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Simon Winston, a rich republican is running for Congress!

North Dakota Oil Bust Shatters, Shifts Dreams Of Transplants

Bucket of sloths

Pentagon admits it is 'looking to accelerate' cyber-attacks against Isis

Feel free to share.

I Found One of Hillary Clinton's Paid Goldman Sachs Speeches

Just disgusting

Poll: Bernie Sanders Overtakes Hillary Clinton in Oklahoma

New York Judge To Decide If Senator Ted Cruz Is American

Clicked on MSNBC briefly during 3 - 4 hour, Pacific time.

Win or Lose, I've got another $27 ready to send Bernie Sanders tomorrow.

New York City's plan to mandate salt warnings at fast food chains put on hold

You think if Trump

Robert Reich: An Open Letter to the Republican Establishment

Very disturbed. A few months ago I had to take an ambulance ride to the ER

ADAPT: Disability Activist Addresses Bernie Sanders Rally in Chicago

UPDATE re: Bernie raising $40,000,000 by midnight tonight

Judge: Convicts Must Pay Hit-and-Run Victim's Heirs $840,000

GOP Delegate Rules Are Helping Trump

How the Republican Elite Created Frankentrump

Rubio's PACs and the ReTHUG establishment are running lots of ads

Iranian President and Moderates Appear to Make Strong Gains in Elections

Gamming out just how screwed the GOP is, no matter who wins the nomination

This Is A Rustic Shipping Container Home With Style And Class!

Check out - lots of fun, smile.

Can Donald Trump capture any Democratic votes in a general election?

Is The Media Tide Finally Turning Against The GOP's Radical Supreme Court Obstruction?

Massachusetts is feeling the Bern (pics)

Canada moves a step closer to ratifying 'gold-plated' trade deal with EU

DC Lobbyists ReadyTo Raise Cash For Hillary's Victory Fund Starting 3/21/16

$40 million dollar goal met hours before deadline!

Sanders Supporters Trolling Elizabeth Warren To Get Her Endorsement

There was a school shooting in

Folks Before Kochs

Bernie blew into Minneapolis this morning for

Cornel West lashes out at civil rights icons after Bernie Sanders suffers resounding South Carolina


Kentucky student’s portrait comparing KKK to police shakes school distric

In this thread I'll explain why Hillary Clinton is against free college education in 15 seconds.

Bernie Sanders LIVE in Milton, Massachusetts

New Emerson MA Poll: Clinton 54% (+8) Sanders 43% (-3)

Dick Cheney Edited ‘Independent’ Rockefeller Report

Emerson Poll: Hillary opens up 42% lead in Texas, 11% lead in Massachusetts.

Emerson Poll: Hillary opens up 42% lead in Texas, 11% lead in Massachusetts.

New Emerson MA Poll: Clinton 54% (+8) Sanders 43% (-3)

An interesting comment about Citizens United from the American Camp Association Speech (HRC GROUP)

An analysis of the Slick Salesman Language of Trump

Bernie Sanders just blew past $40 million in small donations for February.

Somebody has a superpredator problem!!!

Republican Climate Change Denialism – Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

Our Presidential Election & The Rest of the World.

Newsweek: The Bad News for Clinton Out of South Carolina

Sanders reaches $40 mil goal - new goal is $45 mil by midnight nt

My daughter wants to know where she can obtain yard signs in Franklin or Fairfield County.

Just sent $100 more to Bernie, and a message to stay in the race no mater what. Till the convention!

Emails Reveal: Hillary Clinton LIED About Opposing Colombian Free Trade Deal ...

More info on the Sanders' networth and income

Amazing Volcano image

Yeah, the Secret Service can't stop a guy with a knife from entering the Obama WH

Looks like Oklahoma is the swing state now

I'm Sorry

Bernie contributions now at $41,451,963 New Goal $45,000,000!!

Philosoraptor ponders today's Clinton email release.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump lead in Virginia ahead of Super Tuesday

New Yorker: What Hillary Clintons's Huge Win in SC Means

Anthropocene Examined

whoa, who is this?

Cruz Clings To Narrow Lead In Texas (Trump now within margin for error)

You Beautiful Berniecrats! 610K hits the Ticker in 2 minutes

NASCAR CEO Brian France, some drivers endorse Donald Trump for president

A few quotes on education from some reading

Brotherly Love: A touching interview with Bernie's Older Brother

Why did my explanation of why HRC is against free education stop getting comments in 5 minutes?

I think Bernie *might* win Oklahoma

The ugly Donald Trump........

I know DU has a way to contribute to each primary candidate

Amid Trump surge, nearly 20,000 Mass. voters quit Democratic party

Global Presidential Primary

Hillary Clinton Visits Western Mass on Eve of Primary

Don't you have a contribution page for the primary candidates?

Charlie Pierce nails it again.

We know exactly who Hillary would put on the Supreme Court...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Spotlight! & a new Kitteh gif

BTRTN Super Tuesday Predictions (Perfect Thus Far)...and More

Union group says Tesla unfairly hiring non-Nevada workers

Union group says Tesla unfairly hiring non-Nevada workers

As of 9:02 p.m. up to $41,712,387 nt

Bernie Who? Hillary’s Been There For LGBT

Union group says Tesla unfairly hiring non-Nevada workers

No one and nothing can spin

New Georgia poll: Hillary 70, Bernie 23

Totals for attendees at Sanders events vs. totals for Hillary events?

Hell No, You May Not Use My Song!

Trump never learned this lesson...and never will...

5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Supporters Should Be Hopeful Going into Super Tuesday

I need some assistance in making a donation

Failed Democratic Leadership

DU gets a vote. 1.

Bill O’Reilly Loses Custody of Kids in Unanimous Court Ruling

Now they are just mean.

Elizabeth Warren it's not too late to endorse Bernie

9/11 Hijackers were CIA Agents - Don't Believe it? WATCH THIS

Kevin Alexander Gray talks about why turnout in SC was so low - it wasn't only becuz of Bernie not

Bernie Sanders picks up Detroit endorsements

Supreme Court Refuses To Take Up Case Challenging The Cleanup Of The Chesapeake Bay.

Sen. Sanders in Mass with a sign-waving crowd of 3,600 people.

GOTV 2016~ Hillary

How we lost the ability to have any more New Deals

People don't seem to think about things: if Warren endorses, it will be Clinton


Tulsi Gabbard about to appear on Maddow

*Tulsi Gabbard on Rachel Show NOW.

An Idea One of Our Organizers had

Seriously Sanders Supporters, Why Would Warren Endorse Bernie, Anyway?

**FALSE ELECTION NEWS** Showing up on FaceBook and elsewhere

Hillary asks if email on her server is classified; if not, send to NY Times. What if it were?!

Just need to thank this group for being a light of sanity and hope in a sea of DNC despair.

Trojan Horse In Clinton's Pledge to "Enhance" Social Security: Conservative Means Testing

Poll: Clinton widens lead over Sanders nationally

My friend's movie has been written up in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

VP chatter turns to Tom Perez, a pick that could help Clinton with progressives

Next Concorde? Nasa kickstarts 'Quesst' for new supersonic passenger jet

Megyn Kelly just raked Hickabee over the coals for defending Trump

"Do you still think you can control them?"

Help Repair JJ's Jaw (so he can be pain free again)


Students removed from Trump rally in Georgia

GOP senator to seek 'third candidate' if Trump is nominee

Do you guys get a captcha page on

CORRECTION: $42,098.646

How Clinton supporters can help elect Bernie

Why such a fuss over Wall Street Speeches and not over these?

Chelsea Clinton rallies support for her mother in Minnesota

GOP Governors Hold Emergency Call to Discuss Trump

Trump is a symptom, not the disease

"I Hate Seeing What It (KKK) Represents"

Brand New Music Video for Bernie

State Dept. To Release Final Batch Of Clinton Emails With None Marked ‘Top Secret’

Dick Van Dyke endorses Bernie Sanders.

Perception of Your Candidate on Honesty & Sincerity

Report: Elway Supremo privately preparing to part ways with Peyton Manning

To set the mood for tomorrow: this is the 40th anniversary of Henry Mancini's "Decision" theme...

FDA found health problems and fraud at cheese co., while PA. inspector found a job with them


How can a youtube video and/or link be posted on Democratic Underground?

Trump Derailed by Obama’s Endorsement


Woman As President Won't Differ Much Than A Man

New Oklahoma Poll--HRC up by 9

I am very disappointed by what I just heard!

Must See! Bernie Sanders discussion with Killer Mike

$42,124,925 nt

The Hill: Sanders raises more than $5 million in single-day push

"Greatest Threads"

New Democrats, The DLC and the Third Way

Former Disney IT workers blast Rubio for his support of H1B visa program


Must See! Bernie Sanders talking to Cornel West, Killer Mike and Nina Turner About M.L.K.

Super Tuesday near-sweep predicted for Hillary Clinton.

Kos message

Eugene Robinson: The GOP race has become an embarrassing reality-television show

30 black students reportedly removed from a Trump rally before it even started

The Hill:Lynch: No 'artificial deadline' on Clinton email probe


The Ignorance About the Handling of Classified Material On DU Is Appalling

("drown the bunnies") Mount St. Mary's University president Simon Newman resigns

I am very curious (Hillary Clinton Group)


The puppies have arrived! With picture

Bernie's count is up to $42,179, 656!!

Lee Fang (@lhfang): E-mail about Hillary initiative to promote American fracking globally

(With Super Tuesday basically behind her), Clinton is thinking about a likely matchup with Trump


Voted early today. Only saw Trump supporters outside.


I'm curious: does Michelle Alexander have an opinion on whether Clinton deserves the black vote?

Bernie Sanders: The President we Need.

Why do Clinton & company always scream loudest about the exact things they are most guilty of?


Bernie can win the nomination with 41% of the pledged delegates

Before You Vote For Hillary Clinton, Lets Take A Look Back!


Here is what I was doing on Sunday:

My favorite ad of this primary season

Meet State Supreme Court Candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg at the Menomonie Public Library

Drumpf Throws A Tantrum And Threatens To Run Third Party Because Marco Rubio Is Mean

Huh... the tea leaves on the latest CNN poll

Love how many of my favorite people endorse Bernie... here's another one...


are you guys ever going to answer questions again?

Drumpf To U.S. Autoworkers: To Keep Your Job, You Must Accept Mexican Wages

What's the best example of folks who threw the nastiest dirt in the primaries...

Huge protest march in Moscow on anniversary of the murder of Putin's opponent, Nemstov

Politico (yeah, yeah) reporting that Warren won't endorse as she expects to be peacemaker for the GE



Bernie's plan: Get 'em with the numbers


Mark my words: it will be Clinton/Warren in 2016

The Koch Brothers have been creepily quiet in this primary...

Dear White Progressives, "", Regards, A Black Woman

Dear White Progressives, "", Regards, A Black Woman

Happy Super Tuesday! Just heard that my aunt is ready to caucus in Colorado!

Do you believe corporations and Wall St have too much power?

Dear White Progressives, "", Regards, A Black Woman

Some people are just not cut out to be parents...


Black students thrown out of Trump rally for being black. Seriously


Did Obama Just Make It Kosher To Boycott Settlements?

Great article from Madeleine M. Kunin, First Female Governor of Vermont

Jesse Ventura says he will run for President if Sanders loses the primary

Stoat Hypnotizes Rabbit

The race to watch tomorrow is Oklahoma

Super Tuesday gifs add your favorites

Trump Orwellian Pre Rally Announement on Protesters

Zika is expected to infect 1 in 5 Puerto Ricans, raising threat to rest of U.S.

Full Video of Secret Service attack on reporter at Trump rally:

Sen. Durbin calls Abbott Labs' IT layoffs 'harsh and insensitive’

Wait... do people here actually think Sanders or Warren *feel* the way they do about HRC?

Would you trust Hillary to keep us out of a war with Russia, and/or WWIII?

Who'd be more harmful in the White House - a buffoonish loose cannon, or

Would you trust Hillary to not hand over more and more American sovereignty to big corporations?

Pete Santilli Earns Release, But Will Stay In Jail For Now

*IF* tomorrow goes really well, just remember (HILLARY GROUP)

Bryant's proclamation questioned (MS)

Bill an overreach in protection of memorials (VA)

Youtube is CRAZY


Here's a plan for your vote that should suit everyone

Want some really good Oklahoma news to help you sleep tonight?

When a State Song Is a Confederate Battle Cry (MD)

30 dogs are rescued from a South Korean meat farm and brought to San Diego

Bernie is coming back!

Bernie Sanders & Killer Mike Interview With The Breakfast Club! Allocating Money And Jobs

Number of Days Since Hillary Clinton Held A Press Conference: 87

Bernie Sanders -Listening to Flint, Michigan

Greg Palast:Rubio's Billionaire wins ransom

There is only one thing that can bring the republicans back together

CDC: Half of Gay Black Men Will Get HIV

Thousands of Peruvians Protest Against Water Privatization

TYT: Prominent Black Activists Want To Set The Record Straight On Hillary Clinton

The DNC is so in the tank for Hillary that...

The amazing times we live in

Can we just cut the crap and make Morgan Freeman president?

I have a feeling Hillary will sweep all states, except one...n/t

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 1, 2016

Travis County judge Kocurek returns to bench after recovering from November shooting

Don't vote for politicians who take money from banks!

TYT: Bernie Starts To Take The Gloves Off

A message to the Boomer generation from your grandchildren

Protesters interrupt Cruz at rally in Houston

Bernie Sanders: Don't go for 'half loaf' policies

The Latest: Hometown Protesters Interrupt Cruz In Houston

Sanders up to $42,881,526 for February right now!

Hillary-phobes: Could Clinton Do Anything Right in Your Eyes?

Gavin Newsom Trashes Donald Trump Again: ‘His Immigration Plan Is a Loser’

Bernie Sanders: The People's Revolution Music Video

Some Of Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments. Credit: facebooks Go Left page.

So, Jesse Jackson is leaving Bernie high and dry...

Top five things I trust more than Hillary...

Fake New York Times Article Claims Elizabeth Warren Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Will you keep ignoring the destruction of DU via malicious alerts & the perversion of jury service?

Is Hillary a character?

Man arrested after witnesses say gunman shouted "F*** the ni**ers!" and fired shot at crowded campai

Ventura will run if Sanders not nominee.

Amid Trump Surge 20k Dems quit party in Massachusetts.

Hillary gets another Super Delegate in Texas!

Would "from each according to her abilitites, to each according to her needs"...

VP chatter turns to Tom Perez, a pick that could help Clinton with progressives

Name 3 strengths of Clinton and Sanders.

Daily Holidays - March 1

Charles Pierce: Remember: Scalia Was a Corporate Life Raft Who Hated Science

Sanders Hits Rivals on Climate, Declares Opposition to Enbridge Pipelines

'Incredibly Creepy' Billboards to Track Behavior of Passers-By

TPP - "This trade deal is not about trade. It's about the transfer of power from people to

To the Good Old Girls: Working Class Women Matter on Super Tuesday

Gay Tech Executive: Why We're Leaving Georgia

Three Muslims Gunned Down in Indiana, US Media Shrugs

Study: Prevailing wages don’t increase costs

The remarkably different answers men and women give when asked who’s the smartest in the class

The difference betweent he Congressional Black Caucus PAC and--

Pat Buchanan comes out for Trump - sort of

Does The Constitution Protect Your Right To Vote? It May Depend On Your Address.

Bernie Vows To Stay In It Until all 50 States Have Voted And On To The Convention.

Hillary Backs New Allied War in Libya

Dow Settlement Signals Impact of Scalia Death on Class Actions

Bernie is running for president, not the "Berniebros"

Eight Memorable Passages From Apple's Fiery Response to the FBI

Juan Cole" Iran Election Results Show That When US Rewards Pragmatists, They Win

Who Keeps Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Flowing to For-Profit Colleges? These Guys

Italian politician copies Donald Trump's style

Sander’s “Crazy” Ideas: Most of Which Other Developed Nations Have Already Implemented

TPP graphic: spread it around

The Rape of East Timor: "Sounds Like Fun"

America Has Locked Up So Many Black People It Has Warped Our Sense of Reality

I am looking forward to today (Super Tuesday)

World Incarceration Rates If Every U.S. State Were A Country

What do you think Elizabeth Warren should do?

Bernie Sanders says he would like Joseph Stiglitz and Robert Reich in a Sanders Administration

The Philanthropic Hypocrisy of Eli Broad, Billionaire and Leading Education Reformer

HELP BERNIE TODAY EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE AN HOUR! Yes, we can still volunteer last-minute.

Sanders faces stiff competition on Clinton's home turf in Arkansas

Footage of possible meteor in Scotland

Iowa gun law screams ignorance

in all the discussion about low Dem turnout...and all the whys and wherefores...

February final numbers ---------------> $43,032,201!

Our trigger-happy generation

"When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in an American flag."

Hillary Clinton is once again the candidate most liked by Democrats. [Gallup]

The Irrefutable Analytics on Why it Will Be Clinton Vs. Trump After Today

For Hillary Clinton......

How a Democratic Socialist (I) handed Hillary the presidency and saved the world from Trump

Mike Malloy - Bernie Sanders From The Eyes Of A Child

Mike Malloy - Lindsey Graham: GOP Has Gone "Batshit Crazy"

Mummified body of German man found -WARNING: link contains a graphic image

Supreme Court Candidate Rick Green Struggling to Repay Government Loan

Bernie button

poll closing times for SuperTuesday --Eastern Time....

Doc Holliday explains the average Trump voter...they just need revenge for being born.

Look familiar? Today's Non Sequitur

Over $63,000,000 in 60 day means Bernie will keep going no mater what the south says today

I have $11.00 in my wallet. Ten of it will go into the Bernie pot at voting headquarters today.

Mike Malloy - A Moment With Bob: Doubling Down on the Crazy

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly loses custody of his children after alleged domestic violence incident

Songwriter suggests you add your own lyrics to the song he wrote for Bernie

History of Super Tuesday Explained

Apple, FBI to face off at House hearing on encryption

History of Super Tuesday Explained

History of Super Tuesday Explained

Why Republican Turnout Is Trumping Democrats

Today - "You're gonna hear me roar!" (Hillary Group)

Thanks for nothing, Elizabeth Warren: How the Democratic Party’s rock star missed her chance....

The Democratic Contests Number of delegates at stake.

Today is the day!

Der Drumpfenfuhrer has a new Goebbels

For 4th day, shaky cease-fire calms Syrian skies

Let’s all laugh at the GOP’s “Mitt Romney will save us” plan

Scientists probe Zika’s link to neurological disorder

National poll: Clinton, Sanders both top Trump

Elizabeth Warren Highlights Key Weakness in Clinton's Wall Street Donation Defense

Today is the Day!

Sanders raises over $5.7m in one day

Now I understand the relationship between the Clintons and South Carolinians

Who are the rising Democratic stars

Jesse Ventura: I’ll Run for President if Bernie Sanders Loses

Another old Armadillo gone. R.I.P. Henry Gonzalez

Here's one reason why Bernie is losing.

Green Party’s Stein Predicts DNC Will Sabotage Sanders, Try to Reabsorb Supporters

Weaver not saing if will win states--talks of picking up 'substanstial' number of

What Bernie Did In February Beats Any Single Month in Obama's 2008 fundraising campaign

We can laugh at Trump, but

Can't believe I just saw this thread on DU

Just A Little Bit Of Love

Scrambled Race to Replace U.S. Rep. Ruben Hinojosa

Wall Street Tuesday

looking good in southampton county va

American Samoa Up First! (Hillary Clinton Group)

February 29, 2016 | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Super Tuesday: Caucusing in Colorado

somebody tell me pls - about the Secret Service ejecting people from trump rallies

I just heard on BBC international that one third of working women in Japan

Bernie Sanders Commitment to "Indian Country"

Oklahoma Clinton 40, Sanders 31 Clinton +9

Excellent delegate tracking tool

Democracy and Decentralization: UK Labour Leaders Reframe Socialism for the 21st Century

"Do you have any thoughts about Donald Trump?"

538: Super Guide to Super Tuesday

Miami’s Epic Condo Boom Turns into Glut

Proud to be able to cast a vote today for Bernie

Before today culminates people need to understand the why

CNN: Clinton tops Trump 52% to 44% among registered voters.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse--a Lincoln Republican of the old school?

rnc 2016

Mic catches Trump humiliating Christie

Super Tuesday Predictions Point to Trump, Clinton Rout

Just got back from voting!

Why is Trump lying about Duke and the KKK?

A Senate Candidate Spills The Beans: Running A Positive Campaign Is For Suckers..Huff Post

This is one thing I know to be true

Brietbart leads Trump's army of hate.

it looks as of now like it will be Hilary vs trump

“It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

The Cement Life Raft - Prof. Elizabeth Warren briefs First Lady Clinton on Bankruptcy Bill

CBS Chief Les Moonves Says Trump's 'Damn Good' For Business

TRUMP, a huge palace - with NO books but those he had written himself.....

So has Hillary declared victory yet?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Not so Super Tuesday


Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Don and The Klan

DC Streetcar begins operations, no Sunday service

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

This old

2016 March Meme Madness - Score Update 3/1/2016 AM

Lincoln on the Know Nothing Party

Two Masters - Citizens United - Bernie Sanders

Researchers find effective recipe for slowing deforestation

Portable laboratory will gather critical Arctic climate data

Marjorie Cohn: Occupy Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches

Two Masters - Citizens United - Bernie Sanders

Obama to the Rescue: He will "GLEEFULLY Portray Trump As Incapable Of Handing The Duties" of POTUS

Two Masters - Citizens United - Bernie Sanders

Climate change, dams, deforestation a vicious cycle for Amazon rivers, lakes

Georgia man awarded $64M after being beaten by employees at a personal care home

Magnetism from underwater power cables doesn’t deter sea life

Louis Farrakhan Joins List Of Extremists Praising Donald Trump

Majorities of Democrats, Independents, and Republican Support Israel in New Poll

Super Tuesday: Can Hillary Clinton Deal a Fatal Blow to Bernie Sanders?

Violins, anyone?

Turn out the vote for Bernie today, y'all!

Voted this morning in No Va at 8. Was vote 126 on the Democratic side. Only 58 votes on the GOP.

Voted this morning in No Va at 8. Was vote 126 on the Democratic side. Only 58 votes on the GOP.

First Results! New Zealand expats have voted

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton is a bigger threat to world peace than the Pentagon

I live in Denmark. Bernie Sanders’s Nordic dream is worth fighting for, even if he loses

BREAKING: Bernie beats all 3 remaining GOP candidates, hillary loses to 2 out of 3!!!

US court dismisses Venezuela suit against currency tracker

First wave of Oklahoma entrance/exit polls and they look encouraging for Secretary Clinton

African-American students tossed from Trump rally were guilty of showing up and being black

The endorsements just keep coming for Mr. Trump

Why Super Tuesday May Be Super For Hillary Clinton

Trump Ejects 30 Black Students From His Rally For No Reason The Ugly Trump

I haven't posted here in over a week, and will post here less frequently, but a lot of my

Bernie Sanders: 'After a lot of thought, I voted for me'

Latest CNN Poll Shows Bernie doing much better than Clinton aganst any Republican candidate

No matter what happens today, things are going to get better for Bernie. Why?

Hey Bernie Supporters: We've been referred to by Hillary supporters as VANQUISHED FOES.

Blue In A Red State - Justin Krebs Discusses His New Book Part One

Citizens For A "Tameable" Hitler

NJ Senate panel advances bill requiring 80% renewable energy (80% renewable electricity by 2050)

"My first day in office and DU is gone, baby, gone!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Gawker: How We Fooled Donald Trump Into Retweeting Benito Mussolini

How Sanders, Warren or I *feel* about Hillary is irrelevent

RNC rewriting rules in July to "unbind" delegates.

Vladimir Putin, Godfather of Kurdistan?

LOL. 48% of Republicans wouldnt vote for Trump if he's the nominee.

Internal doc: "Trump Univ" instructs recruiters how to pressure students to go into debt to enroll

What Happens When the Elites Collapse in Both Parties?

Morning Joe: "I Didn't Do It"

Anecdotal Voter Turnout Report - Important Purple State

There will be many epic contests today, but the most important one will be

MA Primary - Voters Check-In!

Hillary Clinton’s shameful charge to a children’s charity

Fox crew laughing at Palin off air; not aired:

Hillary's newfound disdain for single payer

What Donald Trump Finds Out When He Researches the KKK

Americans Support Israel Over Palestinians by more than 4:1

It wasn't the Secret Service who booted black students.

Bernie Sanders is that candidate that can win in November above all others.

Rep Tulsi Gabbard Slams Clinton’s Failed Foreign Policy Record

Things that were impossible

National poll: Clinton, Sanders both top Trump

TRUMP: He is to American politics what Martin Shkreli is to Big Pharma.

College president resigns after "drown the bunnies" comment

Proudly went and voted for Bernie this morning.

OK Exit Polls (Hillary Clinton Group)

ROFLMAO, The Purge 3: Election Year - perfect for this election cycle

Students at Calif. school allowed to display anti-gay stickers

Sanders - enjoys the most positive favorable rating,tops all 3

Agree or disagree: time for us here in the HRC group to follow Clinton's lead and pivot to the GE

Black Feminists Don’t Owe Hillary Clinton Their Support

Went to the Super Bloom in Death Valley This Weekend...a Few Photos

7-Year-Old Black Boy In Alabama Sent Home For "Part In His Hair" Despite Being On Honor Roll

Lot of that crazee going around.

Paul Ryan just spoke out about white supremacy.

People Are Committing Hate Crimes With Their Votes.

"Trump and America’s sewer politics: A campaign beyond embarrassment"...FOX political contributor.

A bit of geek speculation on the latest Dawn of Justice clip

Quite a nugget on the wire this morning:

A monitor deal I found

Sounds like Speaker Ryan needs a refresher on what his party has been doing:

Monsanto Given Legal Shield in a Chemical Safety Bill

Ex-UK diplomat Craig Murray:End This British Atrocity (ethnic cleansing of Diego Garcia for US base)

Some downsizing has already begun, I see, and E Warren gets tossed overboard (Hillary Group)

30 years on, Norway’s radioactive reindeer are a stark reminder of Chernobyl legacy

Lifting the Veil.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Do we know where both candidates will be tonight? (CLINTON GROUP)

Comedian Katt Williams arrested in Georgia

Bernie will be in Lawrence Kansas this Thursday.

Pay Day! Just donated $27 to my candidate!

Students in Indiana, Iowa taunt Latinos with Trump-themed insults during basketball games...


Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! Happy St. David's Day!

The DNC does not send out sample ballots with

USDA Justifies Scientific Suppresion as Its Policy

Report: Bart Starr was brutal victim of hazing at Alabama

New Hampshire Politicians find reason society may collapse - exposed boobs

CNN: Sanders tops Trump 55% to 43% among registered voters

DU is making me sad.

The Daily 202: Why Donald Trump’s support keeps expanding

"What's he going to do with all that power and money?"

Salon Throws Elizabeth Warren Under the Bus

"Bernie Walks the Walk for Workers, Won Wellstone Award

That's the problem with his holier-than-thou attitude.

a fun local article w map of donors in chicago.

Rep Tulsi Gabbard Slams Clinton's Failed Foreign Policy Record

Inside the Clinton Team’s Plan to Defeat Donald Trump

The 2020s Could Be the Decade When Electric Cars Take Over

New Florida Poll (Univ of N Florida): Clinton 54 - Sanders 24 - Undecided 22

I have donated to both Clinton and Sanders, and am torn

Welcome to Donald Trumps America

The West Wing election day joke

Strong endorsement for Bernie from war weary veteran

Need some car advice

Kinky Friedman: "I want to see a Jew in the White House."

Why Is Bernie The ONLY Candidate Discussing Environmental Issues?

When 1/4 beat out 1/3

Stephen Colbert's still got it.

Trump is only a reserve of the establishment

WSJ: “it would be terrible to think the left was right about the right”

Top UN Advisor/Columbia U. Earth Inst: Hillary A Danger to World Peace, Liar, Unfit for Presidency

I hope everyone is well, I will not be as frequent of a poster as I have been, but I wish

Dump Hillary, and Dump Her Fast: The Dem Establishment on Suicide Mission, Will End with Trump

Ex-CIA director to Trump: 'Bring your own bucket' if you want to waterboard

Feel The Bern Song #4257

Pa. Atheist May Sue Over Dismissal From ‘Christian’ Firm

interesting, Sanders actually has a shot at this LOL

America’s Methane Crisis Just Got Worse

To my fellow Hillary Clinton Supporters

Bernie Sanders Just Shattered Fundraisiing Records To Fund the Political Revolution

This is what we (The American People) are up against

Charles Pierce on what SUPERTUESDAY means for the Republican Party:

It's not just Bernie that the msm ignores. It's Hillary too.

"We Must & Can Aim High": Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich on Endorsing Bernie Sanders

DNC Chair Joins GOP Attack On Elizabeth Warren's Agency

Pic Of The Moment: Super Tuesday Shaping Up To Be Not So Super For The Republican Party

Have We Been Playing Gershwin Wrong for 70 Years?

3/1: Incredible! All Polls: Bernie Sanders Is WAY Ahead of GOP Candidates in GE!

NRA's Latest - Pocket Pooch Large Caliber

The Problem With Free College

Have We Been Playing Gershwin Wrong for 70 Years?

The reason I think Bernie is being kept out of media coverage actually goes back 20+ years

Will Louisiana Be the First Red State to Legalize Weed?

D.W. Shultz Joins Predatory Lenders' attacking Eliz. Warren & her Consumer Protection Bureau. Clinton: 291 Trump: 247


DNC Chair Joins GOP Attack On Elizabeth Warren's Agency

1.4 million individuals have invested in Bernie this Feb. alone more investors than...

Hillary's speeches to Goldman Sachs give them a nice bit of leverage on her.

Hill's Group: Rep. Joaquin Castro: Hillary Clinton’s Vision for America Is About Inclusion

Americans in New Zealand voted for Bernie in the primary for U.S. citizens living abroad.

Feb 29 Hillary Clinton draws overflow crowd in Boston as she climbs in Massachusetts polls

When I'm Mobile

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-29-16 March goal is set

Hill's Group: Will gay men deliver for Hillary Clinton on Super Tuesday?

Email from Human Rights Campaign

Tulsi Gabbard may not be entirely helpful for the Sanders campaign.

If your preferred candidate does not get the nomination, do you expect to vote in November

Who do you think Bernie would vote for?

More Samoas for us!!!

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 2-29-16

Hillary Clinton *is* the globalists' end-game candidate

NOW he tells us! (Trump is possessed by demons!)

The worst part about this big shindig of conspiracy theorists?

Here is the Super Tuesday math:

Robert Reich’s sobering message for wealthy elites: You’ll soon be poor if you keep screwing over


To everyone in a primary state, Vote.

Fake Website Tricks Thousands Into Believing Elizabeth Warren Endorsed Bernie Sanders

The neglected Israeli-Palestinian peace process must be revived

Leave this right here....

Is Bernie to the left of Hillary on everything

Just voted for Bernie in Georgia!

Hillary Clinton to Speak at BET's Leading Women Defined Summit March 1, Florida

Let me say I am one of the fortunate ones:

Actor George Kennedy has died

Prayers for Hillary

I just cast what will be one of the proudest votes of my life.

New meme counter: " Bernie hasn't been vetted yet."

In the presidential primary elections and caucuses, every vote counts.

Predictwise-3/1/16 HRC 97% to garner nomination 65% to garner White House

Out of 75 voters at my polling place today, I was the first to ask for the Democratic ballot.

Going to vote in Burlington and later today we will try to go to the Bernie victory event

Where's the absolute last place you would expect to see a Ben Carson for President button?

Abe cites need for Japan to fully exercise right to collective self-defense

The Republican Party's Implosion Has Been a Long Time Coming. Today Is the Day.

Europe terrified of a Trump presidency

Hillary Campaign: We can't stop Bernie today

Failed Democratic Leadership

Recent interview with historian Dr. Daniele Ganser on Operation Gladio, false flag terror, WTC7 etc

Is it just me, or do the networks seem to be incessantly covering the Republicans

Osama Bin Laden's Will: $29 Million That Should Be Spent On 'Jihad'

Minnesota insured rate spikes after MNsure

Stolen taco truck fleeing California police hits school bus

Trump lied his ass off about David Duke and the "faulty earpiece".

AP surveying GOP Senators/Govs on support for Trump as nominee

DNC Chair Joins GOP Attack On Elizabeth Warren's Agency

Isn't the ReTHUGs #3 in the House

"How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable"--Matti Taibbi's Opus on Election 2016

I heard that Bernie and Hillary voted the same way 99.99% of the time.

NASA begins work to build a quieter supersonic passenger jet

I Ran Across Something Yesterday That Scared The Hell Out Of Me.....

Debbie Wasserman Schultz co-sponsors bill that would gut CFPB's forthcoming payday loan regulations

OMG: Hillary's Campaign Is Failing To Raise Money; Raising Less than 2008!!!

Massachusetts Thoughts at the Work Desk

This is only the BEGINNING!

Teen shot by Salt Lake City cops while wielding broomstick identified as 17-year-old Abdi Mohamed

Cruz sez..... 'Any candidate that cannot win his home state has a real problem' -

Lawyers say woman, 50, died after being ‘deprived of water’ at Charleston County jail

A reminder for all those corporate minion Democrats.

The real choice. The real issue. CAMPAIGN FINANCE.

Kiddle: Child-friendly, Google-powered search site bans words including 'bisexual' and 'transgender'

Weaving the Bridge at Q'eswachaka has an article about Venezuela...

A Cocktail List For The Candidates!

Woman fired from KFC an hour after hiring after manager learned she was trans


Text for Bernie!

Bernie supporters - name 1 policy reason you are supporting Bernie other than his "revolution".

Hillary supporters - name 1 policy reason you are supporting Hillary other than her experience.

Die Gedanken Sind Frei

Need your input in a thread I posted in Gdp.

5 Ways Bernie Sanders Is Leading the Fight Against Big Pharma’s Rip-Offs

"What's the Matter with Kansas?"

Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters

I will ignore unpledged superdelegates until all pledged delegates have been decided

GOP Establishment Decries The Racism They Have Embraced For Decades.

Medicaid is not free, it is a hidden loan, when you die the Gov't will come for your assets.

Just wondering - any reason we can't impeach members of congress?

Don't blame me; I voted for Bernie Sanders.

As a Hillary supporter I say vote for Bernie today not Donald Trump

The moment a dog resigns himself to a new life force

Let's review our excuses for tonight (all GUARANTEED to have been used here before):

Clashes in northern Jordan at Palestinian refugee camp

Why does Hillary oppose a $15 federal minimum wage?

Continually ignoring income inequality and tried and true remedies is unsustainable.

The repub KKKongress treated Obama like dirt,

If Trump is elected, how many days before Congress impeaches him?

Dyson on Maher: Hillary better than Obama regarding BLM concerns

Is this what we want ?

Film Theory: How Trump is Winning with Reality TV

Bernie is the only candidate that is standing up to Monsanto..

Hillary under fire after Boeing gave her foundation $900,000 weeks after she made 'shameless pitch'

Let's hear it for the Clinton Group hosts!

My Super Tuesday Early Birthday Present to Myself

Friends (and Bernie Bros, ha ha)...I knew today would be tough, but I have a feeling

NRA Lobbyist Will Co-Host Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

South Carolina got you down?

Black votes Matter

Truth > Justice > Peace

Angry Americans: How the 2008 Crash Fueled a Political Rebellion

Bernie Sanders' Most Radical Idea Is One He Almost Never Mentions

Everyone should read this.

Beloved former President George W. Bush copes with Jeb!'s defeat, one day at a time.

Factories No Longer in Freefall Point to U.S. Services Gain

Cheering the complete corporate takeover of our Party

U.S. February Auto Sales Jump, No Sign Of Slowdown

Why Hillary Opposes Free College: Bill Clinton Is the Face of Massive For-Profit College Corp

$$$$ We endorse Hillary Clinton....

Time: Hillary Clinton Turns to Donald Trump on Super Tuesday Eve

CEO of CBS ADMITS that all the coverage of Trump has been good for their business even if Trump

Time: Hillary Clinton Turns to Donald Trump on Super Tuesday Eve (HRC Group)

The Supreme Court Is Not Above the Law

BUSTED: Hillary's Going Down.....

Clinton was confronted by a young Somali American woman about HRC's past super predator comment.

No Breakthrough In Supreme Court Dispute Between Obama, Republicans

WANTED: More sideeye pics and GIFs

Caucus vote gives chemistry students free pass on midterms (CNN)

Massachusetts Democrats Flock to Vote Trump in Primary: Pollster

Democrats Have To Wake Up: Trump Could Easily Beat Hillary

Trump: Clinton Will See A Brawl Over E-Mails in General Election

Bernie Sanders Casts His Super Tuesday Vote:

American Jihad

Clinton Chief Attacks State Dept. Watchdog

Remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair (Petition)

Is there a subliminal reason that Hillary's red arrow

Bernie! (Lets make this Great Man our Nominee!!)

I will not vote for Clinton because she thinks I'm stupid

DWS's attack on Elizabeth Warren--What in the hell are they doing?

Republicans Wrecked As Newspapers Pummel The GOP With Demand They Do Their Jobs

NRA Lobbyist Will Co-Host Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

Trump's acceptance speech

A Tweet from Naomi Klein

Bernie Sanders Seems to Have Forgotten a Few of His Votes

What's going on in New Bedford MA - Bill Clinton there and no one can get in to vote

Rubio takes the Republican primary to the locker room with penis taunt

My brother texted me and told me that the pro-fracking bill was withdrawn in the Legislature today

Final 538 projection gives Hillary the lead for OKLAHOMA

I like Sanders. Part of me really wants to see Hillary as president.

Clinton's excuse for mixing personal and official SoS emails is totally bogus...

Japanese firm releases manhole cover collectors' cards

Oh how I wish Howard Dean were the party chair right now

stop in here for a minute to offer your thoughts

Secret Service investigating confrontation between reporter and agent at Trump rally

Bernie is toast? FiveThirtyEight is giving Hillary a 94% chance of winning the Massachusetts primary

If it ends up being Trump versus Hillary, should Bernie endorse Hillary in the general?

Jimmy Dore: Vote Bernie Sanders Or Watch Clinton Kill Progessivism

MoneyNuking Bernie = Sorry, nothing left for you, 3rd Way Dems!

Five Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton

I've yet to ever meet a republican that said they would vote for Hillary.

Wanted to make sure you saw this - voters not being allowed to vote in MA

Just an innocent little observation (HRC Group)

I know the word "fascist" gets thrown around a lot here but Trump fits the bill

Rolling Stones to play March 25 show in Havana, Cuba

Do you honestly think that there's no difference between Trump and Hillary? Seriously?

debating a christian - little help

Don't Look Back

Catholic bishops covered up 'hundreds' of sexual abuses in Pennsylvania

Bernie Sanders picks up Detroit endorsements

I just read an OP posted by a Clinton Supporter...


NYPD allegedly violated civil rights in wrongful home searches

If Drumpf loses Texas, he will slam Texas.

Seriously, Paul Ryan?

Why did DWS just co-sponsor the bill to help payday lenders?

A great opportunity for debate

2 Trump Girls: Meeting The Donald’s Super Fans, Diamond And Silk VICE

What We Lose If We Lose Melissa Harris-Perry.

One BIG mistake the Democratic Party is making by not backing Bernie

Argentine consumer confidence plunges 15.6% in February; down almost 25% since November.

Bernie Sanders: #JustVote- feat. Young the Giant's "My Body"

The Court Agrees – Bill O’Reilly Is A Horrible Person

Rubio and Trump exchange insults

I had lunch today with Two Republicans---Update

Hindsight is 20/20. What Do You Wish Your Candidate Had Done That He/She Didn't

To All the "Bernie Is Toast" Posts, You Seem to Have Forgotten That Delegates Elect the Nominee

Bin Laden letters reveal al-Qaida's fears of drone strikes and infiltration

Why Nina Turner Is Still "Feeling the Bern"

Exclusive: China to lay off five to six million workers, earmarks at least $23 billion

Initial Ballot count for Democrats Abroad Japan Tokyo Primary: Sanders: 94 - Clinton: 14

Bernie's Big Budget Cuts

The ACA and the General Election

Metallurgical company CEO arrested for exports to Iran: U.S. Justice Department

Earned Delegate Counts As Of Today. March 1: Clinton 91 Sanders 65

Morning Digest: Kamala Harris overwhelmingly wins the California Democratic Party's endorsement

Devices on public buses in Maryland are listening to private conversations

Pennsylvania sues Delaware for $10 million

Bernie statue being constructed in NYC

Illinois judge dismisses Cruz eligibility complaint

(ABC) ANALYSIS: Super Tuesday Bringing Super Meltdown to Republican Party

Super Tuesday Food Thread! (HILLARY GROUP)

Before things start heating up, on the political front - Happy St. David's Day to all Welsh DUers.

Has anyone seen Hillary's total for February?

Christine O’Donnell ordered to explain finances

Corporate campaign to ditch workers’ comp in favor of private coverage stalls

'Are you from Mexico?' Trump singles out woman at rally marred by protests, violence

Adorable and relatable video (non political)

Autism Therapy To Become Mandatory Benefit For Federal Workers

Do you believe this? 20K Mass. and 42K Florida Democratic change reg. to Republican?

Court deals a setback to Donald Trump in fraud case against Trump University

This election season is a ethereal experience in our country. The power if ignorance will prevail.

Future of U.S. solar threatened in nationwide fight over incentives

Facebook VP detained over company's standoff with police

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton proceeds with caution on Super Tuesday

Republican Senate Ag committee approves Dark ACT to pimp GMO infestation

Now or never: Trump's 'wall' talk sparks migrant rush on U.S.-Mexico border

San Jose: Caltrans dismantling homeless encampment near Rosemary Gardens

How Establishment Repubs LOSE popular vote, LOSE electoral college, & STILL WIN THE PRESIDENCY, 2016

Where Hillary Clinton + Bernie Sanders Stand On Environmental Policy

My oldest daughter is casting the first vote of her life in today's primary in Virginia...

The GOP House Speaker and the GOP Senate Leader think the GOP Presidential nominee to be is racist

Well it will be on soon!

Cruz’s last stand:Ted Cruz thinks he’s a messiah,but he’s a pathetic dunce about to fall on his face

Mike Malloy - This Idiotic Donald Trump Is A Trojan Horse For Republicans

Bill Clinton Visits Buttonwood Park In New Bedford, MA

Mike Malloy - Trump Jr. Offers To Pay For Black Critics To Leave The Country

The sudden intensity of Indonesia's anti-gay onslaught

Dedication to Clinton on Super Tuesday: You'll Be Hearing It a Lot Tonite

‘Boy were we wrong’ – New Hampshire paper apologizes for backing Christie

Hillary Clinton won't rule out Wall St. Treasury Secretary

Quotes about politicians

65,000% Spike in Radiation Outside New York Nuclear Plant is Likely Worse than Fukushima

Guys.....guys.....guys......Trump's not a racist! He owns Mar-A-Lago. Ergo...not a racist!

Vote Bernie Sanders Or Watch Clinton Kill Progressivism

Did Bill Clinton, Mayor Walsh Break Massachusetts Voting Laws for Hillary?

What's for Dinner, Tues., Mar. 1, 2016

To those who think after tonight it'll be over for Bernie

Kamala Harris overwhelmingly wins the California Democratic Party's endorsement (xpost from GD)

Government watchdog report: Prosecute rail safety violations

Trump is toast ...

Israeli troops relying on Waze app blunder into Palestinian area; clashes follow

Case Collapses Against Final Suspect in Northern Ireland's Deadliest Terrorist Attack

Super Tuesday from a different prespective.

Let's put #MN into the #HRC column and put this away!

Iraq’s Interior Minister on why his country is impotent against the militants' murderous campaign

Bernie's campaign

I'm not fighting Hillary.... I'm fighting her owners...

Bernie Sanders is coming to Lawrence, KS Thursday, Mar 3

If you uncover any super Tuesday shenanigans, please let me know.

Bernie Sanders is coming to Lawrence, KS Thursday, Mar 4

N.C. community on edge after officer fatally shoots man during chase

N.C. community on edge after officer fatally shoots man during chase

McConnell and Paul Ryan come out strongly against

Pleas sign this petition - Keep Guns Off Our College Campuses

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 1 March 2016

Judge dismisses Jay Paterno's lawsuit against Penn State over firing after Sandusky scandal

I found the worst page in the dictionary.

Looking back at the election of 1912

Boston Magazine now reporting on what is going on in New Bedford Mass

Obama Administration Misled Public On Student Loan Fraud

Top Rubio adviser preparing donors for dismal Super Tuesday

The road from here

Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweet

Rubio is running a pretty good anti-Trump ad in Michigan, right now.

first early results from SuperTuesday!

Party Unity My Ass

Truth is Where the Power Lies, Not Hope. On Revolution, Bernie Sanders, & True Courage.

Judge tosses Ted Cruz citizenship challenge in Illinois

NYT says campaign report indicates Bill Clinton went inside the polling place with mayor.

My dear Hillary group,don't get caught....

Mike Malloy - How Can Black People Vote For Hillary Clinton?

Help, I feel so dumb! Someone please explain the diff: public option, Medicare for All, Single Pay

The Numbers Bernie Needs Tonight

Confession of perverse joy...

Clinton To Voter: Why Don't You Go Run For Something

Clinton To Young Somali-American Voter: 'Why Don’t You Go Run For Something?'

Billionaire donations to the candidates according to Forbes.

KFC Manager Fired for Discriminating Against Trans Woman


Here's the deal, stage three, inoperable, but radiation and chemo should work fine.

Billionaire donations to the candidates according to Forbes.

If King Kong had just destroyed Carl Denham's theater and nothing else, I would say.....

Clinton Tosses Unpledged Superdelegate In Trunk Of Car

Newspaper that endorsed Christie: 'Boy, were we wrong'

Sound familiar?

due to Sanders supporters enthrallment with GOP propaganda: The Clinton e-mail ‘scandal’ that isn't

It's true, but also hoping to...

Pics from last weeks: "A Future to Believe In" rally in Kansas City

Just a reminder, the CPAC convention is this weekend...

From Robert Reich's facebook page

Bin Laden called for Americans to rise up over climate change

This INSANE talk here about Hillary being indicted belongs on Frankentrump's Facebook page.

Be Sure to Facebank for Bernie Today!

Be Sure to Facebank for Bernie Today!

TOON: GOP Kool Aid in Flint, Mcihigan

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Oakland loses Tribune, with paper folded into new East Bay Times

They Love Us Again

A great read!

Global Primary Provisional Results for Edinburgh, Scotland - big Bernie numbers!

Anti-Democracy Rears Its Ugly Head

You Fought The Good Fight Sanders Supporters, You Can Be Justly Proud of Your Campaign

There is no greater tell than the look on Bill Press' face

CNN reporting that 1/3rd of voters in Virginia are first time voters

Kicked out of a Trump rally and scared

Did anyone end up seeing "Hail, Caesar"?

No dem can win the nomination or the general without the black vote.

Clinton's southern 'firewall' of support no sure thing come general election

I have had not yet had a single Bernie supporter explain how a European-type socialist wins the GE.

Republicans Admit That Obstruction Of Obama SCOTUS Nominee Is Petty Political Payback

Did you register to vote at the RMV? Check your party affiliation.

Hopes and dreams

Watch live as Astronaut Scott Kelly returns to earth from a year in space

Polls opening and Closing times (EST)

Good luck to Secretary Clinton from this Bernie supporter!

President Clinton is on the trail in Massachusetts

Newly Released Emails Confirm Clinton is to Blame for Libya Disaster

Repost: Bernie can win the nomination with 41% of the pledged delegates

The line to vote in London for the Global Primary. HUGE turnout!

Get the hell outta here !! %$#@*&!!

Nominate an insulting/overused phrase/meme to be retired from GD-P

Final vote count for Democrats Abroad, Cambridge, UK: Sanders 82, Clinton 42

Chicago Homicide Toll Highest Since 1999

Obama lost 21 states. Hillary stayed in until June.

quick question

Some exit poll results...

Bernie Sanders Flash Mob, Hermosa Beach #FEELTHEBERN

Long line to vote

Here's the reason for this political season!

Our Primary Voting Day is June 7th, just in case people didn't know

Oh, What a Fight...Bernie Sanders fighting Oligarchs ...Heeding the Warnings of the Past

Question for All regarding Democratic V. Democrat

Gave the Republican poll judge in Texas a hard time today

I've got to give Nikki Haley some props.

The Real Clinton Email Scandal: Our Ridiculous Classification Rules

The Media's Trump Reckoning: 'Everyone Was Wrong'

Scientists identify genes that lead to gray hair, beard thickness and unibrows

A Great Big "F U" to the Sanders supporters...

Hillary does it again

HELP! I am not sure I will be able to support the Democratic presidential nominee.

Saudi Arabia Simply Sees the Carbon Bubble for What it is

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz joins hands with GOP in assault on Elizabeth Warren’s consumer pr

March 1---> Wheels down. Miami.

Latest CNN/ORC Poll Confirms Sanders Dems’ Best Chance to Win in November

Santos asks for international supervision in murder trial of Uribe’s brother

Santos asks for international supervision in murder trial of Uribe’s brother

Argentinian court will now treat Alberto Nisman's death as a homicide investigation

Argentinian court will now treat Alberto Nisman's death as a homicide investigation

Super Tuesday Exit Poll data

Report: Cheap Natural Gas Leads to More Plants and Pollution

Bernie must stay in this race

UPDATE: Vidor man in custody for shooting at campaign headquarters

Olympic Games: French prosecutors to investigate 2016 and 2020 bids

Olympic Games: French prosecutors to investigate 2016 and 2020 bids


Whatever is the result of the Bernie Campaign, it only begins when it ends

Some Virginia Exit Poll Results:

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon: Trump researching the KKK

Buffalo: Two teenage hijabis pelted with eggs near a school bus

Protester disrupts VW at motor show to remind of scandal

If Trump gets elected president, I'm moving

Here's a sticker you can put on your sig line for caucusing

High school students wear anti-LGBT badges. School can't decide what to do.

Just Voted for Bernie!

LMFAO - Virginia Republicans upset & confused - TOO MANY NAMES ON THE BALLOT

Hillary Clinton Takes Questions From Her Traveling Press for First Time in 88 Days

I don't vote for Republicans.

South Dakota Governor Vetoes Bill Stipulating Transgender Students' Bathroom Use

FBI Chief Admits 'Mistake' With iPhone in Wake of San Bernardino Attack

San Francisco raises tobacco buying age to 21

"Though Imperfect".

Chuck Todd: At least one GOP Senator prepared to endorse Clinton...

Hillary Clinton 2016: DC Lobbyists Set To Raise Cash For Hillary Victory Fund

Bernie's coat-tails...who to support and donate to downticket.

Off to my first caucus!

Why is DWS going after Elizabeth Warren a surprise?

Winter 2015-16 3rd Warmest For AK; 10F Above Historic Averages; No -50F Temps Hit Anywhere

CNN: Fair and Balanced

Bernie Sanders supporters booted AFTER Bill Clinton gives speech at polling station

The fall of a Gov. Christie?

David Duke: Voting For Trump Is The 'Best Thing We Can Do'

Gaw-Lee!! The Economist Discovers Damming Mekong From Tibet To Phnom Penh Might Be Bad Idea!

Super Tuesday was purposely designed to push the Party into the claws of the establishment.

Congress tells FBI that forcing Apple to unlock iPhones is 'a fool's errand'

Congress tells FBI that forcing Apple to unlock iPhones is 'a fool's errand'

Trump Card