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Episode 51 of Extinction Radio is ready to stream

Douglas Bruce taken from courtroom in handcuffs after being given 2-year prison sentence

Question re: AIDS comment - was Hillary speaking from prepared notes?

Douglas Bruce taken from courtroom in handcuffs after being given 2-year prison sentence

Portland loves Bernie Sanders, but Seattle and San Francisco love him more

More Lies....

I am part of the LGBT Community

Hillary Clinton's conversation with Andrea Mitchell at Nancy Reagan's memorial...

Seattle is Berning: We’re tops in the U.S. for per capita Bernie Sanders donations

Humongous crowd to get into Bernie rally...Chicago.

Dan Savage: Clinton crediting Nancy Reagan for helping AIDS victims is a ‘f*cking lie’

Can a Christian Conservative (Catholic) support Bernie Sanders? Answer: "Catholics should be more

Hillary Clinton says she misspoke about how Reagans dealt with Aids crisis

Speaking of Reagan and AIDS, a story of public ridicule and pandering to religious right.

Maybe Trumps purpose is to make foreigners hate the US

UN report: South Sudan allowed soldiers to rape civilians in civil war

When Bernie was Mayor he supported the city's First GAY PRIDE Parade in 1983

Furious Sarah Palin unloads on former pal Ted Cruz as a ‘half-term’ US senator with no achievements

Luckovich on Supreme Court. NAILS IT!

No it is not being misspoken.

American accused of assisting men in Isis attack at anti-Islam event in Texas

Here's why so much upset over Hillary's statement about the Reasgan and AIDS

Did you see that protester crowd outside Trump rally in Chicago?

Trump postponing Chicago rally because of protesters.

A brawl is about to break out inside the tRump rally location.

Trump doggie poop bags

Trump rally postponed

Eruption shout off inside the arena in Chicago. Security does not have a handle

OMG is anyone seeing what is occurring at the tRump rally??

The Democratic Party never fails to try and succeed at shooting itself in the foot.

No, tempers do not have to be calmed dear msnbc apologist

Sanders Calls Out Defense Contractors and as President will have the Dept of Defense audited.

Trump Cancels Rally Overwhelmed by Protesters ("Total Chaos")


Malware suspected in Bangladesh bank heist: officials

The Old Farm

You Can See The Progression Of Alzheimer’s Reflected In His Self-Portraits, And It’s Chilling

President Obama: "We're Shocked! We're Shocked...Shocked"

Incite a Riot at Trump Event and Chant "Bernie"....

Video Shows Exactly How Drumpf Feels About the Poor People Who Support Him: ‘They’re Morons’

Naelyn Pike of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Arizona speaks during a Bernie Rally

Emerson, Lake and Palmer-Lucky Man (In Memoriam, Keith Emerson)

WTF is going on this campaign

Chaos at UofI Chicago thousands of protestors and trump supporters in confrontation.

NJ Transit, unions reach contract deal, averting rail shutdown

mr trump. words have consequences.

You Can See The Progression Of Alzheimer’s Reflected In His Self-Portraits, And It’s Chilling

Ex-judge says without state money Detroit schools will close

Should HRC stay in the race after the Nancy Reagan quote?

WOW Chicago just exploded

#698 checking in

So the protesters shut down the rally


As anti-Islam tone rises in U.S., Muslim women learn self-defense

If the funeral remarks were NOT a big deal, there wouldn't be so much defensiveness,

Anybody watching this Trump fiasco?

Weird problem with DU... I can't see some of my own posts when I'm logged in

I'm proud of how attendees conduct themselves at Bernie and Hillary rallies

The handwriting was on the wall with these racist Trump rallies.Words have consequences.

Some people say that Cruz is behind the disruption at the tRump event

A question for the oldsters.

Hillary also "misspoke" about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia

Live updates: Six elephants arrive at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo

He did this on purpose.

Clinton apologizes for calling Nancy Reagan a 'very effective, low-key' AIDS advocate

One thing I admire about Marie Antoinette

Bernie Supporters Shut Down Trump Rally in Chicago (Video of Bernie Supporters Added)

Arab League brands Hezbollah a terrorist organisation

On cnn now: Trump Rally cancelled by protest chaos.

Hillary Clinton didn't "misspeak". She miscalculated. Maybe she thought no one was listening.

Trump is a pathological LIAR

I think a more apt comparison between Trump/Tonight is not the 68 Dem Con but....

Alveeda King on HRC

Ron Paul Institute: "Bernie Sanders Exposes Bloated Military and Intelligence Spending"

Three Paris attackers 'feature in IS recruitment files'

Trump talking to Chris Matthews on the phone now...

Clinton Staff: Hey everybody, we have the Reagan funeral, should be a light day.

Hillary Clinton says she misspoke about how Reagans dealt with Aids crisis

How would you vote in various scenarios? (new edition)

I think the worm just turned.

Hillary is capable of imploding.

How can even an insane person vote for Trump?

Your post was unsuccessful because the thread you are replying to is locked.

Is that Bongino guy talking on CNN Secret Service or a Trump advocate??

Abbas Rejects U.S. Peace Proposal, Again

Trump wasn't ready for Chicago, but Chicago was ready for Trump

So we are snapping at each other, meanwhile

Rewriting history is Clinton speciality

Fergus kitty rescue by Michele M Seattle, WA

Hillary just won Trump's Chicago rally.

I am proud of my city tonight!

So DUers can promote mental health stigma without facing any consequences?

Wow, did I miss a lot! Michigan! God damn!!

The Lie

The media - led by MSNBComcast - owns this shit with Drumpf and violence.

"They're shutting us down for protesting..."

Now we need to start using the phrase. "All cities are Chicago!"

MSNBC - Rachel has taken over for Tweety

This woman on CNN (Trump supporter) is a buffoon...

This election is boiling down to the importance of Political Correctness.

Donald Trump: T-Rex mouth … butterfly ass.

A working class hero

Trump on Faux now. Managing situation disturbingly well.

Congrats to Chicago for shutting down Drumpf's white supremacist hate speech rally

turn rachel maddow on right now.

WOW! Trump on Fox During the Trump Riot

The longest serving woman in the House, Marcy Kaptur D-OH, endorses Bernie

It looks as if Trump trumped Kasich on MSNBC.

Reporter Files Assault Charge Against Trump Campaign Manager

Yeah CHICAGO! Windy City shuts down the windy candidate!

Friday Talking Points (382) -- The Dog That Didn't Bark At The GOP Debate

So the Evil Empire hammers the Fighting Amish. Up by 35 with a couple of minutes left...

"The sustained health of Progressive politics will have four pillars:" . (Trudeau)

I support the Trump protesters and...

Pete Santilli Will Stay Behind Bars While Awaiting Trial

Livestream of Bernie's rally in suburban Chicago:

So who is going to pay for this fiasco.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Thread! TGIF! The Art of the Deal! Uncensored & Live &

Fearing Finicum would shoot colleague, troopers opened fire

MoveOn statement on Trump Rally being canceled

Offshore Wind Turbine Comes Online Near Fukushima Daiichi

The Mysterious Gap in Hillary Clinton’s Haiti Emails

We can say that Nancy Reagan started a conversation about fighting AIDS...

I don't want to be put in a position where I might have to vote for a pathological liar.

Oregon standoff defendant just borrowing government truck to get groceries

Bernie Sanders Rally in Illinois Live Link

Many of the primaries coming up are closed.

xposted from LBN - Bernie got another endorsement

Trump Says His Supporters Are "Very Passionate." FEEL THE PASSION! --->

Dear Fox News

OSP moved fatal traffic stop to avoid Grant County sheriff

Burns Paiute Tribe Holding Post-Militia Cleansing Ceremony

So I wonder what will happen at the next Trump "LoveFest?"

How the Muslim world sees Trump:

Today's Bible Verse for Trump

Sanders Endorsed by Rep Marcy Kaptur of Ohio at Rally today

Thom Hartman has discovered the "joy" that is windows 10...

Sanders WINS appeal! Ohio 17 yr olds can and will vote Tuesday

I think Trump just won the nomination.

Larry Kramer Responds to Hillary Clinton’s Reagan AIDS Advocacy Gaffe

Talk to me baby

Yes, in the 2008 Dem primaries, I posted harsh things about Hillary.

"Bromance with Fidel: Bernie's Socialism Not So Democratic After All"

Why did she say "I misspoke", rather than "I was totally wrong to say that"?

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 13 - 80's Gender Benders

Bernie tries to silence Hillary at last debate.

Hell Breaks Loose at Violent Trump Rally as Black Protester Bloodied (earlier today in St. Louis)

Any word about the "misspeech" yet from the Human Rights Campaign?

TCM Schedule for Monday March 14 - Art and Artists

Bernie's 1.2 trillion dollar boondoggle

Trump Event Violence: My Theory

Found a couple of stories on the origin of the Trump protest tonight

Guys? Anybody not floated away yet?

Am I alone in thinking this is a dangerous development?

Clinton and Sanders laud Nancy Reagan

I fear this election is going to tear the country apart

Hillary Clinton’s Hit Men Target Bernie Sanders at Blue Nation Review

Rachel thinks the disturbance at Trump appearance is by design.

rachel about to roll tape. just another strong man.

Turn Rachel back on now

Was Hillary trying to get some GOP support for GE? It makes no sense.

Live on Maddow. Ted Cruz responds to incident at Trump rally.

Hillary's LGBT apology amounts to this

Cruz using occasion to attack Obama!!

Call me a cynic but I'll be shocked if Trump doesn't sweep the next round of primaries on Tuesday.

I've been having problem with Firefox freezing on my Win7 machine

On Fox News ....

BREAKING: Trump legally changes name to "Eventual Nominee" to secure RNC nomination.

Sidestepping Apple dispute, Obama makes case for access to device data

Hillary Clinton's Honesty Problem Is Not What You Think It Is

Amazing image from the Chicago trump protest

A Trump campaign gag order?

Okay, so let's talk about this.

Trump is working hard to create a long hot summer

Nabisco Shuts Its Chicago Oreo Cookie Factory, Moves to Mexico

Shocking! Trump doesn't understand the 1st Amendment

Who else finds it funny that the Hillarians simply won't admit Berners shut Trump down?

Breitbart reporter demands apology from Trump campaign, as video backs up accusation

AP: The Latest: Police say they didn't advise canceling rally

Hillary has answered one important question today

Bernie on Facebook Just Now: "We Are Going to Bring People TOGETHER"

"..they were there as soon as they could – once the country elected two people who actually cared"

Not Scientific, but...

If you're not watching Rachel...

Oh look a candidate who actually apologizes for making a factual error. Let's attack MT

Race baiter extraordinaire, Megan Kelly, blames Chicago chaos on President Obama.

Sorry DU pearl clutchers this just how some in Illinois roll

NJ transit strike averted

NJ transit strike averted

Dick Cheney heaps praise on Clinton.

The word is STRONGMAN


"Very Diverse"

"Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!!" Protesters Trump Trump

In victory for Sanders, Ohio judge says 17-year-olds can vote

Bernie's response to the Trump protest via twitter.

Ok I just watched the CNN video re: the disruption at Trump's rally

What are the re-registration deadlines for Illinois, Ohio, NC, and Florida?

Lizz Winstead on twitter

Samantha Bee Rips Bernie's Interrupting & Hand Waving!

The young independents who back Bernie would have BEEN Dems

Katie Couric to Bernie: Would you be willing to be Hillary's VP?

Bernie supporters take the fight into the lion's den. Where were Hillary supporters?

I can't believe there has been no statement from Hillary

Cancellation: Do Bernie supporters want credit or not tonight?

"We have a country that is too divided," says Donald Trump. Yet *HE* is the guy who is dividing it!

Just imagine a presidential race in 2016 between a socialist and a facsist

Look around America......

The hillarians are supporting trump and Reagan today

Obama Down to Three SCOTUS Finalists

Trump, 2014, on Johnny Manziel: "He is going to be really good (and exciting to watch)."

SOME of my favorite obscure opening and closing ANIME songs...

Trump is using the same formula he uses in The Apprentice. He encourages fights between the

Believe me, WE WANT TRUMP! Cruz is a scary and dangerous man. We will destroy Trump!

"Trump Rally has been cancelled. His supporters have been asked to disperse & go be stupid racist

Hillary's comments on Nancy, Ronald and AIDS

Facebook fools pretend no one tried to kill Obama...

I hope it was Bernie supporters, no one else has demonstrated how to stop trump

It's not the lie, it's the cover-up

A VIDEO 🔥 Bernie Sanders 🔥 - The President We've Been Waiting For

What Is Wrong With Donald Trump

So now we are Trump and Reagan supporters. WTF is going on here

Extreme March Weather Pattern Yields Snow in Mexico Historic Flooding in South Record Northeast Heat

Where does everyone fall in the debate of cats? Indoor, out or both?

Trump Rallies were Becoming a Venue for Living Out Fantasies of White Supremacy


The events in Chicago make it clear that we need to support the Dem nominee regardless of who it is

Tonight I stand with the protesters

How do I know if my ruler is as long as it says it is?

This is some political

Was there a riot in Chicago tonight? Because I've been told that Bernie supporters incited a riot.

Raw Footage: Violence ERUPTS at Chicago Trump rally.

if drumpf didn't want chaos he wouldn't inflame

A VIDEO: Why African Americans are on FIRE for Bernie Sanders

In London in October, 1936, people of good will and courage stopped a Fascist parade

When did the name change to "HIV-AIDS"?

Treat Native Americans with the Respect and Dignity they have ALWAYS DESERVED!

Cruz, Rubio and Kasich criticize Trump for creating ‘environment’ for Chicago protest

Wapo: Could Donald Trump be held legally responsible for inciting violence at his rallies?

Trump Will Fuck Us Worse Than The(Fake) Camera Cowboy

The protesters that shut down Trump's rally weren't encouraged by Bernie, that was Trump's doing.

I don't like protesters stopping Bernie or Hillary or Trump or Cruz!

'Legally Blonde' Chihuahua dies (at age 18)

UIC Students shut down a racist demagogue on their campus this evening

Hillary: are you anti-fascist or not?

So Trump set the scene for a fracas tonight.

Trump's theme: Tomorrow Belongs to Me

A VIDEO: America | Bernie Sanders

My sibling switched, Hillary to Bernie!

A little levity for us as life is hard and sadly real

Bernie Sanders LIVE @ ARGO Community High School - Summit, Il

turn on rachel maddow right now part the whole enchilada restarts now.

Someone should have taken Trump down with chloroform along time ago! Bill Burr comedy act

Must Be A Circus In Town, Lets Shut This Shit Down With These Clowns...

Sanders Talks Trade in Ohio, Wins Backing by Popular Congresswoman

After today, who still thinks she's "more electable"?

New York Times Urges Hillary Clinton to Release Her Wall Street Speech Transcripts

In complete contrast - watch the last 16 seconds of Bernie's rally in Chicago today

Such handwringing over not much, really, in Chicago

“Protesting used to have consequences.”

Listened to 5 minutes of the GOP debate rerun on CNN just now...

I thought this was fun and very nice. Katy Perry. (HC GROUP}

Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer has died

Bernie Sanders responds to Donald Trump

Stand Together -- Fan-made (now-official) Bernie Sanders ad Peoples War

Listen to Reagan’s Press Secretary Laugh About Gay People Dying of AIDS

Bernie's health care page is so really very well done..

Florida Legislative Black Caucus endorse Hillary on the steps of the Historic Capitol in Tallahasse

Student Debt—Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders:

Rachel's Tweet following Hillary's apology

Bernie Earthquake Toon

Hillary Clinton: The ONLY Democrat candidate helping other Democrats get elected.

Yglesias: How Bernie Sanders convinced me about free college

Hey, LGBT community, sorry to throw you under the bus...

I have no words...

An opinion on how Bernie can win - Vox

I can't get this image of Hillary as Pac-Man out of my head

Why altruism paid off for our ancestors

Has only speaking to rich, private audiences created a situation where Hillary doesn't

No Chicago paranoia please!

gratuitous kitteh pic - an all-time favorite

I'm chomping at the bit out here in California

Oh, I get it now re: Chicago protests.

I really like this ad

OMG, and I never say that...

Work of His Life | Bernie Sanders

In victory for Sanders, Ohio judge says 17-year-olds can vote in primary

Two Brothers take their boat out to rescuing stranded critters After the floods down south.

She really has jumped the shark. (Maddow tweet)

Poll:Trump, Clinton way ahead of the pack in North Carolina C:57; BS: 34

Hillary Clinton Beautiful peaceful statement on Donald Trump Rally

Does anybody else feel something like a tectonic shift occurring in the political world right now?

March 11 New POLL-->Clinton way ahead of the pack in North Carolina C:57; BS: 34

Charles Barkley: 'Politics Is Rich People Screwing Poor People'

There's a snowball coming. Consider the snowball...

Obama calls on tech industry at SXSW to help solve nation's problems

Obama's keynote speech at SXSW (Austin)

So when Trump supporters start showing up at D rallies...

The American Public is *PISSED*

Chihuahuas or muffins?

Why She Likes Trump

Rachel's Tweet following Hillary's apology

Daredevil Season Two Trailer Featuring the Punisher (VIDEO)

Ignoring Biden call to condemn attacks, Abbas slams all forms of violence we know why the Cleveland police were buying millions in riot gear

Sticky lawsuit: $400M dispute lingers over Post-it inventor

Daredevil Season Two Trailer Featuring Elektra (VIDEO)

Well I just saw my first bullshit meme after the Trump fiasco in Chicago...

What do you mean Trump is not responsible for the protests?

Bernie's movement is galvanizing the citizens of this great country to finally act like a COUNTRY

Ben H. Bagdikian, media critic and journalist with key role in Pentagon Papers case, dies at 96

Here is a link to the MSNBC website, Trump discussing Chicago protest and video of the protest

Wow Berners - it really has been quite a week. Enjoy reliving this amazing moment.

Would you have gone to the Chicago rally?

I hope that people interested in peaceful protest will

The OV-10 Is Even Older Than the A-10 And It's Fighting ISIS Too

Comment: USA and Venezuelan Right aiming for ‘regime change’

Israeli diplomat in Miami suspended amid child abuse allegations

The White House opens its doors to open source

Daily Holidays - March 12

Just wondering what Hillary would have said at a Scalia Memorial.

Donald Trump’s Rally in Chicago Canceled After Violent Scuffles

‘Gonna Be the Death of Liberals’: Maher Tells Bernie, Hillary Fans to Quit Fighting

I guess Trump's mob name would be "Donnie Fingers" n/t.

American devotion to religion is waning, according to new study

Hillary's statement on Chicago-blames everyone and says we should use our words

Surprise, Bernie Sanders Catches Flak From His Left Flank: “He’s Not Talking Socialism”

FL: Clinton’s rally, drew 600 people to her midday rally.

Hillary Clinton Statement on Donald Trump Rally

Why GD-P is the way it is: Group Polarization

Attention Hillary Supporters! Do not go to Trump rallies!

Bill Maher on the death of liberals! Must listen!

Maher on Democratic fighting and how it hurts the party

Game over! Computer wins series against Go champion

"Sinclair was an outspoken socialist and ran unsuccessfully...

In The Flesh

New law will cut off unemployment pay for most GI Bill users, but when?

Rachel is the only person who called Donald Trump out

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton wins the Northern Mariana Islands caucus

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton wins the Northern Mariana Islands caucus

Vice President Fiorina thinks President Ted rocks because he doesn't discuss body parts. Ever.

New York City Broadcast News this Morning:

Chris Mathews Squirms When Asked About His Bernie Attacks

Weekly Address: The Legacy of Nancy Reagan

GOP congressman furious after Obama thwarts plan to sell sacred Apache land to foreign mining firm

What if robots could replace consumers too?

Bernie= force of Group; Hillary= force of Personality

“He was sitting down because he was drunk. He wasn’t the youthful poet I met on the beach."

Is Hillary Clinton Likable Enough to Beat Donald Trump?

Korea nuke opera: China agrees to sanction a barbarian

Trump Cancels Cincinnati Rally

Sierra Leone abortion bill blocked by President Bai Koroma again

US official: North Korean submarine is missing, presumed sunk

Obama Wants to Be Rid of Guantanamo Nightmare

I was glad to see Bernie first address the crowd outside of

Bernie Ad Quote: "We draw our strength from the very despair..."

Do even the most odious among us, including incipient fascists, Trump, have a right to free speech

"In Hard-Hit Ohio Steel Town, Trump and Sanders Resonate"

German interior minister calls for 'travel registry' in Europe

Food Drives at Sanders Rallies?

Pres. Obama mocks Trump and republicans last night in Austin:

Deport Donald

Sanders interview with Couric

Greece: No hope, limited options for refugees in Idomeni

Did anybody see this from the Chicago Tribune?

Fukushima: radioactivity under control?

Feminism At Work Poster (Hillary Group)

WME Signs Political Hosts The Young Turks (Exclusive)

Illinois - Open or Close Primary

Prez: How Good Could That Trump Wine be?

Should America Stop Changing Its Clocks?

The people of Chicago have barred Trump from entering....

Special Report: The final days and deals of Aubrey McClendon (Energy CEO)

Windows Update

My Ancestors Love Bernie! I'm taking their photos with me on election day. We Vote Together

Anyone from Jacksonville...

Anyone from Jacksonville, FL...

George Wallace's campaign sounds familiar.

"Passionate". . . PASSIONATE??

Reddit: When you see your girl finally talking to her crush.

Donald Trump mischaracterizes freedom of speech

Trump cancels Cincinnati rally

"MyShake" app, a personal tsunami warning system

MyShake" app, a personal tsunami warning system

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-10-16 Tim Canova FL-23 (FIRE DWS)

It seems to me that Hillary is representative of what the republican party was years and years ago &

Bill Maher Perpetuates Lie About Hillary Clinton Server & Other SOS's

RW media spin blaming Bernie supporters for the protest at Trump's Chicago rally

Tsipras' future in the balance as Greek crises mount

Warsaw’s Generals Are Fed Up With Poland’s Ted Cruz

Trump Animation Rally Promo

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-11-16

Funny Trump Animation Rally Promo (mentions protest shut-down)

"Civil Rights for me, but not for Thee"

RW media making a big deal out of Obama not attending Nancy Reagan's funeral. (Obama Group)

The world as seen by Trump

Trump Jr. Gets Taken DOWN.

The rescue group which saved my Snowy from a high kill shelter in Georgia

Second white-on-black assault caught on video from horrifying Trump rally in North Carolina

Tactically I am glad Trump's speeches are being shut down.


Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic Caucuses in Northern Mariana Islands

Bernie Sanders gave the same sort of highly-compensated speeches to Wall Street

Rubio Gets Asked Who His Climate "Advisors" Are - Can't/Won't Name Anyone

Polish banks could face rocky year ahead

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian on the cancellation of Trump's rally

I am not sure if the media is exposing Trump's hate speech as unacceptable, or if they are

Sanders in Chicago today, will meet with Jesse Jackson

Isis launches two chemical attacks in northern Iraq

Katy Tur is a pro-Trump

Trump officially lost his chance of being president today

Trump supporters slamming Sander's Twitter feed today

Clinton Wins Northern Mariana Islands' Democratic Caucus

After Michigan, biased polls and projections have lost their influence, their power of intimidation.

Very Interesting Prediction Re Bernie & the Presidency

Imagine.......the possibility.....

off to the first little league practice of the season!

How dare Rubio place any blame over what happened in Chicago last night on Obama..

Dalai Lama discusses Socialism and Bernie Sanders

TRUE: Clinton: I called for Wall Street regulations eary in the financial crisis

Chicago made me proud yesterday

I think a large number of Americans have moved beyond confirmation bias into information irrelevance

Eleven Days After Super Tuesday and Bernie Sanders is still Campaigning for every Vote!

Circumstantial evidence

Accused N. Idaho sniper appears in court

Another child dead from quackery

Donald Trump's America - Illustrated

Dick Cheney heaps praise on Hillary Clinton

Regarding Drumpf's right to "Free Speech"; evidently folks need an occasional reminder.

Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments - BBC Arts

Link between gum disease/alzheimer's

Donald Trump's torture support hurts US global 'standing': UN expert

George Soros funded the Chicago protest last night...

In other news, Hillary had some other statements praising public figures.

The Media Vultures Are Out Just Hoping For More Violence At A Trump Event.....

Free speech does not equal assault.

should the Human Rights Campaign regret endorsing Hillary?

Disinvestment and Deindustrialization

Rachel Maddow: "It Is Impossible" To Call Violence At Trump's Events "An Accident"

Which comment is worse? Hillary's or Bernie's?

New Bernie Sanders TV Ad! Chicago (3/12/2016)

2016 will be last stand for Democratic party hacks

New Bernie Sanders TV Ad - Chicago

New Bernie Sanders TV Ad - Chicago

Bill Maher says the primaries will destroy liberals. This is a poll on how you feel

Canadian TV Rips Trump

Just saw this on Chris Matthews....

So Jack WELCH endorses CRUZ & is political commentator/operative interviewed on Faux

Marco Rubio - I still intend to support the Republican nominee "but it's getting harder every day."

I have to give her credit for this. And in NC, no less. Hillary Clinton Challenges the #Gun Lobby.

Right Wing CRAZY Anarchists MoveOn.Org Bernie Take Credit Chicago Mayhem

(Australian electricity) Networks push for renewable energy target to be dumped

Direct as a fist sandwich. . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Here we go...Trump rally in Dayton.

Adorable Penguin Swims 5,000 Miles Each Year to Visit the Man Who Rescued Him

'Bury Me Furiously' - Political Funerals from the 80's and 90's.

NRL Space-Based Solar Power Concept Wins Secretary of Defense Innovative Challenge

Adorable Penguin Swims 5,000 Miles Each Year to Visit the Man Who Rescued Him

Watching this Donald Trump rally, I am convinced that he

John Legend Calls Donald Trump ‘Racist’ in Twitter Feud With Candidate’s Son

Typical Trump supporter? Looks that way...

Killer Care: How Medical Error Became America's Third Largest Cause of Death,

Donald Trumps Reincarnation

Interview: 'Bernie Sanders says Rahm’s been ‘terrible mayor’

Shameless Plug - Soul Party at

The older woman with the walker who held up the "Trump =Hate" sign is my hero.

Lots of Clinton campaigning in Ohio today

Tell MSNBC to STOP being the Trump Network

Clinton's NAFTA: Forced Mexico Allow Foreign Ownership Banks: Mexican taxpayers Subsidize CitiBank

Hoosiers for Bernie Events:

Someone should ask why Trump failed to make a deal with the Chicago protesters.

On "mis-speaking":

‘Underground’ treats the fight against slavery like a heist movie

ABC: When it comes to Hillary Clinton, some Ohio voters admit to feeling more lukewarm than fired up

Chicago Police: We Never Told Trump Campaign To Shut Down Rally

Bernie 8 x 11 prints Very cool

Kansas City (MO) Star Endorses Hillary Clinton

Trump - the man who says he'll tell Russia and China what to do - runs from angry voters.

Stood With American Workers | Bernie Sanders

WP: "Hillary Clinton draws criticism for her response to violence at Trump’s Chicago rally"

My final thoughts on the Reagan/AIDS remarks

Stood With American Workers | Bernie Sanders

Trump moves rally from "urban" Cincinnati to "suburban" West Chester

Stood With American Workers | Bernie Sanders

He murdered 3 Neighbors...Why?

Twenty-First Century Schizoid

Disastrous Trade Deals | Bernie Sanders

"Hitler Grandma" Picture Gets Context

My final thoughts on the Reagan/AIDS remarks

Disastrous Trade Deals - Bernie Sanders

Disastrous Trade Deals | Bernie Sanders

Trump in Chicago makes me think of Illinois nazis

We are Listening to Native Americans | Bernie Sanders

I am fairly new to DU. How does the "Home" category work? Let me explain my experience

End Fracking and Offshore Drilling | Bernie Sanders

What About Sierra Blanca, Bernie?': From the Rio Grande to Reparations

We are facing a real crisis in this country.

UIC Police Chief: The threat of violence only transpired WHEN THE RALLY WAS CANCELLED BY TRUMP.

Ohio youth vote

The People Who Own This Country Don't Want You to Vote | Bernie Sanders

Lamh Foisneach Abu!

The people of Chicago.....

The shameful Bernie race smear: Hillary supporters have played a dirty, dangerous game

Dear Bernie: Please Go Prophesy at AIPAC

DNC Clearly Worried About FBI Investigation of Emails:

Six Dead And Several Missing In Alps Avalanche

How Bernie Sanders supporters shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago

Only-in-ChicagoTrump insult

Dalai Lama discusses Socialism and Bernie Sanders

Do you think Donald Trump slept through the debate?

Blues Brothers Nailed it -

Just saw this Tweet From Rev Jesse Jackson - Talking With Sanders Now

Ted Cruz Is 100% Ineligible To Run For The U.S. Presidency

Greetings from near West Chester Ohio

I've been binge watching House of Cards

Beautiful "Truth" Poster

Milwaukee Man Accused of Asking Victim's Race before Killing 3 People

Will The 2016 Republican National Convention In Cleveland In July Overshadow The 1968....

Trump knew exactly what he was doing.

Hillary Clinton: Trump is Playing With Fire He Can't Control; Political Arson

Bill Maher - Liberals Please Stop fighting

Marco Rubio's concern is entirely, repeat, ENTIRELY for himself.

A Reminder about GD:P Topics

I am proud to stand with rep. Marcy Kaptur D-OH, and with Bernie Sanders.

Trump gets hustled off stage in Dayton ?

X-Post: Hillary Clinton gets big celebrity boost with new Shonda Rhimes ad

Just a reminder to those that think Trump has no chance of being elected president

Religion in the Comics - 52

North Korean Submarine 'Missing' Amid Tensions

Did MSNBC just swift-boat Bernie?

It looks like I'm going to sell my house and move to the Seattle area

The establishment is loving this, don't fall for the bait

Here's why it becomes harder and harder to support Clinton

Email from Bernie...

What Was Hillary Thinking? A History of Poor Decision-Making

Hillary in Ohio

Record-breaking heat AGAIN

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 12, 2016

Iditarod officials: Snowmobile strikes 2 teams, kills dog, injures others

WTF Happened to Hillary Clinton in Michigan, Explained

"Background Checks For Guns Could Save Many Lives: Study"

Hillary 3.0?

I feer there will be gun violence at a Trump rally sooner or later

Venezuela Poll Shows Socialists on Track to Win Elections

Sanders Accepts Challenge to Kill TPP If Elected... Nothing from Clinton So Far

CALLING ALL BERNIE SUPPORTERS: Man the barricades & dig into your pockets NOW!

Violence Against PP Is Probably Going To Get A Lot Worse As Election Cycle Moves Forward.

Blues Brothers predate Bernie supporters, etc., shutting down Trump rally in Illinois.

Venezuelans march today demanding Maduro resign (Spanish)

It's a VERY fine line between Cruz's "Join With Us" mantra and that free hugs clown in the shack.

I wonder if Hillary had seen this?

Molly Ivins quote on fear...

How Bernie Sanders' Solutions Would Dramatically Improve Wages, Poverty and Inequality

Hillary Recalls Reagans Killing HIV/AIDS in Oval Office Ambush

Somebody Needs To Get To Joy Reid From MSNBC As She Has Got The Location Of The Cancelled Rally....

Bernie 'Best Candidate for the Economy' Endorsed by Financier Asher Edelman- 'Gordon Gekko' Model

Sanders Talks Trade in Ohio, Wins Backing by US Rep. Marcy Kaptur

Donald Trump Has Close Call in Dayton, Secret Service Steps in to Protect

Things we cannot afford and things we can afford...

Have you ever had a cold sweat?

Great article on "misspeaking"

I don't see the Sanders' campaign as 'historic' but it's not because of some difference in values

Hillary Will Never Admit Publicly That She Supports Fracking, But She's a Booster Behind Closed Door

Ted Cruz Says Donald Trump Is to Blame for Violence at His Rallies

The establishment is loving this, don't take the bait

MSNBC: Amazing how Clinton Townhall is once against AFTER Bernie.

NC high school student wears Confederate flag cape, shouts ‘white power’

Bernie 'Best Candidate for the Economy' Endorsed by Financier Asher Edelman- 'Gordon Gekko' Model

The 10 "dumbest" and smartest cities in California

"Sanders Accepts Challenge to Kill TPP If Elected... Nothing from Clinton So Far"

At least it wasn’t a form letter

Politico today - "Sanders had big ideas but little impact on Capitol Hill"

AlphaGo wins best of five Go match 3-0 over human World Champion Lee Sedol

Trump Blames Sanders for Protests

Interesting, positive news from IOWA

Looks Like The MSM Is Following Trump Around The Country Today To Air All His Appearances....

South Sudan lets fighters rape women as payment

Retired union workers to rally at State Capitol over pension cuts

Retired union workers to rally at State Capitol over pension cuts

Retired union workers to rally at State Capitol over pension cuts

Georgia lawmakers poised to pour $2m into 'fake abortion clinics'

President Obama’s brutal assessment of the rise of Donald Trump

What?!! Member of Congress Actually Attacks Wall St & Trade Agreements

Floods From up to 20 Inches of Rain Create State of Emergency in Louisiana

Tim Canova FL-23: She wasn't counting on us to notice (FIRE DWS $68,000 from payday lenders)

Trump: Chicago protesters can be traced back to Sanders

Rachel Maddow presents video timeline of Trump's comments at rallies that have incited violence ...

It's pouring in Louisiana again.

Exit, stage left. Noises off.

Donald riling everyone up

Trump @ Lenoir Rhyne University (NC) on Monday 10 a.m.

About "I misspoke" - why am I not buying it.

X-Post from GD: Trump @ Lenoir Rhyne University on Monday 10 a.m.

Hillary Wanted Increase in H1B Visas and Now: Fury & Fear in Ohio Over IT Layoffs

Breitbart "News" still sucks.

Elizabeth Warren: Why Seniors -- Not CEOs -- Deserve a Raise

Post Trump rally fallout! Fort Bragg, NC this p.m.. Some Trump idiot set up a pro-Trump display.

So disappointed in Bernie supporters who say they will not vote for Hillary if she is the nominee!

Rachel Maddow: Escalating aggression marks Trump's rally rhetoric (VIDEO)

Now trending on twitter #HistoryByHillary

I work with people who baffle me!

Protester attempted to rush the stage and startled Donald Trump at Dayton Ohio rally (VIDEO)

MSNBC was broadcasting Trump's rally today

America Beyond | Bernie Sanders


Thank You for Not Endorsing me, Rahm Emanuel

Q: Does accusing unknown people of racism hurt or help the desire to eliminate racism?

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump redefining gatekeepers

CBS Reporter Gets Cops Foot on Neck at Trump Rally

The Duke lacrosse incident

Corporate Media Donald Trump Ploy to Control Presidential Outcome Just Blew Up in their Face

The puppies are two weeks old!

Protest Trump in Hickory this Monday 3/14/16

Nancy Reagan and her husband were silent as tens of thousands died. They were monsters.

Please clear your mouth of food and beverages before reading this...

Someone tried to sneak up on Trump...Trump grabs podium

Trump Blames 'Our Communist Friend'

CBS reporter arrested at Trump rally

Move to Canada? Move to Norway?

Trump in Chicago vs. Bernie's BLM moment vs. the broadcast rise of the Teabaggers

Malware Suspected in Bangladesh Bank Heist

America Beyond | Bernie Sanders

Hockey and Voting, Chicago (Turnout Report, Illinois)

Donald Trump Surrounded by Secret Service as Man Tries Rushing Stage

Thank You for Not Endorsing me, Rahm Emanuel

#HistorybyHillary now trending. LOL!

Sanders: My supporters didn't incite Chicago rally

Self defense or excessive force?

Why Hillary Clinton's Comments About Nancy Reagan Still Matter

The best explanation for Hillary Clinton's bizarre comments about the Reagans and HIV/AIDS

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Trump says it's Bernie's fault

Any favorite teams in the March Madness?

Great Song "To be hopeless would seem strange,It dishonors those who go before us"

The Week End Economists kiss the Blarney Stone. Mar 12-13, 2016.

If I recall correctly, all this inciting the supporters started at and became the normal mode

Positives of Trump protest

Bernie Greets Supporters in Chicago

I love this! Hillary said Saturday - She Didn't Know Where Bernie Was During Healthcare Debate of

"He doesn't condemn him, he goes to work on him."

Sanders, Redbaiting and the ‘Denouncing’ Double Standard

I can accept that Hillary "mis-spoke", got her memories confused, or whatever.

#HistoryByHillary A twitter mocking

Security Forms Ring Around Donald Trump After Disruption at Ohio Rally

Man gets 20-year term for starving, beating foster children

Did You Even Notice Your Kraft Mac & Cheese Has No Artificial Ingredients?

Hickenlooper: "Think twice" before legalizing pot if you're trying to lure businesses

How do I change the default font for printing on the printer?

Trump supporter (?) kills three in Milwaukee for not speaking English.

Flight training costs

Hillary’s emails reveal lucrative ties to for-profit colleges

Congressman John Lewis on Trump:

I Wonder How Well Brown Stains Come Out Of Silk Underwear?

Bernie Sanders campaign has made it clear it wasn’t involved in organizing the protests

What Bernie Sanders Got Done in Washington

Bernie asks Alan Greenspan about Too Big to Fail in 2000

What Bernie Sanders Got Done in Washington

Interesting post by CoffeeCat in GDP (about Iowa delegates).

President Obama explains -March 12th 2016- you should read this.

Steelers' Martavis Bryant Facing Year-Long Suspension For Violating NFL Substance Abuse Policy

So Hillary supporters want us to believe she led on health care while Bernie was silent? Ahem:

Three Mile Island, Chernyoble or Fukushima...

What happened last night. Civic Action

Guest/Panel Lineups For The Sunday News Shows (featuring Sanders on Face the Nation, This Week.)

Sanders: Don't blame my supporters for violence at Trump rally

Bernie Sanders responds to Trump blaming him for protests. He... begs to differ.

George Will unloads on “coward” Drumpf: Conservative icon calls him “a presidential aspirant"

140 suicide attempts over 2 weeks in Cross Lake MB

Newest corporate media salvo against Sanders: "violent" Bernie Bruthas

Hillary's campaign doesn't fear indictment or the FBI, because the Rule Of Law doesn't apply to her

Saturday, March 12th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Clinton and Sanders: two different paths towards taxing the rich

Clinton's Hedge Fund Donors Deepened Puerto Rico's Crisis

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 12, 2016

‘You guys got to go’: Milwaukee man kills 3 after complaining neighbor doesn’t speak English

CBS News Reporter Sopan Deb Arrested While Covering Donald Trump Rally

Donald Trump Jr. Retweets a White Supremacist Making a False Accusation

Hillary playing tricks in Polk County!

"No I won't yield!"

Trump protester, Tommy DiMassimo, incites violence with films like this

A HEAD in the POLLS... (toon)

Which Side Are You On, Hillary?


25 Million Birds Are Illegally Killed in the Mediterranean Every Year

Bernie Greets Supporters in Chicago

Anyone else find it a bit disturbing that we have a Democratic candidate who....

Seems like Trump isn't the only candidate...

25 Million Birds Are Illegally Killed in the Mediterranean Every Year

Sat.Mornining March 12 Here is Clinton's full comment on violence at Trump events...

Hillary's new campaign logo (inspired by the new health care lie)

Comparison: Clinton and Sanders statements on Chicago Trump rally.

Greece promises refugee transfers as camp baby photo emerges

HILLARY GROUP..Sanders campaign plagerizes Hillary's Campaign Motto

Clinton wins Northern Mariana Islands caucus

VIDEO! Jesse Jackson & Bernie Sanders addressed the Chicago Rainbow Push mass meeting this morning!

BEST sign at the Trump rally!

You're wasting your time. I'm inevitable!!

Bill Maher's eminently sensible proposal: There are much bigger fish to fry

Nice picture of Bernie

Rank the Mar 15 states from worst to best chance for a Bernie upset

If only..

Sen. Sanders on Sunday: Face the Nation, ABC This Week

My Colorado county just sent 11 delegates for Bernie and 5 for Hillary to the State Assembly

SXSW harassment summit kicks off despite threats of violence

Finicum's last moments echo earlier provocations

While the MSM & Hillary herself have been saying they want to start the GE & focus on Repugs....

Why I will vote for Hillary Clinton (HILLARY CLINTON GROUP)

In appreciation to Cha and so many others (thoughts on DU)

Say, Who Was That Mysterious Man Behind Hillary Clinton?

If it wasn't one of you I'm blaming you any ways

gods, i am sick of these damn trolls

Hillary's Inner Circle

Sanders: Don't blame my supporters for violence at Trump rally

Earthquake threat to California may be greater than thought, warn scientists

As for time changes, which would you prefer?


Isis documents leak: Experts disagree on whether 'recruitment files’ are genuine

I'm Sick of the "Clintons are Homophobes Because of Don't Ask Don't Tell" Trope

Can we all just agree...

Card Carrying Socialist

"I'm planning to vote Saturday"

Sen. Tim Kaine: Hateful campaign rhetoric the “loud…death spasm of a feeling people have about losin

Dog killed as snow machine rams into Alaska Iditarod racers

84% of Colombia’s children are born out of wedlock

Zookeepers elated as 6 elephants end journey at new Omaha home

Colombia’s chief prosecutor seeks nullification of FARC peace vote

I'm Gay. Hillary Clinton Misspoke While Being Nice to a Dead Woman. Get Over It.

OMGAWD.......can you even imagine a POTUS responding like this??? a Twitter from tRump...

Sanders had big ideas but little impact on Capitol Hill

Live video: Hillary Clinton hosts forum in Cleveland ahead of primary

SJW seems to be a term used to dismiss legitimate concerns.

This is SO shocking & makes me wonder if guilt is why Hillary made up a story about Nancy Reagan.

"Akron Beacon Journal Endorses Hillary Clinton"

One sled dog killed, others injured in apparently deliberate attack on Iditarod race


how many posts by HRC supporters have been hidden and how many Sanders posts have been hidden?

ON MSNBC: The look on the face of the Ohio Democrat was telling.

If you *LOVE* Hillary and you love America, you will allow her to step down now.

Bernie News Conference 3/12 - Chicago Schools, Toxic Interest Rate Swaps, Wall Street Vultures

Have to wonder . . .

Trump Supporter Yell, "Go Back to Africa!" at African American Protesters

Another $50 to Bernie TODAY!

LOL Trump clip on CNN - he actually praised Bernie, insulted Hillary about protest!

More Bernie and Trump

given the locking of a reasonable post in Gen Discussion - Primaries

Can I paint for you? Hillary Group

ipad mini problem

'Nazi dad' Heath Campbell arrested

I am so excited !!!!!!!!!!!! Just got a phone call from California.

'He's Not Going Away...'

Will Hillary go 5-for-5 on Tuesday? (HRC group)

RIP Ernestine Anderson

Opinion: Save Latin America -- end the war on drugs

Rahm Emanuel Press Conference | Bernie Sanders

Encrypted WhatsApp Voice Calls Frustrate New Court-Ordered Wiretap

Funniest Memes Mocking Donald Trump

Opinion: Save Latin America -- end the war on drugs

Hillary's Inner Circle

White supremacist prison gang member gets 50 years for murder (TX)

Asean Johnson Has Fought for Public Schools for Years | Bernie Sanders

Pro-white rally, prom to share popular Georgia venue

Bernie in the overflow crowd of his Champaign, IL rally.

Georgia Supreme Court to hear KKK's attempt to adopt-a-highway

Champaign Illinois Feels the Bern

Sanders calls Trump 'pathological liar' as Chicago rally backlash grows

Bernie Sanders Crowd at the University of Illinois 3/12/2016

Media Highlight Drumpf's Role In Inspiring Violence At His Events

Edwards takes lead in U.S. Senate race, Sun/UB poll finds.

Esquire: Hillary Questioned Bernie's Record on Health Care and The Internet Made an Epic Correction

Interesting observation..

If Hillary isn't a liar, then she must have Alzheimer's Disease or dementia.

Obama says coup in Honduras is illegal

Does Hillary Clinton have Alzheimer's or dementia?

Warren Haynes - One (U2 Cover) | Unplugged | Classic Rock Magazine

How Trump’s $50m golf club became $1.4m when it came time to pay tax

Election Eve Epiphany: Hillary has new concerns over TPP's auto industry provisions

Fans cheering for Catholic basketball team shout ‘You killed Jesus’ to opposing players

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – The Insufficient Purity Test (HBO)

Bernie Sanders: Too Good For the Real World!

Hillary Camp Freaking Out As This Video Goes Viral… ‘No Way To Stop It Now’

It's amazing the bald faced lies Hillary will try to tell

Israeli airstrikes kill two Palestinian children

Our 10 Most Popular Chicken Recipes Right Now. nyt

1985 Rock Hudson's telegraph to Reagans pleading for help. The answer was no.

She left Honduras to escape violence, but a legal misstep has her stuck in detention

Syrian government calls Bashar al-Assad a 'red line' in peace talks

The wizdumb of a Trumpbot troll

Buenos Aires Governor María Vidal "celebrates" Int'l Women's Day with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The Raw Primary Numbers Show Hillary the Most Popular Candidate for President

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 Tampa Bay Derby

hillary, bernie campaigns

David Gergen on CNN saying Bernie Playing the "Race Card" & Needs to Call off Trump Protests..

Question...when one defends the lock of a thread are they

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Hillsborough Stakes

Earthquake threat to California may be greater than thought, warn scientists

Scraping by

Clinton gains more ground (+2) on Sanders after winning the N. Marianas Island Caucus

Thunder may have traded James Harden in part because of his partying

Buenos Aires Governor María Vidal "celebrates" Int'l Women's Day with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Sanders: Big ideas but little impact on Capitol Hill.

Let us read from the Book of Ante Meridiem, Chapter 2, Verse 00...

I'm wondering if being confused can be a valid defense

Three laws could cut US gun deaths by 90%, study says

'Hitmen tried to drive me off the road in Guatemala. Luckily, I’m a good driver'

'Hitmen tried to drive me off the road in Guatemala. Luckily, I’m a good driver'

Jackson says trade decision up to Melo, doesn't want Raptors to have good pick

76ers' Okafor out six weeks with meniscus tear

Bernie: Effort under way right now by HRC and party allies to steal Polk County Iowa convention

Asean Johnson Has Been Fought for Public Schools for Years

Gallup: Favorability by Latinos. Clinton +33, Sanders +19, but there is more!

Rahm Emanuel Press Conference | Bernie Sanders

Gallup: Favorability by Latinos. Clinton +33, Sanders +19, but there is more! (HRC Group)

Saudis Walk Out Of Arab League Meeting After Iraqi Minister's Comments

Huge festival starts in Delhi, defying environment, safety fears

Venezuela opposition launches protests, Maduro counters

Hillary and Opposition Research

Military Veteran Turns Tables on Would-Be Robber

2016 Kentucky Derby Prep - 2016 San Felipe Stakes

Military Veteran Turns Tables on Would-Be Robber

Black Lives DO Matter: T-shirts return to Little Rock museum

Trump? Nazis? Fugeddaboutit. Cruz wants to hire Neil Bush, grandson of the guy who FUNDED them.

San Jose: The city America forgot

ReTHUGs plan to privatize Veterans' healthcare

An Interesting Day in Politics: 3/11

Anti-Trump Activists Look To Replicate Chicago Success

Friendly reminder to our friends to set your clocks forward tonight.

Trump didn't actually *scare* me until today.

93% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 69% Chance Of Winning General Election.

Bernie Sanders Caught in a Lie!

Fox 'News' Trashes Bernie Supporters To Deflect Trump Violence

Guns and crime

Splenda ingredient, sucralose, linked to leukemia

Potential Scenario Where Super Delegates May Push the Leader over the Top