striking steelworkers?

"Light Sports Automotive"

Bernie's campaign site is up and running. I signed up to volunteer!

Loretta Lynch is now the longest pending AG nominee in 3 decades...she's also black and female

Rick Perry Supporters Form Opportunity and Freedom PAC

State Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) proposes a bill to legalize weed

Dogs leg amputated after being shot, tied to train tracks

Jeb Bush Picks Up Major East Texas Fundraiser

"God didn't make a mistake"

Brazil Called upon to Block Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Trees

Brazil Called upon to Block Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Trees

NATO, Russia Exchange Barbs Reminiscent of Cold War Days

Tobacco Workers in Cuba Dubious About Opening of U.S. Market

Bill Cosby Accuser Jane Doe No. 2 Reveals Her Identity: 'I Decided to Speak My Truth'

Holocaust Survivor Band

Florida man shows up at lawyer's office with dead body in trunk

Peru indigenous groups settle U.S. court claims with Occidental

SMU Frat Bros Pee on Neighbor's Fence, Hurl Meat into His Yard over Noise Complaint

Peru indigenous groups settle U.S. court claims with Occidental

Ben Carson clearly doesn't know gay people in his life, right?

Lawmaker And Christian School Owner 'Rehomes' Adopted 6 Year Old To Man Who Then Rapes Her

Mexico and Venezuela: A Study in U.S. Bias

"Bursting the dam" that protects public schools from commercial exploitation. DFER

Mexico and Venezuela: A Study in U.S. Bias

Momofuku Ando's secret to instant ramen: tiny holes in the noodles

ISIL fighters bulldoze ancient Assyrian palace in Iraq

"Bursting the dam" that protects public schools from commercial exploitation.

The man who brought us Presnit Dumbya and A-Roid has his house for sale.

Florida House Republicans eager to Rebuke Obama on New Cuba policy

Is it me or not seeing a flood of Hillary Hate on DU as of late

Police & Bank Robbery Fail

Anticipating Nationwide Right to Same-Sex Marriage, States Weigh Religious Exemption Bills

Cumulus Says Report WLS To Drop Rush Limbaugh Is False

tip to avoid wiping out on the ice

Yet Another Bulls*** Clinton “Story”. We have become even dumber than we were in the 90’s.

Why is it that Police never shoot Child Abusers? - Like These!

CNN Has Completely Given Up on the Meaning of ‘Breaking News’

Lawmakers tackle speed traps, speeding tickets

Michael Brown's Parents Plan Lawsuit Against Darren Wilson, Ferguson

Dems Cry Hypocrite! When Scott Walker Hits Clinton On Private Email Account

400 cars worth of people spent last night on I-65 in Kentucky

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Jane Goodall’s Troubling, Error-Filled New Book, ‘Seeds of Hope’

The man who brought us Presnit Dumbya and A-Roid has his house for sale.

Jodi Arias - lives to serve life in prison

Largest Mall in the Nation proposed for Northwest Miami-Dade

Train carrying oil derails near Galena, Illinois

tip to avoid wiping out on the ice

GOP threatens to hold #highwaybill hostage after #KeystoneXL override fails.

New play about Stalin's 1952 Final Solution murder of all Jewish literary figures; stars Hal Linden

Top 20 Ways that Fire Ants Are Better than Republicans

Indian government remains defiant over ban on BBC rape documentary

Mike Malloy - Boehner Blows Kisses To Reporter

Uruguay's Vázquez moves against marijuana plan

Uruguay's Vázquez moves against marijuana plan

Exclusive: Scribbled note shows Nemtsov on trail of Russian deaths in Ukraine

Family Research Council Plans Another Anti-Gay Hatefest In Houston Next Week

I love this: GOP rep's office bombed- glitter bombed, that is.

Fox News Megyn Kelly Loses It Over Ferguson Justice Report: ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Did Not Happen!!’

Russia Denounces Arrival Of U.S. Military Trainers In Ukraine

Edinburg man gets sixth DWI in 2 years after crashing into school bus

Russian soldiers 'dying in large numbers' in Ukraine - Nato

Part 3 is up: "Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine" about coverup of Russian soldier deaths in Ukraine

Ya Ya

State Dept. has yet to clear its computer network of hackers: WSJ

What LBJ Really Said About Selma

GOP lawmaker: Gay people “don’t have a right to be served in every single store”

There are a multitude of reasons why people need access to semi automatic weapons

Full Episode (video) - Conan In Cuba

Full Episode - Conan In Cuba

Syria's al-Nusra Front commander 'killed in strike'

WI Supreme Court Wants To Hush Up John Doe

Return to Cuba or die: healthcare woes ended this refugee's American Dream

Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing - (Knopfler seems even more amazing than usual)

My pet deer are among the missing.

Return to Cuba or die: healthcare woes ended this refugee's American Dream

Major survey shows clear majority of Americans support marriage equality

Emmylou Harris & Mark Knopfler - This Is Us (Letterman)

Yes, Black America Fears The Police. Here's Why.

Noam Chomsky: A Brief History of America's Cold-Blooded, Terroristic Treatment of Cuba

Noam Chomsky: A Brief History of America's Cold-Blooded, Terroristic Treatment of Cuba

Virginia Woman Dies After Being Tased, Placed In Restraints & Hood

Ringling Bros. Circus to end use of elephants by 2018

Emailgate: How media mistakes created Hillary Clinton's fake, fake identity

Proud Mom Moment

"BiBi & The Bombers"

Hunter Pence likely has broken forearm after getting hit by pitch

Willie Nelson with Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels

Harrison Ford Critically Injured in Plane Crash: Report Update:He's in fair to moderate condition

Harrison Ford Reported Fair After Plane Crash

Vince Gill, Eric Clapton, Keith Urban, Keith Richards, & Albert Lee live on stage 2013

100 Years of Jewish Immigration Through Veracruz Port in Mexico: Parallel Lives

Lege Lines: The GOP refuses Medicaid expansion and moves to slash taxes

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 5, 2015

Water once covered one-fifth of Mars, new research shows

"Please do not tap on the glass" & a new owl pic!