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Correct the record is a great site correct the record.-HRC Room

Study: Why Pot Smokers Are Skinnier

Senate debate (Live) on the surveillance state.

Ozzy's (think Game of Thrones) Son has risen

German police alerted to armed mob, find asparagus pickers

What's up with nebraska? state shows independent streak

Altered herpes virus used to fight melanoma

OK, need your help finding the name of this song

Bernie Sanders: Jane and I send our condolences to the Bidens during this difficult time.

Wyden and Heinrich killing it about the uselessness of NSA metadata.

Developments in the perception of Bernie Sanders

Question: How does O'Malley debate Sanders.

Latest on flooding: 2 missing after Texas flood found safe

Another autocity on Obama'a watch

5-31-15 Families Washed Away in Johnstown and NO ONE Responsible in 2:00

5-31-15 Families Washed Away in Johnstown and NO ONE Responsible in 2:00

5-31-15 Families Washed Away in Johnstown and NO ONE Responsible in 2:00

Food City's "Salute" ad

Is Sheriff Joe Arpaio Really a Saint?

U.S. Police Have Shot Dead 385 People In Five Months: REPORT

Bernie events in Iowa City, Ames, Iowa, and Minneapolis (Video)

World War II vet fulfills goal of pitching at Wrigley Field

Group asks UT Rockets to end pregame prayers

Legislature: Could Gov. Ricketts (R-NEBR) have pushed his conservative viewpoint earlier?

Sisi calls for 'religious revolution' at Cairo's Islamic University

Firing of Seton Hall Priest Highlights a Catholic Debate on Gay Believers

Have faith that Iowa Straw Poll has fixed its problems, officials urge Republicans

2016 US Senate and Governors Election w/Presidential coattails.

Indifference is new daily companion to Yankees’ Rodriguez

Women are stepping up in most major 2016 Senate races

Where Black lives matter less than libraries

Drinking with the living dead

In Texas, it soon could be legal to bring a gun to college

who remembers the progression of primary 2008? i am not talking drama, trauma and dirt.

POTUS any support for Caffrey, Shreffler, or Bonpasse???

What are you reading the week of Sunday, May 31, 2015?

In Texas, it soon could be legal to bring a gun to college

Bernie Sanders just voted for the USA Freedom Act....

Australian opposition party to propose gay marriage law

Meaningful poll: We already know'bout Judy/Marilyn/JFK

Over in LBN...

RUMOR: If you liked Netflix's Daredevil, you'll love "AKA Jessica Jones".

NH-SEN: Maggie Hassan already in dead heat with Kelly Ayotte.

2nd poll: Judy or Norma Jean?!1

On The Road: What a Week, We’re Touching a Nerve

******Comment Thread for the Seasonal Contest “Spring”******

Does anyone know a good brand for a computer mouse?

The Zombie Media is Dead.

What’s Inside Your Favorite Childhood Toys?

Union group runs voter registration drive in West Baltimore (death of Freddie Gray)

Union group runs voter registration drive in West Baltimore (death of Freddie Gray)

Union group runs voter registration drive in West Baltimore (death of Freddie Gray)

Union activist, News labor reporter Helen Fogel dies

Union activist, News labor reporter Helen Fogel dies

S. Africa denies $10 mn payment was FIFA bribe

Union activist, News labor reporter Helen Fogel dies

Meet the Netanyahu cabinet members focused on fighting BDS & annexing the West Bank

Can We Head Off a Long Hot Summer of Riots and Rebellion?

That was seriously one bad ass GOT tonight.

Russia Doctored Photos in Shooting Down of Airliner, Report Finds

New York woman charged in husband’s murder after body found in manure pile

Kotorba toon: Bird flu

Help requested from political experts on running a PAC/Campaigning

Venezuela blocks Latin American ex-presidents from seeing detained leaders

Hope this makes people feel a little better

Senate Advances NSA reform — but Patriot Act Program to Lapse at Midnight--The Hill

Glenn Greenwald promotes Kremlin propaganda through a fringe nutbar blogger


DeskTop Icons too large

Rep. Peters' big labor problem (TPP)

DeskTop Icons too large

Rep. Peters' big labor problem (TPP)

Rep. Peters' big labor problem (TPP)

Hurricane Andres strengthens to Cat 4 over eastern Pacific

A Gap in Surveillance, but Ways Around It

There may be hope for GD yet.

Sanders voted for cloture and O'Malley against....

Democrats Seek a Richer Roster to Match G.O.P. - New York Times

With Surveillance Program Set to Expire, Senate Turns Toward Limits

When Google fails ask DU.

2200 Dead in South Indian heat

Anyone have an update on th Nat'l security vote that is supposed to save our sorry asses?

My friend Amanda is going in for surgery tomorrow. (Update: Surgery went well. Thanks, everyone!)

Hastert’s Name Removed by Alma Mater

Martin O'Malley Has A GREAT Campaign Team:

You’ll soon be Able to Anonymously Send People Money with Ease, and It Will be a Big Deal

O'Malley Has A Great Campaign Team-

Questionable Florida police shootings triple in past 15 years

Duggar Family Pastor on Josh's Molestation Scandal: God 'Can Forgive Everything'

O'Malley, stumping in N.H., sells himself as alternative to Clinton.

A West Coast sunset for elleng

Scarlet Letters: Getting the History of Abortion and Contraception Right

Whither Elizabeth Whatshername?

A gay dad’s letter to Michelle Duggar

Hotovely urges German FM to prevent labeling of West Bank products

So CNN International but not CNN USA is covering the PATRIOT Act live?

Next stop, North Korea: Socialist nation looks to woo tourists

Clinton, O'Malley and Sanders on the Freedom Act.

A tulip - and a story.

Bankruptcy case against diocese could leave hundreds without water

NSA bulk collection of phone data stops; Senate stalls as deadline passes

So how'd Abbott do in his first Texas legislative session? Depends on whom you ask

Obama’s Trade Deal Faces Bipartisan Peril in the House

Question re hearing aid/smartphone/audiobook combo

I know we're not supposed to do this but bear with me...

Liberty! Freedom! The USA PATRIOT Act is dead!

Sunsetting A Few Parts Of The PATRIOT Act May Be Symbolic And Good, But It Won't Really Change Much

In country of smokers, Beijing bans lighting up indoors

Fighting occupation must not blind us from remembering the Nakba

Someone has already posted this link to the official Bernie store, amirite?

Started an Alaska for Bernie Sanders Facebook page:

How a reviled African ruler survived a coup hatched in the United States

Do Audio books count?

Bolivarian National Guard Vehicle Burnt by Hooded Militants in Tachira State

Chavismo On The Horns Of A Dilemma: Populism And Pragmatism In Venezuela

Ecuador's Correa Targets the Wealthiest in New Tax Reform

Venezuela's Speaker, Diosdado Cabello, vows to sue over cocaine ring reports

When “harshtags” backfire: Mocking #whitegirltears and joking #killallwhitemen stir up debate

Daily Holidays - June 1

Rapper "Killer Mike" (with 142k twitter followers) likes Bernie Sanders

Crap. They fixed Bernie's hair. I loved the wisps and straggles!

Huntington's Disease

The Real News: Cuban Resilience

Hillary Clinton accepts money for speeches from banks interested in the XL pipeline.

This is how corruption starts: Cops outright refusing to ticket other cops

Banks Behind HRC's Canadian Speeches Really Want Keystone Pipeline

New York Cosmos to Play in Cuba as Part of 'Football Diplomacy'

New York Cosmos to Play in Cuba as Part of 'Football Diplomacy'

Bernie has a crowd problem.................... photo

Doctors hail 'spectacular' cancer treatment breakthrough

Senate Lets NSA Spying Expire

CBS news: '', Republican candidate Bernie Sanders"

Police: Georgia man kills 2, dies in shootout with deputy

Threat to scrap Human Rights Act could see UK follow Nazi example, warns UN official

EJ Dionne on Bernie Sanders

Chomsky explains Debt Slavery

Stop Calling the TPP A Trade Agreement – It Isn’t

Juan Cole: What’s Wrong With Robert Kaplan’s Nostalgia for Empire

The big Washington dodge on Obamacare’s prevention provision

Holes in the Neocons' Syrian Story

US State Department Confirms They Sponsored Training of ISIL Militant

Bangladesh files murder charges in 2013 building collapse

China and America: Polar Opposites

The Alliance Must Rethink

Solar Impulse to land in Japan because of poor weather

Any tips for first-time visitor to NYC?

News from Brownbackistan - Constitutional Crisis

New Iowa Poll - Hillary still overwhelming favorite of Iowa Democrats - HRC ROOM POST

Solar Impulse plane to land in Japan due to bad weather

In Egypt, Thieves Fall Out

Vatican finance chief legal threat over 'sociopath' claim

SEALs, CEOs, Milton Friedman, and Fraudulent Incentives


Fox & Friends hosts try to change a car tire -- and fail hilariously

2016 Republicans are completely ignoring the lessons of their 2012 'autopsy'

Between growth & protecting people at the bottom, Indian economy more balanced than US: J. Stiglitz

Lots of Good News for HRC in New Bloomburg Iowa Poll

Isis captured 2,300 Humvee armoured vehicles from Iraqi forces in Mosul

On CSPAN, they are scheduled to talk about Congress's efforts to limit the pension and

Sydney University physics undergraduate maps huge plasma tubes in the sky

Trail To The Chief: Republican Left Behind Edition

Iraq: Islamic State bomb attack 'kills 45 police officers'

POLL: Meme of the Week – June 1st

Money Can't buy you love, but it sure can buy you a better school

This is the National Security think tank linked to Hillary Clinton

Iowa Democrats Stick With Hillary Clinton in Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Poll

#Save Susyia Stop the Expulsion ( B'Tselem )

KFC sues companies in China over eight-legged chicken rumours

Alma Rosé 11/03/06 - 4/04/44 Professionalism in the face of horror

Neil Young + Promise Of The Real - A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop (Official Music Video)

Reporting in the Bernie Group -For Group Violations

Volunteer for your Candidate:

New study reaffirms the link between conservative religious faith and climate change doubt

Tension between Cairo and Riyadh escalates over Brotherhood in Syria and Yemen

Sometimes you need a professional

Video contradicts police officers' account, wreck left motorcyclist dead passenger brain damaged

Why are all the colloquialisms associated with being strong male oriented?

NSA reform: Bush-era powers expire as US prepares to roll back surveillance

"...dont ever comment on my status telling me that i am wrong everrrr again."

Wouldn't the missile that was sent to Hackensack destroy Metropolis as well?

Let God be a 'she', says Church of England women's group

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Crowded GOP field

Navy’s first openly gay SEAL rebuilding his life in Bible Belt


Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

First monthly report on DU funds raised for POTUS

Iowa flat and boring? Nuh-uh!

FARC attack leaves Colombia port city without power: military

Bernie Sanders Gains Momentum In Iowa

The President is now siding with Republicans on another Rrepublican issue

US consumer spending in April weakest in 3 months

I fired up my computer this morning and saw a white window in the icons on the right side taskbar.

Lindsey Graham to Announce Run for President

Pass the popcorn!

The GOP Prez Candidates.....


Dispatches: With Sunset on Bulk Collection under the Patriot Act, a New Day Can Dawn ( HRW )

Is honesty from pro-control and the MSM too much to ask concerning guns?

Smithsonian inaugurates its new Museum of Orwellian History

Paul McCARTNEY quit pot. What next - the KARDASHIANs quit having sex?!1 n/t

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 1 June 2015

Christian Science Monitor on O'Malley's Candidacy

TOM TOMORROW: Privacy Talk

It's time for the media to admit that Hillary Clinton is popular

“I am a victim, too,” Hastert told friends.

A little history -Comparison of Senate voting records Sanders vs. Clinton on important issues.

Citigroup Upgraded to Buy by Goldman Sachs

From, on O'Malley and Climate Change

Joe Biden: "The reason I went home every night was I needed my children more than they needed me"

Inside the Josh Duggar cover-up

Prevent another crash, reform Wall Street.

Blackwater trained ISIL militant Colonel Khalimov - Why?

The Public Square

The Loved and the Lost: A Note to the Biden Family

I just found this bumper sticker for Jeb

Convicted war criminal Dick Cheney wants US to interfere even more

Terror Birds or Terror Beings? | Mickey Z.

Twenty-Three Geniuses | James Howard Kunstler

Supreme Court To Decide Whether To Wade Into Thorny Abortion Issue

Ok. Look people. When the light...

Why the acronym? John Ellis Bush wants to be "JFK" ?

Katie Couric to interview Bernie today at 3pm

Supreme Court To Decide Whether To Wade Into Thorny Abortion Issue

Vatican bank reformer called to abuse inquiry

'American Universities Are Addicted to Chinese Students'

Good news from Donna Edwards:

Violent threats on Facebook may be OK, justices rule

LightSail phones home after 8-day silence

gRANDstanding - let's thank Sen.s Udall and Wyden for the Patriot Act defeat

John Sununu is a piece of work...

5th grade boys spot a bully and take action

DU can move beyond either/or: "The inseparable twin of racial injustice is economic injustice." M.L.K (1958)

end violence against women (trigger warning for graphic images)

Facebook to Allow Private Encryption Keys for Members, Infuriating Law Enforcement!

That time when O'Malley, Herald Ford, wanted to capture "the center"

Jeb - Raise SSA Retirement Age To 70. Why Not 75 Or 80?

TSA fails 95% of the time in tests to smuggle guns explosives onto planes

The Congress does not take an oath to protect and defend the American people...

A year after the Cuomo-W.F.P. bargain, everyone’s a sucker

The word "hero"

Please don't mock Lindsay Graham because of his mannerisms. Mock him for being a fucking war monger.

A divided oil train response in Albany

Ed Schultz: I like Bernie

Cat displays Jewish Mother syndrome

Can there be an ‘atheist vote’? Nonreligious set sights on 2016

Your Presidential campaign logo summary as of 6/1

FYI how generic drug names are conceived.

In 2007 Martin O'Malley talked about being a centerist with Harold Ford

Lindsey Graham is running for president

Muslim Woman Says Plane Crew Denied Her Unopened Soda Can Because It Could Be Used 'As A Weapon'

Supreme Court Rules Against Abercrombie & Fitch In Discrimination Case

More Catholics, fewer receiving sacraments: A new report maps a changing church

Mr. Squeaky Pig gets a talking-to from Chief Inspector Murphy

O'Malley: "I was for Sec. Clinton in 2008... but times change"

Today Is a Work Holiday in Alabama to Honor Jefferson Davis

Meet Sandra Lawson, Who May Soon Be One Of Judaism's First Black, Openly Lesbian Rabbis

Tokyo: body found in suitcase in train station

Rainbow dreams in the emerald isle

Fossil industry faces a perfect political and technological storm

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush On CBS's "Face The Nation": What I Learned From Brother George

Bank Of America Must Pay $30M For Military Relief Law Violations

"They're going to need a bigger clown car."

Bill would require gun owners to have liability insurance or pay $10,000 fine

Ap reveals campaign donations with mouse hover...

The only economic policy that is a proven failure on the level of Republicans’ cherished “harsh

A Tidal Wave Of Good News In Iowa: Hillary Clinton Soaring and Obama Beloved by Democrats

Lindsey Graham Has a Long History of Saying Really Crazy Things About Foreign Policy

Preet Bharara creeps closer to Cuomo with latest indictment

The Counted: Interactive chart of people killed by Police so far this year in the USA

A Tidal Wave Of Good News In Iowa: Hillary Clinton Soaring and Obama Beloved by Democrats

The caucuses and primaries will determine who is the Democratic candidate

O'Malley: Put Elections Back in the Hands of American Voters.”

Scientists warn Scott Walker's DNR cuts would be costly

#SayHerName Protests Take Place in California and Across the Nation

Appeals Court Rules Abortion Ban Past 12 Weeks Unconstitutional

California Passes Reproductive FACT Act

New York Times: The ‘Non-Candidate’ Money Spigot 

This Seattle High School Just Changed the Face of Birth Control Access for Students

No, Rand Paul Didn't Kill the Patriot Act —By Kevin Drum

A Fundamental Transformation in Treating Cancer—Combining Modern Technology and the Immune System

About 50 get suspected food poisoning at homeless shelter

It's here! Her kickoff is at...................

Texas Major Ethics Overhaul is Declared Dead 

$1000 Reward for anyone who can decipher this bizarre speech

Want to see a big crowd? Wait for this one.

5 killed, 12 wounded in "Peace Zone" in Caracas

Great article on the power of positive thinking....for all of you optimists.

Guy Who Staged Anti-Muslim Hate Rally Now Wants You To Give Him $10 Million ‘For Protection’

Fascinating:......61% of Millennials get political news from Facebook

Insurance information needed. Can you help?

Violence and crime in peace zones

Political fundraising campaigns manage debts by selling data 

U.S. Colleges Expelled as Many as 8,000 Chinese Students in 3 Years

Where Bernie Sanders Stands on the Issues-Women's Rights

Michael Wendling: St Clair County Prosecutor, mugger of the ill and the helpless.

Religion In The Comics - 028

France's main conservative party changes its name to - the Republicans.

Union-backed group launches L.L.C.-tracking site

A post mortem of the legislature

Let’s Remember That Time Speaker Denny Hastert Covered Up A GOP Sex Scandal! (mark foley, anyone?)

The Painful Truth: 15-minute trailer

Bundy: "Jesus Christ and the founding fathers helped vanquish the BLM's army without a shot"

US Manufacturing Growth Accelerates For 1st Time In 6 Months

Hillary will announce June 13th from Roosevelt Island NYC.

Hillary Clinton To Hold First Campaign Rally In NYC Honoring Franklin Roosevelt

Weirdness happens.

Martin O'Malley in New Hampshire: 'Big generational shift underway in our country'

At Least 3,900 Medicare Millionaires Revealed in U.S. Data

The grifters were out in force over the gay marriage issue...

Greatest political philosopher

Katie Couric; LIVE at 3pm: I'm speaking with Sen. Sander-What questions would you like Katie to ask?

US Prosecutor: One Giant Step Closer to a Cuomo Indictment?

China's Military Isn't Worried About Obama

The White House Reminds Everyone That Obama Crafted A Reformed Patriot Act Over A Year Ago

Bernie Sanders: Pontifex...

RUDGLEY: Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul and media bias

5th grade boys spot a bully and take action

Call These People, and Make Them Listen

Rand Paul ... the 'ISH' candidate

Introducing Caitlyn Jenner...

A question that came up in another group...

Bernie Sanders Sees Crowds and Poll Numbers Grow in Iowa

Narendra Modi to become first Indian PM to visit Israel

German foreign minister visits Gaza

US Government Ordered to Prepare Guantánamo Force-Feeding Videos for Release

Texas isn't radical enough for TP wackos

I don't think I can watch True detective.....

U.S. top court declines request to revive Arizona immigration law

Picture of President Obama embacing Vice-President Joe Biden...

I HAVE to stop looking at GD

Ex-NY Senate leader Skelos, son plead not guilty in corruption case

Scott Walker and his Republican cronies make Wisconsin really, really exceptional!

Lockheed F-35s get first role in major military exercise

A wonderful proverb...

Millionaire Jeb Bush Decides That Americans Need To Work Longer Before They Can Retire

More Flash Flooding Possible in the Northeast; Plains Storms Farther North This Week (FORECAST)

Back To Shack! See The Humble Arkansas Home Where Josh & Anna Duggar Will Live After Leaving D.C.

Timelapse gadget and app for your phone and/or DSLR

Martin O'Malley and the 'Fairness for All Marylanders Act'

Wife of Oklahoma pastor shot by trooper amid flooding challenges police account

Borowitz Report: N.S.A. Compensates for Loss of Surveillance Powers by Logging on to Facebook

Rubio Panders to Hate-Based Religious Freaks

Not The Onion: Republicans seek to win over black voters

Tsipras: Some seek complete abolition of democracy in Europe

How Bernie Sanders' 'radical' ideas entered the municipal mainstream “He ran against everything."

Israel says Lebanese held in Cyprus part of Hezbollah bomb plot

So, I've got a blockage in my right carotid artery

New Privacy App Takes A Page From NSA Technology

Japan body approves plan for nuclear to generate 20-22 pct of power

Black Americans killed by police twice as likely to be unarmed as white people

Halt and catch fire returns......

Here is link to full 164 page FIFA indictment:

At first-ever conference, UN takes aim at cyber-threats against nuclear safety

Bruce Jenner introduces herself as Caitlyn in first picture on Vanity Fair cover

Bernie Sanders: Why Did Thousands Stand In Line To Hear Him?

Pletcher will not enter Carpe Diem in the Belmont....

Roosevelt / Clinton

Cedar Rapids Pride is about to begin! Come on over and show your support for @HillaryClinton #LoveIs

The mythical pseudoscientific jesus bible story is just....well...more FUN to believe!

Report: Islamic State Excavating Destroyed Syrian Nuclear Site

Ed Schultz likes Bernie Sanders because he knows where Bernie stands on issues

The Best Health Care System In The World? No Way

Rule by the Corporations - Paul Craig Roberts

By accepting HRC's appearance of conflict issues

The kind of Democrat I endorse works to support the New Deal.

The federal judge assigned to preside over Hastert case also donated to his campaigns

US-born soldier tried for eating pork

I am sick of being called the problem.. A Liberal...

Elizabeth Warren driving solo so far on auto-loan fight

Huffington Post-Homeless Organizations Prepare To Beat The Summer Heat

A cocker spaniel and some tall grass

Barriers to trade

TPP ACTION UPDATE: "Dems in Pressure Cooker on Trade Bill Agenda" --The Hill

Michele Bachmann upset we can’t indoctrinate immigrants into Christianity

Couric Live Interview

New Jersey Trial on Gay Conversion Therapy Set to Begin

Jeb’s War Mentality On Par With Jackass Brother

Supreme Court rules for Muslim woman denied job at Abercrombie & Fitch Reuters Reuters

Questions Megyn Kelly Should Ask the Duggars During Their Interview

I start to get a bit worried

The National Coalition for the Homeless

Lindsey Graham May Have Already Won (Or Why Rand Paul Has Already Lost)

New evidence emerges on the origins of life

The U.S. Really Thinks It Has the Right to Be a Global Cop, and China Is Driving Us Bonkers

Fact - Black Americans killed by police twice as likely to be unarmed as white people

When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’

Roman Catholicism and abortion access

The remarkable humanity of Joe Biden

here is how genuinely fucked I see the GOPs future

Family questions Canadian's death at Laos airport

The Republican answer to our energy independence:

Second Bill of Rights

Syrian Antiques on Sale on Facebook


Woman, 102, gets her PhD, after being denied by Nazi regime

Martin O'Malley's Views on Women's Rights Are Pretty Amazing — Women's Advocates Think So, Too

Question about gay jokes/insults as they're applied to Lindsey Graham

Katie Couric: "Would you be interested in being Hillary's Vice President?"

As I keep telling Repukes...

Stones lore: Jagger and Mr. Jimmy in Excelsior

Jindal calls Paul "reckless"...

The good old days

Did we know that he was on 'State of the Union' Sunday???

Over-Armed America Reason for Police Violence?

Invasive microbe protects corals from global warming, but at a cost

Bernie in Minnesota yesterday! Underestimated size of the crowd. Not enough food for everyone.

TPP Will Cause A New Economic Disaster

A little drop will do it: Tiny grains of lithium can dramatically improve the performance of fusion…

AUTOMATED MESSAGE: One of your posts has been hidden by a DU Jury

The Huffington Post-The Costs of Not Building Housing

John Kerry: not your average cyclist

Lindsey Graham's announcement

Sabine Hossenfelder - Women in Science. Again.

Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation

Caitlyn Jenner to Receive ESPYs Courage Award

So what was the New Deal?

NetJets names new CEO in midst of labor dispute with pilots

Study Links Exposure to Common Pesticide With ADHD in Boys

X-Post From Health: Study Links Exposure to Common Pesticide With ADHD in Boys

When it comes to the primaries our party has an embarrassment of riches

Obama Administration Proposes Sweeping Gun Regulations

Julian Edelman teams with ‘Celebrate Israel’

Cultural Genocide as Right-Wing Answer to Ireland's Gay Impertinence

man who held anti islam rally

Pentagon to Give Gay, Lesbian, and Bi Troops Workplace Protections

Frustrated NSA Now Forced To Rely On Mass Surveillance Programs That Haven’t Come To Light Yet

The Good Lie — worth a look

The most admired Dems of the 20th century were *much* more 1%-connected

Text of Letter to DNC Chair from Bernie Sanders on 2016 Debates

Hyundai seeks Israeli tech for its ‘connected cars’


why the Duggar issue makes me SO furious

Martin O'Malley vs. Wall Street

LIVE: Bernie Sanders talks to Katie Couric

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 1, 2015

The entrance fee to Ms Clinton's 'grassroots' conversation campaign is $1000 - $2700.

Baltimore records deadliest month in more than 40 years.

India: incest between young gay man and mother recommended to "cure" homosexuality

Bernie Sanders is the kind of politician everyone says they want.

Obama Weather Machine Blamed for Texas and Oklahoma Floods

Son is home from college and has requested...

Erdogan: 'Liberate Jerusalem' from the Jews

Climate deal must avoid US Congress approval, French minister says

At Repub Jewish Coalition, Hypocrit CrazyCruz balks at questions on flooding, climate - MaddowBlog:

Did the President have his fingers crossed

Police evacuate scores of Jewish activists barricading in King David’s Tomb

French far-right leader meeting with Egyptian religious leader blasted

Week in Geek - Mousetronaut edition:

Robert Reich: Corporate Welfare Is Destroying Our Economy (VIDEO)

The Jesus freaks are dying off

Thom Hartmann: The Media's "Wave of Silence” on Sen. Bernie Sanders & Why

A little worried about the political direction of our Young voters

Thom Hartmann: Crazy Alert! The GOP Think The Lego Movie is “Gasp” Anti-Capitalist

"The trajectory on emissions right now is way above 2 degrees"

S.Korea announces first two MERS deaths: Yonhap

Thom Hartmann: Why Are We Using Oil Wastewater on Food Crops?

White progressives’ racial myopia: Why their colorblindness fails minorities — and the left

Republican judge ponders impeachment as another Obamacare lawsuit rears its ugly head

A Vermont Socialist's opinion on Bernie S.

When they underestimate Bernie Sanders...

Harry Smith, long time no see or is it just me? He was just on Ed and was very interesting to

Fox psychoanalyzes Joe Biden after son’s death with psychiatrist who accused VP of being a drunk

Examining The Current State Of Black Lives And Envisioning Where We Go From Here


Temp just dropped 20 degrees in as many minutes.

Giant structures called plasmoids could simplify the design of future tokamaks

PA High School Sends Home sexist Body-Shaming Dress Code Letter

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 2 June 2015

One in 200.

IRS Approves First Church Of Cannabis.

Fox News Repeatedly Mocks And Misgenders Caitlyn Jenner

Colombia’s former intelligence chief on trial over 1989 murder of presidential candidate

WTF: Biggest Human Puppet Show In The World Is Quite Disturbing!

New climate stress index model challenges doomsday forecasts for world's coral reefs

Colombia’s former intelligence chief on trial over 1989 murder of presidential candidate

Racist bigot Phyllis Schlafly bemoans that today's immigrants not white enough to her liking

Obama nominates senior State Dept. official as Mexico envoy

Obama nominates senior State Dept. official as Mexico envoy

Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton: 'Would she be interested in being my vice president?'

I've come to the conclusion that I made a mistake...

Obama: No military solution to Iran's nuclear program

Argentine judge who reduced sentence of convicted child abuser resigns amid sharp criticism

Argentine judge who reduced sentence of convicted child abuser resigns amid sharp criticism

Republicans Flip Out After Rand Paul Treats Them The Same Way They’ve Treated Obama

John Oliver Comes Down Hard on FIFA Again and It’s Glorious

It's Monday, the car show is back!

Boat with more than 400 aboard sinks in China's Yangtze River

Argentine police didn't use gloves in dead prosecutor's home

Argentine police didn't use gloves in dead prosecutor's home

Thousands protest in Honduras cities following scandal

Salvadoran prelate says murder statistics are manipulated to create climate of chaos

Rubio vows to oppose ambassador to Cuba

A Tidal Wave Of Good News In Iowa: Hillary Clinton Soaring and Obama Beloved by Democrats

Peru: Huge strike targets mining giant

Bacteria art.

Two Years Later, Murder Charges for Rana Plaza Tragedy, But Justice Elusive

Did you all get your own Bernie text?

Is DU running slowly today?

Monsanto, Let Our Farmers Grow: Rock Star Bucks Coffee Giant

I just wish Bernie was about 20 years younger.

Exclusive Premiere of “Becoming Us” ABC Network

People Should Control the Food System, Not Corporations

British Medical Journal: "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: protecting the private good?"

Has substance abuse affected you or your community? Share your thoughts

Government R&D, Private Profits and the American Taxpayer

Tea Party Founder Busted for Kiddie Porn

How Timothy McVeigh's Ideals Entered the Mainstream

Hillary Clinton Adds Another Latina to Her Staff For Media Work

A questions about "orange is the new black"

*gasp* SCANDAL! John Kerry was transported to the US by a C-17

This album was released this day in 1967…

Bernie Sanders Terrifies Republicans By Urging A Million Young People To March On Washington

Poll, Which do you prefer?

This say... a lot to me. In Dec. 2013, HRC said liberal criticism of Wall Street was "foolish"

China: ship carrying 450 people has sunk

John Lewis~ "There is no place for violence in a civilized society."

Oklahoma Outlaws Fracking Bans

Obama 89% Favorable, Hillary 86% Favorable, Sanders 47% Favorable (the base loves Obama & Hillary)

Woman blinded after cat licks her.

This has been a good day. Barack Obama above water in latest Gallup poll

I don't usually discuss my presidential choices

They're remaking "Big Trouble in Little China"