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Archives: June 4, 2015

Phyllis Schalfly shows what a racist pig she really is.

State Sen. Kintner, a death penalty backer, stirs up controversy by posting photo of beheaded woman

Switching to the Metric System Is Officially a Presidential Campaign Issue Bernie Sanders Must Bring It

Ferguson Resulted From Republican Talking Points That Ignore ...

I'm interested in moving to islands... ideas? Bernie Sanders Must Bring It

Huckabee: I wish I could've identified as female in high school gym

The world's scariest walkways - photos

Happy Graduation to Caitlyn - Perfect Feminist Quote in a Senior’s yearbook in 2015 Bernie Sanders Must Bring It

Exhausting legal options, Residents of Texas town take direct action

Progressive Groups Deliver Over 2 Million Petition Signatures Against TPP Fast Track

Has anyone seen Lincoln Chafee’s Facebook password?

Glenn Greenwald: Usaama Rahim was a 'victim,' not a criminal

NY Magazine: Hillary Clinton isn't very popular but she's winning anyway

Just be yourself - unless you can be Theon Greyjoy

Seriously; Can a Jewish American be president?

Legalization Update

Lawyer for Guatemala's ex-dictator Rios Montt shot dead in capital

Chimp chef wanna-be reveal origin of cooking

Jill and Jessa identified as two of Josh Duggar’s molestation victims in Fox News interview

Postal Union: Postal Service Is Not A Union Issue, It’s A People’s Issue

Postal Union: Postal Service Is Not A Union Issue, It’s A People’s Issue

Animals that decorate themselves - photos

Postal Union: Postal Service Is Not A Union Issue, It’s A People’s Issue

(Graphic warning) Another unarmed young man killed by police

New articles (4) published by NPR, The Independent UK, and The Daily Mail UK discuss vaccine injury.

duggars redefine "child exploitation" with their depraved self-promotional antics

Are you strong enough...?

$200 later I now have a dry house.

High Prices for Drugs Attacked at Meeting

Fast-draining lakes atop Greenland ice sheet could accelerate sea level rise

Prehistoric bird had feather arrows at its butt

Anybody ever grow garlic?

Not all rats are CEOs. Some are adorable.

Was a Nuke possibly used in Yemen in May? (warning:Videos of Big explosions may disturb some people)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! American Horror Show

Want a diamond? Find the right vegetation

Nakba And The Question Of ‘Palestinian Strategy’ | Ramzy Baroud

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 6, 2015 -- The Essentials: Rudyard Kipling Adventures

US investigating gender bias claims in U. Iowa athletics

Just Say NO to Military Industrial Empire! | Philip A. Farruggio

California Senate OKs requiring warrants to search smartphones, tablets

The Good, Bad And Uncertain About Recognizing ‘Palestine’ | Ramzy Baroud

The Era of Breakdown | John Michael Greer

Ugh! The Duggar parents.

BESC, Mascoma develop revolutionary microbe for biofuel production

Hillary Clinton will be receiving the Barbara Jordan award tomorrow.

Sawfish Have Virgin Births: First in the Wild Discovered: photo gallery

Pray the B.J. Away

After three decades on death row, Texas inmate Bower executed

Does anyone on DU know anyone inside the news media?

Looking for a DU critique of this food photo (it's not one of mine)...

National Guardsman gets life sentence in case linked to 're-homing'

Rise of the 'precariat,' the global scourge of precarious jobs

The Borowitz Report....

The Most Successful Creative People Constantly Say 'No'

KO: Sen. Ted Cruz Is The Worst Person In Sports - lots here especially for Joeybee

Missing link found between brain, immune system -- with profound disease implications

Iraq War focus for Lincoln Chafee campaign launch

Ted Cruz Mocks Joe Biden The Day Before He’s Burying His Son

Darth Vader? Dick Cheney likes the image

Senator Sanders opposing the invasion of Iraq

On now, Rita Hayworth as Gilda TCM!

Fed policy helping rich get richer: BlackRock pro

California Assembly Passes Measure To Ensure Consumers Don’t Face Costly Surprise Medical Bills

EU Set to Roll Over Sanctions on Russia, Officials Say

Twin Oaks park in Osceola closed after developer destroyed land

Ninth Circuit Rules Idaho’s Abortion Ban and Several Abortion Restrictions Unconstitutional

Ninth Circuit Rules Idaho’s Abortion Ban and Several Abortion Restrictions Unconstitutional

Ninth Circuit Rules Idaho’s Abortion Ban and Several Abortion Restrictions Unconstitutional

anybody buy or sell through Beepi?

German company fined for ship's oily discharge in Alaska

Had to bath my horse today

So the Pentagon has "lost" $8.5 trillion since 1996, what $8.5 trillion looks like

"Suffragette" to open this year's London film festival

"Suffragette" to open this year's London film festival


IMHO a bunch of hogwash.

Luckovich - NRA gone wild (Atlanta Airport Gun Stroking Lounge)

Greetings from Brownbackistan, where drastic tax cuts for wealthy individuals and

The top 10 books about the suffragettes

Several posters have said they have been alert stalked.

The top 10 books about the suffragettes

Twin Peaks Waco- What the Video Will Show (as soon as it is released)- Biker Witnesses's Perspective

Beyond Creationism, denial of evidence when it contradicts dogma or belief....

Looks like we need a new Democrats Group Lincoln Chafee

Estimations of the percentage of conservatives who would support a return to human slavery?

Yes, Bush helped create ISIS — and set up the Middle East for a generation of chaos

Dinner lady gets fired for giving free lunches to kids without money (Video)

Pipeline that spilled oil on California coast badly corroded

Dolphins Go Wild in Project to Free Captive Marine Mammals

Tonight, for kicks, I'm watching old episodes of the Colbert Report where Bernie was a guest

Move Over, Whole Foods: Costco Is the New King of Organic Groceries

"Our daughters daughters will adore us and they'll sing in grateful chorus


7 Things to Know About Hillary Clinton’s Newest Democratic Challenger

7 Things to Know About Hillary Clinton’s Newest Democratic Challenger

Santorum Puts His Foot in his Mouth AGAIN:

So there's this gem...

AP: Where they stand: Chafee on some issues of 2016 campaign

San Francisco archbishop blasts gender transitions as threat to faith

Squee Alert! Purrsonal Edition

and this man is a united states senator....

Can you host a Hillary for America staffer?

FDA Questions Risks of Drug to Boost Women’s Libido

What's the BEST reaction you ever got to telling someone "I love you?"

NC legislators Override Governor's Veto Of Ag-Gag bill

CNN: Democrats blast unions' pressure tactics on trade

CNN: Democrats blast unions' pressure tactics on trade

CNN: Democrats blast unions' pressure tactics on trade

No jail time for rebels: Colombia's FARC

Venezuela finds new front in attack on U.S. fracking: water

"America won't vote for a Socialist Jew"

In light of todays "Ted Cruz believes JFK ‘would be a Republican today’ thread...

Learning humility with thoughtful ignorance: living with doubt...

Huckabee downplays comments on transgender people

Venezuela seeks allies outside OPEC to steady oil prices

Fox News Review of Duggar's embarrassing interview

Dissenting socialists urge Venezuela to investigate corruption

Duggars Tell Megyn Kelly That Josh Duggar's Molestations Weren't All That Bad

The phone app challenging violence against women in a Mumbai slum

x-post: Gun violence is the real problem with our country and it's time for our politicians

The Conservatives (with the Insurers help) attack on affordable health care in MN is at it again.

It Would Be National Suicide To Elect Any Of These GOP Fools. Remember We Got Bush For 8 Yrs.

Louisiana Senate rejects push to give lawmakers special gun rights

Some of my private messages removed?

Albuquerque woman repeatedly raped and driven to Santa Fe, police say

Medellin’s former chief prosecutor sees prison sentence extended as more criminal ties are reveal

Retirement Crisis: 29 Percent of Older Americans Have No Savings, GAO Says

Arkansas pastor says Caitlyn Jenner is defying God but Josh Duggar can be forgiven

Lambda Legal Atty: Officials Who Defy SCOTUS Marriage Ruling Will 'Get Their Heads Handed To Them

Longview mayor issues proclamation in favor of LGBT event; hates it

Hillary Clinton sharpens tone, slams GOP 'leadership'

Rachel Maddow: 'Hillary Clinton Better not Underestimate Bernie Sanders'

Donna ISD superintendent kicked out of office despite court order

A fetus is NOT a BABY or a CHILD. Got that? Eleven things you will NEVER hear:

Texas Employees Have One Month to Apply for Disaster Assistance Money

Munchies - Which strains

LEGO Stoned Olympics

Jethro Bushitler has that same fucking smirk as his old bag beautiful minder and he's a lying son-of

Colombia's Congress eliminates presidential re-election

The Heimlich Gesture

Live-blogging the inevitably insane Duggar family interview with Megyn Kelly

Goodbye, 84th Texas Meh-gislature

Honduran President Admits Corrupt Campaign Funding

FBI Says Privacy Must Take Backseat To National Security In Online Fight Against ISIS

You! You're an average DUer.

Joeybee, set your DVR! Rob Gronkowski and His Brothers Set to Appear on "Family Feud"

Buenos Aires: rally against domestic violence

Honolulu Council overrides mayor's veto, expands sit-lie ban

India, US ink new defence framework accord

German company fined for ship's oily discharge in Alaska

Police: 7 kids from California boot camp had signs of abuse

UN chief orders external probe into child sex abuse claims

George W. Bush outpolls Barack Obama for first time

To Treat Depression, a New Approach Tries Training the Brain

Former vigilante leader runs for office in Mexican elections

New CNN/ORC poll... interesting results

Missing link found between brain, immune system

The traditional view of Israel is dying a slow death

Analysis: With Syria crumbling, Israel's security situation has never been better

Martin O'Malley at U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

No to segregated buses; yes to segregated courts

Israeli propaganda isn't fooling anyone – except Israelis

Mobile giant Orange seeking to join Israel boycott, CEO says

Some historical highlights relevant to Populist Reform, Part 1. American Exceptionalism

A study in contrasts (re: gay marriage)

Secret Aerial FBI Program Uncovered By 23-Year-Old independent citizien Journalist

A 'humbler' Rick Perry hopes 2016 bid goes better than first, expected to announce today

A 'humbler' Rick Perry hopes 2016 bid goes better than first, expected to announce today

Witness: Argument over game of beer pong led to death of 19-year-old Lacie LaRose

It would be nice if those musicians who were so dedicated

Federal Reserve policy helping rich get richer

*******Spring Photo Contest is Happening!*******

'It’s Time to Let Edward Snowden Come Home'

Argentine marches condemns domestic violence

Fifa crisis: Jack Warner says he fears for life and will reveal 'avalanche' of secrets

Texas' New Brand: Nutsoville

Banana killer on the march fuels risk of fruit’s next calamity

Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

H-E-B limits egg purchases

Fourteen arrests at California protest in support of childcare reforms

Has anyone here been to Paris lately?

Trickle Down Economics. How it really works.

Dallas lawyer makes a case for the term 'liberal'

Here's a useful timeline hint to media

Drink mas? Taco Bell to serve alcohol at Chicago location

This looks like fun, not!

The giants of neoliberalism go on pillaging unmolested

US Military Expansion in Africa Is About Domination and Exploitation, Not Humanitarian Concerns

November 1999.. Sanders on the repeal of Glass-Steagall

Daily Holidays - June 4

Japan's Future Farms

Denny Hastert is Contemptible, But His Indictment Exemplifies America’s Over-Criminalization

Democrats Wage a National Fight Over Voter Rules

At Least 73 Dead in Ghana After Explosion at Gas Station

California passes ambitious laws on emissions and energy efficiency

Terror prosecutors want Edward Snowden's name banned from trial

So Jeb the liar Bush will throw his hat in the ring

UMWA President Rallies Union in Fight to Save Coal Jobs

Ted Cruz, you're an asshole. That is all.

my favorite country? song...

In Search Of The Red Cross' $500 Million In Haiti Relief

Waiting for @GovWalker to arrive in Waukesha. He's taking questions from the press--a rare event--

Vietnam: Body Counts and America as Victim - Christian Appy on Reality Asserts Itself

North Carolina governor will sign bill for 72-hour wait for abortion

Did Miichelle Duggar screw up major big time in the interview?

All sides on edge as fighting intensifies in Ukraine

Pentagon admits dozens more labs sent potentially live anthrax

Ranchers defy U.S. in grazing parched Nevada lands, environmentalists say

Way To Hustle! After Six Years, Global Climate Fund Actually Has Enough Money To Start Projects!

On their wedding day, turned away by NC magistrates

It's official...Perry announces.

Why Susan was killed off on Seinfeld

WikiLeaks releases secret TISA docs: The more evil sibling of TTIP and TPP

The Sex Industry’s Attack on Feminists

Shocker: Blah, blah, blah. Jeb Bush to announce on June 15th, in Miami

Live-blogging the inevitably insane Duggar family interview with Megyn Kelly

$15 per hour by 2020 is not all that

Egypt court to retry Mubarak over murder charge

WI Abortion Bill Would Allow Men to Sue Abortion Doctors for Damages

Cruz super PAC claim: $37 million raised

Southcliffe on Netflix

Florida man arrested for dancing atop deputy's cruiser to scare vampires.

Ala. Senate votes to rename Edmund Pettus Bridge

Latest NYT/CBS poll: 55%-42% oppose fast track. Democrats in favor 63%-32%, R's opposed 72%-27%.

Subway joins companies dropping artificial ingredients

The Duggars: The real ‘bad guys’ are the people who blew our conspiracy of silence about our pervy..

'Exploitation of a Higher Kind': How the G7 is Fueling Corporate Dominion of Africa

Yemeni officials under ex-president Saleh 'worked with al-Qaeda'

Phoebe And Her Unicorn

Rick Perry just announced his candidacy and president Obama was like.....

Greece uncertainty drives stock markets lower

New York Today: Where Falcons Nest

I'm a gleefully ignorant, bigoted, white male republican

Tales of the Open System

The Richest One-Hundred Thousandth Of America, Defined

I’m a liberal professor, and I’m NOT afraid of students who question me.

Google Trends on O'Malley

Gawker Media votes to unionize

Ricketts (R-NEBR) defends right-to-work laws during congressional hearing

Rare Footage Of Gray Whale Mother And Two Calves Caught By Drone

"Próximamente 6.15.15."

Brownback May Empower Kris Kobach To Prosecute 'Voter Fraud' Cases Himself

A humbled Rick Perry is asking America for a second chance

The latest excuse for the Duggar family perversions...

I'm beginning to think Joe Biden should run for president again...

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Repubs are a gift to cartoonists

Honest question: Has any major presidential candidate ever announced while under felony indictment?

Thursday TOON Roundup 2 - Three letter agencies

It’s Time to Let Edward Snowden Come Home

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Another moran

Greenpeace releases confidential IAEA Fukushima accident report

Suicide and Pain: Research Explores Links to Suffering, Acceptance, Burden

TX, after the flood.....

Republicans are starting to worry about Sanders

Unlikely to happen but suprising: France and Germany propose radical eurozone integration

Wilmore To Huckabee After Transgender Joke: 'Go F*ck Yourself'

Jeb Bush promises everyone who registers to vote a FREE corn dog OR a "Bush 2016" fanny pack

Screening reduces risk of breast cancer death by 40 percent

Dr. Louise Richardson: U.S. Response to 9/11 Was 'Overreaction'

Teens who killed Pamela Smart's husband freed 25 years later

Gawker Media votes to unionize

Man Dumps Chocolate Chips on Lawn to Deter Dogs

Hillary Clinton to Speak at Latino Leaders Conference--HRC Room

"Hillary Clinton Cannot Afford to Lose Black Voters"

Ha Haa.. ColBeard Nation

COLBERT is going to do just fine. 1st promo video worth the 5 3/4 minutes, couple of out-loud laffs

WikiLeaks releases documents related to controversial US trade pact (TISA)

Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors in healthy bodies

US productivity fell in first quarter while labor costs up

Florida science teacher suspended for signal-jamming students’ cell phones

Farewell, My Lovely Cigarettes

Israel demolishes 30 agricultural structures in Jordan Valley

Deepak Chopra’s spirituality is even worse than religion (DAWIKSN TRIGGER ALERT!!!)

Duggar interview - I saw the first part. Observations.

Scott Walker: Enabling men, including rapists, to sue Doctors who perform abortions

The Hillary Disconnect

The Murdoch Effect and the Continuing Bankster Crime Wave

F******* robocalls!!!

They need a clown 747 .......

Rachel Maddow - Hillary Clinton heads to Texas to stress voting rights (and raise money)

Uncovered: Corporate Lobbying Funded by Your Tax Dollars-

blogging doesn’t pay the bills, but being a lunatic gets you between $8.9 and $27 million

Awesome PIC!

Will TPP force us to go metric?

Could the Possible Sale of Huffington Post to Right-Wing Company Affect Its Editorial Line?

Full Text of Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s Campaign Launch & what he said about Bush/Cheney

Hillary Clinton

Sen Warren calls out SEC's White; LAT's Hilzik agrees / DOJ & Goldman-Sachs

Did everyone see this great OP from Admiral Loinpresser entitled "OK, Bernie, I give up."

Rachel Maddow - Jeb Bush testing legal line on 'exploring' 2016 presidential run

Global Capitalist Crisis and the North American Free Trade Agreement: Reflections 21 Years On

Bizarre Extra Credit Assignment: Take Selfie with Parents' Sex Toys

White House’s secret weapon on trade: Nancy Pelosi

Obama vs. Bush

Junior Brown - My Wife Thinks You're Dead

Warren to SEC Chair: “Step Up” (Or Step Down)

New IRS data shows how little the 1% pay in taxes....

Public, some Dems cool on fast track; Boehner all in; China may join TPP

Poor GOP - Latest Pew Poll: Broad Public Support for Legal Status for Undocumented Immigrants

NYT’s New Propaganda on Syria

O'Malley addressed U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Baby moose killed after man finds it in woods

Is Populism Making a Comeback? What You Need to Know About Its History—And Its Future

Duggar Endorsements Disappear From Huckabee's Campaign Site

Dems tying force long-term hgwy fund before 7/31 deadline / full gov shutdown also possible

Brazen Florida Teen Exercises Right To Bare Arms, Loses National Honor Society Gig

How This Library Paid $1 To Install Its Solar Panels

Twin Cities: Eden Prairie Rail Stations Being Considered for Cuts

Fining People £1,000 for Being Homeless Is a New Low for London

IDEA: Regarding loyalty oath threads.

What Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Getting Right

What's wrong with the idea of later retirement age?

NASA having fun with naming stuff --

9 crazy things Rick Perry Believes

A small poll on our DU community with respect to preference - starting, or finishing.

Cuomo's Six New Port Authority Appointees: All White, Male, Bankers and Real Estate Titans

Rick Perry Announces He's Running For President In 2016 Because Why The Hell Not

Scott Walker’s Baffling War On Bikes

'Atheist of the year' tells of exit from fundamentalist Quiverfull movement

Repubs keep telling everyone how shocked they are about Hastert, but they really shouldn't be

Elderly man’s suit claims Apple store will ruin Upper East Side

NYC_SKP has been banned

MDOT looks to cut payments on idle rail cars, launch Detroit-Ann Arbor commuter line by 2019

Ex-Georgian President Saakashvili Plucked from Exile in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to Govern Odessa

To Keep Good Workers, Some Employers Are Trapping Them

Retail store SURVEY where you can win $1000 or $3000 or whatever, please read this.

San Francisco city officials vow to ride public transit for the next 22 days

Pic Of The Moment: Another Great Day For Republican Presidential Candidates

I will do something tonight I haven't done in years: watch playoff basketball

GOP uses specious arguments to attack Social Security

World's Largest Whoopee Cushion Does Not Impress Cat

The NSA is temporarily restarting bulk collection of call records

Lincoln Chafee goes big and bold

25 Myths About The Middle Ages You Probably Thought Were True

I guess it's time to decorate my truck again . . .

State budget cuts may lead to privatization of free public Fox well outside Fairbanks

Chomsky answers questions from Fallujah

Furze's Invention Show-Toasting Knife

Australian doctors told not to prescribe homeopathic items as 'they do nothing'

Hunting for Hackers, N.S.A. Secretly Expands Internet Spying at U.S. Border

Terror in Tumaco: Southwest Colombia city suffers multiple rebel attacks in 1 night

Man learns amazing lesson in irony after mocking Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘bravery’ in viral Facebook post

Kitten abuses St. Bernard - dog puts foot down

Is this real or photoshopped?

Win the Internet; Win the Presidency. Bernie Sanders is now President of the Internet

Man learns amazing lesson

19 Excuses and Counting: Every Excuse the Duggars Made for Their Son

CVS security racially profiles potential shoplifters: suit

New Snowden Documents Reveal Secret Memos Expanding Spying

Biz doesn't like Obama's reg they report past labor violations

Einstein's favorite philosopher........Goethe

As the rich become super-rich, they pay lower taxes.

Jeb Bush to officially announce presidential bid June 15 in Miami

Are there other liberal discussion boards out there?

Vandals poison puppy, scrawl hate message on church van

Novelist admits she was wrong to oppose Charlie Hebdo award

Yum, just YUM!

The pot effect on Denver's housing market


Reuters: Authorities unlikely to stop 2016 election fundraising free-for-all

Cruz apologizes for cracking Biden joke while VP mourns loss

“We are in a revolutionary moment”: Chris Hedges explains why an uprising is coming — and soon

Driver in fatal crash had similar accident

More than 60 pct of China's underground water rated unfit for human contact

Golden Gate Bridge tolls broadside tourists who rent cars

LaRaza Deputy: "O’Malley has stronger immig. position among Dems b/c it’s not just words. It’s deeds

Curious...has Joe Lieberman given any hints about running? nt

Pet Therapy for Hospice Patients

EPA says no evidence that fracking has 'widespread' impact on drinking water

Caitlyn Jenner and the perpetuation of ridiculous physical standards for women

Ark. senator said he might seek criminal charges against chief who released Duggar police report.

Operation Call Out

The Counted: People killed by police in the US

Re Quantum Leap

Cruz had to apologize before, Comparing his long speech to "Bataan Death March" 9/30/13

Pluto's moons tumble in chaotic dance

Elections with the threat of Grexit

Meals on Wheels Now Catering for Pets

Missouri Gov. Nixon vetoes right-to-work legislation

An interesting take on the recent SCOTUS vote about Abercrombie & Fitch

The American Dream is thriving -- just not in the U.S.

7 new teeny frogs found in Brazil / Ozzy & other celebs have species named after them

Call out the republicans!

Latest Update from Bernie Sanders: Iowa

HC supports GMOs and chemical Companies.

Sen Baldwin sent this about Walker and his stupid comment about rape victims..

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June. 4, 2015

Baltimore Police Commissioner Blames Crime Spike on Looted Drugs

Not complaining, just questioning: Longterm medication use makes most patients snappish

Who are the twins behind Rick Perry?

Grieving with comforter in chief Joe Biden

EPA Study of Fracking Finds 'No Widespread, Systemic' Pollution

Okay, what's with the two guys standing beside Rick Perry?

By 2020 50% Of Jobs Will Be "Task Rabbit", "Contingency, Or "Contract". Alternet.

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Falls to Lowest Level Since November

Rick Perry is running as a Democrat!

It's Official: The USA Freedom Act Is Just As Destructive As The USA Patriot Act

The Lawsuit Machine Going After Student Debtors; “This Is Robosigning 2.0”

Perry is making some kind of speech on CNN

Texas Bill Establishes Buillion Depository

OMG Rick Perry: I think I am gonna puke

Martin O’Malley Reacts to Seeing Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair Cover For the First Time

Why Hillary Can't Run on Her State Department Record

Teased, but undeterred: Boy grows out hair to donate to child in need

posting photos

Why You'll Like Clinton, Eventually

NoCo task force investigating if fatal Loveland shooting is linked to Windsor, I-25 cases

Salon: "What does 'centrism'really mean in Washington? It means corporatism."

If someone gives you an octopus in exchange for a favor

Report: A Republican Supreme Court Victory on Obamacare Could Backfire in 2016 Swing States

Netanyahu: France must condemn Orange pullout from Israel

New trial ordered in Chandra Levy murder case

Congress must come together to repeat what they did 50 years ago.

Game of Thrones - did Kit Harington just drop a big spoiler?

IDF strikes Gaza after at least two rockets fired toward southern Israel

IMF Downgrades Outlook For U.S. Economy, Urges Fed To Delay Rate Hike

The Duggar "parents" may have had 19 kids...

Neat email from PBO's science advisor

NYC_SKP has been banned

'Look ... It’s My Name on This': Obama Defends the Iran Nuclear Deal

Even my wife is aware of the political season.

Livestream: Hillary Clinton's voting rights speech at Texas Southern U (2:30 PM Eastern)

The number one priority of the GOP since Reagan

Martin O'Malley on Voting Rights

Martin O'Malley on Voting Rights

Portsmouth Police Recruitment Video

Today is Hug a Cat Day!

Squidget!!! 2 pounds of puppeh love....

Creative, insulting names?

You know what ALSO takes courage?

FINALLY, a chance to read the text of the TPP!

Just a thought

Anna Duggar Feels 'Devastated' And 'Trapped' After Josh Molestation Scandals Leaks

TONIGHT! Speak with Bernie Sanders on the Call

Memorial begins for Beau Biden

We, Bernie and the pendulum.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon vetoes right-to-work legislation

Islamic State Group Uses Iraq Dam To Reduce Water Supplied To Government-Held Areas

Martin O'Malley first candidate to commit to addressing immigration within first 100 days if elected

5 Reasons You Should Sleep With Your Dog

After Biden Joke Ted Cruz Announces Plan to Kick Baby in the Face

Police Confirm Pam Geller Was Initial Target Of Terror Plot

81 years ago

Habitats contracting as fish and coral flee equator

US Missiles To Counter Russia In Europe? Options Weighed After Alleged Nuclear Treaty Breach

Duggarland: Where White Christian Sex Offenders are OK, but not law-abiding Gay or Trans Persons.

Orange's Plan To Pull Out Of Israel Boosts Boycott Movement, Draws Sharp Netanyahu Rebuke

New Technology Could Put An End To Drunken Driving, Federal Officials Say

Has the whole world gone crazy?

Bernie Sanders: Sign the Petition!

OMG..have you guys seen the Repub. candidate's Pres. web sites?

Wall Street Journal Questions Fed Beige Book “Rosy” Take on “Recovery”

Appalachia gripped by hepatitis C epidemic, bracing for HIV

Global warming 'hiatus' never happened, NOAA scientists say

Bernie Sanders: We cannot continue to ignore the crisis of youth unemployment in America.

I'm not much of a fan of Lincoln Chafee,

Has anyone heard from SidDithers?

HRW: Jordan stranding hundreds of Syria refugees in desert

Govt. to privatize remaining 30% of stake in Royal Mail

The Cherry Picked Bible...

Activists Crash O'Malley Announcement: 'He Must Atone' For Zero Tolerance Policing

Rep. Alan Grayson: STOP FAST TRACK

The GOP Is Losing Voters — Time to Celebrate!

A story about an elderly Jewish lady and her Muslim neighbours who cared.

Carly Fiorina Tries To Ambush - Instead Gets Ambushed

Officer in Tamir Rice Case Was Accused of Choking and Beating a Woman


Jessica Luther On How The Cleveland Cavs Domestic Violence "Comedy" Video Was Not A Mistake

Hillary Clinton is about to speak about voting rights at Texas Southern U. Live online:

ALEC Trying To Slash Your Paycheck

Asshole Lindsey says Obama will cause a new 911...

Even Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow Thinks the Duggars Blew It

Albert Enistein quote on oligarchy...

Science publishes new NOAA analysis: Data show no recent slowdown in global warming

Wall Street Journal Questions Fed Beige Book “Rosy” Take on “Recovery”

"To Kill A Mockingbird" quiz

How One Pregnant Teen's Murder Sparked Protests Across Argentina Against 'Femicide'

War Machine to take ‘full responsibility’ for beating girlfriend as he seeks to have charges dropped

XPost from Environment & Energy: Evidence against a global warming hiatus?

Get your daily feed of great news!

Clinton calling for universal, automatic, voter registration....

The Three Most Magnificent Indigenous Groups In Latin America

Mexico’s pre-election violence claims fourth politician

Mexico’s pre-election violence claims fourth politician

Politifact report cards are out, who lies the least?

Trans Students Have Caused Zero Incidents in Bathrooms Nationwide

Jeopardy contestants completely stumped by Canadian cities category

Giant Magellan Telescope gets green light for construction

Giant Magellan Telescope gets green light for construction

Panama arrests ex-VP in graft probe

Panama arrests ex-VP in graft probe

This video seems like it has to be a hoax. It was on Fox and now going

Senate approves bill for private school vouchers

Just saw an ad for Walmart touting the wage raise for staff. Say your prayers for Walmart...they

Police in Peru launch dedicated patrol to rescue and rehome stray animals

Police in Peru launch dedicated patrol to rescue and rehome stray animals

Why is there a huge methane hotspot in the American Southwest?

Three Days on the Campaign Trail With Bernie Sanders

My daughter is looking for a new home for her pet,

O'Malley on keeping Maryland Safe

My daughter is looking for a new home for her pet,

Hillary "White House Wonder Woman" Coloring Book

Bernie Sanders: Let's Spend $5.5 Billion to Employ 1 Million Young People

Stand up for the right to vote For too many Americans, it is still too hard to vote.

Bad Boys: Cops Kill 400 People A Year

Margaret Lazarus Dean Mourns the Loss of the Space Shuttle

What is a good thing?

Where did the term "Republican clown car" come from?

Conservative Watchdog blame Chisholm- police video system crashed.

Glenda Ritz announces run for governor

Sarah Palin blows her top over Duggars coverage

Texas man guns down 19-year-old woman during argument over beer pong rules

Something much of DU doesn't seem to get about TPA and the TPP

Turkey and Syria: The War of Two Men against One

Fighting to Save Nature and Culture - Veterans for Peace

Hackers breach gov’t security, personnel agencies

How the US Helped ISIS---Recently Declassified Document Reveals

Science Suggests Bassists Are Far More Important Than Most People Realize

is rick perry running on the 'Vote For Me, I'm The Only Candidate Under Felony Indictment' platform?

Alaska state ferries may stop running due to budget turmoil

Greece moves closer to eurozone exit after delaying €300m repayment to IMF

For MIM. Talk about crowding the plate!

Hillary Clinton Calls For Automatic, Universal Voter Registration

Sanders Exaggerates Inequality

After that nasty crap against Biden, Ted Cruz should be deported to Canada

Senate Democrats are building a stellar 2016 recruiting class

Michael the Savage Weiner belongs in a rubber room...

Give Me Back My Job Again

California Lawmakers Advance Right-To-Die Bill

The alleged "Master's Degree in chemistry"

Honduras president admits his party skimmed funds

Honduras president admits his party skimmed funds

In concession to workers, Walmart will be adjusting thermostats, music and pants

Issues Polls Show “Overwhelming Support” For Hillary Clinton’s Policy Agenda

Audio book problem - did I just get bad books or am I not cut out for being read to?

Islamic State won the war today

California Senate approves assisted death law

The Arguments For the TPP and Fast-Track Keep Getting Weaker and More Far-Fetched

Domestic Spying Just Got A Hell of A Lot Creepier

Fiat Chrysler tells US it missed deadlines in 5 recalls

Terror cell targeted Pamela Geller

The natives are getting restless,

Fueled by Oil Creek- #2 in a series

Mourning the loss of the Space Shuttle "NASA's 40-year embarassment"

An ode to NYC_SKP

Coroner: Georgia jail death ruled homicide by blunt force

Fox gets 3.1 million viewers for Duggar interview

Planned Parenthood sues Arizona over new abortion law

Labeling of settler products on the horizon?

IMO, the candidates have to let us know they will pay attention to cyber attacks,

Clinton calls for 20 days of early voting in every state

Free Belmont Stakes PP's from Brisnet

N.I.: little girl receives 3D-printed nasal implant

Clinton names and shames Republicans for voting restrictions

This fight is for all of us.

Ruby Bridges

As the rich become super-rich, they pay lower taxes. For real.

A Special Kind of Stupid

Take it from someone who has actually read the "Freedom Act" and it's worse than you think.

US officials report massive data breach at federal human resources agency

Bill would ban noncompete clauses for low-wage workers

In announcing for president, Perry lets America see him sweat

Priceless meme seen on Facebook

Gandalf and Dumbledore to get married across from Westboro Baptist Church

Flash flooding damages homes, cuts off small Wyoming town

Here is Why I Will Vote for Hillary.

Is anyone else being INUNDATED by calls from the "IRS?"

"Never enough mirrors!" Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

Rand Paul Needs a Rich Friend to Make 2016 Happen

John Bowlen Told Police ‘This Is The Owner Of The Denver Broncos’ Before Arrest

Orange Is The New Black Season 3: 8 Reasons To Be Excited

06-04-15 FOOD PORN: Meatball Sandwich & Chicken Parm, Chicken Fried Steak coming later tonight.

Judge seals video of fatal Pennsylvania State Police ambush

Immigrant California lawyer finally gets green card

A humble CAPTIONer wishes to thank DUer's for your good wishes prior to surgery.

I was just watching coverage of the services for Beau Biden

Appeals court sides with tribes in fight over land decisions

In LBN: Appeals court sides with tribes in fight over land decisions

How do they know?

On measuring war and peace... a video which must be watched to tell the story.

Here comes the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Trump: I Know How To Defeat ISIS, But The White House ‘Clowns’ Haven’t Asked For My Foolproof Plan

Voting Rights Briefing

Head of New Jersey investment firms gets 10 years for fraud

A Rose

The Arguments For the TPP and Fast-Track Keep Getting Weaker and More Far-Fetched

If I ever get banned, please don't celebrate openly. That would be painful to read for sure.


Just thinking of my mum right now. I played this for her again and again in the last few months of

I am so jazzed! I am going to Europe

Per George Takei Facebook page:Nichelle Nicols rush to hospital.

6-4-15 But do you know where in the United States the minimum wage started? IN 2:00

The Insidious Marketing of the BDS Campaign

Suicide Rates in Kentucky has always been pretty high

6-4-15 But do you know where in the United States the minimum wage started? IN 2:00

6-4-15 But do you know where in the United States the minimum wage started? IN 2:00

Pop quiz: Which of the following forms of ID can you use to vote in Texas?

Thank you for what you do

Argentina’s President Met with Edward Snowden in Moscow, Report Says

Skinner, Earl G... I hope you will keep my post to you Private:

Nebraska Republican posts beheaded woman on Facebook to rally support for death penalty

'Star Trek' Actress Nichelle Nichols Recovering From Minor Stroke

Transgender flag waving at Philadelphia City Hall.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Earthlings or...?

video of lying-in ceremony for Beau Biden