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New York City marks International Women's Day with march

ASU researchers explore longer life cycle for (lithium-ion) batteries

Third oil train in less than a month derails in Ontario and starts fire

100 yrs ago my grandmother was afraid commercial flight would destroy heaven.

Censorship: I'm the one who says the last sentence. Whatever you say, the conclusion is mine.

my 'puter is very confused. it jumped ahead 2 hours instead of 1!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 9 March 2015

'Pee-power' to light camps in disaster zones

San Antonio boxer Oscar Diaz dead at 32

Americans Are Leaving Religion Behind and It Scares the Hell Out of the Christian Right

Anyone try any of these "Top Ten" gutbombs?

Elevate Me Mama.

Seeing Opportunity in Psychedelic Drugs

G.O.P. Is Divided As it Faces a Host Of Budget Bills.

Cycling Union Ignored Doping and Protected Lance Armstrong, Commission Finds

Colin Powell Has A Pretty Good Suggestion For Fixing Voter ID Laws

Charles Blow: Race, History, a President, a Bridge (pic)

It's discrimination and racism I tell ya by gawd!

POTUS just dropped the Mic for the ages.

Anybody have a cure for a sluggish Magic Mouse?

International Women's Day--This is for the Women Who don’t Believe They are Powerful...

At Goldman Sachs, Stress Test Results Could Endanger an Important Profit Source

Colombia’s women: Beaten, tortured and extorted

Since the City of Denton Banned Fracking, Texas GOP Moves to Pre-empt Local Control

Education and Social Justice Cartoon of the Day

Tonight's fish'n'chips night at Lounge. You bring the tartar sauce. n/t

WSJ columnist: Obama tainted speech about a voting rights protest by talking rights

These Chinese Drag Queens Will Challenge Your Perceptions On Gender

Am asking: Have got 2 little dogs, am offered 1, *should* I?!1

Thousands of Colombians rally in support of peace deal

Colombia, leftist FARC in ‘giant’ step toward peace

Hillary Clinton urges action to achieve women's equality

India’s Daughter

"Secrets & Lies" -- am I the only one who thinks Ben's youngest daughter

Pres. Obama: Women & girls are full & equal in rights, dignity. They deserve to be treated that way

Colombia: New Killings, Disappearances in Pacific Port

Top 5 Homeland Security Contractors Spend $107M Lobbying Congress and Federal Agencies, Receive $9B

Netanyahu, the Other Israelis, and Bobby Burns

The "Petition Against Fox" makes us look bad.

Who knew?!1 Keith & terminated Faux Eric BURNS are correct about O'REILLY!1 Breaking!1

Ecuador’s Hospital “Mafia” Unearthed in Guayaquil

McConnell Is Now Telling States To Ignore Obama's Carbon Emission Rules

The next 'Selma" should be a march demanding that police stop murdering people.

Nutella #1

Perhaps the worst movie ever showing on TCM on Demand "The Visitor"

Nutella #2

Trying to shut down news agencies you disagree with is FASCISM

Ecuador Alerts Public to CIA Actions Across the Continent

A Better World, Run by Women

GOP Lawmakers Explain Why They Don’t Support Restoring Voting Rights Act

Sex Expert’s Secret Is Out, and China’s Open to It

Utah man pleads guilty in bomb plot against police station

WINTER PHOTO CONTEST:Preliminary round thread 1 of 3. Please vote in each

WINTER PHOTO CONTEST:Preliminary round thread 2 of 3. Please vote in each

WINTER PHOTO CONTEST:Preliminary round thread 3 of 3. Please vote in each

Obama to announce training initiative for high-tech jobs

Iran Nuclear Deal Backed by Large Majority of Americans


"The latest unemployment numbers are great if you’re not black"

I'm a Hillary supporter but I welcome Warren, Sanders, O'Malley etc. into the primary race,

Iditarod Ceremonial Start: Anchorage City Crews Dump 350 Truckloads Of Snow On Course; Temps 40F

Iditarod Ceremonial Start: Anchorage City Crews Dump 350 Truckloads Of Snow On Course; Temps 40F


The Conundrum of Corporation and Nation by Robert Reich

Dr. Housing Bubble 3/8/15

A little boring but obligatory --- Spring is springing

In March of 1965, there were two very significant events.

An elite minority of superstitious high priests

Exclusive: Apple gives shuttle bus drivers a raise

Selma 1965. Bloody Sunday (Warning: Graphic Violence)

Washington revolving door speeds up as Obama officials head for lobbying jobs

Just don’t get hoodwinked into believing that Curt Schilling is not one of them.

Real Time with Bill Maher: Weed the People

Tokyo firebombing - survivors recall most destructive air raid in history

What's for dinner March 9th?

Poll on the draft (including options for men, women, all)

Russia’s Anti-U.S. Sentiment Now Is Even Worse Than It Was In Soviet Union

Trumpeter Lew Soloff Dies at 71

I've got a hankering for chicken tonight

Photo of the Day

Talking on the phone.

In a Test of Wills, Japanese Fighter Pilots Confront Chinese.

Convicted felon Dinesh D'souza accuses Hillary of lawlessness

MH370 report reveals black box battery expired a year before flight

KKK Leader Threatens To Call Out Republicans That Support Him If Media Doesn’t Back Off

India arrests over rape suspect lynching

Damn you DST, It's not really 1, its 12.

Tony Bennett / Harry Belafonte remember Bloody Sunday / Selma Alabama

Daily Holidays - March 9

Does anyone really believe the whole email thing won't be long forgotten by the primaries?

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity closes OU chapter after racist video appears online

Fox News is not a news channel - it is a propaganda channel that should be regulated.

Finland's national radio airs readings of complete Quran

from Winnie the Pooh

Amazing Selma then & now photo.

Republicans Warn Iran -- and Obama -- That Deal Won't Last

Go Ahead and Call Bill O'Reilly What He Is: A Pathological Liar

US Unemployment at Lowest Since 2008 - but Young People Still Can't Find Work

A blast from the past: spontaneous candlelight vigil in Tehran for 9/11 victims

One killed and two injured in W. Va. mine roof collapse

Ron Wyden(D) joins top republicans on fast tracking TPP

Richardson Spite House

Maryland: U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards said to be announcing Senate bid on Tuesday

India news channel in on-air protest against rape documentary ban

Climate Justice Action 4/22/15 Albany, NY

Climate Justice Action 4/22/15 Albany, NY

Activists blast 'bland' UN declaration as step backwards for women's rights

Professor Brian Cox Hits Back At Astrology-Believing Tory MP David Tredinnick

I loaned an old 5 megapixel Lumix point n' shoot to a friend for a while

A tardy farewell.

Kentucky GOP leadership greenlights Rand Paul's plan for dual campaigns

WTF is this guy prattling on about?

Australian TV host: why didn't pride parade have a float condemning Islamic State?

Bangladesh sends England home in the Cricket World Cup

Climate Change Elevator Pitch - Richard Alley

EXCLUSIVE: Teachers union boss says Andrew Cuomo should visit a New York classroom rather than Cuba

US Military and NATO: Praetorian Guard of the Orwellian Empire

Credit-reporting agencies agree to overhaul

I just hit 7000 posts arguing with an idiot.. so i am going to relax now..and PLAY some An Cafe...

Trey Gowdy gets his facts wrong once again (re: Hillary's emails )

Man Killed by Pit Bull While Trying to Help Dog's Ill Owner

Workers fired by a Costco supplier for union activity are pressuring the retail giant to stop stocki

Putin Bestows Awards on Chechen Leader, Litvinenko Suspect

Hungary Planning to Send Troops to Iraq to Join IS Fight

Former sex trade worker fighting trafficking in oil patch

Meme of the Week – March 8th

The Rude Pundit - Dumb Dumbasses Acting Dumb: Tennessee Sen. Mike Bell Is a Dumbass Towards Women

Emma Watson On Nude Photo Hoax: I Was Threatened Because Of Equality Speech

Rationalizing Lunacy

Xi Jinping Vows "Iron Fist" For Polluters, Crackdown Blahblah Environment Blahblah

Workers at dollar store chain claim to have endured ‘sweatshop wages and conditions’ in $2M lawsuit

The time for a new economics is at hand

Don’t trust your phone, don’t trust your laptop – this is the reality that Snowden has shown us

G.O.P. Is Divided as Budget Bills Start Piling Up

Wunderground - Current CA Drought Third Multiyear Drought Of A Young Century

Race, History, a President, a Bridge - By Charles M. Blow

February 2015 Atmospheric CO2 Content: 400.26 ppm; February 2014 397.91; February 2013 396.80

The Campaign Cash That Can Kill the Open Internet

Watching MLK from Vietnam’s Rice Paddies - By Mike Barnicle

Treasonous MF's.

Justice Bradley let's Right Wing radio's character assassin take his shot at Candidate James Daley.

A Manifesto for Blue America’s Values - By Michael Tomasky Union president tells his son: Stay out of the union Union president tells his son: Stay out of the union

Hooray! Nemtsov's killer has confessed!

Emanuel Leads for Chicago Mayor

Jeb Bush Doesn't Much Like Net Neutrality

GM plans $5B stock buyback, avoids showdown with hedge funds

Backstabbing Republicans Publish Open Letter To Iran Undermining Negotiations

The 5 GOP Presidential Hopefuls Most At Risk If SCOTUS Guts Obamacare

Trail To The Chief: The Non-Existent Democratic Bench If Hillary Doesn't Run Edition

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Elephant Act

FIVE stories in LBN about labor/workers in 12 hours

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Rights denied

FIVE stories in LBN about labor/workers in 12 hours

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

UF students can now be escorted to dorms at night

Lawyer Arguing Against Obamacare: Statute Written By 'White Women And Minorities'

Question submitted by Blue_Tires


I miss you guys

Putin reveals Russia secret Crimea takeover in documentary. BBC

Disgraceful - Republicans Warn Iran -- and Obama -- That Deal Won't Last

Gay Rights Attorneys Are Poised To Bring Alabama’s Resistance To Marriage Equality To An Abrupt Halt

MLK Lieutenant at Selma Ceremony Is So Insulted by George W. Bush’s ‘Presence’ That She Refuses to

Why would Republicans go after children's health insurance?

Republicans Warn Iran -- and Obama -- That Deal Won't Last

Billboards are being rolled out as surveillance vehicles.

PHOTOS: Florida Kisses for Equality

What is Walker hiding? #WEDC "again failed to follow state la"

Story posted in GD, but I just want to ask

Russia’s anti-American fever goes beyond the Soviet era’s

The politics of Pepperoni, Paul Krugman.

Oil Train Safety Megathread. Updated October 18, 2021

TOM TOMORROW: The Case of Partisan Hackery vs. Obvious Intent

Florida DEP Not Allowed to Say "Climate Change."

While we bicker over emails......

Unintended consequences

Day 6 at Free Republic and sadly my last report.....

I don't get it. If the Republicans hate the poor,

What are the chances that MD is going to have an open seat in all of the 8 US House Districts?

Scott Walker's reversals on #RighttoWork and abortion follow a pattern of governing by sneak attack

Wrecks Hit Tougher Oil Railcars

Where's the beef? How a slumbering Latin giant lost its way

5 Colossal Mistakes That Republicans Want To Make Again - The National Memo

John Oliver reveals the stunningly racist history behind why some U.S. territories can’t vote

Seen Gov Scott Walker's energy record?

2016's top ten most vulnerable senators

The Wall Street Journal: Rand Paul, McConnell forge unlikely partnership

Online voter registration gains momentum in Florida

I will pick up trumad's baton and proudly so

The more Black people in a state, the more restrictive their voting system.

Issa: Clinton could face criminal charges

Should men be drafted into the military?

OK: Eggs or NO eggs ?

How conservatives capsized school reform


Pastor claims female pop music artists are preparing teenagers for the Antichrist

The look to expect when they nail this ReTHUG scumbag

"American Exceptionalism"

Our Rising Oceans: VICE on HBO Debrief

Deregulation a theme of this WV legislative session

The GOP has written Iran to say they'll tear up any deal Tehran signs with Obama.

Who is the King of the U.S.A.?

"You Jews do not belong in South Africa"

Walker signs right-to-work bill

Hilarious video captures just how terrible daylight saving time really is:

Washington Post on deterioration in American-Russian relations since 1988

What I learned about "centrist" right-wingers, from Freeperville

“Now we’re going to go for the big enchilada, which is Hillary.”

Everything you need to know: Vernal or spring equinox 2015

ELN wants US to assume responsibility for Colombia’s armed conflict

Racist frat chant closes fraternity at Oklahoma University

March 20 eclipse and the Saros

Mexico must face up and investigate widespread torture after scathing UN report

Boys are being outclassed by girls at both school and university, and the gap is widening

Firearm Physics

Secede? ‘Republic’ Claims Texas Never Joined U.S.

Mexico must face up and investigate widespread torture after scathing UN report

CNN is to FOX what MAX After Dark is to XXX rated pornography

I am trying to quit my job. But I can't seem to find the right way to do it.

Do you really want to meet a wide cross section of the human species? Drive a cab!

25 Ways You've Been Using Everyday Products Wrong

Announcing the Return of the Robins!

Hillary Clinton Room Post-WATCH LIVE: Hillary Clinton Speaks in New York City-No Ceilings

Zodiacal light in west after sunset

The Apocolypse that wasn't

Pic Of The Moment: "The Arc Of The Moral Universe Is Long, But It Bends Towards Justice"

University of Oklahoma Fraternity Closed After Video of Racist Chant

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 9 March 2015

Because sometimes you need to see the movements of the dance....

Lib Dems are happy they fixed the aid budget towards an outdated target

More than 2 million songbirds slaughtered over Cyprus last year-BirdLife

Clinton Legal Liability Small In Email Mess - Natl Law Journal

Potential State Ballot Initiatives for 2016

"The Economist": Don't Kill Obamacare ("evidence is mounting that the law is working")

Mountaineer Workers Rising rally

India’s Ambitious Bid to Become a Solar Power

Boren Wastes No Time Responding at OU

Arctic sea ice ‘thinning dramatically,’ faster than predicted

Florida Big Sugar weasles out of land deal

The terrible loneliness of growing up poor in Robert Putnam’s America

We're Not There Yet

Selma. Now and Then - incredible image merge.

Saudi Arabia accused of blocking criticism of human rights record

When I hit alert on a post. The message said

We're Not There Yet

If only Congress hated war, as much as it hates peace

How Our Trade Policies Kill Jobs

5 Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day (and women's herstory month)

The big Obamacare news last week wasn't at the Supreme Court. It was in Kansas.

Supreme Court sends Notre Dame contraception mandate challenge to lower court

Disputing credit report could get easier under new rules

Colin Powell Has A Pretty Good Suggestion For Fixing Voter ID Laws: "YOU VOTE THEM OUT"

Supreme Court rejects cases on Guantanamo detainee treatment

Senate GOP tries to give Iran civics lesson, gets their own role wrong


I tried to hire a contractor

Luckovich draws Selma

Loyal Canine Attempts Water Rescue

HERO dog!!!

Iranian Activist Wins International Human Rights Award for Hijab Campaign

HERO dog!!!

Iranian Activist Wins International Human Rights Award for Hijab Campaign

Putin says plan to take Crimea hatched before referendum

As U.S.-Cuba talks proceed: End the blockade!

U.S. offers $5 million for missing American, appeals to Iran

Happy Birthday to Us! The 5 Top Blog Posts from the First 5 Years of the Ms. Blog

Foreigners seized by Islamic State in Libya: Austria

If the Clinton campaign implodes, what splain will we get?

Moment of silence at first and E Wash #justice4tony Madison WI Monday March 9

Gun control poll says state residents against permit repeal

Obama declares Venezuela a threat to U.S. national security

Obama declares Venezuela a threat to U.S. national security

*edit, new info from pnwmom. i have a friend trying to get an abortion.

Why would Republicans go after children's health insurance?

Garbage man jailed for 30 days because he came to work too EARLY & annoyed wealthy Atlanta residents

LA to Pay $50K to Detained Photographers and Teach Deputies That Photography is Not a Crime

Phone Sex And Payoffs: What I Learned About Bill O'Reilly After Writing His Biography

What Europe's Hopeful Left Can Learn From Latin America

Dan Pfeiffer’s Exit Interview: How the White House Learned to Be Liberal

What Europe's Hopeful Left Can Learn From Latin America

Mich. GOPer: Planet Fitness Policy On Trans Members Is 'Anti-Woman'

Holding energy by the threads: Researchers spin cotton into capacitive yarn

I'm deluged by ads about preserving the Minnesota home mortgage interest deduction

President Obama called stock market bottom in 2009

Catholic Nuns Condemn Bill O'Reilly's Tales Of Seeing Sisters Deaths

Apple Announces iCar at San Francisco Event

49ers 7-time Pro Bowler, LB Patrick Willis, expected to retire

Kid-Dumper AR Rep Justin Harris So SO Sorry … That DHS Screwed Him And His Family (Video)

Kid-Dumper AR Rep Justin Harris So SO Sorry … That DHS Screwed Him And His Family (Video)

Original Selma Organizer Refused To Join March Alongside George W. Bush

America has more guns in fewer hands than ever before

First-ever human population adaptation to toxic chemical, arsenic

Was Walker's Secret E-mail System Shadier Than Clinton's?

Most Teach For America Instructors Plan to Flee Teaching

The CIA’s Double Standard: David Petraeus and the Hypocrisies of National Security


Half of Suriname Now a Conservation Paradise: Photos

Martin O'Malley Readies His Run as the Un-Hillary

With GOP's Iran Move, Politics Goes Beyond the Water's Edge

Obama Orders Expansion of U.S. Sanctions on Venezuelan Officials

Sen. Rand Paul: "Stop Obama's ammo ban"

How Earth Gets Its High And Low Tides 

Multimillionaire Congressman Accuses Estranged Wife Of Bigamy To Annul Marriage


Lindsey Graham has Never sent an email:

Iran Hawks See a Possible Conspiracy in Menendez Corruption Leak

andrea mitchell seemed enormously partisan today

Martian canyons may have been carved by wind

Americans' views of Iran are based on fantasy . .

How Obama Learned to Ignore Republicans

Climate: Arctic sea ice near record low in February

Arctic airports hit with changing winds and safety risks due to climate change

Bill Clinton Declines to Weigh In on Email Flap

No Signs Biden Is Serious About Running

Making justice relevant, and local, in Nunavik communities

The term “climate change” is reportedly banned in Florida

Senate GOP Now Seeks to Divide Democrats

Another miner. is killed in an accident at a Murray Energy owned facility.

The plot to destroy the Arctic: George W. Bush, Big Oil and the “Sixth Extinction”

Putin Says Plan to Take Crimea Hatched Before Referendum

Train derails in Northern Ontario, heightening safety fears

It isn't what people call you, but how it's said.

Port of Seattle sued over signing deal to let Shell's Arctic drilling fleet stay there - Energydesk

Russia blames Sweden for Ukraine crisis

Elder MLA stages walkout, accuses Nunavut government of ignoring IQ

Texas prison agency seeks to replenish execution drug supply

HRC's status as the leading candidate is just fine, thankyouverymuch . . .

Why do Supreme Court conservatives hate America?

KKK Leader: We're Not Racists, 'We're Christian Org.' (4,000 KKK fliers distributed in Selma)

Why do Supreme Court conservatives hate America?

Islamic State infighting in Syria kills nine: monitor

GOP Senators Warning Over US-Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Unprecedented actions since Barack Obama assumed the Presidency:

Don't MESS with Curt Schilling, he throws hardballs!

Mackenzie Jackson, 19, wins fight to be named guardian of younger siblings.

Top Kansas Dem: Kris Kobach Is 'The Most Racist Politician In America Today'

Squatter's Right: Why is there such a thin bench of Democratic presidential candidates?

VA hospital manager mocks veteran suicides in email to employees

‘Girls’ Lena Dunham Takes On Critics . . . Read the Comments

UCLA student council engages in anti-Semitic interrogation of Jewish student

iowa senators to Iran " Don't waste time talking to Obama. We are in charge here. Prepare to die."

Mississippi deputy fired for racist Xbox Live rant: ‘I get paid to beat up n****rs like you’

Jeb’s Common Core quagmire: How the monied candidate is trying to evade a mess - By Joan Walsh

Pat Robertson: Quit your job if you work with Buddhists so you don’t ‘get infected by it’

Boko Haram pledges loyalty to brutal Islamic State

MIRT has banned the same troll 50 times in the past 5 hours...

The vast right-wing conspiracy is still real. Also, the media is really stupid

oops, duplicate..

White House: Obama knew Hillary was using a private email account.

WV Legislature & Power Industry Confound Solar Projects

Senator Who Organized Letter To Iran Has Said He Wants To Sabotage Negotiations

Dan Savage reminds Ben Carson: Christianity is a 'choice,' but being gay is not

This is old, but cool nonetheless...

The World's 5 Craziest Airport Runways

The Issue for the Supreme Court Is Not Obamacare, But Obama

Just fooling around with filters and stuff

Republique v3.4 APK Android

81 F in Florida, I'd say spring has started with a bang

"The Outsider" (Politico interviews Warren re Hillary)

New Map Shows Koch's Connection to Keystone

Gorgeous early composition by John Williams

Your Nominee for Today's Worst Sentence?

Sam Simon, Simpson's Co-creator and animal advocate dies from cancer

Republicans are beginning to act as though Barack Obama isn’t even the president

The KKK Shows its Racist, Terrorist A** in Selma.

Ballad of John Boner

Amtrak train, truck collide in North Carolina; minor injuries reported

US stock indexes climb, steadying after a big sell-off

Rex Murphy is Paid by the Oil Sands and the CBC Won't Disclose or Discuss it

WTF? Obama Declares Venezuela A Threat To U.S. National Security? Really?

VICTORY! Walker’s Proposed Wisconsin Great Lakes Mine Perched Above Lake Superior Defeated

Hoorray !!! Liberalism finds a foothold in Afghanistan

Gov. Brownback ponders why people leave Kansas! The comments are better than the article.

Comparison of Tax Rates in PA vs. neighboring states

Ring of Fire: Progressives Too Silent on Loretta Lynch

Cutting taxes for the rich is not a "rising tide"

Gogama, Ont train derailment: 35 cars off tracks, five cars in river system

The Bush Doctrine vis a vis Iran

If not liking Bibi makes you anti-semitic,

61 years ago today: Murrow's program on Sen. McCarthy

Jagger dog death: Kennel Club investigates reports of six poisonings at Crufts

Is Joe Biden Running for President?

Ferguson cop has a sad, says Eric Holder made him cry.

We need POLLS (to those who relish taking them)

Pa. Sup. Ct. hears case of illegal diversion of charity $. Refuses to release name of the charity.

NY - We Are Seneca Lake: New Initiative: Writing Truth to Power

Obama White House Rips Senate Republicans For Their Treasonous Letter To Iran

Sam Simon, Who Helped Shape ‘The Simpsons,’ Dies at 59

Part II: Iran Responds to GOP Letter

My two cents: Hillary Clinton has yet to win the Democratic primaries.

Chelsea Clinton: Internet Access is Key to Gender Equaility

My little guy survived an intestinal blockage

Grace: Palestinian women speak in Omaha of horrors back home

U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards said to be announcing Senate bid on Tuesday

National AIDS Trust, U.K.: 1/5 of LGBT students bullied by teachers

Harry Reid blasts GOP’s Iran letter: ‘Hard slap in the face’

Fox News *whine* White House, NYT leave Bushes out of lead photos from Selma march

U.N. Finds ‘Alarmingly High’ Levels of Violence Against Women

New owner reaches deal with union at Williamsville nursing home

Can someone here help me with translation?

Decorah eaglet dies from electrocution

Putin awards medal to chief suspect in Litvinenko murder

Bill de Blasio Will Raise Cash for Vincent Gentile

What Level Of Treason/Sedition Will These KochS**ck*rs Stoop To To Destroy US & POTUS?

Dems, when do we call out the House's freelance foreign policy shit???

Rural Youth Suicide Incidents Close to Double Urban Rate

Rachel Held Evans defends exit from evangelicalism, calls Christians to celebrate sacraments

Naive Huffpo columnist claims it's all upside, going with Warren over HRC.

Days after the Nemstov assassination, Putin gives a medal to chief suspect in previous assassination

China says Dalai Lama ‘profanes’ Buddhism by doubting his reincarnation

I've been asked to join a real world group for newly diagnosed terminal patients, I've been there OS

Global warming 'set to speed up to rates not seen for 1,000 years'

Obama To Hold Off Announcing Location For Presidential Library Until After Chicago’s Mayoral Race

211 House And Senate Democrats Tell Supreme Court Gay Marriage Bans Are Unconstitutional

Leaving My Family's Religion, Building A New Community (All Together Podcast)

Treason! Violation of the Logan Act! General Being a Dick-ery!

House of Cards advisor, Jim Kessler, is leader of Third Way. Note Underwood's stance on Soc. Sec.

They derailed the Viet Nam peace talks, and undermined the Iranian hostage

Introducing the Alert Silk System to Warn Businesses of the Gay Threat

"You are an old man who thinks of the world in terms of nations and borders"

Apple introduces new MacBook Pro

Obama calls for effort to boost high-tech training, hiring

Far More Interest Among Republicans Than Democrats in Clinton Emails, Netanyahu

Throwing this idea out into the Universe

interesting article on quantum mechanics

Putin admits to Russia's secret plan to annex & occupy Crimea even before fake referendum vote

How about a Social Media group?

Kristen Stewart Set to Star In Woody Allen Movie with Jesse Eisenberg, Bruce Willis

London rail work unearths thousands of skeletons from Bedlam

Domestic Military Expansion Spreads Through the US, Ignites Dissent

Shailene Woodley: Edward Snowden Is “A Hero”

The Garden, Third Year, 2014 | James Howard Kunstler

truthinesslessness | James Howard Kunstler

Why we should not support Hillary

How Racism Became Policy in Ferguson

Roy Moore claims gays will "take your kids..."

OU football team walks out of practice to protest racist video

Joseph Farah JAQ-ing off again...

Cory Booker, Rand Paul push to overhaul criminal justice system

Like Father, like son...

Geese gaggling

Former Longhorn, Arizona Cardinal DL Alex Okafor arrested early Monday

So Whose Voice was It?

OU President David Boren orders fraternity behind racist video off campus by midnight Tuesday


Texas prison agency seeks to replenish execution drug supply

Ed Balls: Conservatives planning extreme spending cuts

Barbara Mikulski's MD US Senate Seat (Class 3) should be the DC Suburbs seat.

ICE arrests 2,059 criminals due for deportation

Professor Richard Wolff: Jubilee, Denial and Beyond

Texans release longtime WR Andre Johnson

Who needs asbestos underware???? . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Why can't we be friends?

NC US Senator Thom Thillis has a 29% approval rating.

Professor Richard Wolff on Recession, Economic Recovery in the U.S.

U.S. Workers Returning to Labor Force in Part-time Jobs with Stagnant Wages

China detains feminist activists over International Women's Day

Mitch McConnell’s Message To Minorities On Selma Anniversary: Your Vote Won’t Count

Use of Taxpayer Money for Pro-Sports Arenas Draws Fresh Scrutiny

John Oliver: Daylight Saving Time - How Is This Still A Thing? (HBO)

2015 Hillary Clinton still hasn't learned what 2007 Obama taught

Behind the Lens: Selma, 50 Years Later ~by Pete Souza

Guy looks just like Tucker Carlson

IMO the republicans are trying to instigate a war with Iran, what the hell else can one call it.

Walker Signs "Right-To-Work" Into Law

Five 2016 Republicans Oppose Net Neutrality

New GOP Chair Doesn’t Want To See Gay Couples Kiss

Murder Beside the Kremlin

Obamacare’s projected cost falls due to lower premiums under health care law, CBO says

I often have a problem returning to post after jury service.

Missing Syria girls' families criticize police over letter

Saying Nebraska has it right, senator changes mind on winner-take-all electoral vote bill

Remember what happened...

Climate deniers not happy with Google's plan to rank sites acc'd to reliability

Barack and Me

Obama mocks Republican letter to Iran over nuclear talks

Dogs: Don't trust your human.

Has the word, "darling", fallen from usage?

Shrub cropped out of Selma pictures says reichwing

Former MA Governor Patrick to head 'Boston 2024' for $7500.00 a day.

My rant about useless, dysfunctional Democratic committee people.

Chinese gov't presents glitzy Women's Day pageant while arresting the real feminist activists

Priceless: Iran educates Republican Senators on the US Constitution

No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project

News Anchor Shuts Down Sheikh Who Told Her To 'Shut Up,' Declared She Is 'Beneath Him'

Major survey shows gun ownership declining

Republican Senators Write To Leaders Of Iran, Attempt To Sabotage Nuclear Deal

It’s ‘Orwellian': Florida Scientists Respond To Report That State Agency Banned ‘Climate Change’

Part-time instructors at UNO talk of unionizing

Part-time instructors at UNO talk of unionizing

Colin Kaepernick on the trading block?

Part-time instructors at UNO talk of unionizing

Larry Klayman is back...

"My mother's Shadow." (How a dog rescued a family.)

So 29% of the country are brainwashed by Fox

(NE) Bill to repeal death penalty headed to Legislature floor; Ernie Chambers encouraged by support

National Weather Service projections a year out

Who was the last president to raise taxes on the one percent?

HERE is THE LETTER to Iran from GOP assholes, in pdf form

Future Obamacare Costs Keep Falling

I am wary to post this........

Iran Responds To The GOP Letter

Iran regime hangs women on eve of International Women's Day

The ugliest expression of disrespect for any President in history, must NOT go unanswered

Deadly Mine Collapse Under Investigation In West Virginia

The Quinnipiac Poll does NOT show that Fox is the most trusted source of news

AP: Deadly WWII firebombings of Japanese cities largely ignored

Obamacare’s projected cost falls due to lower premiums under health care law, CBO says

Take action: Sign Amnesty petition to support the International Violence Against Women Act!

The climate is starting to change faster

Tony Robinson shooting protest at Capitol draws 1,500; police chief apologizes

Court rules church can't shield $60 million in abuse cases

The Night Witches

I am wary to post this........

Iran Letter Backlash Grows As Bernie Sanders Accuses Senate Republicans Of Sabotage

From Selma....

Tonight's fortune cookie:

Please contact state reps about school funding

J'can police found 'blacklist' existed in St Lucia extrajudicial killings

Contest, who can guess what the next fake outrage over Hillary will be?

Elizabeth Warren: Never Afraid

Young, Black and Victorian: Wonderful photographs of Victorian women of color

Hillary's being attacked by the Rethugs now because

The U.S. Is Not In These Negotiations With Iran By Itself - U K, France, Germany, Russia & China...

Woman cuts her baby's throat with powe saw...

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