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Fact Checkers Agree: Bernie Sanders Voted To Protect The Minutemen

Hmmm...Maybe Kap is going to denver after all

WaPo: 5 times Hillary Clinton has played fast and loose with the facts on Bernie Sanders’s record

Why Is Nothing Ever Bernie Sanders Fault?

Ben Carson plans to endorse Trump

NNU Endorses Democratic Primary Challenger to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Hillary Fought to Deny Driver's Licences to Undocumented Immigrants

Lol! Trump is coming to Chicago-Hot Dog Stand is welcoming him advertising Trump Foot Long Weiners..

Folsom Dam releases water-- first time in FIVE years...

Louisiana Will Tax Its Poor To Fill Budget Hole Caused By Tax Cuts For The Rich

U.S. corporate/colonial domination policies that Bernie is against are what created modern day Cuba

Bill Cope - Siege the Day

My "WTF?" of the day, religion division...

Michael Savage has woo for "curing" ISIS...

If she's that "qualified" and "experienced", she should be running an honest, positive campaign.

Ben Carson to endorse Donald Trump (CNN) nt

Brazil Prosecutors Seek Arrest of ‘Lula,’ Former President, in Graft Case

So I work out at the gym with some hard core, love me some Trump, right winger

Unrealistic: Hillary's pledge to "remove all lead from the U.S. in five years"

Can somebody please help me understand what the Militiamen vote was about?

I am proud to be one of Bernie's Bros and I condemn the smear campaign against Bernie supporters

Chicago school board seeks $65 million in lawsuit against ex-CEO

The Clintons and the sordid UBS affair

No Rail Deal, Strike Draws Closer for New Jersey Commuters

This sign went up two weeks ago down the street

to hillary people: do you have anything positive to say about your candidate??

Senate Republicans debunk their own Supreme Court talking points

5 Reasons the Clinton-Sanders Race Is Much, Much Closer Than You Think

Hey, Pundits Covering Bernie: Cool It With the Stereotypes That Muslims and Arabs Are Anti-Semitic

Barack Obama has 'no second thoughts' about drone strikes in Middle East

Hillary Supported, Associates Profited Ex-Im Bank Financing World’s Largest Coal Plants in S/A

Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan Leader Praises Drumpf For "Saying Things That Many, Many People" Agree

Wow flat out racist comments on newspaper website

Did You Know that Most (70%) Black People are NOT Poor?

Pentagon maintains 'toxic' environment for whistleblowers, watchdog says

Bernie Sanders Canvassing Rodeo Drive - Beverly Hills

91% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 68% Chance Of Winning General Election.

Gun control study's dramatic results 'implausible', say leading researchers

My husband saw a brief clip from the Democratic debate

Germany: Files Listing Islamic State Fighters Are Authentic

After carefully studying the GOP fruit salad, Ben Carson has decided to sell his soul for The Donald

Sad attempt at a smear: Sanders Voted To Protect The Minutemen

That attack on the protester

Schadenfreude....a pic for Bernie Supporters

How Hillary Clinton's State Department Sold Fracking to the World

Killer of South African anti-apartheid leader to be released from prison

Revealing Clinton and the establishment.

What's a responsible "DRINK WORD" tonight?

S&P warns it may cut Icahn Enterprises to junk status, stock falls

I Was Aquainted With Hillary Many Years Ago

Having read the 1985 profile of Bernie, I feel so strongly that Bernie needs an ad that

Want to know how low this place has sunk....this far...

Why Senator Collins would be an ideal running mate with Donald Trump - lol

Is Hillary still inevitable?

Bernie Sanders Draws Thousands at Rallies Across Florida

Work of His Life | Bernie Sanders

Democratic Debate Number 8: Univision Pins the Tales on the Donkeys!

Record leap in carbon dioxide seen in 2015

NOW IS THE TIME (Bernie 2016)

DSW herself has said that the new media should not be counting Super-Delegates...

Pope imposes new rules for saint-making after 'abuses' of system

Wow. They look like they all really get along.

AP Fact Check: Making Hay With Legislative Weeds

Transformative Change | Chuy Garcia for Bernie Sanders

Feel the Bern Song LIVE (2/8/16)

Bernie Sanders on Torture (11/8/2007)

In the world of politics taking responsibility means just saying the words:"I take responsibility."

What's Missing From Hillary's Iraq Apology

Jeffrey Lord (Trumpkin) is still allowed on CNN after saying the sucker-punch was 'provoked'???

Inflation in Argentina reaches 4.8% in February (33.9% annually); Macri refuses to release figures.

Facebook reporting algorithms facilitate harassment of pro-science advocates by antivaxers

How do people feel about robot sex?


Gallup: Obama approval up to 50%, highest since May '13

Some Clinton supporters are willing to be deceptive with their own....

North Carolina can offer 'Choose Life' license plates, court rules

How America's Muslims Have Handled 15 Years of Post-9/11 Islamophobia

"I Can Feel The Bern, You Can Feel It Too"

My union, NALC (city letter carriers), has endorsed both Clinton and Sanders.

12 things Trudeau and Obama agreed on today

North Carolina Colleges Can Compete by Early Voting for Bernie

A note on the winter contest finals.

The Daily Show did what Donald Trump asked: it found out he was lying about his meat

Cruz Ready To Pick Up New PAC Support From Bush Family

Camera pans away when Drumpf doesn't bow head for Nancy Reagan.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! Best of Malloy! Uncensored & Live &

"He can speak Russian, in French." Most Interesting Man in the World quotes:

Hillary Clinton live on Rachel now, followed by Elizabeth Warren.

What do you think? Will a punch be thrown tonight?

Hillary Clinton's Internet Supporters Desperately Want This Campaign to be about Sexism

Henrico School Board votes to rename Byrd Middle School (VA)

Amazing that the first topic in a debate is trade

Very moving moment..on PBS..Dustin Hoffman, "I am a Jew"...1min 33 sec

Video. Massive Bernie rally in Tampa. Estimated 9000. About 20,000 altogether in Florida today.

Video from Bernie rally in Tampa today. Huge crowd and noisy.

"Favorite group: Hillary Clinton"

Transformative Change | Bernie Sanders

I don't participate in threads talking or complaining about the Hillary Group...

Clinton Campaign Denies Her Responsibility for Honduran Coup Outcome


Hugh Hewitt on TV again - CNN debate

So Drumpf is taking a lower, more "presidential" tone tonight. In so doing, he is reduced to . . . .

Cruz just sent out a cold chill that dwarfs the booger-swallowing moment from the last debate.

Bernie Sanders repudiates the Monroe Doctrine during prime time.

NEED HELP: WA and Bernie's support for closing the Export-Import Bank (EXIM)

In GOP debate tonight Trump wants to do away with H1B visas.

Work of His Life | Bernie Sanders

How New FBI Powers to Look through NSA Intercepts will Exacerbate Mass Incarceration

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 11, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Merle Oberon

Caption Bernie

Sanders New Ad that goes after Rahm Emmanuel. Sure to play well in Illinois!

Wonderful student breakthrough in my job today. Yay!

Sanders Picks Up Superdelegate Support in Vermont

Aw, Trumpy's dream is to make a DEAL between Israel and the Palestinians

A personable president?

Hillary's Dark Drug War Legacy in Mexico: Overlooking human rights abuses

Wait a minute. I'm not voting for any of these idiots.

What has the GOP done, hide all the insult pills?

I'm not getting drunk at all.

Obama Trolls Ted Cruz So Hard With Canadian Birth Joke

What did we ever do to you?

Drumpf Implies That War Between U.S. And Mexico Is Possible Over Their Refusal To Pay For His Wall

---Republican debate thread #0-----

Mayor Regalado just unendorsed Marco Rubio (no he didn't.. unfortunately)

Cruz is so vile.

An example of Republican rule in North Carolina

What Is a Brokered Convention? GOP Rules Favor Drumpf

Jon Stewart V. Team Hillary

Nominating Hillary will depress Dem turnout and hand the WH to one of the crazies

Marco Rubio Explains Climate Change During The 3/10/16 Republican Debate

Trump's back to the "very passionate" people who beat up others in his name.

Hillary Clinton, Stalwart Friend of World's Worst Despots....

"Pawn Star" personality has been arrested!

New Pilot Program for Universal Basic Income/Stipend in Ontario, Canada

Breitbart reporter to Trump: Imagine if I were your daughter

I was frustrated with Obama for not attending Nancy Reagans funeral..heard it on the news

Warren SLAMS GOP over Trump: "“Guys, this is what you did to yourselves"

Now that the Repukes aren't eating one another, they are just BANAL, but still disgusting

Obama 2008: "Yes we can!!"...Hillary 2016: "No, we can't !!!"

The press and pundits still miss the boat on Trump's appeal.

Republicans trying to be civil, but only look worse

Clinton Throws Flash Grenade To Divert Attention From Question About Senate Voting Record

Well Sanders one wrong vote or policy that Sanders ever made or had?

Does Trump even have a security clearance?

Cruz balks at campaign-loan disclosure

When Rubio says, "Let me be frank."

Sanders in Florida Puts Focus on Climate Change and Offshore Oil Drilling

Bundy refuses in court to recognize US authority in Nevada

California man sentenced for possessing biological toxin

Transformers revenge of the fallen

I smell bullshit!

Clinton Throws Flash Grenade To Divert Attention From Question About Senate Voting Record

Kansas Senate panel advances teacher union election bill

Science for Sale: Meet the ‘rented white coats’ who defend toxic chemicals.

The past 20 years have been the best economic times in American history

Kansas Senate panel advances teacher union election bill

Kansas Senate panel advances teacher union election bill

AP fact check: Eye-popping claims about Sanders

New Sanders TV Ads: We Need Real Political Change in Chicago and America

Bill Clinton's MFN with China - while China used prison labor to manufacture goods to sell in USA

Hillary refuses to release her paid speeched to (for) the big banks

California man says he served as sex slave after adoption

UNITE HERE Locals in California Endorse Sanders

Designing women

Watched Some of the GOP Debate - More Civil and More Crazy

Some New England lawmakers propose leaving Eastern Time

Bernie Sanders Speaks at Rally in Gainesville, FL - FULL

Hillary has a delegate strategist!

Full Speech: Bernie Sanders Rally in Kissimmee, FL (3-10-16)

With the 17 year old primary voting lawsuit in OH, why not call it what it is?

Get ready to cry watching this scared Marin rescue dog reunite with her puppies

A request.

New Captain America: Civil War trailer featuring Spider-Man (VIDEO)

Hillary supporters have jump the shark-supporting NAFTA.

Bystander first aid turns everyday citizens into first responders

Actual quote from Hillary Clinton: "It's not easy for me to do what I think is right"

Hillary Clinton Is Exposing the Dark Underbelly of the Democrats’ Money Machine

Funeral home billboard really hits the mark...

Nutsoid tries breaking into a home...

8 men sentenced to 3 years in jail for enslaving fishermen

The Clintons and the sordid UBS affair

Simon & Schuster to Publish Writings of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

That's OMAROSA defending the racist thugs at Trump events?

Has anyone compared the Sanders/Clinton primary map so far to the Lincoln/Douglas map?

Omarosa Marigaut - what a horrible person.

Kansas/Missouri mass murder suspect was deported in 2004

Honduras urged to protect witness in activist murder

Honduras urged to protect witness in activist murder

Let's Help Non-Violent Prisoners Rejoin the World | Bernie Sanders

I'm thinking it's time to start inspecting Hillary's voting record. Not to only look at the bills

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 12, 2016 -- What's On Tonight: Directed by George Roy Hill

@HillaryClinton's idea of #CastroBros w/ VALUES we believe in:

Sanders: "Hot & Ready"

Obama sees Netanyahu as most disappointing of all Mideast leaders — report

If you really want to know Donald Trump, listen to this podcast

Frog species with yellow eyebrows found in Colombia

What do you think she meant when she said "Quote Bailout"?

The Rich Shouldn't Have Better Schools than the Poor | Bernie Sanders

Thom's take on Hillary's negative campaigning.

Is it me or is Fiorina Dana Carvey's Church Lady, but with a mean, sociopathic streak?

Hola Amigos! I'm trying to avoid the mainstream media.

Phone Bankers for Bernie desperately needed!!

Keep safe all - we lost power due to &igh w i,ds

Pentagon’s War on the Earth

HRC will be entitled to lecture Latin America on "dictatorship" ONLY when our nation does this:

Hillary's Role In The Honduras Killing Field (

Does anybody know what Bill 'n Hill thought about Contra aid?

Trump's says that he doesn't condone violence at his rallies?

The Love Song of Donald J Prufrock

Chile Halts Inquiry on American Who Disappeared 31 Years Ago

New BERNIE ad for Latinos/Hispanics. VAMOS BERNIE!

Chile Halts Inquiry on American Who Disappeared 31 Years Ago

Keep It Down, Shhhhhh -- We're Trying to Have A....

I can no longer stomach the CNN panel glossing over the Republican Party's islamophia

Why do people bring up AIG, Lehman, and Goldman Sachs in connection with Glass-Steagall?

"Chloe Kardassian feeling the Bern!"

Obama job approval back in reliably positive territory

Why Ren and Stimpy was one of the greatest cartoon series ever

BDS Target Ahava to Relocate From West Bank Into Israel

February 2016 recorded as the worst February ever, by far, for carbon dioxide increases over the...

Things Have Only Gotten Worse Since Pew Concluded Their Troubling Survey of Israel

Come Home (Cardinal Pell) - by Tim Minchin ... Abuser won't face the music

Ran into a Republican today...

Tim Minchin on human logic

The Eagle is gettig soaked!


CNN - Race for the White House Season 1 Episode 1

Let's have some fun! Hypothetical question. (Hillary GROUP)

The Reagan Revolution: Privatize the profit and socialize the loss!

Enjoying my time here

This Bernie Sanders Ad About Migrant Workers Will Give You The Feels

ARE BATS BECOMING EXTINCT? aka Baby Dolphin slaughtered for selfie

Bernie Sanders-Tenemos Familias

Judge Declines to Reopen Case Against Ex-President Kirchner of Argentina

Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency - PBS Documentary

Daily Holidays - March 11

Would they actually do something like this?

McAulifee doesn' t shut door becoming HRC' s running mate.

"Don't do stupid stuff" is actually a GREAT organizing principle for foreign policy.

TYT - CNN Miami Republican Debate coverage YouTube videos

Southern Florida Gay News endorses Hillary Clinton

Shondaland Ad~Real Life~Hillary Clinton~

Breitbart reporter assaulted at Trump rally, causing fallout between Breitbart and Trump

Trump's complete nonsense on H1-B visas and Social Security

Bernie Sanders needs a lot more than Michigan to beat Hillary Clinton

Real Life | Hillary Clinton

Fifth Column Mouse

Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, & Ellen Pompeo Endorse Hillary Clinton in New Video!

The Source of the 'Asian Advantage' Isn't Asian Values

Trump rally sucker-puncher comments AFTER the attack

The 60's - The Years That Shaped A Generation

Astronomer overcome with joy at sight of total solar eclipse

Russia expects Syrian government to attend Geneva peace talks next week

Had to run out for a sec - do they still hate Mexicans?

China angered as U.S. approves frigate sale to Taiwan

Iran plays hardball with European oil buyers, slowing exports

Eagles of Death Metal Frontman Says Venue Security May Have Been in on Paris Attacks

Military to check for water contamination at 664 sites

I think this is my first question to ATA

America’s Groundhog Day in Afghanistan and Iraq: The Headlines just Recycle

Marco-Roboto Suffers Software Glitch - Engineers Working on Patch

Obama on growing friendship with Trudeau: 'What's not to like?'

So. FL, MO, NC, OH, and IL vote on Tuesday. My predictions.

Bundy refuses in court to recognize U.S. authority in Nevada

Texas gun rights activist plans to bring rifle to event during Obama’s SXSW speech, says ‘This may..

Palestinian factions applaud wave of attacks

Anybody see this "Andy Dean" character on CNN?

Bernie gaining ground in Florida, Ohio, Missouri, and in New York.

Let's give the Nuclear Launch Codes to someone who brags about the size of his Dick

Work of His Life | Bernie Sanders

Better Possibilities | Bernie Sanders

Bill O'Reilly says Trump isn't a Nazi, accidently lists examples why he is

Transformative Change | Bernie Sanders

After I Lived in Norway, America Felt Backward. Here’s Why.

Florida Poll--Clinton 68% Sanders: 23%

Breitbart could have made up that attack

Bernie Sanders Condemns Violence at Donald Trump Rallies

After I Lived in Norway, America Felt Backward. Here’s Why.

Events: North Carolina for Bernie Sanders - Friday 3/11/2016

Abortion restriction bill based on fetal gender, disability advance to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

Bernie Sanders schedules NC campaign appearance Friday (Will be live streamed

NOAA - 2015 Atmospheric CO2 Increase Biggest On Record; 200X Faster Than @ End Of Last Ice Age

Thanks to you all.

Yoo hoo! First yard sale of the season this morning!

Pentagon maintains 'toxic' environment for whistleblowers, watchdog says

Hang in there, boston bean & sheshe2 ... we love you! <3

Nuclear refugees tell of distrust, pressure to return to Fukushima

Real Life ad: Clinton Campaign Now Slowly Withering Away

Hillary Clinton Is Exposing the Dark Underbelly of the Democrats’ Money Machine


Shultz is a blood sucker of the worst kind.. Here is Why....

USA "What The #@!* Happened?"

Yale grad students start a union. Next, they must win bargaining rights

Wow - Brotherly Love!

Yale grad students start a union. Next, they must win bargaining rights

Yale grad students start a union. Next, they must win bargaining rights

For Sanders fans to claim-that Bernie got the standing ovation is silly--

Student Said-His Trump U. Teacher-Would NOT Leave ClassRoom Until Given Top Scores On His Evaluation

Miami Herald: Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio aren’t the Cuban dream team

You don't need GMOs to be labeled

Down but not out: Japan's anti-nuclear movement fights to regain momentum

Reagan High School To Remove Confederate-Linked Name (TX)

Reich Wing Sturm, Drang, and Spittle at the Gym

Mississippi Flag Comes Down At Oregon Capitol

Second hearing for noose on Meredith statue (MS)

anyone else having problems starting a post?

Joe’s Crab Shack apologizes for using photo of lynching as table decor

Reflections on the end of the GOP by Nick Hanauer

Backing up my data files

Some "FiveThirtyEight" Titles To Reflect On - Hee Hee

Southern Florida Gay News endorses Hillary Clinton (Hill group)

Gov. Bryant should declare Union Army Heritage Month

The best thing about Trump is that he has split the RW media.

Hillary Clinton has 33-point lead in Maryland Democratic primary, new poll shows

Ok. Be my guest! See ya later.

Odds are there will be a Dem Pres AND Senate to confirm the next Justice.

Hillary Clinton rallies enthused crowd of hundreds in Tampa, slams Rubio, Scott

FYI From ProfessorGAC


Bill Clinton on deregulation: ‘The Republicans made me do it!’

Brazil prosecutors request arrest of ex-President Lula

American Crime Makes Us Confront How We Judge Other People

The Wiener's Circle, Chicago Invites You to Bite Into Donald Trump's 3-Inch Wiener

Friday Bernie Group Toon Roundup

Pro-Clinton supporters hope to use Trump's words to boost edge with women

A New Infographic on TPP and Your Digital Rights

So, in the last 24 hours at Trump events....

Indiana GOP Passes Law Making It Illegal To End Problem Pregnancies.

Japan marks fifth anniversary of Fukushima nuclear disaster

Bernie is suing Ohio over voter rule change

Gun nut mom shot by own son

A Drumpf press conference gets more coverage than

Scientists discover bacteria that has evolved to eat PET-plastic

Another Compelling Hillary Ad~Mothers of the Movement~

Sexist? "Elizabeth Warren Rejects MoveOn’s Million Dollar Effort To Draft Her For 2016"

Here’s what someone who was born before women had the right to vote thinks about this election

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Bad Choices

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - The Rest

Clinton Campaign Chair: No Wall St Speech Transcripts, No Specifics

Looking ahead HRC looks strong in Maryland

ExxonMobile CEO sues to keep fracking away from backyard

ExxonMobile CEO sues to keep fracking away from backyard

It seem that there has become a lot more attacks about sexism on this site lately

Ben is a friend - we've become friends

Americans say by 2-to-1 that Senate should hold hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee

Some good news from Brazil

ExxonMobile CEO sues to keep fracking away from backyard

Hillary Clinton Gets A Star Endorsement From The Leading Ladies Of Shondaland

EDF's U.K. Nuclear Project Raises Questions, State Auditor Says

Wikileaks : #FeelTheBern

Trump has NOT "self-funded" his campaign.. He outsourced the funding to

They would elect him dictator, if they could. That's what they want.

"THERE ARE TWO DONALD TRUMPS" ... Trump just gave his opponents THE LINE for campaign ads

Hillary News & Views 3.11: Endorsements, Delegates, "Thoroughly Human Hillary"

Clinton and Sanders Spar over Coups and Deportations

'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan Under Investigation For Possible Animal Cruelty

my description of the republican debates...

Another Red Neck for Bernie

Pantsuit Up! Caucusing for Hillary in Kansas

Yuuuuuuge line already at 8 AM today for noon Bernie rally in downtown Raleigh

Hillary Clinton's Internet Supporters Desperately Want This Campaign to be about Sexism

The moral of the story is: If you compare someone to a child molester, they'll endorse you.

According To Trump, THIS Is A Riot


Watching Trump live on CNN..

The #racist right CLEARLY stated last July that they'd be trolling to

Image of Donald Drumpf trying on condoms! Yes, SFW

The Nation: 'Before Her Murder, Berta Cáceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Criticism'

Bernie Vs. Hillary: Who Will Stop the Fracking?

Which Donald Trump do you like better?

Do Organic Growers Use ‘Hazmat’ Suits?

At Miami Debate, Clinton Campaign Builds On Pattern Of Dishonesty

Hillary Clinton draws overflow crowds in Vernon Hills, IL

NEW March11--> Mothers of the Movement | Hillary Clinton & #gunsense

View profile NEW March11--> Mothers of the Movement | Hillary Clinton & #gunsense

Breaking News: Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump

Tulsi Gabbard gave Bernie Sanders an endorsement. He gave her a platform on war and peace

UN report: South Sudan allowed soldiers to rape civilians in civil war

Banks & Banksters Benefited Hugely from Clinton's NAFTA:

I've literally never posted here (as you all can attest) and was accused of being a plant

Why We Support Hillary Clinton (Posted to the Hillary Group)

Hillary: The best PR can’t sell a terrible product

Tell "Debt Trap Debbie" Not to Sabotage Obama on Payday Lending Reform

Thom Hartmann: Time To Purge the DINOs From the DNC... Starting With the Chair

OK, I'm going to write some *nice* generalities about Hillary

Financial Crisis for Beginners

Either Hillary's a Weak Candidate and/or Bernie's a Strong Candidate and/or his Message is Powerful

Now that we are out of most of the Southern states

Artist Robert Irwin's latest project at Chinati Foundation, west Texas.

Donald Trump says reporter made up story about being grabbed by his campaign manager

NC BERNIE EVENTS Friday March 11 around the state

Trump And Social Security....

Chelsea has 4 stops in Florida today March 11 for Hillary

38 sovereign nations ban GMOs

"I'm such a gentleman, I get out of the shower to p*ss." . . . Please come CAPTION Jeffrey Lord!!!

I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show his power over animals

Wow... Just wow.

Truthdigger of the Week: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Who Risked Her Career to Endorse Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton needs to answer for her actions in Honduras and Haiti

Check out RALEIGH YALL!!! Sanders speaks at 12

The Carson Endorsement Handshake. You can almost hear Trump say "Yeah...don't touch that."

What is the percentage of Hispanics that vote Democratic? Also, the Trump question.

Faux Confederate Soldiers for Trump

Over 23 Inches of Rain Triggers Historic Flash Flooding, River Flooding In Parts of the South

William Kentridge creates art history on Rome’s Tiber River!

Fukushima's ground zero: No place for man or robot

Trump On Violence Against Protestors: 'We Need A Little Bit More' Of That

If it is a contested convention, imagine Trump supporters on the floor.

Bernie will not be mathematically eliminated, if at all, before June 7 - the last day

Thousands evacuated as Iraqi forces advance against IS

Our Long-Running & Continuing Broad-Based Wage Stagnation

Gujarat Nuclear Plant Shut Down After Major Leak, All Workers Safe

Republicans Block Young Voters From Participating In Ohio Primary

Prom, 'Pro-White' Rally Set for Same Day at Stone Mountain

Q: How do the Democrats combat this in the general election? The branding of Hillary has begun.

Tim Canova, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Challenger, Wins Two Huge Endorsements

Thom Hartmann: Anointing Ted Cruz: The "End Times" Transfer of Wealth

Second white-on-black assault caught on video from horrifying Trump rally in North Carolina

Primary frontrunners verge on sealing the nominations

Over 20 states & the District of Columbia allow 17 year olds to vote in primaries.

Obama greets Canada's PM Trudeau

Innocent Man Exonerated After 25 Years in Prison

Yuuuuge crowd for Bernie in Raleigh today!--check out the video:

Don't catch feelings

Many Dem organization solicitations for money have recently hit my inbox.

Senate Republicans: Do Your Job

Links between climate change and extreme weather are increasingly clear and present

re-do of first post headline - HRC and serial prevarication

An experiment regarding "Bernie supporter sexism"

New Florida Poll (1/3 Surveyed Post-Michigan) Shows 68%-23% Clinton Lead

Alternatives to Roundup

Solar Tripping - all the probes, etc. sent into the void

So, we HATE Hillary. Without Bernie, we would support Trump.

Bishop Orders Catholic Charities to Fire Gala Singer Because She Is in a Same-Sex Relationship

"Beware the 'Bernie Bros': Partisan Hysteria Unleashed"

Arab American News Office Wards Off Hammer-Wielding Intruders in Michigan

Michelle Obama Stuns In Strapless Floral Gown At State Dinner

Why my mother and I are voting for Bernie

Bernie Sanders won Arab Americans in Michigan. The media is wrong about why.

Hillary Clinton's distortions

Warren slams GOP over Trump: You did this to yourselves

Maybe Hillary just wants to be paid for the transcripts?

Mr Evil finally Defends himself being compared to Trump

Cult of Personality - (Living Colour)

What I Know About America After Getting Thrown Out Of A Trump Rally

The stench of Limbaugh is getting stronger--

Really? Coming from THIS guy?

Obama trolls Cruz and Trump over Canada

Here it comes again...

Online Tool Let States, Cities Request Railroad Bridge Inspection Reports

HRC will hold a campaign event in St. Louis on Saturday Morning

Wounded Warrior Project Spent $250,000 on Candy and Even More on Gimmicks

Feds sued over butterfly protections

Eating their own?

Cat failure to cat

Bernie Sanders Draws Thousands at Rallies Across Florida

$4.2 Million Jury Verdict Against Cabot Oil & Gas in Dimock, PA Water Contamination Lawsuit

Crashing Rand Paul's Caucus - Dem Primary Candidate for U.S. Senate

TRUMP: No more debates

For fun: One-on-one with Bernie Sanders: Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin?

What Choices Will Tammy Duckworth Make Regarding Iran.

Have you ever bought something on eBay, then turned around and sold it on eBay and made money?

Seattle is Berning: We’re tops in the U.S. for per capita Bernie Sanders donations

[Wisconsin (R) Senator] Johnson: Could vote [for SCOTUS appointment] if Obama was Republican

Why Is Bernie Sanders Struggling to Win Over the Black Vote?

Bill campaigning in Missouri

Pride flag at half-staff for Nancy Reagan, LGBT outraged

Trump supporters. Stupid is as stupid does.

Surprise! Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Went All-Natural and Nobody Noticed

The Week: "Bernie Sanders' campaign is an experimental test of idealism. And it's working."

Exclusive: U.S. labor powerhouse to launch anti-Trump ad campaign

Trump Brings Racism/Bigotry Into The Mainstream. It's OK.

HILLARIOUS!! Fox News tries to smear Sanders - Blows up in their face

Redistricting or gerrymandering? N.C. dispute embodies national debate

Simple Math and Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders - End of the Corporate Age

Mothers of the Movement

It's official, Johnny Football done in Cleveland


Fukushima population falls by 110,000 after nuclear disaster

Wounded Warrior Project Fires Top Two Executives

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-10-16 FIRE DWS Tim Canova FL-23

Families of dead and missing in 2011 disasters gather for memorials

The Obama-Trudeau Prom Pic Is Here

FIVE YEARS AFTER: Tsunami-struck town’s fall and rise captured in dramatic photos

Sanders will be in Summit (SW Chi) tonite. Cruz &Trump stinkin up the area

President Lyndon B. Johnson owned an amphibious car....

New Bernie Video featuring African-Americans. Love it!

Fossil reptile discovery 'something extraordinary'

FIVE YEARS AFTER: Children adjust to new lives after hardships of 2011 tsunami disaster

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-10-16 (Tim out raised Bernie)

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton Urges Effort to Improve Struggling Schools

FIVE YEARS AFTER: 1 in 3 Fukushima evacuees giving up hope of ever returning home

Michelle Fields files criminal complaint against Trump campaign manager.

Jury rules San Francisco cops who killed college student, firing at least 48 times, didn’t use exces

Ron Johnson would vote for SCOTUS nom if Obama were Republican

FIVE YEARS AFTER: Tougher work awaits TEPCO at Fukushima after water issue ends

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton gets big celebrity boost with new Shonda Rhimes ad

Video: Check the Label on Nabisco Products! (updated info)

Coalition for Grassroots Progress has endorsed Bernie. Also, a list of progressives running.

VIDEO: Check The NABISCO Label! (updated info!)

Bernie brilliant on voter suppression cowardice

I'm with HILLARY!!!

Abe says Japan cannot do without nuclear power

Guinness World Records says Holocaust survivor is oldest man in the world

Rubio: Ohio supporters should vote Kasich to block Trump

4 Ways White Political Forces Steal Elections and How We Can Stop It

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Unite!

Hunt for missing disaster victims still confounds rescuers

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 11, 2016

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 11, 2016

Down but not out: Japan’s anti-nuclear movement fights to regain momentum

When Trump loses, his voters will still be here

Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump rally violence: He is 'urging people on'

The Trump rally sucker puncher is also a fundie gun nut...

Grief still raw five years after Japan’s quake, tsunami disaster

Hill's Group: Why Donald Trump Is Hillary Clinton’s Dream Opponent

Ambitious new park to change the face of Singapore

Poll: Why will Hillary not release her speech transcripts?

Chumlee, from Pawn Stars, is trying to raise bail money

HRC Campaign Manager "Mook warns of defeat in Ohio, Illinois, Mo., 'outspent, outraised' by Sanders"

Bernie live stream from Raleigh

Our favorite "new" anti-GMO poster is back with some Henry Rowlands nonsense.

UPDATE: Hillary prevaricating at the Hearings? (plus, ignored Obama'sOrders:Ban Blumenthal )


Bernie live stream from Raleigh

Tulsi Gabbard speaking in Raleigh for Bernie

David Cross on the GOP, Trump and brokered conventions: "They're fucked. They're just fucked."

Video: Check the Label on Nabisco Products! (updated info)

JPN FIVE YEARS AFTER: No plans for over 40% of post-3/11 purchased land in coastal areas

Video: Check the Label on Nabisco Products! (updated info)


Hawks See Obama's NATO Pick as Soft on Russia

What is Hillary's position on our bloated defense budget?

Health Care vs Health Insurance


Isaac Asimov said that "Violence is

Marco Rubio Campaign Urges Supporters to Back John Kasich in Ohio

Russian Investigators See U.S. Funding Behind Putin Protests

Hill's Group: What really shaped Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Bernie Is Our Best Chance of Beating the GOP:

When Bernie says "yuge" the crowd yells it back. He says it again and the people squirm with joy.

Buying America: Canada Becomes a U.S. Creditor for First Time

Sanders Backers Optimistic, and Generous, After Michigan Miracle

so far my squirrel theory about predicting a mild winter is holding true!

Five years ago in Japan

Why Bernie May Have a Better Shot at Winning in November Than Hillary

It's More Than Just Wall Street

TYT: Trump security admits assaulting Breitbart reporter because they thought she was MSM reporter!

If we can go to War in Iraq for WMDs, then we can rebuild our roads...

Plastic-eating bacteria could help make trash disappear

It's More Than Just Wall Street (cross posted from Good Reads)

Wall Street expert Asher Edelman shocks CNBC: Bernie Sanders is best for the economy

Looking Ahead, NY is shaping up very nicely for Hillary (HRC Group)

NASA Successfully Fires Rocket Engine Designed for Deep Space Missions

Obviously Don’t Set Off Nukes to Do Cool Science. Obviously

Dog and Cat emoticons/smilies

Ted Cruz And The Senate: Now We've Got Bad Blood

Think big...

"Hey Bernie and Hillary Supporters, Stop Being Dicks to Each Other"

Water and Wall Street and Destruction

New Zealand bans 'zero hour' contracts

CO2 levels reached new peak in 2015

Hillary Clinton and the Ex-Im Bank Financing of the World’s Largest Coal Plants in South Africa

Goldman Sachs Suspended One of Its Top Producing Banksters; Developing Multi-Billion Dollar Scandal

Rubio's campaign tells Ohio supporters to vote for Kasich

Why wasn't Ted Cruz invited to the State dinner with the Canadian PM?

New Illinois poll: HRC: 62% BS: 25%

Malia and Sasha Obama attended their FIRST state dinner!

Daylight Savings this weekend: Spring back, Fall forward.

Five Years AGO in Japan...

Bernie will ban fracking in America. This is a fact. Pass it on if you FeelTheBern...

William K. Black & 169 Economists Endorse Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Reform Wall St. And Rein In Greed

'Mothers Of The Movement' Explain Why They're Voting For Hillary

World's Oldest Man Is 112-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Israel Kristal

UNITE HERE Locals in California Endorse Sanders

Nothing can break this cat's concentration

Japans Tsunami Caught On Camera (Documentary)

Looky here Ohio...

Who's to blame for Trump? Why the same man who's to blame for everything...THANKS OBAMA! REALLY!

Meet Some Of Chicago’s Trump Democrats

What is the truth regarding the Clinton - Blumenthal relationship?

It's A Structural Problem, But So What?

Critic of Fast Traders Given Award by SEC

GOP congressman furious after Obama thwarts plan to sell sacred Apache land to foreign mining firm

Forum go-through?

It's FRIDAY PUPPY FIX Time! Git yer tails a waggin'!

India Rejects Joint Naval Patrols with US in South China Sea

Walmart’s Food Stamp Scam Explained in One Easy Chart

Billions of Dollars in the Red, Louisiana Has Been Destroyed by Bobby Jindal

Is this true? Denver is getting Mark Sanchez????

Neither Drumpf nor Cruzmissile believe in the Comstitution or

#PhillyTheBern Bernie Sanders Mural by Old Broads and Disto

After year on market, still no buyer for Hell

Nadal considering legal action over Bachelot comments

'It's about time, eh?'

When will Bernie release the transcripts of his Bank of America speech?

Religiosity in America - the upcoming collapse

Five Myths About the Koch Brothers — And Why It Matters To Set Them Straight

Remember the Ex-Im bank Hillary brought up?

Bernie Beating Hillary in Blue & Purple States with Delegates & Votes

Donald Trump Says His Supporters Should 'Hit Back' At Protesters More Often

I think you're crazy just like me.

Just be aware, another nasty bomb by Krugman today

These sports figures gave money to 2016 presidential candidates

GOP Debate #10: Not With a Bang, But a Whimper

Half-term governor PALIN with no achievements rags on half-term senator CRUZ w/no achievements

did carson sell himself to endorse trump?

How Clinton used my reporting to make a bogus attack on Sanders

Blowing the Biggest Political Story of the Last Fifty Years

Answer to Bernie's 'Bank of Amer speech smear of the day....

For Fucks Sake: Now Tony Blair is claiming the Thrid Way Brand is a "Progressive Movement"

So, Bernie spoke at an event sponsored by banks

Bernie Sanders Politics & Eggs Breakfast 2/5/2016

Is This the Real Reason Hillary Clinton Isn't a "Natural Politician"?

Disastrous Trade Deals | Bernie Sanders

Should Elizabeth Warren Endorse Anyone In This Election?

Love or loathe. Admire or detest. Respect should prevail, always.

GOP Moron, Sen Johnson admits that Republicans are complete hypocrites...

Brian loves hunting fish, going swimming, and being a spider

I have come to realize that PUMAs are our party's tea-partiers

Ottumwa State Senator drops out of U.S. House race

Hillary, the MEN are talking (an analysis of who interrupts the most...)

5 years ago today...Japan's Tsunami

Teen skier killed in Copper Mountain crash was visiting from Virginia

Stood With American Workers | Bernie Sanders

12 Businesses Instantly Improved by a Burned Out Sign


Cowards Suppress Voters - We Want Participation | Bernie Sanders

Whether you're a Hillary fan or not, you have to give her credit being the only woman . . .

Donald Trump Says His Supporters Should 'Hit Back' At Protesters More Often

Tulsi Gabbard and Elizabeth Warren: "Natural politicians" because they are honest and trustworthy

Aw man...Keith Emerson died

Is it Really A.D.H.D. or Just Immaturity?

Rubio: My immigration policies would have kept my parents out of US

Missouri: Hillary 47%, Sanders 40%

For what it's worth--The Results of an Illinois Poll

I love Ron Reagan

Touching Patty Reagan memorial to her mom

Good advice for Hillary, I think.

WTF! Hillary Clinton: "The Reagans, particularly Nancy, helped start "a national conversation"

New NC primary Poll (taken after Michigan Primary)

Stood With American Workers | Bernie Sanders

Vote for the Democratic Candidate in November and here is the reasons why...

Estimated 5,000-plus supporters attend Bernie Sanders rally in Raleigh

Disastrous Trade Deals | Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton: The Reagans, particularly Nancy, helped start "a national conversation" about HIV

Need to kill some time?

We are Listening to Native Americans | Bernie Sanders

I have an avatar and quote now

Keith Emerson, Emerson, Lake and Palmer Keyboardist, Dead at 71

I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton today

Bernie Sanders Rally In Raleigh, NC (3-11-16) Raleigh North Carolina Rally

Bernie Sanders to Meet With Rev. Jesse Jackson in Chicago

Sat/Sunday - Spring Forward -and- CHECK YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS

A Petition to Obama

Bernie Sanders on Cannabis & the Failed Drug War

Obama motorcade just came down South First In Austin!

“Cooking Soup Nearly Ended Me In Jail,” 86-Year-Old Man Says


For those who are curious--finally a Missouri Poll

"When It Comes to Irish Peace, Hillary and History Rhyme" - Hillary helped peace in NI

EXCLUSIVE: Reporter Files Police Report Against Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski

DWS Supports Hillary Clinton in 2016. So, She Should Be Purged? OK, Here's how:

suicide-its never easy. One of my students from last semester killed himself last night

Here is why this election in November is so important

If a poster has a member on ignore, is that poster excluded from juries

Former Obama aid Axelrod calls out Clinton for misleading attacks about auto bailout


My husband voted today (NE IL)

Brazil's mothers left to raise microcephaly babies alone

"Wife of Bernie Sanders to meet with Apaches in Arizona"

Man Accused of Terrorism Charge With Fiancee Pleads Guilty

Georgia Senate OKs Concealed Gun Carry for College Campuses

Fuzzy math, Fuzzy memories,

User-Generated ‘Bern the Witch’ Event on Sanders Site Got 22 Sign-Ups

Plea Deal Offered in Newtown Harassment Case

The perils of turning 26: when US millennials lose their parents' healthcare

Oregon Governor Signs Landmark Anti-Coal Bill Into Law

Syria opposition to attend Geneva peace talks

If we don't take a stand.

HRC to be in Charlotte (NC) on Monday night

How the UK rewrote its gun laws – and the challenge it faces now

Joe's Crab Shack Under Fire for Using Photo of Black Man's Hanging as Table Decor

Hillary Clinton Praises Nancy Reagan for ‘Effective, Low-Key Advocacy’ on HIV/AIDS

Trump is getting Muslims to the polls ?? to vote against him

Ronald and Nancy Reagan Ignored the AIDS Crisis and You Know It, Hillary Clinton

I just donated 20 $10 gifts to Hillary! nt

"I can no longer be a Hillary Clinton supporter. -bell hooks

Driver in Fatal Vegas Strip Crash Going to Mental Hospital

So Hillary fans have to skew her donor data by making multiple small donations?

The People Who Own This Country Don't Want You to Vote | Bernie Sanders

Noam Chomsky on Clinton vs Sanders

The People Who Own This Country Don't Want You to Vote | Bernie Sanders

Reporter Tells Police She Was Battered at Trump Event

Trump: The PROTESTERS are the ones throwing the punches

Might be a dupe, but I don't see it - Reddit User Claims He Was Paid to Troll Sanders supporters

Ole Miss Adding Plaque With Context for Confederate Statue

Hillary Clinton Praises Nancy Reagan for ‘Effective, Low-Key Advocacy' on HIV/AIDS

Jim Webb: Would not vote for Hillary, "not sure" if he'd vote for Trump

Sanders, Clinton, and the Neoconning of the Democratic Party

Duck Dynasty Clan: Vote for Hillary, We Dare You

United confirms 10-abreast seating on some of its 777s

Has this Sanders mural been posted here yet?

If Donald Trump rallies had better music......

"Sorry, Bernie Bros, delegate math not adding up for Sanders" (Clinton Group)

It’s official: We can now say global warming has made some weather events worse

I really love Hillary. But I'm deeply saddened by her remarks today regarding the Reagans and AIDS.

Bernie Sanders’s most vitriolic supporters really test the meaning of the word ‘progressive’

Bernie Sanders’s most vitriolic supporters really test the meaning of the word ‘progressive’

I was once skeptical but now...

Hillary's full quote. It is worse than I thought. I am furious

Hard choices: Hillary Clinton admits role in Honduran coup aftermath

Reagan Was Turned To the "Dark Side" By Nancy's Father.

Keith Emerson (1944—2016)

Guinness:​ Holocaust survivor, 112, named world's oldest man

U.S. labor powerhouse to launch anti-Trump ad campaign

U.S. labor powerhouse to launch anti-Trump ad campaign

New Video Appears to Show Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Grabbing the Reporter He Swore He Didn't..

Those Perfect Trump University Report Cards Were Allegedly the Result of Coercion

President Obama keynote @ SXSW - Live stream by Brightcove

Ya know what I wonder? If we took a poll in Michigan today

Hillary talks about Nancy Reagan's AIDS activism at funeral! What the F*CK?

ONION: New Evidence Suggests Early Humans First Used Fire To Impress Friends

Brazos Drawbridge

Donald Trump refuses to do any more debates says he will not show up to scheduled debates!

Hillary Clinton’s statement on her comments about the Reagans' record on HIV and AIDS:

I'm just going to set this out here. It's been brought up before.

It's a funeral. People say overly-nice things at a funeral.

European Commission approves French-Chinese deal to build $25.5bn nuclear project in UK

AT&T, Starwood, Marriott Poised to Complete Cuba Deals

Need help finding an image of the Bernie sign torn in half but fixed by a Bernie supporter


"He was evil and his mouth was filthy"

Guess who just registered for the caucus ?

Hillary apologizes for Nancy Reagan/AIDS comment

Check out this Trump protester..

Trump Volunteers Now Required to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements


Why did she lie about Nancy Reagan's involvement with the AIDS crisis? Why THAT lie?

Those Trump supporters are having fantasies of being powerful

History in Pictures: The Beatles 1957

Fox Steals Golfer's Wallet

Manufacturing Jobs Aren't Coming Back - And It's not about NAFTA/WTO.

North Korean leader Kim orders more nuclear tests: KCNA

President Obama speaking 3/11/2016 at SXSW Keynote - Very Good

Windows 10 just swooped in and took over my computer without any prompting from me.

Hillary's daft Reagan AIDS comment: Another peek of off script Hillary

I MISSPOKE. (Hillary on her comments about Nancy and the aids conversation)

Goldman Sachs

Ex-Japan PM: nuclear power remains unsafe and too costly

Clintons, Contras and Cocaine (Jeffrey St. Clair-Alexander Cockburn March 11, 2016 CounterPunch)

Rain has arrived in Los Angeles!

Clinton crushes Trump in new national ABC/WashPost poll March9

The Dirty Deadly Frontend of Nuclear Power -- 15,000 Abandoned Uranium Mines (Pt. 1)

Activist takes unapologetically black photo at Confederate flag rally in South Carolina

Unofficial "Together" Ad - Set to "This Land Is Your Land"

Hillary's first response was to the TPTMB on Nancy

Putin signs decree limiting nuclear material supplies to Iran

I watched a report about the Nancy Reagan funeral service

Yay! Ohio Judge: 17-Year-Olds Can Vote in Ohio Presidential Primary.

When anyone runs for public office, some things should not matter.

NO one "deserves respect". We all do, however, deserve to be treated respectfully.

It Turns Out the Koch Brothers Took an Interest in the VA Hospital System

Video of Hillary praising Nancy Reagan on HIV/AIDS


"if Democrats run an establishment candidate [Clinton] they are going to lose" against Donald Trump

Ten surprising people who advocated "socialism"

Bernie Sanders 2016 - "Where'dat Money Go?"

REPORT: Pope Francis Shitcans Vatican Ambassador Who Embarrassed Him With Kim Davis Debacle

EDF chief executive warns France over Hinkley costs

Georgia passes ‘campus carry’ bill legalizing guns at colleges

Sanders Says Clinton Charges are Fabrications ( Media critic J. Cohen founder of the media watchdog)

Clinton's Super Delegates Will Abandon Her At The Convention And Vote For Bernie

Ahhh yess. and President Bernie Sanders saved America from DOOM in 2016...

Bernie revealed how he going to win. (and how he can do it only 1671 pledged delegates)

Genetically modified mosquitoes clear key hurdle for Key West test

Trump Calls Tiananmen Square Protests a 'Riot,' Defends Calling Crackdown 'Strong'


Austria: Arson attacks against Romani families from Romania

Bernie Campaign Ad - Interest Group: National Association of Manufacturers

How can a GAY PERSON support Hillary any more/

Hillary admits she made a mistake about Reagan's record on HIV and AIDS

Why does Trump University have positive reviews? Ex-students blame coercion

Keith Emerson, Emerson, Lake and Palmer Keyboardist, Dead at 71

Springtime in Alaska

A woman that works in the office for the company I drive for....

Layoffs and nepotism in Macri's Argentina: love in the time of austerity.

Too much Swan Queen

Sharapova hires who????

Weak GOP Rivals Fail to Condemn Donald Trump and His Thugs

Background Checks For Guns Could Save Many Lives: Study

Inevitable toon

Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump redefining gatekeepers? (VIDEO)

‘F*ck you, you whore!’: Watch angry white people go berserk outside Trump rally in St. Louis

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton To Headline AIPAC Conference

I'm gay. I'm irked by what Hillary said. But drop the condescension.

More violence at a Trump rally?


Ohio lawsuit...Judge rules 17 Year olds can vote in Primary!

March 11, 1936...a baby is born in Trenton, New Jersey.

Hillary's memory problem, is this a sign of something else being wrong with her

How To Be a Jew in France

Hillary apologizes for her comments about the Reagan's recordon HIV/AIDS

So, what wll Carson get from Trump?

O'Malley Finds New Opportunity On Board Of Voter Education Group.

Everyone just needs to chill out

Just heard on the local KC news

WaPo: Sanders reprises tough anti-trade rhetoric in new ads

Still too early for matchups to be predictive, but Clinton 50, Trump 41 among RVs?

Does US Rep. Marcy Kaptur support Bernie Sanders?

A simple poll . . .

German lodges todger in 13 steel rings


So God anointed Ted Cruz to be the GOP nominee, then God told Carson to endorse Trump

Donald Trump is rising because the middle class is crashing

Was Bobby Jindal Worse for Louisiana Than Hurricane Katrina?

Media Partisan Spin Protects BOTH Sides From Accountability & Clinton from E-mail Responsibility

Jane coming to AZ to visit a sacred Apache site where the repugs inc McCain want to mine the area

Latest UN Report on Human Rights in Iran: More Executions, Fewer Freedoms

Wow, is Hillary trying to self destruct? The lies about Bernie and the AIDs disaster. Weird. nt

A gay man's view on Hillary's Nancy Reagan/AIDS comments

Sanders Talks Trade and Jobs in Tar Heel State

Bernstormin' in Raleigh, NC (Rally for Bernie)

Bernie Sanders LIVE from Toledo, Ohio in A Future to Believe in Rally

Trump’s not Hitler, he’s Mussolini: How GOP anti-intellectualism created a modern fascist movement i

"Bernie Is a Loud,Stubborn Socialist. Republicans Like Him Anyway."He was incredibly EFFECTIVE"


Ohio's Jon Husted to appeal ruling about 17 yr olds voting. Says Bernie's suit is "political".

Bernie won the Ohio lawsuit!!!! UPDATE

We are going to lose this elections...

Hillary Clinton Lauds Reagans on AIDS. Gay Twitter Erupts.

With Cuba trip, Obama aims to make renewed ties irreversible

Really DU? So now it's ok for DU to go homophobic?

Bernie won the Ohio lawsuit! UPDATE

How Ronald Reagan Republicans Cut Benefits GOP Screwed Social Security

DEVASTATING VIDEO: 1982 Reagan White House Press Briefing RE: AIDS...

92% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 68% Chance Of Winning General Election.

Why is there no polling for Missouri?