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Archives: March 14, 2016

Why Republicans want Bernie Sanders to win.

Trump's stage-rusher just interviewed on CNN. ISIS my aunt Fanny...

TRUMP: "Laziness Is A Trait In Blacks."

In the interest of Honesty: Bernie's "Send them" is a photoshop of another Twitter account

Simply FYI - Clinton Sanders Town Hall in Ohio just started on CNN. nt

Bernie at the town hall.

Three regional elections have radically changed Germany’s political landscape

8% Chance Of Bernie Winning Democratic Nomination. 69% Chance Of Hillary Winning General Election.

CNN Town Hall/Forum in Ohio

OK - so I deleted the Button thread

In the past 2 weeks, experts have dropped the chance of a Repub president from 39% to 31%

What Was Hillary Thinking? A History of Poor Decision-Making

It Took a FOIA Lawsuit to Uncover How the Obama Administration Killed FOIA Reform

FWIW ..... I voted for Bernie today in OH

Ethel Kennedy leads farm workers' protest near home of Wendy's billionaire chairman

Ethel Kennedy leads farm workers' protest near home of Wendy's billionaire chairman

Town Hall Thread (Hillary's Group)


Where Did Sanders Stand On Health Care In The '90s? Behind Clinton - Newsy

Hahaha! Bernie Throwing Shade at Trump

Farmworkers protest by home of Wendy's billionaire chairman

Victims ordered to pay back massacre compensation, with interest

Why Sanders should embrace conflict with Trump

No rational person is talking about building a wall around the US we want fair trade

The Clinton's blood money

Ohio Wanted to Suppress your Vote. We Said No, and We Won.

SNL Hillary Campaign ad

I'm an Illinois election judge this Tuesday.

Texas Conservative Planned To Bring His Rifle to President Obama’s SXSW Event

Why Donald Drumpf Should Be Arrested for Inciting Racial Violence

Unique Community Kitchen Is Set Up Like a Restaurant So Homeless People can Dine with Dignity

I think the Townhall format agrees with Clinton

Female scientist fights harassment with Wikipedia

Mosh - I had forgotten about the vid... Bernie needs a similar video

Senate Historian Can’t Find Anything In History That Matches GOP Iran Sabotage Letter

"Ohio Wanted to Suppress your Vote. We Said No, and We Won."

As I suspected, Keith Emerson's death was an act of suicide.

The Momma Eagle is getting rained on!

Strange Bill Clinton quote regarding immigration.

Clinton still wants to kill people.

Bernie Sanders to GOP: Listen to Scientists, Not Donors - Canadians For Bernie

LA Times: Chinese insurer acquiring Santa Monica resort, Hotel del Coronado in $6.5-billion deal

Obamacare's latest 'failure:' $1 trillion saved for Medicare

LA Times: 180 bodies are stacked up in L.A. County morgue, coroner says

#BernieSanders responds to #pathologicalliar @realDonaldTrump #slander & rights to protest

Have to give credit to Bernie

Inside the Rowdy, Racist Canceled Trump Rally

Robert Reich on Facebook: Bullies

No one could see the color blue until modern times

Maryland police officer slain in ambush, two suspects arrested

Mother of the Year Bristol Palin Loses 2nd Child Custody Case

How Clintonism continues to hurt Hillary Clinton

Can Trump be held Liable in Civil Court or even Criminal Court for his violent rhetoric

Ted Cruz was born in Canada, Birthers accused Obama of being born in Kenya...

The Path to Convention Chaos

Bead the Bern Bracelet Giveaway!

Way to phone it in, CNN townhall moderators.

I noticed GOPers freaking out when Hillary started to pipe up about Flint. Then I thought about

Only One President was truly successful at it; and it was the Black One!

Baseless fear mongering sucks. Period.

Sanders/Clinton v. Trump townhall question...

Turkish government 'blocks Twitter and Facebook' as part of alleged media ban following Ankara blast

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-12-16 FIRE DWS!!!

Sanders: "Donald Trump is a Pathological Liar"

Sunset on Bonaire

Iowa police departments frustrated at Clinton Campaigns unpaid bills

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-12-16

Michigan Muslims overwhelmingly voted for Sanders.

Thomas DiMASSIMO rushed the DRUMPF to take podium/mic & stand up to White Supremacists

Math math, everyone talks about math. What if Hillary can't close out Bernie by the convention?

I missed the first half.

Mike Malloy - Joe Scarborough Gives Up To The Republican Scam

Bernie Sanders: A higher loyalty

MSNBC, March 13: "Bernie Bros controversy enters Democratic race"

Trump said of conservatives: "We are treated so unfairly, and I'm treated very unfairly."

A VIDEO Michael Moore Goes to Norway & Visits a Prison of the Future

The death penalty is a disaster morally, legally, and practically.

Like nominating Humphrey in '68, nominating HRC in '16 means telling the young to go to Hell.

Bernie Sanders Drops The Moral Hammer On Trump For Inciting Violence At CNN Town Hall

Ammon Bundy comes to aid of embattled Grant County sheriff

Hillary backs Strickland for Senate, with an A+ rating from NRA & voted against assault weapons ban

Hillary Supporters: How many of you were PUMA's?

About that wall...

Hillary Clinton To Raise Money From Ex-NRA Lobbyist

Hillary on why she's the candidate to defeat Trump

Hillary Clinton voted against the "Help America Vote" Election Reform Act of 2002! It passed 92-2

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Kasich just now: "I beat Clinton by eleven points"

Most Palestinians in West Bank Oppose Stabbing Attacks on Israelis, New Poll Shows

And there ya have it

The attacks are coming

Rent is turning 20

debate night: Sanders names Inhoffe?

I think the GOP is headed down a dark and dangerous path!

TED Talks: The Power of Introverts

So many British people live abroad that now the ‘immigration debate’ is about us

Hillary town hall gaffe alert, "We're going to put a lot of coal miners...out of business"

The Downfall of the Republican Party


The Real Reason People Are Protesting Donald Trump Rallies

Whoever we nominate, there's no reason to "go to the center" after the convention.

Winners of the Winter seasonal contest

seen on fb ... 1st a disclaimer:

Danny Devito shows up at Bernie's Missouri rally

The Real Gordon Gekko Just Endorsed Bernie Sanders

I bet the city of Cleveland wishes

Is this a joke?

FYI Bernie interview when he first entered congress

Anyone watching the Dem. Town Hall Repeat Now, 11 PM ET on CNN?

I know these are a little goofy, but this one is fun given Bernie's stepping up to trump tonight.

Anyone attending SXSW Bellaunion showcase on Wednesday?

Before Bernie Bros there was

Romney to campaign with Kasich

Bernie Sanders Music Video Check it out. It rocks!

Divide and Conquer!

Trumped starring the Producers of the Producers

Low Level Lead Exposure Harms Children: A Renewed Call for Primary Prevention

Well clearly its time to declare a "War on Toddlers". No?

I have dementia and I think I still have a handle on right and wrong and this was so wrong!

Deficient synthesis of glutathione underlies oxidative stress in aging and can be corrected by dieta

Florida Man Goes Undercover at a Trump Rally

Journalist Carl Bernstein uses the term Neofascist for Mr Trump

Hillary Clinton Specializes in Revisionist History; Nancy Reagan Comments More of the Same


Trump takes on protesters again in Kansas City as police pepper-spray crowds outside Donald Trump d

Ohio - I am sure Hillary is constantly reminded of and misses her one true friend.

Having a good laugh here watching Friday's Hardball episode where Tweety is sooo happy showing the

If Hillary chose Sanders as VP!!! Would you vote for her then?

More electable gets old when Hillary

I am going to post this rather clever anti-Trump song/video by the Blue State Cowboys, BUT

Would you vote for Hillary in a house?

Big Food Illegally Hid Funders of Campaign to Kill GMO-Labeling Effort, Judge Rules

A Love Story for this Primary season

Do not stigmatize people with mental illness.

Cat helps autistic child to communicate

These two papers explain the differences between Hillary and Sanders on health care in a nutshell

There Seem To Be A Lot Of Returdlican Trolls Trying To Cause Trouble.

Maybe some comedy to defuse Trump supporters at the rallies.

The Congressional Record on the Auto Bailout. Sanders Co-Sponsored Inhofe's bill to Block Funds

Nor Cal winter storm

Syria War Begins Sixth Year As US, Russia Pull The Strings

Bernie calls Trump a Liar

Just watched Hillary's capital punishment exchange

Cross-Post from Video/Multimedia:I am going to post this rather clever anti-Trump song/video by the

I had completely forgotten this one

Did MSNBC interview Ashley Williams?

I have served on a bunch of juries here at DU and generally think this is a good system.

How do people get into debate halls?

But We Don't Have a Queen. . .

OhNoSheTwitnt Went There. Absolute perfect

Wow, I'm pretty impressed by what this guy said at church tonight about the election

Tell me you have friends that you don't agree with on everything, please!

I am not sure if this question has been answered

can someone explain to me how an in-home wireless router works?

Good news! My republican brother and sister-in-law would vote for Hillary over Trump!

Zippy: Vote for the Man With Orange Hair

watching a police chase in los angeles

Donald Trump rally preview from 1982

'Why don't you go run for something?'

Tell Your Senator to Vote No on John King for Sec of Ed

#446 Ware Lecture by Cornel West at General Assembly 2015

Participate in "Facebanking" with - 50,000 calls today

L.A. TIMES: Why a huge Los Angeles crowd turned out for Bernie Sanders

I said as recently as a week ago that I would not vote for her...

Facebank via Reddit for Bernie Sanders - grassroots / social media gotv

How we can help disempower religion and get it out of our government

My revised March 15 primary predicitons

Former Director Who Killed Shelter Pets “For Fun” Goes to Jail.

More Than 50 Percent of Americans Eat 'Ultra-Processed' Foods

Yet ANOTHER video emerges of Hillary Clinton Pushing the Drug War and Dog Whistles

This is really happening, isn't it?

PPP Poll: Trump leads in North Carolina. Cruz distant second.

WE need to get out and VOLUNTEER and Vote for BERNIE!

Fujimori Widens Lead in Peru President Race After Rivals Barred

El Salvador: Conservatives Tried to Trade Votes for Gang Truce

Oh happy day. It is DST again. So on Monday morning

Could this be an election where Donald Trump runs a bit liberal

"Wait, she said what?"

Chileans Living In New Mexico Endorse Bernie Sanders

CNN on Townhall: Hillary Had "Moment of the Evening" & Her Stopping Trump Answer was "Home Run."

Pundits: "I weep for America"

Colombian Movement Condemns Killings of Leftist Leaders

Daily Holidays - March 14

Another Political Activist Gunned Down in Colombia

US sailor arrested in Okinawa on suspicion of rape

GOP donors pushing Condoleezza Rice to run independent campaign

About Terrible "Screw Ups." .......and 2nd Apologies..

I have to share something with my friends here that has nothing to do with photography,

Obama and Jagger fly in, but fears grow over who profits as Cuba starts to party

In Illinois, a vote for HRC is a vote of support for Rahm.

NYT: Her long indifference to the concerns of organized labor

Police: Kentucky man dies after officers use stun gun on him

Farmworkers protest by home of Wendy's billionaire chairman

February Breaks Global Temperature Records by 'Shocking' Amount

Turkey pounds Kurdish rebel bases in Iraq after Ankara bombing

Carl Sagan warned us long ago about the Dangers of Nuclear War and Unstable Leaders

Donald Trump Shutting Down His Chicago Rally Wasn’t a First Amendment Violation

Sanders is trailing by, what, 5% of the total pledged delegate count?

I can hear the Sounds of Silence

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders & AIDS

Clinton Maintains Iowa Delegate Win In County Conventions~from The Iowa Starting Line..

Gwyneth Paltrow is Now Promoting Skincare Products That Have Been Meditated Over

Gwyneth Paltrow is Now Promoting Skincare Products That Have Been Meditated Over

When Sanders talks about polls showing him beating Trump, he's leaving one an important fact:

A Primer on Nuclear Winter

Quiet Support for Saudis Entangles U.S. in Yemen

I have my first session in a commercial kitchen tomorrow!

Hillary Clinton's Response To Honduran Coup Was Scrubbed From Her Paperback Memoirs

At work this weekend, five nurses sat in the break room when Trump protesters came up on teevee

Mars methane mission lifts off

Turkish government 'blocks Twitter and Facebook' as part of alleged media ban following Ankara blast

Sanders to Trump: Send Your Supporters to See and Hear Real Honesty

Donald Trump Poses an Unprecedented Threat to American Democracy

Trouble In Paradise: Michelle Fields And Ben Shapiro Resign From Breitbart

American gun laws are just crazy, it's time we took the firearms away from them

Pa. justices question roots of NRA-backed law

Australia's Gun Record Questioned By Nation Most Famous For Mass Shootings

"Start 5 Conversations About/For Bernie Sanders: FL, OH, MO, NC, IL"

Public’s Disgust With the Democratic Party Propels Sanders

US sailor held on suspicion of raping Japanese woman in Okinawa hotel

It is unlikely either candidate will reach 2,383 through pledged delegates alone. To what end?

Trump calls hundreds to thousands of deaths a "riot" and endorsed the massacre

The 30% solution — when war without end ends: Spengler

New PPP polls of all five Tuesday states....

Trump and Clinton - - - another similarity

"Sanders is slowly evolving into a more traditional candidate" DemDebate

MSNBC having a town hall for Dems tonight.

Mike Tyson: "I think it’s a pretty awesome thing that (Trump)’s doing so well"

all-female crew lands an airliner into a country they're not allowed to drive in. (

Question about the FBI-Apple-iPhone case.

Sanders' accusation that Hillary caused the BP disaster Gets 4 Pinocchios!!

Frauke Petry: The force behind Germany’s rising nationalist party

Why Are Sanders Supporters So Rude?

"Violence as an ideology". Very scary for our nation.

Court Reversal Allows North Carolina to Approve Anti-Abortion License Plates, Deny Pro-Choice Plates

Solitary Confinement is "Torture:"The Forthcoming Seminal Trial of Political Prisoner Russell Shoatz

Trump University pressured students into signing personalized glowing reviews.

(UK) The snooper’s charter is flying through parliament. Don’t think it’s irrelevant to you

Momentum to Remove Confederate Symbols Slows

Isn't that special, from mrs. reagan's funeral.....

What’s Wrong With Hillary?

Public’s Disgust With the Democratic Party Propels Sanders

Concealed weapon owner shoots hatchet-wielding attacker in Washinton 7-Eleven

Bernie calls out Trump's birtherism at Dem Townhall March 13

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 14 March 2016

SNL's Laugh Out Loud spoof Clinton campaign ad

Actor's Gang: How Tim Robbins has cut reoffending rates

Many may still be sleeping, but the awakening has begun!

(UK) Unite says government is reluctant to exempt NHS from TTIP

Rick Scott or Victor Szasz

"How Bernie Sanders has built a multi-racial anti-austerity campaign"

Can you imagine?

There is a moderate Republican who could quiet things down..but

PPP Poll: Tues Primaries Tighten

Clinton Won’t Meet Embattled Mayor Emanuel in Chicago Visit

Forget NAFTA

How Many Democratic Delegates Does Florida Have? The Winner Will Walk Away With A Big Haul

Hatchet Man to Oversee Cruz’s Dark Money Super PACs

Beyond The Laquan McDonald Murder Case: Why Anita Alvarez Must Go

Monday Bernie Group Toons

Polls say Clinton, Trump keep leads ahead of Tuesday's primary vote

Monday Toon Roundup 1-Violent

(UK) The NHS mental health hospital closed with just five days' warning

How Trump Happened

New York primary just five weeks away; Clinton, Trump hold solid leads in home state

How Trump Happened

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Put a Steak through it

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

EU green transport target 'may have increased greenhouse gas emissions'

Ground game

Reddit: HIGHLY UNPUBLICIZED Bernie will be holding ANOTHER town hall at 6PM on MSNBC 3/14/16

Two peas in a noconservative pod

South Africa says shale gas exploration to begin in next 12 months

“creating a state of the art rail system which takes trucks off the road.”

Medical Bills Still Take A Big Toll, Even With Insurance

Running to the Right of a Fascist

not answering questions exactly ~cnn townhall

Global stocks rise as investor focus pivots to Fed

Please stop in to this...

Kurdish forces in Iraq capture Islamic State fighter from Virginia

I am so proud of my son who was part of a Conviction Review group that just freed a wrongly

Proportional delegation means there is no chance Bernie catches up to Hillary by NY

[ActBlue] You're making a difference -- daily update for 3-13-16

My guess is that Pete Rose thinks The Donald can finally get him in the Hall of Fame.

Judge's Iran Ignorance Is Widespread and Dangerous

Why is Hillary's lead considered so big right now? Math (HRC Group)

New poll: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders too close to call in Missouri

trump and St. Louis- what makes St. Louis a different city

Fracking to prompt sharp rise in greenhouse gas emissions, study says

What’s Wrong With Hillary? -- Jeff Greenfield

Hillary Clinton Death Penalty Support Unjustly Executes Black and Poor People #DemTownHall

TOM TOMORROW: Further Primary Phenomena

How did Hillary do in the townhall last night?

Is it just me, or do others really feel the momentum for Bernie growing?

TOM TOMORROW: Primary Phenomena. (I think he's voting for Sanders...)

Hillary Clinton Wants to Have It Both Ways on the Death Penalty

Where is Stephanie Miller on FreeSpeechTV??

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #3 - Game #25

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #3 - Game #26

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #3 - Game #27

2016 March Meme Madness: Round #3 - Game #28

Good Lord, HOW??

Trump: win or lose, things will be very different in a bad way...

The Labor Movement F****d Up By Supporting Hillary Clinton

Kibbutz kibbutz kibbutz (CNN)

Jake Tapper Corners Sanders on the Recent Acts of Violence Shown by His Followers

Bernie Sanders on NAFTA and Fast Track legislation in 1991.

Bernie Sanders | Planting Trees

Hey Drumpf, This is what a rally looks like! Delegate Calculator has been updated - You can now share your projections!

Trump Used Foreign Student Labor He Pledges to Ban

Wasn't there a way to see how many people have you on ignore?

Last night's town hall

For reference, 538's day before 3/15 Primary forecast

Thom Hartmann talks about Hillary's lies

Bernie Sanders made an odd mistake last night.

Israeli hiker finds rare, 2,000-year-old gold coin

NARAL: Here are 5 reasons we're excited to say #imwithher

Pi Day freebies and deals

Clarence Page: Like Sanders, we all stumble on race

I may have broken through to a Trump supporter on Facebook (maybe)

A 'Trump militia' forming to 'protect' Trump rallys

Justice Dept. Condemns Profit-Minded Court Policies Targeting the Poor


Jim Cornette On Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Specializes in Revisionist History; Nancy Reagan Comments More of the Same

Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal Endorses Bernie Sanders, Asks for Help

One of those things about the Internet: Someone out there always has the same exact idea as you do.

help H out by making calls - whenever & how much you want:

Industrial vacuum truck smashes into the 11foot8 bridge

Tech policy activists find Bernie Sanders is best bet – while Trump is the worst

Champion Lee Sedol (human!!) takes Game 4 vs. AlphaGo...

Protesters at Trump Rallies: Good or bad? Helpful or unhelpful? Worth the effort or not?

Iraqi General: Palestinian-American Member of IS Surrenders

New Quinnipiac Polls of Ohio and Florida

What’s The Problem With “Free Trade”

Bernie Sanders Had to Overcome Media Consensus Around Hillary Clinton

If you haven't turned on MSM TV today, don't.

This is unfair and undemocratic (link fixed)

Ohio Wanted to Suppress your Vote. We Said No, and We Won.

Phone bank from home for Bernie to any Tuesday primary state

In the 1860s, America faced itself divided and hostile --

Hillary Clinton Tees Off on Trump, Toughens Stance on Trade

I didn't like how it affected my brain.

Tell the Media to Hang Up on Donald Trump

Clinton's AIDS statement reflects a larger problem beyond that issue

Hillary's source of her praise of Nancy Reagan, Allida Black????

Get out the vote for Bernie for any Tuesday state - how to phone bank from home

It's 479 to 6 -> Hillary

Bernie Sanders emphasizes solidarity during rally on Ohio State campus

The Fate of the 2016 Rests on Tomorrow’s Voter Turnout

Where do Bernie and Hillary stand on Lyme's disease research?

Both of our Democratic candidates stood strong

Was the Cancelled Chicago Event a Deliberate Setup by Trump?

ArcelorMittal, labor union settle strike in Mexico

ArcelorMittal, labor union settle strike in Mexico

Why Hillary Clinton’s Take On Abraham Lincoln Is 'Total Fantasy'

ArcelorMittal, labor union settle strike in Mexico

Hillary Clinton’s Strength Lies With the Closed Primaries (this article made me feel better)

President Obama and Misty Copeland Have a Candid Discussion About Race and Body Image

So, Sanders baselessly blamed the BP oil tragedy on Hillary? Four Pinocchios.

2016 Democratic Popular Vote - Current Totals

‘Plan B’ – Not an Enigma: Why the West Is Keen on Dividing the Arabs | Ramzy Baroud

Shit, not this loser again...

North Sierra snowpack now 102% of normal for today and 100% of April 1 average

~*~ Charlie Chaplin Speech on Bernie Sanders' Belief for Humanity ~*~

Woman Suffers Vicious Beating At Trump Rally

Labor Department sues Pennsylvania duct manufacturer for firing two employees for whistleblowing

Heads up if anyone is around. Mark Ruffalo coming up on Cnn

Chanting in Tampa: "T-R-U-M-P! That's how you spell BIGOTRY!"

Clinton maintains 23-21 delegate advantage over Sanders in Sat. Iowa Count

Hill's Group: Hillary Clinton Will Take Over Broad City This Wednesday

John Oliver on Encryption

Venezuelans make taxing trek to seek health care in Colombia

Bernie has been talking about Flint. I just heard him referring to Flint, MI as he and Jessie

Well, that explains a lot- Evolution catches up to Donald

How Wall Street Screws Municipal Governments

Promoting the common good, the benevolence of the federal government and usefulness of taxes

I don't hate Hillary, I pity her.

'Humans of New York' on Facebook: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Just a reminder that Democrats overwhelmingly support Hillary

John Oliver: iPhones May Not Be As Secure As You Would Think

Christie has no shame left. "Interview" with Drumpf being interrupted by protests.

Tim Canova says denied access to DNC voter database for running against DWS, an incumbent.

For Pi Day: the recipe for the one pie-lover Obama called "crack pie" 'cause he couldn't resist it!

Good God--Christie interviewing Trump on all cable news right now!

More on Wounded Warrior Scandal

MUST READ: Today's Humans of New York facebook page.

"Now go home and get your shinebox." , Chris Christie-Not Safe For Work

easy exercize tip...get up to answer the phone, do not have phone by computer...

MSNBC is airing wall to wall, live coverage for endorsements of Trump.

Texas Town Swamped As 2 Million Across South Face Flooding

I'd Rather Chew Barbed Wire While Walking Barefoot on Ground Glass Than Support a Candidate Who ...

"I want to thank Rahm Emanuel for not endorsing me. I don't want his endorsement!"

Why Independent Voters Will Propel Bernie Sanders to the White House

Bernie standing up for the nurses!

Perhaps there's some sort of karma or divine justice for Chris Christie's bridge closures....

American Future Fund is pounding the South FL airwaves


Headline 3-16-16 Bernie OH, IL, MO, Hillary FL, NC but a little closer than expected

Climate Change Is the Greatest Threat Facing Humanity and It's Much Worse Than Previously Predicted

Climate Change Is the Greatest Threat Facing Humanity and It's Much Worse Than Previously Predicted

Pic Of The Moment: Trump To Media: "I Don't Condone Violence"

Why Bernie Sanders being Jewish isn't an issue for Muslim Americans

Just a reminder that, according to research, only 31% of Americans identify themselves as Democrats.

You know who's REALLY against Trump? Satan!

Trump Facebooks a Coulter quote...

John Oliver on Hillary Clinton’s HIV/AIDS gaffe

Former Yale University basketball captain to sue school over expulsion

Is this God”s Warning? or Climate Change?

Tenemos Familias | Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton Once Cited NY Banks as ‘Biggest Winners' in Wall Street Bailout

Debbie Wassermann Schultz at it again!

Todd Palin Hospitalized, Sarah Leaves Florida

Gentle Reminder: Independents are not needed to win the Presidency

Hispanic naturalization applications up by 14%... because they want to vote against Trump.

Good intentions- poor results

Michigan prosecutor arrested, charged with unspecified crime

Hillary's recorded Senate votes for job destroying trade agreements. Just the Facts.

Annthrax Coulter ‘Would Like to See a Little More Violence’ from Drumpf Fans

The NFLPA Caught The Rams Trying To Short Players By Writing Missouri Labor Laws Into Contracts

Tell Donald Trump: Make a deal with your Las Vegas hotel employees! (e-action)

Playing Defense Is Not Enough. Hillary Clinton Must Be Bold.

Tell Donald Trump: Make a deal with your Las Vegas hotel employees! (e-action)

Judge Refuses Convicted Philly Gay Hate Attacker's Request To End Jail Sentence

Tell Donald Trump: Make a deal with your Las Vegas hotel employees! (e-action)

Was disrupting Donald Trump's rally the first ever example of a countercounterproductive strategy?

‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ attacker allegedly yelled as he beat Hispanic man, Muslim student

Priest Pulled Gun On 8-Year-Old Because He Was A Cowboys Fan


Andrea Mitchell played the SNL skit

Jury glitch

The End of Marco-mentum

Todd Palin badly injured in snow machine accident.

SANDERS, CRUZ surging in ILLINOIS -- TRUMP IL campaign in disarray – UIC protest bounce

Attention! Lots of bait out there today, do not take it

George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton Share a Giggly Embrace at N. Reagan's Funeral; Twitter Has a res

Both Bernie and Hillary are scheduled to do back to back townhalls today on MSNBC

ANOTHER Hillary video surfaces. Robert Byrd.

Shocking! A positive Bernie article in the NYT!

What's going on in Republican-run state legislatures is just as terrifying as the GOP pres. race

Anti-gay kook wants Girl Scout leaders killed...

To Trump or not to Trump, that is the establishment's question. The answer. . . ?

Rising Sea Levels May Disrupt Lives of Millions, Study Says

Food industry conspired to circumvent campaign disclosure laws in anti-GMO label referendum

Bernie will win Missouri, Illinois and Ohio...

If you hold a cherry-bomb tightly enough it can't explode." . . .Please come CAPTION Ann Coulter!!!

Solidarity at it's finest....

We've been saying "brownshirts" for months now

No Warrant Needed Search Seizer Wisconsin & Botched Police Raids Chart

Has a lot of money...

I am sleeping so much better since I reduced blue light at night on the puter/e-book use.

"I am f*cking white"-- acid-dropping Trump supporter freaks out

ABC news: Hillary Clinton Once Cited NY Banks as ‘Biggest Winners' in Wall Street Bailout

Moderate Progressives?

Bern the Trump card

Texas rattlesnake roundup: Why some people kill snakes for sport

Amtrak train derails in Kansas, 32 hurt

The rich guy that used to show up on the daily show is going to be on Blindspot!!!!

Sen Franken Smacks Down Conservative Health Care Arguments (2009)

Heat Waves, Droughts and Heavy Rain Have Clear Links to Climate Change, Says National Academies

Vermont legislature on track to be first in U.S. to legalize marijuana

Driving for an hour today, I heard 12 political ads, including a Hillary lie.

Surprise! Voters don’t seem to hold violence at Trump rallies against him.

Zika Virus Linked with Man's Brain Infection, Coma

Obama needed 16.5 million independents and Republicans to vote for him to defeat Romney

Pete Rose signed baseball to Donald Trump: 'Please make America great again'

Nice gig.

Monmouth Poll: Clinton Up 14 Points In Ohio.....just breaking

Colorado fight to end 'gay conversion therapy' could carry national weight

Colorado may set up vaccine database to track kids

FDA investigating graphic video linked to Kellogg factory

Like I said about Jim Bakker, once a con man, always a con man.

STATE OF THE PRIMARY - March 14, 2016

Pete Rose signed baseball to Donald Trump: 'Please make America great again' (xpost from GD)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: No 'Timeline' on Presidential Endorsement

So it's Pi day. Really, really Pi day.

New Monmouth poll shows Hillary up 14 points in Ohio

House Benghazi probe: Report by summer, factor for Clinton

Wonderful opinion piece in St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Hard Times at BDS High

White Trooper Pleads Guilty in Shooting of Unarmed Black Man

Trump has profited from foreign labor he says is killing U.S. jobs

Todd Palin injured in snow machine crash

Someone sent me this link with photos from the protest in Chicago last weekend

Extremely Rare Whales Make A Big Splash In Cape Cod

Putin orders to begin withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria from March 15

Very Interesting MO Endorsement: Robert H. Wendt - A higher loyalty

Psychopath Ann Coulter Wants Credit For Trump’s Hateful Language

The Trump campaign’s victim-shaming response to the Michelle Fields incident is eerily familiar

Finnish News Team Reports on American Elections. (subtitled)

For Donna Edwards yard signs or bumper stickers:

Missouri State Senator, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Endorses Bernie!

Lovettsville rids town of vulture problem with inflatable whales

Donald Trump stage invader: 'I have to bully the bully'

On Clinton/GWB pic at Nancy Reagan' s funeral:

What does it say when GOP candidates pledge to back Trump as nominee; but say he will shatter party?

Donald Trump’s Chicago scam

Proposed Exchange Chief Carsten Kengeter Was Viewed as Possible Libor Co-Conspirator

I keep realizing the same thing, just in different ways.

During her campaign to be NY State Senator: Was there vote buying?

Warming ocean water undercuts Antarctic ice shelves


Real Donald Trump Quotes about Women

The Times wises up about Bernie

Donna Edwards Yards Signs are HERE!

What happens when you pour molten copper on a Big Mac is horrifying

cuz i needed a laugh today.....

The Trump Protests are mis-directed

We’ve been measuring inequality wrong – here’s the real story (nuance that the far right will spin)

HRC in Chicago this morning and Springfield, IL later today

GD: P has lost its mine...

“Every day I’m grateful I’m not there.”

Got email from Bernie just now

If Trump is GOP nominee--19% of Ohio Kasich supporters would vote for HRC

Mayor Bernie Sanders on CSPAN, 1988

Think Big | Volunteer-Made Video for Bernie Sanders

Trump "no violence" at rallies. They're a "love fest"

Trump breaks 50% in national support for the first time

Coulter: I'd like to see 'a little more violence' from Trump supporters

Trending Sanders: YouGov Illinois poll +2%; PPP Missouri poll +1%; Baldwin University Ohio poll +1%!

Think Big | Volunteer-Made Video for Bernie Sanders

Donald Drumpf Surrogate Says Bernie Sanders Needs to "Meet Jesus"

Let's Make This Ad Exposing Donald Drumpf's Comments on Women Go Viral

Think Big | Volunteer-Made Video for Bernie Sanders

Kevin Williamson finally admits the Republicans' utter contempt for their own base

Just finishing my first Chemo. It's all downhill from here.

Drumpf Tells Fox News* That It’s OK For Him To Incite Violence Because ‘Nobody’s Been Hurt’

Did I just hear that North Carolina police may charge Drumpf with

Arachnophobia in the Medical Literature: Are Published “Spider Bites” Reliable?

Friendly reminder

10 Things Drumpf Supporters Are Too Stupid To Realize

River Otters Stage a Comeback in Bay Area

The more violence at Trump rallies the more GOP base likes him--at 50(+)% nationally for first time

Solving the Mystery of the Schools - Diane Ravitch

Spider sex is kinkier than you thought!

Attention Arizona Berners! Bernie is coming to Phoenix tomorrow nite 3/15!

Wealth Inequality in the US

A typical conversation

North Carolina investigators are considering filing a charge of inciting a riot against Donald Trump

So wait....Palin's husband is in a serious accident, and she still sticks around to introduce Trump?

Activist who took down Confederate flag will speak at Vanderbilt

Here's who REALLY rushed the stage at that Drumpf rally

Bernie or bust - else we'll support Trump?

Donald Trump...A .sneering and snarling coward: Trump’s Free Speech Was Not Violated

Are threads raising "meta" issues or "calling out" DUers

Clinton's Double Standard: OK that Veteran was Brutalized at Her Speech:

Richard Simmons tells Today Show he is okay

Petition to arrest Donald Trump for inciting violence

Once again msnbc running Trump's rally raw for ten minutes with no commentary

The Four Freedoms & United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights:How High Will Sanders Aim?

Do we no longer have MIR teams?

Happy Pi day!

Millennials would flock to Clinton against Trump

Slate: Racist backlash against Obama brought us Trump

Bernie Supporter just came by..canvassing for the election tomorrow

Vehicles damage cemetery during Trump rally

Pastor kicks off Trump rally by calling for Bernie Sanders to convert: ‘Bernie’s got to meet Jesus’

Meet the Candidate Taking On the Disastrous Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Elizabeth Warren: Enough Is Enough, It's Time To Stand Up To Donald Trump

[3] Investigative Reporter Greg Palast Explains How The 2016 Election WILL Be Stolen! [VIP]

Plan For Metro Delays This Evening, Too

Results of this morning's Trump protest in Hickory

I'm sorry, but Trump rallies NEED to be disrupted - he is a fascist

Authorities consider charging Trump with inciting violence at rally

Well this was unexpected. From The Telegraph: KKK Leader Endorses Hillary Clinton

Watch Bernie Sanders Try and Kill the PATRIOT ACT in 2002

This Ukrainian man lives his life as Darth Vader — and the photos are incredible

Sanders' internal polling in Florida indicates a single-digit race

NC, IL, OH: Will you be 18 by November 8? You can vote! | Bernie 2016

Voters would benefit from knowing what foreign leaders #Clinton is talking to

NY Times: Haitian-Americans Speak of Clintons with Contempt

Police consider charging Trump with inciting a riot over violence at North Carolina rally

Bill would authorize research on Alabama-grown hemp (

If this ad doesn't cut Trump's margin in Florida...

Racial Profiling at Trump event. Campaign says they don't want "Those People"

Toon: The Hilldenburg Disaster

Here is a clip from Saturdays Springfield Missouri rally for Bernie.

Satellite captures rare sight during solar eclipse (

Health law expert rips into TPP

Better Possibilities | Bernie Sanders

"We need you Obi Wan.."

Sanders campaign ad (unofficial) * Join The Movement

John Oliver- Bernie Sanders ( Let me just say)

Donald Trump, bad science, and the vitamin company that went bust

No matter who you support Ya Gotta See This. Coffee Spitting Funny.

Windows 7 users complain of unprovoked Windows 10 auto-upgrades

It seems the TPP is corporate welfare subsidies and giveaways

Hillary's Ron Burgundy Moment

Daylight S Time yr round would save 400 lives/yr & reduce crime and energy use.

Tech policy activists find Bernie Sanders is best bet – while Trump is the worst

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton headed for big wins Tuesday, experts predict

The (Complete Lack Of) Science of Donald Trump by Scientific American

This embarrassing Cruz sign in Mississippi says it all

Hang in there, Bravenak! We love you! <3 xo

Donald Trump is STILL 4 F -

North Carolina’s Voter ID Law Could Block 218,000 Registered Voters From the Polls

Krugman Raises White Flag on Trade, admits his “free-trade” cheerleading was mostly garbage

Another AMTRAK Train Derails In America After Chronic Under-Funding By Republicans

Paws vs. Claws: Who Will Win? GOTV week 2

Dolores Huerta, Rep. Gutierrez & UFW Pres Arturo Rodriguez on the trail w/ Hillary in Chicago

WOW Air launches GAY plane...

While America is distracted by the Drumpf freakshow, Indiana just passed

Stop Worrying About Trump – It’s The Republican Voters We Should Be Afraid Of

Donald Drumpf’s Presidential Run Began in an Effort to Gain Stature

Solidarity at it's finest....

NPR Clarifies Cokie Roberts' Role After Anti-Drumpf Column

It's Academic With Hillary in Illinois

State lawmakers propose automatic voter registration with driver's license application (

Donald Drumpf isn’t attacking political correctness. He’s attacking decency.

Craig Ferguson - Join or Die (his new show on History channel)

Carl Bernstein: Drumpf Is Birthing a New ‘American Fascism’

Black Lives Matter to Help Lead San Francisco Pride Parade

So, Who Are Donald Drumpf’s Voters?

There are some elections coming up

Another petition - ask Gov. Deal to VETO guns on Campus

Another Major Union Just Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Racial resentment among Trumps supporters.

Trump is pandering to angry old white folk "victims"...

Does medical marijuana oil work? UAB shares insight into Carly's Law study ( {CBD oil}

Hillary's Demand to Send Children Back to Central American Violence Means Ending Asylum Totally

Colombia arrests Argentine fugitive wanted for crimes against humanity

Colombia arrests Argentine fugitive wanted for crimes against humanity

Colombia’s left fears political extermination following 29 murders in 2 weeks

Colombia’s left fears political extermination following 29 murders in 2 weeks

Yep! There's something wrong alright!

Bernie Sanders LIVE in Charlotte, North Carolina Now!

Latest charts Dem race favorability ratings

Bernie needs our help BEFORE MIDNIGHT

Money talks: Help Tim Canova defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz / Florida's 23rd congressional district

Pope to wash refugees' feet on Holy Thursday

Yes, I'm 'Voting Blue No Matter Who'—and here's why

I don't always talk to Trump supporters...

Yes, I'm 'Voting Blue No Matter Who'—and here's why

Charlotte NC Bernie Sanders Rally - LIVE NOW

Kidnapped key witness of police prostitution ring found alive

How much disruption is acceptable for political rallies?

Mr. Trump: "I can confirm the HATEFUL one is YOU"

Interesting article on Ted Nugent's pedophilia from 2014

About protest critiques...

Muslim And Hispanic Students In Kansas Allegedly Beat By Man Yelling 'Trump, Trump, Trump!'

Why Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead over Bernie Sanders is bigger than it looks

OMGAWD.....a new Dugger show on TLC!!!! "Counting On"

Black Lives Matter to Help Lead San Francisco Pride Parade (xpost from GD)

Why the Gridlock Slowing New Rules for Wall Street Won't Go Away

My great post election hope.

What's for Dinner, Mon., March 14, 2016

Trump is now breaking one of the oldest rules of show biz

Bernie has always taken the lead....

Thick As A Brick

"Human Rights U.S. Style: From Colonial Times through the New Deal" (1977 book in PDF format)

Sovereign Citizen Freeman Tries Usual BS on Judge. Judge Hysterically Spews it Back

Looks like Bernie has another rally after the Town Hall tonight.

Pam Bondi Endorses Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders at #DemTownHall : "I am not proposing free college for all"

Gay Man’s Parents Sue Sheriff’s Office Over Son’s Horrific Death in Texas Jail

Crap. Bone mets in my right knee area

Providing some contrast

Financial Liberalisation: 1990s trade deal STILL Blocks Any Limits on "Too Big to Fail" banks

Maybe we can stop Trump getting elected BEFORE he drops a Nuclear Weapon

Detroit's Next Big Crash

Chicago Tribune: "Hillary can't win. She's the establishment candidate in year of insurgency."

Republicans are scared Trump will destroy their Party

About protesting Drumf rallies

Confound it all.

Question from my 17 y.o. neighbor...

Supreme Court's Precedent Backs Donald Trump

Trump to pay legal fees of attackers? Will he pay medical expenses of those injured! Funeral costs

4 die in Eastern Idaho plane crash

Information for tomorrow's vote (Hill's Group)

Sheesh. Hillary adopts yet another of Bernie's lines.

The Clintons should be disqualified from public office

Yet Another Ohio Poll...

Wall Street prefers Kasich 1st, then Hillary 2nd. Bernie last.

I Love Pi!

Poll shows that Millennials would flock to Clinton against Trump - USA Today

Being Blocked

North Carolina officials looking at Trump's rally behavior

Student With Special Needs Left on School Bus and Forced to Hitchhike 30 Miles Home... Twice

Just saw on Facebook: can't stop laughing ("Bernie BOO")

US Waging 'Geopolitical Warfare' Against China, Russia in Bolivia – Morales

Is this an "experiment" in the official meaning of the word?

President Obama: “It is literally in my DNA to be suspicious of tribalism”

If you are in a primary and you need the support of another candidate's voters

More Upsets on the Horizon? 'Yuuuge' Turnout Could Hand Sanders Big Wins on Tuesday

More Very Unsavory Data from Clinton Libya Emails: The objective was LIbya's Billions of Dollars

Strange things that have happened to you. Worth discussing?

Something interesting just showed up on Sanders' map...

Scanner/Windows 10

NY Times Report Debunks Fox News' Fantasy That Hillary Clinton's Server Was Hacked

GOP Prepares to Fight Obama Nominee, No Matter Whom He Picks

3/14,Chicago-powerful visit to Kids on the Block memorial with Rev Jackson & mothers of the movement

Ha! Trump is being investigated for inciting a riot in North Carolina!

Why I love DU ..... poster called Trump a "shit weasel"

I just thought this was great. Apologies if dupe, I searched but didn't find.

Former Florida Allies Assert on the Record That Rubio Is a Lazy, Devious Little Twerp

The Battle to Lose the Independent Vote

The reason (most) people go gluten-free isn't because they're allergic

A Little Music for the Trump Supporters

Drug Cartels Are Taking Over the Tortilla Business in Mexico

Amid terror wave, Israeli researcher finds way to quickly stop bleeding wounds

Trump Speaks at His Rally

What's Going On. Marvin Gaye.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Michelle Obama: "7 years later, that 1st performance won our hearts"

For Indigenous Peoples, Megadams Are ‘Worse than Colonization’

Help me understand...WTF is happening?

Sanders Supporters Must Stop Repeating GOP Lies About Hillary Clinton - a Sanders supporter's appeal

For Indigenous Peoples, Megadams Are ‘Worse than Colonization’

Study: Black Students Who Are Taught Racial Pride Do Better In School

Press Secretary Josh Earnest speaking today about the Republican candidates

Another explanation of the Trump rise...

During the most important year for climate news, TV coverage fell

Trade Agreements = Hillary's Achilles Heel

We have a job to do

The ever morphing Hillarians now claim millennials will "flock to" Clinton!

Ankara bombing: Erdogan seeks to widen terrorism definition

NC Early voting demographics point to Clinton blowout

Saw a woman carrying two pieces of crap down the street.

NC Early voting demographics point to Clinton blowout (HRC Group)

Bernie's on MSNBC Town Hall at 6 p.m. EST

Some interesting stuff about Trump from wiki.

Ernestine Anderson, Grammy-nominated jazz singer, dies at 87.

Hillary on MSNBC tonight with Chris Matthews at 7 PM

Twitter had a field day when CNN shared a photo of a laughing Hillary hugging George Bush

2 MSNBC Town Halls tonight. 6pm Sanders. 7pm Clinton.

Trump is helping Bernie

Man charged in Michigan shootings: Uber app took him over

Note to the younguns...Conventions used to be "contested" all the time!

Mike Malloy - Ben Carson Is Wallowing At Trump´s Feet

Town Hall MSNBC Bernie on NOW!

Bernie town hall with Chuck Todd now 6pm EST

Do you LOVE maps?

I looked up "punk" in the dictionary and they had Rubio's picture next to it (really!)

BERNIE TOWN HALL NOW on msnbc with Chuck Todd 6pm EST

Found these in an old Lounge sundries box and knew right away they couldn't be MFM's

America’s Aircraft Carrier: Australian Bases for US Bombers

Bernie Sanders Had to Overcome Media Consensus Around Hillary Clinton

Trump to Give Every Supporter at Rallies Aluminum "Freedom Bat"

AK: driver of snow machine involved in Iditarod crash says he's sorry

Three contractors appear for briefing on plans to remove New Orleans Confederate monuments

SNL Hillary morphs into Bernie

A Few Reasons Florida Voters Should Vote Bernie Sanders

2014 video shows man urinating on Rice Krispies Treats conveyor belt

Bernie Sanders Scored Victories for Years via Legislative Side Doors

Malheur Refuge Occupation Gave Invasive Fish Species A Leg Up

The “Bernie Bros” Narrative: a Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism

Kalamazoo shootings suspect told police Uber app controlled him 'like A.I.'

Hillary Clinton says Trump is "inciting mob violence" at MSNBC town hall.

Subprime Auto Bond Delinquencies Highest in 20 Years, Says Fitch

Her Husband Works with Him at UBS

Hillary Clinton’s Deep Ties to Haiti Show Signs of Strain

Students Charged With Hate Crime For Painting Swastika, 'Trump' On Chapel

Ohio's Lost over 300k Jobs

3-7-16 The Birth of a True Champion in 2:00

3-7-16 The Birth of a True Champion in 2:00

It took 85 yo black woman 2 years, 4 trips to DMV, 2 trips to SC & $86 to get voter ID in NC

3-7-16 The Birth of a True Champion in 2:00

Sanders Supporters Falsely Claiming Jesse Jackson Endorsed Bernie

3-7-16 The Birth of a True Champion in 2:00

NC investigators considering charging Trump with inciting a riot

Chris Christie demonstrates how cats bathe each other. North Carolina March 14th 2016

Northwestern University freshmen allegedly spray-paint slurs, swastika and ‘Trump’ in campus chapel

Tiananmen protester: Donald Trump sounds like a communist leader

Rachel Maddow May Have Just Cost Drumpf The Election With This BRILLIANT Report

I’m a Millennial Male and #ImWithHer

I am a Bernie supporter.

Lost soccer ball

Jazz vocalist Ernestine Anderson passes away

Sabattus man angry about gun ban in trailer park


This might just happen

Capital punishment

No, Secretary, We Can't Fix TPP. We Should Kill It | Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump on Women

Hillary Clinton pretended her positions are more liberal at last night's CNN Town Hall.

I find it very strange that people don't think their race affects their perspective

A Super Tuesday

Vermin News Network Rehabilitation Monday Special Pi Day Edition

Goodbye, Mama.

Here is how Gandhi would handle Trump

3-8-16 Another Tragedy in the Mines in 2:00

3-8-16 Another Tragedy in the Mines in 2:00

Vampire Weekend Wants You to Register and Vote for Bernie

3-8-16 Another Tragedy in the Mines in 2:00

A Tidal Wave in the GE: It's not just the trade agreements - it is the H-1B Visas

This Land

Trump Supporters At Illinois Rally Damage At Least A Dozen Gravesites

More Americans bid pricey Silicon Valley goodbye

92% Chance Of Hillary Winning The Democratic Nomination. 69% Chance Of Winning General Election.

Tweety is a real Charmer

Hillary Clinton Lets Scandal-Plagued Corporation Throw Her a Fund-raiser, for Some Stupid Reason

Older Pop,... waiting to see newborns..very cute...Pop with pups...45 seconds total

SARAH! She's BACK! Her Hubby is in Intensive Care? (Liar Report)--She's for Trump Revolution!

Hillary on now --Hardball Town Hall Central Time

Chris Matthews: We'll come back, we'll get tougher!

Was This the Strangest Weekend in American Political History?

WARREN TAKES DOWN TRUMP: "It's Time To Say - No More Donald"

We have a longtime DUer who can't sign in.

The beginning of Trump's private secret police force

Hey Trump (and fans)--Here's how to handle a heckler:

Contrary to what's been wished for, JESSE JACKSON ENDORSES NO ONE

We're domed!!1!! I'm SERIES!!$! ... any oldtime Duers care to check-in?

Sam Wang: Losing Ohio Improves Trump’s Chances to Win the Nomination

No, Secretary, We Can't Fix TPP. We Should Kill It | Bernie Sanders

Lets count Clinton lies on this townhall

Question about Windows 10

No, Secretary, We Can't Fix TPP. We Should Kill It | Bernie Sanders

Sikh Americans Fight for Civil Rights in Donald Trump's America

Anonymous has declared 'total war' on Donald Trump, threatening to 'dismantle his campaign'

Ohio's Lost over 300k Jobs

Ohio's Lost over 300k Jobs

Sikh Americans Fight for Civil Rights in Donald Trump's America

Bernie now within striking distance in Ohio

HUFFPOLLSTER: John Kasich And Donald Trump Are Tied In Ohio

Bernie Sanders speech in Charlotte NC 4 hours ago

Good NY Times article on Trump's friends.

Chris Matthews

Whoa! Tweety is bringing it to Hilary. Who knew?

Tweety just brought up Libya

The Rise of Trump Shows the Danger and Sham of Compelled Journalistic Neutrality

Hillary Will Never Survive The Trump Onslaught: It’s Not Fair, But It Makes Her A Weak Nominee

Is ISDS in EU Trade Agreements Legal under EU Law?

Stunning change in Ohio polls!

Article on campaigning against Rob Ford has truths that apply to Trump.

Hillary would most certainly beat Frankentrump and here is why:

The Rise of Trump Shows the Danger and Sham of Compelled Journalistic Neutrality

Best Q&A ever?

I'm trying to reach "Ro-BAIR Packard".

Wall Street gagging on GMOs & glyphosate

3-9-16 The Slovak Strike of 1910-11 in 2:00

GOP super PACs prepare to spend hundreds of millions demonizing Hillary

3-9-16 The Slovak Strike of 1910-11 in 2:00

Hillary is dancing as fast as she can on Tweety's Town Hall.

3-9-16 The Slovak Strike of 1910-11 in 2:00

Sarah Palin Is Back..Husband is in Intensive Care but she's There at Trump Rally!

Arizona has a wrinkle for indie primary voters

Trump Fans Just Created Their Own "Brownshirts" To "Protect" Rallies From Protesters

It was only a matter of time before the militias showed up...

Russia to withdraw forces from Syria

Jane Sanders on CNN a few minutes ago..

The best way to reach homeless kids is rarely used

Watch Women Read The Sexist Garbage Donald Trump Has Really, Truly Said

Yes, we do learn as we get older. Some learn they were wrong, some learn they were right all along.