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Koterba toon: (drug) busted

Sen.Sanders to hold a a campaign rally Monday at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte


I finally saw a Bernie bumpersticker in NYC today -

REMEMBER, Spring Forward!

How a prisoner in Colorado could help end half century of war in Colombia

Three Puerto Ricans were murdered in Milwaukee

I am tired of people conflating Sanders with Trump

Trump Has Lit A Fire. Can It Be Contained?

Anyone ever hear of a Supercell storm?

Georgia lawmakers poised to pour $2m into 'fake abortion clinics'

A presidential candidate should win the election on MERIT

No way Hillary forgot how the Reagans acted toward AIDs. Telegram from Rock Hudson.

Love, not Hate

Supporters leave county democratic convention in frustration

Kasich, Rubio Waver on Backing Trump

Anna And Zoe kitty rescue by Jennie Wright Norfolk, VA

Milwaukee Man Shoots And Kills 3 Neighbors Because They ‘Don’t Speak English’

Will these relationships last due to Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric?

DNC 1992- Testimony of Elizabeth Glaser and of Bob Hattoy spoken to the convention which

Trump Protester Thomas DiMassimo: Actor, Student, Civil Rights Proponent, Social Reveals

Back In The White House Again !! Enjoy also the artwork ...

Hero: Obama Blocks Sale Of Sacred Apache Land To Foreign Mining Firm

If you're from Texas, has some lovely gear!

President Obama's Supreme Court shortlist has leaked. Here are the 6 contenders.

The supporters attracted to Trump:

Germany: Neo-Nazis and populists march in Berlin waving fake Third Reich flags and those of Russia

The NY Times Editorial Board Threw Another Stink Bomb At Bernie Today


Sorry, I just don't believe these are Sanders' supporters at current Trump rally. Nope. Trump

Interesting new polling info from Missouri

Watch Kansas Rally being disrupted now - amazing.

Does Bill Maher get trashed now too--- voters staying home-- bad idea

Trump is terrified of running against Bernie.

This motherfucker is ABSOLUTELY inciting people. Fanning flames. Working up mouth breathers.

Looks like Trump has more protesters in KC than supporters. n/t

I think Bernie should borrow Robert Reich's book title for his campaign: Saving Capitalism

Trump wants to ban pre-shredded cheese.

President Obama’s brutal assessment of the rise of Donald Trump

Just wanted a thank you thread to the protesters, very brave people

Orthodox Chamber Choir of Finland

America Beyond | Another Great Bernie Sanders Ad

Bernie is the main target of the Ronald Dump rally tonight

US Gulf of Mexico pumping oil like never before

2016 Horse Racing - 2016 Santa Anita Handicap

Labor history in 2:00 will be returning next week

so trump is saying that the guy who rushed him today is isis related?

Labor history in 2:00 will be returning next week

Why MSNBC continues to give Trump free air time.

Labor history in 2:00 will be returning next week

Marco Rubio had to pay back taxes for nanny

I've notice that Trump does nothing but talk about the protesters and how they are treated.

How does this end?

How have you helped with the Bernie campaign?

TRUMP!!! RIGHT NOW on MSNBC! saying the person who rushed the stage earlier today..part of ISIS

Number One Seed, Baby!

OMGAWD, faux noise just turned off tRump!!!!!

Those who are ignorant of History; are Condemned to Repeat it.

Ecuador, Bolivia and Uruguay Support Widows of Guarimba Victims

Trump is really off his rocker tonight.

This Dog Proves She’s A True Champion By Accidentally Running A Half Marathon

Complaint filed in Argentine Congress over suspected bribery to pass vulture fund payout bill.


I'll throw this out and run ....

Biggest Rat Deserts the Bundy Standoff Sinking Ship

Now he's a poet???

Hillary is looking more and more presidential.

How do local cops get assigned to work these events?

some Trump supporters volunteered that protesters at Trump’s rallies were Republican plants:

You know what amazes me about the Republican race for the nomination - it is that

Kennedy/Nixon......on CNN now....

why is Turnbull playing with Aussie people

trump is the star ....exclusively on m$ commercials!

Dan Fogelberg's "Tribute" To Donald Trump written years ago.

I'm confused who won Iowa? Are there certified results?

What life was like for LGBT Cubans when Bernie Sanders was praising Castro

FORBES: "Clinton's Charge That Sanders Did Not Support Auto Rescue Is Wrong"

Palm Oil and GM Mustard: A Marriage Made in Hell

Efficiency of water electrolysis doubled

Bernie live in MO NOW!

The Elephant in the Voting Booth: Hatred of a Black President

Remains look to be that of Robert Kovack, student missing since 1998

Trump just sent out the signal to disrupt Clinton and Sanders rallies.

I'll say one positive thing about Trump

Just saying hi!

Hillary's new line on Bernie on the Auto Bailout (Youngstown Ohio)

Why is it not a huge story that Jesse Jackson supports Sanders?

New RepubliCLOWN reported to possibally be running as an independent.

The New Yorker:HRC's correction to AIDS comment also misguided

Hillary releases full statement on her remarks from Nancy Regan's funeral.

An Enraged Bernie Sanders Obliterates Drumpf For Blaming His Campaign For Violence

Latest Florida poll--out tonight

Latest Florida Poll has bad news for Marco Rubio--released tonight

Any other fans of NPR's Snap Judgment?

Could This Explain Hillary's Nancy Reagan/AIDS Comment?

Toyota Will Be Winner w/ TPP; U.S. Auto Industry Big Loser; Toyota Spent Millions Lobbying for TPP

Woot! Woo hoo!

Canada Spends Millions of Dollars on Money-Losing Baby Seal Hunt

Trump Supporter To Dutch Reporter: 'Go To Fucking Auschwitz!'

Rubio: ‘There is no doubt’ Obama helped stoke recent political chaos

Trump rally

WTF? RNC chair just asked BOTH parties to calm tension?

Panama's 'Fugitive' Ex-President Could Face Extradition from US

I'm counting the minutes until Marco Rubio turns into a pumpkin

Can someone help me identify what kind of hummingbird this is?

Drumpf: 'I Don't Take Responsibility' For Anything That's Happened At My Rallies

Hillary Clinton, in St. Louis speech, accuses Trump of 'political arson'

I feel like I'm living in the future!

REMEMBER: ALL politics is local


Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur endorses Bernie Sanders! BAM!

Hilary's lie again

Hillary Clinton talks up unity to break down barriers, blasts Trump, in Cleveland appearance

Idahoans march for Bernie Sanders in Downtown Boise

Sanders has 50 years of consistency. He is THE candidate for the Era of Transparency

Cardboard Cut-Outs

Idahoans march for Bernie Sanders in Downtown Boise

Trump supporter explains what led to 'Heil, Hitler' salute at canceled Chicago rally

Watching The Sixties on CNN now about 1968 Convention

Dear Hillary...Fire Robby Mook & John Podesta & David Brock

Donald Drumpf's ideology of violence

Chicago 6th Grader Asean Johnson for Bernie Sanders

This NY Diner Is Serving a 'Dictator Obama' Breakfast Special

What Are Drumpf Fans Really ‘Afraid’ to Say?

Rocks and Clouds

What the fuck. I'm making this post at 10:07 and it says the last reply (mine) is at 11:07

Why are Bernie supporters lying about his ghetto remark?

How Bernie Sanders supporters shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago

Organizing Boycotts for advertisers of Trump media coverage

UPDATED: Sanders just added Monday rallies in OH, MO and NC.

Tax time again. WE pay. THEY don't.

The Unpopular, Successful Auto Bailout

Sanders Statement on Donald Trump (Press Release)

After reading the top thread on greatest threads I've come to one conclusion

Sign from Trump Protest....

Confederate Flags banned at Washington County Fair (NY)

Practical jokes

Palm Beach (FL) Post Endorses Hillary Clinton

To be clear, this is who Hillary has embraced.

Danny DeVito was in Kansas City tonight and guess who he's supporting......

Danny DeVito was in Kansas City tonight and guess who he's supporting......

This person is allowed to vote

Bernie Sanders’s praise for communist Cuba just became an issue. But do people even care anymore?

In going forward, protests against Trump would be MUCH more

TP-Link blocks open source router firmware to comply with new FCC rule

At the Throttle: Does anybody really know what time it is?

Rubio: ‘There is no doubt’ Obama helped stoke recent political chaos

Bernie Sanders Fights Allegations That His Supporters Disrupted Donald Trump’s Rally

Trump Blames Sanders for Disrupting Chicago Campaign Rally

Investigators on scene of officer-involved shooting

I prefer not seeing the Secret Service in action.

Key GOP fundraiser: Donors will fall in line behind Trump

SXSW apologizes after ordering U.S. Olympic fencer to remove hijab

Jerry Springer is running for President

The Goldman Sachs years. Oh wait, still happening...

Poor Hill. She really had a bad week.

Say, "When..."

Sarah Palin to campaign for Trump at Florida Strawberry Festival


What music have you listened to lately?

HILLARY GROUP. Hillary Clinton Maintains Iowa County Conven Delegates.

Obama Blocks Sale Of Sacred Apache Land To Foreign Mining Firm

How David Cameron’s PR team duped newspapers across the country with generic ‘love letters’

Kansas City: Trump Rally Descends into Chaos as Police Drench Protesters with Pepper Spray

Picture Shows Bernie Sanders Being Sent To A Gas Chamber By A Smiling Donald Trump!!! Outrageous.

Brewers prospect has the worst luck

Anyone with WSJ access who can summarize this article?

Will deny that poor people are pushed into a ghetto. And will you deny that the poor

“I don’t know where Bernie Sanders was when I was trying to get health care reform passed in ‘93.”

A YUUUUGE Shout out to CoffeeCat for her reporting today from Polk County Iowa & to

Trump protestors pepper sprayed in Kansas City

DU sprang forward early

LIS ...

Long before Challenging Her, Sanders Reached Out To Clinton On Health Care: Got NOWHERE

In Ohio, Clinton opposes Obama auto parts trade standard

Rubio wins DC caucus

Any anecdotal evidence of fall out from Hillary's Nancy Reagan gaffe?

Donald Drumpf rally crashed in Kansas City, protesters clash with supporters, arrests made

Why Both Liberals & Conservatives Are in Revolt On Trade

Trump ends wild day on the campaign trail by calling for protesters to be arrested

A Message To My Black North Carolina Voters About Bernie Sanders

Does anybody know what time it is?

This Is How We Phone Bank For Bernie In Ohio

Why do people continue to feed the beast?

Trump Backed Out Of A Debate With Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump's Supporters Love Him Even More After Chicago Violence

792 delegates to be awarded Tuesday March 15

How black, Latino and Muslim college students organized to stop Drumpf's rally in Chicago

A new meme from the Hillary supporters

SNL berned Hillary tonight

This Drumpf Ad Got Pulled Off The Air Because It Broke The Law

First-Bernie Has To Win-Then How Will He Beat DerRump?

Bernie Sanders at Springfield MO rally. Amazing turnout!

Clinton campaign finance director raised $248 m in 4 years at Foundation.

Ricky Jones -- Why I love Donald Drumpf

I found a test that tells you which candidate you're best matched with.

Can you imagine...

America Beyond | Bernie Sanders

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth 1967

SNL‘s Hillary Clinton Literally Turns Into Bernie Sanders For Your Vote (youtube)

Curious....what's the difference between a flip flop or being flexible?

A challenge to Missouri voters from Bernie Sanders

A while back I said something about Hillary Clinton calling Henry Kissinger her friend.

Supporters leave county Democratic convention in frustration

I Volunteered for BERNIE Today in Washington. Knocking on Doors.

SIMPLY AMAZING - Bernie Sanders Rally in Springfield, MO (3-12-16) Springfield Missouri Rally


Larry David as Bernie again

About that first Immigration bill Bernie voted against....

Marco Rubio Wins Washington DC Caucus, NBC News Projects

Some Bernie fans seem to be losing hope and are announcing they will vote for...

Repeal of Glass-Steagall and current Ohio endorsements

Baby elephants think they're lapdogs

How Carson arrived at Trump

Kalamazoo shooting survivor Abigail Kopf speaks again

Donald Trump Almost ATTACKED By Protester During Ohio Rally

March 15 Primary Predictions

Sanders ad in NC: 361,000 jobs lost due to NAFTA & normalized trade relations w/ China

The more I read about these Trump rallies the more I come to the conclusion...

So where are all the Bernie Sanders election/voter fraud stories??

Video of Hillary's "Where was he" remark...

Northwestern University students charged with hate crime, vandalism to chapel

HC: A note on the fight against HIV and AIDS-& the people who really started the conversation.

Trump is a "loser" in Wyoming primary and DC caucus!

Thank You for Not Endorsing me, Rahm Emanuel

Nobody pays $250000 for 20 minutes of blabber.

Hillary elaborates: "I’ve heard from countless people who were...hurt & disappointed by what I said

Hillary at a bar with a Guinness in Youngstown

MO'M with Justin Trudeau,

Ben Carson: I'd be willing to be Trump's VP; blames Bernie for protests

Anyone remember

Funny thing I noticed is that all the associates of mine who favor Hillary are ALL more conservative


young people of today don't get involved because there is no consequence for them

I think I broke every suggestion tonight.

Sanders just gained about 6 statewide delegates in Polk County, Iowa (Clinton lost 6 too) Updated

Trumps Sickening Rally in Kansas

CBS Journalsit falsely arrested for resisting arrest at Trump rally

Let's talk about tariffs and protectionism

"WE CAN BE..." BEAUTIFUL new fan made ad for Bernie!

Scalia's Death Clouds US Supreme Court Decision on Colorado's Legal WeedScalia's Death Clouds--

Daily Holidays - March 13

4,800 attend Bernie's Springfield, MO rally today

Why, Exactly, Is Trump Driving Conservatives So Crazy?

Mean Tweets: Campaign Edition with Senator Al Franken-Minnesota

Out comes the Pepper Spray against Trump protesters


'They're shocked!' Obama mocks GOP establishment for handling of Trump

Ted Cruz says only he can beat Trump

If Hillary Clinton doesn't understand the basic facts of our LGBT history

Bernie wins Democrats abroad primary 70% to 30%, bigger margin than Obama.

Breaking: Rev Jesse Jackson says "Feel the Bern"

Floridians Flock to Rallies as Donations Flood Sanders Campaign

Just came across this interesting article

Axelrod backtracks on Hillary criticism, says she was on "right side of history" on TARP vote.

Hetero privilege and AIDS


No We Can’t, Without a Revolution: Why Bernie Sanders Is More of a Realist Than Barack Obama

FL paper has 3 page article about Hillary and her GOP opponents. Bernie not mentioned.

This one's probably going to get doinked but . . .

Hillary Clinton Suggested Breaking Up the Big Banks Won’t End Racism and Sexism. Is She Right?

Return to Sender: Navajo Voters Reject Mail-in Voting

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Squeee Forward Edition

Police Investigate Hate Crime Reports After Gay Wyoming Man is Found Dead in Public Park

Hillary vs. Bernie vs. the 1 Percent

The “Cadillac Tax” on Health Benefits in the United States Will Hit the Middle Class Hardest

The Gaping Hole in Clinton’s and Sanders’s Plans for Criminal Justice Reform

Does anyone remember way back when Bernie first started out and the news media

Feminist economics deserves recognition as a distinct branch of the discipline

Organizers to sue over St. Pat’s Day route cut

Overlapping surgeries to face US Senate inquiry

The Walking Dead 6.13 "The Same Boat" (spoiler alert)

Where did ISIS come from? The story starts here.

Let’s Talk About the Occupation in (American) English

State faces risky bet for third casino license

Believe it or not, I just started

So according to Drumpf and his goons

Students chant 'you killed Jesus' at game against school with many Jewish students

Students chant 'you killed Jesus' at game against school with many Jewish students

Guatemala investigates Lake Amatitlan clean-up plan

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free

Germanwings crash: Pilot confidentiality 'should be relaxed'

China’s Anbang to acquire Strategic Hotels for $6.5 billion: source

4 Wounded in Party Bus Shooting; Witnesses Not Cooperating

Trump a pathological liar: Bernie Sanders

In Ohio, Clinton Opposes Obama Auto Parts Trade Standard

Obama to visit London in bid to keep UK in the EU: report

The fifth strongest correlate of Trump support was percent supporting segregationist George Wallace

It's raining cats and dogs here in upstate SC.

Anti-foreigner rally in Berlin draws ten times more protesters than expected

Der Drumpfenfurher threatens Bernie

Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Greenville NC-3 stops in NC

What the Daily Mail is saying about the woman with four jobs who died

Buy a Bernie button for a canvasser in Chappaqua NY, Hillary's home town.

Howard Dean Fed up with Bernie supporting cyber bullies and negative campaign tactics against HRC w

For Sanders Supporters

legal questions about trump events

For Clinton Supporters

Trump Supporter To European Reporter: 'Go To Auschwitz!'

SNL: Hillary Campaign Ad

Chicago Tribune: Sanders slams Emanuel as he tries to overtake Clinton in Illinois

Hillary: "To be clear, the Reagans did not start a national conversation about HIV and AIDS."

How do you get a message to Tad Devine?

SNL Hillary Campaign Ad

'We Aren't Nazis' Says Husband Of Woman Who Gave Nazi Salute At Trump Rally

Trump stares down ‘Bernie’s crowd’ that protested during Chicago rally

How the HELL has OBAMA

Sanders denouces his supporters who claimed to interrupt Trump speech

This just in from a friend in Florida, the Florida DNC is miscounting and pushing Hillary

Donald Trump threatens to send supporters to disrupt Bernie Sanders’ events

Sanders to Clinton: We don't need to tinker with the TPP trade agreement. We need to defeat it.

Bill Maher on the Democratic primaries

Bernie handles Hillary

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 15: Jerry Lewis's 90th Birthday

Weird--newest NBC Polls--IL is close and Ohio is a landslide...


Oh, Dr. Dean, we hardly knew ye.

Message to Millennials: Bernie Sanders Is Intellectually Consistent, Not Intellectually Honest 4

Standing Up for Free Speech Is Not a Threat to Free Speech

Toon: Hillary and Wall Street

US military used Vietnam-era warplanes against Daesh

Author Takes Down Donald Trump In Exquisite 666-Word Facebook Post:

Rebecca Zahau wrongful death lawsuit will go to trial

I predict that Sanders will win EVERY primary & caucus from here on out IF...

Navy Hits Gas On Flying Gas Truck, CBARS: Will It Be Armed?

Tom Hartmann Show

Sanders, Redbaiting and the ‘Denouncing’ Double Standard

Progressive Praise for Hillary Clinton,

"Now, I'm not comparing Hillary to Hitler..." A new low.

That wasn’t a whistle (and everyone knows it wasn’t the dog)

Donald Trump’s rivals in both parties denounced his candidacy as the match that lit the fire



The macabre truth of gun control in the US is that toddlers kill more people than terrorists

Trump On Torture: '"We have to beat the savages"

First Nations for Bernie Sanders by 'Deaf People For Bernie Sanders' (use CC)

Reality: Trump is not GETTING a lot of media coverage.

Intercept: Hillary Clinton Has Long History of Collaboration with GOP on Foreign Policy

Hillary Clinton Has Long History of Collaboration with GOP on Foreign Policy

We have two candidates in the Democratic Primaries.

As reckless as George W. Bush: Hillary Clinton helped create disorder in Iraq, Libya, Syria —

Trump threatens to destroy protester’s records so they can’t get a job

Lest We Forget All The GOP Pres Candidates Are Just As Bad Or Worse Than Trump.

MSNBC just interviewed a number of mothers who lost kids to gun violence for Hillary.

Bernie Sanders Polls: After Trailing Hillary Clinton By 30 Points In Illinois, Sanders Now Leads

Want VIP treatment at the DNC’s convention?

Clinton celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a Guinness & a baby -at an Irish pub in Youngstown, OH

Donald Trump on Rally Atmosphere: 'I Don't Accept Responsibility'

Trump on CBS just now: Middle finger "is a terrible gesture" possibly deserving of a punch

Deaf Women for Bernie Sanders

With NO Warning: KC police pepper spray demonstrators outside chaotic Trump rally

If Hillary can't win a primary in her home state, how does she go forward?

Bernie Sanders questions Clinton's praise for Nancy Reagan's Aids record

The Ghost of Health-Care Past

This Is Why Hillary Clinton's Comments About Nancy Reagan Still Matter

How Republican Party Became A Failed State-They Let Its Extremist Insurgency In Through Front Door

Play it again, Uncle Sam: America keeps fighting the same war and losing

When was the last time that HRC has told the full truth about anything?

I love daylight savings time for this one reason...

Super Delegate Howard Dean Subverts Democracy & Brags About It On Twitter

Bill Clinton stumping for Hillary Sunday; Sanders up in new polls

NSA data will soon routinely be used for domestic policing that has nothing to do with terrorism

Today's Hillary meme: Scary mean 'Cyber Bullies"

The First Amendment

U.S. House Caves to Big Food, Votes to Keep Americans in the Dark About GMOs

Back to the future?

Donald Trump threatens to send supporters to disrupt Bernie Sanders’ events

Delegate calculator (updated with latest results)

Hey, what's up? I'm Matt.

Pro-Bernie/Anti-Trump song parody of U2's "With or Without You"

What Voter Fraud actually looks like and Richard Burr, R, NC not having any ID at the poll

good article about trump

Ben Chin says he's honored to be on Paul LePage's 'wanted list'

George Carlin Predicts Donald Trump

Carl Bernstein wants the corporate media to do real investigative reporting

Trump’s not Hitler, he’s Mussolini:

Anyone late for work tomorrow is probably a Republican

Why I support Sanders, in five words: "An America Fair For Everyone"

Things that need explanation - WHY?

Woody Guthrie~ All You Fascists Bound To Lose

Donald Trump: This Is What a Rally Looks Like

Woody Guthrie Wrote of His Contempt for His Landlord, Donald Trump’s Father

Violence Begets Violence -- Just The Way They Like It

A new carnival float in Dusseldorf, Germany

Ivory Coast: Shooting at Grand-Bassam beach resort

Thom Hartmann's personal experience with deportation

SNL skits you won't see on GD-P

Larry David Returns as Bernie Sanders in Hilarious SNL Cold Open

global reaction, in editorial cartoons, to Trump candidacy

Michigan Gov. Snyder confronts the perils of running government like a business

"Guys, what did I say? Not this one! This is one of the good ones."

Howard Dean, Now Employed by Health Care Lobby Firm, Opposes Bernie Sanders on Single-Payer

Another tragic aspect to the way the Reagan administration ignored AIDs

Hillary’s emails reveal lucrative ties to for-profit colleges

BOMBSHELL: FOX Reveals Coward Trump Pulled Out Of Debate With Bernie Due To “Schedule Conflict”!!!

Feeling the Bern for Trump: Sanders voters may turn their backs on Hillary

A Bollywood short about consent.

Malaysia Scandal: Goldman Sachs Hired Daughter Of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Close Ally

Feminist bell hooks explains why she no longer supports Hillary Clinton.

Taibbi: We may not have that many outright Nazis... but we have plenty of cowards and bootlickers

Daylight Savings For Democrats & Republicans

The Presidential Primaries Are Important, but Aren't All-Important.

so should Sanders invite a few Trump protestors on stage/give them mic?

Why do the people in the other groups seem to start arguments?

White voters hope Trump will restore the racial hierarchy upended by Barack Obama

Bumper sticker concept -

North Korea claims it could wipe out Manhattan with a hydrogen bomb

Face the Nation: Bernie Sanders on Trump rallies, health care and more (video)

Trump is, in a very real sense, presiding over a White Lives Matter movement.

Hillary Campaign Ad - SNL Hillary turns into Bernie

Bernie Sanders VS Donald Trump Debate

Hey Lounge, have an awesome old-school Bollywood song

The CBC devastates Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Polls: After Trailing Hillary Clinton By 30 Points In Illinois, Sanders Now Leads

"Trump answers critics who say he’s inciting violence at campaign events"

Larry David nails it on SNL

"Make America Great Again"

Navigating White Supremacy is one of the most difficult parts of life as a Black person.

Donald Trump snarls at Jake Tapper after he pleads with him to stop ‘inciting violence’

2016 Is About The Legitimization Of White Privilege & Supremacy.

How Sanders Cleared Way to Dump Toxic Nuclear Waste on Poor Hispanics (and How They Fought Back)

If Bernie can't win a primary in his home state, how does he go forward?

Lost In The Ozone Again

T H I S !

"My fellow republicans are running against me, they are losing bigly"

Yes, how dare we criticize powerful politicians

Bernie on This Week speaking about Tuesday's primaries

Ben Bagdikian, Visionary

I'm sure this has already made the rounds.

John Oliver - Texas Republicans

Trump considers paying legal bills for man charged at rally

NC, IL, OH: Will you be 18 by November 8? You can vote! | Bernie 2016 Bernie 2016

Larry Kramer reacts following Hillary Clinton's expanded apology: "ONWARD!"

"Donald Trump, This is What a Rally Looks Like!"

#ImWithHer @HillaryClinton "Ready On Day One" #Ohio #Florida #Illinois #NC #Missouri #Dems

No Howard we Bernie Supporters are not going to Shut Up

Huh. I also Lounge'd this, but: an early AA appearance in classic Bollywood: Dam Maro Dam

When you got nothing

All-woman crew just flew Royal Brunei flight to Saudi Arabia, but can't drive!

"Donald Trump, This is What a Rally Looks Like!"

Hey You! Howard Dean! Under the bus you go!

Bernie Sanders responds to Donald Trump's threat (VIDEO)

Hillary telling Youngstown she would tweak TPP "rules of origin" ? Apparently they can't be tweaked

"Donald Trump, This is What a Rally Looks Like!"

Clinton daily apology # 243:

Hillary Clinton still AHEAD in Illinois. Sanders still TRAILING


Camp Hillary needs to admit she stuck her foot in her mouth over the "Where was Bernie" gaffe.

With regard to Illinois and other state polls

Excerpt from 'My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency'

Politico features an equivalence of DRUMPF with Andrew JACKSON

Soviet collapse might explain mysterious trend in global methane emissions

Los Angeles March 3/12/16

Bernie Sanders: A higher loyalty

CBS Polls--Florida (excellent) Ohio (Ok) Illinois (close)

Anyone read this vomit-inducing Star Tribune article?

Police Frustrated with Clinton Campaign Over Unpaid Bills

TYT: "Hillary Clinton is LYING About Bernie Sanders"

With human help, plants, animals and microbes are now contributing to climate change, new study says

Please don't vote for the Green Party candidate Jill Stein...

Champaign Illinois Feels the BERN

Hillary Sucessfully Fights Off Sanders Attempt to Deny Her Delegate Win In Iowa

Bernie giving an impromptu speech to us who were denied entry into JQH Arena tonight (Springfield, M

Sanders: My campaign makes Trump ‘very, very nervous’

"Someone Will Die"...Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall

Nov 2015: Cruz introduced by pastor who advocates rounding up and executing gays

Today's front page: Bill de Blasio slams Trump. 'Of course Donald Trump is a racist'

Jeez, the two messages from Hillary and her supporters.

Woman gives cop false name - that of her sister who had an arrest warrant

Trump has a strange yellow color to his hair

When has tRump placed any value in the Public Sector?

Yesterday in Kansas City (videos)

Hoax- Black Trump supporter shot and killed by Chicago protesters.

Ben Carson roughed up at Trump rally !!!!

Man,Robert Wendt,pardoned by Bill Clinton asks all to vote for Bernie

Trump Supporter: "Go To Fucking Auschwitz"

Germans flock to vote in "Super Sunday" test for Merkel

Criminal pipeline: NYC gangs brought drugs into NH, left with guns

Bernie on Trump:"To call me a communist is a lie"

Sanders says he was not behind the disruption of Donald Trump's campaign rally in Chicago but

March Depicting Trump As Huge Pile Of Poop Delights Everyone

Hey Howard Dean--Get wrecked & feel the Bern!

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 13, 2016

Village Voice - Donald And Me

IF HRC wins FL, OH, & NC it will be a very good night

Libya’s UN-sponsored government says ready to take power

Will applaud for treats - cat cuteness

Conservation Sea Change

Fiery Bernie Delegates hold strong against shameful HRC tactics- Polk County, IA Dem Convention

Foreign Policy?? Trump: I’ll Use Military to Intimidate Mexico Into Paying for Wall

If Hillary Supporters are so worried about Trump

Wildland Fire Emissions Worse in Polluted Areas

When A Governor Like Kasich Says That He Brought Jobs To Ohio.....

FDA predicts no significant environmental impact from GM mosquitoes

Cincinnati (Ohio) Enquirer Endorses Hillary Clinton

Al-Qaida Seizes Weapons, Bases From US-Backed Syrian Rebels

Scientists Search for ‘Holy Grail’ of Million-Year-Old Ice

German voters punish Merkel's conservatives in state votes

China Sets Energy Consumption Cap For First Time

Israel’s Big Brother TV show has some unwelcome guests: Hamas hackers


Sanders: "I do not like people disrupting anybody's meetings"

Benchmark data set validates global nuclear reactor codes

Hillary must just Hate Bernie's flap with Trump taking over the News cycle

Pump meltwater back on Antarctica? Do you have 850,000 wind turbines?

Donna Brazile: "Trump Is Amplifying Everything That We've Heard On Talk Radio For The Last 8 years"

Massive explosion in Turkish capital of Ankara

Bernie has unlocked the secret to finally getting time on MSNBC

GE Global Research is exploring renewable energy system

Warning that Antarctic ice sheet a 'sleeping giant'

How a Voluntary Carbon Fee is Helping Microsoft and the Planet

Holy El Niño! It's possible Shasta Lake will fill up this month

Hillary is having a very bad weekend.

150,000 Donations Before Midnight EST Monday March 14

Important! Watch the Democratic Primary poll results that come

Bernie Sanders packs them in Springfield MO.

Alaska scientists continue researching seabird death mystery

Can you imagine- Part II

The Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Hillary Clinton.

Question for Bernie supporters.

SIMPLY AMAZING - Bernie Sanders Rally in Springfield, MO (3-12-16) Springfield Missouri Rally

Climate chief expects 80-100 signatures on landmark treaty

Flashback 2014: Donald Trump Says Ebola Doctors 'Must Suffer The Consequences'

FULL: Bernie Sanders in Chicago with Jesse Jackson - Bernie Sanders forum in Chicago (3-12-16)

Please Clap: The Bush Dynasty Has Been Broken

Donald Drumpf vows to ruin protesters’ lives by pressing charges: ‘Their lives are gonna be ruined’

Bailout Recipient Donald Sussman donated $2.5 million to Clinton's superPAC, Priorities USA Action.

Dirty Trickster Roger Stone Claims Clinton Is Behind Violent Protests at Trump Rallies

Trump warns Bernie Sanders: Be careful, or my supporters will start going to your rallies!

Gunmen Carry Out Deadly Attack on Ivory Coast Beach Resort

Gwyneth Paltrow brings out a new one...

bernie in central illinois

IS group commander Shishani 'clinically dead:' monitor

Students chant 'you killed Jesus' at game against school with many Jewish students

Interesting times to be a gamer

SOS Clinton's supportive role in Chevron's toxic pollution of Ecuador's rainforest

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 13, 2016

Russia: Turkish Troops in Syria for Operation Against Kurds

Giving out F*** buttons at a rally

Today in 1865 the confederacy voted to recruit black soldiers

About these polls: I think CBS/YouGov has it figured out.

Dear Mrs Clinton: some well-meant advice from an irrevocably lost voter

"The world in which you boast about Henry Kissinger’s support is an all-too-familiar one"

Future uncertain for proposal to defund Planned Parenthood

Best Political Cartoons of the Week


New NBC News/WSJ/Marist polls Hillary ahead in FL, OH, & IL March 13

On Daylight Savings Time: Help me settle an argument? Edit: settled

Trump: "Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events".

A Nurse in Michigan Helps Explain Why Working People Are Behind Bernie Sanders

Is it Hillary or Bernie?

The phrase "I do not suffer fools gladly"

beware of those looking to shore up the purge list (xpost from gdp)

What are you reading this week of March 13, 2016?

I'll admit, I didn't realize Cruz was pushing a "Flat Tax"

QUOTE: If Hillary Clinton is President, we (the GOP) will lose the Supreme Court for a generation!!

Russia and the US now have the power to impose peace in Syria --- Charles Glass

More B.S. about how Democrats & Repigs "both behave badly. . ."

Three delegate contests post-Chicago, TRUMP EPIC FAILS in all three. Coverage?

The Kamikazi Party. What will they do? Any bets?

Why does Trump look orange and why doesn't somebody correct that?

Palestinian teacher wins $1 million Global Teacher Prize

Police Violence at Trump Rallies and DHS

I think T-Rump may end up winning Ohio

Sanders v Romney: Who Gets to Pick USAG

Bernie Sanders rips into Donald Trump: ‘Everybody knows this man cannot stop lying’

Caught in the act

Is Arizona still Hillary Clinton country?

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie is the one for me...

Why I’m Willing to Take So Much Heat for Defending Hillary

Xiuhtezcatl, the kind of endorsement that matters

I forgot to tell you guys

NC, IL, OH: Will you be 18 by November 8? You can vote! | Bernie 2016

Brazilians Take to Streets as Rousseff's Future in Balance

How Trump Beats Hillary in the General Election

Bernie Sanders: a higher loyalty

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #19: Endorsed By Donald Drumpf Edition

I think Islam hates us - how the fugg does

Fox Nation needs to FeelTheBern NOW!

Make America Great Again

For the first time since I've lived here (since 1982) I just had a



Bernie Thinks Superdelegates are Great!

Danny DeVito Introduces Bernie in St. Louis

Donald Trump: This Is What a Rally Looks Like

Danny DeVito Introduces Bernie in St. Louis

Jane Sanders LIVE from Phoenix, AZ

voting info for illinois primary...same day registration is now allowed

Did you guys see that giant Trump at the Penis Rally?

Bernie Sanders Live from Affton, MO

Drumpf Supporter Disgustingly Tells Black People To ‘Go Back To Africa’

Bernie Sanders rips into Donald Trump: ‘Everybody knows this man cannot stop lying’

Sheriff wants to put Apple CEO Tim Cook in Prison for protecting your Privacy.

Please vote for the Democratic Party

'It’s Not a Threat!': Trump Says He'll Order Supporters to Disrupt Sanders' Rallies

This story won't weird you out at all

Snowmobile 'driven into dog-sleds' in Alaska Iditarod race

I think it's pretty clear (Hillary's Group)

I can't be contrarian about Donald Drumpf anymore: He's terrifying

Network Rail considering selling 18 major stations incl. Waterloo, Paddington and Birmingham New St

Trump spurs Latinos to citizenship so they can vote against him

This Unified Field Theory of Hillary,

Trump Defends His Tweet of Fake ISIS Video: "All I Know Is What's On The Internet"

Serbia: US-Bound Combat Missiles Found on Passenger Flight

Has CoffeeCat posted anything else since yesterday?

The real Primary Race starts AFTER March 15th.

Researchers' idea will blow you away: 656-foot long blades on wind turbines

Voted today

Latest Missouri poll--Close

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 March 2016

OAN: Providing full Trump Coverage

Blast in Turkish capital kills at least 27

Striking back against the machine: Korean Go player beats Google program

O'Malley Finds New Opportunity On Board Of Voter Education Group.

Bernie: "Send Them"

I'm calling it. Sanders-Gabbard 2016

With all his billions, why doesn't Trump have better makeup?

"Bernie Sanders Pushes Trump Towards A Nervous Breakdown By Calling Out His Lies"

Primary Community Exercise

Look at this video - it's great!

...because I believe this to be truth...

My worry about Trump is that he'll permit the media to portray Cruz as the "moderate"...

Helicopters kill 17 as Yemen government moves against Aden militants

What the hell, Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Bernie at Ohio State University rally starting now--is anyone

Just want to wish everybody in the Lounge a very....

Maybe Trump needs a new moniker. Here's some suggestions:

Sign Elizabeth Warren's Petition: Senate Republicans Do Your Job & Vote on Supreme Court Nominee

Dani DeVito - St.Louis Rally

TOON: Trump's Monsters

ReTHUGs are pivoting to the General - they will bet on Trump

Many of us are on "lists", some from cradle -to-grave. Big Brother America has been around for ages.

I admire Donald Trump (ahem)

H.R. 347 and the right to protest

Can someone explain what happened in Iowa yesterday?

Donald Trump has adorned his new rally garb!


What are the three things money can't buy?

Name a song with a city or state in the title

Last day in Ohio w/#HilaryClinton 👌week-end has been a tremendous honor & blessing #mothersofthemov

Let’s STOP referring to evil manipulative crap as ”Dirty Tricks”!

Hillary: "Name one time I changed due to Wall Street money." Elizabeth Warren: “Okay, allow me."

Vote for the Democratic Party of FDR and the New Deal!

"I welcome their hatred"


Marvel Comics rebooting "Black Panther," written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

How The Clinton Machine Bamboozled Bernie Sanders and The American Voters

A wakeup call to me and possibly you as well.

Bernie predicts wins on Tuesday in St. Louis speech

Bernie Sanders Condemns Hillary Clinton For Inflating Nancy Reagan's Role In AIDS Crisis

Samantha Bee on the Flint Democratic Debate

Sanders' vote on the2007 immigration reform bill was part of this graphic we looked into:

'Hillary Clinton's Dubious Views on Latin America'; cementing hard right wing policy

Reuters rolling poll shows Sanders surging

WaPo: "Why Bernie Sanders needs to start winning big states — big"... or he can't possibly win.

Wall Street expert shocks CNBC as he states Bernie Sanders is best for economy (VIDEO)

Chicago Hot Dog Shack Welcomes Trump To Town With ‘Art Of The Meal’ 3-Inch Trumplongs

In 1597, at the Battle of Myeongnyang Strait during the Imjim War,

Let's say ALL the March 15 projections are 20 points off.

FDA Announces Comment Period for Draft Environmental Assessment for Genetically Engineered Mosquito

From HARVARD LAW SCHOOL (2012): The Corporate Capture of the United States

Mike Malloy - Trump Is The Candidate Of The Caucasian Racists

excuse me I'm talking..excuse me I'm talking

Call Voters For Bernie Info 3-13-2016

We've been passing around this great Bernie resource

Argentina charts course for renewable energy.

Argentina charts course for renewable energy.

Does Trump do well with Losers in life?

Confessions of a Republican

Mike Malloy - The Attack On Bernie Sanders By The Clinton Hate Machine

Bernie - LIVE - Columbus, Ohio

February Smashes Earth's All-Time Global Heat Record by a Jaw-Dropping Margin

Man killed by falling tree as high winds slam Seattle area, toddler survives

Trump Says He Might Pay Legal Fees For His Supporter Who Sucker-Punched A Black Man

WAtching Bernie TV - they hired a reporter to go around with Bernie!

Thought I'd have to move to Chicago today.........

North Korea says they can destroy Manhattan with a hydrogen bomb

Mike Malloy - The Ghetto & Bernie Sanders

WAPO conservative Blog on Trump

From Tara Houska on FB

BS Supporters Thrilled to have the support

Marist and SurveyUSA Polls: Clinton Leads FL 61% - 34%, IL 51% - 45%, OH 58% - 38%, NC 58% - 34%.

Marist and SurveyUSA Polls: Clinton Leads FL 61% - 34%, IL 51% - 45%, OH 58% - 38%, NC 58% - 34%.

I feel sorry for Donald Trump

Key witness in Colombia’s police prostitution ring probe ‘kidnapped’

Key witness in Colombia’s police prostitution ring probe ‘kidnapped’

Video Appears to Show Man Urinating on Cereal Products at Kellogg’s Assembly Line

Danny Devito introduces Bernie Sanders

Larry David returned to SNL as Bernie Sanders last night

Who's Right? Hillary supporters or Trump?

"We'll have to agree to disagree"

Mike Malloy - The Anatomy Of A Donald Trump Supporter

About this Donnybrook in Chicago... (Part II)

Gomer: We Got Sanders Because We Let 'Hippies From The '60s' Become Teachers

Follow the Leader: Bernie Stands Behind Hillary in 1994 as She Leads on Healthcare

A Chant just broke out at Ohio State during Bernie's speech

When HRC sat through 11 hours of non stop attacks at that hearing...

Shakedown ride on rebuilt bike.

Just a reminder. I can't change for you. Call me what you will.

Pre-blessed food.

More evidence of Marco Rubio's history of sleazy financial management

SNL: Bernie Sanders (and Carson endorsing Trump)

Brazil protesters call for President Rousseff to resign

HRC makes appearance at Highland Hills, OH church today

"They'll get what's coming to them." Inside the Rowdy, Racist Canceled Trump Rally

Donald Trump has no master plan: he’s in way over his head and the sharks are circling

Want to see Bernie LIVE at Columbus OH rally?

37 Million Bees Found Dead After Planting Large GMO Corn Field Treated With Neonicotinoid Class Of

Sarajevo, Rwanda, Cambodia and Armenia can't happen here can it?

Vladimir Putin Just Gained a Potential New Adversary

If other illnesses were treated like mental disorders...

U.S. Stays Off Battlefield, Yet Is Drawn Into Saudi War in Yemen

Bill Clinton visits several Chicago area African-American churches today

Six Things Worry Free People Do To Avoid Stress

Chuy Garcia, Cook County Commissioner, Endorses Bernie:

The Latest: Man accuses Rubio of stealing girlfriend

Hillary question Bernie's efforts on Health Care, then thanks him for his efforts.

Breaking down the GOP map

Why Hillary Needs Sanders to Drop Out of the Race (and Sanders Has No Need for Hillary to Drop Out)

Donald Trump's snake tale.

Will Hillary defend Bernie against Trump's attack?

Germanwings pilot saw psychiatrists two weeks before crash: final report

Confused Cruz supporters revolt thinking he backs Black Lives Matter over Trump’s ‘free speech’

NC, IL, OH: Will you be 18 by November 8? You can vote! | Bernie 2016

Ohio Dem Legacy Dinner LIVE with Bernie Sanders

‘Deadpool’ Surpasses Both ‘Iron Man’ & ‘Man Of Steel’ At The Domestic Box Office

was having a good day today until I saw

A Conversation with Bernie Sanders (In 1988)

Rubio Beats Kasich in DC Republican Convention

Hillary has been pro-Patriot Act; Bernie has been anti-Patriot Act

It's coming up 9 EDT on TCM. And it's great.

A Trump rally is about to begin in Boca Raton. I wonder how Boca will feel if violence breaks out.nt

Kate Snow, with Trump supporters

Green Bay, WI ABC affiliate runs with a woo story...

Flashback: March 1993 Notes of NAFTA: “The Masters of Man”

Winston, North Carolina prepared for Bill Clinton's visit today by putting out the welcome mats

We are not just numbers on a spreadsheet (Daily Kos)

Trump supporters to protesters: "Go Back To Africa"; "Go To Fucking Auschwitz" (VIDEOS)

Trump's appeal to blue collars