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Archives: June 2, 2015

How Bobby Jindal Broke the Louisiana Economy

If you’re hiding under your bed in terror, you’ve just found your presidential candidate

Glenn Greenwald: As Bulk NSA Spying Expires, Scare Tactics Can’t Stop "Sea Change" on Surveillance

Obama Administration Proposes Sweeping Gun Regulations

Bernie Sanders: A Man With a Cause

Lennie Merullo, the Last Cub to Play in a World Series, Dies at 98.

Hedge Fund Billionaire Tells Hillary Clinton to Cut the 'Crap'

Indicted former FIFA official blamed ‘Zionism’ for undoing in 2011

What Bernie does after he concedes the nomination could be critical.

Stunning maps showing how much you need to earn in each state to afford a two-bedroom rental unit


7 years later, former WaMu executives still waiting for golden parachute payments

Hillary the Riveter 2016

He's rising from the crypt and bringing his spawn with him.

APNewsBreak: Feds inspect Fla. monkey farm at PETA's behest

Trash-talking Hillary on this board makes me more likely to vote for Hillary.

How the NSA is still spying on us

Bernie Sanders Has No Problem Knocking the NSA Spy Agencies "Orwellian Programs"

German man loses appeal on ‘anti-Zionist’ chants

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sicker by the Minute! & a new Kitteh gif

If you are a fan of Derek and the Dominos, you might want to check this out

Anything for Oil: The ‘Pipeline-for-Prostitute’ Landman

Rachel has a lil news on Hastert

Rachel says she has good news about Bernie on her show tonight

Jerusalem Post Editorial: Jew Hatred

Many health insurers go big with initial 2016 rate requests (These guys are just the worst)

New York's Stonewall Inn, gay landmark, poised for historical status

Well, it sounds like Hoiberg is gone to coach the Bulls

Caitlyn Jenner Photos From Vanity Fair

Abe Foxman's son marries partner in same-sex wedding

Chris Hedges: Karl Marx Was Right

Ex-Iranian FM shrugs off role in Argentina Jewish center bombing

Charges against Edward Snowden stand, despite telephone surveillance ban

"There's This Anti-Hillary Vote. It Just Isn't Very Big.” POSTED in The Hillary Room~

60 habits formed in Japan that would not work in your country.

Richard Wolff and Thom Hartmann: The Coming Crash & The Recession That Never Ended (pts I-IV)

California Senate approves another minimum wage hike

Frustration mounts as Rand Paul refuses to accelerate Senate NSA votes

''Imminent'' Collapse of the Antarctic Ice Shelf and a ''New Era'' in the Arctic

I don't want Windows 10.

Union pushes for higher airport fees

Is Bernie Sanders the Most LGBT-Friendly Candidate?

Scientists document Florida 'virgin births' of endangered sawfish

Lyndsey Graham reminds me of Maggie Thatcher

US Military Presence In Central America Could Spark Atrocities, Warns Paper

Tobacco firms fined billions in Canadian court ruling

Murder Charges in Rana Plaza (india)Garment Factory Collapse (more than 1,100 dead)

Would more or fewer debates be more effective in informing voters?

Murder Charges in Rana Plaza Garment Factory Collapse (india's triangle fire, over 1,100 dead)

Rachel devoted a lot of quality time to Bernie tonight!

Russian planes fly near US warship in Black Sea

Did something happen today?

The Arrogance of Jeb Bush

Is Manspreading A Crime? Arrest Of New York Men On Train Etiquette Charges Sparks Debate

The fossil-fuel industry’s campaign to mislead the American people

Circus Clown Cleared To Run For Mayor In Mexican City

BIW, union begin arbitration hearings

Archbishop Oscar Romero Is a True Salvadoran Patriot

Mixing Christianity and politics is killing the church

Right-Wing Nut Has The REAL Reason They Want To Roll Back Women’s Rights, And It’s Sick

From Funny or Die - Flowchart: Should You Vote For A Bernie Sanders Presidency?

The Lie Factory

Pentagon's anthrax scandal spreads to Canada

The lights were turned way down low . . .

The favoritism in Politics has got to go.

Here come Norwich City!

TLC: What If We Did A Show About The Duggars Who DON’T Diddle Little Girls?

EMS: 31 sickened by K2 in Austin since Friday

President Obama totally under attack

Transgender Employees Bathroom Access Guidance Issued By OSHA

HSV avoid relegation!

Obama Administration Proposes Sweeping Gun Regulations

Abortion rights group sues Kansas over country's first ban on fetal procedure

Juergen Klopp to take a year off after leaving BVB.

The national security threat that Republicans are ignoring

No female army ranger trainees advance in first class to include women

Best Linux distro for laptops?

Los Angeles deputies break ranks to admit beating of jail visitor

This Is What Crony Capitalism Looks Like: Boeing Is Threatening To Move Abroad If

Summer 2016 Transfers

How to have a safe night out in Tokyo

Georgia ex-leader Saakashvili gives up citizenship for Ukraine

The Hunger Games: New CBS reality show exploits poor families by making them grovel for $101,000

I'm waiting for Jim Webb.

Probably the best birth announcement ever

Howard Dean just said good things about Governor O'Malley, on Lawrence Show:

Could someone help me pick a variety?

Intern arrested for allegedly bringing gun to House office building

What's up with this Bernie Guy?

TSA Chief Out After Agents Fail 95 Percent of Airport Breach Tests

Follow-up: Wife of ex-Collin Street Bakery exec pleads guilty to her role in swindling $16 million

Do you feel as guilty as I do that we have so many great candidates and the GOP has dreck for theirs

Clock is ticking for possible indictment of Attorney General Ken Paxton

North Carolina Senate overrides governor's veto of marriage opt-out bill

Homeland security chief reassigns top TSA official

Lion mauls American tourist to death in South African game park

San Francisco lawmakers advance proposal to require soda warning labels

If you should see a post entitled

Bernie Sanders will be on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight, 12:35/11:35 CST

An amazing photo alchemist

Bernie is going to be on Late night with Seth Meyers....tonight

Met Senator Sanders tonight.

Argentina says no debt negotiations while 'attacks' continue

NYT Op-Ed - "The Arrogance Of Jeb Bush" - Freaking Nails It

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 2: Directed by Dick Powell

Voice told the "Family" founder to bust unions. And Jesus said minister to members of "elite:...

Moose Populations Collapsing Across Lower 48 States - And Yes, It's Likely Warming-Linked

I hope...

Environmental groups to challenge Arctic lease sale again

Nicaragua says study finds canal 'viable'; no details public

Newspapers launch in-depth tally of US police deaths

Tenure Under Attack

'Mr. Conservative' May seeks to depose sexual harassment accuser, files petition

Sen. Bernie Sanders Speaks to the CA Democratic Convention

Bernie's idea of debating repugs would make a great reality series!

How The Hunting Ground Blurs the Truth

You HAVE to see this post by GoneOffShore in the lounge!

(2011) Sen. Bernie Sanders Speaks to the CA Democratic Convention

Posted more about The Family. No, Hillary not mentioned at all.

Wreck of 18th century slave ship discovered

Billionaire Tom Benson trial resumes in New Orleans

Billionaire Tom Benson trial resumes in New Orleans

Billionaire Tom Benson trial resumes in New Orleans

Clinton Campaign's Lawyer sues to overturn new Wisconsin voter restrictions

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 3: Star of the Month: Pin-Up Girls

As valid today as it was then

Will Sanders compete in primaries?

Question I would like to see in a poll

Two former debt collectors are on a pay off people’s medical debt

Hillary Clinton: Making Human Rights a Reality

Hillary Clinton: Fighting for America's Workers

Hillary Clinton: Keeping the Peace

You want positive threads... I gave you three. (Update to 7)

Who here will admit to voting for Ralph Nader in 2000?

Since the Hillary emails seem to be a "thing" again let's just remember this...

Hillary Clinton: Expanding LGBT Rights at State

A&M Health Science Center CEO "Heartbroken" Over Exit

Eleven Things You Should Know About Hillary

Things to know about the California oil spill

Sen. Bernie Sanders On Late Night w/Seth Meyers Right NOW...

Hillary Clinton: A lifetime champion of income opportunity

Hillary Clinton: Less Minimum, More Wage

NEW - Neil Young on Starbucks & GMOs...

about 2 minutes into Sanders interview, Comcast

A Contribution to the Critique of the Sanders Campaign - The Sanders Conundrum

Bernie ACED it on Late Night With Seth Meyers! Audience Reaction was Fantastic!

What is and is not "trash talk"?

RIP Jean Ritchie

For some tea party leaders, Legislature’s brew was weak

The Pentagon Wants To Bomb The Hell Out Of This Tiny Pacific Island

Correct the Record - what is it exactly?

Either Way, No More NSA Collection Of US Phone Records

Bernie Sanders on Late Night w/ Seth Meyers: Plans to Vote Against Patriot Act Replacement (VIDEO)

Report: War In Afghanistan Since 2001 Has Killed 100,000

Ellen Pao planning appeal in Kleiner Perkins loss

Tax holiday OK for guns, not so for storm and school supplies says Senate committee

Doña Ana County workers arrested in check fraud scheme

How not to talk about Caitlyn Jenner

Roosevelt/Clinton Take 2

Kim Il Sung Park to Be Built in Syria

Dinesh D'Souza is out of jail

Adelson to host secret anti-BDS fundraiser, strategy summit

David Brooks: Obama Runs ‘Amazingly Scandal-Free’ Admin with ‘Scandal-Free’ Staff

Bernie Sanders merchandise question

Charles Kennedy, former Liberal Democrat leader, dies aged 55

Daily Holidays - June 2

‘Why take my vibrator?': Michigan cops legally rob ‘every belonging’ from medical marijuana patient

Canadian Broadcasting (CBC) looks at ALEC in their own version of "The United States of ALEC"

Savior Seeds: Sneak Peek (VICE on HBO)

Video from Sanders Facebook page - Iowa Q &A

Hampton VA did surgery on wrong bone in foot

Financial tug of war.

PA High School Sends Home Body-Shaming Dress Code Letter

Help Stop Human Trafficking in Pierce County

Replanting America: 90 Percent of What We Eat Could Come From Local Farms

William Chapman: Unarmed 18-Year-Old Shot Dead by Officer Who Killed Before

Hamas Kills Islamic State Supporter in Gaza Crackdown

if Bernie enthusiastically endorses the Democratic nominee

French minister: 2015 climate deal must avoid US Congress

Official: Plight of Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk critical

Cops put mentally ill man on bus-ride, charge him with escaping prison

Editorial: Clinton’s Resilient Popularity - HRC ROOM POST

Ford keeps plants running longer for third consecutive year

Banking on Bernie! Let's get 10k people to give $10 each today for Bernie!

"It wasn't supposed to happen here." Welcome to the red state HIV epidemic.

Kobe enlists cyborg agent from 'Ghost in the Shell' to lure tourists

As one who advocates for a more peaceful world, I find this very troubling

Amazing Video Of Hillary At 32

New Godzilla game steers clear of nuclear references

Over 800 public school buildings could collapse in strong quakes

92-year-old becomes oldest woman to finish marathon

Walker, the failed "leader" seeks distance from "Read to Lead" oversight while grant funds dwindle

The Windows 10 Icon is Back!

Who is going to state convention and what do u want to see

Bernie Sanders on Late Night with Seth Meyers 6/1/15 both parts

Latest connection: GMO's cause autism...

US and Spain to sign deal making Morón main base for Africa operations (AFRICOM rellocation)

Guardian - Rapid Arctic Ice Loss Powers "Stuck" Jet Stream, US Weather Extremes, Study Suggests

Non-support for Sanders is, to me, a barometer of how sick and lost we have become

Social Security Question/new arrivals

French Environment Minister - "UN Climate Talks Are Completely Inadequate - Everyone Knows It"

Wanted Thai general turns himself in on human trafficking charges

This cat cracks me up

Goodbye Community

Former LibDem leader Charles Kennedy died suddenly

'Brutal, grotesque' violence overshadows progress on LGBT equality - UN

For most people, non-support for Sanders is a barometer of ...

Arrest made in case of dog found with muzzle taped shut

Teen and transgender dad find their way to US family TV

Tobacco firms to pay billions in damages in Canada

Bawdy bathers lead to closure of mixed onsen in Tochigi

5/31/15 - # Of Canada Wildfires Already 2x Last Year's Total; 2014 - 59K Acres; 2015 - 591K Acres

Lincoln Chafee to Announce His Candidacy on June 3

Scott Walker promises to sign abortion ban that does not include exceptions for rape, incest

Great news for Bernie Sanders. He could absolutely be president!

California’s required statewide water cuts kick in

How is Bernie

Hey, Joe Scar! Hey, Nicolle W! Please get the hell out of Connecticut!

WP - More GOP "Outreach" To Black Voters - Truly Surreal And Howlingly Funny

Scottish Leader Warns of Backlash in Liberal Pro-EU Scotland From British EU Referendum

Cross posting: Banking on Bernie! Let's get 10k people to give $10 each today for Bernie!

The High Cost of Buying Lunch Everyday

18 Democrats to call to try to stop Fast Track ....

Actor Vince Vaughn outlines support for gun rights

New Speed Bumps for Clinton

Kerry to have surgery Tuesday on broken leg

Wear Orange Today

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Spies and Privacy

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: GOP and Primaries

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Maybe a lot of the Hillary hate is sexist...

Animal Care Services Incorporates Facial Recognition Technology

"Bernie" v Hillary

Hog Farmer, Ag-Gag Bill Sponsor Illegally Dumps 800,000 Gallons of Sh*t

FBI making surveillance flights over U.S. cities, including Chicago

The ridiculous non-candidate charade

"I can win" - Ben Carson fantasy illustrated

Russian TV documentary: USSR invasion of Czechoslovakia ("Prague Spring") prevented a NATO coup

Fox News Mocks And Misgender's Caitlyn Jenner

Investment In Clean Energy Helps U.S. Security At Home And Abroad

Scott Walker's WEDC shipped jobs overseas

Poll: New speed bumps for Clinton

Hundreds feared dead in ferry disaster

"Straw Feminists" (comic)

My Facebook Moneybomb "ask" post. I post this here so you can use it for your own "ask" if you

Was that a question?

This 92-year-old woman is the oldest to finish a marathon

Government secrecy put on trial / Senate battles (4 articles TheHill)


House GOP Passes Death Star Bill, Obliterates Local Control

The FBI is operating a small air force to spy on Americans

Campaign To Draft Elizabeth Warren For President Comes To A Halt

WATCH: John Oliver Eviscerates Vatican's Hypocrisy on Irish Marriage Equality

TheHill Tech: FCC's low-income broadband plan under scrutiny / AT&T weighs in

Sign up for your right to vote in NC!

House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, Amtrak Derailment Meeting, 06-02-15

Are there any polls showing a match-up between Sanders and the Rethugs?

Can we get a Martin O'Malley avatar?

Can DU get an official Martin O'Malley avatar?

Australian MPs allowed to see top-secret trade deal text but can't reveal contents for four years

Katic Couric interview with Bernie Sanders.

Wow! (Your Opinion, Please!)

Here's the You Tube video of Bernie's interview with Katie Couric.

European Big oil pushes for global carbon tax

Luckovich draws Caitlyn

While nobody was looking, the Islamic State launched a new, deadly offensive

Rachel Maddow - Bernie Sanders campaign quick to draw crowds and cash

Russian missile maker: MH17 shot down by Ukrainian missile

Huge Bernie Sanders Crowds Surprise Everybody -- Hillary Worried? (TYT)

Huge Bernie Sanders Crowds Surprise Everybody -- Hillary Worried? (TYT)

Philadelphia wants you to have a plush Pope Francis doll

Baby red pandas leaving Roanoke, Virginia, Mill Mountain Zoo

Baby red pandas leaving Mill Mountain Zoo

Norfolk Southern Railway may sue over oil train regs

Do we feel safe enough yet?

Kathleen Matthews (wife of Chris), former News Anchor/Marriot VP to run for Van Hollen's MD Seat

Just got back from a bike ride.

Obama: Denying Israel’s Right To Exist as a Jewish Homeland Is Anti-Semitic

Safety zone: Fox’s Megyn Kelly says she won’t ask the Duggars any ‘tough’ questions

The Forgotten Massacre

I don't get rich people in so-called "high tax" states who complain about taxes.

Live anthrax samples shipped to 3 Canadian laboratories by U.S. military, report says

Dictator Deaths: How 13 Notorious Leaders Died (Most from old age)

O'Malley Goes Orange (National Gun Violence Awareness Day)

Spitting on the Democrats..yet wanting to use their base

Ranking The Greenest 2016 Candidates On A Scale of zero to 10

Abortion-rights group sues Kansas over first-in-the-nation ban on abortion method

Hedge funder, Leon Cooperman, attacks Hillary

Have we become a Corporate State,Right Wing Country?

The 24/7 Work Culture’s Toll on Families and Gender Equality

As a Bridge Crumbles, Congress Fumbles; ignores problems just down the street

Can you imagine the first Republican debate?

Josh Duggar Is Not The Only One Who Escaped Prosecution

Hey there Flipper Don't bogart that Puffer.....Dude

Report: Witness differs with former state trooper on report of Duggar molestation

Obama Administration Opens Up Thousands Of Acres Of Public Lands To Coal Mining

FAST TRACK LOBBYING CONTINUES / vote push / anti-slavery

Just over a month ago I hiked the Grand Canyon. Today my toenail fell off.

"BERNIE-NOMICS" --Sen. Sanders "16 Points On How He Wants to Handle the U.S. Economy"

I think one of the main reasons that I'm throwing my time, money, heart, and soul behind

Abraham Lincoln

The Mass Murder Show- This is soooooo true....

Richard Wolff and Thom Hartmann: The Coming Crash & The Recession That Never Ended (pts I-IV)

I didn't know this Group existed until about 90 seconds ago.

Pew Study: Right-Wing Radio Shows Among Most Distrusted Sources Of News

Giant Sawfish Have Virgin Births, Rewrite Biology Textbooks

Nearing Possible Government Shutdown, Alaska Governor Issues Layoff Notices To 10,000 State Employee

It would be nice to hear it straight for once. Stopping climate change means giving up on growth.

There Is No Such Thing As A Spare American

Search for Amelua Earhart continues in Pacific

Chicago businessman Willie Wilson running for president (Democrat)

"Timothy McVeigh's anti-government ideas have crept into the body politic since ... 1995"

Met Senator Sanders last night.

Climate change ranking Bernie gets a 10, Hillary 7, Santorium 0

Posted this last night

Reich: Strengthen unions and eliminate state 'right-to-work' powers.

6 Lessons for the U.S. from Spain’s Democratic Revolution

The Agency (Russia's troll army now involved in Twitter disaster hoaxes)

Cassini gets final view of Saturn's weird 'songy' moon | what caused Saturn's hexagon shape? (video)

US senators call for mandatory reporting of police killings

FBI Confirms Wide-Scale Use Of Surveillance Flights Over U.S. Cities

World Justice Project surveys rule of law and perceptions of corruption in 102 countries (US #19)

When will drones (hobby type) become part of candidate events and should they?

Sour cherry recipes? Preferable jams or conserves or the like?

Tobey Maguire Hosting Hillary Fundraiser In Los Angeles June 19

Last Two Times This Happened, Stocks Crashed

As an older baby boomer.. it is time for the X'ers, Millennials and younger

Berlin becomes first German city to make rent cap a reality

Warning: Do Not Drive Around Cars Waiting at a Grade Crossing for the Train to Go By

The only way Bernie can win the general election...

OK, so who would we rather run against?

Gov Scott Walker says he'll sign 20-week abortion ban with or without rape, incest exemptions

repost: Nicaragua says study finds canal 'viable'; no details public

Patients Get Extreme to Obtain Hepatitis Drug That's 1% the Cost Outside U.S.

MO: St. Louis County Faces Steep Odds Getting MetroLink on Expansion Track

Tanzania elephant population declined by 60% in five years, census reveals

Researchers Find Missing Link Between the Brain and Immune System

Rand Paul’s New Crusade: Declassifying and Releasing the 28 Pages of Secret 9/11 Docs

LOL Bernie!

Commission Votes To Consider Making Stonewall Inn A City Landmark

Researchers see link between hunter-gatherer cannabis use, fewer parasites

After cuts in California dental insurance, ER visits went up

Pro-Choice Jumps Ahead in Abortion Fight

Floyd Dent settlement to be paid by Inkster residents

FIFA corruption (cartoon)

Boston police shoot, kill man being watched by terrorism task force

About Pvt Henry Lincoln Johnson, newest MOH Winner:

New Human Ancestor Discovered Near Fossil of “Lucy”

Make No Mistake, the FIFA War is Not About Football or Corruption

Walker says he'll sign 20-week abortion ban w/ or without rape, incest exemptions Debate now.....

Why Islamic State Keeps Winning

Tomorrow Scott Walker will be at Walt Disney World...

OPEC Is Winning the Oil War

Gun violence is the real problem with our country and it's time for our politicians to finally do mo

Arkansas Family Values Rep Who Regifted Children To A Rapist Still Sure He’s The Victim

With whom was your first kiss? But not *just* your first kiss . . .

Arkansas Family Values Rep Who Regifted Children To A Rapist Still Sure He’s The Victim

U.S. May Auto Sales Race To Strongest Pace In Nearly Decade

Pic Of The Moment: Obvious Joke Writes Itself As 7 GOP Candidates Speak At Disney World

Fox News Affiliate's Minneapolis Video Sparks Anti-Muslim Hate

Children in Poor Families are more Altruistic than those from Wealthy Families

Hillary sets venue for 1st big rally: #fourfreedomspark is joyous place--not somber as described he

About Sgt William Shemin, newest MOH Winner:

Insurers Seek Double-Digit Obamacare Hikes

Mitch McConnell seeks to limit transparency in surveillance reform bill

War Criminals Among Us: Bush, Cheney, and the Eyes of the World

Edward Snowden Awarded Freedom Of Expression Prize In Norway

Looks like someone went very far west and got dumped into the ocean

Martin O'Malley's More Than Marginal

Barney Frank puts Hastert's behavior in perspective and nails the Republican hypocrisy.

Polls: Republican Nomination a Tossup, General Election Tightening

Maybe this has been done already....but..... Best movie theme songs? I'll start

Let's play with Poll numbers!

Can we all agree? Hillary or Bernie, we'll vote Democratic in the general election!

Rand Paul, Ron Wyden Release Nine Amendments to USA Freedom Act

Reminder: Hillary Clinton Officially Launched Her Campaign Six Weeks Ago

Bird Flu Pushes Egg Price Up Sharply

Friend Of Boston Bomber Sentenced To Six Years For Obstruction

SCOTUS ruling on "intent" and internet threats: Have we all lost our goddamned minds?

Why U.S. Billionaires May Not Be Able To Buy The 2016 Election

Occupy endorses Bernie Sanders

How Europe’s climate policies have led to more trees being cut down in the U.S.

TCU incredible rally sets up Aggie showdown

In Mali, Grocer Wages War on FGM from His Closet

I keep hearing that gun deaths are falling,

White House moves to curb use of antibiotics

In Mali, Grocer Wages War on FGM from His Closet

Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children

Why aren't big-mouth bishops talking about Hastert?

What's for Dinner, Tues., June 2 ?

'Did you hear what Martin O'Malley said?'

Fifa: Sepp Blatter to quit as president amid corruption scandal

Music chief for pope’s Philly Mass quits in dispute with Archbishop Chaput

Sepp Blatter to Resign from FiFA

Hastert: another thing the GOP NEEDs to apologize for.

Hawaii man impaled, killed by swordfish after jumping into water to catch fish, officials say

Wisconsin’s laundry list of voter suppression laws challenged in court

Arizona mosque, site of anti-Islam protest, holds ‘love not hate’ event

Abortion Clinic Boss Dons Bullet-Proof Vest; Uses Decoys

Abortion Clinic Boss Dons Bullet-Proof Vest; Uses Decoys

Abortion Clinic Boss Dons Bullet-Proof Vest; Uses Decoys

Conservatives Try To Attack Sanders/Socialism, Get Their Collective Asses Handed To Them Instead

Conservative Media Applaud Vince Vaughn For Pushing Debunked Right-Wing Talking Point On Guns

woke up with harvey at my feet for the first time this morning

Bernie Sanders: We need a political revolution...

Maine a step closer to no-permit concealed handguns

Alabama Lawmakers Find New Way To Ban Gay Marriage Even If Supreme Court Rules In Favor

At Middlebury College, Muslim chaplaincy is a husband and wife affair

Planned Parenthood Welcoming Martin O'Malley to the Presidential Race - Here's why...

I just want to go on record...

Murder Charges in Rana Plaza Garment Factory Collapse (india's triangle fire, over 1,100 dead)

Bernie Sanders: We can effectively combat terrorism...

Remote control: City energy plan depends on Albany

California Passes Reproductive FACT Act

Standard Blues Changes

'The Onion' Strikes Again: Indicted Ex-FIFA Exec Quotes Satirical Article

Campaign To Draft Elizabeth Warren For President Comes To A Halt

Bernie Sanders: Poverty among senior citizens is increasing...

Appeals Court Rules Abortion Ban Past 12 Weeks Unconstitutional

Black America is getting screwed: Shocking new study highlights the depths of economic disparities

Pa. State Rep. Ron Waters pleads to accepting cash for official action; will resign seat

A story from the past shows why neocons are dangerous for the global peace and security

GOP officially a front group for misogynists, homophobes and cranks.

Nigeria Criminalises Female Genital Mutilation

Your Toothpaste May Be Loaded With Tiny Plastic Beads That Never Go Away

Black America is getting screwed: Shocking new study highlights the depths of economic disparities

Mancos farmer talks about seeds of change and growing pains

GOP = Grand Old Perverts!

These Are the Planets We Could Move to Once We’re Done Completely Destroying Earth

Black and Jewish WWI heroes finally receive Medal of Honor

At this point in Obams run for president (1st term),

Oh Noes! Fox Business has something to say about Martin!

Huckabee tells shocking joke about being transgender

Gay High School Student Delivers Valedictorian Speech He Was Barred from Giving

Ted Cruz believes JFK ‘would be a Republican today’

Ted Cruz believes JFK ‘would be a Republican today’...proving Cruz is an idiot yesterday, today &...

Hillary Allows Men At ‘Women-Only’ Event Amid Weak Turnout

Mike Huckabee: I wish I had been a transgender teen so I could have spied on girls in the shower

From the Editors at Bloomberg: "Martin O'Malley's More Than Marginal"

Poll: Clinton vs O'Malley vs Sanders

Chafee to announce presidential bid at foreign policy talk

US Preparing To Face Down China In The South China Sea

Jeb Bush: My Brother Taught Me How To Keep America Safe (VIDEO)

What the Democratic Party Definitely Doesn't Need

US senators call for mandatory reporting of police killings

Mike Huckabee: I wish I could have claimed to be transgender to 'shower with the girls' in high scho

A New Show Gives Struggling Families $101,000-But There's a Sick Twist

Martin O'Malley's Gun Control Reform

DFA sent out an email announcing that they have finally given up

Hillary Frantically Hides Wall Street Money Under Mattress

Frack Free Denton: today I demonstrated civil disobedience

BDS on campus: When does ‘anti-Israel’ become anti-Semitic?

Elizabeth Warren blasts Mary Jo White’s SEC leadership

Collected a few Bernie threads from yesterday...

The Positive Side Of The Santa Barbara Oil Spill - TMFS Sketch

No Sepp Blatter Stories

Bertha Lewis to Run Citywide Tour Boosting Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

Black and Jewish WWI Vets Finally Get Medal of Honor

Is O'Malley the only lifelong Democrat in the Democratic race?

Cuomo-de Blasio War Draws Closer to Apparent Ceasefire

Care to take a guess at whose trailer hitch cover this is?

Details from the Vice President's office regarding services for Beau Biden

WikiLeaks Launches Campaign to Offer $100,000 "Bounty" for Leaked Drafts of Secret TPP Chapters

I just joined the Sanders #Moneybomb scheduled for today, June 2nd over

Tennessee TV station won't run ad promoting gay marriage

Introducing the Global Try Not To Be A Dick movement!

Right-Wing Media Scandalize Deceptively Edited Anti-Clinton Clip

A question for English grammar geeks

Just a reminder about Skinner's new site Room

Right-Wing Media Scandalize Deceptively Edited Anti-Clinton Clip

Larry, Moe And Curley Investment Brokers

Frack Free Denton: I chose to demonstrate civil disobediencetoday (cross post)

NY Times/CBS Poll Concurs: Americans Hate Citizens United

Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against Scott Walker’s Voter Suppression Tactics-HRC ROOM

The latest player in the 2016 race: Pope Francis

Rick Scott Brings Sleazy Healthcare Deal To Florida

On Joe Biden

Laverne Cox Reflects on Caitlyn Jenner and What We Can Do for Trans Women of Color

What Kind of Mayor Was Bernie Sanders?

Suicidal Man's Girlfriend Calls 911 For Help, Cops Shoot Him Dead

Any news on Dr. Kristen Lindsey - the vet who allegedly killed a house cat with a bow and arrow?

health care mergers continue: highmark takes over blue cross of NE PA, LVH merges with Pocono

Grieving Parent Richard Martinez Battles Gun Lobby

Arkansas Keeps Giving Christian Child Abusers a Free Pass

Let’s just re-engineer the climate

Charles Pierce surveys the GOP Candidate Clown Car

Ring of Fire, NOT Benghazi

California Senate approves health care for undocumented immigrants

Tiny Hamster is a Giant Monster!

WWI heroes posthumously receive Medal of Honor

Senior Graffiti Artists Shatter Every Aging Stereotype, One Street At A Time

Rachel Maddow: Hillary Clinton Better Watch Out For Bernie Sanders

Running Free:

TODAY,,, Federal medical marijuana crackdown continues in California ((AGAIN))

GOP Should Run Scared As Bernie Sanders' Appeal Expands Toward Traditional GOP Voters

Campaign to Draft Warren Suspends Efforts

Front page of The Globe: "Hillary confesses: 'I'm an alcoholic'!"

O'Malley's updated website has a lot of good info. Here's some of it on the economy:

O'Malley on dignity for all:

Willy Wonka just called your Facebook page.

The Daily Show - Democalypse 2016 - Bernie Sanders Kicks Off His Campaign

Unskilled Cops Continue Killing Spree

Do you love Arrested Development? Here's a cool app about the frequency of recurring jokes.

NRA Says National Gun Violence Day "Pointless"

Willie and Bernie on Facebook:

Welcome to the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals

HRC Super Volunteers website- featuring my friend's song

Argentina Refuses to Negotiate US Hedge Fund Debt, Complains of Attacks

RW Christian Web Site. Woman Must Consent To Sex On Demand.

Plus ça change...

Despite what some may post here Hillary Clinton supporters have principles. HRC ROOM

Judge may force Christie to release his troopers' $1M Amex bill, report says

President Obama Will Host An LGBT Pride Event In June

I Know First Hand Why Canada's Aboriginals Need Truth for Reconciliation

We have a 'do not call directory', so why not

I Know First Hand Why Canada's Aboriginals Need Truth for Reconciliation

For those who don't visit the DU Lounge... a wonderful post regarding Senator Sanders:

WTF?!? NOT the Onion! "Grand Central: A Letter to Stingy American Consumers" from the WSJ

Horse Racing's Triple Crown: The Immortals

Breaking: USA Freedom Act Passes Senate.

Dumbledore and Gandalf to marry in front of gay-hating church

Obama: Stalled peace process makes it harder for U.S. to defend Israel at UN

Jean Ritchie, Who Revived Appalachian Folk Songs, Dies at 92

Spain makes US rapid force at Moron base permanent

Winners of Britain's Got Talent: wee little doggies!

The Russian government’s official newspaper thought John McCain really wants the US to invade FIFA

Son of former Argentine president detained for weapons

It's time for a true contender

A Bold Peace: Costa Rica's Path of Demilitarization

Going to a fundraiser for Roy Cooper tonight in Chapel Hill.

Toddlers Are Shooting Each Other: We Don’t Need Guns in Schools - RollingStone

Here Are 5 Must-Have Items From the New Hillary Clinton Pride Shop

Wow Bernie fans are really dreading Hillary's massive kick-off rally in NYC

A Plea for Culinary Modernism: The obsession with eating natural and artisanal is ahistorical...

Breaking: Senate Approves the "Freedom Act" without McConnell/Burr Amendments in 67 to 32 Vote

City Museum: A 10-Story Former Shoe Factory Transformed into the Ultimate Urban Playground

California Senate approves health care for undocumented immigrants

Colombian Human Rights Defender Killed in Home

for Beau Biden

Dems push smart tech handgun rules

Dems push smart tech handgun rules

Dems push smart tech handgun rules

An Eco-Village Survives as a Haven for Deep Ecology in Mexico’s Central Mountains

School's Kitchen Manager Fired for Giving Hungry Children Free Lunch

Barney Frank calls out Dennis Hastert & GOP hypocrisy with a perfect statement

An Eco-Village Survives as a Haven for Deep Ecology in Mexico’s Central Mountains

PA-Sen: looks like it's going to be Sestak

Could Charlie Hebdo have been prevented if France allowed religious instruction?

Senate approves USA Freedom Act

Newly-Recovered Ship Contains Rare Remnants of Slave Trade

Wealthy Teen Nearly Experiences Consequence

Newly-Recovered Ship Contains Rare Remnants of Slave Trade

Hillary Clinton's Strong Start

Why am I Xd about "airbaggate"

Political Bombshell: Rand Paul to attack classified Saudi link to 9-11 by every means possible.

Elizabeth Warren’s good news for Bernie Sanders fans

NSA reform: USA Freedom Act passes as first surveillance reform in decade – live

Poem for peace: “Brother”

UW-Madison Professor: "'s time to leave UW-Madison"

Even Texans would love for Obama to tell this to our Governor:

Is trickle-down economics science or scam?

What the Press Owes Edward Snowden

Meanwhile in Boston: Man shot by police was being followed by FBI terrorism task force

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Good to know thinly veiled threats to the POTUS are ignored by Facebook

Things you don't really need to know: Bernie's campaign manager was kicked out of college

TSA Agents To Now Simply Stand At Checkpoints And Remind Passengers That We All Die Someday

Get to Know Bernie: SevenDaysVT Interactive Timeline

OMG! DNC using picture of Bernie to solicit funds!

Two Petitions: Democracy For America and should support Bernie Sanders...

Clinton’s campaign will make substance abuse, mental health key issues-HRC Room

Where's Bernie? An Interactive Map

6-1-15 Fighting for Equality the year was 2001 in 2:00

6-1-15 Fighting for Equality the year was 2001 in 2:00

6-1-15 Fighting for Equality the year was 2001 in 2:00

Sooo...Fl Gov Rick Scott invited GOP candidates to Disney today? Gay Days kicked off today, too!!

If you had to guess,

from Wes Clark:

How Hillary Ruined Her Legacy As Secretary of State

O'Malley's updated website has a lot of good info. Here's some of it on the economy:

Today is Bernie's money bomb and it took up our DU for Bernie goal AGAIN!!!

After death threats, Bangladeshi atheist relocates to US

The inside story of how the Clintons built a $2 billion global empire

Another money bomb post

Charles Pierce with quite possibly the greatest summing up of Rick Santorum - ever.

North Carolina Senate Overrides Governor's Veto To Revive Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

Elizabeth Warren won’t be president. But the Senate may not be her final destination.

Aaron (and his grandpa) for Hillary.

"Love, Don't Judge": Divorced Catholics Look to Pope Francis for Acceptance

George Pell critic Peter Saunders spoke only for himself, says Vatican spokesman

How Green is Local Food? Not so much.

Beginning Our Descent, Three tales of the Bakken - By John Rember

This conversation made me happy.

Hillary Clinton and outsourcing (she was very much for it)

Obama Tweets Support to Caitlyn Jenner; Hilarity Ensues

Counterproductive Atheist Memes: Not Enough Lions

37 incredible drone photos from across the globe that would be totally illegal today

WIKI-BOMB "*WANTED* Dead or Alive: $100,000 for Full Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership"

Groups sue agency to block Shell's Arctic offshore drilling

Hillary Clinton to Visit Nevada June 18 and South Carolina on June 17.

Shab-e-Barat to be celebrated all across the country today

My Prediction: Bernie Sanders Will Win the White House

I read this quote to my wife after she was diagnosed with cancer

Catholic Priest: Caitlyn Jenner "Just A Man Dressed Up As A Whore"

So now, it's Mel Watts' fault that HASTERT did what he did? Republican supporters playing pass

I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian

Electoral observers ring alarm over fraud in Colombia’s upcoming local elections

Every 10 days, 1 child dies from malnutrition in northern Colombia: Santos

Food, Water, Health, Life: UN Experts Warn of Threats Posed by Secret 'Trade' Deals

Lake Victoria - Africa's Largest - "On Its Knees" Thanks To Invasives, Sewage, Overfishing

Greece, latest news...Clock Ticks as Greece Refuses to Kneel on its Debt


Terror on Trial: Family of Drone Victims Vows to Fight German Court Ruling

Watchdog Group Sues UT State Lawmaker Over "Pyramid Scheme" To Take Federal Lands

Anybody seen "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe"?

Indigenous Voices Ignored in Financing Panamanian Dam Project

Indigenous Voices Ignored in Financing Panamanian Dam Project

Wiki-Leaks Issues Call for $100,000 Bounty Reward on Monster Trade Treaty: The TPP! Good Video Watch

Dick Cheney: the man who just won’t go away

Thousands Rally to Demand Freedom for Puerto Rican Activist

Trashing thread on this board makes me more likely to keep my sanity.

Sen. Sanders on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow at 9

Feds to Employers: Give Trans Workers Access to Bathrooms That Match Gender Identity

Hamptons Police Dept acquire surplus submarine

For some Louisiana public school students, their science textbook is the Bible


U.N. climate deal in Paris may be graveyard for 2C goal

Why are they doing this???? What is the need for this function?????

Alaska’s Spring Is Becoming More Like California’s Summer

Large Hadron Collider To Turn On 'Data Tap'

Sanders Fights Rising Drug Prices